college girls

Nicole woke up in her college dorm bed feeling sore and sticky. The last thing she remembered was being up late studying with her roommate, Lisa, when she could not keep her eyes open anymore. They were both in the same college writing class on essays and persuasive writing. The test today was a mid term and one-fifth of the grade. As a result, she had been extra zealous about studying the night before.

The stickiness of her lacy red underwear she could not explain, neither the feeling like somebody had violated her most private areas. Something about her dream the night before tickled her memory but she could not remember what her dreams were about. Shivering, she shrugged off the feeling, getting out of bottom bunk bed. It was a standard dorm room bed thankfully it allowed them to use the space as much as they could. The corner wall had two desks, one opposite the other, and twin dressers that reached the ceiling bordered the entry way. Windows let in light, even with the flimsy white curtains, through the opposite end of the room as the door.

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” she said, reaching out and grabbing Lisa’s leg. Lisa moaned in her sleep and rolled over. Checking her clock on the desk, Nicole noticed the time: it was eight thirty, so they had a little less than an hour before they would need to head to class to be on time. “Get up, or you’ll be late for our test,” Nicole said, loudly. She slapped Lisa’s calf as she headed towards her closet to grab some clothes and her shower kit. After undressing and wrapping herself in a towel, she headed out of the room and down the hall to clean herself up and remove some of the fog from her brain.

The last thing she could remember of the night before had been drinking the coffee Lisa had thoughtfully fetched from the local seven eleven. After that, I must have fallen asleep, Nicole thought. She figured that she had probably gotten undressed while sleeping, or at least half asleep. Otherwise, how did she wake up in her underwear? The showers were still pretty empty as Nicole entered the first stall and closed the curtain behind her. She set her shower caddy down and turned on the water, standing to the side so the cold spray wouldn’t hit her as it heated up.

Nicole felt tender in her front and her back. She couldn’t explain what happened the previous night and the more she thought about it, the more worried she grew. The blackouts had only happened a few times but in the past week, it had happened almost every night and in the morning, she would waken, sore and feeling abused.

I’ll have to ask Lisa about it, she thought, starting to shampoo and lather her long, black hair. Nicole was of east Asian descent, her dark eyes more slanted than most white women’s eyes, taller than average, too, she was almost five feet ten. Almost too thin, with small, perky breasts and only the barest hint of curve in her hips, many people mistook her for a model. The truth was she had considered it but couldn’t stand the idea of being valued just for her looks.

Nicole took her time in the shower, enjoying the warm spray of water caressing her firm chest and small, rosebud nipples. She used body wash, the conditioner, then stood rooted for a few moments before finally turning off the water. The university dorms had very few perks but endless hot water and incredible water pressure were one of the few she enjoyed the most.

As she toweled dry, changing into some jeans and a t-shirt, she thought about the best way to bring up the blackouts with her roommate, Lisa. A few inches shorter than Nicole, Lisa was a case study in contrast. Her hair was so blonde it was almost white and her breasts were large enough to make most men stare. A few women, too. Her hips were wider than Nicole’s, something she had often envied in the few weeks since they had become roommates in their first year of college. When Lisa wore jeans, everybody would watch her walk, craning their heads. Still, Lisa was nice enough, and attractive with cute dimples and a gorgeous, sunny smile that when they hung out, men would bother her as much as Nicole.

They were becoming great friends in the short time they spent together, even though they were from two very different worlds. Nicole had dated a few guys in high school but broke up with her boyfriend before coming to college, as she didn’t want to be tied down to the same guy for the rest of her life. Lisa, oddly enough, never seemed too interested in men, or women, and had never mentioned anybody serious aside from one guy she said she dated early on in high school.

She walked back to the room after drying and found Lisa already out of bed. Probably hit the showers right after me, Nicole thought. Gathering up her books and book bag, she packed for class and made sure her papers were all in order. It was still early enough to grab breakfast, so she decided to wait a few minutes to see if Lisa wanted to join her at the cafeteria. Less than ten minutes later, Lisa returned, dressed in her pink towel, which had roses laced into it.

Lisa’s hair was still wet and she seemed surprised to see Nicole still waiting. “Thought we could get some breakfast together before heading to class?” Nicole quirked one perfectly shaped eyebrow. She often did this when she asked a question or was curious about something.

“Sure thing, um, can you give me a minute to change first? Sorry.” For some reason, Lisa was very shy about changing in front of Nicole. It didn’t bother her at all and had become just one of those things that you put up with from your roommate.

“Oh, of course, I forgot.” Nicole said, heading towards her desk. She grabbed a book she kept meaning to read for fun, a romance novel, and tried to remember where she left off. Lisa watcher her for a moment, then opened her closet to hang up the towel and pick out clothes for the day. It was cooling down, even though it was barely into fall, so she settled on a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt. She wasn’t as used to the cold as Nicole, having moved to Berkley from San Diego. Still in California, but a world of difference in weather.

Moments later, fully clothed, Lisa closed the wardrobe door and turned to Nicole. “Ready,” she announced, grabbing her backpack from off her bed. Nicole envied the way she was always packed in the morning, as she could only sometimes remember to put everything away. The nights she remembered she did, but the nights, like last night, she seemed to forget.

Nicole and Lisa left the room together and locked the door. In the hallway, Sara, Theresa and Gail were also heading down to breakfast at the same time. So they all decided to head down to the cafeteria together. Sara and Gail were both on the cheerleading team, Theresa was a drama queen. Literally and figuratively, she was a stereotypical theater major, short, bubbly and passionate, she tended to change her mind and mood three times in five minutes. The cheerleaders were both brunettes and pretty, in a small town girl fashion. Each of them hailed from the Midwest and talked with what Nicole had claimed was a “country accent.”

Over breakfast, Nicole decided against bringing up her blackouts around the other three girls, as she didn’t want anybody else knowing. She figured that Lisa might know something, but the last thing she wanted to do was worry anybody else. Besides, Nicole thought, it’s probably nothing. No need to panic anybody.

Instead, the talk turned quickly to boys and Sara started gushing about the hot guy she had met last week. “He wants me to bring my cheerleader outfit with me for after dinner,” she grinned wickedly. For some reason, every guy wanted her to wear her costume when they did anything. Nicole had never wanted any of her men dressed up. The other girls all shared a giggle over Sara’s escapades. Theresa pitched in with her own stories, sometimes, but today she was fairly quiet during breakfast.

