Sometimes life is easy, sometimes life is hard. At least that’s what I’ve experienced so far.

Life was good growing up, I had good friends, nice parents, got a decent education, even was lucky enough to meet the right woman and convince her to marry me.

Then, we had two sons, I had a good job, so all was just great.

Well, yes, it was. So far. I’ll be brief…cancer.

So, now life became hard. Two young boys to raise, that’s hard enough but, of course, a large hole was left in my heart that just doesn’t really ever quite go away.

But, any way, I had two sons and a job to handle as well, so I stayed pretty busy. Don’t get the idea that my life was one of gloom and sorrow, no, there were plenty of times when things went quite well. The boys grew up well, got good grades and gave me little difficulty.

I had finally gotten one into college, he helped himself nicely by getting some serious scholarship money and he was a junior when Jake, the younger, also went away on a scholarship of his own.

I’d been so busy, for so many years, that, now that I was on my own, now living at home by myself, I felt the pangs of the solo life and began looking around for female companionship.

It didn’t turn out hard to do, I soon met a lovely woman, Betty, a few years younger than I am, she’s thirty-seven, I’m forty-four, and we quickly hit it off.

She was fun and nice and interesting, all good things, and she was particularly attractive. Slender and trim, she stood five-four and had short curly brunette hair. As I got to know her better, much better, I can tell you that she is flawless naked. She may be in her upper thirties but her breasts are firm and high, each tipped with a small, light pink nipple.

The first time I got her naked (third date, more about that in a minute), I learned that the only hair on her body was what you saw on her head, she was bare and smooth everywhere below.

Any way, I’ll skip to the third date, she’d invited me over to her house for a lovely homemade supper and after it was over and we’d cleaned up, she simply asked me what I’d like to do. I told her whatever she wanted and she just went and said, “Well, honestly, Frank, I’d like to go to bed.”

For a split second, yes, my mind thought, ‘Well, she’s tired…’, but then I realized I was getting an invitation to a much more intimate evening than I had planned on.

It was her grin that made me realize what she was suggesting.

“I would be most pleased to accompany you, if I may.”

“You certainly may, I would even insist if I thought I had to,” and she took my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom.

She lit some candles around the room, then came to me and said she wanted to undress me so I stood there as she unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off, then knelt down to slip off my loafers and socks, then loosened my belt, zipped my fly down and pulled my pants off leaving me in my boxers.

Her hand went to the bulge within and gripped it.

“Well, well, look what I found, let’s see what’s inside,” she chuckled and she pulled my undershorts to the floor and took my cock in her hand and slipped her lips over the head and began sucking as I felt her tongue wetly rubbing circles around and around.

She looked up, smiled, let go of me and stood up.

“Now, you do me, Frank,” and stood there as I slowly took her clothes off kissing her as I went.

As I pulled down her panties, sexy, black lace ones, I leaned forward and kissed her beautiful, plump, bare pussy, then taking several licks in its crevice, I had my first taste of her intimate juices.

I stood up and she took my cock, led me to her bed and pulled the covers back, then we got in and embraced and kissed and felt one another.

Now, Betty might be thirty-eight but she looked somewhat younger, like, thirty or so. Her body was tight and firm and her skin was smooth and flawless.

I began kissing her neck and shoulders, taking my time as she held and stroked my cock and was soon down between her legs giving her the first of many orgasms she’s had since. We made love twice, the second time, she seemed more relaxed and looser about it and I began to see just how sexy and uninhibited this woman really was.

That started our sex which was phenomenal, just the best I’d ever experienced. Betty was a very imaginative lover, simply wonderful.

So, we were dating steadily as the holidays began to roll around. I heard from Jake that he would be headed home for the winter break but Josh, my older son, told me he was off on a skiing holiday in Switzerland, lucky fellow.

It was nice having Jake home, of course, hearing all about his experiences in college, but most of my nights were with Betty. After all, the sex, like I said, was phenomenal.

Betty had Jake and I over for Christmas dinner and we had a great time. Betty and I were talking about our supper plans for New Year’s Eve and that we had nine o’clock reservations but planned to be home for the midnight toasting with a special bottle of Champagne I’d bought.

“Oh, I may be hanging out at home New Year’s Eve, too, Dad,” my son told me, “just some buddies from college, Dad.”

Well, I figured that Betty and I can take our bottle of bubbly to the hot tub, get nice and naked and toast in the New Year while Jake and his buds get plowed watching the ball drop on TV. So, that was set.

We got home about eleven-fifteen and there were several cars parked out front so we rolled into the garage and went in the house.

As we walked through the great room toward the covered patio where the hot tub was, we began seeing piles of clothes here and there, one with a bra folded on the top. “Well, well,” I told Betty as I pointed.

I slid open the slider and there was Jake, in the hot tub, with three naked girls, all of them holding beers in their hands.

“Oh, so these are your buddies?” I asked.

“Yeah, Dad, you make great buddies in college. This is Mandy, she’s Sarah and this is Janie. And before you say anything, Janie is twenty years old.”

I can see why he said that. Janie was a petite blond that looked like an eighth-grader.

All of them were sitting up in the tub, none shy about their breasts being exposed, all saying hellos and such, just like we’d seen them naked many, many times before.

Mandy was a brunette with a killer smile and nice medium-sized boobs, Sarah, a blond had large C-, maybe D-cup breasts that looked like they were floating at nipple height on the churning water and Janie had the smallest breasts, no doubt A-cup.

Janie was a curly-haired blond, super-cute, and with her small frame and adorable, little puffy pink-tipped boobs really made her look young.

“You guys are welcome to join us,” Jake said as they began moving over to make room.

“Well, I’ve got to make a quick bathroom break, be right back,” I said, not too pleased that Jake had derailed my plans for ringing in the New Year.

I went and relieved myself and when I walked back out, Betty was getting into the water as Jake came out with a drink in his hand for her.

“Come on, Dad, we’re all in,” he said to me as he resumed his spot between Mandy and Janie.

So, I pulled a beer from the ice chest and began getting naked.

I got in next to Betty with Janie on the other side. Hoping Betty wouldn’t be upset with any of this, I leaned over and asked her if she was okay with how this seemed to be turning out.

“I’m good with it all as long as next time it’s just you and me. After all, it’s the start of a new year, I suppose we should have some fun,” she told me as I felt a hand take my cock.

I knew immediately that it had to be Janie’s hand. Betty’s was resting on my knee.

I could tell that Sarah was slowly stroking my son trying to keep it under the water and then Janie just bent over and dipped her head under the water right over my lap as I felt her mouth slide over my cock and begin sucking.

It had to be totally obvious what was happening, cute little Janie was sucking me off as she kept her head under the water. Then her head bobbed back up, she took a deep breath and went back on me.

“Well, this is a first,” I gasped as she sucked me. “Never been blown under water before.”

“Oh, Janie’s always for doing something different,” Mandy said, “she’s about as unpredictable as can be.”

“She’s doing what she loves best, Dad, and does it about anywhere and anytime. Hope you don’t mind?” Jake asked, right as Janie came up for more air, then went back down on me, quite literally.

“You look happy, Frank,” Betty said, “at least you should raise up so the poor girl doesn’t drown,” so I slowly lifted myself, with Janie firmly attached, to sit on the padded rim while she knelt in the water sucking me off.

Sarah had moved in front of Jake as he also raised out of the water for her to take him in her mouth.

Mandy leaned over to Betty as I heard her say, “I don’t want to be left out, do you?” then a “No, not on New Year’s Eve,” from Betty and they began kissing and feeling one another. Betty was soon the third person to be sitting on the rim as Mandy began eating her out.

She’d never mentioned anything about ever having sex with women before but I also knew from experience that lots of women have had same-sex liaisons at one time or another.

So, this was my son’s buddies from college, I thought as one sucked me so sweetly, looking up at me, knowing the intense pleasure she was giving me. She really looked like a nymphet was giving me head.

Betty had her head thrown back as Mandy licked and tongued her while her hands held her face to her and Sarah had changed positions with Jake, she was now sitting up on the rim as Jake thrust his hips back and forth fucking her.

I was just about to my limit of holding back as Janie lifted off me, stood up, turned around, reached back to steady my cock and pushed her pussy onto me to begin fucking me as fast as she could.

There was no way I could stop myself from cumming into this lovely creature’s tight little pussy and once I had, she was much slipperier inside and she soon got herself off as well.

Jake and Sarah had had orgasms as well and I was watching Betty writhe and squirm as Mandy licked her to orgasm, then changed places while the four of us enjoyed Betty’s foray into lesbian sex. I have to say, I wasn’t a bit jealous, indeed, I found it quite arousing.

Then Sarah said, “I think we should have the guys eat us all out, what do you say, girls?” and they all agreed, of course, and took their places on the edge of the tub as Jake and I began going around the tub spending a minute or so on each one, then moving on.

That went on for a few minutes when Betty suggested that Jake and I just stay with whoever we were with until they got off, then moved to the next two. The women all agreed, Janie saying, “Yeah, otherwise my pussy cools off between them, even with me rubbing it.”

So Jake and I began getting each one off and it took almost an hour and a half before we made it around so that each of us gave an orgasm to each one, eight in all.

By this time, I knew my cock was re-energized and I suggested that we all dry off and head for my bedroom and the king-sized bed.

Being outnumbered two-to-one, Betty suggested that Jake and I get down on the bed and that we each get double-teamed, one on our cock, one on our face.

Betty got up on Jake’s face as Mandy mounted his cock and little Janie dropped her tight little snatch over my mouth while Sarah speared herself on my cock. While Janie rode over my face, I could see her just gleefully enjoying every wipe across my mouth, I knew she was in college but she really looked like a girl just ready to enter high school.

We swap-fucked and -sucked into the next day, New Year’s Day, and just did about all the sex the six of us were capable of.

Betty and I had to work the remaining two weekdays, Jake and his ‘buddies’ romped naked in the meantime with Betty and I joining them after our far less thrilling days at work.

It was almost two weeks before they went back to school and Betty and I were, quite honestly, totally exhausted from the marathon sex party we’d participated in.

But, our sex together has never been better or more frequent. The whole episode has turned on my girlfriend like I never imagined. She’s just become a tigress in bed.

And, I just heard from Jake. Next week, he’s bringing some buddies home for spring break, some new buddies, ones we haven’t met yet. Five of them.

I’ve got an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Can you guess why? I want to be prepared as well as I can. Wouldn’t you?


This is the first story I have ever written outside of an academic setting. As an aspiring writer I hope to develop my writing skills by continuing this story as a series. Comments on what needs work, as well as comments on what went right, will be extremely appreciated.

Tremendous thanks to Passion_Pen and Palindrone from the bulletin boards for not only editing my story but for encouraging me to expand on my original draft. Also thanks to felicia1011 from the Volunteer Editors list for her lovely comments.

~Leslie Hemmingway


It was finally happening. After 6 weeks of shameless flirting, playful touching, and come-hither smiles, my lab partner was finally coming over for sex. I’d been hinting for him to “stop by my apartment some time” since the second week of the course but he never seemed to get the message. A week longer and I probably would have resorted to writing “Fuck me!” on my shirt.

His name was Mark and he was a six-foot-five stud with broad shoulders, a muscular body and a boyishly handsome face. He also had the distinction of providing me with my first real challenge in a science course: I could ace a chemistry test with my eyes closed, but as soon as I saw Mark I’d forget every formula I knew. Yeah, Mark was drop dead gorgeous.

Unfortunately, he was also dumb as a brick. I have yet to figure out what he’s doing in a university chemistry course, other than “he needs it to graduate”. I get the privilege of working with him because he got the lowest score on the first quiz, while I got the highest. Naturally, the professor paired us up, assuming I wouldn’t mind. He assumed correctly.

At first I thought I was lucky to have him to myself several hours a week, until I realized he wasn’t jumping at the chance to have sex with me. It was the same problem I have with most guys at University: they think because I get good grades that I’m not up for sex. It’s not really fair; I have a great body and I take good care of it. I have no trouble getting guys when I go clubbing, but due to my busy workload that rarely happens anymore.

Getting laid in University would be easier if I could dress the way I liked, but I have an image I need to cultivate. In the early days I’d show up to class in cute outfits, all done up to turn heads. Guys were all over me but my teachers and classmates would dismiss me as some ditzy blonde. They were shocked to discover I was actually a straight-A student. So I switched out my nice clothes for baggy ones, toned down my makeup and started wearing glasses. Now I’m respected, but I can’t get laid to save my life.

“Not tonight, though!” I thought to myself as I selected my outfit for the evening: a blood-red bra and thong proudly displayed under a white, see-through belly shirt and a pair of low-rise jeans. The outfit was topped off with a pair of seductive red heels that matched my lingerie.

I was doing my makeup in the bathroom when my roommate Jenny passed by. She was walking around in her school jeans and a designer bra, her long brown hair let loose around her shoulders. It was the sort of lounging look she sported when she wanted to relax but was planning to go out later. It was a good sign; I wasn’t in the mood for keeping things quiet tonight.

When Jenny saw me dressed up she raised an eyebrow.

“Going out?” she asked.

“Staying in!” I beamed.

She eyed me over. “Who’s the lucky guy?”


“The hot guy you were studying with last week?” she said with interest. “He finally bit?”


“What’d you have to do, slap him in the face and tell him you wanted him?”

“Nope,” I replied while applying lipstick. “I lent him my textbook earlier this week. I simply called him up and said I needed it back… tonight!” I punctuated the last word with a loud ‘click’ as I snapped the cap back on my lipstick.

“Oh yeah?”


There was a slight pause.

Jenny gave me a dubious look. “So… Mark’s coming over to drop off your textbook?”

“Well, yeah,” I said, touching up my blush. “AND for sex.”

“Does he KNOW he’s coming over for sex?”

“He will when he sees THIS!” I said, gesturing to my ensemble. My breasts were practically hanging out of my bra, my thong was hiked dangerously high over my waist, and my makeup screamed ‘harlot’. “Besides, it’s Friday. Who studies on a Friday?”

“You,” she said flatly.

“He doesn’t need to know that.”

She was right, though. I usually did study all weekend, mainly because I worked Monday through Thursday. Which is why I was keen to pull off this nice, easy booty call.

“Mm….” she replied. She continued to stand in the doorway, studying me. An awkward silence fell over us.

“What?” I asked, turning to her.

“So, are you thinking of, like, becoming ‘serious’ with Mark?”

I nearly gagged. “That’s a joke, right? Could you SEE me with a moron like him? When he talks it makes me want to tear my hair out.”

“So, you just want him for sex, right?”

“Well, yeah-…..” I turned to her, a little suspicious. “Where are you going with this, Jenny?”

“Well…. I was thinking, why don’t we fuck him together?”

“Huhn?” I said, dumbstruck.

“We’ll fuck him together. You know, like a threesome!”

I didn’t know what to say. Normally Jenny stayed well away from any guy I was interested in. Furthermore, she had never expressed interest in girls before, so this was a surprise. I knew I wasn’t a lesbian; sure women could be beautiful, but the thought of being intimate with a girl had never crossed my mind.

“I don’t know,” I managed to say after some time.

“You don’t want to?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. I looked at Jenny for a moment. She was a gorgeous, small brunette with a curvaceous body and no reservations about showing it off. Her features and charming personality had lured many guys to the bedroom next to mine in the time we’d lived together. I confess she’d turned my eye a few times when she was dressed up but actually doing anything with her had been unthinkable until now.

I trusted Jenny as a friend even though we’d only known each other for 6 months. We’d even, in a state of extreme inebriation, fucked a couple guys in a shared hotel room. But that was different. For her to just casually suggest a threesome really threw me off and my first instinct was to say ‘no’, yet…

Jenny seemed to be reading the conflict in my face. “Are you afraid I’ll take too much of his attention?” she asked.


“Are you worried it will be awkward afterwards?”

“I don’t care if things are awkward with Mark. He’s just my lab partner,” I answered.

“I meant between us, Claire.”

“Oh. Right.” I looked at Jenny, trying to find the right thing to say. “I’m just… I’m not sure, Jenny. Don’t get me wrong, you’re beautiful, but you’re also, like, my friend. My good friend.”

Jenny seemed surprised, and a bit touched. After a moment she bowed her head and said with a smile, “Well, how about you just think it over, then? If the time comes and you want to be alone, I’ll clear off.”

I wanted to say something more, but in the end I just said “OK.”

Jenny left for her room. I went to the kitchen and got out a bottle of Jack Daniels, hoping a shot would calm the butterflies in my stomach. I downed one, and then poured myself a second as I sat on the couch. I stared into space, uncertain why I was so nervous.

Jenny, my roommate and friend, wanted to have a threesome with me. Was that a big deal? Do roommates do that? Does this mean she had the hots for me? Did I have the hots for HER? I’d kissed girls before, sure, while drunk, but not her. Or had I, and forgotten? Oh God is that what this was about?

I nervously sipped my shot, and then noticed the top of the glass. My lipstick had smeared all over the rim. Suddenly, visions of the evening I had originally planned conjured up: Lipstick residue all over Mark’s body, lip prints on his firm chest, streaks of red on his hardening cock, second-hand smears all over my breasts, left behind by his stained lips.

Then I began to picture it on Jenny’s breasts. Not just from Mark’s lips, but from my own. I pictured her smiling at me, giggling as I left residue on her body, and then leaning over to do the same to me… And it was OK. Nice even…

I felt myself sink into the couch as a buzz washed over me. The butterflies in my stomach were dispersing. Our large, overstuffed couch was very comfortable. I considered having a third shot but decided not to.

I was lost in my thoughts when Jenny came out to the living room. She’d dressed in a short, sexy black dress that really showed off her body. The tall black heels she wore made her legs look amazing, and the view went all the way up to the middle of her thighs. Her prominent hips and ass were accentuated by the tight dress, and the thin straps and low neckline left little of her firm breasts to the imagination.

Jenny blushed, and I realized I was staring. I looked away, embarrassed. It occurred to me she was waiting for an answer. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or perhaps it was how stunning she looked, but somehow I no longer had any apprehension about her 0. I knew I could trust Jenny, and if I could trust her I could anything with her.

“… Alright,” I said.

Jenny smiled at me before going to the kitchen. She came back with her preferred bottle of tequila and another two shot glasses. She sat down with me and poured herself a drink. We sat quietly for a bit. It wasn’t an awkward silence, but it began to wear down on me. Now that I’d made my decision I felt my nerves starting to return.

“Have you ever done this before?” I asked.

“Yes, several times. When I was with Jack,” she replied frankly.

“Oh…” I felt oddly disappointed.

“And you?” she asked.

I shook my head.


I giggled awkwardly.

“Are you nervous?”


“Well… just think of it as two friends sharing a guy. Like we were sharing anything else.” The advice didn’t seem particularly helpful but strangely made me feel better.

“Jenny?” I asked suddenly.


I wasn’t sure how to ask the question.

“… Why now?” I said.

“Why what now?”

“Why… are you suggesting this now?”

She was quiet a moment, as if thinking. Finally, she smiled and simply replied: “You look nice tonight.”

I wanted to ask if she was answering the question or changing the subject but instead I found myself saying, “So do you.”

There was a knock on the door. I stood up anxiously. I hurriedly adjusted my shirt and jeans and asked Jenny how I looked, even though she’d just told me.

“Sexy,” she grinned.

I went and opened the door. Mark was stood there, a foot taller than me, his muscular frame enhanced by a thick coat. His black hair was smartly gelled up, and I felt myself melt as his brown eyes fell upon me. He started to say something but trailed off as he looked me over.

“Hello, Mark,” I said, leaning on the door frame invitingly. His eyes trailed from my head to my feet, stopping a few times at my breasts. He was speechless, slack-jawed. I simply stood there, letting him stare at me, eating up the attention. Finally, he spoke.

“… Claire?” he asked, like he wasn’t sure it was me.

“Yes?” I said.

“You look, uh…. different.” I took that as a compliment.

“Come on in,” I said.

“Um, alright…” He entered, looking confused. “I brought you the book.”

“Thanks,” I said, taking it and unceremoniously tossing it aside. “Would you like to sit down?”

He looked like he was going to say something but reconsidered. “O… OK,” he said as he followed me through. I could feel his gaze on my ass as we crossed through to the living room. I let it sway as I walked for his benefit.

When we entered the living room his attention was pulled away first by the liquor on the table and then by Jenny sat poised on the end of the couch. She flashed him a smile, and her eyes sparkled as she got a good look at him.

“Mark, this is my roommate Jenny,” I said. As she stood and walked over to him I suddenly felt a bit defensive. I think I stepped closer to Mark but Jenny didn’t seem to notice. She placed a hand on Mark’s chest, and he stared at her dumbly until she spoke.

“Can I take your coat?” she said sweetly.

“Oh. Sure,” he said, letting her help him out of it. Underneath he had on a low necked t-shirt pulled tight against his muscular frame. He followed her with his eyes as she went to hang it up. I took the opportunity to hook my arm through his.

“Come sit down, Mark,” I said.

“Alright,” he said simply. I poured him a shot of Daniels, and he took it, sipping as he looked at me. “So…” he said after a moment, “you two sure are dressed up.”

“Well of course we are,” I said, giving his arm a squeeze.

“Are you guys going out somewhere?”

I tried to hide my exasperation. I heard Jenny giggle in the hallway.

“No, Mark,” I replied, running a finger along his chest. “We were thinking of staying in tonight.”

He looked at me, uncomprehending.

“… With you,” I added.

He looked around, still not getting it. Good God, Mark…

Taking one last stab at subtlety I put my head on his shoulder, looked into his eyes, and said: “Mark, have you ever had a threesome?”

He gave me a suspicious look.

I batted my eyelashes seductively. He studied me, and his expression shifted, like he was starting to put things together. After a painfully long moment a bright smile spread across his face.

“Ohhhh,” he beamed at me. “I get it.”

I was going to say something sarcastic but the urge dissipated when he put his arm around me. A fire had started burning in his gorgeous eyes. As he looked at me I started to blush in spite of myself. Oh God, Mark, you’re an idiot but you’re a fucking hot idiot.

Our moment was broken when Jenny came back and sat down on Mark’s other side. To my annoyance Mark began to check her out, ogling her legs. I wondered if that’s what this whole encounter would be like, Jenny stealing attention away from me. I got myself another shot.

Jenny and Mark began to make small talk, sipping their drinks. She was leaned back, her head on her hand with her legs crossed, giving us a good view of her legs and thigh. She was flirting with him through her body and words, though her eyes kept meeting mine. It seemed to me that she was holding back and I realized she was waiting for me to make the first move. Having waited six weeks for this I didn’t need to be told twice.

I sidled up close to Mark so that I was pressing my body against him. Putting one hand around his neck and the other against his hard, flat stomach I began to caress him sensually. He turned to me, looking surprised. His eyes met mine, and then trailed down to my breasts. He was quiet a moment.

“So how come you don’t dress like this at school?” he eventually said.

“You like me like this?”

“Yeah. You look… amazing.”

I leaned in and planted a slow, sensual kiss on his lips.

