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The phone rang three times before Madeline became aware of its presence. Her mind was occupied with more interesting surroundings and scenarios, and the reality of answering another call from a customer who’s porn connection was down did not entice her at all.

“Technical Support, this is Madeline.” She gave the rote greeting with no inflection.

Her mind wandered again. It had been three weeks since her wonderful evening with Janine and Jason. Three weeks since they had opened her eyes to a whole new world of sexuality through dominance and control. She had done research since then, which registered high on her ‘lame-o-meter’, but once it became clear Janine and Jason would not be inviting her back for another round of play, she searched for knowledge wherever she could.

She learned quickly that her experience with the couple was rather tame in comparison to what was out there. Pain was barely present, and the force applied was minimal. Everything was new and frightening to her in the moment, though she learned through various articles and ‘video tutorials’ that the Dom/Sub lifestyle was not always as tender as she had experienced.

Thoughts of Janine’s nigh perfect body rocking against her with the strap-on flooded her mind, her red hair swishing back and forth over her shoulders which each thrust. She had never been attracted to women in more than an academic sense, but she had to admit Janine was more than just a figure she could admit was pretty. She actively turned Madeline on.

Then her mind wandered to Jason.

His well-built frame, sandy hair, and voice sweet as chocolate resonated in her memory. Guilt plagued her, as he was her friend’s significant other, but she couldn’t help but lust after him. Despite the wonderful evening, and earth shattering orgasm she had experienced, she had yearned to be properly fucked by the man. His cock had filled her mouth, which had been a great start, but the fun ended with Janine penetrating her from behind, and Jason shooting his cum down Madeline’s throat.

“Hello?!” An angry voice echoed through her headset.

“Sorry,” Madeline sputtered, shaking from her memories. “We have a bad connection, could you repeat that?”

A pervasive dampness confirmed she was not going to be able to concentrate tonight.


Madeline rummaged through her purse. The jingling of her keys were deceptive, as they proved they did in fact exist, but seemed to be invisible and intangible as her hand worked from side to side inside the pouch. She let out a frustrated growl as she stopped to focus all of her attention on the search.


Madeline would have dropped her purse if not for the strap wrapped around her arm at the sound of the bubbly voice behind her. Janine smiled, her red hair assuming it’s perfect position to frame her face.

“Janine!” She exhaled. “You scared the bejesus out of me.”

“Sorry,” Janine gave a playful pout. “I wanted to make sure I caught you though. We never see each other since my shift got switched around.”

“Yeah, I miss you guys.” Madeline paled slightly. “I mean, miss you! Well, both of you, I guess, but… not that…” She flushed crimson as she continued to fumble her words.

“It’s okay,” Janine gave a beaming smile. “We both miss you, too. Jason actually brought you up yesterday, which is why I’m glad I caught you.”

The twinkle in Madeline’s eyes could not be hidden, and she felt ashamed at the glee she felt in response to Jason’s thoughts of her, no matter how benign.

“We’d like to invite you to dinner tomorrow night at our house.” Janine continued.

Madeline’s thoughts swirled into a tempest. ‘Is this it? Are they inviting me back for more than just food and good company? Would I be able to live out the fantasies I have been concocting for the past three weeks?’ Her smile broadening, and her cheeks flushing, she tried to formulate a response before realizing Janine was not finished with her invitation.

“It’s going to be a small gathering,” She said casually. “Only about 8 or so, not including the three of us, but they’re all good people.”

Madeline’s thoughts of the evening began to decline. ‘This is not an invitation to play… or is it? Is there going to be an orgy of some kind?! That’s not enticing at all. I just want Jason… and Janine, of course.’ Though she was unwilling to admit it on the surface, she wanted someone very specific, and she was barely willing to share with one other.

“Some of them are pretty boring, truth be told.” Janine admitted. “One couple is in their 60′s, and are old family friends of Jason’s. I suffer through their stories and questions, but Jason has known them since he was riding tricycles, so he keeps in touch.”

‘Definitely not an orgy,’ Madeline confirmed internally.

“Anyway, dinner will be at 7, people will show up after 6.” Janine checked her watch. “Crap, I’m late. Anyway, I’ll be off that day at 3:30, so come over at 4 and we can all catch up while we prep for the night.”

A glimmer of hope sparked in Madeline’s chest. They would need to prepare dinner, but that gave them hours of potential.