Gail wasn’t as naughty as Sara, her high school sweetheart was also a cheerleader and they both arrived at Berkeley together. When they were together, the rest of the girls didn’t want to be anywhere near them, especially Nicole. She wouldn’t mind falling in love, even though she was very focused on her studies but too many guys wanted her for what was on the outside, not the inside.

During these discussions, Lisa was the only one who never said much other than to laugh and prod along at the juicier bits. She looked flushed when Sara described the more intimate aspects of her relationships, sometimes listening intently, others, trying to change the subject. Nicole didn’t mind hearing about how good the last guy was in bed, or what his shortcomings were down below, but it only served to remind her that maybe she was being too picky to give one of the many guys that asker her out a chance.

Breakfast finished and the girls parted ways, Sara and Gail to an early morning run before their first classes, which started later in the day, and Theresa off to the theater. The next production she was working on started in a month and Theresa was hard at work on the set. She didn’t make the callbacks this round so ended up helping out backstage. For some reason, Nicole thought that would suit her better in the long run than acting, but of course, Theresa would never hear of it.

On the way to class, the two girls walked in silence for a few moments, enjoying the fall warmth as soon they knew that the weather would be colder and they’d need to wear layers. As a result, both of them ogled, without trying to, the hotter boys that walked by. They walked the sidewalk between older brick and concrete buildings that seemed to exude a sense of legacy, importance and expectation. More passerby would smile, grin or wave to them than the reverse, Nicole and Lisa, though neither would guess, featured in most of the guy’s fantasies that saw them regularly walk to class.

After a few minutes of silence, Nicole finally could still her curiosity no further. “Lisa, I need to ask you about something that’s been happening to me lately. Like last night, I don’t remember going to bed, or changing or anything. Was I acting funny at all?”

Lisa kept her eyes forward, their bright, clear blue reflecting the skies above. Her cheeks colored slightly as she said, “No, you seemed fine to me. After we had coffee, you said you were exhausted and decided to call it a night. Before you made it to your bed, you fell asleep on the desk.” She turned to Nicole and grinned, eyes looking up at her slightly higher face, her lashes fluttering, “I think the midnight plus study sessions are probably too much for you.”

Nicole nodded, it makes sense, she thought. “I hate to ask, but did you change me last night?”

Lisa shook her head vehemently, cheeks coloring slightly more. If I didn’t know better, Nicole thought, I’d swear she was blushing. How weird.

Nicole nodded and decided to drop the subject. A beat later, Lisa added, “I went to sleep only a bit after you. The coffee didn’t help me much, either. You probably woke up in the middle of the night, too tired to remember, and then changed out of your clothes. I’ve done that before.” The color was gone from Lisa’s cheeks and Nicole believed her, thinking the blushing earlier was probably just an increase in the breezy, fall air.

The building for their writing class was only a ten minute walk and they arrived earlier than most students, just after the last class finished. It was in the bottom floor of a classic California style building with tile roof and red brick walls. The concrete hallways had long since been tiled over and while old, the building had none of the musty, decaying odor that Nicole always expected on entering. Both of them sat in the front row, as usual. It served to help both of them to listen and, when they wore certain clothes, thoroughly distract the teacher, Mr. Morgan.

Mr. Morgan was tall, over six feet, ruggedly handsome with dirty blonde hair and piercing green eyes. His strong jawline looked like his face was modeled after Brat Pitt and the sculptor had outdone themselves. He was a graduate student, studying for his Master’s of Fine Arts, emphasis in creative writing. As part of his program, the university got him to teach for a bargain price and he got free tuition. More than once, Nicole thought he might be interested in her, even though the university had strict policies on such things. A few times, she thought he had been about to do more than flirt when she stopped by at office hours but he always stopped himself from saying anything too directly invitational. Pity, Nicole thought, he’s so dreamy.

Lisa, for all her talk of she wasn’t that impressed with him, showed up as early as Nicole and had visited him once or twice in office hours, as well. “To get help with my paper, only,” she would insist to Nicole, “I want to make sure I get good grades. I’m going to try for a scholarship for next year. If I get it, my parents promised me a new car.” It all sounded reasonable to Nicole, except for the early attendance and her searching, staring looks at Mr. Morgan when they were in class.

Mr. Morgan arrived just after the last of the students entered. The class held about twenty-five students and most days, one or two was absent. Today, with the test, everybody was there and Mr. Morgan did a quick count without bothering to call individual names. After the first month, he knew pretty much everybody and shortly confirmed that the class was indeed full. Today he wore a white, button up shirt, opened enough to expose some of his lightly tanned, smooth chest and a pair close fitting khakis. His butt looks so firm and tight, Nicole thought.

“Thanks for joining us today, everybody. Are you all ready for the test?” Nicole grinned, as did most of the students in class. Lisa, seeing Nicole’s grin, frowned slightly as she setup her pencils on her desk. Maybe she didn’t get enough sleep last night, Nicole thought. I feel refreshed and the soreness of the morning seems like a distant memory. I couldn’t have imagined feeling violated, could I?

“Please pass these down your row, Nicole.” He had a smooth baritone voice, the pitch just low enough to make her quiver. She nodded, grabbing the stack of blue books and leaning over her shoulder to pass them back after taking one. He walked to each row, next Lisa, then another student, handing out stacks of the blue books that were used to write essays in for test taking. Nicole started writing her name, date and other essentials on the outer cover as Mr. Morgan returned to the white board in front and started writing down instructions.

He finished and turned to face the class. “I’ll be grading papers from a previous session while you work. Remember, no talking, no electronic devices and no cheating of any kind or you fail. Begin,” he paused, looking at his cell phone, “Now.”

Nicole started writing some ideas on the inside cover and then attacked the essay with gusto. The forty-five minutes had never seemed to pass by so fast. One minute she was writing out her arguments in reasonable yet strong prose and the next, the teacher was calling them to stop.

“Pencils down,” Mr. Morgan said, seemingly only five minutes later. Nicole looked over her work, amazed she had written so much and hoping it was all coherent with good grammar and spelling. Comprehensiveness, originality and of course mechanics made up equal portions of the grade for the test. As a mid term, the test she just finished made up a good chunk of her grade.

“Please pass your tests forward,” Mr. Morgan said, getting up from his desk. He looked a bit flushed when he walked up to Nicole’s row of desks, “I’ll collect them from each person in the front. Good job today everyone. Your grades will be posted by next Wednesday.” Looking down at Nicole, his green eyes sparkled, “Enjoy your weekend.” To her, it seemed he meant it especially for her. She shivered, wondering if he knew what she kept thinking about him.