“I’m glad you like it,” I breathed in his ear after our lips parted. He put his hand behind my head and pulled me in for another kiss, this time rougher, open mouthed. I leaned in more, draping my leg over his lap. His hands were making their way along my body, tracing the contours of my tight bra, exploring my lower back and squeezing my ass. I shivered with delight every time he touched me, and he seemed to enjoy what he felt under my clothes.

Our kissing was interrupted by Jenny moving up to us and slipping her arm around Mark’s neck. He turned and grinned at her. Without a word they began to kiss, harder and more intensely than we had. His hands began to explore her body, caressing her more prominent curves.

I stayed where I was, watching them for some sign of breaking, but when it began to look like he was having more fun with Jenny feelings of betrayal washed over me. I was about to just get up and leave when Jenny reached over and tugged on my shirt, her attention still on Mark. It took me a second to realize what she meant.

I pulled my shirt off, fully exposing my red bra, and leaned in again, putting the back of Mark’s head between my cleavage. Surprised, Mark turned around into a face-full of breast and lace. Laughing with delight, he began to play with my body, planting kisses on the tops of my breasts. Jenny in the meantime sat back and watched. I was beginning to get the rhythm of things; we were taking turns with Mark, taking turns escalating, and it was actually kind of fun.

Mark jerked back from my breasts when he noticed red was smearing all over them. He touched his fingers to his lips, looking alarmed as they came back red.

“It’s just lipstick, Mark,” I giggled. It was stained all over his mouth. “Come here,” I said, giving him a long, solid kiss on the lips.

“What?” he said, looking bemused.

“It looks good on you,” I laughed.

“Very feminine,” Jenny said, still watching us.

“Ha ha,” Mark muttered, trying to wipe it off with his hand. “Why do chicks wear this stuff anyway?”

“So you can see which parts of me you haven’t kissed yet?” I suggested.

Mark looked at my breasts and grinned. “Guess I need to get to work.”

We resumed making out, Mark’s hands finding their way to the back of my bra, trying to undo the hooks. Playfully I grabbed one of his hands and threaded my fingers through it, pulling him in for another kiss. He kept trying to get my bra off one handed, growing frustrated as our kiss carried on. Finally, I let him have what he wanted and undid the final hooks myself, letting him pull my bra off, leaving my breasts dangling freely in front of his face. He immediately buried himself in my cleavage. Typical, but not unwelcome attention.

As Mark played with my breasts I noticed Jenny stand up and begin undoing her dress. Letting it fall to the floor she revealed herself to be bra-less, wearing only a black g-string and her heels. As she stepped out of the dress she caught me staring at her and she blushed slightly. I’d seen her breasts before but today they looked somehow different. Enticing. They were perky and round, nicely complimenting her short, curvy physique.

I decided to step aside and let Jenny have another turn with Mark. As they made out I undid my jeans and worked them off, leaving me in only my red thong. On a whim I decided to put my heels back on. It seemed a bit slutty, but I had to admit they looked really hot on Jenny.

Mark was firmly getting straddled by Jenny at this point, his hands groping her ass unabashedly. She was grinding against him, rubbing her taint against his package as they roughly kissed. It was evident she was starting to get damp down there.

During a breather, Mark looked between the two of us. “Are you guys going to kiss?” he asked.

I looked at Jenny, strangely nervous. She responded with a mischievous smile. Sliding off Mark, she sat beside him and beckoned for me to come over. I hesitated, then moved to Mark’s other side and sat down.

Still smiling, Jenny leaned toward me across Mark, her full breasts jiggling as she did so. My stomach fluttered. She was so beautiful.

“Don’t be shy,” she said soothingly. She put the tip of her finger beneath my chin, as if to guide me to her. Slowly I leaned in, her soft lips meeting mine in a light, sensual kiss.

A shiver ran down my spine. I giggled nervously but kept going. My heart was beating so fast. Our tongues began to caress as our kiss heated up. My mouth began to fill with the taste of Mexican liquor.

We stopped a moment. She was smiling at me, caressing my hair. I gave her a bashful grin.

“Feel better?” she asked.

“Yeah…” I replied. It was the truth; kissing Jenny had been a lot easier and a lot more fun than I had expected.

She leaned in and planted a long kiss on my lips. When she finished I noticed she had my lipstick all over her mouth. Remembering my reverie from earlier my eyes trailed down to her breasts. They looked inviting, so round, like they were meant to be squeezed. I’d never actually touched another girl’s breasts before. I looked at her again, and she knew what I was thinking.

“Go on,” she said, sticking her chest out. I took one of her breasts in my hand and fondled it, running her nipple around in my fingers. I grinned; it had never occurred to me how much I’d wanted to do this before. When guys played with my breasts it usually got on my nerves. I kept waiting for Jenny to have a similar reaction, but she just kept smiling.

I leaned forward and took her other breast in my mouth, running my tongue along her nipple. She let out a sigh of pleasure. I nibbled on her a bit, gently squeezing her nipple between my teeth. I could tell from her breathing she was enjoying it.

After sharing another brief kiss, Jenny started to do the same to me, planting soft kisses around each areola. A chill ran down my spine. I remained still, just enjoying the way it felt. My nipples were stiffening against her soft, moist lips, and the sensation was growing more intense.

“There we go,” she said, sitting up, looking pleased with herself. I looked and discovered she’d left a very deliberate ring of lipstick smudges circling each nipple.

I giggled, admiring her handiwork. The lipstick I’d left on her was a sloppy mess.

Mark, having watched enthralled through the whole show, was now breathing so heavily he was impossible to ignore.

“How about giving me some of that attention?” he said when we turned to him. During our escapade a long, prominent bulge had appeared in his jeans, strained against the tight fabric. He looked uncomfortable.

“I think someone’s jealous,” I giggled.

“I think he wants something,” Jenny said playfully, placing a hand next to the bulge in his pants.

A look of relief flashed on his face.

“Oh? What do you think he wants?” I said.

“More lipstick on his face!” she laughed as she cupped her breasts and began to rub them on his cheeks and face. I quickly join her. Poor Mark could only sputter helplessly under the barrage.

“OK, OK, seriously!” he cried once we were off him. “Somebody give me some God damn head!”

Jenny and I traded mock-surprised looks.

“Now he’s in a bad mood,” I said.

“He’s being rude.”

“Maybe we should call the whole thing off.”

“No!!” Mark cried out in frustration.

“We can at least let him wack off in the bathroom,” Jenny suggested.

Mark gave a long sigh. “PLEASE, girls, can we get back to me? I’m horny as fuck.”

“Are you sorry for yelling at us?” Jenny asked.

“Yes,” Mark grumbled.

“He seems sincere,” I said.

“Well… OK,” Jenny said, trading a mischievous grin with me. Together we loosened his belt and undid his jeans. As we spread them apart his erection sprung like a catapult up through the fly of his boxers. It was not a disappointing sight.

“Dibs!” I cried, grabbing it in my hand and pointing it my direction.

“Why do you get to go first?” Jenny asked.

“Because he’s my lab partner,” I replied and took his dick into my mouth.

Mark let out a content sigh as I began to suck him, running my lips along his shaft. I was on my knees, leaning over his left leg. Jenny was opposite of me, doing the same over his right leg, her head laid against Mark’s lap as she watched me perform.

“My turn,” she said after a few minutes, and took his dick from me, slick with my saliva and stained with lipstick. She sucked him harder, pumping her head up and down, her hair whipping about as she moved.

“Ohhh, baby,” Mark whispered, clearly enjoying this.

When I took him back I switched to a nice, slow pace, running my tongue against the lower end of his knob.

“Oh God…” he muttered. “God, that feels good.”

When Jenny took him back I looked up at Mark. He was reclined, comfortably laid back with his arms spread out along the top of the couch, breathing heavily as he watched us with an ecstatic expression on his face. I knew from the way his dick felt and tasted that Mark was ready for action. He didn’t seem to be in any hurry, though. I decided I wanted more attention.

Leaving Jenny in charge of his dick I climbed up next to Mark. He followed me with his eyes, flashing me a big grin. I pulled his shirt off, exposing his firm, extremely masculine chest, something I’d been waiting to see for a long time. I then nestled against Mark, facing him, laying my head on his arm. I stared into his brown eyes a moment and started to kiss him.

Slow and intense, we made out while Jenny sucked on Mark. I couldn’t stop rubbing his chest, feeling his well-maintained features. He held me close with one arm and used his other hand to tease my breasts. I hooked one of my legs over Mark’s thigh, careful not to knee Jenny in the head. There was actually something really satisfying about having Mark’s attention while someone else was sucking his dick.

Suddenly I felt a hand in my panties. It took me a moment to figure out it wasn’t Mark’s. I looked down and discovered Jenny was slipping my thong to the side and running her finger along the slit of my cunt. I tensed up, not sure how I felt about Jenny touching me like that. Making out had been one thing, but fingering just seemed… bigger. I didn’t know what to do. Mark continued to kiss me, oblivious.

Jenny was looking up at me, gently sucking on Mark’s dick. She’d paused when I’d tensed up, but her eyes displayed a warm, reassuring expression. I could feel her finger resting just between my moist lips, poised to start rubbing my clit. My pussy was screaming to be played with, and the touch of Jenny’s finger was driving me absolutely crazy.

I wasn’t sure how I felt, but knew Jenny would stop if I told her to. I gave her a subtle nod and then clutched Mark, eyes closed.

She began massaging my clit, her fingers slipping easily through my slick lips. Her touch was light and gentle. It was exactly what I needed right now and felt amazing. I began to moan softly into Mark’s ear. Mark, who was playing with my nipple, began to pinch it harder, thinking he was responsible.

“Feels good, don’t it?” he said with smug expression. I started to kiss him, if only to stop him from talking. I loved the way his arms felt around me but right now my mind was on Jenny. I couldn’t remember why I had been hesitant to let her do this to me. Jenny clearly knew how to touch another girl. I was getting so hot.

After a few minutes I couldn’t take it anymore. I tapped Jenny’s hand and she removed it. I gave Mark’s ear a nibble and breathed “Fuck me, Mark. Now.”

“OK,” he said as he shifted position on the couch. Jenny scooted back, giving us room, an eager look in her eyes. I leaned back on the couch, my head on a cushion, horny enough to let Mark have me however he wanted.

Mark slipped my underwear off and tossed them aside, grinning at how visibly damp I was. He then took my legs and placed them over his thighs, gave his stiff cock a stroke for good measure and nestled it inside of me. He leaned forward and fully entered, causing me to gasp loudly. He started fucking me energetically, not bothering to take his time. I didn’t mind.

Watching Mark fuck was amazing. His muscles rippled as he leaned over me, one hand gripping the armrest behind me for support. I laid there in ecstasy, looking up at him, sweat running down his firm chest and stomach, his brown eyes focused on me, full of primal lust. It was a picturesque moment, and all he needed to ruin it was to start talking.

“That’s right, take it all!” he shouted at me.

“Shhh, Mark,” I replied, not in the mood to hear cheesy porn lines.

Jenny giggled at our exchange. I looked over at her, nearly having forgotten her. She was lying comfortably on the floor nearby, her legs wide open with a hand inside her underwear. I could see her finger moving in vigorous circles underneath the narrow fabric. She had a look of bliss on her face as she watched us fuck. When she saw me looking at her she smiled. I smiled back.

“You like that, don’t ya, bitch!” Mark shouted.

“Mark, SHUT UP!!” I yelled.

Mark fucked me like that for a while. Eventually he had to stop, the strain of holding himself over me getting to him. He shifted, straightening his back so that we perpendicular. He put one of my legs over his shoulder and slowed down the pace, giving me firm, steady thrusts. It didn’t feel as good but at least he’d stopped talking.

Suddenly Jenny was kneeling at my side. I could smell the arousal on her fingers as she began to caress my hair, clearing it out of my face. Her body was glistening with perspiration, an aroused blush apparent on her face. It suddenly occurred to me how much I was enjoying having two gorgeous people to look at during sex.

Jenny leaned over and planted a slow, sensual kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes, losing myself in the moment; Mark’s hard cock moving in me while I made out with my beautiful roommate. The thought made my clit tingle. It took a moment for me to realize my clit actually was tingling.

Opening my eyes, I discovered Jenny was now fingering my clit, a beaming smile on her face. I started to say something, but all that came out was a squawk.


Oh God, getting fingered and fucked at the same time felt amazing!

Jenny grinned as my breathing quickly turned to moaning. After a few tries I finally managed to speak:

“Don’t stop!” I was about to come.

Jenny sped up her touching. Mark started to fuck me harder. As my body seized up for release I instinctively grabbed onto Jenny’s hand. I squeezed it hard as I sucked in a huge breath and began to climax loudly.

It was an intense, completely new type of orgasm for me. I thrashed wildly on the couch, screaming in between gasps for air. If Jenny hadn’t been next to me holding my hand I probably would have fallen to the floor. Oh God damn it felt amazing!

As my climax slowed Mark suddenly pulled his dick out.

“Jesus!” he said trying to cool down. “I nearly came from watching that.”

Jenny was still holding my hand. She was straightening my hair, pulling loose strands off my face. Our eyes met and she smiled. I wanted to say something to her but I was too out of breath to speak.

“Thanks,” I managed to gasp.

“You’re welcome,” said Mark, misattributing my gratitude.

I rolled my eyes. Jenny giggled.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” she said to me. I nodded. She leaned in and gave me short kiss on the lips. Then she turned to Mark and asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Good,” he said, stroking his still-erect cock.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” she asked.

“Hell yeah,” Mark replied.

“Would you like to fuck me while I eat Claire out?” she said, giving me a coy smile. I raised a surprised eyebrow.

“I guess so,” Mark saids.

Jenny turned to me. “Are you all right with that, Claire?”

“Yeah,” I said, without even thinking about it.

“Just checking.”

Mark had scooted all the way to the opposite end of the couch. I moved so my back was leaning against the armrest at my end, leaving as much space as I could for Jenny.

“Scoot back more,” she said to Mark.

“I can’t!” he protested.

“Yes you can. Fold this leg up and put this foot on the floor.” Jenny showed him how to position himself so he took up less room. Mark shrugged and started to get ready.

“Ahem!” Jenny said.


She pointed to her underwear. “Aren’t you going to take these off me first?” she said.

Mark blinked. “I figured you were going to do that.”

“I’m about to fuck you. The least you could do is take my panties off, don’t you think?”

This was typical Jenny, giving guys a hard time. The fact she was doing it to Mark meant she really liked him.

“Can I keep them?” he asked.

“No, they’re expensive,” she replied.

“Can I rip them off?”

“What did I just say?!”

“Alright, alright!” Mark finally complied and worked the clingy, damp g-string down her legs. Jenny waited with a hand on her hip.

“Thanks,” she said when he was done and gave him a kiss. She climbed on the couch, nestling in between my legs on her elbows and knees, her round ass sticking in the air. She looked cramped but she seemed to know what she was doing. Mark got up against the armrest and put his dick against the opening of Jenny’s pussy.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Ready,” Jenny replied.

“Me too,” I said, watching in fascination.

Mark slid forcefully into Jenny and started to fuck her. Jenny moaned as he entered, her head rested against my crotch. She had her arms wrapped around my thighs, and every time Mark thrusted I received a lot of their weight. I wasn’t uncomfortable, in fact it was kind of nice.

“Oh… oh yeah…!” Jenny moaned, clearly enjoying having Mark inside of her.

Jenny continued to lie against me, taking it from Mark. She was smiling, eyes closed. I was a little disappointed that she wasn’t eating me out, but I had to admit it was an impressive view: Mark’s powerful frame behind Jenny’s luscious ass, moving in and out with forceful thrusts. Mark, for all his faults, was always nice to look at.

Just as I was getting used to being a passive participant Jenny moved her head. Tightening her grip on my thighs, she placed her face against my crotch and nestled her mouth into my pussy. A second later I felt the delicious sensation of her tongue against my clit.

“Oh Jenny!” I moaned. She ran her tongue expertly across my clit, focusing on the base, where I was most sensitive. Jenny’s mouth pressed firmly against me every time Mark thrusted and it only made the sensation better. So much pleasure was shooting through my body the room was spinning. I was so wound up from my earlier orgasm I was nearly coming already.

“Oh God Jenny, keep doing that!” I cried. She took my clit into her mouth and was now rubbing her tongue against it while she sucked. The orgasm I was building up became even more intense.

“OH, YES! YES! YES! YES!” I screamed uncontrollably as I started to come.

“Hey, how come YOU get to yell stuff-”

“MARK!!” I shrieked. “SHUT!! UU-AAAAAAAAUGH!!!” My yell turned to a scream of ecstasy as I came ferociously, my fingers clawing at Jenny’s head. Jenny didn’t let up at all through the event, and I immediately began to launch into another one.

“I’m just sayin’…” Mark muttered indignantly.

I didn’t reply. I couldn’t do anything except focus on the amazing string of orgasms I was having. I’m not sure how many I had or how long we were there for, but after some time I had to end it.

“Jenny, honey, stop! Please!” I gasped, my clitoris hurting. She immediately stopped and laid her head on me. Her face was covered in my cum and she looked exhausted. From the intense expression on her face I could see she’d been saving up an orgasm herself. As she lay against me she appeared be focusing on what Mark was doing to her. Within a minute she was tensing her grip on me.

“Oh! Oh…! OH!!” she gasped and exploded into an intense orgasm. She convulsed, pinned between me and Mark, thrashing against my legs and waist. I took her hands in my own, squeezing them reassuringly.

“AUGH!!!” Jenny was practically screaming through her orgasm. She buried her mouth in my pussy to muffle the noise.

After some time she finished. Jenny lay upon me, unmoving and completely exhausted, and I was too tired to move myself. Mark pulled out of her, still erect and covered with clear globs of her cum.

I had to admire Mark. For all his obnoxiousness he was proving to be a really good lay. He was showing considerable endurance and the exhausted heap that was Jenny was testament to his skill.

I was starting to catch my breath again. “How you doing, Mark?” I asked.

“OK,” he said, massaging his balls.

“Got another round in you?” I asked, hopefully.

“I think so. One more,” he answered.

I patted Jenny on the head, and her eyes fluttered open. “Give me a sec…” she said.

Mark and I both laughed. I considered the situation and then said, “Hey Mark. You want to do what we just did again but with me and Jenny switched?”

“Ok,” he said, shrugging.

Jenny looked up at me. “You want to eat me out?” she asked through panted breaths.

“Yeah,” I said, and gave her a smile.

“Have you ever done it before?” she said, sitting up.

“Not really… but I’d like to do it to you.”

Jenny smiled. “Are you sure you want to learn how like this? It’s not as easy as it looks.” She wasn’t objecting, just making sure I knew what I was getting into.

“No, I want to,” I replied frankly. “I want to try it, anyway.”

“Alright then,” Jenny said. “I suggest we move things to the floor so you have more room. We can use the couch cushions for padding.”

We took her advice. Mark knelt down first, I got down doggy-style in front of him, and Jenny laid her head against several pillows as she spread her legs in front of my face. The sight of her soaking wet pussy greeted me. My face fell a bit as I realized just how foreign it looked.

Jenny saw me frown. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

I hesitated. “I’ve never seen a vagina up close like this. They look… different… from this angle,” I said, a little embarrassed.

Jenny laughed. “Give it a feel. You’ll find your way around quickly enough.”

I stuck in a finger between her glistening lips. I traced and felt around for the opening of her vagina. It was oddly fascinating. Jenny intently watched as I experimented with her. Behind me I could hear Mark stroking himself, sounding bored.

I began to feel the top of her vagina, finding a familiar bump. Jenny sighed with pleasure as I touched it.

“Is that your clit?” I asked.

“Yes,” Jenny said briskly, her breathing accelerated. Fascinated, I gave it a gentle rub for a few moments, observing the changes in her demeanor.

“Mmmmm….” she closed her eyes, smiling contently. I grinned to myself, a little excited. I felt like a teenager learning how to give head again.

“Can we fuck now?” Mark asked, sounding annoyed.

Jenny opened her eyes and said to me, “Have you ever taught a guy how to eat you out?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Alright, we can skip that lecture,” she smiled. “If you get sore and need to stop, don’t worry about it.”

“I understand,” I said. Mark took that as his cue to get ready. He grabbed my waist and I felt his knob poking into my pussy. I put my face down in Jenny’s cunt, wrapped my arms around her thighs and waited.

I gasped as Mark entered me again. I lay with my chin on Jenny’s shaved crotch as Mark proceeded to ram me from behind. It felt so good I almost forgot about Jenny. After a few moments I decided it was time to give this a shot.

I planted my mouth in her pussy, wriggling my face in between her lips. When I found her clit I started to lick it gently, keeping the pressure and speed constant, the same way I liked it done to me.

“Ahhh….” Jenny sighed, leaning back to enjoy my work. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep it up for long. As Jenny had predicted my back quickly became sore. It wasn’t like regular doggy style where I could shift my upper body if I got stiff. I stopped to rest a few moments before resuming.

I went back and forth like this for a while, bringing Jenny close to orgasm but having to stop before she could reach it. It didn’t help that Mark’s dick was rubbing against my g-spot and felt fucking amazing. I knew if I came I wouldn’t be able to finish Jenny, so I ignored it as best I could.

“Having trouble?” Jenny asked after a while.

“A little,” I replied, my head once again rested on her while Mark continued fucking me.

“We can stop,” she said.

“No.” I really wanted to do to her what she’d done to me, even just once.

“Here, this might help,” she said, and took the pillows from under her head and shoved them under my chest. It gave me something to rest my upper body against and made it a bit easier to eat her out.

It was growing increasingly difficult to ignore the orgasm Mark was bringing me to. He was fucking me furiously, and both my pussy and g-spot were screaming for release. Every time I breathed I let out a moan into Jenny’s pussy.


After their camping trip, Beth and her husband go to a party, she disappears for a long time and he is very worried. After that Beth punishes him and refuses to let him out of his chastity device for 5 weeks, now they are in their living room.


She hit play on the DVD and I saw her on our big screen, in HD quality, she was wearing what she wore to the party, short dressy looking shorts with a thin black belt, tube top, black, slightly see through knee high socks with casual, soft light brown leather shoes. This must be from the room she was in at the party we went to. The party, I could hear, was going on in the background.

It showed her standing by a bed, alone, she had her hands holding each other behind her back, which meant she was nervous, I could tell, but she hide it well, with a big eager smile. She looked pretty comfortable, unless you knew her as well as me. She was bouncing almost, on her toes, it looks energetic, but she was really nervous. She does that before she leaves for exams, her nervousness is adorable.

“You are just too cute,” the guy behind the camera said, “love those socks.”

“Oh, thank yoooou.” she said in her flirtiest voice.

“Spin around for me.”

“Yeah, you are sexy. Nervous?”


“Liar.” he said, I agreed. “So, let’s keep talking, the camera wants to hear all your sexy stories. Tell me again what you just told me, about that little ass.”

“You asked if I’ve ever had anal sex, and I said, never, but I let my husband wiggle a finger around in there, just because I was curious.”

“How’d that feel?”

“Good, I guess, it was just a finger.”

“Thing you could handle a big dick in there?”

“If I wanted to do it, I’d do it.”

“Nice. Think it would hurt?”

“Maybe, but I’m tough.”

“You sure talk tough.”

She giggled, sounding far less tough.