“I can’t wait,” Madeline replied with a genuine smile.


A soft gasp escaped her lips as hands caressed down her breasts. Fingers teased at her nipples and gave a playful pinch. Her grin broadened as her legs were roughly forced open, and her lips were spread by eager fingers.

Madeline’s breath came in short gasps.

She wanted it.

Craved it.

Needed it.

As fingertips stimulated her clit, another found its way around to her ass. She bit her lip and whimpered. She liked the light teasing, but had never been brave enough to invite more than a fingertip inside her forbidden area. But given the circumstances, it excited her.

“Jason…” She let the name out with a breath. “Please fuck me.”

As if on command her pussy began to spread, and her body locked up with pleasure. Her face froze in ecstasy as the first inch pushed inside her, and she began shivering as her first orgasm began to rise.

A rude rattling from her bedside table intruded in on the moment.

Madeline’s eyes shot open, shattering the illusion she had built in her mind, and violently pulling her back into the reality of her empty bedroom, and the dildo in her hand.

Her phone vibrated again, rattling against the wooden surface.

“Ffffffuck!” She cursed, reaching over and hitting Ignore with prejudice.

She took a few deep breaths to center herself before checking the time. 1:00 pm. She needed to get to sleep if she was going to get to work at 11 pm well rested. That was crucial if she planned on being awake for dinner… or more importantly, pre-dinner… the next day.

With a few more breaths, she closed her eyes, and resumed her fantasy.


The minutes crawled by. Calls that normally sped the evening by seemed to be few and far between, leaving Madeline restless and counting down the seconds until the end of her shift. She got off at 7:30 am, which gave her enough time to take a quick nap, shower, and beautify herself for the dinner party.

Though it was less than 12 hours away, it seemed like it would never come.


Madeline answered the call gleefully, inviting the distraction from the ever slowing second hand.

“Technical Support, this is Madel-” She stopped short, hearing the telltale heavy breathing on the other line. It was a hazard of working in phone support for porn: You got your share of weirdoes who liked to call and hear a voice to help get them off. She reached forward to disconnect the call, and stopped half an inch short from the button.

Her mouth quirked into a grin.

“Can I help you, sir?”

A grunt came from the other end of the line, but no words.

“Mmmm,” She gave a pleasurable moan. “Is that for me?”

The breathing stopped for a moment, as did the noise. The caller was clearly not expecting a response, much less a positive one.

“I’m all alone,” She said in her best pouty voice. “Why won’t you talk to me?”

A long pause, then a low, almost whispered response, “Yes.”

“Yes?” She chimed back. “Yes it’s for me?”

A grunt in assent was the only reply. The breathing picked back up, and muffled, slick sounds could be heard in the background.

“Tell me what you’re doing to me…” She encouraged. The realization entered her mind that her job would be quickly ended if they reviewed this call, but she pushed it aside. Something in her needed this.

“F…fucking you.” The voice grunted quickly.

“Oh, sweetie,” She cooed. “You can do better… am I bent over my desk for you?”

“Y-yes…” The sounds became more urgent, and the voice raised an octave. “T-take off your top!”

“For you baby, anything.” Madeline breathed into the mic. “Oh baby, my nipples are hard for you, will you cum on them?”

A strained gasp came from the other end of the line, and a few seconds passed as the man finished himself off. A few more moments of breathing and silence preceded the inevitable hang up.

“Aww, no cuddling?” Madeline grinned, resetting her phone for the next call. Something deviant was stirring inside her, and she embraced it. She liked the exhibitionist mood she was in, and prayed it stayed with her until the party.


‘It’s coincidence that I’m early.’ Madeline told herself as she crossed the cobblestones to their entryway. ‘There was no traffic, and the stores had no one in line. Otherwise, I’d be here right at 4. Not… 3:15. And not in my favorite pencil skirt that shows off my thighs… or wearing my favorite lingerie underneath…’

She shook her head to clear the obvious lies to herself. Though she had no plans, her intention to have some alone time with Jason before Janine got home was hard to justify. He was taken, and unerringly loyal to his wonderful girlfriend.

The doorbell rang, and Madeline hoisted the bag of groceries into the crook of her arm while she waited. She heard movement inside, though it took much longer than expected before the door began to open. Her patience was rewarded by a gleaming smile beamed down at her from the tall man in the doorframe.

