college physical

“Matt, as I said earlier, guys usually get an erection during physicals so don’t be ashamed if it happens. I repeated my question, as I looked at his still flaccid but thick cock. His soft foreskin covered it perfectly and it matched his olive complexion. A thick bush of hair surrounded the shaft. “What do you fantasize about when you masturbate?”

“Doc, I really don’t want to talk about this.”

I could see Matt was very uncomfortable lying naked on my table and my question wasn’t making it any easier and that made me hornier. I know he wasn’t a wrestler but he was built like one and now that I had finished shaving his chest, I could see his muscle definition perfectly. My eyes moved along his fit chest and abs and paused on his dick. He was hung with large low hanging balls. My mind raced with thoughts of how big his cock would be when it was hard. “I asked about your fantasies because you said you ejaculate quickly and you don’t have much semen when you do. I need to find out if you have some emotional issues that might be causing a problem.”

I began examining with both my hands the area around his collarbone for lumps. I then felt around his neck and his throat. “You have a very pronounced Adam’s Apple. It’s indicative of a high level of testosterone.

“Is that bad?” Matt asked, as I continued to run my fingers along his jaw and to his ears. His wavy brown hair covered them as I ran my fingers through to feel the area behind them.

“No, it’s because you masturbate often and at nineteen you’ve matured ahead of people your age.” I continued feeling his neck and his firm chest.

“When you masturbated this morning, was it quick as usual and was there little semen?”

“Yes,” he replied, recalling a conversation he had with his older brother a few weeks earlier. “Shaun says that it should take a half hour and I should shoot tons of it. I usually blow my load in a couple of minutes and there is almost no jizz.”

I was intrigued by his conversation with his brother.

“Your brother is right.”

At nineteen, Matt was taking after his older brother Shaun in every way. Shaun has the same great looks and is just as athletic as Matt. Shaun is nearly six feet tall and must have taken all the height genes. However, what Matt lacked in height, he made up in his upper body strength.

I put my index finger on his right nipple and moved it in a slow circular motion.

“Did you know nipples are very sensitive and they can help when you masturbate to get more enjoyment of the session and then more semen?”

Matt was astounded, “Really, nipples can do that?”

I looked at his cock and it was still soft but mine was growing hard as a rock and it was becoming evident since I was wearing thin scrubs.

I inspected his nipple closely, squeezing it. I moved to the left one and rolled it between my thumb and index finger, slowly massaging it. I glanced down and still no sign of movement in his cock. It was still limp.

“This nipple looks a little pale in color.”

He looked worried. I reached for a clamp and put it on his nipple and he screamed in pain, “What the fuck are you doing doc?!”

Matt was no idiot, so I explained to him pressure on the nipple would allow blood to flow to it more freely when it is released. “I need to see if it gets any color when I release the clamp.”

He wiggled in pain and I assured him the pain would go away if he stopped bouncing around and placed my right hand on his tight belly to calm him down, looking into his hazel eyes. I moved my hand down his belly to his bellybutton and inserted my middle finger before continuing to slightly touch the base of his shaft with the tip of my fingers.

He wasn’t finding the clamp enjoyable and bit down on the corner of his lip to counteract the pain. Without warning, I clamped his other nipple tight. “Arrghh!” He grimaced. “Son-of-a-Bitch, what the hell?!”

“Matt,” I replied. “You have two of everything for a reason. I need to compare the two. Relax.”

I could tell the pain was unbearable and placed my left hand on his chest to reassure him but moved my right hand closer to his soft cock and played with it. The distraction of the pain kept him from realizing that I began to fondle his cock in an effort to arouse him and get him hard. I squeezed the shaft, feeling the veins under my palm and pushed the soft skin back exposing the bright red mushroom and felt each of his nuts with my fingers.

The ache from his nipples made him breathe heavily as his face began to turn red. I released his cock and balls before he realized what I was doing but before it swelled.

“You’re probably going to enjoy this exam, so relax.”

He looked at me with trepidation. “Enjoy? You’re fucking kidding me, right?”

