Part 1

I met my girlfriend Marlyn in college. I admit, I’ve always been attracted to Asian women but there was something special about Marlyn. I’d dated two girls from Vietnam, one from Korea, one from Japan but she was the first Filipina. She had a huge smile that just drew you to her. I’ll admit she had a very pretty face, golden brown soft skin, a cute little body and legs that were amazing (I’m a bit of a leg man). She was very petite and slim – 5’1″ (although she’d always correct me and say 5’1 and HALF). I was lucky enough to meet her at a mutual friend’s dorm room the week I graduated.

I can’t explain what it was about her but we were immediately completely comfortable with each other. On our first date she quickly sat me down and plopped herself in my lap, held my hand and proceeded to chat away for over an hour. She had come from a small village near Pangpang (called maramba) to the US when she was 10. I’m extremely shy and feel a bit uncomfortable getting so personal with another person but for some reason she was different.

Marlyn told me about her previous boyfriend. She had one previous boyfriend so while she certainly wasn’t a virgin, she hadn’t had a lot of experience either as they only went out briefly and for some reason the idiot broke up with her because she was too emotional. Her strict father had prevented her from dating in high school as he wanted her to concentrate on school until she could find a nice Filipino boy. She had met her only boyfriend her sophomore year in college in a study group.

Marlyn seemed to worry too much about what her father thought. She loved him but for some reason she seemed unsure of his approval of her. She always seemed frustrated around him and trying to make him happy. Perhaps it had something to do with her outrageously Catholic upbringing — I swear they went to church like 3 times a week. I don’t see how she could think he wouldn’t think the world of her as she was a truly special girl in many ways. I had never met anyone who was so open and affectionate.

We had sex on our fourth date and she was amazing! I hadn’t slept with a lot of women but I never had any girl give herself to me so completely. She wanted to be as close to every bit of my body possible. She LOVED having her nipples kissed, licked, sucked on… She grabbed my head and forced me to her small breasts as hard as she could to encourage me to suck harder. The harder I sucked the wetter she got. She is the first girl I ever met that could come to orgasm just from having her breasts sucked on. I pushed her down hard on the bed and fucker her slowly but loved her soft moans. A few minutes after I came inside her beautiful pussy, she got up to get me a glass of water (and probably clean up as left quite a mess). She then proceeded to crawl over every bit of my body and proceeded to kiss my cock.

She made a sound like she was worried she had damaged my cock as we had fucked so hard so she kept kissing it as if to make it feel better. I told her she should suck on it if she wanted to make it feel better. She proceeded to suck on it sideways! I asked her to suck on the top of it so she looked at it as if studying it for a bit and then proceeded to suck on the top. I could feel her tongue swirling around the top cleaning off any residue from our fuck session. She finally looked up at me as if to make sure she was helping me. I loved looking into her deep brown eyes.

I went from stroking her hair to slowly guiding her head down, closer to the base of my cock. She just left as much of my cock in her mouth as she could without moving so I guided her back and forth. She took it out of her mouth for a moment and asked if that made it feel any better. I asked her to look at it and she said, “It’s gotten big again!” “That’s because you make me feel much better when you do that. Just be careful not to touch it with your teeth.” Fortunately Marlyn had extremely full lips so she mastered that her first night with me.

Her cheeks swelled as a happy smile spread across her face. She immediately put it back in her mouth and proceeded to go down on it further and further. Half the time looking up into my eyes and the other half looking at my cock like it was a separate entity. She took it out and looked right at it and asked my cock (not me) “are you feeling any better?”

I looked down and told her if she kept sucking it for another minute she would know for sure. She went back to giving me a blowjob like she was on a mission! I warned her I was about to cum (as I actually cared for her already and didn’t want to scare her). I could feel her body jump as I came in her mouth, I could tell she was startled. She snapped back and asked what she should do and I said just swallow it. She asked are you sure it is OK to do so and I said that the girls who cared about me seemed to like it so she immediately swallowed and went back kept sucking until it was completely clean. She looked up at me with a huge smile on her face and said “did you enjoy that?” “HELL, YES!” I said. Marlyn bounced about like a kid on Christmas morning. She was so happy she had made me cum that way.

I had never met anyone like her before in my life. She wasn’t in the least bit shy about anything. She’d walk around the apartment naked as long as the shades were drawn. She could tell how much I liked her naked body so I think she did it partly to make me happy. She was so comfortable about being naked that just made her that much sexier as it wasn’t a game.

Over the next week every time we finished having sex, she immediately gave me a blowjob. She learned to open her throat somehow so she could get my entire cock in her mouth. Every time she gave me a blowjob I would tell her how beautiful, sexy and naughty she was which only made her try harder to please me. Strangely she’d give me a big smile when I called her a good girl when she sucked my cock but I noticed she would almost immediately get wetter when I called her a naughty girl.

One night we were just watching TV and she rested her head on my chest and her hand was on my crotch. I’ll admit just her gentle touch got me a little excited. She then looked at the TV and then at me then back at the TV and asked me if I thought the girl on TV was pretty while grabbing my cock through my pants like it was some sort of lie detector. “Sure, I suppose” I said without thinking that she was wondering if I’d rather be with the girl on TV. She let out a sound to let me know she was upset. I then tried to correct myself and say I’d rather be with you Marlyn but her mind was already racing as she is very quick with the emotions.

She said “then why is your friend getting excited” as she rubbed my crotch. This only made it harder and she again let out her frustration sound. She then ignored me as if I was lying and pulled down my exercise shorts and pulled out my cock and proceeded to study it and asked it why I liked that girl on the show so much. She soon kissed it and said she could make it happier than that slut on TV.

She then proceeded to give me one hell of a blowjob and kept asking if I was enjoying myself. I kept saying YES and she’d continue to suck me for a bit. She then asked if I thought she gave good blowjobs and I had to admit she had become phenomenal at giving head. She asked me what do I really want and I said I want to fuck your mouth some more and cum in your pretty little mouth right now. She asked if I was going to keep wanting other women and I told her as long as she kept giving me blowjobs like this I would never want any woman more. She asked again if I liked her blowjobs and I told her how proud I was that she was so good at giving head and I said she could star in porn videos with her amazing talent. That seemed to make her really happy as she said “REALLY?” She then sucked me as dry as I’ve ever been.

She then looked at my cock, gently tucked it back in my shorts and said to it that ought to hold you and quickly nodded her head and gave a happy “hmmp” sound.

She then seemed to want to give me even more blowjobs after that incident. I’d wake up and look down to see she’d be holding my cock and look up at me with her beautiful big brown eyes and great big smile and say “oh boy” like she had been waiting all morning just to give me head. It took me forever to cum first thing in the morning after I woke up but she had gotten so good at it, I could still cum in a matter of 5 minutes. She then would send me off to work and said she should come my office and give me a blowjob in front of my female employees so they knew I was off limits. I’m pretty sure she was kidding but she was a very different kind of girl so I just laughed and kissed her forehead as I headed off for work.

As she gave me a blowjob last night, I asked her if she liked being such a filthy cum sucking whore. She responded by sucking even harder. I sternly said “tell me.” She took my cock out of her mouth long enough to meekly say “yes.” I slapped her buns loudly and she loudly said “I love being your cum sucking whore! Won’t you please cum in my mouth?”

“Very good” I said, “you are coming along nicely nicely as my little whore!” I slid my thumb into her pussy and it was swimming in her juices. I could hear it slipping in and out as she sucked furiously. I moved her body for a better position and finger fucked her to a nice orgasm quicker than ever before. I think she really liked being called a whore or actually talking dirty to me.

I told her how proud I was to have such a good girl for my girlfriend. Truth was, I was proud of her for many reasons, not just her skills in bed. She said she’d have to go to church and pay for forgiveness because she had been so naughty. I told her she shouldn’t have to be forgiven for making someone so happy and that she should be proud of herself. She thought about it and decided I was right even though she said she still felt very very guilty.

Something changed in Marlyn though. She seemed to take so much pleasure in giving me head as if it were an addiction. It probably didn’t help that I was usually was playing with her nipples or licking her pussy as she gave me a blowjob which reinforced her desire to give me blowjobs. She was impossible to resist and drove me crazy as I always wanted sex with her. She could just bend over to pick my clothes off the floor and I’d HAVE to have her.

Now almost EVERY time we were on the couch watching TV she almost immediately gave me a wonderful blowjob. I couldn’t tell if it was because she just loved giving blowjobs, if she associated it with cumming herself, if it was some sort of need for control or she thought it would make the women on TV seem less appealing to me. I wasn’t going to worry about it too much as I felt like the luckiest guy on earth.

End Part 1

Marlyn Loves Giving Head Part 2.txt

(MF, cons, exhib, oral, span, interr, Filipina, Asian)

Part 2

Just a quick recap if you haven’t ready my first story. I met my girlfriend Marlyn in college. I admit, I’ve always been attracted to Asian women but there was something special about Marlyn who was a beautiful Filipina girl. Marlyn is a very petite 5.1 Pinay with a huge smile that just drew you to her. She has a wonderful pretty face, golden brown soft skin, a cute little body and amazing legs. She was originally born in a small village near Pangpang (called Maramba) and came to the US when she was 10.

She had only 1 previous boyfriend and their relationship didn’t last long as he thought she was too emotional and hasty in her reactions. She seemed flustered around her parents, even though she loved them very much, she never felt like she was getting their approval, particularly from her father.

Marlyn and I had been dating about a month and she had already said she loved me. I’ll admit I hadn’t been in that many long term relationships and wasn’t quite comfortable saying that back to her although I cared a great deal for her. Unfortunately for her, she was worried I was looking for something better which I wasn’t doing, I just wasn’t comfortable saying those words if I wasn’t sure I felt that strongly yet. I think that may have made her act jealous at times but I couldn’t tell if she was kidding me or stroking my ego by acting jealous.

We were coming back from a quick visit from the grocery store and stopped in the lobby of my apartment complex to get my mail. A few people we past quickly said hello, although we didn’t really know each other. As we went to the elevator, the door opened and Mary said gave me a big hello, grabbed my arm to stop me and said, “Thanks for you help last night, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Anytime,” I replied as I was looking through my envelopes at a enveloped marked due from the state tax office so I was a bit distracted as we got on the elevator.

Marlyn stopped the elevator and demanded to know who that was and why I didn’t introduce her as my girlfriend.

I looked up from the letter I’d opened and said “what are you talking about?”

Marlyn made her frustration sound (which I have no idea how to spell but kind of like an oooh?) and said “Who was that girl you were just talking to and what were you doing with her last night? Is THAT why you told me to come over later than usual after work last night?”

I chuckled because I thought it was cute but then released the elevator and said, “That’s just Mary, my new neighbor.”

“Your awfully FRIENDLY and pretty new neighbor.”