Feeling like a schoolgirl with a crush, she hunched her head and blushed, “Hi Jason.”

“You’re… early.” He said, more curious than annoyed. “Sorry, I wasn’t ready yet.” He paused for a second before realizing he was blocking her way. Stepping to the side he waved her in, “Come in, come in.”

She scuttled inside, nerves jumping through her skin. Though the three of them had enjoyed lunch at a public restaurant, and coffee at a local Java House, she had not been back in their home since that wonderful night. A deep breath of the pleasant scents brought back memories of the kept home she had been eager to be invited back to.

“I’m not a fantastic cook, but I have a lasagna recipe that hasn’t failed me yet,” Jason smiled as he passed her, heading back to the kitchen. “Come on back, we can share some of this new Cabernet Sauvignon I opened.”

Madeline was more of a white wine drinker, but that could be pushed to the side for now.

“So, who all is coming tonight?” She asked, trying to keep her stomach from fluttering.

“A few work colleagues, an old buddy from college, and a couple family friends who’ve I’ve known since-”

“You were riding tricycles?” She finished with a grin.

“Yeah,” He smirked. “Janine told you, huh?”

“About them, yes. I didn’t know the rest.”

Jason nodded, handing her a newly poured glass of wine. “What shall we toast to?”

‘Me on my hands and knees for you.’ Madeline thought, hoping her eyes didn’t betray her inner monologue. “To friendship?”

He grinned, “To friendship.”

Glasses clinked, and ruby liquid poured past their lips. Though her preference was far from the bold vintages they sampled, Madeline knew she could grow to like this wine.

“So, Janine isn’t due back for at least half an hour, but I know she’s looking forward to this.” He said, moving a pan out onto the counter. “She’s been talking about it all week.”

“Really?” Madeline grinned, shoulders twisting coyly. “I was told this was your doing.”

‘Madeline, stop it.’ She chided herself. ‘You’re shamelessly flirting.’

“Well,” He grinned knowingly, avoiding eye contact. “Truth is-”

His pocket vibrated, and was followed by a classic punk song. The lyric started speaking of ‘fingertips’ and ‘memories’, and Madeline knew the tune instantly. She also knew whose custom ringtone that had to be.

“Speak of the devil,” Jason grinned, freeing his phone from his pocket. With a click of a button, he raised the phone to his ear. “Hey baby, how’s work?” Jason smiled at Madeline as he listened, then seemed to pause. “Really? Mandatory overtime? For how long?”

Madeline felt her knees getting weak. Fate seemed to be aligning, and she was filled with false hope. Even if they had the entire night together, Jason wouldn’t stray from Janine.

“Nope,” He said, his smile spreading. “No one is here yet, but I’ll make do on my own ’til you get here.”

Madeline froze.

‘Why would he lie?’ She thought. ‘You know why, dummy, there’s only one reason to. But that means…’

Her eyes went wide and her pupils dilated with desire. Something was wrong about this. But despite everything, she didn’t care. She wanted the opportunity, and despite the wave of lies she told herself, she knew she would take it, and enjoy it if it was offered.

“I love you too, babe. I’ll see you when you get home.” He ended the call and slid his phone back in his pocket, his eyes locked on Madeline’s the entire time. “So… apparently Janine will be delayed until at least 6. That’s a shame.”

“Yes,” Madeline squeaked out. “A shame.”

A long silence filled the space between them.

“So, we have some time to kill.” He scooped up his glass. “Let’s go into the living room. I’ll tell you how Janine and I first got together.”

Madeline nodded wordlessly, cupping her own glass in both hands as she practically scurried out into the living room. She took a seat on the couch, and was silently pleased when Jason sat on the next cushion over.

“So what was your first date like?” Madeline tried to sound interested and confident, but her voice shook, and she knew she exude a calm demeanor.

“A nice dinner in the city, a little dancing, and then a few too many drinks at a local dive bar down the street.” He grinned. “We stumbled back here so we could sober up before I drove her home.”

“I can guess you guys didn’t make it far past the entryway.” She grinned, but noticed a thick guilt rising beneath the surface. This was her friend and her boyfriend she was talking about, and she had impure thoughts raging through her. This was wrong…

“Actually, we were both determined not to have sex on the first date.” He said smugly.

