Chapter 01: Melanie

“Hey, Nick.”

I looked up from where I was stacking my books, preparing to leave Economics class, and Melanie was standing by my desk.

Melanie could have been a model, if you like them on the thin side. Maybe half an inch shorter than me, which would put her at 5′ 10″, slender without being gaunt, she had brown hair that fell midway down her back, intense brown eyes, and a serious expression. She was wearing low-rise jeans and a button-down shirt of some kind that left three inches of her stomach bare. The top three buttons were undone and I could see quite a lot of her modest cleavage, even from a sitting position. I stared uncomprehendingly; I hadn’t even known she knew my name.

“Melanie?” I made it a question.

“Look, we’re having this test in two days and I really need to pass it, so could you come by my place and help me study for it?”

“Well, I’m happy to try and help, but you should know I’m not too great at this stuff, either.”

“Even better. We can help each other, then. You got anything to do after class?”

“Errr – no, not really. You want to study now for a test that comes up in two days?”

“Nick, I really need the help. If you have the time, I may ask you to drop by tomorrow, too, and help me some more.”

“Okay, I guess. The library?”

“No, I thought we’d go to my apartment. We can study and kill some junk food at the same time.”

I gave her a slow, obvious once-over. “You eat junk food? Hell, do you eat at all?”

“Smartass,” she grinned. “Yes, I eat junk food, I just get a lot of exercise. So, you coming?”

“Lead the way.”

Melanie was uncharacteristically voluble for someone who’d never spoken two words to me before. She kept up a running fire of questions while we walked to her apartment. What was I majoring in? (Journalism) What did I think of various rock bands? (I didn’t follow music much.) Was I dating anyone? (Are you kidding?) What happened to that redhead I used to see you with, the one with the big boobs?

That one stopped me cold – like liquid-nitrogen cold. Sarah and I had broken up at the beginning of the summer session and the wound was still red and raw. It pulsed with pain with every beat of my heart, and I was seeing her everywhere. (Though on closer inspection, it always turned out to be someone else.) My eyes were alive with pain and fury as I turned them on Melanie.

“Why do you ask?,” I said in a voice colder than the Arctic Circle.

She flinched when she saw my eyes. “Whoa! Sorry, Nick, I didn’t know. Was it a bad breakup?”

My voice was hoarse with pain and unshed tears. “She’s the only girl I ever loved. What do you think?”

“Damn, Nick, I’m sorry. Maybe I should just shut up?”

“No.” My breathing was returning to normal, though I still saw the world through a red mist of pain. “No, it’s okay. I think… I think maybe I need to talk about it, though I sure as hell don’t want to.”

“I’m a pretty good listener, I think.”

I sighed. “Can you handle crying? Because I don’t think I can get through this without it.”

“Then that’s what you need to do. Let’s get to my place and you can tell me whatever you need to.”

“Thanks, Melanie.”

“Call me Mel.”

Mel’s place turned out to be an efficiency with a kitchenette. She sat on the bed while I sat on the floor and talked. I talked for two hours, and when I was done, I had to excuse myself and go wash my face. When I came back in, Mel waved me over to the bed. I sat on the corner opposite her.

She gave me a wry smile. “You can sit next to me. I don’t bite, you know.”

I gave her a weary look. “Mel, why am I here, really?”

“To help me study -”

I cur her off. “Bullshit. If that were the case, we’d have been studying instead of you listening to me talk about my nonexistent love life. You didn’t know I was alive before today. What’s the real reason?”

She hesitated. “You may not like this.”

“I already don’t like it. Talk.”

She gave me a long searching look. “Can you keep a secret?”

“If there’s reason.”

“Oh, there’s reason.” Her eyes bored into mine. “Did you know I’m vice-president of Sigma Epsilon Chi?”

“No, but then I don’t know a lot about the Greek organizations on campus. Not my thing.”

“So you don’t know what Sigma Eps is about?”

“How many times do I have to say it? No.”

“Maybe this will explain.” She flipped a cushion on the bed. On the reverse side were the Greek letters for Sigma Epsilon Chi.


I stared, then got up and headed for the door.

“Nick, wait!”

My voice was hoarse with rage. “Why? Haven’t you done enough? You sit there while I bawl like a baby, then you pull this shit? What kind of idiot do you think I am?”

“Nick, I’m sorry. But this isn’t bullshit. It’s real. Sit down and listen, then you can leave if you like.”

“I’ve heard enough.”

“I knew Sarah.”

That stopped me dead in my tracks. My voice was a thin whisper of grief when I spoke.

“Mel, don’t do this. Please.”

She went on as if I hadn’t spoken. “I didn’t know her well, just to talk to, you know? One day I saw her after she’d dropped you off at class, and we stood there talking for awhile. I asked her about you – you know, what did she see in you? You were such a geek back in high school.”

This was going to be bad. I could feel it coming, like a snake poised to strike, but I had to ask.

“What did she say?”

She faced me squarely. “She said you were the most decent, honest guy she’d ever met. That you’d seen her through some pretty bad times and you hadn’t asked for anything in return.” She bit her lip. “She said she loved you, Nick.”

That was it. I folded in half like a pocketknife, fell to my knees on the threadbare carpet and lost it again, great racking, whooping sobs that came from deep within. It hurt – my God, how it hurt! Skewer me through the guts and twist it, it would’ve felt better. Melanie came over to where I was, folded herself into some kind of modified Lotus position, and pulled me into her. My eyes were hot, dry and itchy and my voice a croak when I spoke again.

“Why did you tell me that?”

“Because it was the only way to get you to listen to me. Will you listen now?”

I nodded, too wasted for further speech.

“Let me see how to explain this… well, it’s tough trying to balance keeping your grades up and having a love life. If you try to do both, one is going to suffer. Some people have great grades, but no social life, and others are always doing the party thing, but are never gonna graduate. That’s where Sigma Eps is different.”

“I’m listening.”

“Okay, this is gonna sound weird, I guess, but our ladies kind of have a bunch of guys who are like, everybody’s boyfriend. I mean, we share boyfriends. Or something like that.”

“So it’s like an on-campus version of a swing club?”

“No! Well, sorta.” Her brow creased. “Look, it’s like this. When one of the Sigma Eps girls needs a date, or just a roll in the hay, she calls one of our guys. He takes her to the dance, or a football game, or whatever, and afterward, she can get back to studying again, because it’s not like it’s a real relationship. Do you see?”

“So basically, you have this stable of guys who provide for your sexual needs and occasionally take you out on dates.”