“Let’s see those breasts, I can’t believe you aren’t wearing a bra, they look so perky.”

Beth gasped. “What? I don’t just show them to anyone that asks with a camera.”

The cameraman laughed, “You are nervous, shy, something. And I’m not just some guy, am I?”

Beth smiled, “No, that’s true.”

“Then let’s see ‘em. It’s a drunken party, have some fun.”

Camera Beth smiled and shrugged, then she looked down, she casually folded the top of her tube top down, to her stomach, exposing her breasts for the camera. Real Beth looked over at me, then back and said, “I did look real cute that night.”

“You shave your pussy Beth?”

“No, I trim it. And only a little unless it’s bikini season.”

“What about panties? You wear panties?”

“Of course, I have a thong on today, black.”

“Oh let’s see it.”

She started pulling on her shoe.

“No, no leave those on, they look great.”

“These shorts are tight! They’re hard to get off.”

“You’ll figure it out. Leave them on. Get rid of that tube top too.”

Beth sat down on the bed behind her and slide the shorts off and worked them rather gracefully over her shoes and stood back up in just a g string, knee high black socks and shoes after she slide her tube top down and off.

“Oh, that ass and those legs, damn Beth.”


He made her spin around again, and pose, sticking her ass out a bit, looking really sexy and fun. My dick was hard, and real Beth reached over and gave it a few tugs.

“Alright, lose those panties.”

Shockingly, she slide them off without any reservations, her earlier timidity about showing her breasts was clearly an act. She looked confident and carefree as she stood up straight and proud, shoulders back, her perky breasts out and pointed at the camera, as she looked directly into it with a big grin. It was a beautiful pose, really. Sadly, the camera didn’t show it for long as it quickly zoomed to focus on her pussy area.

“Now, tell me why you’re here.” He asked, seemingly to her pussy. “What made you decided to do all this, you told me you’re making this tape for a reason.”

“Yeah! Well I am married and my husband called me a slut, was really disrespectful, and I hate liars, so I thought I’d do him a favor by being a little slutty for the camera today.”

“You aren’t worried he’ll get mad?”

“Of course he’ll get mad, but I couldn’t care less about a little anger, or some passive aggressive bitchy behaviour. It’s not a concern that would make me think twice.” The camera zoomed back out, showing her posed more casually now, one foot kind of open, pointing to the side and bent a bit at the knee.

“But, Beth come on, you’re naked on camera in front of another guy and he’s like in the next room, you won’t think that will be more than just a, like, normal couple fight?”

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll be extra mad, but that’s it, he can sit around mad for as long as he likes. I have all the power, I can do what I want, because he’d never leave me, because I’m a pretty cool, fun chick, and well, I look nice, I think.”

“You were telling me he’s played with your ass, that cute little ass.”

“Yeah, we were playing and he put some fingers in there, it felt good,” she said with a shrug.

“So your man has never fucked your ass before.”

“No, no one has.”

“Does he want to?”

“I’m sure he would.”

“Why don’t you let him then?”

“Well…I don’t want to go into any details, I just, I guess husband and wife shit can get complicated and sometimes not seem like it makes any sense, but bottom line, I just don’t feel like I really want him to right now.”

Beth was absentmindedly cupping her own breasts now.

“Look at you, god you’re sexy, I’m having a great time.”

“Me too, it’s exciting.”

“Are you horny? Is being on camera turning you on?”

“I’m horny, I think that was more talking about anal sex though, and just being naked in a strange bedroom. I am a bit of an exhibitionist, but I don’t think it makes me so horny, it’s more of an ego thing for me. I’m still a sucker for attention.”

“Yeah, well being naked will get you plenty. So, there’s a big party outside, packed rooms, what if I opened the door and pushed you out? What would that do to you? How would you react?”

“I wouldn’t freak out, I’d put on a smile and try to be as cool as I could, I guess.”

“You seem cool now, you’re very comfortable with all this, just hanging out naked, I’m surprised, you always seemed so…”

“Prude!” Beth shouted.

He chuckled a bit, “Yeah, pretty much what I was thinking.”

“I was, for a long time, it’s no fun, not the way to go, I’ve learned.”

“Alright, so shall we really get started?”

“Yes, god yes. I told you I’m horny.”

“Wait, first let’s see, spread those lips for us.”

Then Beth gave an exasperated sigh, but it was fake, as she soon reached down and parted her pussy lips while the camera guy walked in close and got in tight on her spread open pink pussy.

“Yeah, you’re starting to glisten in there. Still kinda dry though.”

“Think you can help me with that?” Beth said in a now very sultry voice as I felt real Beth’s hand on my cock, just holding it loosely now.

“I think so, I’m going to ask you one more time, on camera, it’s your first time, you sure you don’t want to ease into this?”

“No, do it hard!” Beth said, the camera angle was bad, but it looked like she grabbed his hair and pulled him to his feet as she looked at him seriously, “otherwise it’s so fucking boring. I want you to abuse me, I want to be fucking sore after. Be a man, so I can respect you.”

“God girl, I don’t think you know what you’re doing.”

“I’m crazy tough, seriously, try to hurt me.” The camera was right on her face now. “Tell me how you’re going to treat me.”

“Like a no good, evil little cunt.”

She purred, “I actually probably deserve it like that.” Real Beth looked at me.

“Lube me up.” He backed up to his original position and threw her lube.

Beth walked towards the camera, until it was pointed down at his own dick. He was black and he was naked. I saw my wife get on her knees in front of him, and kiss the head of his dick. He had a big dick.

“That’s a good idea girl, suck it.”

And I saw as Beth looked up at the camera, up at me through the TV, and was reaching for the guy said, “Wait, wait. Any message for your husband?”

I saw Real Beth looking at me out of the corner of my eye as camera Beth said, “Is this slutty?” and put his dick in her mouth as I heard a few “ohhhhs”, there were several people in the room off camera, apparently.

She bobbed on it for a little while and then let it out, it was fully erect now. It really was big, I can’t imagine that’d be easy to take in your ass. It was a little shorter than the dildo they put in me, but thicker, and that really hurt me.

“How do you like this so far?” Real Beth asked me, still just loosely holding my penis that was getting kind of erect, but generally retreating once the instant reaction of seeing a hot women before me wore off and was replaced by disgust at watching this.

“I hate it, why are you doing this to me?”

“Oh please, your little dick there is telling me otherwise. This is sexy! And feel free to beat off, you’re going back in your cage after the video is over.” She had locked my dick up for a very long 5 weeks, so I was desperate to come – part of her plan certainly.

My erection, like I said, were very short now, like the battle between my dick and my head, my dick wasn’t able to hold out for long, so I thought I was mostly soft, especially since I was watching a porn, but I guess she felt it growing enough to form her own opinion. She let it go now as the action was picking up on the TV.

The guy ordered Beth onto the bed, on all fours and had her put some lube over her own ass, from then, she spread her cheeks and we got a big screen close up of my wife’s waiting asshole and pussy between her legs, spread open, inviting.

The guy then handed off the camera and appeared on screen, he was a big, thick, muscular guy, the guy she walked down the stairs with at the end of the party. He got behind Beth and the camera moved to the side of them. Her tits hanging, swaying a little.

“You sure you’re ready? Last chance.”

“Hard,” was all she said.

He grabbed her hair with one hand and twisted her head so she was looking at the camera and with the other hand lined up his cock against her ass, and thrust it up inside her all the way, with a big grunt as she cried out in pain.

“Does it hurt?” he asked her.


“Good,” and he started to fuck her as she was screaming and moaning, his hand still with a fist full of her hair, pulling her neck back awkwardly. His other hand on her shoulder, holding her tightly in place as he pounded into her, her body bucking violently as he rammed his thighs against her ass, but he held her shoulder so tight, it couldn’t go anywhere. His other hand still had a handful of the roots of her hair, making her crane her neck up and back awkwardly to the camera.

It’s like she was pinned, so every time he slammed into her, there was no give, he held her there so the full force of his body jolted through her bones, and he was wrenching her neck back with each thrust, it looked immensely painful for her.

Beth paused the video, “Now I know how you felt. It hurt so much, but felt so fucking good, I couldn’t believe it. I wanted him to go harder, even though it would hurt more, go ahead jerk off, you like jerking off right?”

“Not to this.”

“Oooook. It’ll be a long time until the next chance. I would be if I was you.” She unpaused it and I watched my wife get violently fucked in the ass for the first time in her life. It looked so painful for her, even though he was probably twice her weight, it unbelievable how easily her tall, toned body was being rattled. Most of the sounds she made were so high pitched like she was in pain, but anytime he took a break in thrusts she hiss something like “more” or “go,” challenging him.

Then, he leaned way over her back and still deep in her ass, he wrapped an arm around her torso and lifted her up and he sat down on the edge of the bed, so she was sitting on his lap on the end of the bed and she started to bounce up and down his cock as fast as she could, screaming like she was hurt, her hair and tits going all over as she did it, he wasn’t even helping, she was doing it all on her own.

The guy reached around and grabbed her tits from behind, he started really roughly squeezing and pulling them, twisting them. It looked like he was just putting his big hands on them and squeezing in as hard as he could, crushing them as they bulged out between his fingers, and then almost picking her up by them.

He’d let her go, and do it again, sometimes twisting or pulling as he went. Her teeth were clenched and she grunted every time he was squeezing. His forearm muscles were clearly showing, indicating how hard he was doing it.

It was really hard to watch, not just because another man was fucking her, but because she was clearly in a lot of pain. Her face looked different than I’d ever seen it. Even though she loved it and it was killing me to see her do this, I couldn’t help but feel so much compassion for her because I knew that even though she wanted it and could stop, it still really was hurting her and I hated to see that. At the start I thought I would get some perverse satisfaction from him slapping her around, but I didn’t at all, I just felt sorry for her and wanted to hold her.

A few minutes later, he put an arm under each of her soft thighs and stood up, lifting her with him, her breasts were bright red.

He lifted her so easy, like she wasn’t even there. He was standing up, holding her legs and pistoning in and out of her ass, her legs spread wide, incredibly wide, to her sides, near the splits. I didn’t even know she could do that. Her wet pussy out forward as he worked her ass.

Her arms reached around his neck behind her for balance as she looked like a rag doll, helplessly bouncing around on him as she clutched onto his neck to stay up.

Her legs stuck straight out to the sides, with shoes and socks on, bare pussy in plain view as her feet just bounced up and down, up and down.

She got enough of a rhythm riding him that she took one hand off his neck and moved it to her clit.

I heard from the left of the camera the door and a guy said, “Beth, your husband is out there freaking out, wants to know if you’re ok? He thinks you may need help. Are you hurt?”

The guy slowed down his pace as both Beth and the guy laughed, and Beth said, “Yeah, help me, my pussy is hungry.”

Then another guy appeared in frame, naked and Beth said, “Yeah, yeah, come here, come on,” in breathless cries as the guy had picked up the pace on her ass again.

He walked up to her and her arms moved from the first guys neck to the new guy’s in front of her. He was also big, huger, probably another football player more like a lineman build, and hispanic looking. He put his hands on her tits.

“Yeah, fuck me,” she moaned. “Do it, fucking do it.” The guy slowed down fucking her ass, holding her still as the new guy moved in.

“You’re going to be the only the second guy to ever fuck my pussy,” she said, then she said, “wait.” and the guy pulled back again. The guy holding her slide her hands down lower from near her ass, to behind her knees so now her calfs and feet dangled down like she was a kid sitting on a bench too tall for her.

She told the camera to get in close, moving in for a close up of her dick filled ass and wet pussy. She spread her pussy lips wide, showing that warm pink piece of art. “Look at this pussy baby, don’t you wish you were here?” talking to me right to the camera, I felt.

The camera trailed over her body, her flat stomach, breasts, neck, face as the guy held her up, still, buried in her ass.

Then, she spread her thighs wide again, and gave the new guy the sexiest look. He moved in real close and stuck his dick into her waiting pussy. It was now official in every possible way, my wife was fucking other guys in every whole she had. I’m not sure if there were any more lines she could cross.

She wrapped her legs around him as they both had her legs and ass held and fucked her, pressed against her from either side, Beth was moaning and gripping the guys back in front of her, digging her nails into him.

The black guy leaned back and dropped onto the bed, bringing Beth down on top of him, still fucking her, she lay on his chest on her back, legs wide in the air, her eyes watching the other guy move in, desperate for him to re fill her pussy.

The other guy got on the bed and Beth lifted her legs and split them wide again, inviting him as he entered her again.

“Oh god, she moaned as he slide inside her. “Yes, hard, HARD!” She yelled, “Oh god it hurts, HARDER!”

It was awkward of course, and hard to get a real violent rhythm with 3 people. So, to compensate, I guess, the guy in her pussy slapped her face, hard, and it was loud and looked painful, but she snapped her head back and kissed him as a reward.

They kept going like that for a long time, two of them double penetrating my wife as she screamed, and all on tape. My dick was really hard and it disgusted me, like it was betraying me because I felt like throwing up, but I still had an erection. Everything about this made me feel disgusted and betrayed and powerless.

“See how long they last too, remember back when we fucked, going that hard, you’d be like 90 seconds tops. It’d be more than 50 sessions combined for you to be in me for that much time.” Real Beth said to me.

Finally the black guy said he was going to cum and Beth said “Yeah, cum right in my tight, little ass.”

“No,” he said and pulled out of her ass as she gasped and moved out from underneath her to beside her and shoved his cock in her face as the other guy was now kneeling up as he fucked her.

Beth was jerking and sucking the guy off wildly, sloppy, but it was good enough as he pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face and hair.

Then Real Beth said to me “Two at once feels so good, it’s way better than just twice as good, feeling both holes so full, fuck. It’s amazing…” She drifted off, intently watching again.

Now it was just the other guy. He pulled her legs way back, over her head, bending her dramatically at the waist, lifting her hips in the air and he got up higher, fucking down into her, one hand moved to her neck, and a few minutes later he came inside her.

Then, the camera panned to the door and it seemed like a guy was kind of dragged in a bit.

“Hey rookie, today is your lucky day, we got a present for you.” Beth smiled at him. “He played his ass off for us today, he needs a reward.” He seemed nervous, as Beth, still with cum on her face, pulled him in and said “your turn” and started to undress him.

“That’s some dudes wife you got there, how sexy is she?” asked the black guy off camera.

“Very,” he said.

Once he was naked, she stroked him a bit until he was hard and sat him on the bed and then sat down on him, guiding his cock right into her ass

“Holy shit” he said, when he saw she was putting it in her ass. His dick was much nearer to average size, not so much bigger than mine.

“It went in so easy that time,” Real Beth said, “the first guy loosened it way up, so it was no problem, the kid was so cute too, nervous, he wasn’t much bigger than you, or any better at sex, but it was way more fun. I guess I have a thing for the pathetic ones, and as long as they are still innocent it’s still sexy…ah well, as long as there’s real men to take care of me, I can help out the rest sometimes too right? I mean, I’m sure if this guy thought that he deserved to fuck me, took it for granted, I’m be so turned off, but right now, when you can tell it’s like too much for him to process, I like that.”

She started to undress beside me as she bounced up and down on this guys lap on the TV, she said, “This guy doesn’t last as long, there’s only a few minutes left, and you get to see my whole body here, such a sexy view. I think its the best you’ll get.”

I am a 27 year old woman who this past June became a lesbian bride. My name is Cheryl and Melissa has been my partner for the last two and a half years. Mel is a stunning brunette eight years my senior and while we would both be considered femmes, there has never been any doubt who is the dominant partner in our relationship.

Last month, Melissa and I scheduled a get away to Vegas with my sister and her girlfriend. After arriving at our hotel, Mel informed me she had invited some of our closest friends to our surprise wedding. While it was a civil ceremony and not recognized where we live, it was perhaps the happiest moment of my life.

While the wedding was her idea, I had for months been hinting that I’d like to take our relationship to another level. My sister encouraged me to get a pride tattoo a few years ago when I came out. She had done the same. Earlier this year, I surprised Melissa with another tattoo, interlocking female symbols on my right shoulder with both of our initials. The colorful tat has served as a constant reminder to us both how much I love her.

Up until our wedding, we often introduced each other using the term girlfriends finding partner to be so stuffy. However, after our ceremony, Melissa now refers to me as her wife. It’s a description which probably fits as I do most of the household chores and activities and Melissa is the primary income generator.

As an attorney at a very prestigious firm, Melissa and I live very comfortably on the income she makes and she prefers, at least for the time being, that I do not work. While she enjoys her job, it is a very stressful position with long hours so I always make sure when she arrives home to have our dinner ready and help her relax – in whatever manner she chooses for the evening.

This morning when Melissa left for work, she instructed me to write how I became a lesbian. After all, it’s not every day that a woman is introduced into a lesbian lifestyle by her own sister!

My sister Meagan and I are both blondes and 5’4″ and 5′ 6″ respectively. But Meagan is actually my step-sister. My real mother died when I was nine of cancer and dad and I lived together several years on our own. I was an only child and dad really doted on me. He’s always called me his little “sunshine.”

When I was sixteen, dad met a divorced lady with children of her own. Barbara had two kids: Meagan who was 14 and Brian who was 10. After dating for nearly a year, Barbara and dad married and we all moved in together. While I was fond of Barbara and became close to both Meagan and Brian, no one could ever come between dad and myself.

Meagan and I got along well enough but she was certainly the more adventurous of us girls She was constantly getting in trouble for over staying her curfew, drinking with other teens in the neighborhood, and wearing outfits which drew sharp criticism and rebuke from mom and dad.

It was no surprise then that I got a call one summer when Meagan was a junior in college. I had just graduated and moved into an apartment a few hours away. Dad called and said there were some minor problems at home and mom and Meagan were really going at it. She asked if I would consider allowing Meagan to spend the summer with me.

At first I was at a real loss at the source of the tension until dad handed the phone off to Barbara and she explained that they had both recently found out that Meagan was in a relationship and they simply didn’t approve. When I cut in that she was a big girl now and could make her own decisions, Barbara cut through the chase and informed me Meagan was seeing another girl.

I must confess at the time I was shocked. When I lived at home, there was nothing to infer that Meagan was anything other than boy crazy. On the contrary, I can’t even recall how many times she was grounded for staying out late with a guy and usually one who was much older than either one of us.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to get involved with a domestic dispute between my parents and Meagan but I was happy to have my sister for the summer and thought the time together would give everyone a chance to cool off. Meagan agreed to spend a few months with me and drove over that weekend.

Meagan is a very pretty blonde with brown eyes and a gorgeous figure. Growing up, I was often envious how she captivated people’s attention. While she is a couple of inches shorter than I am, she always wore clothing that accentuated her emerging figure, especially her chest. Many of my friends have commented she looks a great deal like Jessica Alba from that movie Sin City. She has a tiny waist and measures 35-24-34.

She spends a great deal of time outdoors either on the tennis court or by the pool leaving her with a dark skin tone. Meagan has always tanned much better than I do. Another thing that always left me envious.

Initially things went very well. I often picked us up something to eat on my way home from work and we spent much of the evening talking and watching shows on television. One night, we started drinking wine and eventually she started telling me how she was seduced by an older girl at a sleep over.

Meagan and the girl ended up sharing a sleeping bag and experimented with each other the rest of the evening. From there, Meagan expanded from kissing games with other teens to actually allowing herself to be picked up by an older girl at a college mixer.

As she described her encounter with the older coed, I felt myself getting wet with excitement. Over the next couple of days, my thoughts and fantasies were filled with images of Meagan being taken by this girl.

It was after this incident that things really began to change at our apartment. While Meagan was never modest to begin with, she began passing me in the hall with little or nothing on as she made her way to and from the shower. It wasn’t the first time either of us had been nude in front of each other as we often shared rooms on family trips, only this time there was a sense of electricity in the air.

It was if she were openly flirting with me, encouraging me to look as she exhibited her body which had continued to blossom in our time apart.

Some times when I would come home from work, she might be lounging around in just panties or a thong watching television. When I commented she needed to put clothes on, she feigned it was too hot or she just wanted to be comfortable.

One evening, we were watching a DVD she had rented at Blockbuster. We had both been drinking beer when she caught me glancing over at her. As usual, she was sitting on the couch, her feet propped up on the table, topless wearing only a skimpy pair of black panties.

I was admiring her breasts, firm, full, and her nipples standing erect. I secretly wished mine were as round and firm as hers.

“See something you like?” she said breaking my concentration. I was immediately embarrassed that she had caught me transfixed and immediately tried to laugh it off.

“What?” I acted nonchalantly.

“I asked if you saw something you liked. It appears you were staring at my tits?” Megan shot back with a smile.

“No, I was just thinking. Sort of lost in thought. I wasn’t staring…or didn’t mean to be. Anyway, I’m not into…” I paused for a second, grappling with my thoughts, “Your tits,” I said with emphasis. “That’s your thing not mine,” I laughed off.

I could tell my face was a little flush having been caught. I had been staring. We both knew it.

“It’s okay. I’ve see the way you look at me,” she said back, her eyes penetrating mine. “Why don’t you come over here and feel them…touch them?,” she trailed off.

“Meagan,” I raised my voice slightly. “You’re my sister!”

“Half sister,” Meagan corrected. “My mom married your dad. If they hadn’t met, we’d just be two girls,” she said with a sly smile.

“That’s gross. I can’t believe you’re even suggesting it,” I said disgusted. My own sister, suggesting we fool around. I got up and went to my bedroom. Her words turning in my head.

It was one thing to let her live with me for the summer. I wasn’t interested in girls…especially my sister. Yea, she was hot. But no way. I was strictly into guys.

I had been dating a man named Paul for several months. We hadn’t actually had sex although I had allowed him to get frisky at his apartment one evening.

I was still trying to get over a major break up with my last boyfriend. Steve and I dated through most of college and I thought we might actually get married. Then one night I found out that Steve had been seeing one of my other girfriends from college.

I was devastated. Betrayed not only by the man that I loved but a friend that I trusted. It took months to get over and even now I was scared to let another man too close.

As I wrestled with what had just transpired with Meagan, I reached for my cell phone and on the other end, Paul’s familiar voice. We made plans for a date the next evening. Dinner and then perhaps back to his place. I needed my space. I needed to get away from my sister.

The evening with Paul couldn’t have been better. A nice dinner at an Italian restaurant, back to his place, a little music as we sat on his couch and talked. I didn’t discuss the prior evening with Meagan, Just relaxed in his arms, as he stroked my hair, placing his lips to mine.

It was about ten thirty when I returned home. Meagan was in the den watching TV. She was wearing a red satin robe, falling just below her hips. Her eyes locked on me as I walked past to my bedroom.

I slipped off my shoes and was removing my jewelry when I heard her voice from the doorway.

“How was your date?”

“Nice, we had a great time,” I said softly trying to erase our last encounter from my mind.

“There’s something I think we need to talk about,” came Meagan’s short reply.

“I know. I’m sorry I reacted like that,” I began. “You just really caught me off guard. I know you’re in a different place, away from your friends..and you miss your…” I paused for a second. “Your girlfriend. Why don’t you call her. Invite her up. I won’t say anything to mom and dad,” I said turning and facing her.

