Roses head lay on my shoulder in the darkened room. One side of my bed was empty. I smelled something wonderful. Fresh brewed coffee. I smiled and rubbed my eyes. I heard a noise and saw Debbie in the hallway. She looked in on us and informed me that breakfast would be ready in about twenty minutes. I rolled off the bed and stumbled into the shower. I ran the water and quickly shaved. I stepped in and was followed by my hybrid Asian goddess. Rose ran her arms around me and hugged me. I felt her tits against my back.

“How the hell is she already up and running?” Rose inquired.

“Damned if I know. I am having trouble if breathing after last night. Thank God it is an involuntary function.”

Rose giggled delightfully as she grabbed the soap and lathered my back. I turned her around and soaped her as well. The water felt good. We felt the blood begin to flow again properly. Rose reached up and kissed me lightly, “Good morning sweetheart.”

“Good morning to you.”

“Alright you two. Enough of that lovey, dovey, kissy garbage. There is food out here.”

“Food, did someone say food?”

We jumped from the shower, threw on robes and rushed to the table. Steaming hot Gevalia coffee greeted my nose and I sipped it quickly. Debbie had prepared a terrific breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes and fresh baked sweet rolls. Little was said as three famished people dug in and polished it off in no time at all.

“That was delicious. I needed that,” I said as I leaned over and kissed Debbie sweetly.

“I hope it helped. I wanted you to have a transfusion for you but they wouldn’t let me get what I needed at the pharmacy,” she smirked.

“I need another coffee and then you and I have to talk.”

“I’ll clean up the kitchen,” Rose offered.

We sat in the living room and I told her, “My lawyer Dave has already started on this. You are going to be completely protected. First things first, he is going to meet with you on Monday. He needs your marriage certificate and any bank statements. He needs the titles to the vehicles and any bills for the furniture and any other major purchases. I told him I was sure you could provide that but if you need more time, he will reschedule with you.

He is going to need you to sign some papers too. As soon as you do, he is going to court to get a restraining order to keep him away from you. We are going to box up his shit and have it ready to go. It will be out in the hallway the day he gets home. You will not be home when he gets back. He will be met and served the restraining order and divorce papers. He will then be instructed to clean out his personal items from the car and to leave the keys inside it. There will be a moving truck parked outside, in his name and paid for with his credit card. He will not be able to get into the apartment because Mike and Ann will be here at 11AM today to change the locks.

Since you have always paid the rent from your own bank account and the lease is in your name, he will be given a time limit to vacate the property. If he exceeds this, he will be trespassed off the property and charged. Your phone numbers are being changed next week and he will be instructed that he is to have no further personal contact with you. All communication with you must, from now on, go through your lawyer.”

“Rose, get over here please. Pinch me. No, pinch him. Tell me, this is real,” Debbie yelled.

“It’s real Debbie, I am as much in awe of this as you are, but I do know, this is real.”

“Mike and Ann should be here in a half hour. After they change the locks, we are going to pick up the boxes and stuff we need and get this shit done. Debbie, you tell us what to pack and it will be done in no time and then we can relax and enjoy the weekend. I have to make one adjustment over here. I was going to do it anyway and it will only take about 15 minutes. Then we are good to go. Does that sound like a plan?”

“I don’t know what to say. I mean less than twenty four hours ago, my life was in shambles. My marriage was over. All I had was a miserable existence to look forward to and now look at me. Everything is being taken care of far better than I would ever have thought to do too. My life has changed so fast and I have experienced things I only dreamed of. I slept better last night than any other night of my life. How am I ever going to repay you for all you have done?”

“No need for that my dear. No need at all.”

“You lying bitch! You didn’t sleep! You passed out from total orgasmic exhaustion,” Rose laughed.

“That I did! Oh fuck me, that I did,” Debbie chuckled.

“Fuck you? We did that already. We’re going to do it again too,” I said with a straight face. “Again and again.”

Debbie leaned over and kissed me. The stress was gone. I saw a new woman, filled with a renewed spirit and smiling broadly. Rose and I got up and got dressed.

Mike and Ann, the building owners arrived, and the locks were changed quickly. I filled Mike in on the details and Ann consoled Debbie. They left and we drove over to the local moving center to buy boxes, tape and all that good stuff. Debbie’s hatchback fit the bill as my Corvette certainly didn’t.

We brought everything into Debbie’s apartment and she started directing what went and what stayed. I brought the wardrobe boxes into her bedroom and put them together.

I had packed all of his clothes when a knock came at the door. Debbie answered it and I heard the familiar click, click, click of Wendy’s stilettos. She invariably wore heels no matter what she had on. Of the three, Wendy was the youngest, probably in her late 20′s. She was also the tallest standing somewhere around 5′ 7″. She has shoulder length honey blonde hair, firm breasts, a toned slender frame and long, shapely legs. I only saw her in the hallway and she was very pleasant whenever we had spoken. I knew that she turned heads everywhere she went. Her husband Jason, I’ve been told, is a hopeless drunk. I barely knew him.

Rose and Debbie were in the living room when Wendy arrived. She did not know I was in the bedroom packing Paul’s clothes. Wendy took a couple of steps into the apartment and stopped dead in her tracks.

“Are you moving?”

“I’m not but Paul sure as hell is,” Debbie went on to explain what had happened and what had been set in motion to protect her.

“Tell me what to pack and we’ll get this done,” Wendy said. “I tried to call you Rose last night but you weren’t home.”

“I was with Debbie and we didn’t pick up the phone all night. Debbie was upset and I wanted to calm her down and cheer her up,” Rose smiled.

Wendy started packing, “I guess that Holly woman is back again. Damn that woman is loud. He has to be a mechanical fucking machine. I mean that woman was screaming all night long. How can one guy fuck like that?”

Rose looked at Debbie, “Wow I didn’t hear a thing. I thought it was very quiet last night. Did you hear anything Debbie?”

“Not really, I was kinda preoccupied. I wasn’t paying attention to much other than trying to breathe and feel better. I cried too much last night and then I started to feel wonderful and I was focused on that.”

I had opened the bedroom door and saw that Wendy was standing with her back to me. The girls could see me and I don’t know how they kept straight faces.

“He got me so fucking wet again last night. My pussy has been dripping ever since. I mean, I am a good looking girl. Guys want to sleep with me all the time. What the fuck do I have to do to get him to screw me like he screws Holly?”

I quietly walked up behind her and whispered in her ear, “Keep packing!”

Rose and Debbie burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Wendy spun around and the shock on her face was priceless. She was speechless. She actually began to babble until finally, she started making sense again.

“Wow, I am so embarrassed. I didn’t know you were here. I never would have ever said anything. I am so sorry. I really am. Oh my God, I am so embarrassed. How can I ever make it up to you?”

“Would it help you if I spoke slower? Keep packing Wendy. When everything is packed up, I am going to make the most delicious, sensuous, mind blowing love to you. After that, I am going to fuck you senseless. Do you understand what I just said?”

Wendy just stood there with her mouth opened, starring at me in total disbelief. “What about, uh wait, wait, where is Holly?”

“Holly is in Boca Raton. You saw her leave here last Sunday.”

“But, but, but.” The coin dropped and she spun first on Rose and then Debbie, “You bitch! You cunt! That was you two last night!” She glared at her two friends as they smiled back at her so sweetly. She almost formed another sentence but instead, turned and walked into my arms. With a burning fire in her eyes, she looked at me and kissed me dramatically. “You are so right Mr. Fuck Machine! You definitely are. You owe me! You fucking well owe me the best screwing I’ve ever had and then some! You son of a bitch! You have had my sweet pussy so wet all week I can hardly walk.”

“Rose, what did I tell you? I can get in trouble without doing anything. Let’s get this place packed up now.” I smacked Wendy’s ass as I turned and walked back into finish packing.

“I want details, all of the details. Ohmigod! Don’t leave anything out. When Rose? Ohmigod! When did you? I can’t believe this. I really can’t believe this. Ohmigod!”

Rose brought her up to speed and so did Debbie.

“I can’t wait. Let’s get this done. Hurry up, will you, Ohmigod!” Wendy whispered.

I finished in the bedroom. The ladies were doing the same in the rest of the place. I went back to my place got my dolly and began to stack the boxes in one corner of the living room. Debbie wasn’t going to have to be dodging them until they were out of there. It also would make it easier for me to get them into the hall on the day Paul returned. When this was done, I looked at my watch and saw that it was after 4PM. No wonder I was getting hungry.

“Ladies, I have a question for you. Does everyone like lobster and shrimp?”

They all enthusiastically claimed that they loved it. Then, almost in unison told me they didn’t want to go out to dinner. Seems they had plans that didn’t involve leaving the house.

“Debbie, you think you had a treat last night,” Rose laughed. “Not only is he a chef but he is also a baker and if you think he can make love, you ain’t seen anything yet.”

“What scares me is that I am going to eventually wake up and find out that this is just the best wet dream I ever had. I don’t want that to ever happen,” Debbie said.

Wendy looked at me, “We’d rather stay here for dinner.”

“Good, I would too! You finish up and I’ll go and start dinner.” I went back and began prepping everything I needed.

My front door opened and Wendy walked into the kitchen. She stopped a few feet from me and just stood there looking at me. She had a funny expression on her face and I was unsure how to read it.

“Obviously, you have something you want to say. I think it is safe to say that no matter what, I won’t be upset.”

“The girls just told me something about you that really surprised me. No, let me rephrase this, it actually shocked me.”

“What were you told?”

“Well, I was told that you would not fuck a woman until you had made love to her first.”

“That shocked you? I can’t imagine why it would.”

“I am twenty eight years old. I think I am attractive. I get hit on all the time and I just ignore it. Men want to fuck me. They want me to suck their cocks and ram their dicks in me, cum and then they are gone. I’ve been married to a drunken asshole for five years. He has only made me cum twice and that was because he was too drunk to do his usual, cum and pass out. I’ve had less than ten orgasms from a man in my entire life. I have never been made love to. I know how to fuck but I have no idea how to make love. Will you teach me how to make love?”

“I can’t teach you how to make love. I can make love to you. I can show you the warmth and the tenderness you obviously are craving but I can’t teach you how to make love to a man. That is something that flows from your heart, not your pussy. If you want me to make love to you, you must know that it will not be slam, bam, thank you ma’am. That is not who I am. Making love is an exploration filled with many things. Every woman is different. What Rose enjoys is different than what Debbie needs. Your wants will be different from theirs. When we make love, I will be discovering the little things that you like. You will show me what you want and what you don’t. You won’t even know that you are doing it but I will know. That way, when we make love, it will be unique to you and only you. How you respond to me is up to you. On that score, I have no doubt that becoming intimate with you will be a journey into total ecstasy on my part. It is, after all, something I have wanted for a very long time.”

“It has been? You have wanted me too? I wish you had said something. I have to tell you something, don’t laugh at me please.”

“I won’t laugh.”

“What you just said to me is the sexiest thing I have ever heard in my life. No man has ever said anything as sweet to me in my life. If you let me, I am a fast learner.” Wendy walked into me with a warm, loving embrace. I held her in my arms and felt her melt into me. We hugged each other tight, not wanting to let go.

The door opened and Debbie laughed. “Pay up Rose, they still have their clothes on.”

We burst into laughter and I went back to work in the kitchen. Debbie set the table and Rose straightened up the bedroom. Rose was becoming used to the little secrets my designers had fitted me with. She came into the kitchen and asked where the refill was for the oil. I told her and she took care of it for me.

“Wendy, are you going to be okay down here with Jason upstairs?” Debbie asked.

“I should go make sure. Once he’s drunk, he passes out for hours.”

I cracked up when Debbie yelled, “Barkeeper, massive pass-out beverages for the lovely lady, chop, chop!”

I went to the bar and began to make us all drinks. Dinner was going to be about a half hour and I had plenty of time.

“Make them right this time, my love,” Rose demanded.

“Got it covered darling. One of these and he won’t wake up till morning.”

Wendy left with the drink and I went back to the kitchen to make the whipped cream for dessert.

“You make your own whipped cream? Most of us just buy it.” Debbie asked.

“Deb, he is all about fresh and delicious,” Rose quipped.

“Oh you can say that again. He is fresh and delicious baby,” Debbie gushed.

Wendy came back smiling, “Well, he was pretty drunk and I gave him the drink. I know he won’t remember anything but I told him Debbie was really upset and that I was going to spend the night with her. He muttered something about the drink being delicious. I left and won’t see him until tomorrow unfortunately.”

“Unfortunately,” I inquired.

“Yes, unfortunately, I will have to see his useless ass tomorrow.”

“Oh, I was just checking. That’s all.”

Dinner was a hit. The wine was soothing and mood setting. Wendy walked around my place and commented on everything. She was admiring every piece of furniture when she opened a cabinet and started to giggle. Debbie came over and looked in as well.

“Rose, if he is ever too tired, we have enough porn in here to keep us cumming for a long time.”

“Oh, oh, I love porn! Let me see what’s there,” she said as she crossed the room.

“There is every kink you can imagine too. Look Rose, there is a whole section of bisexual flicks.” Debbie whispered.

“That doesn’t surprise me. Did you know he is bi too?” Rose stated.

“No, I had no idea. Wow, is that hot or what?”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing myself,” Rose agreed.

I made more drinks and walked over to the cabinet where the girls knelt. “See anything you want to watch?”

They giggled and said they were going to watch it all over time. I leaned over and hit one more hidden switch and the big screen TV rose up from behind the cabinet.

“Watch what you want, I’m going to be busy for a while. Feel free to join us too.”

I handed Wendy her drink and walked her down the hall.

Rose had prepared the room well. Everything was perfect. The lighting, the music, the massage oil had been refilled. She had prepared everything that she knew existed. There was much she was unaware of but all, in good time.

I took Wendy in my arms and held her. She rested her cheek on my shoulder and I felt her hands stroking my chest. I caressed her back delicately and became lost in the scent of her hair. My hand began to lightly touch her shoulder and neck. Her response was to hold me tighter. She seemed to enjoy my soft touch. I moved her hair and exposed her long, lovely neck which I gently kissed. Soft, sensuous kisses rained down on her sensitive neck as she shivered and quietly sighed. I traced the contour of her ear and she moaned loudly. I took her earlobe into my lips and her knees buckled. I felt her hands grasp my neck. Her lovely manicured nails scratched me delightfully.

I turned her lovely face up to me. Her sparkling blue eyes mesmerized me. I placed my hands on her face and lingered a kiss upon her forehead. Her eye lids turned up nose were next. Wendy inhaled sharply as I kissed her cheek and then her chin. I tilted her chin upwards and kissed the front of her neck.

“Oh, you are delicious, my sexy man. You are making me want you more than I already did. You are driving me wild and I love it.”

I kissed the front of her neck and began to slowly undo her silky, navy blouse. With each button, I kissed lower, slowly exposing her alabaster flesh. Wendy ran her fingers through my hair as button after button became undone. I kissed between her lovely, creamy, firm breasts while continuing. My face sank lower as her firm stomach became exposed. I pulled myself back up to those demanding eyes and kissed her lovely lips gently at first. I slipped the blouse from her delicate shoulders as the kiss became more demanding.

Wendy struggled to undo my shirt however she managed to despite her attempt to climb fully inside my mouth. Our bodies touched flesh to flesh and the temperature in the room rose fast. I deftly undid the clasp on her white linen skirt which fell to the floor as she undid my trousers. Her slender hips pressed against mine. I felt the silkiness of her body nestled amid the strength of her desire. I picked her up and placed her on the bed. Clad only in thigh high stockings and her signature heels, her golden locks splayed enticingly as she lay amongst the pillows. I stood at the side of the mattress and got lost in the vision before me.

“You are far lovelier than I ever envisioned. I’ve wondered, no, let me rephrase that. I’ve fantasized seeing you in this position for a very long time. Nowhere in my wildest dreams, did you look as spectacular as you do right this very minute,” I said honestly.

I sat beside her supine body and began to stroke her nakedness. Wendy reacted to my every touch. I, on the other hand, marveled in her tall, slender body with her astonishingly full, perfectly formed breasts, small areolas and long, hard nipples. Her stomach was flat with well defined muscles and her slender hips were positively perfect. Her long, stockinged legs were elegant, perfectly formed and so nice to see and touch. I ran my hands along her legs and onto her high heels.

“Oh, let me take these off. I don’t want to rip your bedspread.”

“Please leave them on. I have a confession to make. I can say this unabashedly. High heels and silky thigh highs are one of my fetishes. They turn me on completely.”

“I am so glad to hear you say that because they make me feel sexy. I like that you like that too. I love all things sexy. I love wearing lingerie and slut wear. It gets me so wet.”

“Like you need any help being sexy,” I laughed.

This woman was a walking wet dream but what struck me most was that she was completely shaved. Her pussy had lovely, full, mouthwatering lips. She sported a fantastic, long, gorgeous fat clit that just cried out to be sucked on for hours. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine Wendy to be this spectacular.

I leaned into her and felt her arms circle me. I stroked her stomach and brought my hand up under her breast. I drew a line under one tit and then the other with my finger. I brought my hands up the side of her body and felt the fullness of her orbs against my palms. I did not grab her. I just felt her body gently. Wendy seemed to really love this.

“You weren’t joking earlier were you? You are making me feel so good. I love the touch of your hands. We have barely kissed and this has lasted longer than most of the sex I’ve ever had.”

I brought my face to hers and our lips touched. I pulled back and looked into her gorgeous eyes. She looked at me and then down to my lips. I did the same and this mating dance led to one of the exciting kisses I’ve ever experienced. She may never have been made love to before but she sure has given it a lot of thought. Our lips brushed lightly, parting softly as our touch lingered. Her lips opened and her soft tongue began to trace my lips. I closed my lips on her tongue and began to slowly suck it into my mouth. Wendy’s passion flamed and she drove her tongue deeper. I inhaled her with glee.

My hand caressed her stomach as our passion built. Her nails dug deeper and her desire increased with each stroke of my hand. I slid my hand up and finally held her firm breast. Wendy inhaled sharply driving her tongue deeper into my mouth. I cupped her breast, my palm gently resting on softly on her hard erect nipple. She moaned as the heat from my palm transferred to her nipple. I let my hand fall and felt the firmness of her. The soft flesh quivered at my touch. Our lips crushed each other while Wendy pressed her lovely orb harder onto my hand. I teased and pleased her other breast as deliciously as the first. She loved the feel of a strong man who was willing to take his time to bring out the woman in her.

My fingers ran lightly down her flat stomach. Her heated reaction excited her greatly. My hands fell onto her hips and down onto the top of her thighs. Her lovely legs enjoyed my every touch. I rolled her onto her stomach. As I expected, the backs of her legs thrilled to my touch. Wendy was blessed with a lovely ass which I ignored momentarily. My hands ran up her back and her soft moans were delightful to hear. My caressing of her shoulders and the back of her neck brought more soft moans. I moved her hair and brought my lips along her shoulders and onto her neck. Wendy enjoyed these feelings immensely.

“Do you know how good this feels? I have to tell you, I really love this. You have twenty-four hours to quit doing that,” she giggled.

I laughed and kissed her ear and she levitated off the bed. She spun her head into my lips and moaned so sweetly. I traced her ear again and was rewarded with more sweet, soft moans.

My strong hands traveled down her back to her waist. I bent forward and licked from her waist to her shoulders directly up her spine. She shrieked and bit the bedspread. Her moans were much more intense. As I brought my hands down her back, my tongue followed along her spine. She was becoming ignited as my hands began to massage her lovely ass. I kneaded her cheeks and spread them slightly. My tongue drifted lower into her spread ass cheeks. My wet tongue lingered as I kissed and licked her beautiful butt. My face fell lower and my tongue drew wet circles around her tiny, puckered rosebud.

“Oh, oh you spectacular man. This is wonderful. Oh so wonderful. I would never imagine how good this would feel. Your tongue is making me wild. Oh God, I love this.”

I flattened my tongue and brought it over her bud and Wendy went wild. She put her hands on her ass and spread her cheeks for me. I licked her delicious ass delicately.

“I’ve never felt anything like this. I don’t ever want this to quit. Oh yes, oh please don’t stop. I can’t get enough of your hot tongue.”

I stiffened it and began to press my tongue into her tight, sweet ass.”

“Fuck, this is unreal. Your tongue is in my ass. This is fucking wild. I love this. Oh I love this. More, I’d like more please. Oh yes, push it in deeper. Uh, uh. Oh fuck me, this feels so good.”

The more I pushed, the wider she spread her ass. My tongue sank deeper and deeper and her moans and words melded into unintelligible utterances of desire. I rolled her over and was greeted by her spectacular lovely pussy. Her lips were works of art and I partook of the pleasures of the art world hungrily. Wendy was flowing like a river and I was thirsty. I licked slowly but lovingly as I pulled her lips apart and reveled in the flood. My eyes were focused on the largest clit I think I had ever seen. My tongue and lips drinking her lust as fast as I could. Wendy was moaning and thrashing with each pass of my tongue. She grabbed the bedspread and hung on tightly. I teased while she squirmed. My nose grazed her meaty clit and she yelled loudly.

“Oh my Lord. Yes! Ohmigod! Oh yes! Oh that is so good. Oh damn, you are amazing. Oh yes dammit. I’ve only dreamed, only dreamed, oh, yes! Ohmigod!”

My lips closed over her expansive, delicious clit and Wendy launched into low earth orbit. I just covered it. I hadn’t even begun to please it, yet she was hugely turned on. I allowed the ultra-smooth underside of my tongue to graze the surface of her clit. The sensation electrified Wendy and I repeated it several times. I closed my lips over her and began to gently lick and suck. Her fantastic clit felt wonderful in my mouth. Her length and thickness filled my mouth. My tongue began to stroke that super-sensitive undercarriage. Wendy lost her mind. She screamed and begged for more. I bathed the hood of her clit with soft, feather like touches of my tongue. I allowed my upper lip to cover her hood while my tongue began a delicious journey under her and toward the tip. Her not so little cock begged and screamed for more.

“Don’t ever stop! Don’t you ever! Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Ohmigod! Oh shit! This is heaven! I love this, don’t stop! Don’t you ever stop! You can do this for the rest of my life. Nothing has ever felt like this! Ohmigod! I’m going to cum. Oh yes I am! I’m cumming; I’m cumming, Oh FUCK YES! I’M CUMMING!”

I did not change my pace. I kept up the same, gentle stroking under her clit. Wendy had only begun to cum and I wanted this to be memorable for her. Her long, manicured fingers stroked my hair as my soft tongue brought unending waves of pure erotic pleasure to this lovely woman. She was moaning wildly. Her orgasms never quit. Each orgasm was a little harder and deeper than the last. This gorgeous woman had told me she had never been made love to and I was not going to let her down. I kept that same gentle pace going and Wendy kept cumming.

Wendy was as wet as a woman could be. With each gentle lick, her flow increased. Pussy this sweet should be illegal. If she thought she was the only one loving this, she would certainly be wrong.

Wendy was beyond out of control. Several more strokes of my tongue and she wrapped her legs around my neck and flooded my face with the most luxurious river of pure sweet liquid lust.

I kissed her inner thighs softly and kissed my way up to hold her in my arms. She held me tight in her arms as I kissed her cheeks and the front of her neck. My lips trailed down and I took a nipple in my mouth and she squealed deliciously. Wendy began to regain her breath and I kissed her deeply. I rolled her into my arms and she wrapped her leg around me.

I felt her drenched pussy against my hard cock. Her body heat felt so nice against me. Wendy shifted and I felt myself glide between her hot legs. She kissed me heavily and clamped her legs tight on my hard cock. I fell between her luscious pink lips and began to slide between her clenched legs. I ran my hands through her hair as we kissed hungrily. Her smoldering lips were demanding and I responded enthusiastically. Wendy held my face and the passion this kiss created was wonderful.

My hard shaft split her puffy lips and rode over her fabulous clit. She moaned loudly. Wendy rolled onto her back as I mounted her. I ran my cock the length of her sweet slit again.

“Make sweet love to me. Please love me and make me feel so good. I want you inside me. Fill me baby. Give me what I need,” Wendy whispered.

I looked into Wendy’s sparkling blue eyes as my cock slid into her lovingly. She was tight and wet. Her soft, velvet glove wrapped itself around my hardness. I felt her tighten on me as our eyes never broke contact. I stroked her face as I slid into her further. No words were spoken. I began to stroke in and out of her as our lips met in a wonderful union. Wendy’s long nails scratched along my back. My hips began to set a steady rhythm which she was enjoying immensely. My hips increased its pace and Wendy rose to meet my every stroke. I felt her close on me as I sank deeper. She clamped down as I began to piston into her with vigor. I bent and took one very long, hard nipple into my lips and tugged playfully. Wendy moaned delightfully, arching her back and forcing her lovely breast into my face. My cock grew and sank deeper and deeper. She moaned. She yelped. She shrieked as my hard cock hit her cervix.

“Oh you feel so good inside me. This is wonderful. Please fuck me harder darling. Ram me with your love and make me cum so hard. I want to cum on your cock. Oh this is better than anything I ever imagined. Fuck me, fuck me dear. I want to feel you flooding my pussy with your hot cum. I’ve dreamed of this. I need this now more than you know. I love the feel of your cock my love. Fuck me, fill me, flood me and never let me go.”

Her words drove my desire and I did fuck her harder, faster and deeper. I began to ravage her tight twat and she loved it. My hips became a blur. My cock was slamming into her, over and over again. I felt her tense as did I. She grabbed my head and kissed me relentlessly. I felt her climax and my hips began to go wild. I stroked her through that orgasm and right into the next. My passion was matched by this blonde goddess, stroke for stroke.