“No, it’s not really dating, it’s more like an escort service. If you have to go someplace where you need to show up with a partner, you call one of our guys, and he’s your partner for the evening.”

“Okay, I think I understand.” I heaved a deep sigh. “So why did I need to know?”

“Because we want to sign you up.”

Stopped cold twice in a row. I looked hard at her, then around the room. I got up and started looking into corners, opening closets and cabinets, even the refrigerator.

“Nick, what are you doing?”

“Looking for Alan Funt.”

“I’m not kidding.”

“You have to be. I’m not wealthy or handsome or athletic or popular, and I’m as socially inept as they come. There’s no reason to choose me as a sorority boytoy.”

“Actually, there are two reasons.”

“Okay, I’ll bite. What are they?”

“One, you’re unattached. We won’t be taking you away from someone else.”

“And the other?”

“Sarah said you were terrific in bed.”

Stunned again. Sure as hell, my face was gonna freeze like that.

“Okay, assuming you’re telling the truth – you’re going to take Sarah’s word for it?”

“Absolutely not! You have to prove it.”

And yet another shock to the system!

“Mel, can you please just tell me everything so I can catch my friggin’ breath?”

She grinned. “Sorry. We tend to forget how this sounds to outsiders.” She stood up, started pacing. “If you agree to try out, six of the sisters will have to recommend you for inclusion in our group of guys. They’ll find out whether or not they like you by meeting you someday – usually pre-arranged – and having sex with you. Once you’re approved, that’s it. All the sisters will have access to your class schedule, so they’ll know when you’re available for – whatever they want. Oh, one thing I should ask you before we go any further. Do you have any problem with nudity?”

“Could you be a bit more specific?”

“We have an orgy three times a year. Some guys can’t handle being naked around other guys. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not really. Anyone who’s ever had PE has seen a bunch of naked guys.” I paused. “You did say an orgy?”

“Yes. The first one’s on Halloween night” – she grinned – “and you get to help us design our costumes. We’ve heard about you and Halloween.”

“And the other two?”

“Not determined yet. We’re considering May Day for one of the others, but we have our hands full planning for Halloween.”

“I think I have to sit down.”

Mel sat on the bed, patted the space beside her. “Come on over and have a seat.”

I sat down heavily beside her. “This isn’t some elaborate joke?”


“So what now?”

“Come over here and kiss me.”

I turned and looked her full in the face. She was smiling, a gentle smile, warm and inviting, and I felt something in me melt when I saw it. She pulled me close, met my mouth with her own, our lips clinging, our tongues gently exploring. I sighed – a long heartfelt sigh – and kissed her deeply, my hands now gliding up her back, feeling her warmth beneath my palms. I stroked my fingers over the bare flesh of her stomach – God, I love belly buttons! – and Mel’s was really cute. She moaned and stood up, sat back down on my lap, pulled herself tight against me. “This is better,” she said with a smile. I kissed and licked her neck – “I agree.” – and was rewarded with a moan. We sat there, just necking like a couple of teenagers. After a particularly intense tongue duel, she pulled away with a little gasp.

“I’m sorry. Am I going too fast?”

She stood up with a grin. “No way! No, I just want to get comfortable.” With that she unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. “Why don’t you do the same?”

I watched as she unbuttoned her shirt. “You’re sure you want to do this?” It fell away, revealing small but shapely breasts.

She gave me a smile, warm and sympathetic, but a little sad somehow. “Nick – take off your clothes.”

I did as I was told, then turned to look at Mel. She had very long legs – “all the way up to her neck”, is, I believe, the usual vernacular. Her stomach was as taut as a drum, decorated by that sexy little belly button. Her breasts were just about a handful each, topped with small but erect nipples. She looked me over as we sat on the bed.

“Okay, Nick, to be fair to you, I need to know – how long has it been?”

“Since Sarah?”

“Since you last had sex. Sex with your hand doesn’t count.”

I considered for a moment. “About four months”

“Okay. At four months, it’s not a sure thing, but to be safe, I think we should take the edge off first.”

I must have looked as baffled as I felt. “We need to make you cum, otherwise you might not last too long, and that’s going to count against you.” She lay down, turned on her side, stretched luxuriously like a jungle cat. “Roll over on your side, baby.”

I did, and she moved so that her face was just opposite my hard cock. She took me in her hand, stroked me loosely. “This time doesn’t count – just cum whenever you feel like it.”

With that, she began to kiss my cock and balls – slowly, taking her time, licking occasionally, stroking me up and down. There was no sense of urgency as she rubbed my cock against her breasts, teased her nipples with the head. For my part, I kissed her taut belly, teasing her belly button with my tongue, running one hand up the outside of her leg, squeezing her tight ass. Her body was muscular, her skin soft. She smiled in approval, then took the head of my cock in her mouth as I cupped her mound, teased a finger between her lips. She was sucking just the head, swirling it with her tongue, humming slightly, and the vibration moved down my shaft, making me harder still. Her lips opened and I slipped one finger between them, not entering her, just parting them farther. She cupped my balls and squeezed gently, continuing to suck and lick my cock. I could feel her heat, her wetness, but I saw no reason to rush things, so I continued to play with just the outside of her pussy, just barely parting her wet folds. Licking one finger, I drew it down the inside of one swollen lip, bringing an appreciative moan from my partner. This time she took about an inch more into her mouth while her fingernails glided over my balls. I parted her legs farther and kissed her inner thighs, moving from left to right, licking slowly, languorously, moving upwards towards her center. She rubbed my cock against her nipples again, watching my reaction. My reaction was to slowly lick the length of one swollen lip, tasting her wetness for the first time. It was like a drug, addictive, and I fought to keep myself from moving in and attacking her pussy with my mouth. Instead, I licked the other lip just as slowly, making her moan softly again. She had a soft musky taste that inflamed my senses, made me want more. I drew my tongue between her folds, probing a bit deeper, and she took three-quarters of my cock into her mouth, now moving up and gown, and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I came. It had been way too long since my cock had had any attention except for Hannah and her four sisters, and it was throbbing in her hot mouth. I gripped her ass to keep her tight against me and flicked my tongue against her clit. She gasped, and I did it again. With that, she plunged her mouth down my cock, taking the whole of it in her mouth till her lips were kissing my balls. I felt the warning tingle at the base of my balls and as I started to cum, I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, tongue-fucking her hard and fast. She was just a second behind me and exploded all over my face as I filled her mouth with what felt like a four-month backlog of scalding-hot cum. She never lost her grip on my shaft, but milked me till I could cum no more; I wrapped my mouth over her clit and licked and sucked and raked it with my teeth; her legs wrapped around my head like a nutcracker and I ate her sweet pussy till the last shudder worked its way down her spine and spilled itself into my mouth.