We got off the elevator and walked down the long hall to my apartment. “Oh don’t be silly, she’s probably thirty years old so she wouldn’t be interested in a younger guy. Besides, she just needed help setting up her TV and receiver” I said as I unlocked my door and scooted Marlyn in as I didn’t want to continue one of these conversations in the hall. “She’d do it herself but her boyfriend hooked it up at her last apartment and they just broke up when she moved out here so she doesn’t know anyone around here yet.”

Marlyn gave a frustrated stomp of her feet as she started fidgeting and getting more anxious as I didn’t seem to be calming her down. I put the groceries in the kitchen and my lack of focus on the conversation seemed to infuriate her. “SO,” she said, “she just broke up with her long term boyfriend, she doesn’t know anyone around here and she’s at her sexual peak and she just happened to ask you for help her electronics!”

“Look,” I said as this conversation was starting to annoy me as I felt like she was calling me a cheating bastard between the lines, “I just set up her TVs and stereo — NOTHING MORE!”

Marlyn can be like a bull dog unwilling to let go of something. Instead of focusing on I only helped her with the electronics, Marlyn said “You said one TV and now you are saying TVs.”

“So?” I said getting a little angry as I felt like I was getting the fifth degree and my integrity was being challenged.

“Was one of those TVs in her bedroom?” she asked.

“Yes, what is your point?” I said, raising my voice a bit. Then I heard my neighbor close their door loudly — perhaps to let us know that others could hear them.

“Your SLUTTY neighbor is trying to hint you should take her to bed” Marlyn said, as her eyes started to tear up. I think she said SLUTTY a little louder for as a jab at my neighbor after hearing to door shut.

I picked up Marlyn who is very petite and carried her to my bedroom. She gave me a slight push but not really trying so she could let me know she was upset with me. I kissed her forehead and started gently taking her clothes off. “What are you doing”, she asked without putting much effort into preventing me from stripping her.

“You want to know how attracted to you I am, don’t you?” I said with a smirk on my face. I didn’t give her time to reply as I kissed her hard and passionately. I stripped off my clothes and kissed every inch of her beautiful legs. She was now spreading them to give me access to her sweet little pussy as she urged my head forward to her sweet little pussy.

“Mmmm” she started to moan as she started to arch and bite her lip. She pulled my head up and asked me to close the windows.

“It’s a pretty hot summer day, and my air conditioner is useless.” I really didn’t want to close them as it was a muggy summer day and I run very warm.

“I know” but I want to be able to make noise” she said.

“OK”, I said. I carefully phrased my next sentence to lead her on “we certainly don’t want my neighbor, to know how much you are satisfying me,” as I couldn’t help but smirk.

Marlyn took the bait immediately. She said “it’s OK, I guess, you shouldn’t get up.” I goaded her further, “no, no, I’ll take care of it, only a very naughty girl wouldn’t care if the neighbor heard them making love.”

Marlyn grabbed my head and forced it down to her hot pussy as I pretended to be getting up to go for the window. “Please lick my pussy” she begged loudly. I began my efforts to bring her to orgasm. She began moaning loudly so I stopped for a moment and said “my neighbor might think you are a naughty girl moaning like that.”

To make sure there was no doubt, Marlyn then said, “I’m a such a naughty girl; put your tongue deep inside of me!” She started breathing faster and moaning pretty loud until she shouted “That’s it honey, you are making me cum so hard!” She then contorted a bit and moaned so loudly that even with the windows closed; our neighbor could no doubt hear us through the thin walls separating our apartments. I couldn’t believe how fast she came or how quickly she was dripping even before she orgasmed.

“Please fuck me!” Marlyn pleaded. “You know I’d do anything for you,” she said. I slowly moved up her petite body and enjoyed licking and sucking on her petite breasts. Marlyn’s tits weren’t very big but I liked them more than any other girls as they were EXTREMELY sensitive. She cradled my head pushing it closer to her little bosom to encourage me to suck with all my might. “Unnnh, yes, FUCK me” she encouraged as I slid my cock back and forth over her dripping cunt. She knew I liked it when she talked dirty.

“Oh YES, Honey, that’s IT!” she shouted as I finally stuck my throbbing cock all the way into her pussy. Her ego stroking was making me so horny, I couldn’t hold back at all. I started thrusting immediately and she sensed my enthusiasm and urgency. “Fuck your naughty little Filipina! Yes! That’s it, your little slut need you to cum deep inside me NOW! Fuck me, Fuck me hard!” All that talk was driving me crazy. The way she said it probably would have made me cum even if I wasn’t fucking her beautiful little pussy.

I picked up the pace for about a minute as I slammed into her each time with all my might. I wanted her to really feel well fucked.

“Oh Honey! OH Honey, your little Filipina is cumming!” Soon I could feel even my balls getting very wet as she had drenched the sheet underneath her! That was it, I had been doing my best not to cum too soon but I lost it. I pushed in with all my strength as I felt my cock spasming deep inside her.

I must have lain exhausted on her chest for at least 30 minutes dripping sweat on her gorgeous little brown body. I asked her “did you like talking dirty to me?” Marlyn hesitated and I asked her again.

“yes, I did”, she said meekly.

I then asked “what if my neighbor heard you, did you want them to hear you getting fucked?”

She smiled mischievously avoiding the question and said “you don’t think they hear do you?”

I taunted her by saying “maybe we should close all the windows in the future.”

She then quickly said, “Please don’t, I want your neighbor to hear you fucking me!”

I finally rolled off of her and looked up at the ceiling. While I was exhausted, she seemed invigorated. She immediately sat up and examined me from head to toe. She then gently held my drained cock and let out a little sympathetic “oooh” for it. And then, she kissed it as if she had demanded too much from it.

She then said “your poor little friend is all messy and doesn’t seem to have any energy left.” She made the same sound she makes when I make a mess of the apartment of leave things she’s just straightened up out of order. She has to fix things when they get that way. She looked up at me and then pronounced “he needs me to lick him.” I tried to tell her she didn’t need to as I was too tired.

She ignored me and began licking him clean. I was still tuckered out but that didn’t seem to deter her. She then began to suck all of it into her mouth. I admit it felt really good although I wasn’t sure I could have sex for at least 30 minutes. She then did something she had never done before and began to slide the tip of her tongue into the hole at the tip of my cock to get every bit of cum clean from my cock. It was getting the blood flowing again but I was still pretty soft.

Marlyn then said, “don’t worry honey, I’ll make him good as new!” with a big smile on her face. She proceeded to bob her beautiful little head up and down as she sucked me clean. I could feel myself getting a bit harder as her naked little body looked so hot and she made my cock feel so good.

“You are such a good little cock sucker” I said. She looked up and smiled broadly.

She said, “I’m sorry — did you say something?” She grinned to let me know she wanted me to say it louder just the way I like her to be loud when she’s naughty.

I said again loudly, “You are such a good little cock sucker!” I then said whispered “you’re my little blowjob queen.” She liked that phrase a lot and repeated it — “I’m YOUR little blowjob queen” probably making sure my neighbor heard.

She slurped loudly for about five minutes and couldn’t hold out anymore I announced, “Oh sweetie, I’m about to cum down your throat!” And with that I felt what little cum I had produced in the last 45 minutes shoot into her mouth. She sucked my cock dry and then gently placed him down and curled up next to me.

I must have immediately fallen asleep as I woke up around 6 and gently woke her up as well. I said, “I’m hungry, let’s get dressed and go out for dinner.” Things seemed great between us at that moment as she gazed at me lovingly.

We were in the hallway as Marlyn looked towards my neighbor’s door and nodded her head and said Hmmp as if to say let that be a lesson to you. I chuckled a bit when a strong gust of wind slammed my door as I was reaching for my keys. I then realized I forgot my wallet and went back inside. She stood patiently in the hallway as I grabbed my wallet from the nightstand and came back out. My neighbor’s door then opened — probably to find out about the really loud slamming of the door.

He stepped out enough to look Marlyn up and down and then looked at me and gave me a big smile as if to say to give me a visual high five and then stepped back into his apartment. Marlyn looked at me and said, “See, her father could have hooked up that stereo and TV.”

“Whose father?”

Marlyn then said “Mary’s of course! That older guy who stepped out was probably her father.”

I looked at her for a moment and then had to tell her the truth. “That is my neighbor Gerald. Mary lives down the hall where it makes a right hand turn.”

Marlyn just stood there with a blank look in her face for what seemed like an eternity. Then she said, “so HE heard us and not Mary!?!”

I looked at her and said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if half the apartment complex heard you, my little blowjob queen. I’m stoked that you are so happy to be MY naughty little girl like that! I’m VERY proud of you!” I then kissed her gently on the forehead.

Marlyn seemed to think about the situation but then said “Honey, are you really? You are proud of me?”

“Of course” I said. “You take care of me, you are gorgeous, sweet, loving and AMAZING in bed and now all my neighbors know that to! I wouldn’t be surprised if half of them jerked off while listening to you!” I said as I patted her behind. She paused to take in what I said then blushed and skipped a little on the way to the elevator.

End of Part 2.

Marlyn loves giving head 3.txt Part 3

(MF, cons, exhib, oral, span, interr, asian)

Part 3

Just a quick recap if you haven’t ready my first story. I met my girlfriend Marlyn in college. Marlyn is a very petite 5.1″ Pinay with a huge smile that just drew you to her. She has a wonderful pretty face, golden brown soft skin, a cute little body and amazing legs. She was originally born in a small village near Pangpang (called Maramba) and came to the US when she was 10.

She had only 1 previous boyfriend and their relationship didn’t last long as he thought she was too emotional and hasty in her reactions. She seemed flustered around her parents, even though she loved them very much, she never felt like she was getting their approval, particularly from her Filipino father.

Things were going great between my petite Filipina girlfriend and me. We had been going out a few months and I was already falling in love with her although she had already confessed to loving me at the end of our first month together as she was far more open with her feelings than I.

Things were looking up for me financially as well as I just got an offer for a job about an hour south of where I was living and working now. This was probably a good thing as things were getting a little awkward where I lived now. Marlyn had insisted on leaving the windows open when we made love to try and make sure one of my neighbors was clear that I was well taken care of and she should back off. Unfortunately, many of my male neighbors had heard her activities over the past couple of weeks and were getting a little to open about their appreciation for her. I think Marlyn was enjoying being a bit of a celebrity and liked being a naughty girl for a change as she had been raised in a very very strict Catholic upbringing.

The day before I was to move out Marlyn (still only my girlfriend at this point) and I stopped in the leasing office to get the checkout paperwork. Marlyn was wearing one of my favorite outfits — a very thin white summer dress with the light blue pattern. Most of Marlyn’s clothes were pretty simple and very feminine. I don’t think I ever saw her wear pants our entire time together. It was the end of the summer so it was hot and muggy. Marlyn wasn’t wearing a bra as she had relatively small breasts and she wasn’t wearing this thing she normally wears under the bottom half as the material was so thin you could kind of see through it in a strong light.

