Author’s Notes: This is the final piece to the Confused Connie series. Please read the other two parts to the series, how else are you going to know what’s happened so far? Told you I wouldn’t make you wait a whole year for the last piece.

I’d like to thank 1sickbastard, behindthewheel, and dkovic77 for all their valuable editing help and feedback during my writing process.

As always, this is the drama of my imaginary friend’s and enemies’ lives and all of them are over the age of consent, 18+.


Dylan’s hands gripped the steering wheel. He’d cut the engine off when he first arrived, but he let himself sit in the car trying to find the courage to approach the door. His emotions ebbed and rolled like a tidal wave on the ocean. His mind raced as everything hit him while he was sitting outside the address Mrs. Densmore had given him.

The ring he’d purchased on the way to the apartment felt as if it were burning a hole in his pants pocket. Seeing Connie in the doorway for a brief moment had made him feel whole again. One look at her sweet innocent face made him hopeful, loving, and nervous all at the same time. Then just as quickly, as she slipped inside the door carrying a cardboard box, his feeling of elation drifted away.

He felt his life spiraling out of control. He regretted every decision he’d made. He’d thought himself noble at one point. He was doing the right thing for the right reason. Signing up for the army, leaving Connie, so he wouldn’t hurt her.

Each choice seemed bitterly wrong in hindsight. If only he had what? Which part of his recent past did he regret the most? Signing up for the army? Sleeping with Connie? Simply, letting his passion get away from him long enough to forget to use a condom? But would even one different action on his part have changed anything?

He loved the way she adored him from a young age, from birth almost. He’d never felt jealous of her, or the way his parents had doted on her when they brought her home from the hospital. At three years old his father had told him he had a new role in life. Big brother. It was an important role that he’d always tried to live up to even if he didn’t fully understand what that meant at three.

He grew into the role. He understood he was loyal and willing to protect his baby sister from everything the big bad world had to offer. He wanted to be someone she could look up to, be proud of, admire and trust. He did all that and more, as Connie was his biggest fan growing up. She was as supportive of him as he was of her.

When his fantasies started to turn to his baby sister, the simplest things stirred his loins. It seemed normal enough at first, after all he was a teenage boy. His guilt overwhelmed him though even with the built-in excuse of hormones. He started to date Angie, which at first seemed to solve the issue.

Angie looked enough like Connie that he thought it almost harmless and safe to pretend that she was who his heart actually desired. Then one night he came, rutting inside Angie like a dog in heat, howling Connie’s name. Angie had smiled a wicked, mischievous smile as the realization of what he’d said hit him. He was frozen, still buried inside Angie. Instead of being repulsed or sickened by the truth of what he’d said Angie encouraged him.

His torture continued, as Angie not only feed his fantasy but did everything to keep Connie at the front of his sexual thoughts. Even after he left for college she continued to tease him with his secret desire. Angie sucked him off with everyone in the house, while wearing Connie’s clothes, whenever he came home for breaks. His family including Connie only rooms away.

The worst part was when he hurt his knee, after the surgery he was bed bound for awhile. Connie offered to take care of him although he adamantly refused her offer. She seemed hurt by his rejection but he was firm, it was too tempting that something might slip or happen. He was on powerful pain meds as well. She was so flirty with him as of late, and he didn’t trust himself to do the right thing.

She did end up taking care of him one day when their parents were out of town. It was too much, he jerked off most of the day when he was sure Connie wouldn’t come through his bedroom door. Sometimes, he did it hoping she’d walk in and see him with his dick in his hand. Maybe, if he horrified her about his urges she’d stay away from him on her own. But she only came in after he came and had tossed the evidence aside in a few tissues.

“Oh you must have a pretty bad cold, huh?” she said when she found the pile of used tissues next to his bed.

“Yeah,” he said trying to hide his fascination with the fact that Connie was holding his discharge in her hands. She picked them up and placed them in the wastebasket then collected his dinner tray.

Angie continued her torment after that, but to a new degree. Angie stage whispered things to him, “Fuck your baby sister! Make Connie come. Come on Dylan, give me that big brother dick!” It was sick and twisted and made him hard and ready at the slightest prodding. It got to the point where he watched Connie all the time, wanting her, painful erections that didn’t stop even with everything Angie did.