Meagan was standing in the doorway. Her long blonde hair falling gently on her shoulders as she smiled back at me. “Thanks. That’s nice of you. I will. But that’s not exactly what I wanted to talk about.”

I was puzzled as I stared back at her. She held out a piece of paper.

As I took it, I knew immediately what it was.

“Where did you get this?” I blasted.

“I found it this afternoon,” she replied back.

“You were rifling through my things,” I shot back rather indignantly.

It was a release form from Jail. I had been charge with possession of less than a half ounce of marijuana almost a year before. It was considered a misdemeanor but I did have to stay the night in jail and attend substance abuse classes.

“It wasn’t mine. It belonged to a guy I was seeing but it was in my possession. What’s it to you anyway?” I replied angrily that my sister was now going through my things.

“It doesn’t say anything about anybody else. Just you,” Meagan shot back.

I turned away facing the wall. My body was shaking I was so mad. “So, I still don’t know how it’s any of your business.”

“Well, I wonder what daddy would think if he knew his little angel… his little sunshine was not such an angel.” Meagan answered back, the words stinging as they rolled off her tongue.

“Why are you doing this? What is it you want?” I asked back.

“Look,” Meagan began, “I know we’re step sisters, family, but I’ve always been attracted to you. Hell, growing up I fantasized about you. And I know how you feel about it and all, but I. Fuck it. I want to have sex with you.”

I stood staring at her in disbelief. My own sister, a member of my family wanted to have sex with me. This was crazy. If it weren’t bad enough she was my sister… it was with another girl. I was no lesbian. I might have had my problems with guys lately but I wasn’t prepared to give up on men. Just the last one I dated.

“Well, that’s not going to happen!” I said back with emphasis. “You wanna’ run off to daddy and tell him something, you go ahead. I’ll tell him the truth. I’ll tell him it’s a misunderstanding and just who the hell do you think he’s going to believe? You?”

“I think he might believe what you’re holding in your hand,” she shot back as I looked down to see the paper I was still holding. “And I did make a copy of it by the way with my phone and emailed it home to my computer. Suit yourself. I wanted this to be something nice. I wanted to share something special with you.”

“And this is your idea of special?” my voice dripping with sarcasm.

Meagan stared back. She had a look on her face. I couldn’t tell if it was disappointment or defiance. Regardless, she turned and walked out of my room.

I looked at the crinkled sheet of paper as I balled it up and tossed it to the floor. My hands were shaking as I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I had lied. There was no guy. The pot had been mine. Something I’d been doing since college.

I knew daddy would believe me. At least I was pretty sure. But I couldn’t dispute I’d been charged, arrested. I couldn’t believe Meagan was blackmailing me. My own stepsister!

Would she actually go through with it? Was she that vindictive? As I stood trying to gather my thoughts, I couldn’t help think of how much shit she’d been going through with mom and dad. How much grief they had given her. Likely comparing the two of us and how much trouble she was always in compared to me.

I had to admit, the story she told me about the coed that seduced her in college got me all wet. I was literally dripping hearing about her same sex encounter with another girl. And seeing her lying around the house, nude. I often railed she needed to get clothes on but I had to admit…it did turn me on.

I think there was a part of me that didn’t press it because I did want to see her. I knew everyday when I got home from work, Meagan would be putting on a show. I didn’t want to admit it, even to myself, but I did enjoy seeing her. Gazing at the beautiful woman she was becoming.

Something I didn’t want to acknowledge. But there, it was the truth. I couldn’t believe I was even entertaining the thought of giving in to her. Actually allowing my sister to have her way with me. But every second I stood there, I felt myself getting more and more turned on at the thought.

I hadn’t actually made love to anyone in months. Paul and I made out on his couch and sure there was some groping here and there. But the last time I actually made love to Steve was just before Christmas, more than seven months ago. It had taken time and a great many tears to get over him and to allow myself to even go out with another guy.

Finally, I put one foot in front of the other and walked down the hall to the den. Meagan was sitting on the couch watching something a DVD. She was wearing an extra large T-shirt which is what she usually wore to bed if anything at all. She looked up at me, her brown eyes looking straight back into mine.

“Listen, I got ugly in there. I didn’t mean to be,” I started waiting for her to say something, some sign that she didn’t mean it. It was a mistake. Something we both should just forget about. But the silence indicated nothing was forth coming. “There’s nothing I can say to make you change your mind?” I asked.

Meagan just sat there and slowly moved her head back and forth.

“Meagan, I don’t have a problem with your choice. You can do anything you want. But sex, sex with a with you. It’s just not my thing. I mean, I’m not into girls like you are,” I explained.

“How do you know?” she replied back. “How do you know till you tried it?”

“I don’t have to try it. It’s just not for me,” I reasoned.

“Are you telling me you don’t find me attractive?” she countered.

“Sure you are. And if I were into women, I’d probably think you were really, really sexy. It’s back to what I said though, it’s not my thing,” I answered.

“Okay,” she said adjusting herself on the couch, pulling her leg up under her as she sat facing me. “I’m not going to turn you into some crazed lesbian or anything. But I bet I can make you feel better than you have in a long time. Better than this guy Paul you’ve been seeing.”

“Well that wouldn’t be hard. I mean we’re not really intimate or anything,” I kind of shrugged back.

“So what have you been doing since you and Steve broke up?” She asked.

“Nothing. Nothing really,” I responded.

“I see,” was Meagan’s short response back. “Unbutton your blouse,” she directed. I stood looking back at her, my arms frozen at my sides. “Look Cheryl, I’ve seen you in the nude before. It’s no big deal. Just do what I say. Unbutton your blouse.”

“Please, please don’t ask me to do this thing,” I said back feeling tears welling up in my eyes.

She seemed unfazed by my pleas, my tears. “I won’t ask you again. This is your last chance. Do what I said, unbutton your top…now” she said with emphasis.

I paused only briefly this time as I felt transfixed before her. Slowly raising my arms and then one by one, undoing the buttons on my top.

“Now,” she said as I completed the last one, “ease it off your shoulders.” I did as she said, dropping the top on the floor at my feet. “Unsnap your bra. Let me see those breasts. Your pretty breasts. Let me look at them.”

I felt my face blush as I reached behind and undid the snap, catching the bra with my hands. I knew I was crossing over a line of no return. With each act I was moving closer and closer to what she wanted as I pulled the bra free and then off, exposing my chest to Meagan.

“Your tits are so pretty Cheryl. I’ve always thought so. And your nipples. Look how nice and hard they are. This is exciting you isn’t it?” she purred.

I ignored her comment but looked down to see for myself. Yes, both nipples were already drawn up. I was excited. Terribly excited and my body was betraying me as I undressed in front of my baby sister.

“Now your slacks. Take them off. Slowly,” she ordered as I unsnapped the front, unzipping and pulling it down, easing the pants off my hips, as I stepped out and then free, dropping them by my side as well.

Now I stood before her in just my yellow bikini cut panties.

“That’s so nice. You look so pretty. Step closer. Step closer to me Cheryl,” she encouraged as I walked over. Meagan’s eyes danced from my face to my breasts and then my panties as she took me in.

“Now I want you to slide your hand into your panties. Do that for me. Slide it in,” Meagan said softly as I watched her own hand dip below her t-shirt.

I did as she asked as my fingers rubbed the top of my pussy. “Yea, baby. Now take your finger out and wet it with your mouth and then stick it back. I want you to rub your little clit for me. Stick your finger in that hot little twat and rub you clit for Meagan.”

I closed my eyes, lost in the feeling as I sucked on my own finger, coating it with saliva before easing it back in my panties. My legs spread involuntarily as I rubbed my slit, my fingers sliding in easily as my juices began to flow.

“That’s it sweets. Rub that cunt. Play with your clit,” she instructed.

I did. Two, then three fingers as I plunged deeper. My forefinger rubbing madly over my clit, my knees getting weaker and weaker.

“Look at me. Look at me Cheryl,” Meagan demanded.

I looked up and my sister was staring back at me. “Does it turn you on to play with yourself in front of me? Does it feel good baby. Does it make you excited cumming for your baby sister?”

I groaned back a soft but audible no. I didn’t want to admit it.

“Come over here,” Meagan barked as I walked over, my hand still buried in my panties.

Meagan pulled my panties aside and thrust her fingers up my moist box. “Damn. Feel how wet you are. You’re so turned on right now, admit it.”

“Hey, Liz!”

The voice reached Liz over the pounding music and general noise of the party only because she had literally just bumped in to the speaker. Liz turned, her bright blue eyes studying the face of the guy behind her, trying to place him. He was tall, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, vaguely good looking in that generic college guy way. There was nothing about the way he looked that Liz thought was immediately memorable, but the sound of his voice had made something lurch painfully inside. His eyes were making a thorough exploration of her body, from her curly dark hair to her shapely legs, skipping past her pretty face to linger on her full breasts and the lower edge of her, admittedly short, shirt.

“You’re Liz, right,” he said smiling.

The memory hit her like a punch to the gut. It has been at another party, last semester. A party that had gotten wildly out of control…

– –

A man’s weight lay heavily across her back and thighs. A dick thrust slowly into her violated pussy.

“You’re Liz, right.”

The man chuckled. She moaned as his dick withdrew from her. She felt filthy, used and spent as cum oozed from her aching pussy and dried on her sticky chin. Her whole body was sore and abused. She had no idea how many strangers had fucked her already, thrusting into her pussy or down her throat. He was the first one who had recognized her, but she had no idea who he was. Not that it mattered. She thought he was finished.

She didn’t really notice his hands spreading her ass cheeks until his thick shaft was pressing against her anus. She gasped. It hurt, a lot. He pushed harder and his dick, slimy from the wet, sticky mess of her pussy, penetrated her tight sphincter. She worried her ass was about to tear. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Whimpering, she tried to relax, to let him in. Grabbing her hips, he shoved the full length of his dick deep into her ass and started fucking. She screamed.

– –

“I’m Rick,” the guy continued, obvious. “We… uh… we had a couple of classes together last semester.”

“I remember you,” Liz said, her mind spinning. The memory threatened to overwhelm her and for a moment she couldn’t look at him. Her eyes scanned through the crowd and came to rest on her friends, gathered nearby. At the sight of them, the spinning chaos of her mind stilled.

“Um, you looking for someone,” the guy, Rick, asked hesitantly.

“Found them,” Liz replied. Her eyes flashed as she turned back to Rick.

“I remember you.” Liz repeated. She stepped closer, resting her hand Rick’s chest and smiling up at him. “I remember that wild party.”

“Yeah?” Rick asked hesitantly.

“Oh yeah,” Liz purred. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts against him.

“Yeah!” Rick’s eyes widened.

Liz tipped her head back, arching her body upward to bring her lips close to Rick’s. Her hand slid down his chest. “Why don’t you go into that room back there and maybe we can renew our acquaintance. How does that sound?”

“Hell, yeah,” Rick panted as Liz’s fingers brushed across his thigh.

“I just need to talk to my friends for a second,” Liz continued. “then I’ll be right… there.” Her fingers traced the outline of the bulge in his pants.

“You’re goin’ ditch me, aren’t you?” Rick said grimly.

“No,” Liz purred, “I’m not.”

Then she turned and walked away from him, making sure that the sway of her hips would keep his attention.

– –

“Hey, Derrick,” Liz said to her friend with a dazzling smile, “can I borrow something?”

– –

“I told you I wouldn’t ditch you,” Liz grinned mischievously from the bedroom door.

“I’m glad,” Rick grinned back at her. “Say, whose room is this?”

“I don’t know,” Liz mused, tossing her purse on the bed, “but I bet he has to wash his sheets a lot.”

Rick chuckled, leering at her. Liz smiled back, ignoring the renewed stab of memory.

With a firm demanding motion, she pushed Rick down onto the bed. She smiled as he laughed. If Rick had really known her, he might have recognized that smile. Instead, he reached out to grab her as she straddled him. His hands groped at her breasts but she swatted them aside. He reached for her again and Liz grabbed his wrists. She held tight, pushing his arms up as she leaned into him, kissing him passionately. He moaned into her mouth, relaxing back onto the bed so that she lay on top of him.

Rick’s tongue probed her mouth as they kissed. Liz pressed herself against him. Her hands caressed his muscular arms. Her breasts rubbed against his chest. Her hips rocked against the growing bulge in his pants. Liz wasn’t adverse to sex, and she knew how to drive men wild. In fact, she had always reveled in her sexual power. Tonight, she was putting every bit of experience she had to work in order to drive Rick to distraction.

Rick reached for her again, and again Liz pushed his arms down. Growling, he pushed back, his powerful arms forcing hers up. With a gasp, Liz let him push her up so she was sitting up, her hips straddling his. Rick reached for her breasts and, with a playful grin, she swatted his hands away again. Before he could react, she grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it over her head.

Rick grinned at the sight of Liz’s full round breasts, pressed together by her tight, black lace bra. His hands reached up, grabbing and squeezing her. Liz moaned in involuntary pleasure. She always loved having her breasts played with. Rick’s hands were sending sparks of pleasure through her. Finding the front clasp of her bra, Rick fumblingly unhooked it and Liz’s breasts tumbled free, her large nipples already hard. Rick leaned up, burying his face between her white mounds, licking and sucking at her firm flesh.

Liz moaned again. Her hips rocked steadily against Rick’s hardness, the rough denim of his jeans pressing through the thin fabric of her panties, sparking even more pleasure. She grabbed his hair, pushing his head against her breasts and laying her cheek against the top of his head. Her eyes fell on her purse. With an inward grin, Liz pushed them both down onto the bed again. Rick continued to suck on her breast, his teeth grazing her nipple. She slid her hands up his arms, lifting them over his head.

Quickly, she glanced over at her purse. Her hand shot out and pulled from it the item she had borrowed from Derrick, her friendly local dom. She rocked and twisted, pressing her body against Rick while her hands slipped the object around the slats of the headboard. Then, with a quick, determined move, she snapped the handcuffs around Rick’s wrists and sat up.

“Huh?” Rick grasped, startled. His hands rattled the cuffs. “What the hell?”

“Relax, lover,” Liz purred, stretching over him like a cat. “I just don’t want you running off on me.”

Rick rattled the cuffs again, but a slow grin spread across his face. Liz smiled back down at him, that same smile anyone who knew her would have warned him about had they cared to. With slow, catlike movements, she leaned down, kissing Rick’s lips, then his neck, working her way down his chest and belly. Rick groaned and chuckled.

“Damn girl,” Rick said. “Ok.”

“Ok?” Liz purred, her lips brushing the waistband of his jeans. “You’re ok with this?”

“Hell yes,” Rick groaned as Liz’s fingers unbuttoned his jeans.

“I can do what I want?” she purred, as she pulled his jeans aside.

“Yeah,” Rick groaned.

“Yeah?” Liz whispered, her face nuzzling at his boxers. “Anything?”

“Anything you want baby,” Rick growled.

Liz grinned savagely, pulling Rick’s jeans and boxers off with a quick motion. Her fingers brushed along his inner thighs, along his heavy balls and up the length of his long, hard shaft, already leaking pre-cum from the tip. Rick moaned. She pushed his thighs apart, spreading his legs wide as she lowered herself between his legs. With a lusty sigh, Liz dragged her tongue along the length of Rick’s shaft, tasting his salty pre-cum and musky skin. He groaned and thrust his hips at her face.

Liz continued to tease his shaft with her tongue. She lowered her head between his legs to suck gently on his balls. Rick gasped and moaned as she rolled her tongue over his hairy sack. Her fingers slid along his inner thighs, teasing and grazing lightly against the curve of his ass. Slowly, Liz kissed and licked her way up his shaft, swirling her tongue around his tip. Rick arched his back, rocking his hips to rub his dick against her face.

“Suck it,” he groaned demandingly. “Come on, suck my cock.”

Liz smiled to herself. Parting her lips slightly, she lowered her mouth over the tip of his shaft. Rick growled and thrust at her face. She let his dick penetrate her mouth, sucking as she lowered her mouth down around his hard, spongy flesh. She started to gently bob her head up and down his length. One hand gripped his shaft, while her other caressed his ass.

Rick twitched and moaned. Liz’s fingers grazed against his anus and he tensed for a moment, before relaxing again. She knew that the teasing sensation of her light touch was adding to his general pleasure. She continued to suck and lick at his dick, making little moans of pleasure as he thrust against her mouth.

Her lips still wrapped around his shaft, Liz glanced up at Rick’s face. His eyes were closed and his breath was coming in ragged gasps. She could feel his dick growing harder and knew he was approaching the edge. Slowly, she reached out to her purse and took a second item from it. Gently, she brought her hand back between Rick’s legs. He tensed again as she pushed against his anus. His hips rocked. She pushed harder and he gasped.

“What?” Rick’s eyes flew open, looking down at Liz in startled panic as something much larger and harder than a finger pushed between his ass cheeks.

Liz released his dick from her mouth and smiled savagely up at him. She pushed even harder, pressing the handle of her hairbrush against his tight sphincter.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Rick demanded.

“You love it,” Liz purred viciously. “I heard that about you.”

“What the fuck?” Rick demanded. “Aaaaaggh!” He shouted as Liz shoved, driving the handle against his sensitive ass ring.

“Quiet down,” Liz admonished, pumping her arm slowly back and forth as she drove the hard plastic against his ass. “If someone hears you, they might come in and see you… cuffed to the bed with a hairbrush in your ass. Think what that will do for your party rep.”

“Oh, god,” Rick groaned, “It’s hurts.”

“Yeah, it fucking does!” Liz snapped, shoving harder.

Rick gave an incoherent yell as the brush handle finally penetrated his anus. Liz stopped pushing. For a moment they both lay still, panting. Rick whimpered.

“You fucked my ass, you son of a bitch,” Liz growled. “I did not ask any of you bastards to fuck me and I certainly did not ask you to fuck me in the ass!”

With a shriek, she pushed the handle deeper into Rick’s ass. He grunted painfully. Eyes flashing, Liz started to fuck his ass with the handle. Rick groaned. His hips rocked as he tried to pull away from the hard plastic painfully invading his body.

“Do you love that?!” Liz snarled, “Is that so good?!”

“Oh, god,” Rick groaned, “Oh, fuck. Oh, god. Oh, fuck.”

Grinning savagely, Liz lowered her face toward Rick’s bucking hips. His dick, slick with saliva and pre-cum, had gone limp when she had started her assault on his ass. Still relentlessly pumping the plastic shaft into his ass, she took his entire flaccid member into her mouth and sucked. Rick gasped. His hips rocked.

“Oh…. Oh…. Oh, god,” Rick whimpered.

Liz was surprised when his dick started to stiffen in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down his shaft while her hand thrust the plastic member into his ass. In moments, he was rock hard and thrusting into her mouth with wild abandon.

“Oh fuck!” Rick shouted.

His body tensed. Liz sank the brush handle completely into his ass. With a wild cry, Rick unloaded a powerful surge of cum into Liz’s mouth. Surprised, Liz pulled her head away, spiting his cum into a white puddle on his chest. She watched as powerful spasms added lines of sticky white cum to the mess. Slowly, his orgasm faded, his body twitching and white goo pooling on his abs. Liz watched in fascination, awed by the intensity of his reaction.

Stunned, she pushed her soaked panties off and straddled his head.

“Eat me,” she demanded, her own lust swelling inside her. “Eat my pussy, you bastard.”

Rick’s tongue lashed wildly, parting Liz’s wet folds and probing inside. She moaned as he licked and sucked at her pussy. His tongue searched inside, finding her clit and licking it passionately. She rocked her hips on his face, pushing her sensitive bud against his searching tongue. His body moved under her. In shock, she realized he was rolling his hips, fucking himself with the brush still lodged deep in his ass. The thought drove Liz wild. Her orgasm rushed over her like a wave and she came screaming.

Finally, she lifted herself off Rick’s face. She looked down at him and smiled. He was flushed, cuffed to the bed, his own cum drying on his belly and even streaking the t-shirt he had never bothered to take off. She could plainly see the hairbrush protruding from his abused ass. His eyes were glazed and distant.

Calmly, Liz leaned across him and picked up her purse. She set the keys to the cuffs on the table beside the bed, re-fastened her bra and pulled her top back on over it. She tucked her panties into her purse and, hips swaying, walked out the door.

As she left, she heard Rick moan: “Can I have your number?”

Greg was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, making sure he looked okay and his clothes were at least neat. Hopefully, they wouldn’t be on that much longer. A smile lit up his face as he thought about Ashelin sitting on the couch in my living room and how he got to be in this position.

He was at the ice cream shop when this woman walked in with a couple of her friends. She was wearing the uniform of a local all-girls private school and at first all Greg could look at were her legs and thighs wrapped in those white stockings. They kept looking at each other, and after a while, she walked over to the table where he was sitting. She introduced herself as Ashelin and told him that she was 18 and a senior at the Della Parsons School for Young Women. He invited her to sit down and told her his name was Greg. As she talked, he noticed that the top button of her blouse was undone and he could see her cleavage. Trying not to be too obvious, he looked up into her blue eyes. After talking for a while, they made a date and she gave him her phone number.

The night they were supposed to meet, she decided to change the plans and to meet at his apartment. Greg said okay and gave her his address. He got dressed and waited for her to arrive. When the doorbell rang, he nearly jumped off the couch to answer it. Greg opened the door and was surprised by what he saw. Ashelin was standing in the doorway in her school uniform. She was wearing a thin white blouse, through which he could see her bra, a navy blue pleated skirt that came down to a little above her knees, white stockings, and black dress boots. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was simply combed straight, but somehow it added to her beauty. Her blue eyes twinkled as she smiled and kissed Greg on his cheek. He moved aside to let her in and looked down to watch her ass while she walked towards the couch. He closed the door behind him with a smile.

Ashelin and Greg talked for a while and had a couple of drinks before the conversation starting getting a little suggestive. She then told him very bluntly what she wanted to do, so he told her to sit back and relax while he went to the bathroom. He checked himself one final time, took a deep breath, and went back into the living room.

Ashelin was sitting there with her legs crossed and a smirk on her face. “You okay?” she asked in a playful tone.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Greg replied. He sat down next to her and she leaned over to say something to him. As she did, he put up a hand to stop her. “Shhhh, don’t say anything baby. Tonight it’s all about you. I am going to do things to you that are going to blow your mind. I don’t want you to do any work, just lay back and let me please you.” She looked a little shocked at what he had to say, but Greg then leaned in a kissed her. Her pink lips were soft as they pressed against his. He could feel her breathing pick up as his tongue slipped into her mouth. Greg could taste the sweetness of her breath. He took his hand and started stroking her hair. Greg’s head started spinning and he could feel the blood rushing down to fill his stiffening rod. They shared that kiss for a couple of minutes before Greg decided to change the pace. He pulled his lips away from Ashelin and saw the redness of her cheeks. He stood up and, with her hand in his, pulled her up with him. Her turned her around to face the couch and stood behind her. Greg reached around her and slowly undid the top button of her blouse. He slowly ran his hand over her breasts, feeling her smooth skin and then the lace of her bra. He undid the rest of the buttons while kissing on her neck. Greg saw Ashelin’s chest heaving from her heavy breathing.