For a long moment, neither of us could move; our bodies were still humming with the overload from the amazing orgasm we’d shared. Mel was the first to move; she stretched her long lovely body over mine, fitting herself to me, and kissed me deeply, sharing the taste of our juices back and forth. She laid her head against my chest and smiled contentedly. I’m sure that my own expression must have been goofy in the extreme, for she laughed when she looked up and saw me. Her nakedness against mine felt so amazing, so erotic, so right - and a tiny piece of the pain that was always with me chipped away, disintegrated, was lost.

When she raised her head again, it was to kiss me, slowly and thoroughly, invading my mouth with her welcome tongue, exploring every nook and then wrapping itself around my tongue. My heart was pulsing again, as though it had lain dormant for these last four months and was only now awakening to life.

Mel wrapped her body around mine and smiled. “Rest up, Nicky. Next time’s the real test and you’d better be at full strength.” She smiled wickedly and dropped me a wink. “You’re going to need it.”

Two hours later, we were still talking.

“So, Nick – it seems like you’ve talked about Sarah a lot today. Who else have you been with – sexually, I mean?”

I rolled onto my side to look her in the face. “Mel – you’re my second.”


“It’s true.”

“Oh, shit.”

“That’s a bad thing?”

“It might be.” She turned on her side to look at me, her eyes searching my face. “Look, Nick, different girls like different things, y’know?”

“I’d no idea,” I said dryly.

“No, I mean, like – look, you said Sarah liked lots of foreplay, very gentle, right?”

“Yeah, right. So?”

“So all girls don’t like it that way. Some want to be pushed down on their knees and have a cock shoved in their mouths, or pushed over the bed and fucked hard with very little foreplay.”

“Mel – I think I knew that much. Some women like it rougher than Sarah did. That’s okay, I can handle that.”

“Really? Did you ever spank Sarah? Or did she ever spank you?”

“”No, that wasn’t her style.”

“Nick, you’re going to be fucking a lot of women. You’re going to have to adapt to their style, whatever it is. We have girls who like to be tied up and spanked. Some are going to want to tie you up and spank you. Girls who’re into whips and chains. Girls who’re into other girls, or who like threesomes with two guys. Some want you to shove your cock right down their throat, make them gag on it, while you’re pulling their hair. Some of our girls are going to want to fuck your ass with a vibrator or a strap-on. We even have some who want to watch you get it on with another guy while they make themselves cum with a dildo. I mean, you don’t have to cater to everyone, but the more styles you can adapt to, the better chance you have of getting into our stable and staying there.”

“Okay, relax, Mel. Just because I’ve never been exposed to a lot of this stuff doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it. Getting it on with a guy – that might take a lot of adapting, and I might never be able to do it, but as for the rest – ” I looked her in the eyes – “when I’m with a woman, I want to please her, to make her feel good. If a girl wants me to spank her and I can tell she’s getting off on it, then I can do it. Being spanked or ass-fucked myself – that would be harder, probably, but if she’s enjoying herself, well, that’s what I’m after. Besides, if you were doing any REAL harm, it’d be all over campus in a heartbeat.”

“Some of our girls use whips. Can you deal with that?”

“I don’t know. I’ll find out.” I met her eyes again. “Mel, I’m still a virgin in a lot of ways. The only way I’ll learn whether or not I’ll like something is to give it a try. I’ll try anything once, so long as it’s not actually illegal.”

A slow grin was spreading over her face. “Ooooh, you are going to be fun to play with!”

I smiled right back. “Yes, I think I will be.”

“And modest, too!”

“I’m told confidence is one of the sexiest things about a person, male or female. Well, not arrogance – ‘I’m God’s gift to women”, that kind of thing – that’s a turn-off. I know some girls with really sensational bodies who are so full of themselves that they seldom date the same guy twice – and it’s not by choice. I’m sure you know guys like that.”

She rolled her eyes. “Everyone knows guys like that. Girls, too.”

“Sarah told you I was good in bed. That’s a point in my favor, because she was a hell of a lover – and while you and I haven’t done much together yet, it seemed like you were enjoying yourself back there.”

Oh, yeah!”

“So I’m going to be the best lover I can be, for you and anyone else that decides to test-drive me, and I’m going to assume I’m going to be good enough to get in and stay in, experience or not.”

“Okay, stud,” she grinned. “Come over here and show me what you’re made of.”

“Your wish is my command,” I grinned.

I pulled her into my arms, feeling her warmth against me, her palm-size breasts against my chest, pricking me with her hard nipples. I kissed her, slowly and deeply, while my hands glided all over her warm curves. I was a little rough now and then – biting her throat hard, pinching and twisting a nipple hard enough to make her yelp – just for the sake of variety. Mostly, though, I teased, kissing… and kissing… and kissing… loving her mouth with mine, just because it felt good. We had all afternoon – all night, if we needed it; why be in a rush? I kissed her mouth, her cheeks, her eyelids; ran my tongue into her wet mouth, along her neck and shoulders, down her back. I caressed her small but sensitive tits, stroking and pinching her throbbing nipples. I cupped her sweet rounded ass, stroking, squeezing…. My lips found her breasts, licked and sucked her nipples, grazing them with my teeth. I licked and bit my way down her back; I kissed and bit her ass till she moaned, biting her lower lip. I parted her cheeks and snaked my tongue in between. I licked her asshole, loving the musky taste, let just the tip of tongue penetrate her there. Her toes curled and I pushed it farther into her ass, my tongue flickering like a snake’s. One finger probed the wetness between her thighs, curling inside her to stroke her G-spot and she jerked against me, her breath hissing between her teeth. I stroked my hands down her long lean thighs, parting her slender legs, and I pushed my face tight into her pussy.

Oh, God, I love to eat pussy…!

