computer sex

Note: This is a work of FICTION. Although the areas this story takes place in are real; the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you, are NOT REAL. As you read this story try to remember:


15. A Meeting of the Minds

“Stop pacing around the house like a caged dog, Alan, or leave. You are getting me nervous.”

“It is too early to leave, and I do some of my best thinking, while I am walking. I am trying to remember what the area is like, without having to use any aids. If I had a computer it would help “but I left mine behind.”

“Why don’t you use mine?”

“I did not know you had a computer.”

“You probably don’t know I have a living room either, because we’ve never made it that far into the house. It is the kitchen, the bedroom, or the bathroom. I do have six other rooms you know.”

Alan smiled at her and said, “The next time I come back we will christen each one of them.”

“That is big talk for a man who needed a three-hour nap today. A 42-year-old woman made a 27-year-old man whimp out.”

“I have a joke which would fit perfectly for this situation. However, if I used it, you will chase me all around the house, and I will not be able to use your computer.”

“You see Alan, you are learning. Let me show you where the computer is.”

There was an old roll-top desk in the living room, and when she opened it there was a relatively new computer, surrounded by stock, bond, mutual fund trading forms and prospectus’ from several well-known multinational companies.

Susan logged on to her computer and used her password to get Alan access.

He asked her to leave the room, while he did what was needed.

Susan said to him, “Do not play with my portfolio.”

Alan asked, “What is a portfolio?” He ducked just as her hand went over his head.

Alan Googled up a map of Sedona in a large-scale satellite view and zoom down, until he could grid the position he needed, on Alternate 89A. He found the spot, and was not particularly happy with it. He would have preferred a meeting place a little further from Sedona, but he understood its purpose, from the other car’s point of view. It would be logical for anyone seeing this car make a U-turn, from that point, that it had missed a turn onto Rolling Hills Road, and they were returning to it. He deleted the map, and called Susan so she could turn off her computer properly.

Susan sat down, and signed off her computer. She looked at him with a smile. “Well are you going to ask me or not?”

“It is not my business to mess in your affairs, Susan.”

“Where is that fucking muzzle? We are married everything we have, we have together. You have never asked me a question about money, and you have told me everything concerning you. Don’t you think it is about time you know about the woman who is going to have your child?”

“I know everything about her I need to know. I love her and she loves me. We would do anything for each other. Is there anything more important than that Susan?”

“Alan, we will talk about this when you get back. I don’t want to add anything to your mind now, because I know how overloaded it is right now. Go, do your job, and do as you promised me; come back healthy, and come back to me soon.”

“Remember, I was recalled to Washington, and that was the last you heard from me. If those people come back and say anything different; I went to Washington. I want Sergeant or one of his men or women to pay a visit to you, at alternating times of the day, every day, including weekends, while I am gone. Tell him it is very important. If he needs money to cover this expense, the government will cover it. No marked cars, just plain folks visiting you, because your husband had to leave town suddenly, and you have not heard from him since. Okay.”

“I understand Alan. I will call Sergeant first thing in the morning. Now please go to work before you are late.”

He walked out the front door, after kissing her goodbye. He licked the tear that fell from her left eye away, also. He said, “One day soon this will be over. I will quit the Bureau for you; and I will never leave you again. I promised you I would do anything to keep you happy. It is among the promises you can count your apples on.”

When he turned his back to her, Susan had a grin on her face, so large, she thought it might crack.

He turned to her once more; and said that word again, so he could keep the grin on her face, until he came back; “ANYTHING!”

Susan put her arms around her chest and hugged herself joyfully. The smile did not her leave face, until she finally fell asleep.

Alan was too early, even for the 15 minutes plus time frame. He drove to the outskirts of Sedona, past the first circle towards the downtown area. He stopped to fill up his fuel tank, and get some water at the convenience store. As he finished paying, he saw a black Range Rover driving Southwest on 89A. He turned out of the gas station and fell in line behind it. He was a little less than 1500 feet behind the Rover, but unfortunately there were no cars in between them. There was no traffic on the road, at all, this night, in either direction. He varied his distance, getting closer, and moving further back; trying not to make the driver in front of him wary.

When the Rover passed Rolling Hills Road, Alan turned on to it, which he hoped made the people in the Range Rover relax. 5 minutes later, he moved back onto Alternate 89A, with his lights off, and stopped 500 feet behind the car. He flashed his lights and put on his emergency blinkers. Alan exited the Dodge Ram and put both hands on his chest, where they were visible. He walked up towards the other vehicle, and when he looked in the passenger side window, it was empty. A voice said “Do not move; identify yourself.”

Alan replied, “Alpha.”

William lowered his gun and replied, “Beta.” He walked toward Alan, with the two women following close behind him.

William spoke for more than five minutes explaining what things were going to happen; and how they were going to go about it, when they got to his hideout.

Alan now knew, as long as William was with him; he was no longer in command of the overall operation. He was only in charge of the protection and resupply details. As far as he was concerned “Things were getting curiouser and curiouser.”

William explained that he had a GPS with instructions to the cave, but Alan insisted that he follow him for the first time, because it was very tricky. He also told him Stephano was going to be very anxious when he heard other voices, and a second car coming into the cave. He would go in first, and disarm him, before they showed themselves.

Alan backed into the cave as far as he could, in an attempt to hide the Range Rover, from being seen from the outside.

Stephano heard the second car backing up, and he was not happy. He lay flat, behind the Kevlar box, wondering if anyone was going to start shooting at him.

Alan shouted, “Stephano, it’s Alpha. As you have probably figured out, we have guests. I am coming out with my hands up so you can see me. The second person joining us will be someone you know. If you do not put down your gun and move away from it, with your hands in the air, she will be shot, and it will be your fault. Do you understand?”

“Let me see you Alpha, and we will go on from there.”

Alan moved along the far wall from where Stephano was laying down. Alan told him to turn all the lights on in the cave so he could see who was coming in next.

Stephano turned on all the high-intensity lights, which lit up the entire inside of the cave.

Alan said, “Uncover her head, and send her to me. If he makes one false move, shoot her.”

Stephano could not believe his eyes, when Patricia was thrown, stumbling, at Alpha.

He yelled, “Patricia, what are you doing here?”

“Stephano, are you sure you graduated college and graduate school, with a 4.0 GPA. I walked here, can’t you see that. With my bare feet, and my hands cuffed behind my back; I walked across the George Washington Bridge and two thirds of the United States just to see you. They kidnapped me you asshole.”

“You do not know how I missed that mouth of yours. It is like a breath of fresh air.”

Turning to Alpha, Patricia asked, “Would you take these handcuffs off me for a minute; I want to take that rifle from him, and shove it up his ass.”

“Stephano put down your rifle and walk away from it, before this pretty young thing dies where she is standing.”

Stephano did what he was told to do, and walked back towards the wall of the cave. Alpha picked up the rifle, and called the all clear.

A man and woman came into view, and Stephano did a double take, when he saw Jemma.

Patricia snarled, “Should I leave you two alone?”

“Give me a break, Patricia. I have been alone in this cave for 7 weeks, and she is a gorgeous.”

“What am I shredded wheat?”

Stephano stood there, without a reply on his lips.

“I guess you just figured out when your next kiss is coming.”

“Come on Patricia that is not fair.”

William laughed and said, “Well that answers one of the questions I had on the airplane.”

Patricia looked at her father, with daggers in her eyes. Jemma poked him sharply in the ribs, with her elbow.

Jemma said, “Wasn’t it enough for you to steal this girl out of a hospital bed, in front of the FBI, just to get even with his father. You abused her on the airplane, and are joking with her now, in front of her boyfriend.”

Patricia screamed, “He is not my boyfriend. He will never be my boyfriend, even if he is the last male on this planet. Let him go fuck an ape, like Cain did, and start a whole new species. He is never going to fuck me.”

William looked at Jemma and said, “Remember dear, love and hate are separated by a wet cunt hair. We may just use that against both of them. The thought of forcing him to have sex with her, may give her the impetus to give us the information we need. The reverse may be true for him. He may not want to have sex with her to prove that he is devoted to her. Either that or he may just have been out to get laid in the first place; as he was with Virginia DeMaio, when she was a junior at Penn, and Felicia Kahar in her first year of graduate school. He took both of their virginity’s and paid for both of their abortions. Neither one of them has been the same, since those experiences. Stephano Valentino is a wonderful man, just like his father.”

Stephano railed at the mention of those two names. “I don’t know anyone by those names. I never got anyone pregnant, while I was in college or in graduate school. I most certainly never paid for anyone to get an abortion. You are lying; why are you lying?”

“We have affidavits from both girls, and their medical records. We have affidavits from their friends that say you are the father of the children that were aborted. What reason would they have to lie after the fact?”

“I don’t know, but it was not me. If I got someone pregnant I would have stood up for her, and married her, if that was what she wished. I may not be the nicest guy you’ll ever meet; but I would never do that to a young woman.”

“Considering your batting average in high school, college, and graduate school Stephano, explaining that to a jury would be very difficult.”

“It was not me, I’m telling you. I did not do that.”

“Well that is not the reason we are here anyhow. Chain her up, and let’s get about our business.”

Alan unlocked one of the handcuffs from Patricia’s wrists and went to locked it around the loops of Stephano’s neck brace.

“Oh no you don’t, I am not walking around tied to him; not after what you just said about him.”

Stephano said, “Patricia it was not me.”

“If it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, IT IS A DUCK!”

William said, “Alpha, give her some room.”

“Stephano, the kid gloves come off as of today. You will either give us all the information you have on your father’s operations and the operations of the other four families in the New York area, or you will suffer the consequences. In addition to you, the young woman will suffer the consequences, also. We were told that she set up the computer system, in the Queens Office building. She will tell us how to break into it, without it shutting down or signaling that it is been tampered with, or she will suffer the consequences. It is a simple give and take. If you give us what we want, we will not take anything from you. If you fail to give us what we want, then we start taking away parts of you. We have found the use of drugs is only partially reliable. However, the use of medieval torture is completely reliable. We will start with simple beatings, though you will not find them simple. Miss Gallina is too frail to accept a severe beating. She will be subjected to mild beatings, sexual assault, and my personal favorite: bondage and sadomasochism. From what I am told she has limited sexual experience. This should be very exciting to watch. I will make sure that you have a ringside seat, while she is being interrogated, by Charlie. Charlie may not look like it, but she is an excellent dominatrix. When it comes to making a woman come to the edge of ecstasy and backing off, she is the best I have seen. What she can do to experienced women is amazing. What she can do to an ‘innocent’ will making her suffering 100 times more painful or pleasurable. We will find that out as the days go by.

We could have her do the same to you, but that would take too long, and for a period of time you would enjoy it. It would be counter-productive to our desired outcome. We are going to unload the truck now. Go lie down get some rest you will need it for tomorrow.”

Patricia was leaning against the wall when Stephano approached her. She said, “Don’t you come near me, or I will scream.”

“Patricia, as God is my witness I did not do those things. I went to bed with a lot of women, during those years, but I never got anyone pregnant. I always used a condom. I was always responsible.”

“What did they do, pull names and years out of thin air. They have affidavits, from other students, naming you as the parent.”

“Did they show us any affidavits, or proof of any kind that I did these things?”


“I could walk into a class and say to them that your teacher is going to be Patricia Galina and she is 5 foot 11 and 600 pounds. You could walk in, tell them your Patricia Galina and they wouldn’t believe you, because your 5 foot 3 and 110 pounds. They are accusing me of doing things that I cannot dispute, and I do not know why?”

“Maybe they just wanted to see how I would react if I thought you were a bastard. They should only know I think you are a bastard anyhow.”

“Patricia, we have not seen each other in a while, and we are starting off on the wrong foot.”

“That is correct, and what is the first thing that you do when you see me? A gorgeous young woman walks in the room; your head turns to her, your mouth opens, and you start drooling. You tell me how pretty she is, and when I ask you what about me, you cannot even come up with an answer. If that is not an insult, I do not know what is.”

