consensual sex

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Chapter 06

Fun with Dragons.

TanaVesta’s golden eyes look down at me. Her large round human breasts bounce upon her chest, as she swivels her hips, making my stiffened prick stir around her insides.

My cock is rock hard inside her, as she rapes me once again. I’ve long ago lost count of how many times I’ve shot my cum inside her, but she never seems to get enough. The manacles on my wrists and ankles stops me from being able to fight back or defend myself. Is it possible to be worn-out and suffused with energy at the same time?

Despite this being against my will, her pussy wrapped around my rod feels truly fantastic. There is a burning deep inside her that sets my loins and lusts on fire. My mind becomes muddled, trying to figure out if I want to get out of here or throw her down and have my way with her hot body.

Strength saturates me, as her cunt clamps down on me, and her juices flow down and off my scrotum. Her velvety folds ripple around my stiff member, and I moan loudly as I fire yet one more load into her, thus ending this round as she in turn receives vigor from me. At least this time it had been nonviolent.

“So, how are you liking the end of your second day?” TanaVesta asks me after pulling away from my wet shrinking cock. I can see my seed dripping down her leg as she walks away from the bed I’m chained to.

I shrug, trying to act nonchalant. “Eh, I’ve had better,” I tell her, attempting to goad her into at least killing me. I can’t say it’s been torture, tied up in this antechamber. Every few hours she comes in here, practically raping me, while I’m strapped helplessly to her bed by chains and manacles. Because every session leaves us both filled with energy, neither of us requires sleep, making time go by painfully slow. I’d still rather be dead though, than helping this megalomaniac gain more power.

She’s enjoyed terrifying me every chance she gets as well. One time while she was on me, she’d changed into a small dragon and bit off my ear. The experience made her orgasm, and suddenly my ear was back and whole again. I still shudder from that one.

She lets out a throaty laugh, changing back into a ginormous red dragon. Her scales shimmer in the sunlight pouring in from the side of the mountain peak that she makes her home in. “Ah, my pet, you are an interesting one. I don’t do this for your pleasure, of course. If I could get filled up on life essence without you having any pleasure at all, I would. Unfortunately, if you don’t reach your culmination, then I don’t get my own powers magnified.” The way she says that sends shivers down my spine, which only makes her grin more. Let me tell you, if a dragon of her size smiles at you and you aren’t immediately terrified, then you’re already dead.

Seeing that I’m not going to succeed in having her kill me, I change topics. “What have you done with Angela?” This isn’t the first time I’ve asked this question, and I don’t expect any more of a response than I’ve gotten every other time.

“Get some rest, my pet. I have a long meeting with two other Pillars. I likely won’t be back for a few hours, so expect a double session when I return.” She approaches me, leaning over the bed, and her large, split dragon’s tongue slips out, giving my whole body a good lick. “Mmm, I can’t wait to finally eat you one day, when I am the only Pillar left. It’s been centuries since I have dined on a Generator. Your kind always tastes divine.”

Before I have a chance to say anything or do more than shudder, she turns her bulk around, and a large boulder rolls into place, covering the alcove where she keeps me chained up.

Or almost covers. When it’s still about a foot from being fully closed, something outside changes. Lights of myriad colors reflect off the smooth rock wall, creating intricate patterns and mosaics. Something tickles my mind, but I can’t quite seem to understand it.

“Yes, master,” I hear TanaVesta say, as if in response to someone, but I can’t hear whom she’s talking with. “It will be as you command. I have already set your plans in motion.”

The colored lights flicker again, and again I almost feel something within my mind. It’s almost as if I know there is something there talking, but no matter how hard I listen or look, I can’t quite catch it.

“He is nothing, master; a pet to entertain myself with. He knows nothing of your plans.” The sound of obeisance in her voice sounds odd and very unfamiliar to me. Who is she talking to? Who could create such a cowed response from the Pillar of Fire?

The colors swirl one last time and then vanish.

“If my plans work out,” I hear the dragon mumble, “I’ll be able to destroy you when I’m done with the other pillars.” The sounds of her leaving the large chamber echo around the room, and I sigh in relief to know I have a few hours until she’ll be back.