“This is your first adult exam so you may experience things you might think are not necessary but they are necessary to determine your well being.”

As Matt lay on my exam table completely naked with both nipples in clamps, I wondered how long it would take before I could conquer him. From the look on his face, the pain in his nipples seemed to be unbearable. What a pussy, I thought. He’ll be easy to break.

His eyes were tightly closed and he was inhaling and exhaling deeply. He seemed helpless. His cock was still limp and I wanted to get him aroused enough to have him get a hard on, but my efforts had not worked yet. I thought of my own cock getting me in trouble since my loose pants were no match for the growing pole behind them.

“The longer they stay on the less pain you’ll feel.”

He nodded in agreement with his eyes closed, saying they weren’t as painful as before. I reached for the clamps and tightened them more to enjoy the reaction it would cause. He clenched his mouth even tighter.

“Arrhhh!! Doc,” he cried out thrashing his legs wildly.

I moved to his feet to hold them down. “The pain is a good sign the blood is flowing to them.”

His feet were a nice mixture of muscles, veins and bumps and I imagined how I would enjoy sucking his toes. His big toe was perfectly straight, but the others curved down and were closely packed. I gripped each ankle and spread his powerful legs wide as I applied pressure to keep them from moving.

From my new vantage point, I ran my eyes along his hairy legs, which angled out at the knees. I had a perfect view of his crotch. His heavy balls were in loose sacks and the size of his limp cock was driving me wild, as it lay curved over his balls and pointing down to the exam table. I reached into my pants to tame my own cock while trying to not bring it to his attention. I found tons of pre-cum and transferred it to my palm. I did not want it to soak through my thin pants.

“Doc,” Matt exclaimed in pain. “Please take these off!”

He opened his hazel eyes and I saw they were glassy with tears and must have blurred his vision since he did not see me take my hand out of my pants.

“It’s okay, relax and take deep breaths.” I comforted him as I placed my cum soaked hand on his flat belly. Although I had no intention of removing them soon, I reassured him I would as I rubbed the cum from my hand onto his abs in a circular motion. He seemed to calm down and his face returned to its normal olive color from the bright red it was minutes earlier.

I smiled. “See, I told you.”

“Now, let’s continue with the examination. Matt, okay, have a seat on the table’s edge.”

He rose slowly, not wanting to disturb the clamps on his nipples and covered his cock and balls with his hands as I walked to the counter and returned with an empty pint size bottle. He watched me intently, as he sat on the edge with his legs dangling.

I handed him the bottle. “I’ll need a urine sample and I’ll need to see you pee in the bottle since it’s a drug test.”

“Doc, come on! Does this exam really need to be this embarrassing?” Matt argued as he shook his head in disbelief.

“Matt those are the rules.”

While still sitting on the edge, he spread his legs and I could see his cock again and his balls were hanging down past the edge of the exam table. His cock was gorgeous with his foreskin perfectly covering the end. I could see the fat veins running down the length of it and visualized the blood pumping through them to swell the cock.

With his head looking down at his dick, I watched him place his thumb and pinky on the top and three fingers under it and positioned it over the mouth of the bottle. Oh, how I wished that was my mouth so I could take it deep into my throat.

He and I stared at his dick and a minute passed and no urine flowed. “Doc, I can’t do this with you looking at me.”

“Don’t you pee in front of your brother?”

“Sure, I do. He takes forever in the bathroom getting ready each morning. Most times he’s shaving naked at the sink and I stand right next to him and pee with no problem, but you’re a stranger.” My cock began to pulsate as I visualized the two brothers and continued to look down at Matt handle his cock.

Another minute passed and he squeezed it as to coax the pee out but still no urine. “Doc, why do you need to stare at me? I can’t piss with this pressure.”

“It’s the rule.”

“I see you don’t pull back your skin when you pee. Try and see if it helps.” He looked at me like I was crazy, but slowly pulled the skin back to expose a piss slit surrounded by bright pink flesh. He repositioned it over the bottle. No urine.

