Author’s note: This story contains themes of incest, Dominance and submission, and BDSM. This is not a stand alone story, and I highly recommend starting with part one to understand the story progression. All characters are fictional, and any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental. Enjoy!


Kimmie was up bright and early. Today was a big day for her. Her first official day on the job, and Sir had mentioned some important meetings. She’d gone through her closet already and set out some clothes. Normally she’d shower in the morning, but the bath looked inviting. She put on some music, soaked in the tub and ran a fresh razor down her legs to be sure she was silky smooth.

After her bath, she dressed herself in the St. John Collection Lilac fitted tweed suit with the matching jacket. She put on a lilac crepe cap sleeve top with a pleated boat neckline. She hadn’t put on any underwear. Then she stopped and thought about whether she should wear stockings. It looked better without them, she decided. She took a seat in the armchair and put on her cream colored Jimmy Choo Kuki patent leather platform pumps. They had an open toe and sexy crisscross straps that she just loved.

She went to the bathroom and applied some subtle makeup. Less is more, Tom had said when they purchased it. She used a light lipstick and a touch of eye shadow. She took a moment to style her hair. A quick spritz of Chanel perfume, then she walked to the full length mirror to get an idea of how it all came together. She adored the outfit.

“Oh, it’s lovely to meet you too.” She said pretending to make an introduction. “These? They’re Jimmy Choo. I just adored them. Sometimes a girl needs to spoil herself.”

It still felt like she was living someone else’s life. Being rich must be nice, she thought. It pained her to think that she would have to go back to Northridge at some point to her mom’s crummy house and her asshole stepdad. She wanted to live here forever.


Tom was awoken by Alexis kissing his neck. He opened his eyes and smiled his wry smile. Marie and Alexis had fallen asleep on either side of him, and he couldn’t remember the last time he felt so rested.

“Good morning, birthday boy.” Alexis whispered pulling his face to the side and giving him a wet, sensual kiss on the lips.

Marie reached over and tilted his head back over toward her. “Happy birthday, Sir.” She said planting a kiss that rivaled Alexis’.

“Good morning, Lexi. Good morning, mom.” He said contentedly. Then he rubbed Alexis’ belly. “Good morning, little man.”

Marie still got a little choked up at the gesture. The news was still fresh, and it made her emotional. She knew now that she was right when she first arrived. This woman did love her son. A part of her wondered what it must be like to carry his child, and share him at the same time.

Marie let her hand drift down to his cock. “Don’t worry, Sir. Mommy’s going to take care of her big boy’s cock. You just stay right there, Sir.”

She crawled down between his legs and lifted his limp length in her hand surprised to see how full his balls looked. She wondered how his body managed to keep up with it all. She stared for a moment admiring his sack. She’d never really thought much about a man’s scrotum before she arrived here. She loved how it looked. The sack itself hung low and each testicle was visible as the loose skin draped over it. They were large, she thought. Larger than she imagined a testicle could be, but then again everything about his manhood seemed a bit oversized.

She pushed her head low and let her tongue wriggle down beneath his balls teasing the edge of his ass. Then she licked just below his balls in that spot that she didn’t realize was so sensitive until recently. Finally her tongue reached his sack licking it lightly, and swirling around each testicle. He let out a long satisfied groan. She would have preferred to slip his shaft into her mouth right then, but she lingered and took her time making sure his birthday was extra special.

Alexis straddled his torso and let her voluminous chest hang down above his head. Tom looked at her large pink areolas, and then reached up squeezing each breast and lowering them down to his mouth. He sucked one nipple and then sucked the other, biting each one softly.

“Ass or pussy, Sir?” She asked innocently. “The birthday boy gets to pick his hole.”

“Ass, please.” He said quietly.

Alexis scooted back moving her perfect round ass toward his mother. “He wants it in my ass, Marie.” She said without looking back. “Would you do the honors?”

Marie unlatched herself from his balls taking his thick shaft in her head and holding it up as Alexis pushed backward. It pressed on her little asshole.

“Mmmmmm.” She moaned softly. “A little lube please.”

Marie let go of his shaft and spread her ass cheeks burying her face and tongue in her rear. She got carried away and licked her voraciously.

“Oh god.” Alexis said closing her eyes and enjoying the attention.

Then Marie pulled back, lifted his cock, spit on the head rubbing it around with her palm, and finally pressed it back into her hole. Alexis sat back and felt it stretch her open.

“Fuck, I love that…” She whispered as she took him deeper.

Tom hooked his hips and lifted upward sliding the rest of the way inside her. His ass was just slightly off the bed, and Marie took the opportunity to wrap her mouth around his sack.

“Oh my god, that feels good.” He said feeling his mother’s tongue.

Alexis moved forward feeling his thickness sliding inside of her. Then she pushed back and proceeded to fuck him with her asshole. No one screamed. No one said another word. It was just collective moans as she rode him until he sprayed his cum inside her ass.

Marie watched the entire act just inches away letting her tongue occasionally slip out and graze his sack or her tanned ass. She waited for the moment that Alexis finally slid his cock from inside her, and then she latched onto her hole and let his seed fill her eager mouth. She wasn’t hesitant any longer about these perverted acts. She didn’t care where it had been. She wanted to taste him. She wanted to please Alexis. She had two lovers now. Two owners.


Angie sat in her bed staring at the ceiling. She was feeling awfully conflicted about heading back to Saratoga Springs. She enjoyed her day here yesterday, and she enjoyed the company of these women. She wondered why it was that she couldn’t seem to make friends easily at home. Her life was back there, though. There wasn’t anything she could do about it.

She crawled out of bed and took a shower. Then she looked at her suitcase. She had clothes today. It wasn’t necessary to prance around nude anymore. But she couldn’t seem to select an outfit. None of it seemed right.

“What am I doing?” She said to herself.


Jane helped Marie prepare breakfast in the kitchen. She was happy to be let out of her room so early. It was Sir’s birthday and she hoped to be able to see him before he left. They were making pancakes. Marie had set the table in the dining room already. She wanted it to be perfect. Everything had gone so well since she walked into his room last night.

“You seem happy.” Jane said watching her sister operate with familiarity in the kitchen.

“Why shouldn’t I be?” Marie replied with a smile on her face. “Everything is going to be just fine. I haven’t felt this good in years.” It was the first time that she truly believed that everything in her life was finally okay.

Jane had to agree. She couldn’t remember a time when her sister seemed so light hearted and content. Somehow things seemed to be working out for them in this house. Sure it was still difficult to adjust to everything, but Jane preferred to not think too hard about it. She just wanted to enjoy herself and tried not to imagine the complications of the life changing move that seemed inevitable at this point.

“Let me ask you a question.” Marie said as she sliced some strawberries on a cutting board. They were in season and she ate a sliver savoring the sweet taste. “When I went to get you yesterday morning and I opened your door… I guess I thought your room was like mine. Is it just not decorated? Did Sir mention why it looks so empty?”

Jane didn’t want to say much about the room. Alexis and Fran barely acknowledged it when she said she was staying there. It was like an unspoken rule. And deep down, Jane was beginning to dread the day she might have to leave it. But all the girls left that room after whatever time he deemed necessary. It’s just how it worked.

“I’m not sure what you mean.” Jane replied without much expression. “I think my room is quite nice.”

Marie stopped for a moment and looked her up and down. She couldn’t mean it. There was something strange in her response. She shook it off and moved on. She didn’t want to be burdened by her curiosity.

“Tradition.” Marie stated holding up a cookie cutter. “This is what I did for every birthday when he still lived at home.”

Jane laughed. “You were always such a perfect mother. I couldn’t have survived the world of bake sales and PTA meetings. You loved it though. From the second he was born. It came so natural to you.” She paused for a moment before saying what she had needed to say for the last few days. “I love him, Marie. I really love him.”

“I know.” Marie said fixing a perfectly arranged plate of food. She looked up at her sister. “I love him too. I’m in love with him too. It’s okay, Jane. I’m okay with it.” She arranged some strawberries on the plate. “And…. Voila! Here. Go put that at his place.”

Jane needed to hear her sister give approval again. The deep connection she felt toward her nephew was undeniable.


Alexis selected some clothes while he finished his shower and dried himself off. She was being particularly attentive this morning. She walked out with his grey Hugo Boss suit.

“I think this one is perfect, Sir.” She said hanging it on the bathroom door. “Aren’t you nervous or excited? You seem so calm.”

“Why shouldn’t I be calm?” Tom asked.

“You’re going to collect a million dollar check, Sir! That’s a big deal.” She replied. “And you’re signing your new contracts. I just wish it didn’t have to be today.”

“It’s just money, Lexi. It’s just work.” He stated frankly. “And I’m sorry it had to be today, but I’ll be home tonight. We can go out for a nice dinner or stay in and watch a movie. I’ll eat light during my meetings.”

“It’s your birthday, Sir. Let’s do whatever you want.”

“Okay.” He said. “Hand me my suit.”

She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist resting her head on his shoulder. She looked at him in the reflection of the framed mirror over the sink. She didn’t say anything. She just squeezed him tightly in her arms. She never wanted to let him go.

There was a nagging thought in the back of her mind that kept bothering her. She truly enjoyed sharing him with Marie last night and this morning. The thought of losing her was so difficult to think about today.

“Sir?” She said quietly. “Are you really sending Marie away? Did you see the way she reacted when she found out I’m pregnant? You just can’t, Sir. I’m begging you.”

Alexis noticed his eyes water slightly. “I know, Lexi.” He said looking down for a moment with his blank, pensive stare. It’s the look he got when he began to overthink things. He brought his eyes back up slowly to meet hers. “I’m imperfect.” He stated softly. “When I made that agreement I never could have understood what my life would become. My feelings about this lifestyle are different than Stephen’s. My feelings have evolved. Stephen looks at everything more coldly. I want to say no. But part of me doesn’t want to break my word… and… the other part of me knows I need to say no. I can’t let either my mother or my aunt go. I’m not sure what to say to Stephen. He’s not an enemy I want to have.”

Alexis looked hopeful. “I think you just worded it beautifully, Sir. Just say that.”

“We’ll see, Lexi. We’ll see.” The he pushed those thoughts away and flashed his wry smile.

Tom lifted her up and set her on the bathroom counter. He kissed her lips lightly. Then her chin. Then the nape of her neck. His lips moved down her chest kissing the swells of each breast. Then across her flat tummy until he settled himself between her legs. He glanced up as his tongue snaked out across her sex. He saw the surprised look on her face and admired her soft, delicate features. Then he felt her fingers comb through his short brown hair encouraging his actions.


Kimmie was chipper as could be as she walked down the stairs with a newfound bounce in her step. She nearly floated into the kitchen. She set her handbag on the island as Marie and Jane looked up and noticed her outfit.

Jane let out a whistle. “Hot stuff!”

“Wow, Kimmie.” Marie exclaimed remembering how she felt after her makeover last Wednesday.

“This old thing?” She twirled practically bursting with joy. “It’s my first day as Sir’s assistant. I wanted to look perfect for the meetings. He’s just amazing, isn’t he? I don’t think I’ve ever met such a thoughtful person.”

“His assistant?” Marie asked.

“Yeah. Sir wants me to help him with his work and running the house. He said if I do well that he’ll train me. But I’m going to do better than well. I’ll show him how perfect I can be.”

“A big day starts with a big breakfast.” Marie said in a motherly tone. “Sit down and let me fix you a plate.”

Kimmie knelt on the small bench seat next to Tom’s chair in the dining room. Marie placed a healthy sized breakfast in front of her. She was starving as usual. She looked up as Tom entered the room. He smiled seeing the heart shaped stack of pancakes on his dish. His mom had spelled out the number thirty-one with strawberry pieces. Some things never changed, he thought. Then he looked at the petite girl stuffing her face.

“Kimmie, you look amazing.” He said taking in her appearance.

“Thank you, Sir.” She replied smiling.

“Stand up.” He said watching the young girl get to her feet. He kicked the small bench away from her place. “Now stand like I told you at the desk last night.”

She immediately spread her legs open, bent at the waist, and placed her forearms on the table on either side of her plate with her palms down. Her stack of pancakes was just in front of her face.

“Good. Don’t move.” He said examining her tiny frame. Her ass hung out and the skirt was hugging it particularly tightly. He wondered how long he could wait before he would want to fuck her again. “Jane, come in here.”

Jane came in and knelt next to his chair. “Happy birthday, Sir.”

“Thank you.” He replied graciously. “I need you to feed Kimmie for me.”

She wasn’t sure what he meant at first. She looked up at the girl and then got to her feet. Jane took the plate of food and cut off a bite of pancake lifting it to her mouth. Kimmie opened wide cleaning the fork.

“So my lawyer’s name is?” He asked quizzing her.

“Frank Donovan.” Kimmie responded taking another bite from the fork and swallowing.

“Good. My agent?”

“Jim Cohen, Sir.” She replied before turning toward Jane. “Orange juice, please.”

Jane took the glass of orange juice lifting it to her lips and tilting it slowly so she could sip it. It left a small lipstick smudge on the glass. It was a challenge to eat this way, but she kept herself in position. If this pleased him then she’d do it for as long as he wanted.

“Did you cum last night?”

“No, Sir.”

“Why not?”

“Because you told me that you’d let me know when I can cum, Sir. You told me that you were going to make me earn it.” She replied. “Sir?”

“Yes, Kimmie?”

“That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to, Sir. I thought about it all night long.” She said. “Pancake, please.” She turned her head toward Jane waiting for another bite.

Tom looked down at his watch. It was already ten in the morning. He never responded to Kimmie’s comment, which she found a little frustrating. She wanted him to know that she struggled with it. And did she ever. By the time she left his office last night her pussy was a sopping mess and her ass was sore. It’s all she thought about until this morning.

He looked up surprised to see Angie enter the room. She came over next to his seat and knelt on the floor. “Good morning, Sir.” She stated.

He noted that she was still naked. “Why didn’t you put on clothes?”

“I can wear clothes when I get back home, Sir. Until then… I want to be like the other girls.”

Tom knew then that she had finally forgiven him for everything. He’d honor the agreement that he made and purchase her ticket home for the following day. He was going to be sad to see her leave. She was such a genuine person, and genuine people were few and far between.

“Come, sit.” He said patting the small seat on his other side. Angie got up and walked around and then settled herself back on her knees at the table. “Jane, would you lift up Kimmie’s skirt, please.”

Jane set the fork down and lifted the hem of the young girl’s narrow skirt until it was up around her waist.

“Well…” Tom said as if she should know what to do next. “Get on your knees and lick her pussy.”

Angie squirmed hearing his command. She immediately moistened remembering the pleasure she got from the older woman yesterday. She still couldn’t believe how incredibly turned on it made her watching Tom direct these women.

Kimmie just looked at him unsure. Then she felt the tongue as it touched her. She gasped. Her face looked shocked by the intensity of the sensations. Tom picked up his knife and fork and continued eating without even glancing in her direction. The minutes ticked by as he listened to her breathing get shallower.

“Oh god…” Kimmie finally groaned. She wanted to look back, but she kept her forearms and palms on the table as he instructed. Her body began to tense. “Oh god… Sir, I’m going to cum…”

Tom cut another bite and then took a sip of his juice. He dabbed his face with a napkin looking very relaxed. “You better not, Kimmie. I haven’t given you permission.”

“What…?” She looked alarmed and confused. “But I’m not sure I can stop it, Sir…”

Then he looked over at her finally making eye contact. “Maybe you should try thinking about something else.”

Kimmie’s hands began to tremble on the table. She tightened her muscles even more trying to remain still. Her entire body felt rigid. She started thinking about a calculus lecture she listened to last semester that she never fully understood. It only helped for a moment.

“Eeergh.” She croaked out straining to remain silent.

Tom could see her knees shaking now. Her body was giving in no matter how hard she fought it. She kept her eyes locked on him in distress. She was barely even breathing except for the occasional gasp when her oxygen ran out.

“I…” She started but then stopped straining harder. “Oh god, I can’t…” She clamped her mouth shut again. Her body was a tense, trembling time bomb. “Oh god, Sir…” She pleaded with her eyes. “I can’t!” She screamed. “I can’t! Please I can’t hold off any longer. Please, Sir. Just let me…”

Tom leaned back and opened his mouth to speak. She watched his lips waiting for them to form the words she needed to here. And then he said, “That’s enough, Jane. Thank you.”

The tongue disappeared as Jane leaned back on her heels. “No…” Kimmie gasped quietly. Those weren’t the right words. She was ragged and needy. She looked at him again and saw in his eyes that she wouldn’t get to cum. He merely wanted to torture her.

Jane’s eyes were focused on Angie’s pussy under the table. She looked between Kimmie’s legs seeing Angie’s fingers rubbing her clit with ferocious need. Nobody else seemed to notice it, but Jane licked her lips involuntarily thinking about being forced to pleasure her again.

Tom finally pushed his chair back and stood up. He walked over behind his assistant and cupped her pussy in his right hand rubbing it back and forth. “Shit, Kimmie.” He said quietly. “You’re soaking wet.”

“I know, Sir.” She whined softly feeling his fingers move back and forth. It amazed her how quickly she felt the need to cum. Maybe this is what he wanted, she thought. Maybe he wanted to be the one to get her off.

“Well, we need to head out in a few minutes.” He said. Then he removed his hand and walked back out into the kitchen.


Alexis snapped into action the moment he walked out the door. She ran upstairs and jumped in the shower. It was going to be such an exciting occasion. Even she hadn’t seen all the girls together in one place. She wondered what it would be like to see them meet each other. The anticipation was palpable.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been in such a good mood. Something had changed inside her. He was beginning to tell people about her pregnancy and she was just certain that her future in this house was secure. It always scared her when she thought of the unknown. And not being in his life any more was the scariest thought of all. But it seemed unlikely now.

Alexis remembered the day early in their relationship when she asked if he wanted to hear about the men she had been with before him. Tom had been quiet and introspective as he thought about it. “No.” He had told her. “Nothing up to this point matters to me. I only care about the present and the future.” She never mentioned it again. There was something about his answer that she always thought hinted toward a long life together. He didn’t want any of the jealousy that came with knowing past history. He just wanted her.

She had the radio on in the bathroom singing along to the golden oldies station while she got ready. The girls would be arriving throughout the day. She expected Gabriella, Francesca and Karine would get here first. She applied some makeup, which was not a typical routine for her, and then she fixed her hair. Finally she ran downstairs to begin the preparations.


Marie stood in the kitchen with a woman she’d never met before. Gabriella unloaded grocery bags onto the kitchen table getting ready to start cooking for the party. She was an attractive woman in her late twenties. She had shed her clothing and Marie noted her thin face, small bust, tiny waist, wide hips and incredibly large ass. It was the feature that, quite literally, stuck out the most. Her skin was light, almost white, and her normally long brown hair was dyed blonde. It was a typically curvy body for a South American – buxom and toned and thick in all the right places. She was one of those women that exuded sexuality.

Gabriella was Venezuelan, although she was born in the states and grew up for the most part in a community in south Miami. It had been six years since she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of being a culinary chef. Currently she worked as a sous chef at the Coupa Café just up the street from Fran’s salon.

Alexis came down around the corner seeing them together. “Gabby!” She screeched. “Oh my gosh, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen you!”

Gabby ran over and gave her a big hug. “Sir’s mother?” She said deviously. “What exactly has been going on here?”

“Oh it’s such a long story.” Alexis sighed and then in a more upbeat voice she continued. “But tonight is going to be so special! All the girls will be here.”

“I know. I’m nervous.”

“Don’t be nervous.” Alexis replied. “I have the feeling that this is going to be the beginning of a lot of new changes. I think it’s going to be wonderful. I want to see everyone more often. Do you have everything you need?”

“Yeah.” She smiled and batted her big brown eyes. “Marie is going to help me make dough for tequenos. I’m making mini arepas too. My mom sent me some Venezuelan cheese. It’s impossible to get it in the states. It’ll be delicious.”

The doorbell rang interrupting them. “More people!” Alexis said. “Pardon me. I’m going to be running around all day.”

Marie noted her excitement. It seemed that there was an underlying nervousness about it. Alexis hadn’t been receptive to the idea of a surprise party at first. When Marie mentioned it in the car in Saratoga Springs she seemed to think he wouldn’t like it. Now, she had committed herself, and Marie wondered if she was worried that he might not be pleased after all.


Alexis turned leaving the two women and moved back toward the foyer. It must be Francesca, she thought. She also needed time to prepare. She walked briskly toward the door and swung it open.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry. I’m not looking.” Erik turned his head and covered his eyes as he stood on the doorstep with a small carryon bag slung over his shoulder.

“Erik!” She squealed. “Oh you made it! I thought you wouldn’t be in until later. Please come in.” She grabbed his free hand pulling him into the house.

“I…” He still had his eyes closed. “… You’re naked.” Then he thought about how strange that was. “Do you always answer the door like that?”

Alexis reached up and grabbed his hand pulling it away from his eyes. “Sir never said you were such a prude.” She teased him. “Come on, take a look and get it over with.” She did a twirl showing off her body. “There’s going to be a lot of women here today. You can’t be so shy. Just remember, you can look but don’t touch.”

Erik couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts. “He… he really wasn’t kidding when he told me about his lifestyle?” He asked timidly already knowing the answer. He wouldn’t have believed him at all a few days ago had it not been for Alexis nodding along with his story. It just seemed so crazy.

“Sir never kids about that.” She responded sweetly. “I didn’t think you’d be here until tonight. I’m so happy you made it on short notice. I don’t want you to do anything today. Just relax. I’ll take your bag and then have someone get you whatever you need. Does that sound okay?”

Erik looked around the foyer taking in the first view of his best friend’s house. It seemed far grander than he ever expected. Part of him wasn’t sure how to respond. He stared back at the nude blonde woman in front of him.

“How did he end up with someone like you?” He asked. “You’re just…”

Alexis gave Erik a kiss on the cheek. “You’re sweet.” Then she hollered out loud to the kitchen. “Marie, I need your help.”

Alexis had failed to mention that she invited Erik. Marie turned to head into the foyer. She wanted to feel useful today. What she hadn’t expected was to see the boy that she’d known since he was eleven years old.


Tom leaned back in his chair on the patio at Geoffrey’s. Frank had changed the location from Nobu thinking that a relaxed location might be nicer. The restaurant was located off the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu just north of Pepperdine University. The patio hung off over a cliff hovering high above the ocean. The waves crashed against the rocks below offering a both tranquil and spectacular view.

Kimmie was polishing off an order of jumbo coconut shrimp dipping her last one in a mango chutney sauce. She had a napkin tucked into the collar of her lavender shirt terrified about spilling anything on her new outfit. She kept her notebook open. She’d been writing down any important tidbits as they were discussed.

Tom and Frank had spent the majority of the lunch discussing his home and the events of the other evening. Tom wanted his advice on how to manage things with the baby. He asked what he thought about purchasing another home on his street. They hashed out some ideas. Now, it was time to get to business.

“So before we meet with Maryanne, I wanted to talk through the deal points on your new contract.” Frank stated rather comfortably. This was second nature to him. He loved the delicate art of deal making. “I got a call from their lawyer agreeing to the offer we posed to Maryanne on the phone. Honestly, Tom, it seemed a little too easy.”

“That’s good news. Why do you think it’s too easy?” Tom asked. He was always curious about the way Frank handled his business. The amount of money they offered him to write befuddled him. He never thought it was worth all that much, and he didn’t consider himself a great writer.

“I got a sense that they thought they had done well. Usually they’re reluctant, Tom. Usually they make it sound like I’m bleeding them. I took a guess that they might have higher expectations for your new book than they let on.” He continued. “So I told them that there was a misunderstanding. I said we were asking for fifteen percent gross, not ten.”

“And?” Tom asked.

“What do you think they said?!” He replied sarcastically. “They lost it. Their guy called me every name under the sun and accused me backtracking on our offer.” Frank paused. “Which was closer to the response I initially expected. It took a little hardball, but they agreed. As for the bonus, they countered at $150K per book if it stayed on the best seller list for more than ten weeks. That’s fine. That’s chump change compared to an extra five percent of gross.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Tom replied.

“Don’t say anything. Consider it a birthday present.” Frank replied. He smiled as he watched Tom’s expression. “What? You didn’t think I knew?”

“Pay attention, Kimmie.” Tom said putting his hand on the young girl’s thigh. “You’ll get quite an education in business if you hang around this guy.”

“Speaking of which,” Frank added reaching down and lifting up a box from under the table, “I got you a little something.”

Tom looked at the plain brown wrapping on the box. He tore back the paper and uncovered a wooden humidor of Cohiba Cuban Cigars. He opened the box and smelled the rich tobacco scent.

“You didn’t have to, Frank.” Tom said genuinely touched.

“Oh course I did. Those are the Cohiba 1966s. That was voted one of the world’s best cigars last year. It’s a limited edition run with some of the finest tobacco. Those came straight out of the factory in Cuba last week.”

“I’m not going to ask.”

“Good. I’m not going to say.” Frank smiled. “Come on. We’ve got to get back to Beverly Hills. I have to stop at the office briefly. I’ll meet you at The Ivy at 5pm.”

Frank paid the bill and they stood up to leave.


“Mrs. Bolden?” Erik said with wide eyes.

Alexis immediately realized her mistake. It hadn’t occurred to her the long history these two people shared, nor did she consider the utter confusion it would cause Erik when he saw her submission.

Marie tried her best to cover herself. She ended up crouching down and wrapping her hands around her body. “Erik?” She was just as confused as he was. “I… uh… I didn’t know you were coming out.”

Alexis wasn’t sure how to approach it. She didn’t know how delicate she should be. In her view there was only one way to tackle this situation.

“Shit.” She finally said. “Erik, you have to understand that Sir’s life is…” He looked at her waiting for an explanation. “… well… What’s going on here is…” She paused again.

“Is what?” Erik asked. He wasn’t angry or grossed out. On the contrary he studied the woman crouched down on the floor. He’d jerked off to her plenty of times in his teens. Something here seemed amiss.

“Oh hell.” Alexis said. “Tom fucked her.”

“No way!” Erik blurted barely able to comprehend the blunt reality. He wore a wide, amused smile as if Tom had attained some pinnacle of achievement.

Marie cringed and closed her eyes tight as she heard the terse statement. The only time she felt embarrassed was when someone she knew was judging her. It felt similar to the reaction she got from Jane when her secret was revealed. After a moment, she opened her eyes back up and stared at her son’s friend feeling his glare burn into her naked body.

“Yes. He did.” Alexis replied recognizing his amusement and feeling better about the situation. “Marie, stop acting so foolish. This was bound to happen.”

“Um… yes, mistress.” She whispered as she reluctantly shifted onto her knees into a proper position. She looked up into Erik’s eyes and with the most stern, motherly glare. “Don’t you dare tell your mother what you saw here.” She saw the shocked, lustful look on his face. “I’m serious, young man.”

“I won’t. I promise, Mrs. Bolden.” He felt like he was a teenager that just got in trouble. He wouldn’t conceive of telling anyone about this. He didn’t think anyone would believe him anyway.

“Please don’t call me that.” She replied glancing down. “It’s embarrassing. Just call me Marie.”

“I… I promise, Marie.” He stuttered again. There was an uncomfortable silence. Erik finally smiled and said, “I guess it doesn’t hurt to say that I had a huge crush on you when I was in high school.”

Marie didn’t know how to respond. Then she realized the naughty smile that was creeping across her face. All these years she felt neglected and inherently nonsexual. It appeared that she was far sexier than she ever realized.

“Well, she’s owned now, mister.” Alexis said playfully pushing him. “So hands off.” Then she smiled her graceful smile again. “Geez, you two are so serious.”

Erik looked back to the blonde. He studied her soft features. Her smile was radiant and her lips were full and perfect. Everything about her seemed absolutely beautiful with a somewhat innocent undertone. She wasn’t innocent at all, though. He realized that now as he watched her standing there displaying her tanned, toned figure with her hands on her hips.

“Come on, Erik.” She said putting her arm around him and giving him a squeeze. “Let’s go get you a drink.” She could see that his eyes were still on Marie’s body. “Marie, I want you to crawl back to the kitchen.” She didn’t say anything as she slipped onto her hands and knees and began crawling slowly in front of them. Her bare ass swished back and forth flashing her bald pussy. “That’s the view you were hoping for, right?” She asked giving Erik another squeeze and a devilish grin. “You’re going to love it here. I’m so glad you came.”

Erik couldn’t hide the erection pushing at his pants. Between the view of his best friend’s mom crawling naked in front of him and the large breasts of his best friend’s girl pressing into his side, he wondered why he hadn’t come out to Los Angeles sooner. He wondered how his friend could be so tempered and reserved about the life he had here. He remembered all the times Tom had tried to mention it in passing, and how he thought it was just an exaggeration. He wished he had listened. This was something worth boasting over.


John Bolden continued packing his bags. Fuck this place, he thought. Fuck this town. Fuck that stupid bitch of a masseuse. Fuck his son and his money and his career. Fuck it all. No one was going to tell him what to do. No one was going to push him around. He was going home. He was going home with his wife. He’d have it out with her once they were back in upstate New York. Then she’d know who wore the pants in this relationship.

He sent his clothes down to be washed by the hotel services. He packed up the rest of his belongings into his suitcase. Finally he grabbed the broken computer and shoved it inside. He took the thumb drive and smashed it with the metal ice bucket. He kept smashing breaking it into smaller and smaller pieces in an effort to vent his rage over its contents.

John still had a searing headache. The hangover had been severe, and the lumps on his head weren’t making it any better. He drank more water and popped another few aspirin. He cursed himself for getting so drunk. He wondered how he could let his son get the better of him without putting up much of a fight at all. Well it wouldn’t happen again, he thought. He mentally pumped himself up thinking about how to teach him a lesson.


“Please, Sir!” Kimmie squealed in the passenger seat. “Oh god, I’m begging. I’m begging you to let me have it. I… I can’t hold it… I… I can’t…”

Her skirt was hiked up above her waist again. Tom had one hand on the wheel and his right hand on her clit. He paused letting the sensations subside. He heard her pout as her imminent climax disappeared. Then he began the whole the action all over again.

“Oh no!” She whined. “Why are you torturing me, Sir…” She pressed her bare ass harder into the leather seat. She could feel it becoming slippery beneath her. She knew she was leaking heavily. “Oh yes! Yes. Sir, I’m so close…” Then she felt his fingers stop. “No!”

Tom kept his eyes on the road. They were on a curvy portion of Sunset Boulevard cutting eastward back toward the city. He enjoyed listening to her beg. He hoped that when he finally allowed her the release she craved that it would be blindingly strong and satisfying. He was adept and using orgasm denial to keep a woman on edge for long periods of time. He could see her hips grinding down searching for something to press her pussy against.

“You’ll get to cum soon enough.” He replied.

