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After we showered in the tiny office bathroom and got dressed Me and Jennifer headed off to update my office. One of the first things on the list was going to be a larger, more comfortable sofa, and preferably one that folds into a bed. I wasn’t thinking how I could sell the idea of a sofa bed to my wife, but i wasn’t really thinking of Gabby at the moment either.

As we entered the furniture store I explained to the saleswoman what I was looking for, but I don’t think she bought the story of needing a place to crash on those long days at the office. She gave me and Jennifer a look that said “I know exactly what that sofa is for.” The one thing I did notice was she lingered longer on Jen when she was giving her the look over. She then proceeded to show us several sofas that folded down into beds, but she kept telling us how their sleep quality wasn’t very good. She made sure to emphasize the words “sleep quality” each time. Finally she stood in front of the last one in the store and said the same thing about this one.

I was beginning to think that we weren’t going to be able to find what I was looking for until the saleswoman made a suggestion. “Have you looked into a short term lease of a furnished apartment?” She asked. “I know for a fact there is one in my building, and it is very discrete. You can enter through an under ground parking garage, and there is nothing but privacy.”

I have to admit I hadn’t thought about that, but now it seemed like the perfect plan. I could write it off as a business expense and use it for my hide away with Jennifer. After walking around some more I purchased a nice leather sofa and a couple chairs to complete my office, and I also got an appointment with the saleswoman’s apartment manager to look at an apartment. On the way out I asked Jen what she thought of the apartment idea, and she seemed all for it. She even brought up the saleswoman to me.

“You do know she was very interested in you, don’t you Mr. Roberts?” Jen asked.

I laughed as we walked out to the car. “Jen, she was just being nice to get the commission. I get that all the time.” I said. “Also, don’t you think you should use my first name? I mean Mr. Roberts sounds so formal. You can call me Ken if you like.”

As we got into the car Jen said “No, I think we will keep it at Mr. Roberts. That keeps the illicit feeling in the affair. It is more forbidden if you are my best friend’s daddy, and my boss. It adds even more to the excitement.” She said as she reached over and gave my cock a quick squeeze as I started the car.

I couldn’t argue with her on that point as I started the car and headed over to the apartment building to look at the apartment. As we pulled into the address I realized that the saleswoman, Karen’s, description was perfect. The entrance to the parking garage was off a side street, and nobody i knew lived in the area. Me and Jen went to the manager’s office and after filling out some paperwork he asked if it was alright if me and jennifer looked at the apartment without him, as he had another appointment for a different apartment. I told him that would be no problem and we headed for the 23rd floor. Opening the apartment me and jennifer were surprised by how nice it was set up. The furniture was top notch, and the decor was nothing short of extremely romantic. If I didn’t know better I would have guessed that the previous owner had used the place for the same thing I had planned. As we walked around the room I had already decided that this would be the place. It was perfect.

As we went through the apartment Jennifer was checking everything out. Looking in the closets and such. In the bedroom we came across a very nice California king sized bed. This would be perfect for any games me and Jennifer might play. Looking at Jennifer I smiled as I took out my phone and called the manager to inform him I would take it. After a short conversation he agreed to meet me down in his office where we could sign the papers. Telling Jen I would be right back I went down and signed the papers where he gave me another set of keys and I headed back up.

As I came back in I heard Jennifer tell me to wait in the living room until she said to come in the bedroom. Standing there I wondered what the girl had on her mind, but I knew it was going to be fun. Then Jen said “Okay, take off your clothes first, and then come on back. I have a huge surprise for you.”

Not even questioning I shed my clothes and left them in a pile on the floor, and headed for the bedroom. To say I was shocked at my view would have been an understatement. There was Jen face down on the bed, with her ass raised up in the air on a couple of pillows so that the first thing I saw when I entered the room was her ass and pussy waiting on me. I stopped dead in my tracks as I took in the view, but my body kept reacting as I could feel the blood rush to my cock as it went from soft to hard without so much as a touch.

“Holy smokes Jen, it looks like you have been busy.” I said as I walked up to the bed. I reached out and ran my hand along her backside and down her legs. It was then I noticed that she had managed to restrain herself to the bed with some sort of leather straps. “Where did you get these Jen? How did you do this?” I asked as I reached out and touched her hands below the restraints.

She looked at me and said ” I found them in the dresser. There are all kinds of toys and stuff in there. I found some other stuff too.” She said as she nodded to the table on the other side of the bed. “If I didn’t know better I would have sworn this was a setup and you already had this apartment.” She said as she licked her lips.

Looking across her body I saw a table covered with sex toys, restraints, and every kind of lotion and lube imaginable. Walking around the bed to the table I got a better look and was shocked to see most were in their original packaging. Walking around the table I found what I was looking for. A bottle of lotion that is suppose to act as a lube and create a warming and tingling sensation for the users. I climbed up on the bed behind Jen and got an up close look at her upturned rear end, and the view was spectacular. Her legs were spread to the point I had easy access to her pussy and her bottom. I couldn’t resist being a little playful so I roughly grabbed one of her upturned cheeks in my hand and gave it a slap. This elicited a sharp breath from Jen, but also a deep moan. Right then I knew what I had suspected for a couple days, This girl is as kinky, if not more kinky than me. I reached across the bed and got a small crop off the table.