“You can share my bed with me tonight, if you would like.”

“Goldfish, do you ever listen? Did you hear a word that I said?”

“Yes dear, every one of them, and if I had a logical answer for any of them I would give one to you. However, you have used up all the logical questions, and I do not have an equally logical retort. So I was hoping we could go to bed together and work it out.”

“I am not your dear; dammit. You are a perfect example of why I love numbers more than men. Numbers make sense, men never do.”

William said, “Alpha, separate those two, before they kill each other, and we have no one to interrogate. Charlie you are with me, we have to finish setting up at the mouth of the cave.”

The first thing the next morning William and Alan set up a huge desert camouflage net in front of the cave. Alan knew someone put a lot of serious thought into this, because it reached all the way across the mouth of the crescent shaped canyon, and had enough range to tie off to the rocks were it came to the end. The color matched the area identically. However, it also brought into stark realization that the tire tracks lead directly to their position. A low-flying airplane could see these tire marks, if they were looking for someone hiding in this semi-arid region. Something had to be done immediately to correct that deficiency.

Alan grabbed the tarp and heavy cord out of his truck, and laid it down by the edge of the cave. He started pulling it, by himself. William stopped him and told him he would give him help. Jemma said she would help also, but both men said no.

Jemma looked at both of them and said, “Do not treat me like a girl. My dad was a mason, and I used to carry bricks to him, when he was building houses. I may not be as strong as I was back then, but I can still carry my own weight.”

“Move over, old man, and let me show you how a woman works.”

Three people pulling that tarp made the job much easier. They were able to walk nearly a quarter of a mile away from the cave, before Alan said stop. It became apparent that an alternate way to the cave had to be found for the last half mile, instead of straight in. The tire depressions in the ground were getting so deep; attempts like this would be worthless very soon.

Jemma asked, “Is all our traveling going to be done at night?”

Alan said, “Yes, it is.”

“Why don’t we get some Day-Glo Marking Paint and mark some rocks during the day. We can make a wide, circuitous route, to get back and forth to the cave. When we have it down correctly, we can put it in to your GPS computer’s and get rid of the rocks, so only we will know how to get there.”

William hugged and kissed her. He looked in her eyes and asked, “Were you a Girl Scout?”

Jemma smiled at him, “Of course, weren’t you?”

Alan laughed, but Jemma screamed as William slapped her ass. He said, “Remember young woman, that belongs to me and I intend to use it very often.”

Softly, she whispered in his ear, “I missed it last night.”

“I did to Jenna. However, tonight we will have our camping gear out, and we will sleep among the stars. I will point them out to you as we create new ones to join them.”

“Will you two please stop. I just got married, and I had to leave my wife before we were able to seal the deal.”

“How the hell did you find time to fall in love and get married on the detail as hazardous as this one?”

“It was love at first sight. I wanted that woman more than anything else in this world. I would walk through fire for her. When this job is over, I am leaving the Bureau to be with her.”

Jemma reached over, kissed Alan, and congratulated him on his marriage. William also congratulated him. He also reminded him that they still had a big job ahead of them; and to keep his eye on the ball.

When they returned to the cave, Stephano and Patricia were still going at it.

“Turn around so I can use the toilet.”

“I will not turn around. You will not let me see your rear end under normal circumstances, so I will take advantage of you, while you have to answer natures call.”

“You want me to believe that those girls are telling a lie. You will not give me the common courtesy of a little privacy, while I use the toilet. That says a lot for your character, Mister Valentino.”

Alan said, “Charlie, put a bag over his head, if he touches you kick him in the nuts.”

Jemma grabbed a canvas bag, from the back of the Rover, and said, “On your knees and face the wall, pretty boy; one bad move and you will be minus 1 out of 2, while you are awake.”

Jemma put the bag over Stephano’s head and tightened it. She turned to see everyone looking at her, and applauding silently.

Patricia pointed to her father and Alan to get out so she could use the facilities, such as they were.

While they were at the mouth of the cave, William and Alan set up the satellite antenna, and the transceiver. They covered both with moisture resistant material and a heavy tarp to keep the rain away from both of them. It did not rain much in this area; but when it came down, it came down hard, and it came down in a hurry.

Back in the center of the cave, William said, “Alpha, I would rather have the meat hook between the 2 vehicles. It will be easier for you and I to take down whichever one we have hanging at the time. We are going to have to be especially careful with her, because she could die of suffocation, if we keep her upside down too long. We will start her off at one hour, and have Charlie keep an eye on her vitals. Put the hook in the ceiling and let me know when it’s ready. Give him a hand, Charlie.”

William went about setting up the video and sound recorders, without speaking to Stephano or Patricia. They were sitting yards apart from one another, glaring back and forth, without saying a word.

“Beta, the hook is ready.”

“Put cloth around her ankles, I do not want an infection to set in, before we can get the information we need out of her. One hour, not a minute more or less. Cuff her hands behind her back. If she goes unconscious use the Amyl nitrate to wake her up.”

Alan approached Patricia, whose eyes were the size of silver dollars. She looked at Stephano, but never pleaded for his help. He stood her up, pulled around the curve, and out of sight.

A moment later, Stephano heard Patricia scream; a sharp sound of flesh meeting flesh, and a woman crying out, “No, no.”

“Stephano how long do you think she can last upside down? You are bright boy, you know the human body. How much is it going to take for her blood to overload her lungs, her brain, and her legs to be starved of oxygen? I have been rude to you this past day. I have not told you my real name, and I know your father will want to know with whom you have been speaking. Everyone has been calling me beta, but I am William Zabo. Has your father spoken of me often? Has he told you how he killed Laura, and my daughter, Patricia, at her school in Massachusetts, along with 40 of her friends’? He wanted to be sure he didn’t miss her. Hundreds of people now grieve, because your father wanted to kill one girl. Well he got her. He killed her and the police cannot prove he set it up, or had anything to do with it. Two people I love, and 39 students I know nothing about, died because your father wanted to kill one child. Are you worth that much to him Stephano? I am about to find out.”

William yelled, “HIT HER!”

Stephano yelled, “NO!”

Patricia screamed in agony.


Patricia screamed again. Stephano put his hands on his ears to buffer the sounds of Patricia’s screams.


There was another scream but it had less power behind it.


Stephano yelled, “No more, please stop hitting her.”


There was no scream this time.

Alpha yelled, “She is unconscious, we are going to have to wake her up. Give us a minute.”

William said, “Charlie, bring me the bat.”

Jemma handed William the bat and showed it to Stephano. He said, “In your father’s day, he would go through hundreds of wooden baseball bats to get his point across. When they would break, he would just toss them into the garbage, and use another one.

I like to be more ecologically friendly. When I show the tapes to your father, while I am beating you to a pulp, I’m going to point out to him that I am using an aluminum bat. These do not break like the wooden bats; especially for the purposes we use them. Of course if we have to hit someone in the head, then we do risk breaking the bat. I’m going to turn on the recorders, and see if you have anything to say about your father’s operations, and the operations of the other four families in the New York area. If you do I will keep the bat here. If you do not, the bat will go back to where Miss Gallina is, until her one hour is up. Do you understand?”


Stephano saw the green light go on and stared at it, but nothing came out of his mouth.

William Zabo smiled at him but did not say a word.

Alan yelled, “Beta, she is awake.”

“Come here and get the bat.”

As Alan was taking the bat from William he said, “I may have nicked the lower rib on the last swing. I don’t think I broke it, but I will stay lower next time.”

“Go after her ovaries and her kidneys, especially. At her age, those will cause her the most pain, as her cycles come around. Make sure you do not kill her, at least until we have a chance to interrogate her.”

Within 30 seconds of Alan returning into the entryway, Patricia screamed again and coughed as if she was throwing up.

Stephano kept looking at that green light, as if he was hypnotized by it.


There was another bloodcurdling scream and coughing and then silence.

Allen said, “Beta, she coughed up blood, I do not know how much more of this she will be able to take today.”


When Stephano heard him say “okay” he thought Patricia’s agony was over for the day, and she had been given a reprieve until tomorrow.

“Start on her legs; her thighs first, then her calf’s then her feet. Make sure the bitch will never walk again.”

Stephano broke. He yelled, “No more, do not hurt her anymore. I will tell you what you want to know. I will tell you everything I know, I swear it.”

“Go lie down on your mattress and do not move. I have to help them take her down off the hook, and bring her outside and tend to her wounds. Alpha will be back, and he will start your interrogation. One lie, Stephano, she goes back up there, and we start all over again. She has over forty-five minutes remaining on her first session. If you tell us one lie, I will make sure she wishes she was dead when this is over.”

Alan was a professional at taking depositions and interrogating witnesses. Once he started with Stephano it went on and on.

As night fell, William joined them. “I think she is doing better. I would like to have Delta take a look at that rib, in the hospital. Let’s meet in 4 nights. Do your normal routine; take the satellite and the transceiver with you. Emergencies call 911.”

“Very funny, beta, you are my 911.”

“That is why I told you to call me.”

Alan whispered, “It would be nice if I had your phone number.”

William said “That is a valid point. I will have my secretary call you.”

Alan looked at the back of William’s head as he walked away, not believing he said or that he was leaving without telling him what he needed to know. He found the number on a business card underneath his windshield wiper.

By 11:30 p.m. Stephano was exhausted and needed sleep. Alan asked him if he wanted a hot meal first, because he had earned it.

Stephano declined, walked over to his bed, and collapsed.

Alan took the three discs to the transceiver and encoded them. He checked his watch for the next secure satellite passage, tuned into its frequency, and sent the first burst message, which would tell the ground operator to bounce the signal all over the sky rather than point-to-point. It would make it impossible for anyone trying to locate the transmission point of the first signal. Alan waited for the transceiver to go green, across the board. When it did, he pressed the button and the machine did all the rest. In 7 seconds, it transmitted over 11 hours of Stephano’s interrogation; twice. One went to Colorado, and the other to Maryland. You can never be too sure about these finicky machines, and two copies are always better than one.

As the Range Rover climbed onto alternate 89A heading northwest, Patricia was sullen, and her father did not have to ask her why?

“Do you love him?”

“Please dad not now.”

“I will take that as a yes.”

“Will you drop me off at the corner; I need to take a walk.”

“If there was a corner to drop you off, I would. Now we have to discuss business. This is business Patricia. What you did today was business; can you separate business and pleasure”

“Dad I do not know if I love him, but I do know I could never marry him. Just the thought of being in a family of people who killed my mother would drive me insane. Stephano has always been very nice to me. I have only known him for a very short time. I have known of his father far longer than him, because of mom. If they had never found us I would never have known of Stephano. Why couldn’t they have just left us alone? We weren’t bothering them. None of this had to happen. Don Bruno brought this upon himself, and I hate him with every fiber of my being.”

“Are you going to be able to continue with your part of our plan?”

“Yes dad, I will have no problem completing my part. Steve offered to help, and I am going to let him, and a few of our friends do just that, if they want to.”

“You do not want too many novices getting involved, Patricia.”

“No one will even know they exist, dad. They will all be phantoms. I have to use my computer to contact him and I will do that first thing in the morning.”

Jemma smiled as she climbed into bed with her husband. “I told Patricia that I am not quiet, while we are making love. I told her not to be embarrassed by my screaming and yelling, because I love you so. I own your body, sir, and I am going to take advantage of it starting right now. You have gone without for three days and if we make love now, you will cum instantly. I am going to help you last longer. Lie back husband, I am going to show you how much I have learned, since my first time with you, in the airplane.”

Seconds later William groaned. Jemma had taken him in one swallow to his root, and nearly unmanned him in that moment.

William cried out, “Oh Jemma, what you do to me.”

She stayed where she was and flexed her throat muscles around him playing with his expanding dick, while tormenting him with every passing second.