“Please, Sir!” She begged. “I can’t wait any more! I just can’t! I’ve never needed to cum so bad. Never, Sir.”

“You can wait.”

“I can’t!”

Tom had considered making her wait for a month or more. All of her begging had given him a raging hard on, though. Now he considered pulling over and fucking her in a vacant lot. He took her hand and placed it on his inner thigh. She ran her palm up and down his cock. Then she looked up at him with a needy gaze.

“I… I can help make that go away, Sir.” She said in a hopeful tone. “You can put it inside me. I’m so wet. It’ll slide right in.”

He reached over and ran his fingers up her slit. She was soaking wet. He heard the soft moans begin to escape her mouth. He felt her hand close around his shaft over the fabric. Kimmie could feel his need. The veins on his cock pulsed as more blood flooded down through his length causing it to throb. He worked his fingers faster.

“That’s it, Sir.” She moaned. “Get it ready for your cock.” She squeezed him again.

Tom got a hold of himself. He removed his fingers from her pussy. “That’s all for now, Kimmie. You’ll cum when I allow it.”

She whined quietly. She thought he was caving. She kept her hand on his cock teasing him hopefully. He was a guy after all, she thought. How much teasing could he handle. She studied his face as he drove. She could tell he enjoyed the attention she was giving him. He would crack. It was only a matter of time. Kimmie was certain that he wouldn’t be able to resist it.


Alexis walked into the kitchen with Erik. He watched as Mrs. Bolden sat back on her heels waiting for some sort of instruction. Then he looked up to see another woman cooking. He took in her body thinking she wasn’t quite his type, but she was still attractive.

“Erik, this is Gabriella.” She stated politely making the introduction. “Gabs, this Sir’s best friend. He flew out for the party.”

Gabby walked around the island holding her hands up, which were covered in eggs and flour. “It’s so nice to meet you.” She said as she approached. “I’m a mess. Sorry.” She held her hands out to the side and then leaned in giving him a light kiss on each cheek.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” He said staring at her tits and her puffy little nipples. Then he lifted his gaze to her collar. Hers was similar to Jane’s red one with a thin black strip around the center. He looked back to Alexis. “Does everyone wear a collar?”

She smiled warmly. “All of the girls have collars.” She said noting that she didn’t. “Oh, I’ve forgotten to put mine on today. I’ve been a bit frenzied.”

Gabby walked back around the counter to continue cooking. “Didn’t Sir tell you how things work?” She asked curiously.

“Uh, not really. He hasn’t told me a lot apparently.”

“Oh!” She said with a grin. “You mean you didn’t expect to find us nude?” She laughed lightly. “Well this must look scandalous.” She paused. “I’d love to talk to you later after I’m finished with all this.” She said noting the mess in front of her. “I’d love to hear some stories about Sir.”

Erik chuckled. “Oh, I’ve got stories.”

Alexis took his hand. “Would you like to rest, Erik? We can set you up outside by the pool. Or in the living room with the TV. Did you want to shower or nap? You just let me know.”

He paused for a moment. “Maybe a vodka tonic with lime.” He said. “And I guess I wouldn’t mind sitting outside for a bit.”

“Marie, would you get Erik his drink.”

Alexis took his bag and set it aside. Then she led him through the French doors out onto the patio. He looked amazed at the sheer size of the yard and the well-manicured beauty of it. She was talking excitedly about the house and the women. Erik knew Tom well enough. Sure he was surprised, but he smiled knowing that his friend always had grand plans for his life.

Erik sat at the table off to the side of the pool near the back gate. He kicked his feet up on the table before deciding to take his shirt off. He grabbed the neck of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. Erik’s tall body was muscled and strong. He worked alongside his crew back home, and the heavy construction equipment kept him in good shape.

He thought he was alone when he noticed a figure emerge from the pool. Her body lifted from the water as she walked up the submerged steps to the flagstone patio. Erik was not particularly good at talking to women. He admired her body. Her tear drop breasts weren’t large nor were they small. They looked appropriately sized. Her brunette hair was wet. He hadn’t adjusted to the strangeness of so many naked women, and this girl made him feel nervous.

She spotted him sitting at the table. “Oh, hi. I didn’t think anyone was out here.” She didn’t move to cover herself.

Erik stood up mostly because he thought it was the gentlemanly thing to do. “I’m sorry.” He said a little awkwardly. “I… I’m Erik. Tom’s friend.”

“I’m Angie.” The young woman replied taking a seat at the table.

“So…” He said unsure about starting a conversation as he retook his seat. “… you don’t have a collar?”

“Me? Oh, no.” She said a bit amused. “I don’t even live in California. I’m just visiting. Well, sort of.”

“Me too.” Erik said. “I just assumed…” He waved his hand noting her nakedness. “… you know, that you were a part of… this?” It sounded profoundly uncomfortable as he struggled to mention nudity and submission in front of someone.

“No. It’s a long story. I sort of ended up here by accident. Well not by accident… but I’m not sure you’d understand.” She babbled. “Anyway, I ended up here, and I guess I haven’t wanted to leave yet. It’s hard to explain, but there’s something about this place.”

“Where are you from?” Erik asked.

“Saratoga Springs in upstate New York.” She replied.

“No way!” Erik blurted for the second time today. “The masseuse?”

“Wait…” She said confused. “How did you know that?”

“I’m from Saratoga Springs too. I called you to book him an appointment.”

It didn’t take long for the two of them to fall into a deep conversation. They shared their feelings about home and about Tom’s life. It was comfortable having someone else there that wasn’t a part of the lifestyle. It allowed each of them to laugh about the awkward nature of being thrown into the middle of it. She recounted the story of her trip as he listened intently hearing the details. Erik just couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed talking to her; nor could he believe the events that took place. He knew John, Marie and Jane very well.


Kimmie was beyond frustrated by the time they reached the restaurant. Despite her best efforts Tom never gave in to her teasing. It was worse than that. He had taken it upon himself to make her suffer more because of it. His fingers had pawed at her pussy endlessly throughout the drive. He even let them slip inside of her. She was in quite a state.

They dropped the car off with the valet in front of The Ivy on Robertson Drive. The restaurant was one of those industry hotspots that were popular among movie producers, studio executives, agents, and actors. It wasn’t a particularly fancy establishment. It was actually fairly unassuming from the outside, but the people that frequented it, and those that ran it, gave it an air of importance.

Tom stepped through the front doors and immediately saw Jim, Frank and Maryanne sitting at a table in the back. As he got closer he noticed another person sitting with them. It was Peter Sperling, Maryanne’s boss and owner of Sperling Publishing. He usually only joined for important business. It made him wonder why he was here.

“Peter, what a surprise!” Tom said cordially extending his hand.

“I told Maryanne that I wanted to be here. I’m elated over the new book. There are big things in store for you, and I wanted you to hear it from me.”

“Well I certainly feel lucky to be worth your time. I appreciate it.” Tom said and then he leaned over giving Maryanne a kiss on her cheek. “Hey, Maryanne. It’s good to see you. Thanks for all your help this week.”

“Of course, Tom. I love working on your books.”

Tom truly enjoyed working with her as well. Maryanne was a short, slightly chubby woman. He often thought her face looked cherubic. It was round and youthful with cute button features. She kept her brown hair up, wrapped in a loose bun, and her reading glasses sat securely on her nose. Maryanne had pleaded with Peter to publish Tom’s first book. She had been his champion from the very beginning, and it paid off in spades for her career.

“Oh, where are my manners?” Tom said looking to his side. “Peter, Maryanne, Jim… I’d like you all to meet Kimmie. I’ve hired her on as my assistant.”

Kimmie politely greeted each person at the table. Mind your words, she thought. Don’t say anything stupid. She was very concerned about her performance today. In their view, she looked like a lovely and professional young lady.

“You see that, Tom!” Peter noted with a smile. “You reached the point where you need an assistant.”

Tom smiled his wry smile. “I think you mean that I’ve reached the point where you need to pay for me to have an assistant.” Maryanne tensed as the words came out, and Tom noted the scowl on Peter’s face. “By the way, I told her you’re offering three grand a month plus benefits. Frank and Jim can work out the details later.”

Kimmie realized immediately that it was a thousand dollars more than he promised her. She was giddy at the sound of it. Peter did his best to brush over the comment. He hadn’t said no, but he disliked being ambushed. They settled themselves at the table and ordered a round of drinks.

“So, Tom, why don’t we start this on a good note?” Maryanne suggested. She reached into her bag and removed a small envelope. “Your delivery payment. That’s one million even.”

Tom happily accepted it and passed it on to Jim. “You can handle this, Jim. Settle out with Frank and then have the rest deposited into my account.”

“Sure thing.” He said tucking it into his inside jacket pocket.

“So where are the proposals?” Maryanne queried.

“I didn’t bring them.” Tom replied confused. “Frank, you said I didn’t need them.”

“I… shit. I must’ve misunderstood.” He replied. It was his intention to create a reason to head back for the party.

“Well we need them as part of the completion for the new contracts. We can’t process your commencement checks until we receive an official delivery of your book proposals.” She noted.

Tom scrunched his face displeased by this oversight. “Can’t I e-mail them?”

Frank chimed in. “Why don’t we just stop by your place after this and grab them?”

“Is that necessary?” He asked.

“I’d prefer a hard copy.” Maryanne said. “Same as always. I don’t mind following you over there. I’d like to have this finalized tonight.”

“Fine.” Tom said. He wondered why Frank would suggest it. His lawyer knew that the situation at his home was complicated. It’s fine, Tom thought to himself. Even if Alexis was there, maybe it was time to let Maryanne get a tiny glimpse. She deserved that much. He always noted how she tried to pry into the details of his research. She was searching for something, even if she didn’t know what exactly.


Erik had moved back inside to the living room with Angie. The sight before him was becoming more unreal.

“Wait. So… you’re saying he sleeps with each of you? He’s had sex with every person in this room? Recently?”

“Yes.” Abby replied.

“Si.” Ybeth answered.

“Yeah.” Karine said.

“Yes, Erik.” Marie stated.

Alexis laughed at the look on his face. “Is that so hard to believe?” She asked.

“Yes!” He said exasperated. “Yes, it’s hard for me to believe that he’s sleeping with all of you. I always thought my hero was Gandhi or Bruce Willis or some other cool dude. Not my best friend! God, I’ve haven’t even been laid in over a month.”

“Pobrecito!” Gabriella’s voice could be heard from the kitchen. It caused all the girls to laugh.

Karine rifled through the box on the coffee table handing out lingerie to each of the girls. Abby took the garter belt and slipped it on. The lace design was stunning on the black garment. She slid on one stocking and secured the hooks on the top to the straps on her garter. The stockings had a black line that ran down the back of the leg. It was very sexy. Then she slipped her foot into a stunning strappy stiletto. She repeated the action on her other leg.

“How do I look?” She asked.

Karine bent down and shifted the garter slightly making sure it fit just so. “Perfect.” She said.

“Erik?” Abby asked. “A guy’s opinion please?”

“Are you kidding?” He asked. “You’re so hot. You’re all so hot. Nobody has ever dressed like this for me!”

“Oh, he likes it alright.” Karine said nodding toward his crotch. “I think that’s just the reaction we were hoping for.”

Angie looked down seeing the tented fabric of his pants. It gave her a rush of adrenaline wondering how big it might be. She couldn’t tell exactly. His shirt was still off and she studied his pectoral muscles and biceps. It didn’t make sense to her that he couldn’t get a girl. But then she thought about the conversation they had outside. He seemed incredibly sweet. It was almost as if his personality didn’t match his build.

Erik shifted in his seat trying to hide the obvious strain of his erection. “This is cruel. Yes, I’m hard. Okay?! What man wouldn’t be?!”

“Aw.” Alexis said. “It can’t be that cruel.”

Erik didn’t think he could be more envious of another man. He considered jerking off in the bathroom just to get it out of his system. And then this unbelievable situation got just a little more unbelievable.

“Hello?” A voice carried in from the kitchen. “Alexis?”

“In here.” She called back.

A trail of women walked into the room. “Jen!” Alexis said kissing her cheeks. “What did you do with the kids?”

“They’re at my mother’s house. I’ve got the whole evening and I really need it. They’re little twin terrors.”

Marie looked up at this woman. She recounted the whole scene from exactly a week ago. This was the squirter she had barged in on. This was the woman that marked the beginning of her submission. Jen looked at Marie and winked. God, it shot fire through her pussy.

“Fran.” Alexis greeted her. Then she continued. “Karen! You naughty slut. I have someone upstairs in your old room that wants to meet you.” She paused and moved. “Joya! I missed you. Welcome.” Then she moved to the next woman. “Nicole.” More kisses. “And Elizabeth.”

Erik watched as each woman began removing their clothes as if it were the most natural thing in the world. They secured their collars, and turned to Alexis for introductions.

“This is so exciting. Everyone who hasn’t met her, this is Karine. She’s going to give you lingerie and shoes.” She explained. “Oh first, I want you all to meet a very special guest. This is Erik. He’s Sir’s oldest and best friend. He flew all the way out here from New York for the party.”

Erik tentatively stood up as all the women turned their attention toward him. Each one stepped forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek and introduced themselves. He was beet red with embarrassment not knowing exactly how to act.

Stephen walked into the room in the midst of everything. “Peaches!” He said with a wide grin.

They all turned to see him. “Stephen!” It almost came out in unison.

“Alright, girls.” Alexis said in a sing song voice. “We have work to do and then we can relax and meet everyone.”


Tom glanced at his watch to keep track of the time. He saw Alexis’ disappointment this morning when he left. He didn’t want to spend too much time on business. She had said that they should do whatever he wanted for his birthday. What Tom really wanted was to spend time with her. This was already lasting longer than he planned.

“I know you don’t want to have this conversation, but I’m begging you to do a book tour.” Peter was saying. “It could significantly increase your exposure and your sales.”

Tom sighed. He’d had this conversation more than a few times with both Maryanne and Peter. “What’s the point of a penname if I’m going to do any press?” He asked. “I told you when you published my first book that I’m not interested in exposure. My books have done well without it. I want to remain anonymous.”

“We gave you a very good deal on these contracts.” Peter said seriously patting the signed stack of papers in front of him. “Wouldn’t you consider doing at least an interview or a morning show? Give us a chance to drum up interest since we cut you in our gross sales.”

“No.” Tom said definitively. “And I’m not going to have this discussion anymore. You know how I feel.”

“Well what’s the time frame on the new books?” Maryanne asked trying to shift the conversation. “We were thinking of doing an initial run of two hundred thousand copies of your new book and moving toward a quick release.”

“I think that sounds fine.” Tom said. “The two new books are already started.”

“You started writing already?” Maryanne asked.

“Yeah.” He replied. “What I really want to discuss is a new idea I have in mind already. It’s been stuck in my head and I want to write it.”

“What’s the premise?” Peter asked intrigued.

“It’s something a bit more risqué.” Tom paused for a moment. “It involves incest.”

“Absolutely not!” Peter shot back instantly. “Our company does not need that kind of criticism. We don’t deal with incest. Besides, it won’t sell. Nobody wants to read that crap except for maybe a small segment of the population. It’s not enough to make a profit.”

All eyes were on Tom as he stared down at the drink in front of him. He slowly looked up glancing at each face around the table. With the exception of Kimmie, he was the youngest person here. It still surprised him that he commanded any respect, but he did, and he used it as best he could.

“You never wanted to publish my first book.” Tom finally said. “It paid off well for you considering you had a similar reaction to the subject matter.”

“Yeah, but…” Peter began.

“I’ll write it for free.” Tom said bluntly.

“Not going to happen.” Jim quickly interjected himself into the conversation. “Your quote is five million plus gross.”

Frank nodded emphatically agreeing with Jim. “We can discuss this another time, Tom. You don’t work for free.”

Peter just stared at him trying to size up the young man.

Tom gave a stern, dismissive glance to both Frank and Jim. “I’ll write it for free.” He said again more forcefully. “And, I’ll give you the chance to read it and make your decision on whether you want to publish it. If not, let me go shop it to other publishers with your blessing. If you do want to publish it, I want fifty percent gross sales. No advance. No money at all for my services. Just an even split.”

Jim’s mind reeled as he tried to figure out what that would mean. He was trying to run numbers in his head. If it were a New York Times bestseller, the money would be astronomical.

“I’ve never made a deal like that in my entire career.” Peter said in a stern yet contemplative voice. “I’ve worked with plenty of writers for over thirty years, and I don’t think any of them would even consider trying to make that offer.”

“I’m writing it regardless, Peter. You can have first rights of refusal… But it’ll cost you fifty percent gross.”

“And that’s to be your new quote if we want to work with you in the future?”

“No. It’s a one-time deal. Just for this one book.”

“And you’ll complete these two first?” Peter asked lifting the new contracts and studying his face.

There was a long pause. Maryanne, Frank and Jim didn’t utter a word. Kimmie just wished she didn’t have to pee so badly.

“Those two…” Tom said nodding at the contracts. “… those are already completed. Written. Polished. Proofed.”

Tom initially planned on keeping that information to himself. He thought it would give him time to concentrate on other things in his life. At the moment, he enjoyed watching the befuddled and slack jawed expressions in front of him.

“That’s not possible.” Maryanne whispered. “You’d have to have been writing nonstop.”

“I work, Maryanne. I enjoy what I do. I assure you t they’re complete. I wanted to do some traveling. I figured I’d just submit one every six months and have a year to myself. But this new book is consuming my thoughts. I want to write it now.”

Peter looked at Tom the same way that Frank often did. He wasn’t sure what to make of him. The kid had balls.

“When can we have them?” Peter asked.

“Now that you know they’re finished, I don’t see why you can’t have them right away.”

Peter processed it, and began to get excited at the prospect. “We can roll these out over the course of the year. Every three or four months. The next release will drive the sales of the first, and publicize the release of the next.” He was really just thinking out loud instead of strategizing.

“And the new book?” Tom asked. “I’m asking you to do this for me, Peter. You and Maryanne have been extremely good to me. We’ve had a lot of success together, and I don’t want to work with another publishing house. I like where I am. But this one means a lot to me. I promise it will be lucrative for both of us. Then I’ll get back to pumping out the stuff you love so much.”

Frank didn’t think he could have done a better job negotiating. Tom played hard, but then he turned around and complimented the man he was trying to extort. The deal itself, Frank thought, could be a total bust. If the sales tanked then he’d get next to nothing for his efforts.

Peter stood up with a blank expression on his face and walked around the table. Tom sensed the answer. He stood up as well. Then Peter extended his hand and they sealed the verbal agreement.

“It’s a deal, Mr. Bolden.” Peter said. “You’re going to make this a banner year for us with this trilogy. I look forward to reading the next two. Good luck with your taboo project. I have a feeling you might surprise me.”

“Thank you.” Tom replied. His heart was racing as he thought about the expectations he set out for himself.

“I’ve got to get going for another appointment.” Peter said as he turned toward Maryanne. “Please get me those new manuscripts asap.”

“Yes, Sir.” She replied. “I’ll handle it tonight.”

Peter turned and departed. Tom kept standing as he watched him go. Then he turned back to the table.

“Shit, Tom!” Jim said still unsure of what to make of everything.

Tom smiled. “Good news, gentlemen. It looks like we’ll be getting paid again shortly. That’s a million apiece for each of you off that new contract. A lot better than the hundred grand from this check.”

“You make this new book marketable and we’re all looking at a lot more money than that.” Jim replied.

“Maybe so. I don’t care if it sells well or not. I have a story to tell. This one is a passion project for me.” Tom glanced over at his publisher. “Maryanne, it looks like you’ll need to stop off at my home for more than just a proposal.” She smiled back at him. “It’s my birthday.” He added. “Maybe we can have a drink to celebrate once we’re there.”

“It’s your birthday?” Jim bemoaned. “I’ll kill my assistant for not reminding me. Happy birthday, Tom.”

“Happy birthday.” Maryanne said raising her glass.

Frank leaned in close. “As your attorney, I suggest you get NDAs before inviting guests over.” He whispered quietly.


Jane stared at the brown haired woman talking to Marie in the yard. Her heart raced. They were about the same age. She was dazzled by her brown eyes and thin lips. Jane wanted to introduce herself, but she felt incredibly nervous. It’s just a woman, she told herself. But it wasn’t just any woman. It was Karen. She looked at the way her breast hung. They weren’t large and her nipples and areolas were small by comparison to her own. Her figure was nice, she thought.

Jane stepped forward gathering her resolve until she was standing in between her sister and Karen. But she didn’t say anything. She just looked at the woman flashing a crooked smile.

“This is my sister, Jane.” Marie said trying to be polite. “Jane, this is…”

“Karen.” Jane said. Marie looked puzzled that Jane seemed to know her. Karen cocked her head to the side slightly confused.

“Um… yes.” Marie said. “I didn’t know you two had met.”

“We haven’t.” Karen replied studying the words on Jane’s chest.

“September nineteenth.” Jane said quietly with an unwavering glare. “The day your life changed. ‘Sir whipped me brutally. I thought my skin would crack and bleed. Any woman would have begged for mercy. I cried as he struck me but I begged for more. I needed him to hurt me badly. My thighs were black and blue, front and back, my breasts tortured with toothed nipple clips that bit my skin. He tied a belt around my neck and pulled it tight. I thought I would pass out. When he loosened it, I struggled to fill my lungs. I begged for more. And when he slapped my fuck hole, I came so powerfully that I could feel it in my fingers and my hair to the tips of my toes. Nothing that happened in my life up until that moment mattered anymore. I feel reborn.’” Jane finished an almost spiritual recitation of a journal entry she read a few times a day. “I… I’m a pain slut too.” She whispered in a shaky, soft voice.

Marie just stared at the two of them completely confused by the soliloquy her sister delivered. Then she watched Karen open her arms, and Jane fell into them sobbing and happy. The brown haired woman slid her hands to Jane’s breasts and twisted her nipple causing her to whine. Jane dropped to her knees and pulled the woman forward latching onto her puffy, thick pussy lips.

“You’re the only one that understands.” Jane said as she pulled back and looked up at her.

Karen smiled down at her. “You’re still new to it.” She noted. “It gets easier to accept.”

Jane dug her tongue back into Karen’s cunt. For her, it was a thank you. Without Karen’s journal entries she was sure she’d be lost. Marie stepped away quietly realizing that something much more complicated was taking place here. Her sister looked happy.


The backyard had been transformed for the evening. Stephen had planted tiki torches along the pathway adding to the already Polynesian feel of the landscaping. Alexis had set out hurricane candles on all of the tables including the ones between the lounge chairs by the pool. Francesca was still busy cooking on the grills. The smell of food from inside and out permeated the air.

There was a bar station set up near the outside dining area. The table near Fran was already filling up with hors d’oeuvres. She placed dish after dish on the tablecloth with small plates and silver cocktail forks.

The outdoor sofa and lounge area had been expanded with additional chairs. Alexis set up a table just outside the kitchen, which was now overflowing with gifts. All of Sir’s women were here, she noted. Including Marie, Jane and Angie there were thirty one women total. They all wore black lingerie and strappy black stiletto heels, and all wore a collar except for Angie.

Erik was holding court with a sea of women on the patio in the back. Marie had brought him another cocktail as he told stories. The drinks had loosened his nerves, and he felt uniquely special to be able to stand here with so many beautiful women even if he wasn’t allowed to touch them.

“… So Tom climbed out the window on the second floor and scaled down the side of the administration building. He was sure that he outsmarted them. When he finally dropped from this ledge about fifteen feet into a flower garden, he stood up and came face to face with the dean…” There was a collective gasp from the group. “… and that was it. He was brought before the school disciplinary board and they expelled him for breaking and entering and theft of school property. No more all boys school for him. He finished his last two years at the public school down the road.”

There were laughs and giggles from the rest of the women. Erik’s stories offered a much different view of the man they all knew.

“Elizabeth?” Erik asked looking at a slender Korean woman. Her skin looked soft and her tiny brown nipples hooked upward slightly on her perfectly round breasts. She had such an innocent face. It was narrow, almost oval shaped, with a tiny nose and lips that puffed up near the center drawing attention to her mouth. “How long have you known…”

He didn’t get to finish talking to her. Alexis stepped out onto the patio and called everyone’s attention.

“Ladies! I just got a text that Sir is on his way home. I want everyone waiting outside.” Her nervousness was evident in her voice.

Marie was now standing at her side. “It’s okay, Mistress.” She said softly. “He’s going to love it.”

Alexis looked at Marie and then leaned in giving her a very sensual open mouthed kiss that left them each a touch breathless.


Frank drove with Maryanne in the passenger seat of his Lexus. She had walked to the restaurant from her office, and didn’t want to go back and pick up her car. The tension was evident. They really didn’t get along well at all.

“Your client made quite a deal without you, tonight.” She stated. The deal itself had surprised her. It wasn’t like her boss to agree to such unusual terms. The undertone of the comment made it sound like she was pointing out that Frank had nothing to do with it. As if she was trying to deflate his ego.

Frank turned his head to see the smirk on her face. “You know there’s no reason why we shouldn’t get along. I have nothing against you. I have nothing against Peter or your company. I just try and make the best deal for my client.”

She expected a snide retort. His actual reply made her feel bad for a moment. “I bet you say that about all your clients.” She replied.

“You’re right.” He said. “But Tom is different. He and I have been close friends for years now. That friendship is important to me.”

Maryanne thought there was something unusual about his statement. It wasn’t the cold, calculated lawyer that she was used to seeing. There was a soft spot in his heart. He seemed to care about Tom.

“I’m sorry.” She said. “I didn’t mean to suggest…”

“Let me give you a heads up.” He said cutting her off. “There’s a reason you haven’t been to his home. There’s a reason for his privacy. He chooses to live a somewhat eccentric life by most standards. Open my briefcase.”

Maryanne reached down and picked up his thin attaché case unzipping the top.

“The non-disclosure agreement on top.” He pointed. “I won’t let you into his house without signing it.”

She glanced over the agreement reading it once, then a second time. Her curiosity overwhelmed her. “What could be so secret to require something like this?”

“You always liked his books. Where do you think he got the base knowledge for all of those characters and those sexual details about submission and bondage?”

“Research.” She responded. “He discussed it with me.”

“Well he began living his research.” Frank said casually.

“Really?!” She replied a bit shocked. “You’re saying he’s into sex and submission?”

“Sign it.” Frank asked. It wasn’t a forceful demand as much as a courtesy to him. He watched as she scribbled her name across the document. Then he had her place it back in his case. “We’re going to a surprise party for him.” Frank continued. “I’m not sure how liberal you are, Maryanne, but this isn’t going to be what you’re used to. If you need to leave then take my car and leave. Just remember to respect his privacy or I’ll make sure you regret it. Not because he’s my client… Because he’s my friend.”

“Okay, Frank.” She replied looking at him in a different light. “Maybe you’re a better man than I thought.” She tried to understand what could be so different about a party. She wondered if she would meet a real submissive woman.

“Do you like that lifestyle?” He asked. “You like his books, right?”

“I’m not gonna lie. I like reading about it.” She said.

“Then be careful.” Frank said seriously. “You know what curiosity did to the cat.” He glanced in her direction seeing the look on her face. “I’m just offering you some advice.”


Tom drove quietly while he tortured Kimmie’s needy pussy. She’d given up begging altogether. She just accepted the fact that he wouldn’t let her cum. She felt alive with all the attention despite her deep frustration. It occurred to her that he was training her. Whether he wanted to call it that officially, that’s what he was doing. She felt a sense of joy and satisfaction to endure his game.

Tom checked his rearview mirror seeing Frank’s car following close behind. Jim was slightly further back. Frank had suggested parking on the street. He said it would be easier to take them through the front since there was a good chance that Alexis, Marie or Angie were probably sitting out back. It made sense. Better to ease them into it, Tom thought.

He parked his car on the street and waited for the other two cars to park behind him. Then he walked them up toward the front door. He put his key in the lock and pushed the door inward.

“Sir! You’re home!” Alexis called out as she made her way into the foyer. It took no time at all for Maryanne to get the sense behind Frank’s comments. “Oh my! You have guests. Sir, you didn’t mentioned that you were bringing anyone.”

Maryanne couldn’t take her eyes off the blonde woman. She looked at her fancy stiletto heels, her perfectly defined calves and shapely thighs. She glared at her breasts. The most obvious thing that stood out was her inaction to cover herself along with Tom’s comfort with the situation.

“Frank!” Alexis beamed as she gave him a hug pressing her breasts into his chest and kissing him on the cheek. “It’s been nice seeing so much of you lately.”

Jim looked stunned. Frank had warned him that they were attending a surprise party a couple days ago, but he hadn’t said anything about Tom’s lifestyle. He had met Alexis once in Beverly Hills. She looked quite different now standing naked in front of him. He got the sense that Frank knew much more about their client than he did.

“Alexis, you remember Jim, my agent.” Tom said reintroducing them.

“Hello. It’s good to see you again.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“And this is Maryanne, my publisher.” He said.

“How wonderful to finally meet you!” She said. “Sir says such wonderful things about you.”

The way she referred to him seemed to immediately garner Maryanne’s attention. “Y… you have a lovely home.” She stuttered trying to be polite. She couldn’t understand why no one acknowledged the unusual nature of the introduction.

“Thank you.” Alexis replied with her graceful smile. “Technically it’s Sir’s house. But I do try to make it a home for him.”

Tom inhaled deeply smelling something delicious. “Are you cooking?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir. The birthday boy needs a birthday dinner. Why don’t I set up the table outside? It’s such a beautiful evening. I have plenty for everyone.” She saw him smile at her. It was a warm, caring smile and her nerves settled immediately.

Tom walked his guests through the foyer and into the kitchen. Something seemed unusual. The house was clean. There were a few dishes in the sink, but not enough to suggest that she cooked. Maryanne and Jim glanced around at everything curiously. His home wasn’t surprising to either of them. They knew how much money he made.

Tom reached his hand out and grasped the handle on the French doors. “You’ll love the backyard.” He said looking to Maryanne and Jim. “It might be my favorite part of the whole house.” He paused for a moment. “I know that was probably awkward for you. I’ll explain everything in a minute. I have a lot to share with both of you.”

He turned the knob swinging the door open.


“Happy Birthday, Sir!” The voices boomed in unison giving Tom the shock of his life.

Frank stood just behind him equally stunned by the sight of it. He’d only met a few of the women in Tom’s life. He couldn’t believe there were so many. Maryanne and Jim gasped out loud. They didn’t step forward any further. They just stopped paralyzed by the scene.

“Holy shit…” Jim whispered quietly.

Maryanne looked at Jim and whispered. “What’s going on?” He just shrugged unable to say anything else.

The women were lined up on the pathway just below the raised patio. As soon as the words came out of their mouths, they all dropped down onto their knees. The lingerie may have been the same, but each looked uniquely beautiful as they submitted in front of their owner and his friends.