This wasn’t about getting into Sigma Eps’ stable. This was about giving and receiving pleasure, seeing the look on her face, hearing her cries and moans and gasps, feeling the tiny shudders wrack her body. And she tasted so damn good…! Like a gourmet hot chocolate (I don’t drink wine), hot and sweet, a taste to overpower the mind and drown the senses… I could have eaten her all night long, kept her coming back to the edge, over and over, and part of me wanted to; but the other part wanted to do this again, and teasing alone wasn’t going to cut it. So I gently finger-fucked her while I ate her out – first one finger – then another. I licked her clit, so slowly… dragging nearly the full length of my tongue over it before teasing it mercilessly with just the tip. She was jerking, moaning, twitching, her sweet sexy body in total synch with my fingers and mouth. I eased my fingers out of her pussy so I could attack it with my mouth, licking and sucking frantically. Her back arched and she was squeezing her breasts hard, twisting her nipples. I stopped being gentle and tongue-fucked her hard and fast. Her voice became a high, keening wail and as I sensed her climax approaching, I slipped my middle finger deep into her tight ass.

Her eyes opened wide, she took in a hard breath and screamed and screamed and screamed, her juices drenching my face, and I swallowed every gush – not least because I didn’t want to drown! I worked her pussy and clit with my mouth and her ass with my finger until her convulsions eased; then I slowly eased my finger out of her and kissed her thighs until she purred….

I came up to lie beside her again, gathered her into my arms and kissed her, letting her taste herself on my lips. Her kisses were like liquid fire and she held me tight against her glorious soft nakedness. My cock was throbbing between us as she nipped at my neck, but I was content to wait until she was ready for more.

Good things come to those who wait….

Fortunately for my libido, I didn’t have to wait long.

Mel slithered a hand between us and curled her fingers gently around my hardness. She gave me a firm squeeze, then began stroking me loosely, just with her fingers. Her hand was so soft, and it felt soooo good…! I raised an internal eyebrow when I realized that Mel knew how to tease, too!

She uncoiled her body from mine and used both hands on me now – one stroking my cock, the other my balls. It was slow, unhurried… amazingly sensual. She kissed me, cock and balls, not using her tongue, only her lips… she took a handful of her hair and stroked me with it, so gently…. She took my cock in her hand, stroked it against her breasts, her hard nipples and I throbbed and pulsed with every caress. Finally she lowered her mouth to my cock and began to lick. From the base to the head, kissing and licking… circling the head with her tongue, over and over… taking just the head between her lips and sucking lightly. It was wonderful and sexy and utterly maddening. It took all the restraint I had to keep myself in check. I wanted to take her face between my hands, push my cock into her mouth balls-deep and fuck her mouth until I erupted down her throat. She would have let me, too, and thoroughly enjoyed it – but it wouldn’t have said much for my patience or endurance – so I lay back instead and enjoyed all the wonderful things Mel was doing to me. When she finally took me fully into her mouth, it was incredible – so wet and slippery and hot, and she controlled every shiver and shudder and spasm of my cock. Her hands were cupping my balls between them, and she was using only her mouth on my throbbing shaft. She sucked me deeply, licked me like an ice cream cone, teased me with hot little darts of her tongue. She licked and sucked my balls, kissed them, slowly swiped her tongue against the perineum, trying my endurance. One finger found its way between my ass cheeks and she teased me there, just pushing gently. She told me to lie on my stomach and then she lay on top of me and slowly slid the full length of her body down mine. She pushed my legs apart and stroked my cock while she licked and sucked my balls, one finger playing with my ass again. Then she kissed her way up my back, rubbing her breasts against me on the way and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“I want you to cum now, Nicky.” Her tongue licked behind my ear, her voice was a silken purr. “You’ve shown me you can hold back; now I want you to give me everything you have.”

She kissed her way back down my back again – stopping to bite my ass, hard! I yelped and when I turned, she gave me an impish grin. “Turn over.”

I turned onto my back and she knelt between my legs. Again she took my balls between her cupped palms. She licked them gently, sucked one into her mouth and circled it with her tongue; then she did the same with the other. There are no words to describe how sensitive my cock was now, or how hard I was. It was like my previous orgasm had only been a rehearsal, and that I still had four months’ worth of pent-up lust to work through. Her tongue licked a trail of fire up my pulsing shaft till it reached the purple head. She gave me a crooked grin. “Cum for me, Nicky.”

Then she took me deep, deeper than she’d taken me before. She licked and sucked and bit, slammed me into her slippery throat again and again and again, swallowing my cock, and I erupted like a fire hose, cumming and cumming and cumming, filling her mouth till she couldn’t swallow it all. She took everything I had to give, draining me into her mouth, her throat, and when she had taken it all, she let me slip from her mouth. Cum ran from the corners of her mouth, decorated the inner surface of her lips and she gave me a wicked smile. She crawled up on top of me and gave me a deep kiss, giving me a taste of my juices, and I cleaned her lips with my tongue, wrapped it around hers and our lips remained locked until not a drop remained.

She licked a finger and drew two hash marks in the air. “Two out of three, lover,” she said happily. “One more and I sign off on your membership, and you’ve got your first sponsor.”

“But before you do that, you’re going to need some rest. Let’s grab a quick nap, and when we get up, we can complete your testing.”

I woke when Mel’s lips brushed mine. I looked up and she was smiling above me. I pulled her face down to mine again and kissed her thoroughly for a good long time.

“Damn, Nick,” she said. “You sure love to kiss.”

“Late bloomer,” I said, grinning. “I went through high school and half of college without ever kissing anyone, and now I’m just making up for lost time.”

“Mmmmmm,” she smiled. “I think I’d like to spend some night just necking with you until I’m crazy to fuck you, and then I’d just shag your ass off” – she grinned wickedly – “but that’s another night.” She gave me that slightly sad smile again. “I want to fuck you now, Nicky. This test is simple; you fuck me, and you make me cum as many times as you can before you do. No rest periods, no vibrators, no dildos, no fingers – just your cock. You’re allowed a couple of position changes, but you have to get back inside me as quick as possible.” She produced a tube of lube. “A little extra lube to make sure I stay nice and slick for you the whole time, and I’m ready whenever you are.”

I watched her squeeze a little lube onto her fingers and I watched as she spread her legs wide and slipped them deep into her pussy. She gave a tiny shiver at the chill of the lube, but then she began to finger-fuck herself slowly, smiling at me, letting me watch. My cock was hard as steel and I watched as she did it again with more lube; this time, as her fingers left her lovely cunt, she dragged the tip of one finger over her clit. I watched her circle the stiffened nub, lubing it well, her eyes half-closed, moaning quietly. Then she looked and her eyes met mine. Her legs were still spread wide and I feasted my eyes on their length, and on the treasure between them.

