Apple and Victoria stepped onto the mat in their respective corners as the husbands fitted them with their matching armbands. Victoria was less than pleased with getting the blue, but it was really Apple’s lauding the red as, ‘the winning colour’, which was getting to her. She shrugged it off as John went over the rules once again, rolling her eyes as he droned on. Finally, he finished and Flasher stepped forward to finish the dialogue, “All right then ladies, you’ve already heard it from John, but now you’re going to hear it from me. I want to see a down and dirty fight, but no hair pulling, scratching, or biting, you can save that for afterwards. Apple; ready? Victoria; ready? Fight!”

As Apple gets into a fighting stance Victoria chuckles haughtily as straightening up lazily, “So hun, do we have to bow and get into a fighting stance, or are you alright with anything goes?” Apple gives a laugh of her own, “You heard the man, anything goes is fine by me… hun.” Victoria gives a growl, “Perfect.” And with that she charges forward, going for a straightforward tackle that she expects Apple not to expect…

John’s impressed. Not with Victoria’s charge, but rather in the way that Apple nimbly sidesteps the assault and redirect’s Victoria’s momentum to send her crashing into the floor. He nods sagely as Apple continues the offensive, grabbing Victoria’s arm and trapping her in an arm bar. Victoria isn’t one to lie around to collect her wits; she’s a non-stop onslaught so long as she’s not gloating.

However, Apple isn’t able to lock the arm bar in before Victoria powers out of the hold with sheer strength, flipping Apple over in the process. Giving the smaller girl a smile of triumph, Victoria lines her bust up with Apple’s for some tit-to-tit action, but Apple thrashes in desperation and dislodges Victoria. Slipping out from under her, she gave Victoria’s ass a smack before backing away to safety.

Victoria was unfazed by Apple’s agility, she had been bragging on about it after all. Rising up, she gave a tired sigh. Then lowering her head and spreading her arms, she charged. It wasn’t fast, but it did have a terrible momentum, like the slide of a glacier; a steady, slow, and most importantly of all, unstoppable force. But even more disconcerting was that Apple looked in no way frightened at the impending prospect of being left as a smear on the floor, in fact she was smiling.

Apple spun gracefully, wheeling Victoria in a stumbling, ungraceful arc, before sending her crashing to the ground. Again. As Victoria groaned, more in humiliation than pain, Apple daintily stepped forward wary of any ploys, but Victoria looked content to lie there for the moment. Taking care as she tiptoed up, Apple leaned over her fallen foe, and with a precise little tug, pulled the knot in Victoria’s top loose.

Grumbling to herself at ending up plastered face first into the floor again, Victoria saw Apple’s foot out of the corner of her eye and gave a lazy swipe at the girl’s leg, which was nimbly side stepped. Pushing herself upright to continue the offensive, Vicky’s breasts, now freed from the tyrannical oppression of her top, surged outwards in a bid for freedom. As her full breasts broke free of her top, heartily bouncing forward, Victoria looked down in interest. Then without batting an eye, she reached behind her and whipped the remainder of the top free in one fluid motion.

It’s then Apple who’s caught off guard as she charges forward in an effort to beat Victoria at her own game. She’d honestly been expecting her to fumble with her top, trying to put it back on or something like that. Instead, Victoria draws herself up, oiled breasts gleaming, and Apple rams into them like a pair of well-developed airbags. Apple strives to shove Victoria over onto her back, but Victoria barely budges, all the while smiling down on Apple, with the same amusement a shark gives a guppy. “Your turn to get grounded hun…” Victoria’s arms wrap around Apple like two pythons, and swivelling her body, powers Apple face down into the matt.

Flasher winces as he watches his wife slammed face first into the matt, but says nothing. Victoria rises off Apple, still smiling as she gets to her knees. Looking down at her fallen opponent, she straddles the smaller girl over her back which makes Flasher immediately suspect she’s going for a clutch. Though why opt for physical torture when emotional works so much better? Humming to herself, Vicky slowly unravels Apple’s top and slips it from her prone body, but instead of tossing it aside, she instead attempts to put it on herself.

Coming to from the slam, Apple is in no position to see Victoria trying on her top, and indeed is focused on the more pressing problem of being pinned beneath Victoria’s ass. However, both Flasher and John watch as Apple’s top, which was too small for the Asian’s B-cups, can barely manage to contain one of Victoria’s breasts, let alone stretch across to handle them both. Still face down, Apple tries to worm herself free from under Victoria, but the black girl is weighing down on her too much. The fact that Victoria isn’t doing anything than sitting there preys on her mind, but that’s not priority, “Urg… get off me you big cow, with your fat floppy tits, and your soft saggy ass.”