Closing my eyes, I dream of happier days, of anything to take my mind off my current predicament. I remember dominating my boss, how she’d looked while getting off on her own fingers and wish I could have another chance to get into her pants. About meeting Angela, who is most likely dead already, and the fun we’d had together. I think back to growing up, and having the curly redheaded Brooke as my best friend. I even imagine her voice telling me to wake up, her hands on my chest, gently shaking me at first, and then getting rougher.

My eyes snap open as I realize that I’m not really dreaming, and I see Brooke standing over me. Fear and worry are thick in her sea-green eyes.

“Thank goodness you’re alive,” she sobs, and drops her head to my chest, hugging me tight.

“Huh?” I say as eloquently as I can manage, before my brain starts kicking into gear. “I’d hug you back, but I’m a little tied up at the moment.”

She pulls away, wiping away a fresh set of tears, before looking at me confused. “Why don’t you just break them?”

Flabbergasted, I stare back at her. Doesn’t she think I’ve tried? I made my wrists bloody trying to break free of these chains. Luckily the sex with TanaVesta had healed me immediately. She seemed to take great pleasure in licking the blood off before ravishing me, which is the only reason I quit the futile attempts.

“I can’t, they’re too strong,” I tell her, trying to pull my arm down to show her, and then staring in shock as the chain snaps. The manacle is still around my wrist, but the chain cuts short after about two feet. I repeat the gesture with my left hand, with the same results. Brooke pulls back as I yank my legs up, breaking those chains simultaneously.

I laugh. I just sit there and stare at my hands and feet, laughing. How long have I been able to do that? Is it because of all the vigor I’ve absorbed from the Pillar of Fire? If so, what else can I do now?

Brooke is looking at me worriedly again, and I realize my laughter has turned to manic giggling. It takes me a second to get myself back under control, and I stand up, stretching my muscles. I’m tempted to go after TanaVesta and kill her for what she’s done to me; I’m so drunk on my own strength, I almost think I can do it.

“Hurry, Angela is keeping a watch out there. We need to go, before anyone comes here.” Angela’s name seems to set my mind back on reality. It’s one thing to try and take on the red beast by myself, but I’d be putting two other lives in danger. I couldn’t live with myself if I got them killed.

“She’s alive?” I ask, looking for something to cover myself with. I want to run out and see her, but then I see the look in Brooke’s eyes.

“Gee, Brooke, thanks for risking your life and coming to get me,” she says wistfully under her breath, but I’m easily able to pick out the soft sounds of her voice. “I’m so grateful, that I’m more worried about a demonic succubus.”

Shame fills my heart at her words. She’d come in here to rescue me, and one of my first concerns had been Angela. I look closer at my friend and see that her long curly hair has been pulled into a fraying braid, and she looks exhausted. She’s still in her blue shimmering mail, but the bags under her eyes and the slump in her shoulders tells its own story.

“I’m sorry, Brooke. I thought she’d been killed.” Something occurs to me, and I look sharply at my childhood friend. “I thought you said you couldn’t enter TanaVesta’s territory.” Is she the real Brooke? “When I was in high school, and trying out for the swimming team, what advice did you give me?” I need to make sure this is her and not some dragon’s trick.

She stares uncomprehending at me for a moment, and I feel fear start to replace my shame, until finally she answers.

“You’re terrified of any water deeper than your knees. You tried out for the track team, and I told you to keep your eyes forward, and ignore the other runners around you.” Her tone is level, and I can tell that she now understands why I had to ask.

Without hesitation, I wrap my arms around her, hugging her tight to me, until she squeaks, and I realize I’m squeezing too hard. I really don’t know my true strength, anymore. I’m so excited, I even give her a quick peck on the lips, before realizing what I’m doing and pulling back, my face turning beet red.

Her fingers lightly touch her lips in wonder, before she shakes herself, saying, “We need to get moving. I don’t know how much time we have ’til she returns, but we need to be as far away as possible when she does.”

Angela, still in her Amazon form, gives me a quick hug and a chaste peck on the cheek as we both squeeze past the boulder. I’ve given up on finding anything to wear and run naked next to the two women, through a maze of empty winding tunnels.

Something doesn’t feel right about the path Angela is leading us down, and after taking a fourth torch lit hallway that is definitely leading down deeper into the mountain, I stop us. It’s also getting hotter the further we go.