“Really…?” Madeline said with disbelief. “So, you didn’t… at all?”

“Well,” He bobbed his head as if dodging facts. “We found a way around it. We played chicken.”

“Chicken?” Madeline’s expression shifted to puzzlement.

“We’d get close,” He said as he slid next to her. “Like this, and move as if we would do something inappropriate, but then stop. The game was to tempt and tease, but not act. And if someone broke, they owed the other person a favor.”

“Really,” Madeline said, feeling Jason’s warm breath against her cheek as he spoke. “What kind of favor?”

“Anything the winner wanted, so long as it could be completed in one minute.”

Madeline flushed, hiding her grin behind her hand.

“Yeah, I thought it was fun, too.” Jason’s voice caressed her ears, and his smile eased her nerves. She knew then mountains would not stop her. Weeks of desire and pent up fantasy were fueling her every desire and shaking her will to nothing. She wanted him desperately, and something told her with the right invitation, she would have him.

“So, if you were sitting like this,” Madeline said coyly, “I could turn like this and it would be ‘legal’?”

She turned and placed her hand on the couch cushion in-between his legs, her eyes raising up to meet his.

Jason’s eyes didn’t leave hers, and his smile seemed to shine brighter at her action. “Right, and then I could do something like this…”

He slid his arm across the back of the couch and over her opposite shoulder. His hand hung down, hovering an inch over her breast.

“Hmm, I think I understand.” She said, mocking an innocent ignorance as she placed her wine on the coffee table. “So I could then pull this down?”

With her free hand, she hooked her finger in her top between her cleavage, pulling it down a few inches to accentuate Jason’s view.

“Not just that,” He responded, gladly taking on the role of the teacher as he leaned in. His lips were centimeters from her earlobe, allowing each breath to sweep across her skin. “Words are fair game, too. So I could tell you I’ve wanted to fuck you since we first met, and that we have a house all to ourselves for hours.”

Madeline melted, and she felt her hand slip up the couch and onto Jason’s jeans. The bulge of his dick could be clearly felt, and a shockwave of pleasure jolted through her body.

“Ah ah ah,” He chided playfully, nipping at her earlobe before continuing. “That lost you the game. You owe me a favor now.”

“Oh really?” She said, pressing sideways against him while pulling her top down more. It stretched the fabric to completely reveal her lacy bra, but she didn’t care. She wanted to entice him, to make him want her as bad as she wanted him. She wanted him to carnally take everything he wanted from her until they were both reduced to gasping piles of flesh on the floor. “And what favor is that?”

“I want you on your knees.” He tapped the couch between his legs. “Right here.”

Without any further coaxing, Madeline whimpered and slid onto her knees on the floor. She remained between Jason’s spread legs, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

“Unzip my pants.” He said, the casual dominance she remembered returning to his voice.

As she reached up and did as he asked, she smiled, “But you only get a minute?”

“I’m sure we can figure out something to make it last.” He smiled, intertwining his fingers into her hair.

In seconds, Madeline had freed his cock from his pants. It was as she remembered, larger than average, but not too big. It stood straight at attention, and she savored the sight for a moment. She was reminded of her owed favor as Jason applied pressure to her head. He guided her firmly down onto his cock, and pressed half of it past her lips.

If the sigh from Jason’s lips was a sound of pleasure, the moan coming from Madeline was one of pure elation. Janine was forgotten for the time being, and her body instantly responded to the object of every fantasy she had nursed for the past few weeks.

Jason guided her up and down his shaft, and she eagerly brought her hands into play to caress his cock and massage his balls. She wanted to please him, but she reminded herself not to make him cum. Despite her overwhelming desire to bring him pleasure, she needed to feel him inside her.

She sucked greedily, trying to take him in farther, but she knew she did not have the same tolerance for depth as Janine did. Despite her perceived flaws, she continued up and down eagerly, determined to impress Jason.

A quick succession of sounds behind her brought her out of her trance, and she realized something was very, very wrong. The wood slamming against wood was unmistakably a door, and the only doors behind her, aside from a bathroom and small closet, was the front door.

Someone was here.

“What the fuck is this?” Janine’s voice demanded shrilly.

Madeline moved to remove herself from Jason as quickly as possible, but to her surprise, found herself firmly held in place. His hand gripped her hair, and kept the last two inches of his cock pushed passed her lips.

