cold and hot

Luke watched the night-darkened colours of the thick forest fly past him, a tunnel of greens and browns that only his eyes could see. A break in the canopy revealed a full blue moon overhead. For a moment he stepped out into a silver glade, the unexpected light piercing his eyes, and then he was back in the safety of the foliage where his vision could refocus. He knew that if he concentrated he could speed his mind up so that he could pick out the exquisite details of any and each of the leaves and wildflowers he sped past but tonight he could not exult in this keen sense. He was on the hunt, and there were some things that he did not want to witness in full clarity.

A peculiar scent filled his nostrils. It was nothing he had ever smelled before but it had the fragrance of nostalgia about it. He was sure he should know what was giving off the smell but he had been chasing it for a half hour and he still could not place it. He had the feeling that it was this frustration that drove the beast that controlled his body – a beast that had little patience for puzzles and none for anything unnatural in its territory.

The scent led him down to the falls, where he could nearly taste the trail. He raced alongside a stream and jumped over the edge of the cliff to land in icy water. Climbing out on the far side, he shook his fur dry and the beast paused to study its reflection – trapped inside his own body, Luke could only endure the ghastly visage that looked back at him, which gabe the beast a cruel, smug satisfaction.

Had he been a normal human he could perhaps have dismissed the monstrosity that taken over his body as a wolf or a bear; but between the eerie moonlight and his acute eyesight he could not hide from himself. He stood six foot seven, hair covered a body that he know was all taught, wiry muscle, and his face was dominated by a slightly protruding snout and two pointy ears. The first time he had transformed his clothes had ripped and the sharp claws that had become his fingers and toes had gouged his bed as he thrashed through the painful process but since then he had learned: he wore nothing now but fur and he had walked out into the forest long before sunset. That first time he had not been able to discern where he ended and the beast began. When he had killed that first full moon, he had enjoyed and relished it as much as the beast had, waking in the morning to find his nightmare had been true. Fear and guilt had been the two main contributing factors to his current ability to maintain his self, even if it meant he could no longer control his body. It was a victory that the beast made him pay for each full moon, using his body to hunt, to kill and mutilate while it forced him to watch.

The terrifying face in the water curled up into something like a smile, its very human eyes filled with glee, and then it was off on the chase again.

The tunnel of green returned and the scent grew stronger until at last the beast let rip a rapturous howl as it approached another clearing. In the center was a log cabin, its windows lit by the lanterns on its sills and the chimney still releasing smoke. Oh no. It rushed forward and with one great kick it broke through the door.

Luke had expected screaming but only the crackling fire answered their intrusion. The beast growled its confused irritation and began to sniff. This was definitely where the owner of the strange scent was meant to be; its fragrance was cloying and thick in his nostrils. The townspeople had all heard the horror stories of the beast of the woods but Luke could not imagine that many knew the sound of its howl or had the means to secret themselves in the span of the three heartbeats it had taken the beast to cross the glade. The beast started to move through the house.

The kitchen was empty, a cook pot was filled with water in preparation for a scrub, and a book lay open in a big red armchair in the living room. It was as if the residents had just vanished. He moved on. The cellar was empty and so was a room with a small bed. They approached another closed room and heard a floorboard creak ever so slightly.

The beast in Luke’s body pushed open the door. It delighted in the suspense it created for both victim and hunter and growled triumphantly as it stepped into the room. Inside was the strangest and most horrific scene that Luke had ever seen.

A shrouded figure stood over three white bodies. Looking down at the bleached forms, Luke realised that they looked peaceful and serene despite the two puncture holes in each of their necks. It was nothing like the deaths that he had witnessed as the beasts captive, but the willingness on the young girl’s face made him want to claw out of his own body before running as fast as he could.

The beast’s hackles rose and a low snarl rumbled from his throat. It took a step back but then the figure turned.

