On the drive to the hospital Dana wept, unable to control her fear of impending events at tomorrow evening’s gathering. She wanted so badly to be able to find joy in Betsy’s life saving surgery. But the price she had to pay for that operation was her submission to the horrible pain she knew she would suffer at the hands of a cruel stranger.

Frequently she had imagined that some magical occurrence would take place to relieve her of the burden to perform for Bobby’s twisted boss. Now, only one night away from having to deliver on her bargain, she dreaded the cold reality of the situation.

Sweet little Betsy would get her operation and by the grace of God she would come through it with a positive result. But her daughter would still be in the hospital for a while. If Dana failed to provide the required kinky pleasure for Bobby’s boss then Bobby would extract revenge, for Dana’s failure, by going after Betsy.

She had steeled herself several times over the last few weeks, knowing full well that she had to submit to the humiliating and painful treatment that was demanded of her. And she took the last few miles to the hospital to control her fear, so as not to scare Betsy on this special visit, before the surgery.

When she entered her daughter’s room, she found a nurse reading to Betsy from a small, colorful children’s book about a dog and a little girl. As soon as the little girl looked up and saw her mother, she grinned widely and softly shouted, “Mommy! I want to get a doggie. Can we get a doggie?”

The question caught Dana completely unaware and touched her so strongly that she tearfully replied, “Of course we can honey. As soon as you get back home, you and I will go looking for the perfect little puppy.”

The nurse smiled and moved away to make room for Dana, who was drawn to the bed, as Betsy held out her arms, obviously wanting to hug her mommy. Carefully enfolding her daughter in an embrace, Dana’s tears cascaded down her cheeks. Betsy pushed away and looked concerned, as she asked, “What’s wrong mommy?”

Not wanting to frighten her daughter, she smiled and answered, “I’m just so happy that you want a dog. I’ve wanted one too. We’ll pick out a really good one.”

For the next half hour, all Betsy wanted to talk about was what kind of dog she would get, what she would do with it and how they would play together. Dana had not seen her so animated for a long time. When she quietly mentioned that to the nurse, she was told the preparation for Betsy’s operation had required her to be strengthened artificially. It wasn’t a practice that was safe under most circumstances, but it was called for in Betsy’s case, due to her weakened condition. The nurse said, “In street lingo, she’s jacked up. But it will be a big help in her recovery.” The nurse’s positive attitude made Dana feel much better.

The down side of Betsy’s up swing was that when her chemical fire burned down, it happened very quickly. One minute she was all happy and playful and the next she was yawning and closing her eyes. Dana gave her one last kiss on each eyelid and left for home.

As she pulled into her driveway, Dana’s fear for her own personal safety returned. Once inside, she locked the door as though that would protect her from what she had to do. Her hands were shaking, as she poured a stiff drink and downed it in two swift gulps. She thought, I’d better not get all drunked up because I need to be at the hospital tomorrow for Betsy and she doesn’t need to see her mommy suffering from a hangover.

She just couldn’t get her mind off of the torment she would be subjected to tomorrow night. She had become well aware of her increased desire, whenever she was humiliated and slapped around. Not so much on her face, but when her huge breasts were spanked and her nipples abused, she definitely became highly aroused. But, if what Bobby described took place, her bosoms would be beaten like punching bags. What kind of sick mind found pleasure in that, she wondered.

Her thoughts moved onto Billy…Bill, she reminded herself. He was strange in his own way. He was sweet and caring, yet he too enjoyed getting rough with her. The difference was that he wasn’t nearly as cruel and, while he found pleasure in lightly abusing her, he made it pleasurable for her as well. And he seemed to have a genuine interest in her well being. He was younger than she was, but really not that much younger. And he showed real maturity at times, as though he was older than she thought him to be.

In spite of the age difference she would have gladly dated him, were it not for the precarious situation, in which she was trapped. Another thought struck her as ironic. If Bobby hadn’t been abusing her so brutally, she never would have discovered her dark needs, nor would she have become involved with Bill. Still, she couldn’t see any way to be thankful for Bobby’s wretched treatment of her, other than his help in getting Betsy the operation she needed.

It was late, but she had a full day ahead of her tomorrow. Dana knew that she would have a restless night and that getting drunk wouldn’t help any. She had a few sleeping pills, which were left over from a few years ago. So she took two of them, with another blast of liquor and went to bed.

She had not set an alarm, as she didn’t have to go to work; but she had wanted to rise early to get to the hospital and see Betsy. She had slept soundly, in an alcohol and pill induced semi-coma. Her head had hit the pillow at nine fifteen that night and she groggily awoke at nine thirty the next morning. When she realized how long she had slept, she flew about the house, performing her normal morning preparations in record time. She did take the time to make coffee and toast with jam, and then headed for the hospital.

All the way there she felt guilt at having let Betsy down, by not being there when they took her into surgery. She knew that the operation should already be underway by the time she arrived.

Once she entered Betsy’s room, she found it empty. She had expected that. So she went to the floor desk and asked about her daughter, expressing how upset she was that she had overslept. The nurse told her, “That’s not unusual, Miss Doubek. Betsy was given pre-surgery anesthesia at six this morning. After that, she wouldn’t have been coherent and probably would not have known you were here. The operation got off to a late start, also not unusual, especially in a case this complicated. They triple check every aspect of preparation, before they proceed.” The nurse saw the concern on my face and said, “She’s going to make it. This team is the best there is. I’m sure you’re aware that it’s a long procedure, so get comfortable in the waiting room,” she pointed to an unmarked door, “and one of the doctors will come out and let you know how it’s going.”

Dana hadn’t brought a book or magazine to read, not that she would have been able to concentrate on it anyway. The room, while small, was not your average waiting area. The walls were painted in a light beige color and there were oil paintings of pleasant outdoor scenes. The chairs were large, soft and deep. Every thing was designed to put the person at ease. There were a few current magazines and a large screen HDTV, the remote control of which was on an end table.

Dana put her head back and tried not to think, which failed, as thoughts of sex swept to the forefront of her mind. She reviewed some of the things she had done with Bill and Kim. Those she found pleasant. But when she thought of what she had been through with Bobby, she was emotionally turned off. Yet she couldn’t deny a twinge of desire at the memory of his cruel fingers brutally twisting her nipples. The recollection of her public humiliation at the nightclub brought moisture to her loins and her breathing deepened. She admitted to her self that she had a dark side of her that liked to be treated as a whore.