“Surprise!” Alexis leaned over and whispered in his ear. It was loud enough for everyone around him to hear. “Happy birthday, Sir. I love you.”

Tom was still silent, and the silence was beginning to cause a small panic in her heart. She turned to look him in the eyes. Then she noticed his awed expression. He wasn’t upset. He was just quietly digesting the reality of everything. Alexis had completed the final act of bringing them all together.

“Happy birthday, asshole.”

He turned to see his best friend sitting on the outdoor sofa just to his right. “Erik? What are you doing here?”

Erik stood up and gave Tom a big embrace. “Alexis asked me to fly out for your birthday. She said she planned some big celebration. You fucking douche, how come you never told me about all this?” He threw his hand up to reference not only the home but the women.

“I…” Tom still struggled to believe this was actually happening. Then he looked around one more time and the wry smile crept back across his face. He let out a loud, joyful laugh. “I don’t think I ever been so surprised in my life!” He exclaimed to everyone. “I can’t believe everyone is actually here. This is a perfect gift! This certainly changes my plans for the evening!” He looked at Alexis. “How did you pull this off? I had no idea.”

“Your mom helped, Sir.” She said beaming. “It was her idea.”

“Wait?!” Tom said looking back at Frank. “That meeting in Malibu…”

“They needed me to get you out of the house.” He grinned. “I picked a place as far away as possible without being suspicious.”

“And Jim? You knew about this?” Tom looked at Jim’s expression.

“Frank said a surprise party… but…”

Clearly Frank hadn’t told him everything. That much was evident by the look on his face. Tom stepped down the flagstone steps and walked up to Francesca who stood at the end of the line.

“Fran.” He lifted her to her feet and then he leaned in and kissed her lips. He rolled her nipples between his fingers lightly giving her a small thrill. He stepped to his right. “Elizabeth! You look tasty.” He pulled her to her feet and kissed her lightly. His hand slid between her legs and rubbed down across her gash. He continued down the line until he had greeted each woman taking an opportunity to touch each of them. “It’s my birthday, everyone. Please enjoy yourselves. I’ll try and get around and talk to everyone.”


Alexis pulled up a mix of party music that she’d put together. It started with Frank Sinatra’s My Way. She often joked that it was the most appropriate song for someone with his singularly stubborn and dominant personality. The girls broke off into smaller groups filling the yard and making new friends. Tom walked back up onto the raised patio.

“Happy birthday.” Frank said handing him a small box.

“Frank, you already gave me a gift.” Tom replied.

“That was nothing. This is my real gift. It’s been a great year and great friendship.”

Tom unwrapped the small box and then lifted the lid. He stared down unsure of how to respond. It was a Breitling Bentley Mark VI watch. He wasn’t sure what something like this cost, but he was certain that it was easily north of twenty grand.

“I don’t know what to say.” Tom said. “It’s a beautiful watch.”

“For someone obsessed with time and punctuality, I never knew why you don’t own a watch.”

Tom gave Frank a manly embrace. “Thank you.”

He turned back toward Maryanne, Jim and Erik. “How are you three doing?”

“Is this really happening?” Jim asked looking around at all the women spread out across the yard.

Tom let out a genuine laugh and then smiled his wry smile. “I’ve always wanted to tell you and Maryanne. I’m just particular about keeping this side of my life private. But without you guys… well… I wouldn’t have this life. I guess it’s time you finally got to see it. I just didn’t expect it to be quite like this.” He laughed again and flashed a disarming smile.

“So… you’re an honest to God real sexual dominant?” Maryanne asked.

“For a few years now.” Tom responded with his natural ease, which helped diffuse the awkwardness they felt discussing it. “Nudity is the norm around here. Please don’t be put off by it. If it’s too awkward, though, I’ll understand. I just want you to know that you don’t have to be uncomfortable. Staring isn’t rude.” He called for Marie and Alexis. They walked up the path and climbed the steps. “These are the most important women in my life.” He continued. “You both met Alexis. This is Marie.” He turned and looked at her. “Mom, this is my agent, Jim, and my publisher, Maryanne.”

“No, shit?” Jim said seeing the older blonde haired woman with the black collar walking toward him.

She stepped forward with excitement to greet them both. Maryanne’s jaw dropped as she realized in that moment why he chose the topic for his new book. Everything about his writing and his books and his demeanor now began to make sense to her. Frank had told her leave if it proved too much. She didn’t want to leave though. She wanted to know more. Then Frank’s other warning flashed through her mind. She was all too aware of what curiosity did to that cat.

“Please, sit.” Tom said gesturing to the outdoor lounge area as he took a seat on the couch. Maryanne, Frank, Jim and Erik all sat down. “Alexis, my crop please. Marie, I’d like a glass of wine.” Then he looked around. “Kimmie?”

He watched the young girl step out from the kitchen where she had been hiding. She reached up placing her hands on the buttons of her blazer and held them there. It was a silent request to remove her clothing. Tom shook his head no, and then whispered something in her ear. He made a decision in that moment to take advantage of the situation and begin the changes he’d wanted for so long.

“Yes, Sir.” She said scampering off toward the guest house.

“You’re like Hefner.” Jim stated. He looked over at Tom who was displeased by the analogy. He thought he was nothing like that man. His women were real people with real lives and real needs, not some ditzy fame whores.

Alexis returned with his crop and knelt down at his side handing it to him. “I’d like you to present, Lexi.” He stated watching her push down and press her breasts into the flagstone with her ass raised in the air. Jim liberally soaked in the view of her curves.

Marie returned with a glass of wine and set it in front of him before kneeling at his feet. Erik couldn’t help but stare at her and rub his crotch, which reacted approvingly to her obedience.

“Present.” Tom stated pointing toward Alexis. Marie crawled over and knelt down next to the blonde. She turned her head facing Alexis and smiled knowing they were both in trouble. Alexis smiled back.


Kimmie walked into the guest house feeling more frustrated than ever. It was bad enough that he tortured her pussy and denied her a release all day long, but now she just wanted to be naked and he wouldn’t allow it. All she wanted was to be treated the same as the other women. Her shock at the birthday surprise was certainly eye opening. Now she had a much better idea of the scope of his dominance.

She reminded herself again that this was no different than being trained. He was testing her, and she wasn’t going to fail now. She climbed up the steps into his office. He had given her a password that she repeated over and over out loud so she wouldn’t forget it.

Kimmie walked to the oak cabinet on the far wall by his desk. She knelt down opening the doubled doors on a lower compartment. There was a safe mounted inside. She typed the numbers into the electronic keypad on the front and listened to the gears shift and the metal door pop open.

She peered inside. It contained two thick manila envelopes each with a USB card taped on the front. She removed the envelopes. It also contained one hundred thousand in cash, which she left untouched. Lastly, she removed a small box. Her curiosity got the better of her and she peaked inside. Kimmie sat there in silence and just stared at its contents. Then she gathered the envelopes set the box on top and rushed back out to the party.


Abby was serving drinks for Tom’s guests. Stephen had joined them on the patio, and began discussing the lifestyle with Maryanne and Jim. They were filled with questions. Tom talked animatedly as he explained to Erik the chain of events that led to his mother’s submission. Kimmie finally returned and handed him the items he requested.

“So, I believe this is what you came here for.” Tom said as he stood up and handed the manila envelopes to Maryanne. “Those are hardcopies of the manuscripts with USB keys that have digital copies for your editor.”

Maryanne leaned forward taking the items. She pulled one out of the envelope and began to page through it. “You really weren’t joking.” She noted. “You actually wrote three complete books in a year.”

“Yeah. Right back there.” He pointed to the guest house. “It was sort of liking writing one long one and breaking into three pieces.” Tom replied. “Not that I didn’t struggle from time to time. But it came out quicker than I expected. You can see I had inspiration.” He looked to his right seeing the two women in their prone position. “Excuse me for a moment.”

Tom stood up and then twirled his crop in his right hand. It felt so natural for him to hold it, like an extension of his hand. He took the end and traced it across Alexis’ ass.

“What’s he doing?” Maryanne asked.

Frank grabbed her forearm, squeezing it lightly, and stopping her from asking any more questions. “Shhh.” He whispered. “Don’t interrupt him. This is how it works. Just watch.”

Jim and Maryanne stared on in fascination. Tom continued to examine the women in front of him. He took his time contemplating his next move. It was as if the other guests were no longer here. His attention was devoted to the task at hand.

“Whose idea was it?” He asked.

“Mine, Sir.” Marie spoke up quickly. “This girl will take her punishment now.” The words came out so easily and without hesitation.

“Alexis?” He asked.

“Marie came up with the idea, Sir. I arranged it.” She replied.

“Do you both know why you’re down there?”

“We broke the rules, Sir.” They each responded with the same words at the same time. It caused them to smile at each other again. They knew that he might punish them for it. It was in his nature.

Tom looked up seeing a crowd of women gather near the bottom of the steps. They weren’t used to seeing Alexis get punished. He raised the crop and brought it down on Marie’s ass first. She stoically took her due. Tom was brutal and direct. Thwack! The first one startled Maryanne who flinched at the sound. The red mark began to darken immediately. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

And then he stopped. “Have I made my point?” He asked looking down at her. His intention wasn’t to make this too difficult for her.

Marie could feel the sting sinking in to her skin and the familiar heat from the new marks. “No, Sir. I’d do it again no matter how many times you strike me.”

There was a gasp from the crowd. Maryanne grabbed onto Frank’s arm as if she couldn’t believe the response. He just couldn’t whip her again, she thought. It looked so painful. Tom just smiled his wry smile. Then he raised the crop again brought it down much harder. He heard her whimper slightly at the strength of the blow, and then administered four more.

Tom lifted her back onto her heels, and helped her to her feet. He brushed her cheek gently and then placed a sweet kiss on her lips. “Thank you.” He said. “I can’t tell you how much this all means to me.”

She smiled wide. “Of course, Sir! Happy birthday.”

“Go have a seat.”

Marie walked over toward Frank and Stephen. She saw the wide eyed shock from the others. She just smiled back as if everything was right with the world. She knew he wasn’t upset with her. He only did it because he valued his rules. Marie knew now that there were times when his rules were meant to be broken even if she had to suffer for it.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” Maryanne asked confused by her smile.

“Oh yes.” Marie responded. She turned letting the chubby woman see the bruises setting in. “They’re beautiful aren’t they?” She continued. “It helps me remember to act properly. You can touch them if you’d like.”

Maryanne’s hand reached out almost instinctively. She pressed her palm against Marie’s ass feeling the heat. She took her index finger and traced down feeling how the skin had raised up slightly.

“They’re hot.” She said reverently. She looked over at Frank who gave her a knowing look. He didn’t have to remind her of his warning, but she began to realize what he meant.

“The heat will go away in a couple hours.” Marie responded. “The soreness goes away in a day or two.”

Maryanne couldn’t deny that her curiosity was getting the best of her.


Tom stood behind Alexis. He didn’t want to punish her. He looked out at his women staring back at him. Then he turned and looked at Maryanne, Jim and Erik. He took a step back and slowly removed his suit jacket. He folded it and then draped it on the back of his chair. He loosened his tie and slid it off.

His slow actions seemed to draw the attention of his guests. There was a fascination with his movements. They seemed so easy and fluid, but they also seemed inherently purposeful and methodical.

He lifted his crop high in the air. It was silent as everyone waited for it to drop. The he stopped and brought it to his side.

“I just want to take a moment and say that everyone here is important to me.” Tom said genuinely. “My best friend. My publisher. My agent. My lawyer. My mother. My mentor.” He looked at Stephen after this last comment, and saw the man smile back at him. “And all my girls. All of you are so unique and wonderful. I’ve wanted to bring everyone together for a long time. I didn’t realize that would be tonight. You’ve all made this a special night for me. A night I won’t ever forget.” He walked over and set his crop down on his chair.

Alexis remained still. She didn’t understand why he hadn’t punished her. “Kneel up.” Tom said.

Alexis sat back on her heels. She looked at his outstretched hand, but she wouldn’t take it. “This girl will take her punishment now.” She said pushing back into her presentation position.

Tom smiled and then laughed. “Come on, Lexi.” He said softly. “Stand up.”

“I want to kneel. Don’t give me special treatment, Sir.”

“You don’t get to kneel.” He said lifting her to her feet. “I can’t punish you for this.” He continued. “You’ve always said that you don’t want to be treated differently than the other girls. But you are different, Lexi. You know me so well. What better way to make you believe it than to say it front of everyone.” He paused pulling the small box from his pocket, and then he dropped down onto one knee. “Marry me, Lexi.” He said as he opened the box presenting a ring. “Do me the honor of being my wife.”

Marie let out a small shriek and then began to cry as she watched her son propose. All of the girls had watery eyes.

Alexis’ chin began to quiver and then she blurted it out. “Yes!” The tears began to overwhelm her immediately. “Yes, Sir!” Tom slid the ring onto her finger and she stared at it finally realizing that this life was hers. Forever.

Tom stood back up and she jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around him. She leaned in and locked her lips on his.

“I’m so happy, Sir!” She gushed out as she looked at him with adoring eyes.

“Do you want to tell everyone the other news?” He asked with his wry smile.

Alexis looked out at everyone as she clung to his body. “I’m pregnant!” She announced excitedly.

A collective gasp rippled through the crowd. Tom set Alexis down and she turned directly toward Marie holding up her hand. Marie cried harder and ran toward her with open arms.

Francesca climbed the steps walking toward the two women. She knelt down on the ground. Alexis looked down at her still overwhelmed by the excitement. “Fran!” She cried.

Francesca looked back at her and responded. “Mistress.”

Alexis scrunched her face confused by the word. She glanced at Sir who smiled back. Fran was setting a precedent. The wife of her owner would be her mistress. It took a moment for it to sink in, and then Alexis looked at all the girls. They were hers now too. It seemed too good to be true, but she was far too excited to get caught up in that tonight.

“Fran! Get up! God!” She squealed. “Look.” She said holding out her hand. Fran got to her feet and gushed over the ring with Marie. It was a four carat cushion cut diamond with a pave halo on a platinum band. It sparkled on her thin finger.

Tom began to walk back toward his chair to let her have her moment in the spotlight. “Wait, Sir!” Alexis said pulling him back toward her. She began to unbutton his shirt. Fran reached out began to take off his belt sliding it away from his pants. Marie slid the shirt off his shoulders. His pants were unbuttoned and dropped. His shoes were removed. Then they pushed him backwards toward his chair and sat him down naked.

Maryanne stared in utter surprise at his thick towering erection. Alexis jerked it with her hand getting him hard. Then she climbed on top of him sliding it into her pussy. Maryanne looked away feeling uncomfortable. Then she glanced up seeing the woman’s ass bouncing on him. Her face was half turned, but she was watching carefully seeing how his cock stretched her pussy lips. Her hand slipped to her breast squeezing slightly through her shirt. She realized what she was doing and quickly removed it looking toward Jim and Frank to see if they noticed. No one was looking at her. They were watching the show.

Alexis moved her hips in that almost unnatural way pushing him inside her just right. “Oh shit.” She cried softly. “I’m cumming on you, Sir.” She rode out her orgasm and then lifted herself up. She turned around and sat back on him again. “Mmmm. I’m going to be such an obedient wife, Sir. You can have all my holes whenever you want.” Her breasts bounced as she rode him driving herself toward another climax.

Maryanne looked around again. She’d known Tom for such a long time now, and had trouble with the ease in which he exposed himself and his life. It wasn’t his ease that bothered her, she thought. It was her intrigue. It was her need to watch. It was like being present in a scene out of his books. She shouldn’t want it, but she did.

Alexis came again with a loud, girlish grunt. “Why don’t you pick who gets to have you next.” She said sweetly.

Tom glanced back over his shoulder at the girls who looked on hopeful and expectant. “I want them all.” Tom said honestly. “Maybe Joya to start.”

Joya nearly ran up the stairs. Her heels clacked on the flagstone. She was tall and the heels pushed her well over six feet. She was Tom’s Indian princess – curvey and voluptuous with the most piercing eyes. She had large, heavy breasts, brown skin, and a thick stunning hour glass figure. She dropped to her knees and waited for him to nod his approval. Then she leaned forward and swallowed his cock pressing it all the way into her mouth until her nose settled against his skin.

Kimmie couldn’t believe she had swallowed him with such ease. Then Joya pulled her head back and dropped down to lick his balls. She knew what he liked. Fran leaned forward to take his length into her mouth. Tom groaned out enjoying the dual pleasure.

Maryanne, Jim and Erik just watched in amazement as these women took turns on him. It finally became clear that this was really happening. This was really his life.


Anne walked up the steps in a slow, sultry stride swinging her hips. She carried her toy box out in front of her. It was Frank’s request when she first mentioned the party. Tom had plenty of women at his disposal. He didn’t get to have his wife tonight. She was there for Frank’s pleasure.

“Hello, Sir.” She said kneeling down in front of him and setting her toy box at her side.

Maryanne looked over at him with confusion. She couldn’t believe how respectful and obedient these women behaved. They knew there place, and acted almost elegantly when they moved.

“Maryanne. Jim. This is my wife, Anne.” He said.

“No fucking way!” Jim blurted. “You too?”

Frank just smiled as Anne began to unbutton his pants eager to pleasure her owner.

“But your warning?” Maryanne asked.

“Be careful…” Frank replied with a smile. “…or you’ll end up like Anne.”

Anne freed his erection and sucked it into her mouth. Maryanne didn’t want to see the Frank’s cock, but once it came out she stared at it fascinated. It was fat. She suddenly had a realization that she had seen more cock tonight than she had in a very long time. It sparked a need that she hadn’t felt for quite a while.

“Ropes.” Frank said.

“Yes, Sir.” Anne replied reaching into her toy box.

Frank looked at Stephen. “I’ve started out with the nylon, Stephen. Six millimeter gauge. I’m practicing my harnesses.”

“Atta boy.” Stephen let out with his raspy laugh. “Let’s see you make it happen on this little subby slut. She’s a peach I’d like to taste.” He looked her up and down. “You liked the way I tied you up on Monday, peach?”

“Yes, Stephen.” She said lustfully. This man turned her on with his gruff demeanor.

“Maybe Frank’ll let me peg you with this cock.” He said grabbing his crotch. Frank had the lark’s head loop secured and began wrapping up her upper and lower breasts. “Good!” Stephen commented feeling how tight he pulled them. “Not too tight but still secure. Be careful with her circulation.”

Frank smiled at the acknowledgment of his improved progress. Maryanne and Jim watched the lawyer maneuver the ropes with precision. They each had a feeling of being left out. It was like walking into to a secret club where they didn’t belong. But they were invited guests, and as with most things sexual, they wanted to see where it went.


The party was well underway. The girls were mingling. Tom made his way through the yard saying hello to everyone.

“Shit, dude! You know how to throw a party.” Erik said giving him a hug. “Congratulations. Alexis is fucking awesome. Insanely hot, dude. You couldn’t have done better.”

“Thanks, Erik.” Tom said. “It’s important to me that you two like each other. She’ll be around a long time. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to show you all this. You never seemed interested when I tried to say something.”

“It’s my fault. I always assumed… well it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m here now.” He replied and then tentatively added. “That other girl… you know… Angie…”

Tom saw the look on his face. Erik had never been great when it came to girls. “She’s not spoken for at the moment if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Really?!” Erik said excitedly. “I think she likes me. I’ve never seen a woman naked before I tried to sleep with her. It sort of takes the mystery out it. But she seems really cool.”

“As long as you know I slept with her first.” Tom joked.

Erik punched his arm. “You’re such a dick.”

“Seriously, though, I like her a lot. She’s a good girl. You’d be good together.”

“You always carry that thing around?” He asked looking down at the crop.

“Pretty much.” Tom replied. “You never know when one of these girls might misbehave.” He swung it smacking Gabby in her thick rear end as she talked to some of the other girls behind him.

She dropped to her knees immediately and slid into a presentation position. “Sir?” She asked assuming he wanted something from her.

“I was just playing, Gabby.” He said laughing. “Come here.”

She stood up and wrapped her arms around him. “I love you, Sir.” She said sweetly. “Congratulations on your engagement.”

“It doesn’t change anything. You’re still mine too.” He said smacking her in the ass again and watching her give him a naughty smile.

“How do you do it?” Erik asked.

“Do what?”

“There’s just so many.” He was unsure quite what he wanted to ask. “How did you get them all? How do you get them to be submissive? It’s kinda hard to believe.”

“You disapprove?” Tom asked looking at his friend.

“No!” He exclaimed. “I’m envious really. I’d do it if I could.”

“Why can’t you?”

“I dunno. I wouldn’t know where to begin.” He replied honestly.

“What do you see when you look at Gabby?”

Erik looked at the Venezuelan. “I’m not sure. She has a big butt.”

Tom laughed. “Kneel, Gabby.” The woman dropped to her knees. Tom pressed her forward on to her hands. “It’s a beautiful ass. Not just big.” He spread her cheeks giving him a view of her pussy too. “You need to appreciate a woman first. Not just their personality, but their body. Every woman I’ve met is beautiful in their own way.” He lifted her back onto her heels. “Look at her breasts.”

“They’re nice.” Erik said timidly.

“Gabby, is it alright if Erik touches you?”

“Yes, Sir.” She replied shyly as the other man examined her with his eyes.

“Feel them.” Tom said. “Look at her puffy nipples. Look at her hips.”

Erik caressed the woman’s chest and pinched her nipples. He was surprised by Tom’s words. His friend looked at this woman differently than he had. Erik let his eyes roam over her figure again. He’d never really taken the time to drink in the curves on a woman’s body. Erik mostly spent his time trying to get a woman naked without appreciating the end result.

“Chanel.” Tom said.

“Yes, Sir?” A woman replied from the group that Gabby had been talking with.

Tom stood her in front of Erik. “Kneel.” He watched as she dropped down next to Gabby.

“What do you see?” Tom asked.

“She’s black.” Erik stated and then he saw the look on his friend’s face. He thought for a moment. “I like her lips.” Erik said trying harder. “And her eyes.”

“And?” Tom pressed.

Erik began to relax and study her. “She has nice tits. Her nipples are so dark and thick.” Then he looked closer. “She has a great ass. It’s so round.” Tom pushed her forward and spread her ass for his friend to see. “Her pussy lips are lips are long.” Tom slid his hands down to her pussy and spread her lips apart. Erik gasped. “It’s so pink.” He said softly bending over and looking closer. “Against her dark skin it looks so pink.” He’d never been with a black girl. He watched the lips begin to moisten. “She’s getting wet.”

“Is that true, Chanel?” Tom asked her.

“Yes, Sir. I… I love hearing him talk about my pussy. It’s such a turn on.”

“You don’t get a woman, Erik. You earn one. Being appreciated is the biggest turn on. A woman wants to feel wanted. Then you can begin to earn their trust. Once that happens you can try submission. But you can’t force it. A woman has to choose. Choice is the key to the lifestyle.”

Tom left the two girls on their knees. “Let’s try again.” He said waving a last woman over. “What do you see?”

“My best friend’s mom.” Erik said. “A hot older woman.”

Marie stood there while this boy stared at her body. No, no. He’s a man now, she thought. She was allowed to be turned on by it.

“Touch her. Tell her what you think of her.” Tom urged him.

Erik reached out and cupped her breasts. “Man, you’ve got such great tits, Mrs. Bolden. I used to stare at them every time I came over.” He said. “I used to make noise when I slept over because you’d come downstairs angry. You always wore that nightie and if the lights were off in the basement then I could see right through it when you stood in the doorway with light on behind you.” Marie’s breathing quickened listening to him confess to stealing glances. “I could see your pussy while you told us to go to bed. But it wasn’t shaved then. I could always see the thick curly pubes.” He looked to Tom and then boldly reached out and touched her pussy. “Oh man, you’re still so fuckable.”

Tom stood behind her and held her arms behind her back. “Erik is touching your pussy, mom. Do you like that?”

“Oh god…” She groaned as he found her clit. “Yes. I like it.” She glanced up at Erik with a shy, guilty look on her face.

“Do you want him to stop? Tell him what you want.”

She groaned more knowing what she should say. “Make me cum.” She whispered quietly.

Erik’s eyes opened wide as he heard the words. He grinned at her as he rubbed her pussy faster. He reached out and squeezed her breasts with his other hand pinching her nipple. Marie’s eyes were lustful. She kept looking at him. All she could think of was taking pictures of him and Tom before their senior prom. Oh god, she thought! What if I had just fucked them both instead of sending them off with those stupid little girls? The thoughts were driving the pleasure. She wondered where these thoughts had been all her life. She had trouble thinking of herself as anything other than sexual now. It felt right to her to want to be filled.

She took a sharp intake of breath and felt her body go rigid. She began to tremble just slightly. “I’m cumming.” She whispered staring at her son’s friend. Then she thought of Diane, his mom, and wondered what that woman would think of her if she knew she’d become.

Angie walked up and stood beside Tom just as his mom walked off. “Hello, Sir.” She replied.

Tom put his hands on her shoulders and stood her just in front of Erik. “Hey, Angie. Help me for a minute. Stand right here.” He looked at Erik. “Well? What do you see?”

“Beauty.” Erik said almost immediately. Angie blushed slightly. It was honestly how he felt, not just an exercise.

“And?” Tom asked with a smile.

“Her breasts are perfect.” Erik said in admiration. “I love the way they crease. They’re just big enough to hang a little. And her nipples make me want to touch them.” He continued. “She looks so elegant when she stands. And it’s hard to look at her eyes because it’s like they see through me…” Erik’s eyes roamed her body as he spoke. “Her lips look so soft. Her smile makes me want to smile. She has the cutest butt…”

Angie’s face was beet red. She looked down briefly not used to being complimented so much.

“He’s right, Angie.” Tom whispered in her ear. “Everything he said is exactly right.”

She looked back at Tom with a shy smile.

“Thank you for staying through tonight.” Tom said. “It means a lot to know that you’ve forgiven me. But… you’re not mine.” He paused. “I think you’re amazing. If only I knew a good man that lived in upstate New York… A guy that appreciated you and thought you were perfect…”

Angie eyes watered a little. She didn’t know why she felt like she needed to Tom’s permission or approval, but it felt good to hear him tease her. She was coming out of her shell in his house. For once in her life, she felt confident about herself.

She turned and took Erik’s hand, and pulled him closer. She put her arms around his neck pulling him close and kissed his lips. “So… Erik, I met this guy recently who showed me that being spontaneous can be fun…”

“You did?” Erik said still dazed from the kiss and not understanding her.

“How do you feel about sex on a first date?” She asked with naughty smile.

He began to catch on, but he was still nervous. “Is this a date then?” He asked.

“It’ll have to do because I’m really horny.” She said pulling him away. “I like this whole submissive life. Maybe you could spank me… or ask Tom to help you learn the ropes…” She laughed at the accidental pun. “Come on! That was sort of funny. Loosen up!” She laughed again. “You’re so getting laid right now… let’s do it on the lawn…”

Erik looked back at Tom and mouthed, “Thank you.”


Chanel reached up and tugged on Sir’s cock. He looked down seeing that she was still kneeling at his feet with Gabby.

“I see you two had a chance to meet.” Tom said softly.

“Yes, Sir.” Chanel replied. “I like it when you show me off.”

“Me too.” Gabby replied. “I like your friend too, Sir. He’s hot.”

Tom sat down on the edge of a chair and spread his legs. “Gabby, I need this nice and hard.” She looked at his semi erect cock. Then Tom brought the crop down hard on her tits. “Now.”

She dove forward and shoved his cock into her mouth. Tom knew she had a bad gag reflex, and he was a little rough as he grabbed her head and pulled it down. She gurgled and coughed with his cock back in her throat. It caused thick strands of saliva to drool out of her mouth and down his shaft. It was such a turn on for him.

Chanel rested her chin on his thigh watching her spit and gag letting it drip from her chin and land on her breasts. “Mmmm. Suck that nigger dick.” She encouraged. Tom had chastised her for using that term on regular basis, but she didn’t seem to care. He was bigger than every black man she’d been with, and she was in love with his size. She’d only told one of her friends that she was sleeping with a white guy, and she prefaced it by explaining he was hung, as if that made it okay.

Tom took his crop and brought it down hard on her ass. “Don’t say that.” He warned.

“Sorry, Sir.” She turned back and watched the Latin girl struggling. Her jaw was strained around his girth and Chanel thought it looked nasty.

Tom lifted her head off of him and she gasped out for air catching her breath. He grabbed Chanel by her neck and pulled her closer. She liked it rough. “Sit on it.” He instructed.

Chanel got between his legs and sat back on him. “Stretch that cunt, Sir.” She moaned as he slid inside her. His cock was covered in Gabby’s spit allowing it to slip in easily. “Fuck it. Fuck it hard, Sir.” He grabbed her ass pulling it back down every time she lifted it up. She was an energetic fuck. He didn’t need to help much as she pounded his cock into her pussy. “Oh shit. Split me open, Sir!” She demanded. “Work that pussy! Work it!” She whined. “Oh shit, Sir! You’re gonna make me cum so good. Ohhhh fuck that shit… with… that… big… white… dick.”

She looked up as she was about to cum and saw Marie standing a few feet away rubbing her pussy. Marie didn’t know why it turned her on so much to watch this woman riding her son. She never imagined seeing Tom with a black woman. Tonight proved that her son didn’t have any specific tastes, or maybe his taste could best be described as eclectic. There were women of all ages and ethnicities. This girl fucked Tom differently, though. She fucked with purpose.

“Ohshit! That’s the spot. Fuuuuuuu…” Her scream began to crescendo until she became the center of attention. “… uuuuck! Fuck it. Fuck.” Chanel had fallen forward with her hands on the ground bracing herself while her ass bounced in his lap. “Yes! Yessss! Uuuuuungh!”

Her cum was thick and creamy and it gathered at the base of Tom’s cock as she continued to push down on him. Tom grabbed her hair lifting her back up from the ground with his cock still inside her. She was breathing heavily. Chanel may have had a foul mouth, but she became very emotional after a powerful orgasm. She often cried.

Tom whispered to her as he wrapped his arms around her waist holding her still. She needed that kind of attention. “Do you know who that is?” He pointed in front of them.

“Yes, Sir.” She said softly with a suddenly fragile voice.

“I want you to make her cum with your tongue.” He began to lift her off his length. “Be a good girl.”

“Yes, Sir.” She crawled across the ground until she came to rest at Marie’s feet.

Marie just stared blankly and watched as this dark skinned woman opened her mouth revealing a very long tongue. She stared in awe watching as it inched forward and then wiggled into her pussy. Her knees bent, and Chanel guided her backward until Marie was spread eagle on the ground. She didn’t lick pussy the same way that she fucked. She took her time. Marie realized that every woman that went down on her had a different technique. She couldn’t decide which was best.