I felt my own begin to build, not only in speed but intensity. My legs began to quiver and my hips slammed as deep as possible. My breathing became ragged I felt my balls lift high as I started to fill her tight pussy with my sweet sperm. Wendy felt my cock twitching and she rode me hard as a fountain of sperm flooded her tight pussy. I felt her long legs wrap around me and hold me tight. I twitched, she clamped and we just held each other tight.

Wendy looked up into my eyes and smiled the whitest, broadest smile. We held each other as our bodies unwound. My cock was softening inside her hot pussy. Our hands caressed, our lips nibbled and kissed. The room had the scent of love.

“I told you I had never been made love to before. I thought that was accurate when I said it. Now, I know without any question in my mind. If what we have just done is making love, no one has ever come close to that. I’ve never experienced anything as lovely in my life. Thank you.”

“Thank you too,” I said as I kissed her yet again. “You are welcome. You are also welcome here anytime you want. I hope you think of this as a beginning. I don’t want you to feel that this is over. If you want, then this is the beginning of something special and sweet.”

“I’ve wanted to know you for a long time and apparently, you have wanted me as well. After last weekend, we all want you more than you’ll ever know.”

“Wendy definitely has that right,” Rose commented. “We do want you, now, tomorrow and beyond.”

Wendy and I looked over at the two overstuffed easy chairs and two, very naked and very lovely ladies sat, smiling.

“Rose was right. Watching you make love is spectacular. I came three times just watching,” Debbie laughed.

“I never heard you come in. I had no idea you were here,” I said.

“Wendy, if you think what you’ve just experienced was lovely you should have seen it from our perspective. Watching you two make love definitely got my juices flowing,” Rose said. “From experience hon, Debbie and I can tell you only one thing. This is just the beginning. Speaking of juices, you’re overflowing Wendy!”

With that, Rose walked over to the edge of the bed and knelt between Wendy’s dangling legs. Rose dove into her luscious twat. She began to lick and suck my cum from her pussy. Debbie walked to me and knelt, taking my semi-stiff cock between her lips. She began to lick and suck me clean. Wendy caressed my leg while Debbie sucked my now extremely hard cock. I kissed her tenderly as Rose reveled in our combined flavors flowing from her juicy cunt.

“This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Wendy said as she looked at our two kneeling wenches. “I’m going to cum again Rose. Oh fuck, I am going to fucking cum again. I don’t want this to ever stop. FUCK this is so good.”

Wendy arched her back and delivered the balance of my sperm onto Rose’s waiting tongue. Rose was definitely hungry and she gobbled it all up. Her face was slippery with our combined lust but she didn’t care one bit. Rose loved it and she made no bones about it.

Debbie looked up at me, my cock deep in her mouth and her eyes glistened with delight. I felt her tongue deliciously stroking the bottom of my cock. She saw me smile broadly and knew she was making me so very happy. She swallowed me deeply and caressed my nuts warmly. Her angelic face wrapped around me was one of life’s most precious treasures.

I reached for her shoulders and gently pulled her up to me. She straddled my legs and I felt her descent onto my hard shaft. Debbie put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. Her warmth was exciting and I loved being inside her. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and spread them wide. Her tiny rosebud felt the fingers of my hand press onto it firmly. I held her tightly and began to rock her as she sat, impaled on my lap. She began to ride me wildly. I leaned over and took her felt nipple in my mouth. Wendy leaned over and repeated my actions on her right tit. I felt my hands being moved from her ass. Rose knelt and began licking Debbie’s hot asshole. Debbie went insane. She screamed and rode me like a Brahma Bull. She began to cum and cum copiously. Everyone kept pleasing her and she continued to cum.

“Oh fuck this feels so good. More, I want more! Yes! Your cock! Oh your lovely delicious cock, fuck me with your cock you fantastic bastard! Lick my asshole! Oh yes! My ass, my ass, oh fuck, oh fuck! I love you all! I love you! I love! Ohmigod!”

Debbie collapsed on my chest, spent. I lifted her off me and laid her on the bed. Wendy and I caressed her as Rose began to clean my cock with her delicious oriental mouth. When she had licked all of Debbie’s flow from me, she looked me in the eye and mouthed, “I love you.”

I helped her onto the bed and kissed her warmly and deeply.

Breathless words came from another galaxy, “That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

We all laughed at Debbie as she attempted to re-enter low earth orbit.

“I need a drink,” I said as headed to the bar. “It’s time for a change of pace.” I looked back into the bedroom and saw a trio of gorgeous that was breathtaking. I stopped, turned around and looked again. This was not a trio. It was my trio. I made a mental note to send Holly three dozen long stemmed red roses first thing Monday morning.

I pulled out four large Manhattan glasses and filled them with ice. I made the drinks and took them back into the bedroom and handed them around. Wendy took a sip and asked me what this was.

“Those, my lovelies, are Snake Bites. Let them really chill. They are much better once the ice does its thing.”

Debbie took a sip and asked, “Okay, what is in this. It is delicious?”

“It is very simple really, fifty percent Amaretto and fifty percent Southern Comfort and just the tiniest splash of water. Let it chill for a bit and look out. I love these things.”

“Look out,” Rose inquired.

I just giggled.

I climbed back onto the bed and Wendy snuggled next to me.

“I, for one, have several things to say. Rose, you’re a total bitch. I love you to death but I also want to gouge your eyes out. You have had this guy for almost a week longer and that just isn’t fair. It’s just not fair. Debbie, I am so sorry what’s happening in your life. There is an upside though. You’ve been friends for a long time. If this shit hadn’t happened to you, you wouldn’t be here right now. So, technically, I am glad that it happened,” Wendy said.

“So am I Wendy, so am I,” Debbie smiled as they clicked their glasses.

“Now, if I could only get rid of that fucking asshole upstairs, I’d be so very happy too. And you, you son of a bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you? You’ve admitted that all this time, you’ve secretly wanted all of us. Why? Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“Well, unlike a lot of guys, I don’t just walk up to a pretty woman and tell her I want to fuck her. I know guys who do. Hell, my best friend has done that, successfully, I might add, but that is not me. Wendy, you have lived upstairs from me all this time. A freaking blind man would know you are gorgeous. You are married. I didn’t know your circumstances. I just knew that you were. Debbie has been the only one here who ever took the time to become a friend. Yes, I knew there was a mutual attraction, but again, she is or should I say was, in one of the worst marriages I’ve ever seen. I was a shoulder to cry on and I accepted that. Don’t even get me started on Rose. I didn’t even know her freaking name until this Monday. She would not even look at me. Hell, if it wasn’t for Holly, none of you, with the possible exception of Debbie would be here right now. Whose fault is that?”

“It is your own damned fault! Damn you,” Debbie exclaimed as she reached over and waved my dick in the air. “If we had known how talented you are and particularly with this, we would have all been here years ago.”

Three women raised their glasses cheerfully, “Here, here.”

I started laughing when Rose blurted, “Fuck me, this drink is making me horny.” She threw her face across the bed and landed it right on my cock that Debbie was unconsciously still waving.

“Debbie, I told you she was a lying bitch. She doesn’t need a drink to be horny for him. Look at her go on that cock. Mmm suck it girl. Suck it all the way but save some for us,” Wendy cooed.

“I don’t know about you Wendy but this fucking drink works. I am hornier than a tree frog.” Debbie threw me down on the bed and dropped her pussy onto my lips. My tongue entered her hot pussy and I fucked her tight twat with my hard tongue.

Wendy attacked her tits and was biting and sucking furiously. My hands wandered over Wendy’s pussy and her ass. She loved it when my fingers circled her tight asshole. I traced her sweetly, softly and deliciously. I heard Wendy inhale and felt her arch her back as she relished my tender touch.

Rose was so intent on sucking my cock that she was actually ignoring her own orgasms. Rose was a fantastic cocksucker. I never wanted her to quit. Her lips were like orchids, delicate and sweet. Her desire was raw and wanton. Everything about this woman was astonishing and lovely.

Wendy bit Debbie’s tit hard and she yelped. Wendy bit harder and Debbie ground her pussy harder and harder onto my face. My face was soaked and she was flowing profusely. I never thought my friend would taste this good. I never knew I would want her this much either. It never crossed my mind that she would want me like this either. Debbie came with resounding force. She rode my face into oblivion. It felt like I was standing beneath Niagara Falls, mouth open, unable to drink it all in. My face was wet, my hair drenched and I loved every moment of this.

Rose came one more time on my cock and she too, collapsed on my hips. She licked her way up and kissed me deeply.

Wendy had disappeared only to return with refreshed beverages. “This recipe, I could do on my own,” she giggled. “They do make me horny as all get out. I like these…a lot.”

Everyone laughed and allowed the sweet drink to begin its work again.

I lay on my bed, regaining my strength, while three lovely naked women softly stroked me and tenderly kissed me. I shook my head imperceptibly and thought that life was, indeed, good.

The music was nice, lighting seductive and the scent of these three women was highly intoxicating.

“If you are true to your word, you owe me something,” Wendy smirked.

“And exactly what would that be?” I asked.

“Earlier today, you said that after you made love to me, and I quote ‘I am going to fuck you senseless.’ I have to say you made such beautiful love to me. I am still reeling from that but now I definitely want you to fuck me senseless. I’ve never been this turned on in my entire life.”

I chuckled lasciviously and looked to both Rose and Debbie. They both cracked up hysterically. “Well, if that is what you want Wendy that is what you’re going to get!” Debbie exclaimed.

Rose came back laughing and handed us all more drinks. I knew I could get used to this.

Debbie walked over to the nightstand and pressed a switch. The concealed drawer opened and she retrieved the warmed oil and the brown bottles.

The girls went to lay Wendy down on the bed but I stopped them. I walked to the end of the bed and touched a concealed switch. A small motor was heard and the top end of the four poster bed began to extend.

I took Wendy to the end of the bed and placed her hands on the extended bar for support. I spread Wendy’s high heeled legs wide and knelt before her phenomenal clit. Wendy stood before me, arms high and wide, legs spread deliciously and her clit so invitingly protruding. I knelt in front of Wendy and began to lick her sweet folds. She loved being taunted and we were experts at doing just that. Debbie brought out the poppers and told Wendy what to do. She inhaled deeply and held it as my mouth covered her cock like clit, Wendy went wild. I sucked her and treated her exactly the way my own cock loved to be treated.

I looked at Rose and she and Debbie walked over to Wendy with the oil in their hands. Wendy and Rose began to oil her long, lean body. The effect of my lips and their hands was having a wonderful effect on Wendy. They oiled her and teased every inch of her luscious body. Her swollen clit filled my mouth and I sucked like there was no tomorrow. The girls began to oil her back and then her spectacular ass. I knew that Wendy loved her ass being touched and the girls were just discovering that right now. They took turns stroking up her cheeks and onto her rosebud. Wendy moaned loudly each time a finger passed over her. Wendy was holding the bar tight overhead as her glistening body was being stroked, massaged and sucked. Wendy’s clit had stiffened and she loved the sensations my lips and tongue brought.

Rose hit her again with the bottle and she inhaled deeply. The rush is instantaneous and so was her response. Debbie began licking her lovely nipples and Rose slipped between Wendy and the end of the bed. I’d already discovered that Wendy had a very responsive ass and the ladies were seeing that now too. She knelt and spread Wendy’s lovely cheeks. Wendy went wild as Rose began to lick her sweet ass. She pushed her clit hard into my mouth as Rose began to poke into her tight hole. I sucked her clit harder as Rose porked her sweet asshole. Wendy’s legs were failing her and she hung on for dear life. This orgasm began in the soles of her feet and traveled north exploding massively onto my loving tongue. None of us slowed. Debbie licked and pulled her taut nipples while Rose and I licked, and sucked wildly. Wendy was cumming so hard. She shrieked and squealed and her body released a river of cum onto my face. I drank her burst of love and savored every drop.

Rose and I stood. I wrapped my arms around Wendy to steady her. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.

I reached over and hit another little switch and another motor was heard. All three women watched as a device slid out from beneath the bed. Once extended, it’s padded bar began to rise. I held a small device in my hand and I adjusted the height. I kissed Wendy deeply and then looked at Rose and Debbie. I instructed them to lie, side by side on the bed. They had no idea what I had planned but they did as I asked. I turned Wendy towards the broad padded bar that had risen from under the bed. I bent her across the bar and onto Rose and Debbie. I adjusted the height of the bar to accommodate her height and I walked into her. Wendy felt my cock slide between her legs and I entered her sweet pussy easily. She had fallen into a position to allow her to lick and suck both Debbie’s and Rose’s sweet breasts. The women all had access to each others body while I meticulously and lovingly fucked her tight twat.

“Oh yes, this feels so good. Ohmigod, this is delicious! Fuck me darling! Fuck my cunt! Yes! Oh Yes! Slide that delicious cock as deep as you can! I don’t want this to ever stop! Grab me, hold me, and fuck me baby! I’m cumming darling! Can you feel my pussy strangling your cock? Yes! FUCK ME!!! Fuck me hard baby! Oh YESSSSS!!! Don’t stop baby, fuck me forever, Ohmigod your cock feels so good!”

Wendy was cumming and cumming hard, she was biting nipples furiously. The girls were squeezing her tits and tugging her nipples and she was inflamed. I stroked her through countless mind blowing orgasms and she kept cumming. Her pussy clamped so hard on my cock that as I stroked out, I pulled her pussy with me. Wendy couldn’t get enough of my cock. I was so lost in lust from this fine woman. I slammed as deep as I could and she felt me bottom out. That set her into a massive, dramatic orgasm that rocked my world. I kept slamming her pussy and she lathered her love all over my cock. I slowed my pace and allowed her to calm. My cock slid from her and I began to touch her pussy and then her ass.

“My ass darling, will you fuck my ass? I’ve never been fucked in the ass. I want it, I really want it! I want every bit of your cock inside me. Please fuck me and make me whole,” she whimpered.

Rose told her what to do so she could take my cock in her virgin ass. She told her there would be pain but Rose assured her that I would be very gentle. Debbie told her that I would just get the head of my cock inside her and then stop to let her adjust to the size. Then she told her that I had to open her sphincter and that would hurt. She held the poppers in her hand and told her that these would definitely help. She also told her that once I was inside her, I would stop and let her get used to being stretched so far. Rose told her that once she was relaxed enough, that I would begin to give her the most amazing orgasms she had ever felt in her entire life.

Rose handed her her drink and she drank it all down. I readjusted the height of the bar and kissed her passionately.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked.

“I want this more than anything I have ever wanted. I want you. I want you inside me. Fuck my ass and love me. That is all I want,” she kissed me deeply and turned around.

My hands roamed over her body. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear while caressing her breasts and down to her stomach. My hard shaft slid between her legs and nestled tight between her perfect ass. Wendy moaned as she felt my staff and wiggled on it. She bent forward and I ran my cock up and into her sopping wet pussy. I stroked inside her several times and pulled out. I placed my head against her and she felt me apply some pressure. She moaned and I pressed a bit harder. She was well oiled and I watched as the head of my cock slowly opened her. I pressed forward and my cock head slid into the tightest place it had ever been. Wendy inhaled sharply and I stopped moving instantly. She relaxed and I pushed deeper. I stopped every half inch to allow her to adjust. I felt her ring touch the head of my cock.

Rose and Debbie were looking at me and I held up two fingers and they each opened their bottles. With a bottle under each nostril, Wendy inhaled a massive hit as I pressed slightly against her ring. She did as she was had been instructed and bore down hard. I felt her ass open. I slid the head of my cock a little further inside her. She screamed as the passage had begun. I stopped again while she adjusted and relaxed. Debbie came up behind me. She poured more oil over my cock and Wendy’s ass. She oiled my cock and leaned up and kissed me. While she massaged the oil onto my exposed cock, she looked me in the eye and mouthed, ‘I love you too’.

Wendy had relaxed again and Rose and Debbie gave her another long hit. My hips fell forward and I sank deeper inside her.

“My ass is so full, I want more. Fuck my sweet ass darling. Oh yes, more, I want more. This feels so good.”

I slid deeper and she took it all in. My newly oiled cock slipped in deeper and deeper until I was completely inside her. Her moans were historic and my thrusts began in earnest. Wendy was a gorgeous woman with a body that wouldn’t quit before, but now, with my hard cock inside her ass, she was fast becoming a gorgeous anal slut with an insatiable appetite for cock in her ass.

“Ohmigod, nothing has ever felt this good! Fuck my ass hard my love! Fuck me, fuck me, and don’t ever stop this! Uh, YES! YES! Oh Fucking YES!”

Debbie climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of Wendy’s face. Wendy dove into her pussy and began to lick and suck her wildly. Rose came behind me and I felt her tiny hands cup my balls as I fucked Wendy’s wanton asshole. My cock was picking up a furious pace as Wendy wanted more and more of me. Wendy began to cum and as expected, this was a spectacular orgasm. Her arms flailed against Debbie and her legs buckled. The only thing holding her up was the bar and Debbie’s pussy. She was in orgasmic heaven and she loved it. Rose’s hand fueled my fire and I drove deeper and faster into Wendy. She met my every thrust with sweet moans and wails. Her body was in full convulsion and I began to slow. I stopped my thrusts and she came back to earth. Her heart was racing, her pussy pulsing and her ass gripped my cock passionately.

I helped Wendy up and she turned into me. “You are the most caring, wonderful lover I have ever known. I have no idea how you do the things you do but I am not going to let you go. I know now what has been missing in my life. I know that there has been a hole in my heart my entire life. I now know that it has been filled.”

With that, she sank to her knees and took my throbbing cock in her hands. She lightly touched and felt my shaft. Her fingers caressed and traced the head and over the crown. She drew a delicate line over my slit. Her hands sank lower to fondle my extremely hard shaft. She never broke eye contact with me in her journey of exploration.

Wendy held my balls delicately, feeling the softness of my scrotum. With a single finger under the crown, she pressed it hard against my stomach. Her lips, tongue and mouth began to lavish my balls with her hot, desire. She licked over my balls and sucked each one into her unstoppable mouth. Her tongue licked and loved my shaft on her upward journey. I felt her tongue reach the purple bulb at the head and she licked it all over. A large dollop of precum rested atop and she licked it and relished it on her lips. She took me into her mouth and began to suck me deliciously. She looked up at me as she held my cock slid between her lovely lips with pure wanton desire in her eyes. Wendy kept looking as her head inhaled my length. I felt myself ride along her soft, moist tongue as I descended into her face. Her tongue stroked me as she sucked me. I grabbed the overhead bar and just hung on. Wendy may not have had a wealth of experience but she sure had a natural talent which I was definitely the beneficiary of.

As her mouth worked on my cock, Rose and Debbie hugged, kissed and watched as our friend and lover sucked my cock deliciously.

Wendy fell fully onto my staff and she gagged a bit as I hit the back of her throat. Rose leaned over and Wendy took another hit. I took the bottle and took a long pull myself. Wendy attacked my hardness with a renewed gusto and I reeled in the feelings she was bringing. Her mouth was so warm, so fluid and so wonderful. Her tongue attacked the underside of my cock and I loved every motion I felt. Her tiny hands held my balls as her face loved my cock. I hit the back of her throat again and she just held my cock still. I felt her relax and then fall forward as I entered. She moaned over my cock and I held very still. She adjusted quickly and I began to slowly fuck her face. She grabbed my ass and set a rhythm which I followed. She took me in completely and raised her eyes to mine.

The sight of this pretty blonde with her lips stretched wide over my cock set me off. I began to fuck her face faster and she swallowed every last inch. I felt it building, and boy did it build. I was quickly losing it as her delicate mouth began to drain me. I began to shake and my stomach constricted. My body was totally in her control as she sucked and pulled me into a fantastic release. Wendy sensed its pending arrival and that simply ignited the craving she felt. Her hands spread my cheeks wide and her fingers slid over my tight ass. Her mouth inhaled me deeply as I moaned and began to shoot. She pulled me out of her mouth and watched as I began to cum onto her face, her tits, her lips and then copiously flooding her mouth with my hot, sweet seed. She was completely covered in cum. She sucked and licked and giggled and sucked some more. She looked at me and smiled. Her cum laden smile was so delightful, so loving and so sexy.

Rose and Debbie joined her and they began to lick my cum from her face, her neck and her breasts. Wendy, still caressing my shaft, moaned as the girls tongues tickled and teased. Debbie leaned over and sucked the head of my cock, licking a drop from the tip. Rose, not to be outdone, licked my shaft and then Wendy fed her my cock. Rose sucked me deeply. Wendy pulled me from her mouth and fed me to Debbie yet again. I held the overhead bar as the three spectacular women touched, stroked and sucked me deliciously. Their need was strong but their greed was stronger. I was definitely a very lucky man.

“That was one hell of a blowjob. I don’t know who taught you that but if I ever find out, I’m nominating them for a Nobel Prize. Ohmigod! Wendy, you are amazing. I’m going to give you 20 years to quit feeding my cock to these two as well. This is so erotic. Don’t stop.”

She giggled, “I’ll feed them as long I have some for me too.” With that, she sucked me in again. Life was definitely good.

“I need a drink,” I said. “Anyone know what time it is?”

We determined that it was just 9 PM and I asked if I was the only one who was getting hungry. I ordered Chinese and poured some drinks. I told the girls that there were robes in my closet. They went in and came out wearing lovely, sexy, silk robes.

“I just saw these in a catalog I got this week. They said it was a new design. How do you have this already?” Wendy asked.

“Oh, I have an in with the manufacturer. They send me things to get my opinion. I don’t get much but some things I like to have on hand. This is exactly why I have them. They do look great on all of you. I’ll be sure to let them know I approve.”

“You definitely are an amazing man.” Debbie purred. “Is there anything you don’t think of?”

“Lots sweetheart, there are lots of things I’m not on top of.”

“Well, as long as you are on top of us, we will be very happy,” Rose quipped.

The food arrived and it was good as usual. I sat at the table and just looked at the lovely women who had come into my life. In my wildest imagination, I never thought of this scenario. I often wondered if Debbie and I might get together. Rose and Wendy had never crossed my mind. Yet here I sat, with three, truly elegant women. Each one a beauty in their own right and they had wanted me as well. Years ago, I made a decision to just let life happen and try to stay out of trouble. It seems to have been a good decision now.

“After I am finished, I had better get dressed and go and see if the moron is still passed out. He should be gone until morning. I just wish now, that he would be gone forever. I don’t know what I ever saw in him. I really don’t,” Wendy said.

I took a bite of food and stated, “Personally, I think you shouldn’t be able to get a marriage license until you are at least thirty. Call me crazy, but there are so many mistakes made in the early stages and they can affect you for the rest of your life. I’ve seen too many of my friends hurt. That is why I am never getting married,” I stated and looked to see any reaction of that from the ladies. I saw something as their eyes dropped to their food. I wasn’t sure what it was but I can be pretty thick at times. “I do know one thing though; I am loyal to the ones I love. I don’t need a piece of paper to love someone, or someones.”

Three sets of smiling, sparkling eyes looked up at me. Debbie looked at me, pleadingly, “Does that mean that this doesn’t have to be just a one time thing?”

“What? Are you talking about you and me, or are you talking about the four of us.”

There was a brief awkward silence and Debbie said, “All of us, together.”

I began to laugh, “Only if you three will have me. That choice is not up to me. That is up to the three of you. You are here and I am happy. That should answer your question.”

A chorus of ‘that works for me’ was heard and smiles were bright and happy.

“I just want to make one thing clear. I will not pick favorites. To me, you are all equal, equally beautiful and equally desirable. That is the only thing I need to know. If you all understand that, then I think we can have a wonderful time.”

“A wonderful time is great. What would you think if we changed that to a wonderful life?” Rose inquired.

I just smiled.

“Teach me how to make those killer Rum Runners please. The night is young and I am not through with you yet!” Wendy exclaimed as we all burst into fits of laughter.

When she got back, she was giggling. He woke up just as she came in. She handed him the pitcher and he was so happy. She said she told him again that she was spending the night with Debbie and that tomorrow; they were going shopping and out to dinner. She told him she would be very late getting home tomorrow night. He was passed out again by the time she left.

I sat in the living room with a lovely woman on each side of me and one kneeling at my feet. The afterglow of this afternoon’s lovemaking was sweet. The music filled the background and their combined floral scents filled the air. The soft locks of the two heads on my shoulder felt so nice. Their hands roamed my chest and legs. I loved the feel of their nails tracing my flesh. Everything was soft, gentle and perfect.

“Debbie, Rose, I have a question for you. Am I the only he’s made love to like that?” Wendy inquired.

“Hey, I can hear you, you know.”

“Hush you, well, am I?

“No Wendy, when he made love to me, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced,” Rose purred.

“Same here hon,” Debbie cooed as she nuzzled my neck. “I can’t believe it was only last night, but I do know this. I want to feel that same feeling again and again.”

“Just so I have this right, afterward, he fucked your brains out just like he did me?”

“Oh yeah he did, totally and completely. I was so mind fucked I couldn’t even move,” Debbie blurted. “I was in such a state when I came in here to talk to him and a few hours later, only one thing mattered to me. That was my total and complete need for oxygen.”

One late Saturday night, I had stopped by an ABS that was way out in the country. I stopped there occasionally, especially, during hot summer nights.

It was an ideal place to hook-up and then go outside: the front of the parking lot was dimly lit; the rear lot was almost completely dark as was one side of the building; trees and bushes surrounded the parking lot; and, and a big sidewalk circled the building. Despite the availability of seclusion outside, hardly anyone ever came here.

It appeared that was to be the case this night. I cruised the place thoroughly, but I didn’t see anyone interesting. I was resigned to leaving when a young, good-looking couple walked in the front door.

The female was about 5’5″. She had brown eyes, long auburn hair, and, despite a pale complexion, a pretty face. She appeared to be slim. I couldn’t tell for sure because she was wearing a black trench coat.

The male was quite tall and lanky. He had light brown hair, a hawkish looking nose, and sharp blue eyes. He wore a corduroy sports jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots.

