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This novel is going to be long. It begins with a sexual encounter that means nothing to either participant. But the consequences for both will, I hope keep you reading to its conclusion. If you are looking for sex go read something else. All characters are at least 52 years younger than I, and up! (Guardians of ignorance or political correctness police and all the other ignorant AH’s, that means 18 years old or older!)


Dr. Ken Watson, a 40 year old professor of world history was sitting at his desk going over his afternoon presentation. He had been working at the University in Miami for three years and was known for being one of the best professors at the university.

Dr. K as he was called by everyone who knew him was very popular with the student body as well as the faculty. He provided his students with various world history courses and this course was one that he had not taught before, “Classical Greek”.

The president of the university wasn’t sure how the course would be well received but Dr. Watson convinced her that if there was a low enrollment he would abandon the course and substitute one of the regular required courses. The entire faculty was surprised when over 200 students enrolled in the course and Dr. Watson was moved to the auditorium to accommodate the students. The final count was 378 students, the largest enrollment for an elective course in the history of the university.

Dr. Watson was an average looking man with average attributes. Many would say that there wasn’t anything spectacular about his looks. He was very popular with both male and female students. He also had his pick of student interns each year and he always picked two male and two female interns from the pool of applicants. He said that he didn’t want to appear sexist like some of the other professors who only chose girls or boys.

His solitude was interrupted by a knock at the open door to his office. As he looked up he saw first-row, left-isle-seat standing at his door. She was a pretty girl, very tall with long legs. He loved women with long legs and small breasts. Her auburn hair drifted down over her left eye and she looked like a little girl.

“Hi, Dr. Watson,” she said standing at the doorway. “Can I talk to you for a few minutes; I have a couple of questions to ask.”

“You’ll have to be quick,” he replied. “I have class in 20 minutes.”

Carrie Sue Freeman, “Care” as her friends called her, stepped into the room and closed the door signaling to all that a conference was in progress, knock before entering, the unwritten rule at the university. As she walked towards Dr. K she said, “I’ll be quick. I just want to know if I can join the SCUBA class that you are starting this weekend.”

“That may be a problem…, Miss. Ummm.”

“Carrie Sue Freeman.”

Dr. Watson pulled out his class list and said, “Oh, yes…98 average so far, 99 on mid-term…what’s your GPA?”

“3.89, for 72 hours and I’m a business major, with history as my minor.”

“Very good Miss. Freeman,” he said looking up and continued. “The course costs 250 and the rental are 25, each week and you will of course provide the accessories… mask, fins, etc…”

“No problem,” she replied walking around his desk. She pulling his chair out and turning him to face her.

Dr. K was surprised at this aggressive behavior but suppressed his natural reaction sensing the nonthreatening nature of her actions. He looked up at this tall girl dressed in a pull-over and baggy pants. She wasn’t one of the usual “hotties” that came in to try to raise her grades by raising his dick. “The rumor is that you have the best tasting cum at the university and I want to try it,” she said as she knelt down and spread his legs.

“I wouldn’t know. I don’t make a habit of tasting other men’s sperm.”

“I do,” she replied fumbling with his belt buckle. She finally figured out that it was a snap together buckle. When she unsnapped the buckle she began to unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants. Fished his rapidly growing cock out of his boxers and said, “I’m glad you’re wearing boxers, it’s hard to get a cock out of briefs.”

Holding his penis in her hand she looked up at Dr. K and said, “From what I’ve been told about you, I expected you to have a huge cock.”

“Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, young lady,” he said a little surprised by this bold and uninhibited girl.

“Oh, not that, I’m not disappointed, I’m really glad that you’re about average. Big cocks make me choke, I prefer your size, that’s all,” she said as she licked the head of his dick.

He was contemplating the honest and forthright manner of this girl as she licked and then sucked on his dick. He loved to have his dick sucked by these young women. They came from all the different sororities on campus. He was warned by his peers that many of the women on campus would be trying to get their grades raised by sucking or fucking.

He remembered the first time one came in his office. She said that she would do anything to improve her grades. He told her to study hard and sent her on her way. But later that day she returned to thank him for the advice and wouldn’t take no for an answer to her thank you. She gave him a very good blow-job.