Her reverie was disturbed by the sound of a second door opening and the primary physician entered, wearing surgical scrubs. Her heart leapt into her throat as she looked to him for news of Betsy. He smiled, held his hands out widely and said, “So far, so good! We have had no problems and we’re taking a break, before we get into the really difficult stage of the procedure. This is normal, at his point. We want every one on the team to be refreshed and alert, when we start again. When that part is finished, I’ll return to update you, as the team finishes up.”

Dana had to ask, “Doctor, do you think she’s going to make it?”

He responded, “Miss Doubek, I can’t say at this point. It’s always been a fifty-fifty proposition, and that hasn’t changed. I know you’re looking for good news and there is some. Not finding anything negative at this point is the good news. Complications at the outset generally indicate a probable bad outcome. We haven’t seen any, so take what comfort you can in that. We remain optimistic. Now, I’ve got to get back in there. Please try and relax, it’s still going to be quite a while before I can give you the next update.” He smiled at her and left the room.

She took a deep breath, let it out slowly, and then did it again. Her fears were not allayed, but she did find comfort in his confident manner. It was strange, she thought, that this was the same man who had humiliated her and taken advantage of her sexually. Of course she had somewhat facilitated the atmosphere that promulgated his advance. Still, it did seem bizarre to have this man…this doctor, treat her as he would any other relative of a patient. It was just yesterday that she had sucked his cock and had his partners cock in her ass. And now those two men held her daughter’s life in their hands.

After a few hours of watching TV, her stomach began growling. Coffee and toast, fours earlier, weren’t going to see her through the day. She knew that it would be a few more hours, so she went down to the hospital cafeteria and ate a salad. It was typical hospital fare…bland and disappointing. But she knew that she needed it, so she forced it down, before returning to the waiting room.

Dana was never a big TV fan. Perhaps it was due to being in front of the camera, but even as a child, she wasn’t addicted to the screen like many of her friends had been. She thumbed through a few magazines and found herself reading the normal pulp, which appealed to bored housewives. An article entitled ‘Spicing up your marriage’ caught her interest. In it, a well known actress told of her secret for pleasing her man. She suggested adding some kinky scenarios to the bedroom, such as bondage. “You must submit to your man,” she wrote, “because the poor little darlings need to have their egos stroked.”

She threw the magazine across the room, in a fury of frustration at the absurdity of the woman’s view point. Bobby Maletta certainly had a big ego, but that didn’t explain his sick desire to torment women. He really was a misogynist. He hated women.

Bill, on the other hand, enjoyed taking a dominating role; yet did so in a way that wasn’t filled with obvious disdain for Dana, as he applied mild abuse to her. She wondered if he would enjoy tying her up and using her as a slave for the night. The very thought of being bound and used by him made her moist again. Dana felt guilty for having such thoughts, while her daughter fought for her life.

She went back the TV and looked at the local station, which was just doing a one minute news break. Instead of seeing Kim, she saw a face she had never seen before and realized that Bobby had temporarily replaced Kim as well as Dana. A frightening thought crossed her mind. She could be brutally murdered tonight and no one would miss her, except Betsy of course.

I mustn’t think like that she told herself. Bobby has made arrangements for my recovery and he is such a cheap bastard that he wouldn’t have bothered to do so, if he knew she wouldn’t be around.

Dana’s mind kept bouncing around from one horrible thought to another, as she dealt with the slowly moving clock. When the doctor returned, she had dozed for a few minutes and was awakened by his gentle hand on her shoulder. She looked into his eyes and before he spoke, she knew it was good news.

“Miss Doubek,” he told her, “I can definitely say that Betsy has had a successful surgery and that her chances of a full recovery are very good. My partner and surgical team are closing as I speak, and then she will go into the recovery room. It will still be a few hours before she starts coming around and, of course, she’ll be very groggy. We’ll have to keep a close eye on her for the next few days, but the worst is over for her…and for you.”

Her relief and elation exploded and she threw herself into his arms, as she thanked him over and over. There was nothing sexual in her tight hug of him, and to his credit, he remained professionally aloof, as she tearfully clung to him. When she pulled back, she realized that he might have interpreted her action as an offer; but his eyes, pleasant smile and expression said otherwise.

He told her that once Betsy was starting to come around they would notify her and she could visit her daughter briefly. “Frankly,” he said, “she will probably register your presence on a subconscious level, but otherwise she will not realize you are there. We have to keep her slightly sedated for the next twenty four hours, so it will be tomorrow afternoon before you are able to interact effectively with her. She has been through a long fight and it will be a long recovery, but I feel confident in her positive outlook.” And then he excused himself.

Two hours later, she was taken to see her sweet little girl. Betsy looked horrible, but she was breathing shallowly, which was comforting for Dana. When she bent down close to Betsy and called her name, the little eyelids fluttered open briefly and she barely mumbled “Mommy.” Dana cried, as Betsy slipped back into sleep.

Another hour later, Betsy was able to say, “Hi.” She still couldn’t maintain a conversation, but she did manage to ask, “We can get a doggie now, can’t we mommy?”

Dana cried, nodded and told her daughter, “You bet we can. We’re going to find the best little puppy in the world.” Betsy gave her a weak smile, and then closed her eyes again. The nurse said that this would be the way of it for at least another day, but that a team nurse would be present the entire time. She also told Dana that the doctor felt it would be best if Dana let Betsy rest. She was welcome to stay, but he preferred that his patient not be disturbed.

It was four thirty in the afternoon, as Dana drove back home. The relief of her daughter’s successful surgery was now being overshadowed by the weight of the night that she was about to face. There was one similarity between the good news about Betsy and the bad news of her impending doom. She just wanted both of them to be over and done with. One down and one to go…it sounded easy enough, but the dread which was creeping into her thoughts was growing like a tornado and threatening to rip her apart.

Once she was back in her kitchen, she poured herself a large glass of wine and went into the living room to try and get a hold on her emotions. When the phone rang, she nearly jumped out of her skin.

