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For the first time ever, I’ve decided to re-write a story. I did submit this story a few months back, and I admit that I rushed it. It also didn’t read very well. Anyway, I’ve sat and thought it through a bit better this time, also listing out all of the girls I met. Hopefully this time, I’ll give you a better insight into the world of prostitution from a customer’s point of view.

To give you a bit of background on myself, I grew up on the edge of East London in a fairly uninteresting area. I’d describe myself as average, in looks, personality etc. I never really stood out, and to be honest, never really wanted to.

Most people who profess to know, think that men that use prostitutes have some deep rooted emotional problem. I don’t, I never have. I used prostitutes because it was a simple way to get sex, anytime I wanted it. Nothing more, nothing less. I also really enjoyed it.

You’ll read here a few memorable encounters, a few complete disasters, and some unremarkable encounters. Some of you will wonder why I kept going back. Hopefully this will enlighten a bit.

During my early years, I grew up in a Christian household. When I was 16, I decided to leave the church and to this day never returned. Around that time, I started to play Rugby and American Football, and really enjoyed the laddish banter that went back and forth. It was a case of growing up quickly in this environment.

I lost my virginity at the age of 17, in a fairly ordinary one night stand with a school friend. It was nothing more than recreational sex, we were attracted to each other, and after a few drinks, it seemed like a natural progression. Having grown up with the bible reminding me that sex should only take place within marriage, this felt so normal.

Over the next couple of years, I had couple of girlfriends, and a couple more one night stands. Like most things in my life, nothing out of the ordinary.

The changing point of my life was a 2 year relationship that nearly ended up in marriage. My girlfriend had a very dominating personality, and despite several warnings from friends and family, I stayed with her for too long. My laid back character made it easier for her to dominate.

I finally finished with her a week after my 21st birthday and made a sober vow to stay away from women for the next year. I enjoyed the next few months, meeting a lot of new friends and getting back into a proper social life.

Unfortunately, my year of celibacy turned into 2, then 3, then 4, then 5. My confidence had taken more of a knock than I realized after my long term girlfriend, I didn’t really have the nerve to go out and talk to women anymore.

By the time I turned 27, I really started to crave sex again. I still wasn’t worried about having a long term girlfriend, I didn’t need any emotional connection, I just missed the physical side of sex.

I’d changed my job about a year before and became good friends with one of the lads at my new work. He was now married but had used prostitutes before, as had his brother. He was very open in talking about the experiences, not in a boasting way, just making it clear that he believed there was nothing wrong with doing it, I was single and harming no-one.

I probably agonized over the decision for about 6 months, almost taking the plunge a number of times but never going through with it. Something always held me back, probably the thought of how disappointed my family would have been with me.

I did however, decide to do it in October 98. I’d scanned through the local papers personal ads, where a number of massage parlors advertised services. Despite being illegal in the UK, it was very easy to find sex right on your own doorstep.

I phoned the maid who ran the house to get details, being told the prices and how to get to the place. I remember thinking that I just had to go for it now, otherwise I’d just bottle out again and be no nearer what I wanted.

It was a Friday morning before I went away for a lads weekend that I finally did it. The flat was about 2 miles from home, not giving me too much time to think about what I was doing. I pressed the buzzer and was let into the upstairs flat. Inside, the maid quickly showed me into a dimly lit bedroom. It wasn’t dirty, but certainly had a seedy feel to it.

The room was sparse. A double bed, a dresser with a cheap porn mag and some tissues and a chair. About a minute later the girl came in. She was probably in her mid twenties, black, fairly tall with generous curves. She was wearing a see through camisole, knickers, bra and high heels. Although I felt horribly nervous, my first worry was gone. I did find her attractive, my worry that I wouldn’t get an erection had gone.

Michelle explained the price list, from which I chose the full personal massage, including oral and full sex. I paid her the £50, which she took back to the maid. She also told me to take my clothes off ready. Michelle was back in about 2 minutes, quickly taking off her knickers and bra ready to go.