Months passed and things got worse, Connie was always touching him, hanging out with him, sitting close to him, but he was sure it was just his imagination. Her adoring admiration that he couldn’t distinguish between his own arousal. Finally, he’d felt he had no choice. He had to get away before he lost control. He was dangerously close to doing something he’d regret and the army had seemed like the perfect escape. So he signed up and he asked Connie to cut his hair…

While he was at basic even dealing with his feelings over what he’d done to Connie, he remembered that he was supposed to be a big brother. His role and title since the day she’d come home from the hospital. He was supposed to protect her and love her. He felt such a failure of duty with Connie.

To make up for it he threw himself into the army, armed with his twisted motivation. He was supposed to think of his fellow soldiers as his brothers. Men whose lives he would protect with his own. Men, because regardless of your age when you signed up for the army, the army made you a man whether you were ready for it or not.

Some men were born with that innate quality of protection for all, an ingrained sense of duty and country. They saw it extend not only from the people they were in the trenches with day in and day out, but to the people back home, their families, their cities and towns, their country. He focused all his energy on his training. He believed wholly and completely in what they were doing, and Dylan had started to feel his sense of duty, it was the only way he could stay sane during his separation from Connie.

Karl Gideon had it in every part of his being. Dylan envied Digger for his faith and loyalty, which was more intense than Dylan saw in himself. Digger was the perfect soldier and had a heart of gold. Unfortunately Digger’s heart was also weak, physically, a fact that had come out during his medical.

Digger wouldn’t be returning to deploy on Monday because he’d received a medical discharge and that’s why he’d been headed home just when Dylan needed a ride. Dylan envied Karl more that he was free to just live his life, where Dylan had to return on Monday. If for no other reason he wanted to be able to take care of Connie, now that he knew she was pregnant with his baby.

He shook his head to push out his musing and moments later he faced his fears and left the car. He knocked on the door and saw Connie up close for the first time since he’d slept with her. For one moment as he held her, he forgot that he’d messed up big time and impregnated his little sister.

He was holding the woman he loved, and he refused to see it as anything other than the gift it was to be with her again. Then Angie slapped him, literally and figuratively with what their father had done to Connie and that information broke Dylan. His reality crashed and burned his heart apart.

His anger at himself over his failure to protect Connie from their father burned a hole in his heart. He was once again incomplete. He could feel his rage seeping into his every thought, pulsing through his body, filling his soul. Even as the smell of Connie sitting so close to him in their mom’s car assaulted his nostrils, filling his lungs with her sweet scent.

“Look Connie, I don’t think…” Dylan started, but Connie cut him off by sliding across the seat pressing her body along the side of his body. Her softness, her warmth, her scent, her touch in general made him shiver with a need of and the pleasure of feeling truly comforted for the first time since being home. Connie’s fingers grazed along his face, pulling him toward her, capturing his lips in a passionate kiss.

“Dylan, I’ve missed you so much,” she said when she finally broke the kiss. She stared him in his intense eyes, her own eyes tense and shining brown, as he tried to collect his thoughts. She kissed him again, thrusting her tongue between his lips. He was less resistant this time, giving himself over to the feel of her lips on his. God, how he’d missed her, too.

Her hands were fumbling with his pants trying to get them open even as her kisses intensified to the point of aggressive and desperate, Dylan couldn’t breath from the assault. He tried to stop her hands with his own but they fell away as her soft fingers slipped inside his pants, gripping the base of his cock and tugging slightly.

“Oh God,” he moaned into her mouth as she stroked up and down on his cock. “Connie. Connie.”

He tried again but she squeezed him and pumped his cock vigorously until he forgot that he was angry, until he forgot that they were sitting in a car, in a parking lot, where anyone could see them. He could only concentrate on the intense pleasure building from her molestation of his member.

Her kisses turned more gentle as he sank back into his seat giving up all protests. She smiled and pulled away slightly so that he could see her face. His hand wrapped around her gently pulling her back to him for one more kiss, but her smile turned into a wicked grin as she descended on him. Soon her mouth was wrapped around his cockhead, kissing, sucking, and licking.