Lisa, watching the exchange, felt a stab of jealousy that she never would have expected. She stared cooly at Mr. Morgan as he grabbed the tests from her delicate, well manicured fingers. “You too, Lisa,” he said, his baritone warm. She nodded, smiling shyly at him and batting her eyelashes. Nicole watched Lisa seem to flirt with Mr. Morgan and thought again, Is it just us, or does he have this effect on all the girls in his class?

As everybody started to file out of class, Lisa got up and followed Nicole into the hallway. “I have physics next,” Nicole said, “See you later, ok?” Lisa nodded, smiling. They didn’t share any classes other than writing but there was more paperwork in that class than most others. Also, the hot teacher had motivated them both to study extra hard. The handsome Mr. Morgan made Nicole constantly worry about her grades, even though she was doing excellent in the class so far.

Lisa walked quickly out of the building and headed to her next class for the day which was in Evans hall, a five minute walk for her math class. Nicole had a shorter walk next door to Wheeler hall, for an English literature class. Even though it was right next door, she was barely on time every day, because she frequently found some excuse to hang back at his class. Aside from that, the teacher for her literature class was an old, smelly bore with a gray, bushy beard who sweated profusely, even with the air conditioning on.

If the class had been anything other than a requirement, she would have dropped it long since. She arrived in class, a room full of thirty students, just before the professor announced the topic for the day.

“Good afternoon, students,” he droned, his voice warbling, doubtless his beard hid a double or triple chin, “today we will be discussing Jane Eyre.”

Nicole groaned inwardly, usually she was excited about this kind of discussion but her thoughts kept drifting during the discussion and when she was called on to chime in, she embarrassingly could not recall a single word of the question. “Sorry, professor Gray. I didn’t sleep very well last night and had a mid term this morning. Can you repeat the question?” She smiled, batting her eyelashes, as much as she hated to do so with the fat old man, it worked.

Grunting, Professor Gray replied, “No, I will not. Since many of the other students also have mid terms, how about we skip to your paper assignment and call it a day?” He got up from his chair, the class was set in a semi circle around his desk, and grabbed a stack of papers. He dropped one off on each desk and then sat down again, sweating profusely from the effort. Nicole was glad to see that her paper, at least, was dry. Some of the students at the end of the circle were not so lucky.

“Please review the requirements for the paper. The subject is Jane Eyre, it’s due next week. No exceptions.” Several of the students, after reviewing the requirements for the paper, looked daunted by the task. Nicole reviewed the paper briefly before putting it in her backpack. Thirty pages, due in a week, must present an original perspective on the work and argue for or against one of the main characters rationales for acting the way they did. Simple enough, Nicole thought as she left the class, I can just pick something controversial and argue that after I finish the book.

With her classes done, Nicole set out for the cafeteria for a late lunch. Most days, her lunch schedule did not overlap with her circle of friends and as a result she ate alone before heading back to her room in the Foothill dorms. While she ate, she replayed her interaction with Mr. Morgan and kept thinking about his smile. He had strong hands, she knew from his handshake, and from the short sleeve dress shirts he sometimes wore, she knew he worked out. Everything about him seemed the perfect man, except for those pesky student teacher relations rules.

Sighing, she finished her lunch absentmindedly and headed back to her room to start her evening study time. Maybe after the term ends, I can get him to ask me out. Though it is strange for him to be single, I wonder if he’s just been too busy with school to meet the right person?

When Nicole arrived in her room, Lisa wasn’t there and Nicole got her paper out to start her research and outline for the Jane Eyre essay. Her laptop was a Sony Vaio model and had never had any issues in the few months since she got it for her college work. However that Wednesday afternoon, it wouldn’t turn on. Ten minutes of frustration trying to figure out how to get it on, Nicole finally gave up and thought she would head to the computer lab.

She packed her backpack and got ready to go, then realized that she could try Lisa’s computer. She won’t mind if I use it for school work, Nicole thought, it’s not like I’m going to pirate movies or anything. Lisa had never specifically said that Nicole could not use her macbook pro, but Nicole had assumed, given it was a more expensive computer, that she probably shouldn’t touch it. However, Nicole really did not want to walk ten minutes to the computer lab and deal with a bunch of nerdy boys ogling her as she tried to research some topics on past essays about Jane Eyre.

Nicole booted up the laptop and waited a few minutes for the screen icon to spin around and then coalesce into a background of the sky at night, with stars and some purple and white streaks that looked like Star Trek when the ships traveled at light speed. How geeky, Nicole thought, at least my computer has a customized background.

Nicole had never used a Macbook before so it took her a few moments of searching to locate the web browser icon. On the desktop, there were only a few icons, one a folder named “Special”. I wonder what that is, Nicole thought, clicking the folder. Inside were a few movie icons which made her even more curious. She glanced at the clock in the upper right hand of the screen, Lisa won’t be back for a while, she thought. Let me see what these are. On a budget, she rarely went to the movie theater since arriving in college and it summer since she last sat down to watch a movie. I’ll just watch a few minutes of it to see if it’s any good and then get back to work.

The movie opened in a software called Quicktime Player after she double tapped the touchpad. By default, the video had opened in a really small square and it was difficult to see what was happening. After an awkward moment, Nicole figured out how to drag the corner of the box and make the video larger. Then she realized the green “plus” button in the top left of the program maximized the window automatically, shaking her head, she clicked and the video took up the full screen.

“That’s our room,” she said aloud, shocked. “Why did Lisa record our dorm room?” A moment later, she realized that it was the Macbook that had probably recorded the video from the built in webcam. She recognized herself, seemingly asleep on the bed, in the clothes she was wearing last night. Paranoia set in as she wondered what happened the previous night, still unable to remember anything of her dream, or after the studying session. Glancing at the door, Nicole contemplated locking it, then shook her head, as Lisa would have her key with her. The most it would do would give her warning of a second to close the computer before she saw her.

Lisa entered the screen, stripped naked and Nicole couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Sleeping deeply, she watched her roommate start to undress her still form, carefully stripping away her tight jeans, blouse and underwear. This can’t be happening, Nicole thought, Lisa would never do something like this. Horrified, her curiosity made her eyes glued to the screen in front of her, anxiously wondering what Lisa would do. She noticed, absently, that Lisa’s firm breasts were perfectly rounded and very perky, their light pink nipples standing fully erect. She is so hot, Nicole thought, unable to continue her anger at what she was watching. What a beautiful body.