“Missionary okay to start with?,” she asked and I nodded. She held her legs apart with a hand on each ankle and I leaned in and kissed her softly, my tongue making love with hers. I backed up a bit. I wanted to eat her, but I wasn’t sure if that would disqualify me; besides, if I made it into the Sigma Eps stable, I could eat her on a regular basis. The thought added another degree of hardness to my shaft. I came closer and lowered my hips to hers; my chest just brushed her nipples, and I slowly eased the full length of my dick into her wet pussy for the first time.

It was amazing. Mel was silken steel, hot and slippery and tight. Her muscles clenched involuntarily as I slowly filled her, stopping just short of her cervix. I experienced an immediate tremor and held myself absolutely still as it shuddered through me. We played for awhile, me flexing my cock deliberately within her and her clenching down on it.

It was bliss, and there was better to come. I began to fuck her slowly, pulling almost out and then giving her my full length with each thrust. I rotated my hips in tight circles, letting the head of my cock explore her depths as I pulled back. I pushed into her all the way again, my groin tight against hers, and I flexed within her again. I held it there, tight against her, within her as I kissed her mouth and squeezed her breasts. I rocked within her, moving just slightly, concentrating my mouth on her lips, her throat, her nipples, pinching them lightly, stretching them… rocking… rocking…. She was wetter now, her own hot juices mixing with the lube. Her hips writhed against me and she made little sounds deep in her throat. I wanted so badly to slam into her hard and fast, to give her pleasure and pain in the same thrust, but I wouldn’t have lasted ten thrusts that way. So I pulled back an inch and then slid home again. Another inch, and back. Each time I pulled back farther, and each time I slid in deep. My cock was swollen so much it ached, and the head was grazing her cervix now. My lower lip was clamped beneath my teeth, hanging on to my control. Mel was moving her hips now, rolling them in circles, her long legs wrapping around my waist to pull me in deep and hold me tight.

I picked up the pace a little and she responded enthusiastically, moaning and pulling me in faster, writhing her hips into me. I was pounding her cervix now, and her voice was hoarse and ragged as she moaned. I leaned back, still thrusting, and she used her arms to move forward with me… slowly… slowly… until she was on top of me. Mel must really have wanted me to make the “team” because she too was going slow, lifting almost off of me and then driving down hard. This position gave me better access to her breasts and I teased them, circling her nipples lightly with the palms of my hands until she clenched my hands tight around her tits, making me squeeze them hard. I twisted her nipples hard and she squealed, slamming down on my cock again – and she came, wailing. I grabbed her hips and stabbed upward, ramming hard into her softness, over and over, and she came again, her head thrown back in a soundless scream. I rocked gently beneath her as she came down, her breath sighing in and out….

After a moment, she leaned down (careful to keep my cock within her) and gave me her mouth. God… she kept her hips moving, taking me in and out at a nice regular pace, one that wasn’t likely to cause me to explode prematurely, and I took advantage of the leisure to explore her mouth thoroughly with lips and tongue, my nails tickling down her back, squeezing her round ass, then lightly grazing them back up. I kissed and licked her throat, nipping occasionally, my fingers combing through the softness of her hair. Our hips never ceased moving, now thrusting in and out, now circling, now rocking… just enough to keep me hard. I teased her ass with the tips of my fingers, just dragging them gently over her skin, and she hitched in a breath. My mouth came back to hers and my hands went to her breasts, stretching her nipples just a bit… The softness of her pussy massaged my aching cock as she alternately clenched and released around me. I leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“I think it’s time for one of those position changes, don’t you?”

She nodded and waited for instructions.

“Climb off me and lie flat, legs straight out.”

I moaned quietly as she lifted off my cock. It felt almost cold after the warmth of her snug pussy.

“Raise your legs, straight up, like you’re trying to make an L.”

She did as she was told and I moved in closer… I cupped her ass and lifted her to the proper level – then I slid into her deep, holding her legs up against my chest. I slid forward to fill her completely and I heard a tiny whimper come from her throat. I held her there, just for a moment, then began to fuck her slowly, deeply, giving her every inch with every thrust – pausing at the end of each thrust to let her feel the head of my swollen cock push against her cervix – then easing almost completely out, only to give her my length again. There was nothing wrong with my upper-body strength, so I could keep this up for a while…. My endurance was another matter, but I was going slow deliberately. Her pussy clamped down tight on my cock as I pulled back, as if reluctant to relinquish it… God, she was tight, and still horny as hell! Strangled groans were coming from both of us, and now, I think, there was no doubt – she wanted me to win this round, but she wasn’t willing to just give me the victory – she wanted me to earn it. I talked to her (when I was capable of forming words), telling her how good she was, how sweet her pussy felt, how tight and wet and hot… I teased her mind while my cock teased her pussy and she purred – then I gripped her ass hard and drove into her, hard and fast, deep, deep… I felt her cum almost immediately, drenching my cock with her juices and I took her, hard and mercilessly. She was taking me hard, too, scissoring her legs around my waist to pull me in as deep as she could, demanding the best I could give her and not satisfied with less. She came again, and then again, her voice rising to a shriek. I froze inside her then, on the razor’s edge of cumming myself. I held my breath as her pussy clamped and clenched on me, milked my cock and I groaned as I tried to hold it in. The moment froze and lengthened… and I just managed to hold it in by the skin of my teeth.

I lowered her slowly, slipping back into her, holding my breath… I wasn’t going to be able to hold back again; the next time was going to be the last time, so I breathed deep, did the multiplication tables, thought of England… and finally came back from the edge. Mel rocked till I took the hint and we rolled over onto our sides, still connected at the groin.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “You know I’m going to regret this in the morning.”

“That bad?”

She snorted. “No, I’m going to be that sore! I love to fuck, but geez, Nick, I don’t usually go at it this hard within this short a space of time! I like things to be a bit more leisurely under normal circumstances….”

“Well, if I make it into the club, we can see how things go – under normal circumstances.”

“I think I’d like that… fuck, I’m getting sore already. I’m good for just about one more orgasm. You?”

“I think I might be able to handle it… maybe.”

“Want to change position again?”

“How do you feel about doggy-style?”

“That’s just my favorite position in the whole wide world!,” she grinned.

“Are you okay with cheating, just a bit?”

Her eyes narrowed. “Cheating how?”

“Call me crazy, but I don’t see how it can do any harm to take just a little bit longer so we can use some more lube.”

She nodded vigorously. “OH, yeah! Don’t get me wrong, lover, but I need more lube or I’m gonna really hurt tomorrow!”

I smiled. “Want me to do the honors?”

