Tammy was a big fan of the local rugby team. Being from Wales in Great Britain, Rugby was in Tammy’s blood, it was normal for people to become obsessed by their local Rugby teams. Her father and brothers had taken her along as a youngster and she’d simply fallen in love with the game. She had attended every match for most of her life.

Tammy knew the members of the team well. She was an outrageous flirt so she jumped at the chance to attend an end of the year function at their team bar. Geraint the team captain had approached her about it and as he was regarded as a local legend and heartthrob Tammy had immediately accepted.

“It’s only going to be a low key affair Tammy. Its only going to be just the boys and a few special guests.” Geraint had told her. Tammy’s stomach filled with butterflies at the thought. Geraint had even offered to pick her up for the event at 7 o’clock that night

She rushed home from the ground to get herself ready. Tammy got out of her rugby top and jeans and had a shower. Whilst in the shower she shaved her long legs and her armpits. She wanted them to be silky smooth just incase she got any action tonight. Tammy had to admit that the men on her team were breathtaking to her. She’d fantasised over many of them Geraint included. It was something about their sheer size so much taller than her 5 feet 5 inches. Their necks were strong as were their legs. All had tightly cropped hair.

Tammy couldn’t control the urge much longer. She took the shower from its cradle and turned it to pulse before putting it to work on her pussy. She closed her eyes thinking of the men from the rugby team. It wasn’t long before Tammy was sensing her orgasm. She knew this shower attachment will and it was certainly hitting her spot today

Tammy finished her shower by washing her long red hair. She knew she’d have to style it quickly or it wouldn’t be ready but she needed to make an impact tonight.

As she got out of the shower she bundled her hair into a towel and picked up her mobile. She needed Jenny.

“Jenny I need your help!” she started “I’ve got a date with Geraint tonight and I need your help getting ready. Can you come over? Cool I’ll leave the door open I’m upstairs.”

Jenny only lived next door and seemed to be at Tammy’s instantaneously. Jenny knew how much the rugby team meant to Tammy so was happy to help. When she arrived Tammy was still in her bathrobe and towelled hair. “Let’s see what we have to work with?” Jenny said taking down Tammy’s towel from her hair.

Tammy’s hair had dried somewhat but it was now curling and although it framed her face beautifully Jenny knew she’d want it straightened for tonight. Jenny went about drying and straightening her friend’s hair. Soon it was beautiful just as Tammy liked it. As Jenny combed her hair one last time she looked down at Tammy. Her eyes were shut, her head back revealing her long neck. Tammy’s robe had opened and Jenny couldn’t help but look at Tammy’s ample bosom and gorgeous body. Tammy knew Jenny fancied her and used it from time to time to get certain favours done but as Tammy had never been with another woman she was also too shy to approach Jenny on the topic seriously so she avoided it.

Tammy knew men and it was the ‘normal’ thing to do after all. If she’d even admitted she’d had feelings for another woman then she felt she’d regret it

When Jenny had finished with her hair Tammy stood up. “What to wear?” She asked aloud. Before letting her robe fall to the ground. Jenny gasped and Tammy smiled happy at her reaction. It was obvious to Tammy that Jenny fancied her but Tammy had never even thought about approaching the topic with Jenny.

Tammy picked out a lacy pale pink underwear set it was new and she’d been waiting for an opportunity to wear this beautiful two piece. She chose a short black skirt from her wardrobe. As Tammy sat on the bed she asked Jenny “will you do my make up as I’m all thumbs today I want to look knock out.” Jenny nodded in agreement.

Jenny watched Tammy finish getting ready. She pulled on her pair of sheer black stockings before slipping her nylon feet inside her high heeled shoes. Jenny watched Tammy pick out a grey fluffy woollen jumper. Soon Jenny was brushing Tammy’s hair and putting it into a high ponytail as requested. It felt great having Jenny pamper her and gently apply her make up. In no time Tammy was finished. She looked amazing thought Jenny

Tammy checked her watch as she placed it onto her wrist. “Good I’ve still got time for a quick drink join me Jen? You’ve made me look like a million dollars. You’re an absolute star babe!” Tammy took Jenny downstairs to the kitchen and took a bottle of white wine out from the fridge and poured out two glasses.