“Don’t we need to be going out? We’re going down. I thought the entrance was at the top, or the side of TanaVesta’s chamber,” I ask the succubus, fear filling me once more. I don’t remember ever being this paranoid before, but after what I’ve experienced, I don’t think I can be too careful either.

“If we were going back to the oak to get out, then yes,” she tells me impatiently. “We’d never make it that far. There is another portal deeper down inside the mountain to get back to your realm. It’ll be quicker to get to it, than all the way back to the oak.”

She makes sense, and we start running again. My only concern is: why didn’t we use the one here in the first place? We could have completely avoided those trolls.

It only takes another five minutes or so, before our way is blocked by a flow of magma. The air above the flow shimmers from the heat of the molten rock, and I have to shield my eyes from its brightness after the dimmer tunnels.

“Great,” I mumble before turning to face the succubus. “Is there another way around?”

“No, that’s the portal right there,” she tells us, pointing above the lava.

“You want us to jump into the lava? Are you nuts?” I demand, but I can actually feel it there, now that I concentrate on it. Something. . . It almost feels as though I can feel time slipping away through the heated haze.

“Not in. OVER,” she informs me. I turn back to the burning river and shake my head. I might be able to make it over with my new strength, but there’s no way either of the two women can.

I wish time didn’t feel like it was slipping away. I need to think. Blocking the feeling of flowing time, I concentrate on the magma river.

“Oh, for the love of—” Brooke says as she takes a running leap, and vanishes when she’s over the liquid rock.

Will I ever get used to magic?

I watch as Angela takes a few steps back, then dashes forward, elegantly jumping in the air, and doing a full flip, before vanishing.

“Show off”! I yell, certain she can’t hear me. Crouching where I am, I shove hard off the ground, hearing the rock crack under the force of my push, and the world blurs around me before going black.

I realize my mistake too late, as soft looking tan ground hurtles past me. I shoved so hard that I almost feel as though I’m flying, but I know gravity will take over soon enough, and painfully show me who the boss is.

As soon as I stop ascending, and can feel myself getting pulled back downwards, I try frantically flapping my arms, as if I’m some cartoon character, and that’ll save me. The chains still attached to my wrists jingle as I stressfully struggle to stay aloft. Somehow, after the direction my life has been going, I think it just might work. My shoulders flair with agony, and it feels like two sharp daggers are protruding from my shoulder blades. Something outside my vision grabs hold of whatever is back there, and I realize that one of the two women must be using their magic to save me. As thankful as I am, I wish it didn’t hurt so much.

No longer worried about falling, I quit uselessly flapping my arms, and begin to plummet again. Once more I move my arms, but notice something at the same time. I can actually feel whatever is sticking out of my back, as if it’s a part of me.

“Nice wings,” Angela’s voice breaks my thoughts, and I see her flapping her own way over to me. From her back are two large gray bat-like wings. “I was afraid I wouldn’t catch you before you hit the ground. When did you learn you could do that, and whatever possessed you to jump through the portal that hard?”

“About three seconds ago, I didn’t want to get burned, and I wanted to outdo a show-off succubus,” I tell her, feeling embarrassed. It had been a foolish thing to do. Neither one of them had pushed that hard from the ground, but the sheer joy of my extra strength and power is somewhat intoxicating, and I’m still not used to it. As degrading as it had been to be raped time and again by the red dragon, I’m not about to complain about my new strength, and I shiver in delight at what I want to do to the Pillar of Fire if I ever get my hands on her again.

I attempt to flap my way over to the succubus, and somehow end up upside-down, and headed quickly for the ground again.

Angela grabs me by my ankles, and with the size of her Amazonian arms, she is easily able to help me to the ground. “Easy now. Flying isn’t as easy as it looks,” she tells me as I regain my feet. She gives a slightly annoyed sigh, before adding, “I guess we’re walking back to the assassin. Come on, she’s this way.”

It takes me a second to figure out how to wrap my wings about me, and for the first time, I notice the uncomfortably cool air after the heat of the tunnel, the stars in the night sky, and the endless dunes of sand around us.

“Um, Angela, where are we?” This doesn’t look like anywhere in the developed world. Did we go to some parallel universe?

“The Sahara Desert somewhere southwest of Minya, Egypt.” She continues trudging through the sand, without looking back.

Well, that would explain why we didn’t use this portal to go see TanaVesta in the first place. I shudder at the thought of her name, glad to be away from the power-hungry red dragon, while at the same time, looking forward to destroying her. As powerful as she is, she’s made an enemy in me.