As we left the leasing office Marlyn passed by the main lobby door where the sunlight streamed through the window and through her dress. You could easily make out her tiny panties under the dress. A few guys, coming in from the basketball court, whistled at her and high fived me as they passed. I was sure by the grins on their faces they not only saw her panties but knew she was the very vocal neighbor making love with me nearly every night.

“What was that all about?” Marlyn asked probably knowing at least part of the answer.

“They were whistling at you because you are so hot and probably high fiving me because they know what an amazing sex maniac you can be in the sack from all of your naughty sex talk,” I said.

“Honey,” she said, “You don’t really think all of them have heard us having sex do you?”

I kissed her little forehead and said, ” I bet each and every one of them has jerked off while listening to you attacking me in bed.”

Marlyn tried to hide her huge smile as she turned away but I could still see the blush on her great big cheeks.

We went upstairs to begin boxing up my stuff for the move in two days. I got into an old T-shirt and shorts. Marlyn had already brought any things she had left over home other than her toothbrush as she knew about the move last week. She stripped off everything and put on one of my old T-shirts which she was swimming in as she is so wonderfully petite.

After about an hour of her trying to organize things for my boxes, she got frustrated about the big ol’ T-shirt and just took it off and folded it neatly saying — much better. I loved the fact she was so comfortable running around my apartment naked. I had already closed the blinds as I was trying to keep the sun from beating into my apartment anyways. The AC in that apartment was useless. I had a lot to do but enjoyed the distraction of her little brown neked body hopping from box to box making sure everything was carefully packed and organized.

It was getting close to 6PM and she had to be home by 7PM to prepare for Church. I admit I was feeling filthy and sweaty so I crawled into the shower. I turned on the water, holding my finger under the fountain till it was warm enough before lifting the lever for the shower. I turned around to grab a cloth from the sink and standing naked before me was Marlyn. “Hun” she said, “you weren’t thinking about taking a shower without me were you?”

I chuckled as we got in the shower together. I began to shampoo her thick head of dark hair as she took the soap from my hands and immediately gave me a wonderful scrub down with the soapy cloth. I felt wonderful as she caringly cleaned ever bit of my body. She squatted down and began to soap of my cock, running her hands up and down the shaft and over my balls. It was getting rock hard as she continued to clean it. She inspected every inch of it carefully as she lovingly rubbed the soap off. “Oooooh,” she said feeling frustrated he wasn’t relaxed too. She then kissed it and looked at as if to see if that would calm it down. She then grinned up at me and began to suck on it.

I reached down for her arms and lifted her up. “I would love too of course but we have to meet your family for evening services at the church and we are running late,” I said.

“Honey! I don’t care if we are late, we can’t leave him worked up like that; that can’t be good for him” she said. “I thought you liked me to be your little blowjob queen?”

I knew Marlyn wouldn’t let it go and I really needed some relief so I didn’t say a word. I just turned her towards the wall and bent her over. I slid my slippery cock into her HOT wet pussy and fucked her hard. She had a hard time holding onto the hot and cold water knobs as I slammed into her but I didn’t care. I needed to cum and she was going to be my little sex puppet. She moaned as she loved it when I was forceful. Her whole little body was lunging forward as I did my best to steady her by holding onto her hips.

“Honey, I’m about to cum!” she yelled and that was just the last bit of encouragement I needed. I came hard deep inside her pussy.

I then turned her around, kissed her and then turned off the water.

“Hun,” she said. “I need to clean up some more. You didn’t give me a chance to clean up my little you know what.”

I said “Nope, we’re late. I’ll help dry you off but we have to go now!”

“But HUNnn,” she said protesting but smiling. “I can’t go to church like that!”

I finished drying her little body off and dragged her into the bedroom so I could throw her dress on. “You’ll be the best little naughty girl in church” I said. When the priest is droning on during the sermon, you can think about what a filthy naughty girl you are and that you pussy if filled with my semen.

Her mouth just dropped as I finished putting on my belt and grabbed her by the hand and scooted her to the door. She just stood their staring at me like she was stunned beyond words at what I had said. I kissed her little head as I locked the door.

We got stuck in traffic on the way to her house so we missed her parents probably only by seconds. She ran upstairs with me and stripped off her dress so she could and put on a bra and that thing she puts on under the bottom half of her dress while I did everything I could not to attack her again. My cock was already daydreaming about fucking her again — she had that effect on me.

We had only 25 minutes to drive to church. When she got in the car she looked at the tent in my pants and mad her little frustration sound “Oohh, he needs me and we can’t have him in church like that!” She immediately undid her seat belt and took my cock out and inspected him. “I love to suck your big cock, my Honey” she said sweetly.

She then sucked him as I drove. She is so good at giving head I wasn’t going to last long. I was about to warn her I was going to cum. “Marlyn” I panted out.

Marlyn looked up and said “yes Honey?” but it was too late. I had already started shooting my load. It hit her neck and chin and even her cheeks. She reached into the glove compartment for a Kleenex and wiped off my cum. She wasn’t upset, rather she seemed very pleased with herself as she sucked the cum off the tip of my cock then gently tucked him back into my underwear and zipped me up.

I quickly did my belt after parking the car. We ran through the parking lot and up the stairs just before the service bells rang. We managed to spot the rest of her family and I sat next to them and Marlyn on the end of the pew. I looked over to only to notice in the light from the pillar near us that she still had a little cum in her hair and neck as well as a little stain on the collar of her dress. I whispered in her ear “my little cumslut, still has some on her.”

Marlyn looked back in me with horror in her eyes and reached into her purse for her mirror and a Kleenex. She wiped it well but got very disapproving looks from her strict parents as you shouldn’t touch up your makeup in church. If only they knew the truth I thought as I tried not to laugh.

The priest was going on and on during the sermon about the wicked and as I looked around I noticed Marlyn was smiling. I asked her what she smiling about and she said “my little you know is full of your cum and I can still taste it in my mouth” she said with a big ol’ grin. “I’m a very naughty girl and I think you should punish me tomorrow.” Marlyn was stunned the first time I spanked her but for some reason she really liked it now.

After mass, I dropped their lovely daughter off at home with her parents. They were very nice people although a tad strict. I actually really liked them but I think they have a conniption if they know what I’ve been doing with their sweet little Filipina daughter.

End of Part 3

Training my girlfriend Marlyn to be a cumslut 4.txt Part 4

(MF, cons, exhib, oral, interr, Asian, Marlyn)

Part 4

Just a quick recap if you haven’t ready my first story. I met my girlfriend Marlyn in college. Marlyn is a very petite 5.1 pinay with a huge smile that just drew you to her. She has a wonderful pretty face, golden brown soft skin, a cute little body, ultrasensitive little tatas, amazing legs and the roundest little buns that would make Brazilian girls jealous. She was originally born in a small village near Pangpang (called maramba)and came to the US when she was 10.

She had only 1 previous boyfriend and their relationship didn’t last long as he thought she was too emotional and hasty in her reactions. She seemed flustered around her parents, even though she loved them very much, she never felt like she was getting their approval, particularly from her Filipino father.

Things were going great between my petite Filipina girlfriend and me. We had been going out a few months and I was already falling in love with her although she had already confessed to loving me at the end of our first month together as she was far more open with her feelings than I. This tended to make her want to prove herself to me a bit and to sometimes make her jealous of other girls.

Things were looking up for me financially as well as I just got an offer for a job about an hour south of where I was living and working now. This was probably a good thing as things were getting a little awkward where I lived now.

Marlyn had insisted on leaving the windows open when we made love to try and make sure one of my neighbors was clear that I was well taken care of and she should back off. Unfortunately, many of my male neighbors had heard her activities over the past couple of weeks and were getting a little to open about their appreciation for her. I think Marlyn was enjoying being a bit of a celebrity and liked being a naughty girl for a change as she had been raised in a very very strict Catholic upbringing.

I had just picked up Marlyn from her parents place. She was dressed in another summer dress similar to the one she war yesterday but with a vivid blue floral pattern. As soon as we got on the highway, she took off her bra as she said “her little breasts are fine without it.” She then slid off the thing she put under the bottom half of her dress as she said it was too hot to be dressed like that – she just wore them because her parents raised her to be very very modest but she knew I liked it when she was a little easier to strip when we got back.

We stopped to get the last of my mail as I was moving tomorrow and already had forwarded my mail to my new apartment. A couple of guys gave Marlyn a serious once over and big smile at me as they left the apartment. I’m sure they must have noticed Marlyn’s undergarments in her delicate little hands.

We went to the elevator and I said “I bet your fans will miss you.”

“What do you mean,” Marlyn said half serious but I think she knew what I meant.

“I bet just like the others they’ve jerked off during your vocal concerts when we make love.” She really liked it when I said made love because I hadn’t yet admitted I had fallen for her.

Marlyn again tried to hide her smile and blush as we got off the elevator. As soon as we got in the apartment Marlyn closed all the blinds and pulled off her dress and put her panties and purse gently on the table by the door. “Much better,” she said with a huge grin. She had taken off her clothes yesterday so they wouldn’t get dirty but today her nipples were at attention even though it was very hot.

I had to go over and kiss them. She pulled my head hard to her chest to encourage me to suck harder as she loves when I suck on her lovely little titties. I slid my hands over her wonderfully round firm little buns. I then slid my hand gently over the gap between her legs – she was already very very wet even though I had just begun to play with her.

I said “what has got you so horny today?”

“Nothing,” she said shyly while looking downward at me as I continued to kiss her soft body.

“Tell me now or I stop” I said teasingly as I got closer to her hips.

“OK, I was thinking about what you said about the men as we were getting in the elevator. Do you really think they like to hear me when you make love to me? You don’t really think they jerk off when we are having sex do you?”

Marlyn was getting wetter still and I hadn’t even touched the inside of her pussy yet. “I think my naughty little girlfriend likes the fact so many guys knows how naughty she can be!” I then guided her to the floor as I slid my shorts down. Marlyn never resisted when we were going to have sex no matter where I needed it.

Marlyn loving looked down at me and gently guided me down towards her sopping wet pussy. “Please lick my pussy” she said pretty loudly – no doubt for the benefit of my neighbors. She then began to moan as I licked her lovely little pussy. In no time at all she was wiggling about as I licked her clit. She pushed my head forward which meant she wanted me to stick my tongue in as far as it goes. “OOHH HONEY, I’m CUMMING!” she announced loudly! My face was practically dripping now as she gets very wet when she cums.

I crawled up and sucked her super sensitive titties a bit more before I plunged my cock into her steaming hot slippery pussy. She immediately pulled down on my lower back as she spread her legs nice and wide. Marlyn was wonderfully flexible.

I looked down at her as she seemed to be off in another world. I said “Are you thinking about all those other guys jerking off right now?” Marlyn looked up wide eyed and moaned loudly.