Gabby stared back at Tom looking at his cock twitch. She knelt still with perfect posture. He stood up and walked toward her. She instinctively leaned forward and began to clean the thick globs of cum from his cock. Then he pushed her forward onto her belly and pressed it into her big ass.

“This is where I’m going to put to my cum.” He said as he stretched her asshole. Gabby closed her eyes as he filled her up. She preferred anal. It made her cum so hard. She squeezed her ass as tight as she could to make it hurt just a little as he pushed inside.

Tom fucked her with hard, deep, methodical thrusts. Gabby whined softly as he pounded into her. She never said much until she got ready to cum. Once that happened, she almost always spoke in Spanish. Tom never knew what she said and it didn’t necessarily matter to him. He looked up seeing some of the girls gathered around him. Watching him. He wasn’t used to being on display. He closed his eyes and fucked her harder and faster. The first words escaped her mouth. And then a long stream of Spanish followed. He was getting close. He could feel his balls lifting.

“Fuck my big, fat ass.” Tom looked up to see Ybeth kneel down next to him. “She says fuck my big, fat ass with your thick fucking cock. Yes, Papi, shoot it in me. I need it! It’s so good.”

It caught Tom off guard seeing the thin Colombian translate her words. It sent him over the edge. He felt his cock shoot inside her. Gabby kept screaming out. Tom turned to Ybeth who looked back at Gabby with a surprised look.

Tom slid his cock from inside her as she panted on the ground. “What did she say?” He asked quietly.

Ybeth leaned in close so no one else would hear. “Nothing, Sir. It’s not meant to be translated. It was very personal.” Gabby stared a quiet thank you to the other Latina girl.

Tom stood up slowly seeing the girls’ attention turned behind him. He looked back and saw Chanel with three fingers in his mother’s pussy and a tongue on her clit. She pumped them into her faster and faster. His mother’s face was a mess of emotions. Then she howled out loud and squirted an immense stream across the black girls face and chest.

Tom smiled. He turned to leave as Ybeth quietly bent down and buried her face in Gabby’s ass.


Tom walked to find Frank and Jim. They were deep in conversation while Abby brought them fresh drinks on the patio.

“How are we doing?” Tom asked as he approached the two men.

Frank held out his hand. “Congratulations on the engagement. You should’ve done that a year ago.”

“I know.” Tom replied with a smile. “Did Stephen tie her up?” He asked staring at Anne bound tightly to the outdoor sofa.

“Nope.” Frank smiled. “I did that.”

Tom flashed his wry smile. “Well look at you! That’s good work.” He noted. Tom dragged a finger across her pussy seeing the cum seep out of her. “Drink up, slut.” He teased as he brought it to her mouth and watched her lick it clean.

“Who are you two?” Jim asked with a facetious tone. “Congratulations, Tom. But you’re going to have to explain the rest of this to me. This is nuts.”

“Where’s Maryanne?” Tom asked.

Frank grinned. “Over there with Alexis.” He pointed to a lounge chair near the pool. Stephen was tying Karen and Jane down in some complicated rope bondage. Karen had alligator clips on her nipples and butt plug in her ass. “Tell me you’re not going to fuck her, Tom. I know that look in your eyes.”

Tom looked at the smile on Maryanne’s face while Stephen whipped Karen with a leather strap. “I won’t make that promise.”

“It’s time for your gift.” Jim said interrupting . “It just arrived.”

“I thought you didn’t know it was my birthday.”

“Really? Please! You’re my best client. Don’t insult me. I was just playing around.” Jim walked over toward the rear gate as they spoke. “It’s not really from me. It’s from all the senior partners at United Writers Agency.” Jim swung open the back gate. Parked in the driveway was a brand new black Aston Martin with an oversized red bow on the top.

“Did you buy me a car?” Tom asked dumbfounded.

“UWA bought you a car. For your birthday and as a congratulation on the new book deals.” Jim said excitedly. “And not just any car… That’s an Aston Martin DB9 fully loaded. That’s got a V12 engine. She purrs like a lion. Happy Birthday.”

Tom walked around the vehicle looking at the sleek design. Then he opened the driver door and got inside. He started the engine listening to it roar to life. He pressed the accelerator revving the engine.

Jim patted Frank on the back. “Don’t worry. It was a nice watch and all.” He grinned. “But it wasn’t an awesome fucking sports car.” He did a little fist pump just annoy Frank. “Suck it, asshole.”

Frank looked a bit deflated. “Well done.” This certainly blew his gift out of the water.

“Guys you both did way too much.” Tom shouted from the driver seat. The look on his face told a different story. He liked his new toys.


Tom made his way over toward Alexis and Maryanne. He watched Stephen whip Karen’s ass. Stephen wanted to have some fun tonight, and Tom allowed him to tease his two pain sluts. Karen came again from the abuse. Jane strained her head to the side mesmerized by the woman that shared the same affliction as her.

“Hey, Sir. I was wondering where you went.” Alexis said leaning into him lovingly.

“Jim just gave us a new car.” He said dropping the key into her hand. She looked back at him unsure she heard him correctly. She looked down at the Aston Martin key chain with a smile. People were beginning to realize his worth. It made her happy. “How are you doing?” He said wrapping his arm around Maryanne.

“With the fact that I’m watching two women get tied down and whipped? Or the fact that you’re naked with your arm around me.” She asked before looking down. “Or that fact that you’re hung like a horse and run some kind of sex club?”

Tom laughed. He took his arm away from her. “Sorry didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“I wasn’t complaining.” She said nervously leaning back into him. “It’s a lot to process…” She watched the woman cum again in front of her. “How is that possible? How does someone cum from being whipped?”

“These two are different.” Tom responded. “Trust me they enjoy it. Not every submissive is the same. Their needs are all different. The key is to know what that is. A good dominant knows just how far to push a sub in his care. These two like the extreme. They get off on it.”

Maryanne stared back at him amazed. She let her hand drop down to her side and then she shifted it over brushing his cock. She wrapped her chubby fingers around it as her heart fluttered. She could feel the pulse of the veins as it responded to her touch.

Tom whispered. “You’re not supposed to mix business with pleasure, Maryanne.”

She withdrew her hand feeling stupid. “I’m sorry. That wasn’t appropriate.”

“I wasn’t complaining.” He smiled his wry smile. “It’s… just a lot to process.” She gave him a gentle shove. He was so relaxed about everything and it made her feel silly for being uncomfortable. “I need you on my team, Maryanne. I can’t let this get in the way of that… but if you think that this wouldn’t get in the way of our work… well then…” She looked back at him with a warm smile and placed her hand back on his shaft. He gave her a wink. “We’ll talk about it. You’re welcome at my home anytime.”

Alexis put her arms around Maryanne and rested her head on the woman’s shoulder. Maryanne looked back seeing who it was. Alexis just smiled her graceful smile. “Give it a squeeze.” She said softly. “He loves that.” Maryanne squeezed it a couple of times in her hand and felt it stiffen almost immediately. She looked back at Alexis surprised.

Tom detached her hand and stepped forward behind Jane. He ran his hand over her recently whipped rear. Then he slid it down between her thighs and cupped her pussy. She groaned out loud at the attention. He grabbed his cock in his hand and pressed it into her slit.

“Oh fuck, Sir.” She whined. “I’m such a needy slut.”

He thrust into her as Maryanne watched. “That’s his aunt, you know?” Alexis said in her ear. Maryanne moistened at the thought. He was so nice – a perfect gentleman – but so incredibly bad.

Jane squirmed beneath him with what little mobility she had. She reveled in the fullness she felt with him inside her. “Fuck me, Sir. Hurt me.” She cried. His thrusts were deep and hard. “Ohfuckohfuck. Yes!” She moaned. Her head was still turned toward Karen tied down next to her.

“Do you want my cum?” He asked with his dominant voice.

“Yes, Sir! I need it.” She begged. He pressed the fresh bruises on her ass. “Oh shiiiiit.” The he reached up a brought his hand down on her ass with blinding force. “Unnnngh.” She grunted.


John came to a screeching halt at the end of the driveway. He looked worse for wear. The rental car idled for a few minutes while he sat behind the wheel. Fuck this, he thought. It was time to go home and get back to his life. He stepped out of the car and marched up the driveway with purpose – a man on a mission.

He recognized the sounds of a party the closer he got to the rear gate. It infuriated him even more. He followed the noises until he saw a brand new car parked at the top of the driveway. Everything about Tom’s life bothered him to his core.

John threw open the back gate. Then he stopped completely still seeing the yard filled with naked women. It startled him. No. No. No. He wasn’t going to let his son play tricks on him anymore. No more confusion. They were all deviants and whores, he thought. He refused to be distracted by it. He knew exactly what he was here for and no one would stop him.

“Marie!” He shouted. “Get over here right now.” He pushed into the yard searching for his wife. “Marie!”

The girls moved out of the way clearing a path. This stranger seemed out of place.


“Sir!” Alexis said urgently grabbing Tom’s shoulder as he pulled himself from Karen’s pussy. She whined her disapproval as his thick girth disappeared from inside her. “It’s your dad.”

Tom looked up with alarm. He didn’t expect to see him. He was certain that those pictures would have finally sent him on his way. He turned around and moved back toward the gate. His father was going to ruin the entire evening.

“Hey!” Tom yelled getting John’s attention as he got closer to him.

“Get the fuck out of my way.” John seethed as he scanned the guests looking for Marie. “I want your mother right now! You hear me? Right now!”

“She’s not going anywhere with you.” Tom said blocking his path.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do!” The words sounded a bit unbalanced. “I’m going home, and she’s coming with me.” He looked terrible. His black eye was dark and angry.

“I’m not going to let that happen.” Tom replied trying to calm him down. “Have you been drinking again? You should go back to the hotel and sleep it off.”

John reached into his pocket and pulled out a handgun. His arm shook a little. “You see this? It means you stay away from me.” He jabbed it out in front of him as he punctuated each word.

Tom immediately stepped back as the gasps of alarm spread through the crowd. “Christ, dad. What are you doing? You’re going to hurt someone. Put that thing away.” He finally registered just how unstable his father looked. “You’re going to get yourself into serious trouble. You don’t want that and I don’t want that. Just calm down.”

“I won’t calm down.” He said waving the gun in front of him. “I’m done being calm! Where’s Marie? Marie!”

“I’m not going to let her leave with you.” Tom said very carefully. “You’re not acting right. It’s not safe.” John didn’t like that answer. It was evident in his expression. “Just point that at me.” Tom tried to get his attention. “No one else here has done anything to you.”

John’s wild eyes were tearing up. “You don’t get to take everything from me. Do you hear me? You don’t.” John sniffled now. He was borderline hysterical. He kept thinking about the inscription his son wrote in his book. Then his expression shifted to a blank, empty stare. “If you don’t send out your mother… then … I… I’m going to take away what you love! Maybe that’ll teach you.” He said looking around. “Which one is it?” He demanded. “It’s this one, right?” He leveled the gun at Alexis.

In a moment of sheer panic and terror, Tom leapt out pushing Alexis out of the way. His quick movements startled John. His finger squeezed a little too far and the gun fired. The sound echoed through the canyon. The bullet tore through Tom’s lower back and he hit the flagstone with a thud. John watched it happen as if it were in slow motion. He stood there, arms shaking, as he realized what he had just done.

Alexis unleashed a blood curdling scream. “Sir?” She cried crawling toward him. “Sir?!” She saw the blood pouring from his belly. The bullet had gone straight through. She clamped her hand down trying to stop it. It flowed up through her fingers darkening her engagement ring. “What did you do?!” She screamed. “What did you do?” She looked down seeing a scared, worried look in his eyes. “Somebody do something!” She brushed his face with her blood stained fingers. “Stay with me, baby. You’re not allowed to leave me. Not now.”


Frank immediately grabbed for his phone dialing nine-one-one. He called out to Stephen who wasn’t too far away.

“Get those women untied and get everyone inside and dressed.” He spoke quickly. “Everyone inside now!”

The phone connected. “I’d like to report a shooting…”


John heard the man dial the police. The crushing reality was overwhelming him. He saw his son lying on the ground with the blonde woman desperately trying to stop the bleeding. What had he done? His fragile demeanor cracked further. He looked up and saw his son’s friend physically lifting his wife off the ground to keep her from running to her little boy. He carried her away as she hung in his arms limply with hers outstretched toward Tom – destitute and in pain.

John began to slowly step backward. He turned toward the back gate and then ran as fast as could to get to the car. He was breathless and scared. If he’d just gone home, he thought. If he’d never made advances toward that masseuse or if he had showed some sympathy toward his wife, then maybe everything would be okay. What had happened to him, he wondered. What was he supposed to do now?

He swung open the car door and climbed inside. He fumbled the keys trying to get them in the ignition. Then he stopped. Where would he go? What did he have left? He stared straight ahead until he heard sirens faintly in the distance. He murdered his son. He didn’t mean to. He only intended on scaring him and getting Marie. That was the plan. Just scare him and show him that you couldn’t push people around. But the trigger pulled so easily. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

His breathing became calm. The tears stopped. John lifted the firearm to his temple.


Erik ran back outside with towels for Alexis. She pressed them down trying to get him to hang on a little longer. Tom’s eyes were closing weakly. She screamed louder.

“Go inside.” Erik said softly. “I won’t let anything happen to him.” He wasn’t sure if that were true. He was in bad shape. She didn’t move. “Alexis!” He said louder getting her attention. “You need to put on clothes. Then come back out. The police will be here soon.”

Frank watched them and assessed the situation. Then he ran out to direct the ambulance. He rushed around the corner of the house just as the muzzle flash lit up the rental at the bottom of the driveway. The window tinted blood red.

Frank flinched realizing what it meant.


Everyone was in a panic inside. The girls cried as Stephen and Jim tried to calm everyone down and get them presentable as quickly as possible. No one could believe it happened. The second gunshot was startling. Jim looked to Stephen wondering what had happened out there. They didn’t move they just continued to maintain sanity.

Alexis walked in covered in blood. She trudged forward like a woman who had lost everything and had nothing left to live for. And then she collapsed in the living room.


“No!” Erik yelled at his friend. “Stay with me. Keep your eyes on me. Don’t close them.” He demanded.

Tom felt weak and cold. He could barely hear the voices any longer. His eyes closed as he lost consciousness.


Tom stared at a bright white light. He was lost in thought, and his mind was wandering. Thinking. The last few years of his life had been filled with good fortune. It never occurred to him that he would have to answer for his actions. He wondered if the decisions he’d made up to this point were worth it. Perhaps if he had chosen a simpler life or a more conventional life then this would never have happened.

“Mr. Bolden, are you ready?”

Tom snapped from his reverie. Kimmie took a handkerchief and dabbed his forehead. “You’re standing right in front of the light, Sir. You’re sweating.” She said moving him slightly. “Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked. “We can move this interview. It doesn’t matter if they’re all set up. You give me the word and I’ll have them out.” She snapped her fingers to express just how quickly she could clear the room.

“No.” Tom said turning to face her. “I’m fine.”

She took a lint roller and cleaned his shirt one more time. Then she tilted his head back toward her. “Remember what we discussed, Sir. Control your destiny. You own this interview. Nobody is going to master you today.”

He quietly reminded himself that he needed to have a talk with her about all the self-help and power books she’d been reading. Then he turned and looked back at the white, hot lights glaring at him from the camera set up. He closed his eyes and took a breath finding his calm.

“I’m ready.” He announced taking a seat on the sofa in his living room.

He looked up at Tabitha Watkins. She was a petite, British woman that had an interview program that syndicated on multiple cable networks. Tom dreaded talking to her. He considered her show to be more of a gossip program that sensationalized national news. Since the incident, his life had been an object of fascination and speculation by news media, talk shows and tabloids alike. It had become an undeniable nuisance, and now he finally decided to lay it all to rest. He had no other choice.

Tom kicked a foot up on the couch and tucked it underneath him laying his left arm along the back of the sofa. It was a casual position and he felt it showed there was nothing to hide. He felt good. It had taken him months before he agreed to an interview. He had thought it through and chosen the program with the utmost care.

“Welcome,” Tabitha began looking at the camera, “I’m here with the New York Times best-selling author, Tom Bolden. It’s a rare treat that I get to book a first time interview with such a sought after author.” She turned her attention toward Tom. “What made you decide to start doing interviews after so many years hiding behind a pseudonym?”

“I suppose it’s the hope that this will be the only interview I ever do. I’m not exactly excited about the exposure. I’m a private person.” He answered.

Tabitha tried not to show her dislike for his answer. “Well, let me start by saying Happy Birthday.” She changed tact. “At thirty-two years old, you just topped the list of highest grossing novelists.” She held up an article. “I was lucky to get an advance copy of the article before it was published. What do you have to say about that?”

“It’s humbling.” Tom said looking down briefly. “I’m honored to have any fan base at all. I’ve never considered myself to be very talented.”

“Well the success of your recent trilogy would suggest otherwise. You’ve dominated the New York Times best seller lists for the past nine months. I’ve heard that your publisher is having trouble keeping up with demand.”

“It’s been a very good year.” Tom responded simply.

“What do you say to your detractors? What would you say to the people that think you push a lifestyle that’s misogynistic and promotes violence against women?”

Tom lifted his head and narrowed his eyes at this question. Tabitha smiled at the reaction she was getting. “I’d say that they are entitled to their opinion. I’d also venture to guess that they haven’t read my books, nor do they understand the lifestyle. Bondage and submission have nothing to do with misogyny or violence. Perhaps if the topic weren’t considered so taboo then there would be fewer people committing violent acts in the name of culture that doesn’t accept them as one of their own.”

“And you understand the lifestyle, Mr. Bolden?”

“I’ve made enough friends to understand it better than most.” He replied.

“You brought up taboo, so I might as well ask you about your newest novel. You’ve broached a topic rarely touched by noted novelists.”

“I have.”

“What made you choose incest?”

“I was told it couldn’t be done. I like to defy what people consider conventional.”

“No other reason?”

“Not really.”

“Some people are saying that the attempted murder-suicide last year committed by your father was due in part to some secret relationship with your mother.” She punctuated the question just so in order to get a rise out of him.

“All conjecture, speculation, rumor and lies. I’m not discouraging anyone from spreading those rumors. It’s certainly going to line my pockets if you look at presales.”

“So it’s not a biography of sorts?”

“Of course not.” He laughed.

“Well I’ll point out that the title of the book, The Novelist,” She held up and advanced copy, “has driven many to believe that the protagonist is based on you. It is story about a young novelist that falls into a seedy world of bondage, submission, mystery and murder while he tries to research the lifestyle for an upcoming book. The parallels are uncanny considering the events exactly one year ago today and the content of your previous books.”

“I think everyone should buy a copy and judge for themselves.” Tom responded. “In fact, I think they should buy two.”

“Can we talk about the shooting?” She asked. “Would you be willing to say what happened in your otherwise idyllic life that led to such a horrific event?”

“There’s not much too tell.” He responded. “My father suffered some sort of psychosis along with a midlife crisis. My parents were going through a contentious divorce. Some people unravel. Maybe I should have seen the signs. Maybe I should have been more careful as I struggled to help them resolve their issues. It doesn’t much matter now. What happened was tragic. What else is there to say than that?”

“The early reports after the shooting said you almost died. Is that true?”

“I lost a lot of blood. The bullet entered my lower back missing my vertebrae by three quarters of an inch. It exited just above my navel. It did some significant damage, and the blood loss was significant. I’m thankful for the emergency services response time. I owe them my life.”

“And do you have regrets?” She asked trying to corner him into an emotional response.

Tom studied her for a long moment. “No.” He replied introspectively. “I have another friend that passed away this year. My barber, Sam. He once told me that we’re men. We have principles and we make our decisions on the very principles we wish to espouse. We don’t often change our core beliefs just because we get a glimpse of the outcome. Maybe some people would consider that reactionary or bull headed. It struck a chord with me. I’ve made plenty of choices in my life, and I’ll live with the consequences for better or worse, without regret.”

She let his comments linger for a beat. If nothing else, Tabitha Watkins liked to add a bit of drama to any interview.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” She said switching back to his career. “Getting back to your new novel, there’s been some question over the deal you made with your publisher. You’ve written this book essentially for free with the caveat that you get fifty percent of gross sales. Why that deal?”

“I have a great relationship with Sperling Publishing. They have an unmatched team of editors and publishers. Are you asking whether there was some contention over the subject matter? The answer is yes. But Peter Sperling is a good friend and good businessman. He agreed to an unconventional deal in part because he questioned the appetite for such material. We’ve had a good laugh seeing the presales. We’re each going to make a good deal from its success.”

“A good deal.” She laughed. “Looking at the initial sales numbers there’s a prediction that you’ll clear well over fifty million dollars this year if you include earnings from your trilogy. The early sales in Australia and the UK are already set to break records.”

“Like I said before, I’ve been blessed.”

“You certainly have.” She responded. “Not only with success, but with a new baby boy.”

“Yes.” Tom smiled. “I’m a proud father to healthy boy. I look forward to fatherhood. I intend to do better than my father did with me.”

Tabitha thought she scored with that answer. It really tied his career and personal problems together in a way she found approving. “Well, we won’t take up any more of your time today, Tom. I want to thank you for allowing me and my viewers a brief look into your life. I certainly hope that you’ll allow me the opportunity to come back again.”

“We’ll see.” Tom said as he looked toward the camera and flashed his wry smile.


The camera operator had loaded the last of his equipment into oversized, foam lined carrying cases. He lifted the heavy case onto a Magliner hand truck and began to wheel it out through the foyer. It was just Tabitha, Tom and Kimmie left in the room. Tabitha stood up and looked around at the pictures on the surfaces.

“Did I do okay?” Tom asked.

“You were brilliant.” Tabitha responded with her British accent. “I wish we could have gone more in depth, but I was given specific boundaries before I was granted the interview. I was told you’re a particular person.” She stopped and looked back at the young man sitting on the sofa. “Out of curiosity, why did you choose me for the interview?”

“You have excellent viewership and ratings.” Tom responded kindly. “… And you’re a fan of my books. Your booking agent contacted Sperling Publishing repeatedly for an interview, even before the incident last year.” He paused. “How do you think people will respond to the interview?”

“Mr. Bolden, the public will believe what they want to believe. An interview won’t change anything at all. But you’ll get great publicity.”

Tom flashed his wry smile. “And what do you believe?”

She looked at him carefully. He seemed far more confident than he did when she arrived. It gave her a suddenly uncomfortable feeling as if he was interviewing her now. “I think you’re not telling the whole truth. I think you’re hiding something from the public.”

“And what do you think that is?” Tom asked studying her reaction.

“I’m not sure.” She said. “Maybe there is something more to the story last year. Maybe you’re a randy fucker and just as naughty as everyone says.” Tabitha was successful woman that spent her career contending with powerful men. She wasn’t afraid to use strong language. Tom appreciated her blunt response. She stepped over toward the mantle and noticed the silver, engraved riding crop.

She looked at the inscription. ‘Sir – Happy 31st Birthday! Love, All The Girls.’ The rest of it had names engraved on the side.

“That was my birthday present from Alexis last year.” Tom replied.

She didn’t say anything at first. She just read the different names engraved down its length. It occurred to her at that moment that perhaps it was all true. She figured there was some degree of half-truth in his statements, but she hadn’t considered that all of the speculation was accurate.

“So all the rumors are true?” She asked finally. Her curiosity was piqued.

“Who’s asking?” Tom queried in response. “Tabitha Watkins, purveyor of gossip? Or just Tabitha Watkins?” She stared back at him deciding on her response. “Are we on or off the record?”

“On.” She answered.

“None of its true. I don’t mind rumors that I’m some sexual dynamo. What man wouldn’t? But it’s so unrealistic. Mostly I just find it funny.”

His response was natural and he followed it up with a disarming smile. Generally she thought she was a good judge of character and a fairly intuitive person. She couldn’t get a read on him though. He was never evasive, which made most things he said sound genuine.

“Well I hope you weren’t insulted when I said you were hiding something.” She replied sincerely. “I love your home. I’d love to have a tour if you don’t mind.”

“That can be arranged.” Tom said kindly. “Is the tour on or off the record?”

She furrowed her brow just slightly as if she didn’t like the question, or maybe she just didn’t understand it. What would it matter, she thought? Then she looked at his disarming smile.

“Off the record.”

Tom’s eyes lit up. “Excellent.” He stood up and poured himself a small glass of scotch offering one to his guest. “You know I’ve had calls from CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Oprah, Geraldo, The Today Show and just about every other show you could think of.” He paused sipping the scotch and feeling it burn in his throat. She followed suit. “I picked you specifically. I hate interviews, Tabitha. I hate exposure and publicity. But I couldn’t escape it anymore. What I need now is someone who can manage it for me. I need someone on my team with a voice and platform that can look out for my interests.”

“Me?” She asked confused by the sudden change in his demeanor.

“Yes.” He replied. “I think you would be the perfect person. The label I hate the most is being called a misogynist. I love women. I have a great respect for strong women… like you. I may not like interviews, but they’ve become a necessity. I’d love to limit all interviews to just your show. That is if you’d be willing to steer them the way I’d like. To push the narrative that I want.”

She began to realize what he was asking. He wanted softball interviews. He wanted to control them. It was something that she had never done in her career. “And what narrative would that be exactly, Mr. Bolden?”

“That all of those rumors are untrue.” He stated simply.

“Are they untrue?” She asked.

Tom looked back at her with his wry smile. “Does it matter?”

“Of course it does.” She stated firmly.

She saw the amusement etched on his face. “Well, I believe I already answered that question.” The tone of his voice suggested that he may not have answered honestly. “I’m a very careful person. I know everything there is to know about you. I did painstaking research before I invited you into my home. So let me ask you again. Are we on or off the record?”

“Off.” She said tentatively. “We’re off the record.”

“And why the change of heart?”

“Because…” She replied. “… I want to know.”

“Of course you do.” He spoke as if the answer would alleviate some great burden she carried. “You can’t help yourself.” He turned to his assistant who had been standing quietly to the side holding a notebook. “Kimmie, would you give Tabitha a tour of the house?”

“Thorough, Sir?” She asked.

“A full tour. Start with front yard and then the club house. Show her all the new changes.”

“Yes, Sir.”


Kimmie walked with a brisk, confident stride. Her demeanor was far different than the girl that walked into this house a year ago. She wore a comfortable Armani skirt with a white blouse. Tabitha followed behind her trying to understand what exactly happened in the living room. He never answered her question.

Kimmie stopped her abruptly in the foyer. “You’ll have to sign this for me please.” She said holding out a non-disclosure agreement. Tom had one specifically drawn up for this purpose. It imposed further limitations for additional protection. “It’s a standard NDA. You said off the record and Sir intends for you to keep your word.” Tabitha began reading it. “Ms. Watkins, if you’re going to read through it entirely then this is going to take a long time. Your signature please.” She asked holding out a pen.

Tabitha knew he was hiding something now. Even if she couldn’t tell anyone, she had to know. It couldn’t all be true. She signed the agreement and watched the young girl open the front the door.

“Wonderful. Thank you.” She said tucking it inside her notebook. “Now, we’ve had a very busy year here. Sir has updated the house… partly because the paparazzi took brief interest in it. Originally the yard was open. We’ve had stone walls built around the property. They are ten feet tall to prevent unwanted visitors. Sir also had an electronic gate installed on the driveway.”

Tabitha followed her down the front walkway. “Why do you call him Sir?” She asked. She was certain she knew, but she wanted some sort of confirmation.

Kimmie snapped her fingers. “Hold your questions, please.” She reached the driveway. “Now, he’s added a large turnaround at the top for additional parking. Originally there was a detached garage here. We had a club house built in its place. It makes things run a bit simpler.”

They approached the club house. It was built to match the architecture of the main house and stood two stories tall. It was awfully large for an addition. The old fence around the back yard had been replaced by a stone one. Tabitha looked at the cars parked near the top of the driveway and then toward the club house again.

“Now,” Kimmie said as they reached the door. “We use an electronic key pad for access. The code changes weekly.” She typed in an eight digit number and the door unlocked. “When any of the girls arrive they always enter through here. I’ve spent the last year figuring out the best way to manage the traffic and the rules. It’s part of my job here.”

“Rules? Traffic?” Tabitha asked looking for answers.

Kimmie ignored her. “So,” She said stepping in to a tiled entryway. “The girls enter here. We have two large monitors. This one is to sign in. Once you’re signed in I can see who’s at the house on our tablets.” She held up a tablet showing her a list of faces and names. “Our other monitor is a list of responsibilities for the upcoming month. Every girl cycles through the different chores and jobs. Come with me.” She stepped around the corner. It looked like the entrance to a spa with a small waterfall and fragrant candles. “We have lockers and a changing area here.”

Tabitha kept trying to ask questions and kept getting cut off. She looked at the hardwood floor in the locker room. This whole place belonged in a country club. Each locker was made of well-crafted wood with a silver name plate. There were plush padded benches lined in front of them. The young girl led her forward showing her two finely furnished bathrooms with pedestal sinks and an array of soaps and lotions.

They took a left and Tabitha stood in the entryway to an immense room; in the center stood a large shower room encased in seamless glass. Four polished silver pipes rose from the floor on each side with their own shower head and handles. Each station had a tiled seat and a tiled set of shelves filled with shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body scrubs and facial washes. The center of the shower room had a raised, oversized soaking tub with wide tiled bench seat surrounding it. Outside the showers, the room was lined with pink marble counters and vanity mirrors. There were endless amounts of perfumes, makeup, hair products, powders and lotions. A small padded seat was tucked under the counter in each place.

“Can’t I just ask what all this about?” Tabitha exclaimed in total frustration. She didn’t understand what was happening at all. This wasn’t what she expected.

Kimmie huffed. “I’ve been asked to give you a tour. I’m giving you a tour. If you want to know more about any of this then you’ll have to ask Sir.” Her answer was curt and it bothered the British woman. “Now over here we have two massage tables.” She walked to a set of stairs. “Follow me upstairs please.” She kept walking swiftly.

As they reached the top of the stairs, she saw a full gym complete with free weights, treadmills, tread climbers, rowing machines and bikes. The other half of the room was a small studio with yoga mats. The workout area was wired with in wall Bose speakers. There were flat screen TVs mounted on the walls. The side of the room had a small bar area with two small refrigerators stocked with bottled water and sports drinks.

After a brief tour of the upstairs, Kimmie brought the British woman back downstairs. She led her through the shower area. “So that’s the door to the backyard. And this over here,” she said walking into yet another room, “is the ladies lounge. We can all sit here and relax and chat and gossip.”

The room was simple and nicely decorated with comfortable couches. There was a coffee table with gossip and fashion magazines. There were large potted palm trees. It was an elegant comfortable place.