He stared down the length of his body and watched the top of her head as it bobbed up and down on his tip and a few inches beyond. He moaned again as she went lower and lower each time. Her mouth meeting her hand, her saliva covering him and dripping down lower until his cock and balls glistened.

It didn’t take long until Dylan felt the back of her throat with his cock and then he knew that he was so far into her mouth that he could almost feel himself where his hand caressed the back of her neck. Maybe, it was a trick of his mind, but he would have sworn in the moment that he felt himself through her skin, his eyes rolled back in his head as Connie fucked her face on him.

“Connie. Connie.” He exhaled her name with each breath as she ate his cock. His hips met each descent with an urgent rhythm that had him racing for release.

He felt himself thicken in her mouth and was sure he’d explode soon if she didn’t stop. He didn’t care, he didn’t want her to stop. He wouldn’t stop her or himself. His head fell forward and he watched the bandana bob over his crotch as his sister gave him the best head of his life. Even better than Angie with all her skill because it was Connie, the one person he wanted loving on his cock.

His arm stretched out as he reached the point of no return, his balls churning violently. He gripped the back of the car seat, released his hold on Connie with his other hand and punched the roof of the car, denting it, as he began to shoot rope after rope of cum directly into her throat. She moved her head up and sucked, her mouth like a vacuum, draining his balls, teasing him with every gulp.

It had taken so little time, but it felt like hours to Dylan as he returned to Earth after his heavenly climax. His cockhead finally slipped from between her plump and swollen lips. He smiled a blissful smile of sated joy as he lovingly caressed Connie’s cheek. She dreamily smiled at him too, as if she’d climaxed while giving him head.

Dylan’s voice was thick with amazement, “Where did you learn to do that?”

In her dreamy voice she chirped out, “Daddy.”

His mind clouded with bitter jealousy. Her technique was so perfect, expert even. She’d done things to him she wouldn’t have even considered three months before. “This is what you do with dad?” he made it a question through his panting.

Connie’s face fell, “Yes. Everyday,” she said acidly as tears sprang to her eyes.

Dylan pushed her away and did up his pants. He didn’t know why he had to ruin it instead of just enjoy it.

“Everyday? Do you love it? Are you as eager with him as you were with me.” He couldn’t stop himself.

When he had heard rape he thought of his father fucking her, forcing her, taking her. But a blowjob wasn’t the same thing as rape to him. Connie would have had to participate in it. If a girl didn’t want to suck a cock she only had to bite a man, a woman wouldn’t voluntarily give a blowjob, Dylan thought. Certainly not one as wonderful as the one he just received.

“Sometimes,” she said weakly. She stared off out his window, her eyes glassy with unshed tears. “You don’t understand. I didn’t want to, and I didn’t enjoy it so much as need it.

“Daddy read my diary. At first, I was scared and I felt so betrayed, by him and even by my diary. But instead of being angry with me about the things I wrote, about my feelings for you and everything, he told me he understood. And it helped.

“I’d been so confused about why you left, why I hadn’t heard from you. I didn’t know what I did wrong. You just left. No goodbyes. Nothing. I didn’t understand why you did that. I felt so bad when Angie told me why you left, but I didn’t know that then.” Connie took a deep breath and continued her babbling before Dylan could respond.

“I thought that Daddy was trying to help me. I thought Daddy was being understanding. And I didn’t think you’d ever come back. He told me you weren’t coming back. He pointed out that you hadn’t written or called or anything. It was true. So a part of me needed to believe that, that Daddy was trying to help me. And it felt good to have someone who wanted me. I was so hurt and angry and just confused.

“I thought I was all alone. And Daddy said he’d help me. I guess that’s what he tried to do, except he turned so cruel. The things he did to me, and what he wants to make me do…I’m so stupid and I didn’t understand,” she said her voice rising and falling. Her voice held little emotion that seemed to build, until she was almost hysterical by the end.

“He hurt me. I felt punished and alone and you weren’t here to tell me different.” Her tears rained down her cheeks as she spoke, her voice breaking until she was sobbing.

Guilt racked his body. The way he left was his biggest crime. Guilt knotted his stomach and a sour taste filled his mouth. He had to swallow twice before he could say anything.

“I’m sorry Connie. I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye. I’m sorry I made so many mistakes. I’m sorry that I couldn’t just tell you what I was feeling. I love you, Connie, even with everything that’s happened. Not just as a brother, but I’m in love with you. I will always love you.” He folded her into his arms hugging her tightly to his chest.