I thought their clothes were rather unusual for this place. They must have been out clubbing and had gotten super horny to drive all the way out here.

They looked at some sex toys, but also observed the handful of customers, including myself. They also went back to the video booths, but came right back. Nothing was going on back there.

The couple went back to looking at the toys. I assumed they were stalling – not quite ready to give up. No, I didn’t know what they were looking for, but if they were here to play, I wanted to be in on that. I decided I would to find out.

I went to a video booth in the back. I stroked my cock as I watched a buxom lass taking it up the ass, while sucking a big one. When my cock was hard, I pulled my shorts over it, left the booth, and slowly walked by the couple on my way to the cashier.

Bingo! I saw the young woman take a sneak peak at the bulge in my shorts.

I told the cashier in a voice loud enough for the couple to here that I needed change for the screening room. (The screening room was bigger than a video booth. It was set-up so that you could watch a full-length XXX movie. It had a 38-inch screen and a few comfortable chairs.)

The cashier gave me change and I headed to the screening room. This time when I walked by the young couple, I looked directly into the woman’s eyes. I gave her an almost imperceptible nod.

When the electronic insert accepted my 10 spot, the door buzzed open, and I stepped inside. I left the door cracked and sat down – with one eye on the door.

Like bees to honey, the couple appeared outside my door. With a hand gesture, I invited them in. The man sat down on a chair. The woman sat down on his lap.

We just looked at each other. Yes, it was awkward for a few moments, until the woman took off her trench coat and began unbuttoning her white blouse.

Then she stood-up and began a seductive strip to a rhythm in her head. When her blouse was completely unbuttoned, she backed up a couple of steps, took it off, and dropped it on the floor. Although I knew that her bare breasts would soon be on display, I couldn’t wait to see them.

As expected, her bra came off next, but first she teased a bit by dropping her bra shoulder straps, then unhooking her bra strap, but leaving it in place.

After dancing a little more, she pulled her bra off with one hand, but left the other hand covering her titties. She threw her bra to her man.

After a few more moments, she grabbed her breasts with both hands and started to shake them. She danced around and pointed her nipples at each of us as she shook them.

Her breasts were firm and full – probably 35C’s. Her aureoles were just larger than silver dollars and her nipples were pink and erect. She watched my eyes as she grabbed a booby and tongued the nipple. Then she reached around to unzip her skirt.

When the zipper was down, she backed away from us again, lowering her skirt past her hips. Still dancing, she let the skirt slide down her legs to the floor before stepping out it. She was now standing in front of me wearing nothing but high heels and a sexy, black thong.

She reached down to her thong, putting her thumbs inside the waistband and started to pull it down, but she stopped just as her landing strip came into view. Then she turned around and tugged it back up, looked back over her shoulder, and stuck out her smooth ass. She slowly worked her thong down her perfectly shaped cheeks, rolling them from side to side with the waistband. Her feet kept moving the whole time.

Her curvature was astonishing – from top to bottom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more exciting, sensual body. Before I had any other thoughts, she took a step toward me, turned around, slid her feet far apart, and bent as far over as she could to pick up her discarded thong. I swear she winked her little, puckered anus at me. It was a fantastic view. This woman was a real pro and she wasn’t thru, yet.

She began running her fingertips up the insides of her thighs and through her wet slit – several times, before she turned around to face me and erotically lick the pussy juice off her fingers. When she was through, blew me a kiss. She smiled knowingly at my incredulous look.

Feeling self-conscious, I turned away to look at the male, but he was not in his chair. He was slouched against the wall, by my chair, and was slowly stroking his large, semi-erect cock. His heavy balls swung loosely with each stroke.

She walked over and stood by him. As they both watched me, he cupped her left breast with his free hand and rubbed his thumb around her erect nipple. Then he offered me his cock. Without any hesitancy, I got down on my knees. I felt quite feminine, even giving them a shy smile.

I was eager not to rush the moment; I grasped his balls in my right hand and squeezed them gently. His thick cock was hardening rapidly before my eyes, growing with each second that passed. I could see I wasn’t going to be disappointed. I bent forward and took his cockhead into my mouth as I peeled back his foreskin with my lips.

I simply held it in my mouth and savored the feeling of it hardening, before slowly and teasingly, circling my tongue around the tip, which oozed precum. It tasted sweet.

Eventually, he took over and grabbed the back of my head and slowly but forcibly pulled my head down his length. I did not resist and swallowed his cock as he pushed it in, until my mouth was fully stretched and his big cockhead filled my throat.

Soon my head was bobbing up and down his thick cock. I would guess it was almost 8 inches long.

I raised my eyes to look at her as I sucked and deep throated her man’s cock. She had a slight smirk on her face and was looking right back at me. He seemed content to just enjoy the moment.

After a couple of minutes, I heard the door creak. I looked up at the screen and saw from the reflection a young man entering our room. He stood and watched for a few minutes, until he bravely reached around me and began to feel up me up. He ran his hands over mover my chest, squeezing my nipples, before going to my groin. He stopped there to rub my semi-hard cock.

As I continued to suck cock, he pulled my shorts down. To no one’s surprise, I was not wearing underwear. He took immediate advantage of the situation and began caressing my smooth, hairless cheeks.

Since his caresses were superb, I offered more of my ass to him by standing up and bending over with the cock still in mouth. In seconds, I felt a lubed finger wiggle into my anus. I squirmed and clenched his finger with my sphincter. When he inserted a second finger and began moving both of them around my tight anal ring, I felt it really begin to loosen up. He continued with his finger playing as I groaned my approval and began moving my ass up and down in a fucking motion.

This was the invitation he was looking for. He pushed one of my legs with his so that my legs were as wide apart as possible and without further adieu, pushed his hard cock into my wide-open asshole. Lucky for me, his cock was not huge. I could handle it.

She must have turned the man fucking me on, too. He put on quite an ass fucking show, although brief. He continuously pulled his cock out of my ass, until just his cockhead was inside, and then would slam his cock back into me. Each thrust forced the cock in my mouth deep down my throat.

At one point, he pulled out completely and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him motion for the woman to look down at my gaping asshole. After the brief pause, he began slamming his cock back in and all the way out, again. He didn’t last much longer.

Without even asking me, he blasted stream after stream of warm cum up my ass. He came so much that his cum leaked out around his cock and dribbled down my legs. I felt like a real whore, especially, when he immediately pulled out and walked out.

When my ass fuck man left, the woman told her man to suck on her titties. She seemed to be getting inpatient. That appeared to do the trick. When he leaned his head over to suck on her luscious titties, his cock immediately began to swell and he began using my mouth the same way he’d used her pussy.

He began to fuck it with quick, long strokes, until he suddenly grabbed my head and pulled it to his stomach. With my nose mashed against him, I felt his thick cock throb for a second before it began pulsating repeatedly.

The first load blasted against the back of my throat, and was quickly followed-up with volley after volley of ejaculations that filled my mouth to over flowing. He came so hard and so much that my hungry belly felt satisfied.

When he released my head, I gasped for breath and at the same time, I felt something at my rear. I immediately turned my head around to see what was going on and saw the young woman. Apparently, she was no longer bored. She was standing behind me, gazing at my freshly fucked anus. She had decided she was going to fuck my ass, too – with her hand.

She placed several fingers close together, forming a small beak like shape and pushed slowly into my anus, gradually forcing my rectum to stretch open, even wider than before. I tried to rise up when I felt the penetration, but she pushed my back down while guiding it over the back of a chair. I was at her mercy – bent over the back of the chair with my cheeks naturally spread. My anus was exposed and it was defenseless.

The coating of sperm in my ass helped, as she ever so slowly, began to move her fingers in and out of my anus, gradually getting more of her little hand inside me. I grunted and moaned as she twisted her hand in my anal cavity, making her fingers move from side to side.

My groaning only grew louder, as she pushed her hand in further. I squirmed and my sphincter clenched her wrist tightly, but she did not stop. Sweat began to drip from my forehead, as she continued to twist and push.

My head began swimming when she began to concentrate on my prostate. Erotic, lustful thoughts flew through my brain. I relived the sensation of the two men emptying their balls in my mouth and ass. I thought about her small, curvy, naked body and her pink asshole, as she hand fucked me…

Several minutes later, I began to hear her panting loudly. I realized she was tiring – as were my legs, so I desperately began to stroke my hard cock. I wanted to cum before she was exhausted.

The precum steadily flowed as I stroked my cock and unabashedly pushed my ass back on her hand, as she methodically thrusted it into me. In no time, the tell tale orgasmic signs started. My legs began flexing as my prostate began to emit feelings of ecstasy. I saw a blinding, white light in my brain. Then my entire body began to shake, as if a large train was passing by, just inches away.

Then it hit me. An almost animal like cry came rushing out of me as I felt a dual eruption rip through my rectum and balls at the same time.

All I could do was jerk up, rear back, and shoot load after load of cum into the wall – several feet away. The impact of my cum hitting the flimsy wall was – awesome. I turned and looked at her. Now, she was wearing the incredulous facial expression.

My after tremors were unreal. I felt like I was going to pass out. I grabbed the back of the chair and held onto it.

When I finally caught my breath, I saw that the woman she was also now bent a chair back and being fucked. They both were grunting. They both came quickly. Before leaving, they both asked me if I was okay. It would not be the last time I would be asked that question. I assured them I was okay. I just needed to recoup. I sat there by myself, until I felt able to negotiate my way home.

A couple of days and hot baths later, my ass stopped being sore. A day after that, my cock got hard, again.

Dawn was breaking when Ronnie emerged from the house with Mark and Gary. Last night truly was amazing. Rose, Debbie and Wendy were lying on the chaises sipping coffee while Dave, Hank and Ted were sweetly licking each of them. Gary leaned over and kissed them good morning.

“Gary, at some point later today, I want you to spank my ass for being such a hardhead for so long. If I had known what life with you would have been like, I sure as hell wouldn’t have wasted two years darling, Rose said.

“Spank your ass, darling, I’d rather fuck your ass,” Mark giggled. “It is such a lovely ass Rose.”

“Okay, you can do both.” Wendy and Debbie were laughing hysterically.

“Good morning Ronnie, did you have a good night?” Wendy asked.

“I feel like I am living in a dream right now. Last week, I could have sworn that I had the best sex of my life until last night. These two men gave me something I’ve never had in my life. You three are so lucky to have these fine men in your life like this,” Ronnie said sincerely.

“Come to think of it, I don’t think any of us have had the pleasure of the two of them at once. What is up with that, hmm?” Wendy sulked teasingly.

“Oh you delicious creature, you will know things you’ve never knew existed when we are through with you,” Mark giggled.

“Ouch, when will you be through with us?” Rose inquired sternly.

“In about a hundred years or so darlin, you know I don’t rush these things. Like it or not, you’re in this for the long haul. I’m not going anywhere and neither is Mark. Well, he will be going back to Vegas at some point but we have nice transportation. If he’s out there and any of you get the urge, we’ll just jump on the jet and jump his bones. Does that satisfy you Rose?” Gary laughed.

“See what I mean, you are so lucky,” Ronnie said.

Linda walked up with a tray of coffee and fresh baked pastries.

“Excuse me a moment,” Wendy gasped. “Oh that’s the spot Hank, lick me baby, Fuck, this is so good, don’t stop baby. Oh fuck, lick it Hank. Suck my cunt. I’m cumming Hank. Oh, this is so good. Oh yes!”

“Cream and sugar?” Linda asked.

“God, I love this place,” Ronnie giggled. “Great food, fabulous sex and sporadic outburst of orgasmic relief, I know I died and went to heaven.”

“That is a substantial piece of meat there Hank,” Mark said as he appraised Hank’s long cock.

“He was pretty happy last week. Only a few of us could take him all the way in,” Rose blushed.

Gary laughed, “Let me guess, Red, Nancy and Holly were able to.”

“I’m not chopped liver around here darling. I eventually was able to,” Rose said.

“You swallowed his beautiful huge cock all the way in Rose? I mean, did you do it like this?” Mark said as he spun Hank around and sucked his cock deep into his throat in one fluid motion.

“Did his balls hit your chin right away honey or did you have to work on it a while?” Gary smiled.

“Well, it took a while but I did it baby,” Rose said.

“That’s okay darling, we’ll teach you how to do this.” He took Hank and swallowed his long cock in one fell swoop and his balls were resting on his chin. He took a few strokes and stood back up. “All of the women here will be able to do that and more. You girls haven’t met some of our athlete friends yet. If you like them big, we have big.”

“Sweet,” Rose beamed.

Gary turned and looked at Linda, “Did you have fun last night darling?”

She started to laugh, “I sure did. I met some great new people. I need to know one thing, I know Jack and Tom are pilots but I never found out who they work for.”

“Are you telling me my pilots got to bed Beyonce before me?” Mark asked.

“They are funny and great in bed too. I plan on doing them again,” Linda smiled.

“Yes, you gorgeous man, lick that pussy baby. I am cumming so sweetly Tyrone. Suck my hot cunt baby. Oh, Oh, yes, fuck my hot twat with your tongue gorgeous. Oh, fuck this is so delicious baby. Yes!” Debbie screamed as she exploded onto Tyrone’s lovely lips.

“I hope you made them cry Linda. I can tell you, I just know that watching your sweet body riding my cock, I’d be weeping for joy,” Mark stated matter-a-factly. “I can’t wait to do you myself.”

“Anytime you want Mark. I want you too. Fuck, I want everyone all the time. Holly knows I am constantly horny. I knew I was always horny but until yesterday, I didn’t know how fucking horny I actually was. I could do everyone right now and go back for seconds.”

“Linda, let me get this straight, you spent all night fucking and somehow you managed to make fresh pastries too? You really are amazing,” Gary said.

“Well boss, it’s like this. I had been partying hard and I decided to check out what I had available for breakfast. I came into the kitchen and a couple of the guys came in. I told them what I was doing and they decided to help. Well, their cocks looked so good, I just had to suck them when Tom and Jack came in. They were drooling. They joined in and well, we kinda fucked and sucked ourselves dry but it was fun. The chefs turned out to be excellent bakers too and we made the pastries and fucked some more. It was fun.”

“Motherfucker Dave go boy, go. Lick Rose’s sweet cunt baby. Oh fuck, your tongue is so good. Dammit, man yes! Yes! Oh, fuck, yes! Lick me Dave, I’m so wet Dave. Suck me baby. I’m fucking cumming you delicious man. Oh, Oh, Oh fuck!” Rose’s back arched and she threw her legs around Dave’s neck and she rode his lips with total abandon.

“God, I love my women. Have you ever seen anything so sweet as these three?” Gary said to Mark.

“We lead a charmed life Gar, we really do.”

Suddenly they all heard something muffled and they looked a few chaises over and everyone started to laugh. Holly was screaming onto Jim’s cock. His face was buried between her legs and it was obvious that they were cumming hard. Holly looked at them and smiled her lovely Linda Lovelace smile around his hard cock and she continued to drink him down. Jim’s face and shoulders were soaked and she kept cumming.

Linda walked over to them with a tray of coffee and pastries. She lifted Holly’s head and kissed her. She leaned over, took Jim’s softening cock, and sucked him down. She cleaned him perfectly and licked Holly’s lovely gash. “I’ve missed that Holly. You know I love your pussy.”

Debbie stood up and walked her lovely naked body into Gary’s arms. She kissed him, “Every day, in every way you show me just how much you love me and when I think my love for you could not get stronger, you do something to blow me away again. I love you with every single fiber of my being.”

Gary kissed her again, “What did I do this time?”

“I am lying here, Tyrone is licking my hot pussy and we are sipping coffee, eating pastries and talking. That young man had me cumming like a racehorse and it didn’t faze you one bit. Do you know how fucking sexy that was? More than that, do you know how secure I feel? God, I love you Gary.”

“Do you know how hot it was to watch that fine young man licking your hot pussy? It is hot standing here watching you cum like that. The fact that you feel secure to let yourself cum that hard makes me feel good. I want you to cum every minute of every day. I love all of you more than you’ll ever know.”

Holly came up and kissed everyone. Ronnie was hugging her and caressing her breasts. Holly sipped her coffee and kissed Ronnie again. Jim staggered over and Gary looked at him and laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Now you know what Mark and I go through with her. I told you, she is insatiable. She will wear your dick out Jim. Watch her.”

“Holly, you and Ronnie get ready to head to the office. I’ll round everyone up and meet you back here in a half hour. We have many things to take care of today. Jim, make sure they are having a good time. We will be back in a few hours and we want to talk to everyone then. We’re going to take the motorhome to the office because I have some vehicles I want to bring back here.”

Gary took Ronnie into the photography department and gave them instruction on what he wanted done. He told them to email him the photos as soon as they were ready.

Dave was waiting for them when they walked into Gary’s office. He hugged Mark and gave him his condolences. Holly walked in and they introduced her to him. Mark explained exactly what they wanted done and told Dave to handle it. Mark told him he had the full resources of his firm to draw on initially but that he had better start looking to increase his staff as the workflow was going to get crazy.

Gary and Mark handed him two checks totaling Five Million Dollars and instructed him to open the accounts and make that a priority. Mark gave Dave the terms of the contract between them and asked him to fax the draft over to the house as soon as that was ready. Mark wanted to review everything before it was ready to be signed. Holly would get together to sign signature cards as soon as they were ready.

“Five Million dollars? Holy shit guys, I wasn’t expecting that,” Holly said.

“Darling, you had better get used to the kind of numbers we work with. You are going to be one wealthy woman. There is a reason we did it now. You’ll see. Let’s go into the conference room,” Gary said.

Jill had assembled everyone in the conference room. Ron McArthur, President of D’Orgasmic and Tina Stevens, Vice President both stood and hugged Mark when he walked into the room.

“I didn’t expect to see you. Are you all right? How is Jeremy?” Ron asked.

“He’s doing as good as can be expected. He wanted us to thank you for all your kind words and the flowers were beautiful.” Mark introduced Holly and Dani to the group.

“I wanted to let you know about some major changes we are about to make,” Gary started. He laid out the plan and everyone agreed that it made sense. This niche had a huge market. He explained that if you take all genres of music and added up their combined sales, collectively they did not equal Country Music Sales. The clubwear had been a fabulous success and now it was time to go for the gold.

“Shannon, I want to have designs for men and women. I’m prepared to do whatever is necessary to make this happen. I want you to get together with Michelle and tell her exactly what you want in additional designers. Just make them young and Country Music Fans. I want quality and everything we make must be made in the USA. We won’t be importing anything from overseas other than the toy division. We want to create jobs and put people back to work.

He gave them the name of a company in Dallas. “I want to know everything about them. They make boots. I want to know their exact financial position. Tell me what they make and how they have weathered the recession. I want to have the finest leather products available. I don’t want to do business with them, I want to buy them and bring them into the firm.”

“I’ll take that one Gar. Michelle, get research on this right away,” Mark said. “I really like this idea.”

Jill interrupted Gary and slid him her laptop. He looked at the photos of Ronnie and smiled. He slid the machine to Mark and he looked critically. He nodded to Gary and smiled. Michelle and Lori looked and Lori knew instantly what they wanted.

“Sorry about that, I want you to know that our Slutwear model will not be returning. She never got along with anyone. Yes, she was pretty but she drove me nuts. It is very simple to deal with this. Effective immediately, we do not hire anyone who is represented by Trainer. From now on, we only negotiate with Mark and his people.”

“Finally, it took you long enough Mark. I could just kiss you,” Tina said.

“When the hell did that ever stop you Tina? Get your pretty ass over here and kiss me darling.”

Tina bounced out of her chair and landed in Mark’s lap. She laid a wet one on him, turned and looked at everyone and blushed, “If I was only younger.”

“That never stopped me Tina,” Holly giggled. The room cracked up.

“Shannon, I want to start designing sexy men’s fashions for the Clubwear Catalog as well as the Country Clubwear catalog. I know this is a huge assignment. I also know, you’re the best of the best and you can handle this.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Gary, I have some great ideas. I’ll have some sketches for you in a short while,” Shannon said.

“Tori, I have an idea. I want you to get together with Kate and Nancy later this week. Have you ever had your color palette done?”

“Sure, I had it done so that I would know what is the best makeup to buy for my complexion. Every woman knows this. Why?”

“My question is simple. Why aren’t we able to have our online customers input their palette preferences. Once they do that, we should be able to show them our product that would be complimentary. Talk to them and see what we can do. It could give us quite an edge.”

“Karen, am I correct to say that we should keep this completely under wraps for a while?”

“Definitely Gary, when the time is right, we will blast this all over the planet. Until then, yes, keep this close to the vest,” Karen agreed.

“Okay, that is enough for today. I’ll be waiting to hear back from all of you.”

When the exec’s had left the room, Gary looked at Lori and told her to offer Ronnie a one year contract but to reduce the amount to one million. He told her that if Cherry ever gets her act together, her offer still stands. Cherry doesn’t like Country but Ronnie does and he wanted her for the Country Catalog.

“I have an idea. What do you think of this? We will have two separate clubs. We will be having local artists playing in the clubs. I would like to suggest that each club have a dozen dancers who will wear our fashions. They have to be drop dead sexy and they have to be professional dancers. Our clothes are going to be top of the line; I’d like to see the dancers to be top of the line as well. I think it would really be a great touch.”

“That could get very expensive,” Holly suggested.

“I know. That is why I am going to pick up the cost of the dancers. Since they are advertising D’Orgasmic Product, I can expense it.”

“Well, since you put it that way, it is a great idea.”

“Well, I think this will make it better. I want each club to have a dozen top-notch dancers. That is twenty-four dancers per location. Additionally, I want a team of twenty-four to tour. These will be the best of the best. I want twelve Country Girls and twelve Dance Club girls. I hope that we can get them into music videos. Lori, do you know any choreographers?”

“Actually, I know several Gary. I like this idea. I just got a text from Vegas. We have the music industry buzzing. I’ve got a lot of people to talk to.” Lori turned to Mark, “This is taking off big-time. I never expected anything like this. From what I am hearing, our reputation is preceding us everywhere we go.”

“Good, talk to them. Sign them and let’s get the ball rolling. This is more than I thought too. Get a great choreographer and let’s start auditions. Get those dancers signed. Does anyone remember the first time they saw Courtney Cox?” Mark asked.

Wendy started laughing. “I remember the first time I saw her. Bruce Springsteen pulled her from the audience to dance on stage. That started her career.”

“Imagine what that would be worth to us if we discover the next superstar. I want those women under contract. Club contracts are client contracts. The tour contracts are friend contracts. Let’s get them in as many videos as we possibly can. Everyone profits from this.”

Mark was smiling. “Michelle, call Dave and Ron, have them fly out tonight. I need you both back in Vegas right away. Have research get me a list of the best club architects in the country. Put the word out that we are looking for dancers to start. Once we have an idea how much space we will need, we can find a location in Vegas. Dani will be staying here with me for a while. We are going to be traveling.”

“Wendy, Debbie and Rose I need you to stay in here with Lori and Holly. I’d prefer you to be here for this. Just keep a poker face. I’ll be in my office. Bring Ronnie in please.”

Ronnie walked in as Gary, Michelle, Mark, Jill and Dani were leaving. She looked at them and sat down.

“Ronnie, I don’t know if anyone told you who I am and what I do,” Lori spoke.

“Not really Lori. I know you work for Mark but that is about all I know.”

“Ronnie, I am the head of the entertainment division. It is my job to spearhead the team of lawyers and representatives for top models, actors and such. Mark represents the top athletes in the world. He negotiates their contracts, manages their wealth and generally takes care of any legal concerns they may experience.”

“I wasn’t sure. I knew he had something to do with sports but I didn’t know what. What does this have to do with me?”

“Well, for starters, take a look at these.” She showed her the photo’s that were taken earlier in the day. “Those are some amazing photographs. They impressed everyone in this room.”

“Take a look at this Ronnie,” Wendy said as she slid the Slutwear Catalog over to Ronnie. “Have you ever seen this before?”

“No I haven’t. I love the clothes. This girl is so sexy. Will I get to meet her?”

“No hon, not her. She no longer works for Gary. She was rather difficult to work with. Gary saw your photos and asked me to talk to you about them. He would like to have you replace her. It will involve considerable travel but you would be paid quite well. You told him you liked to dance. Is that right?”

“Yes, I love to dance. Unfortunately, I’m too damned short to be a dancer. I really love to dance though.”

Lori went on to explain everything to her. Ronnie sat there with her jaw dropping as it was all laid out for her.

“So, you see Ronnie, when you were told by Holly that things could get better, she wasn’t kidding.”

“You said that I would be paid to do this.”

Lori looked at the girls and smiled. “Ronnie, we have two types of contracts at The Banner Agency. We have clients and we have friends. We don’t sleep with our clients. We do sleep with our friends. Our clients pay us twenty percent as our fee. Our friends don’t pay us a cent. Mark is offering you a friend’s contract. That is a big thing. It means you get to keep all the money.”

“That is fantastic Lori. I can’t believe this. I really can’t. He would do that for me. I don’t know what to say.”

“Lori, I think she is in shock,” Rose said. “I mean if it was me, I’d at least want to know how much I would be paid.”

Holly stood and walked behind Ronnie. She put her hands on her shoulders. “Take a deep breath dear.”

“Debbie, please do the honors,” Lori grinned.

“Ronnie, if this is a first for you, it is nothing compared to what I am about to do. Gary would like to offer you One Million Dollars for a one-year contract. It includes all medical expenses, full travel expenses and of course, you will have your own entire D’Orgasmic product line. When the Country Catalog is ready to be produced, you will be on location, wherever that is. You are going to hear about the dancers for each club. There is also going to be a traveling team of professional dancers. You will be the lead dancer for both genres until and if Cherry returns to the fold. You love Country and she is more comfortable with Rock and Pop. If she returns, she will be the lead dancer and model for that and you’ll have country sewn up.”