“I’m sorry baby,” Jason said coolly. “I had a moment of weakness, and unfortunately found a more than willing opportunist at hand.”

“That’s a sorry excuse,” Janine spat. “But I’ll deal with you later.” She walked over, heels clicking on the floor.

Madeline’s eyes teared up, her embarrassment exacerbated by the position she was held in, and she feebly struggled to release Jason’s cock from her mouth. She wanted to beg forgiveness, or perhaps just run. She didn’t want to have Janine see this for any longer than she had to.

Janine knelt down next to her, allowing Madeline to see her from her peripheral vision. She wore a leather mini-skirt, stiletto heels, and a red corset which made her tits look absolutely amazing.

Madeline whimpered helplessly.

“So, I guess my fake call worked. I had a feeling I couldn’t trust you alone with Jason.” She scolded. “And it took you less than ten minutes to get his cock in your mouth.”

Madeline moaned pitifully, but could do nothing else.

“Jason,” Janine practically snarled. “We’re going to have a serious talk later tonight. Right now, however, you’re going to help me punish this little slut.”

Her words were like lashes, and Madeline cringed. She knew she had betrayed her friend. What’s worse, she had potentially driven a wedge between two people who had been so happy together. Shame welled up again, and this time desire was not there to stymie it.

‘I deserve to be punished.’ She told herself. ‘I want to be punished for being so selfish.’

“First,” Janine said, as if reading Madeline’s thoughts. “Let’s see how far you can take him.” Janine placed her hand over Jason’s, and slowly applied pressure on the back of Madeline’s head.

Madeline tried to relax, to loosen her throat as she heard was possible, but after another couple inches she had reached her limit. She gagged, and was pulled back up. Her eyes watered, and she breathed heavily, and was then pushed back down slowly. Jason’s cock reached the back of her tongue again, and she was pulled away as she involuntarily gagged once more.

“Are you kidding me?!” Janine cried out, pulling Madeline off of Jason completely. “If you’re going to try to steal my man, you need to at least do it right.”

With that, Janine leaned down. In one motion, Jason’s cock disappeared past Janine’s lips. Within a second, the base of his shaft was being suckled gently. She bobbed up and down slightly, stroking his cock with her throat, then pulled back up.

‘Apparently she has gotten better in the last three weeks,’ Madeline realized glumly.

“If you can’t swallow him,” Janine remained kneeling next to Madeline. “You deserve to be punished in other ways. Lay across his knees.”

Madeline knew what was coming next. She had witnessed Janine going through a similar treatment last time. Reluctantly, she crawled up onto the couch and across Jason’s lap. He tucked his cock back in his jeans, and she was guided into position. A firm hand rested between her shoulder blades to hold her in place, and she found irony in the reversal of her and Janine’s positions

Face pressed against the couch cushion, ass pushed up in the air, she sniffled as she waited for what she deserved.

Unexpectedly, Janine’s hand found hers. It felt tender and out of place. Janine guided Madeline’s hand to her own shoulder, and forced her to tap two fingers gently.

Madeline remembered the sign. It was the silent safe word, a tool of the submissive to cry ‘too much’, a signal to the dom to ease back lest boundaries be violated. Her watery eyes shot up to Janine’s, whose expression had softened considerably.

Janine’s empathetic eyes and hidden grin vanished almost instantaneously, and she released Madeline’s hand. She stood and moved to a chair a few feet away, crossing her legs. The moment of motion was enough to reveal to Madeline that no panties were worn under that leather mini-skirt. “Jason, give her what she deserves.”

Something was wrong, Madeline realized. Janine was clearly not mad a second ago, and she reminded Madeline of the signal. But why would she do that?

Realization flooded her, and she instantly knew Janine was somehow a party to this. She somehow knew that Madeline would come over early, or at least would be here earlier than Janine was. And she must have guessed Jason and her would start something physical. The how’s and why’s were not clicking completely, but Madeline knew it was true.

The anger of being set up was countered by the relief that flooded over her, and she wrestled with the cacophony of emotions brewing close towards the surface.


Her body rocked forward as Jason landed his first spank. Her tits jostled in her bra, and her ass cheek burned with pain, though almost immediately dulled to a warm and tingly sensation. She was unsure of everything that had transpired today, but in the moment she felt conviction. She knew she had betrayed Janine willingly, regardless of her friend’s knowledge and subversive intents. She would investigate it more later, but now, she was going to allow Jason the privilege of extracting the price of betrayal from her.