Bobby’s voice was not comforting at all. “I heard the good news…congratulations. I’m sure you gotta be feelin better about things now. That should put you in a good mood for the fun tonight. Take a nap and be here no later than eight O’clock. Connie will be waitin for ya, ta fix your hair and make up.”

A thought struck her that caused her to blurt out a question, which she regretted asking. “How did you know about the results of Betsy’s operation?”

After a brief silence, he responded in a cold and threatening tone, “I told you; I got people keeping an eye out for things, including your kid. So don’t fuck up tonight or she could take a turn for the worse. Just do what you’re told, slut,” and then he hung up.

Dana sat there holding the phone to her ear, as though the line was still open. Bobby was making sure that she knew Betsy’s life was not out of danger yet. He wanted to be sure she would be at the station to entertain his boss. He was leaving nothing to chance by letting her infer the consequences of a failure to perform as ordered. He really was a shithead.

She didn’t think that she could rest at all, but when she lay down, she was quickly asleep. The stress of the last few days had left her emotionally drained and the glass of wine, along with Bobby’s phone call had been the final touch on her jangled nerves. Some people would be awake for days, but Dana had always reacted differently to stress…she denied the existence of circumstances by dropping into a deep, coma like sleep.

Before she had put head to pillow, Dana had wisely set the alarm. She had been dead to the world, when it went off, dragging her to consciousness against her will. She let it continue to buzz, as she forced herself to sit up, before turning it off. That way she knew she would be awake.

She jumped into the shower and washed her body, but left her hair alone. Connie would deal with that. She hefted her enormous breasts and shuddered at the thought of the horrible torment they would suffer tonight. She caressed them as though they were separate entities from her and said to them, “I’m sorry!” It seemed foolish, yet she had been compelled to apologize for the sacrifice her bosoms would make, in payment for her daughter’s life.

She didn’t need make up; Connie would handle that as well. She was tempted to have a few glasses of wine, but decided that Bobby might be pissed off at her, if she showed up smelling of alcohol. So she left the house without the fortification, which might have provided some small amount of comfort for her.

By the time Dana had pulled into the parking lot, she had reached a strange peaceful state of mind. It was as though she had already accepted her own death. She remembered reading about combat soldiers surviving under the most terrible circumstances, by adopting that mental attitude. If you were already dead mentally, then there was nothing left to fear. She definitely felt dread, but it was only a small lingering thought in the back of her mind, as she entered the station like a zombie.

Her attire was rather strange. Because Bobby had told her that he would have her clothes for her, in his office, she wore only a white cotton blouse, white cotton panties and jeans. She had put on a pair of black high heels, which were about as comfortable as heels could get. As she entered the station, her breasts were flopping around like a pair of raccoons chasing each other beneath her shirt.

Dana went straight to Bobby’s office, removed everything, put back on her heels and passed into his domain. She didn’t see Bobby, but Bill was there moving a few new large chairs around. He was positioning a chair right in front of Bobby’s desk and lining it up as though it was a billiard shot.

He looked up at her and said, “He’s not here Dana. He went to pick up some kind of special booze for a friend of his. He’s got me moving stuff around for the party tonight. After I’m done I’m supposed to get the hell out of here.”

His eyes wondered over her nakedness and she made no effort to hide anything from him. He finally asked, “Are you nervous or scared?”

Dana looked into his eyes and saw the sincere concern he felt for her. She told him truthfully, “Both, I guess. I know what’s coming and I’ve made my peace with it. I just keep focusing on Betsy’s successful surgery and the prospect of a full recovery for her. I think I can handle anything knowing that she’s going to be alright.”

“That’s wonderful Dana. I was so happy for you, when I heard the news, everyone was smiling and even that shithead Tom had a tear in his eye.”

She nodded her thanks, but said nothing. After an awkward silence, Bill told her, “Bobby told the late guy to stay the hell away from his office tonight and to ignore anything he heard. I doubt if the guy would hear anything anyway, because he’ll be in the director’s booth with ear phones on, pushing buttons to cue up ads and reruns.” He paused, and then said, “I’m worried about you Dana. I want you to remember one thing. When it gets rough, stay on the floor and roll into a ball.”

She went to him, wrapped her arms around him smashing her huge breasts against his chest and said, “That sounds like Billy trying to be a man. I need you to be Master William and accept that your slut has to deliver for Bobby tonight. I am to be the sacrificial lamb. I won’t be rolling into a ball. I will be offering myself for the slaughter. After tonight, I get several weeks off to recuperate and I can spend all of that time with Betsy. I want you to visit me, once I’m doing better, and show me that you are my Master.” She kissed him tenderly and he returned her small advance with more ardor than she was prepared to deal with.

She backed away and said, “I’ve got to start getting ready now.”

He looked disappointed and he was obviously sporting an erection. Dana badly needed to have him as a friend and felt guilty at leaving him in such an aroused condition. So she went back to him, dropped to her knees and began to unzip his trousers.

He said, “No, Dana, no you don’t have to do this.”

“I know,” she told him, “but I want to please my man.”

He made no other objections to her and she quickly had his manhood in her mouth. She wanted to make it really good for him and she realized that she was making love to his cock, not just performing a sexual function, as she did for Bobby. She worked on his prick with her lips and used her hands to lift her breast to him. He reached down and fondled them lovingly, gently tweaking her nipples, which sent a ripple of pleasure through her and made her aware of a growing desire.

Facing a rough night, she knew she would need to conserve her passion for later, so she made moaning sounds to further Bill’s excitement. Soon he was panting deeply and told her, “Damn, you sure have become a great cocksucker. I can’t hold back baby. I’ve got to unload right this fucking minute.”

He began driving deeply into her sucking maw and pounding the back of her throat, before erupting jets of creamy man juice into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, while fighting off her own expanding desire. She continued to pay homage to his cock, until he withdrew and pulled her to her feet and kissed her. There was no hesitation about placing his lips upon those of the woman who had just taken a mouthful of his cum.

When he pulled away he said, “Now it’s your turn to enjoy.”

She shook her head, telling him, “No baby, I have to get ready. But I want you to hold that thought, because I intend to collect from you later.” She gave his cock one last little squeeze, and then headed off to see if Connie was here and ready to fix her hair and make up.