She winced. “Don’t get me wrong, Nick, but you don’t know where the soreness is.”

“You know, we could stop right now. We don’t have to do it again.”

“But you haven ‘t cum yet!”

“Sure I did – earlier, in your mouth. That’s more than I’ve had in four months.”

She smiled. “That’s sweet – but you know something? I’m not going to feel like this is over until I feel you cum in me. It makes it feel – I dunno, complete, you know?”

I grinned. “Not like I’m gonna complain!”

She slapped my ass with a mock-scowl. “Get your ass up and get me that lube!”

Walking was an interesting proposition, but I made it and gave her the lube. She squirted a generous amount onto her fingers and began to carefully work it into her pussy, wincing now and again. For my part, I used some to lube up my cock. No such thing as too much lube….

When she was ready, Mel got on her hands and knees and winked over her shoulder at me. “Okay, partner, I’m ready. Get in the saddle and ride me hard!”

“Yes, ma’am.” I knee-walked over, feeling the strain in my thighs and eased my cock into her slippery cunt. I slid in easily on a cushion of lube and Mel gasped. I stopped, my cock throbbing, aching to cum. My earlier offer had been sincere, but I was just as glad she’d turned it down. We stayed like that till the sensitivity eased up a bit – then I gripped her hips and fucked her hard and fast, slamming her deep. She came immediately and I was right behind her, feeling a torrent of my juices gushing into her, filling her, dripping down her thighs… we fucked hard, like animals, disdaining the pain for the pleasure; we took everything the other had to give and worked to get more, more! Mel’s pussy, sore or not, was like a strong slippery hand, and it pulled and tugged and squeezed until it felt like I wouldn’t be able to cum again for another four months…!

When we came back to ourselves, we were wrapped around each other any old way and my face was wet with tears. There was a tremulous smile on her face, something besides the results of a good, or even great orgasm.

It wasn’t that Mina liked doing homework, but she did like spending time with Kana, her college roommate. Mina had worried about room-mate assignments: it was her first semester, first time away from home, first time she was responsible for absolutely everything. But Kana was great. Even though they were so different: Mina had always been a hard worker, serious and diligent (despite the fact that most schoolwork came easy to her). She was quiet and reserved, almost shy. If she thought about it at all, she might attributed her character to being the only daughter of a somewhat domineering father and younger sister to a favoured son.

Kana however was outgoing and vivacious; within the first two weeks of the semester, she seemed to know everyone, been invited everywhere and become involved in all sorts of extra-curricular activities. While Mina was pretty enough—slender and fit—Kana’s generous smile and generally bouncy personality seemed to imbue her innate good looks with something extra: it may have been sexiness. Kana was very frank too; although she didn’t go out of her way to curse, she wasn’t embarrassed by hearing—or using—four-letter words. And while they’d never discussed it specifically, Mina was pretty sure that Kana was not a virgin, as she was.

But Kana was not a great student. Oh, she was smart enough, but just didn’t think that class-work was the most important part of the college experience. Kana was there to learn about life, and if the courses helped, fine; if they got in the way, they could easily be dispensed with. Mina was happy to help her; with another girl, Mina might have felt as if she were being taken advantage of, but she could tell that for all her general sociability, Kana really liked her. So when they were teamed up on a big project for their Western Civ-101 class, Mina was glad to help.

And Kana certainly needed all the help she could get.

“I just don’t get the point,” she would say. “It all happened so long ago—who cares?”

Mina tried to explain the “point” of history, but didn’t push it. Kana mightn’t have been convinced of the theory, but she was a team-player and willing to do her share of the work; she might have expressed a cavalier attitude to grades and classes, but she was determined to make a success of her college career as well.

When the first term break came up, Mina was a little worried about their project. “Will you be able to work on this when you go home?” she asked Kana.

“Oh, I’m not going home this break,” she said. “My family are out of the country and I couldn’t bear to be home alone for that long weekend. None of my old friends will be around either.”

“You’ll be here alone though, no?”

“Looks like,” Kana said resignedly. “It’s going to be pretty quiet in the dorm, huh? Maybe I actually can get some work done. Or maybe not,” she giggled.

Mina was a little disturbed. Not that Kana wouldn’t be working on the project; that could be overcome. She just hated to see her friend all alone, especially someone as social as Kana. That evening after dinner, Mina phoned her father and asked if she could bring a guest for the weekend. When she explained the situation, her father readily acquiesced.

“We could get some work done if we spent the weekend together,” Mina said as they were getting ready for bed. Kana unhooked her bra and massaged her breasts; she was very comfortable with nudity and though Mina had to hide her discomfort at first, she’d gradually become used to it and even felt free to go without a robe herself, something she hadn’t ever done in the past.

“You’d stay here with me?” Kana asked.

“No, I was thinking you could come home with me. I’ve already asked my father and he agreed. I’d be honoured to have you visit my home.”

“And I’d be honoured to accept,” Kana replied, with a tear forming in her eye. She went to Mina and hugged her. “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s done for me in a long time,” she said. “You really are a good friend, Mina.”

Mina returned her hug and felt a strange sensation course through her body as her arms touched Kana’s naked shoulders and back. Since Mina was still in her bra and panties, it didn’t register that the other girl’s breasts were touching hers. A strange sensation, yes, and new; but inexplicably pleasurable.

Trying to minimize the obvious generosity of the gesture, Mina said that she was only concerned about the project, but her broad smile betrayed her attempt to act the grind. Kana certainly wasn’t buying it: she kissed Mina on the lips and smacked her bum playfully. Mina was too young and inexperienced to comprehend the frisson she was feeling.

Over the next few days the girls made preparations for their weekend at Mina’s. Kana demanded to know everything about Mina’s household, about her stern father and obnoxious older brother.

“Oh yeah, Akira acts like the ‘big man on campus’, the big stud. He’s a super-jock, on all the sports teams. And he always has a bimbo hanging off him.”

“I bet he’s got a big cock, huh?” Kana asked.

“Kana!” Mina blurted. “How should I know that?”

“You mean you’ve never seen him naked?” she asked, incredulously.

“Of course not. Nor would I want to,” Mina replied, offended.

“Not even a little curious?” she taunted, enjoying Mina’s discomfort. “I know I’d be checking him out.”

“Well you may if you get the opportunity. But he’s my brother.” And then she added, somewhat wistfully, “I’ve never seen any boy naked. Except for the little kids I minded while baby-sitting, of course.”

“Well we’ll have to fix that situation, sister,” Kana said with a wink.