Her hips sunk for a moment after the slap, though she quickly corrected her posture. Cheek still pressed against the couch, and eyes fixed on Janine, she thrust her ass back up to present herself to Jason again.

The second slap hit the other cheek, and burned just as brightly for a moment. But this time when Madeline recovered, Janine spoke up.

“Jason, she can’t feel it as sharply through that skirt, and I can’t see you actually spanking her!” She complained. “Lift that little schoolgirl skirt up and punish her like the bad girl that she is!”

Jason didn’t say a word, though Madeline felt his hand slide up her inner thigh, brush over her lacy panties, then lightly rub up her ass as he pushed the skirt up and onto her back.

“White lace boy shorts?” Janine scoffed. Though her initial pause, widening eyes, and inflection betrayed she was not truly as offended as she made out. “Quite risqué for a dinner party, don’t you think? Or did you plan on putting Jason’s dick in your mouth before you came over?”

Madeline stared at Janine. Despite her realizing the situation was not as serious as it seemed, her eyes still watered from shame, and she found herself lacking a proper response.

“Answer me you little slut!” Janine practically barked. “Did you want to look sexy for my boyfriend?”

“Yes…” Madeline said meekly.

Jason’s thunderous slap on her ass forced a surprised cry from her lips. She began to gather herself when a second spank found her other cheek, this one just as forceful as the last.

“Speak up when she asks you a question, Madeline.” Jason said. His voice was not loud, nor angry, but it was clear his demands were not up for discussion.

“Yes!” Madeline choked out, her ass still burning from the spanking.

“Yes what?” Jason asked, applying two more slaps to her ass.

Madeline’s hips remained low. The fresh pain made her too timid to immediately present herself again. Instinctual preservation took over, and she kept her ass as low as possible. However, Jason gave her a couple seconds to recover after his last barrage, and she took a few ragged breaths. A tear, formed from a combination of shame and the pain of the spanking, dropped onto the couch.

Almost instantly, a gentle hand found its way onto her warm flesh again. A soothing stroke of fingertips and a palm caressed the reddened skin on her ass and soothing the burn.

With another deep breath, Madeline gathered her courage, set her knees under her again, and lifted her ass into the air.

“I wanted to look sexy for Jason,” She sniffled, and lifted her eyes to Janine’s again. “Because I wanted his cock inside me.”

Though he gave no verbal response, Madeline felt the lump in Jason’s jeans twitch against her tits at that declaration.

Janine’s eyes narrowed, and shook her head at Jason, who had apparently raised his hand for another strike. She held Madeline’s stare for a few more seconds, and Madeline saw a moment or two of what looked like doubt, confusion, or simple indecision. Finally, she spoke again.

“Are you mouthing off to me?” She stood, evidently not waiting for an answer. She took a step forward as she motioned to Jason. “Put her on her back and hold her arms.”

A hand hooked under Madeline’s thigh and another around her throat before she could even process the words. She was lifted and pivoted, her legs being pulled under her as Jason rolled her back onto the couch. His expression was calm and void of anger, though his eyes were steely and firm. She locked gazes with him for a moment, long enough to drain her will to struggle, then allowed him to straddle her thighs and pin her wrists to her sides.

Janine closed the distance, looking down at Madeline’s prone form. “If you want to back talk me, I can find other uses for that tongue.”

Madeline watched Janine’s skirt inch up her thighs, raised by the spreading of her legs as Janine straddled Madeline’s face and lowered herself down. Her pussy was inches from Madeline’s lips, its sweet aroma saturating her senses. She had clearly been waxed, and her smooth, hairless lips hovered over Madeline’s mouth.

A moment of panic set in, and Madeline became suddenly aware that despite her imprisoned state, her hand and fingers were not only free, but resting against Jason’s thigh. Even now, her way out was simply a tap away.

She looked up at Janine, her decision made.

“I would have let him cum wherever he wanted.” She said, daring Janine to do her worst.

Janine’s hand lashed out, grabbing a tuft of Madeline’s hair. It wasn’t the thick patch at the base of the scalp, that section which made her turn to butter upon being grabbed, but rather a handful near the top of her head. The sharp pain of the grab was quickly forgotten as Janine lowered herself and pulled Madeline up to meet her.