Author’s Note: This story is the sequel to my Valentine’s Day story “The 14th Anniversary”. It starts off where the first one ended. The story can also be read as a stand-alone piece. Please review.


My reflexion in the mirror wall of the elevator carrying me up to our penthouse apartment looked tired. That was to be expected, I thought wearily, after hours of back to back surgeries and two patients dying before they even had made it on my table. I felt helpless anger at the drunk driver who had caused the multi car pile up. At least he too had died in the crash.

While I put in the code to unlock our door I envisioned myself relaxing on the couch with my wife in my arms before we would have to get ready for the annual Valentine’s Day Dinner and Ball. My beloved Sarah didn’t know it yet but tonight she would receive an award for her tireless work for the Children’s Hospital and it’s oncology wing, and she did it all with the power of the written word….

I dropped first my keys and then the box with long-stemmed peach coloured roses when I saw her kneeling there, on our couch table in plain view of the door, in tight, inescapable bondage. It was such a perfect picture of submission that I barely dared to breathe in fear to have it vanish like a fata morgana.

She knelt on the table with her knees spread wide and wetness glistening between her thighs, hands bound behind her back and the eyes downcast. Goddess, she was so beautiful. I could see the jugular vein pulsing with her rapid heartbeat and I knelt down. I took her head between my hands and lifted her chin to look into her beautiful blue-green eyes. She tried to smile around the bright red ball gag and I was so proud of her for doing this for me. I knew how much she detests gags of any kind because gags invariably let her drool, ball gags more than others.

I felt the urge to kiss her and removed the obstacle as gently as I could. She swallowed. Our lips touched. She opened her mouth to allow me access and I claimed her with teeth, lips and tongue. Even more than fourteen years after I had first seen her in an exclusive lesbian club named ‘Earheart’ I felt more passion for her than I ever would have thought possible to feel for a single human being.

And it’s more than just passion. I’m completely devoted to her, to my Sarah who has made me the centre of her life. I’m devoted to her and our life together and our beloved daughter.

“I love you, Sarah Eriksson-Garber,” I said and she tried to answer but her throat was too dry. That happened every time she had to wear a gag for more than an hour. Dear spirits, the sacrifices she makes for me.

I let her drink from a bottle of water I found on a side table. She drank greedily and thanked me, “I love you, Rebecca Garber-Eriksson. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mistress.”

“And to you, my love.”

I kissed her again and stroked the sides of her breasts that were bulging out of the breast harness she was wearing. I remember having seen her looking through some pictures with something similar on the internet a couple of weeks ago. She must have planned that little scene for a long time.

“Let me have a closer look at you, my Sarah.”

I kissed her on her forehead while I got up and circled the couch table and focused on the details but I didn’t touch, not yet. I knew I would do that soon. I longed to feel her skin but every work of art deserves to be properly appreciated. As soon as I no longer was in her line of sight Sarah once again lowered her eyes. It was such a simple gesture but it said so much about us, about our relationship. It moved me in ways I would not know how to describe.

I could see the strain the reverse prayer bondage put on her shoulders. I no longer could refrain from touching her. I fondled her right arse cheek and felt how she tried to press into my touch, “Don’t move, my love. Let me savour your work, your beauty.”

Sarah answered by settling down as best as she could. I traced the crotch rope up to her waist with the tip of my fingers and gently tugged at the strands running down to her big toes. She tried to stifle a gasp. I tugged a bit harder. This time a half-moan escaped her lips.

I kissed her neck, licked up to her ear and whispered, “You’re allowed to verbalise, my love, but not with words.”

I pulled the strings running through the nipple rings. She didn’t try to stifle her groan. I continued to play with both sets of ropes and was rewarded with a concert of sounds, varying in intensity and length but every one of them shooting directly from my ears to my groin.

I was wet and a part of me wanted to strip and have Sarah’s talented tongue take care of it, but that would have been too easy. There was so much more to enjoy.

Her muscles tensed with her steadily rising need. I untied the knots fixing the crotch rope to her toes and let it go slack. To have more leverage I balanced with one knee on the table and entered her with two fingers. She was so wet I could have easily accommodated all four of my fingers.

The knot from the crotch rope was still centred over her clitoris and I created a rubbing motion by pressing the palm of my hand against it. Her moans and groans were rising in volume. My free hand played with the string threaded through the alligator clamps.

Sarah’s eyes were closed and if she would have been allowed to speak she would be begging to be allowed to come and she would do it with such desperation and endearing honesty that I would have been hard pressed not to give in. Such is her power.

Dear spirits, she was so beautiful. It was hard to believe that such a perfect creature was really mine, mine alone. Yes, there were a lot of other people, of other influences and demands in our life but moments like this one belonged only to us. They were a gift she kept on giving me, selflessly.

Suddenly all those precious sounds stopped. I knew she was fighting down an orgasm and was in awe of her will power and self-control. Adding another finger I ordered her to let go and give me her climax. It was so forceful she fought her restraints and the left nipple clamp slipped off. The sudden, unexpected pain made her cry out but also intensified her violent release.

Tears were running down her face and it made her even more beautiful. I kissed and licked them away and rocked her in my arms. I whispered soothing words in her ear until her breathing had calmed down. Goddess, how I loved that woman, my beautiful, submissive wife, my everything.

We kissed and I caressed her freed nipple with my right hand. It was meant to be gentle and soothing but the nipple was already getting hard again. Sarah was so responsive, even after close to one and a half decades it was still a marvel.

I warned her to brace herself for the other nipple clamp to come off, and this time there was nothing more than a sharp hiss as a sign of her discomfort. She was making me so fucking hot, it was unbelievable. I bent down and kissed and licked her nipples. I half expected her to press out her chest but she remembered my earlier instructions and stayed perfectly still.

I pulled the crotch rope free and undid the waist rope. There were slight discolorations and indentations from the hemp rope but nothing that wouldn’t disappear within the hour. I took the medicinal scissors that were lying next to the water bottle and cut off the base of the breast harness, effectively freeing her firm, round breasts from all restraints. As expected their bases were red and would swell up a bit over the next hour. It would make her look even more irresistible. I kissed the stripes and told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her. She beamed at me with shining eyes. We kissed again.

Her hands were still bound behind her back. I decided that it would be the last piece of her bondage to go, “I love you, my Sarah. If we would not have to go out later I would leave you bound like this for most of the night.”

Her eyes widened and her expression told me that she had momentarily forgotten about the Valentine’s Day Charity Dinner. She opened her mouth to say something but remembered my earlier order.

“Good girl. Let’s free your legs. You’re allowed to answer my questions. It’s a quarter past five now. How long did you wait like this for me, baby?”

“Mistress Ava arrived at two thirty and left around three. So, a bit more than two hours, Mistress.”

She obviously wanted to add more but she stopped herself just in time. She had answered my question and that was all she was allowed to say.

I removed her leg restraints easily and saw with a smile how she had to flex her thigh muscles to keep her knees wide open. I helped her off the table and told her to walk in circles around the couch to get the circulation in her legs going again. Her movements were a bit jerky at first but that was to be expected with a bondage that put most of her weight on her shinbones and insteps.

I stripped quickly and sat down on the couch. I motioned for her to kneel in front of me as soon as she had recovered. I spread my legs and that was all the invitation she needed. She scooted forward and started to eat me. At first only her lips touched my skin as if she wanted to map the terrain. The lips were replaced by the tip of her tongue. She tried to clean my folds of every drop of my juices but I continuously produced more.

“Suck me clit, suck it hard,” I ordered.

She didn’t. Sarah licked my outer labia with the full length of her tongue, the right side first, then the left, right, left, right, left – and then her tongue delft into my folds, deep and quick, and for less than a heartbeat. It was agonising and heavenly. I was so wet. I only needed another small nudge to be pushed over the edge, but Sarah took her time.

I could feel her smile. She always smiled when she deliberately disobeyed an order and knew that she would be punished for it, for her and my benefit. I could have stopped her and reasserted my dominance, but everything she had done so far had been for me and I certainly enjoyed her ministrations.

After what seemed like an eternity her lips finally closed around my engorged clit but instead of sucking it her teeth scraped over the sensitive flesh, and I came. I bucked my hips but she was too experienced to let herself be disturbed by it. Sarah once again bit down, not hard enough to hurt but enough to trigger a second wave of release.

Goddess, how much I love my woman.

I let myself sink back in the couch and she started to lick me clean, slowly and reverently. The touch of her tongue was soothing and comforting. It allowed me to regain my senses.

I felt her scoot back and decided that I would allow her to choose her punishment herself. Disobedience in a social setting would have earned her a session under the cane. In a play session like this it was dependent on the situation. I also decided that it would have to wait until after our return from the Charity Dinner.

Sarah’s eyes were downcast and her knees spread. Moisture was glistening on her shaven mons. Her nipples were still red from the clamps but also still stone hard. She was sitting absolutely still but I knew that this was only due to her training and her stubborn nature. She was primed and ready to enjoy another climax. I knew that her heart was beating in her throat. It would not take more than my order to make her come again. I wouldn’t even have to touch her. My sweet Sarah was still as irresistibly delectable as fourteen years ago.

“Look at me, Sarah.” Her blue-green eyes were dilated. “You disobeyed me. You do know that you will have to be punished, right?”

“Yes Mistress. I deserve to be punished.”

“Join me on the couch, my love. I want you to decide how you will be punished, and while you do some thinking I will free your arms. Your punishment will have to fulfil three conditions: one, I will not use a cane on you; two, it has to hurt more than a hand spanking; three, it must have the potential to bring you to orgasm.”

I freed her upper arms first and then her wrists and fingers. The marks on her lower arms would soon be gone. The ones on her upper arms, however, were considerably deeper. They would take at least a couple of days to fade. I could not help but admire her foresight. When we were shopping for her dress she had insisted on a black dress with a short body hugging jacket with three-quarter arms, instead of the strapless evening gown I would have preferred; thoughtful and sneaky at once. She just had to be admired.

I massaged her fingers and arms, well aware that every touch would be painful until her circulation had completely returned. Sarah took it well, of course, alter all we have done this hundred of times over the years. Since she still wasn’t allowed to speak except to answer questions she bent down and kissed my hands to thank me.

“So, what will be your punishment, my love?”

“You should beat me, Mistress, the insides of my thighs and my pussy. Beat me with a belt, preferably my father’s belt. Beat me until I beg you to be allowed to come, and then refuse me permission,” Sarah said.

“Your father’s belt? Interesting choice. We haven’t used that in years. What made you think of it?” I asked.

“I had some time to reminiscence while I was waiting for you to come home, my Mistress. My mind wandered back to our first meeting and to my first punishment at your hand. I remembered how gentle you were and how you let me get off lightly,” Sarah said.

“That’s not what you thought at the time, my love,” I replied.

“No, but I was young and stupid.”

“You were never stupid, my love, stubborn, yes, wilful, sometimes, but you also were and are a quick study. Now come. We’ll take a long shower and will only be fashionably late for our dinner,” I said.