She first gave me a brief massage, which really calmed my nerves a lot. After a couple of minutes she told me to turn over to put a condom on. For the next couple of minutes she sucked my cock, nearly making me come as she did. I told her to stop when I nearly came, as I still wanted to fuck her.

We had sex in the missionary position which lasted for no more than a couple of minutes. Once done, we both got dressed without saying a word. I was showed out of the flat and with a brief goodbye it was over. I had paid for sex. I felt a mixture of relief and disgust. I felt that I’d somehow let myself down, done something awful, although a brief chat on the phone with the friend that had done it also soon stopped this worry.

Having said this, I decided it would be a one off, I wasn’t going to do this again.

This resolution lasted about 3 months before I decided to visit the flat again. I saw a girl called Lisa, a good looking brunette with a fantastic figure. The routine was the same, massage, oral then sex. It was very functional but nice all the same. I had more of the same feelings after but came back for more a couple of months later.

This time I visited a different flat where the service was cheaper. Here, £30 got you 15 minutes with oral and full sex. The girl was decent looking but with heavy make up and a tarty look. The sex was ok again, nothing special but good enough. The girl, who’s name escapes me, had just had breast implants, this was the first time I’d ever touched false tits, a strange sensation in itself.

I visited this house again about a month later, seeing the same girl again. The sex was much the same, although I remember her walking into the room totally naked. Later that afternoon I went out drinking with some friends. I can remember for the first time thinking that I wished they knew what I had been up to that day. The feelings of disgust had gone now, the only trouble was that my visits were growing more frequent.

A visit to a different flat soon followed where I had sex with a woman who usually worked as a dominatrix. She certainly took charge, standing over me while masturbating, before the usual oral and sex.

My next visit to a working girl took place in May 99, probably just a few weeks after the last. I’d found another advert for a new flat and decided to give it a go. The lady working was called Nicole and was probably early 30′s. She hard dark hair, a pretty face and a lovely, curvy size 16 figure. At least I’d guess it was.

The sex here was fantastic. The other women had plainly been going through the motions, while Nicole seemed to really enjoy having sex. I know that this would have been put on for my sake, but it certainly made the experience more enjoyable.

Here, the price was £60 for 40 minutes and you didn’t have to leave once you’d come. After enjoying a more leisurely massage, oral and sex, Nicole then let me come on her tits. I’d long fantasied about doing this to a women, but had never had the courage to ask a girlfriend to do it.

Apart from being a thoroughly enjoyable session, this taught me that while I was paying for sex, I could ask to do whatever I wanted. Up to this point I’d only had straight, regular sex. Things had changed now.

About 2 weeks later I tried to go and visit Nicole again. The flat had closed but by this time, I really needed a good session. I ended up at a different place a couple of miles away and had what still remains to this day, my worst sexual experience.

The woman came into the room looking totally uninterested, bored even, and I didn’t fancy her at all. Why I went through I still don’t know. To compound my error, I also decided that I was going to try Anal sex for the first time. Another mistake. Having paid the £100 we got on with it. She gave me a blowjob without a condom, finishing by hand and making me come over myself. The problem now was that I couldn’t get hard again. The woman just stood there with a fed up look on her face and made no effort to help the situation.

She eventually left the room for a few minutes to see if I could rise again on my own. When she came back, we finally got a condom on, and while I did manage to penetrate her anally, my erection lasted no more than a minute.

At this point I left. I felt sick to the stomach, hating myself for not only paying for sex, but not being able to perform either. This had clinched it in my mind, this was the end, I was going to find a girlfriend and have a normal sex life.

Of course things didn’t turn out this way. After the low of this encounter I had a one night stand with a woman I worked with. This gave me the boost I needed, my confidence was coming back. This encounter was never destined to last as she was going back to Sweden after her 6 month stay in London. The desire to have more sex soon got overwhelming, in July 99 I went back to the working girls, finding a completely different flat and having a decent session with a girl called Tara.