Her lips met pussy for the first time, and she instinctively writhed away. Janine’s grip was firm, however, and another jolt of pain reminded her she was not going anywhere. And though her fingers could tap Jason and release her, she instead let them start massaging his leg through his jeans, and let her tongue loose from her mouth.

She tasted Janine, and began exploring her pussy lips. It was messy and chaotic at first, as Janine roughly gyrated back and forth, rubbing her pussy all over Madeline’s lips and cheeks. But then, when Janine felt tongue, she slowed down, allowing her prisoner to find a rhythm, and began breathing heavily at the sensation.

“Ohhh,” Janine groaned, her grip loosening on Madeline. “Fucking lick me you little slut.”

Madeline gained her bearings, thinking back to every bad oral experience she had and putting it on a list of things not to do. She instead began going through the acts that drove her wild. A long lick from the base of Janine’s pussy, all the way up to her clit. Sucking gently on the clit, then pulling it between her lips and humming as her tongue teased it. A playful bite here, a nibble and suckle there. Within minutes, Janine was bucking on her knees, screaming out an unintelligible string of curses and praises.

She pulled herself off of Madeline’s tongue, who pouted and leaned up for more. Janine kept herself up and out of range, needing the sensation to die down and her breath to be caught.

Madeline looked up at her mistress, licking her sweet juices from her lips.

Janine sighed one more time, then looked over her shoulder to Jason. “I want her in our bed and stripped. She won’t need her hands and legs anymore, so make sure they’re tied down well.” With that, she slid off of the couch and straightened her skirt, supervising Jason’s transport of her slave.

Jason slid his hand up Madeline’s back, lifting her to a sitting position as he did. As she sat up, his hand found his favorite tuft of hair. They both stood, and he escorted her to the Master bedroom.

As they walked, her skirt was tugged down until it fell, allowing her to step out of it. She let her hips sway, walking like her ass was a bell for Jason and Janine’s viewing pleasure. Her top was next, forcing Jason to relinquish his iron grip on her hair long enough to be freed from clothing, though it returned the moment she was available again.

Jason brought them near the bed and pushed Madeline gently up against the large wooden bedpost. He pressed up behind her, lips near her ear, and whispered, “Blueberry.”

Madeline’s face quirked in confusion as she contemplated this, taking her attention away from Jason as he knelt down and freed her from her lacy boy shorts. When she realized her bra was being unclasped, she heard his voice whisper again,

“It will be tame for you from here on out, but you can use it if you can’t give the physical signal. Just say it loud and clear, and we’ll know to stop. Do you understand?”

She nodded slowly as her bra was slipped down her arms and onto the floor.

“Say it softly once so I know you understand.” He stated.

“Blueberry.” She whispered.

“Good girl.”

Jason proceeded to lift her and gruffly place her on the bed, the gentle intermission clearly over. As he produced ties and cuffs that attached to the four bedposts, Madeline realized something.

‘It will be tame for you from here on out? How did he know what Janine had planned?’ She closed her eyes to fight off embarrassment as her legs were spread and tied, forcing her legs into a wide stance. ‘Was Jason in on this the whole time, too?’

“Now you can watch me get what you want, you dirty slut.” Janine gloated as her corset hit the floor. He perky, alabaster tits pointed to the ceiling, and she confidently walked towards the bed as Jason worked. “We’re going to fuck in every position I want, and you won’t be able to do anything but watch.”

Madeline realized what Jason meant by ‘tame from here on out’ now, and was surprised at the horror she felt from it. Watching the two of them fuck would not be unpleasant, but they intended to relegate her to a spectator. That was unacceptable. She wanted this to continue.

Jason grabbed her last free wrist and moved to lock it in place.

Madeline struggled for the first time, her hand shooting up and locking around the nape of Jason’s neck. She pulled him forward into a kiss and ran her tongue over his lips.

“What are you doing?!” Janine cried out, her dominant exterior shattering for a moment.

“Fuck me, baby.” Madeline begged, her lips still pressed against his. To her amusement, even Jason looked shocked. “She can’t stop us. Just let me feel your big dick inside me.”