He slowly pulled off her shirt, and let it drop to the ground. He then knelt behind her and ran his hands up her legs and thighs. He took her shoes off and then slowly rolled down her stockings. He felt the goose bumps rising on the skin of her legs as he slid off the stockings. He then stuck out his tongue and, starting at her ankles, licked up the back of her legs. Ashelin let out a low moan as Greg reached the top of her thigh and licked the area where her ass and thighs met. Greg lifted up her skirt and began sliding down the black thong that she was wearing. Ashelin stepped out of it as Greg parted her cheeks and ran his tongue around her anus. Ashelin started wiggling her ass against his face as he pushed his tongue in more, the tip of it going into her hole. Greg reached around with one hand and slid a finger into her pussy, parting her shaved lips. He used his finger to start playing with her clit. Ashelin’s moaning became louder as his finger started rubbing her clit faster and faster. Greg then took his other hand slowly slid two of his fingers in her wet pussy. With Greg tonguing her ass and fingering her pussy, Ashelin started going crazy. Waves of pleasure washed over her as she started orgasming. Greg felt her warm cum dripping down his wrist. When Ashelin’s shudders started fading, he stood up.

Greg quickly stripped down to his boxer shorts. He then turned Ashelin around and let her see the erection that had formed in his shorts. Reaching his hands out, he undid the front clasps of her bra. Ashelin’s 36C breasts were the same creamy complexion as her skin, and her pink nipples were hard. He lowered his head and kissed the tops of her breasts. He then lifted one of her breasts up and began licking and sucking her nipple. Ashelin sucked in a breath as his tongue moved around her areola, causing ripples of pleasure to move down her spine. Greg loved the feeling of her warm hard nipples in his mouth, making him eager to be inside Ashelin.

Greg stood up and turned Ashelin around. He then bent her over the couch and lifted the skirt off of her ass. Spreading her legs a bit, her could see her engorged lips from behind. He pulled off his boxers and rubbed his erect cock over her lips, getting some of her cum on his head. Greg then gripped Ashelin’s hip and, using one of his hands, slowly slid his cock into her pussy. Ashelin let out a squeal as Greg’s cock penetrated her tight hole. Greg started moving his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. Greg reached around and grabbed Ashelin’s tits and started tweaking the nipples as he fucked her. He would slide his cock out until just he head was in her, and then ram it back in, making her feel the entire length of his rod. Her juices quickly covered his cock. Ashelin’s ass slapped against his groin and rippled slightly at every impact. Ashelin’s tight lips gripped his cock and he could feel the walls pulsating. Greg cupped her tits starting fucking her harder. Ashelin’s moaning became louder and Greg starting grunting from the pleasure. He felt his balls tightening and his cock got harder. Greg yelled out as he exploded, his cum shooting out of his cock deep into Ashelin’s pussy. His warm seed filled her hole as she climaxed again. Their cum dripped down and out of her pussy, sliding down his cock and balls. Ashelin let out a moan as Greg slowly slid out of her.

Greg then went to sit down on the couch and told Ashelin to straddle him. He pulled her close and started kissing her passionately, her warm breasts pressed against his chest. Greg could feel the warmth of her pussy against his groin. He started kissing her body, moving down her neck and over her chest. Ashelin through her head back, her breasts sticking out more. She reached around and lightly ran her nails up his back. This caused the blood to rush back into Greg’s cock, quickly making him hard again. He lifted Ashelin up slightly and placed her pussy over his rod. She sat down on it, her cum allowing him to slide in with ease. Her skirt draped over their laps as Greg started pumping his hips.

Ashelin’s weight caused Greg’s cock to go deep in her pussy, and as he pumped she could feel his head rubbing up against her G-spot. Greg pulled Ashelin towards him and he started sucking her nipples. Ashelin began squealing in ecstasy. Her hands gripped Greg’s back as he kept pumping, grinding their hips and groins together. Ashelin’s clit was hard, stimulated from the pressure of the grinding. Greg started pumping harder, using their momentum and his hands to lift her up as he did. The slapping of their thighs mixed with the other sounds of pleasure coming from them. Ashelin’s skirt lightly tickled Greg’s legs every time it moved. Their bodies were alive with the feelings and senses that filled them. Greg could smell the sweat and cum that mixed with Ashelin’s perfume. Ashelin could feel Greg’s heartbeat getting faster and their breathing became in sync with the others’. Ashelin’s pussy gripped hard around Greg’s cock. They both let out loud yells of pleasure as they climaxed together. Greg’s hot cum shot out of his cock in streams, filling Ashelin’s pussy. Her entire body trembled as her cum flowed out of her and down Greg’s legs, creating a puddle on the couch. Greg reached up and kissed her deeply. He then leaned back and let her fall against him, their bodies pressed together as their breathing returned to normal.

The next Morning after everyone had left I called Jen to remind her that we were going into the office, and hint that she should wear something more business like than shorts. After I was dressed I heard a soft knock on the kitchen door. Once I opened it there stood Jen. dressed for work. She had on a very sexy, but very business like suit of a tight, but not too tight skirt, a blouse under a tight jacket that accented her tits, but didn’t display them.

On the drive in we maintained a business like attitude to anyone who saw us riding together. There were a couple times when Jen’s skirt slid up and I could see the elastic to her thigh highs, but nobody else would know that. As we pulled in to the parking garage we headed for the elevator with several other people. The ride up to our floor was the usual elevator ride, everyone looking ahead nobody talking. Once the office door closed the pretenses ended. I pulled Jennifer into my arms and started to kiss her. We spent an easy ten minutes kissing and making out like two teenagers. Our hands roaming over each and every body part we could touch. After a while we broke our kiss and she walked over to the sofa on the other side of the office, before sitting down. I swear that was the sexiest walk I had ever seen, and if there was any doubt whether I was hard before, there was no doubt now. I had a huge tent in my pants from her actions.

Looking at her sitting there with her legs crossed, and her skirt almost all the way to the top of her stockings I finally found my voice again. “Jennifer, I have a proposal for you. In my hand is a contract between me and you. We can go down this road if you would like, or we can just continue on the path we are on now.”

Jennifer looked up at me a little confused and said “I thought we were going to have some fun, and I was going to make some extra money?”

I replied “Oh we are going to have fun together Jen., and you will definitely make a lot of extra money, but this is another way of adding to the fun.” I then handed her the document.

Jen set there reading over it, and every so often she would glance my way. I could see her face getting redder as she went though the one page contract. After reading the entire thing I could see her swallow a couple times before she said. “There won’t be any pain or humiliation? Nothing against my will?”

“No, nothing like that.” I replied.

“Where is the pen then? Lets get this going. It sounds like you and me are going to have some serious fun together.” Jen replied as she reached over and grabbed my crotch. She then slid her hand up to undo my belt. Her fingers making quick work of the belt and unzipping my pants before her finger tips grazed against the head of my cock.

I pulled her to me and started kissing her as her hand pushed deeper into my pants, wrapping around my rock hard cock. My hands were as busy as hers as I had opened her jacket, and had worked my hands into her blouse finding her tits. My hands sliding over her youthful tits. Brushing across her very hard nipples. Feeling how excited she was I started to make my way down her body with my mouth. My lips moving down the nape of her neck. Pulling back I helped her remove her jacket and then her very sheer blouse that was hiding under it. Looking up at her as I completely exposed her tits to me for the first time she smiled as she ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me to a nipple. I made a couple teasing flicks at one nipple before closing my lips around in and pulling it into my mouth. I moved from one tit to the other, my mouth savoring the taste and feel of my daughter’s best friend’s tits. Just the thought of this caused my cock to harden even more.

As I moved further down her body I reached for the zipper on her skirt only to find that Jen had already opened and unzipped it. As I looked up I saw a look of true desire in her eyes. She raised her ass off the sofa as I started to pull her skirt down, and once I removed it I parted her legs and was greeted with a completely shaved pussy. My hands slid up her nylon covered legs as I took in her scent. So fresh, and so sexy. There was that musky scent of sex as I pulled her closer to the edge of the sofa. My entire body just taking it all in.

Looking down at me Jen ran her fingers over my face. “Please Mr Roberts. I have been dreaming about this since yesterday.” She said as she pulled my face to her pussy. My nose brushed against her pussy lips, followed by my own lips. I pulled back just a little as I started sliding my tongue along the outside edges of her lips. My touch was light as my goal was to tease her right now. My tongue sliding all around her clit, but never making contact. Trailing kisses and little bites all around, followed by my fingers probing her entrance. Finally, sensing it was time I slid my tongue across her clit as I slid one finger into her pussy. This got the reaction i was hoping for as I felt her grab my head and open her legs even wider. I kept up the teasing just lightly flicking her clit with my tongue while my finger was working in and out of her pussy. This elicited soft moans and gasps from Jen as my tongue slid over her clit, and moved down to join my finger at her opening. I removed my finger and replaced it with my tongue as I began to slowly tongue fuck her. Then I reached up and started to rub her clit with the very wet finger I had just removed. The result was a not so soft moan from Jen as she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth into her. My finger rubbing small circles across her clit as I tongue fucked her with everything I had.

The next thing I heard and felt was Jen starting to breath very heavy and her legs clamping down around my head. Which was followed by “OH FUCK!! OH MY GOD!! YES, RIGHT THERE!! OH PLEASE DON’T STOP MR. ROBERTS!!” From Jennifer as she experienced the first of many orgasms I was hoping to be a part of.

As Jen recovered I stood up and started unbuttoning my shirt as I looked down at her splayed out before me. her legs spread wide open. Rubbing her pussy with one hand while she was sucking on a finger from the other hand. As she opened her eyes I was taking off my underwear, and an almost shy look came over her as she looked up at me. She bit her bottom lip as she looked at my completely naked body for the first time. I felt the same excitement as I looked down at the very sexy naked body of my daughter’s best friend.

I set beside her on the sofa and pulled her into my body and gave her several soft kisses. Then as we set there I asked her if she was alright.

”Alright?” She asked. “I’m better than alright. That was incredible. I have never had an orgasm like that before. I thought I was going to pass out or smother you before you finished. Holy fuck that was amazing.” Jen whispered as she slid onto my lap.

Jen turned around so that she was straddling me as I set on the sofa. She bent down and started kissing me again. The soft playful kisses were replaced with hard aggressive kisses. These kisses weren’t the teasing kind. Her tongue was pushing into my mouth in a demanding way. This was a woman who wanted someone to fuck her, not make love to her. As she kissed me she reached down and held my cock to the entrance to her pussy and after sliding the head across her pussy lips a couple times she slowly impaled herself on it. I could feel her warmth as I slid into her. Her wet pussy walls swallowing me. When she had taken me completely inside her she leaned back so she could look down and see where we were connected. I followed her gaze, and then looked back up into her green eyes as she started moving her hips. Rocking back and forth on my lap as she rode my cock. I reached up and grabbed a handful of tit in each hand as Jennifer’s grinding sped up. I could feel myself getting close so I pulled a tit to my mouth and pulled as much as possible inside my mouth as my hands dropped to her ass and helped her ride me for all she was worth. He tight pussy wrapped around my cock as she rocked back and forth. I could feel her wetness pouring out all over me as she rode me.

With my climax fast approaching I pulled her close to me. Her nipple still caught between my lips. Then I slid my hand down her backside to where we were connected and using her wetness brought my finger tip back up to her backdoor opening. I was trying to be gentle as I probed her anal opening. My finger was circling her opening. Trying to get it ready for my finger to slide it when all of the sudden Jen shocked me. She held my hand as she slid back onto my finger. Talking it completely in as she was fucking me.

“Fuck yeah Mr. Roberts. Stick that finger in my asshole while I fuck you. Jennifer said. “Oh yeah, that feels crazy. Oh fuck yeah!!”

That move alone drove me over the edge and I let out a loud groan as I started to explode inside her. “Oh God Jennifer. Don’t stop. I’m going to cum” I whispered in her ear as my body shook. It felt like her pussy walls were milking me dry as they spasmed around my cock.

She collapsed on top of me as we came down from our orgasm, still impaled on my softening cock, and my finger buried in her ass. As I slowly slid my finger out of her ass she moaned a little bit more. “WOW!!” I gasped. “This is going to be wilder than I could have imagined.”

Giggling she lifted her head and looked at me and said “Lets just get some lube before we begin working on that contract. I’m not sure if I can take this cock of yours up my ass without some help.” Then I swear I could feel her tightening her muscles around my semi soft cock.

“Don’t worry Jen, remember I said no pain.” I told her. “Besides, I think it is time we go shopping for some new furniture for the office, and some new things for you. I think you earned a reward for this morning.

Nikki slouched low in the chair. The impudent shape of her pussy shoved conspicuously against the seam of her jeans. They were skintight, with frayed cutouts all over, exposing almost as much of her almond complexion as they covered. Her body had a way of looking relaxed, yet like it was bursting out of itself at the same time. Her skin looked so smooth Stone could almost feel the texture under his fingers. He kept his hands in plain sight and feigned interest in the mess of papers spread across his desk.

“She was packing when I left,” she said. The pout her lips pursed into at the end of the statement was disapproving on the surface, but the devil herself was smiling behind it.

Stone nodded. “I know.”

Nikki’s finger worried the edge of her grey tank top, tugging it out of its natural drape to reveal the edge of the black bra underneath. Her lavender hoodie was hanging off the arm of the chair. The season was changing fast, but she was still rushing it, dressing for warmer days not far off.

“Her boyfriend’s car costs about as much as your house. Did you know that?”

The way her body arched against the chair forced the pert scoops of her diminutive breasts upward, making them seem larger than they were.

Stone nodded silently.

“Aren’t you mad? Or even surprised?” she asked.

He blew a sigh of mild exasperation while his eyes drifted down from her face. The briefest sliver of lemon yellow panties played at the edge of one of the cutouts in her jeans. He looked back at her face. There was a satisfied smirk looking back at him. She’d caught him.

“I knew it was coming,” he told her. “And it’s pretty much all the same to me whatever your mother does.”

“You don’t love her, do you? Not even once.”

“Of course I love her. Just not the way you think.”

Her eyes went to each corner of the room before going back to the general area of Stone’s desk. A coy sneer lit up her pretty face.

“Want to know what she told me?”

Stone rolled his eyes. “Why do I think you’re going to tell me even if I say no?”

Nikki giggled and threw her head back, pushing her breasts higher and further apart. Then her head tilted back and she looked him straight in the eye.

“She don’t like fucking him. Told me you’re much better. Much nicer to a lady. Nicer cock.”

Stone sat upright and blinked. His face was burning and he could feel the red. He wasn’t so surprised by what Nikki’s mother had said, but that she would have said it to Nikki.

“Why aren’t you at the house packing to go with her?” he asked, eager to shove the subject in another direction. He was glad the office door was open, but he was beginning to feel apprehensive about being overheard.

“I don’t want to live with him. Just ‘cuz she does why should I?”

“Big house? Fancy cars?”

“I’d rather go back to Vung Tau,” she scoffed.

“Do what you want. You can make your own decisions. You’re not a kid anymore.”

“I was beginning to wonder when you were going to notice that,” she grinned, nearly purring.

Stone’s blood suddenly stopped flowing for a second.

“You know what I mean,” he said, forcing himself to sound aloof. “You’re nineteen. You can go wherever you want now.”

“That’s kind of what I came to talk about.”

Stone eyed her warily. “Yeah?”

“I want to keep living with you.”

“What the hell for?”

Nikki sat up and looked hurt. “Hey! You’re supposed to be my stepfather.”

Stone blew a long sigh. “No,” he told her, “I’m not. A stepfather is someone who comes into your life and actually has a hand in raising you, not someone who marries your mother to help her get a green card by the time you’re already an adult.”

“Great. Just great. So you’re just gonna blow me off, too.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about my mother taking off to live with Dogface before the ink is even dry on her green card and you’re already booting me out of the house. You even got me into college and now I won’t be able to finish.”

“What? Nobody’s booting you out of anywhere. Jesus, Nikki, where did you get an idea like that? I just assumed you’d want to stay with your mother. Or maybe even live on your own.”

She looked away and down, almost sorry for teasing the way she had. Then Stone started laughing.

“Dogface?” He leaned back in his chair and laughed harder than he should, but Nikki started laughing, too.

A moment later she stood up and walked around to his side of the desk, leaning back against the edge. She toed the sneaker off one foot and put it on the edge of Stone’s chair, between his thighs. He didn’t move to stop her, just leaned back in his seat and looked at her warily.

“That’ll mean it’s just you and me in the house together,” she said in a low, deliberate croon.

“I suppose so.” His voice was slow and measured.

“So if I ask you something will you tell me the truth?”

“Maybe,” he said carefully.

“Do you think I’ll end up being a whore like my mother?”

“You shouldn’t call her that,” he said flatly.

“Why? It’s what she is, isn’t it?”

“That’s one of those words a lot of people use just to hurt someone. It’s like any other kind of weapon. Be careful how you handle it.”

She thought a moment. She looked out his window through the slats in the blinds where sapling-thighed college coeds were crossing the campus in all directions. Before she even looked back at his face, her stocking clad foot inched toward his crotch. The second her toes touched his cock through his pants his hand shot to grasp her ankle.

He held her foot still, keeping her from moving any further, though he didn’t push it away.

“Nikki,” he warned, “don’t play me like…”

“Like a whore?”

She wiggled her toes against his cock. It felt strange yet so good. Her ankle felt warm and supple, and he was gripping it so hard he could almost feel her pulse. That look came back in her eye she’d had before, when she’d first sat across from his desk and arched her body into a posture of pure distraction.

“That’s not what I was going to say.”

“Sure.” Somehow, her mouth twisted into something between a smile and a pout. On her face, it looked like a personal celebration of sin.

Pushing her foot away and ushering her out of his office flashed quickly through Stone’s mind, but after watching her practically dance on the chair in front of his desk the past fifteen minutes, his cock was too quick to respond to the slithering press of her toes. Her eyes beamed with conspiracy as his shaft began to grow. She cast a quick glance over her shoulder at the doorway.

“Now that my mother’s going to be Dogface’s whore,” she told him in a hushed, serious tone, “I can be yours.”

“Dammit, Nikki,” he muttered, gripping her ankle harder and pulling her foot even tighter against his growing cock, “I never want to hear you call her, or yourself, that word ever again.”

“But what if that’s what I want to be? For you?” she purred with smoky eyes.

“This isn’t exactly the right time or place to discuss something like that.”

“Ok, Daddy. Whatever you say.”

His grip on her ankle suddenly tightened. “And don’t…ever…under any circumstances…call me that.”

“Ow, that kind of hurts.” It sounded more like a purr than a complaint. “But ok…sir.”

She tugged her foot back and he let go of her ankle. She set it down on the floor and tested her weight on it, waiting to let the blood flow back in. With another quick glance at the door, she dropped to her haunches on the floor, tucking her petite frame underneath Stone’s desk.

Her hand was on top of his growing shaft before he could bring himself to yank her back to her feet and send her home with swift smack on her ass. But she was beautiful, young and eager, and she was rubbing the length of his heated cock shaft while tugging down on his zipper with the other hand.

“This is a terrible idea, Nikki,” he protested in a hissing whisper. He scanned the doorway and rolled his chair closer to the desk, forcing her to inch further underneath where she couldn’t be seen.

He felt her hand slip inside his pants and grope for his thickening flesh, pulling his cock free. Her breath touched the head as she stroked his shaft, coaxing him to harden and burn. Even before she tasted him, his body started to melt into his chair.

He spotted Rena outside, crossing the quad in her signature black leggings, wearing them tight enough to bring out the roundness of each prominently curved ass cheek. But she was coming head on toward the building and he could see the flex of her round thighs and the taut pull of the fabric over the pouting shape of her mound.

“Fuck,” he whispered. “Nikki…you’ve gotta stop now.”

Rena worked the front desk at the community center where Stone also taught evening classes. She was a bright twenty-three year old, full of tentative self-confidence. She had a kind of dark prettiness about her – miles of cautiously spoken attitude. She seemed to sneak up and find him in the most unexpected places and times, always with questions about things she was studying in other courses, always sitting too close and accidentally brushing knees or hands.

The worst thing about her was she was so likeable. Stone genuinely relished her company, and he never discouraged the little accidental touches or borderline excessive lingering. Not like he knew he should. Something about her got under his skin, an intensity of character, the depth of her talent and sharp wit. When she’d asked, he didn’t think twice about helping her through the application process to get into the university.

Nikki’s moist lips touched the head of his cock while he watched Rena’s thighs flex as she walked toward the building. Her long dark hair looked wild, as dark as her eyes.

He felt a sudden, irrational need to know if her pussy was shaved.

By the time Nikki’s lips closed over his cockhead, Rena had passed around the corner and out of sight. He forgot about Rena and looked down at Nikki as she gripped his rigid shaft and slowly slid her mouth all the way to her hand. He let out a long, slow breath as her tongue rolled against his flesh. It felt like her tongue was massaging every individual nerve.

He reached under the desk and touched her face, letting his thumb lightly graze the rim of her lips around his cock. He almost leaned back in his chair and gave himself over to the intoxication of her stroking lips and hand, but he knew it had to stop before things got even more out of hand.

“Nikki,” he rasped with soft urgency. “You’ve got to get up from there now. We…need…to talk,”

“Hey Stone.”

Rena was suddenly in his office doorway. Her cheeks were flushed from the late day chill. She was wearing that short, burgundy leather jacket that made it nearly impossible to see above her waist.

“Were you just talking to someone?” she asked.

He looked confused a moment. Nikki backed off, only to let her tongue flutter along his cock.

“Phone call,” he finally claimed.

Rena gave him a curious look. “Do you have a couple of minutes?”

It was never just a couple of minutes with Rena, and Nikki’s tongue wasn’t letting up.

“This isn’t the best time, right now,” Stone claimed. It was the first time he’d ever given Rena an excuse. Normally, he’d stop whatever he was doing and give her his full attention. She frowned. Disappointed.

“Really? It won’t take long. I just have a question about this story.”

Stone’s cock was suddenly enveloped between Nikki’s lips again, while the fingers of each hand fanned along the sides of his shaft.

“I really have to go. Stuff going on at home,” he said, straining to look as harmless as the lie.

He snuck his hand under the desk and attempted to push Nikki off his cock, but she let him feel her teeth. A playful yet determined warning. He pulled his hand away and sighed in resignation. Nikki’s teeth retracted, and her wet lips began a slow, silent, rocking stroke over his shaft.

“Are you okay, Stone?” Rena asked, taking a step into his office. “Maybe you’re coming down with something.”

“Yeah, that’s gotta be it.”

“Can I just show you this one paragraph before you go? One quick question, I promise.”

Rena shrugged off her backpack and then her short, leather jacket, pushing her breasts forward against her tight, black jersey, and Stone was laid out flat on his mind’s back. She set the pack down on the chair Nikki had been sitting in and leaned over to fish a book out of it. He gazed with open longing at the full shape of her ass, wondering if she were purposely taking her time, or if the patient, unrelenting lip strokes over his cock were turning his brain to mush.

Stone sat up as straight as he could and pushed his body tightly to the desk, leaving no room to see underneath. He knew Rena would end up on his side of the desk, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. And in the end, there was nothing he wanted to do to stop it, even under those surreal circumstances.