“Do we have to go?” My beloved asked. “I’d rather stay home.”

“That’s not an option, Sarah, and I think we’ll have to add a sound spanking to your over-all punishment for speaking out of turn. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, Mistress, a spanking sounds fair. Thank you, Mistress.”

Sarah’s playful smile told me that her supposed slip of the tongue had been quite deliberate, and I also knew why she did it. It was a gift, part of my Valentine’s day gift, just like the bondage.

Years ago I probably would have punished her for trying to top from the bottom, and I know she still would sincerely thank me should I decide to do so. Fourteen years ago I had told her that I wanted to own her, heart, body and soul, that I wanted to control and command and protect her, every hour of every day, and now I do. I’m sure of her love and devotion. I’m sure of her submission and my dominance.

In the beginning we, I needed rituals and structures and clear rules. I needed to learn how to be a conscientious dominant and not an egotistical bastard like my father who had only been interested in one thing, his self-interest. Fourteen years ago, when I first approached my beloved Sarah I was much less self-confident than I let her believe. Now, I am sure of myself. Sarah also needed to learn. She needed to find her bearing in a way of life she only had ever dreamed about before we met.

We both had learned. Now, we still use the rituals, structures and rules. Most of them have become so natural to us that we no longer even think about them, and with the changes in our life the rules, of course, have also changed. Even a 24/7 D/s relationship like ours has to adapt with the addition of a child to the household.

The point is, we no longer need the rules to know who and what we are at any given moment. We just are. Sarah is mine and she always will be. She always will be my submissive, even when she does not call me ‘Mistress’. And I am hers and I always will be. I will always be her Mistress, even if I don’t give her any orders.

I allowed us the luxury of using up all of the hot water under the shower, and of course we did more than just wash each other. I let her brace herself against the tiled wall and took her from behind and I let her go down on me again. I also gave her a warm-up spanking before we got dressed to remind her that we still had plans for after the charity event.

While Sarah was up on the dais to receive her award I admired her lean, toned beauty. When we had first met she had been a bit chubby but regular cardio and flexibility training, the later a must to avoid injuries during bondage sessions, have changed that. My Sarah was by far the most beautiful woman in the room, and I was far from the only one who followed her graceful movement with my gaze.

The long black dress hugged her curves in all the right places. The low neckline showed her cleavage and knowing that just beneath she still had the marks form the breast harness made me more than hot. She had put up her hair with only a few tendrils curling at the side of her face. My gaze was irresistibly drawn to the diamonds I had added to her collar at our tenth anniversary.

To most people it was just a necklace she never took off, to us it was the symbol of our relationship, a platinum band with a pendant on which a big R was protectively cradling a smaller S, the initials of our first names. The stones sparkled almost as much as her eyes when she returned to our table, and propriety be damned, I kissed her as soon as she had reached me. Her eyes dilated but quickly returned to normal when she heard the applause coming from seemingly all sides. She blushed.

We did not stay longer than absolutely necessary to grease the wheels for future donations.

I peeled her out of her dress, leaving her in her high-heels and a smile. I allowed her to undress me, the fleeting touch of her fingers on my skin was heavenly. I had to really focus to get us to adjourn to the bedroom. So, I sent her to the playroom to fetch her father’s belt, a fly swatter and the big leather paddle. I did not intend to use the last two objects but it would keep her guessing. I also told her to put on her wrist and ankle cuffs though I did not plan on using them this night. It was more for the aesthetic value – and Sarah really likes wearing them.

I removed the comforter and put our pillows in the middle of the bed. I wanted her hips and pelvis elevated to have a better target area. It took only moments to arrange her on the mattress. Her hands were wrapped around the iron bars of the headboard. Her hips were resting on the pillows and her knees were pulled up and to the side, offering her nether parts in all their glistening glory.

Instead of blindfolding her as I had initially planned I put another pillow under her head. I now wanted her to see the strokes coming.

I sat on the edge of the bed and played with one of her nipples, “I’m in a generous mood tonight, my love. Do you want to count the strokes or not?”

“Thank you, Mistress. I’d like to count the strokes. If I don’t count them, I’ll slip into my head space and then it would not be a punishment any longer.”

I kissed her and picked up the old leather belt of her father. We had other belts that served the same purpose, most of them bought with disciplinarian use in mind, some evoking special memories, like the blood red belt with the braided inlays that left beautiful marks on the sensitive flesh of her breasts and inner thighs, or the black one with the wooden buckle that fit so perfectly in the palm of my hand.

None of them, however, were as special as Sarah’s late father’s belt. On our first date she had lied to me and two days later I had punished her with this belt. It had been her first punishment, the first time she had willingly submitted to me, the first time I had felt her pubic bone press against my thigh while she was draped over my lap. In a way that belt was almost as powerful a symbol of our union as her collar, even though we had not used it in years.

This is not just a sex story. It’s a love story, with discoveries, first times and lots of sex. It more or less wrote itself, so both characters get their say; I hope it works. I didn’t want any gross exaggerations of giant breasts and genitals, movie star looks, etc. but I did want it interesting – and fun. Of course any constructive comments and compliments are welcome. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing! I’ve always felt I could write, and Literotica has given me the push to put it out there, so thanks for that, and thanks for reading.

This is part of a four-part series. It should stand by itself, but will make more sense if read in the series.

“I’ve had it, Lilith.”

Asher pushed himself back. The computer chair rolled easily from his desk. In front of him, on one screen a gust of wind transformed itself into a sleek car, over and over again. The other screen was a jumble of YouTube clips, half-read emails, Google and the control panels for his animation software.

“It’s a beautiful evening. I’ve actually made some progress, for once. The client actually likes the storyboard. I’m quitting while I’m ahead.”

Lilith looked up from her desk, and took in the rough brick walls and polished floorboards of their studio office. The Mondrian poster. The clean lines of the modern furniture. The odd shaped windows letting in the colours of the evening sky. She still couldn’t believe it.

Two months ago, nothing. Nothing, but a need to leave the country town she had grown up in, and two phone numbers from the big city. One call led to another, and somehow, here she was, temping for an animation agency. Well, “agency” was a bit strong. The agency was just Asher. Brilliant, witty, creative, and hopelessly disorganised Asher. His main work was animations for TV advertising. Mops that did the work for you, signs that were happy to see you coming into the shop, delivery vans racing with your parcel. He had just won a big contract with a car manufacturer, and now it was critical he get properly organised.

Lilith had arrived at just the right moment. A range of casual jobs had given her the skills and initiative to rescue Asher’s office system. She set up a calendar that reminded him to be ready for meetings, instead of remembering them half an hour after they had started. Emails got replies. And on the phone, her cheerful, self-deprecating style won over many an angry caller.

Asher was more than grateful. And there was something about Lilith. She walked so lightly. She moved easily, and had a way of putting her head to one side as she smiled, that lingered in his mind. He loved beautiful things. He used a Mac, mainly for its clean design. His work always had that extra touch of beauty, and Lilith, Lilith had that extra touch as well. Asher found himself admiring the curve of her shoulder or breast, the grace of her walk, her womanly fragrance. And sometimes he saw something else in her eyes. A smouldering fire, untapped energy.

He was always the gentleman. He viewed her as an attractive desirable young woman (early 20s?), but unhappy relationships had left him nearly 30, single, weary and wary.

Lilith gazed at Asher, noting yet again his unruly hair, fine features and beautiful hands. Although technically her boss, he was so courteous and appreciative of her work they had quickly become good friends. He was even introducing her to friends as “my rescue party”, and was starting to give her some of the animation work as well as the office jobs. He was good-looking, fun and he respected her brains. She still couldn’t believe it.

He was also a terrible flirt. When he smiled his beautiful smile, and raised one eyebrow, Lilith knew his suggestive comments were all good fun. And she could give it as well as take it. they enjoyed each other’s company a lot. “A good laugh every day, or your money back.” Asher would say. Sometimes it was “A good laugh every day, or your clothes returned.” And there was something about Asher. Sometimes she saw something in his eyes, a passion, a need.

“I’m walking out of here, I’m going down to the beach, and I’m going to enjoy the sunset and a good coffee. I’ve a strong suspicion the work will still be here when I come back, so I’m not going to think about it, or even your tender gaze. Any plans involving the boyfriend?”

Lilith was slightly taken aback he had caught her staring, but returned the service. “Oh, I’ve told him to have dinner ready for me. I think butter chicken on a bed of rice. I said if there was some nice cold champagne, he might get lucky on another bed.”

“Lilith! I hope the poor boy has been taking his vitamin pills! You are full of surprises.”

“I like surprises. In fact he gave me quite a surprise just the other day. I was bending over getting the lettuce out of the fridge, when he came up behind me.”

Asher was startled now. His eyebrows shot up.

“I didn’t realise how ready I was for him. Luckily I had on just a short skirt and no panties. It was fantastic. I think we made quite a bit of noise.”

“Lilith! I can’t believe I’m hearing this.”

“It was wonderful. The only problem is, we’re not allowed in that supermarket ever again.”

A moment of charged silence. Then Asher threw back his head and roared with laughter. It was an old joke, and he had been absolutely taken in.

“Oh, oh Lilith! You had me completely!” there were tears in the creases around his eyes. “I was yours to take! Owned! Lilith, My life is richer for knowing you.” Asher shook his head and chuckled.

Lilith for her part, was in a swirl of emotions. Her racy story was further than she had gone before with Asher, and perhaps further than was wise. What had come over her? Even now, she was feeling a stirring inside her, after putting herself bent over in the supermarket fresh fruit department. And the words he used…

She recalled earlier that week. The big contract’s first payment had come in, and life looked good. Asher had got out his Yamaha keyboard, put it into computer’s sound system and played a soaring Keith Jarrett improv. Lilith was transfixed as the music washed around her. She found herself staring at his face as he stretched his fingers over the keys. Then he had looked up, their eyes had locked, and the music had seemed to almost melt away. She felt a warm urging below her waist, a tingling. When Asher stopped playing she tore herself away and ran to the toilets. Sitting by herself with her panties down she ran her hands over her thighs and up into her pussy, imagining his fingers going there, feeling the soft damp folds and their moisture. What had come over her then?

“Er, Lilith? You seem to be stuck somewhere. Computer off. Go home. Boyfriend. Champagne. He’s a lucky man.” The last sentence Asher said under his breath. “I’ll lock up. You need to get home, I think.”

Lilith started, shut down her computer and found her bag and her shopping. Her treat for herself was some new clothes, her first venture into the inner city boutiques, and the oversize paper bag beckoned invitingly.

* * *

On the train she watched the sunset splash extravagant colours across the sky. Even the houses that backed onto the railway line looked good. She stretched out her long lean legs and wondered at her luck. Lucky to find a flat. Lucky to find this job, and maybe a direction. Asher to look at across the office – the Yamaha incident was special, but often she stole looks at his eyes fixed on the screen, or his fingers cradling the stylus like an artist with a brush. Even her computer and desk looked nice.