He felt his dick jump at this memory and received a firm squeeze on his dick from Care causing him to spurt more pre-cum into her mouth. He moaned with pleasure and leaned back in his chair to enjoy her ministrations.

There was a knock on the door and someone asked, “Dr. Watson?”

Carrie and Dr. Watson froze.

Knock, knock, “Dr. Watson, I’m Dave Thomas…”

Carrie scooted under the desk as Dr. Watson scooted his chair up and replied, “Come in.”

A very tall and muscular black man opened the door and said, “Dr. Watson?” He was dressed in a thousand dollar suit with a thin pink silk tie. He looked like one of those corporate executives that Dr. Harriet Jones the president of the university had to deal with at the formal gatherings with the regents and patrons.

Under the desk Carrie resumed her loving care of his penis, sucking and licking on Dr. K’s cock. Rubbing her tongue along its length and sucking on the head. Sucking the pre-cum out and using her tongue to stimulate the pulsing that she loved to feel in her mouth.

“Yes, I’m Dr. Watson; I’m a little busy now … preparing for my class. What do you want,” he said, irritated at the interruption and conscious of the pleasure being performed on his dick.

“Dr. Watson, I’m Dave Thomas of Aeron Industries and I would like to discuss a proposition that my boss has for you. He would like to acquire your expertise for twelve hours and he will pay you $50,000.00. I will pick you up tomorrow morning at 6 AM and will have you back by 6 PM. All you have to do is sign this non-disclosure agreement. If you sign the agreement I will give you a check and I will leave,” Dave said placing the agreement on Watson’s desk.

As he reached over to place the agreement on Watson’s desk he saw the tip of a tennis shoe slip out from under the desk screen. He wondered to himself if it was male or female. He preferred men and wondered if Dr. Watson might be interested in chocolate. He smiled inwardly to himself at the thought and had a mild twitching in his long dick.

“I’m extremely busy and I have a SCUBA class tomorrow. Besides I don’t need the money. I’ve profited from my book sales and I really don’t have to work anymore so just tell your boss that I’m not interested.”

“My boss is very aware that you are a notable author and are for all intense and purpose independently wealthy. But he told me that if you said no, then I was to hand you this,” and he placed a sheet of paper on Dr. Watson’s desk.

At this point when he reached for the paper, Carrie found a very sensitive spot on his dick that caused him to almost jump. He paused for a moment, regained his composer and picked up the paper.

But before he could read it Thomas said, “You will see that almost 75% of your assets belong to Aeron Industries. If you don’t comply, my boss said to tell you that you will lose at least two thirds of your money on Monday.”

“He can’t do that!”

Dr. K’s concern began to cause his dick to shrink. Carrie felt him getting soft so she redoubled her efforts. Popping on the head, licking the sensitive part just under the head along the bottom of his shaft and massaging his balls, the combination of these actions began to stiffen his cock. She loved to prolong the event for a man’s cock.

“I assure you that my boss needs your consult and will do anything to acquire your services. You will find that most of your investments are tied to Aeron Industries in some form or another. It’s just twelve hours. Sign the agreement,” he said with a wicked grin. His white teeth showing like a man who had just stolen everything in your house without your knowledge.

Dr. Watson picked up the agreement and read it over. He knew that these things don’t hold up in court and it was just a formality but he didn’t like to be coerced by thuggery. He felt another spurt of pre-cum as his dick was being sucked and he knew that he would be cuming soon. He picked up a pen and signed his name to it. As he handed it to Mr. Thomas he asked, “Where are we going?”

“I’ll pick you up at 6, ware clothes that you don’t care about, it can be messy where we are going,” Dave Thomas said as he took the agreement from Dr. Watson.

Thomas turned and walked towards the door. As he was leaving he asked, “Open or closed?”

“Closed,” Dr. Watson exclaimed as he began to cum. He stiffened, pushed his hips forward a little.

Carrie Freeman had stimulated herself to the point of wanting to rip this man’s clothes off and fuck his brains out as she worked on Dr. Watsons cock. Her pussy was swollen and wet. She was glad that she had worn baggy pants due to her period being at its peak. At this time of the month she seemed to be hornier than usual.

Ken felt his first spurt rush out of his dick.

Carrie’s mouth became swollen as the first spurt came out and she thought to herself ‘This is good!’ She swallowed it and another spurt took its place.