Under the hood of a dark cloak was the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Her eyes were a complex web of browns, each glowing golden near its iris and pitching into darkness at its border. The face was pale and soft and yet magnificently defined; the bones underneath must have been chiseled to be so perfect. And her lips were lush and red, parted slightly in a silent invitation. The scent that had until now been interesting or at the most pleasant, was now fragrant and intoxicating. With each breath he drank her in and his super senses fed a new addiction that hollowed his belly and emptied his mind of all reason.

The beast was also taken aback. A quiet, sane part of Luke’s mind wondered if the beast felt things stronger than even he could as its silent passenger or whether he would also be so incapacitated had been him who had been in control. The snarl turned into a pining whine that gave away his adoration for the woman and a smile tugged at her luscious lips.

“Come. You have come a long way in the cold night and there is a warm fire in the lounge.” …And this room has already been soiled, the quiet voice finished for her.

She led them back into the living room where she indicated for the beast to sit. It took some maneuvering to get its tail comfortable but soon the beast was sitting in the most humanlike posture that Luke had ever known it to effect. The woman left the room taking air with her and when she returned she had a clay cup of blood red wine, which she handed to the beast.

“You will need to change your form if you wish to drink that,” she said in a husky voice.

The beast put the cup down and growled but then remembered whom it was talking to and it trailed off into a begging sort of whimper.

The woman shook her head – even this simple movement seemed graceful and exact to the point of perfection. “I would be greatly pleased if I could see the man you have possessed.” She lifted a pale hand and stroked the beast’s cheek. Luke felt it shudder in pleasure even though the hand seemed to freeze his very core through layers of fur and sinew that had keep him warm even in the coldest blizzard.

She stepped back and unfastened the brooch of her cloak. He had been sure it was made of black wool but as it fell it almost shimmered and it flowed around her like the finest silk, as if it too was reluctant to leave her body. That body was enough for all memory of her cold hand to leave him as his and the beast’s blood coursed red hot within his veins. She was shorter than he was but not diminutive. Her body was as sculpted as her face was – a slender hourglass made by a master glassblower would be the closest comparison to her waistline but it would still pale in comparison to the fluid, elegant shape of her ample bosom and hips. The light blue dress she wore revealed a full, pale cleavage that held his gaze a moment too long before releasing it to tempt him with hints as to what she hid beneath the folds and pleats below her waist.

“See, I can change for you. Won’t you change for me?”

Luke wished he could, he was consumed by the thought of changing and sweeping this beautiful, scary woman off her feet and into lustful grasp. But what could he do? He was a slave this night. A slave to his demons and to his most base instincts. A slave to a beast who had twisted his own face and who infested his body. As the beast got up, Luke for once wished to share its consciousness again, to feel intimately what it did and endure the control even if he would still be a puppet to his carnal instincts. The beast lifted up a taloned paw to the woman’s cleavage. Its sharp edge bit into the first cord holding her white bodice but she stopped him before it could cut through the second.

“Change for me and I will change for you,” she repeated as her breast sighed further out of the material confining them. Her wonderful eyes had a hunger to them. That vague voice wondered what she was hungry for exactly but neither he nor the beast cared much anymore.

The beast whimpered one last time and then Luke felt amazement as he felt a familiar quiver running along his skin. The dark hair that had so painfully been pushed out his skin became alight like the gleam of the moon and he felt his snout, tail and claws retract back into his body with exquisitely painful pops and compressions that the beast endured silently. Then, like a dandelion seed in the wind, he malted his radiant fur and for a moment the room was filled with shooting stars before they dissipated in their own heat. What was left behind was a man’s body, tall and strong even if not quite as supernaturally so, as it had been before. Its eyes, which had remained human, even during his monstrous transformation, where a deep blue, almost black and if his teeth were still a little sharp, they still did not hint at what they could become. The woman’s eyes widened in a moment of fear when the ghostly hairs eclipsed the firelight but once it had disappeared the look of hunger intensified as she scrutinized his naked body. They also lingered a little too long when they reached his exposed manhood.