I quickly took the bottle from Matt and sternly told him to lie down again. “You’re required to give me at least a pint of urine.”

As he lay down, he followed me with his piercing eyes as I walked away from him and to the drawer to pull out a sterile Foley catheter. I returned, laying it on his chest. Now I can finally play with his cock until it gets fully engorged and huge, I thought to myself with excitement.

“Doc, what are you going to do?” He quivered.

“I need to insert this tube into your penis and withdraw urine from your bladder.”

Matt started to sit up in panic. “Doc, I’ll try again. I know I can do it.”

I guided him to his back. “I have other patients waiting and this procedure is not painful and will be quick.”

As I picked up the package, I looked deep into his eyes, smiled and told him, “Relax.”

Matt’s eyes followed as I ripped open the package. “Doc, I really don’t think I need that thing. I promise if you give me a few more minutes to myself that I can pee.”

I dismissed his suggestion and reached for his limp cock, lifting it as I slowly pulled the foreskin down toward the base of the shaft. I ran my fingers along the largest vein from the top to the bottom as the blood pumped through it. Yes, I thought to myself, Matt is hung and he’ll have an enormous hard-on.

“Doc, I can pee in the bottle. I just need privacy,” he pleaded.

“Matt, I told you the rule is I need to see you pee so you can’t switch the drug test samples.” I continued to slowly pull the skin back.

Matt continued to reason with me, “I’m fucking naked. How the hell am I going to do that?”

I ignored him and examined the exposed perfectly shaped head. “Matt what time did you masturbate this morning?”

“Wha-what?”, he asked with bewilderment.

Your penis is moist and you said you masturbate at least twice a day. I wrapped my right hand around his limp cock and with my thumb, I massaged the cum that had leaked out after he jerked off earlier in the day.

“What time?” I demanded.

“About an hour ago,” he confessed.

I continued to massage his mushroom, using the moisture as a lubricant, moving my thumb in a circular pattern and noticed he was wiggling his toes as a reaction to my thumb action. He was finally starting to get aroused. His flaccid cock started to get some form but it was far from being hard.

“Doc, wha-what are you doing?” He stuttered nervously, unsure what was happening.

I spoke over my shoulder while continuing to rub his cock. “I’m examining the urethral passage to determine if I have the correct catheter size.”

He started to sit up pleading, “Doc, I said I can pee in the bottle. I swear!”

“Matt, stop fighting this. You need me to fill out the college exam form.”

Matt fell back but started to rapidly wobble his feet at the heels, unable to stall my advance. I stopped massaging the head and with both thumbs spread his piss slit wide and shined a light down it and could see the residual cum that was deep inside it.

“Matt, you seem nervous,” I chuckled as I released his cock.

“Shit yeah,” he replied. “You want to put something up my piss hole.”

He watched my every move as I walked over to the equipment tray and came back with saline filled syringe, placing it on his chest. “Doc, please just sign the papers the college wants and lets end this exam.”

I ripped open the package and removed the Foley tube and I stretched it in full sight of him. His eyes widened at the length of the tube. “Doc, please can we skip the urine test?”

This was more than a urine test. I was going to fuck his shaft with that tube and I purposely used a Foley knowing it was going to stay in him a while. I once again took hold of his cock as he began to shake his feet in nervous anxiety. “Matt, there really is no reason to be nervous,” I falsely assured him while stroking the hairs on his lower leg.

“Doc, I don’t want you to do this.” He trembled.

I began to massage the shaft of his cock, but tried my best to not arouse him too much because of his history of premature ejaculation. I wanted to enjoy every minute of this, since my exam had just started. Matt’s cock was coming to life.

I looked at his face and admired the stubble on his cheeks and neck, his strong masculine features and his nose, which showed signs of being broken more than once in his life. His brown wavy hair covered his forehead but I could see his eyes were closed. His arms were to his side and the clamps were still on his nipples. He looked a little pale as he nervously tapped his fingers on the table. I continued to rub my finger along the veins of his cock. They were filling with blood. His cock was starting to firm up and grow in size. It was no longer the soft, yet impressive, five inches. I looked at his face and he still had not opened his eyes. “Matt, relax.”