Wendy, Debbie and Rose sat along with Lori and looked at stunned silence. Ronnie’s lips were moving but words were not forming in any way, shape or form. “Are you with us baby?” Holly whispered.

Ronnie had tears in her eyes and she was fighting to speak. “Would someone pinch me please? I know I didn’t understand what you just said. I understand what you want me to do. I know I didn’t hear the money properly. Did you say One Million Dollars?”

“That is exactly what we said,” Lori smiled sweetly. “Are you interested?”

“If I was to say no, would the five of you bitch slap me?”

“Yes we definitely would,” Rose burst out laughing.

“”There are a couple of things you have to promise though. This offer is confidential. The others will be told you are going to be in the catalog but they won’t know about the financial aspect. This does not stop you from eventually having your own entertainment center someday. This entire venture will make everyone a lot of money. You will be working very closely with Diane. She is a total sweetheart. You will be traveling all over the world,” Lori told her.

“I will still get to play with everyone though. I can’t believe I am asking this but it is important to me now.”

“Yes dear and you get to play with our other friends too. In fact, you’ll be in Vegas over Valentines Day for the big party at Mark’s. I wonder if you like football players. There will be quite a few of them there. Anyway, I’ll have the contract prepared and ready for your signature. Let’s go and tell Mark and Gary what you’ve decided.”

They walked into Gary’s office and Ronnie was looking down at the floor. Gary looked at Lori who stood there stone faced.

“Well, do we have an answer?” Gary asked looking from face to face.

Ronnie looked up and directed her gaze onto Wendy’s and the rest of the girls faces. “Do I have your permission to say this?”

Debbie looked at her sternly. “If you really must, don’t let us stop you Ronnie.”

Ronnie stood up and walked over to where Mark and Gary were standing. “I really must say this girls, I just think it is only right to just be honest here. Gary, I LOVE YOU! Mark, I LOVE YOU TOO! Thank you, thank you. Ohmigod! Thank you. I hope I can deliver for you.” She kissed each of them and then hugged and kissed everyone else.

“Mark, she reminds me of Holly, always quiet and understated. We need to find more boisterous women don’t you think?” Gary said as he ducked the flying right hand Holly was throwing in his direction.

“Well, if I may be allowed to say one more thing,” Ronnie asked. “Being compared to Holly is the greatest compliment I have ever received. I am dead serious about that too.”

Jill leaned back in her chair and burst out laughing. “The legend lives on.”

“Bite me bitch,” Holly smirked.

“Anytime, anywhere Holly. I’ll bite you; I may even lick you too,” Jill giggled. “I can’t just let my brothers have all the damned fun. You fuck their brains out and all I get out of it is the war stories. I tell you cunt it just isn’t fucking fair. I’m just as good in bed as they are.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Gary said. “She is wild.”

“This just keeps getting better and better,” Debbie said. I have my man back and there are so many new cocks and pussies too. It is like Christmas everyday. I love it.”

“I’m happy with how everything has gone today; let’s party. If we’re going to party, let’s do it, right. Jill, call down to get fifteen Sybians with complete attachments, five cases of candles and five cases of Rush with wrist strap holders ready. We’ll pick that up at the loading dock.

One last thing, I want to move my cars back to the house.” He walked up to Mark and had two sets of keys. He dangled them in front of him. “Which one do you want to drive?” Mark had mixed feelings. He loved the Lamborghini but snatched the keys to the Candy Apple Red ’40 Ford.

Back at the house, things were happening. Jill had called and spoke with Linda earlier. Linda had prepared a nice lunch for every one. Jim had restocked the bars and Tammy had made sure the house was spotless.

Linda and her ‘staff’ served lunch and everyone enjoyed it immensely.

Holly walked around the tables and handed everyone the latest copy of the Slutwear Catalog. They were looking through the pages and admiring the products when Gary stood up and addressed everyone.

“I’m going to keep this short and sweet. It is a lovely day and we want to let you in on a couple of things that are happening. For starters, look at your copy of the catalog. I saw something yesterday and decided I wanted to make a change. I hired a new model to showcase the upcoming product line. Let me introduce her to you.”

He walked over to Ronnie Walker and extended his hand. She took it and he pulled her to her feet. Everyone went wild, clapping, yelling and screaming. Ronnie was blushing and very excited.

“I have a couple of announcements,” Holly said, “We took the steps we needed earlier today to get this show on the road. Effective immediately, you are all on my payroll. I will need to get your personal information so you can start being paid. I want to meet with each of you privately after lunch. You will all need to call and quit your jobs today. Don’t leave them hanging. We are going to be very busy over the next few months. One last thing, Ronnie will be very busy but she is still one of us. Never forget that. My workload is going to be enormous so I have decided to ask Jim to become my personal assistant.”

Gary looked at Mark and they both started laughing.

“What the fuck is matter?” Holly said as she put her hands on her hips and glared at her two best friends. She turned and looked at everyone seated at the tables. She smiled broadly and pointed to the two of them, “You see these two motherfuckers? They both have personal assistants. Dani, Michelle and Mark stand up.” By now, everyone was snickering. They stood up. “Now you tell me, is that one gorgeous hunk of man? Those two women are gorgeous and they are his. Gary, Rose, Debbie, Wendy and Jill stand up. Now you see what I’m talking about here. They actually laughed at me; you all saw it. What the fuck is up with that? I picked little ole Jim. Sheesh”

“He ain’t little and he sure as fuck ain’t old,” Rose giggled. “He may be your personal assistant but he is one of our playmates. You may be the queen but if you take him away from us, you’ll have fired up the three queen bitches.”

Jim was beet red. Gary and Mark were laughing hysterically. Holly walked over to Jim and kissed him passionately.

“I warned you Jim, you can’t say I didn’t. Jill, order the most effective earplugs you can find for Jim. I don’t want him to go deaf,” Gary, quipped.

That did it, Rose slipped off her chair and onto the pool deck. She was laughing uncontrollably. Her mascara was running down her cheeks. Every time she tried to stop, she just laughed louder. Wendy and Debbie were trying to help her but just as soon as they could get a hold of her, she’d start laughing and the girls joined right in.

“I feel like Rodney Dangerfield. I get no respect.” Holly was laughing at herself.

Gary continued, “They are starting work on the house Monday and we are going on a road trip. I want to see clubs in Nashville, Austin, Houston and Dallas, as well as dance clubs in Miami, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and LA. We will wind up in Vegas for the party and then we will hit all the clubs out there.

Jill, make sure they all get portfolios. You are being tested somewhat. I want you to analyze each club after we visit. I want to see if you can spot the highlights and the low spots. Be very critical we’ll have a great opportunity to learn and avoid their mistakes.

Tomorrow, I want to bring all of you to the company and have each one of the women fitted with palette matched Slutwear. Red and Nancy will do your individual color palette this afternoon. I want each one of you to be ready to impress the minute we step into any club. You will receive our entire product line. You work for Holly as well as representing D’Orgasmic. As a result, you will all be on my payroll as well. The information you give to Holly and Jill will be used to set up payroll for each of you. Together, we will all be successful.”

“I think we need to clear up any confusion,” Mark said. “Each one of you will be trained in every single aspect of this business. Whether you are a chef or management is immaterial to us. Our investment is in you. We want to have the hottest clubs, the best food and the absolute best barbeque in the world. The clothing line will be promoted in ways that will blow your mind. The bottom line is this, we won’t be happy until each of you has your own center. That’s right, I said center. The center will have a dance club, a country club, a restaurant and a retail store.”

“For all the men, I need you to go home and get your best club and country clothing. Pack your bags; we’ll be gone about a month. I have given instructions to start designing clothing lines for men but that is going to take some time.

Girls, after you have had your colors done, I will have my makeup artist come out here on Friday and set you up with all new makeup. Each one of you is gorgeous right now but I want you to be phenomenal when we go out,” Gary said. “Onto a more pleasant subject, I was told that my girls were ‘certified’ while I was away. I also heard that everyone else was eventually ‘certified’ too.”

“Well, that is not necessarily true. There are quite a few new people that haven’t been ‘certified’. From what I’ve seen, they qualify. They were partying hardy last night. What do you have in mind darling?” Wendy asked.

“We need to get all of our lovely ladies ‘certified’ soon. Oh yes, everyone needs to be ‘Sybian Certified’ as well. There is nothing that brings out the slut faster than that thing.”

“You could say that again. I married ours,” Wendy said.

“What is this Sybian thing you are talking about? I’ve never heard of it,” Lindsay said. “Also, Gary mentioned a party in Las Vegas. That is the first I’ve heard of that.”

Mark walked over to her, pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply. “Our dear sweet Lindsay, Sybian is life altering. You will find out and you will never be the same afterwards. I throw several rather large parties every year at my home in Vegas. The parties go on for days and there are many athletes and celebrities in attendance. You just have to remember one thing, everything that goes on there is confidential. You’ve heard the old saying, ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas’. Well, who you do in Vegas, you just don’t brag about.”

Halley, the adorable new black girl with the tiny waist and perfect legs looked at Mark and asked, ‘Exactly what does ‘certified’ mean. I wasn’t here last week. It sounds like I missed something fun.”

Red laughed, “Halley, each and every one of us is a ‘certified’ slut. We love the fact that we live a lifestyle that embraces love, lust, passion and unbridled sex. We don’t walk out of here and just fuck anyone we see. We definitely don’t do that but in here, we certainly do. If you see a cock that you want, just go for it. Likewise, if you see pussy that has you drooling, go for it. We want you to be successful and satisfied. Nothing does more for a girl than a great orgasm. “

“Wow, I love the idea. How do we get ‘certified’?”

“Well, here’s the thing, those who were certified last week need to be recertified this week. You have to do everyone at least once to be certified. By that dear, we mean once each, oral, anal and vaginal. We have a lot of new people so, we’re going to spend the rest of the week making sure before we get on the planes, that we are all certified.”

“I think I just had an orgasm thinking about this. What you’re telling me is every man has to do me three times to count. I am going to love this,” Halley giggled.

Jim organized some of the guys to unload the machines. Three machines were set up poolside and Debbie, Wendy and Rose called the girls over. They started the first round of girls and the orgasms started flowing.

Linda and Tammy walked up to Mark, Gary and Holly. “Holly, I have a question for you,” Linda said. “Who do you have to train everyone on smokin techniques?”

“At the moment, I don’t have anyone. I’ve done it but I’m not an expert. Why hon?”

“Our grandfather and our dads were Georgia state champions twelve years running. That is what our families did. We have been smokin meat since we were both kids,” Tammy said. “If we had a smoker here, we could show you.”

Mark called Michelle over. “Do you have the name of that man in Tennessee who makes those custom smokers? She looked in her phone and found the name. She showed it to Linda and she said that was the guy.

“Order the big one. Have it shipped here. I’ve always wanted one but I’d be thrown out of Vegas if I tried to run it at my place. What did he say the lead time was on ordering when you talked to him last year?”

“He said it was three weeks. I’ll call and find out. It should be here right around the time everyone gets back from Vegas.”

Screams of pure passion were wafting over the water. Orgasms were exploding everywhere. “What is that thing?” Tammy said as she looked up into Gary’s eyes.

“It’s the best orgasm you’ll ever experience. You come and get me when you get on that thing. I want to take you through it.”

“You are the best orgasm I’ve ever had. It may be good but you’re better. It does look like fun.”

“Linda, that goes for you too dear. I want to walk you through it too,” Gary winked at her.

“That’s only because he wants to watch you having mind-blowing orgasms,” Holly snickered.

“Holly, if he wants to see me having motherfucking, mind-blowing orgasms, all he has to do is make love to me. Then he can fuck my brains out. See, I’m learning Gary. I have already been told that you won’t fuck a girl until you’ve made love to her. You’re reputation precedes you.” Linda turned into him and dropped one of the softest, sweetest kisses onto his lips.

“I thought the only thing that preceded him was his dick,” Tammy giggled. “Speaking of that, take care with his dick but if you break his tongue, I’ll kill you.”

Jim came over with the wrist straps and the Rush. He put them on the girls and wandered away.

“What is this?” Linda asked.

Gary looked at Mark and they both laughed. Tammy and Linda were already observing house rules. Gary grabbed Tammy and Mark took Linda over to the picnic table. The girls climbed onto the table and the guys took their seats between their lovely legs. Gary unscrewed Tammy’s bottle and told her what to do. She inhaled and he lowered his face and pulled her lovely lips apart. His tongue traveled the length of her sweet pink slit and Tammy was on fire. The head rush together with his talented tongue had blown her away.

“Sweet lord, Oh, son of a bitch this is fucking amazing. My pussy is on fire. Lick me baby. I love this. Oh, fuck this is so good.”

Gary was licking her and teasing her. Her thighs were wet as her pussy flowed sweetly. He kept licking and she started to cum. Her tiny ass was bouncing from the table. She crushed his face, arched her back and was cumming hard while Linda exploded on Mark’s face as well. The girls kept exploding and Mark and Gary switched places. Both women were flailing, inhaling and losing their minds. Neither had ever experienced anything like this before.

“Tammy, you were so right. Fuck, he is so good,” Linda, whispered as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. “Lick my sweet, hot twat Gary, Oh you sweet delicious man. I’m going to cum again. Fuck, yes that’s it, right there. Don’t stop, perfect, you are perfection. Tammy ohmigod, this is too good, mmm yes. Suck my clit Gary suck me darling. Oh, yes!”

Gary stood and ran the head of his cock along her delicious pink valley. Linda threw her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. “Slide your hard cock inside me darling. Fuck me, love me and make me cum forever.”

She took another long pull on the little bottle and he began to fuck this Beyonce look-a-like seriously. Her body was amazing; she was tight, trim and wonderful. Her face conveyed lust deliciously and her body welcomed him intently. Her body wrapped around him and she closed down on his firmness. With each stroke, her body convulsed sweetly.

Over at the Sybian Training Center, women were flailing, laughing and giggling. His girls were truly enjoying themselves while getting all the other women off. Tia staggered over to them just as Linda was wrapping her legs around his waist. Her back arched and her breasts looked lovely as they heaved in yet another mind-blowing orgasm. He leaned over, took one luscious nipple between his lips, and began to suck. His tongue teased her beautiful breast as his cock sliced deep inside.

Tia’s hand stroked his ass and back. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I love you; you know I do but, I think I may have a conflict baby. Wendy’s married her machine and I just did the same thing. That was the wildest orgasm of my life.” She smacked his ass, kissed Linda and went to get a drink.

Linda was laughing at Tia, cumming, and laughing some more. He held her tightly and kissed her passionately. Their lips locked and their tongues danced. Linda felt his desire and the love flowing between them. She bit his lower lip and held on as one last crushing orgasm overtook her gorgeous body.

Tammy was cumming equally hard on Mark’s cock and her tiny body was flailing uncontrollably.

“You weren’t kidding Gar, she is one amazing hot woman,” Mark said. “I could do you for weeks Tammy and never get bored. Wow, you are so good.”

Gary kissed both women and told them to get over on the machine. He was smiling wickedly and they saw that he was serious. “You’ll thank me for this later.”

Gary looked over at the line of women waiting their turns on the machine. Debbie, Rose and Wendy were at the controls and giving the women the ride of their life. Mark came up behind him and together, they started to laugh. Pete, Steve and Bill were at the controls of Gary’s girls. Pete was doing Debbie; Steve had Rose while Bill was slamming into Wendy’s tight hot pussy.

“You sure know how to pick them Gary. I swear, if I live to be a million, I’ll never understand how you could live in the same building as those gorgeous creatures and not touch them for two freakin years. They are adorable.”

Jill and Holly were collecting the information they needed to get everyone on the payroll.

“This is the sexiest group of people I’ve seen in a long time Holly. I’m serious; you are a sex magnet girl. Gary had me in stitches telling me about how the weekend turned out. As it turns out, teasing his neighbors as you did was the best thing that ever happened to him. I’ve never seen him so happy in my life,” Jill said.

“It did turn out differently than I had imagined. I seriously thought what I was doing would bring Rose into his life. You know a woman can read another woman pretty well. I saw envy in her eyes. I don’t know, perhaps it was my evil side coming out, but I was so provocative. I didn’t expect all three would act on it. I am glad they did though because he is such a special man. What I never expected was all of the rest of this.”

“Did you really blow Jim while he was tending bar?”

“Yeppers, I sure did. I mean, seriously Jill, isn’t he just adorable. I couldn’t resist. While you were on your way to Thailand, Gary said to call him and see if he had some friends who wanted to play. I never thought he’d have so many delicious friends.”

Jill laughed, “They sure are tasty. I’ve had my fair share and I plan to have a lot more. My pussy is soaked just thinking about them. I’m the luckiest girl alive. I grew up with those guys. We have had some of the best sex you could ever imagine.”

“I get the impression they were lucky as well. You are one spectacular woman. I intend to find out myself once we are done here. The more you get to know me Jill, you’ll learn, I am one greedy bitch. For your information, my pussy is wet thinking about doing you. I know we will be great friends.” Holly was giggling as more delightful screams wafted thru the air. “They definitely love that machine.”

Ronnie and Diane were sitting at the bar and talking. Ronnie was picking Diane’s brain and soaking up every word of wisdom she was sharing.

“Ronnie, the first thing you have to do is stop questioning what has happened to you. I’ve been modeling for Gary for a long time. He has said the same thing repeatedly and now I believe he is right. There is no such a thing as a coincidence. Someone else was supposed to get that contract. She backed out and no one knows why. You have the contract and she doesn’t. That is all you need to know. You won, she lost out.”

“You’re talking about Cherry Anderson aren’t you?”

Diane looked at her over the rim of her glass, “How do you know Cherry?”

“I don’t know her at all. I saw all the photos of you at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. The minute I saw her, I knew I wanted to be just like her.”

“Wow,” Diane said breathlessly. “Just be yourself Ronnie. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Cherry. You aren’t Cherry and frankly, I’m not sure you would want to be her. She wound up hurting a wonderful man who loves her with all his heart and many of her friends as well. You be the best you can be, that is what counts. I’ll teach you everything you need to know. There is a new Lingerie Catalog shoot right after Mark’s party in Vegas. I want you with me. Do you have your passport?”

“I do. I just got it last year. I have never been anywhere to use it yet but I have it,” Ronnie said. “Where will we be going?”

“It is a six week schedule. We will be in Rome, Paris and Geneva. Normally, Gary is at all the photo shoots. Jill and Lori will be there. There are five models in this catalog. The other girls are fun, crazy and sexy as hell. You’ll enjoy being with them. In addition to the models, there will be production staff, photographers, assistants, lighting crews and makeup artists. There is usually around sixty people plus Gary and his staff. Don’t worry dear; you’ll get lots of attention.”

Gary walked up to the bar, put his arms around both women and kissed each one. “Is Diane teaching you everything you need to know Ronnie? She is the best of the best, so pay attention.”

“She is a big help Gary. I didn’t know I would be going to the Lingerie shoot. This is unbelievable.”

“Darling, this is the big leagues. This is what we do. You will see the world. The work is grueling at times but you’ll have fun.”

“I’ve already had more fun that I could ever imagine. More sex too,” Ronnie blushed.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. After Mark’s party in Vegas, you will have had two to three hundred naked, gorgeous people all waiting to fuck you. Many of them are top named celebrities, actors and athletes. The women are gorgeous; the men are great and trust me, every single one of them will want to do you. That includes me too,” Gary smiled.

“Gary, you can do me whenever you want. You know that don’t you?” Ronnie said sincerely.

“No he can’t,” Lindsay said as she put her arms around his waist. “I want him right now. I promise I’ll return him undamaged and smiling.”

“Lindsay, you break him, you answer to me,” Ronnie laughed. “I think I’m going to hit the hot tub. Care to join me Diane?”

Diane turned her around and kissed her sweetly. “I do some of my best work in a hot tub sweetie.”

Mark was walking beside the pool when the next thing he knew, he was treading water. Halley had tackled him playfully. She fell into the water alongside him and wrapped her dark arms around his neck, kissing him. Her pretty face devoured him. His hands held her tiny waist as she wrapped her long, lovely legs around his waist. Mark looked into her eyes seeing the raw hunger she possessed.

Lips crushed, flesh teased and she floated atop his rock hard dick. Her sexy body sank down onto him and he stretched her tight twat wonderfully. Halley felt every inch, ridge and vein as he slid into her. She inhaled sharply and bit his lip playfully. Her sweet breasts slid along his chest as her tongue dove deep into his very receptive mouth.

Warm water, moans of ecstasy in the air and the feel of this wonderful man thrilled her beyond description. She slammed herself onto him fully and ground her cervix onto his perfect cock.

“Mark, you make me feel so good. I love you inside me. Fuck me Mark; slide your hard cock into me and please me. I need this Mark. I want you Mark; fuck me darling. Fill my hot pussy with your delicious cock and make me cum. Oh yes, that’s it Mark. Fuck my sweet black pussy and make me cum darling. Do you like my hot, tight little twat Mark? Yes baby, fuck me darling!”

Mark was always a softy for a hot talking woman. His cock pummeled her hot, taut, young pussy. Halley was clawing his back as she rode him through many orgasms. Mark walked her out of the pool and laid her on one of the cabana beds.

He lifted her legs and placed her heels along his neck. She arched her back and Mark sank fully into her hot wetness. Halley was cumming and his hips never stopped. He stroked her through several long, wet orgasms and she was panting heavily. His balls slapping against her ass kept her cumming constantly.

She began to pull her nipples as she gazed into his eyes. “You do love my hot pussy don’t you Mark? I’m so wet for you. Do you like how slippery my pussy is for you? Fuck me harder Mark. Slide that beautiful cock deeper into me. That’s it baby, harder, deeper, oh fuck. Fuck me faster Mark, I’m going to explode all over your hot cock. God, you are good Mark. Oh, don’t stop baby. I’m cumming baby; I’m fucking cumming, Oh YES!”

Their eyes never flinched; his cock never stopped. Halley pulled on her nipples as her back arched dramatically. She screamed and started to cum profusely. Mark felt her vice-like grip on his cock and he began to pound her savagely. She couldn’t stop cumming and he wouldn’t quit fucking her tight, sweet body. She flailed on that mattress and her body continued to erupt deliriously.

He turned her over and entered her from behind. He took her arm and pulled her bottle from her wrist strap. She took two long hits, lowered her chest, and raised her hips. She pulled her cheeks apart and offered him full access. Her long, manicured nails began to circle her ass as his cock sank deep into her.

“No one has ever fucked me like this Mark, Don’t stop baby. My pussy is on fire with your lovely cock inside me. I love this. Oh, baby, fuck me darling, slam your hot cock into me. I love this; I need this! Oh, damn, this is so sweet. Is your cock wet baby? I want you to fuck my tight asshole. Please shove your huge cock into my tight, tiny asshole. My ass needs your cock Mark; please, please, oh, please fuck my asshole Mark.”

He placed the massive head against her tight opening. She took several long hits and pushed herself onto his shaft. He felt her tight ring relax; she bore down and opened for him. She was moaning and whimpering as he filled her ass. Her hips were gyrating on his cock and he began to thrust into her.

He reached around and began to stroke her lovely, long clit. With each full stroke, she came and he was in no way finished. Her ass rose to meet him and he continued to invade her. Halley loved this.

Her body was drenched and her pussy flowed onto his hand. She was lost in the desires and the sensations of this delicious sexy man. She screamed and came very hard. He held her hips and felt her body trembling on his hardness. He held himself still and she quivered with each breath she took. He felt himself slip from her ass.

Halley had never enjoyed anything like this before and her mind was racing. She fell to the mattress to regain her composure. She looked at Mark in wonderment. Her hands caressed his chest. She lifted her face to his and the kiss they shared was sensational. Her hands traveled down to his still rock hard cock cradling him in her hands. She began to kiss his chest and her face moved lower bringing his lovely cock to her lips.

Mark lay looking down at her and saw the lust in her upward gaze. Her tongue began to circle the head of his cock. She pushed him tight against his hard, flat stomach and she tasted her cum on his hot dick. She lovingly licked his balls and up each side of his shaft. She looked into his eyes and closed her lips over the sweet head. She saw the joy he was experiencing and that thrilled her to her core. Halley lowered her face onto him. Her tongue was teasingly pleasing him sweetly. She felt him at the back of her mouth and she inhaled deeply. She pulled him from her lips and licked him again.

She took several long hits from her bottle and dove back onto his cock. This time, she took him completely into her throat and she began to lick the sweet underside of his long cock as it began to stroke her throat. Her hands played with his balls and his ass and she loved the sweet moans coming from this gorgeous man.

“Halley, you are one sweet, delicious girl. Suck my cock darling. Your mouth is hot, so good. I love this. Suck me all the way baby. Do you know how sexy you look with my cock in your mouth? I could watch you suck my cock forever baby. Your lips are perfect, your face is gorgeous and you suck cock so well. Do you want me to cum in your mouth Halley? Do you want to feel me shooting my hot cum into your hot lips? I know you want to taste my cum and feel it on your tongue. Swallow my cock and swallow my load. You are so good; I am going to cum Halley. Oh baby, yes!”

Mark arched his back and Halley felt his cock swell. She felt the rush of his seed as it flew down his cock and into her lovely mouth. She felt the pulsing on her lips; the splash on her tongue and the sweet saltiness as he flooded her sweet mouth. She slammed his cock deep into her throat and she began to milk every drop from his hot iron. Nothing gave her more pleasure than to know the cock in her mouth was happy and pleased. She let him soften as she stroked his stomach and teased his nipples. She climbed up onto him and kissed him lovingly.

“That was the best I’ve ever had Mark. Nothing can even come close to that. Thank you baby, thank you so much.”