“What time are you meeting Geraint?” Jenny asked checking her watch. After all that fussy she didn’t want Tammy fretting about being late. Truth be known Jenny would have loved to have undressed Tammy and taken her to bed. Jen didn’t want to overstep the unwritten line between them.

“In about ten minutes. Are you sure I can’t convince you to join us?” Tammy asked one last time

“And play gooseberry? I don’t think so. You go and have some fun but ring me tomorrow.” Jen finished she couldn’t bear watching Geraint paw at Tammy and treat her how Jen should be treating her. Jen hugged Tammy and they exchanged pecks on each others cheeks before Tammy locked the door and headed for the club.

It was a warm evening and it only took 5 minutes to get to the local rugby club. It was a small bar on the main road through the town. John the doorman issued Tammy to the side room where the function was to take place. The music was already pumping and there were a few of the team there. Tammy could easily make out Geraint standing at the bar. His thick neck attached to those strong muscular shoulders. Tammy walked behind him and tapped on his left shoulder.

“Hello baby you look amazing. Can I get you a drink?” He asked loudly in her ear.

“Yes I’ll have an orange juice please.” She responded as she’d just had a glass of wine with Jen and she was planning to pace herself. She stood and chatted with Geraint who held one arm around her waist so he could pull her closer to talk into her ear due to the volume of the music. It was incredibly intimate and for a while Tammy was oblivious to who was around her.

It was only after a few more drinks did Geraint and Tammy separate so that she could go to the loo. The room had the local rugby team in as well as the team they had played today. Tammy recognised the faces. There were a few women there but this party has been organised pretty last minute. Tammy felt very honoured that she was attending especially with Geraint.

As Tammy was in the toilet cubicle she heard two girls’ voices outside the door. “Did you see who Geraint is with?” Said one of the girls

“Yeah that pretty thing what’s her name? Is it Tammy?”

“Yeah that’s it Tammy”

Tammy listened carefully to their conversation smiling at the thought that they knew her name.

“It’s a shame really!” said the first girl.

“What is?” said the second girl.

“That Geraint doesn’t know she’s gay!” returned the first girl.

“Is she gay how do you know?” said the second girl.

“Her best friend is Jen and everyone knows that she’s a lesbian and birds of a feather usually stick together!” the first girl said whilst the second girl seemed to be making noises in agreement.

Tammy was shocked yes Jen was her friend and she was probably gay but did everyone think that Tammy was gay too. Is that why Geraint had asked her out. Tammy’s mind was whirling with thoughts and conspiracy theories as to who thought what about her. Tammy waited for the two girls to finish up and leave. She used the time to cool down the burning in her cheeks. She washed up and for a moment thought about running home and hiding. Another thought came to Tammy. Whoever those two girls were she’d show them.

With a new found confidence Tammy strode back to the bar and beckoned Geraint to dance with her. Tammy glanced around the room studying each of the women and wondering which had been talking about her. She’d show them. Tammy danced provocatively on the dance floor. She caught the eye of a few of the team players her performance was electrifying. Geraint’s tongue was hanging out of his mouth like a cartoon coyote chasing a roadrunner. He was clearly aroused as a large swelling had occurred in his trousers.

Geraint pulled Tammy close to him partly to hide it from full view and partly to push his growing erection closer to her. Let her feel it. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close kissing her soft lips. Tammy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back exploring his mouth with her tongue. Tammy hoped that those two girls were watching now.

“I’ll show them who’s a lesbian!” she thought.

After a while Tammy led Geraint away from the dance floor by the hand.

“Lets go somewhere” she started “I want to be fucked right now!” she whispered in his ear.

“Oh yeah?” came from Geraint’s lips and he led her quickly out of the function room and through the pool room where there were a few stragglers finishing their game. The main bar had closed half an hour ago and drinks would now only be served in the function room to the guests.

Geraint led her to the cloakroom at the back of the pool room. There were a few coats there but this was mainly a store room. Geraint pushed Tammy against the wall and continued kissing her. Tammy lifted her legs and wrapped them around Geraint’s waist. His hands cupped under her backside to support her. Geraint moved his kisses to her throat and added a few little bites with his sharp teeth.

Slowly Tammy lowered her legs to the floor and moved her hand to Geraint’s bulging groin. They mirrored each other as both their hands found each others genital areas. His cock sprang easily from the confines of his trousers and Tammy was really wet to Geraint’s touch. He moved her panties to one side and inserted a finger into the wet juices. Tammy moaned and Geraint clamped his mouth over hers to silence her moans.