When he could not take it anymore, he yelled, “Jemma, stop, you have made your point. I do not want to cum yet.”

She came up for air and smiled at him. “I am a lot better now than I was the first time William.”

“The first time, you were an oral virgin. Now, I would put you in the ranks of the ‘Orally Superior.’”

“Thank you sir, but I am not finished.”

William gave her an evil stare and said, “Madam, I am just about to start.”

Jemma screamed when he grabbed her by her hips and threw them over his head and his mouth landed between her thighs.

She yelled, “Not fair, William, this was for you.”

He replied as he munched on her pussy, “You are right, this is for me.” To prove his point, he nipped at her clit, and Jemma screamed.

“William you are forgetting what I am holding, and I will get even with you.”

He replied, “Let’s see who gets to the finish line first.”

She yelled, “You are on, Mister Zabo!” She descended on his dick down to the root, again. One hand played with his balls and the other found his anus and forced a finger inside it.

William grunted as she did this. “Two can play that game.” He removed his mouth from her pussy, and stuck two fingers in there to wet them. He moved them rapidly in and out of her, while his left hand tweaked the nipple of her breast. He pulled his fingers to the very edge of her pussy and put his thumb on her clit. Then he pressed his thumb and fingers together forcefully, causing Jemma to stop her up and down motion. She removed her mouth from his dick dropped her head to her chest as his thumb rubbed over the pleasure point and she said, “You fucking bastard, that is cheating.”

She reached down with one hand, cupped his balls with it. She started to apply pressure and said to him, “It is your choice husband.”

William did stop, because he thought he could get her to cum before the pain became too excruciating. He was wrong and he had to let go of her clit a lot sooner than he wanted. He placed his mouth over it to try and keep it as sensitized as it was, but all it did for Jemma was release the agony she felt coming from it. She attacked his prick again with a fierceness and motivation he had never seen from her before. Within moments his back was arched against the bed, his heels were dug into the mattress and he felt the fluid flowing up from his balls and up the tube. He yelled, “Jemma, you win.”

One half second later, she received his offering deep into her throat. She welcomed it deep into her belly, much more than a prize. It was his tribute to her for everything she had learned over the past five months. He had promised her the world, and was delivering it every day, and in every way. Even knowing and learning from Patricia made her feel special. Patricia treated her as an equal, who she knew she could never be.

As she continued to nurse on his dick, William had recovered his senses and continued his onslaught on her pussy. He removed his two fingers from her and wet her anus with her fluids. He moved his tongue to her crinkled hole and played around it as Jemma moaned.

She took his balls into her mouth and suctioned them. His dick started to return to life. She loved how virile her husband was and how quickly he could return to a state of readiness. Then she felt the fingers enter her bottom, his tongue return to her cunt, and his fingers tighten on her nipples. As soon as his tongue touched the rough spot on the roof of her tunnel, she yelled, and exploded.

“How does he do this to me? I did not even feel close, yet I came at his touch.” She laid her head between his thighs, totally sated.

William asked, “Are you finished for this evening, my love?”

Jemma turned around so she could face her husband. “No, I am just confused. How do you do that to me? I did not have any sensation that I was going to orgasm, and yet, at the touch of your tongue, I exploded. How is that possible, William? How do you control my body so well?”

“Darling, I do not control your body. We are so in tune with one another; our bodies queue into each other’s pleasure, and respond to it. It is the ultimate display of love.”

“Love me again, William. I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel that same feeling, again, tonight.”

“We are going to feel this feeling for many years to come, Jemma, not just tonight.”

Steven was at work the following day, when his computer alerted him to a message being received through his back channel. He closed up shop, turned on the alarm, and went to see who contacted him.

Hello Steven, I wanted to thank you for helping me escape from the hospital, and to tell you I am safe in my father’s arms. If you are still willing to get involved, and help me catch the people who killed my mother and our friends from school, I have a plan to do it. It will require five, possibly 6 of our highly skilled friends, at least two of whom are excellent at using secure satellite technology. Here is my webpage, and your instructions on how to access it. Memorize and destroy the information immediately. If any of you are in trouble or being watched, transmit the information to me in a normal message, add an extra forward slash and I will know. Help will be sent to all involved, immediately. I will not be upset if our friends say “No,” because this is a very dangerous operation. Never do anything at home or from your office. An Internet Café or a library would be ideal for what is needed. Let me know as soon as a decision is made. Nakedly yours, Patty.

Steve was about to reply when he remembered her admonition not to use his own computer. He placed a few of his flash drives into his pocket and went to the main New York City library. If anyone could get lost, this was the building to get lost in. He typed in Patricia’s webpage, and signed in. He laughed when he saw her head on top of a naked body, which he knew was not hers.

“Hello Steve, are you hard yet?

“Patty, if it was your body I would be, but this woman has a chest 3 times the size of yours; I like yours better.”

“This is about as close to that chest as you are going to get, Steve, so enjoy it.”

“I was closer to it in the hospital, just in case you have forgotten.”

“It was a ‘Close Encounter of a Third Kind,’ and I will remember to turn my back the next time.”

“Fantastic, I will get to see your ass the next time. I will be able to put the whole picture together in my mind.”

“I keep saying this over and over again. ‘ Men’ that is why I love numbers more. Numbers always make sense, men never do.’”

“It is because you are female, and you have no idea what goes on in the male psyche. For women, numbers like 1 and 1 equals 2. For men, numbers are to be used as digits divisible only by themselves and the number 1: Prime Numbers, Patty. No woman has ever figured that out, and until they do, they will never understand MAN.”

“Why are you telling me this inside information?”

“I told you in the hospital.”

“Okay pervert, on to business.”

“What does being in love with you, have to do with being a pervert?”

“Steve, think of this as business, and not pleasure. Until my mind is clear of the first one; I will be not able to think about the other.”

“Who do you want me to kill and how soon? I do not want to wait for part 2.”

“I hope you are not on your business computer.”

“I am in the main branch of the New York Public Library.”

“Here is what I need you to do, and the quickest possible way for you to do it. The New York family’s main computer is in Queens, New York. The satellite transmission facility is outside Miami, Florida. We have to find out how they transmit the information from New York to their satellite facility in Miami. Due to my involvement with that computer, they will be looking for any intrusion there. The first thing is to find out how they transmit the information from the primary site in Queens, to their satellite location, outside Miami. They must use a data link between buildings and then transmit from that building by microwave linkup to Miami. That would be the best place to start an intercept. Then we go after their alternate sites. I have no idea where they are, but I bet they are out of this country. We would have to find out where they are, and then get the information out of those computers, without being caught. Getting the new information will be easy if our satellite people can intercept it while it’s being transmitted. If not, we will have to get it from the alternate computers.

The FBI is listening in to the satellite facility in Miami. Do nothing to impede their investigation. What they gather, plus what we gather for them, should put many of these people in jail for life everlasting.

See if you can get some people to help us and let me know how many are willing to risk their necks to put these people in jail. Thanks again Steve for getting me out of the hospital safely.”

“I will put out an APB through Professor Winfield, at school. Everyone keeps in touch with him. I will let you know in a few days how many volunteers we have. Stay safe, and I want a picture of you, naked, the next time I open this page. Steve”

“What is the highest prime number you can think of Steve? Double that and add one. It is the closest you will ever get to see me naked on a computer.”

“You cannot blame a boy for trying!”

“Go to work, send your message, and get your mind off sex. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.”

“How much do you want to bet on that Patty?”

“I have more than $60 million in the bank; will that do?”

“Can I have some, pretty please?”

“Stop thinking about sex and get to work. I will think about it.”

“I was not thinking about sex, I was thinking about the second most wonderful thing in the world, MONEY!”

“GO TO WORK, NOW. Patty”

Patricia wondered what he would do if he received a check for $1 million. She could not use her own account, because she was afraid someone could trace it from him to her current whereabouts. She would have to speak to the mathematician in the family, her dad.

She looked up and printed out the information. She brought it to her father and asked him how she could send $1 million to her friend to help him put together everything he needed to go after Bruno Valentino and the other families.

William laughed, “Only $1 million and you do not know how to do it?”

“Dad, give me a break; I have only had this money for a few months. Mom had me on an allowance at school. Do you remember this saying dad? ‘IF YOU TELL ME HOW TO DO IT, I WILL FORGET IT; IF YOU INVOLVE ME IN THE PROCESS, I WILL REMEMBER IT FOREVER!’”

William dropped his head and smiled. “It would seem your mother did not forget one word of what I told her or what I taught her. Twenty years after we are forced apart, she makes me eat my own words. Wherever she is now, she is laughing at me, as I struggle to deal with my own child.

He did as she asked. However, he also had another student sitting at his right side, taking notes. Jemma slowed the process down, because she did not have a photographic memory, but she wanted to learn just as much as Patricia did. When William was finished, and the money was transferred to Steve, Patricia sat down with Jemma and helped her understand what had happened; and how it was done. It was not a one-time thing. Patricia and Jemma sat down for hours on end, day after day, when they were not at the cave learning about math, language, and most important computers. They were inseparable. Jemma turned out to be a fine student; not only with what William told them about the transfer of monies between accounts; but also when it came to learning about the use, and intricacies of using a computer. She no longer spent her downtime watching television. You would always find her working on the laptop William purchased for her.

William set up, what he told Jemma was a ‘Shadow Account’ with the New York Stock Exchange. It showed a $1,000,000 initial deposit for her to use to investing in the stock market. He told her no real money was being won or lost. “This is to be a learning process for you. Keep notes. Explain why she bought a particular stock and why she sold it. Pick your own stocks or bonds. Make your own trades, and figure out your own strategies. I will check on your progress in three months. Everything you need to know about your stocks and bonds is on the computer. Read the reports before you buy or sell, and remember what Patricia said about how she found me, when you are about to make a decision; “The easiest answer is usually the right answer.”

Jemma walked away from William with a headache. She wanted to learn, but she had a new mantra, and she kept repeating it over and over in her mind, “This shit is hard.”

5 days later, Steve went on to Patricia’s homepage with the phrase, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Patricia’s laptop signaled she had a message and laughed when she saw Steve’s message.

“Your dick has not gone down, since the last time we talked?”

“No, although that may be true, it is even worse than that. When the class and faculty heard you were alive, and I explained why the members of our school were killed, 37 of our class members, and 18 professors volunteered for your mission. When I explained to them that we only needed 5 or 6 people, and would some of them volunteer to withdraw, none of them would. What do you want me to do?”

“What a wonderful problem to have. I will have to think about it. It is time for me to go outside and sunbathed. I do some of my best thinking that way. Give me a moment please, as I undress. Oh yes, Firm Breast, Tight Abs, Smooth Belly, No Pubes(Shaved Daily), Runners Legs; and Oh Yes, A High Tight Ass.”

Patty, you are one teasing bitch. That was not fair. I will never get any work done today daydreaming about you.”

“Steve, you silly man; you thought I was talking about me. I was talking about my new Mother-in-Law, Jemma. She is a few years older than I am, but she and my dad are totally in love with one another. She is 6 feet tall and if I were her, I would never put any clothes on. She is absolutely stunning. When Jemma and I are in the same room, no one notices me at all.”

“Now I am surely going to kill you. I have a hard-on that will not go away, because there are 2 gorgeous women sunbathing in the nude.”

“Steve, wake up. Jemma is in the nude, I am wearing a full bathing suit.”

“Are you trying to spoil my entire day?”

“You can always let your imagination run wild.”

“Run hell, it is stampeding.”

“Now that I have yanked your chain, and have your total attention, I think we may be able to work on our Houston problem, with everyone taking a part. The professors have access to the schools satellite communication antennas. It solves one major problem for us. They can work in rotating shifts to gain all the information transmitted from the Miami satellite facility to the satellite facilities. I do not know how many storage sites they have, however, if I were to take a guess it would be a minimum of 2 or 3. Where they would be; I would say in one of the new Republic’s that broke off from the Soviet Union, or the big 3: Russia, China, or India.