We meet Brooke walking towards us, and she stops in shock at the sight of my wings. I see anger enter her beautiful green eyes, as she glares at Angela. “I see she’s truly turning you into an incubus after all,” she states, derision dripping from her tone.

“I don’t think that’s what’s happened to him,” Angela says carefully. I look to the tall woman, wondering why she isn’t getting angry with my friend. What happened between these two back in that mountain peak? “Look closer at his wings. Those aren’t the wings of an incubus. They look more akin to those of a dragon.”

I don’t remember sitting down, but there is no mistaking the feeling of sand in my naked butt crack.

Dragon wings? How? TanaVesta didn’t have wings.

“Your master didn’t have wings, succubus,” Brooke echoes my thoughts.

“TanaVesta is no longer my master. I denounce her.” The look in her eyes doesn’t allow for any argument. I wonder how she must feel right now, with her entire world having been flipped. She’d called the dragon a friend, but the Pillar of Fire had arrested the succubus on false charges. “She can take the form of whatever type of dragon she pleases. The Oriental dragon is her favorite, I think because of all the chaos she caused in ancient China, before separating our worlds.” Angela looks to Brooke, and I can tell that she wants the assassin to understand. “Look closer at my wings. I only have three fingers in mine. His have five, and are the same color as his brown hair.”

Spreading my wings to get a better look at them, I end up tipping over and lying in the sand again. They’re too big for me, I realize. While on my back, I examine my new appendages, and see that Angela is correct. The skin between the fingers is thick and leathery. Each bony finger ends in a curved and wickedly sharp talon.

If I didn’t know what was happening to me before, I know even less now. I’m not becoming an incubus, but I have some of their abilities. I’m also apparently gaining the traits of dragons now. Do I absorb a person’s abilities when I have sex with them? What then does that mean with Becky and Lisa? Will I start becoming a female? I sincerely hope not! Not that I have anything against women, but I like the way I am right now. Of course, that could lead to some interesting lesbian adventures. . . . Shaking my head, I try to come back to the present.

Brooke and Angela have been talking while I was absorbed in my own thoughts, but when I hear Brooke ask, “What’s happening to him, then?” I perk back up.

“I’m not sure. TanaVesta said something about him being a Generator, which makes sense on one level, but doesn’t explain his transformations.” I can tell from her tone that Angela is just as worried about me as Brooke is.

“A Generator?” Brooke asks skeptically. “That’s impossible. They were killed off after the four pillars made our realm, and neither of his parents were a generator.”

“Wait,” I interrupt, “you knew my parents?”

She flinches at my question, and I realize that she let slip something she hadn’t intended to. “That’s not important right now,” the redhead tries to cover her mistake. “We need to find a way out of here as soon as possible. There isn’t enough water in the air here, and I spent too long in the fire’s demesne. I’ll die if I don’t get out of here soon.”

Part of me wonders if this is just a ploy to change the subject, but I remember that she owes her allegiance to the Pillar of Water, and how tired she looks. It finally dawns on me to wonder if she’s even human.

Sighing, I give Brooke a look to let her know I haven’t forgotten my question, before turning to Angela to ask, “How long will it take to get to a city?”

“Walking from here? A couple days, which will be too long for her.” She looks worriedly at my childhood friend, and again I have to wonder what transpired between the two while I was chained up. “I’m not strong enough to carry either of you while flying, but Lyden, if you can figure out how to fly, your wings are big enough. We could hit the Mediterranean before sunrise. Things will become much worse for her when the sun appears.” I don’t even want to think what the Saharan sun will be like.

I carefully stand up, being mindful of the weight of my wings, and stare dubiously at the tall Amazon. “How long did it take you to learn after becoming a succubus?” I ask her.

Her face drops in consternation, and I know I won’t like her answer. “A little over a week.” Yep, I really didn’t like that answer. “But maybe with your larger wings, it won’t take that long!” I can hear the hope in her voice, and I’m willing to try, if for no other reason than that I have to try something.

Several failed attempts, one hour, and a massively bruised ego later, I give up. I’m still full of vigor after all the rapings by TanaVesta, but I don’t think I’ll ever get flying down. At least, not in time to save Brooke. Looking to the curly haired woman, I can see that she’s having problems. Her lips are dry and cracked, she isn’t sweating like Angela and I am, and her breathing is haggard.