Holly and Jill walked over to the bar. Their tanned bodies glistened in the golden afternoon sun. “Did you watch that black girl with Mark?” Jill asked.

“That is Halley. Damn, she is fucking hot. Did you see the tiny waist on that girl? She is gorgeous.”

Jill looked at the paperwork and smiled, “Holly, she is only twenty-four. Can you imagine what she is going to be like in ten years? She is going to break many hearts. She sure picked the right man though. Mark loves sexy, tiny gorgeous black women.”

“Darlin, Mark loves women, all ages, all sizes and shapes. Gary is the same way. What she doesn’t know is that was just an appetizer. I want to watch when the two of them do her. Should we hire paramedics?” Holly laughed.

“When they do me, I need more than paramedics. I was hoping for something but Jeremy was too upset, which is understandable. If you think the two of them are wonderful, try doing the three of them. That was what I lived with for so many years. Mark and Gary are identical lovers. Everyone says it and I completely agree but I know that Jeremy is just as good. When the three of them do you, it is otherworldly. You see things you never knew existed. I could kick his ass for getting in so much trouble.”

“I’ve never met him; I talk to him online occasionally. He is gorgeous too.”

“I’ve always felt so blessed. I knew I was pretty but they had all these fashion models hanging off them all the time. They dated them and they would bed them but the one they always came back to was me,” Jill blushed. “Gary’s mom and Maggie had a goal in life. They wanted me to marry one of them. I don’t think they cared which one. It cracked us up but we never said a word. Why would we get married when we already were, so to speak?” Jill smiled.

“It must have been a hoot in school. Everyone must have been so envious of you baby,” Holly mused.

“Oh hell no, no one knew. The girls hit on them all the time. We would actually stage fights just for show. All the girls thought I hated them. We played that to the hilt. They would hit on them and they didn’t pay them any attention. Guys would hit on me and came away thinking I was a total dyke. Then, we’d get out of school and fuck like minks. It was a riot.”

Mark joined them at the bar and listened to the conversation. He was handed a drink and he looked around. Gary was on a cabana mattress with Lindsay. They were laughing and teasing each other. He caught Gary’s eye and motioned for him to pay attention.

“You stupid bitch,” he yelled. “What the fuck was that all about. You dumb cunt. If you think I’m going to stand here and let you get them in any more trouble, you’re wrong.” He was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Gary kissed Lindsay and told her he would be right back. He ran over to the bar and got between Mark and Jill. He pushed Mark away, spun on Jill, and he lit into her with a seriousness no one had ever seen before. “You are such a fucking cunt. What the fuck was going thru that vacuum you call a brain. You dumb fucking bitch. I swear if you ever do that again, I will personally kick your useless ass.”

Everyone was standing in shock and disbelief. Wendy, Debbie and Rose were speechless.

“You know something you worthless piece of shit. There is only one thing missing. Do you know what that is you brain dead cunt?

Jill started screaming, “You’re fucking right I know what is missing you useless prick, I know what is missing and his fucking ass is in Thailand. The only thing that would make this even better is if Jeremy was here screaming at me too.” She burst out laughing. Mark and Gary held her and they were hysterical.

“We’d pull that shit in the hallways at school. We didn’t want anyone to know that we were going to be fucking her sweet ass in fifteen minutes. Everyone thought she hated us. It was so good,” Mark told Holly.

“Back then, it wasn’t a good idea to let the world know who you were sleeping with. We’ve kept that tradition too. Outside of our circle of friends, we are prim and proper business people. Inside our circle, we’re the biggest sluts on the planet. It just keeps everything simple.”

“Okay, I have a question,” Wendy asked. “Exactly how old were you when…?”

They looked at each other; Jill was blushing beet red. In unison they said, “No comment.”

Everyone burst out laughing and that was the end of that discussion.

Lindsay came up behind Gary and put her arms around his waist. She heard the exchange and was relieved that it was all a show. “I didn’t know what to think. Everyone knows how close you are to Jill. I saw it, Mark started it.”

“Lindsay, I started it back in junior high. We had to protect her. If anyone knew what the four of us were up to, the boys would never have given her a minute’s peace. We actually rehearsed several scenarios and then we just built on them. It is hard to get that angry at someone you love with all your heart and do it with a straight face,” Gary said.

“Then they took it to the extreme. Those three would go to all the dances with supermodels. They always ignored me. All the girls were jealous and all the guys were envious. Of course, none of the boys would hit on me. No one ever had any idea until the senior prom,” Jill told everyone.

“”Well, that is just terrible Jill,” Wendy said. “I would have been pissed not to go to the dances.”

“Who said she never went to the dances?” Mark laughed. “She was at every dance. She is the best damned DJ you ever saw. She is right, they did find out at senior prom.”

“Who took you to the prom Jill?” Rose asked.

“It was a long time ago. All I remember was there was some amazing dirty dancing. It got hot out on the dance floor. When the boys saw how I moved on the dance floor, they realized they had all been duped for years. My date had some amazing moves,” Jill giggled.

“That doesn’t tell us who took you to the prom,” Halley laughed.

“Oh, yeah, my date, well, if I remember right, it was Jeremy Carter, Gary Edwards and Mark Banner. You should have seen the look on everyone’s face. When they realized that we had pulled the wool over their eyes all those years, they damned near ran us out of town.”

“See, we were bad asses all the way back then,” Gary laughed.

“Well, I don’t know about bad asses but I know my ass isn’t bad and it wants this guy right now,” Lindsay said as she dragged Gary away to the bar.

“Damn, I must be rubbing off on everyone,” Rose quipped. “I’m not the only greedy bitch here anymore.”

“You got that right girlfriend,” Jill said as she grabbed Holly and headed to a cabana. “I’ve been hungry for you for a very long time. Now I get to find out if the rumors are true.”

“Issue everyone earplugs,” Debbie snickered.

“One Holly is bad enough, put two of them together and it is going to get intense,” Mark laughed. He put his arm around Wendy and Rose. He kissed Debbie and led the three to a cabana.

Jim poured them fresh drinks and they headed down to the cabana on the dock. The sky was gorgeous and they sipped their drinks and talked. There was no hurry; they both felt this would be something to remember.

Lindsay put her head on his shoulder and told him, “I have a confession Gary, you remind me of someone I was totally in love with when I was a teenager. He was my uncle and only a few years older than I was. You look like him and you act like him too. He never hit on me but I hit on him one day. I knew it was wrong and he definitely knew it was wrong. He never acted on it even though I threw myself at him, I understood. I was hurt but I never let him know.”

“When I look at you, I can certainly understand why he didn’t act on that Lindsay. You are a gorgeous woman. Speaking only for myself, I know that if I started anything with you, I would not stop until I had made the sweetest love to you. I hope that I would learn every aspect of your sensuality and then please you in every manner possible. I actually respect him. He showed a lot of restraint,” Gary said.

“I don’t know if he ever knew how much I wanted him to make love to me.”

“I’m sure he did. I’m more convinced that he wanted you just as much. I know I sure do,” Gary kissed her tenderly as she stretched her perfect body leisurely on the mattress.

Lindsay possessed exquisite features from her honey blonde hair, angelic face and firm, high breasts. Her tight, stomach led to spectacular hips and legs. She was a miniature Wendy combined with Rose’s love of laughter. Her ice blue eyes held his gaze as he stroked her sweet body.

“I want to experience you Gary. I’ve heard from Red, Nancy and your girls. Holly told me things that took my breath away. I have watched you and I just didn’t want to wait any longer. I hope you didn’t mind,” she whispered.

He pulled her off the mattress and turned her around. They sat, watching the sunset. He wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her slender neck. They talked and he kept kissing her. He learned she had a weakness for the middle of her neck. His lips brushed that spot and she inhaled sharply. His hands cupped her sweet breasts held them gently. His kisses continued and he learned many wonderful secrets to turning this fine young woman on.

“Mmm this is so sweet; I love your tongue Gary. Every place you touch me, it is electric. You have one hell of a touch. I could get used to this.”

He licked behind her ear and her nipples hardened instantly. Whispering sweet things had her cooing lowly. He stroked her stomach and onto her thighs. She leaned into his chest and turned to kiss him lightly. His fingers traced the insides of her thighs and she reveled at his touch. With each soft stoke, Lindsay moaned lovingly.

“Your hands are wonderful. You are turning me on more than I ever could imagine.”

With both hands between her long, lovely legs, he parted her lips exposing her deep pink valley to the setting sun. She was shivering as his index finger began to run into her moist channel. He began to tease her deliciously. His wet finger slipped along her satin gash and up to her substantial hooded clit. He gripped her and began to stroke her lovingly.

“This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever experienced,” she whispered. “I’ve never had anyone do this to me. Sitting here, naked, leaning into you and feeling your hard cock ride along my spine is wild. Then you start doing this to me and I love this. I feel so wicked and wild. You are going to make me cum. I hope you know that. Don’t stop Gary please don’t stop. This is so sweet, keep doing that darling, Oh yes! Fuck, don’t stop! Ohmigod, I’m going to cum forever. Yes baby, yes! Oh, Yes!”

“You are so wet Lindsay, I love making you this wet. You are hot, sexy and sweet. Keep cumming baby don’t stop. Ride my finger and let your body explode. I want you to experience everything you ever wanted and never had. When you cum, just let it flow. This is all about you, your pleasure, and your lust. You love to cum like this don’t you Lindsay? Keep cumming Lindsay. Close your eyes and feel the sensations. Let your body go and cum like you have never cum before. That’s it baby, Oh yes, cum for me darling. Just let it flow. Flood my hand with your sweet juices. Oh yes darling,” Gary coaxed.

Lindsay arched her back and shrieked as a massive blast overtook her and she was dancing on the tip of his finger. Her flesh became amazingly sensitive and his words drove her to the brink. Every muscle in her body was on fire and she craved this more than she thought humanly possible. His tongue dug into her ear while his fingers flicked her erect clit. This sent her into cascading tides of orgasmic ecstasy. She was breathless when he turned her to face him.

He lifted her onto his legs, held her close and kissed her precious lips. She felt his hands pull her to him, her long swollen slit molding to his hard cock. He did not enter her. She wrapped her lips against the soft underside of his cock and he kissed her passionately. She began to rock onto his shaft as their tongues danced and played deliciously. Her firm young breasts heaved seductively against his chest. Gary lowered his lips to her perfect orb and his tongue circled her tiny, stiff nipple. Lindsay inhaled sharply when he closed his lips over her nub and he began to suck. Her pussy was rocking hard against his shaft and she was experiencing sensations she had only dreamt of.

Gary’s finger slipped between her cheeks and he began to stroke her ass seductively. He felt her dripping wet pussy on his fingers as she shuddered against his hard cock. He brought his finger up and began to circle her tiny, tight ass.

“Mother of God, this is so good. Oh, you, you, you delicious man. I’m never going to stop cumming, Oh! Oh! Sweet, oh this is sweet. Every part of my body wants you. I want you. I’m babbling. Oh, fuck. I’m cumming baby. Oh yes!”

He released her nipple and tilted her head. He licked her neck and they kissed with a ferocity seldom seen. Her long, perfectly manicured nails dug deep into his back and she was moaning loudly. Lindsay had lost count of the orgasms she had enjoyed and he hadn’t even begun yet.

He laid flat and pulled her tender body upwards to his face. Lindsay straddled his face and lowered her moisture-laden pussy onto his lips. Her high heels snuggled his ears and she felt herself open wide for him. Gary looked into her perfect body and extended the tip of his tongue. His hands held her breasts and she arched her back as he started to lick her lovingly. He licked and she squealed. He squeezed her breasts and she flowed onto his tongue.

His tongue was relentless and her tender body could not control itself. The rapid-fire waves of orgasms that hit her were out of this world. When his mouth closed over her clit, she nearly collapsed. As he began to lightly suck and stroke, Lindsay saw stars. He held her steady and her body smashed against his face.

“Dear me, this is wonderful. Lick me darling. Suck my hot pussy. Oh yes!”

He lifted her and slid her forward. His tongue caressed her ass and she lost it. He teased her deliciously and she was flying against his face.

“Lick my ass my love, yes! This is amazing. Don’t stop; please don’t stop. Ohmigod, this is good. Fuck, this is spectacular. Oh yes, ohmigod, yes!”

He lifted her and gently placed her onto the mattress. He looked into her pleading blue eyes and positioned himself against her tightness.

“Fuck me Gary, fill me up and love me. I want you to thrill me, please me and tease me tonight. You feel so good, so hard and so big baby. Oh darling, fuck my tight pussy.”

He felt her close tight against him while he sank deep into her velvet sheath. Their lips caressed while their tongues danced sweetly. Her hips welcomed each thrust and he relished her perfect sensations.

This woman had it all and she wanted more. Their passions simmered and steamed; their bodies enjoyed the warm, wet highway that was Lindsay. Her breasts heaved against his chest as she began to orgasm uncontrollably. His long strokes fueled that fire and her hips began to vibrate on his steel hard cock. Her grip on him increased and she felt every vein, ridge and groove as he plowed into her.

Her breasts filled his hands and she threw her head back as he caressed them lovingly. With each gentle touch, her body convulsed. She was gushing and he was intent on giving her more.

Lindsay rolled him over and straddled him. Her toned, tanned body impaled itself fully and she was cumming in incessant waves. She turned herself around on his cock and faced the lake. The golden sky, the beautiful water and the long hard cock inside her drove her wild. She stretched tall and fell forward towards his feet. His cock felt wonderful inside her. She stretched forward and placed her chest onto the mattress. She raised and lowered her hips on him, driving them both insane with her lust.

Gary looked along his body and witnessed her fabulous ass rising and falling as her pussy inhaled his shaft. Her tiny ass puckered sweetly as he circled her with his finger. Lindsay was moaning wildly. She was loving his cock when his finger slipped into her. Her frenzy went totally off the chart when he slid deep into her tight ass. She slammed down on his cock and locked herself in a death grip. Her body flowed non-stop she spasmed repeatedly. He held her as she quivered and regained her composure.

He placed his hands on her ass and pulled himself up behind her. His cock slid slowly into her tight ass and she inhaled sharply. She took a hit from her bottle and opened herself up. She felt him fill her deliciously and he began to thrust. His broad cock stretched her ass tight and he built a wonderful rhythm.

“Ohmigod, don’t stop baby. Fill my ass with your beautiful dick. I want you to fuck me harder baby. Shove that cock deeper and faster. Fuck me, my ass is yours darling. Oh, fuck me!”

Gary drove deeper and harder into her tiny body and the tremblers were enormous. Her body flew back onto him with each thrust and her eyes watered from delight. Her arms and legs were flailing uncontrollably as wave after wave of unbridled bliss overtook her lovely body. Lindsay collapsed on the mattress and shook for minutes as he stroked her neck and back.

She stood and pulled him to his feet. She knelt, took his cock, and rubbed the head over her lips. She looked into his eyes and felt him enter her throat. She loved every part of this man and having him in her throat was the final reward. Her lips stretched wide and her tongue loved every inch as he began to fuck her face. She held his balls and guided him deep into her mouth. Gary held her head and she gripped his ass. His balls began to slap her chin and she sucked and licked furiously. She knew she had him exactly where she wanted him. His legs began to quiver and his stomach tightened. He let out a moan as his balls rose tight. He arched his back and he began to pump his hot, sweet seed into her wanton, greedy throat. Lindsay sucked, swallowed, and forced his cock deep into her throat. She wanted each drop and she wasn’t about to spill any. His body spasmed again and she was rewarded with a final blast that took his breath away.

He collapsed onto the mattress; Lindsay rolled onto her side and kissed him sweetly, “Thank you my love, thank you.” They walked to the bar and heard shrieks similar to two cats being skinned alive.

Gary started to laugh. Mark lay on a cabana mattress with Debbie on one side and Rose on the other. Wendy had Mark’s cock in her mouth and Mark was laughing too.

“Why did you all laugh when I said we all needed earplugs?” Debbie laughed. “You both laughed at me. You’ve a lot more experience with those two than we have and we knew this would happen.”

“Talk about looking like you’ve been rode hard and put away wet, damn they look like they have just done the 7th fleet,” Mark was laughing uproariously.

“Shut your fucking mouth Mark, don’t put ideas in their head,” Gary snickered. Every one cracked up laughing. “Wendy, don’t laugh with your mouth full.” For some reason, that was the end of that blowjob.

“You know Gar, there is only one thing missing from that,” Mark said as he nodded to Jill and Holly.

“Yep, I sure do. Put Michelle in that mix and all hell would let loose. We should actually do that at the party Mark. We can use the group room and put Red, Nancy, Michelle, Dani, Lori, Diane, Debbie, Wendy and Rose in there with you and me. Will the guys be there?” Gary asked.

“They are supposed to be. That would be a riot. I am hoping that you’ll get to meet Aleka too. She is adorable. Michelle is inviting Cherry too but I’m not holding my breath on that happening.”

“Rose arched her eyebrows, “Who are the ‘guys’?”

“They are three of my athletes, pro football players and all around nice guys,” Mark said.

“Were they with you in Hawaii Mark?” Wendy asked.

“Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of them. They are all pretty famous.”

“Pretty delicious, if you asked me,” Rose smirked. “Lindsay, did you enjoy yourself dear?”

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had, bar none. Ohmigod, you were all so right,” she blushed.

Debbie got up, walked over to her and kissed her, “Sweetheart, we were watching. Gary made love to you. He hasn’t fucked you yet.” She started giggling as Rose and Wendy sat there nodding like crazy. “The best is yet to come.”

“You lying sacks of shit, you motherfucking bastards,” Jill yelled as she and Holly staggered over. “I need to find a fucking wall and write the date on it. You bastards have been lying to me all these years.”

“What the fuck did we lie about?” Gary looked puzzled as he looked at Mark who just shook his head.

“I’ve heard all the Holly war stories but I never once thought you were lying to me. You said she was good. You said she was great. You never once told me exactly how good she really is. I’m in love.” Jill turned and kissed Holly deeply. “Woman, you are phenomenal.”

“We didn’t lie to you. We both told you Holly was a life-changing event. Go ahead; tell me we never said that to you,” Mark laughed.

Linda walked up to them and told them that dinner was ready. She looked at Holly and started to laugh, “You look like you got run over by a truck, what the hell happened to you?”

Everyone pointed to Jill who was blushing deeply.

Linda looked at Jill and burst out laughing herself. “I know that look, I’ve experienced it myself. Jill, you and I have to get to know each other better.”

Dinner was great and Gary and the girls spent a terrific evening alone in Gary’s wing. He had all the pussy in the world but all he wanted was Rose, Wendy and Debbie. They were, after all, the loves of his life.

The next day, the women were fitted and set up with the latest in clothes and makeup. The men packed and had everything ready for their trip.

Red had been busy. She had confirmed that all construction would start immediately. Red informed Gary that she would be going on the trip with them. She had to take Wendy, Rose and Debbie shopping in Miami, New York and Chicago. Nancy would stay and supervise the initial work. The trip would take a month and considerable changes could be expected on their return.

Gary and Jill took a couple of hours and went through the house. All of the Carters personal items were marked to go into storage and eventually on to Thailand.

Sunday arrived and the collective looks on their faces when they got to the airport spoke volumes. Two sleek, sparkling Gulfstreams sat on the tarmac awaiting their arrival.

Ronnie walked up to Gary and just looked dumbfounded. “Those are not yours are they?”

“One is mine and one is Mark’s dear. They are pretty, aren’t they? It is the only way to fly.”

Mark and Dani walked up to them just as Ronnie asked, “Would it be safe to assume that you are members of ‘The Mile High Club’?” Mark lost it right there on the tarmac. He started to speak but he was laughing too hard.

“Why do you think it is the only way to fly honey,” Dani giggled. “Somehow, my orgasms are always stronger at 30,000 feet. It’s even more fun when you’re fucking the pilots. You’ll find out. It doesn’t matter whose pilots either. They are all fucking insane and hilarious. If Jack and Tom weren’t working for Mark, they could be headlining at the Mirage. They are completely off the wall.”

“Jeff and Alan are equally crazy. They are constantly horny. I think they can’t grasp that they are not flying fighter jets anymore. Some of the shit they pull up there is too funny. Thank God, I don’t let them fly the plane all the time. After all, it is my toy. I love to fly it myself,” Gary smiled.

“You fly the plane?” Ronnie asked incredulously. “How sweet is that?”

“It is sweet hon, especially when I am racing this idiot,” he said as he indicated to Mark.

“Just because you have a newer plane doesn’t mean you’re faster. I can fly circles around you,” Mark quipped.

“Oh shit,” Dani smirked. “It is going to be an interesting month. The upside Ronnie is that you’ll get to fuck the pilots since it seems they will be riding back in the cabin with us.”

“Well, I’ll let them fly us to Miami. That way they can feel like they earned their paycheck. Let’s get this show on the road,” Gary said.

Wendy, Rose and Debbie walked up to the plane. “Which one is ours honey?” Debbie said.

Gary pointed to the one with seven windows and said, “That one dear. They are almost identical but ours has seven windows and Mark’s has six. That’s right; you’ve never been onboard either. Come on; let me show you your new ride.”

Luggage was loaded and everyone was onboard. Both jets were cleared for takeoff and they taxied to the runway. The flights were flawless and so were the South Beach hotel rooms. Everyone spent the rest of the day at the beach.

Red and the girls went shopping and selected wonderful items for the house. Miami can be a dangerous place to unleash four spectacular women with an unlimited budget.

Each night, they went and checked out the Miami nightlife. Gary and Holly were impressed with the attention each one of their people paid to their surroundings and the critiques that followed. Everyone had fun but knew they were working too.

Their next two cities, New York and Chicago had Red and the girls go on an unprecedented spending spree but Gary didn’t mind. He wanted them to have everything they always wanted. He knew this craziness wouldn’t last. He loved his girls more than he had ever loved anyone before.

They decided to head to San Francisco and then on to LA. Everyone had proven that they were not only gorgeous young people; they were astute in their assessments of the clubs they attended. Much data had been collected and plans were formulated for the dance club based on the information they obtained so far. They still had the Vegas clubs to see and they all knew they would be amazing.

Red was back in Florida and the construction was in full force. The home had been painted and she and Nancy were doing the interior. Gary would be very happy when he returned, they were certain of that. The new building, it was decided, would include the second floor, which comprised an additional ten suites.

Jill had returned to supervise the new designs and pay the invoices that seemed to be unending. She was at the house most of the time and the intensity and competence Red and Nancy showed astounded her. The fact that they were two of the hottest women she knew didn’t hurt either. She was actually happy that Gary and Mark were away. That way she had them all to herself, well, almost all to herself.

Tammy, Tia, Bobbie and JoJo had dibs on everyone as well. They were, as Gary had told her, insatiable. Tia had become addicted to Sybian and had developed an emotional attachment to that damned machine. Of course, the girls played on it. Her sleek, subtle body looked so lovely as her mind raced and her body exploded. Nancy was being Nancy and she did everything to make Tia’s body tremble constantly. Of course, letting her calm down and then licking her sweet pussy while Tia’s long legs draped over her shoulders always drove Nancy wild. Red would laugh, as Tia became a babbling mess, which would last for hours.

Gary had started something that even he didn’t fully know the extent of her addiction. When Gary met Tammy, she was this tiny, sleek, black girl with a firm body. She wore tube tops and Lycra shorts while she worked. She was beautiful and sweet. She told him that her boyfriend never licked her pussy. He teased her and told her he would anytime she wanted. He didn’t push it but he let her know that he would dearly love to crawl between her legs and do her until her eyes crossed. One night, several months later, she knocked on his door, walked in and said, “Go for it,”

He did and she had the best orgasms she had ever known and the sex was amazing. Gary was her first white man and she was nervous but he showed her that he was a skilled lover who was more intent on her pleasure than his own. Tammy became addicted to his tongue. Now he was gone but she learned that all the other girls had learned from the master. She just couldn’t get enough.

The grounds had been torn up. New pathways were laid, sensuous secluded love nests were laid out throughout the property and the nighttime lighting had been installed. Ten new cabanas were built poolside.

Inside the main house, electricians were completely re-wiring the house. Computer technicians were building the server room and integrating every outlet into the home automation system. When finished, this home would be one of the finest, high-tech homes ever built.

The women were on their best behavior. They lost count of the number of good-looking construction workers were on the property. They weren’t play toys and the girls knew it.

The trip turned onto the country leg and they visited Nashville, Austin, Houston, Oklahoma City and eventually on to Dallas.

They visited and danced on some of the finest country-dance floors in the states. Gary and Mark were laughing because it became apparent that three days in each city was not going to be enough. The clubs were amazing and of course, the music was sensational. Every aspect of the clubs were analyzed from the dance floors, bar service, wait staff appearance and sound systems. Parking was not only inspected but also criticized highly. Safety was a big concern and the women let them know it.

Michelle had been on the phone many times with both Gary and Mark. They had looked at boot manufacturers all over the country and had found one that warranted a very close look. Gary had suggested the same company a while back.

Norris Boots was owned by Bill Norris and his daughter Ainsley. Bill Norris was hospitalized with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. His daughter was a master boot maker and she was drowning in debt. Their company employed fourteen men and women. They had orders but the recession had hit the company hard and Ainsley was facing bankruptcy. They were located in Fort Worth and Michelle had set up an appointment with Ainsley Norris.

Both Gary and Mark had been waiting for Dallas. They both loved that town. The girls all went shopping and Wendy led the way.

“You’re fucked,” Mark, laughed as the limo’s left the hotel. “Wendy is amazing.”

“Tell me about it. Who does she remind you of?” Gary asked.

“I don’t have to think twice about that. She is a blonde Carmen Electra. Her legs are to die for.”

“I know, I thought the same thing. Every time I saw her, for the first year, all I saw were her legs. Then something happened and she started dressing more conservatively. Apparently, all the Doctors were hitting on her. It’s okay, I rescued her.” Gary said as they got into their limo to head for the meeting.