Her hands dropped to his waist intent to circle him, but stopped as she gasped.

Connie licked her lips and smiled through her tears, “What is this Dylan?” Her hand was gripping his pants pocket and for a moment Dylan forgot his own name as he looked at her. Her hand snaked into his pocket revealing the blue velvet ring box. “What is it?”

Dylan watched frozen in place as she opened the box. Watching her face for its reaction. “Is this what I think it is?”

“No, well, yes. Sorta. God, Connie. I mean it’s only an emerald, cuz that’s your birthstone, but I mean it the same way.”

“Oh Dylan, yes. Yes. Yes!” Her eyes sparkled as she pulled the ring from the box and placed it on her ring finger. “You do love me?”

“With all my heart,” Dylan smiled and kissed her gently. “I know that we can’t ever have a real wedding or anything. I guess that’s why a diamond didn’t feel right. I wanted it to be special, just for you. I promise, that I will always come back to you. I will be there for you. For you and our baby.” He leaned in for another kiss.

“Our what?” Connie pulled back and blinked in surprise, tears still clinging to her eyelashes.

Dylan blushed. “Don’t worry about anything Connie. I’ll take care of you both. You don’t need to worry cuz you’re pregnant. I’ll be there for you. I’ll send you money and everything. You can live here and then after the baby is born we’ll buy…” He watched her face fall again.

“How do you know that I’m pregnant? You couldn’t possibly.” Her eyes got wide and she frowned at him. “Did you read my diary, Dylan?”

“Yeah, well.” He blushed again. “But it’s okay. I don’t care. We’ll make it work.”

“Angie was right. You’re just like Daddy. I’m so stupid. I thought that you were different than what Daddy was doing, but you’re just the same.” She whispered pulling herself closer to the passenger door and through it.

“No, wait. Connie, Connie wait!” Dylan crawled after her and left the car the same way. “Connie wait, you don’t understand! Will you just wait a minute?”

“He was so right about you!” She shouted racing to the apartment door, always a step ahead of Dylan. She slammed the door in his face.

Dylan pounded on the door for ten minutes, shouting, “Come on Corny, reading their little sister’s diary is just what big brothers do. You should commend and condemn me for not reading it sooner.”

Connie finally opened the door, arms crossed, frown on her pretty face. “Jerk!” she said.

“I love you, too,” Dylan replied. Angie tapped her foot and rolled her eyes, shaking her head from the living room of the apartment. As the couple started to make out she went to her own room and called her own father to sate her sudden arousal.


“Thomas, dinner is ready. What are you doing in there?” Judith knocked on her husband’s study door, and gently turned the knob. “You know Thomas, this thing between you and Dylan really…” she stopped mid-sentence as she took in the state of husband’s undress, his eyes tightly closed, his cock being fisted vigorously. She sighed and closed the door behind her and walked to her husband, his hand frozen in mid-stroke.

“My God, Thomas, you only need to ask, I am your wife. It is my duty to satisfy your lusts.” Judith held her chin high as she unbuttoned her blouse. He watched her start to undress before he stopped her with a gesture. As beautiful as his wife was, she wasn’t what he wanted. She wasn’t the one inspiring his lusts. For a second, he despised himself for his feelings, but only for a second.

“Don’t you love me anymore?” Judith asked and then she hiccupped.

“Yes, I just don’t want you,” he really didn’t mean to be as cruel as he was with his statement, as harsh as it sounded, but his wife heard enough.

“Who do you want then? Some little slut at the office? A hooker? Or maybe, now correct me if I’m wrong, could it be Connie?” she snapped and crossed her arms over her chest as Thomas stared at her with wide eyes, speechless. “Yes, I know what you do to our daughter. I know, and I don’t care.”

Thomas sank into a chair, exposed cock and all. His face had paled. His wife revealed a side of herself he’d forgotten existed. A side he hadn’t seen since they’d married almost twenty-five years before. “Yes, I know. Yes, I don’t care. Connie knows what you were planning with your little doctor friends. A gangbang, I believe is the term. And then, you were going to force her to have an abortion. Well, there will be none of that.

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