“Why is she hurting so badly, this quickly?” I ask the succubus.

“This quickly? Lyden, she came to rescue you when we didn’t come back after a day. She found and rescued me first, and we tried to get to you, but that rock was always blocking our path when the dragon wasn’t with you.” That means she was in the fire realm for well over a day. I shudder to think what might have happened to her if the red dragon hadn’t gotten distracted while replacing the boulder in front of that antechamber.

“Don’t worry about me,” Brooke says, and her voice sounds even more dry and cracked than she looks right now. “Any minute now, the Pillar of Fire will realize where you’ve gone, and her minions will come pouring out of that portal. Get away while you can. I’ll only slow you down.”

“No!” I refuse her words. “I won’t leave you or anyone else. We’re all going, and that’s that!” Dashing to the top of the nearest dune, I shove off hard from it, kicking a huge divot in the sand, and launching myself fifteen feet into the air. I spread my wings thinking, feeling, and knowing that this time I’ll succeed. There is no wind to catch my open wings, except the speed of my passing. I wait but a moment, before giving a very controlled flap.

And plummet into the soft, itchy sand below.

“Dammit,” I swear, not caring about my language, as I’m so frustrated. I stand up and start brushing the sand from me. I’d be a lot more comfortable if I had clothes on, I think, but know that learning how to fly is of greater importance.

Wait a minute. . . .

“It’s almost as if your wings are too large for your body,” Angela says, taking long strides through the sand over to me. I know she’s walking and not flying out of respect for what little is left of my pride.

It just might work. . . .

“Have you thought about maybe shrinking them a bit? You could still carry her, if they were just a bit smaller, though it may also slow us down.”

Closing my eyes, I picture in my mind what I want, just like Angela had taught me with the clothing, but this time I have something else planned. I mentally step into my image, and hear Angela gasp in terror, as I feel my body shift.

I also feel like a huge weight has settled across my entire body, and I’m physically and mentally drained. Opening my eyes, I look down at the succubus, and see that she’s crouched, and ready to attack or flee. I crane my now long neck around and open my snout to speak to her, but my forked tongue doesn’t want to cooperate with human speech, and I end up growling something instead.

IT’S ME, I mentally blast at her, LYDEN! My energy levels dip lower, but I still have more than plenty to function.

“But. . . but you’re a. . . d-dragon!” she stutters.

I nod my head, and walk on four legs over to where Brooke is now laying unconscious. As gently as I can, I try to pick her up in my sharp teeth, but I’m too worried about hurting the assassin further.

“You want her on your back,” Angela says, her mind finally catching on to what I intend. With her help, Brooke is soon situated in a depression on my back, which fits the redhead perfectly.

WHICH WAY? I ask, and Angela takes to the air, moving to what I feel is north. My sense of direction is drastically increased, and for some reason I feel more balanced with my wings as I take off running. As soon as I’m comfortable in this new body, I start to take running leaps between dunes, eventually using my wings to glide from one tip to the next. By the time we reach the sea, I’m not yet truly flying, but I’m gliding with ease.

In mid-leap I concentrate on my vocal cords and tongue, so that I can talk normally. The drain on my system is thankfully minimal.

“What laws did TanaVesta claim you broke?” I ask as soon as I land.

Angela looks at me for a moment, before answering. “There are many laws concerning you humans, and the rest of us. After the pillars made our realm, there was great fear that some of your kind would find a way to us, and continue to slaughter us. It became illegal to bring a human across. She tried to claim that I’d broken that law with you.”

“But you didn’t know I was different until after you brought me to your field,” I protest.

“Actually, I had an idea that you weren’t entirely human. Remember how you could see me when no one else could?” I had to agree that she was right.

“What other laws do I need to look out for?” I ask. The last thing I want to do is get more enemies after me.

“Concerning humans?” She waits for me to land from another gliding leap before answering. “We can’t marry or create offspring with humans. Succubae are heavily watched on that law, but we can choose when to mate, and when to just have sex. Also, it’s very heavily frowned upon for two different species to have offspring. There’s no telling what the outcome might be. Some of the worst disasters in both our worlds came from the mixing of species.” I realize that this means I can never truly be with either Angela or Brooke.