Dana was surprised to see that Connie was there and that he was working on Kim. She was topless and sitting in the make up chair. Kim’s firm breasts stood out from her chest as perfect cones, topped by beautiful plump nipples. Dana was rather jealous of her friend, as all of her life she had had to deal with the weight of her enormous bosoms. They affected nearly everything she did, from walking to doing the dishes.

Still, she certainly didn’t blame Kim for her natural beauty. And truth be told, Kim had turned out to be a good friend and just as much a victim of Bobby’s sick lust as she was.

The three of them chatted about anything but the obvious topic of what lay ahead for the girls. Dana was quite sure that Connie knew a little something about what was happening tonight, because he was unusually subdued. She would have preferred his normal joking, flagrantly gay humor; but it was absent tonight.

Shortly after Dana took the chair, Bobby stuck his head in and told Connie, “I want these bitches lookin hot tonight, Connie. If they aren’t, I’ll have your ass.”

Without thinking Connie put his hands on his hips and shot right back, “Who are you kidding? It ain’t my ass you’re after.”

Bobby slapped him so hard, it knocked him to the floor, as he screamed in pain and fear. “Don’t you ever sass me again, you fuckin fagot.” Then he smiled at his two women and ordered them to meet him in his office, once they were ready for action. He started humming happily to himself, as he left the room.

Kim helped Connie to his feet, as he said, “Some day I’m going to have a crew of my body building bitches pay him a visit.”

Dana told him, “That’s not a smart thing to say Connie. You never know who is listening.”

“I don’t care,” he said. But he looked around fearfully, to see if there was anyone else lurking nearby.

The light conversation continued, until the final touches of hair and make up had been addressed. Dana and Kim took turns looking at themselves in the mirror. Connie’s talent was amazing. He had converted each of them into visions of beauty, which men dreamed of. They thanked him, as he packed up his traveling kit.

Both women walked with a certain dread back to Bobby’s office, which would become a room of horror for them. Dana was still nude and Kim topless save for a pair of pink thong panties, which she slipped off, before entering the dragon’s lair.

Bobby looked up at them, surveying Connie’s work, before commanding them to, “Take a seat and listen very closely to what I have to say.”

Once seated, he began to tell them exactly how he expected the night go. In great detail, he explained how they were to perform for his boss, Johnny. He wanted them to seduce the entire room full of men, especially Johnny’s men and felt that there would be two of them. Johnny would be obeyed at all times, but they must get the other guys excited too.

First would be a sexual display between the two women, kissing, fondling, licking and sucking each other. Then Kim would take on Sallie and Niko, getting fucked at both ends at the same time. After she had a load of cum in her pussy, Dana would crawl to her and suck out her cunt. Johnny would be ready for some heavy action by then. That’s when Dana would go to him and beg him to beat her tits.

He wanted no misunderstanding about any of it, so he insisted on having them individually repeat the order of business back him to be sure. Afterward, he warned them, “There ain’t one fuckin thing either of you can do to help the other one, so don’t even think about it. If somebody’s screaming, that’s just too fuckin bad for them…understand?”

They both nodded, Kim saying nothing, while Dana acknowledged him with “Yes sir.”

He gave Kim a harsh look, and she quickly spoke up with, “Yes sir, I’ll do good and fuck everybody like you said.”

“Damn right you will, bitch. Both of you are whores now…my whores…I fuckin own you. After tonight, it’s going to get a lot better for both of you. But tonight you got to pay the price.”

Bobby had always been a scary kind of guy, but the expression on his face changed into something animalistic, as he threatened them and pointed his finger at them, “If either one of two cunts fuck this up, I’ll kill tha both of ya. I swear to God, I’ll take a chain saw and cut slices offa your tits, and then start removing legs and arms.”

Dana saw the psychopath rising up in him and realized that she might not live through the night. The man was on the edge of sanity and she feared that he was on the wrong side of that edge.

He went to a closet and brought out two gowns for them wear. Before donning them, he tossed each of them some undergarments. Kim was to wear a sheer body stocking with holes exposing her breasts and pussy. Dana would wear garter belt and stockings, but nothing on top. He told her, “This dress will show plenty of cleavage, but your fat tits will still be able ta bounce around. Johnny’s gonna love da tits.”

Dana noted that his Jersey slang and accent was getting stronger and that was never followed by anything good. She realized he didn’t know that in speaking that way, he sounded stupid. Of course, to his neighborhood thugs that was a good thing apparently.

Over her body stocking, Kim wore a skin tight, thin silk mini dress. Bobby told her, “It’ll be easy to rip off. Sallie and me agreed that Niko could do it, ’cause he’s such a muscle bound ape, he’ll yank it offa ya like it was Swiss cheese.” Bobby’s metaphor was no more clever than anything else he spoke of; yet he thought it was funny as hell.

Bobby opened up the suit bag holding the dress that Dana was to wear. It was like nothing that she remembered being ordered when they had been at the clothing store. This was something he must have requested after they left. He held it up for to her see. She wasn’t sure how it would fit, but she was quite certain that it was the dumbest thing she had ever seen. She told him, “Wow! I love it. I’m going to look great in that.” Bobby glowed with pride; not realizing that she was being facetious.

He handed it to her and she removed it from the hanger and took a closer look. It was made of spandex nylon and had been printed with a leopard skin pattern. She didn’t care for real fur, but this looked nothing like the skin of the majestic beast. There was no zipper or buttons on it. Being a stretch material, it would expand, as she pulled it over her head, and then it would form to her voluptuous curves, when she put it in place.

Once she had it on, she was surprised how well it stayed in place, in spite of its seemingly frail design. It had very short sleeves and a deeply plunging neck line. The fabric formed around the cleavage of her breasts, yet allowed them to sway with every movement, without her boobs popping out. The back had a long oval cut out from her neck to her buttocks, revealing the crack of her ass. There was a two inch wide strip of material in center of the oval, which held the dress tightly around her midriff.

Were it not for the situation in which she found herself, Dana would have been more impressed by the effectiveness of the design. She admired the fabrication and creativity involved, but that was all she liked about it.