Ken’s hips began to move as Carrie worked her magic on his dick.

Carrie sucked Dr. Watson’s cock swallowing each spurt until he was empty.

When he felt her mouth come away from his dick he pushed the chair back away from the desk to let Carrie out. When he saw her, he said, “That was a really good blow job. No, it was excellent!”

Carrie smiled and began to crawl out from under his desk. As she stood up she asked, “Do you have any napkins. I think I need to wipe my chin.”

Dr. Watson pulled a few napkins off the credenza behind him and handed them to her. Then he stood up to rearrange his pants. As he was doing this he said, “Please don’t tell anyone about this.”

Wiping off her chin she turned to face Dr. Watson and said, “I’m going to tell the girl that they were right, you’re cum is the best I’ve ever tasted.”

“No, I’m not talking about that. I understand the comparisons; I’m talking about that man who was here. Don’t tell anyone about the consultation.”

“What man,” she asked, winking. She walked to the door, turned and said, “You’re late!”

Dr. Watson grabbed his papers and ran to class.

By seven that night he was home. He had finished his classes, talked to his financial advisor about Aeron, and emailed his students concerning canceling the SCUBA classes tomorrow. He was wondering why they wanted him. He was after all just a history teacher. His thoughts were interrupted by the front doorbell.

When he opened the door he was very surprised to see Miss. Freeman standing there.

“Hi, Dr. Watson, can I come in?”

“It’s late and as you well know, I have an early morning appointment.”

“I know, but I really need to talk to you.”

Dr. Watson wasn’t sure what to say but he stepped aside and ushered her in. He closed the door and said, “Please make this short. I do need to get to bed.”

“That’s why I’m here. I want to spend the night with you.”

“Miss. Freeman.”

Carrie said, “Please Dr. Watson.”

“Okay, Carrie… I don’t sleep with my students,” was his reply.

“I want to sleep with you not fuck you. I mean, well, I want to sleep, you know sleep with you. I want to be with a man right now, not with one of the boys on campus. I want someone to be with, someone who is mature enough to spend time with.” She stomped her foot on the floor and said, “Oh, hell, I’m not myself.”

She started for the door but Ken put his hand on her shoulder, turned her around and asked, “What’s the real problem?”

Carrie’s face turned bright red and she said, “Truth.”

“Truth,” he replied.

“I’m lonely, Horney, and I want to be with a man tonight not some boy that will just want to fuck me. I’m on my period and my mood is really strange. I want someone to cuddle with, and I thought you would understand. I thought that you understood the motives of all the girls wanting to suck your cock because you let them suck you off almost anytime. So… well, I thought… that… that you would understand that… a girl might just want to be cuddled. Do you understand what I’m saying, because I sure don’t? “

“I’m not prepared to have anyone over tonight. I was going to shower and go to bed. That’s all I’m going to do.”

“That’s perfect. I’ll wash your back, and we can go to bed. I just want to be with a man tonight.”

Ken thought for a moment before he replied. “Okay, you can wash my back and we can just go to bed and sleep. I don’t have an extra toothbrush and I hope you don’t mind that I only sleep in a T-shirt, I hate PJ’s.”

Carrie reached into her purse and said, “I have my tooth brush, paste and my T-shirt, I hate PJ’s too.”

They both began to laugh and Ken said, “Well come on.”

He locked the front door, turned off the light and walked to his bedroom unbuttoning his shirt as he walked. He kicked off his shoes and shoved them in the closet. Removed his shirt, tossing it into a hamper and as he removed the rest of his clothes he said, “I sleep on that side, pointing to the right side of the bed.”

He finished removing his clothes and walked into the bathroom. As he was peeing, Carrie walked in. “I’ve never seen a man pee before.” She walked closer to watch. “Are you afraid that you will miss?”

“No,” was his terse reply. He shook himself, turned and walked over to the shower.

“Aren’t you going to flush,” Carrie asked.

It was Ken’s turn to blush. “I’ve never had a girl watch me pee before. My ex-wife and I didn’t discuss peeing,” he said as he turned on the water in the shower and closed the door.

Carrie sat down and began to pee. I’ll flush for both of us when I’m finished. Do you have a bath cloth that I can use to wash your back?”