“What’s this about?” She asked looking at a white board on one of the walls.

“Oh! We keep a list of events in case anyone would like to participate.” She said excitedly. “We like to view this place as our own private club with a select few members. We’re encouraged to share our skills and have fun. If you look… Fran is doing a course on making your own pasta and homemade manicotti. Gabby is doing a course on South American cuisine with Ybeth. Jen is leading a yoga class three days a week.” She pointed to another board next to it. “This other board is just for upcoming house requirements and rules changes and other updates. It’s his birthday so we have some additional guests. Dom Erik is in town with his submissive Angie. Dom Stephen and Dom Frank will probably be here later tonight.”

Finally! Tabitha knew there must be some sort of sexual undertone to what was going on. It really was true. All of it. But it was far more intricate than she ever expected. He didn’t just have some sort of dominant tendencies. He’d created an entire life around it.

“If you’re ready we can head out into the backyard. There’s more to see.” Kimmie continued.

She watched the woman nod her approval as she struggled to digest her surroundings. As they approached the door leading out to the backyard, Tabitha looked to her right and saw a wide set of stairs that led down into the pool from the inside.

“That’s the grotto.” Kimmie noted. “It’s really nice you can swim inside from the pool.” Then she stepped outside onto the flagstone patio, which had been extended when the club house was completed.


Tabitha stood stock still outside the door. The yard was more lushly landscaped than she expected. She looked to her right and saw the grotto that Kimmie had mentioned. The artificial rock wall and waterfall that fed the pool had been built out creating a large rock dome built into the club house. The landscaping continued in between the rocks up over the top of it making it seem like a natural oasis. Misters sprayed intermittently feeding the plants.

Tom’s house had been shut down for the entirety of his recuperation. It had taken nearly nine months to complete all the renovations. He had additional bamboo planted around the edges of the yard and the new stone walls were barely visible through the thick chutes that rose up high into the air. The flagstone had been replaced and the new stone had grass growing in between the stones.

Tabitha admired the new double wide, cabana style lounge chairs around the pool. It was nothing short of resort quality. Then she looked up and saw Tom standing in the yard in between a guest house and the pool. There were two ten foot tall lacquered posts with a rounded post connecting them horizontally. She would have asked what they were, but she could plainly see a woman tied to it naked and bruised. He had whipped her, she thought. They were whipping posts. It sent shivers down her spine.

In fact, Stephen had built them for Tom after the renovations were completed. The shooting had changed everything. Tom allowed Stephen to train Karen and Jane in lieu of taking his mother. He wasn’t allowed to fuck them, but their mouths were readily available. He enjoyed whipping the two women who reveled in the abuse. Tom had discussed it with Karen who agreed to the idea excitedly. Jane had begged Tom to be a part of it too. She didn’t want to be separated from Karen in any way.

Alexis sat at the outdoor table having lunch. She watched the petite British blonde enter the yard. They stepped out of the club house and around the edge of the pool coming toward her. Alexis stood up wearing just her heels.

“Mistress, this is Tabitha.” Kimmie began speaking.

“Tabitha Watkins.” Alexis said with her graceful smile. “I’m glad you finally made it. Did you like the club house?”

“I…” Tabitha was almost never at a loss for words. She couldn’t seem to decide on what to say at this particular moment. She wanted the answer to whether or not the rumors were true. Now, she had many more questions. “It was quite a sight.” She finally replied.

Alexis looked toward Kimmie. “Did you see your locker, Kimmie?”

Kimmie’s eyes opened wide at the statement. Her heart swelled in her chest. It couldn’t be true. She must have walked right by it. “Mistress, may I please…” She watched Alexis nod, and then she turned and ran back into the club house.

“What is all this?” Tabitha asked. “Why am I here?”

Alexis smiled at her warmly. “Please have a seat. Can I get you anything?” She reached forward and jingled the small silver bell in the center of the table. Ybeth walked out of the French doors in the kitchen and stepped down the flagstone steps. She had her collar secured tightly on her neck and wore a pair of stiletto heels. She came to a rest on her knees at Alexis’ feet.

“Yes, Mistress?”

Alexis looked back at Tabitha waiting on an answer. The woman didn’t respond as she quietly watched the Colombian girl kneel prone at Alexis’ feet.

Alexis shrugged. “Lick my pussy.” She finally stated. She spread her legs wide and Ybeth leaned forward and buried her head between Alexis’ tanned thighs.

“I’m not really sure what’s going on here?” Tabitha stated feeling awfully uncomfortable.

“He’ll be with you shortly. Patience, Tabitha.”


Kimmie shot through the door into the club house. She ran past the large shower enclosure and through the entryway into the locker room. She scanned the lockers one by one settling on a silver name plate bearing her name. Her heart was beating so fast.

She opened the locker door. The inside was filled with balloons and personal notes taped to the inside of the door from some of the other girls. She kicked her feet up in the air and jumped around like a kid exploding with excitement.

The last year had been difficult and rewarding. Sir had still not fucked her again. He teased her pussy daily, but he never let her cum. She was allowed to masturbate twice a week. She’d become his biggest challenge. It required a new level of commitment as a submissive to endure the yearlong game. She was paid well. The job had been entirely rewarding. But the sexual frustration forced her to learn a type of will power and obedience that she didn’t she was capable of handling.

It was about six months ago, when Kimmie was certain that she couldn’t take the teasing any longer, that Tom had placed a collar in a small glass case on the dresser in her bedroom. She stared at the collar everyday remembering the end goal. She was desperate to be one of the girls, and she was falling more and more in love with the man that challenged her.

She cleared away the balloons seeing a small note on the shelf. Her finger slid through the flap of the envelope unsealing it. It was from Alexis. ‘K – Tonight you present your collar for ownership. Congratulations.’ Kimmie slid off her clothes and slipped into the stiletto heels in the locker. She could be naked now in the house. She hadn’t been naked since he cut the clothes from her body with the kitchen shears. It seemed like a lifetime ago.


Tom walked back toward Alexis and Tabitha. He was wearing his tan linen pants. He’d removed his shirt while he doled out a punishment for Gabriella at the whipping post. The time spent recuperating from his injury had forced him to do a bit of physical therapy. He began working out more than usual. His thin attractive frame became more muscled over the year. He wasn’t bulky by any means, but he was slightly fitter and more cut. He looked attractive and healthy.

He walked up to the women. Ybeth immediately sat back on her heels. Alexis reached her hand out and instinctively touched the scar just above his belly button. It reminded her that she almost lost him. She had become even more protective. She’d never let anything hurt her man.

“Ms. Watkins.” Tom said holding out his hand. “Let me guess. You have questions.” She shook her head yes. She took his and he lifted her to her feet. “Let’s finish our interview off the record.”

She stood up looking at the scar on his front and back. “So it is true.” She didn’t say it like a reporter having a ‘gotcha’ moment. It sounded soft with a layer of confusion.

“This could be one of the greatest stories you ever report on.” Tom said gesturing to his fiancé, Ybeth and the other Latina woman tied to the whipping post. She looked around at the grandeur of his home. “I hope it will be the greatest story that you choose to ignore. I’m private. That’s absolutely true. I enjoy my career and don’t really like people acknowledging it. But the reason you won’t report this story isn’t for my sake. It’s for theirs.”

She looked back around at the women in the yard. Then she saw the young assistant come flying out of the club house clacking along in her heels and otherwise naked. It was hard for Tabitha to understand why these women felt so comfortable and happy prancing around so freely.

Kimmie saw Sir and immediately dropped to her knees. “Sir, this the happiest day ever! I don’t even know what to say. I love you!”

“You’ve earned it, Kimmie. I need some time with Ms. Watkins, please.” He replied genuinely.

“Yes, Sir.” She stood and disappeared inside.

“These women found me.” Tom continued his conversation with the British woman. “Or I found them. However it happened is unimportant. They are all different. A housewife, a maid, a chef, a student. There are others too… businesswomen, single mothers, doctors, lawyers… they’re all missing something in their lives… something that they have found here. But because of the nature of this lifestyle they prefer to keep it confidential. I used to meet them one at a time. Last year I introduced them to each other and for the first time they felt comfortable being open in front of other people that were also in the lifestyle. This place became a safe place devoid of persecution and judgment. Tabitha, I write about this kind of thing for a living. If the world found out I was into Dominance and submission it wouldn’t make much difference. But these women have real jobs in the real world, and that kind of exposure would be profoundly uncomfortable. So, I’m asking you to help me. You climbed to the top of your profession. It’s not easy especially as a woman… It hasn’t been for these women either and it would be devastating to have a reputation as a slut or a freak.”

Tabitha Watkins stood there completely surprised by his little speech. Sure, it would make an excellent story, she thought. The lifestyle was not something she had considered much. He hadn’t really explained it, but her thought was that a dominant didn’t much care about a submissive. She had the more feminist viewpoint that a submissive woman was a weak woman, and a dominant man was a cruel man. But Tom Bolden certainly cared about these women.

“I’m not sure how to respond.” She replied.

“I’m not a fool, Tabitha. You’re a smart woman and I’m sure you could weasel your way around an NDA. It’s a risk showing you all this. I’ve taken risks before…” He paused and rubbed his scar. “… It hasn’t always worked out in my favor.” Tom spoke kindly and thoughtfully. He was intent on showing his vulnerability. It was something he had become more comfortable with over the last year.

“This isn’t what I expected from a tour.” She replied. “I don’t think anyone would believe this unless they saw it. How many people live here?”

“Just my mother, my aunt and Kimmie for now. Alexis and I have moved in next door. They’re still finishing the new house, but it’s livable now.”

“Your mother?” She said carefully.

“Yes.” He replied. It was enough to let her know that all of it was true. “I won’t keep you any longer. If you’d like to leave then please see yourself out.” He began to step away and then turned back. “There’s a place for you here, Tabitha. If you ever wanted it.”

“But…” She began to respond.

“Ybeth, will take care of anything you need until you leave.” Tom called back over his shoulder.


Tom stepped into the guest house. It had gone through a small remodel as well. The lower level had been expanded. He walked back toward the closet on the back wall. He entered a code on small display on the wall. The cabinet shifted forward letting him walk through a small door into a tool shed on the other side of the stone wall.

He stepped out of the shed into a barely finished backyard. A pool was being installed and the property was noticeably devoid of landscaping and grass. He walked through the sandy dirt path and up a pair of temporary wooden stairs to a backdoor. The inside wasn’t fully furnished. He stepped into a living room that was large with exposed beams in the ceiling. He walked up the curved staircase in the foyer and down the hall. He stopped outside a door that had hand painted block letters glued to the front. They spelled ‘Aaron’.

Tom quietly pushed the door inward. The room was painted baby blue with airplane themed wallpaper trim. He saw his mother sitting in an armchair in the corner holding a precious little baby.

She held him up in the air and sniffed his diaper. “Did someone make a poopy?” She cooed in a baby voice. “Well Grammy will have to get you all cleaned up.” She laid him on the changing table to her right and whipped the diaper off and into the trash can. She wiped him down cleaning the mess. And then she wrapped him in a fresh diaper. “There you go! All better!” She brought him back down to her lap. He reached out for her breast trying to latch onto her nipple. “I’m not your mama.” She said. “Well okay. I won’t tell.”

Tom stepped into the room. “How’s my little man?” He asked.

“Oh, Sir, I didn’t realize you were here.” She pulled Aaron off her nipple and lifted him up to Tom. He smiled a big, toothless smile and held out his small hands wiggling excitedly.

“I missed you too!” Tom said kissing his belly. “Has Grammy been feeding you again?”

“Sorry, Sir.” Marie said grabbing the handles on the arm chair and lifting herself up slowly. “He can’t seem to tell the difference.” As she straightened herself up her pregnant belly stood out proudly in front of her.

“How’s my little girl?” Tom asked holding Aaron in one arm and rubbing his mother’s belly with his free hand.

“Kicking a lot. She wants out of here.” Marie replied. “How did it go with Tabitha?”

Tom smiled. “Better than expected. She’ll be joining us soon… I’m certain of it.”

Alexis knocked on the door. “Is he still awake? It’s nap time, Aaron.” She lifted him from Tom’s arms and laid him down in the crib.

“My feet are killing me.” Marie complained. “I’m too old to be a mother again.”

“Come on.” Tom said dragging her out of the room and down the hall. He pulled her into the master suite. The room was beautifully decorated and larger than the one in the other house. Tom helped her up onto the king sized bed. “There you go.” He laid some pillows down to support her belly as he put her on her hands and knees. Her ass was huge from the pregnancy. He kneaded it lightly drawing accepting moans from her. “Is that what you need?”

“No, Sir.” She said in a breathy voice. “I need that cock in me.”

“And what did I tell you about my load?” He asked.

She let out a disappointed mewl. “It’s for Kimmie, Sir.” She knew that the young girl deserved it. She’d been amazing over the past year. None of the construction and medical arrangements would have happened if it weren’t for her. “But you haven’t cum in over four days! It must be uncomfortable!”

Tom didn’t respond. He unbuttoned his linen pants and dropped them down. Then he pushed his cock forward into her slit.

“Oh!” She cried out suddenly. She hadn’t expected him to push it right in. “Oh, god! Mommy’s been so horny, Sir!”

Tom pulled back slowly and then pushed back inside of her. She’d been fucked so well this past year. She wished she could live her whole life over again and do it differently. Her pussy craved his big cock. Tom had learned just how to get her worked up. He fucked her hard and then stopped abruptly. Then he fucked her slowly. Then he fucked her deep, but stopped before she came and teased her with shallow thrusts. It caused her squirm and whine and beg. Her pussy would clamp down so tightly on him that it was hard to push it inside.

“You’re trying to get me to cum.” He groaned as she squeezed her cunt on him.

“Yes, Sir. I want it in me.”

Tom couldn’t help himself as pushed further into her. He fucked her with hard punctuated thrusts. She began to groan uncontrollably. She felt that familiar need to pee that came before she squirted. He slapped her ass hard listening to her losing control. Alexis came into the room and slid a hand beneath Marie rubbing her clit.

“Oh fuck! Ohyes, ohyes. Make me cum! Make me squirt!” She cried out.

Tom pounded down with the final few strokes she needed. He listened to her slip over the edge. She howled out loud and then he pulled back while Alexis kept her hand on her clit. She began to squirt a small stream. Then a second longer, thicker stream. And finally one powerful spray.

Alexis brought her mouth down to her pussy and swallowed the rest of the ejaculate as it seeped out of her. Marie shook on the bed letting the tremors course through her.

Tom laid back while Alexis moved over to his cock cleaning it. Marie shifted as best she could to help. Tom looked down and smiled.


Kimmie was in her room looking at the collar in the glass case. It was glued shut and she couldn’t get it open. Finally she carried it into the bathroom and dropped it in the tub letting it shatter. She carefully sifted through the glass removing the black collar with the silver ‘K’ on the front. It suddenly overwhelmed her as she thought about picking up the shards of glass the night she first begged him to train her in the living room. She wondered if he meant for her to break the case to elicit that particular memory. Tom had a way of evoking emotion in his women. Sometimes they didn’t even realize it.

She wanted to wrap the collar around her neck, but she didn’t dare. It would be Sir that put it on her the first time. No one else. Her pussy was soaking wet at the thought of it. She thought about him stretching her open – finally. She’d used a dildo to stretch herself out a few days a week. Sir bought her a thick one nine months ago just for that purpose. “When I fuck you I want you to be ready for my size.” He had told her. She wasn’t allowed to cum when she used it. Part of her was certain that it was just another way to torture her. She went to her nightstand and prepared herself by using it one last time.


Erik and Angie walked out into the yard from the club house. He was amazed at all the new changes. Tom had discussed it with him over the phone. It had just been such a crazy year that he hadn’t been able to wrap his head around it. Tom had left Erik in charge of handling the funeral with his mother. He wasn’t able to fly home for it, nor did he want to attend.

There was a lot of work to be done last fall in Saratoga Springs. Jane quit her job and sold her house. Marie boxed up everything at her home, and turned it into a rental property. It was a time of endings and beginnings. Old lives closing and new lives starting fresh. It was a time of clean slates and lifestyle alterations. A time to reevaluate and begin anew.

Angie had been excited for the visit. She found her locker and surveyed the club house with intrigue and excitement. Part of her wished they would just move out. Her life with Erik had made her very happy, but she missed the company of Tom’s women.

They stepped into the backyard. Quite a few people had shown up so far. Tom had been very specific, though — nothing big for his birthday. After last year, he just wanted something simple. A day for everyone to be together.

There was a group of women gathered around the outdoor dining table. “Is that what’s her name, Sir?” Angie asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Who?” Erik asked glancing at the faces around the table.

“What’s her name… from that interview program… Tabitha… something…”

“No shit!” Erik said settling on the petite British woman. “Watkins. Tabitha Watkins.” He watched the women talk to her excitedly. “What in the hell has he been up to?” Erik said with a grin.

“I don’t know, Sir.” She replied. “But she’s dressed so she hasn’t submitted.”

“Yet.” Erik replied. It drew a devilish grin from Angie who remembered being here in a similar position and just how fast she fell into the lifestyle.


Joya, Anne, Abby and Francesca continued to talk to Tabitha. She wanted to know why they were here. What made them decide to willingly accept this life? Tabitha liked to maintain control of her relationships. She never did anything too long term. She didn’t have time for it. She never gave in emotionally. That was too dangerous. She never let a man dictate the relationship. That was too weak. And she always fucked a man, not the other way around. She was afraid that if a guy fucked her too well – if she gave in and let him take her – then she was doomed to fail in her first three rules.

She listened intently and wondered if perhaps the reason she set these rules was to find someone that would break them. It made her wonder if it was really all a test to find the right man. Something developed by her own subconscious. But these women shared one man. That wasn’t what she wanted. She didn’t want to share.

Tabitha listened to each woman describe how they met him and how he treated them. Tom Bolden was a fascinating individual. There was a mystery to him. She thought about what he had asked of her. Would she be a public mouthpiece for him? Would she deflect the rumors to protect the women in his life? There was a larger question looming in the back of her mind. Did she really want him to fuck her? The curiosity was a burden, so she decided to just ask.

“If I want to know what the fuss is all about…” She asked. “… should I just let him fuck me? Maybe then I can see what you’re all raving about.”

She thought the question was forward and blunt. She wanted to let these women know that she might consider letting him have her. It was intended on being a show of control over her impulses. That she could confront her curiosity head on and put an end to it.

“You don’t get it all do you?!” Anne laughed. “You haven’t the slightest idea!”

“Get what?” She asked annoyed at the amused faces in front of her.

“You’ll let him fuck you?!” Anne asked. It caused a bit of laughter from Abby and Fran. “Yes!” She continued. “You’ll let him fuck you.” She changed the question to a statement.

“Why is that so funny?” Tabitha asked getting a bit more upset at being the center of some joke.

“You’ll beg him to fuck.” Abby said a bit more seriously as she controlled her laughter. “You’ve thought about it already. Then you’ll think about it more. You might watch him fuck someone else and feel like you need it. Then he’ll make you the center of attention. He’ll treat you well and touch you just right. And then you’ll wonder why he hasn’t fucked you yet. At some point you’ll find yourself naked in front of him. He’ll ask you if you want it. And you’ll find yourself begging.”

“Why do you say that?” She asked. “How are you so sure that’s how it will happen?”

“Because that’s what you want!” Anne answered. “You’ve been looking your whole life for a man to tell you bend over and take it. That’s what submission is. It’s getting to feel like a woman for the first time in a long time. It’s a biological need to find someone to handle you, and then being made to work for it. It’s exciting. And he’s good at it.”

“But that’s weak…” She said nervously. “… that’s just letting a man use you for his own amusement.”

“I own my own business.” Francesca responded. “I’m successful on my own. Abby manages it with me. I allow myself to be used. There’s a difference.” She looked insulted at the idea that it could be interpreted any other way.

“I own my own business too.” Joya responded.

“I’m a philanthropist.” Anne added. “I do big events and raise a lot of money for charity.” She looked at the petite blonde. “And you have your own show.” She let it sink in that they all do well for themselves. “But I still want to be spanked and fucked and told to kneel at the end of the day.”

Tabitha just stared back at them. Now she began to understand what Tom had told her. These women were successful and real. They didn’t want to be judged for their choices. No one could know what it’s like, she thought. Unless you stood here and talked to these women, there was no way to understand how they felt based on the information available. The lifestyle, as they referred to it, didn’t have a rule book or set of founding principles that allowed one to just grasp it. It was taboo. It was a kink. And it was considered a perverted subculture. These women defied what she thought she knew of it.

Kimmie ran out of the back door. She was barefoot and leapt off the flagstone steps. The other women watched her. She looked back at the table with the girls and held up her collar. They smiled and clapped. She knelt down on the grass in front of the whipping post. It was Sir’s new favorite place to train his girls. She set the collar in front of her and assumed the proper position. Then she waited.

“You’ll learn a lot if you stick around.” Anne said to Tabitha.

Erik walked up with Angie. The girls stood up to greet them.

“Erik! Angie!” Francesca said waving her hands excitedly. She got a little emotional seeing them. “Buongiorno!”

Tabitha stood up. “Hello. I’m Tabitha Watkins.” She said politely.

Angie looked at her. “You know a little over a year ago I ended up in Sir’s yard looking out of place too.” She gestured the woman’s appearance. “You might as well lose the clothing. It’s not as if you have a choice anymore. Nobody’s ever come back here and not ended up at his feet.”

Tabitha stared blankly at the new girl and her owner while the others nodded their agreement.

“I don’t have a choice?” She asked.

“On the contrary, you always have a choice.” Erik stated confidently. “You’re here now by choice. You haven’t left after seeing all of this by choice. No one can make you do anything. It’s always your choice. What she meant is that you’ve made the choice to stay here. You just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet.”

Erik sounded so much like Tom in that moment. He’d gained an immense amount of knowledge over the last year. Angie stared back at him proudly. Her man, her owner, was becoming an equally competent Dominant.


Marie had fallen asleep. Alexis climbed on top of Tom and made love to him. She knew enough to stop before he came. He was going to fill Kimmie’s little pussy with an enormous load. That’s what he wanted for his birthday. The young girl had been invaluable to both of them. Alexis leaned down and kissed him passionately before rolling off of him and cuddling against his body.

“Sir, you know everyone is expecting you to show up tonight.” She rubbed his chest lightly as she spoke. “It’ll be fun. Not like last year. It’s a chance for a redo.”

“I know.” He said with a satisfied smile on his face. “Just let me enjoy this for another few minutes. It feels like home when you snuggle with me. Sometimes it’s just hard to leave.”

Alexis thought that was just the sweetest thing to say. “I love you too, Sir. Forever and always.” She paused. “But… you’ve made that poor girl wait a year. I couldn’t have endured that. It’s cruel making her wait any longer.”

Tom smiled his wry smile. “What’s another five minutes? She’ll be with us for a long, long time if you want to keep her.”

“Of course I do.” Alexis reached down and lifted his sack feeling its weight. “This is ridiculous. I haven’t seen them this heavy since the day we met and I went down on you.”

Tom sighed and stretched his arms. “Okay, okay. Let’s go empty them.”


Karine entered the guest house and placed her clothes in her locker pulling out her stilettos. She slipped her feet into them and buckled the small clasp. Then she walked into the shower room. Karen and Jane were in the shower together locked in a tight embrace while the water poured down over them. She smiled at them, but they didn’t notice she was even there.

She knelt down on a small bench seat at the granite counter and selected a lotion. She squeezed a large dollop on each breast and began to rub it into her skin. She took her time kneading her breasts and enjoying the sensations. Then she took a brush and combed it through her hair.

When she felt like she looked presentable, she spritzed herself with some perfume and headed toward the door. She knocked on the glass enclosure as she passed by it. Jane and Karen looked up startled and then waved back before getting lost in each other’s arms again.


Tom and Alexis stepped through the tool shed, through the secret doorway, and into the guest house. The bondage furniture had become more intricate and the room more utilitarian for its purpose. Tom grabbed her hand before they reached the door and pulled her toward him. He kissed her long and hard.

“Mrs. Bolden, you’re a proper slut.”

“Your slut, Sir. And I’m not Mrs. Bolden yet. We need to plan a wedding first.” She replied.

“Let’s rescue Kimmie.” He said with a grin.

They stepped out through the door and walked down the path. Alexis’ breasts swayed and Tom noticed the droplet leaking from her nipple. Her breasts were always large, but since the pregnancy they had grown so much. He wrapped his arm around her and let his finger collect the drop and bring it to his mouth.

They veered off toward the whipping post. Alexis helped Sir untie Gabriella. She nearly collapsed at their feet. She stared at them both adoringly. Then Tom turned and looked at the petite brunette kneeling in a perfect presentation position. He knelt down next to her and let his hand glide over her ass and down her spine to her neck. He admired the perfect arch in her back. Kimmie had been so determined to submit that she perfected every pose and every nuance of the lifestyle as he practiced it. She figured that the better she got the sooner he would collar her.

Her body didn’t tense at his touch. She’d learned to revel in his touch and the pleasure. She mastered control over her orgasms allowing him to touch her ceaselessly without begging and without giving in. She channeled the pleasure and pictured it traveling from her pussy to her sacrum, and then up her spine. She imagined it stopping at the top of her spine and exploding into a million tingly sensations through her whole being. It was her own personal secret, and she never shared it with anyone.

“Kimmie.” He said standing.

“Yes, Sir?” She replied without moving.

“What is it that you want?” He asked.

“To be yours, Sir. To be owned by you.” She replied.

“Do you have something for me?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir.” She stated happily.

“Present it to me. Kneel up.”

Kimmie didn’t even use her hands to push herself up. Her stomach muscles had strengthened as she practiced transitions and she nearly levitated her upper body as she knelt back on her heels. Then she leaned forward and lifted it in both hands holding it out for him. Tom took the collar and walked behind her. Then he wrapped it around the petite girl’s neck and clasped it shut. She was looking ahead at Alexis with a smile that stretched from ear to ear and tears running down her cheeks. She had done it.

Tom bent down and lifted her off the ground. He threw her over his shoulder and walked her up to the outdoor dining table. Then he laid her down on her back and pulled up a chair. He hadn’t really acknowledged the other girls. He spread Kimmie’s legs and pushed her thighs back and then lowered his mouth onto her pussy and tasted her.

She gasped out loud having never felt his tongue on her before. She lifted her head and watched him. Tom did his absolute best to lick her pussy with precision. He knew he was being watched, not just by Kimmie, but by all the girls. He licked from her asshole to the opening of her cunt to her clit and back down. He sucked on her pussy lips and forced his tongue inside her. Kimmie could only think one thing. She was going to cum, and Sir was going to make it happen.

He could sense the small tremors in her body. They’d become extremely subtle, but he sensed them nonetheless. He lifted his head. “You don’t cum until I tell you, Kimmie.”

“Never, Sir. I wouldn’t dream of it.” She said breathlessly.

He took two fingers and pushed them inside of her. Then he rubbed her clit lightning fast. Kimmie clamped her eyes shut and focused on the pleasure traveling up her spine away from her pussy. Away from the place where it would overwhelm her. She opened her eyes and saw Alexis staring down at her. She saw all the girls staring at her. All the women that knew what she had endured. It was causing her to lose focus. It was allowing that pressure to build.

I knocked on her apartment door. I liked coming over to her place. I heard quick footsteps and the door opened.

“Jake!” She exclaimed. She made it seem like she hadn’t seen me in a decade. I had just been over two nights ago.

“How are you Sandra.” I stepped inside.

“Good, I’m good. How are you?” She was excited. I was too, but I was able compose myself. Her excitement was commendable and exposing.

“I’m excellent. It was a nice drive over.”

“Good, I’m glad you had a nice drive.” She Leaned over and gave me a kiss. Her small breasts pressed against my body through her robe.

“Okay,” I said as I pulled away. “You wanna go to your room and get the shit ready? I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Sure Jakey.” She said while bouncing around in her short bathrobe and bare feet. Man she was hot. I threw my sweater onto the couch and kicked off my boots. I gave her a few seconds to get comfortable while I went to the kitchen and grabbed a jar of nutella. I headed to her room.

She laid there facedown, bare beneath her robe. Her tiny bathrobe barely covered her and I could already see moisture collecting between her legs. “Shh,” I began. “Let your mind take you to a comfortable place.” I gently place a hand on her ankle. “Everything should be relaxed. There is no pressure, no anxiety, just the relaxing ambience of the special place you’re now in.”

I massaged the muscles in her legs as I felt her body relax. “Calm. Everything is calm.” I stood a few feet from the bed and dimmed the lights. Sandra had a nice apartment so things looked real sexy. I took my shirt off.

I listened to her breathe for a few minutes. She became more and more relaxed. Her body was ready. Her bathrobe remained where it was, exposing the cusp of her legs. I couldn’t see much detail because of the darkness I created from dimming the light. But I knew that she was wet because of the movements she made while lying on the bed.

I had thought of a good scene we could act out.

“When you awaken you will be in another world,” I began. “A world where your current identity does not exist. In this world you have cheated, lied and stolen from powerful people. They sold you off as a slave to an esteemed psychologist, who is trying to change your behaviors. He wants you to see sexual activity as rewarding. He cares about you and tries to reward you, but sometimes punishment is necessary. To make sure your conditioning is in fact working he rehearses many sexual activities multiple times a day.” I stroked her leg, higher up. I brushed up her bathrobe and saw the wetness that was spawning from her. She enjoyed our fantasies and role play almost more than I did.

“He uses you as a prop for his parties.” I continued. “Originally you felt shameful and humiliated for being used like that for these people’s entertainment. You were hesitant and performed poorly because of your nervousness. But over time you have gotten better and you’re hoping to prove to him that you’re praiseworthy. Tomorrow he is having a big party and he wants to make sure your performance is remembered by all the guests.”

I took off all my clothes except for my dark dress designer jeans. I reached under her bed and took out the neatly arranged storage container of sex toys she had amassed over our years together. I uncovered it and placed it neatly on her glass computer desk.

“Awaken Sandra. We have some work to do.”

She slipped off her bathrobe and climbed off her bed. She looked stunning in the half-lit room. The dim light illuminated her collar bone and made her skinny frame appear more voluptuous than it actually was. She got on her knees and looked me in the eye. She had small streams of moisture which crept down her leg. I saw her wipe herself and pretended not to notice. I really appreciated how enthusiastic she is about our sex. She should write a book about how she does it.

I clamped a leather collar around her neck. “Sandra” I said in a growling voice. “Spread your legs and arms.” She took an eagle formation on the floor without saying a word. I attached a leash to her neck and gave it a small tug to show her that I had the power to do so. I attached a belt around her hips with a leash on it as well. The leather pulled tightly on her flesh. I could see the muscle tone in her abdomen from the tightness of the belt.