“You don’t want everyone to see us now do you?” He asked when Tammy quietened down.

“I don’t care I just want to fuck I don’t care who sees us bring them on!” Tammy answered.

Geraint was a little shocked at this response as he thought Tammy would be a little shy and quiet.

“No I want to have you to myself. At least for now!” he replied Geraint’s cock was now throbbing and like Tammy he needed to fuck, de dove in his pocked pulling out a condom wrapper. Within seconds he was guiding it onto his dick. Then he picked up Tammy effortlessly waiting for her to again wrap her legs around him. He then guided himself into Tammy’s vagina. She was so tight his large dick struggled to get in at first but Tammy was so wet a few strokes and he was sliding in and out of her with ease. This wasn’t going to take long he rammed deep inside her hitting her clit at every opportunity.

Tammy was swearing in whispered tones into Geraint’s ear. The quicker and harder he fucked her the more Tammy seemed to swear. Suddenly she shook quite violently and her vaginal muscles tightened like a clamp around Geraint’s cock. This left him nowhere to go and he was rapidly filling the condom with is hot sticky cum. Geraint grunted as the last of his cum spurted from him. He leant back on the wall to give himself some support. Damn Tammy had been a great fuck. He waited for her legs to touch the floor before he removed the condom from his cock.

They adjusted their clothing quickly and left the storeroom. It was now dark outside.

“Everyone must be in the function room!”Tammy said Geraint simply nodded in agreement.

“Fancy a game of pool first?” Geraint asked. He wanted to watch her arse bend as she took her shots. “God she is a sexy woman” Geraint thought.

As he racked up the balls for a new game Tammy felt butterflies in her stomach. She had moments ago been fucking Geraint the team captain and now she was going to play pool. Tammy’s clit was buzzing she was extremely horny and she’d need fucking again soon. Just to make it a bit more obvious of her intentions to Geraint she hitched up the waste band of her skirt so that when she’d bend over he’d get an eyeful of the tops of her stockings.

Geraint asked her to break. Tammy played the worse shot of her life. Geraint didn’t seem to notice much more than the flesh at the tops of her stockings. He took his shot quickly so he could return to watching Tammy. She purposefully laboured over the next shot bending right over letting Geraint see her panties.

“God you’re a sexy minx!” he found himself saying Tammy turned around and smiled at him that was it. Geraint found himself standing between her legs. His hands on her skirt hitching it further up. His hands finding the tops of her stockings and then her silky pink panties. Geraint pulled her panties down her long legs and helped her stop out of them. Geraint then stood up and took both of Tammy’s hands behind her back. He tied her wrists with her panties before slipping another condom on his dick. After guiding himself inside Tammy again he used his hands to hold her in place one of her wrists and the other on her hip to help him get deep inside her.

Tammy started moaning. She got louder with every thrust he made. “Shshhh or people will hear us!” Geraint said.

“I don’t care if they all hear us and see us!”. Tammy says she was so horny and she needed satisfaction. Tammy liked being restrained in this manner and the thought that someone could walk in at any moment was adding to the excitement.

Tammy was shocked when the door opened however and four of the rugby team came into the doors intent on playing pool.

“Oh sorry we’ll leave you in peace!” the first one said noticing what Geraint and Tammy were up to.

“Stay!” Tammy found herself blurting out.

“Sorry Capt.” said the second.

“Tammy said you can stay and I don’t mind if you do” Geraint said slowing down his thrusts “you might learn something!” Geraint got back into his stroke and Tammy could feel that usual feeling growing in her clit. Frantically she looked around to see who was watching her. There was Peter and Michael who she recognised from the rugby team and two other men she guessed were from the opposition team. Although the room was only dimly lit Tammy could make out that each of them was starting to masturbate at the sight before them.

Peter said suddenly “I need to fuck!”

The next thing Tammy knew was Geraint was telling him if he had a condom he could be next up Geraint didn’t last long this time with her muscles clamping around his dick and was soon emptying his load inside her. Then in the next instant or so it seemed Peter slammed his cock inside her as Geraint withdrew. It seemed to Tammy that they had done this before. Tammy struggled to free her arms. She hadn’t minded Geraint holding her but Peter was different. She knew peter and Michael and had flirted with both of them but had never gotten as far as having sex with them. Surely they weren’t all going to fuck her.