Jason regained his composure and pulled away, attaining control over Madeline’s wrist and locking it into position. She was now in full Spread Eagle. He looked over to Janine, a hint of a smile on his lips as he watched her for her next move.

Janine verbally stumbled, her eyes unfocused as her mind raced.

Madeline watched her, trying not to squirm as she lay fully exposed and helpless. It was an uncomfortable state, but she knew deep down it would be worth it if she stuck it out.

A look of conviction returned to Janine’s eyes, and she crawled onto the bed.

“You don’t learn well, do you slut?” She spat, crawling over Madeline’s prone form. Her alabaster skin had a slight red flush to it, and her tits bounced up and down as she mounted her restrained slave. “This is your one chance.” She said with a wicked grin. “Apologize and beg my forgiveness.”

Madeline licked her lips, gathering her courage. “Or what?”

Janine paused as if she was thinking of a response, then thought better of it. She moved farther up on the bed and pivoted, turning so she faced Madeline’s legs. She squatted over her slave’s face, placing her ass over Madeline’s mouth.

“Lick my ass, you little bitch.”

Madeline found herself instinctively turning away. Eating pussy for her first time was shocking enough, but anal play was in a whole new realm. She realized quickly her options for escape were removed, and quickly tried to come to terms with her new punishment.

‘I could say it.’ She reminded herself. ‘One word and I won’t have to do it.’

“I gave you a chance…” Janine purred. “Jason, undo her legs. This little slut is going to get what she wants.”

With that, she reached back and grabbed another painful handful of hair, and sat back onto her slave’s mouth.

The preconceived notions Madeline had about the lewd act evaporated rather quickly. Her expectations of foul taste and smell were met with a patch of tight, clean skin instead. As the initial shock of Janine’s asshole pressed up against her mouth faltered, she was amused to find it less messy than pussy rubbed in her face.

Her tongue snaked out again as Jason unhooked her right ankle from the bed. She explored the rim of Janine’s ass at first, but when Janine pushed back harder, she let the broad flat of her tongue lick generously up and down the entirety of the orifice.

“Don’t be shy, slut, eat my ass.” Janine growled back. She reached down, pinching one of Madeline’s nipples between her fingers and twisting.

The pain was exquisite, and Madeline’s back arched, her face pressing forward and her tongue spearing into Janine’s ass. When she realized how far she had pushed forward, her final reservations floated away, and she continued to lick greedily at her mistress.

Her left ankle was released, and she felt Jason push her legs up. She was rocked onto the small of her back, her pussy and ass lifted off the bed.

Janine maintained her position with her ass buried into her slave’s face, but leaned over and tenderly licked at Madeline’s pussy. She teased her clit at first, gave a playful bite, then ran her tongue down the length of Madeline’s pussy and onto her ass.

Madeline inhaled sharply at the sensation. Her finger playing with her forbidden area had always provided interesting stimuli, but nothing in comparison to a wet tongue. She moaned into Janine, lapping greedily as she enjoyed the first tongue giving her oral ass play.

Janine’s tongue explored deep a few times, thoroughly soaking Madeline’s asshole with saliva, then abruptly left. Her hands then clamped on Madeline’s reddened cheeks, and pulled them apart.

“Jason,” She said with satisfaction dripping from her voice. “This slut wanted your dick inside her. Give her what she wanted.”

Madeline froze, her tongue pulling from her mistress’ ass. Her arms tugged feebly at her restraints, and she began repeating the safe word over and over in her head.

A light smack of Janine’s hand on her pussy brought Madeline out of her thoughts.

“Did I tell you to stop, slut?” Janine asked, swatting Madeline’s pussy again. “I’m going to watch Jason fuck you in the ass, and if your tongue stops, I’m going to make him do it fast and hard.”

Madeline felt the thick tip of Jason’s dick press up against her asshole as Janine used her elbows to push her slave’s legs back further, all the while keeping Madeline’s ass spread with her hands. She made her decision, and realized she was not done yet.

She leaned forward and plunged her tongue into Janine’s ass again.

“Ohhh, good girl.” Janine panted, turning to Jason. “You can go slowly, baby. Let her feel each inch.”

Jason gripped Madeline’s hips, his dick in position, and slowly pulled himself forward. Even with the slick pathway Janine had prepared, there was significant resistance. He pressed for a few more seconds, hearing Madeline squeak into Janine’s ass, then pulled back.

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