Ken walked to the linen closed pulled down a large towel for Carrie and rummaged around until he found a wash cloth for his back.

“I don’t use wash cloths very often,” he said placing the towel and wash cloth on the small table next to the sink. “I think this is the only one that I own.”

“It’ll do,” Carrie said as she flushed.

Ken stepped into the shower and watched as this tall young lady entered. She put her head under the shower getting her hair wet and let the water wash over her body. He was admiring her legs and butt as she turned to face him.

“I’m amazed that this shower stall is so large. My apartment’s shower is not even big enough for me to get in and this one could hold at least three more people,” she said as she noticed that he was smiling at her. “What?” She said this when he didn’t say anything.

He was just looking at her. Admiring her form, her breasts, and the way her long legs extended the curve of her hips. He liked her shape he decided. Then he said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a shower. You’re a very attractive woman.”

“Attractive, I guess that’s what someone says to a girl that’s not hot …’attractive’. That’s okay; I know I’m not one of those girls that you are probably used to being with. I’m an “A” cup with skinny legs.”

“That’s not what I meant,” he said. “I like what I see and it’s not just your physical attributes. Well not all together your physical attributes,” he said as he took a step back admiring what he saw.

She grabbed his hand and said, “Come on get under the water so I can wash your back. I want you to do mine.”

He got under the warm water letting it wash over him like a warm glove. Then he reached for the soap and began to lather himself up. Turning he handed the soap to Carrie and she did the same.

“Turn around,” she said smiling at him.

As he turned around she was thinking that she really would like to fuck him. She wondered to herself about the possibility as she washed his back. When she was finished she said, “My turn.”

She turned to face the wall and Ken turned to face her back. He took the wash cloth that she was holding out for him and began to wash her back. He enjoyed the sensual act of rubbing his hands over her soft flesh. He held the cloth in the palm of his hand as he scrubbed her back. She pushed back as he pushed down scrubbing.

“That’s good.” He heard Carrie say breaking his enjoyment of the simple act of washing her back.

He put the cloth on the rack in the shower and rinsed himself. He stepped out and was drying himself as Carrie washed her hair.

He finished drying and walked into the bedroom to put on a shirt. He turned on his table lamp and walked over to turn out the ceiling light. As he was getting into bed, Carrie poked her head out of the bathroom and asked, “Do you have a hair dryer?”

“Bottom of the linen cabinet,” was his reply.

As he settled himself into bed he heard her drying her hair. His thoughts turned to the time when he was married. He enjoyed married life but his ex-wife didn’t. She said that she thought she could settle into married life but found it too constrictive. Her word, “constrictive,” didn’t make any sense to him. Such was life he thought.

Carrie walked in to the room got some things out of her bag and went back into the bathroom.

Ken had watched her walk in, bend over to get her things and enjoyed the show. He had to admit that he was really attracted to her. He was a leg man. Breasts weren’t his thing really and even though Carrie was kind of small he thought he would really enjoy rubbing and sucking them.

He appreciated a cute butt, long legs and eyes. If he had to put them in order of importance it would be legs, because that was his thing. He loved to look at women’s legs. Next would be the eyes. He felt that the eyes were the windows of the soul. He loved sparling eyes.

He remembered her looking at him in the shower. Even though it was dim in there he liked what he saw in her eyes.

He loved her long legs. He hadn’t seen them before because she wore pants every time he had seen her. Now that he thought about it he had never really seen her, first-row, left-isle-seat and her cute butt as she left class. She did have a really good looking ass.

Carrie was finishing with her hair. It was odd that she was primping for him. After all we are just going to sleep together. She got a little wet as she thought about that and he did have a terrific butt and chest. That was her thing. A real tight butt and a chest with just the right amount of hair. Some girls liked a big cock, some like hairy chests, and others… she felt that this old man looked hot. Well not hot — but good enough for her.

She had been with many different men and boys as she called guys her own age, but she had never found one that had it all together. This man did and she made a decision right then. She was going to make herself a part of his life. She didn’t know how, but she was, she liked this man.

Ken had made himself comfortable in the bed when Carrie came walking in. She was wearing panties and he was a little disappointed. But that meant hands off and well he did tell her that they were just going to sleep together. His dick twitched at that thought.

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