In the video, Nicole was breathing deeply, laying on her back, now completely naked as Lisa watched her sleep peacefully. “Oh, Nicole. I wish you I could tell you how I feel,” she whispered, tracing her cheek with a fingernail. “You’d probably freak out though, call me a dyke or something.” Lisa leaned over and kissed Nicole’s earlobe, gently, one hand tracing the line of her shoulder down to her hand, giving it a squeeze as she did so. “Just in case we can never be together, I’m recording this time, so I can always remember tonight.” Still holding Nicole’s hand, she brought it to her breast, massaging her own erect nipple with the limp fingers. Sighing, she set it down gently and started to massage Nicole’s breasts in the video.

“What is she doing?” Nicole whispered, watching, mesmerized as Lisa continued her breast massage. After a moment, Lisa straddled her prone form and continued her caresses, grinding her hips into Nicole’s as she fondled her. Nicole had only known one girl that she was sure was a lesbian, in high school. Nicole had never felt the remotest attraction to her, even though she knew many girls that she found attractive, the thought of being with one, sexually, had never crossed her mind. Watching the screen, Lisa lay forward, starting to kiss her earlobes and neck, all the while still squeezing one pert breast with another. “She’s done this before,” Nicole gasped, “Oh, god, my roommate raped me!”

Frantically, she thought about what she should do. The video continued as she tuned it out, an image of her giving a copy to the campus police and explaining what happened. Even if she could bring herself to go through that humiliation, she couldn’t do that to Lisa. Until now, Lisa had been one of her best friends, ever. Just thinking about her going to jail, or at least getting kicked out of school, made her unbearably sad and she pushed the thought away. I can’t do that to her, Nicole thought, I’ll confront her about this video and demand an apology. A moment later, and I’ll get a new roommate as soon as possible. Soft moans distracted her and she fixated on the screen again, watching as Lisa started to kiss her.

“No,” Nicole whispered, watching Lisa’s slippery tongue dart in between her lips. “I was asleep, probably drugged. How could she do that to me?” Lisa’s eyes were closed, and Nicole, stunned, saw her own lips move slightly, seemingly enjoying and reciprocating the passionate kiss. This was her first time seeing any porn other than an “R” rated movie, or seeing some pictures in a magazine she stole from her brother out of curiosity. The cloth of her long sleeve blouse seemed to tighten across her chest as the kissing continued and she began to feel uncomfortably hot in her jeans.

Lisa’s hands moved in the video, one straying down to caress Nicole’s thigh. “Oh, god,” she whispered, “no, no.” Heedless of what was happening as Nicole watched the previous night unfold on the screen, Lisa gently pushed one long, smooth thigh towards the edge of the bed, enabling Nicole to see her smooth mound wet and waiting. Lisa wasted no time in her movements, one hand sliding up Nicole’s inner thigh to caress, teasingly, her labia. A soft moan escaped her lips in the video, and Nicole wondered at what she was dreaming while this happened. The evening was still a complete blank for her.

“I’m going to lick you, first,” Lisa whispered, leaning back from Nicole’s face and pushing one of her own fingers into her mouth. She sucked it, her eyes smoldering as she stared into Nicole’s face. “I love making you cum,” she continued, “But I wish we could do more together. I want it all.” Nicole, mind whirling, her own body betraying her, felt her own lust mount as Lisa started to suck on her firm breasts, teasing her nipples with her tongue. One hand sliding back and forth between her legs, she could see the dribble of her juices flowing down her thighs, her body twitching slightly as the ecstasy of Lisa’s ministrations brought her closer to orgasm.

Nicole saw Lisa move down further, one slick hand spreading her legs as wide as they would go on the bed, her juices glistening on her inner thigh. Lisa’s movement exposed her firm, tight ass and her slit, which was shining with her own excitement as well. The sight aroused her like nothing else in her life, and she looked at the door, hoping that Lisa would not come back soon so she could finish. As Lisa’s tongue flicked out on the screen, Nicole squirmed in her chair, wondering if she should try touching herself. She had never fingered herself before, as she had never felt the need, or the desire. The burning sensations in her mound were filling her mind with want, need and desire.

The sight of the two perfectly shaped ass cheeks of Lisa, her crack glistening as she started to lick her prone body on the bed were too much for her. Nicole unbuttoned her tight jeans, feeling the cool air make her flesh tingle with anticipation. “Oh, yes,” she whispered, her pants unbuttoned and tugged down slightly to give her fingers access. As Lisa continued to lick her pussy in the video, she started to finger herself.

Nicole pulled her thong to the side, the small strip of pink cloth stretching tight against the muscles of her thighs, and ran her fingers over her pubic mound. Gently, she found the nub of her clit, gasping at the electric sensation and rotating her fingers lightly over the engorged nub. Just as she started to move in rhythm, Lisa in the video inserted a finger into her dripping pussy, almost as if the woman in the video knew what Nicole would do the next day. Copying her, Nicole slid a finger into her own pussy, easily pushing her finger all the way inside.

Just then, the door opened, which she didn’t hear. The soft, squishing sounds of her moving her fingers in and out, coupled with the increasingly loud moans from the computer, overwhelmed her senses and she could feel an orgasm building deep within.

Leaning back in the chair, her fingers working her gushing slit in steady, broad circles, her left hand started to squeeze her breast, just as she saw Lisa use her own hand in the video to squeeze her nipple. Her pussy started to pulsate as she continued pushing her finger in and out. Nicole pushed a second finger inside, gasping at the sensation, and started to flick her clitoris with her thumb. At the same time as her pussy started to convulse around her fingers, the surging force of her climax hit her and she bucked her hips, squirting more fluid over her hand, almost wetting the chair. She saw Lisa in the video sucking her clitoris, hard, pumping two fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She could see herself orgasm in the movie as her own ecstasy faded slightly.

Nicole felt flushed and relieved, still worried about what had happened with Lisa, as the video continued, but satisfied from the best orgasm she had ever known. Her nipples strained against the fabric of her push up bra and as she watched the screen, she could tell that Lisa had brought her to a second orgasm with her tongue. In the video, Lisa had started to finger herself, her delicate fingers pumping in and out of her tight pussy. Lisa’s ass was still facing the camera and Nicole started to feel hungry to taste her, the thought of actually being involved exciting her further. “I have to do that again,” she whispered, slowly caressing her clit, fingers massaging the stiff nub in a circle.

“I agree,” whispered Lisa, standing in the corner.