Bobby came over to her and put his hands on her breasts. She left her arms at her sides, giving him complete access to her bosoms. She was well aware of his short temper and what could happen if someone didn’t act as they were expected to. In an informational way, he told her, “The nifty thing about this stuff is dat the stuff stretches. So ya can pull your tits out real easy.” He tugged slightly on the material at her cleavage and, sure enough, her breasts plopped into view. Bobby fondled them, yet he showed no real interest in sex. He was just testing the effectiveness of his selection. He mumbled to himself, “Johnny’s gonna fuckin love dis.”

He gave her nipples a mild pinch, and then tucked them back into her dress. “Let’s have a drink. You sluts want a drink? You know you’re gonna need it.”

Kim spoke for both of them. “Sure we want a drink. Maybe two would be even better.”

Bobby snapped at her, “Don’t get too fuckin cute bitch. I don’t want you getting drunk, ya understand.”

Dana nearly laughed out loud. His accent had gone completely Jersey and he came across as a bad imitation of some Hollywood gangster. She didn’t want to see him get rough with Kim, so she said, “It’s OK Bobby; we aren’t going to get drunk. But you know we’ve got to be nervous; so let us relax a little. It’ll help us do a better job of entertaining your friends.”

He gave her a stern look and said, “Yeah…I guess so.”

After two short glasses of a really fine Cognac, both women were feeling a good bit calmer. That’s when they heard two vehicles pull into Bobby’s private garage, behind his office. A moment later, Sallie and Niko came in, looking smug and confident. Bobby embraced them one at a time and Sallie winked at Bobby then nodded his head just a little. What ever they had planned was apparently going as scheduled.

Dana looked out into the garage and saw a large Buick and knew that it was Sallie’s. Next to it was a non-descript white van. Four men got out of it. Two were carrying some sort of machine guns. They stayed with the van and the other two came inside, closing the door behind them.

Bobby held out his arms out widely and said, “Welcome to this piece of shit little town Johnny. It’s good to see ya again.” They embraced and Bobby kissed the man on each cheek. He had to bend over to do it, because the guy was extremely short and stocky. Johnny couldn’t have been more than five foot two, but he was built like a weight lifter. His fingers looked strong, as though he had worked on the docks all of his life.

Dana had done a little research on the Internet about him, and knew that he had come up through the organization by starting out as a stevedore and union thug on the docks of Bayonne. When he looked over at her, he smiled; but not in a good way. He gazed at her like a predator, with beady eyed insightfulness. The tiny pupils, which viewed her up and down, were intelligent and projected cruelness. She shuddered involuntarily and his smile widened. He knew the effect he had on her. The bastard was very smart.

He all but shoved Bobby aside and approached her, without ever taking his eyes off of hers…reading her thoughts. He said, “Hey Sallie, you were right, this cunts got the biggest set of tits east of the Mississippi.”

He reached out for her breast, with his powerful hands and Dana backed away instinctively, but then caught herself and stood perfectly still. His hands manipulated her chest in a way that didn’t seem to have anything to do with sex. He pressed them, but not harshly, and then announced, “Motherfucker…they’re real. These God damned monsters are real.” He laughed and looked back at Bobby and jokingly told him, “You fucker …you been hidin this cunt from me the whole time. I don’t blame ya. She sure got a massive set of knockers.”

Then he turned back to Dana and addressed her for the first time. “Sallie tells me ya get off on the rough stuff. Is that true?”

He was still gently fondling her breasts, as she responded weakly, “Well sort of. I don’t like the pain so much, but it excites me, and then I want it, because it gets me off like nothing I’ve ever felt.”

He nodded, as he moved his fingers to her nipples and said, “Good.” Then he squeezed them brutally and twisted them, as he gazed into her eyes. Dana screamed and tried to pull away, but his grip was too tight and he laughed, as he twisted them and told her, “This is truly your lucky fuckin night, bitch. I’m gonna give it to you like you ain’t never had it before.”

Her shock at his rapid change of direction had put her mind in a swirling tailspin. She had thought she was ready to be abused, but she was badly mistaken. This man was clearly a psycho and totally unpredictable. Bobby scared her. Johnny terrified her.

He let go of her breasts, turned to Bobby and asked, “Hey, can a guy get a drink around here?” His demeanor was that of a perfectly rational man talking to a friend. The quickness with which his mind moved was further proof that he could go off the deep end at any time.

As Bobby poured drinks for the men, Johnny turned his attention to Kim. He went to her, and seemed angry when she backed up until she hit the wall. He grabbed her by the hair, tilted her head back as she cried out and told her, “I can see that you don’t get off on the rough stuff do ya?” She shook her head. He slapped her hard and let go of her hair, allowing her to drop to the floor in tears. “That’s good. A cunt like you can be fun too.”

He was laughing as he went over to Bobby, accepted a drink from him, took a seat behind Bobby’s desk and propped his feet up on top of it. Dana realized that his act was making a statement. As long as he was here, he was in charge and all of this belonged to him.

When Dana cast a quick glance at Bobby, she saw that he was angry, but he held his temper. Then he looked at Dana and noticed that she had been looking at him. With vitriol he told her, “Get your ass over to Kim and show us how much you two like each other.” Then he turned to Johnny and in a calmer tone said, “You’re going to love this. These cunts can be so fuckin hot.”

Hot was the last thing on Dana’s mind, as she went to Kim and helped her up. Kim whispered to her, “I think these guys are going to kill us Dana.”

Not wanting make a bad situation worse, Dana softly responded, “It’s going to be bad; but we can handle it. Come on Kim, let’s put on a show for the bastards, just like Bobby explained it.” Kim nodded and mumbled, as though she was a little girl obeying her mother, “OK.”

They started by kissing lightly at first, and then got into heavier kissing and fondling. The men were calling out vulgar comments and enjoying another round of drinks. “Come on, you fuckin sluts, show us what a coupla whores you are.” Dana felt an embarrassing twinge of desire in her belly.

Dana could tell that Kim wasn’t into this. But the situation required them to show slutty passion, as they ground their loins together. Dana uttered in passing to Kim, “I wish Bill was here to see this. I’m sure he would love to watch you and me together.” To her surprise, Kim whispered, “Well if we live through this, I’d enjoy doing a threesome with you guys. We’ll turn that young man inside out.”

Kim’s response seemed to help her settle in to the scene that they were expected to play. Kim slapped her lightly on the face, and then began to spank her breasts. It was the kind of mild stinging blows that smarted and it really began to turn her on. Apparently Dana’s legitimate passion was showing, because she heard Johnny say, “I’ll be damned the fucking cunt really does get into it. Smack that fuckin whore harder.”