I loosened it a notch so as to leave her unscathed. I stood atop of her, straddling her body beneath me. I pulled strongly on the leash around her waist forcing her ass into the air. The rest of her body remained spread out flat. I bent down and fondled her clitoris with two of my fingers. Her vagina was smooth and firm. The amount of moisture coming out of her amazed me. I felt her stir as she let out an erogenous moan. I pulled tightly on her collar’s leash. “You must remain quiet.” I stroked her clit some more. Her body trembled with eroticism. I released her leash and began stroking her uterus. I let my finger glide over her lushly smooth asshole a few times. It was firm and tight.

Sandra was obsessive about removing every hair and she was completely bare. I slowly placed my index finger firmly inside her. I wasn’t working with any lubricants so it didn’t go in as easily as it usually did, but my finger made room in her tight shivering ass. I writhed my finger around gently, feeling the warmth and privacy of her anus.

I released my hand and took a step towards the box of toys. “Come on girl,” I said as I pulled on her leash. She crawled obediently behind me, keeping her eyes fixed on mine. I reached into the box and pulled out a long thin dildo. I handed it to her. Without saying a word she placed it into her mouth with quick strokes of definite depth. “Good job Sandra doll.” I said as I dug my finger deep into the jar of nutella. I reached my finger toward her mouth. She replaced the dildo with my fingers, indulging herself in the delight of the sweet creamy chocolate.

I pulled her towards me with the finger I had in her mouth. Once I brought her close to me I withdrew it and slapped her across her face. “You’re getting my hand dirty you mindless bitch!” I pulled on her waist with my leash and caused her to fall over onto her side.

“I’m sorry” She apologized. I slapped her ass firmly leaving a rosy handprint and stood up.

“Be sorry.” I ordered as I placed the heel of my foot on her hip. I reached into the box and took out a medium sized purple dildo and a smooth purple butt-plug. I put the butt-plug on the desk and bent down beside her with my tool. “Take your dildo to your asshole.” I commanded.

She lay on her side and brought her knees up to her breasts so that he could reach. She began fondling with herself as told, but she wasn’t doing more than smothering her ass with her dildo as she had no lubricant. It amused me as she struggled to insert it. After watching her fail I let out a laugh and bent down behind her. I took my hand and wiped some of her juices toward her asshole. “Her you go doll. Maybe this will work better.”

She immediately gasped with delight as her dildo slipped right into her anus. I crouched behind her and let the tip of the purple dildo I held touch her clitoris. She shuddered. I then pumped my tool firmly into her swelling vagina. He hips rose forward as she struggled to control her moaning. She let inadvertently let a moan slip and cried out in ecstasy. I gave her leash a firm tug to quiet her, but it only invigorated her. By the way she was twisting on the floor I could tell she was well into an orgasm. I decided to let her have it and began pumping her vagina vigorously with my tool. I felt her shove her dildo firmly up her anus as it pressed against her vaginal wall creating more pressure inside of her. She clasped my arm with her hands and began pulling my hand deeper inside of her. “Harder,” She begged, “Oh! Jake! Fuck!” She let out a wail as she slipped into the ecstasy of an orgasm.

I pulled harder on her neck as my worked vigorously on her vagina. My hand was soaking wet with her juices as she laid there twisted and squirming. She writhed and moaned while forcing the dildo which I held my hand further up her vagina.

I’m still not sure exactly how female orgasms work, but I slowed my pace so that I could bring her down a notch. My hand had started to hurt, and I wanted some sensation too.

She released her hold on my hands. I felt them searching for her anal dildo. She shuddered as she slowly removed it. I [immediately placed my fingers inside her anus and massaged her internally. I did so for just a few moments then pulled them out. I removed the dripping dildo from her vagina and laid it down on the floor beside her. A small puddle formed on the wooden floor beneath her groin.

I stood up. She laid there gasping for breath with beads of sweat forming across her forehead. She had a sexy smell of sweat and female juices on her that made her smell like a seduced woman. I pulled out the nutella again and smeared some onto the waiting butt plug.

I pulled on her leash bringing her mouth just where I wanted. She was still trying to catch her breath as I shoved the device into her mouth. She struggled to breathe as her mouth was filled with the thick sweet gooiness of the nutella and the overwhelming mass of silicon. Her eyes widened with delight. I stroked the side of her face and she tilted her neck toward my hand in affection.

I removed the plug from her mouth slowly. It eased out smoothly. “Stand in a Big Toe Pose.” I commanded her. She exercised regularly and was fit enough to complete the pose without much difficulty.

She stood there in that position flexing all the right muscles in her quads and lower back. I stepped behind her and slapped her groin lightly a few times. I saw her hips twitch from the anticipation. She swayed as I slapped her, trying to retain her balance. I traced her ass cheeks with the plug and circled towards her hole. I could smell her woman-juices as there were traces of it all over her lower body. I placed a hand on the apex of her body, which was now her exposed ass. I wriggled the plug into her vagina for just a few moments. Instantly the whole device was covered in a slippery film of fluid. I leaned forward slightly to spit onto her butt hole just for good measure.

I slowly began the insertion, feeling the space the plug took up inside her tight asshole. She exhaled strongly. My steadfast hand supported her ass and prevented her from falling. Once I had the now juicy tip inside her asshole I stood up straight behind her and gave her a great shove with my hips. This forced the rest the device into her ass and knocked her headfirst. She caught herself and resumed a doggy style position. I slapped her ass a few times while moving my fingers in circular motions, gently stirring the butt plug to increase the sensation I was already causing. I fingered her clitoris for just a bit and then inserted my fingers into her vagina. Her anal plug caused pressure inside her vagina and she quivered with erogenous pleasure. I removed my dripping fingers and scooped out a chunk of nutella. I directed my hand towards her face. My hand smeared a little bit onto the side of her cheeks before making its way into her mouth. I could feel her hesitation to indulge as she noticed that she was consuming her own womanly fluids. I tugged harshly on her collar to show that I noticed her reluctance. I removed my fingers from her mouth and smothered them in her female juices again. My fingers made their way back to her mouth where she instantly began cosseting them.

After allowing her to perform orally on my finger I reached for the reins of her waist. I humped her anal plug a few times with my jeans on. I unzipped my pants and humped her brimming pussy with my cloaked penis. I gave her ass a hard slap.

I got up and removed my pants fully exposing my penis. I stood in front of her and let my penis hang in front of her face. Her hands reached for it as she got up into a kneeling position. “Back down doll.” I held her by her hair. I chuckled, “but I won’t punish you for your eagerness. However, you must remain on the floor, just like you will do by the party.”

I took some nutella and smeared it onto her fingers. I watched her lick them clean. “Good girl I said as I held her jawbone. I let my penis touch her face a few times before I took some more nutella onto my hand and slapped her across her face. Fine imprints of chocolate covered her neck and cheeks. I shoved her head downwards back into a doggy style position. Oral sex didn’t excite me, it was too soft.

I crouched behind her and slapped her vagina lightly with my penis. She was on the pill so there was no need for a condom. I took the leash of her belt and passed it behind my back. I took the free side of the leash and connected it tightly to her belt. This pressed the two of us closely together.

She was tied to me.

I pressed my penis against her while pulling lightly on her collar. Her vagina was swollen from the games I had been playing on her. I felt some of her juices dribble out onto our legs as I pressed my penis inside her. She gasped for air and began sliding her body away from me, causing my shaft to fully experience her tantalizing woman hole. We worked this game for a little while, I, shoving inwards, she, sliding outwards. I jiggled her butt plug and felt her pussy swell even more.

“This is it,” I commanded her. “Let’s fucking cum!”

I increased the rate of my movement and dragged her along with me. She was tied to me and she was forced to follow my every move. Only, she was half a second behind me which increased the rate of our movement. I pumped her vigorously feeling her crash into me. My body moved back and forth violently. Her sexy frame followed mine. I pulled on her leash with vigor and heard her gag. I didn’t fuckin’ care.

I felt the euphoria of an orgasm approaching. I stood up dragging her with me. I pulled her upright with a strong tug of her leash and pushed her against the glass-topped desk desk, forcing her face against the glass, leaving a harsh chocolate smudge. I began thrusting my penis vigorously into her woman hole. Her body rocketed against my ferocious thrusting. With one hand I constricted her by the leash and the other slapped the hell out of her hips and I felt the pleasure increasing.

And just then.

I felt the tip of an orgasm reach out to me from her warm and dripping hole.

I fuckin’ followed it.

I gave a massive thrust that slid her face across the desk streaking it with the chocolate goo. I let out a loud moan. “FUCK!” I called out.



My whole body leaned against my pumping as I chased the euphoria. My head was so full with the orgasm that I didn’t notice that I was choking her neck.

I wrapped my forearm around her small waist and began pumping even faster.


Blood pounded my head as I reached further and further into the depth of my orgasm. I felt her juices running from her freely as she began moaning in pleasure. “Harder!” She begged me, “Fuck me harder!” She was well into an orgasm as well. Her body shook and writhed due to her constricted position. She let out a cry and clenched the desk as hard as she could

My body shook and my head was pulled backwards as I climaxed. I held onto the feeling strangling Sandra with her collar until it was completely gone. I allowed my cum to release fully before untying myself from her belt. I then freed her from our intertwined position and took a step back. Her vagina was dripping with semen and womanly juices. I wiped it clean with a paper towel.

“Onto the bed.” I ordered her.

She climbed obediently onto her bed with difficulty as her body was still recovering from her climax. I unclasped her belt and collar. There was a red ring of strained skin around her neck. Once she was lying face down comfortably I began. “When you wake up,” I said in a soft and calming voice, “You will be Alexandra again.” I smoothed my hand of her sweaty back. I liked making our role play seem like hypnosis. It made the submissiveness less personal.

I placed the used equipment onto the lid of the container. I let her lay there for a bit while I cleaned up the two dildos and anal plug. When I was done scrubbing them down I brought her a wet towel. I wiped down her groin and legs to remove the juices that made her smell like a seduced woman. I cleaned up her pretty face and gave her a kiss. I cleaned up the puddle of her juice that remained on the floor and hung up the towel. I then placed her bathrobe over her. I redressed and straightened my hair. “Wake up Sandra.” I said in a voice that hovered just above a whisper.

She got up from the bed and slipped her hands into her bathrobe. She then tied it around her. She stood up from the bed and ran her hands through her hair. She gave me a huge smile, “Thanks Jake.”

“For what?” I exclaimed as I nodded at her with a wink in my eye.

She came up to me and leaned forward, giving me a long kiss. “For showing that you care.”

I held her there not wanting to let go. My heart beat a thousand times a second I buried my face into her shoulder. We stood there embracing for a while before we let go. I then led her by her hand into her kitchen where we would indulge in a post-sex meal of pancakes.

Recently I had a fantastic weekend full of amazing experiences. I asked one of my favourite authors to help tell the story. It is a public thank you to my boyfriend.

Actually, he is my boyfriend but he is also my Boss at work. For that I feel very lucky. He owns a small company and we got together after I started working there. We have been together for almost a year now and it has been the best year of my life. I am in my early twenties and he is six years older than me. We have shared a lot, even more since I started to understand that I am a submissive. Now he is becoming more dominant with me and I like to be as submissive to him as I can be. I want to give myself to him more and more. I hope that one day he will be more than my Boss.

A couple of weeks ago my birthday was coming up and that’s what I want to tell you about. Boss had made special plans. But of course I didn’t ask him about those. I just trusted in him because I knew he would do something wonderful.

That Friday, as with every Friday, I was in his office right after lunch. I was on my knees next to his desk with my shirt open and my bra and my boobs on display. This is part of a private ritual that developed between us after the first few months. I confessed some of my desires and Boss was kind enough to let me explore them. I had been obsessed with the idea of receiving a cum facial from my boss. I really only had to ask once. Since then he has made it a regular event.

So that afternoon I was on my knees and greedily sucking my Boss. His cock is big, hard and I enjoy the way it almost chokes me and the way it feels so hard and alive. He tastes great, too. When his pre-cum leaks from the tip I get so excited at how it tastes and feels on my tongue.

It was just me sucking Boss’ cock. This part of our ritual is all about him. I was getting off on the sounds of his moans and his gentle whispering of my name. He calls me a slut and a cocksucker and I love to be those things for him.

Then it was time for the next part of the ritual. He could not wait any longer and it was obvious to me he was right on the edge of his explosion. I felt his hand on the back of my head and I knew what I had to do. So I released Boss from my mouth and shuffled in so my face was right next to the head of his beautiful cock. He put one hand round his shaft and began to stroke himself. I tried to watch his hand but he was moving very fast. I knew what was coming and I even opened my mouth a little for him. Then it happened.

His cock seemed to grow even harder and with a giant groan he started to shoot his cream onto my face. Boss was cumming on me and coating my face, splattering my skin with his hot jizz. I received blast after blast, loving every single one of them. My cheeks were painted, a little went in my mouth, some in my eye. To experience this from my Boss is the best thing that can happen to me. So I was very I was excited but I stayed right there, making sure my face caught every drop of his hot cream. The taste and the smell were so powerful and I knew I belonged there, on my knees wearing his jizz on my face.

When he finally was finished shooting on me, Boss leaned back and said to me, with a big grin, ‘my little slut, you are so beautiful when you are wearing my cum’. I knew it was true and that made me smile back up at him.

Still I didn’t move. I stayed on my knees, letting his stuff cool and dry on me. A little bit dripped down my chin and fell onto my breasts and my cleavage. I would have to clean my face before I went back to my desk but I knew I would go home that night with his cum dried hard on my breasts.

Then Boss spoke to me. ‘Its your birthday this week and of course we are going to do something very special.’ I trembled with excitement at hearing that. ‘I have arranged for us both to start work late on Monday. So we will have a full weekend at the country house. Make sure you bring enough clothes so you can come straight to the office on Monday morning.’

‘Yes Sir,’ I whispered to him. I guessed the rest of the arrangements would be as normal. I would go home after work and early on Saturday morning he would drive by to pick me up. We would arrive at his country house in time for a late breakfast and then whatever he had planned for me would unfold.

His country place is not big but it is very cozy. I think he inherited it from his parents. Its not way out in the countryside but it does back onto a small wood. We often walk in the wood and we usually never see any of the locals using it. Sometimes Boss has used me out there. Just the thought of it made me get excited all over again and I had to lean down and lick the last of Boss’ cum from the end of his cock.

After that my Boss was back into his ‘boss mode’. With his hand he signalled that our ‘afternoon meeting’ was completed. He had to rearrange his clothes and zip-up his trousers again. I needed to clean my face and button my shirt. I know the other staff gossip about us but I didn’t want them to see Boss’ jizz on me.

I spent that night at home alone. I felt restless all evening, thinking of what Boss had said. Later on I watched some of my favourite porn, trying to imagine what special treats were planned for my birthday. Eventually I had to give in and masturbate long and hard. In my fevered state it was very pleasing and I brought myself off several times. Finally I had a chance to get some proper sleep.

Next morning, Saturday, I was up early and preparing myself. I knew I wouldn’t keep my clothes on long once we arrived at Boss’ place but I always make an effort to look my best for him. I carefully shaved my pussy so it was totally bare for him. I chose my best stockings and a very short skirt. My blouse was almost see-through and I wore one of my lacy bras underneath. Everything was black! Underneath, my skirt was a tiny G-string. This one is so tiny it doesn’t even really hide my pussy lips and I love the way it shows off my ass. I also made sure to take extra time on my make-up, getting my lips looking just as sexy as I could.

Boss parked down the street from my flat. He wanted to force me to walk in public dressed all slutty. It was kind of nice to see his smiling face through the window of the car. I was embarrassed to be seen like that on the street outside my flat. Boss was obviously happy so I’d gotten our weekend off to a good start.

An hour later we were at the country house. Boss carried our bags in and dropped everything inside the front door. That was a signal to me. I was proud of the way I’d dressed so carefully for him. I knew I’d pleased him. But the warmer weather had returned at last. I knew that the rule from now on would be for me to remain naked at all times during the day. Totally naked unless Boss decided I was cold enough to need some kind of cover.

Silently I stripped for him. I removed all my clothes, folding them over the back of a nearby armchair. I used to feel embarrassed at these moments but not any more. I know Boss loves to see me naked and I am proud to let him see my body.

It was still early in the morning though. The warmer weather is not the same as having the Spring season with us. So naturally my nipples went hard straight away. They are very dark and even normally they are nice and long. In the cold air they stuck out even more. I know Boss saw them but he didn’t say anything.

Instead Boss picked up my collar from the small table in the hallway. This is a collar we bought some months ago when he started to get comfortable with the idea of being more Dominant over me. I smiled as he placed it around my neck, the big steel ring facing forward. He hugged me tightly and I smiled a big smile as I hugged him back, feeling my nipples press into his chest and his hands cupping my bottom.

I got a big shock next, however, when Boss opened a bag and held up a leather leash. I got excited when I realised it was the kind of thing someone might buy for a large dog. I guessed what was coming next.

‘Its your birthday,’ Boss said. ‘So its a good time to take things to a new level.’ I know I was shaking and it wasn’t from the cool air.

‘We both enjoy you being submissive to me, being my slut. I bought this leash because I know you want to explore going further.’ He reached out to clip the leash to the ring in my collar. It was hard to contain myself.

‘From now on in this house you will wear this collar unless I take it off. And I will use this leash as an extra reminder that you are my property. I want you to be my pet. Its a test to see if we are both ready for it.’

I could not speak a word. Fortunately I didn’t need to. It is Boss’ habit for us to take a short walk in the woods once we arrive at the country house. It is an ideal way to break away from our city routine. In cold weather of course I go out clothed. This time, in early spring, I had known all along I would be walking beside him fully naked. Boss simply pulled on the lead and I, grinning wildly, followed behind him like an obedient little pet.

We walked somewhat briskly which was good considering the morning chill. My nipples were starting to ache as they stood to attention. I neither complained nor said anything to Boss. I was too chuffed and too excited to be wearing the collar for him outside and to be walking at the end of his new leather leash. You might be wondering and of course it felt a little humiliating to be led around like that. It is not normal for a human to be treated like a pet and tied up like that. I hope you will understand when I say my pussy was leaking fluid as Boss closed the front door and led me across the yard.

After about 15 minutes of walking through the wood we stopped at our usual place. Boss leaned back against a special tree, his favourite tree. He smiled at me and yanked on the leash to pull me close. I thought he wanted to hug me to keep me warm. That wasn’t it. Instead he reached down and started to rub my nipples. They were cold and hard at first but it felt great to be touched by Boss. I moaned as he started to fondle my boobs as well, massaging them with one hand on each side. He pinched my nipples a little as well which hurt me but made me extra horny!

I felt Boss’ cock growing harder as he played with me. Boss has fucked me against this tree so often. A lot of times he has made me suck his cock until he cums. He takes me there to treat me like a common slut. Its the reason I enjoy our walks in the wood so much. With a single word and a tug on my leash I was ordered onto my knees in front of him. The forest litter under my knees was uncomfortable but that was no concern. I was there for a purpose.

Sometimes when sucking Boss’ cock out there I have heard other people walking around in the distance. Usually he just makes me continue while he keeps lookout. Twice Boss allowed me to hide behind the tree when other walkers were coming too close. One time, though, last autumn, he made me stay down on my knees even though someone was very close to us. I was naked on that occasion, totally exposed to any stranger passing by. I kept Boss’ cock in my mouth but I was sure I was being watched. It was horribly embarrassing. But for some reason I just decided I had to comply with Boss’ wishes and continue with the blowjob. I was sure Boss’ cock actually swelled even larger as I sucked him in full view of the stranger.

Later Boss told me it was a middle-aged man who he’d never seen before. He was walking a dog. The man hadn’t noticed until he got really close, only a few trees away from us. Then he stood totally still, maybe in shock at what he saw. Boss told me that the other man stayed and stared for the entire time. I didn’t know that right then, I only concentrated on taking his jizz into my mouth and my belly. Only when it was clear I had swallowed my Boss’ cum did the other man move off with his dog, giving my Boss a little smile.

For a time after that incident I felt ashamed and confused. I’d been seen naked by a stranger who’d watched me performing an intimate sex act like a whore. It was my Boss who had made me do it but I had obeyed readily. Later, though, the memory of that morning in the wood would get me sexually excited. I began to feel proud that I’d performed for my Boss and completed his wishes.

On this Saturday no-one came close to us during our walk. At the tree all I had to worry about was giving my Boss another great headjob. He was big and hard for me as I drew him out of his trousers and I was excited by the way his cock looked in the morning light. As always I wanted it in my mouth straight away, loving the taste of his flesh as I slipped him between my lips. I licked the shaft up and down, making him wet so he would slide easily in and out of my mouth. Then I started moving my head up and down, using my mouth and my tongue as best I could on Boss’ big shaft. My lipstick smeared all over him. A blowjob was the first gift I ever gave my Boss and I am always turned-on by being on my knees while he fills my mouth.

I even pulled his trousers down a little so I could fondle his ball sack. It was all about giving pleasure to him. Of course I did a good job. Boss sometimes tells me I am an expert cocksucker. My reward came when Boss touched my head so I knew it was time to release him from my mouth. Sometimes Boss chooses to shoot into my mouth and I get to swallow him all down. I love the way he pulses in my mouth and his jizz floods over my tongue. But this morning he chose to shoot onto my face and he knows I love that even more – the feeling of being a dirty whore who proudly takes her Boss’ cum as if it were a kind of skin cleanser.

He was stroking hard and I was excited to watch him finish what I had begun. I just stayed there watching him until he erupted over my face, shooting his seed onto my skin. Out there in the open he could really express his delight and he grunted and called out my name as he shot over my face. I waited till he was finished and then I smiled like I always do. I gave him a quiet ‘thank you’ and used a finger to scoop a little bit of his cream from the corner of my lips into my mouth. I noticed how warm his jizz seemed and also how quickly it cooled on my face.

Nothing more was said. I had done my duty. With another yank of the leash Boss had me on my feet and walking back to the house. I followed behind him, content that it felt right for me to be in that position – submissive to my Boss, wearing his cum on my face. Boss often tells me I look beautiful when wearing his cum and I think its true as well! As always, some of his cream dripped down my face and onto my chin and my boobs. I know I looked great covered like that. But the drying jizz did make me feel the cold a little more.

Inside, Boss quickly got the wood stove in the kitchen fired up and he ordered me onto the thick rug in front of it. I just obeyed and got down on hands and knees. Soon breakfast was ready and I felt like I really needed it. Pancakes and hot chocolate – yummy. But something was wrong. Not wrong but different. Boss placed my food into a bowl and put it on the rug next to me. My hot chocolate went into another, shallow bowl. Obviously I was not going to eat at the table.

Boss soon explained everything. He loved me and he loved my submission. He understood how important it was for me to submit to him and give everything I can. His plan for this special weekend was to let me have a new beginning. We would try to take my submission to a new level. It would start to become deeper. He wanted to see if we both could get used to the idea of me being his possession and his pet. As a first step, for the rest of the weekend I would have to eat down on the floor. He also said there would also be ‘other little duties’ I would be required to perform.

That was a wonderful moment for me. Boss and I had talked about submission. I know he found it hard at first to understand what I needed from him. Of course he was thrilled by the kinky sex acts I wanted to try but for him to have control of another person was something entirely new. But on that Saturday I was wearing his collar with a dog leash attached to it. No matter what happened, I knew then he would keep trying to be more Dominant and to continue welcoming my submission and my devotion to him.

Being on hands and knees, collared, naked, my breakfast in bowls on the floor was such a thrill for me. I almost wanted to cry because I had imagined this for so long. At first it felt weird to be eating like that but only because I had been given no warning. But that was a small matter for me. In truth, what made it difficult was the fact that I still had Boss’ dried cum stuck to my cheeks and my lips. It made eating a little uncomfortable at first but at least Boss allowed me to use my hands.

When we’d both done eating Boss took the leash and actually tied me to the leg of the table. I was still on the rug, on my knees. My heart swelled with pride right then because this was such a big step for both my Boss and myself.

Once the dishes were done, Boss undid the leash from the table and gave it another little tug. ‘Bathroom’ was all he said. I climbed to my feet and happily followed my Boss to the downstairs bathroom. The plumbing is a little ancient and to use the shower you have to be standing in the bathtub. Boss removed my collar and ordered me into the tub, again on my knees.

‘I need to pee,’ he said simply. I gasped aloud, a sound of pure joy. Boss was going to give me a golden shower! What a birthday present. Not that this was my first. He had begun experimenting with peeing on me a few weeks earlier after I ‘let’ him see some porn clips. At first he only aimed at my hands and it was dirty and exciting. The next couple of times he aimed at my legs and a little on my tummy. I loved the humiliation, the feeling of being so totally open to being used by my Boss. An on-line friend had asked whether I had ever done it and I suppose that put the seed in my mind. When Boss asked me I was more than ready to try. It was very hard at first though. It is an incredibly intense experience, so submissive and so intimate. You might even think of it as a ‘filthy’ thing but that makes it more worthwhile for me.

I feel so excited to be on the end of a golden shower from my Boss, even more because I see that he has come to enjoy it more and more. The heat and the smell of his pee on my skin is incredibly intense but it reminds me of how much I love to serve and worship him.

So Boss did pee on me that morning. It came hot and hard as usual. He aimed at my legs and I was excited to feel the heat of his pee running down over my skin and into the bottom of the bath. He must have had a lot of piss saved up because he moved up to my tummy and the power of his stream did not decrease at all. Boss moved closer and stood right over me, I could see his golden stream shooting from the hole in the head of his cock. I was fascinated by it. Then Boss moved his cock and suddenly his pee was hitting me right on my breasts. That was a first for us. I don’t know why I did it but I reached up and cupped my breasts. I held them up so he could take a better aim at them. I felt my nipples as hard as little rocks. I wasn’t ashamed to be acting like that. I want to give my Boss everything I can.

Finally he ran out of pee. He kissed me and hugged me. All I could smell was his pee on me and around me. We showered together and we hugged and kissed some more. ‘Happy birthday,’ he said to me and I smiled and hugged him as tight as I could.

After the shower we both dried ourselves and I was ready to get dressed. But I saw Boss was standing there, just looking at me. He wanted something but I didn’t know what it was. Then, at last, I saw him glance down to the floor. Instantly I knew what was required of me. How excited I was! Just a little thing you might say, but to me it felt wonderful to be able to lower myself below my Boss. I knelt before him and bent right down so I could kiss his feet. This used to be something Boss found very hard to allow me. Twice I kissed each foot. What a birthday weekend this was turning out to be.

I was told we were going to the nearby village so I quickly put my clothes back on and re-applied my make-up. I considered my clothes a bit racy for the quiet little village were going to. Still it was my Boss’ choice so I obeyed.

This time Boss stopped me at the front door and simply said ‘shoes’. I just grinned a wild grin and thanked my Boss before I got on hands and knees again, this time to carefully kiss each of his boots.

Boss placed the collar and leash inside the glove compartment and we drove over to the village. At last we had time to talk properly about things, about work and what we had planned for later. Boss is thinking of a business trip abroad and I am hoping madly he will take me with him. The weather was still a little cold and my nipples grew hard again as soon as we got out of the car. I am sure some of the locals stared at me as we moved about, wondering who this woman was. But I stayed close to Boss and glowed with pride that this weekend, more than ever, I belonged to him alone.

When the shopping was done we returned to the car, parked behind the village pub. As soon as I was inside Boss ordered me to undress completely. I was a little shocked and a little unhappy to do this because I was certain that the villagers would see me. I would happily obey my Boss but I also didn’t want there to be any trouble with the locals.

In the end I did was I was asked and once I was naked Boss reached into the glove compartment and quickly fitted the collar and leash to me. We drove home like that and I am sure at least one lorry driver got a good look at me through the car window. For some reason I didn’t feel the least bit embarrassed when I saw that a stranger was watching me naked in Boss’ car. I know that Boss likes to excite other people with glimpses of my body. When I told him about the lorry driver, Boss just laughed and said how great it was. That made me feel proud.

Back at the house I was made to walk naked from the car. I carried the shopping and walked behind Boss as he tugged on my leash. I walked tall, excited and happy.

Inside, at Boss’ signal, I undressed him as well. We were in the upstairs bedroom and without being asked I got onto my knees and kissed my Boss’ bare feet. Wearing the collar and leash helped me remember I was lower than Boss. I was loving that feeling and I wanted Boss to know I was serious about it.

Then Boss took me to the bed and we fucked. How wonderful it was. We fucked good and hard and we fucked for a long time. Of course we started with a long session of oral sex. Boss made me cum so hard with this mouth that I screamed out. I tried to return the favour but Boss didn’t want to cum in my mouth. So instead I asked him to relax and I gave him a long rim job. Its the best thing in the world when I get my little hole licked. I also love to do it to my Boss, tasting and smelling him and knowing how good it feels for him. Boss is the only person I’ve done this for so far and I was nervous the first time. But it was so liberating to discover how good it feels to lick that dark little place underneath Boss’ cock.

That day, for the first time ever, Boss tied my leash to the bed. That got me so excited. I was a pet to be used by her owner! Then he climbed on top of me, his weight pressing on me and his hard cock obviously ready to use me. My favourite place in the whole world. Boss didn’t need to say anything and I opened my legs for him. That day he entered me slowly and it felt so amazing to have his big hard cock inside my body. Of course it was easy for him to shove himself inside me because my pussy was soaking wet. I felt myself stretch around that big thing and I moaned when I felt he was fully inside. I felt delirious when he started to move inside me, using me for his pleasure. He asked me if I was enjoying our fuck and I told him quietly that ‘Sir I always love it when you use my body’. I really meant it too.

We fucked for a long time in a few different positions and Boss made me cum a lot. I couldn’t have been happier with my birthday weekend. Then he turned me over onto hands and knees, doggy style. Actually this is another of my favourite positions but wearing a collar and leash made it still more exciting. I so wanted Boss to use my pussy in any way he chose. He was straight back inside me. This time he fucked me hard, long hard strokes that made me grunt. I have big boobs, C-cup, and Boss’ pumping made them shake underneath me. That is what I am for – to be taken and used by Boss as he wants me. When I felt him pulling hard on the leash attached to my collar I felt even more glorious and beautiful.

I had more orgasms as he took me like an animal. The feeling of him stroking inside me was too much and I cried out, wanting Boss to know how great his cock felt. After more hard fucking Boss finally came hard inside me. It was like another reward just for me for making him feel so good. I felt the way his movements changed and I heard his little grunts as he shoved forward each time. I kind of felt like I could feel the contents of his big balls emptying inside my body. It always makes me proud to have Boss use me as a place to shoot his sperm.