I have transmitting sites frequencies. I know what satellite they used to help me track down my father. I think it is the only satellite they use. I know who sold them their satellite time. These 3 pieces of information should be very helpful in tracking down the locations of the back-up sites.

I do not know what type computers they are using at the back-up facilities. However, our classmates and the professors will be able to break into any one of them, and steal all the information needed to prosecute these bastards in court. Once we have everything the government will need, I will kill their computers. Do you have flash drives with you?”

“Like my American Express card, I never leave home without them. What do you mean by “Killing Their Computers?”

“I would tell you but then I would have 2 choices to make about what to do with you. The first is to kill you. The second option is for you to take me on as a full partner, when this is all over. I preferred the first option; what do you think?”

“I am not particularly fond of the first option. What do you bring to the table for the second option?”

“I sent you a letter a day or so ago. Let me know if what I sent you is enough for me to sit at the table.”

“Is it bigger than a breadbox?”

“No, but you may be able to fit it in a flash drive.”

“I am not changing the name of my company.”

“We will discuss it after you receive my letter. Put your flash drive in now; I am going to transmit all the secure information I mentioned before. Get it to Professor Winfield, as soon as possible. Once he has located the backup sites, then we will start parceling out the jobs to our other friends to get the information out, printed, and to the police and federal agencies involved. Have Professor Winfield send a copy of everything to MIT. Ask them to store everything in their most secure computer. These people attacked our school once; there is no reason to think they would not do it again.”

“You can transmit Patty, I am ready.”

It took 3 minutes to transmit all the information to Steve and as he looked around the computer area it seemed that everyone was looking at him. He became paranoid. He reached into his pocket, took out several flash drives, and ‘accidentally’ dropped them on the floor. He got out of his seat bent down and started to pick them up. While he was down there, he slipped the real flash drive into his sock. He did not think anyone would search there, looking for a hidden device.

He would never make the CIA’s list of the 10 best foreign agents or industrial spies.

He walked across town to the main Barnes & Noble building. He logged on to Professor Winfield’s site, and informed him that he had a message from Patty, which would require downloading at his end, and to call him, when he was ready to receive it. He looked at his watch, and realized the professor would be in the middle of teaching a class. He browsed around the geek section of the bookstore, and found a new book on “Archive Retrieval.” He walked back to his desk and began to read it. After reading the first chapter, he walked to the checkout counter, and paid the $195.99 and purchased the tome.

40 minutes later his cell phone rang, and Professor Winfield said that he was ready to receive Patty’s message. The super sleuth retrieved the flash drive, from his sock, inserted it into the computer, and hit send.

As Doctor Winfield looked over the message he said to Steve, “Why does she need us, she has everything here to do the job herself.”

“Professor, she was always the smartest one in the class. Maybe this is a test to see if we are up to her standards.”

“If they had not killed 40 of our students, I would laugh at that statement. However, I will do anything I can to put those bastards in jail.”

“I agree Doctor Winfield, let’s find those backup sites. After we retrieve all that information, and disseminated it to the authorities, Patty told me she is going to kill their computers.”

“What does she have her up her sleeve now, Steve?”

“She gave me 2 options professor. She told me option one she would have to kill me. Option two; I would have to make her a full partner in my business. I will admit it was a very hard decision for me, but I chose the second option.”

“That is why you came in the nineteenth in the class, and she came in first. You should have picked the first option, and she would have made your business a success.”

“Now why did not I think of it that professor? Should I call her back and ask her the method she was going to use to kill me?”

“No Steve, that would take the surprise out of it; and you know how you love surprises.”

“I did not like your surprise exams.”

“My exams were posted on the bulletin board one week ahead of time. I never gave a surprise examination.”

“I guess that is why everyone did better than I did in your class.”

“Do you really think so Steve? Do you think studying might have helped you?”

“Professor Winfield, I graduated with almost a gentlemanly ‘B’ average. Let’s work on Patty’s problem. I would like to get an A+ from her.”

“Okay Steve, I will get the professors together and we will work on a schedule tonight. We will start snooping on their satellite during the early morning hours and see what we can pick out of the air. I will talk to you later in the week.”

16. Find Alan Robbins

The last video Bruno Valentino saw of his son, Stephano, was of him hanging upside down, and with his hands handcuffed behind him. His mouth gagged, and there was blood on his face and his neck. The worst of it was the black and blue marks all over his abdomen. There was a dark-haired man in the foreground getting ready to swing a bat when the video ended.

“Bruno, I did not want you to see what happened next. It was not a pretty sight, when I hit him in the ribs, and he vomited. Your son is doing quite well for young man who was not raised as you were. He was raised as a gentleman. You were raised like a mongrel. He was raised to flourish in the business world. You were raised to flourish in the underworld. It is you that should be on this meat hook, not Stephano. Why could not you leave my Laura alone? I would not have to kill your son in this horrid manner. You brought this on yourself, and I hate every day of it. I am hurting an innocent man, because you killed an innocent woman. Are you hurting yet Bruno? How does your wife feel? Does she want her son back yet? Does she cry in your bed at night, when you try to sleep? You thought you could get away with this abomination. You thought you could kill 3 innocent people and get away with it. Yes, I put myself as an innocent person also. I did my job. Your father was not the only one paying me. Four other families were paying me to do the right thing. Your father was a thief; he stole from his friends, and he had to pay with his life, because it was your code. It was not my code of ethics. It was your code of ethics. I would have made him pay the money back, with a large interest penalty. Killing him made no sense to me. I was not in a position to make the decision. I was the moneyman, not the decision-maker. If you were going to kill anyone it should have been the head of the other 4 families, not Laura. Then you went after my daughter, and missed her. You killed 40 other people, instead. You are vile, disgusting man, Bruno. You have no redeeming values. If Patricia had stayed in the hospital 10 more minutes you would have either killed her or imprisoned her in one of your slave shops. Either way she would have been dead to me. I will give you a moment to reply.

“William, this is Victoria Valentino. Is there anything I can say or do that will get me my son back alive?”

“Victoria it is always the innocent who get caught up in an evil plan. You had nothing to do with this. Stephano had nothing to do with this. Your entire family had nothing to do with this. Yet they all must suffer, because your husband could not let the death of his father go. He went after the wrong people, because he feared going after the heads of the 4 families that truly wronged him. He went after the innocent people, instead of the people that handed down the death sentence. What would you have me do? He killed a woman that would have been my wife. He went after my daughter, missed her, but killed 40 children in the attempt. He sent squads of people to Italy to kill me, which was against the code. He knew he was not allowed to do anything across the ocean. If the 4 families found out he did this he would be executed by them. I could make a phone call to any one of them, tell them what he did and all this could be over in an instant. However, that would not satisfy me. He killed my happiness. He killed Laura; an innocent woman, living an innocent life. He tried to kill my daughter; another innocent woman living another innocent life. If I let the commission kill Bruno, this would end, but I would have no satisfaction. I would have to let Stephano live, because he is an innocent, also. I will not do that; I want my pound of flesh. I want revenge.

You sit at home, crying for the return of your son. 40 families sit at home crying for their lost children. Who hurts more? Who is more deserving of kindness? What would you have me do? Is Bruno going to go to the federal authorities, and confess to the murders of these 40 children? I do not think so. He does not have the courage to do so. However, I will not kill Stephano for one week. If during that week Bruno goes to the US attorney, in New York, pleads guilty to these crimes, agrees to testify against the other families, and forgoes a jury trial, Stephano will walk into your home alive and well, within 2 months. This, I swear on Laura’s grave.”

William, this is Bruno. I have listened to your arguments, and I will agree to do what you ask. However, I will need 2 weeks to get my personal affairs in order. To be honest, I do not know if I can do it, but I am going to call my attorney, and do this as quietly as I can. If the other families find out I am going to do this, I will be dead before I enter the Federal Building.

“There are ways to enter the Federal Building other than through the front door Bruno. No one says you have to go in through the garage, either. There are tunnels underneath the building. They are secure, and all you have to do is ask the US attorney to have you escorted into the building that way.”

“I will not go into the Federal Building like a rat.”

“Bruno you have lived a life worse than any rat. Think of this as your key to getting Stephano back to your family ‘alive,’ and let that be your guide.”

“How do I know you are going to keep your word, William?”

“I promised it on Laura’s grave. I would never desecrate her name, by going back on my word.”

“Alright William, two weeks from today I will give myself up. Remember I still have people that will go after you, if my son does not come back alive.”

“I never wanted this Bruno. We could have been friends all these years. We could have made money together, but you had to be a hard ass about it. I led a simple life when I left the United States. Laura and Patricia led simple lives. It took you 17 years to find them. Why couldn’t you let it go?”

“It was a matter of honor William.”

“Bullshit; honor would have been going after the heads of the other 4 families. They were your neighbors, and your business partners. You could have taken them out one by one, anonymously. You took the easy way out, and went after two innocent women and me.”

“It is too late for me to think about that now. I will have to live with my sins of omission and commission. Two weeks, and I will turn myself in William. Keep my son safe, please.”

“I will not beat him for 2 weeks. I will let him rest and recuperate. On the fifteenth day if you are not in jail, he is dead. Do you understand me Bruno, he is dead.”

“Yes William I understand.”

“I will be on the air in one week at 8 PM your time. Goodbye.”

A phone rang in Bruno’s house and it was handed to him. Bruno put the phone to his ear and said, “Yes!”

“Sir, Zabo in Arizona. We were able to pinpoint his position to a place 8 miles north of Cottonwood. There is no town or city there, so he must be camping out in the wilderness. I can give you the coordinates, but that is the best I can do.”

“Thank you, I will be in touch with you in a few moments.”

He picked up his cell phone and hit a speed dial number. “Martin, take 16 men and go to Cottonwood through the city of Sedona. Tell Rodriguez to go to Cottonwood through Prescott with the same amount of men. If this Alan Robbins is back from Washington, I do not want him to slip by us. You will get the GPS coordinates on your way to the airport. Take his wife hostage if you have to but I want you to speak to that bastard and find out what he knows about Zabo’s whereabouts. Do it the hard way and do it fast. Then go to the coordinates, and look for my son; I only have 2 weeks to get him. Find him for me.”

“Yes sir, I will make arrangements for us to fly out first thing in the morning.”

“No you idiot, rent a jet to take you to Phoenix, now. Do not wait for an airline; I do not care what it costs. Time is of the essence. The sky is the limit on this trip.”

“Yes sir, I will do it right now.”

It was not yet sunrise when the alert signal went off on the transceiver indicating a priority message was waiting for them.

Alan slipped a decoding disk into the slot and pushed the receive signal. The board lit up like a Christmas tree, but the message only lasted for 30 seconds. Alan wondered what could be so important at this hour of the morning for them to send such a short message. He put his headset on and played the message. His eyes widened and he said, “Oh my God, the shit has hit the fan.”

He woke up William and told him privately what was happening and what he wanted to do. William said, “No! First, we are getting rid of the girls. Then we will make a decision on what we do with Stephano and ourselves”

“When you say the girls, that includes my wife, or it is a nonstarter for me.”

“Your wife is the lead in this plan of mine. She is going to take my two girls on an expedition, and get lost for two weeks. They must not come out, until we call them with the all clear signal.”

“That sounds like fun; should I call Susan now and give her a heads-up. Those bastards are on their way here already, and we do not have a lot of time to set things up.”

“Yes Alan, do that right now. You said she has a cousin in law enforcement. She may want to take him along for extra security.”

“Okay, I will make a call to him first.”

“Cottonwood Police Department, this is Amanda; how may I help you.”

“Hello Amanda, this is Alan. May I speak to Sergeant please?”

“Hello Alan, how is Washington?”

“I hate sitting in chairs being lectured six hours a day and having my ass reamed for the other two Amanda. I would rather be out there with Susan. I need to talk to Sergeant, is he there?”