“A big cow eh? Well let’s see how you like this…” Discarding Apple’s top, Victoria reaches over to reclaim her own. Still humming casually, she untangles it and begins to slide it around Apple. Feeling her way along the girl’s smaller body smirking smugly she pulls it over the Asian’s breasts, ignoring the girl’s infuriated but muffled protests. Just to give the clockwork of anxiety another little turn, she began to hum. It was a tuneless melody that was so much aimed at distracting her from fastening the top in a complicated series of knots behind Apple’s back, but more to pick at Apple’s nerves.

Shifting her position some, Victoria wiggled her hips on top of Apple’s back as she finished tying her top around the girl. Then hooking her arms around Apple, Victoria pulled her upright in a clutch. Bending backward painfully, Apple shut her eyes in agony as pain shot up and down along her spine. It was painful, but not painful enough to warrant Victoria the victory of hearing her cry out, and nowhere near enough to get her to submit and admit defeat if that was what she was banking on. But submission wasn’t on Victoria mind, nor on John and Flasher’s mind either.

Arched back like she was, Apple’s chest was now thrust out with Victoria’s bikini hanging loosely over the Asian girls more moderate tits. And just for comparison’s sake, Victoria was pulling in such a way that made her chest protrude out as well. And for comparison sake, both John and Flasher noticed that Vicky’s breasts obtrusively protruded forward, hovering just above Apple’s head. And (and this is still for comparison sake mind you), neither of the guys could help noticing that Victoria’s breasts outsized not only Apple’s breasts… but her head as well. One could not help but think that if she leaned forward just a fraction, then Apple would receive a face full of tit.

But smothering Apple into submission wasn’t in the cards. Instead, Victoria relegated, settling for slamming Apple down face first onto the mat again. Sitting up, Victoria glimpses Flasher’s pained look of sympathy as his wife is introduced to the floor once again. Vicky smirks and curls her tongue inside her mouth, licking the inner side of her teeth, ‘Time to mess with Flasher a little more.’ Drawing herself up some more, she raised her arms behind her head, once aging showing off her body for Flasher’s approval. She gave a little stretch, showing off her impressive bust and, pressing her wide ass down against Apple’s back, emphasizing again the immense size difference between the two women.

Flasher watched, transfixed as Victoria rolled her hips back and forth alluringly while sitting on Apple’s back, “You like watching me dominate your wife, don’t you hun?” Flasher kept quiet in fear of attracting Apple’s wrath later, but Vicky could read all the signs and smiled, “No need to say anything hun, but I know that you must be itching to let it out, so feel free to scratch hun…” She gives him a wink and slides a hand between her legs, suggestively making jerking motions on an invisible dick, “No one would blame you for scratching some, trust me hun.” Following her syrupy voice Flasher was led to slide his stiffened member free and begin to pump it absent-mindedly. “And I bet it feels good, doesn’t it? But you know, I bet you’d like it even better once you handed it over to me wouldn’t you?” Her persuasive voice got a slight nod from Flasher, his eyes transfixed on Victoria’s undulating curves, as her hand slides deeper between her legs. “I bet you just can’t wait for me to put your wife away so you can have a real woman attend to your needs. Heaven knows you need it hun, it doesn’t look like Apple’s been satisfying you at all…”

That was it, she had heard enough! In a fury, Apple thrashed wildly, dislodging the laughing Victoria and pulling the thin fabric free. No longer trussed by the material, she turns to confront Victoria, who’s now gotten to her feet. Still chuckling some, she smirks at the smaller girl, “What’s wrong hun? Can’t stand a little competition?” Though that jab is ignored as Apple marches up to the bigger girl, livid beyond license.

As face to face with Victoria as she could get, Apple looked up over the protruding breasts at the grinning amazon. Her own face was locked in a scowl of fury and she tiptoes to try and match some of the height, “What the hell was that about? Too eager to start on your deserts before you finish your meal? And so confident that you’re ‘obviously’ going to win too? What’s up with that? Where do you get off?”

Victoria throws her head back giving a boastful laugh, “Ha-ha! Here’s how I see it hun; in order for you to win this you have to be lucky every time. But when it comes to me I only have to get lucky once.” Victoria leans down, “So let me ask you this…” her voice dips, growing hushed, but remains penetrating, “Feeling lucky, bitch?” She gives Apple a giga-watt grin as the smaller girl narrows her eyes.