Today, she didn’t even bother starting on the opposite side, as she usually did, opening her book to a page she’d want to ask about and then working her way around to Stone’s side. She just walked around the desk and stood as close as ever, setting her book in front of him and pointing to a yellow highlighted passage.

“I promise I won’t take long. I just wanted to know if you thought irony was the main element of this passage.”

“Interesting question,” Stone muttered privately.

Rena let it pass and pointed to a line on the page, letting her hand brush his. Her skin was darker than his and lighter than Nikki’s. She felt warm and smooth as summer.

Nikki’s mouth began moving with a gentle, corkscrewing motion and Stone coughed out loud to cover the gasp. He let his thumb slide over the underside of Rena’s wrist. She kept her eyes on the book while her hip shifted closer.

“You have a strong pulse, Rena. That means you must have a strong heart, too.”

“Yeah,” she said without looking at him. She reached across with her right hand and pushed her sleeve up her arm. “Actually, it’s going a little fast right now.”

Stone’s thumb slid up the soft underside of Rena’s arm, stopping at the bend. “Mine, too, Rena.”


Stone closed his eyes a moment. “Yeah.” The word came out like breath. He’d imagined Rena’s mouth in place of Nikki’s many dozens of times. It wasn’t as if Rena’s mouth was so spectacular on its own. It wasn’t even that her face itself was strikingly memorable. She was undeniably pretty, but her prettiness was like her talent. It snuck up on him the more he studied it.

Rena had this kind of synergy about her. The way all her parts and features worked together. Her attitude. Her way of looking at him as if he were somehow familiar and foreign at the same time. The way she always seemed to trust what he told her. The way her hip accidentally touched him when she stood behind his desk. The way she asked questions that begged particular answers.

“How come?” she asked, half looking at him.

“Just happens that way sometimes,” he evaded.

Nikki started raking her fingers back and forth along his thighs. He could feel the hint of her long nails through the fabric of his pants. Her head stopped bobbing and she held the crown of his cock in her mouth. Her silent tongue rolled over the dripping knob in swirls.

“Sometimes?” Rena asked. “As in times like now?”

Her hip pressed ever so slightly more against the side of his arm. He let go of her arm and dropped his hand behind the desk, slipping his palm against the inside of her lower thigh.

“Yeah.” He closed his eyes again, just briefly, while his fingers dug gently into the supple meat of her thigh. “I’m going to miss…working with you, Rena. Next semester.”

“Can I still come around if I have any questions?”

“Of course you can. Whether you have any questions or not. I’d like that.”

“Me, too. So…I guess we won’t have to miss each…err…working together,” she drawled.

Stone’s hand slid higher. The edge of his finger was a breath away from her pussy while his thumb was barely grazing the curl of her ass. The fabric of her leggings felt damp. He squeezed her springy muscle and she sighed, her hands balling into dainty fists on top of his desk.

“Ohh, Professor Stone…” she sighed deeply.


Nikki’s hand curled around his shaft and she started sucking and bobbing her head again. He was acutely aware of the steady drip of lube from the tip of his steaming cock onto her tongue. Her every move, every stroke and turn of mouth and hand rippled through his body, and as he clutched Rena’s pliable warmth, his brain sank down deep in the strange realization Nikki’s persistent cock sucking was only driving his repressed desire for Rena toward the edge he’d been avoiding for months.

It wasn’t enough that Nikki was simply there, playing the ultimate trick and treat – but knowing she could hear everything he and Rena were saying. That felt like a greater betrayal of Rena than anything else, yet Nikki was talking to him straight through his cock, daring him to face his obvious desire for the raven haired sophomore.

Stone gave a slight groan and pushed his hand against Rena’s pussy. Her approval came out part sigh, part moan.

As he began massaging Rena’s pussy through her leggings, she moved her feet further apart to give his hand more freedom to move and explore. She wasn’t wearing panties, and the already slick fabric of her leggings soon grew even slicker as her dripping slit saturated the material. He noticed a small hole in the thigh of her leggings and resisted a nagging urge to push his finger inside it and rip it wide open.

Rena dropped her head and gave in to Stone’s massage. He watched her face as she closed her eyes and drew deep, steady breaths. He got lost in her face and the barely perceptible sound of the moans she was fighting to swallow. His unsatisfied need to kiss her mounted until he could swear he tasted her lips and felt the moisture of her tongue inside his mouth.

Somewhere in the midst of this whirlpool of sensation, Stone realized his fingers were soaked. He was pushing them just into the yielding gap between Rena’s pussy lips. It felt like her leggings were there to cover his fingers now, not to clothe the ass and pussy he’d been aching to touch for so long.

Rena’s hips began to rock, and suddenly her thighs flexed and her body shivered. He grunted out loud and gave in to the hot pulsing of his cock while Nikki’s lips and hand never wavered as the spurting jets of his cum spilled into her mouth.

It was Rena’s name he sighed at the frothing peak of his release.

Nikki didn’t relinquish Stone’s cock until he was completely drained. Rena finally opened her eyes and looked at him.

“Did you…you, too?” she asked.

“Yes,” he confessed quietly.

He took her hand, briefly checking the doorway before kissing the backs of her fingers. She managed brief flashes of eye contact as she steadied herself and went back to the other side of the desk. Stone’s left hand was underneath, touching the side of Nikki’s face.

Rena seemed vaguely dreamy as she put her jacket back and shrugged into her backpack.

“I hope that was a satisfying answer to your question,” Stone said, admiring her openly.

“It was an excellent answer,” she replied. “But I think I’d like to go over and clarify a few points. When you can.”

“Rena, I can pretty much promise you all the clarification you’d like.”

“That might be a lot,” she suggested.

“You might be surprised, Rena.”

She stood a moment. Waiting. He should have gotten up and closed the door and taken her into his arms and kissed her as if her mouth were the only sweetness he could ever taste. But his half erect cock was jutting through his open zipper while Nikki still teased the head with her tongue.

“Guess I’ll see you at the center tonight?” Rena confirmed.

I was lightheaded as I lay there looking at Stacy, the room spinning around me. The emotions of the day were taking a toll, but more immediately, the exhaustion of our first sex had drained me.

“Are you all right, T?” she laughed.

I gave her a half-assed thumbs-up, the best I could do.

“Tell you what. I’ll go run us a shower and then we can relax a little. It’s a big day tomorrow.”

She stood up and patted me on the knee on her way to the bathroom. I watched her ass sway and bounce on each step until she rounded the corner. A few seconds later I heard the shower running and soon enough, Stacy was back at the couch reaching for my hand to help me up. My knees were weak and I had trouble standing. I thought that was just a myth. Guess not. Again she laughed as I tried to learn to walk again.

I let Stacy get in before me so she could have most of the water, but also so I could watch her rubbing all over her body, rinsing herself clean. She tilted her head back and ran her hands through her hair while her breasts jutted out toward me. I was afraid to touch her. Afraid she would come to her senses like before. Her head was back, her eyes closed and some water was running down over her face. Her hands gently glided over her forehead and cheeks and mouth before moving down to her throat.

She righted her head again and the shower spray was now hitting her on the neck. When she opened her eyes again, she was looking right into mine. She had a gentle smile on her lips and those emerald pools no longer rippled with doubt. This was the most peaceful I had seen her since she got here. This vision of peace gave me a sense of rest that I needed. I brought my hand up and stroked her cheek.

“No regrets, Stace?” I asked softly.

“No regrets.”

She put her hand on mine, nestling my palm to her cheek and her other hand touched my waist, pulling me gently forward a step. She let go of my hand and her arms encircled my waist while mine gathered her to me, wrapping around her shoulders. She rested her cheek against my chest and we just touched. We were okay. We both knew it and that’s all that mattered at that moment.

“You smell good, T. I meant to tell you earlier.”

“You remember this?”

She giggled. “Of course I remember. As far as I’m concerned, that’s your signature scent.”

“I hardly ever wear it. What’s the point if the person I wear it for is an ocean away?”

She squeezed me a little more tightly before pulling her head up to look at me. I looked down into her eyes. “I’m here now. I don’t ever want to be that far away from you again.”

“Then don’t ever leave me again.”

“I promise.” She reached up to kiss me and we sealed a mutual promise then and there.

Stacy pulled away and cleaned me up and washed and conditioned her own hair while I cleaned up her magnificent body. I would have to make a habit of this, showering together. I used to wonder what the appeal was, but now I knew. I knew what Mr. Bubbles meant when he said, “Makes getting clean almost as much fun as getting dirty.”

We dried off and Stacy tossed a frozen pizza into the oven and chose another movie for us, a lighthearted comedy, one of our favorites from high school. We needed a laugh. She curled up next to me in nothing but her robe, me in nothing but gym shorts, and we laughed and ate pizza and made comments like we used to. I knew that I had not lost my best friend. I felt like we were as close as ever. Maybe even more so.

By the time the movie was over, it was not especially late for people our age, but we had worn ourselves out both physically and emotionally. By 10:30, we had cleaned up the kitchen, brushed our teeth and headed to bed. I stripped off my shorts and climbed in and this time I watched as my sister untied her robe and draped it over the footboard of the bed, climbing into my bed naked. Instead of curling up with her back to me, she walked toward me on her knees and lay down next to me, her head on my chest and her leg draped over mine.

“Now, I’m home,” she said.

I kissed the top of her head and simply replied, “So am I.”

Morning came earlier than I had hoped it would. It was the first day of school for both of us and we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time for both of us to get ready and get to campus on time. The alarm went off at 6:00, 6:09, 6:18, and 6:27 before Stacy finally told me to stop hitting the snooze.

“I know what will wake you up,” she mumbled, her hand reaching for my semi-erection while she kissed my ear. Gently stroking my cock, she brought me to full mast in a matter of seconds. She was writhing on my thigh, her breasts pressed against my ribs and her small patch of fur grinding against my thigh. She sat up on her heels and turned her face toward my crotch and took my head into her mouth.

“Oh, Stacy. God, that feels good.” I could see a smile form around my shaft as her head moved gently up and down my erection, the warmth of her mouth and lashing of her tongue, enveloping me as she took most of me in. She had draped most of her hair over her left shoulder so I could have an unobstructed view of her oral skills. While her left hand manipulated my balls, her right hand rested on my thigh.

I traced her form with my eyes, looking from her face, cheek bulging, lips working, back over her shoulder, full hanging breasts, soft curve of her back and ass as her legs curled back under her. I explored her visually, noticing every aspect of her beautiful form, all the way down to her toes which were pointed out behind her, partially buried in the crumpled sheets.

I brought my hand up to stroke her hair and this brought a smile and sideways glance from her, followed by a quick wink. God, that sexy wink. My hand stroked gently down her shoulder and back to the curve of her butt and back around to her thigh. As I approached her lower back, she closed her eyes and moaned, softly but audibly. Her hand on my thigh gave me a gentle squeeze indicating that she enjoyed my touch.

“You’re so beautiful, Stacy. I love your body,” I said softly, not wanting to ruin the moment or change the mood. She was doing such an amazing job and it felt incredible.

She raised her head to speak and the hand and my balls moved to gently caress my erection. “I’m glad you like it. I want you to take advantage of it.” She smiled and returned to her work. She didn’t increase the pace, but my breathing increased all the same. It didn’t take long before her consistent, steady manipulation drew me close to climax.

My hips began to move on their own, flinching and thrusting slightly. My hands gripped the sheets and my whole body tensed. Stacy never slowed down and never said a word. She just continued to suck on me and to molest my head with her tongue. The burning in my stomach and thighs began to build and the room suddenly became warm. I determined not to speak or to scream, just to let my sister pull the semen from my sac. So far she was doing an incredible job. I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to. Which I didn’t.

She never flinched. She pulled back just a little until only the head was behind her lips and her left hand continued to roll my nuts gently as her right hand moved to stroke my shaft as I fed her my seed. The fire streamed out of me, burning on its escape, but it didn’t seem to bother Stacy. She took what I gave her, earning every drop. I wondered if she felt it was a reward for a job well-done, or if I was the only one who benefited. I didn’t have to wonder long.

Stacy backed off, her lips pulling against me, siphoning the last of my seed as her hand pushed it up the shaft. She sat back up onto her heels and smiled at me. Her breasts hung firm, her nipples erect and I could see the top of her shaped pubic hair before it disappeared between her thighs.

“Now I’m more tired than I was before you did that,” I smiled before rolling over away from her. I felt the bed move as she jumped on me, forcing me into the mattress and forcing a gush of air from my lungs. She was laughing that contagious laugh, I think laughing at me more than laughing with me. Of course it caused me to laugh as well before I rolled back toward her and brought my arms around her waist and squeezing her amazing ass as we kissed.

“Unfortunately,” she said, pulling off of me, “we have class this morning. Otherwise I would love to just stay in bed and play.” She slapped me on the rear “Get up. I get the shower first, though.” With that she bounced across the bed and walked out of the room. Within a few seconds I heard the shower running and I got up, pulled the ironing board out and turned on the iron to heat up before walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

We were both ready to go and finishing up breakfast and had plenty of time to get to class. We joked back and forth as we always had and I was feeling more comfortable about our relationship as the days went by. Feeling that Stacy did not regret what we had done and failing to sense any doubt from her eased my conscience considerably. As I poured each of us a travel mug of Mountain Dew, Stacy hopped up onto the counter beside me.

“I’m excited about my first day of college!” she exclaimed, her face supporting her assertion.

“I’m glad. I think you’ll like it. Today shouldn’t be too bad because it’s probably going to be syllabus day. Most of your professors will hand out the syllabus and go over the important parts, then let you go.”


“Really. You may have a couple who do that at first, then start into the first unit, but most don’t. And don’t get syllabus shock. Try to take it in stride.”

“What’s syllabus shock?”

“When you get your syllabus you’ll see all your assignments on one page and it can seem overwhelming. As soon as you get a chance, transfer your assignments onto a calendar so you see it spread out over the whole semester and it seems more do-able.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Sure.” I handed her a mug and said. “You ready?”

“Let’s do it.” She hopped down and grabbed her backpack and I grabbed mine before we headed to the truck and made the drive to campus.

The morning went pretty much as expected. Each of my classes was less than half an hour and I found out the same from Stacy after our classes ended for the day. As she approached the truck where we had agreed to meet, I heard a voice behind me.

“Stacy!” I saw my sister look past me and wave with a smile and I turned to see who she was waving at. Bouncing toward me was a petite brunette with almost raven-black hair and a dark complexion. I couldn’t determine her ethnic background. Her eyes were narrow and dark and her frame was lean. She was bubbling with energy as she approached and practically ignored me to talk to my sister.

Stacy stopped right beside me and gave me a kiss as a greeting, her hand resting on my shoulder. “Hey,” she said simply.


“Hi, Stacy,” said the bundle of energy before smiling my way. “Who is this?”

“Ashley Hu, this is Thomas Hunter.” Stacy motioned to me. “Thomas, Ashley.”

Ashley stuck her hand out and I took it, looking down into her deep brown eyes. “Hu. That’s….”

“Pacific,” she said simply. “My family tree is kind of a hodge-podge of the rim. Hawaii, Philippines, Japan. But my mother is white. Pasty white,” she laughed. “She was Navy, stationed in Hawaii. So it’s just easier to say ‘Pacific’ than to list everything. Hunter, though, is…”

“Pasty white.”

She laughed. Her laugh was lilting. Stacy laughed and winked at me. I smiled.

“So, Thomas, what year is this for you?”

“Junior. Freshman?”


“We’re in composition and science together. It’s nice to make a friend so soon,” Stacy interrupted, apparently reading my mind. She was always the more outgoing of the two of us, making friends easily.

“So how do you two know each other?” Ashley asked.

“We grew up together and just recently started dating.” I smiled on the inside, and felt a sense of pride and relief as she snuggled up to me, taking my arm in her hand.

“Oh. Okay.” I couldn’t tell if that was disappointment in her voice. I’d have to ask Stacy about it later. “So what are you guys up to now?”

Stacy answered before I could. “We’ve got to go pick up some things and then Thomas is taking me home.”

Ashley looked surprised. “You’re not living on campus?”

“No. I have family that lives close enough that I can commute, and Thomas has his own apartment.” It rolled off her tongue like she had been thinking how to answer that very question. “Anyway, sorry to run, but we have to take care of some stuff and I promised I would call home and tell them about my first day.”

“All right. Well, see you later.”

“Yeah. Who knows? We may be in another class together tomorrow.”

“Nice to meet you, Ashley,” I offered.

“Nice to meet you, too, Thomas.”

Ashley turned to walk toward campus as I helped Stacy into the truck before climbing into the driver’s seat. I hadn’t even closed my door when Stacy started up. “I think she likes you.”


“You didn’t pick up on that?” she smiled. “She seemed disappointed that we were dating.”

“I guess.”

“What do you think about her?”

“I don’t know.” My stomach tightened up at the mere question. There was a giant wheel with possible responses in my head and I pictured myself spinning it, hoping to land on an answer that would keep me out of trouble.

“I think she’s pretty, don’t you?” She sounded bemused.

“I…guess so. If you’re into….that….she’s….I guess.” Smooth.

Stacy laughed out loud. “Duh…I guess. She’s purty.” She mocked me with a buck-toothed, cross-eyed grin and deep voice. Back to normal, shaking her head and laughing. “You’re such a dork.”

“When you asked me that question, alarms went off all over.” I tucked my elbows in and flailed my hands. “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!” This got a laugh out of her.

“Okay, I guess it wasn’t fair. It’s okay to say a girl is pretty if I ask, but it’s never okay to just offer it off the cuff. How does that sound?” she asked with a smile.

“Can I just cop a random feel?”

She just slapped my arm at that question.

“So that’s a no, then?” I asked, rubbing my arm and laughing.

“Just drive,” Stacy laughed, shaking her head. I took her hand and kissed the back of it before holding it as it rested on the arm rest between us.

As we left the campus, my sister leaned toward me and said, “How about a massage when we get home?”

When Stacy had asked the question about an afternoon massage, she had that smirk that told me she wasn’t asking for a massage. Fortunately we lived close enough to campus that the drive home wasn’t torture. As usual, I followed behind her so I could watch her round ass shift in her jeans as we climbed the stairs. She already had her key in the knob before I made up the four step difference between us, and as she turned the key, she smiled at me over her shoulder.

I was in love.

As we walked in to the living room and dropped our bags, Stacy didn’t even look at me. “Get that blue quilt out of the closet and lay it out on our bed.” She was on her way into the kitchen when she said it. I went to the small closet and pulled out the quilt that our grandmother had made when Stacy was born, and went to our room, spreading it out on our bed. I heard a cabinet door slam closed and a few seconds later Stacy was standing in the door way with the tub of coconut oil. She held it up and twisted it in her hand while smiling that mischievous smile, one eyebrow raised.

“Coconut oil?” I asked. “You said that was for cooking.”

“No. What I said was that when used for cooking it was good for us. But it’s good for us in other ways, too.” She walked toward me holding the oil up, her hips swaying as she approached, breasts dancing beneath her grey t-shirt. Her eyes were beginning to simmer a little. “Coconut oil has lots of good uses, brother. It’s good for the skin as a massage oil. Scented oil can be added to it. And it makes a great. Personal. Lubricant.” She said each of the last three words as she took one more step toward me. My dick swelled even more as she stood close enough to me that her breasts were pressed against me.

“What do you say, brother?” she whispered into my mouth, “Doesn’t a massage sound soooo gooood right now?”

I just nodded stupidly. I was in awe of the sultry beauty before me. She didn’t even take her eyes off mine as she underhand-pitched the oil onto the bed. I just heard a soft thud. My hands quickly wrapped around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss. Her arms embraced my neck as our tongues danced. She ground herself against my groin, moaning around my tongue as she felt my erection wedged against her mound.

After a minute, she stepped back and shuddered. “Oh, wow,” she breathed. Her nipples were trying their best to break free from her shirt. She tried to regain her composure and gently pulled my t-shirt up over my head. She then lowered to her knees and unbuckled my belt before unbuttoning my jeans, pulling down my zipper, and lowering my jeans to my knees. There I was in my shoes with my jeans around my knees, and my slick blue boxer briefs. “I love these on you,” she said as she stroked her hands on the outside of my hips and thighs, feeling the smooth material that encased me. I pulled one foot free from my shoe, then the other, and pulled my jeans off over my feet before removing my socks.

Stacy stood back up and pressed herself against me for another kiss. This time I ground my erection against her and squeezed her ass through her jeans, pulling her to me as I did. After a minute, she backed away, her eyes smoldering now, her breathing becoming heavy, just as mine was. She lifted her hands up over her head, inviting me to remove her shirt. When I pulled it off I noticed her wearing a plum colored bra, the lace nearly transparent so I could see her nipples. The cups of the bra were not large enough to cover her areola, so I saw a little extra pink rising like the beginning of a sunrise on each breast, cresting the horizon of her bra.

She had already kicked off her shoes and as I unfastened and unzipped her jeans, I saw matching panties with a lacy front, but full back, cut to a high hip. They fit her perfectly. She was incredible. “God, you’re beautiful,” I muttered.

“Just beautiful?” she asked with a wry smile.

“So. Fucking. Sexy.”


She pulled my hand and led me to the bed. “Lie down on your stomach for your massage,” she requested. I grabbed a pillow and tucked my arms under it to cradle my head. I heard music begin. It was The Police’s Synchronicity album, and Stacy turned off the ceiling fan and lit the pumpkin spice candle on the dresser. The bed moved as my sister knelt beside me and opened the jar of oil before scooping some out with her hand. After a moment I felt her smooth, slick hands begin rubbing across my upper back and shoulders, just stroking at first. I was melting at her touch and as she began to work, I became more at ease. She moved down my back and stopped at my waistband before starting at my foot and working her way up my leg for a few minutes, then doing the same to the other foot and leg, then my hands and arms. She would regularly revisit the jar of coconut oil to gather more oil. She felt amazing.

I felt her fingers curl under each side of my waistband and she simply said, “Lift up.” I raised my hips so she could pull them off and frankly felt a little exposed with my bare ass there for her to see more closely, but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t joke, but also didn’t coo over it. She just gathered more coconut oil and applied both hands at my lower back before caressing each globe, dragging her hands down to the tops of each thigh before beginning to work and squeeze and actually massage my muscles. After a couple of minutes, I would notice her thumbs getting close to center and she would brush them against my perineum and anus, just barely grazing past it, but my body was responding. I could feel my cock twitch, but could also feel my sphincter tighten as she passed by it each time. After a minute or so, however, she brushed her thumbs one after the other, right over it, causing me to pucker and flinch.

“Hey, sis, what are you doing back there?”

“Shhhh. Just relax.”



I didn’t say anything else, but tried to let her enjoy the massage. She had been more than generous with her body and had trusted me in so many ways. It was time for me to trust her and give her whatever kind of access she wanted. Over the next few minutes, Stacy continued to dip her hands in for more oil while also revisiting my back and legs, always returning to my rear end. On one pass, when her thumb passed over my anus, the other thumb followed, but paused and pressed in, just a little.

I gasped and flinched, but not out of pain or displeasure. Surprisingly, it felt nice.

“Does that feel okay?” Stacy asked quietly.