That Friday evening when they arrived at Mina’s home, they were greeted by her parents with great enthusiasm and warmth. Kana indeed felt humbled and honoured by her treatment, and enjoyed the meal prepared by Mina’s mother. She also quite enjoyed flirting with Akira, which caused Mina to blush profusely. Kana found him even better than Mina described: tall and muscled, his tight t-shirt hinted at a well-formed chest and abdomen; his slender hips and shapely butt were clad in tight faded jeans.

Akira seemed immune to Kana’s flirts, however, and as the dinner conversation covered a variety of topics and events, it slowly dawned on Kana that the boy was a bit dim. She remembered Mina referring to his “bimbo” girlfriends; it seemed appropriate somehow. Akira excused himself before the dessert was finished, saying he was off on a date. The girls helped Mina’s mother clean the table and clean the kitchen and they had just joined her father in the television room when he rose and announced that he and his wife had an engagement with friends across town.

“You girls will of course be able to entertain yourselves, I’m sure,” he said almost apologetically. “We should be back around midnight,” her mother said as they left the house. The girls slumped into the sofa in front of the television set, idly flipping through the channels, settling on nothing.

“I’m a terrible hostess,” Mina said. “You’re bored, don’t deny it. I’m bored, myself—you must be going crazy.”

“So, let’s do something. Something naughty,” Kana said with a sly grin.

“You’re terrible!” Mina laughed, but added, “What do you have in mind?”

“Let’s go through your brother’s things and see what incriminating stuff we can find. I bet he’s got a cache of things that would embarrass the hell out of him if found.”

“No, no! That’s awful!” she giggled. “We couldn’t. We shouldn’t.”

“We should…I bet he’s got all sorts of porn. Imagine the goofy look on his face if you dropped the name of his favourite DVD! Come on, let’s go.” Kana ran up stairs to the bedrooms with Mina close behind her; they listened at Akira’s door, and slowly squeaked the door open in spite of knowing the boy was out. Mina went to peer out the window; she was nervous. But Kana went straight to his dresser and opened the bottom drawer: “It’s always in the bottom drawer,” she said. “So obvious.” And after shifting her hand under the sweaters and hoodies, she cried out: “Bingo.”

She took out a large manila envelope with a broken clasp and dumped the contents on the bed: three DVDs and a two-year-old Hustler magazine spilled out. Kana picked up the discs and glanced at the titles: Barely Legal Cum Sluts (5), Girls Gone Wild—Spring Break ’06, Sapphic Explosion 8: Asian Edition.

“Kind of disappointing,” Kana said, noticing that Mina was paging through the Hustler. “I guess with all the porn on the Internet, there’s not much need to keep hard-copies, huh? See anything you like?”

Mina swallowed hard, unsure of how to answer. She’s stopped at a photo-spread depicting an absurdly large-breasted blonde in various positions with two guys wielding extraordinarily large cocks.

“Are they all like that?” Mina asked softly.

Kana laughed. “Oh god, no. Those are monsters—you’ll probably never find such a thing in real life. But seriously, you never saw a hard-on before? I can’t believe it! My sheltered sister.” Kana kissed Mina’s lips and once again there was that inexplicably pleasant feeling. But she also noticed that she was damp between her legs and embarrassed, hoping Kana couldn’t tell.

Just then they heard the loud putt-putting of the tuned exhaust system of Akira’s car revving in the driveway. “Quick!” Mina yelled, and Kana scooped up the DVDs and magazine, slipping them back into the envelope and back into under the sweatshirts in the bottom drawer.

“Leave the light on, leave the light on,” Kana said in a whispered cry as they heard the front door open, “He’ll never remember he turned it off.” Mina gave the bed-spread a quick tug to hide the wrinkles and then noticed a last DVD on floor which must have slid off the bed. With no time to get it back in the drawer, she slipped the disc into the back of her jeans just as Akira was climbing the stairs. Kana was in her room, sitting on the bed, laughing uncontrollably.

“You’re home early,” Mina said flatly. “What happened to your date?”

“Mind your own business,” he barked back. “Becky’s coming over and I don’t want you telling Mom or Dad, hear me? Just because you’re back for a weekend doesn’t mean I have to rearrange my life.”

“Don’t worry,” Mina replied, backing into her room so the disc wouldn’t be seen, “You’ll have your privacy.” She shut the door and turned to Kana, bulging out her eyes and bursting into laughter as she fell on the bed besides her. “You missed one! This was on the floor! He’d have surely known…Oh my god, that was awful!”

The girls laughed and then Kana picked up the disc: Sapphic Explosion 8: Asian Edition. “At least it’s a good one. Wanna watch it?”

Mina hadn’t seen the title and asked naively, “Will there be large dicks?”

Kana laughed. “Not in this one, Mina. It’s all girls, silly,” she said tossing the cover back across the bed.

“All girls? Really? Why would he have something like this? Gay women?” She studied the cover, decorated with pretty petite Asian women who looked much like her roommate or herself.

“You’d be surprised at the things boys like,” Kana said. They heard a car door slam and Kana jumped up, turned out the light and went to the window. “Who is it?” she asked. Mina looked out the window and saw a busty blonde come up the walk and disappear under the porch roof.

“I don’t know,” she said, “but she’s not Asian. Our father would be annoyed.” The doorbell rang and they heard Akira bounce down the stairs to the front door.

“Quick,” Kana said, grabbing her jacket, “Let’s go. Tell him we’re going out for a while.”

“What? Where?” Mina yelped, animated by her friend’s excitement and collecting her own jacket.

“Just follow me. Tell him we’ll be back in a few hours.”

The girls went down the stairs and saw Akira kissing the blonde in the foyer. Mina coughed discretely to attract their attention and then said the line Kana had given her. Kana eyed the girl contemptuously as Akira led her by the hand to the stairs. “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, sis,” he said, eliciting a giggle from the blonde as they disappeared up the stairs.

Mina opened the front door but Kana eased her aside and shut it again, with some force. “Okay, now,” she whispered, holding her index finger before he lips and indicating for Mina to go back to her room. They crept quickly and quietly up the stairs and closed the door, laughing silently in the dark. Kana slipped off her jacket and started to get undressed and indicated for Mina to do the same. When they were down to their bras and panties, Mina asked, “Now what?”

“Now we listen,” Kana said, with a smile. “I bet we’ll hear them fucking soon.” They heard music coming from the boy’s room and could make out voices but not what was being said. Mina got on her hands and knees and put her ear to the wall between the rooms. Kana looked at her tight little butt in the air and involuntarily licked her lips before kneeling next to her. She draped one arm across Mina’s lower back and wondered what it would be like to have sex with her.