Kim looked at her and Dana nodded, giving her the go ahead for the next phase of the performance. She struck Dana’s breasts with more force, before lifting her skirt and ordering her to, “Suck my cunt, you fucking piece of shit.” It was right out of Bobby’s script.

Dana sunk to her knees and ran her hands up the back of Kim’s legs, drawing moans from her. Neither of them had to act anymore, as their passion had risen to the occasion. Kim used both hands to pull Dana’s face into her crotch and told her, “Eat my pussy, slut.”

Dana was tempted to dive into the task, but she avoided the obvious, because she wanted to make it as exciting for her friend as she could. She began licking and kissing the area around the hole in Kim’s body stocking. Her friend moaned loudly and proclaimed, “God that feels so good.”

Using her fingers, Dana pulled the hole a little wider and began kissing and licking the mound of Kim’s pussy. She slowly worked her tongue into the slit and drew it up the length of it, until she reached Kim’s clit. Dana used her lips to suck the little button into her mouth and applied as much suction as could.

“Oh fuck, that feels wonderful.”

By then both women were lying on the floor. Niko went over to them, dropped his pants and knelt down close to Kim face. He grabbed her head and forced his cock through her lips, gagging her. “Suck it bitch.”

Niko was panting and slobbering, as he drove his prick in Kim’s mouth. She was doing the best she could to get him off, so that this part of her ordeal would finish quickly. She began stroking the base of his cock and that did the trick. Niko was groaning like the ignorant animal that he was, as he unloaded a bunch of goo in Kim’s mouth.

Dana was vaguely aware of what was going on. Her ears were partially blocked by Kim’s thighs and once Niko had withdrawn from her friend’s mouth, the process of pleasing Kim became easier. She massaged the clit with her tongue, as she continued to suck on it, drawing loud moans from Kim and more disgusting comments from the men.

Just as Kim was about to explode, Sallie grabbed a handful of Dana’s hair and pulled her away. Kim’s eyes flew open to see what was going on, it wasn’t fast enough to avoid Sallie backhand across her face. He commanded Kim, “Get on your hands and knees. I want to ram my cock in your shithole.”

Bobby urged him on by saying, “You tell her Sallie. Tear that ass up.”

Dana felt for her friend, as she knew just how cruel Sallie could be. He spit on his hand twice, and then rubbed it on his prick, before positioning his shaft at the entrance of Kim’s small tight anus. He thrust forward, driving his cock into Kim a few inches and causing her to scream from the sharp jolt of agony, as he ripped her tender flesh. He had to thrust two more times, before his cock buried itself deeply in the tormented rear end of Dana’s friend.

Kim was crying out loudly and begging him to stop. The others just kept laughing and told him that she really wanted it and to keep on fucking her ass.

Fortunately, he didn’t last to long. He began slapping her butt cheeks and calling her a whore, as the pace of his hips increased and he finally cried out and dumped his cum in Kim’s poor hind end.

Although he had taken his pleasure, he was still in a mood to degrade and humiliate the women. He withdrew his cock and squatted in front of Dana saying, “Clean me off cunt.”

As Dana looked at the filthy slime that covered his prick, she knew that to hesitate would bring pain and serious harm. So she smiled and said, “Sure Sallie, whatever you say.”

The smell from the brown streaks on his cock made her sick to her stomach. So she held her breath, opened her mouth wide and took his dirty manhood in past her lips. Dana tasted the vile substance, yet she never ceased to perform as he had commanded. She licked and sucked, but was unable to avoid gagging a few times, as she did so. That merely furthered her humiliation and drew more laughter from the twisted bastards who watched her degrade herself for their entertainment.

By the time Sallie withdrew from her mouth, his shaft was glistening and clean.

Johnny called to her, “Get off of your knees and get over here slut. I want to get my hands of your tit meat and find out just how much you can take.”

Dana felt a shiver of terror, as she walked to him, deliberately allowing her huge breasts to sway seductively. She was extremely frightened, yet determined to get the performance over with.

As she came near to him, she noticed that he was still in the chair. She suspected that he didn’t like to stand, as it drew attention to his unusually short stature. Dana was well aware of men like him who had a Napoleon Complex. They hated being short and took their frustration out on others. She knew that she was to be his next victim.

Using both hands, Dana lifted her massive boobs out to him and said, “Do your worst to me Johnny. I’ll try real hard to take as much as I can.”

He surprised by telling her, “I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do here. I’ll get around to your tits in a minute. For right now, I’m gonna work on your face. Sallie tells me you deal pretty good with being slapped around.” He glared at her, waiting for some kind of response.

She wasn’t sure what he wanted, but then she understood. She lowered her breasts, as she leaned forward and offered him her face. The evil smile on his face let her know that she had reacted properly.

He tilted his head, as he took aim and sent his right palm crashing into her left cheek. The blow knocked her back a few steps, but not down. She cried out involuntarily, as she regained her footing and moved back in and offered her face to him again. This sequence repeated itself ten or twelve times. He seemed quite pleased when he stopped and stared at her, as she sobbed. Her face had stung terribly at first. The good news was that the stinging blows had left her face numb, although she knew her face would be badly swollen tomorrow. The bad news was he wasn’t finished with her.

He finally stood up. He took his time removing his shirt and pants, as he told her, “I’m really gonna to work you over bitch. I’m gonna make you scream.” He said it with delight, as dropped his underpants, revealing a cock that was quite small like he was.

He went to her, looked up at her resentfully and ordered her, “Now bitch. Now it’s time to give me them fat tits.”

With horrible dread, Dana lifted her breast and as Bobby had told her to do, she said, “Beat me, Johnny. Beat my tits.”

His sneer of disdain for her was more of a sick smile, as he swung his hand and slapped her right breast, and then quickly delivered another to her left. The muscle behind each shot drove his powerful hands deeply into her chest and caused pain to well up where her breasts were attached to her chest bone. He kept up a steady pace, as he applied sharp stinging blows upon her reddening bosoms.

He stopped just long enough to order her, “Put your fuckin hands behind your back and lean forward. Let them fat knockers swing free. I like to see em bounce around when I hit em.” She did as he commanded, and her huge melons hung down awaiting another assault from his powerful hands.