“No, he is in his Jeep roaming around. I can have him call you back if you want.”

“Could you give me his cell phone number instead?”

“Sure thing, here it is———.”

“Thanks Amanda, I hope to be back there, before the snow flies.”

Alan dialed, and when Sergeant picked up he said, “Sergeant, this is Alan, can you talk?”

“Every time I talk to you Alan, there is trouble. What is it now?”

“We are going to get guests from the East looking for me. The Bureau picked up a satellite transmission that homed in on my position. A jet is in route from New York to Phoenix with a lot of unsavory characters on it. If they are coming for me, they are going to visit Susan also. I have two women with me in protective custody. I need all three of them to disappear into Red Rock State Park, and then into the forest area beyond it, on horseback, for two weeks, maybe a little longer. I am going to call Susan to get her horses ready for my two people and herself. I would feel a lot better if you could get some men to accompany them. It would be even better, if they were good shots, with rifles, at long range.”

“Alan, there has not been this much excitement in my town, since I was born. One city slicker comes out here, and all hell breaks loose. What are you up to dammit?”

“I am putting you in danger, so you have a right to know. I am protecting a witness that is going to testify against the mob in New York. They are coming to get him. They are coming to get me, because I am going to testify, also.”

“Where are you, I will have my men come and get you?”

“I am safe; I need you to take care of the girls. They are the ones that are vulnerable. Can you get to Susan in an hour or so?”

“I will be at Susan’s in fifteen minutes. I will make a few calls and get some men ready to take them into the outback. How soon can you get the other two women there?”

“Soon, very soon, they are on their way now. I am going to call Susan and tell her to get herself ready. When you know how many people are going, you can saddle up as many horses as needed.”

“Stay safe Alan, Susan will be heartbroken if anything happens to you.”

“I intend on being alive for a long time Sergeant. I am going to remind you of that dress for a lot of years.”

“You have not heard the end of that episode.”

“I will talk to you later; I have to call Susan.”

Sergeant said, “I have to call Felix.”


“Hello Susan, it is Alan, I wish this was a social call, and I could say something besides I love you, but I have a lot to tell you so please listen carefully. Trouble is coming, babe. Sergeant is on his way to you now. You are going to go into Red Rock State Park on horseback for two weeks to hide. Men are coming from the east to look for me, and the person I am protecting. Very shortly a man driving a black Range Rover will be driving up the main road to your house. He will have two women with him. Do not shoot him, please. Ask him to identify himself. If he says anything but the word “beta,” then you can shoot him. Do you understand?”

“Yes Alan, ‘beta,’ anything else, shoot him.”

“One of the women with him is 6 feet tall and her name is Jemma. The other woman is 5 foot 3 inches tall and her name is Patricia. They are both as important to me as you are. Sergeant knows all about me and the operation that I am involved in. He had a right to know, because I am putting him in danger. He is going to round up some people to go out there with you to keep you safe. Take your own personal weapons with you. Hide your truck if you can so they think you are not at home. The most important thing to me is your safety; everything else is secondary.”

“Okay Alan, I will start getting ready now. Are you going to be safe?”

“As I told Sergeant, baby, as soon as you and the two girls are safe, beta, and I will be snug as a bug in a rug. They were going to use you as leverage to get to me. That is why you are going to disappear with our two girls. The Range Rover should reach you in the next seven to ten minutes. Please have your clothes on.”

“Very funny, husband; I only take them off on special occasions.”

“I guess when I come home you will do it for me?”

“When you come home, I will never put clothes on again.”

“That will give me even more incentive to come home safe to your arms; and all the other parts of your body that I love.”

“I will have that muzzle ready for you when you get back. That New York wit of yours is going to get you in trouble again.”

“Make sure the muzzle leaves room for my tongue to work, otherwise you are going to miss out on some of my best performances.”

“A black car has just driven up to the front of the house. Please stay on the phone with me, Alan.”

Susan walked to the front of the house, and opened the door slightly. She yelled, “Identify yourself.”

William replied, “Beta.”

Susan opened the front door and said, “Come in please. Alan is on the phone, would you like to speak with him?”

“Thank you, Susan. Alan is everything going according to plan?”

“Yes it is. A police car should be pulling up to Susan’s home very soon. It will be her cousin, Sergeant. I told him I am holding a witness that is going to testify in a drug trial against the mob, and that I am going to testify also. Use that as my cover, and you are the senior agent. Do not identify yourself by name, use ‘beta.”

“Okay Alan, let me finish up here and I will be on my way back. By my calculations, their aircraft should be on the ground now. They still have a long road trip to go. I have the feeling they are going to come at us from Prescott, instead of Sedona. From what we discussed, they missed you at the Prescott last time. They will not want that to happen again. They may leave a few men there to cover that airport. Have you sent out our pickup signal?”

“Sent and acknowledged. Pickup is just after dark, tomorrow night. Remember to call the tow truck company to pick up your car. I will meet you at the rendezvous point.”

“Okay Alan, police cars pulling up right now I will call you when I leave.”

When Sergeant hung up with Alan, he called Felix, in Prescott, to tell him about the guests he was about to receive. “Sergeant, you know I love you, and all you have done for me, but why do I have a feeling you are testing my patience?”

“I wish it was me who was testing your patience Felix, but it is not. It is the FBI guy again. He is in shit over his head. He told me something that is confidential, so this is got to stay between you and me. He has a witness in a drug case hidden someplace, between here and there. These mobsters are going to try to get to this guy. I do not think it would matter to them, dead or alive, as long as he does not testify. The problem is Alan is also going to testify, also.”

“Okay good guy, what do you want me to do?”

“Anything legal, Felix; slow them down so they cannot get here too soon. I know Alan has a plan in the works. I know the girls are going to be safe, because I am on my way there now. Part of the plan is already in action already. I just do not want them to get here early. If they are speeding, give them a ticket. If they cross a double line give them a ticket. If they get two tickets put them in jail. Just keep it legal my friend; I do not want you getting in trouble with these people, because they are dangerous. Be sure you have two men in each car when you go up against them. They may be brazen enough to shoot one cop, if he is by himself.”

“I have your back Sergeant. I will put my ears out and watch for them, if they come my way.”

“Thank you Felix, I am pulling into her driveway now.”

Sergeant got out of his Jeep and pulled his weapon. “Police, show me your hands.”

Susan walked out of the front of her house and said, “Sergeant, why are you always a day late, and a dollar short. These are Alan’s friends. He told me you know all about them.”

“How was I supposed to know it was them?”

“Did he look threatening leaning against the post on my front porch?”

“No, not particularly, but I did not want to take a chance.”

“Come in and meet the girls.”

Sergeant walked into the room, and saw Jemma standing there. “Alan has been in hiding, with her?”

Patricia walked into the room after freshening up, and Sergeant said, “And her, too? How can I get in on this detail? How many condoms has he used so far?”

Jemma laughed, pointed to William, and said, “I am married to him.”

Patricia put her arms around William and said, “This man is my father.”

Susan walked over to her cousin and smacked him on the back of his head. “Get your mind out of the gutter, cousin. My husband is true to me. Didn’t you get laid by Cassandra, or could not you find her phone number in the telephone book?”

“I have a date with her this Sunday night. I am not looking to get laid right away. If you can get married for a second time, I figure I should try it once. So I am going to take it slow and see what happens.”

Susan smiled at her cousin. “Do you mean the last of the confirmed bachelor is tired of being alone?”

“I love my own company, but sometimes I find myself at a loss for words. It would be nice to have someone else to talk to every now and again.”

“If you say it that way to Cassandra, you will be looking for your head, about a mile down the road.”

“I know. I will be nice.”

William said, “I have to leave in two minutes. Is there anything you need? Money, cars, credit cards, anything at all, ask me and I can do it right now.”

Sergeant replied that he had everything he needed and so did Susan. Jemma kissed him goodbye. She grabbed his crotch and told him, “Stay safe; you carry around something I always desire.”

Patricia told him to stay safe, because she needed him in her life.

William reminded them that the Villa was still available to them as an emergency hideout. The car would be towed there, when he was picked up by Alan. Their camping gear was in the villa, and they could walk out the back door, get lost in the trees and forest beyond for years. However, they only needed to stay safe for fifteen days. On the fifteenth day everything would be fine, and everyone would be contacted by computer. He kissed them both goodbye and walked out the door.

William got in to the Range Rover and started to drive away, as a caravan, of trucks, with horse trailers started driving into the area by the corral. He had to wait until they passed, for him to continue on his way.

Seven trucks, with dual horse trailers, rolled up in front of Susan’s home. Only three of them had horses in them, with two of the others meant for Susan, Sergeant, Jemma, and Patricia’s horses, and mules. The last one was a spare, just in case one broke down.

Everyone went outside to greet the people, who had decided to go into the ‘Red Rock’ for a fortnight with them. When Joe came around the front of his truck Patricia took a step back and said, “Who the heck is he?”

Susan took her by the shoulder and said, “Do not worry dear, Joe is on our side.”

Joe knelt down, like she did with Amanda, so he could look Patricia in the eye and say hello. He said, “You are taller than my wife, not by much, but you are taller.”

Patricia laughed. “Joe, you are kidding me, right?”

Joe reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet. He showed Patricia a picture of Amanda and him standing in front of the police lineup board, which showed each other’s height, side by side. Amanda barely made 5 feet. Joe was 6′ 11″ plus a little bit. Whoever took the picture had to improvise. The camera had to be moved back to get both of them in the frame, at the same time. Then the photographer had more fun by having Amanda turn sideways, standing behind one of Joe’s legs. You could not see her behind the 350 pounds of muscle, and now a little fat around Joe’s body. His calf and thigh muscles were able to hide 100 pounds of Amanda, without any problem at all. Patricia thought both pictures were hysterical.

Susan was in the barn picking out the best mounts for Jemma and Patricia. She was amazed, when both women took their tack and started saddling their horses.

“Where do you girls come from?”

Jemma replied, “Roxbury, Massachusetts.”

Patricia said, “Glens Falls, New York.”

“They have horses there?”

Jemma replied, “I started riding horses when I was 6 years old.”

Patricia said, “I grew up on a ranch.”

Susan looked up into the sky, “I have got to go to the other side of the Mississippi, and see what is there.”

Sergeant had Susan write a note, using a big black marker, which he taped to the inside of the glass portion of the front door. It said, “I have gone to Washington, D.C. to be with my husband. If there is an emergency, contact Sergeant Sherwood of the Cottonwood police force at 999-9999. Susan Robbins

They turned off the natural gas to the house, and many of the circuit breakers, but left the one for the refrigerator on. If anyone broke in to check, they would see what had been done to the house, and would wonder if the note was true.

Ninety minutes after it arrived, the caravan headed out for the Red Rock State Park. It took thirty-five minutes to get there from Susan’s place.

The park itself has a schedule like an office worker: 9 to 5 most days of the week and then seasonal changes. However, once you are in the forest service area, you can get lost among the trees forever, and no one is going to look for you, unless you are reported missing. Once the horses were ready and the supplies were packed onto the 2 mules, they paid their admission fee to the park, and headed in. They followed the painted horse trail, until they entered the forest area, where Joe took the lead.

Joe was a volunteer in the forest fire brigade, and he knew his way around these woods better than anyone, except maybe the paid members of the brigade. Joe’s horse was bigger than any other horse in the group. He had to be because of Joe’s physique. A lesser horse would have crumbled under Joe’s weight, but ‘Barney’ and Joe got along just fine. He took them to a firebreak; nearly 9 miles in to the forest, where they set up camp for the night. It was still early in the day, but it would be the first time they would set up camp. He wanted everyone to get used to their equipment, while it was still daylight.

What impressed Joe were the city girls. They unsaddled their own horses. They brushed the horses down; checked them for problems, from their hooves to their ears; and they fed them; before they set up their tent and bedrolls for the night.

“These girls might not be so bad after all,” he thought.