My own cock was erect and if Matt was not overcome with fear, he would have noticed the projecting bulge in my pants. I reached into my pants to wipe the pre-cum onto my hand again and transferred it to Matt’s cock to use for lubricant and continued running my fingers down both sides of his shaft, avoiding his sensitive glans. “As I said earlier, guys usually get an erection during physicals.” He was now fully erect, and as I suspected, his cock was huge, nearly doubling in length. I wrapped my hand around the stiff thick pole, amazed that my thumb and index finger barely touched. I mustered my whole being to not take it into my mouth. It was too early for that. I wasn’t through having fun with him. I released it and it sprang backwards and hit his belly like a catapult freed of its trigger. It was so long the foreskin no longer covered the head.

“You have an impressive penis,” I murmured provocatively as Matt lay unresponsive.

“When was the last time you impaled someone with that thing,” I joked.

I reached for the catheter. You need to relax for the next part of the procedure.

Matt muttered as he tried to hide is cock, “I don’t want anything put down my piss hole.”

“The point of giving you an erection was to allow the easy passage of the catheter through your shaft and into your bladder.”

“No!!” He exclaimed.

I loudly responded, “Matt, this is not open for discussion! I will rip up that form and instead of going to that college with your brother, you can work at a car wash for a living.”

I quickly reached for his cock and pointed it upwards and purposely decided not to use lube or put a numbing agent on the catheter. Matt closed his eyes and tensed his body as I widened the piss hole and began to insert the tube. Matt clenched his toes and grabbed the sheet tightly with both hands – one inch in and at least ten to go.

“Doc! Doc! Doc Lorenzo!,” Matt repeated more loudly each time. “It’s hurting. Doc, please stop!” I continued to insert the tube. “Doc why is it hurting? You said it wouldn’t hurt.” I continued to push it down. Matt’s eyes were closed tightly and his face turned red again. His legs were thrashing around the table, but I still inched it deeper.

“Doctor! Doc!” Matt begged. He started to struggle, turning his torso from side to side. I continued to push the catheter deeper inside him over his cries for mercy.

“Matt,” I barked. “I thought you were more brave than this. Stop being a faggot. You’re nineteen act like it.” I continued to push it deeper inside him and leaned my shoulder against his belly to keep him down as I felt the balloon end move past the bladder muscle and into bladder as he released a loud cry.

While he continued to struggle, piss started to rapidly drain out of his bladder and over my hand and onto his chest and table. The pee poured down the channels of his ripped abs, soaking his pubic hair as it flowed past the base of his cock and onto his balls. I hosed his body down with the tube and released it to hold down his shoulders. It continued to drain the bladder.

“Matt, you need to stop struggling. You’re peeing all over yourself.” I told him as I touched his face with my piss soaked hand. He raised his head and looked at the tube as it slowed to a trickle, his chest glistening with his pee.

Fuck!!, Fuck!! Fuck!! He cried out. As Matt sobbed, mumbling incoherent words, I took the syringe and injected the saline solution into the catheter to inflate the balloon inside his bladder and attached the bag to the end of the tube. The balloon would foil any intention of Matt pulling it out.

Matt continued to sob uncontrollably and hyperventilate. I ran my wet hand through is hair, “Matt, with all that pee inside you, why couldn’t you just give me the pint I needed? Now you’re empty. You’re going to need to make some more before we can finish this examination.”

Matt came to the realization that he endured the pain and embarrassment and had nothing to show for it. His face was soaked from tears and his chest and body glistened from the piss.

“I need to put an IV drip in you so you can refill your bladder.”

He covered his eyes with his left forearm and continued to cry while taking deep short breaths as I positioned his right forearm to insert a needle and then hanged the 500ml bag of Saline. I returned to the catheter tube and clamped it. I did not want the new urine to pass into the bag but remain in his bladder so it would expand beyond its capacity. A bladder can only hold half that volume.