“How are generators made?” The look she gives me lets me know that my question didn’t come out as smooth as I’d tried to make it.

“That’s a heavily guarded secret, and only two of the pillars know: Light and Dark.” Some emotion apparently registers on my draconian features, for she adds, “I’m sorry Lyden. I don’t know how you came to be.”

Angela leads the rest of the way in silence, staying aloft, and either she goes slowly for me, or I’m a lot faster in this form, but it only takes us about two hours to reach the Mediterranean.

The sight of so much water brings back terrors of drowning, from when I was a kid. My legs lock up, and my heart pounds to see that much water in one place. I know Angela is yelling at me to get Brooke to the water, but I can’t move. Doesn’t she realize that if I get close to that, it’ll rise up and take what it lost so many years ago? I can’t go near it!

The waves lapping against the sandy shore seem to be calling to me. “Come here, swish. Come join us, swoosh. Become one with us, shwash.”

“Lyden, she will die if you don’t get her to the water.” Angela’s frantic tone pulls me from the trance that the sea had placed on me, and my vision is swallowed in the succubus’s swirling pupils.

“Die?” I ask confused. “I don’t want to die.”

Her slap against my scaly face finally breaks the last vestiges of my self-induced terror, and I know what must be done.

I have to carry her into the water, my mortal foe. I don’t know if she just has to touch it, or be submerged, but with my current size, I’m going to have to travel further than knee deep to get her there.

I don’t know if I can do this. I can still hear the whispers from the waves. I’m so tired. I feel like I’ve run a hundred miles, when I’ve really run a lot more than that. A bone deep weariness starts to seep into my joints, and I think how comfortable the sand would feel to lie upon. Just lie down, and take a week long nap. Doesn’t that sound delightful?

The amount of willpower it takes to take the first step with my right foreleg is probably enough to move mountains, but it barely moves me. Thankfully, once in motion, my movements become easier, until all four of my legs are moving in their proper rhythm.

The relatively cool water touching my front talons almost makes me stop, but I know that once I do, I’ll never get moving again.

My rear legs splash as they enter the water, and my overheated chest is suddenly chilled by a wave passing beneath me. Sensing no movement or even life from Brooke, I keep moving. Am I too late? Did I hesitate too long, and kill her in my procrastination?

NO! I have to believe that she’ll be okay. She saved my life when I was a kid, and risked her life to rescue me from TanaVesta’s clutches. Now it’s finally time to return those favors.

A cold, bone deep chill sets into me as my wings sink below the surface, and I have to stretch my serpentine neck to keep my head above the water. “Just a couple more steps,” I tell myself out loud, letting my voice be my own encouragement. Where is Lisa when I really need a cheerleader? “A couple more steps, and she’ll be in the water.”

The weight on my back suddenly shifts, and I have to carefully turn my almost submerged head to see what’s happening. Angela is flying just above me, and has one of Brooke’s hands in hers, as she tugs the still unconscious woman from me.

There is a slight shimmer under the water as her legs slip from my body, but I can’t tell what is happening. Hopefully it means she’s recovering.

The cold is really sinking in, and I know that if I don’t get out of the water soon, it truly will claim me for good. I begin the ponderous task of turning my bulk around, and find that I’m breathing heavily from the effort. I’m tempted to change back into my human form, but I don’t think I have the energy for it, and besides, this far out, I’d drown for sure.

The beach looks so inviting. Like a great place to take a nap, snuggled into the sand, head turned and tucked under my wing, and oblivious to the world.

“Lyden, what are you doing?” the winged succubus demands, and I realize that I’ve already begun to lie down while still in the water. The sound of the lapping waves still chants to me. Rest. Sleep. Lay down your burdens.

Angela still has Brooke’s wrists in her hands, and drags her over to the beach, while I ponderously resume my trek. The waves help push me towards the shore, then become traitorous as they recede back into the sea. Every step seems to become more difficult, as my talon-tipped claws feel like lead weights.

Only thirty feet to go, I think. How did I get here? Twenty feet. Why am I here? Fifteen feet. Why am I so cold? I was so warm, not that long ago. Ten feet. So tired. So exhausted. When was the last time I slept?

Yes, a nap sounds so good right now. Just lie down, listen to the water, and close my eyes. . . . What is that annoying sound? Why won’t it let me rest? Doesn’t it know how tired I am?

