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Cody’s voice pierced thru the pizza shop. “Yo, Josh! You have a run to the Moaning Lisa, buddy!” His announcement was followed with a hearty laugh from him.

Great….a late night run to the Mona Lisa Hotel that sat squarely between campus and downtown was usually a bad sign for tips. Once the most luxurious lodging in the area, the old five story place had become an aged relic trying desperately to hold on to its past. We nicknamed it ‘Moaning Lisa’ due to the fact that even though it still had some of the extras like a nice bar, bell hops, & room service to attract traveling businessmen and visiting college parents, it also had a rep as a place where the locals went for clandestine meetings and even students taking their dates for privacy from their dorm buddies. A pizza at 10:30 at night wasn’t usually something a tired businessman ordered….more likely a couple with the munchies in between sessions of heating up the sheets. The $19.28 price also meant that I most likely would get handed a twenty and told “Keep the change,” as if 72¢ was some kind of tip. The fifth floor room number only added to the possibility since the desk clerks tended to put the people not wanting to chance being seen on the top floor. I sighed, grabbed the order, and headed out the door.

I bumped a Winston out and enjoyed a smoke on the ten minute trip to the front door of the hotel. At this hour, I could park right in front without any fear of being yelled at for blocking the entrance since delivery guys were about all the traffic they got after 10 at night during the week. I grabbed the hot bag and walked thru the automatic front door; waved a hello at the night auditor stuck working the desk; and shuffled to the single elevator at the end of the dated lobby. I got there just in time to be joined by a guy about 20 dressed in a hotel uniform and carrying a tray with a silver dome covered plate and small coffee pot. “Going up?” I asked as I held the door for him with a smile.

‘Thanks for waiting, dude,” was his reply, along with the addition of “Appreciate it since this is the slowest fucking elevator in the world.”

“Hear that man….and I have to go clear to the top floor.” I punched the five button and then looked at him waiting for a floor number from him too.

“Must be half time for all the bed bouncers because that is where I am headed too.” He sarcastically added “Nothing like dealing with horny, naked, hungry people late at night….right?” and then grinned.

I laughed and replied “You mean the ones that answer the door in a towel and think a buck is a tip?”

‘Yeah….those fun people,” he came back with and laughed also.

I leaned against the wall as the elevator creaked its way upward and couldn’t help but notice that his six foot frame was packed inside the typically too-tight room service outfit….and it showed off his high ass and a big box well. Not what you would call a hunk, but he had a certain cuteness with his closely cropped brown hair and evilly innocent face. I thought I saw him gaze at my furry legs and spend a little too long taking his eyes across my packed cutoffs before saying “Wish our dress code was as loose as yours….you really look comfortable man.”

“Makes it nice, but you have AC and don’t have to run thru the rain doing your job,” was my one-upmanship comment.

“True that dude, but I really wish we could lose the monkey suit look. I’d probably score more dressed like you….one way or the other.” He punctuated the comment with a quick wink just as the old elevator ground to a halt and the doors slid slowly open on floor five. I watched in lust as his gorgeous butt bopped out the door and he added “Good luck with yours,” as he headed down the hallway in the opposite direction I needed. I stepped out and stared at his form walking away from me at the same time I tried to adjust the sudden large bulge in my shorts.

My delivery was clear at the end of the long hallway, and I could hear the TV blaring, so I knocked harder than I normally would on the door. When it finally opened, an absolute hunk about 30 years old was standing there…..totally nude….and nonchalantly asking for the total. My eyes went to full attention as I ran them quickly up and down his tall, well built body….drinking in everything from the patch of fur at the center of his chest that trailed to his hard pecs and circled his nipples, to the massive, half hard tool that was dangling between his legs. “Ummm…..looks like $19.28 is your bill,” was about all I could sputter out after being caught completely off guard by his total lack of clothing. My crotch was at full attention too….until I saw the long-haired, also naked, blonde chick grinning at me from the bed in the room.

“Here’s $25….keep it buddy,” was all that was said as he grabbed the pizza from me, and spun around giving me a quick shot of his lightly furry ass and backs of his thighs as he pushed the door shut in my face. Oh well….five bucks and something to fantasize about when I beat off later wasn’t such a bad deal I thought to myself as I headed back to the elevator.

I was still grinning while waiting for the elevator to come back up from the lobby when I was joined once again by the room service guy. “Scored a fiver….how about you?” was his question while we waited.

“Me too….and a free shot of flesh to go with it,” was all I said without going into detail.