I watched him lay there soaked in his piss and admired the sight; a naked nineteen year old with clamps on his nipples, a tube out of his stiff cock and another one going in his arm.

As Matt continued to sob with his eyes covered, I gathered his clothes, shoes and cell phone and ran my hand along his belly and across his stiff cock. “You will lay there as the saline works its way to your bladder.”

I exited Exam Room Five with his belongings, slipping his cell phone in my back pocket and lowered the temperature of the room to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 Celsius.) The room was located at the far end of the office, adjacent to the storage room. Unlike the other exam rooms, it had no windows, phone or computer. On the floor beneath the exam table, the puddles that were created from the pee running off his chest were making their way to a drain and the dripping sounds echoed throughout the room. The walls were painted white and a large round analog clock, which showed it was thirteen minutes past noon, hung above a mirror. A calendar to the left of the mirror showed the date as Friday, August 31 and the start of a three-day weekend. Along the opposite wall, a curtain concealed a shower and toilet and to the right of the instrument table a solid steel door separated the room from the long corridor to the receptionist area.

Outside the door, I jotted down some notes on Matt’s chart and headed to the receptionist’s area, covering the bulge in my pants with Matt’s rolled up clothing and shoes. As I approached Alexander, I asked him what the afternoon schedule looked like. I wanted us to spend the rest of the day with Matt. Alexander looked at the clothing and gave me a smirk and I smiled back. Alex was a Russian immigrant and a graduate student and had been working as my receptionist and assistant for the last three years.

He pointed to the two patients in the waiting room. “There’s a walk-in with abdominal pains and Carmen, a first time patient.”

“Alex, please send Carmen home with our apologies but have the guy wait in Exam Room One.”

The man was in his late thirties and had rugged good looks and was dressed like he just came from a construction worksite. His jeans were filthy and he wore work boots and a stained tee shirt. Carmen on the other hand could pass for a supermodel.

I handed Alex the chart and I headed to my office. “Once you’ve done that, I need you to go into Exam Five and prepare Matt for his next procedure.”

“He also had an accident so you may want to bring a mop,” I grinned.

Alex recalled how he couldn’t help but be aroused while Matt sat in the waiting room. Matt was sitting directly opposite the receptionist window and Alex’s eyes were focused on his crotch the whole time. Matt was wearing red sweatpants and Alex could tell instantly Matt was not wearing any underwear. Matt’s sweatpants were sitting below the waist and the dark hairs from his crotch were visible. Alex also saw the outline of Matt’s cock resting above his balls and the loose fabric against the crotch showed he was hung.

Two hours earlier, I had asked Alex to weigh and measure Matt’s height and as Alex watched Matt approach him to walk to the scale, he savored the sight of Matt’s cock and balls bouncing against the sweatpants. Alex was looking forward to his turn with Matt, as he waited for my return.

Back in the room, Matt stared at the ceiling with tears still rolling down his face as he contemplated what had happened over the last couple of hours. His whole life he was in control, being the jock in school who found it fun to bully other students and teammates and now he was in a room naked and alone and not in control of the situation. He looked at the IV stand and watched the saline drip slowly down the tube into his arm and thought once he had a pint of saline in him the doc would get his sample and the exam could come to an end. He thought if only he had not struggled while the doctor was inserting the catheter, he would have already gotten the urine sample. He looked past the beads of piss on his chest and saw the tube coming out of his cock and followed it over the table to the bag below. He gazed at the clock and then at the bag again. Why is it still empty? It’s already 1 PM.

As the minutes continued to tick away so did the heat in the room. Matt had almost no body fat and was still damp from the pee and soon felt the chill from the air conditioner vent above him and began to shiver. He twisted around to try to get off the table so he could cover himself with his clothes but with the IV Bag on the stand above him and the urine bag below he could not. As his eyes panned the room, he soon realized another fact and became very troubled, uttering, “Where are my fucking clothes and cell phone?” He hopelessly fell back to the table, shivering and weeping.

The door opened.

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