“You sure did. Now, she is naked most of the time and from what I see, all three of them are having the time of their lives.”

“Have you heard anything from Cherry?”

“No and I don’t think I ever will either.” Mark said dejectedly.

They pulled up to a rather small building in the stockyard area of Fort Worth. They walked in and told the young woman who they were and that they had an appointment with Ainsley Norris. She took them into a small office and told them to have a seat. A few minutes later, a tall, Texas brunette, 5’11″ 130lbs with great tits and a spectacular ass walked into the room. Both men silently admired one of the finest pair of jeans they had ever seen.

Gary did not beat around the bush. He told Ainsley why they were there and that they were interested in her work. She was very familiar with D’Orgasmic products although she admitted she didn’t own any of the clothes.

“Things have been tough these last few years. The recession hit us hard and then my father took sick. I haven’t had a date in so long that I can’t even remember the last one. I just couldn’t see any point in spending money on sexy clothes and lingerie right now.” Ainsley admitted. She looked at Mark and said, “I wondered if you would walk into my office today. I saw your name but I never thought I would ever get to meet you.”

“How do you know me?” Mark asked.

“Next to Jerry Jones, I think I am the biggest fan Dallas has. I saw you with that gorgeous woman at the Pro Bowl. Talk about a breath-taking woman.” She then listed every Dallas player that Mark represented. She knew their stats, whether they were married and if they had kids. She was a true fan.

Gary explained what was happening and told her they would like to look at her products. She took them on a tour of her small facilities and showed them the quality of her products. They were impressed.

“Do you make belts, bags and chaps by any chance?” Gary asked.

“I’ve been making all those things for myself for years. I would love to manufacture all of that but I don’t have the room or the payroll to do any of that. My dad and I hoped to move just next door to a space that is substantially larger but unfortunately, that never happened,” Ainsley said.

“I am impressed with your quality. One of my girls has a pair of your boots and that is why we are here. I sure wish you made western hats. That would really round out everything I am looking for,” Gary explained.

“Open that door over there,” she said. “Tell me what you think of those?”

Gary and Mark walked into the small room and found some of the sexiest women’s hats in all colors and styles. Gary looked back at her quizzically.

“My dad taught me how to make hats before he ever let me cut into a hide. Hats are expensive and I am a Texan. I had to have my hats.”

Gary smiled and walked back and sat down. “I want to be upfront and honest with you. I know all about your financial problems. I also know that you are very close to closing this place. I don’t want to see that happen. Take a look at these and tell me how many people you would need to fill this order each month.” He took a paper from his briefcase and added a few lines. He handed it to her, sat back, and waited for her reaction. She did some calculations and gave him an answer.

“That is what I would need to do this but I can’t even think of taking on a job this size. I just can’t get the financing. I’m sorry.”

“Let me ask you this,” Mark asked, “Are all of your people legal?”

“Definitely, that is what makes me sick. Everyone here has been with me for over ten years. They are all artisans. I would hate to lose them.”

Gary took another paper from his case and slid it across the table to her. She picked it up and read it. She was very quiet and she read the paper twice. She looked at the men and her jaw dropped.

“Is this a joke?”

Gary laughed, “No Ainsley, this is a very serious offer. I want to purchase the company. I want to expand it immediately and I want you to sit down with my people and come up with designs that are going to be sexy as hell that we can incorporate into our product line. I want you to run it. I also want you to set up the hat division as well.

We sell sexy and your boots are sexy as any I’ve ever seen. You will see that I’ve included the price I am willing to pay for the company and the salary I would pay initially to you. Of course, it includes full benefits and medical. Additionally, I want an accounting from you for all of your father’s medical expenses to date. I am prepared to reimburse you and assume all future medical expenses for him as well.”

“What about my people?”

“Everyone will keep their jobs. I want you to hire legal people to work and they, of course, all get full benefits as well.”

“When did you want to do this?” Ainsley asked incredulously.

Mark laughed, “Yesterday would be great. We have big plans Ainsley and we certainly want you to be a part of it. We understand that your father is not capable of making a decision. Do you have his power of attorney?”

“Yes I do. Everything was executed as soon as the diagnosis came down. I do have one question though?”

“I’m sure you have many questions, what do you need clarification on Ainsley?” Mark asked.

“This figure right here, is that a misprint?” she pointed to the offer price.

“No, this is a cash offer. If you are agreeable, we can close this before we leave Dallas this week. We will be here for the next few days. Do we have a deal?”

“Uh, I am sitting here trying to be cute and find a way to say yes that would be unique but screw that. Yes, we have a deal!”

“Oh Ainsley, I have to teach you how to negotiate. You said yes way too fast. You just blew Cowboys season tickets. Oh well. Listen, it is early, would you be interested in joining us for dinner and drinks tonight. We are heading to Billy Bob’s later. We have a group of people we would like you to meet,” Mark smiled.

Gary went on to explain what they have been doing on this road trip. Ainsley listened, shaking her head.

“How many people are traveling with you?”

“Including our pilots, forty-seven I think,” Gary laughed. “I’ve lost count.”

They told her where they were going for dinner and asked her to join them at 7pm. “Wear your sexiest clothes Ainsley. You’re part of the D’Orgasmic family now. We turn heads everywhere we go. I know you’ll give a lot of men whiplash tonight.”

They shook hands and Gary asked her to show him the property next door. She said she had a key, as the owner was a friend of hers. They looked at the building and it definitely would suit their needs.

“Set up a meeting with the owner for tomorrow afternoon. We’d like to see what we could do on this immediately. We’ll see you tonight.” They shook hands and left.

Ainsley watched the limo pull away in shock and awe. Every problem she had just vanished.

As soon as the car door closed, Mark was on the phone. He called his Dallas players and told them they were going to Billy Bob’s tonight. He told them to meet him at the restaurant and hung up. Gary hung up after telling Jill the good news.

“That is one good looking woman,” Mark sighed. “I think she liked the deal.” He told the driver to head for the stadium. He went in and returned in about fifteen minutes.

Gary looked at him and laughed. “You got her the tickets, didn’t you?”

“What do you think?”

“I am thinking we should invest in Viagra,” Gary bellowed.

Ainsley sat at the steak house sipping her drink when everyone arrived. She looked positively stunning. Mark saw his players arrive and he directed them to the bar. He walked up to Ainsley and put his hands on her shoulders. She turned and smiled at him. They chatted for a moment and he signaled his guys to come over. She looked at him and realized who was standing there. She was speechless.

Dinner was amazing. There was enough food on one plate to feed an army. Ainsley was mesmerized listening to her heroes. They, on the other hand, were in awe of the tall, gorgeous woman. She was so damned sexy.

Debbie walked over to her and thanked her for the great boots.

“You’ve got good taste Debbie. That is one of my best selling styles. I’m surprised you found them in Florida.”

Debbie laughed and told her that a stripper in Dallas had told her where to get them.

When they walked into Billy Bob’s, every head in the place turned. The women were gorgeous and the men downright sexy. The place is huge and Gary took them on a tour. When they saw the bullring inside the bar, they were amazed. The mirrored saddle hung over the dance floor and the sound system was great.

The place was filling up when a particular song started to play. Ronnie and the girls immediately stood and hit the dance floor. Luke Bryan’s ‘Country Girl, (Shake It For Me)’ was blaring and the women started to dance. Ronnie was in the center of the pack and the girls started to dance. All eyes were on Ronnie. Mark looked at Gary and they smiled broadly. She was doing one hell of an impression of that gorgeous gal in his video. She had the moves. Everyone watched as eighteen gorgeous women danced on the massive dance floor. Ronnie danced to the front of the floor and really got into it. The bar erupted in applause as she really let loose. She was gorgeous, she was hot and damn, she could dance.

When the song was over, the guys got up and started dancing with them. Wendy looked at Gary, “When the hell did they rehearse that? That was amazing.”

Rose laughed, “You and Debbie were getting your asses fucked yesterday. I knew you missed that. The song came on and they all just started dancing. Apparently, that is one of their favorite songs and since Ronnie looks like the girl in the video, they put it together.”

“Where the hell was I?” Gary asked.

“Probably half way down Holly’s throat,” Debbie smirked.

“Did someone mention my name?” Holly laughed. “He is never half way with anything darling. Does anyone know where the ladies rooms are?”

“I do,” Ainsley said and the two women left the table.

“Holly, I’m confused. Which one of those women are with Gary?” Ainsley asked.

“They all are dear. Wendy, Rose and Debbie live with Gary. No one woman will ever tie him down.” She then went on to tell her how it all came to be and Ainsley was shocked.

“They came into his life because he was making love to you. So who does he sleep with now?”

“Honey, we have a very wonderful relationship. He sleeps with all of us. We work hard and we play even harder. Other than the football players, we all fuck each other whenever we want. We are all bi so everything goes,” Holly explained.

“I’ve never been with a woman. I’ve wanted to but never had the opportunity. It has been so long since I’ve had any sex, I think I’ve forgotten how,” Ainsley admitted.

“Well darling, whenever you want to be with a woman, let me know. You’re gorgeous. As far as a man is concerned, everyone in our party would do you in a heartbeat. Someday, you will find out what true heaven is all about. You just wait until the day you get to do Mark and Gary at once. That will change your life forever. I love it when they do me.”

Mark was filling his players in on the new business venture. He explained the concept and they loved what he was telling them. He told them that he hoped they would turn the place into a Cowboys hangout. As he was saying that, five adorable women approached the table. His players stood and hugged the women. They introduced them as Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. The girls looked at Mark and knew who he was instantly.

“Who is that black-haired girl?” one of them asked. “Damn, she can dance.”

Gary explained that she was the newest model for D’Orgasmic Lingerie and she would be heading up the dance troop as well. He went on to explain that there would be auditions shortly. The girls asked if they could be advised when they would take place. Mark called Dani over and she took their information and promised to let them know.

One of the players asked Mark and Gary if they had ever done Ronnie. Just as they were about to answer, Ainsley and Holly returned to the table.

“Hell yes, they’ve done damned near everyone here,” Holly giggled as she grabbed one of the players and dragged him onto the dance floor. Gary laughed and took Ainsley’s hand and took her onto the dance floor.

“You are one hell of a man Mr. Edwards, one hell of a man!” Ainsley whispered.

“Why do you say that?”

“Holly’s right apparently. One would assume that if you could keep just one of your girls satisfied, then you’d be something special. Now I learn that you keep three of them satisfied and you do all the others as well. That is impressive. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a boss so forgive me if I am a bit awkward at this. Is there any chance you might be interested in fucking me?”

“If he doesn’t darling, I’ll skin him alive,” Rose giggled as she was dancing directly behind them. “Ainsley, you need to know one thing about Gary. He won’t fuck you until he has made love to you. That will take your breath away but after that, when he fucks you, it is life altering. Trust me darling, I know what I’m talking about.”

“You won’t be angry?”

“No, not at all, I’d actually love to watch. In fact, we all would. Nothing turns me on more than watching him make love to a woman.” With that, Rose kissed Jim wildly and danced away.

“This is a dream, I’m sure of it. I am going to wake up tomorrow and discover that this has been a wonderful, wicked dream and none of this is real.”

Ainsley felt hands on her shoulders and sweet breasts against her back. “That is what I thought too hon but I soon found out this man is real in every sense of the word. If he weren’t, I wouldn’t be with him. When he makes love to you, it will be the most wonderful thing you’ve ever experienced. Oh, yes, I want to watch too. I’m such a luscious slut when it comes to that,” Wendy cooed and kissed Ainsley’s neck.

Gary held Ainsley tight as the song was ending. The next song was a Texas two-step and he turned her and started to dance.

Ainsley’s eyes got wide as she saw that he definitely knew how to dance. He had the moves and he executed them well. Her head swam as she thought about what she had been told. If he could dance this well, he must be great in the sack.

The song ended and Gary turned Ainsley and kissed her passionately. Her nipples tightened and she held the kiss for a long time. They walked back to the table holding hands.

The manager of the bar walked over to Ainsley and greeted her warmly. Ainsley introduced Gary and Mark to him. He shook their hands warmly. “I have a couple of requests.” He turned to the players and asked. “Everyone in here knows who you are. Many of them would love to get your autographs. I know it is an imposition but we don’t get too many of the Dallas players in here.”

The fellows laughed and told them it was fine. They loved meeting their fans and to let them know that they were welcome to come over to say hello.

“The second request is something I’ve never seen in here or anywhere else before. Everyone wants me to play Luke Bryan’s video and have your girls dance to it again. No one is convinced that she is not the girl in the video,” he said as he motioned over to Ronnie. “Do you think they would do that?”

Gary called Ronnie over and asked her to do it. She jumped at the chance. She looked at Ainsley and told her she needed thigh-high western stilettos. Ainsley laughed and told her she would have them.

He went to the microphone and introduced the D’Orgasmic dancers. The girls walked up to the dance floor and he ran the video. Every girl danced her heart out. They were actually better the second time around. Mark and Gary sat with their jaws slack as they looked at the similarities between the girl in the video and Ronnie. It was astonishing.

The place erupted again and they received a standing ovation. The manager went back to the microphone and introduced the players. He invited everyone to meet them and shake their hands. He was laughing when he added to grab one of the girls and dance with them. Then he looked at all the women in the place and reminded them the guys weren’t bad looking either. That was all it took. Billy Bob’s became one big fun party.

Ronnie came up and kissed Gary. “Boss, this is wild. I’ve already had eleven marriage proposals and two of them were from women.” She was laughing hard when she turned to Ainsley, “Welcome to the family darling. I hope to get to know you much better.” She lifted Ainsley’s lovely face and kissed her sweetly just as this huge cowboy swept her onto the dance floor.

Lindsay walked up behind Rose and looked down at the scrumptious Asian goddess, “Are you having a good time Rose?”

“I sure am Lindsay, how are you?”

“I’m so fucking horny, I better get laid tonight. I’m loving all this cowboy cock.” Lindsay blushed deeply as she realized at least a dozen men heard her say that.

“Let me ask you a very simple question Lindsay,” Gary laughed. “On average, since the day I first met you, how many times a day have you been laid?”

“Fuck me, I’ve quit counting Gary. I know it is a lot. Every day, I just get hornier and hornier. I know one thing, after Orlando, I’ll never be the same again.”

“What happened in Orlando?” Ainsley asked.

“Gary happened. I’ve never experienced a man like him. Making love to him on the dock in Orlando was wild. You’ll find out Ainsley. You’ll find out.”

“You are such a delicious little slut, I love you Lindsay.” Rose giggled.

“I love you too Rose.”

Ainsley looked at Gary and smiled broadly. “You may not be aware of this but you come highly recommended. When will I get to find out for myself?”

Gary turned and looked at his girls who were looking on intently. Mark nodded and Gary grinned broadly. “Ainsley, I hope you don’t plan on getting any sleep tonight. My lovely women need our attention as well. They have never experienced the two of us together. Would you please join us after we get back to the hotel? I know this will be a night to remember.”

“This has already been a day to remember, what better way to end the day,” Ainsley blushed.

“A day to remember? You can say that again,” Holly smirked as she kissed some huge cowboy goodbye. “I was bad but he was so good, I just had to experience something really nasty.”

“What did you do? I already know who you did but I really want to know what you did?” Gary laughed.

Holly was trying to focus and giggled, “Well, I’ve seen this place on Walker, Texas Ranger for many years. I always wanted to fuck some big cowboy in the staging stalls. It was just as good as I hoped it would be. There is only one thing that would be better.”

“If the stands were full and everyone watched, right?” Mark laughed.

“I can arrange that Holly,” Ainsley giggled.

“Girl, I love you. If you say that to the biggest exhibitionistic slut on this earth, you had better mean it.”

“Honey, trust me, I do mean it but I’d only want to change one thing.”

“What change?” Holly asked.

Ainsley blushed and said, “I’d want to see you do all of the cowboys in the center of the bullring and not in the stalls. You’re not the only slut in here darling.”

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(I wrote this fantasy just for fun. All characters over 18. I could have placed this story under the category exhibitionist & voyeur, but seleected BDSM. It contains humiliation and sex. Please enjoy.)

I walk purposefully towards the side entrance to the Department Store located in the local shopping mall. I am dressed in my jeans and white collared golf style shirt with my strong arms showing, and a tanned face from golfing. I look like the confident Master, which I am.

It was just after 5:30 p.m., and I knew that you would be waiting for me in the women’s department, lingerie to be exact. I had called you earlier in the day at your office, and had instructed you to meet me there appropriately attired.

Of course having to work in an office, you wore the typical business skirt, white button up blouse, tan thigh high stockings and conservative shoes. What was not typical was that after my phone call, you went into the ladies room, slipped off your panties, and took your anal plug from your purse.

After lubricating it with some Vaseline, you eased it into your bottom hole. You quiver when the plug is fully inserted, not only from the warm feeling that seems to spread to your pussy, but also the thought that your Master might insert the “real” thing, when you meet at the mall later. You remember to put on your schoolgirl panties prior to leaving the ladies room. They are white cotton full cut panties.

I see you standing at attention near the wall, your mouth slightly opened your legs spread about a foot apart and your head lowered. Your hands are clasped behind you just as I have taught you. I can see the hem of your skirt is above your knee revealing your long legs. Your white blouse is unbuttoned to the top of your breast, which now contain no bra and your long brown hair is resting on your shoulders.

You smile when you see me approaching you around the racks of bras, slips and other assorted intimate apparel. You had already picked out a few things to take into the adjacent dressing room and had informed the sales person that someone was going to meet you there to give his opinion on what you had picked out.

I grin as I wrap my arms around your waist and give you a deep, tongue, stabbing kiss. I can smell a hint of your special perfume. The special scent always makes my cock harden. The perfume seemed to work, since as I kiss and suck at your mouth, my cock hardens and grinds into your crotch. My hand reaches behind you to your backside and I give you a quick swat feeling your anal plug, as I smack your bottom.

‘How do you greet your Master subbie?’ I ask.

I watch as you curtsey deeply lifting your skirt above your hips oblivious of the other shoppers.

‘Raise your skirt higher Missy so I can see your panties and bend lower as you curtsey,’ I order.

‘Yes Master,’ You say as you execute my order your knee touches the ground as you reveal your white cotton full cut panties to all around you.

Your face is a deep red as you remain in position until I finish inspecting you with my eyes. I nod and you rise and your skirt falls back into place. Your head remains lowered as I take two fingers and place them into your opened mouth.

‘Suckle my slut,’ I order.

Immediately you start to suck and slurp my fingers following me as I walk towards the dressing room. My fingers remain at my side forcing you to walk in a bent over crouch reveling your thigh-high stockings and pretty school girl panties. It takes about 30 steps to reach our destination as onlooker’s point and smile.

The dressing room is huge with several mirrors around the room. There is a thick crimson carpet covering the floor and a recliner chair. The room is reserved for VIP’s and as I spend a great amount of money in this store it is always reserved for my benefit.

I know you love cock. You love to suck, the feel, the smell, the texture of my long hard thick cock. You are aroused as I can smell your scent from where I stand. I allow you to stop sucking on my fingers and to stand. You place the items you selected on the nearest table.

I say ‘Present,’ and you immediately stand at attention, lower your head, open your mouth and raise the hem of your skirt over your hips revealing your long, tanned legs, thigh-highs and pretty little girl panties. You place your hands behind your back clasped at the elbows and stretch your legs wide apart.

I can see your panties are soaked with arousal. I reach forward and feel between your legs. You groan as I take my finger and allow you to suck your juices. Turning you around I see your bottom cheeks peeking below your little girl panties.

‘Did you gain some weight Missy,’ I knew she was in perfect shape. I slap your cheeks at the base.

‘No Master you had me purchase my panties a size too small, which is why they are so tight,’ you answer respectfully.

‘Okay subbie,’ I say.

‘Display my slut,’ I order.

You lower your panties to your knees with both hands turning them inside out for my inspection. You keep them stretched by spreading your legs wider. I see your bare vulva lips, which look freshly shaved.

‘Kneel cumslut,’ I order.

I watch as you execute the command perfectly. You drop to your knees on the thick carpet; your buttocks resting on your heels, your knees spread wide, your hands at your thighs, palms outward, head down.

I watch as you kneel in front of my spread legs. I pull my cock out of my jeans and grab your head tilting it upward, pulling your mouth towards my increasingly hardening shaft. I guide your face to my shaft your mouth opens wide then you close your lips around the head. Using your tongue you flick the pre-cum from the tip of my head. I watch as you use your mouth to take the head into your mouth using your saliva to wash the mushroom shape head.

You your lips further along the shaft. You still remain on your knees your hands behind your back your breasts slightly showing. You slowly take the top of my shaft into your mouth and than pull back to the head sucking slowly. I feel the friction of your mouth as I guide your mouth gently towards my shaft again. This time you take the whole cock into your warm mouth your face against my tummy, as you suck gently making me moan with glee. You continue to suck up and down the complete length of my shaft and you can feel the veins along its length with the flat of your tongue.

My long penis is now rock hard, but I have another area I wish to explore so I gently push your head off my shaft. I order you to stand and turn around so your bottom is facing me. Your little girl panties make me smile again, as I order you to bend over with your palms on the dressing room chair. Your panties fall to your ankles. Your bare ass cheeks are now exposed and your skirt is flipped up on your back. I can see your anal plug sticking out from between your cheeks. I gently pull your plug out from between your legs. Reaching into my pocket I take out the KY jelly and lube your rosebud with my finger.

I take the head and shaft of my cock lube it and direct the head to the opening of your cute pucker. Pushing in gently, I ease the head just past the entrance and pause a minute to make sure you were not in any pain. Enough lubrication had smeared your rear opening to where you felt nothing but fullness.

Taking my palm I swat your backside just as I push gently into your bottom, which I can feel begin to stretch to accommodate my length. I reach over and slowly rub your clit making you push back onto my shaft. I can feel your wetness as we both moan in unison. I am deep into your bottom hole and begin to gently rock as you feel the penetration surge through your pussy. You are now ultra wet as I feel the juices leak down your thighs.

Deeply I push inside you as I begin to rock back I feel your sphincter muscle begin to hold me inside you as I come forward again. I rock quicker making sure I do not hurt you, but feel my cum building. With one final thrust I explode inside of you. You feel my creamy cum inside as you begin to orgasm starting at your clit and rising to your breasts and than your whole body. You begin to shake from the orgasm and than both our bodies go limp as you gasp for air from your mighty orgasm.

As my cock softens it slowly falls from your bottom, both of us exhausted by the scene we did in such a public place,

‘Did you enjoy that cumslut?’ I ask as we both straighten up. I give you my handkerchief to dry yourself, as I use a paper towel.

I feed you some of the cum dripping down your leg with my fingers and watch as you suck my fingers gently. Taking your collar out of your hand bag I snap it around your neck and attach your leash to the collar. Holding the leash I say ‘Lets pay for this lingerie and go home to continue this.’ We both smile as we leave the enclosed alcove wondering what the salesperson will think.

Eric went to Angela and Sherry. Jason went to Jennifer. The men had their shirts off, but left their pants on. The bulges at the crotch told the girls that their dance had turned them on. Eric picked up Angela and Sherry, and carried them towards the fireplace. Jennifer took Jason’s hand and led him to the couch

“You are mine for now, it seems,” Jennifer said to Jason. “I am happy to be yours.”

“G-God, your beautiful!” Jason stammered.

Jennifer stood on the couch, then led Jason into her arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him ardently. She separated his lips with her tongue, exploring the inside of his mouth. Jason put his arms around her waist, resting his hands on her ass. He pulled her close, and Jennifer responded by melting into him, rubbing her tits, still encased in her bra, across his chest. Jason lurched at the contact.

Eric, meanwhile had thoroughly kissed Angela, and was now kissing Sherry. Angela had slipped to the ground, sitting near his leg, and rubbing his thigh. Sherry took one of his hands and placed it on one of her tits. Eric fondled the wonderful breast, tweaking the nipple, making Sherry jump, and instilling a rising lust in her.

Jennifer reached down and undid the button of Jason’s jeans. She broke the kiss, and knelt on the couch. She slowly unzipped his pants, careful not to snag the bulge in it. Jason’s dick was uncovered as she pulled the zipper down farther. Jennifer’s eyes got larger with each passing inch.

“Good God!” she exclaimed as she finished unzipping his jeans. “You’re-you’re…”

“I know,” Jason said, suddenly dejected. “It’s too big.” He had heard that too many times before.

“No,” Jennifer said. “It’s not that. You’re…beautiful!” She looked up at him and smiled.

Jason smiled back. He felt better now. He knew he was going to try and give her the greatest pleasure she ever had.

Eric was standing as the Angela and Sherry were undoing his slacks. They then grabbed a side and slowly pulled them down, kissing his hips and legs as they became exposed. His cock stood at attention, and it was harder than he ever remembered it could be. His expression was one of pure lust.

Jennifer finished pulling Jason’s pants down, and he stepped out of them. Jennifer licked her lips as she stared at his 11″ prick. She reached out and tenderly grabbed the shaft, stroking it. Jason put his head back and moaned.

Jennifer released his cock and stood up. “Strip me, stud,” she said sexily.

Jason reached out and undid her bra, snapping the catch with one hand. Jennifer looked at him in surprise, and then smiled. She lifted her arms a bit. Jason slid her bra off, caressing the skin of her shoulders and arms as he did so. He then stepped up to her and picked her up. She felt extremely light to him. He gently placed her on her feet, then knelt down in front of her. He grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them down. Even the sides felt wet, he thought to himself. He could smell her; the aroma was heady, and it made him hornier than he had ever felt. He could see her pussy hair, and her pussy lips were swollen with desire He could see the hood of her clit peeking through the lips.