Nicole gasped, head swinging towards the sound, her fingers still working her clit with one hand, the other cupping her breast and pinching her nipple through the soft fabric of her blouse. Her body was fast building to a second orgasm, the muffled sounds of pleasure on the video were making her delirious with need. So close, she thought, I want to cum again. Standing next to the door, dressed in her workout clothes of green sweatpants and matching sports bra, Lisa looked like she had skipped her usual after workout shower. Her face glistened with sweat, her golden cheeks flushed red, her luxurious blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. Feeling embarrassed, horny and completely out of sorts, she reluctantly pulled her hand away from her clit and stood up, knocking the chair over on its side.

“How could you?” Nicole grated, her voice rough, mixed emotions tearing her apart inside. “I trusted you!”

Lisa, face flushed, looked down, her long eyelashes covering her crystal clear blue eyes. “I’m sorry, Nicole.” Looking up, Lisa seemed on the verge of tears as she continued, “About two years ago, in my junior year in high school, I told another girl how I felt about her. We had been drinking at a party, and she was snuggled close to met. Tentatively, I touched her breasts,” Lisa whispered, her blue eyes fixated on Nicole’s face. Nicole was still sanding there, next to the desk, jeans unbuttoned, perky nipples poking through the fabric of her blouse. “When I told her I wanted her, she pushed my hands away. Then she hit me,” Lisa sobbed, “And called me a filthy, dirty lesbian. I had a boyfriend the year before, but, I was so confused.” Lisa grabbed herself, just below her breasts, hugging away the pain of the memory. “I’ve never had the courage to tell anybody that story. She kept quiet, but we weren’t friends anymore.”

Reeling from the story, feeling her friends pain, Nicole couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. “That doesn’t give you the right to rape me!” The throbbing in her wet vagina seemed to betray her, as Nicole fought the revulsion she felt at having been violated and tried to also push down her mounting feelings of lust. Lisa is amazing, she thought, but she had no right touch me like that. So why do I want her to do it again so badly? Shivering, Lisa seemed to curl in on herself, hunching over a little, the unshed tears glistening in the corners of her eyes. Nicole’s heart melted, she had loved Lisa, as a friend, since they had first moved in together.

Moaning, Lisa started to shake, a sob escaping her lips. “I’m so sorry. I got out of hand, I know. The first time I watched you fall asleep at your desk…you have been so wonderful to me.” Her sweet, sultry voice was thick with emotion as Lisa looked up again to stare deeply into Nicole’s brown eyes. “You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met,” she said, gaining back some of her usual confidence, “Also the prettiest.” The blush returned to Lisa’s cheeks as she said this, darting a quick, hesitate glance at Nicole’s still erect nipples that poked through her blouse.

Seeing Lisa quickly take in the state of her pants and briefly stare at her breasts made Nicole’s ardor return. More firmly, Lisa continued, “Let me make it up to you. I’ll do anything.” She spoke softly, caressingly, the words seemed to hint at promises of forbidden, lustful abandon. The images on the screen continued their writhing passion, and Nicole tore her gaze away from Lisa’s, focusing on the screen once more. Gasping, she couldn’t believe what was happening in the movie. For what seemed like an hour, she watched as on the video, Lisa repositioned her at the edge of the bed, kneeling forward, her limp head and arms on the mattress. Her ass was wide open, her tight cheeks spread wide as Lisa mounted her from behind. Lisa must have moved the computer, as Nicole could see clearly from a new angle that Lisa wore some kind of fake penis. It looked enormous, far bigger than her only boyfriend and it seemed to have been covered in lubricant, for the pink latex shaft was covered with a shiny liquid.

“What is that?” Nicole whispered, eyes fixated on the screen. She could feel her lust mounting, the throbbing sensation in her pussy nearly causing her knees to buckle as she hungrily stared at the scene before her. Lisa in the movie started to lick her fingers, then slowly inserted one, not in her pussy, but in her ass, the star shaped sphincter yielding grudgingly to her long, thin finger. Captivated, Nicole did not notice as Lisa crept up behind her and righted the desk chair. While pumping her finger further into her rectal cavity, Lisa started licking and biting Nicole’s ass cheek, her drool running down her soft, creamy flesh. Almost burning with desire, the naughtiness of the scene started to drive Nicole wild with lust.

She slid her hands down her stomach, wiggling her pants a little, attempting to free herself. “Let me help,” Lisa whispered in her ear, grabbing Nicole’s hands. Eyes fixated on the screen, Nicole yelped as Lisa pulled her jeans all the way down to her ankles in one swift motion. Losing her balance, Nicole sat heavily in the office chair, the breath whooshing out of her as she sat. Seated on the rough, cheap fabric with no jeans or panties to cushion her, the scratchy material caused her to squirm in the chair. As she stared at Lisa starting to drill her ass with her finger faster, the distant waves of pleasure deep inside started to build towards the boiling point.

Lisa watched Nicole, standing behind her, still in her gym clothes, feeling like this was a dream. After spending an increasing number of nights ravishing Nicole’s body in increasingly naughty ways, she still had been far too shy to tell her best friend of her true feelings. Every night, Lisa had wished somehow, Nicole would wake up afterwards, or during, and return her passionate embrace willingly. Afraid to disturb her friend’s hypnotic viewing of the depraved night before, she pulled her sports bra off and relished in the musk filled air, her pink, taut nipples pointing almost skywards on her c cup breasts.

Nicole, having forgotten Lisa was standing behind the chair, eyes glazed with lust watched as her ass was violated more and more. She started to grope her breast, then brought one hand down, to touch her clit once more. The chair was soaked now from her wet juices overflowing onto the beige fabric. The fingers of her right hand awkwardly parted the lips of her vulva, spreading them wide, sliding up and down her clit. “Oh, yes,” she whispered, watching her thighs dripping from excitement while Lisa worked her over. After a few moments of watching, she saw Lisa withdraw her fingers, wiping them on the bed beside her. Curiously, they were completely clean, only slick from sweat and cum. Unsure what was about to happen, Nicole stopped her increasingly frantic motions, one hand glued to her nipples.

As Nicole stopped touching herself, Lisa finally finished disrobing, standing silently behind her friend, unsure what to do. Her dreams had been filled with a hundred scenarios of how she might finally seduce Nicole for real, but never had she imagined walking in on her playing with herself to the amateur porn video she made of the two of them. Her own thighs were getting wet, watching her friend’s fingers bury themselves in her open legs, her hand clutching her breast. Lisa had never before had anal sex herself, but the night before, she had wanted to do it all, on film, as she was sure it would never happen again.