“Listen to this!” Mina hissed, “He’s asking her to suck him.”

Kana put her ear to the wall as well. That’s it, baby, suck it good. You make me so hard She felt the moisture forming between her legs, and glanced at Mina who was lost in rapt attention.

“I wish I could see her sucking him,” Kana said softly. “I can’t believe you’ve never seen his cock. This is making me wet.”

Mina gulped and whispered, “Me too.” You like that, don’t you, bitch. Like me fingering you while you suck my huge dick. Come here and sit on my face. Mina gasped. “He’s going to lick her pussy,” she hissed.

Nice, baby. I’m glad you shaved for me. “I wish someone would lick my cunt,” Kana said. “I’m really getting wet.”

Mina merely whispered again, “Me too.” She turned and looked at her friend. “What do you think that means? ‘Shaved for him’. Shaved her legs?”

Kana giggled at Mina’s innocence. “She shaved her pussy, silly. Don’t you?”

“I never have,” she replied. “Do you do it?”

Kana sat back and spread her legs. The fabric of her panties was damp when she pulled it aside to let Mina gaze upon her hairless pussy. Mina swallowed hard, her eyes locked on Kana’s pussy, the labia puffy and glazed with oozing juice. She reached her hand out towards her friend and then stopped and looked into her eyes. “Can I touch it?” she asked.

“God, yes, someone better touch me,” Kana said. “But I want to touch yours too.”

Mina leaned forward and ran her fingers lightly over the slick flesh between Kana’s legs; she touched all around the perimeter and wished she could peel off Kana’s panties altogether. “You’re so wet,” Mina said with some disbelief; without asking for further permission, she inserted her finger between Kana’s labia and touched her clit. Kana moaned and sighed. She looked into Mina’s eyes and said, “I want you,” as she leaned forward to kiss her. She slipped her tongue into Mina’s mouth who responded with enthusiasm. Mina’s finger was still rubbing her clit as she reached around and unhooked the clasps on her bra, letting it fall between them. She massaged Mina’s nipples: hard and begging to be sucked.

“Let me see you,” Kana said, and Mina stood up and removed her panties. Little droplets of moisture glistened on the stiff, black pubic hairs which covered her mound. All her modesty and reticence melted away in lust. Kana removed her bra and panties and stood to take Mina in her arms. Their breasts pushed together as their tongues once again found each other. Mina was surprised when Kana thrust her fingers into her dripping quim, but accepted her gratefully. No one had ever touched her there before and she was so excited. This was much better than any time she’d ever masturbated. She began lightly thrusting her hips against Kana’s hand, hoping she’d push her fingers even deeper.

Kana kissed her neck and shoulders before allowing her tongue to dance across Mina’s nipples. It wasn’t possible for them to be stiffer and Kana began to suck hard on one, pinching the other between the fingers of her free hand even as she kept the others churning in Mina’s pussy. “Oh, god,” Mina gasped, “Oh. My. God.”

Kana turned her slightly and pushed her down onto the bed, leaving her legs dangling over the end. She brought the fingers dripping with Mina’s juice to her mouth and slowly licked them all around, like she might an ice-cream cone, before inserting them into her mouth. Mina gasped as she watched, and began stroking her clit.

“Tasty,” Kana said. “I knew you would be.” She wasted no time falling to her knees and lowering her face to Mina’s dripping cunt. She pushed away Mina’s fingers roughly and sucked her clit between her lips causing Mina to moan loudly. “Shush!” Kana said before diving back to attack her cunt and Mina bit down on her hand to stifle herself. She was writhing beneath Kana who reached a hand up to stroke and pinch her nipple; she was close to orgasm now. She felt it building and was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to control her moans and whimpers. She wanted to cry out.

Kana could sense it too. She locked her lips around Mina’s clit and slipped two fingers into her gaping cunt. That was just what was needed to send her over the edge: Mina began bucking her hips off the bed, twisting and turning her body, thrashing on the bed. Beads of sweat had formed on her brow; her hair was moist and tousled. It was the most intense orgasm of her life.

Kana felt as though she was on fire. She too was sweating and the carpet under where she’d knelt was damp with the juice that had dripped from her cunt. Mina’s juice coated her face. She climbed up on the bed, straddling the other girl and kissed her roughly, fairly wiping her face on Mina’s lips while grinding their pussies together. They didn’t talk, merely looked into each other’s eyes and Mina nodded. Kana slid her body up and lowered her cunt to her friend’s face, thrilled at the feel of her tongue gently, tentatively probing her hole. Although she was in a near frenzy to come, she realised Mina would need to be nurtured, her inexperience with any sex meant she couldn’t be rushed.

But as she had been all her life, Mina proved to be a quick study. Her hands went to Kana’s ass, kneading the soft flesh and encouraging her to thrust harder against her mouth. She loved the feeling and taste of Kana’s cunt against her face, and revelled in the little gasps she could cause when her tongue glanced across her hard clit. And when she touched Kana’s asshole with her fingertips and the girl ground her pussy down on her mouth, she knew she’d found a clue to making her orgasm. Mina pushed up on her ass cheeks and licked around the opening of her ass, causing Kana to moan louder and rock her hips faster and faster.

Indeed, Kana was coming, hard. With Mina’s tongue laving her ass, her clit throbbed, sending jolts of electricity through her womb. The spasm wracked her body and she felt a gush of fluid escape her pussy, drenching Mina’s face as she collapsed in a heaving heap.

“Wow,” Kana panted, “you’re a real natural. I can’t believe this is the first time you’ve ever had sex with a girl.”

Mina slid up next to her. “It’s the first time I’ve ever had sex with anyone,” she purred. “I’d always been too shy, too afraid of getting pregnant…too everything.” She cuddled with Kana. “So I guess this means I’m a lesbian, huh?”

“It means you’re horny, Mina—plain and simple,” she laughed. “But it’s good to know you don’t need a stupid boy to have fun, isn’t it? That’s what I like most about girly sex. Boys can be such jerks, though I have to admit there’s nothing like getting fucked with a nice hard cock.”

“Well I’m just happy if I don’t have to deal with that at all. At least not for a while.” She kissed Kana. “But I hope we can do this again.” Then they heard some moaning and yelps from the room next door. Both had completely forgotten about Akira and his girlfriend. “Stupid boys,” Mina said, causing them to giggle.

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