As I caressed her back with one hand I slid the crop along the inside of her thighs with the other. This resulted in several small shivers from Jen. Once the crop made contact with the lips of her pussy I slid it back and forth several times. It was then I noticed that it wasn’t just damp from coming into contact with her pussy, it was soaked. “My, my, my.” I whispered. “You are turned on aren’t you Jen? That sweet innocent little girl next door has one very nasty side.” I said as I dipped the crop between her legs again. This time instead of sliding it along her lips I gave her a couple soft swats with it. Right on her pussy and clit. This resulted in her jumping slightly, but also the moan that was soft earlier turned into a deeper, more sexual moan.

“Oh yeah Mr. Roberts. Spank my pussy.” She said as she rotated her ass from side to side.

I gave her several more love taps, each one a little more firmer than the previous one. By the last one Jen was almost riding the crop itself as she slid back and forth with each stroke. Her breathing was becoming more labored as she was getting so close to an orgasm when I pulled the crop away.

“What? Why did you stop? I was so fucking close.” She moaned.

“I know” I said. “But I want to be inside you when you cum.” With that I put some lube on my cock and decided to dip it into her pussy for a couple strokes before going for her ass. My cock slid easily into her on the first stroke as she was absolutely soaking wet. Leaning over her I slid in and out of her for a minute or so before I pulled out of her and positioned myself at her ass. I held her hips as I slowly entered her. Jen’s pussy is tight, but her ass was incredibly tight. It took some work but I finally got the head to slip in which brought another deep moan from Jen. Then, like she had done with my finger before, Jen began to slide back on my cock. I was barely moving as she swallowed my cock inch by inch.

“Oh fuck, it feels like there is a tree in my ass.” Jen moaned as she took the last bit of my cock. “This feels great.” She said as I could feel every movement her body made. Every breath she took.

I started to rock back and forth in small motions. More and more of my cock sliding in and out on every stroke. Then I reached for the small crop again and slid it between her thighs. As I was pushing in with my cock I started to give her pussy small slaps. Each slap was timed with my cock sliding into her ass. I could feel her body begin to shake with each thrust and each slap. Her soft moans were turning into low growls as her body was being assaulted from all sides. Her breathing went from deep to almost gasping.

“Oh fuck.” Jen gasped. “Please don’t fucking stop Mr. Roberts!” She growled.

I could feel her entire body spasm as her orgasm started. Then her anal opening began to spasm around my cock and I could feel myself losing control. I could feel the tingling as my cock grew. Ready to explode. I dropped the crop and grabbed onto her hips as the first explosion of cum shot out of me and into her ass. That was followed by several more as I filled her ass with my cream. As our orgasms died down I collapsed on top of Jen and we both just gasped for air. We were both drained as we lay there together.

After some time to recover I realized I was still inside Jen. I slowly slid back until I came free with a noticeable pop, and rolled over beside her. I reached up and started to undo her restraints and just held her in my arms as we recovered. Looking into her face I no longer just saw my daughter’s best friend. I saw a very sexual woman who I desired. I pulled her close and planted several soft kisses on her, and just held her.

We both had apparently drifted off to sleep for a few minutes as I woke up to her standing in front of me wrapped in a towel. “Hey lover.” She whispered. “It is time we got going. We don’t want to get in trouble on the first day.” With that she leaned down and gave me a deep kiss as she ran her fingers through my hair. I managed to drag my drained body to the shower where I washed the very strong smell of sex off before getting dressed. After getting dressed we both headed to the elevator to the parking garage. As the doors opened for the garage there stood Karen, the sales lady from the furniture store. We said hello again and I explained that I had indeed signed a lease for the apartment. After a few minutes Me and Jen headed for my car while Karen headed into the elevator.

Jennifer was full on laughing when she slid into the car. “I wonder how she would like us as neighbors if she knew what we were doing in that apartment?” Jen said between laughs.

Looking over at Jen I said “I’m betting that she already has a very good idea about what we did and are going to do in that apartment.”

With that Jen’s face turned red in embarrassment as she thought about someone else knowing our secret. On the drive home me and Jen talked about the next time she could come with me to the office, and it looked like the next time would be early next week since she had a full load of classes the rest of the week. We both agreed that Monday we would get together again.

As we pulled into my driveway Jen got out and looking at me over the top of the car whispered “now I have to go in and soak. I think you wore my poor kitty and my ass out.”

Laughing I replied “I just hope Gabby isn’t in the mood tonight. I don’t think I could go another time today.”

“Oh really?” Jen replied. “That is a challenge I would love to take on.” She said with a wink and a devilish smile. Her tongue sliding between her lips.

“Now behave young lady.” I replied. “I’ll see you Monday morning”

With that we headed off to our separate houses. Although I have to admit, I turned around and had to watch that ass of hers as she walked away, across the yard.

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