I was left with my collar and leash on as Boss and I cuddled and kissed and hugged. I lay close to him and felt his jizz oozing out of my pussy. After a time, I don’t know how long, I think we both fell asleep. It had been a busy week and a very big day for me. Its so lovely to curl up with Boss after he has fucked me.

The next thing I knew I was being woken by Boss tugging on my leash. That was a little strange on my first time being a pet for my Boss. He took me down to the lounge room where he already had a small fire going. Of course I was not allowed on the seat. I didn’t even bother asking. I just curled up next to Boss’ feet in the warmth of the fire and watched some television as he read the business pages. Boss once had said he couldn’t humiliate me in this way. So it felt special and wonderful to be able to sit like that for him.

We were both hungry and Boss soon brought lunch. It was pasta with a special sauce. Naturally mine went into a bowl on the floor. Boss was taking this almost as seriously as me. I knew eating pasta like that would be messy. But it had been my idea so I was determined to experience it for myself.

First, though, Boss did something wonderful. As I waited for permission to start, Boss took out his cock and smeared some of the pasta sauce on it. Then he ordered me to lick him clean! Maybe this was my special birthday treat. It was so exciting I know I was shaking. I almost gulped his whole cock down as I greedily sucked the yummy sauce from his cock. He was already half hard and I giggled to myself as I thought about pasta sauce with a meat dish.

Then Boss wiped even more sauce over his cock and again I was told to clean him off. I sucked long and hard till he was all clean and so big that he was starting to choke me. I hope Boss will do that to me again another day soon. This weekend was turning out to be so intense and I wondered how Boss would keep things going like this until we had to go back to work.

After a rather messy lunch the rest of that day was uneventful. In the evening we went out for dinner, this time choosing a different village to our morning trip. Boss took complete charge of everything and he never even asked what I wanted to eat or drink. I was amused by that but also flattered. I couldn’t give up making all my own choices. But I was enjoying the fact Boss was making such an effort to be in control.

Later I needed to go to the ladies but Boss stopped me as I tried to get up. He told me I needed to wait. That sounded uncomfortable but I guessed my Boss had a plan.

It was a lovely dinner and I am sure Boss has been to that place before. He didn’t seem to know anyone personally but I sensed he was familiar with the little bar. All through dinner he kept whispering to me that people at certain tables were looking at me. He even tried tell me that a couple of other diners wanted to fuck me. I laughed at the time and I am sure he was just making it up. But it was exciting to think about Boss taking me out so people could enjoy looking at me. I became very horny for him. I imagine that was his real plan.

Boss decided we would skip dessert. He told me since we were leaving now he would let me pee. I was shocked when Boss took me into the carpark and then told me I was going to pee out there in the open. I was scared and I looked around to see who might be watching us. It was cold and I knew I’d have to make a decision quickly. I also knew I didn’t want to disappoint my Boss – not on this wonderful weekend. Of course Boss has seen me pee before but this was more of a display than I’d ever had to do before. He wanted me to give him a show, a spectacle. That familiar feeling of embarrassment and shame was rising in me. It didn’t stop me for more than a few seconds however.

Boss took me behind his car and made me squat down. He even helped by putting his hand on my neck and pushing me. All I could do was sink down to a squatting position. I hiked up my skirt and reached between my legs to pull my G-string to one side. I was exposed and vulnerable. Anyone could have walked past and seen me like that. A small kind of fear struck me. But I felt like I had no choice because I had said I would happily obey my Boss.

No-one did come by, of course. I felt my pee begin to dribble out of my bladder and suddenly I forgot everything except the painful need to empty myself. The stream of pee made a very loud noise as it hit the ground underneath me. Boss was listening but I saw he was also keeping a lookout for us. My bladder is very big, or at least I think so. I had to stay there for ages as I peed at my Boss’ command. When finally I was done I had made a big puddle on the dirt and my shoes were wet. As normal in that kind of moment my face was burning with shame. I cannot answer even to myself when I wonder why I allow these things to happen. I just know I want to let my Boss control me like that. I looked and Boss was grinning and seemed very pleased with everything. Instantly the shame faded away.

Once we were in the car again, I was ready for Boss to order me to go nude once more, the same as after lunch. But Boss explained that this road is often patrolled at night by police looking for drunk drivers and it was too risky. I felt a little disappointed.

At home the collar and leash went on before I could get out of the car. Boss actually made me wait till he came around and opened the door. It wasn’t an act of chivalry though. Boss merely wanted to drag me by my leash and I giggled as I struggled to keep pace in my high heels.

Boss took me straight upstairs without the need for me to go nude. As soon as we were in his bedroom, however, he signalled to me and I undressed as quickly as I could. He watched me the whole time, inspecting me once I was naked for him. He played with my boobs, stroking and feeling their weight and then he grabbed my butt cheeks. I love having Boss look at my body and touch me like that. I know it pleases him and it makes me feel extra sexy and confident.

It was a cold night and he ordered me into bed. I waited, though, as he took his jacket and shirt off. I knelt down before my Boss and I kissed his shoes, twice each. I got the idea in my head to show Boss that I was subjugating myself to him, making myself lower than him. For some reason I just had to do that. After everything we’d done I sensed Boss wanted something special when we had sex that night. I wanted him to know I was ready for anything he wanted to do to me.

We gave each other oral for a long time and I did my best, as always, on Boss’ cock. Of course Boss made me cum with his mouth. Out in the country house there are no neighbours to worry about. I screamed my orgasms for him, using filthy language and really letting him see how much of a slut I can be for him. I told him I wanted him to fuck me and use me and make me cum for him.

Boss must have believed me and after he stopped eating me I was flipped onto hands and knees. My leash was tied to the bed again and my heart swelled with pride. I was panting hard and my pussy was ready for his wonderful cock. I expected a good solid doggy fuck and my cunt was melting at the thought. But Boss started licking my little hole. Then I knew that he had something very special in store for me.

Boss first used my ass a few months ago. It happened after I started to give him a rimjob one time when I was giving him oral. Someone told me I should try it and though it seemed a dirty act I had decided it was proper for me to do that for my Boss. I moved from his cock, over his balls and then I let my tongue press against his asshole. It was better than I expected so I did it some more. That same night Boss returned the favour. We both enjoyed it very much. I know it was soon after that that Boss decided he wanted to try full anal sex.

I knew about anal from the internet of course but had always assumed it wasn’t for me. I always expected that it would be uncomfortable and dirty and even painful. There is so much butt sex in porn films on the internet that I couldn’t help having thoughts about it. I started things with the rimming of Boss’ butthole and deep inside I knew where it would end. The first time was painful and I cried out as he thrust into me. I didn’t ask Boss to stop, however, not ever. If he wanted that hole then I would give it to him no matter what. But it did hurt a lot and Boss had to stop after a little while

The second time Boss, who was also a beginner with anal sex, made his cock a little wetter before he thrust it into me. This time it hurt but less than the first time. I started to think I could manage to have him take my ass whenever he wanted it. Finally we got the right amount of lubrication and I started to learn that anal is quite enjoyable.

Each time it has been better and now I really do want Boss to use me back there. I know how enjoyable it can be now. Also I am pleased to have another hole he can use for his pleasure. Often he wears a condom which can mean he needs more lube. Sometimes he goes without a condom and shoots his jizz straight into my ass. I know Boss loves doing that but I will admit I don’t like the aftermath and the messy stuff that leaks out from my hole.

That Saturday night my Boss licked long and slow on my asshole. I was in ecstasy with the feeling of his strong tongue licking back there and pressing inside me. I moaned and moaned and could hardly wait to feel his cock. Sometimes Boss rims me and fingers my pussy at the same time. I can cum quite violently when he does that.

I heard him pull out a condom. I shivered but it wasn’t the cold. He told me to pull my cheeks apart for him and I did it without a sound. I was helpless and vulnerable, exposed and ready for him to use me. Being made to open myself for him always makes my pussy leak out its juices.

Boss rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy. He even placed the head inside my pussy opening. I know he was making himself extra wet for my little hole. But I almost lost control and begged Boss, please, to just fuck me.

After teasing me like that for ages, at last I felt his cock against the opening to my ass. He was holding my hip with one hand and his cock with the other. I felt his head press against my opening. Boss didn’t wait. He pushed and then I felt the head of his cock as it entered me. It felt good. He was going to use my asshole and I was so excited and happy.

I was breathing hard, nervous and horny at the same time. I could hear Boss spitting on his cock and slowly thrusting back and forth, pushing at my hole. Each time it felt like he got a little more of his shaft inside me. I wanted him in my ass so bad. I willed myself to relax so Boss could push himself right inside me. There was the familiar pain as Boss filled my ass with his hard cock. He was stretching me, enjoying the feeling of that tight hole around his cock. I knew that once he was fully inside me the pain would be replaced by the wonderful sensations of having Boss fuck my ass.

It felt great to be taken like that, used like that by him. The physical pleasures I still find a little odd and difficult to describe. Someone on-line suggested I should rub my clit while Boss fucks my butt. Next time I will try that for sure. That night I just stayed in position as Boss went in slow and deep. My whole body was turned-on and I know I was moaning as he went deeper and harder. It is amazing to find my body responding to his cock in my ass. I didn’t want him to stop. Every thrust of his hard cock in my butt made me moan. My pussy was leaking and my nipples were harder than ever. Its even better when my Boss tells me, as he did that night, how great my ass feels around his cock.

I know he loves fucking me back there. I enjoy the sensations but really I want to concentrate on him and his pleasures. Once he is inside me like that, banging my butt, I just want him to last for ages. That night Boss had only been inside my backside for a few minutes when he called out that he was going to cum in deep in there. I was even more excited.

‘Please Sir,’ I said back to him, ‘use my ass. Please fuck my ass and blow your jizz in there.’

Seconds later he started thrusting harder and faster. I didn’t care any more if he would hurt me. I just wished I could milk him with my ass muscles the way I do with my cunt. He was humping me harder, grinding my face into the bed. I focused on my asshole and it felt so fantastic as his cock thrust harder and deeper inside me. I couldn’t feel Boss cum but I heard him as he exploded. Being assfucked feels good but the best part is being a slut who takes her Boss’ cum inside there. He kept thrusting, fucking my butt until he got too soft and had to pull out. My hole was happy for the rest but my mind still wanted more fucking in there.

I was so horny after Boss finished with my ass. I snuggled in close as he pulled of the condom and discarded it on the floor. I saw the big load he had left in there and I smelled the powerful smells from my back door. I suppose I feel a little embarrassed about the smell after Boss opens my little hole. It doesn’t matter, though, once Boss has had his pleasure in there.

We lay and talked for a long time. It was mostly about sex. There are still a lot of kinky sex acts we both want to try. Also, Boss is thinking about me having sex with other people. Its one part of being my Boss that he gets the most excited about. I only had two boyfriends before Boss so he often talks about giving me more experience. But I suspect his idea is to give me to some of his friends, like I would be a gift. Sometimes that idea frightens me and other times it makes me feel very horny. I don’t really know what I feel about it. Before anything like that happens, Boss and I have been talking about sharing a threesome. That is a thought that gets me aroused and I hope it will happen one day. I don’t know if it will be a man or a woman for my first one. I will let Boss decide what he wants.

Boss also took off my collar, telling me he didn’t want it to ever get uncomfortable on me. I tried to explain that it didn’t matter and I could proudly wear the collar and the leash all night if that’s what he wanted.

Luckily for me Boss eventually got horny again too. I didn’t wait for him this time and started playing with his cock, making it harder and bigger for me. He called me a slut and I grinned at him and tried to get between is legs so I could lick his balls and his ass. But Boss grabbed me and roughly threw me onto my back underneath him. He climbed on top of me and I was very aware that he was about to fuck me hard. ‘I want my cock inside your cunt,’ he growled to me and I moaned at him.

‘Take me Sir. Use my cunt. Please fuck me hard.’

He was rough with me and started shoving his cock into my hole. I spread my legs as wide as I could. I wanted him so badly and wanted to be a whore for him. In a few moments he was buried in me and my pussy was starting to get really wet. That meant Boss could really fuck me hard.

I’d been so horny for hours that almost straight away I was cumming around his cock. Boss climbed above me and started to really hump me. I couldn’t control myself as he went harder and harder. I just came again and again like a slut for my Boss. I tilted my head back and took hold of the bed, letting Boss use me as he without mercy. I loved every bit of it, his cock going so hard and forcing my orgasms out of me. He put my legs onto his shoulders and my pussy was perfectly angled for his thrusting.

Then Boss started to really fuck me. I wanted him to fuck me as hard as he could while my body and my mind went into over-drive. I came all over again and all I could think about was being fucked brutally and how great it felt. The orgasms I got as he roughly fucked my pussy were one of the best parts of the weekend.

Then Boss was cumming inside my pussy. I felt him when his body stiffened and he thrust into me each time his cock spurted his seed. It was so amazing and I almost wanted to cry. I had served my Boss and he had used me so hard. I had received his jizz and that made me feel special and treasured.

He kept me there for a long time afterwards, still thrusting as he felt the last bits of his orgasm. My legs were still on his shoulders so my body was still completely open for him. I know my pussy was filled with his jizz. What a way to finish the night. I waited and panted underneath the weight of Boss’ body until he was ready to release me.

I used my hands to get him onto his back, panting in the aftermath of his own explosion. I took his semi-hard cock into my mouth and carefully cleaned our juices off him. As his submissive and his slut it was all I wanted at that point.

After that we both went to sleep, still with no collar or leash. I didn’t mind so much as I got to sleep on the part of the bed where we had just fucked. The sheets were wet from his cum and I enjoyed the smell and the way it stuck to my skin.

Next morning I woke up and it was light. Then I knew there was something thick in my mouth. I was shocked but quickly I realised it was Boss with his hard cock. What a thrill! As soon as I understood what was happening I tried to suck on him but Boss wanted something else.

I was dragged to the middle of the bed and made to lie straight. Boss climbed over me and sat across me. I thought something was wrong as Boss started to lick me between my boobs. He licked me several times and I started to realise what he wanted. Without a word Boss placed his big hard cock right there between my tits.

Boss wanted to start the day with a titfuck. I could not have been more pleased. This is a rare treat for me. I grabbed my big C-cup boobs and squeezed them around Boss’ cock. He smiled a huge smile at me.

‘Yeah baby. Hold your tits for me and let me fuck you. I want to fuck your tits until I cum all over you.’

There was no time to answer as Boss was already thrusting back and forth between my boobs. Boss had woken up horny and hungry for relief. My role was simply to give it to him, any way he wanted. He was rough but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I was happy to experience his passion and desire.

Like the night before he was rough, going hard and fast. I love, really love, being used like that by him. I just did my best to keep my tits squeezed around him. I am glad I my tits are big enough to be used like that. It feels so sexy to have his hardness between my soft flesh. I wish he would do it more often.

I just lay there as Boss took control of my body. I watched him the whole time, looking for the signs that he was about to cum. Boss looks so beautiful when he shoots his cum on me or in me. I saw the telltale signs and I know I whimpered a little for him. You cannot know how great it feels to receive his cock juices.

When Boss came he started with a big hard shot that blasted onto my chin. I swear I actually heard the next one as it flew through the air. Again and again he shot over me. Some more went onto my chin and soon I was coated in his jizz. My neck and my chest were soaked. It was dripping down the side of my neck and I could feel the sticky warmth as it spread over me. A lot of it went into my cleavage too.

I know a lot of women do not like having a man’s jizz on their skin. Especially not on their face. I guess that makes me weird or kinky or dirty. Oh my goodness, I don’t think I ever want to give up having my Boss, or any man, standing in front of me with his hard cock spurting its jizz all over my face. Its the best way to show that I am a submissive to him but it also just feels so totally hot and sexy. Boss often tells me how beautiful I look and that’s the way I feel too.

I was still holding my tits obediently when Boss withdrew his cock and climbed off me. He smiled again and I grinned up at him. ‘Good morning, Sir. Thanks for such a fabulous start to the day.’

Well it hasn’t quite finished yet,’ he said, still smiling. ‘I still need one more thing from you.’

He took my hands and pulled me to my feet. I felt a little dizzy as I was still half asleep. And once I was standing up his jizz started to run and to drip everywhere. But Boss didn’t wait and I just had to stumble after him as he dragged me into the bathroom. In there I was pushed into the bathtub and I went onto my knees for him. I don’t know why but I just did what seemed natural.

I was groggy but I soon understood what Boss wanted. He was going to pee on me. That was fine by me. It was an incredible way to be woken up for a new day.

Boss told me to close my eyes and to hold my boobs as I’d done the day before. I obeyed immediately. I didn’t make him wait because the first pee of the day sometimes can be an emergency.

The first splash of his hot pee landed my legs and I sucked in a deep breath. The smell was much stronger than I had experienced before. I didn’t like that so much. I guess a morning pee is just stronger than at night. But I was feeling honoured and special to be used this way by my Boss. Besides, the bath was freezing against my skin and his hot pee gave me some relief. I admit I was just enjoying feeling his hot pee on my skin as Boss moved his stream moved up my body. Suddenly, for the second time, I felt his pee hitting on my boobs. I gave him a big grin because I like this much more than him just doing it on my hands. After all, it is called a golden shower for a reason!

Boss sprayed his pee onto my chest, letting go with a big force as his morning pee flooded over me. It splashed so hard on my skin that I even felt some drops land on my chin and my face. I liked that part a lot. It felt like Boss was using his pee to clean his cum from my skin. He was washing me and at the same time using me for his morning pee.

Later that day I asked Boss if he really enjoys pee play and golden showers. He admitted to me that at first he hadn’t really understood why I wanted it. After we tried it, though, he realised he loved the idea of us playing where I am humiliated and degraded for him. Boss also said the other part he enjoyed was that later he could pick me up and kiss me and show me love as a reward for my being so devoted to him.

I assured my Boss it was kind of humiliating but in a very good way. I even mentioned that I hope he will make it a more regular ritual for us. I still didn’t really like the strong smell of his pee first thing in the morning.

Boss left me to shower on my own and I carefully removed his jizz and his pee from my skin. I love when Boss makes me dirty and I love cleaning myself for him afterwards. I made sure to shave my pussy absolutely bare for him and then I did my first lot of make-up for the day. I want to always look good for him. No clothes, however, as the rules don’t allow me to wear anything inside the country house unless Boss gives permission.

That was a good thing because as soon as I was downstairs Boss wanted a walk in the wood. The morning was extra cold so he brought out an old coat of his. He also put my collar and leash back on me. I was so happy. The collar and the coat were the only things I had to wear on our morning walk but the coat was good because it did keep me a little warmer.

On this morning Boss was very talkative on our walk. I tried to stay behind him like a good pet should but he kept tugging on the leash to bring me closer to him.

Finally we reached our tree, the halfway point of our walk. I knew Boss would want something and I was ready to give him anything he asked. Then he reached between my legs and he was touching my pussy. These days Boss sometimes takes my body without asking and I love that. It means I have to be available to him all the time and it means I get some nice surprises. Standing by the tree his fingers were working into my pussy and I was so aroused. I started to melt for him even though it was so cold. I even held the coat open so Boss could see and access my pussy easily.

Despite the cold my pussy began to warm up and Boss only rubbed my lips for a few minutes before he started to push his fingers inside my pussy. With his other hand he started rubbing my clit which was hard and protruding. I needed to hold Boss tight while he started to finger fuck my pussy. After getting his jizz and his pee Boss had made me start the day feeling super horny again. To be taken like that by our favourite tree in the wood was so thrilling.

Soon Boss had his fingers deep inside me and I was struggling to keep standing. The fact he was slowly massaging my clit was not helping me at all either.

So Boss, always clever, ordered me turn around and to lean against the tree. This way I could hug the tree for support. But I had to pull the coat up high and stick my butt out for him. Oh boy did that work! He wasn’t doing me hard with his fingers. Actually he was taking his time, the same as with my clit. I had been horny before he started, though, and the idea of a long finger fuck in the woods made me even more turned-on. The tree was hard against my skin and scratching my soft breasts. That just made me more excited as I took it like a challenge from my Boss.

He was slowly shoving his fingers into my pussy and I could hear my wetness making sounds each time he went in and out. Boss was taking his time and I knew he would not stop until I came for him. Actually, knowing in my mind that he wanted me to cum in the open made it even easier for me to reach my peak.

I don’t know how many fingers he was using but it was enough to make me think of Boss’ lovely cock. When he bent forward and softly bit both my ass cheeks I couldn’t help myself and I came, out there in the wood, hugging a tree and crying out loudly. Boss was enjoying himself and as soon as I started to cum he started thrusting harder into me. That felt so good that I exploded even harder and had to really hug the tree to stay on my feet. The bark scratched my breasts even more but it felt good because it made me focus on my pussy and his fingers.

Boss did not stop until he knew I could no longer stand on my own legs. He let me kneel beside him as I panted and moaned and shook after my wonderful orgasms. I hugged Boss’ leg and felt so proud. You have no idea how proud I felt. He rubbed my head, just as someone would do with a pet, and right then it felt like I would be with Boss forever.

After a few minutes of rest I felt a tug on my leash and I climbed to my feet next to Boss. He inspected my pussy and my clit and I think he was happy with the way I looked. I am quite sure my pussy lips were swollen after all that lust and I was relieved I had remembered to shave them. Boss also looked at the scratches on my boobs. He said he didn’t care about the scratches as they would heal soon. He said he was very impressed with my performance so early in the morning and wondered how many animals I had frightened away with my noise. I turned red with shame but I smiled at Boss because I knew how happy he was.

As we walked home I felt like that old saying about feet not touching the ground. Boss and I still had the whole day together in the country house.

Inside I was ordered to strip and I managed to go down on my knees and kiss his boots several times on each foot. Then I was taken the kitchen where my leash was tied to the leg of the table. I shivered a little until the fire got going. I did the right thing and stayed on the rug while Boss prepared our morning meal. It was French toast and more hot chocolate. Again I had no utensils to eat with but Boss still had not said anything about using my hands. I felt starved and ate as quickly as I could.

When he was done eating Boss cleared the table. Then he undid my leash and I was dragged to my feet at one end. Boss pushed me forward and told me to ‘bend over’. I was a little surprised but there was no argument. His big hands pushed me down hard against the table. It was cold and hard underneath me and my tits were squashed. I felt vulnerable and a little worried about what would happen.

Soon I guessed that a fuck was coming my way. He has fucked me so many times but before that day my Boss had never used me like that. I heard him drop his jeans and I imagined his cock was already hard and menacing. He rubbed my pussy with his fingers and then I felt his big shaft between my butt cheeks. I was a little confused about which hole Boss wanted but feeling him rubbing against me soon had my pussy nice and wet for him.

I remember Boss kicked my feet so I would spread my legs wider for him. Thrown over like that, I had to try standing on my toes to keep my body on top of the table.

There was no warning from Boss. The head of his cock forced inside my hole and I gasped at the shock. It wasn’t a bad shock though. Not at all. Boss shoved a few more times, working his shaft right inside me. He was still really turned-on and he was showing me his power as a man. I was like a kind of sandwich between his power and the hardness of the table.

Boss did not say a word, even when I cried out. He just fucked me. I loved every bit of it. It is so amazing when my Boss uses me to satisfy his sexual needs. He didn’t go hard or rough but still it felt sensational. I moaned and groaned every time he went to his hilt in me. I even felt his ball sack swinging into my pussy lips as he fucked me non-stop. The whole time the table was holding me in place for Boss’ cock.

I wanted it to last because I wanted Boss to have his maximum pleasure from me. And I never want Boss to stop when his hard cock is deep inside my holes. His thrusting soon had the usual effect on me and his big cock made me cum with a wonderful rush. My orgasm was so strong I could feel my juices on my inner thighs. I even swore aloud and I told Boss how good his cock felt in my dirty pussy.

Despite his early morning orgasm it wasn’t long after I had cum for him that Boss was spurting into me. I wanted to give him more, to push back with my hips and swallow all his cock inside my body. But pressed on top of the table all I could do was hold the sides and let Boss use my hole for somewhere to shove his cock. I tried to grip him with my muscles and I am sure I did hear Boss groan as I did that for him. Of course he filled me up with his jizz and that was a thrill for me anyway. I was probably cumming some more myself when he did that. I remember how loud my breathing sounded inside the small kitchen.

Boss thrust inside me a few more times after he was done and then, still without a word, he pulled out and I felt him wiping his cock against my butt cheeks. I loved that he did that! Boss had used me for a fuck and then he used me to clean himself. It was demeaning and it was such a turn-on. I could not have been happier right then unless perhaps Boss had decided to pee on me once more.

He didn’t pee on me however. Boss did want to shower but he took my leash and led me into the loungeroom. There he got a fire going and left me tied to the chair leg while he went and showered himself. I just had to wait for him, his jizz leaking onto my legs and onto the rug. The fire was really nice and because of the cold weather I really needed it. Of course Boss made me stay naked all day again. The fact that Boss was wearing his clothes the whole time kept reminding me of my lower position. I still had my collar on as well so everything felt complete for me.

Later in the morning we watched TV together and then we fucked some more before lunch. Boss was eating my pussy and hurting my nipples and I came so hard and loud for him. I think I did scream a little as the sensations were so amazing. I was still gasping ‘thank you’ to Boss over and over when he started licking my ass. It felt so great to be touched like that, even after Boss had used my backside the night before.

I thought Boss wanted my ass again but instead I was told to sit on his lap. I sat across him with my collar and the leather leash getting all tangled up. Boss was big and hard and I was very excited. Then I had to slowly lift up and lower myself onto Boss, so his cock was swallowed up by my pussy. When I had completed that task Boss was so deep and so hard in my pussy that I felt a kind of ecstasy. He told me to fuck his cock so I started to rock back and forward. Then Boss started to move as well and I could really feel his cock rubbing all sorts of different places inside my pussy.

Boss fucked me slowly but I know at one point my boobs were bouncing up and down in his face. Boss says that’s the reason he likes that position so much. Everything felt so different in that position. His cock felt great inside me and I could really hug him as he played with my boobs and let his cock slide right up inside my body. I didn’t wait for Boss to say anything, I just rode on his cock until I could let me orgasms rush through my body and make my pussy spasm for him.

After letting me cum so many times Boss ordered me off. Then he told me to clean his cock with my mouth. He hadn’t cum that time but I saw how my juices had left a thick white mess at the base of his cock. It showed how horny and how dirty I had been. I guess there was a little embarrassment for me but I just licked him as clean as I could and thought about how nice my juices taste on his skin.

After a while Boss brought lunch. It was soup and toasted bread. I was still forced to eat on the floor so it was very tricky to drink my soup. I found myself wondering if it would have tasted better if my Boss had added some of his jizz to my soup. I really want him to do that for me one day.

During the afternoon I was feeling so happy about the wonderful weekend with my Boss. He pulled my leash tight and made me sit right next to his feet. I made sure I kissed them, twice on each foot. The weekend was so much fun and I wanted my Boss to know how much it all meant to me.

We talked a lot about submission and Boss asked me lots of questions about why I want to be like that with him. I know its about love, giving everything I can to a special man. I also tried to explain to Boss that its about my need, deep down, to give up control of my body to someone who can use their power over me to make us both happy. That would be a man who wants me so much that they want to own me and have me as their personal possession.

I used to think of submission as weird and even a little crazy. Now I know it is the most wonderful thing for me. I also know now that I cannot love a man who cannot dominate me and use me like that.

Boss and I had along talk about what we can do next with my submission. He asked me about rules. I said I would gladly obey any orders he has for me. I was serious about that, too. We talked a little about what kind of rules we might have and some of them sounded very exciting to me. For instance, Boss asked about a rule where he can order me to remove my underwear whenever he wants, including when I am at work.

I stayed in Faith’s bathroom for several minutes gathering my thoughts and trying to build up my courage. It was now or never. She had promised to show me how the group had dealt with my husband and I’m sure she had plans to test my submission to her and the other mistresses as well. My heart was racing. I splashed more cold water on my face. I couldn’t delay any longer. She already had shown herself to enjoy paddling the bottom of a submissive and I didn’t want to give her any excuses to give me a beating. I walked back to the bedroom fully expecting to meet Jim with her.

But I didn’t. In fact, the room was empty, although the TV was now on. There was a picture of an empty bedroom. The quality was quite high. This obviously was not a webcam feed. Faith walked back into the bedroom. Apparently she had gone to her bedroom to change. Her clothes had been changed to a strappy leather ensemble which wrapped around her body but did nothing to shield her from my gaze and admiration. As I had always expected she obviously lifted a lot of weights. She had tight muscles everywhere. She would have no trouble subduing an insolent slave, or most men for that matter. I began to tremble at the thought of submitting to this powerful woman. I could see her pussy was still glistening from my oral favors I’d done about 15 minutes ago and her nipples were pointing straight at me as if to say “suck me.”

Faith didn’t say a word. She walked over to the armoire and opened the door. Inside I could see a collection of bondage gear and toys. Faith turned back around holding a black dildo with a strange mounting harness on the back. The dildo was about 8 inches long, I estimated and an inch and a half thick. I watched as Faith mated the harness to her leather outfit. It seemed to snap in easily. They were obviously designed for each other. I couldn’t help but drool a little as Faith’s cock bounced obscenely in front of her as she walked.

“Here’s what’s going to happen little slave. Hubby was very easy to seduce. Apparently he wasn’t too happy in the bedroom. A pretty smile and a promise of better sex was all it took.”

I felt like she had just kicked me in the gut. Jim never voiced any complaints. Sure we didn’t do it too often because of our work schedules, but I thought I had always been there for him.

“Did you ever let him fuck you in the ass?” Mistress Faith asked.

“No, I’ve only started doing that with the club,” I responded sheepishly.

“He likes that. He also likes a very vocal woman. Do you moan and scream for him?”

I had to be really turned on to be overly vocal. Again it was a trait brought out by the group but not so much by my husband. “No, mam.”

“Well tonight you are going to learn what he likes so you can satisfy him better. I’m going to play the part of Jim. You… Well you are going to play the part of you. On the TV we are looking at Judy’s bedroom. Usually she gives my husband and me a show before bedtime but tonight she’s going to be your teacher. You are going to watch her and Jim fuck. Don’t worry, they are not going to make love. That’s for the two of you. This is just sex. Hot nasty sex to fulfill his manly needs. Whatever Jim does to her, I’m going to do to you and whatever she does to him, you’re going to do to me. Got it?”

I nodded. “Yes mistress.”

We sat down on the edge of the bed watching the TV. We were perverse voyeurs waiting for the show to begin. Soon I saw Jim walk in with Judy. She was wearing a long, thin, transparent robe that looked like silk. Jim was still dressed. Mistress Faith tapped my on the shoulder and stood up. I understood I should stand up too.