“Lyden, you’re coldblooded right now! You’re almost out of the water. Just a couple more steps!”

Coldblooded? I can’t be coldblooded, I’m a human. Right? Something doesn’t feel right, and I stand back up, following the advice of the sensible voice.

“That’s it, Lyden. One step after another. Keep going. You’re doing great. Just take a couple more steps and you’re out.”

“I-I can’t,” I mumble, the exhaustion becoming too much for me. Collapsing to the ground, I finally get my sleep.

* * *

“Wake up,” Angela says softly, shaking my shoulders. “The water’s not helping her enough.”

My eyes snap open as I look around to find my friend. I spot her immediately, her lower half submerged in the surf, and still unaware of the world around me. As the wave pulls away, the early morning sunlight shines off some large blue-tinted fish that’s slowly swallowing Brooke.

Panic stricken, I stumble to my feet, and just barely note that I’m human again, naked and no longer chained, as I run to the assassin.

I’m not prepared for what I find. Staring hard at her, my mind can’t comprehend her transformation.

“She’s a mermaid,” Angela’s voice says right next to my ear. I notice that her wings are gone, and she’s back to her punk form: short blue hair, hazel eyes, and even a round nose-ring this time.

“A . . .mermaid? But—but, how?” I demand.

Angela gives me a funny look, before shaking her head. “I guess I should have told you before; mermaids are Varun’s assassins. Centaurs for Gaia the Pillar of Earth, and kobolds are TanaVesta’s assassins. Kobolds are also those large hairy things that acted as the Pillar of Fire’s personal guards.”

“But . . . a mermaid?” Somehow it just doesn’t sink in.

“If you’re done spazzing out, she still needs your help. She’s too weak and needs you to give her some life,” Angela says, as she looks deep into my eyes. I can see sadness there, and wonder what that statement must have cost her.

What am I thinking? She’s a succubus! She must be sad at the thought of losing Brooke, though that doesn’t seem to fit either. If only I still weren’t so tired, I could think clearer.

“But I’m still exhausted, and she’s asleep. I can’t do that to her!” I protest.

“Just go into her dreams, like I did when you were in the hospital.” The way she says that makes it seem so obvious.

“Why can’t you do it?” I ask, feeling shamed that I’m asking someone else to help Brooke, but I’m so tired.

“Because she’s not into women,” comes the easy response. I wonder how Angela could possibly know this, until I remember that she’s a creature of sex. She must have some innate sense of what turns people on.

My friend still needs help, and I determine that I’ll do what it takes.

Following Angela’s directions, I close my eyes after getting comfortable in the sand. Well, as comfortable as I can while sitting naked in steadily warming sand. Sending out my thoughts, they touch upon the weak mermaid.

Impenetrable blackness surrounds me, and I lose all sense of direction as I enter the assassin’s mind.

“You don’t belong here,” a disembodied voice sounds from all around me, and I spin around trying to locate it.

“Brooke?” I yell. “I’m here to help you!”

“Why don’t you go back to your demonic lover?” the voice sounds again, and I can make out the angry sadness in it.

“Brooke, you’ve been my friend since elementary. I can’t lose you.”

“What about her?” The voice sounds like it’s solidifying, and I spin to face it.

“What about her?” I ask back.

“Aren’t you in love with her?” A shadowy form begins to take shape, and I take a step towards it, but I don’t seem to move. “I believe she’s falling in love with you.”

It seems odd to hear that, after Angela had said the same thing about Brooke.

“No, she’s just a friend,” I reply back.

“Like me?”

Dang it, I can’t seem to say anything right.

“You’re different,” I tell her honestly. “You’ve been there for me throughout my life. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you. Brooke, you’re not just my friend, but my closest and dearest companion.”

“You’d think differently, if you knew the whole truth about me.” Her form starts to fade again.

“Wait! Do you mean about you being a mermaid? I already know. I don’t have a problem with that. Is it about you being an assassin? I’ve known that for days.” Her form becomes more substantial, and this time when I try to move, her form comes closer to me. “Please let me help you!”

“But you don’t know everything. . .” her voice trails off, but I finally reach her and hug her mostly solid body to me.

“And I don’t care,” I whisper back to her, and her form comes into complete focus as her arms slip around my waist.