“What did you do?” Nicole said, a touch of anger in her voice, all her motion ceased. They watched the screen together, unmoving, as in the film Lisa started to slicken the massive strap-on dildo with the cum oozing out of Nicole’s swollen vagina. Lisa’s tits swayed as she positioned the head of the fake penis at the entrance to Nicole’s ass. She held the shaft with her right hand and spread the cheeks wide with her left, gently pushing forward with her hips.

Unable to help herself any longer, Lisa bent down to whisper in Nicole’s ear. “I used the strap-on,” she whispered, moving Nicole’s raven black hair aside with one hand, “To fuck your tight, virgin ass.” Lisa had no idea where the words came from, it was the dirtiest thing she could think of to whisper in her friend’s ear. Her warm breath tickled Nicole and she shivered, watching herself on screen get penetrated in her backdoor for the first time. Lisa moved her hips slowly, getting the shaft only one inch inside of her. Then with her hands on her hips, Lisa started wiggling forward, the phallus disappearing ever so slowly into Nicole’s stretched and well lubricated sphincter.

Shuddering, her arms and shoulders sporting goosebumps, Nicole whispered back, “Why would you want to do that?” The thought disturbed her, but, watching it on screen, knowing that it had happened made her wonder. What would it be like, having something up there? Clearly, it made me excited, I was cumming so much.

“It’s the smell,” Lisa whispered, biting softly at her ear. Nicole shivered again, arching her back, her pointy nipples seemingly aiming right at her eyes. Lisa stared at them as she continued, “When I was inside of you, back there, all I could smell was your dripping cunt. It’s so delicious, it drove me crazy with lust. Would you like to try it again?” Lisa had no idea what effect her words were having on Nicole, as she still just sat there, one hand cupping her breast, the fingers of her hand idly flicking, the nipple only half hard. Between her legs, Lisa could see the arousal but Nicole no longer touched herself.

“Make me cum,” Nicole whispered, watching herself take the full length of the huge strap-on. Lisa started to pull out, still moving slowly, and then push back in, her perfectly tanned, round hips flexing with the movement. “I want you to lick me, Lisa. Please.” What am I saying, Nicole thought, I’m not a lesbian. I’ve never seen anything this hot before, it’s driving me crazy.

Lisa was unable to believe what she just heard and simply stood rooted for a moment, bending over the chair, her mouth less than an inch from Nicole’s earlobe. The small, diamond studs that pierced the center of her earlobes brushed against Lisa’s lips as she bit, teasing Nicole. While she bit Nicole’s ear, her hands encircled her from behind the chair, finding the pert nipples she had sucked so many times before. The feel of them was familiar to Lisa, but the reaction from Nicole was not. “Oh, god, yes,” Nicole murmured, arching her back against the chair. The movement released her breasts from Lisa’s grasping hands, and she sat back, moving her own fingers up and down her thighs, avoiding her dripping wet pussy, teasing herself. “More, more! Lick me now!”

She needed no further prompting and walked around to the front of the chair to kneel in between Nicole’s spread legs, crouching below the desk where the computer sat, the video of their night before still playing. Nicole’s light brown pussy lips were spread open, revealing the glistening pink inner labia and vaginal canal. Thick, viscous fluid had puddled on the desk chair between Nicole’s legs from her constant stimulation. Lisa grabbed Nicole’s hands as they caressed her thighs, holding them for support as she bent her face down, inhaling the sweet, musky scent of Nicole’s love juices.

“Do you really want me to eat you out?” Lisa murmured, mouth hovering only an inch from Nicole’s engorged clitoris. She blew softly, the hot hair sending a shiver down Nicole’s spine, her hips bucking forward as she desperately wanted to feel something more.

“Oh, yes, please,” Nicole said, unable to control herself. She let go of Lisa’s hands and grabbed her long, lustrous blonde hair and pushed Lisa’s face into her, grinding her pussy into her nose, mouth and chin. Without watching what she was doing, Nicole started to hump Lisa’s face, eyes fixated on the screen as she received the dildo up her ass. Lisa in the movie had built up some speed, pounding away just like a man, the pink cock nearly splitting her virgin ass in two. Nicole could not believe the look on Lisa’s face, the unbridled lust, the sheer, wanton kinkiness of the scene. Her thighs were so wet the coverlet of the bed had gotten damp and she could see her juices covering most of Lisa’s thighs as well as she fucked her.

With Nicole’s hands grabbing her hair painfully, Lisa stuck her tongue out, wiggling it all over Nicole’s pussy, her chin slick, rubbing around her inner thighs and labia. Her nose was rubbing against Nicole’s clit as she tasted the sweetness, swallowing the bit of cum that oozed out as she started to eat her friend.

“Oh, yes,” Nicole screamed, unable to control herself. The feeling of Lisa’s mouth on her was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She let go of Lisa’s hair and lifted her ass off the chair, feeling her orgasm building within, more powerful than ever. Losing herself in pleasure, she felt Lisa’s mouth latch onto her clitoris, sucking it in, swirling her tongue around it in a french kiss motion. As the waves of pleasure crashed over her, she felt a strange sensation amidst the pleasure, as if she needed to pee. Nicole had never had a squirting orgasm and wasn’t familiar with the term. She tensed up, unwilling to let go, trying to fight back against the waves of pleasure emanating from her dripping cunt, Lisa’s expert tongue driving her wild.

Suddenly, she felt Lisa’s finger stab into her, the long nail in her slit probing, feeling for the inner part of her clitoris. Nicole could take no more as the feelings consumed her, she screamed, “Oh, yes,” shooting wet, sticky cum all over Lisa’s hand in convulsive, twitching spurts. The waves of pleasure drowned out anything else she could see, hear or feel as her body twitched and quivered, cumming again and again while Lisa sucked, hard, at her throbbing clitoris. After what seemed like an eternity, Nicole’s pussy stopped convulsing and the waves of pleasure subsided, no longer obliterating every other feeling or thought.

“Thanks,” Nicole said, Lisa’s mouth still buried in her wet pussy. Lisa swallowed most of Nicole’s ejaculate, unable to help herself, the sweet taste unlike anything she had from Nicole before. “Stop, please,” she said, grabbing Lisa’s hair and pulling her face back. Lisa’s face was flushed, sticky and slick all over with her cum. Lisa looked up at Nicole with unbridled lust, clearly hungry for more. After the orgasm she had, Nicole knew that it would be a while before she could climax again. The explosive release, the dirtiness of the movie and the seemingly telepathic connection Lisa had with her cunt was perfect. Now, she wanted to do something to Lisa, but probably not what she has in mind, Nicole thought, grinning widely.