Patricia logged on to her website and found a message waiting for her from Steve. “This is not going to be easy Patty. It looks like they are using a one–time pad, and deciphering it is going to be a bitch. The professors are working on it, but our computers are not fast enough to do the work properly. We would like to bring this over to MIT and ask for their help. We will not do this without your permission. Let me know as soon as possible. Steve”

“Steve, the people from New York are trying to boxing us in. They have people here looking for us. We have had to separate into two groups. This will give us the best chance of avoiding them. Contact MIT and ask for their help. Contact your team and tell him to be very careful because the guys at the satellite facility are good. They may attach a piggyback to their signals, and trace it back to their computers. Run a systems check after each download, and look deep into the core processor for bug. If you run into trouble contact the Director of the FBI, Michael Free, and tell him what is happening. He will get you help in a hurry. Contact me again when you break their code, or you get in trouble; no sooner. If you love me, as you say you do, please stay safe. I may even let you see me naked, again. Patty.”

Patty, how could I not respond to this message? Just the thought of seeing you naked, made me hard again! I will ask the FBI if they will put me in that safe house until this is over. Nothing can happen to me there. You have never lied in your life, so I know you will keep that promise. Steve

“Men, forget the prime numbers; forget the fancy dating, the dinners out, the dancing, and the romancing, all they want is to get a girl naked. You are just like all the others Steve. I had better put a bulletproof glass wall between us, or my virtue will disappear in an instant. Patty”

“Women, they think all men are after one thing. They forget the word love when it comes to men. The first thing they think of when they see a man for the first time is “He wants to get between my knees.” I had three years to get between your knees, Patty. I could have bothered you every day, but I respected your limits. I did not have to do that and neither did any other males in our class that wanted to fuck you. They respected you too much also. We were friends, and we were classmates. We studied together, we laughed together, and we did a thousand other things together. We never mentioned sex to you once. Yet you make a statement like that and it offends all of us. You should be ashamed of yourself, Steve.”

Patty looked at his last response and started to cry. She closed her computer without responding. Jemma saw her crying, and went over to her to see if she could help. Patty grabbed onto her, and cried louder.

Susan wondered what was going on, and came over to find out what was happening. Patricia did not know if it was because Susan was the same age her mother would have been or not, but she opened up and told both of the women what had happened.

Susan laughed, which took Patricia by surprise. Then she told her the story about her prom date, and her partner leaving her. She picked up a new partner, and for the first time, she got laid. She told her it was wonderful. Her new partner was a good lover and made her cum. Then the guy took her bloody panties and showed them to her original prom date, which made him angry.

This took Patricia out of the doldrums and she stopped crying.

Then Jemma told her about her first time in the back of the station wagon. Two college freshmen got her drunk at a party. They put her into a car, on the pretense of bringing her home. While one guy drove the car, the other guy drove into her. It was not an experience she wanted to repeat.

Patricia said, “That was rape. Why did not you report it?”

Jemma looked down at her feet, and said, “How does a fourteen-year-old girl go to her father and tell him that she went to a party, got drunk, and was raped. He would have blamed me for the rest of my life, and told me I deserved it. I never had another drink. I have not even told him the story.”

Patricia held Jemma tightly. “Jemma, he does not need to know. You are totally different person now. He knows that you are sexually experienced, and he has done his best to make you more so. You do not have to bring your past into this new marriage. I do not believe it would harm it one bit, I only think it would hurt you to tell him about it.”

Susan looked at Patricia and said, “I thought we were working on your problem.”

Patricia laughed, “This is always what happened, when I would talk with my mother. We would start out talking about me, and end up talking about something totally different. Then my mother would say; “What is your problem again?”

“I would think for a second, and we would both burst out laughing because I could not remember. I do remember this time, because I hurt someone’s feelings; and he is my friend. I told him all he is interested in is sex. He told me if all he was interested in were sex, it would have happened during the three years we were at school. He told me I should be ashamed of myself, and I am. I could not answer him; I just turned off my computer and started to cry.”

Jemma took Patty by the shoulders and comforted her. “You do not owe him sex; you owe him an apology, and that is all. If he thinks you owe him more, tell him to go fuck himself, because he has crossed the line of propriety.”

Patricia tilted her head up and said “Jemma, you have been looking into the dictionary again.”

Jemma blushed and nodded.

Susan asked her, “Why are you reading the dictionary?”

“I was never a good in school. However, I was always great to look at, and most of my teachers were male. I always wore clothes that were a little too tight, and a little too revealing, so they always passed me. I was fortunate to get a job with an airline, because of my looks. I had an awful accent, but the passengers did not mind. When I met my husband, I felt inadequate, but he loved me for who I was, and not for what I was, or how I sounded. He sent me to school to get rid of my accent, because it would enhance my chances of doing anything I wanted during my lifetime. While I was there I also had to learn words and their meaning. I have continued to learn more words and their meanings by reading the dictionary. I also learn by listening to my husband, Patricia, and Alan talking to each other. Patricia is also helping me learn new words; and how to use computers more efficiently. She has become my best friend and confidant in a very short time. We are also sisters, and I love her dearly.”

Patricia joked, “Now if she would only give me 3 or 4 inches of her height, we could see eye to eye.”

Jemma said, “No, I like resting my chin on your head. It takes the pressure off my neck.”

Susan giggled at the two of them. “I can see you two are very good friends. Get on your computer Patricia, and apologize to your friend. He knows he upset you, but he does not know how much.”

Patricia did as she was told. “Steve, if you are still there, I apologize for what I said. I also apologize for not answering you sooner. I was very upset, and I started to cry, because you were correct. I lumped all of my friends, into one large basket. None of you deserved to be in it. Statistically speaking, I was correct. However, my friends are not statistics. I know each one of you personally. I should not have said or done anything to accuse you, of being like the masses. You are all good, decent, moral human beings. You fall within the top five percent of the country not in the bottom 40%. My remark was tasteless, and abhorrent to who I am and I cannot explain, even to myself why I said it. I sat down with two women who are with me. They helped me clear my head and see the light of day. I hope one day you get to see who I really am, under normal circumstances. I had to behave as I did at school, and as I am now, because of the stress of being chased by these monsters. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Love Patty”

Patty, I forgive you. However, I just opened my mail and I received a bank check with a $1and six zeros after it. Seven is a prime number. What am I supposed to do with all this money? You cannot buy my love, it comes from my heart, and it is for free. Is this for option number two? Or for me to buy a gun and complete option number one? Please explain, in detail. You cannot buy more than 50% of my company. Well, for eight or nine more of these, I guess you could. Why did you send this to me? What is going on? Steve?”

“I wanted to send some money to a very good friend. He saved my life, by risking his own. I want his business to grow, and become profitable. I do not want you to worry about next month’s rent. This should keep you afloat for five or six months. Thank you for being my friend. Patricia”

“Friend, Partner, Barefoot and Pregnant?” Steve

“I thought you said men dealt in prime numbers; that was only four.”

“Sorry, I forgot one. Friend, Partner, Wife, Barefoot and Pregnant. Five is a ‘Prime’ number.”

“I told you, Steve, you have a one track mind. No matter which way your mind goes, SEX is always in the forefront of it. Many companies have the same problem. IBM does. If you look closely, very closely, you will see that they change their security codes, but they keep their firewall sequences. It makes their firewalls useless. Of course, the program I use to bypass a lot of their initial safeties also helps.”

“Okay, you can have 51% of my company; as soon as you patent the programs, and marry me. Change that, as soon as you marry me and patent the programs in that order. When you divorce me, because I am too dumb to keep up with you, at least I will get some of the royalties. When Professor Winfield looked at your download, he asked, “Why does she need us, she could do all of this by herself.”

“I told him it was a test to see if we were up to your standards.”

“I do love you, you know. I was not joking, while we were in the hospital.”

“Please Steve, not now, I have enough on my plate to handle, without thinking about anything else.”

“At least when you go to sleep at night, you can think of something good, instead of all the bad things that are happening around you now. I will be here when it is over. We will go as slow or as fast as you want. Two or three hours later, we can apply for marriage license, have the blood tests, and get married the following week. I will set up everything in my computer now, so I can press enter and have all our guests invited at the touch of a button. All you will have to do is buy the dress. NO PRESSURE PATRICIA!”

“I will not respond to the last three words of your missive, because I am under enough of that already. I will contact you later. Get your ass in gear and get to work. Deposit the check asshole, it will clear. Patty”

Steve stopped at his bank on the way back to his office and filled out a deposit slip. He signed the back of the check and stood in line. His normal deposits were in the range of $200 to $300. When the cashier saw the one million dollars check she looked at him and said, “You sold a program.”

Steve grinned and replied, “You could say that I sold a very lovely program.”

“Felix, this is Mildred Pierce, at Cordes Junction.”

“Yes Mildred, have my friends passed you by?”

“I think they have Felix, but there are many more than you expected. Four black Chevy Impala rentals just got off Interstate 17, and turned onto Arizona 69 heading your way. They are not obeying the speed limit. I think if you set up a trap at 69 and 169, you are going to make some money.”

“Mildred, I have one there. I have one on Fain Road, and I have one at Prescott Valley Road, with three cars at each location. If that does not slow them down, nothing will.

“Felix, four others bypassed the exit and continued north on Interstate 17. If I were to guess, it looks like they are going to try a pincer movement and trap your friend in the middle.”

“Oh shit, thanks Mildred; I have to make a phone call real quick.

As the four cars roared up Arizona 69, and bypassed the town of Mayer, they saw a police car, with the officer looking north with his radar gun. One of the men in the lead car said, “Maybe we should slow down, there may be more of these radar traps around.”

The driver said, “How much money do you think these hick towns have. That was probably the only radar gun in the county.”

19 miles later, as they approached the intersection of Arizona Highway 169, all four cars were on the side of the road being ticketed.

The officer said, “Where the hell were you guys going in such a hurry? 80 miles an hour in a 45 mile an hour zone; I could throw you guys in jail for a week for doing that. The rental car companies would take your cars away. Where the heck you guys from; let me see your driver’s licenses, insurance cards, and the rental car agreements. We do not like to lose visitors. They are lifeblood of this area. I am going to give you guys a break. It is a little warm today; why do not you keep your engines running and your air conditioners on. I will be right back.”

The occupants of all the cars received the same treatment, and they could not believe it. Who were these yokels? They are walking around without vests. They turn their backs on people they do not know. They tell you in advance, though you are doing 80 miles an hour, in a 45 mile an hour zone, they going to give you a break, because you are a visitor. These guys really need a wake-up call, but it is not going to come from them. Now sir, they were going to be as nice to these officers, as the officers were being to them.

They watched as the officers conferred by their police cars, while they filled out the final part of their citations. The officer went to the first car and said, “We decided that you were doing 60 mph, in a 45 mph zone. Since you are an out-of-state driver, you can go directly to the courthouse and pay these tickets before you leave the area, and get no points on your license. However if you wait until you get back to New York, and have to send us a certified check or money order, then we have to notify your insurance company and go through all that garbage. The choice is yours. The fee is $127 plus $7 court costs. Cash would be best. There is a surcharge for credit cards.”

“Thank you officer, I appreciate all that information. I will take care of this as soon as I get into town.”

“Sir, I will give you one more piece of advice. This is our tourist season, and we do not want to lose any of you. It is bad for business. Please watch your speed, these mountain roads are treacherous.”

“Thank you again officer. You stay safe, you are most valuable asset.”

“Thank you sir, have a wonderful vacation.”

The traffic stop had bought a precious thirty minutes.

The cars drove for 2 miles before pulling off onto the shoulder. Citations were handed to the men in the last vehicle, and the caravan proceeded on its way. The 3 lead cars turned on to Fain Road towards Alternate 89A, where it immediately ran into Felix’s radar trap. It was a dangerous winding road with a 30 mph speed limit and they were doing 60 mph. These officers were not as pleasant as the first group was. They ordered everyone out of their cars and told them to stand close to the mountain, while their cars were on the soft shoulder, looking over the 800′ drop into the valley below.