“Room 538, I’ll bet,” he started. “They like to tease everyone that comes to their door when they are here….it’s part of their game. They’ve been known to ask you in if they are in the mood for a three way even.”

I shot him a ‘Did you ever?’ look and got a quick reply of “Not my thing….although I do like different stuff normally,” along with one his winks. His eyes wandered up and down my body once again as he leaned against the wall. My box twitched at his words and I let myself stare at the large bump in his tight slacks.

“Nothing wrong with different things….sometimes they are the best ones,” I said as I allowed myself to stare shamelessly at the mountain in his tight slacks. The tempting moment was suddenly interrupted by the elevator doors opening and we both stepped inside without another word. He pushed the lobby button and leaned against the wall as the doors slowly worked their way shut.

Nothing was said as we creeped down to floor four, but by the time we hit floor three, some serious looks of desire from both of us were being exchanged. “Ah what the hell,” suddenly spurted from his lips and he reached to the control panel and flipped the stop switch as he added “We both know you want it, don’t we stud?” just before he cupped my full box with his hand.

My eyes closed tight and I moaned deeply as he stepped closer and worked me from the outside of my jeans with one hand and used his other one to work its way inside a leg to fondle my full balls. I ran my hand down across his stomach to find a rock solid toy of my own stretching the fabric of his uniform. As I squeezed him roughly, he spun me to the wall of the now motionless elevator and pushed his tongue deep inside my mouth. His simultaneous hand motions on my cock and balls and his expert tongue teasing of my teeth was almost more than I could take, and I started to fumble with the belt of his pants so I could free his manhood. As I popped the snap and yanked the zipper down, he forced his hand inside my jeans and wrapped around my pulsing rod. After a few short strokes he pulled off my mouth and whispered “I really need some hot stud cock in my throat right now,” before dropping to his knees in front of me.

My hands went to his ears as he kissed my crotch and chewed on the hard dick inside them. “Oh fuck does that feel good buddy,” was all I could mumble as he ran his hands under my tee and pinched each of my nipples while nuzzling my box. They quickly moved south again and went to work on getting me out of the shorts and soon had them & my boxers hugging my ankles. He looked up at me with my cock in his hand and licked his lips before popping them over the leaking head.

“Damn you taste great,” was all he said before taking all my seven inches in one motion and then beginning to bob on me like a row boat in an ocean storm. His mouth was amazing and I rubbed his shoulders as I let him enjoy his work. The feeling of his throat muscles tightening down on my head was one thing, but he made my entire body stiffen as he also used his tongue to tease my pulsing balls at the same time as he buried his face in my thick pubes. I moaned again as felt his hand run up the back of my leg and poke at my boy pussy. I reached behind me and helped it find its target by pulling my cheeks apart. The twinkle in his eyes said thank you as he slipped the first digit inside and began working every one of my hot spots all at the same time. It took no time at all for him to have me loose and he was gently brushing my special button with his long finger while still concentrating his lip action on my thickness. I managed to find my voice and whimper “I am so close buddy,” but he only locked tighter and increased his finger pressure inside me. Another few well-coordinated strokes from his hand and lips had my knees buckling and he pulled off only long enough to say “I know you are close….just keep enjoying it stud because I certainly am,” and swallowing me whole once again.

With that, I slid to the floor and let my legs spread so he could have even better access as his face humped my crotch. He stretched his long body across the floor and went back to searching for my male g-spot. I could almost hear my balls rumbling and suddenly, he wedged his tongue deep into my piss slit as he hit my prostate hard and took me into his throat as my eruption started up my shaft. I grabbed his head and held him tight to my dick as it exploded. “Oh fucking YESSSSSS!!!” blew from my lips at the same time the first wad blew into his tonsils. I was ramming him down on me hard as the next three followed and he forced yet another huge rope from me by jamming my button one more time. With just a little more encouragement from his talented mouth and finger, still another two explosions caused my hips to buck up into his mouth, before my balls were empty.

He pulled himself from between my legs with cum still oozing from my dick and pressed his dripping lips to mine for a quick deep kiss before standing up to look at me with a grin on his face as I lay there on the floor completely spent. Between the smell of fresh sex permeating the elevator and his cute face, I sat up and reached for his box, but he stopped me as he pushed his package back inside his tight slacks and zipped up.

“You can owe me one pizza boy,” he started as he flipped the elevator switch back on and then added with another one of his winks, “Next delivery is your turn. Get dressed and hurry back with one.”

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