Shyly, Lisa whispered, “Nicole, please, will you do something for me?” She trailed a line over Nicole’s thigh with her fingers, the short nails causing Nicole to quiver again with passion. “I have dreamed about this for so long. I want to feel you. Please?” The sultry tone in Lisa’s voice, watching her pleading, naked, kneeling between her spread legs gave Nicole a feeling of power and control. She liked looking down on her sexy friend’s body, her firm breasts exposed, the perky nipples completely stiff. Watching the movie had given her ideas she’d never dreamed of and she knew what she wanted to do next.

“First, can you help me with my bra?” Nicole asked, grabbing Lisa’s hands and helping her to stand. They both stood, Lisa slightly shorter than Nicole, with only Nicole’s bra and blouse separating them from being totally naked together. Lisa nodded, staring deep into Nicole’s eyes, and leaned forward, wrapping her arms around her back. She slid her hands from the small of Nicole’s back upwards, and found the strap. Undoing it, she slid the straps forward and then let her hands fall. Hoping for a kiss, Lisa leaned in further, her face still covered in Nicole’s cum, lips parted in nervous anticipation.

Nicole stepped back, not wanting to kiss her, the thought of tasting her own juices on her friend’s lips too much, too fast. “Thanks,” she commented, removing her blouse and bra in a smooth motion.

Lisa couldn’t help the feeling of disappointment, wanting desperately to kiss Nicole but not wanting to push. Her lips betrayed her feelings of rejection and quivered in a small frown, her bright, blue eyes shiny. Nicole felt bad for not kissing her, but she wanted something else. She looked around the room, trying to guess where Lisa kept the strap-on she had seen in the movie and finally asked, “Where do you keep that thing?”

Lisa looked puzzled, until Nicole made a crude masturbatory gesture with her hands of a man stroking himself. “You know, the device you used,” Nicole said, smiling. Seeing Nicole standing naked, caressing an invisible cock made Lisa giggle, the rude gesture taking her mind off the lack of affection Nicole had just shown. Shaking her head, Lisa went to her closet and rummaged around, moving a few shoe boxes. In moments, she stepped back from the door and straightened, holding the same pink phallus and harness than she had used on Nicole the night before. The pink strap-on was huge, bigger than Lisa’s only boyfriend and bigger than anything Nicole had seen in person as well. It looked bigger than the few male porn stars Nicole had seen, too.

“Here you go,” Lisa said, walking towards Nicole, swaying her hips more than usual, attempting to get Nicole interested in her body. She could not tell if Nicole was teasing her or not, and she wanted desperately for Nicole to do for her what she had done, licking her pussy to a mind-bending orgasm. “What do you want to do with it?”

Nicole eyed the device curiously, the black straps, the huge pink cock jutting from a clear base. On the opposite side of the cock there was a nub like ridge which seemed uncomfortable to her. “Can you show me how to put it on?” Nicole said, swallowing her sudden apprehension. The eager look on Lisa’s face made Nicole feel guilty for having her eat her out, but she was still feeling out of sorts, wondering if this was some kind of strange dream. The last thing she had imagined ever happening was standing there, naked, with her best friend and a dildo between them.

Nodding, Lisa bent down and positioned the straps about as wide as Nicole’s hips, “Just step into them, and then I’ll help you tighten it down.” Nicole’s worry must have shown on her face, so Lisa gave a reassuring smile, “It feels really good when you wear it.” She pointed to the inner ridge of the cock, inside the translucent rubber triangle, “This rubs up against your clit as you use it, which is amazing.” Blushing, Lisa stopped, looking up at Nicole. Her perky nipples were no longer as stiff as they had been and Lisa worried that Nicole wanted to stop. “You don’t have to do this, you know,” Lisa said, still crouching, as Nicole hesitated before stepping into the harness.

“I know. I want to,” Nicole said, helping Lisa pull the straps up to her waist. “You made me cum, and I want to help you cum,” Nicole said, unable to keep down the edge of hysteria she felt as she said it. I can’t believe this is happening, she thought, but I want to pay her back. “I want to get you back.”

The edge to Nicole’s voice frightened Lisa slightly as she tightened the straps, giving each a small tug on both sides of Nicole’s hips. Satisfied the strap-on was firmly in place, she stood in front of Nicole, hoping things would be ok between them. “You’re all set,” Lisa said, smiling, “What would you like to do now?”

The cock was heavier than Nicole thought it would be and felt awkward, the stiff rubber phallus nearly seven inches long and thick. It was shaped like an uncircumcised penis, the engorged mushroom head had a curved ridge which would give the receiver a very filling sensation as the strap-on was inserted. What would I like to do, Nicole thought, wiggling her hips to see how it felt to move the cock around with her waist. The ridged underside of the rubber triangle in the front did stimulate her clit in the right way and she started swishing her hips in a circle, getting lost in the sensations. Nicole noticed the movie on the computer had finally ended and then looked back at Lisa, standing naked in front of her, her hands at her sides clenching and unclenching in nervousness.

“Is the door locked?” Nicole asked, lifting her chin towards the dorm room door.

“Yes, I locked it when I came in after I saw what you were doing,” Lisa whispered, “I was hoping that we could be together.” Her tentative smile spread wider, her blue eyes sparkling. “Nicole, I’d love it if you could make me feel good. I’ve fantasized about this for a month, ever since I met you.” Nicole said nothing, a thoughtful look on her lightly tanned face, her black, silky hair had drifted forward to hide her full expression as she looked down at the cock she was wearing. Nicole’s nipples had stiffened again as she swirled her hips around. Grabbing the dildo with her right hand, she stroked it as she imagined a man would stroke his own cock, delicately tracing the fake veiny shaft with her fingernails.

“Lisa, kneel,” Nicole said, not looking up.

Confused, Lisa knelt down on all fours in front of her, the rough carpet digging into her knees as she felt less pleasure, more curiosity, this time. That’s better, Nicole thought, her nipples hardening in desire once more. For some reason, seeing her kneel in front of me is incredibly sexy. I think this is the hottest I’ve ever seen her. Aloud, she murmured, “Lisa, you look so hot. I want to fuck you.” Nicole was surprised she actually meant what she said, even as she was unsure what to do next.

“First, I want you to suck this dick.” The words just sprang out of her mouth, Nicole couldn’t believe she said them. Lisa looked even more confused, one delicate eyebrow arched, her heavy breasts swaying as she straightened to lift her hands off the floor. Nicole buried her left hand in Lisa’s hair, the long tresses damp with sweat. Her right hand positioned the dildo in front of Lisa’s face, the cock head staring, boldly, right between her eyes.