The sergeant yelled, “Are you fucking guys out of your mind? It takes us six hours to get down there to get the bodies from the cars that go over this ledge. We have signs all over this roadway for your benefit. You are driving around these turns like maniacs, because you think you know better than we do. Do you want me to close this road for a few minutes so you can look over the edge at the amount of debris that is down there? There must be twenty cars down there, and this is not the most dangerous part of the road. That comes up in three quarters of a mile. I should make you look at the pictures of the kids I have had to pull from those cars; is not a pretty sight. We close this road on prom night, so none of the kids can use it as a rite of passage. Before we did that, we would lose five or six children every year. It broke our town apart. Now we have idiots like you who come here, from all over the country, to enjoy the spectacular sites we have, and before you get to see them, you wind up at the bottom of one of these ravines. I would rather see you in jail, then dead. I am going to trust you to follow one of my men into town. You will go straight to the courthouse, and let the judge decide what to do with you. I will call in to make sure she stays until you get there. We will ticket you here, for doing 60 mph in a 30 mph, on a hazardous road, and let her decide your fate.”

The first car arrived at the courthouse, nearly an hour before the lead cars. One man went to the clerk’s office, and waited in line to pay for the citations, while the other three went to a local restaurant. As he was walking out of the building, he saw the other cars pulling up to the building. He did not know what happened, so he turned around walked back inside the courthouse, and waited to see what was going on.

A police officer led his twelve friends up to the first row of the main courtroom. He asked them to sit down and wait to be called. The police officer came back to them and said, “Before anything starts I have to remind you of your rights. ” You have the right to remain silent; anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?”

“I need each of you to answer that question individually, please.”

One by one, each of the twelve men said, “Yes.”

Judge Shirley Winters said, “Toby, you are keeping me from dinner again. What do you have for me now?”

“Excessive speed in a dangerous area Your Honor.”

“Twelve cars; what were they doing, Toby, opening a speedway?”

“No Your Honor, there were only three cars involved.”

“Toby, three cars with twelve drivers?”

“No Your Honor, three cars, with three drivers, and three occupants each.”

“Would the drivers of the vehicles stay seated. Would the occupants of the cars stand up please?”

“Gentlemen, were you ticketed?”

“As one they said, “Yes, Your Honor, we were.”

The judge looked at the officer and said, “Toby, would you explain this one to me?”

“We did what the sergeant told us to do Your Honor.”

“Toby, when you going to grow a pair of balls and stand up to him?”

“The day I am promoted to Lieutenant and he is still a sergeant, Your Honor.”

“Son, I should have taken a whip to you, when you were little boy.”

“You did mom, more than once.”

The courtroom, including the entire first row, broke up into laughter.

“The nine of you who are standing, your cases are dismissed. Please hand your tickets to the officer. He can use them for toilet paper, if the sergeant allows him to shit, any time soon.”

“Will the drivers of the three cars please approach the bench?”

The three men left the front row and stood in front of the judge.

“I will assume the sergeant read you the riot act already, so I will not repeat it. I also head the coroner’s inquests for this County. I do not like that job. If our police had not stopped you, when they did, there is a good possibility I would have had twelve more cases to handle this month. My job is hard enough, without you adding to it. Before I hand down a sentence, which will include one night in jail, would you like to speak to an attorney?”

The three men answered, “No Your Honor.”

“You are each fined $5000 for excessive speed, in a hazardous area. Your driving privileges are suspended in the State of Arizona, for a period of thirty days. This adjudication will be sealed. As long as you abide by it, it will not be reported to your state, or your insurance company. No points will be assessed to your license. We welcome visitors to this state and in particular to this area. We want you to come back often; that’s why we try our best to keep you alive. We also give you two choices as far as your night in jail. You can spend the night with us, or you can spend the night at one of our local hotels, at your own expense. The only proviso is you must report to this court at 11 a.m. tomorrow morning and sign out, as you would sign out of jail. I always hate when I have to ask this question, but what would you prefer?”

“Your Honor, we would like to stay at a hotel.”

“Gee, what a surprise! The hotel must be within this city’s limits. Make sure to bringing the paid bill with you, when you sign out. Good evening gentlemen, my dinner is getting cold. Toby, bringing the car around, I will meet you out back.”

“Yes mom.”

“That is my chair Felix, get out of it.”

“Okay Shirley, do not get your tits in a ringer.”

“How did I do with the deadly dozen?”

“If the three you put under house arrest for the night are the ringleaders, you did fantastic. If not, two or three cars will leave tonight and head up north. I still think they will leave one car here to watch the airport.

“Were you able to arrange anything for the group coming in through Sedona?

“I spoke to Tark Walberg, and I gave him everything he needed to know, plus a warning that these people were very dangerous. He asked me a very good question. ‘We cannot stop these people from go in. However, don’t we have probable cause to stop them from getting out?’ What do you think Shirley?”

“I would like to make a phone call, before I answer that question.”

“I would make that phone call very quickly, Shirley. We are running out of time.”

“Felix, tell Toby to turn off the car. I am going to be a here a while.”

“Dammit Shirley, I thought you were dead,” Thom Horne said, when he picked up the phone.

“There you go wishing again, you nose picking prick. How is Allison doing, and your grandkids?”

“I wish I could say she was back to normal, Shirley, but with the death of her mother and then the loss of her husband in Iraq, a few months later, she is not her old self, yet.”

“Thom, it is a double whammy no one should have to go through, especially a young mother, with a baby in her arms and a two-year-old at her feet. I do not know anyone who could handle it any better than she is. Give her my best please, and tell her if she would like a change of scenery, my door is always open to her and the kids.”

“Shirley, Jennifer is now two and one half, and Jason is coming up on six. Isn’t it amazing how time flies when you’re having fun?”

“Thom it also flies when you’re not watching it. You forget to contact your friends, and keep a lookout for your enemies. I have a problem and I need to talk to you about it.”

“Go ahead Shirley, let me have it.”

The judge laid it out for him point by point, and when she was finished she said, “Do we, or do we not have probable cause to stop them on their way out?”

“Shirley, when was the last time you called me with an easy question?”

“If the question was easy, I would not have to call you. I graduated two spots ahead of you at Northwestern. I just did not take the political route like you did. That is why you are bald and fat, and I am slim and blonde.”

“Very funny, Shirley, but as I remember, at Northwestern, your hair was light brown. If you are blonde now, it comes out of a bottle.”

“Thom, the color might come out of a bottle, but the hair is my own. Answer the fucking question. Can we stop them; yes or no?”

“I am going to put you on hold; I will be right back to you Shirley.”

Moments later, he came back on line and said, “Shirley, I have the Attorney General on conference call with us.”

“Very funny Thom, you are the Attorney General.”

“No Shirley, I mean the U. S. Attorney General, John Croft.”

“Hello Judge Winter, I understand you have been briefed on one of our operations in your area. I am sorry you had to get involved in this matter. It is very unfortunate that it got so far out of hand, so quickly.”

“Hello Mister Attorney General, I don’t need to be briefed any deeper than I already have been. What I need to know is do I have ‘Probable Cause’ to stop these people if they try to leave my area.”

“Judge do you have a list of their names available?”

“Yes sir I do.”

“Email them to this address, and you will receive Federal Warrants for their detention on a probable cause warrants for the kidnapping of Patricia Parent-Garrett. You will also receive warrants for the attempted murder of Patricia Parent-Garrett, Jemma Zabo, William Zabo, Susan Robbins, and Alan Robbins. These warrants will be sent to all local, state, and federal authorities, in Arizona. I know this is going to be hard, probably even impossible, but if you could stop them from getting a message out to New York, before we can get our people in position there, it would be greatly appreciated.”

Thom Horn asked, “When can we expect the Cavalry, John?”

“My best guess would be between 24 and 36 hours. Only 7 people know about this operation. The president and I are two of them, and three are at ground zero. There is a lot of work to do, and very few of us to do it quickly, and quietly, without raising too much suspicion. We are even going to have to fly into Sedona Airport, and those rich people are not going to like it.”

Horn said, “Why not John, it went public 2 years ago.”

“I did not know that, I thought it was still private.”

“No, those wealthy bastards got tired of paying for the runway maintenance. They turned it over to the state, and it is open to the public.”

“I love you Thom. I will get back to you very soon. Judge, I need that list as soon as possible. After I receive it, you will have you warrants within 2 hours. Thank you both for all your help.”

“Mister Croft, before you leave we have another problem. There is another group coming in through Sedona. We do not have their names. Our best estimate is there will be sixteen more men coming in from that direction.”

“In that case, I will send out sixteen John Doe warrants along with the others. As soon as you get those names, get them to me and I will get the proper names put on those warrants.”

“Thank you Mister Attorney General, we will keep you informed.”

“Felix, we have the authority to keep them in. We will have the warrants in a few hours. Let us make sure they do something before we arrest them.”

As they were about to walk out of her office, the telephone rang. Judge Winter picked it up and said, “This better be good, my dinner is turned to ice.”

“This is Michael Free, director of the FBI looking for Judge Winter; and she still available?”

“Mister Free, this is Judge Shirley Winter, how can I help you?”

“My boss, the Attorney General just called me and informed me of your situation. Whatever monies your city has to outlay to help us in this matter will be reimbursed by the FBI 100%. Tell your officers to be extremely careful and to wear their body armor at all times. The men that the Valentino family sent out there to retrieve or kill the witnesses are the best they have. They shoot and do not ask questions. I will have my troops to you, as soon as possible.”

“Thank you Director, there are three cities involved now; Sedona, Cottonwood, and Prescott. We are pooling our resources to control the situation as it stands. We are too small to handle it individually.”

“You folks know the lay of the land better than we do. Use it to your advantage, and when we get there, we will help you round them up, not the other way around.”

“Thank you again director, I have to make more phone calls.”

“Felix, see if you can raise Sheriff on his cell phone, and tell him what is going on. I will call Tark, give him his answer; tell him what the FBI wants us to do, and what it is going to do for us.”

“Sherriff, this is Felix are you safe?”

“Safe as in my mother’s arms Felix. How is everything going?”

“If you ever call me again and say this guy from the FBI is doing this or that, I am going to drive up to Cottonwood and kill you.”

“You will not have to Felix. I think Susan will do that for us. She is 15 feet away from me in her face tells me she is very unhappy with him. If he leaves her alone like this again, she will bury him alive.”

“Tell her I have a backhoe, and I will rent it to her for free.”

“Tell me what is going on Felix; you do not sound happy either.”

“The bad guys have sent a small army of top-notch people to end this situation one way or the other. Shirley just got off the phone with the U.S. and State Attorneys’ General, and the Director of the FBI. The Feds will be here, within 24 to 36 hours, to help put a handle on this situation. We are getting ‘Probable Cause Warrants’ to detain these people, when they try to leave the area. It will be a lot of fun trying to serve them.”

“Shit, I have to get back to my people. I left them without a leader, which was stupid of me. I will take care of that right now. Thanks Felix, keep in touch.”

“Sergeant, Tark is watching the group that is coming in from Sedona. Let’s not get caught in the crossfire.”

“I will pass it along to my people Felix. Let me get on the move. I will talk to you in the morning.”

Everyone was sitting around the campfire, when Sergeant returned from the phone call with Felix. Sergeant said, “Joe, I need you to take me back to the trail that will bring me to the entrance to the park. I have to go back to work. A lot of things are about to happen in my people need me to lead them through it. You will be in charge here, while I am gone.”

Susan looked at her cousin and asked, “Is Alan all right?”

“As far as I know, Alan is fine. This has nothing to do with Alan or beta. We are receiving ‘Probable Cause Warrants’ from the U.S. Attorney General’s office, to serve on the people that are trying to get to Patricia and Jemma, as well as the person who is with Alan and beta. If we can do it peacefully, all this hiding will be over, quickly. If not, the troops from the FBI will be here, within the next day or two. They will help us round these criminals up, and put them away for very long time.”