Her desk. With the oversize paper bag still on the end. Forgotten in her flustered state as she’d hurried out. The new clothes would be there all week-end now, and she would not enjoy them nearly as much on Monday. She could feel the evening crumble.

She walked from the station angry with herself, stomped up the stairs and let herself into her flat. It was cold and dark. Tearing off her work blouse she forced the gas heater into action, then went into the kitchen looking for anything that might pass for dinner. In the fridge there was half a lasagne, and a third of a bottle of cheap red. She dumped the lasagne onto a plate and shoved it into the microwave. She poured some wine into a tumbler and nursed the cold glass in both hands.

There was no butter chicken, no boyfriend, and no champagne. It was an invention. Why, she wondered. To tease and titillate Asher? She’d always been able to invent stories. School in her country town had been happy enough but no challenge; she sometimes created past lives just for effect. Better than the rounds of gossip, underage drinking and cheap lays. She’d had no part in them, in fact she was still a virgin (if you didn’t count lots of self-exploration).

The doorbell rang.

* * *

Asher stared at the empty desk opposite him. Lilith had long since left, but he could still feel her presence. He could almost see her, sitting lightly, her small breasts resting easily on her chest, rising slightly with each breath. He recalled how she would sit with her head to one side, and hum one or two notes to herself. She would swing her legs unconsciously, open and closed, under the desk. Occasionally he would get a glimpse of white panties, and the barest hint of a cleft in there. His cock stirred. He shook his head.

“Get a grip, mate,” he told himself. “How many times do you want to get burnt? And how about some respect, eh? She’s not a sex toy, she’s a person.” A person, a woman, a damned sexy woman, although she seemed not to know it; and clever as well.

Asher stared into the gathering dark, recalling the smell of her hair when she worked near him. Then he saw the oversize paper bag. He went over and reached in. Shimmering black garments met his hand, long dresses with intricate stitching. Almost against his will, he imagined Lilith trying them on, raising her slender arms as the fabric slid over her breasts, down her front, over her hips and thighs. He saw her turn and look over her shoulder, hand brushing her bottom. His cock stirred more strongly.

He’d noticed that she wore very few outfits – not that he cared, one was enough for him. Or no clothes at all, an impish voice in his head piped up. He knew these were important to her. He could drop them off easily, he knew the address. Or leave her week-end undisturbed. Wasn’t she expecting a good time with the boyfriend anyway?

The thought of her disappointment at not having them to show the boyfriend disturbed him in an odd way. He pushed the thought away, grabbed the bag and his keys and left. He only just remembered the alarm.

On the screen at his desk the gust of wind transformed itself into a sleek car, over and over again.

* * *

Parking near her flat, Asher walked up the stairs, almost confident he’d got the right one. Yes, the door number matched the one in his phone, though it struck him as odd there were no lights on. No, there was one light on, out the back.

He rang the doorbell.

* * *

At the sound, Lilith froze. No one had ever rung the doorbell. No one. She stayed close to her parents by phone (dad understood her need; he said to do what she needed to do, but always keep in touch). No one came to the door.

The bell rang again. “Lilith?” It was Asher, uncertain. She felt her life, her good luck disintegrating.

In the silence the microwave dinged shockingly loudly. With a cry Lilith dropped her wine. The tumbler shattered across the tiled floor.

“Lilith! I’m here – let me in!” Asher was urgent this time.

It’s come to this, she thought. It’s over now. She opened the rattling door.

* * *

It wasn’t adding up. The darkness of the flat, not enough sound, no cooking smells; Asher’s senses spoke danger. When he heard Lilith’s cry and the broken glass, he was frantic, hammering the door.

It opened to reveal Lilith, her face a harrowing mix of shame, confusion, distress. Her breasts were heaving as she breathed in short gasps. So vulnerable. Asher couldn’t help noticing she was wearing only a skirt & cotton bra. God, she was sexy.

He stepped into the flat, still holding the oversize paper bag.

“My God Lilith, you look terr… What’s up?”

Lilith saw the scene as if it was in a play. Her shopping. Asher. The silent flat. Glass. Her life in pieces. She put her head on his shoulder and burst into tears.

Asher recovered from his surprise and held her firmly. “Easy, easy now,” he said softly, over and over. He put his head into the scent of her hair, felt her shudders through her slim shoulders. He absently kissed her head. His cock stirred against his will.

Lilith felt the strong arms surrounding her. She felt Asher’s cheek resting lightly on her head. Her nose filled with his man-smell, aftershave and slight sweat. As her sobbing eased, she felt her insides responding, warming. She felt his cock growing, pressing against her.

Her world slid back from the edge. She let the reins go. She knew just what was going to happen, and she welcomed it. Fiercely grabbing his head, she kissed him deeply, madly. Her tongue entered him, tasted him. Her lips grazed his stubble, pulled and sucked. She pushed him off slightly and frantically pulled at his buttons. She heard herself growling.

Still locked together, she walked the two of them into her bedroom. Luckily she had made a weak effort at tidying that morning. Kissing, biting, pulling his shirt down, Lilith gloried in his lean but strong frame. Her hands ran over his shoulders, his arms, his torso.

She had backed against the bed, and now toppled the two of them down onto it. She fumbled for his belt just as he pulled her short skirt down. She lay back, panting, seeing everything so clearly. His shoes and clothes gone. His heaving chest. his nipples, his rampant swaying cock. Her own nipples point-hardened

He eased down her panties, warm and damp now. The sweet smell of her arousal filled the room, charging the air. Asher brought the panties to his face and breathed the heavy scent. Lilith watched and squirmed with lust on the bed. She squeezed her nipples, she ran her hands down her legs and through her curly pubic hair. Unable to focus, she opened her legs, then pulled open her pussy lips, then rubbed her clitoris furiously. An animal howl came out of her.

It was too fast for Asher. He tried to slow things down by gently pushing her up the bed. Lilith grabbed his neck and shoulders and forced him onto her. She wrapped her legs around him and pinned him with surprising strength. She worked her hand in, grabbed his cock and pulled it into her. Wet as she was, it found no resistance. Her legs locked across his buttocks and trapped him in place. The cock in her body was hard and alive, sending dizzying shocks through her. She clutched his neck and hair, and stared intently into his eyes.

Asher’s body took over for him as he thrusted urgently into her. The heat of her, the smell of her, the ferocity of her sex had triggered a similar response in his own body. Vivid colours flashed across his eyes as he pounded into her willing cunt. He felt each one of her fingernails score his back. He watched her bust shake in time to their actions. A tremor started somewhere in his legs, lines of energy coursed through him and into his cock, and out as he shot his sperm deep into her, spurt after spurt. They cried out together.

They lay on the bed, still locked together. After a time, Lilith felt as if she were waking up after a wonderful doze. Sensations, colours, scents drifted past. She could recall only fragments of their lovemaking. Had she come, or not?

She still had her bra on.

“God Lilith. I was… you were… amazing.” Lilith gently put a finger to his lips. She smiled. He smiled. She gently pushed him up and to the side. Understanding, Asher rolled off her and fell heavily onto the bed beside her. It bounced briefly.

Lilith rolled towards him. She took his closer arm and tucked it under her neck. This let her head rest on his chest. The man-smell was different now, stronger and fresher. She put her thigh over his, and felt the wetness seeping everywhere. Some was slippery, some already sticking their skins together. Asher fumbled for the bra clip against her back, then noticed it was front-opening. He freed her small breasts and stroked the nipples. They were the colour of milk chocolate. He laughed. She laughed. They dozed.

Lilith was at peace. This was right, for sure.

I fucked a man, she mused. He fucked me. I’m no longer a…

She suddenly felt between her legs and brought up the sight and metallic smell of blood. Asher noticed her movement.

“Oh Lilith you’re a… you were a, a virgin.”

“Yes. Yes, I was.”

“So. I’m guessing the boyfriend is… nonexistent?” Asher quite liked the idea.

“Yes. Oh Asher, I’ve been lying all this time. Do you mind?”

“To tell you the truth I wasn’t thinking about it at all just then. I think it makes you more interesting. But, your first time. Oh love, have I hurt you?”

“Well, no. No pain. Heat, maybe. It just, all sort of happened, at once. I saw it coming, and I wanted it. So much. I wanted you. I wanted you inside me. I wanted to eat you.”

“I’m not sure if I took advantage of you, or if you took advantage of me.”

“Take advantage of me again, Asher”

“A gentleman never refuses a lady.”

* * *

to be continued

A little unexpected diversion from the main story.

Please take a moment and jot down a comment and vote – at the moment it’s like writing in a void I have no idea if I am on the right track or not. Should I write anymore? Silly question really because I have three novel length stories that I can serialise now, but there doesn’t seem to be any point. So when you would like some more let me know.


Chapter 11

A funny thing happened on the way to the farm

As the pristine van, with its dark, tinted windows pulled out into the street, Adam asked his latest acquisition, “Mel, with all that goes on at Cedartown, is there ever any pony play?”

“You mean like we’re going to do today?”


“Hmmm, yes, but I’m not sure you would call it play. It was pretty serious, every girl trained right through school and there were annual championships and stuff, and after girls left school there were gymkhanas four times a year and each man was expected to enter all his slaves who weren’t pregnant in them. Every woman had her own custom harnesses and tack, there were a couple of specialist leather workers who were virtually assured full time work producing pony girl gear.”

“Really, tell me more.”

“We’ll, I competed until Daddy sent me down here, and I still go back to all of the gymkhanas to have a run, although I’ve become a bit less fit now and a bit rusty so I am not really competitive anymore. Mummy was a champion filly at school and was champion mare several years in a row, which was the main reason that Daddy married her.”

“So do you still have your harness and other stuff?”

“Yep, keep it under my bed just in case.”

“Where do you live?”

“In lovely a little house in Campbell.”

“Great, that’s on the way. Or at least not far off it, could we pick it up now.”

“I guess, but I don’t have my keys. They’re in my handbag back at your place and I’m not really dressed to drop in on my housemates.”

“Don’t worry about that. Do you know their number?”

“Of course, it’s my number too, Sir.”

“We’ll, here you go, Mel,” handing her his mobile, “call them and tell them that you need to pick something up, but you’ve forgotten your keys and we will be there in five minutes.”

“Hi, Liz, it’s Mel. Yeah, good morning to you too… Yes, it’s been a great morning actually… I’m with some friends and we’re on our way out and I need to pick some gear up from home… Trouble is I left my keys at my their place, can you or Guy let me in please… We’ll be there in a few minutes… Thanks and oh by the way, get ready for a bit of a surprise… No, you’ll see soon enough… Thanks, see you in a few minutes.”

“Well done, Mel, now you’d better give me some directions.”

Less than five minutes later, Mel said, “it’s the third house on the left, Sir, and you can park in the driveway since my car is at your place.”