Luke couldn’t believe that the beast had relented before the sun had risen – it had never happened before and he wondered if he could force it to do it again. If they survived this encounter of course. It was still in control of his body but Luke felt comfortable joining in its perverted awareness and soon he began easing himself back into their shared mind.

The woman stepped closer, her breath trembling slightly as she lifted that cold hand to his chest just about where his heart was. Her lips parted and Luke saw two sharp fangs. But they would not let her have that pleasure yet. With a strength he didn’t realise his body possessed they shoved the woman against the log wall.

Looks of hunger, lust and need crossed her eyes as they stared at each other, she held fast and he paralyzed by fear and his own lust. Then he grasped both her wrists in his left hand, still pinned to the cabin wall, and dropped a shaking hand back to the bodice he had begun to ruin. Her eyes never left his as he pulled the lace all the way out and neither glanced away as they heard the bodice hit the ground.

She had seemed so sure of herself before, so powerful and confident, and yet now there was vulnerability, a softness where before he could only find fortifications. He felt his cock twitch as he felt the power shift ever slightly in his favour.

He pulled her down to the wooden floor and pinned her shoulders. She yelped in surprise but it turned to a gasp as he used his unnatural strength to rip he front of her dress down the middle. She was not wearing a shift underneath and her full breasts fell out as if they had been released from a prison. Her body was as pale as her face and, straddling her naked as he was, he could tell it was as cold as her hands were too. He on the other hand was blazing hot and his tanned chest further contrasted the differences between them. She was exotic to him, not human and not beast like he was. It gave him a need to explore her exquisite body to see what other wonders he could find.

His hands roamed her body, moving the silk ruins of her dress where they covered her perfect body. It was even more sumptuous than he had first thought it and his greedy hands could not get enough of her. He kept one hand on her breast – at first to stop her from rising to sate her hunger and then, when she released a soft moan, to watch her pleasure. Soon his cock was hard and his sensitive nose picked up a new musky scent that once again intoxicated him.

His senses were on overload – whether it was the ice cold velvet of her skin, the soft moans and sighs he heard coming from her mouth, the smell of her moistening sex, or the depraved sights he saw in vivid clarity, and he felt he found a new slave master. There was only one sense that he had not exercised and some deranged corner of his shared mind told him that if he could satisfy its need then he would be complete.

He lowered his head to the woman’s breast that he was holding and just about thrust its pale pink nipple into his mouth. The woman moaned loudly and he felt a cold hand pull his head closer to her body. He let his other hand be guided to the other, dry nipple which he pinched as he sucked and nibbled the first.

His cock was now aching and with every moan the woman gave it twitched in the cool autumn air. The woman noticed its neglect and an icy hand wrapped around it. He gasped and bit gently as she began to tug it. He could feel his foreskin pulling and gripping his tip as she gained speed and strength.

Her own sex was crying out for action, its scent now so strong that he could almost taste it on the woman’s nipples. Her legs splayed open so enticingly.

In his delirium he let go of the woman’s frame and lowered his face between her cold legs. She pulled his cock closer to her mouth and he moved his legs to oblige as he once again lowered his face.

The first tentative taste he had of her was overpowering and intense. He felt the blood rush to his face as if to resist the heady effects that drinking her juices had but as the flavour mellowed he found that he missed its original potency and with each lick and suck he sought to find it once more, forever disappointed and yet always wickedly content. She had meanwhile discovered his own fruits and had grasped his ass-cheeks to pull him down and deeper into her throat. Luke felt his eyes roll back in rapture as he felt his balls hit her face and pushed them harder onto her. He let up when he heard her gag, pulling back and pushing down again when she pulled him.

He pulled her legs open even more and started massaging her inner thighs. He could not see much with his face so close to her but he did see another puckered hole clenching and relaxing in time with his nibbling. His perverted passions took over and he gave her asshole a cautious lick. The woman stopped sucking his cock but did not say anything so licked it again.