Johnny started in again, with a much more vicious attitude. Dana was in a painful place, not quite of this earth. She was thrown back by each vicious strike, yet she returned to offer her aching breasts. She had set her conscious mind to act in rote mode, while her subconscious thoughts took her to a different place, a location where she and Betsy were playing on the beach, building little sand castles. She was oblivious to the actual event of being brutally abused by this cruel sick man.

Unfortunately, her blank expression betrayed her lack of conscious attendance and that made Johnny angry. She didn’t even notice when he stopped his slapping assault. But when he captured her nipples and dug his thumb nails into them she returned to the terrifying reality of her situation. The screams she heard were her own and the pain she had become used to was eclipsed by a new, more intense anguish coursing through her bosoms.

Johnny shouted, “Well it’s about fuckin time you joined the party slut.” He gave her nipples a particular strong twist and Dana cried out loudly, “Oh dear God no,” as his effort sent shards of agony from her nipples to her entire chest, and then throughout her whole body. By the time he let her breasts drop from his grasp, her brain was swirling and she felt as though she would pass out.

Dana was vaguely aware of Kim’s brutal treatment at the hands of Bobby. Her friend’s face was badly swollen from apparently being stuck by his fist. One of her eyes was completely closed and he was using her ass for his pleasure. His girth was twice that of Sallie’s and Dana couldn’t imagine how horrible her friend’s pain must have been. But Dana’s sympathy was short lived, as she had her own horrifying situation to contend with.

Johnny tugged on her nipples, guiding her over to the large chair in front Bobby’s desk. He told her, “Stick ‘em out bitch. I’m gonna use ‘em for punching bags.”

The fog of pain in her brain was not so thick that she didn’t know how terrible this was going to be. Yet a week of mental preparation helped her to perform as he had commanded, in stead of running for the door and screaming for help…not that any would come.

She reluctantly leaned forward, causing her enormous and badly bruised bosoms to swing free for his use. He balled his left hand into a fist, held it up to her and said, “I always lead with the left,” and laughed, as though he had said something funny. Then he struck her right breast with a boxer’s jab, before sending another to her left breast. His first few shots were tolerable, because he just getting the range and a feel for the weight of her meaty bosoms.

Then he let her know that it was about to get much worse. “That was a good warm up; now for the main event.” She shuddered in terror, bringing a wide smile to the dirty bastards face.

He moved forward in the chair and very close to her, like a boxer would do to get inside of his opponents long arms. Then he sent a hard deep driving jab to her right breast, followed quickly by a powerful blow straight in to her left breast, not stopping until his fist could drive no deeper.

His vicious assault knocked the wind out of her, and Dana’s vision went dark, as she saw stars shooting across her eyes. The pain was horrible, but it was the knowledge that she had been seriously injured that truly terrified her. She fell to the floor, gasping for breath and she knew…KNEW…that neither she nor Kim leave here alive. She was saddened that she wouldn’t be around to see Betsy grow up, but at least she had secured her daughter’s life for her.

She heard Kim crying and looked over to her and saw that Bobby was finishing his brutalization of her friend’s derriere. Poor Kim was now splayed out, face down on the floor.

When Bobby got up, both women were lying on the floor and Johnny was just sitting himself deeper in the big chair. He told Dana, “We ain’t through by a long shot cunt. I’m just taken a breather.” She realized that he intended for her to die a slow and painful death.

Explosions…lots of them. The room was filled with flashing light and the smell of something burning. She saw Johnny’s body guard go down, and then Sallie was shooting at Johnny, who was being bounced around like a rag doll, as round upon round struck his body. She didn’t see Bobby get hit, but he was down and half of his head was missing. Niko was a lump of dead flesh, curled up in the corner.

She painfully belly crawled over to Kim who was glassy eyed, but as yet not hit by any bullets. Dana shook her hard, until Kim’s eyes focused on her own. “Stay down Kim. Don’t get up. Play dead.” Then Dana did what she had told Kim to do. It was difficult, because lying on her belly meant that half of her body weight was pressing on her breasts. They were somewhat numbed with pain, but they were still throbbing badly, as she tried to act like a corpse.

The door to the garage flew open and a man with a machine stepped in, just as Sallie swung around to meet his challenge. Sallie never made it. The man loosed a series of shots at him. The gun sounded like a hammer banging at an incredible speed. The shots nearly cut Sallie in half.

The man took two steps in to the room and a softer bang went off, felling him immediately. Another man walked in, wearing a full hooded mask and carrying a gun that had a large tube at the end of it. Dana knew that it was silencer and that she would die if she moved and she hoped that Kim was alert enough to realize it too.

The killer walked around the room, checking the other bodies. Once he was satisfied that the other men were dead, he approached Dana.

He touched her shoulder and asked in a gruff quiet voice, “You’re not hit are you?” She barely heard him, as her ears were ringing badly from the concussion of all the gunshots. Dana shook her head and said, “I hurt all over, but I wasn’t hit.

He asked, “What about the other broad?” Kim eked out, “I’m not hit, but I’m hurt.”

The man said, “Call 911,” and then he left, closing the door behind him. Dana heard the sound of an engine starting, before it left the garage.

The entire shot ‘em up had taken less than twenty seconds, but it had left every one dead except for Dana and Kim. She double checked that Kim had not been shot, and then found the phone and called in the emergency.

This was a small town and an incident like this was beyond anything they were use to handling. The detectives wanted answers from her and she kept begging them to get her and Kim to a hospital. Finally the chief of police came in and said, “Get these women to the hospital and stay with them. They’re material witnesses. I have a strong suspicion that they’re going to need protection.”

After Kim was strapped onto an emergency stretcher, Dana took one last look around at the bloody scene. She felt no sorrow for the rotten bastards who had so horribly abused her and her friend. She wasn’t happy about it; just a cold hearted indifference. The EMTs put her on a stretcher and as they pushed it out, she wondered what would become of her and her daughter now.