Peter’s cock was smaller than Geraint’s and he couldn’t get as deep as Geraint had. Tammy wanted to put her hand down and tease her clit so that she wouldn’t have to fake it quite so obviously but she couldn’t move her arms. Geraint was undoing her arms now he had done his trousers up and was moving them to the pool table where he held them down on to the felt of the table.

Peter was soon shaking and dropping down on top of Tammy shooting his load. The buzzing was growing in her clit again. Geraint was turning her into an animal where anyone could fuck her. It excited Tammy to be used in this manner. Tammy’s eyes moved to the strangers. Geraint instructed Bob and Paul to join in the action.

Bob said in a gruff voice “how about a three way?”

Geraint smiled and Tammy was concerned how she could accommodate three men. Geraint firmly holding her wrists moved Tammy as Peter’s now limp cock slipped out of her. Geraint lowered her to the floor, he knelt to her side.

“You’re going to love this” Geraint whispered into her ear. Paul laid on the floor next to Tammy his fly was undone and he was quickly rolling on a condom down his immense shaft. Paul put his hand across under her waist and guided Tammy over his body. Geraint released his grip on Tammy’s wrist and stood up to watch the sight unfold.

Geraint watched Tammy’s back arch to accommodate Paul’s large fat expecting cock. She let out a moan. Michael was now standing in front of Tammy guiding his cock inside her mouth.

Looking down at Tammy Michael smiled “suck me baby no biting!”

Paul’s hands had found their way under her jumper and were squeezing her firm breasts. Geraint found he was getting hard again and was now masturbating openly at the spectacular sight being played out before him. Peter was sitting on a chair his cock had also returned to an erect state. Bob was now standing behind Tammy lowering his knees to line himself up with Tammy.

Tammy was feeling overwhelmed. Her vagina was full as was her mouth and Paul was expertly flicking her hard nipples. She could feel an eagerness to cum shed never had so many in such a short period and she loved it. She watched as Peter and Geraint were masturbating. Would they want to fuck her again? She didn’t know if she could do much more as she could feel her own orgasm growing inside her. Her clit was pulsing. Tammy didn’t expect what happened next. She could sense bob behind her. He placed a hand on her back to steady himself and at that moment Paul slowed his thrusting.

Bob started to move into the space between her arse cheeks. He was going to fuck her arse. Tammy didn’t know if she could take all of this attention in every orifice. Surely there wouldn’t be room with Paul’s dick in her wet cunt. Tammy could feel her anus stretching as Bob started to push slowly inside her. His moans of delight at her tightness were obvious. Tammy tried to let out a moan but her mouth was clamped around Michael’s cock and she was using her lips to prevent her teeth from biting him.

Three cocks inside her drove Tammy wild and she started bucking on the two in her anus and pussy Bob’s hands found her hips as he and Paul thrusted in tandem. As Tammy got used to the incredible sensation Bob moved a hand to her butt. He hitched her skirt up completely around her waist and started to rub her buttocks digging his nails into the soft flesh. It wouldn’t be long before Tammy’s orgasm was going to take over completely.

Within moments Michael had cum inside the condom he rested his hands on the back of her head as he groaned loudly and shook. Slowly he withdrew his dick from her mouth.

Peter and Geraint now came over to Tammy. Geraint knelt down in front of Tammy and Peter stood to one side. Tammy’s eyes were fixed on Geraint his hand was gripping his cock and jerking himself off. His cock was twitching and Geraint’s eyes were fixed on Tammy. He came close so close to ramming his dick inside that sweet mouth of hers. Tammy’s eyes were now rolling in the back of her head. Her orgasm was building. Bob started to groan loudly as he came. As he withdrew his cock Tammy’s orgasm hit wave after wave of orgasm flowed through her. She bucked wildly on Paul. The orgasm filtered through to Paul’s dick her muscles clamping wildly around his dick binging him to orgasm too. Within moments Peter and Geraint came again. Peter’s cum splattered out onto the back of her head. Geraint’s cum exploded into her face. She was drenched with cum. Tammy collapsed onto Paul not able to support herself for a moment or two.

It wasn’t long before everyone was getting dressed. Paul lifted Tammy off and laid her on the floor next to him. She’d need a few moments more to recover.

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