The new flat was a nice place. Well decorated, clean, bright and very reasonable on prices. The personal service, oral & sex was just £30. This would be the first of many visits.

My next trip was to the flat I’d had the awful experience. I’ve still no idea why I went back there. It was much better this time though, I met a Welsh girl who I think was called Kerry. She was nice looking, had a lovely body and was wearing nothing else but some thigh length boots when we got down to it.

She gave me a great blowjob without a condom on before letting me come all over her pussy and stomach.

Not long after this, the house that Nicole worked in started to advertise again. I paid a visit after a couple of days away drinking with my mates on a European football away trip. I remember dropping the last one of them off, all of them giving me money for petrol, and me going straight over to see her. I always felt horny the morning after these drinking sessions.

I again paid Nicole £60 for a 40 minute session, including Oral, sex and again she allowed me to come on her tits twice. I was really enjoying the sessions with her, due to her apparent enjoyment and willingness to do almost anything. She still remains one of my favourite working girls.

About a month later, I paid what would be my last visit to Nicole. This time I paid £100 for a full hour. During this session, Nicole asked me to go down on her. I’d always been reluctant to do this with working girls due to hygiene reasons. I did this time though, as I wanted to learn how to do it properly. I’d tried giving oral to my previous girlfriends but they’d never really enjoyed it, more than likely that I really wasn’t good at it. Having really enjoyed doing it, it would eventually start to become a regular feature of my sessions.

This was also the first time I’d kissed one of these girls. For those that don’t know, kissing is usually a complete no go for working girls. This was another reason for enjoying the sex with Nicole so much. Unfortunately this would be my last visit to her, the flat closed not long after, and I didn’t bump into her at any other places.

My visits to the brothels were now pretty much a monthly thing, usually on payday. I made a last visit to the first flat I ever tried and had a disappointing session with a woman in her mid thirties. I can’t really remember much about it, which tells it’s story. I never went back there.

It was around November 99 that I started worrying that I might be addicted to sex, or prostitutes. It had gone from being a once every now and then treat, to a regular thing that I couldn’t do without.

On a particular Saturday, I got up feeling really horny after a night out drinking and decided that I’d pay a visit to a girl. I went to the house I’d met the Welsh girl, and had a session with a tired looking girl in her early 20′s. This was the first time I’d not been able to come with a working girl. We fucked for a full 10 minutes before time was up, but no joy. That’s one of the drawbacks to paying for sex, when your time is up, that’s it, there’s no hanging around to try again.

After a couple of hours wandering around indulging in my other passion, buying records. I decided I had to pay a visit and finish what I’d started. I went back to a house in Romford that I’d visited once before and saw an Irish girl called Anna Maria. This session was much better, with her giving me a fantastic deep throat blowjob where she took my entire cock in her mouth. After a brief fuck, I finally came. I felt relief mixed with no small amount of shame. I couldn’t believe that I’d visited 2 prostitutes in one day. What was I becoming here?

My feelings of shame didn’t last long at all, it was probably only 3 weeks until I visited another flat for a very basic session with a woman in a sexy cowboy outfit, calling herself Blaze! It was a strange set up, my only real other memory was that they had a full length mirror next to the bed so you could watch yourself having sex. This was probably the best part of this visit.

I again visited the flat on Romford just before Christmas of 99 and met a girl called Michelle. She was an ex Porn Star, who had featured in British porn films with the likes of Ben Dover & Super Mario. I would end up visiting her 3 times over the next couple of months, always enjoying good sessions with her that included kissing.

Around this time I met a girl called Louise who I really got on well with. She was a pretty brunette, about 25 I’d guess, with lovely long legs and fantastic tits for such a slim girl. I had 2 sessions with her pretty close together, she was probably the only girl I ever really became a regular with.

Around February 99 I found another new flat offering services. It was in Green Lane, Dagenham which was fairly close to me. I gave it a go and it turned out to be the first of many visits. The place wasn’t as smart as the flat in Romford but offered more services. The flat in Romford offered mainly straightforward sex, whereas this one offered oral without condoms, anal and a whole list of other things. The prices were fairly low too which was another big attraction.