When he got her panties to her feet, Jennifer stepped out of them, then planted her feet a little wider. Jason then untied her shoes, removing them from her feet. When he reached for the top of one of the stockings, Jennifer stopped him.

“Leave them on,” she said. “They feel sexy.”

Eric had stripped the two girls down to their garter belts and stockings. Angela and Sherry dragged Eric to the floor. Then Angela knelt between Eric’s legs, and Sherry knelt over his face, bringing her pussy close to his lips.

“Eat me.” Sherry said. “Lick my honey pot clean, lover. That’s a good boy!”

Eric licked Sherry’s slit in one long lick, making her shiver. He then sucked her lips into his mouth, slowly sucking her pussy, and tonguing her clit. His nose was near her neat little asshole.

Angela was swiftly massaging his cock, then put it in her mouth, taking the whole length. Eric spasmed from the motion, making his tongue drive into Sherry’s hole. Sherry closed her eyes and threw her head back, moaning. Her hands were busy on her pert tits, tweaking her nipples.

Jason moved forward and buried his face in Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer held his head for support. Then she felt his tongue assaulting her slit and mashing her clit, making her shiver with lust and need. Then he put his tongue in her hole. Jennifer gasped, as his tongue felt very large in her. Without disengaging his lips, Jason moved his tongue back and forth inside her.

“Fuck!” Jennifer exclaimed. “Your tongue is making me wetter, stud. Come on! Tongue fuck me!”

Angela lifted her head from Eric’s cock. “Feels like a cock, doesn’t it?” She yelled at Jennifer. She nodded, as Jason’s tongue had made her catch her breath at that moment. Angela went back to Eric’s cock.

Jennifer found it difficult to keep standing. Jason’s tongue was bringing her to orgasm, and her legs started to feel weak.

All of a sudden, Jennifer felt Jason’s hands on her hips, and then she felt herself rising into the air, still perched on his lips. When he stood straight, Jennifer was perched on his face, her pussy securely in his mouth. She reached above her head and grabbed a rafter beam for support in the air.

Eric’s pussy eating increased, shoving his tongue in and out of Sherry’s pussy, and mashing her clit with his thumb. Sherry’s eyes were glazed over with lust, and her breathing was getting short.

Angela disengaged her mouth from Eric’s cock and positioned her pussy over it. She then grabbed his cock and guided it into her snatch, rubbing her clit with the head along the way. Eric was bucking constantly now. Angela put his cock head into her pussy, adjusted her position, then dropped heavily. Eric lurched forward, knocking Sherry a little off-balance. Angela reached out and grabbed Sherry’s tits. Sherry grabbed her hands and had her roughly massage them. Then Sherry looked at Angela with lust in her eyes.

“He’s fucking you and eating me,” she said, gasping. “I want his cock in me a while. We switch in two, OK?”

Angela was being bucked by Eric’s thrusts. Her tits bounced off her chest with each buck. She nodded.

Two minutes later, they switched. Angela lowered her quivering pussy onto her lover’s pussy soaked face. He immediately found her clit and nibbled it, making her shiver with lust. Sherry grabbed his cock and place the head just inside her cunt. His cock was already slick from Angela’s pussy, and a little precum coated the head. She took a breath and dropped onto his cock until it bottomed out, pushing against her cervix. Sherry then tightened her pussy muscles, squeezing his dick. Eric grunted and lurched forward, biting Angela’s clit a little harder. Angela gasped.

“Ooh, that’s it, stud,” Angela purred. “Bite my clit! Gobble it up! Make me come!”

Keeping her pussy muscles tight, Sherry started to slide on and off Eric’s cock.

Jennifer was in heaven. She was hanging on a rafter, supported at her pussy by Jason’s mouth and tongue, which was still darting in and out of her pussy while his hand mashed her clit. Jennifer’s breathing became labored.


Jennifer gripped the rafter harder as her body spasmed from the first wave of her orgasm. Her pussy juice flow freely, filling Jason’s mouth quickly, then dribbled out the sides. Jason swallowed as best he could, savoring the sweet taste of Jennifer. He kept fucking her with his tongue. Jennifer felt him tighten his grip, and she pushed down from the rafter, grinding her pussy into Jason’s face, as the wave of another orgasm rocked her body.

The sweat on Sherry dripped between her tits as she continued her tight pussy assault on Eric’s cock. She was feeling him throb inside her, and knew he would be coming soon. She reached down and fingered her swollen clit, bringing herself closer to a climax.

Angela had a pained look on her face as Eric’s mouth took her over the edge.


Angela’s body rocked once, then twice. She lifted a little, a look of surprise on her face, then dropped down and screamed as her orgasm hit. This made Eric buck his hips hard, driving his cock all the way in to Sherry, pushing past her cervix and into her uterus. Sherry screamed as the pain of that push sent her over the edge.


Sherry slammed her pussy onto Eric’s cock as hard as she could as her orgasm gripped her. She grabbed his hips for support, and she screamed a little as each thrust pushed past her cervix.

Eric couldn’t take any more. He grunted into Angela’s pussy, slammed his cock once more into Sherry all the way, then orgasmed. The first wave coated her uterus. He then pulled back a little, and filled her pussy with his sperm. It oozed from her snatch around his cock, making her extremely tight and slippery. This caused him to continue fucking her as each thrust sent a new dizzying wave of pleasure through him. His cock kept spurting, overfilling Sherry’s pussy. Sherry screamed one more time, then humped over, spent. Angela also fell to one side, just as spent. Eric gasped, then gently lifted Sherry off his cock and laid her to one side.

Jennifer’s orgasms seemed like they would not stop. She was crying now as her fifth orgasm rocked her. Jason rode it out until he felt her subside a little. He then lifted her off his face and slowly lowered her. Jennifer’s body was shaking uncontrollably. As she neared his head, she grabbed around his neck and kissed him ardently.

“Put me on your cock,” she whispered to him after kissing him. “Fuck me now!”

Jason looked at her. Jennifer’s face was a mask of wanton lust.

Jennifer was lost in lustful pleasure. Her pussy was so thoroughly eaten she felt she would not be able to walk for a week! She had to have his cock now, before she passed out. She wanted that huge member impaling her, raping her with its size, making her hurt, but filling her with a hunk of the most incredible piece of meat she had seen to date. Her last orgasm left her wet, but the thought of being lowered onto that gigantic cock made her even wetter!

Jason lowered Jennifer until she felt the head of his cock at her pussy. He spread his legs a little and found his balance. He looked at Jennifer. She licked her lips, and nodded. He dropped her onto his cock.

Jennifer’s mind exploded as her pussy lips were stretched to their limits. Her juice made her pussy slippery. Jason grunted as Jennifer started to grind her hips, forcing him to lower her more on his monster.

Jason lowered her until he felt her cervix. Jennifer knew that he had completely filled her, and that there was a little less than an inch left until she was in contact with his body. She took two deep breaths, and made him drop her the rest of the way.

Jennifer felt the head of his cock enter her uterus. Jason grunted from the feeling. Jennifer’s head was spinning from the sensation. She placed her head on his chest, grabbing his shoulders. Jason’s arms came up and hugged her in place.

Eric was just getting up off the floor when he noticed how Jason and Jennifer were joined. He whistled softly. He knew he was not that strong, and he could see the muscles ripple along his back and ass. He did not feel jealous; he was just amazed at his obvious strength.

Eric felt the hands of Angela and Sherry start to caress his thighs as they recovered from their earth-shattering orgasms. The two women looked at the sight of Jason and Jennifer. Angela moaned, and Sherry gasped.

“Is she all right?” Angela asked Eric.

“I think she is more than all right,” Eric said, smiling down at his woman. He put his left hand on her head. “I think she is falling in love with him.”

“That would follow,” Sherry said, rubbing his thigh and playing with his balls. “When we were getting ready for our dance, we were talking about him. Jenny was enamored with him after talking with him at dinner, and she decided to play to his obvious shy side with that schoolgirl bit.”

Eric looked over to his secretary and smiled.

“Come on, girls,” Eric said, “let’s give them some privacy.”

Eric grabbed Angela’s and Sherry’s hair and pulled them to their feet. Sherry grabbed his cock and smiled. The three then linked arms and headed to the master bedroom.

Jennifer was crying softly. She had never been filled as completely as she was now. The pain had subsided, and the tingle of lust was again in her pussy. Jason continued to hold her in place and stroke her back and butt.

Jennifer was sorting her feelings. She was smitten by this man’s obvious intelligence, easy-going attitude and outlook on life. He was gorgeous, and he had a unique and thoroughly erotic way to please a woman. She wanted to be with him. She wanted him to be with her. She wanted to explore many things with him, and share in his life. Jennifer knew it: She was in love with him.

Jason’s thoughts were tumultuous. He had met her only tonight, but he felt he had known her all his life. He wanted to know all about this woman who clinged to him. He wanted to know all those little things that couples tell each other. He felt himself falling in love with her.

“Jennifer, you are so amazing” Jason finally said.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around his waist and started to grind her hips against him.

“Jason, I think I love you,” she finally said.

“I don’t think so,” He said. She looked up at him, hurt. “I know so. I know in my heart that I love you. You captured my heart, Jennifer.”

Jennifer’s realization came slow. Then it hit her. He didn’t rebuke her: he loved her!

She started to laugh and cry. She hugged him hard. “Oh, you shithead!” She exclaimed. “You had me worried!”

Jason laughed. It was a good feeling, being in love.


“Yes, my love?”

“Lay me down and fuck me. Make love to me!”

Jason looked at her, then kissed her. He gingerly lowered himself and laid her on the floor, his cock still deeply buried in her snatch. He repositioned himself, then started his rocking motion, fucking Jennifer.

Jennifer’s head exploded again as Jason’s cock impaled her, bottoming out each time, but he did not go beyond the cervix. Jennifer appreciated that. She knew that at some other time, she would have him come in her uterus.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around him tighter and started to grind into him as fast as he was moving. She loved the feel of his cock filling her, stretching her to the breaking point. The slap of his gigantic balls on her ass as he thrusted felt good.

Jason and Jennifer continued in this traditional missionary position for about ten minutes. They stared into each other’s eyes, drinking in the love that shone there. Then Jennifer stopped him and had him pull out. She turned over and lifted her ass to him. She buried her face in her arms.

“Please, fuck me from behind” she said.

Jason got on his knees. He grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy again. He inserted it and pushed, bottoming out on the first thrust.

Jennifer gasped again from the feeling. Then Jason started thrusting in and out, pulling almost out then ramming home again. Jennifer spread her leg a little, then reached back and fondled her clit. Her juices were freely flowing, and she could feel it drip from her pussy. She continued to rub her clit in time with Jason’s fucking. She was being pushed forward with each thrust, but she dug in and held her ground.

The feeling from this position was more than either of them could stand.



Jennifer’s orgasm rocked her body once again. This time, however, Jason was cumming with her. His sperm coated her pussy completely; her juices flowed over his cock, thoroughly wetting their crotch areas and the floor under them. Jennifer gasped with each wave, and Jason grunted with each spurt.

Spent, they collapsed. Jason’s cock shrunk, but was still inside her. When his strength returned, he withdrew. He then helped Jennifer up. She was a little shaky.

“That was AWESOME!” Jennifer said. Her love for him shone in her eyes.

“You were awesome, babe,” Jason said back. “Love has a way of making everything better, don’t you think?”

“I agree!”

“I’ll have to thank Angela for introducing us.”

Jennifer started. “What?”

“Angela. She told me on Monday that she had someone she wanted me to meet. I’m glad it was you.”

She didn’t tell me anything!”

“She didn’t-Well, I guess we’ll have to thank her together.”

Jennifer got an idea, but she decided to tell him something first. “Before I tell you what’s on my mind, I need to tell you something about me.”

“What is it, love?”

That word flooded her with her new emotion, but she continued on. “Well, I have been a VERY close friend of Eric and Angela. We have shared of each other. I really do not want to stop that. You see, I love making it with men, and women.”

Jason was silent for a moment.

“Well,” Jennifer said, almost pleadingly, “say something!”

“What can I say?” he finally said. “That is who you are. I knew that when I fell in love with you, I would fall in love with everything about you. That you like to make it with other men doesn’t bother me. I know where your heart is. That you make it with other women-well that sort of turns me on. I do have to say that I am a little possessive, but my possessiveness is for your love. Sex is only one way of expressing it. You love me. You love Eric. You love Angela. You seem to pick your partners by that criterion. I am no different. But your love for me is a little different, as mine is for you. It is that love I am possessive of, crazy as it sounds.”

Jennifer cocked her head, looking at him. “No, it’s not crazy at all.”

“All I can tell you, Jennifer love, is that we love each other now. That does not exclude anyone we hold dear.”

Jennifer smiled wide. She grabbed Jason and gave him a big hug.

“Oh Jason!” she said, “That is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me! Come on! Let’s go thank Angela now!”

Jason and Jennifer laughed. Jennifer then led Jason to the back bedroom…

I was on a trip to Frankfurt for some work . It was a week long trip with some colleagues. After finishing the official work, I had to go out from Frankfurt for a day & my colleagues were to get back to India. I finished my work in the other citi & came back to Frankfurt to stay the night.

Since I was alone, I decided to go to a bar. I want to a bar owned by a Portugese man. I had almost 5 drinks sitting with the barmen. I was feeling a bit tipsy & decided to head back to my hotel.

On the way to the hotel, I saw a movie theater which were showing blue movies. Since I was a bit tipsy , I decided to go & see the film. I entered the theater & realized that their were 3 screenings going on. I went into the first theater & saw a few couples sitting & seeing a massive group sex happening on the screen. I sat all alone their & saw the movie & decided to move on to the next one. The next screening hall had more people & I saw extreme gay scene going on. Although I am straight but sometimes, I thought of sucking a cock but then it always ended only as a thought. At times I use to get very excited about this & use to masturbate & taste my own cum……but it was always a taboo to me to talk about this to anyone. The movie ws really hotting up with two guys screwing each other & another male joining them in action. It was pretty exciting & was very much glued to the screen & all of a sudden I realized that the person sitting next to me had his cock in his hand & was pumping it very hard…I got very excited with this & felt like holding him. All of a sudden that man came & he put his dick back in his pants & started watching the movies again.

This made me very excited & I got an instant hardon. I did not have the guts to take out my cock & do the same & I decided to explore the third theater….

The third theater had a man holding & kissing a women & the movie had just started. The girl started stripping the man & was sucking him all over & finally reached the mans dick which was an easy 9 inches long & quite a thick one. The man was trying to take the cloths out of the girls body.He had managed to take her breast out in open & was rubbing them tight. The girl was getting very excited. Man pulled the girl to him & started kissing her & started to remove the rest of her garments……& to his surprise, he sees a dick coming out of her panties……this female was a she male….

The man got down on his knees & started sucking this she male & to my surprise the cock was as long as the man’s cock.

The crowd in the theater was of mostly men & we were around 6 of us. I saw an old man sitting next to me. He had his dick in his hand & ws stroking it. I do not know what happened to me BUT I asked that guy if I could hold his dick. He was not very encouraging but I still kept trying….Ultimately tired of his no, I moved on the back row & started watching the movie. The scene was at its best with the shemale’s dick buried in the mans ass & they were enjoying the rythem… A man came & sat next to me & started watching the movie…. After a while, I saw his cock out in his hands & he was stroking it too….I asked him if I could touch him & to my surprise, he said yes. I immediately took his cock & started rubbing it hard…it was getting quite exciting & my cock was giving me a huge problem tucked inside my undies…I was really so happy to hold his cock in my hand that I did not bother about my cock. I asked him, if I could suck his cock & he readily agreed & I was down on his cock in a few seconds…..It was one of the best things happening to me… I kept sucking his cock till he came in mouth & I took every drop of it & was very happy to taste my first come of another man……BUT I was not through..I wanted more.. & I guess seeing the action between me & this man, I saw another man coming & sitting next to me. By this time, I was beyond anything & only wanted a cock in my mouth. I asked him & he was very happy to offer it to me. I took his cock in my mouth & with my eyes closed, I was in seventh heaven…this action happened for almost 10 minutes but for whatever reason this guy could not come, In the meanwhile, the guy sitting next to me was ready for action again, I left the previous guy & went down on the dick which had already left a great taste in my mouth. This cock obliged me again & came loads of white & thick stuff in my mouth…..I licked every possible drop of it.

The moment I got straight to see what was happening on the screen, the 2nd gentleman just came in front of me & pushed his dick in my mouth & started coming ………This was the third come of the night….

I was a bit guilty after this & decided to leave the theater BUT till date I cannot forget sucking & tasting two unknown guys come… This happened around 4 years back & after thatI have never had any such incident, Though secretly I am hoping that it happens soon.

This is my first attempt in writing. I have a lot of interesting experiences & would share with literotica readers soon. Please connect with me if you like the story.

Okay so last time he had just stuck the stogie in my mouth. I was tasting my first puffs of premium cigar smoke and it was good! I took lots of quick little puffs, as if concerned about it being all the way lit, the cigar moved up and down in my mouth. I saw it jutting way out in the middle of my peripheral vision, and thought, hey, wow, I’m smoking a cigar. And I LOVE IT! Joe smiled at me and chuckled a little, this action angling his cigar up and jiggling it, and after a long, contemplative draw pulled the cigar out of his mouth and said through a cloud of fragrant smoke, touching my shoulder “c’mon, let’s go.”

We drove around town and saw the sights of the beach and the rest of the town, which took about an hour (since it’s kind of a small town and we weren’t stopping anywhere ). I felt excitement at finally meeting and smoking with him simultaneous with feeling… just so comfortable with him. We enjoyed each other’s company, he gave me pointers on how to smoke my cigar, told stories of his experiences that I was all ears for, and encouraged me in my college studies and career goals that I talked about. In a strange way, it was almost… fatherly, as twisted as that may sound, or like a big brother. At the same time we were on the same level, buddies.

Sometimes Joe held his cigar in his hand along with the steering wheel, but more often, due to needing his hands free for driving, he had it clenched in his teeth. Though I found cigars attractive overall, I especially found it hot when a guy had it in his mouth with no hands. Though the car’s windows were down- it was a nice July afternoon with some clouds in the sky, so it wasn’t sweltering- it was getting pretty smoky in the car. But it was an environment I liked. Throw in us wearing suits and drinking beers (or maybe, I thought, later Joe will introduce me to a “man’s drink” like Scotch) and it would be perfect. 20 minutes into the ride I finally got a long enough ash and he counseled me to tap it off into his car’s ashtray. I was happy to follow my big bro’s instructions and absentmindedly wondered if he would have any instructions of a… different nature for me later.

Finally we got back to the hotel- as Joe had reassured me, it was smoking-friendly, apparently more and more a rarity in this day and age- “can’t a man kick back and puff on a good cigar in his hotel?” he complained, although somewhat jokingly.

I made a suggestion: from the car to the hotel room, the cigars never left our mouths, we puffed all down the hallway, leaving a trail of smoke. Smoking cigars kicks ASS!, I thought. A few people gave us dirty looks, but I didn’t give a fuck, we were badasses! I felt like my cigar was carrying me along in a cloud of confidence and manliness! Me and my buddy Joe were invincible with cigars in mouth!

In the hotel room (fortunately, a smoking room, of-fuckin-course) Joe indicated an ashtray I could put my cigar down in- my long-ass cigar had only been half-smoked! No sooner had I put it down and blown out an epic cloud of smoke from my most recent puff than suddenly Joe pulled me to him, cigar in hand, and kissed me passionately. I was surprised, but very pleasantly. Neither of us had specifically talked about romantic overtones of our friendship before, but it was clearly boiling under the surface- as evidenced by all the compliments back-and-forth online and in person on our ride.

He chomped his stogie back in his mouth and opened a suitcase (he had checked in before meeting me) and handed me a pair of swim. “Here Doug, why dontcha’ put these on?” he said around the stogie chomped in the center of his mouth, which jiggled with every word.

I swallowed. Today’s surprises just kept coming. It was one of those barely boxer-brief-sized swim trunks that were navy blue with a white edge and a few white stripes down each outer side along my thighs. I went to change in the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror and felt sexy in it, except a little embarrassed about my slight gut.

I came back out into the main room and Joe had changed, and I feasted my eyes on his uncovered torso for the first time. He had a six-pack and well-developed pecs, but more importantly to me, a V-shaped torso, with big wide shoulders going down to a comparatively thin waist. Not to mention his thick neck that evoked stereotypes of football players or musclemen. And, to top off his body which was like a tower of manly beauty, his black high-and-tight with gray temples, dark brown eyes you could get lost in with just a few barely noticeable crow’s feet, and, jutting out of his mouth, right above his strong square chin, his smoldering stogie, still jutting about 6 inches upward and outward from his mouth, and its round shape seemed to fill it just right. He smiled as I walked back in, his cigar angling further up as he did. I shyly put my hands over my stomach.

He reassured me that he had his pick of guys back north, but he was here to see me, and I was good-looking just the way I was, but if I was interested he said he could help me work out and get the body I wanted.

I said maybe so, not thinking how he would do that if he didn’t live here.

He saw my boner- couldn’t help it- and said in a low, growling tone, “I wanna touch you, buddy”.

I nervously whispered, squeaked more like, “ok” and he put his meaty hand at the small of my back, and slid it into the top of my trunks, reaching down until he was holding onto my left ass cheek. He squeezed it a little. His face was about an inch from mine, the cigar clenched in his mouth held out to the side, nearby my ear. In my peripheral vision I could see the ash glow orange as he puffed it in the somewhat dark room. I could feel his fingers under my trunks slither toward my ass crack. I was so excited, I could barely move.

He said, “ok what, kid?”

I ventured to guess…”okay, sir?”. This was really exciting. Smoke from his cigar was curling in the small gap between our faces and I coughed a little. I tensed up briefly, then relaxed as I felt one of his fingers touch my asshole, then slowly enter.

“Yes sir. You say ‘yes, sir’, to me, kid.”

“Yes sir”. The first knuckle of his finger had passed into my asshole and then the second.

“You’ve got a nice ass, kid. Nice and round. A bubble-butt.”

“Thank you sir.” I opened my mouth a little and he puffed cigar smoke into it. I savored it a moment and puffed it back out.

He started to put the tip of his middle finger in me! I didn’t protest or anything, I loved it and wanted more! The cigar was way over in the corner of his mouth; with the rest of his mouth he carefully kissed me. With his free hand, he took the cigar out of his mouth and put it in the nearby ashtray. A third finger entered me. Then he slowly shoved all three fingers in deeper, until he was almost at the bases of the fingers.

“Nice, tight but flexible, hole” he mused, grinning. He took a beer from the table next to him, the same table with the ashtray. He must have got it out of the hotel room fridge and opened it while I was in the bathroom changing. He took a swig of it. I was still standing right up to him with his fingers in my ass. “Want some, boy?” He held the top of the bottle up to my face and sort of caressed my lips with it.

“Yes please, sir.” He poured some into my mouth and I eagerly swallowed. I had never cared much for beer but now that it was being offered by this man it was like nectar of the gods. He wiggled the fingers in my ass. He took another drink and as he swallowed, contemplated me. He laughed a little. He grabbed my cigar from the ashtray and put it in one corner of my mouth, then poured more beer in the other corner. “Let’s see if you can handle both at the same time, little buddy.” I could, but almost dropped the cigar out of my mouth. I clenched it tight and took a puff. He said, “if you don’t mind my saying so, you look good, so hot, better than your pictures even.”

I said, “thanks but you’re the hot one. Your body is in such good shape.”

“You like my body, kid?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well wanna see more of it?”

“It would be an honor, sir.”

“Are you sure you want to see the rest of me?”

“Hell yeah, sir!” He rewarded my eagerness by moving his fingers suddenly in my ass, which felt awesome. I gasped. Then he took them out, which was disappointing.

He said “on your knees, buddy.” I obeyed, even though I was a little nervous about what I expected next. I’d only sucked dick a few times and wasn’t really into it, thought it was gross, though I did like receiving it! However, at this moment, I felt I wanted to do whatever would please this hot, authoritative man! He pulled down his own trunks and put his hand on the back of my head. I contemplated his 9 inch cock, thick around as a beer can, it was a little hard already. He said, cigar back in his mouth, “suck it.”.

I sucked and sucked, loving how his dick felt in my mouth, how it tasted, the heights of ecstasy I was bringing Joe to as indicated by his gasps and moans of pleasure and the ever-increasing hardness of his dick. I bobbed my head up and down on it, careful to always cover my teeth with my lips. This was amazing! I was so absorbed with giving Joe the best damn blow job ever nothing else mattered.

In this moment the most important thing in the world was just to suck, and suck, and suck…. His meaty hand on the back of my head guiding me, his groans got louder and louder and closer together. After about 10 minutes he pulled it out and I felt warm liquid squirting all over my face. Joe sat down on the edge of the bed, grunting, “good job, buddy. Good fuckin’ job” No one had ever facialed me before! Usually they pulled out and jizzed on their stomach. However, if any man was going to do this to me, I wanted it to be him. I had always thought of facials as kind of degrading, but as he walked me over to the bathroom mirror and I saw myself, I felt a satisfaction deep inside like I had never known before.

All the jizz covering my face in spurts across my cheekbones and across my forehead, some dripping down my nose and out of the corners of my mouth, some even dripping down the back of my head or down my neck- it was like he had marked me as his territory, and I was proud to wear this man’s cum! It felt like the ultimate reward for the great job I had done and all the pleasure I had given him. As we looked at ourselves in the mirror, he put his left arm around my shoulder and pointed at my jizz-soaked reflection with his right hand while simultaneously holding his cigar. “Y’know, buddy, I always thought you were cute, but now- (put the cigar back in his mouth)- you’re beautiful.”

I came spontaneously all over the mirror and counter. I had never felt so good in my entire life.