I just nodded and tried to maintain steady breathing, a host of questions and doubts flooding my mind.

“Good. I’m glad.” Her voice, though quiet, was filled with genuine pleasure. Almost…relief? “Tell me if you want me to stop or if it hurts, okay?”

“Okay,” I breathed, still uncertain, but definitely not complaining.

While one hand continued to massage my back, soothing me, Stacy removed her thumb and inserted another finger, this time slowly going deeper. I had no idea how deep she went, but after a second, she withdrew the finger most of the way and then began pressing back in. I was becoming incredibly aroused, surprised at the pleasure it brought me.

“Oh, God, Stacy, that feels good.”

“Mmmm, good. I think I’ll hold onto that info for later. For now,” she withdrew her finger and lightly smacked my butt, “turn over for the rest of your massage.”

I have to say I was a little disappointed, but she did say she wanted a massage, so I couldn’t complain. When I rolled over and settled back in, Stacy’s hand went immediately to my rock solid erection, gripping it firmly around the shaft.

“Well,” she said with a smile, “you do seem to enjoy that.” She gave me a couple of strokes, squeezing some droplets up to the head and watching one roll down the shaft to meet her index finger. She pulled her hand away, causing a thin string to span from my shaft to her hand before breaking at just a few inches. Stacy looked me in the eye as she licked that small drop of fluid from her finger before following it with a low moan. “Yum,” was all she whispered.

My sister stood at the edge of the bed by my feet and dipped her hand into the oil and began working my shins with oil, her breasts jiggling as she moved. When she would bend forward to reach, her breasts would spill over the top of her bra and her ass would round nicely, but when she would straighten back up her bra would regain its composure and her ass would round out even more. Back and forth she would reach and stand, reach and stand, keeping me in a trance. Her heart pendant would swing like someone rappelling on a fleshy cliff, swinging away from the face before settling back into it again and again, always finding that hypnotic cleavage.

She took her hand off my erection and climbed up to straddle my thighs, the front of her pussy resting right up against my balls. Just a little higher, please, I thought. But she didn’t. She knew what she was doing. She was teasing me. Again she dipped into the oil and rubbed her hands together before leaning forward to place her hands on my chest. She worked my chest, shoulders, and abdomen, coming all the way down to brush against the thatch of pubic hair before rerouting back up and outside. She was using this time to get to know my body. I could see it in her eyes. When she was working on my back, I couldn’t see her face, but now I could. She adored me. She liked what she was doing.

“Stacy.” She looked up. “I love you.”

She smiled and paused. “I love you, too, T.” She was sincere. This wasn’t a cursory response.

“I mean I really love you. I adore you. I’m so deeply in love with you I can barely contain it.”

Rather than respond with words, she lay on my chest and kissed me. Softly. Our tongues danced gently but freely. One hand came up to rest on her lower back. My other hand rested on the side of her head, covering her ear. We kissed for just a few moments before she pushed herself back up.

“Thank you, Thomas.” She got off of me and giggled. “Now get up! It’s my turn!” She practically pushed me out of the way, laughing, and took my place on the quilt, face up. “Oooh, thanks for keeping it warm.” More giggling.

I smiled at her as I knelt beside her and tried to repeat the pattern she had done on me. I started from her feet and ankles before working up her lower legs, feeling the smooth skin. I would look up at her face on occasion and usually her eyes were closed as she relaxed under my touch, but every once in a while I would see a smile, hear a moan, or catch her watching me. Usually her eyes would be on mine and she would smile when she caught me looking, but often they were scanning my naked body as I stroked her skin.

As I worked my way up the front of her thighs, I kneaded her flesh, feeling the muscles underneath, but also enjoying the softness of her relaxed form. I recalled the way these thighs felt wrapped around me yesterday as her heels pulled me into her, pressing into the back of my thighs. I remembered how these thighs spread open before me, inviting me to bury my face in my sister’s pussy. And I wanted all of that again. It would come. Soon. For now, however…

I dipped my hand back into the oil and massaged my sister’s hands, one at a time, pulling and massaging each finger, then her palm and back of her hand. These were the hands that played in her pussy, the hands that groped her tits through her tank top, the hands she had stuck down her shorts when she caught me jerking off to fantasies of her. These were the hands that stroked my cock to orgasm and that fondled my balls, pulling the cum from them. And these are the hands that hold mine when we walk side by side. Gathering more oil I worked up her arms, again feeling the flesh that embraced me. Soon I was at her shoulders.

“I need you to take off your bra.”

“No.” She didn’t even open her eyes to answer me.

“But the massage…”

“I finished your massage without asking you to take off your underwear.”

“No you didn’t.”

She opened her eyes and turned to look at me. “I never told you to take off your underwear. Solve the problem.” With that she turned her head back to center and closed her eyes.

Damn. She was right. She never asked me to. She did it herself.

I got up and stood at her feet and curled my fingers under the waistband of her panties. When she felt my fingers she smiled, eyes still closed. I pulled down and she lifted her hips without waiting for me to ask. Her panties rolled down her hips and I was able to pull them off over her legs and feet with no effort. I was mesmerized, however, by her pussy. Pink and beautiful and hair trimmed into just a strip. She had shaved the T into just a landing strip. We both know her pussy is mine now. No need to keep it labeled I guess.


“Thank you.”

I tossed the panties to the floor and walked around to the other side of the bed to stand at her head and moved the shoulder straps down over her arms. Without a word or opening her eyes, she brought one hand up and quickly tapped the front of her bra at the cleavage a couple of times and brought her hand back down to rest on the mattress.

It was a front clasp, which I had never done, but I quickly saw how it worked. I quickly released the hasp and her breasts immediately pulled the cups to the side. I placed both hands in the middle of her chest and slid the bra cups outward away from the center, my palms brushing over her nipples.

“Mmmmm,” came the low moan. By the time her nipples were exposed again, they were hard, like pebbles, twisted up into nubs, rising from the pink field of her beautiful areola. She pulled her arms through the straps and sat up just a little so I could pull the bra out from behind her and toss it to the floor. I reached back into the oil and began massaging her shoulders right up against her neck and worked my way out and down. I had to pace myself because my immediate desire was to cup and massage her breasts. But I was there soon enough. I massaged her breasts, kneading them, pushing them together, pulling on her nipples. She writhed and moaned quietly, but soon she reached her hand back and grabbed my erection, stroking it in rhythm with my strokes on her breast. I bent down and kissed my sister on her lips before backing away, forcing her to release her grasp on my dick. Regrettably.

I returned to her feet and climbed on the bed, straddling her thighs and applied more oil to my hands, working her abdomen and pubic mound. I admit I brushed across her clit more than was necessary for a relaxing massage, but really, who were we fooling here? I dipped my hand down to cup her mound and to apply coconut oil to her shaved vulva, my middle finger piercing her wet pussy, drawing a gasp, then pulling back up to brush across her clit for a few seconds, drawing a moan and causing her to writhe her hips. I teased her a few times like that before pulling back and returning her favor to me.

“Roll over,” I said cheerfully, drawing a moan of resentment, hoping for pity. I had none.

She rolled over and settled in and again I began working her legs and arms, then straddled her thighs to massage her shoulders and back. My cock was sticking straight out, but my balls were hanging and brushed against her ass every time I leaned forward to work higher up on her back. She shuddered a few times when this happened. I scooted back a little on her thighs so that I could reach further down on her back without being in my own way, but also because I hoped…

Oh, yeah, that worked! Damn, that felt good! Because I moved further back, in order for me to reach higher up, I had to lean forward more and push myself forward. This nestled my dick in the crack of her ass like a hot dog in a bun. We both enjoyed this it seems. I know I did, and if her moaning and writhing was any indication, Stacy did, too.

I decided to test it. I sat up, pressed my erection down and began fucking along her crack.

“Oooh, Thomas, you’re bad. That doesn’t feel like a massage,” she muttered, sticking her ass up just a little, increasing contact.

“Shhhh. I’m just making sure I don’t miss any spots.”

“Mmhmm. Why don’t I believe you?” She sounded sleepy.

I leaned forward so I could whisper in her ear, forcing my cock to put more pressure on her ass crack. “Because you’re a pervert. All you think about is sex. You’re just naughty.” She moaned and pressed up against me. I sat back on her thighs again and blurted out, “But, I need to finish your massage.” I took some more oil and began massaging the globes of her ass, the only part of her body I hadn’t touched.

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I massaged her globes, squeezing and kneading and brushing my thumb against her rosebud, just as she had done to me. Maybe she was dropping a hint, I don’t know. Either way, I’ve wanted to play with her ass for a long time. I’d always wondered what she would be open to doing, so maybe this was a first step in discovery.

Gathering more oil I concentrated on massaging her ass, but more on pushing all that oil toward the center so that the excess would run toward her pussy and ass. As she became slick and shiny I thought now was the perfect time, so without any pretense I pressed the pad of my thumb against her backdoor and she moaned.

“Mmmmyeah.” She pressed back just a little, letting me know it was all right. I continued to press with the pad of my thumb and like quicksand I watched it gradually sink before the tip of my thumb was enveloped and the nail disappeared just as Stacy gasped. “God, yeah, T.” she mumbled, her back still arched, her ass open to me. I withdrew my thumb, gaining a moan of protest, but it was quickly replaced by my middle finger. I again pressed against the crinkled circle and the tip sank in more readily this time, a sigh escaping my sister’s lips. I gently pressed forward, watching my finger disappear further and further until I was almost at the knuckle on my hand. I slowly withdrew to the first knuckle, then pressed back in.

Stacy began to respond as I picked up the pace. Her breathing increased and she grabbed the sheet with her hand. “Ooh, shit, that feels good,” she mumbled. Her head was rested on the pillow, but she walked her knees up so that her ass was high in the air as I continued to stroke my finger in and out of her gorgeous pink asshole. “Do you like that, Thomas? Do you like finger fucking my ass?” she asked me, her eyes still closed.

“You have no idea,” I replied. I would have never guessed I would be doing this. But I would have never guessed a lot of things that have happened. As I plunged my finger, I noticed that she had brought her hand up and had begun stroking her clit, rubbing it in rapid little circles. While one hand worked her asshole, I brought the other hand up to squeeze her ass, which served to open her ass and pussy up to my view and brought a groan from my sister. I ran my hand down from her ass to her thigh, over her calf and grabbed her foot. Having recalled her reaction to my foot rub that first night and knowing that women are covered in erogenous zones, I ran my thumb firmly and quickly along the arch of her foot from the ball of her foot to her heel.

“OH!” she squealed as her toes curled and her hips thrust. I repeated the move, gaining a similar response, the hand on her clit moving faster. I moved the anal fucking finger more quickly, trying to match the intensity of her displayed pleasure and she began to convulse, her toes remaining curled, her legs shaking, hips thrusting. Her brow was furrowed and her face was in a frown. Her hair was a mess as she kept the side of her face pressed into the pillow, strands frosted to her forehead and cheeks with pleasure sweat. Her free hand was grabbing at the sheets and I feared there would be a permanent twisted crease there. Her body was covered in sweat and oil, glistening in the muted daylight and lamp light of our room.

The intensity of her display matched the thrumming bass and syncopated beat as Sting repeated, Sending out an S.O.S…Sending out an S.O.S… Upward she climbed, squealing through a strained throat, “Fuuuu… Here it comes!” My arm burned as I continued to thrust into her. I was fascinated by the display. Her anal ring clamped onto my finger, then released, clamped, released, clamped. Her pussy convulsed in a matching dance and her pink painted nails were a blur on her clit as… “AAAAAHHHHfffffffmmmm!” burst from her reddened face. Her hips no longer twitched, but instead lurched forward and held for a few seconds, then released and again lurched and held. A sudden unexpected waterfall poured onto the quilt, flooding her fingers and thighs, and some of it bursting forth several inches back, landing on my thigh.

Stacy calmed and I withdrew my finger as she relaxed her hips back toward her feet, obviously exhausted. “OHFUCK!” she squealed as my cock plowed into her! She didn’t see it coming, but she was certainly going to remember I was there. “Damn, T! Fuck me!” she grunted. I don’t know where she found the energy, but she raised up on shaky arms and flung her hair back over her shoulder as she leered back at me over her shoulder gritting her teeth. I withdrew, but she drove her hips back to envelop me again, her ass smacking into my thighs with an audible THWAK!

“Oh, yeah?!” I pushed her forward while I withdrew until just my head was encased in her pink velvet, then yanked her back as I drove forward with all I had.

“YESSS!” she hissed at the impact, her eyes never leaving mine. I’d never seen such passion mixed with rage. It scared and excited me. My balls tingled at her gaze. Again she moved of her own accord, pulling away and slamming back against me. It was hard to tell who was in control of our fucking. I had to make sure.

“No.” I pulled away, withdrawing completely. She whined and chased me with her pussy, but I just rested farther back with a wicked smile.

“Please, T.” Her eyes changed from passionate lust to pitiful sorrow.

“You’ll take what I give you. Do you understand me? Whore.”

“Yes.” Again she tried to find me with her pussy. Again I pulled away.

“What was that?”

“Yes, sir.”

I smacked her ass, bringing a yelp and while she was distracted I plowed all the way in with full force. Again she squealed, but rather than looking back at me, she kept her head turned forward. I could only imagine what she looked like. Perhaps her eyes were closed, mouth open, a look of absolute pleasure on her red face, her sweat-soaked hair plastered around the frame of her visage.

I pounded into her with all I was worth, and even some I had to borrow from my reserves. I was going to give it to her with all I had.

“Take it, bitch!” I forced it out. I hated calling my sweet sister a whore or bitch, but here we were. She twitched at that one.

“Oh, yeah…Yes, sir.”

“What are you?” I demanded, pounding into her.

“I’m a whore,” she whimpered.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you!” Louder this time. More demanding. In control. She whipped that hair around again, peering at me over her shoulder. “What are you?” I asked again.

“I’m a whore!” Such passion!

“Whose whore?!”

“Your whore.” She was losing energy, her eyes rolling. I had to pull this climax out of her pussy.

“Your brother’s whore.” At that, she moaned and shuddered, her head dropping. “Say it.”

“Oh, god. I’m my brother’s whore,” she whimpered, but it was clear as day. She was just jarred by my thrusting and her hips began to convulse. It felt like she pissed on my shaft and balls as she came. I was covered in liquid heat. This was about all I could take.

“That’s right,” trying to control myself, let her know who was doing the fucking and who was doing the taking. “Your brother’s about to cum, whore. Where do you want it?”

Again she shivered and convulsed, her voice strained as another flood burst onto my balls. “Anywhere, brother. On my ass or pussy, tits, face, fuck! I’m your whore!”

That was it! I pulled out just as my first blast of heat escaped. My jizz streamed onto her convulsing cunt, immediately washed by another flood. The second arched up onto her back. Stacy continued to lurch as my seed spattered her rosebud, another shot onto her pussy and as I began losing force, I moved forward to drip the final shots onto her ass crack, where I watched it dribble down toward her pussy.

“Fuck, Stace,” I muttered. I was out of breath and completely exhausted. I rested back on my heels and Stacy fell forward, still convulsing as she came down. Her legs were quivering. I looked straight down between us and the quilt was covered in a puddle about the size of a dinner plate.

“Mmmmm. That was sooo good, T.” She didn’t even move, just mumbled into the pillow. I made the move to crawl up beside her and to wrap my arm around her waist. We were both slick with sweat and coconut oil and it felt amazing. I immediately began to get hard again.

“What’s that?” she giggled.

“I guess I’m not as tired as I thought.” I ran my palm across her nipple.

“I don’t know if I can keep going,” she sighed.

“There’s only one way to find out.” I rolled up and kissed her.

“MMmmfff,” she mumbled into my mouth, but only for an instant. She quickly returned my kiss. I continued to grope her tit, my hand still slick and smooth against her skin. Her left hand made a slight move to grab and pull on my cock while her right hand reached over to cup my head as we kissed.

It wasn’t long before she rolled me over and straddled my waist. I grabbed her tits with both hands as we kissed and then she broke the kiss and offered her large amazing breasts to me, leaning over my head, her nipples just inches from my face. I reached up with my mouth and sucked and bit first one nipple, then the other, alternating back and forth among moans and cursing from my sister. “Suck’em, Thomas. Suck my tits.” Again I grabbed both breasts and pushed them together so I could suck both nipples at once. This sent her over the edge. “Oh, god, yeah! Harder!” I sucked harder and whipped at them with my tongue, shocking both nipples at once as they met in my mouth. “Mmmm!”

I popped them free and squeezed them together again before alternating back and forth again. “Do you want in on this?” I asked, again taking a nipple into my mouth. Stacy gave me that shy but wicked smile and nodded. She grabbed her own breast and lifted it up, craning her neck so she could lick and bite at her own nipple. I was in heaven. She never looked away from my eyes. I watched as she engulfed the entire nipple, her lips puckered around her areola as if she was feeding off her own milk. She then smiled, showing me that her nipple was caught between her own teeth and she was pulling it away from her breast. She formed a point with it as the weight of her tit pulled against the nipple trapped in her gorgeous white teeth. She let go and the nipple rested freely again. But Stacy wasn’t done. She did the same thing with the other nipple. She then lashed at each nipple with her tongue. I could feel wetness on my abdomen where she was leaking on me. Back and forth she played with her own breasts, pinching and pulling the nipples, squeezing the flesh, using her mouth to ensure her nubs stayed rock hard.

This whole time, my hands were wandering her body, stroking along her thighs, hips and waist, sometimes reaching around to caress her butt. It just occurred to me, so I thought I would spit it out. “I would love to see you in some body jewelry.”

“What kind?” She ground against me as she asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve seen navel piercing and I think that’s sexy as hell. But even toe rings are hot.”

“Anything else?” she asked, still grinding.

“I know you’re not big on needles, so I couldn’t ask you to pierce, but I think you would look incredible with some sparkle.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” She leaned down to kiss me, letting her breasts fall free. She was pressed against my whole body. She even brought her feet up so that the tops of her feet were rested on my thighs just above my knees. I felt completely embraced.

Well, almost completely. I reached around Stacy and grabbed my cock, which had to be dripping by now, and stroked it along her lips. Stacy immediately pulled forward, sat up, and smiled at me. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.

“I’m trying to make love to you.” I tried to push my hips up into her, but she just rose up more.

“Oh, so now it’s making love? A few minutes ago you were calling me a whore. What makes you think you’re ever going to put that thing in me again?” She was a little more stern this time.

“We, uh…”

“And calling me a bitch? Where do you get off?” With that she shuffled forward and kneeled on either side of my head, her pussy inches from my face. “Eat it.”

“But I came on it.”

“Oh, yeah. I guess you did.” With that she settled directly onto my mouth. My nose was tickled by her patch of hair, but my mouth was rested firmly against the slick soft folds of her pussy. I had mixed feelings now. I wanted more than anything to eat out my sister. I loved her. I loved her body. I loved her cunt. But just a few minutes ago I had cum all over her pussy and ass and had watched it gather on her lips. It ran the whole length of her crack all the way down to her lips.

I couldn’t help myself. I smelled and tasted something different. It was me. My load had thinned in the last few minutes, so it wasn’t thick and white anymore, but every time I met a puddle of it with my tongue, I noticed a distinct difference. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought. She had tasted herself and she had tasted me, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to complain. I didn’t want my hang-ups to keep me from giving my sister all the pleasure she deserved. I quickly got used to it and soon enough the taste was gone which I assumed meant that I had eaten my own cum off my sister. Stacy continued to writhe and moan as I lapped at her pussy, jamming my tongue into her snatch and swiping it across her clit.

“Oh, yeah. Mmmm, fuck, baby,” she moaned, sometimes looking down at me, sometimes closing her eyes. “Who’s the bitch now?” Oh, man. My sister was pinning me down with her shins on my arms and her crotch on my mouth. I couldn’t believe it. She was in total control and there was nothing I could do about it. I was surprised to find that I didn’t want to do anything about it. I liked this aggressive side of her. Apparently she was playing with me like I had played with her. I had a strange mix of excitement and comfort. I knew now that she wasn’t upset. I had wondered. But I also liked her pinning me down and taking what she wanted. I always wondered why people liked bondage, but now maybe I was getting a glimpse of the thrill. Who knows? Maybe this will lead somewhere. For now, however, I had pussy to eat.

I pushed my face hard against Stacy’s mound, digging as deeply as I could to taste her pussy from the inside. “OHGOD!” she grunted, obviously not expecting it, but enjoying it just the same. She responded by grinding against my mouth as my tongue snaked inside her. I shook my head back and forth, rubbing my nose against her clit and my chin on her perineum. It wasn’t long before she began to convulse and she flooded my mouth with her sweet juice.

As soon as she stopped, she sat back on my chest, freeing my arms. This was all I needed. She was weak and exhausted. Now was my chance.

I grabbed her waist and twisted her to the side, catching her off guard and causing her to scream as her arms flailed in the air trying to grab for something, anything. She landed on the bed and I rolled with her, pinning her to the mattress with my weight. I forced a kiss on her, which she responded to with a muffled squeal before quickly returning it, her tongue grappling with mine. I backed away and looked into her fiery eyes, glowing green in beauty.

“Who are you calling ‘bitch’?” With that I shoved my cock in to the hilt, inviting a grunt from my whore sister. She quickly smiled with gritted teeth, but her eyes quickly turned lustful again as I pounded into her again and again, her breasts flying free underneath me. Her legs wrapped around my thighs.

“So you’re going to make me your bitch again, huh?” she asked, haltingly with each thrust into her flooding cunt.

“Damn straight!”

“You think you got what it takes?” Her eyes were still on fire and the sweat was starting to build on us both again, allowing me to slide on her.

“I’ve got more than you can take.”

“Oh, yeah?”

I didn’t even respond. I just railed into her as hard as I could. She grunted with each thrust. I rose up on my arms and hooked them behind her knees, curling her up, practically bending her in half.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed. I never slowed down, but kept driving into her. My head was scraping the front of her pussy on every stroke, hitting her g-spot. On every outstroke, I was crowning, getting caressed by the back of her pussy. We were both experiencing maximum stimulation. I went at her hard and fast. She was constantly moaning and grunting, but clamped down and forced my cock out as she sprayed me with a stream of juice and uttered a string of profanity until she had no breath left. I didn’t even give her a break before I forced myself back into her again. After a few more strokes, she pushed me back out, again juicing me. Her pussy looked like it was inside out as she sprayed me.

I knew I didn’t have much time left before I blew my load. I was beginning to burn and tingle as I wedged my cock back into her still-convulsing box once again. This time I buried it with my weight, assuring us both that if she came again I wasn’t going anywhere. I lay on her, kissing her, dueling tongues with her and forcing my tongue into her mouth when she was convulsing in a silent scream. I felt a warm flood cover my shaft and balls again.