Judy managed to position Jim right in the center of the camera view before he took her in his arms and began kissing her passionately. Faith held me in the same position and began kissing me. She would stop every few seconds and have me look at the TV. When Jim began running his arms up and down Judy’s body, Faith did the same to me. When he began squeezing her boobs, she did the same to me. When Jim grabbed the back of Judy’s neck and began kissing it and thendropped his other hand into her panties, Faith did the same to me. Well, not into my panties since I was naked, but she did begin to rub my slit which I’m sure is what Jim was doing.

I could hear Judy moaning through the speakers. It was like we were in the room. I was losing myself in the eroticism of the situation. My knees were beginning to buckle when I heard Mistress Faith question why I wasn’t moaning like Judy. I snapped back into the moment.

“I’m sorry mistress. I’m not feeling it yet.”

“If you want to keep your husband happy, you had better learn to fake some sounds for him. It’s one of his biggest turn-ons.”

I looked back at the screen. Jim was now clearly finger fucking Judy. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and her right leg wrapped around his body. She obviously chose that leg for our benefit as that twisted her body to frame his actions perfectly for the camera. I watched as she threw her head back in ecstasy, her hair flowing backward like in a soft-core movie.

“See that move? I know she’s enjoying herself, but that was for his benefit. Men are simple creatures in the bedroom. She’ll be rewarded with a better performance by him if she gives him a little extra now.”

Mistress Faith and I mimicked their position. It felt weird when I threw my head back like Judy had done and faking the sounds was awkward. But there was no faking what I was feeling in my pussy or the flash floor which was being to leak from me. The sounds of Mistress Faith’s fingers banging my wet slit were real enough as I held on to her for dear life. She continued to fuck me until Judy dismounted from Jim. I was close to cumming and I prayed Judy would have Jim eat her so I could cum on Faith’s tongue.

Instead Faith turned me toward the TV and wrapped her arms around me. She pulled me tightly against her. I could feel her cock poking between my legs. I wiggled my ass against her as much as her tight embrace would allow.

“I might fuck you now or I might not. Let’s see what Judy does.”

I watched the screen as Judy asked Jim what he wanted to do next. I’d never really even asked that of him. We just sort of did things spontaneously without talking about them. I wasn’t surprised when he said he wanted a blowjob. I was a bit surprised when Judy refused. I assumed it was part of their game that I would have to kneel before Faith and suck the strap-on. I heard Judy said only bad girls suck cock. She said it in a little girl teasing kind of voice. I could tell she didn’t mean it. She was probably looking forward to sucking his cock. Maybe this was how she got him to be more aggressive with her.

Jim’s response shocked me as I clearly heard him say, “Only bad girls may suck cock, but good girls get spanked until they become bad girls.”

Another first. Jim had never indicated he’d like to spank me. But clearly Judy was a different case. He sat down on the bed and held out his hand. He didn’t force her. He didn’t need to. She took his hand in hers and he gently pulled her to him. She then meekly lay across his lap arching her butt slightly to meet his hand. They were on the foot of the bed still in perfect camera frame. Was Judy the only one planning that or did Jim know he was performing for me.

I felt Mistress Faith disengage from her death hug of me. I was still watching the TV as Jim began to spank Judy. He wasn’t hitting her very hard. Having been on the receiving end many times with my mistresses I knew Jim was giving her little more than love taps. But to hear Judy, you would think he was beating her to death.

I heard Mistress Faith clear her throat behind me. I turned to find her sitting on the bed and holding out her hand. I remembered how Judy had approached Jim and repeated her actions. Mistress’ strap-on was standing tall as I lay over her lap. My weight pushed it over, but I could tell it was there. No doubt Jim would be hard at this point and Judy would be feeling the same thing. I expected a vigorous spanking, but Mistress Faith hit me with just slightly more force than it looked like Judy was receiving.

“I should be hitting you much harder slave. I know you get turned on when somebody spanks you. But tonight you’re learning about Jim. He’s doing this because Judy likes it, but he doesn’t want to hurt her. Still I want you to sound like it hurts and turns you on at the same time.”

Faking the sounds was easier since Mistress Faith had a good rhythm and since Judy’s sounds were so clear through the remote feed. I was praying Jim would stop spanking Judy long enough to finger her to orgasm so Faith would have to do the same to me. I could tell Jim was indeed fingering her after every few swats and fortunately Faith reciprocated on me. But would it be enough?

If I had been in Judy’s place, I know I would have cum already. But she did not, at least not that we could detect. As Mistress Faith’s finger continued to dance over my clit, I had the troubling thought that either Judy was purposely holding back to allow Faith to keep me on the edge, or maybe she could climax without the camera detecting it. Based on her performance I was sure she would have a loud screaming orgasm at some point. After all, Jim apparently liked that. But what if she could control herself to have undetected mini-cums along the way so I would be left unsatisfied? Again I was lost in thought when a sharp slap hit my ass. I doubted Jim had hit Judy that hard.

I looked back at the TV and Judy was now on her knees and had taken Jim in her mouth. I immediately followed suit. I wasn’t a fan of suck on a dildo unless one of my other holes her already plugged and I could pretend somebody else was filling my mouth. But in this situation it felt natural somehow. As long as Jim didn’t come now, they should be fucking soon. Fortunately that is exactly what happened.

I soon found myself riding Mistress Faith’s cock. She was lying on her back with her head toward the camera end of the bed. Jim was in the exact same position. He was looking up at Judy. Mistress Faith was looking up at me. I was watching the TV as Judy fucked my husband. I had a perfect view of her bouncing up and down on him. Her breasts were bouncing crazily. I’m sure he was enjoying himself. I was trying to match the intensity of her thrusts and pacing. She’d ride him hard for a few seconds then slow down for a few seconds. That must have been driving him crazy. I knew it was driving me crazy. Had it been up to me, I would have just fucked the shit out of myself until I came and came hard. But then it hit me. Judy wasn’t doing this for her own pleasure. I’m sure she was enjoying it, but it was more for Jim and me. She could tease herself because Mistress Faith would undoubted reward her later.

I continued to fuck myself. I was turned on beyond belief. I wanted to cum so bad. Eventually I broke character of mimicking Judy’s sounds and actions to beg Mistress Faith to let me fuck myself hard until I came. I didn’t see the harm. I’d obviously learned my lessons about Jim already. I pleaded with my eyes and I pleaded with my mouth. I even reached down and began rubbing my clit even though Judy was not doing the same.

Mistress Faith slapped my hand. “Only what Judy does.”

I looked back at the screen looking for any sign that she was going to come. Certainly Jim couldn’t last much longer. He never did with me. Maybe after he came he would eat her as a reward. That was a nice thought at least. Finally Judy sat down filling herself as much as Jim could. I did the same on Faith. I knew I was fuller with her than with him. I watched as Judy began to swivel her hips. Was this her technique to make them cum?

She wasn’t moaning any more so I stopped to. I swiveled my hips to match her. It didn’t seem to be doing much for me or Faith, although Jim seemed to be enjoying it. I made a mental note to do it with him. Maybe it only worked on a live dick. I watched as Judy pulled herself off him. I got a clear view of her dripping wet pussy. She was moving forward on the bed and was now kneeling over him. Was she going to drop her pussy on his mouth? I was holding the same position over Mistress Faith praying that was exactly what she was going to do.

But through all my time in the club and my conversations with the other slaves, I had learned that having a Mistress eat your pussy was an extremely rare event. Judy must have known that and knew the game we were playing so after hovering briefly over his head, she got off the bed. I reluctantly did the same. I watched as she walked toward the camera until I couldn’t see Jim any more. Apparently the camera was hidden, or maybe not, on a dresser of some kind. She got right up close and reached out coming back with a glass of water. She looked right in the camera. I had a close-up view of her mouthing the words “I hope you are enjoying this.”

She then turned back toward Jim and walked to the bed still holding the glass. There was no water for me to grab so I just returned to Mistress Faith. Like Jim, she was now resting on the bed on her knees. Like him, her cock glistened with womanly juice. We both looked to the TV for guidance. Judy was asking Jim what position he wanted her in. Please be doggie I thought. We both loved doggie, at least so I thought. But maybe Jim did different things with Judy. Judy drank the water and set the glass down while she waited for his answer. Fortunately he held true to form and soon Judy was on her hands and knees, facing the camera of course. She had made sure of that.

Mistress Faith was matching him stroke for stroke. I got the impression that Judy’s moans were no longer faked. I knew mine were not. Jim was a stallion that night. If he had been that way with me maybe we wouldn’t have found ourselves in the situation we were in. I had a perfect view of Judy as she took his cock over and over. The look on her face was pure pleasure and I’m sure the look on my face matched. Mistress Faith was relentless in her pounding attack and I loved her for it. I couldn’t imagine Jim lasting much longer but I prayed Mistress Faith wouldn’t stop. My breasts were flopping wildly as Mistress Faith jackhammered my pussy. On the screen Judy’s were doing the same. I buried my head into the bed and released a primal scream.

I looked up at the TV again just in time to see and hear Judy begin to cum. I don’t think she was faking but if she was it was a masterful performance. This, of course, triggered my own orgasm. I quaked on the end of Mistress Faith’s cock, but she didn’t relent. She continued to pound me. My pussy was so sensitive right then that her actions became painful, but I wasn’t about to try to stop her.

My gaze had been distracted from the TV as I rode out my orgasm. I’m sure Jim had spurted. There was no way he could have survived her performance without cumming himself. I hoped he hadn’t cum inside her. Surely this was being recorded and I wanted to see him spray on her. It was perverse in a way, but as long as he didn’t cum in her, we still had something we only did with each other.

When I finally came back to my senses and could focus on the TV, I saw Judy kneeling on the floor. Mistress Faith was still pounding me. Apparently our time of matching each other had passed. Judy had her now empty water glass in one hand and Jim’s cock in the other. She only had to give him a few strokes before she aimed his cock into the glass. She neatly collected a good sized load in the bottom of the glass. I had no clue what the point of that was, but since they were clearly done, I felt released to concentrate on my own pleasure. I began to thrust backward onto Mistress’ cock trying to match her intensity. She began to spank me again. This time they were not Jim’s love taps but were inflicting serious pain. It was a serious pain which went straight to my brain and clit and drove my lust higher. I was now screaming in pleasure and Mistress Faith was egging me on.

“That’s right slut. Take my cock. You saw your husband cum. He fucked a slut just like you and got off on it. This is what you want don’t you?”

She punctuated the phrase with an extra hard thrust that rattled me to the core.

“I know you belong to Sharon, but maybe we can work out a trade. You’re so close I’d love to have you at my beck and call.”

I could hear her, but my comprehension was limited by the delirious orgasm that was consuming me.

“Yes, that could work. My other slave Helen has to drive to get here anyway. She could just as easily drive to Sharon’s. I’d still let her use you at the office, but at night you’d be mine. I’d have you and Judy to keep me happy and Jim to keep you in line. Yes, that would be good.”

I still didn’t comprehend what she was saying. I couldn’t grasp anything just then except the pounding in my pussy. I felt her push me off her cock and I fell to the floor in a heap. I lay on the floor looking up as she walked out of the room. I was still trembling from my orgasm as I lay on the floor. I hoped our time together had been taped. I knew I could cum again just from watching it. I gathered my wits enough to look at the TV. The room was empty. They were obviously done. The question was my marriage finished as well?

I slowly regained the strength in my legs and stood up. Once again a mistress had ridden me hard and put me away wet, but I loved the feeling more than anything. Mistress Faith had retreated to her bedroom and the door was shut. I figured Jim would be home very soon and it was time for me to get going. I walked back downstairs to find my clothes. They were still in a heap in the living room. The TV was one which struck me as odd since it wasn’t when we went upstairs.

Sitting in the darkness with a glass of scotch in his hand was Faith’s husband Mike. The TV was showing a video feed of their playroom. He obviously had watched my whole performance. He stood up as I entered the room. His cock was obviously hard in his pants.

“That was a wonderful performance my dear. I knew you had potential from the moment I saw you moving in. I must say I was surprised at Jim’s stamina.”

“You saw them too?” I asked.

Mike pushed a button on the remote and the channel changed to Judy’s bedroom.

“Sometimes we like to watch her from down here instead of upstairs. We use this TV mostly during parties and such.”

Mike didn’t say anything but he looked down at the tent pole in his pants. I understood. I didn’t have to be told. By the time I walked out 5 minutes later I had a belly full of his cum. I’m sure Mistress Faith would have wanted it that way. I could see lights on at our house. Jim must have been home from watching “the big game.” As I was passing Judy’s house, I saw her standing in the doorway. She was still wearing the silk robe. She waved me over.

“I hope you had fun tonight. I know I did,” she said.

“It was interesting. Both Faith and Mike seemed to enjoy themselves too.”

“I’ve got a present for you. I never swallow with other women’s husbands. It’s one of the few rules I have.”

Judy produced the glass containing Jim’s load and held it to my face.

“Bottoms up!”

Judy pressed the edge of the glass to my lower lip. It was a final degradation for the night as I sipped my own husband’s cum from his adulterer’s glass. Had this not been part of the group’s design I would have done violence on her at that point. But like some many of my recent activities it felt customary. I thanked her and walked home unsure of what I was going to find next.

[Editor's note: Still not much sex in this chapter, but we're getting deeper into the domination. I suggest you read the first hot chapter in this series before starting this, or it may not make much sense.]

Friday couldn’t come soon enough. My every waking hour was consumed by thoughts of her, my Mistress. Even in sleep my dreams were flooded with images of her. Images of me kneeling at her feet, worshiping her from between her thighs, my mouth watering at the remembrance of her kiss.

That I would go away with her on Friday was something that I never even thought to question. It was a need, a desire, a wish and prayer I would see fulfilled. I was a wreck at school, lost in thoughts of her sitting in my classroom. I was a wreck at home, absolutely on edge near my wife, certain she would see through me.

And I was horny! I had never been so hot and bothered in all my life! As a married man, it was not unusual for me to go a week without sex, but with thoughts of my Mistress filling my head I found myself constantly at least half-hard. Frequently, especially standing in class with my hands clasped behind my back, I found myself fully hard, and in an uncomfortable position of trying to conceal it.

Often in the shower, early in the morning before I was fully awake, I would stroke myself, my balls boiling for a release. But, inevitably, I would come to full consciousness and stop myself before going too far, against her orders. I would willingly live with the disappointment of those early-morning jack-off sessions, counting down the hours until I would be alone with her again.

I had classes Friday, so we had agreed to meet in the late afternoon. I was early, anxiously waiting for her arrival. When she got into my car I could barely contain myself. With few words she directed me onto the freeway before tuning the radio and sitting back in her seat. She seemed calm and content, so I didn’t feel the need to fill the silence with conversation, though I couldn’t help stealing frequent glances in her direction.

She hadn’t felt the need to fill me in on where we were going, but her attire indicated to me she was ready to go out on the town. She was wearing a black cotton dress that came several inches above her knee, sexy without being slutty. She had some amazing black leather heeled boots with a thin gold chain hanging daintily from each ankle, a matching chain circling her waist, and another around her neck, teasing me from between her cleavage.

She wore minimal makeup and left her long auburn hair hanging past her shoulders in soft, inviting curls. And her perfume! Oh my God, I think I could be addicted to the way she smelled. It was a soft, sweet, musky scent that invaded my senses without being over-whelming. Whatever it was, it was driving me wild!

As we left the city, she seemed to relax even further. She took my hand in hers, just holding it in her lap. She noticed my sideways looks at her and gave me a smile. She continued directing me, and in less than an hour we had arrived at the next large town. She steered me through town expertly, having obviously spent time here, until we reached a nice, out-of-the-way restaurant.

It was still only early evening, so we were able to enjoy a nice, quiet meal, talking and flirting like kids on a date. Between the flirting we discussed science, of course, as well as politics and literature. She had a very bright mind which attracted me as much as her personality and body. I found myself wondering for the thousandth time who this young woman was and where had she come from?

When we finished our leisurely meal she again directed me through town, until we reached a quiet neighborhood. We parked in the driveway of a small, non-descript, two-story house and brought our bags to the door. She let herself in with a key, turning lights on as she went through the house.

“Is this your house?” I couldn’t help but ask, knowing that was unlikely.

“No,” was her short reply as she walked into the kitchen. She opened a cupboard and took out a glass, filling it with water from the tap. She did not elaborate, but was clearly comfortable in the house. I looked around, hoping to find a clue, but couldn’t even determine if the house belonged to a man or a woman.

She watched me as I looked around, leaning against the counter. The flirty atmosphere was gone, replaced by her calculating gaze. She seemed to appraise me for a moment before speaking, “Take off your shirt.” It wasn’t said with any force, but it also wasn’t a request.

I unbuttoned my shirt, a little startled at her direction. She took another drink of water, watching me. I slipped the shirt from my shoulders, trying to determine where I should place it, and settled on the back of a kitchen chair. I stood before her, unsure if I should be doing something else, as she continued to gaze steadily into my eyes.

She eventually broke the eye contact to look down at my now bare chest, and I had never in my life felt as naked. Her eyes raked across my exposed skin, desire radiating between us. It felt as though her gaze penetrated, seeing everything I had to bare. My nipples hardened to her, my skin constricting from exposure, before returning to our eye-contact with a slight smile on her face.

Just looking at her, seeing the lust evident in her eyes, was more than enough to excite me and make me hard. I’m not sure how long we stood like that, it could have been seconds, but it may have been an hour. The tension mounted between us, neither moving closer to the other, yet growing ever more intimate in the silence. Though separated by a distance of several feet, I am certain I could feel our mingled body heat growing warmer in the space between.

Her smile grew, and I knew she was pleased with my silent, motionless submission as I fought my body to remain still and exposed. She set her now empty glass down on the counter and approached me. She glanced down at my bare chest again before taking my hand and leading me back to the front room. She had me pick up her bag and bring it with us as she led me upstairs.

We went down the hall into the last room. The room was an interesting cross between a functional bedroom and adult toy store. There were wood floors throughout the house, and this room had an interesting assortment of toys laid out on a side table, as well as a double bed against the far wall.

She brought me to the center of the room where she kissed me deeply. Each time we kissed felt like the first time, and I never wanted it to end. But invariably it did, and I was always disappointed. She stepped back from me, that teasing smile on her face.

She took something from the table and returned to me with a cloth strip. As she stepped behind me I thought she was going to tie my wrists, but she instead surprised me by placing it over my eyes and tying it firmly behind my head. Next I felt her hands at my fly, opening my pants and lowering them along with my briefs. I stood there passively, wanting to cover my mostly erect cock, but knowing she would not approve. I felt even more awkward by having my pants pooled around my ankles.

I could hear her drag a chair away from the wall and felt it press against the back of my legs. Her hands on my shoulders pushed me down onto the seat. There was more rummaging on the table behind me, and I was not surprised when she came back with a pair of handcuffs. She pulled my hands behind my back before securing them with the cuffs. She kissed me, one of her deep, slow, lingering kisses. After our lip contact was broken, her tongue remained, teasing and dueling with my own. I was panting by the time she pulled away.

She walked away, and I could again hear more rummaging. She returned to me, though, without additional restraints. I could feel her breath on my skin as she whispered into my ear. “Sorry, love, I need to run out to the car. I’ll be right back.”

I listened as she walked away; I could hear the front door open, and after a long moment it closed again. She was gone for several minutes, and I began to grow nervous. All of my insecurities surfaced as I thought of how badly things could go awry from this point. I thought I might go crazy, my wait seemed endless. Then, to my immense relief, I heard the door again, and knew she hadn’t abandoned me.

As I sat, naked and bound, blindfolded and waiting in anticipation, I felt rather than heard her draw near. I felt her warmth next to my body, could smell her deliciously sweet and musky scent, and then – suddenly – I could taste her as well. Her lips pressed against mine in what started as a slow, sensual kiss before quickly building in intensity. Her lips were so soft, but they were nothing compared to the contrast of her tongue. Her warm, moist tongue was so soft and skillful, but also held three amazing tongue rings to tease and torture me.

Before I had had my fill, she broke the kiss and pulled away, though I could still feel her nearby. The next sensation I felt was enough to make me gasp as her mouth encircled my cock head and sucked gently. She licked, kissed and caressed my glans for an incredible few minutes, before breaking off. I longed for her to take me into her throat, but dared not voice my request.

She kissed me again, but it was much more intense this time, as our mouths attempted to devour each other. Her tongue thrust against mine, her hand wrapped around my head, forcing my mouth against hers. Her breath was hot on my cheek, as mine was no doubt against hers. This kiss lasted longer than the first, but again she broke it off before I would have liked.

This time she went down on my cock in a much different fashion. She was done with the licking and kissing. This time she swiftly swallowed my cock down to the base, stroking up and down, sucking me deeply before pulling almost all of the way off. The way she was switching between my mouth and my cock, between gentle teasing and intense sucking, was driving me mad. I moaned out loud, unable to control myself even if I had wanted to.

She startled me then, enough that my whole body gave a jerk. My cock was still experiencing the great sucking pleasure, when suddenly and simultaneously her mouth was again on mine. I know it was her I was kissing, I could tell by the tongue rings. Who then was on my cock??

I tried to protest, but with her mouth on mine it came out merely as muffled grunts. The mouth on my cock went to work with even more vigor, pumping faster, driving me closer. I knew I would not last long, and so quickly gave up my struggles, deciding to just go with it. My Mistress’ hands were on my nipples now, squeezing rhythmically.

I could hear other moans in the room and wondered what was possibly going on around me. She broke our kiss, causing me to groan out. I could hear her chuckle near my ear as she bit my lobe gently. The mouth on my cock continued pumping my shaft, now adding a hand to squeeze my balls as well.

Her lips were on my ear as she spoke to me. “I want you to come, pussy boy. Can you do that for me?”

“Oooh, yes Mistress!” was my protracted reply.

“Good boy,” she breathed into my ear before once again capturing my mouth with hers while the other mouth continued to work my cock. I found myself thinking back to the first time I saw her in action, making me even hotter in the present. She broke the kiss off to whisper in my ear again, “Now, pussy boy! Come for me now!”

What could I possibly do but comply with her demands? As soon as I heard the word ‘now’ I felt the flood gates releasing, and I began to gush a copious amount of white hot come. I groaned out loud, to the delight of my Mistress who chuckled in my ear. I still had no idea whose mouth was on my spewing cock, but at that moment I couldn’t care less.

Eventually I calmed and the sucking mouth removed itself from my softening member. I remained hand cuffed to the chair, but I felt the other two step away from me. I heard movement in the room, but I dared not say anything. I was panting, trying to recover, but strained my ears to listen as well. After a few minutes my Mistress returned to me and removed the hand cuffs.

She moved around in front of me, straddling my lap. She gave me another kiss, soft and gentle again. She removed my blindfold as she pulled away and stood up. “Take a shower, boy, you smell like sex. Put on the clothes on the bed and meet me downstairs. You have five minutes.” With that she turned and walked away.

I pulled my pants up from the floor, still recovering from my experience, and made my way to the bathroom. She had wanted me to hurry, so I took a mostly cold shower, and returned to the bedroom/ playroom as quickly as I could.

The outfit she left me was really nothing exceptional. Black jeans that fit me well without being too loose or tight, no underwear, a black cotton tee shirt, white socks and black boots. These were all things I was comfortable wearing, despite them not being my clothes.

The only article that was new to me was a hood of sorts, or you might call it a mask. It fit tightly over my head like a cap, but came down over my face to my nose. I could see through the eye holes just fine, but that intoxicating smell of leather was almost overwhelming, and I felt my cock begin to stir, despite the cold shower.

Knowing my time would be nearly up, I forced myself not to dawdle and left the room. When I came downstairs I could hear her in the kitchen, giggling. I stopped short, seeing her leaning against the counter, a man pressed against the length of her body, his mouth moving against the side of her neck.

She didn’t see me immediately, but soon enough. I’m certain I still had the startled, mouth-hanging-open expression on my face, because my mind had literally frozen. I simply couldn’t process what I was seeing and what the implications would be.

Upstairs, with the blindfold, I had been so focused on the physical sensations of it all, the physical pleasure, that I really didn’t give much thought to what was actually going on. I ignored the fact that another mouth probably meant another person. And another person could just as easily mean a man as a woman. As much as I enjoyed it, I definitely didn’t give any consideration to who might be attached to that other mouth.

Her eyes met mine over the shoulder of the man, but she just smiled evilly at me, pulling his head further into her neck with a hand in his hair. “Did you enjoy yourself, pussy boy?”

I wagged my jaw a bit, trying to find my voice, “Yes,” I eventually croaked out before clearing my throat and trying again. “Yes, Mistress, thank you.”

“Oh, don’t thank me, I’m not the one who swallowed your load.” With that she released the man who was pressed against her and turned him toward me. I realized quickly that we were dressed to match, including identical masks. He made eye contact with me as she continued, “You can thank my pet for that, pussy boy.”

By the way she looked at me expectantly I knew she wanted me to say something. I looked between the two of them for a moment, a million thoughts running through my head: jealousy, disgust, denial, curiosity, more jealousy. I’m not sure what she sensed from behind my mask, but she shoved him forward, until he was standing just in front of me.

I cleared my throat, trying to calm my nerves. “Th-Thank you,” I stammered out. He held his hand out to me, which I shook, looking again back to my Mistress.

“Oh relax,” she said, rolling her eyes at me. “You are much more his type than I am. But my pet and I go way back, and he does know how to please his Mistress.” Unsurprisingly, these words did nothing to comfort me. He was still standing directly in front of me, my hand in his, and he gave me a slight sneer.

I pulled my hand away, turning back to my Mistress, but had no notion of what to say. She solved that by stepping closer and placing a hand on each of our shoulders, pushing down slightly. “Kneel,” she ordered.

The other guy, her pet, scrambled into what was obviously a well practiced pose. I, however, simply knelt, looking up at her. “Hands laced behind your head, boy, and spread your knees.” I did as she asked, somewhat awkwardly, but accomplished it none the less. “Very good,” she beamed at me, and I couldn’t help but smile at her praise, almost forgetting the situation.

She turned to the counter and came back with a strip of leather in her hand. This she placed around the other guys’ neck and I could hear a CLICK as she locked the collar in place. She picked another up from the counter and held it before me. “Do you know what this is, pussy boy?”

“A collar, Mistress.”

“And do you know what it means?”

I swallowed hard. Yes, I knew what it meant. “Ownership, Mistress.”

She smiled again, “And are you ready to wear my collar, pussy boy?”

My mind was still racing, but now thoughts of my wife were intruding. Even so, my body tingled at the mere possibility of what being owned by my Mistress might mean. “Yes, Mistress.” I hadn’t finished thinking yet, where did that come from? “Please.”

She came forward and put the thick leather collar around my neck. I felt her slide the lock though the closure and shuddered as I felt and heard the CLICK.

Maybe he is asleep. Maybe he decided this was nothing to be angry about. Maybe he is waiting for you in bed, happy you’re are home safely. Maybe…

It’s not entirely your fault, you know that is not true, but he may have the patience to hear excuses. You knew your curfew. There is no getting pass that, so just maybe he will be fast asleep. Only as if the world is trying to defy you, you trip on the pile of plush towels you know you were told to put away. You land square on your face, and you weren’t quiet about it either.

“Alana?” His voice questions from the floor above. You try to shrink into the inky darkness. One drink, that’s all you wanted, but your friends wanted more. You had smiled, and then you threw down enough money for three more unaware of the hour. A simple glance at the clock could have saved you from all this trouble. Self-control could have been your hero.

“Alana are you down there?” He asks again flicking on a light. You sigh in defeat lifting yourself off the ground.

“Yes Sir, I am down here.” You call to him, voice trembling.

He stomps down the stairs without another word. You know him well enough to know he is furious. You’re frozen in place, but what else can you do? No point in trying to explain, you’d never run from your loving master, and you surely would not resist from the punishment you so badly deserved.

“Alana Anne! Where the hell have you been?” He bellows grabbing your face in between his thumb and index fingers. No reason to lie.

“I was at the bar. I didn’t mean to stay out so late Sir.” You whimper. You hadn’t intended on giving excuses, but they roll off your tongue without consent.

“I called you, three times.” He growls releasing your face. Fat tears roll down your stinging cheeks.

“My phone died…” You admit hesitantly. He told you not to leave if your phone wasn’t going to last. You had ignored him too busy with your hair.

“You go to your room and get ready for me.” He spits turning away from you. You’re completely ashamed of your irresponsible behavior.

Slowly you creep up the stairs, and into your room. A punishment awaits you, but again you deserve whatever is coming.

You know just how he wants you. You strip yourself of your clothing and kneel in the corner, thighs open slightly. There is nothing arousing in the thought of your master being angry at you, yet even though the thought of him being angry at you is one of the worst feelings, the thought of him being disappointed causes hot tears to stream down your face.

You hear him walk in. He sits on your bed without a word. You don’t dare to speak or move.

“Come here.” He sighs, disappointment coating his tone. You crawl over to him eyes casted on the ground; you can’t bare to look at his face. He pats his lap.

“Come on, I don’t have all night.”

You crawl into his lap quickly not wanting to upset him any further. His hand rest on your bottom for a moment, then it’s pulled away, only to come back down against your behind. His hand slaps across your bottom leaving stingy, red blotches.

“You could have called, told me you were going to stay later, that is all you had to do.” He began. You know he is right; all you had to do was call. You try not to squirm or interfere, but your hands shoot back involuntarily. He simply grabs them and continues spanking you.

“I was worried sick. Do you EVEN care?” He chastises.

More tears roll down your flushed cheeks.

“Please Sir! I’m so sorry!” You plead knowing it’s no use. He gives one final slap before putting you on the ground in front of him. You look up at him with sad eyes. He ignores you, and pulls out his semi hard member. He knots his hand in your hair and pushes you down. You gag as he slides down your throat cutting off your airway. He thrust his self in and out of your mouth groaning. Only momentarily does he pull out, giving you few seconds to gasp for air.

“You deserve this.” You remind yourself as he face fucks you.

He lets out a deep moan before he coats the inside of your mouth with his cum. You resist the urge to swallow.

“Spit it out.” He orders harshly. You let out a small cry before letting his seed dribble down your chin. You think this might be the end of your punishment. You thought wrong.

“You don’t deserve this.” He says sternly reaching to remove the choker you wore to replace your leather collar.

“No! No, no, no! Sir please, no!” You sob as he pulls it off harshly.

“I won’t have you represent me until you learn how to behave. Go to bed.” He growls leaving your room.

You reach to touch your neck. Your heart aches with pain. He took away your collar. You would take any kind of punishment in the world over this. Your sobs turn into hushed hiccups. In the morning you will kneel at your master’s feet naked. You will beg for forgiveness, and he will look at your sternly preparing to lecture you. When he’s done he will scoop you into his arms and reassure you on his love for you. On this lighter note, you fall asleep, clutching your bare neck.

Maybe now you have learned self-control can be your best friend. Maybe…

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