“Oh, I see, Mel, after a little cover, eh?”

“Can’t hurt, Sir, I’m only thinking of Guy and Liz’ reputation in the neighbourhood, after all I’m moving in with you guys, but they are pretty straight and need to live with the neighbours gossiping about having a nude woman standing on their doorstep.”

“Good thinking, Mel, and very neighbourly. But we will still go to the front door. The hedge will just mean a little less exposure, I’ll come in with you to make sure everything is okay.”

“Yes, Sir.”

A few minutes later, after what could only be described as a leisurely stroll across the lawn behind the hedge with him holding her elbow and a nervous moment, at least for Melanie, “come on, come on, open the fucking door, guys,” an unsuspecting Liz opened the door to her friend and stopped dead in the middle of the doorway. “G’day… Mel…, holy shit, Mel, you forgot your clothes too!”

“Hello, you must be Elizabeth, I’m Adam, and no Mel didn’t forget her clothes, she is dressed just the way I want her, aren’t you, Mel?”

“Ah, yes, that’s, uh, right, now let us through please,” she asked Liz who was still blocking the doorway.

“Oh, yes, yes sorry,” Liz mumbled still in shock as she stepped back out of the way allowing her housemate to enter the hallway with Adam half a step behind her. “Lovely, isn’t she, Liz?” Adam asked.

“Ah, ah, ummm, I… I…, yes, I suppose she is.”

“Well, anyway I certainly agree…, ugh,” Liz’ elbow in the ribs of the rather handsome man in his boxer shorts stopped him from saying anymore.

“You would, wouldn’t you. You’ve been trying to get into her pants since she moved in.”

“Not quite so fast there, Mel,” Adam said grabbing her elbow, “you need to introduce me to Guy, if I am not mistaken.”

“Ah, yes, Adam, this is Guy, my housemate and Guy, this is Adam, my…, my…”

“new owner, isn’t that right, Mel?”

“I, I guess so.”

“Where are you manners, Mel? I guess so who?”

“I guess so, Sir.”

“Good girl. Now go and put your stuff on.”

“Put it on, Sir? Here?”

“Yes here, Mel.”

“All of it?”

“Yes, Mel, all of it.

“Sir, I don’t think the headdress will fit in the car if I put it on.”

“All right then, leave the headdress off.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now, it might take her a while to get ready, so do you mind if I bring my ex-wife in while you get us a coffee?”

“Ah, ah sure.” Guy was more than a little unprepared to be serving coffee to invited guests at this hour; especially guests that acted as if they own the place and Guy and Liz were mere servants.

“Thanks, Guy. I see you enjoyed the show.”

“What? How?”

“Your boxers don’t hide much, mate.”

Another elbow from Elizabeth caught him by surprise, “that turned you on did it, you bastard?”

“You bet it did,” Guy replied rubbing his ribs, “it would turn any red blooded male on and probably a lot of women as well. I bet your knickers are soaking.”

“Don’t count on it, buster.”

“I’ll let you guys sort that out while I get my ex.”

“Sure, and don’t let this little ice maiden put you off, I’d love to meet your ex, if your present little number is anything to go by. I’ll get you a coffee.”

“Thanks,” the door closed behind him as Adam went to bring Sarah in.

By the time Adam returned with Sharon in tow, he heard Liz from the kitchen, “…what if she is dressed like Mel is. It’s on the cards you know.”

“Yes, I know and if she is then let’s enjoy the show. They obviously don’t mind.”

“Nor do you, by the look of that bulge in your boxers, it hasn’t gone down any and they aren’t even in the room.”

“Like I said, seeing any woman dressed like Mel would turn any bloke on.”

“Well shouldn’t you at least try to hide your fucking hard on from Mel and her friend.”

“Why, I might get lucky.”

“What do you mean get lucky, buster? You’re my partner.”

“So? Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like a blow job or anything else that might be going, even from you.”

“Fat chance of me giving you anything with that lot here.”

“Oh, well I’ll take my chances in my boxers then.”

“Hey, guys, I thought that coffee might be ready?” Adam said as he sauntered into the kitchen, sorry to disrupt your morning so much, but we’ll be on our way as soon as Mel is ready.”

“Sure, Adam and the coffee is ready. Liz, grab a couple of mugs for me.”

“Okay, but I’d be a lot happier if you’d put some more clothes on.”

“Nah, don’t bother mate, we’ll be gone soon,” Adam replied “and the girls love to see the effects they have on guys. They’re also pretty good at taking care of those effects too.”

“Look, I’m sorry, Adam,” Liz was telling him as they made their way back to the lounge room, “but I’m not going to have you offering up your women to seduce my partner, I think you should… Shit! Is that your ex-wife? She’s dressed the same as Mel, or near as damn it.”

“Yes, Liz, this is my ex-wife, cunt, cunt this is Liz and Guy, Mel’s housemates.”

“Hello, Guy, hi Liz, nice to meet you. It’s alright you can call me cunt, everyone else does now and I’m used to it.”

“Hello, cunt…, ugh. Liz will you stop fucking elbowing me in the ribs.”

“You can’t call a woman, cunt, she must have a real name.”

“My name is cunt, Liz, at least while Adam say it is, just accept it. Did I hear you say you have some coffee for us?”

“Yes, cunt, we do,” Guy told her moving out of range of his wife’s elbow. How do you like it? Nice outfit by the way.”

“Could I have a little milk and one sugar please, Guy, and thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it. I’m still getting used to being dressed like this, but it is becoming more and more comfortable. And besides, this is how Adam wants me to dress for him, I don’t have any real say. Adam will have his black, no sugar.”

“Thanks, cunt, nice of you to think of me.”

“My pleasure, Master.”

“Master? What the fuck is going on here?” Liz asked exasperated, “I mean my housemate turns up naked–”

“Mel isn’t naked, Liz, she’ wearing–”

“Nothing that covers anything important, and now we have another equally naked woman, who calls herself cunt and her ex husband Master and you’ve got an erection pushing your boxers to their limit and is in danger of bursting out at any moment, what the fuck is going on?”

“I get the feeling you’re a little uncomfortable, Liz.”

“A little fucking uncomfortable? Too fucking right I am… Oh shit, Mel, what’s all that stuff you’re wearing? Oh my fucking god, you look like some pony girl or something.”

“You’re right, Liz. Adam is taking his ex…”

“You mean the cunt don’t you?” Guy asked.

“Yes, I see you’ve been introduced properly, you’re right he’s taking the cunt, and me to a friend’s place so that the cunt can get her first taste of being a pony girl.”

“Her first taste, Mel?” Liz asked, “what about you?”

“Me? Oh, Liz, I’ve been doing this for a long time and now Adam wants me to help train the cunt.”

“And you enjoy being all trussed up like a horse with your boobs, pussy and bum on display?”

“Actually, Liz, I love it.”

“Cool,” chimed in Guy, openly handling his erection through his boxers now.

“Yeah it is, Guy, I just haven’t had much opportunity to get into it living here and I really didn’t want to push myself on you guys at all, so I waited patiently until the right opportunity showed up and it did yesterday morning when Adam brought the cunt over to the shop.”

“But you and, and er, the…, I mean…”

“You mean the cunt don’t you, Liz?” Adam asked draining the last of his coffee.


“We’ll say what you mean.”

“You and the…, the…, the cunt are as good as naked in front of us and she called him Master as if she was a slave or something and now you’re dressed up like you should be pulling a cart…”

“You’re right on all counts, Liz. We are naked for all intents and purposes, it makes us available for whatever Adam has in mind for us. And yes, the cunt is a slave to Adam and yes, you can be pretty sure that we will both be pulling carts when we get to Adam’s friend’s farm in a little while. And just to make sure you really understand what is going on, as of yesterday afternoon, I am their pet, which effectively means I am also Adam’s slave, and will be living with them. I am moving out this afternoon.”

“Oh my god, and are they whip marks on the…, the cunt’s breasts and bottom?

“Yep, they sure are, Liz.”

“And all those rings, Mel, are they new?”

“Yep, got ‘em yesterday thanks to Adam. Aren’t they neat, Liz?”

“I, I don’t know.”

“Yeah, you do know, they’re either neat or not you know, Liz?” Adam asked

“We’ll, I guess they are kind of sexy.”

“And what about the pony gear, Liz?”,he asked, “doesn’t it make Mel look stunning? The shiny black leather against her lovely white skin. Look at how it makes her tits stand out neat and proud. Aren’t they beautiful?”

“Yes, I guess I have to agree that Mel’s breasts are beautiful.”

“Beautiful, Liz? They’re fucking gorgeous,” her husband corrected her.

“Yes, I guess they are really.”

“Do you like the look, feel and smell of leather, Liz?”

“Yes, sometimes.”

“Come here, Liz,” Adam said reaching out for her hand, pulling her firmly over to where Mel stood, and placing it on the leather strap around Mel’s right breast, “feel the quality of this leather. That’s it, Liz, lean in and really feel it, smell it.”

Liz’ nose was almost touching Mel’s breast now and she certainly couldn’t help but drink in the smell of Mel’s arousal as well as the smell of the leather.

“Hmmmm, yes it does smell lovely,” she ran her hands over the straps and Mel’s breasts breathing in the heady aroma and luxuriating in the sensuous feel of her housemate’s skin.

“Actually she loves leather, don’t you, Liz?” Guy chirped in.

“Uh, uh, I do.”

“She has leather jeans, coats and even a skirt and bolero outfit she likes to wear without anything under it so she can feel the leather against her tits and bum.”

“Really, Guy,” Adam said, “that sounds like something I’d really like to see. How about this afternoon when we come back for Mel’s things? How about that, Liz, will you model your leather skirt and bolero for us this afternoon?”

“Ummm, I’m not sure.”

“Not sure of what, Liz?”

“Whether I should do that for strangers.”

“Why are you not sure, Liz?”

“I guess I’m scared.”

“Scared of what?”

“I don’t know.”

“If you did know, what would you be scared of?”

“Liking it I guess.”

“Liking what, Liz?”

“The feeling.”

“What feeling, Liz?”

“You know the thrill that someone could see me.”

“Does that excite you, Liz?”

“A bit.”

“A bit or a lot, Liz?”

“I guess a lot.”

“What does it feel like to be excited, Liz?”

“You know, I get all tingly and turned on.”

“Does anything else scare you, Liz?” Adam put his arm around her and pulled her to him without resistance.


“What else scares you, Liz?” He began stroking her back gently and she leant her head on his shoulder, her long blond hair flowing down his back.

“What I might do when I’m turned on.”

“And what might you do when you are turned on, Liz?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never let myself be really turned on.”

“But you’d like to wouldn’t you.”

“I don’t know.”

“Yeah, you do know, don’t you.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Look at Mel, Liz, doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous?”

“Mmmmm,” she nodded.

“And look at the cunt, does she look happy or sad?”

“She looks happy and content.”