At the hospital, she explained, with great embarrassment and as best she could, what kind of abuse she had been subjected to. After looking at X-rays, the doctor told her, “You have some very deep bruising in both breasts and your left mammary gland is causing me some concern. It is swollen to a point where we might have to do surgery to alleviate the blood build up. Before we do that however, I think we should try to drain some of that build up by the use of a small tube and we are definitely going to add an antibiotic to your IV to combat infection. Inserting a tube this deeply would be a very painful procedure, so we will be anesthetizing you for that and we need to start that right away. Do you have any questions?”

Even in her dreary condition, Dana couldn’t avoid a woman’s natural concern about her appearance. She asked him, “Will it leave a scar?”

He gave her an understanding smile and said, “Yes it will, but it will just be the size of a pin prick and it will be under your left breast, where it meets the chest. I doubt anyone will notice.”

Then her thoughts turned to Kim and she felt guilty at having been so selfish in her concerns about her own looks. “How is my friend? What is her status? “

He looked away for a moment, before answering her, and then told her truthfully, “I’m not supposed to discuss someone else’s condition unless it is with a family member. But I can tell you that she will be alright in the long run, but she’ll need some plastic surgery to return her facial structure to some semblance of its original shape. The important thing is she’ll make it.”

Dana had asked about her daughter, pointing out that she was in the same hospital. She wanted to see her, before they put her under. The doctor advised against it. He told her, “Honestly you look pretty bad right now and that might unduly frighten her. Let’s get the tube in place and get you a good night’s sleep. I think by tomorrow morning you’ll be very sore, but you’ll look better than you do right now. Trust me on this. I’ll check on her for you. She’s probably sleeping right now anyway. There is no reason to wake her to see her mother in this condition.”

She thanked him for his honesty and his opinion. Her head was still spinning from everything that happened. A detective came in and wanted to know what had happened. She was half out of it, as she told him that she and Kim had been ordered to entertain the visitors, but they had no idea that it would get so rough or involve sexual abuse. He told her, “Tomorrow, after you’ve had some rest, we’ll talk again. But keep this thought…I know more than you might think I do.”

Dana wasn’t sure what he was getting at, but he made it sound intimidating.

Several hours later, she had been through the minor procedure to place a tube in her breast and Dana was sleeping deeply. It was after seven AM, when Bill went to visit her. He found her asleep, so he sat in a chair in her room, waiting for her to wake.

As Dana woke up groggily, she was aware of straps holding her down and feared that the police had done it. She didn’t think she had committed any crime, but she was well aware that several men had been murdered. So maybe the police suspected her of being involved in it. Perhaps it was the anesthesia that made her so sleepy. She couldn’t focus her thoughts, so she closed her eyes and dozed off.

It was two men talking that brought her back around a few hours later. She felt more attuned to her surroundings and as she looked over to the men, she saw Bill telling the police detective, “Everybody knew that Mr. Maletta was paying for her daughters operation. But the really nasty part of the bargain for her was that he insisted on using her sexually, whenever he wished. All of the office people heard her screams sometimes, as he slapped her around. It was the deal she had made to save her daughter.”

The cop nodded and mumbled, “So she had a great motive to kill him, once her daughter’s surgery was paid for.”

Bill asked, “Is that what you think? You think she killed all of those men?”

He glared at Bill and said, “Don’t be ridiculous, of course not. She might have got one of them, but she never would have lived through a barrage like that, if she started it. Her prints aren’t on any of the weapons and I see no indication that she was anything but a victim. Still, I have to look at all possibilities, even though this looks pretty much like a dispute between mob factions.”

The cop paused, and then looked casually at Bill and asked, “Where’s the money?”

Bill furrowed his brow, as he asked, “What money?”

The man pressed Bill a little further, “Are you telling me that you don’t about any missing money.”

Bill still looked puzzled, as he responded, “I don’t know anything about missing money, although Bobby always had a few thousand in his desk. That was the petty cash for the station. As far as I know it was still there when I went home that night.”

“Yeah…we found that. I’m talking about big money.”

Bill asked, “How much?”

“A lot, but the exact amount isn’t confirmed. To be honest with you, we don’t even know if there was any. The FBI got involved and they’re telling us that rumors out of New Jersey are that one of the men was making a run down to the Cayman Islands with a shitload of cash. Apparently it was part of a money laundering process.”

After a brief silence, Bill said, “Well I guess that could be a motive for shooting all those guys.”

The cop gave him a cold look and replied, “No shit…Ya think?”

Bill noticed that Dana was awake and went to her. But before they could really talk, the cop ordered him to leave, so that he could interrogate Dana. He was very patient with her, as he had her explain her side of things. His questions seemed to go on forever, as he had her repeat everything several times. He had been recording everything and at the end of it, he informed her that the FBI would certainly want to conduct their own questioning, even though they would have a copy of this interview.

It was all big news and the multiple murders had put Dana and Kim in the spotlight. Her sexual exchange with Bobby leaked out and, while it was humiliating for her, it generated sympathy for her and helped to get the police and FBI off of her back. A local district attorney told her that, as far as he was concerned, she was not a suspect. If they found a perpetrator she may have to testify.

Dana couldn’t imagine what she could add to the picture, but she agreed to help if she was needed.

A few weeks passed by. She had asked Kim if she would like to stay with her at her house, while she recuperated and she agreed. Kim had had two surgeries to correct her broken nose and fractured cheek bone. Betsy had come home also and the overall atmosphere was the best she had enjoyed in some time. They talked about what direction their live s would take, now that they had been exposed as virtual prostitutes.

Certainly neither of them would ever find a job in front of a camera, although they both had offers to do porno movies. Those offers were quickly turned down and the phone quickly hung up.

Bill came to visit from time to time. It wasn’t until Kim had recovered and gone home that he made any advances toward her. Dana wanted to try normal sex with him and told him so. She was afraid that he would only be interested in abusing her, as that had been their prior experience. She was very pleased when he embraced her gently and said, “We don’t have to do anything you don’t wish to do.”

They made love and it was sweet. Dana climaxed and so did Bill, but it lacked the powerful desire that she had discovered, while being abused. She didn’t mention it to him. They enjoyed each other’s company and soon he was there every night. He had used a contact in advertising to get a new job for himself and he assured her that he was making enough to help her financially and that she was never required to perform sex on demand. That’s when she told him, “I think I want you to make sexual demands of me. I need Master William to take control of me sometimes. I miss the high powered passion that we use to share…is that alright with you?”

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