“Are you really here, or am I just dreaming?” Her words murmured into my shoulder warms my heart.

“Yes,” I answer both questions, smiling as she looks up at me. Apparently my smile is infectious and she grins back up at me.

“In that case—” she cuts herself off as her lips press against mine. The kiss is gentle and sweet as her arms pull me tighter to her. An eternity passes before she pulls away, and it still feels too soon. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” Her face nuzzles into my neck, and once again I feel warm all over.

“Why didn’t you?” I ask, wishing she had on more than one occasion.

“It’s against our laws to form permanent attachments to humans. It’s too hard not to want kids, and they can become very dangerous.” She sounds like she wants to say more, but doesn’t, and I remember the conversation with Angela about that.


“Yes, Brooke?”

“Make love to me in this place.” Her words, delivered so softly, carry a large impact.

Placing my hand under her chin, I lift her head just a bit, and bring our faces back together. This time when our lips meet, they part, and I feel her tongue lick along my lips.

Sucking her tongue between my teeth, I drop my hands down her back, until they’re resting lightly on her rear. This kiss is very different from the last one; hungrier and more demanding.

Pulling up the back of her shirt, I allow my hands to glide up her smooth skin to the clasps of her bra. Despite the practice I’ve had at undoing these annoying things, I still struggle with hers. That is, until I remember that we’re in her mind and with a quick thought, she is completely topless.

“Oh,” she gasps, when her clothes disappear, and she steps back from me and stares at her small breasts. When she looks back up at me, I can see a gleam in her eyes, which is oddly juxtaposed by her sucking in her bottom lip.

I feel a sudden draft, and realize that I’m now completely naked.

“Oh, really?” I ask with a wicked grin, before making the rest of her clothes completely vanish. Her body is truly magnificent. Slim legs, leading up to slender hips. There isn’t a hair on her body below her head, and even though her tits are small, about A-cups, they fit the rest of her slender body perfectly. “Well,” I ask while arching one eyebrow, “Are you just going to stare at me, or can I continue fulfilling your request?”

“You’d better make love to me,” she tells me, before literally jumping into my arms.

Laughing as I catch her, I gently place her on the non-existent floor and return to kissing her. I break the kiss, and brush my lips down along her jaw, to her neck, and then her chest. Returning to kisses once again, I nibble lightly around her mammaries, spiraling my way up to her nipples, before taking the small nubs between my teeth, and sucking gently.

Brooke is moaning softly by the time I break away from her tasty teats and kiss my way down her body. I stop off at her belly button just long enough to shove my tongue into the small dimple before going down deeper to her sweet sex.

Her love juices are already flowing as I dip my tongue into her hole. She tastes sweet and wonderful, filling my mouth with her fluids as she moans and grinds herself against my lips. Sucking in one of her labia, I chew lightly on it, until her moaning reaches a crescendo. I shove my nose against her clit, shaking my head back and forth, as I push my tongue into her as deep as possible. Her fingers dig into the back of my head as she cries out in pleasure.

Knowing that I need to transfer energy to her, and not away from her, I focus my mind on that task, but don’t feel any different. Did I do anything wrong? Did she fake the orgasm? Why wasn’t there some transfer of life?

Brooke’s moaning brings me back to the present, and I decide to try again on her next climax.

Sliding back up her body, I smile down at her, my grey eyes meeting her sea-green ones. I line up my cock with her coochy, and she finally speaks up.

“I’ve dreamt of this moment for so long,” she tells me.

“Well, technically you’re still dreaming,” I tell her, and before she can respond, I move my hips forward and kiss her softly. My penis automatically conforms to her inner walls as I slide halfway in.

She pulls her face away from mine, and licks her lips. “Is that what I taste like in real life?” She smacks her lips a bit more, then adds, “Not as bad as I thought.”

I move my hips back, and then drive forward again. “I think you taste wonderful.”

“Shut up and kiss me.” Before I have a chance to say or do anything more, her arms wrap around my neck and pulls my face back down to hers. Our tongues mingle while our bodies writhe.

“Oh, Lyden,” she moans, “I love you so much. Never leave me!” Her body locks up, as she realizes the words she’d just uttered. I smile at her as I kiss her again, not entirely sure how to respond. Apparently it’s the right move. Her pussy ripples around my length as she cums again, and again I try to transfer energy to her, but to no avail.

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