My legs were giving out, my arms were giving out and my nuts had their A- game on. This was going to be huge! As the fire began to burn, I grabbed one nipple with a free hand and pinched and pulled her nipple, forcing out another blast. This time she forced me out, and my cock just launched on its own. I didn’t even touch it for the first couple of shots, The first shot streaked her stomach and over her shoulder, the second went even further. I grabbed myself and stroked, aiming at her upper body, hitting her tits, cleavage and under her chin. Sadly I didn’t have the power to get one as far as her mouth, which was still open and forcing out grunts. It turns out she had shoved a hand down to take my place and was burying a couple of fingers in her twat as I blasted a load all over her. I heard the sloshing sound of her fingers working herself over before she relaxed on the blue quilt which was now mottled with oil, girl juice, sweat, and cum.

She opened her sleepy eyes and gazed at me as her pussy hand idly circled her body, smearing our cum before her hand plopped down beside her on the bed.

It was dead silent. The music had long since ended. There was no ceiling fan on overhead. Only our breathing and the thunder of my own heartbeat could be heard.

I lay down beside my sister and settled in for a rest. I was starved, but didn’t dare move. This was where I wanted to be. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t need to. I didn’t speak either. Neither of us moved for the longest time. I took in our setting. The room was calm and cooling off more as I rested. The air smelled of pumpkin spice, the candle Stacy had lit for our massage. Out of the corner of my eye I could still see the flickering flame in the glass jar. The quilt was soft and smooth beneath me.

After a few minutes, Stacy moved. Her hand slid over a little and touched mine. I took it. We lay like that for a few minutes. I saw Stacy turn her face toward me. I turned to look at her and she smiled. I smiled back and she brought her far hand up to stroke my cheek. I brought my hand up to grasp hers and kissed her palm before closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. I was the first to speak.

“Whore,” I muttered.


I smiled.

She squeezed my hand.

I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of Seinfeld and Stacy. I sat up and walked over to the door, poking my head out, but didn’t see her. I realized I was kind of sticky, so I thought I’d better wipe down. I went into the bathroom and turned on the water so it would get warm while I pee’d. After wiping off with a washcloth and re-applying some deodorant, I threw on some gym shorts and a t-shirt and walked out where I saw Jerry Seinfeld complaining about a puffy shirt on television and saw Stacy standing in the kitchen in her cheer shorts and tank top, phone tucked between her shoulder and ear as she pulled chicken apart.

When I walked in, she looked over at me and smiled.

“When is that, again?” she asked whoever was on the phone. “I don’t think we have anything then, but T is right here, so let me ask him…Oh, okay. Hang on.” She pulled the phone away and said, “It’s mom. She wants to talk to us.” She put it on speaker and set it on the counter. “Mom, can you hear me?”

“Yes, sweetie. Thomas?”

“Hey, mom.”

“Hey, hon. I was just telling Stacy that your father is going to the trade show in Atlanta toward the end of the month. He’s itching to look at all the new toys, you know.” We knew. “Anyway, I’m coming with him, but wanted to come see you while we’re down there. He enjoys the show more than I do, and doesn’t notice if I’m there for a lot of it. Would that be okay? Can I come spend some time with you?”

“Sure, yeah!” Stacy said, looking at me.

“Of course,” I said. We loved our parents dearly and this wasn’t any kind of imposition on us. “Are you looking to spend a few days here or just pop in for a day?”

“Oh, no. I would probably just drive up in the morning and spend the day, then drive back down around dinner. You’re only, what, two hours from the city?”

“About that,” I said.

“What’s your schedule like?”

“I’ll e-mail it to you, mom. We’re on the same course schedule, so it should be easy to plan,” Stacy said.

“Thank you, sweetie.”

“No problem.”

“While I’ve got you both on speaker, your dad and I have been talking. We want to bring you a proposition to think about.”

Stacy looked at me wide-eyed. Here we go again, I thought. The family business. I rolled my eyes in response and Stacy had to stifle a laugh.

“Okay?” Stacy acknowledge the request.

“We know we’ve been talking to you both for a long time about working here when you get out of school, but I think we’ve been going about it all wrong.” I got a look of surprise on my face, which was matched by Stacy’s. My mother continued, “We want to start paying you now as apprentices in the company. Our first two apprenticeships.”

“What do you mean ‘apprentice’?” Stacy asked. I should let her speak. She’s the smart one.

“We know that, Stacy, you are good with business and numbers and that, Thomas, you are the creative, visual one. We would like for you to train under us while you’re at school. What this means is that your job will be to take your courses, concentrate on them, choose majors that you like, and then bring those skills back to Kitchen King to help us move forward.”

“What does that mean, exactly? That our job will be to do what we are already doing, only with a promise to come work for the family business when we graduate?” Stacy sounded doubtful and looked at the phone sideways as if mom was sitting right there.

“Something like that. We would like you to work at the office over long breaks, maybe a few days at Christmas and longer over summer. Otherwise, yes, just do what you’re doing. Of course we would pay you. If you’re working for us, you won’t have to find jobs there. You haven’t found jobs yet, have you?”

“Not yet,” Stacy replied, “We were getting settled in and then were going to start looking this next week. Thomas has some good leads and contacts.”

“Okay, well, don’t get jobs. As far as we’re concerned you already have them. We were thinking $1500 a month.”

Stacy was very enthusiastic and my eyes bulged at the figure. “That’s very generous. I think that’s more than fair, mom. Are you sure about that?”

“Your dad’s the CEO and I’m the CFO. We’re sure. For a full-time job it’s not very much, so it’s fine. If you’re each taking a full load of classes and then doing all the outside work of homework, studying and projects, we’re considering it at least 30 hours a week, plus whatever you do for us at the shop and trade shows, et cetera. We think it’s fair.”

“Wow, thanks, mom! Really, thank you,” I said.

“No problem! I’m glad we can help out. Now, I’m not asking for an answer right now. We can talk about it when I come up in a few weeks. That will give you both some time to think about it and talk about it. In the meantime, we’ll go ahead and put you on the books as of September 1 as apprentices and deposit the $3000 into your accounts.”

“Wait,” Stacy said, her eyes wide, “Did you say, $3000?”

“Yes,” mom sounded confused. “$1500 for each of you.”

“Each?!” I blurted.

“Apprentice pay, son. You are two employees and we pay you separately. Just do your job, think it over and we’ll talk when I get there. I’ll also send you two passes to the trade show in Atlanta so you can attend over the weekend if you want, kind of get a feel for what you’re getting into. No obligation, though. Fair enough?”

“Um, yeah! Way more than fair. Thank you so much. We’ll talk about it,” Stacy was flabbergasted, just like I was.

“Definitely. Thanks, mom. And thank dad for us.”

“Sure thing, sweetie. I love you.”

“Love you, too, mom,” we both said. Mom said good-bye and hung up.

We both stood there stunned. Stacy looked at me and I just shook my head. I had nothing to say.

“Maybe we should just eat and we can talk about it later. That’s a lot to digest,” said Stacy.

“Yeah. A real lot.”

Stacy moved and went back to shredding chicken by hand. “It is nice to have that pressure off of having to find a job, though.”

“Of course. One less thing to worry about and guaranteed income.” I started gathering the dishes as Stacy began mixing the chicken in with the steamed rice and green beans. This was one of my favorite meals that mom made while we were growing up. I don’t think I’ve had it since Stacy left and I was excited to be eating it again.

I grabbed a couple of plates and set them on the counter and poured drinks to put on the table along with silverware and napkins. Stacy was stirring everything together in the bowl and then spooned some onto a plate, handing it to me. I waited for her to do the other one and carried both to the table. Stacy followed behind and sat beside me at our little table.

I took her hand and gave it a squeeze. “Thanks for dinner, babe.” She winked back at me with a smile as she took her first bite. I followed suit and took a bite as well; it was as good as I’d remembered. “Nailed it,” I told her.

“Okay,” she blurted, “I can’t take it. What do you think about mom’s offer?” She took a sip of her tea and looked at me over the rim of her glass.

“Wow. Seven minutes. Well done, sis.”

“Shut up,” she laughed. “You were thinking the same thing, so let’s just get it out there.”

“Honestly, as much as I’ve tried to deny it, I think I wouldn’t mind working with the family biz. I’ve tried to find another way out, but when it comes down to it, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.” I shrugged as I took another bite.

“Me, neither. I could see working in the front, dealing with customers, setting up accounts and figuring costs. Mom really seems to enjoy it and I’ve been thinking of being a business major anyway. Why wouldn’t I want to do that for the family’s benefit?”

“No reason. I’ll still have to think about it, but my initial reaction is positive. I really want to consider it. I can’t believe they want to pay us that much for going to school, though,” I said.

Stacy looked astonished. “Oh, my god! Do you believe that? If we’re following mom’s formula, that only comes out to about $12.50 an hour, which isn’t unreasonable, and it’s only $18,000 a year, which, like she said, for a full-time job, isn’t high-paying, so they could totally justify it on the books.”

“Do you think we should go to the trade show?” I asked.

“If we’re going to do this, we should do it right. I think we at least owe them that much.”

I nodded in agreement. So far it looked like we would be apprentices with the family business.

That night, Stacy and I made love. That afternoon was full of raw passion and energy, but not this time. That night was slow and tender. We kissed and I gently removed her tank top and shorts before kneading her breasts as I played over her clit with my tongue while my two middle fingers moved gently inside her. Her orgasm was slow to build, but intense when it hit. She writhed and moaned, thrusting her hips up into my mouth to gain maximum pleasure.

When I was finished, I slid up her body, pausing at her breasts to take each nipple into my mouth, manipulating them with my tongue. My hand continued to reach between us and rub her clit and lips. Her hands played through my hair, begging me from one nipple to the next as she mumbled directions to suck or nibble her nubs or whispered encouragement to me.

“I want you in me,” she whispered as she pulled me up further. As our tongues gently intertwined, glazing our teeth and lips, the granite shaft of my spear eased into her. Her arms surrounded me and her heels dug into the backs of my thighs as I supported myself on my arms to keep my weight off of her. For several minutes we rocked together, whispered our love for each other, and moaned our pleasure. When our eyes weren’t closed, they were locked on each other.

After a few minutes, my sister pushed me up, saying, “I want to ride.” Who was I to argue. I rolled over and lay back. She quickly and smoothly straddled me and sank onto me, her hands on my chest. With her knees pressing into the mattress on either side of my waist, she again rocked, sliding off of me, exposing my wet shaft to the cool air before resting back down again, impaling herself on me. After a few minutes she began to pick up the pace and her breasts began swaying and bouncing more severely, hypnotically. I brought my hands up to cover her nipples with my palms. Her hands covered mine for a moment, squeezing herself through my hands before she rested her hands on her thighs. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back as her breathing increased. Her head dropped forward, her face veiled by her golden-brown mane. She didn’t say a word as she settled fully onto my groin and pulsed, convulsing in pleasure. She didn’t need to speak. I knew.

“Mmmm, that’s the spot,” Ally purred. The blonde coed arched her back, unaware of the spectacle of her full breasts straining against her t-shirt.

The older man, Dan, continued to massage the young coed’s shoulders, his heavy, strong hands digging deliciously into her tense muscles. Four other guys sat around them, lounging on chairs and couches and even the floor, chatting while they shot increasingly less discrete glances at the sensual girl.

Music throbbed from the other room. Another Friday night party at Pat’s was gearing up. A private gathering of assorted friends and friends of friends, the music at Pat’s wasn’t as loud or the crowd as large and raucous as at a typical frat party, but the tendency for things to get a bit out of control remained. It hovered in the air, throbbing with the music, unknown to Ally but growing in the eyes of the guys watching her.

With a sly grin, Dan slowly slid his massaging hands down Ally’s arching back. His strong fingers slid under the hem of her t-shirt, digging into her bare back. Ally groaned again.

“You like that?” Dan asked, his voice husky.

“Yeah,” Ally purred, closing her eyes. “You can keep doing that forever.”

“Oh yeah, what do I get out of it?” Dan said, his thumbs brushing just under the waistband of the coed’s short denim skirt while his fingers dug sensuously into the small of her back.

“Anything,” Ally sighed, eyes closed, luxuriating in the feeling of Dan’s strong hands on her back, ignorant of the sudden, hungry look in the four other pairs of watching eyes.

With a lusty grin, Dan slowly worked his hands up the young woman’s back, firmly kneading the tension from her muscles. As he did so, he also steadily bunched up her t-shirt, slowly exposing her firm, pale belly until the loose fabric was gathered just below her round breasts.

“Arms up,” he commanded, quietly but firmly.

Ally’s eyes blinked open and she looked over her shoulder at the older man. Quickly she glanced over the other guys in the room, all now unashamedly watching her. With a laugh and a sudden what-the-hell smile, Ally threw her arms up. Without wasting a second, Dan seized the coed’s t-shirt, whipped it off her and tossed it violently across the room. Ally watched her top go with a sudden nagging concern, but shrugged inwardly. A lacy bra of pale blue still covered her full, round breasts.

Even as she took comfort in that, Dan’s hands seized her shoulders at the base of her neck and continued firmly massaging. Slowly his hands slid outward along her shoulders, easing her bra straps off until they fell down her arms. Ally tried to casually shift her shoulders, to slip them back on, but Dan’s hands gripped her arms. Still massaging, he held her arms firmly in place and pushed her bra straps even lower, exposing more of the tops of her breasts.

Dan slid his hands up and down her arms. One hand worked its way down her arm and across onto her belly. His other hand slid back up to her neck, massaging along her shoulders and down her back. Slowly, he hooked his fingers around the clasp of her bra and twisted.

“Hey,” Ally started, but even as the word passed her lips, the clasp released and Dan tugged her bra down, exposing her hard, rosy nipples to the hungry gaze of the watching men.

Ally’s hands moved to catch her falling bra or at least to cover herself but Dan moved faster. One hand seized her arm, while the other snaked around and grabbed her tit firmly. Ally gasped as Dan’s rough, strong hand gently squeezed her naked breast. His other hand wrapped around hers, pulling her down against his thigh. Inexorably, Dan pulled her hand up between his legs. Ally gasped as she felt the hard bulge of Dan’s cock straining against his jeans.

With a deep sigh, Ally cupped her hand around Dan’s package. He groaned. Trying to regain the upper hand, so to speak, Ally rubbed Dan’s straining cock through his jeans. He groaned louder, rolling his hips to press himself against her. His hand continued to massage her breasts, his rough fingers rolling over her hard nipples. Ally jumped and gasped as his touch sent sharp jolts of intense sensation through her over and over.

For a long moment, they sat like that, moaning and caressing each other. Suddenly Dan twisted, seizing Ally by the shoulders he pushed her off the couch. The coed gave a little squeal which turned into a laugh as she caught herself and sank to her knees. While she did, Dan released one hand, still holding Ally firmly with the other, and mauled the buttons of his jeans. Struggling, he pulled his cock free of his pants and pulled Ally toward it.

Shocked and unresisting, Ally was drawn toward the long, rampant shaft of flesh looming up from the older man’s pants. Her hands reached out, almost of their own accord, and her fingers wrapped around his hard length. Dan groaned as she stroked him, but he continued to pull her forward.

“Suck it,” he growled. “Suck my cock.”

One hand on her neck, his other hand settling on the top of her head, he pulled Ally toward his crotch. Ally leaned forward. Her tongue darted out and she tasted the salty tang of his leaking pre-cum and the musky flavor of his skin. With quick little licks, she fluttered her tongue along his shaft. Dan groaned and pushed her head down against his body. Ally’s lips parted and the pulsing tip of his cock slipped between them.

Ally moaned, struggling a little, as Dan started to raggedly thrust his hips against her face. This seemed only to encourage him. His thrusts become smooth and more regular, gently but firmly rocking his cock between her lips. Ally started bobbing her head in time to his thrusts. Her tongue swirled over the tip of his shaft. Dan moaned. His thrusts grew faster and more urgent. Ally struggled to keep up, gagging a little as he thrust too deeply.

Dan grunted violently. Ally felt his cock harden between her lips. He made a final, hard thrust into her face and a torrent of cum surged out of his cock. Ally gagged as the thick, salty fluid filled her mouth and dribbled from between her lips. Dan’s hands held her head firmly in place as he continued to unload into her mouth.

With a final grunt, Dan suddenly released her head. Ally rocked back on her knees, gasping and sputtering. Cum dribbled from her mouth, making a sticky line down her chin and dripping onto her bare breasts. She knelt there for a second, her cum streaked breasts heaving as she gasped for breath. A shadow fellow across her.

“I’m next,” a husky voice said and Ally looked up to see another shaft of hard flesh rearing in front of her.

Startled, Ally looked up at him and then around at the others, all leering hungrily at her.

“Come on,” the guy standing over her growled, “you’re not going stop now. That wouldn’t be fair.”

Ally sighed, her full breasts swelling with the deep breath.

“No,” she said softly, “I guess it wouldn’t be.”

The guy grinned and dropped onto the couch next to Dan. With another deep breath, Ally crawled over to him and took his hard cock in her hand. Slowly, she stroked the thick shaft, noting curiously the differences between it and Dan’s longer, thinner dick.

The guy reached out, wrapping his fingers in her hair and pulling her face down into his lap. Ally allowed herself to be drawn down, parting her lips slightly and allowing this new cock into her mouth. The guy groaned, but remained still. His hands rested lightly on her head, stroking her hair while she held the head of his hard cock between her lips. Gently, Ally rolled her tongue over the bulbous tip. The guy groaned again. Slowly, Ally started to move, bobbing her head up and down, licking and sucking along his thick, hard shaft. The guy’s hands held Ally’s head close to his cock, but otherwise she found herself free to suck and lick it as she choose. With increasing confidence, Ally worked her mouth along his shaft, enjoying the moans of pleasure her actions elicited.

Ally jumped as another set of hands touched her body. Strong fingers gripped her sides and started massaging her back again. Ally moaned at the pleasure of it and the guy in her mouth groaned as her noises vibrated against his cock. Ally redoubled her efforts, moaning as the hands roamed over her back and then down her thighs.

Suddenly, she felt the hands pushing her skirt up around her waist. She tried to say something, but her words were muffled by the thick cock still filling her mouth. She tried to raise her head, but the hands in her hair held her firmly. The other hands grabbed her panties and, with a jerk, pulled them down her thighs.

While Ally struggled, her protests muffled by the swelling flesh between her lips, someone gripped her hips firmly. A strong body settled behind her and something hard and thick poked against her thighs, shoving between her legs to press against the warm folds of her pussy. Ally froze, stunned and waiting. Then she squealed as a long hard cock thrust into her warm but still slightly dry channel.

Ally’s mouth, opened wider by her squealing, sank deeper onto the cock that filled it. The guy behind her thrust again, driving himself deeper into her pussy, and pushing her forward onto the cock in front of her. She gagged as the cock in her mouth was driven too deep. Ally struggled to push herself back, to withdraw the cock from her mouth, and so thrust back against the cock in her pussy. The guy behind her thrust again, bottoming out inside her and driving her forward to gag once more on the cock in her face.

Ally struggled, bracing herself between the two hard cock which impaled her. Finally, she managed to find a balance between them that allowed her to accept the cock vigorously thrusting into her pussy without gagging herself on the cock in the mouth. Both men grunted and moaned over her, their hands holding her head and her hips steady as they pummeled her open holes. Involuntarily, Ally’s own muffled moans joined them as her pussy responded to the cock filling it with every thrust.

“Oh fuck,” the man holding her head groaned. His cock swelled between her lips. Once again, Ally’s mouth was flooded with thick, salty cum. Bracing herself, she managed to keep from gagging on the spurting waves of cum. The cock in her pussy still thrusting, Ally’s head continued to bob up and down on the cock in her mouth, sparking louder groans until the cock, still oozing cum, was pulled from between her lips.

No longer braced between the two men, Ally found herself pushed forward by the force of the man fucking her from behind. She grabbed at the couch to keep from falling as he violently thrust into her pussy. With a sudden roar, he made one last thrust deep inside her. His body spasmed over her and Ally felt the hot rush of his cum spurting into her. While she groaned as he filled her pussy, the man on the couch in front of her stroked her head again. Only later did she realize he was rubbing his last rush of his cum into her hair.

The man behind her pulled out with a grunt and Ally sagged against the couch.

An arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her down onto the floor. She was rolled over and another man loomed over her. Grinning, he settled himself between her legs. His cock slid easily into her pussy, well lubricated with the last man’s cum. Ally closed her eyes and thrust back against the new cock pounding inside her.

“How does that feel?” the man looming over her whispered to her. “You like that cock in your pussy? Does it feel good?”

“Yes,” Ally whispered back.

“Say it,” the man moaned.

“Yes, it feels good,” Ally replied, her face flushing. “Your cock feels good. I like it. I like it fucking my wet pussy.”

“Oh fuck,” the man growled. “You love it, don’t you.”

“Yes,” Ally whispered. “Yes, I love it.”

“Fuck,” he groaned.

“Yes,” Ally sighed. “Fuck me. Fuck me. I want you to cum. Please cum.”

“Oh yeah,” he growled. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in your pussy.”

“Yes,” Ally whimpered. “Cum in my pussy. Cum in my pussy now.”

The man looming over her shuddered. Ally felt him harden and spurt inside her. He sagged over her and then slowly rolled away. Ally felt the sticky fluid drip from her battered pussy.

“What a mess.”

Ally looked up to see yet another naked man, his hard cock in his hand, looming over her. He was grimacing in distaste at the sight of her oozing pussy. With a sigh, Ally smiled up at him. Drawing her hands up her sides, she cupped her own round breasts and pressed them together.

“How about these,” she purred at him.

“Yeah?” He grinned at her.

“Yeah,” she smiled back, “fuck my titties.”

Still grinning, he straddled her chest and pressed his hard shaft in the cleft between her full tits. Slowly, he slid himself between her round soft flesh, groaning as she squeezed her breasts tightly around him. Ally sighed and moaned as the hard cock thrust between her tits. Looking down, she saw the purple tip appearing and disappearing between her firm white mounds. The man’s belly pressed down, brushing against her hard nipples with every thrust, making her gasp. He began to thrust harder, his shaft pressing further up her chest, straining toward her mouth. Smiling, she leaned her face forward and flicked out her tongue, fluttering against his salty cock-head at the apex of his thrust.

“Oh yeah,” the guy groaned.

Suddenly, he rocked up onto his knees, his wrapped his cock in his hand and aimed it unwavering at her face. Ally squealed and shut her eyes as he stroked his shaft feverishly. She heard him grunt and then felt streamers of hot, sticky cum raining down onto her face, neck and tits.

“Thanks,” the guy grunted.

Ally lay on the floor, feeling drained and more than a little sticky. Wetness continued to ooze between her legs, and her face, tits and hair felt stiff with drying cum. Distractedly, she heard a door open and close. Vaguely, she wondered who was coming into the room. A moment later, she gasped and sat up, reflexively covering her naked tits with one hand and trying to straighten the skirt bunched around her waist.

Glancing around, she saw no one at all. The room was empty except for her. The door, she realized, must have been Dan and the other guys leaving.

“Well, that’s just charming,” Ally muttered to herself. “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.”

Looking down at the cum covering her chest, she added, “They could at least have offered me a tissue.”

She stood, feeling something oozing down her leg, and glanced around. She didn’t see any tissues. She also didn’t see her panties, bra or t-shirt.

For a long moment, Ally stood there, naked but for a mini-skirt and spatters of a cum.

“Now what?” she asked, looking at the door and listening to the pounding music and chatter of the party beyond.

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