Staring up at her, Apple isn’t prepared for what happens next. Victoria bumps her breasts forward into Apples face. Backing up hastily at the unexpected move, she opens her mouth to give Vicky a piece of her mind and instead is left open as she catches a freight load of booty as Vicky swings her hips around, giving Apple an ass bump that sends her careening off balance.

Seeing Apple tottering, Vicky stepped forward looking to smother the girl and put her lights out for good. Grinning wildly with her breasts bearing down on Apple like a semi headed full throttle at a dazed deer, Vicky grabbed Apple’s shoulder, looked over at John to flash him a triumphant smile, and turned back to find Apple gone.

Behind Victoria, Apple gave a smirk of superiority before grabbing the black girl’s massive ass or ‘booty’ as she had called it. Victoria spun around with an elbow ready to connect. Apple accepted it along with its accompanying momentum, pivoted deftly, and promptly sent Vicky on yet another air ride.

Sailing through the air peacefully, Victoria reflected on the recklessness of her impetuosity and vowed to endeavour not to repeat it. And with that, she hit the ground. Again.

Straddling her fallen opponent, Apple planted herself down on Vicky’s waist with a wide grin of supremacy and mischief. Starring down onto her prone foe, her gaze drifted on the massive pair of tits at her fingertips and a wicked smile lights up her face. Without a moments more hesitation, she grabs a handful of breast flesh and tries to sink her and as deep as possible into them. It’s not very effective; Vicky barely flinches. Unperturbed, Apple rises some, putting more pressure on them as she tries to sink her hands even deeper. It doesn’t seem to have any effect; Victoria just lays there, her eyes closed. Frowning, Apple sucks at her teeth and begins to squeeze and twist, trying to get a reaction. This time she succeeds, but it’s not the reaction she was looking for. Victoria has now opened her eyes and has been casually watching Apple’s attempts at torturing her tits with a faint smile of amusement.

Grabbing Apple, Victoria rolls over, turning the tides like a tsunami. Still smiling amusedly, Vicky now lies suspended above Apple. The only thing supporting her is that Apple’s hands are still grabbing a hold of her breasts, pushing up instead of bearing down. Flasher looks on with interest; Apple is pretty tough, but by no means is Vicky a spring chicken. It looks to be only a matter of time before the supports fail, and Vicky comes crashing down onto the smaller girl.

As her arms give a jerk under Vicky’s weight, Apple’s look of panic suddenly turns into a smirk of insight. Above her, Victoria wonders what the smaller girl has planned until the realization dawns a second too late, as the Asian girls legs wrap around the broader girls waist. Crossing her ankles, Apple locks in the move, sealing Victoria’s fate in the process.

Victoria winces as Apple’s legs begin to tighten but perseveres, giving a cocky smile, “Pretty good hun, pretty good. Almost half as good as me you know.” She gives a grunt as Apple’s legs tighten once more but continues anyway, “I mean if we reversed roles, you’d probably be done for already…” Another grunt, this time followed by a pause as she catches her breath, “Hah… hah… but compared to you… hah… I can handle… hah… double of anything you can dish out…”

Apple faces lit in a mischievous grin up at Victoria’s face, her teeth gritted in a smirk as she endeavours to hold off her discomfort. “Double of anything you say? Well since you insist hun…” And with that Apple really begins to squeeze in earnest.

Suspended above Apple, Victoria grimaced as the smaller girl’s legs lock around her waist in a crushing scissor-grip. The girl wasn’t bluffing when she said bragged about her strong, toned legs, and now Vicky was getting a first-hand experience. In a bid to ease the pain some, she put her hands down, to support herself and tried to push herself away, arcing her hips up in the process.

Flasher licked his lips as Victoria’s huge ass wiggled alluringly in front of him and began to think of all the wonderful things he’d be getting to do to it. And by the sound of Victoria’s growing grunts and gasps of pain, he’d be sampling it soon enough. With Apple’s permission of course. His member gave an anticipatory jerk at the thought of his wife having all three of them under her thrall.

John looked on impassively. The flip-flop in position from before and even his wife’s plight now was falling on impassive ears. He’d been ingrained to always expect his wife to win and didn’t even wonder how she’d pull it off in her current predicament. All he was focused on was the match itself and making good calls. Should the impossible happen and Victoria loose, then he’d be the one to make the call. Fair and just; that was what mattered.