The strap-on was so big Lisa worried it would not fit very well in her mouth but Nicole was impatient, commanding, “Open wide.” Unwilling to do anything to upset her, Lisa opened her mouth, swallowing the tip of the cock, giving head to it for the first time. She had never even thought about giving a blowjob to her only boyfriend and considered the act demeaning somehow. The dildo still had a musky, earthy taste from the previous nights session, which combined with the latex flavor wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be, but far from pleasant.

Watching her best friend suck the latex cock was turning Nicole on more than seeing the movie of herself getting violated. Lisa’s luscious red lips stretched wide around the cock, moving up and down on it’s wide length, her still glistening face practically glowing in the afternoon light. Bathed in the soft, fluorescent light of the dorm room, Nicole could see Lisa’s perfect breasts bouncing lightly with the movements of her head, the nipples stiffening slowly. “That’s it,” Nicole whispered, holding onto Lisa’s head still with her left hand as she bobbed up and down, “Suck it.”

Lisa obliged, almost gagging as she took more than half of the cock deep inside of throat. Nearly choking with the effort, Nicole’s hand pushing her down more, she grabbed Nicole’s hips to steady herself, afraid she would fall over. Nicole did not enjoy the few times she had given head, the salty taste was a major turn off for her. Seeing Lisa nearly gag on the thick cock made her grin wickedly, the harness pleasantly rubbing against her clit as Lisa sucked and slurped. Will she beg for it, Nicole wondered, reaching down to gently push Lisa back off the cock.

“That was great, Lisa. You suck dick like a pro.” Nicole meant the comment to be demeaning to Lisa and a blush heated Lisa’s cheeks, her red lips covered in saliva. Looking up at Nicole through her long, blonde eyelashes, Lisa waited patiently, still on her knees, hopeful that she would get what she craved but unwilling to ask Nicole again. Blue eyes bored into brown, Lisa wishing, silently, that Nicole would finally make her cum. The dank, rubbery taste of the strap-on lingered in her mouth as she licked her lips, swallowing to try to cleanse her palate.

“Do you want me to fuck you now, my little slut?” Nicole loved the feeling of control over Lisa. After discovering she had been violated in every way, she wanted Lisa to feel the same humiliation, to feel completely violated.

Nodding, Lisa stared into Nicole’s eyes, unblinking and completely still. Her own nipples perked up as Nicole grabbed her hands, which were still resting on Nicole’s hips.

“If you want it, you’ll need to do everything I say,” Nicole said, helping Lisa to stand in front of her. The strap-on dildo slid between her legs, resting on the inside of her thigh, only inches away from Lisa’s increasingly wet pussy. “If you ask for something else, or ask me to stop, it’s over.” Nicole made a frown as she finished, a note of iron in her voice, “If you don’t take it, however I give it to you, this will never happen again. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” Lisa whispered, hopeful once more. She gave Nicole a shy smile, “I’ll do anything for you.”

“Anything?” Nicole repeated, smiling brightly, batting her eyelashes at Lisa. Their naked bodies were only inches apart, the strap-on dildo resting against the inside of Lisa’s thigh.

“Anything?” Nicole repeated, smiling brightly, batting her eyelashes at Lisa. Their naked bodies were only inches apart, the strap-on dildo resting against the inside of Lisa’s thigh. Nicole let go of Lisa’s hands and reached out, slowly, to caress Lisa’s firm, round breasts. Her tits are gorgeous, Nicole thought, so perfectly shaped, they almost defy gravity.

“Anything.” Lisa replied firmly, her confidence growing. She grabbed the strap-on and started stroking it with one hand, pushing the triangle base into Nicole’s pussy, sending a shiver up Nicole’s spine as the pleasant sensation made her knees wobble. Lisa smiled as she gave the fake cock an impromptu handjob, her other hand reaching up to grab one of Nicole’s tits, her brown nipples perky. Lisa started squeezing one breast in tandem with her handjob, as she pushed the strap-on back, she pulled on the nipple, alternating the rhythm.

I’m going to make her scream, she thought, trying to keep a clear head as she started to tweak Lisa’s nipples. With each stroke of the strap-on, her own pussy quivered, and Nicole started to twist Lisa’s nipples in time with the thrusts of the phallus into her hot center. Feeling light headed and weak, Nicole let go of Lisa’s nipples and pushed her away, creating some space between them.

“Ride me,” Nicole said, laying down on the bed with the fake cock sticking up, slightly curved, the head pointed towards the top bunk. She lay back with her head on the pillow, looking up at Lisa, who was still standing. She grabbed the thick phallus with one hand and with the other, beckoned Lisa in a come hither motion. “I want your sweet ass to sit on me, and ride this dick until you cum.”

Lisa bit her lip in nervousness as she approached the bed, closing the distance to her best friend’s side, agonizing over what to do. She had never mounted anything from the woman on top position and while she had used the strap-on nearly a dozen times on Nicole, she had never experienced it herself. Feeling frustrated at not having cum and torn between her nervousness over such a large cock entering her, she hesitated next to the bed, eyes fixated on Nicole’s stroking of the fake cock.

“What are you waiting for?” Nicole demanded, reaching out to tug on one of Lisa’s hands. “Ride it, now.” Nicole watched as the indecision played out on her friend’s face, Lisa finally, almost reluctantly, climbing onto the bed. She straddled Nicole’s hips, her knees and calves on the outside of Nicole’s legs. “God, your tits are amazing,” Nicole said, reaching up to fondle them. “Can I suck your nipples while you ride my cock?” The dirty banter made Lisa bold and she finally grabbed the thick strap-on, removing Nicole’s hand from the shaft. She lifted her hips off of the bed, straddling the dildo, and opened her vaginal lips with one hand while she slowly inserted the tip.

Unable to help herself, Lisa let out a soft groan, loving the sensation of the fake dick inside of her, even though it was just the head. “Yes,” Lisa whispered, moving her right hand to touch her clit. She slid slowly down the shaft, loving the feelings coursing through her body. The stap-on filled her completely, she could feel her vaginal walls stretching, the lubricated lips of her pussy parting wide to accommodate it’s thickness. Nicole continued playing with her breasts, fingers stroking, flicking and pinching her stiff nipples, caressing her aureolas. Lisa started to wiggle her hips slightly as she took more and more of the huge strap-on inside of her, eventually getting it all the way in. Nicole loved the look of wanton abandon on Lisa’s face, bucking her hips slightly, enjoying the milder sensations of the strap-on’s ridged back stimulating her clit.

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