My first visit here was to an older woman called Camilla. I say older, probably only late 30′s, but as a twenty something at the time, she seemed a lot older to me. I paid her £50 for oral without a condom where she let me come in her mouth. This was the first time I’d done this with anyone, and to be honest, I loved it. It was over pretty quickly, but it certainly left me wanting more.

It’s probably worth mentioning at this time that I’d had an interest in recreational drugs since the age of 18. Growing up in East London and having an interest in the House & Soul music scene, it was something that you would soon come across. Until around this point, my use of drugs had mainly been confined to big clubbing nights, the odd Ecstasy pill, or a bit of weed to come back down. I’d started drinking with a group of people from my work and knew they were all into cocaine. I could see from the first time I used it, how addictive the stuff could be, but went for it anyway. I have a addictive personality, but you’ve probably guessed that by now.

After one particular coke binge, on a boat party down the River Thames, I somehow managed to fall down some steep stairs in a pub after. The following week I visited Louise in the flat in Romford. This was the first time I’d ever seen a really human side to one of the girls. I was bruised from my shoulder down to my arse after the fall, Louise was really worried, the whole way through this time, she was so worried that I was in pain. This human side made her stand out as one of my favourite working girls. I saw her again one final time a couple of weeks later before she moved on, she was a really nice girl and the sex was always great.

Over the next couple of months I only visited the flat in Romford, meeting various girls for basic oral and fuck sessions. Jessica I remember being tired looking, Celestia was and arrogant younger woman who clearly thought she was above her chosen job. She would barely look at me and only allowed me to fuck her from behind. I took great pleasure in fucking her really hard and making her shout! Then there was Emily, a 21 year old student. The sex with her was almost loving, she didn’t really seem cut out for the job.

By this time I was enjoying my own personal summer of love. Drink, drugs, music and sex. Life was really good. I had a session in June 2000 with a girl called Laura, nice girl and decent sex.

I then met a girl who I started going out with. For the first time in a long time, I had a normal relationship with a woman, a normal sex life. I worried at the start that I wouldn’t be faithful and I’d soon be back using prostitutes, but this never happened.

This relationship lasted for about 3 months. At the end, the girl started to mess me around, not calling, letting me down on dates. After not hearing from her for a couple of weeks and her not returning my calls, I went back to the flat in Dagenham. I felt low having thought I was dumped and needed something to pick me up. I had a basic oral and fuck session with a young girl called Chloe. When my girlfriend phoned me the following day, I felt horribly guilty when she apologized for messing me around. We only met once more before she finally ended it, and my guilt.

This was the cue for me to get back into my vice, and start making regular visits to the flats in Dagenham and Romford. I first visited a Japanese girl in Dagenham calling herself Yoko. Paying the £60 for a 40 minute session, a came a huge load in her mouth after oral then had an enjoyable fuck. I now started to visit more and more, also taking cocaine and ecstasy most weekends rather than just on special occasions.

I had a visit to Dagenham to an Egyptian girl. This was a straightforward session and was finished quickly. She was in a rush as the house was very busy. Not at all good.

Later that month, I visited a new house in Goodmayes, seeing a girl who looked like the Porn star/ Glamour model Linsey Dawn McKenzie. I’m sure it wasn’t her but she had an incredible likeness to her, both in face and body. I had a really good session with her, and I’m still quite happy in my little fantasy world, that I’ve had sex with someone famous!

I was back at the house in Romford again no more than a couple of weeks later, and met a lovely Indian girl called Jasmin. She looked very traditional Indian but spoke with a broad London accent. I paid for the usual £30 personal service but got much more like kissing, and lots of touching. She said after that it was her first day in the job and thanked me for making it nice for her. I guess that a lot of men were rude and disrespectful to the girls, I never was, and I believe that I got better sex because of this.

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