With Vicky now supporting herself, Apple’s no longer needs to keep holding onto the black girl’s breasts. Making herself comfortable, she smiles up at Victoria’s strained face as she leisurely scissors the larger girls waist, “Looks like you’re having a bit of difficulty up there hun. Surely you can’t be thinking of giving in just yet?” Victoria says nothing, beginning to shift her body from side to side, trying to writhe her way free and making Flasher’s mouth go dry as he watches her hips wiggle alluringly.

Apple only grins, “This is too much for you hun? Trying to leave so soon? Not on my watch.” No longer having to support Victoria’s weight, Apple releases her grip on the amazon’s breasts, props herself up onto her elbows, and then arcs herself back as she pours on the pressure to Victoria’s waist.

The ebony beauty’s struggles stop immediately as her body arcs upward as well as the pain shoots through her body. As Apple gives her another friendly jolt, she bites her lip, letting out a low tortured moan. Even John’s dick gives a jump from hearing the unaccustomed erotic noise. Apple perks up as well, licking her lips as she savours the sound. Propping herself up once more, she throws herself back, her tight body straining to break Victoria and elicit another delicious moan of torture.

As Apple flexes, Flasher’s mouth drops open as it goes through another dry spell. Earlier, when he’d watched her perform her little tease, he’d never seen his wife look hotter. Now, with her body arced up, and her toned abs tensed while she put the Amazonian Victoria through the paces, she’d jumped her previous hotness level, and went straight through the roof. The Sahara could not have been dryer than his mouth was now, and the term ‘rock hard’ would be an understatement when describing the erection he was sporting. Right now it was probably hard enough to drill a hole through concrete.

Meanwhile, still bridged above Apple, Victoria was on the ropes. Her ribs were on fire and each flex was adding more fuel to the inferno. She panted as Apple’s legs steadily squeezed the fight out of her, and from Apple’s confident expression it looked like she could keep it up indefinitely. In a lull between flexes, Victoria shifts her weight and grabs onto Apple’s arm, pinning her shoulder. “Gotcha…” she smirks and looks over to the guys to start a count.

Flasher looked up at John, conflicted, “So… should I call it a pin and start the count?” John stared for a second and then shook his head no, “I don’t think so. Apple still seems to be in control of things, plus it’s not a complete pin anyway.” He blankly looks at Victoria partially pinning Apple and gives a little sigh, shaking his head again.

Frustrated that her ploy to have Apple counted out had failed on technical terms, Victoria shifted again as she tried to trap Apple’s other arm for a complete pin. But Apple wasn’t having any of it. Wary to what Victoria was planning, she squirmed her hand out of Vicky’s grasp, smiling all the while, “My, my, aren’t we getting desperate? And here I thought you were better than that, you need to be spanked…” She spies Victoria’s hanging breasts, ‘Now there was a thought…’ And with her free hand gives Vicky’s breasts a slap.

Victoria jerked but it wasn’t the pain of having her thus slapped; Apple would be hard pressed to find a weakness there. Instead she was chiding herself about what Apple had said. The girl was right. What was she doing looking for the easy way out? When it came to being stuck between a rock and a hard place you, hammer at one while riding the other, not go looking for some little technicality. Apple gave Victoria’s breast’s another slap, bringing the amazon beauty out of her internal monologue. The Asian girl’s legs were still securely locked around her waist but right now all of her opponent’s attention was on torturing her tits. If only there was a way to stop the pointless tit slapping and subdue Apple as well… ‘Now there was a thought…’

As Victoria shifts her weight again, Apple suspects that she’s tired of having her breasts slapped around and is going for another pin attempt. Moving her arm away and watching Victoria’s hands, she taunts Vicky again, “You must really be getting desperate if you’re trying this again. Or maybe you’re tired from getting your fat udders slapped around. Face it hun, you’re out of your league and might as well give up. In fact, if you beg politely I’ll-” Her next words are cut off as Victoria’s breasts envelop her face. Victoria smiles down at Apple almost tenderly, “Just shut up, hun.” And with that, leans forward to cut off Apples air.

“Mmph…” Apples attempt to talk is muffled by the massive mountains of mammary over her face. She pushed ineffectively at them but there was just too much there for a handful to handle. Keeping calm, she mused over her options; she stayed still not to prevent panic, but rather to stop from losing her temper and thrashing around wildly, which would be just what Victoria wanted. So Vicky wanted to give her a faceful of tit? Well she could work with that. Biting might have been disallowed, but as she worked her free hand beneath the chocolate teats, Apple smiled; No one had said anything about pinching, or pulling, or… twisting…

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