He hooked two fingers and inserted them into the woman’s pussy. It was dry from all his sucking but when he started playing with her clit, using his thumb, it quickly got wet enough for him to slide the fingers all the way in. And then it became sopping. As he licked and played he felt the woman’s juices leak down her thighs and onto his chin and lower lip.

He was so caught up in his euphoria that he didn’t notice when she removed his cock from her mouth. In fact he didn’t notice anything but her gyrating hips until he felt two sharp teeth puncture his thighs.

He yelped in pain, pushing his tongue against her puckered opening and pulling on her soaking pussy and heard a feverish, muffled moan bellow him. He felt as if his life were ebbing out of him, concentrating in his thighs and cock, which she had once again begun stroking in her tight grip. It made for an intense pleasure like he had never felt before and he thrust his tongue deep into her ass.

She moaned and tugged harder on his dick but after having felt the cool wetness of the woman’s mouth, he could not return to this dry alternative and besides that he didn’t know how much more life he could spare for this amazing feeling. He lifted himself off the woman, careful to prevent her long fangs from ripping his skin further and reoriented himself over her.

Her eyes fluttered open and closed, as if she were still caught up in her bliss and a line of blood ran out of her smiling mouth and down the side of her face to mat her straight, brown hair. He knew that she had come close to killing him and that she looked insane just then but his cock hurt with need and, looking over her luscious, pale body, he succumbed to his lust.

The beast part of his mind gave him a vicious strength as he pulled her legs wide open. Her crazy expression was jolted into one of astonishment and when he pushed her back and lined up his throbbing dick she looked almost frightened, and even panicked. He smiled cruelly and slid it slowly into her drenched hole.

That first thrust, like the first lick of her pussy, was amazing. It was so perfect that he could not bring himself immediately to go for a second pass. For a few heartbeats he posed over her, his cock buried to its base in her vagina while holding her legs so wide apart that he was sure she must be in pain. Then she let a weak cry out and bit her lower lip, her fangs depressing them without breaking the skin. He sighed and nearly collapsed on top of her.

Having passed the moment, he pulled his cock half out before thrusting it back in once again and again until he had found a slow and sensuous rhythm. With one icy hand, she cradled his head into the nook of her neck and another held his ass, adding her strength to his thrusts.

She breathed in quickly and deeply, and moaned slowly out, her head thrashing occasionally. He found that although he could not give her the same leaching pleasure that she had given him, he could still bite her neck and the way she wailed when he did told him that it was as close as he would come.

They fucked on the floor until Luke had explored every new feeling and taste that he could from that vantage point. She had begun to writhe under him and scratch his back when he thrust deep inside of her before hugging her waist and lifting them both up.

He pushed her once again against the course cabin wall. She wrapped her legs around him and he pulled her up and down using her ass-cheeks, the cool air rushing in and out along the newly opened trench to tickle his wet balls. Soon though, she pushed herself off the wall and off his cock. She grabbed it and led him to the fireplaces.

She lent over the hearth, the low fire lighting her up to make her look like a golden goddess, and guided him into her from behind. She placed both her hands against the mantel as he rammed his member deep inside of her again.

She moaned and cried so loud that Luke was glad they were out in the woods, far away from civilization. The way she pushed back into him with undisguised need was driving him crazy and he too began to moan as he felt his pleasure rising closer to its summit. He lifted up one of her legs, spreading her lips as he fucked her. His other hand grabbed a very hard nipple and began to twist and pull and grab with every thrust.

Soon neither could take anymore and he collapsed into the red armchair, dragging her – still impaled – on top of him.

She leant forward and looked back at him. Then she lifted herself up slowly until the tip of his cock was barely inside her before lowering herself painfully slowly again. She did this again, her pussy tightening around him as she withdrew, trying to prevent his cock from leaving, and opening again to let him deeper inside of her on the way down. He placed a hand on her ass and used his thumb to massage her hole there. She let out a long moan and her face scrunched up in concentration and pleasure. Within a few thrust Luke could no longer abide the temptation and he pushed his thumb into her tight asshole, lubed up by the juices she had been spilling.

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