17. A Set of Curves and a Change Up

At the assistant Attorney General’s office for Southern New York, an argument was raging. “Dammit sir, we have enough evidence to put these people in jail now. Why are we waiting?”

“I am not at liberty to tell you. I wish I was, but it is over my head; and very few things are over my head, Lewis. It will not be much longer, trust me. The AG has something going on, and he told me to hold off on sending out these warrants. Just make sure these people do not try to leave the city or the state. If they do, arrest them as a flight risk, and we will serve them immediately.”

“Sir, the Valentino’s are moving things around all over the city. A lot of stuff is going to New Jersey, which is out of our jurisdiction. They are moving their brothels to other buildings, and we cannot find where they have moved their drugs. They know these warrants are coming. They have been tipped off.”

“Yes I know, from what I am told, it is all part of the plan.”

“I hope they are right sir, years of work will go down the drain if they are wrong.”

“I know you are not going to like this, but Alan Robbins is in this up to his neck. He is trying to redeem himself for fucking up the last time. He has been doing excellent work for the last several months. He is undercover, and if all goes well, this will all be over in less than two weeks.”

“Alan Robbins! There is a name I was hoping never to hear again.”

“Given him a break Lewis; his second wife had him jumping through hoops, with their divorce. She took him for everything he had, and half of what he makes for the next two years. I think you and I would have jumped into a bottle to get away from her. Parts of that disaster belong to his team members. If they had informed us of the problem at the beginning, we could have pulled him from the case, and saved it.”

“If you say so, sir, I still think he is a wildcard, looking for a medal.”

“Hell Lewis, he already has two medals that no one will ever see.”

“What are you talking about Sir?”

“When he graduated from the academy, he went straight undercover in Chicago, and was instrumental in getting us enough information to shut down to Mexican heroin pipeline. We caught the moneymen, the wholesalers, politicians, cops, and judges involved. He gave us a clean sweep.

We moved him to Miami, because no one ever saw his face or heard his name. He did the same thing with the Colombian pipeline. He also found out, who was supplying the parts for their submarines. Many of those parts are now defective. They work for 5 or 6 hours under pressure, and then they fail. He has done some great work for a rookie. Those two stars are top-secret. No one will ever see them, or know they exist.”

“The kid has balls, and apparently, the brains to go with them. Like you said boss, I will cut him a little slack. Where is he now? Do we have him down at Quantico?”

“Yes. However, his wife is flying in from Phoenix to join him. She has never been east of the Mississippi, and she wants to see an ocean. So we are going to send them to the Norfolk Naval base, and put them there, under guard for a few months.”

“That whole area is great at this time of year. Virginia Beach is magnificent, and there are days that you can even surf.”

“I am sure Alan is going stir crazy by now. He has been briefed and re-briefed half a dozen times. The facts and figures he has at his fingertips are amazing. His mind works like a computer. He has total recall of every event that ever took place, while he was working for us here in New York. I would hate to be the attorney that tries to break his testimony.”

“Let’s not worry about that boss. Our job is to get him to the courthouse and keep him alive, not only before and during the trial, but afterwards also. We have to show those bastards that they cannot intimidate our witnesses. We have to show them that we will keep going after them day after day. They are the ones that will have to stay in the dark, while we state in the light.”

“You are right Lewis. That has to be our attitude at all times. We are in the right. They live on the weakness of others. They are the lawbreakers and we bring them to justice. Do you have anything planned for Sunday morning?”

“How early is early Sunday morning?

“I was thinking 7:30 or 8:00 o’clock Sunday morning, for a little racquetball?”

“I was thinking about 11:00 or 11:30 for a little less racquetball.”

“If I play that late in the day, I will be washing my car in the heat of the day.”

“You still wash your own car, with all the money you make?”

“Do you know what those bristles do to a paint job?”

“I give up. 7:30 Sunday morning and no more talking about bristles. I am going out to the smoking area and have my cigarette, before I go back to work. I will see you later.”

Lewis Montrose walked out the side entrance of the Federal Building, to the designated smoking area and lit up his Parliament cigarette. He took out his cell phone and dialed the number he had been given. When the person answered he said, “Robbins is in Quantico, Virginia. His wife is flying here to be with him. They will be transferring both of them to the naval base at Norfolk, Virginia. Apparently, Zabo has other help in Arizona.”

Lewis Montrose did not know that his conversation was being recorded by the FBI using parabolic listening devices from the roof of the building and bushes surrounding the area. He was suspected of giving out classified information on high valued witnesses for a long time. Finally, they had caught him doing it. Now they had to find a way to put him out of contact with these people, without making him or them suspicious.

Lewis had extensive knowledge of the drug cartels. He had worked on these cases for many years, with varying degrees of success. His boss, Fred Fielding, did all the traveling to Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela to try to extradite criminals, because he was the assistant US Attorney General, for the southern district of New York.

Fred had another trip scheduled, for the following Thursday, to Bogotá, Colombia. He was attempting to extradite three men involved in a drug trafficking/murder case, involving five people in the South Bronx.

After listening to the tapes of his conversation, it was decided, during his racquetball games Sunday, Fred would severely hurt his ankle and have to go to the hospital, by ambulance.

Sunday, during their last game, Fred took a dive, and scream in pain. He followed the script to the letter. When he arrived at the hospital, they took him for x-rays, which were switched, for one’s with a severely broken ankle. The doctors informed him, with Lewis at his side, that it was badly broken, in several areas. They would have to operate, and put steel pins into it, to stabilize the area.

Fred told the doctors to leave the room, while he spoke to Lewis in private. He said, “Lewis, you are the only one I can trust to do this extradition right. You have the knowledge of the country and its laws. You know everything about its drug trade, and its principles. You keep your cool under fire, and their legal people will go after you with everything they have to make you sound like a ‘Gringo’ picking on a poor nation. I need you to do this for me Lewis. Please say yes.”

Lewis Montrose was between a rock and a hard place. He could not serve two masters this time, and if he turned down his boss it would look like he was hiding something from him.

“Boss, do you mean to say that you are sending me on a six-week vacation to Colombia? I am going to have to drink things with umbrellas in them every day. Go sightseeing four days a week, because their judicial system only works three days a week? Is that what you are telling me?”

“Yes Lewis, I know it will be hard on you, but one of us has to do it, and unfortunately, it will not be me this year. The thing I hate the most about Bogotá, is that is too far inland to get to any beach within a decent amount of time. Every lake and lagoon in the area has things in it that would love to eat you for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I would suggest that you swim in the pool at the embassy.”

“Can I at least take my fishing rod?”

“I did that once. Those things in the lake ate that, also. If I were you, I would leave it at home. Take four Marines with you and go sightseeing. They have some wonderful ruins in the area. They have lovely young women there. They are strictly off limits; if you want to return to the states, with your package intact.”

“I am very attached to my package, boss. Thank you for that warning. When do you want me to leave?”

“My secretary will give you all my briefing papers. I think you should leave late Monday, or early Tuesday morning. Study the papers Tuesday and Wednesday, and be at the courthouse early on Thursday morning. Their schedule means nothing. It could say your scheduled for 2 p.m. and they could call you at 9 AM, because no one else showed up. If you are not there, they will close for the day and go home.”

“What a way to run a country boss.”

“Remember Lewis, it is their country. They make the rules, and we have to live by them. Be the calm, cool customer, I know you are, and you will bring those three people back here and prosecute those bastards for me. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you taking this assignment.”

“I am going to come back with the most gorgeous tan you have ever seen, boss. You are going to be jealous.”

“I will never be able to walk through a metal detector ever again. So I am one up on you. Your tan will fade. My metal is forever.”

“Go get your ankle taken care of boss. I have to go pack my bags, my bathing suit, and my suntan lotion.”

“Lewis, when you come back, you are going to get night court.”

“Sir, we do not have a night court.”

“I will work on it while you are gone. Get out of here, my ankle is killing me.”

They shook hands, and Lewis left the building. As soon as he was on the Henry Hudson Parkway, he hit the button on his hands free cell phone, and had it call in to that number again. When the person answered the phone he said, “I am leaving the country for 6 to 8 weeks. The Assistant Attorney General broke his ankle this morning, while we were playing racquetball. He had a trip scheduled to Bogotá, Thursday and he cannot go because they are operating on his ankle as we speak. I am going in his place to extradite three people involved in a drug related case. I could not turn it down. It would have looked very suspicious if I did.”

“You are sure this was not a set up?”

“Sir, I heard the ankle pop. He went down like a ton of bricks and screamed in pain. His foot was at an unbelievable angle, and I could not move him, without him screaming in pain. We had to call the paramedics to get him off the court. I saw the x-rays, and they are going to have to put pins in his ankle to stabilize it.”

“Alright, you did the right thing. Work your ass off to bring those three guys back. It will polish your image with him. He will confide in you even more than he has already.”

“Yes sir, that was my intention anyhow. I am sorry I cannot help you further on your current problem.”

“I believe our current problem is well in hand. With the information you gave us on Robbins, we know that Zabo is on his own or with someone who knows the area around Cottonwood. He has no connection to my son. Money may buy him off more easily than a bullet. That will leave Zabo open and alone. We will see what happens from there.”

“I wish you all the best, sir. I will contact you upon my return.”

The transceiver indicated a message was ready to be received and Alan loaded a decoding program into it and pressed enter. It was another one of those ‘Holy Shit’ moments. It was so absurd he had to read it again to make sure he read it right the first time. The entire escape plan had been changed, and he really liked the first one, because it had two options, not one.

He called William so he could read it for himself. William thought for a moment and said, “Alan, the only reason they would do this is because they know something we do not know. Send them an urgent message and ask them why they change in plans, because we would have to start moving at nightfall.”

Alan sent the message and waited for a reply. It was like waiting for a telephone to ring. It seems like hours pass, when it is only minutes.

Finally, the transceiver lit up, and a message was received. “Do not wait for dark! Leave ASAP. Two groups, of 16 men each, are heading your way. One group from the north, the other from the South, both on Alternate 89A. We expect one group to stop at Susan’s house for a short period of time, to see if she is at home. They will proceed south towards your location, at a high rate of speed. Radar traps will slow them down, but not stop them. Take the satellite dish, transceiver, guns, and ammunition with you; leave everything else behind. Program the GPS unit direct from your position to 89A at Spring Creek Ranch Road. Do not get onto 89A, unless traffic is clear in both directions, or until after dark. The bad guys are driving black Chevy Impalas. They do not know what you are driving. Keep Stephano and William under wraps. They will be looking for a minimum of two people, possibly more. If they only see one person driving a car, they may ignore it. Drive at the speed limit, or slightly above, unless you see them turn, and come after you. Then all bets are off. You have a four-wheel-drive vehicle; use it to your best advantage. Follow GPS to the Red Rock State Park. Pick up Patricia, Jemma, and Susan at the visitors center, continue east over the bridge and follow the GPS instructions to S.R.179. If they are still following you, after you leave the visitors center, you must put some distance between them and you for this to work. Cross over S.R.179 and make a left on East Cortez Drive, and stop. Look back and see what they do when they reach the intersection. S.R.179 is a moderately heavy traveled road, and there should be enough traffic to block their vision, both directions. They should believe you are heading to Phoenix, because all your moves to this point have been southbound. If they take the bait and head south, continue around East Cortez Drive and return to S.R.179 northbound to betas villa. Switch vehicles, and drive the range rover to the Sedona Airport. A C-130 aircraft will be on the ramp with its engines running. Drive directly into the belly of the aircraft. The ramp will close behind you. Do not get out of the car. People will be working to secure it for immediate take off. From the time you switch cars at betas’ villa, anyone coming after you, will be arrested on a federal warrant. Keep your heads down, and your powder dry; this is going to be a bitch of a run. Michael Free Director FBI”

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