“That’s right, Liz, she does look happy and content and why does she look happy and content?”

“I don’t know.”

“She looks happy and content, because she allowed herself to be turned on more than she ever thought was possible, so turned on that she was no longer afraid of the consequences of her excitement. Now she looks for sexual arousal in everything. Is that right, cunt.”

“Yes, Master.”

“So, my lovely, Liz, will you model your leather skirt and bolero for us this afternoon?”

“Uh, uh, yes, I guess I could. When will you be back?”

“Why don’t you just change after lunch so that when we drop in, you’ll be ready, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Good then, we have a date and don’t forget, nothing under it, okay, so you get the maximum benefit of the leather against your skin.


“Good girl,” he said patting her on the bottom as he let her go smiling now.

“Wow, I’m impressed, Adam, she would never have agreed to that for me.”


“Well, she’s never worn the bolero and skirt in front of anyone but me, without underwear and blouses getting in the way.”

“Things change, Guy. Now, Liz, don’t forget we have a date.”

“I won’t forget.”

“Well then, in the meantime, we better get going, but before we do, would you like a little relief for that swelling you’re massaging there, Guy?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“The cunt is very keen to improve her oral skills and would leap at any opportunity to get some practice, wouldn’t you, cunt?”

“Yes, Master, I would if you allow it.”

“I trust you don’t mind helping the little lady out, Guy.”

“Not at all, I would be delighted to help her get some practice.”

“I fucking mind,” Liz shouted, “he’s not getting any gratuitous blow job from some sex slave we hardly know.”

“Okay, Liz, I’m sorry, I should have told Mel to look after your husband’s very obvious discomfort. After all you’ve known Mel for a long time.”

“No, that’s not what I meant. You can’t make these women give him a blow job and you can’t make him take one either.”

“Okay, Liz, I take the point. Guy, would you like one of these ladies to give you a blow job before we go?”

“Shit yeah.”

“There you go, Liz, I’m not forcing him to do anything and he clearly wants a blow job before we go, and you said he can’t have one from the cunt or from Mel, that only leaves you and me and I’m not giving him one. That only leaves you.”

“That sounds fair, Liz,” her husband said.

“What’s fair about it?”

“Well, we all agree I deserve a blow job and you’ve told everyone that they can’t do it, that leaves only one option. Come here!”

“I can’t give you a blow job in front of all these people.”

“Why not?”

“Why not?”

“Yes, why not. It’s not a difficult question.”

“Because it wouldn’t be right.”

“Well, let’s ask them. Adam, cunt, Mel, would it be alright with you if my wife gave me a blow job in front of you?”

“Of course it would be alright.”

“Yeah, of course, Guy, no problem.”

“I’d love to see her blow you.”

“That’s not what I meant, Guy! I know they wouldn’t mind, they probably do it all the time.”

“You’re probably right, Liz, and it’s okay with me too,” he said as he eased his erection out of the confines of his boxers.

“Ooh, that’s nice, Guy,” Melanie sighed, “I’d love that in my mouth right now.”

“Ooo, yes, you’re right, Mel,” Sharon chimed in, “it looks absolutely delicious, nice and long and fat. And you know what, Mel, when you learn just how good it feels to give a really great blow job, it doesn’t matter how the guy feels, it is all about doing it for your own pleasure.”

“I know exactly what you mean, cunt, it’s incredibly sexy taking a beautiful cock down my throat, especially if I get to play with myself at the same time.”

“You know most women, don’t know what they are missing, by not sucking cock.”

“Liz,” Mel pleaded, “if you’re not going to suck him off please let me. I’ve been lusting after Guy’s cock ever since the first time I saw you guys screwing.

“You saw us making love?”

“You must have thought I wasn’t home or something, because you we’re going for it on the sofa one night, then you left your bedroom door open a couple of times.”

“Fuck, so you’ve probably already seen me suck him off.”

“Well, I saw his cock in your mouth, but you clearly need a lot of practice.”

“Jeezus, how did that feel, to snoop on us like that?”

“I felt intensely jealous because I would have loved to have been part of it and I had to make do with fingering myself while I watched.”

“But you’d be happy to watch me blow Guy now?”

“Absolutely, Liz.”

“Would you suck a man off in front of other people?”

“Liz, I’d suck a dick like Guy’s on national prime time television without a moment’s thought.”

“You guys aren’t going to leave until I do this are you?”

“Nope,” Adam said, “and we need to get a move one, so get on your knees and get sucking, girl,” and under the pressure of his hands on her shoulders she slowly sank to her knees in front of her husband.

“Don’t worry about style, Liz, just do like you always do for now. The cunt and I can give you some pointers later after we’ve seen what you can do, but for now just get it into your mouth and let Guy, take charge, he won’t last long. He’s been nursing that hard on for ages now, I can almost see it pulsing already.”

“Guy,” Mel said soothingly as if she was telling him how to massage his wife, “you need to really take charge here, hold her head in your hands and guide it onto your cock as you want it. Liz, just keep your mouth open, that’s it and keep your tongue under his cock as he moves it in and out through your lips. Great. How does that feel, Guy, as she just keeps her mouth open like that for you?”

He hadn’t suspected a thing. I told him that I needed to go to the bathroom, and did. But once there I changed into my super sexy lingerie that I had just purchased. A black push up bra with some frail fabric hanging down from the cups, and tiny little black panties.

We were in his apartment. He was on the computer checking his email and when I, “needed to go to the bathroom.” I peaked over the side of the wall out of the bathroom to make sure he hadn’t moved. I was safe. My plan was to sneak over to him and start massaging his back, then I’d turn him around, whip out his dick and…well…this was the plan.

But that’s now how it went. I’m not a very sneaky person and never have I been fully graceful. As I “sneaked” towards him I stumbled over some cords and landed smack on my ass with my head on the floor and my legs spread eagle. I heard him get up and say, “Are you o…Oh…whoa.”

Not exactly how I wanted my entrance to be, but I took it. The lust in his voice had showed me that he was enjoying my outfit. I lifted my upper body, careful to keep my legs spread.

“You like?” I said, teasing his eyes as my finger traced one of my breasts.

“I like very much,” he said, almost drooling. I crawled my way to his bed, making sure to give my ass a little shake as I moved, then positioned myself on the bed so that my legs were, again, spread eagle, and my arms were under my head.

He stripped completely, then got down onto his knees in front of me and crawled on top of me. He shifted his weight to the side of me and stared at my body, his hand caressing my side and fiddling with the lace of the bra.

“You are so beautiful,” he told me. I blushed and smiled. Then he leaned down and kissed me. It was very gentle but extremely passionate. I could feel his hand crawl up my side and then he began to massage my chest. I let out a little moan from the contact.

His hand continued down my stomach and towards the warm patch that had developed on my panties. He stroked the fire inside me and I gasped. With my mouth open he took the opportunity to kiss me deeper. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I responded quickly by sliding mine into his. We kissed so ferociously. My arms were wrapped around his neck. One of his hands was under my head for leverage as the other was stroking my soft spot, making me wetter and hotter.

Then his hand slipped under my underwear. My hips thrust up with pleasure. He started slow, teasing me, rubbing my pussy lips and playing with my pubic hair. Then he took his fingers and slowly separated my lips. He found my clit and pushed gently. I let out a deep moan. He rubbed. The fire inside me flamed as I thrust my hips into the air. He moved his hand faster. I had always melted under his touch, especially when his expert hands moved the way they did.

Passion turned to desire as my hips moved up and down. Then he quickly slid two fingers inside me as his thumb massaged my clit. I exploded and came fiercely, my moans echoing through the walls.

He slid down the bed, his face very close to my pussy, and he removed my panties. I loved the feeling of the cool air hitting my sopping lips. He took both his hands and separated my lips and dove. His tongue hit my clit immediately, causing me to arch my back in response as I let out a very high moan. He lapped up everything, his tongue working my spots. He placed his fingers back inside me and moved them in and out. His tongue on my clit and his fingers up my pussy made my body pulsate. I could feel the ripples of pleasure move my hips and arch my back as my arms clawed at the bed. I let out cry after cry of pure ecstasy.

And then I came, my toes curled and my hands reached for anything they could squeeze. His head moved up and he kissed my thighs. He continued up my stomach and reached my neck where he began to bite me. I loved it. It wasn’t hard enough to draw blood or leave a mark, but it felt so good. I moaned with the feeling as pleasure rippled down my spine. He kissed down my chest and headed for my nipples where he sucked and nibbled.

I needed to taste him. We flipped over, I hovered over his body as he laid on his back. I kissed him gently and slowly worked my mouth down his chest, sucking and licking here and there. I worked my way to his thighs where I sucked a little. I teased my tongue around his balls and licked base of his shaft, then up the shaft and ended at the head of his hard cock where my tongue spun around the tip. He moaned and let out a sigh as his hips thrust up, trying to feel more of me. I slowly parted my lips with his cock and moved my head down as far as it would go. With the parts of his dick that were still exposed I used my fingers to rub. Then I slowly moved up his cock. It felt so good to feel him twitch inside me.

My tongue played with his head again and I worked my way down to his balls. I licked the underside and mashed my face in as far as he was comfortable while I stroked his dick with my hand. I sucked softly and licked carefully, playing and tasting everything I could.

Then I hovered over his dick and stroked up and down staring. It was so majestic. Pre-cum oozed from the tip, lubricating my hand and glistening in the light. I lowered my face and placed the tip at the end of my tongue and tasted him. Then I stiffened my lips and my whole head went down. He would thrust into my face as my mouth surrounded his cock. My tongue played with the head, swirling around it as I sucked softly. His moans just excited me more.

Then he said, “I want to be in side you so bad,” through gritted teeth. I lifted my head and smiled. I crawled on top of him and lowered my hips so that his hard dick rubbed against my wet pussy. I moaned out with pleasure every time he’d thrust up, parting my lips slightly. Then he reached under me to position his cock, I lowered myself at the same time that he thrust up into me and we both let out moans of raw desire. I threw my head back, hair whipping my face, and started to ride him. I moved up and down slowly while on top of him, trying to prolong the feeling. Sometimes I would stop and let him thrust into me.

Our movements became faster as the beast inside me took over. My wild movements through him into a frenzy. As I moved up I would tighten my pussy muscles, then on the way down I’d release and relax. These movements continued. Eventually the movements became faster and more rhythmic. Our moans increased as both of us panted. My hair flailed this way and that. My breasts smacked against his chest. Our bodies made delicious sucking sounds from the sweat and lubrication.

He exclaimed, “Oh God…I’m coming!” I could feel him throb inside me. His cock twitched and both of us were finally released in bliss as his cum claimed my pussy.

I stayed on top of him for a couple of minutes slowly moving my hips forward and back as the orgasms subsided. His hands stroked my arms up and down and I bent over and kissed him gently on his forehead.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you,” I said. And then I collapsed at his side, completely content.

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