My arms were stretched over my head as I finished hanging the last sheet of drywall. Another step closer to the end of the two year process of renovating our first house, it was hard to conceal my sense of pride at turning a worthless wreck into the nicest place on the block. But as soon as I heard the garage door starting to open, I felt that familiar pang of panic.

I smelled gross. It was better to be scolded for leaving a mess than being caught un-bathed. In seconds, I stripped naked and had my clothes in the washer, my body getting cleaned in the shower.

Whitney made it clear at the beginning she wanted a totally submissive pretty boy. Submissive to the point of me taking cock but I was a college wrestler for goodness sake, and a damn good one at that.

We met in our freshman year. We kept seeing each other around the gym. She captained the field hockey team and I led the 125 pound weight class. Always having plenty of confidence, I wasted no time making her my girl. Though she was as rough as a linebacker and strong as one too, no girl in school got more stares from the guys.

She was statuesque, brawny and beautiful. Her nickname was Xena.

The first time we messed around together she kept saying that she bet that I knew my way around a man’s body from all my time on the mat. Our sex resembled a fistfight more than a romantic encounter as she used her superior height and weight to try to subdue me but I was much too fast for her.

Whitney loved the challenge of trying to outmatch me at everything but she could be as sweet and caring as my mom. That’s how we ended up with Cindy on our doorstep and me with a cock in my ass.

My wife and Cindy grew up next door to each other and were best friends. At 17, Cindy got knocked up and married to a low life loser that never had a job. By the time we graduated, she had three kids, two jobs and a horrible life.

“Shut off the shower and get out here,” Whitney said as she walked into the bathroom that Sunday. This was hell week, the seven days before her period, and this was not a good start.

“Sorry about the mess,” I said glad that there was a towel on the rack next to me. “As soon as I dry off…”

“No, Alex, don’t worry about it,” she said in a friendlier tone after she opened the door. “I’ll forget the whole thing if you agree to the Halloween costumes.”

“I’ll head downstairs and start cleaning,” I said.

“Come on, you big pussy, why not dress up like witches for the Halloween party?” Whitney asked as I stepped out and tried to towel off. “Thousands of guys dress in drag with their wives. It’s no big deal.”

“For the millionth time, I don’t like dudes. You’ve inundated me with cock. You leave pictures of cock all over the place and dog me constantly. I can’t open a text from you without fear,” I said. “You keep turning all my fucking underwear pink and buy this skimpy stuff. I’m not wearing women’s clothes, Whitney. Get over it.”

Whitney pulled the towel out of my hands and snapped me on back of the leg. “Look at you,” she said. “Trying to be all manly, how about I put you in a headlock? I can make you do whatever I want, but it is more fun if you give in.”

I stood in the corner with my hand covering my sack averting my eyes until she backed away.

“Oh, don’t get your panties in a wad,” she said. “I really came up to talk to you about Cindy.”

“Can I get dressed?”

“Why?” she asked then pulled away my arm. “I love to look at your little cock. Every time I see your cute hairless body I want to kiss your mom for those laser treatments. All that crap about making you a better wrestler.”

“It’s true,” I defended. “Once I got sweaty, it made me harder to grab.”

“Stop it,” she said. “All that fag talk is getting me hot. Come spoil me while I explain what’s going on. It’s serious.”

I have to admit that I humored Whitney by converting part of the upstairs into a salon with a full blown pedicure spa lounger. We had everything to give her massages, facials, and even style her hair. All it took was for her to strip out of her t-shirt and shorts for me to remember why. My cock immediately stood at attention.

“Gee that happens to every boy I get naked in front of,” she said then stared until I couldn’t hold back looking defeated. “Just joking.” She put on her smock and I got to work.

“What disaster has befallen Cindy this time?” I asked as I sat massaging lotion into Whitney’s feet while waiting for the water to come up to temperature. It was nothing against Cindy, I loved her. She was one of my few tethers to the outside world. Whitney had me so busy around the house I rarely got out to see anyone. But Cindy’s life was scraping along bottom going from one disaster to the next.

“About a week ago, a regional boss for QuickMart visited during her midnight shift,” Whitney said. “They hit it off and he plain asked her to meet him at the hotel.”

“She cheated on Jeff?” I asked before placing my wife’s feet into the water.

“Not exactly,” Whitney answered. She laid her head back to let me know she wanted me to get the facial mask. “He offered her $200. She kept saying ‘no’ until he got up to $500.”

I kept quiet preparing the mask and cutting up a cucumber.

“That’s mean,” Whitney said. “Cindy always had a great body and with your help, she could learn to do make-up and her hair. You could be her trainer.”

“Why am I involved? So she’s a…a call girl now?”

The whole thing sounded suspicious. Whitney was being far too casual about her best friend turning into a hooker. Besides, I didn’t have time for yet another chore.

While I applied the mask Whitney explained that the guy didn’t make it out to be something bad. He kept telling Cindy he lived a life on the road and was lonely all the time. He wanted to be with a good person. If he’d been dating her he’d spend money so this was no different. It took Cindy twenty minutes to make the same money as she makes in two weeks risking her life on midnight shift. “…And the guy got her off. She said it was the first time that happened in a long time.”

“It’s still cheating,” I said to nix any chance of the idea working its way into our home. Whitney constantly hinted about wanting to have boyfriends.

“She told Jeff and he’s all for it,” Whitney said. “It’s not like she’s got lots of other ways to make that kind of money. Wouldn’t it be great if she could have a little fun a few hours a week and spend the rest of her time raising her kids?”

“Jeff is such a turd,” I said as I dried off Whitney’s feet and got to work on her pedicure.

“He’s a man,” Whitney said. “Not like you.”


“Stop it. You know what I mean. Are you telling me you want to be some asshole that lays around on the couch? Are you going to start peeing standing up and not do all the cleaning any more? Should I go out and start sucking cocks because you quit your job?”

“No, of course not,” I said.

“Sweetheart,” she said. “Be sure to clean up my bush. Make it a heart shape again like yours.”

“Mine isn’t a heart shape.”

“Not yet,” she said.


The next morning Whitney went in early to go for a run with her boss, Chad. I was doing my morning chores when the doorbell rang.

“Do you hate me?” Cindy asked head down facing away from our front door. She was only twenty three but it was a stretch to say she looked thirty. The curly perm in her strawberry blond hair, her abuse of the tanning bed, the chain smoking between pregnancies didn’t help, but the stress of the kids and a useless husband overwhelmed any of that damage.

“I love you and the kids, Cindy,” I said.

That was my problem. I was too soft hearted. I hated for anyone, especially a woman to be unhappy. It thrilled me more than anything to please someone.

After begging off coffee, she headed upstairs to the salon. “This is going to take a ton of work. You’re sure you have the time?”

“Whatever you need,” I said. “I’m almost finished with the renovations and medical transcription can be done at any time day or night right from my computer.”

“So I can use the computer here?” she asked. “I don’t want the kids stumbling on anything or Jeff.”

“What do you need the computer for?” I asked.

“Whitney didn’t tell you about the plan? I’m going to sign-up to escort sites and Craigslist. She said you would do all the chatting to figure out if the guy is like Delmar. You know a decent guy that just wants a little comfort.”

As soon as she felt my continued resistance, Cindy began to tear up.

“It’s fine. It’s really ok,” I said. “We’ll be a team.”

“You mean it?” she asked. When I nodded she said, “I need a makeover to put up some pictures.”

It wasn’t like Cindy was horrible looking or that a few weeks without cigarettes, tanning, and eating junk food wouldn’t fix things as long as she worked out and did her makeup, but she needed pictures that afternoon. Cindy was smaller like me. I couldn’t use Whitney’s pictures.

For the next two hours I shaved Cindy’s armpits and leg hair and needed a chainsaw to clean up her pubes. It took a while to figure out how to cover freckles but Cindy ended up giving me a boner. She had super nice tits with opaque nipples. It was mainly her hips and stomach that needed attention.

We were having a great time. Obviously, Cindy was making me do stuff that she could easily have done but she was nice about it. Whitney wanted to hold my nose under water in a dog dish and have me ask for more humiliation. It really hurt me to see Cindy’s expression when she saw the pictures showing her butt.

“You can’t post these,” she said looking in the mirror at my backside. I stopped smiling. Her look boiled a suspicion coming up in me all morning.

“Did you really sleep with Delmar?” I asked. “Did Whitney put you up to this?”

“Alex, the bank’s taking my house in twenty days unless I come up with enough money to show them I can pay them off,” she said as she stepped out of the pink panties covered in hearts. “I’ll paint your toenails red and take the picture. I’ll beg you if that’s what you want. I’ll do anything for my babies.”

After five years of resisting, those panties might as well have been a rattlesnake. I’d withstood a withering blizzard of berating to the point it seemed like my whole life hinged on not giving in. Then the image of Cindy’s three kids going without food put things in perspective.

My wrestler’s mentality took over. It was so stupid. It was three ounces of cotton. I just needed to suck it up and do it.

My heart raced as I put my foot into the leg hole. The material caused tingling up my thighs as I pulled them into place. One glance over my shoulder and it was clear I had an ass guys wanted to fuck. Wrestling kept my waist narrow and the squats gave me a round butt that looked even bigger in the panties and the pose.

“This is embarrassing,” she said as we stared at her profile. “Your ass looks so good I doubt I can catch up to a butt like that in a few weeks.”

In less than a minute posted on the site, the messenger windows burst out all over my computer screen, nearly all the comments were about the butt picture. It had been so long since I’d gotten any recognition, I basked in it. Of course every guy out there would deny liking comments from other guys, they all know different.

“I’ve got to go Alex,” she said. “Jeff starts playing that warcraft game online in fifteen minutes. He’ll leave the kids to starve.”

We both knew she was sticking me with all the work. The alarms chimed as more guys tried to start a conversation. They had a million questions. “Do you go around the world? Do you do ATM? Do you like golden showers?”

“How do I answer these questions?” I asked. “How much do I charge for this stuff? I don’t even know what it is.”

“Just agree to things you’d agree to,” she said. “And charge as much as they’ll pay. Maybe I’ll go a little wild at first to catch up my bills. After that I just want to have a few regulars to make enough that I can quit working and be with the kids.”

The initial plan was to answer a few questions then head downstairs for lunch. But there were so many guys hitting me up and it was fun interacting with the outside world. The sexual play got me tingling.

Hours passed with me sitting in panties with red painted toe nails chatting with guys telling them I wanted to suck their cocks and fuck them. I even agreed to think about being spit roasted. My sexual experience began and ended with Whitney and our fairly normal sex life. By five thirty I knew more than I ever wanted to know about perversion.

“Hi, Alex,” Whitney said as she entered my office. “Cindy was crying on the phone she was so happy.”

I kept chatting with Chuck waiting for her to make fun of my panties and toes. When she didn’t say anything, I asked, “Does Cindy have anything against fucking a black guy?”

“Do you?” my wife asked. “She said she told you to just do what you’d do.”

“I didn’t care what color they were when I was wrestling,” I said between messages with Chuck where I let him know I adored big cocks. “Aren’t you going to say anything about my picture or the panties? I know Cindy had to tell you.”

“Yeah,” she said. “I’m going to say you’ve never looked more like a stud to me. You manned up and helped my best friend. I couldn’t love you more.”

I shot a suspicious glance in her direction but her expression was as sincere as her voice. It took all the anger out of me. Why did I have to be so competitive all the time? It made us both more successful in some respects, but what the fuck, panties actually felt better than my damn underwear. Was it so damn important to win that I’d mess things up with Whitney?

“You were right about the underwear,” I said. “These are pretty comfortable.”

“Have you booked any clients yet?” Whitney asked.

“This is going to be a long process,” I said. “Nearly all of these guys are bullshitters trying to scam free pussy. Of course, they claim to have monster cocks and talented tongues.”

“…Any decent guys?”

“Remember English Lit? Professor Goodman?” I asked. “I’m pretty sure he’s one of the people responding to the Craigslist add.”

It was after midnight by the time I turned off the computer and stumbled into the bedroom. Whitney refused to allow me into bed without a shower. While drying off I noticed a pair of her pajama shorts on the counter.

“They’re bamboo,” she whispered as I got under the covers. “Panties are too confining for bed.”

Whitney scrunched down under the sheets and went straight for my cock. She’d never even hinted that she might blow me. The softness, moistness and warmth of her mouth almost caused me to unload the instant I felt it. She engulfed cock and balls all at once.

“Oh god, Whitney, it’s going to make me cum,” I warned knowing that she’d freak out if I shot off in her mouth.

“Hold back for me baby,” she said. “I want to taste you. You taste so good to me.”

My toes were curled, my fingers gripping the sheets as she bathed my cock in her mouth. She sucked me to the edge of cumming then left off and said, “Thirty.” It was the beginning of a countdown that continued until my body involuntarily convulsed. She’d suck me to cumming then continue the count.

After the last count, Whitney grabbed my ass cheeks and held my cock in her mouth as I unloaded a torrent of cum so hard it made me lose my mind. I screamed out for her to let me go but she held me until I settled.

The next thing I remembered was the salty taste of her lips on mine and kissing my beautiful wife and the wetness in her mouth. The briny taste of my cum and the thought of us doing something so nasty got me hard again and Whitney sat down on me and fucked me and kissed me.

I sucked the last of the cum out of her mouth as I put a load in her pussy. She’d been begging me for years to eat her to orgasm right after I got off. I scooted down the bed and let her ride my face as I tongued her clean. She pulled my hair throughout the most violent orgasm she ever had then rolled over and cuddled my face between her legs until she fell asleep. She fucked me twice more and had me eat the loads throughout the night.

Chapter 2

“I’m the one that worked the midnight shift,” Cindy said at five thirty the next morning. “Are you feeling ok?”

“Yeah, fine,” I said, “ready to start your workout?”

She wanted to know all about the responses to the ads but I insisted we start with yoga. Cindy noticed my toes still painted and me wearing the capri yoga pants I’d refused to wear for three years.

Though we’d known each other for years, Cindy and I never spent time alone. That morning, we got comfortable together as I helped her into her yoga poses. As the morning progressed, I watched her closely trying to learn her body movements and her expressions. I was trying to get into character for chatting that day. By the end of the fifty minute session, I could mimic the things she did enough to understand her a little better.

“Where are my cigarettes?” she asked after wiping the sweat from her face. “This is going to be a lot harder than I thought.”

“Come on, let’s get on the spin bikes and ride. I want to talk to you about the type of guy you want.”

“You know,” she said as she stepped up on the bike. “At first, I just wanted the money, but now I’m going to cheat. I’m going to make money and enjoy myself. If I’ve got to do all the work, I should get some kind of reward.”

I handed her a bunch of profile printouts and helped her get her bike properly adjusted.

“Wow, Alex, you must have spent the whole day on line. And some of these chat sessions are pretty hot. You’re kind of a little slut.”

As soon as she said slut, my cock poked out the material of my capris. “It got out of hand at first,” I said. “There’s a certain type of guy…”

“…The shit talkers,” Cindy interrupted. “You’d have three kids and Jeff sitting on your couch too. I should be with a sweet guy like you but I opened my legs for the shit talkers.”

It was difficult to ride the bike. The front of my capris were going to soak through with pre-cum. Cindy upset me a little with her comments. She was treating me like girlfriend. I wanted to defend myself.

“Go back to the first four or five,” I said. “Those are all the stable but lonely guys. They know how to treat a lady. I like those kind of guys the best.”

Cindy bit down on her lip to keep from smiling after a quick glance in my direction.

“You know what I mean,” I said. Even my arms were blushing.

“Tell me you didn’t like being played. That you didn’t feel the rush of the chance to ride the wild stallion and see if you could domesticate him,” Cindy teased. “Be honest. I’m being honest with you.”

“You read the chats,” I said not able to turn in her direction but still able to see her reaction in the wall of mirrors in front of us. “You read how it got out of hand. I can see how those guys got a lot of pussy in college.”

“We better stick with the nice guys,” Cindy said. “We don’t want to end up getting knocked up trying to lasso one in.”

Between our sprints we talked about her availability and who we planned to target and where they would meet. We agreed to weed out the lurkers and the liars by making them show up at a coffee shop so I could check them out. We wanted papers proving they were STD free. There were so many interested guys that she could afford to be picky.

“It should be the other way around. I should be your pimp,” Cindy said as she stepped off of the bike at the end of the fifty minute work out. “Eighty percent of the comments are about your tiny waist and sweet little ass.”

“Cindy, quit playing around.”

“You soaked the front of your capris,” she said. “And that ain’t sweat. You’ve got the tent pole to prove it.”

“It’s all the sex talk. It’s not like I like guys or something. Let me get the showers going. Whitney is going to be awake in five minutes.”

“Alex,” Cindy said to get me to stop. She put her hands on my shoulders. “Whitney’s not part of this, I promise. It is just us. I promise not to say anything about the stuff we say to each other.”

Cindy pulled a pair of tangerine panties out of her bag and handed them to me. “See if my panties will help you get into character today.”

The naughtiness of wearing another woman’s panties got me even harder. My cock had grown to almost four inches. Thanks to all the sexual tension I was no longer a ‘two finger’ pull. That’s how Whitney referred to my cock.

Whitney was standing in the bathroom behind me holding the panties as I turned around from warming the water. She took one look at my cock and said, “Get the fuck in there…now!”

She picked me off the ground and threw me at the corner of the shower above the seat. By the time I got my balance she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled my throbbing cock in her mouth. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for me to erupt. She pulled her mouth away and used her grip on my ass to point the cum all over her mouth and chin, down her neck and over her upturned nipples all the way down to her belly button.

Her body blocked the water spray. She pulled me off of the seat and I knew what she wanted. We were wild kissing. My tongue battled hers to lap up the cum around her mouth. She shoved me away sending me crashing against the wall and got a wicked smile as she lifted her breast and stuck out her tongue to lick her nipple. I dove at her fighting to get the first taste of my cum on her breast. As I bit and sucked she tried to pull my face away by the hair.

“Get that cock in my pussy and fuck me you little faggot. Be a man and make that pussy yours.”

I used an old wrestling move to kick her legs apart. She was taller than me but I’d gotten so wild I’d done it one time before. I literally climbed up on her hooking my leg on her to turn her toward the seat allowing me to push against it with my other leg and force my way inside her.

“Suck up that cum and get that pussy you wimpy little bitch,” she screamed out. She didn’t last long. She clawed my back until it brought tears to my eyes but I kept pumping her shooting my cum into her while she got off. She always told me she loved hot cum sprayed in her pussy while she came.

She was wild-eyed. Her push sent me back against the wall again. She was Xena. Whitney was long and lean and powerful able to bench press two hundred fifteen pounds eight times. It was the first time I ever feared her but I held my ground.

“Come to me baby,” she said through heaving breaths. “That’s my cum in my pussy. You can’t have any. Wash me down now, baby. You can’t have that cum. Do you want it?”

“Yes, Whitney.”

“You can’t have it, baby. Wash me down but don’t touch it. I’m going to have you inside me all day.”

In five years, I’d never fucked Whitney without a condom. My cum went one place…in the garbage. Now for the second time it was flooding her pussy. Whitney didn’t take birth control pills. My cock was so hard it was like I hadn’t beaten off in a month.

I put the panties on as natural as if they were mine. “They don’t look good with the red toe nails,” I said as she stood at the mirror. “I’ll change to a matching color.”

“What the hell was going on in there?” Cindy asked. She had her cell phone in her hand. “I hope I didn’t cause you all to get in a fight.”

“That’s how we fuck,” I said.

She showed me her screen. It had 9-1-1 and her thumb was on the button to call. “I almost dialed it twenty times.”

“Let’s do your make-up and another laser treatment. Jeff’s going to have to suck it up tomorrow and watch the kids for a while so we can go shopping.”

“Are you going to tell him?”

“Damn right I will,” I said.

Cindy looked at me standing in nothing but a pair of panties then shrugged. “Ok.”

The spa session got me calmed down and back to thinking about helping Cindy. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with Whitney. Maybe she was ready to try getting pregnant since I gave in and decided to wear panties. Maybe she wanted me to go all the way and dress up like a girl for her.

I made an after work-out snack while Cindy played around on the computer. It was so easy to be around her compared to Whitney. I felt free to talk about anything. Mostly I felt free.

All the hot chatting with guys and opening up about how I liked to be submissive and how it got me so excited to know guys wanted me. It was all a fantasy really. We just got carried away.

“I want to see how pretty, you’d be,” Cindy blurted out in the middle of our conversation. “I’ll paint your toes and you do your make-up.”

I made one minor effort to resist but she pointed toward the make-up station and I went. She painted my nails black while I did my face. I admit I’d done it before but never really put my whole heart into it kind of afraid I’d look too much like a woman.

“I fucking hate you,” Cindy said once I backed away from the mirror. “You have the face to get the quarterback. I get the wizard of warcraft or whatever.”

It was embarrassing but standing next to Cindy, except for the boobs, I was prettier. Then she pulled my hair back and held it in a pony tail and it wasn’t even close.

Jeff called whining about wanting to get online so Cindy took off and I sat down to get to work. I concentrated on catching up my assignments for my job but quickly got distracted by the tons of IMs and emails. No one can withstand all that kind of attention.

I got into character by sitting up at the edge of the seat and arching my back then looking into the mirror across the room at my profile. I adjusted around until looking my sexiest then started typing.

The guy I thought was Professor Goodman got the first response. He gave enough answers to prove in my mind that it was him. Everyone around school thought he was an ok guy. When I imagined him naked and whether I, as Cindy, would want to get fucked by him, it seemed a little exciting. That was the first time I got hard and there was no denying why. The fantasy started getting to the point he was a little rough with me and I had to cut it off.

He liked that I wanted to get a look at him first. He liked the thought of getting tested before agreeing to a date. I’d locked in my…I mean, Cindy’s first john.

Chuck was respectfully insistent with his IMs the whole time I chatted with Bruce. He was way more aggressive once we started chatting but didn’t go over the line. Yes, I stayed hard the entire conversation. It was all of his compliments and sexy talk. It was titillating…my skin was tingling to my toes.

“Let me see you in some lingerie. You wear it and post the picture. I’ll send you a hundred bucks.”

“I’ll think about it,” I typed back. I might have squealed a little. My chest was on fire. Again, I was carried away with excitement.

“No, now. The offer expires in one minute.”

“Five hundred bucks,” I typed. It was fun to tease him, to make him work for it.

“Two fifty if you say yes in the next ten seconds.”

The teasing was over. Time to turn a corner or not. I was holding my breath. At eight seconds I typed, “Yes.”

“Email your address. My courier will run them over. I already bought them last night. The cash will be in the envelop…I trust you.”

My fingers were shaking so bad I couldn’t type. I was hyperventilating.

“You’ll know my address,” I typed but had already thought of the P.O. Box where I picked up things for my job.

“Can’t blame a guy for trying…LOL…Pick up the package at the front desk of my hotel…I left it there before heading off to my meeting.”

“I’m sending my husband,” I wrote. “I’ll have the pictures up by 10 am tomorrow.”

“Nope…It’s cold…take a cab…coat, glasses and scarf…show your pretty legs in some high heels…I want proof you’re not some fat hairy guy whacking off and making me look like a fool.”

Before I could type an answer he sent, “Need it by 5 pm. Want to post on my Facebook and brag to all the guys that I’ll be banging you in my hotel tonight. Need an excuse to get out of a client dinner. You’re nothing more than an alibi for me. It’s worth the $250.”

“Liar!” I typed.

“Oh, somebody knows she’s a little hottie.”

Chapter 3

I jumped up from the desk and paced around.

Whitney’s clothes were useless. I wasn’t big enough to wear her panties much less fit in her shoes. Cindy was at work. If I went to a store…well…I’d also end up spending more money than I’d get from the damn pictures.

Fifteen minutes later I knocked on the door at Cindy’s house.

“Come in,” Jeff yelled. He didn’t look up from his computer. He was wearing stained boxers, a ratty robe and a headset barking out commands and casting wizard spells.

“Where are the kids?”

“Mom took them to buy snow boots,” he said between lightning bolts. “Do you have any weed?”

My heart was pounding out of my chest. It was almost two. There was no time to fuck around with Jeff. I called the cab and had it meet me at their house in fifteen minutes then raced off to the bedroom.

Cindy was a typical mom. Her closet wasn’t full of sexy clothes. I texted her a couple of times and she pointed me to a black skirt she wore to church and to funerals and the black heels that went with it. She had a long black dress coat and a scarf.

All that shit was so ugly I doubted anyone would look in my direction as I strolled into the hotel. By the time I practiced walking in the heels long enough to be able to go across the bedroom without falling, the cab blew its horn. I stumbled into the skirt and threw on the coat not bothering with a blouse. I grabbed the sunglasses but forgot the scarf so I pulled up the collar as I sat in the car.

“It’s a pisser out there today, ain’t it ma’am,” the cabbie said, “I love trying to guess the reason for cab calls. You’re meeting relatives at the hotel that are in town for a funeral, right?”

Tucking down into my jacket, I pretended to be crying. I wiped across my nose without messing up my make-up.

The driver sped off. No man wanted to be in a car with a blubbering broad.

It was the standard two story business hotel where no one ever went in wearing a skirt to pick up a package. The girl behind the desk set it on the counter and went back to a walkie talkie to order the maids to hurry up and get Room 125 cleaned.

My body tingled every step of the way. I was soaking the front of the skirt with my pre-cum. My heart pounded once I had the package in my hand. I was about to take pictures in lingerie that a man bought for me. I was about to post them for the world to see. I was taking money for it.

I could barely hear over the thumping. Back in the cab I pretended to cry but it turned into a real outburst. It must have been a release of all the nervousness. The driver ran red lights to get me out of his car as quick as possible. He took the money and sped off before I closed the door.

I wasn’t about to go back into Cindy’s house and face Jeff. He’d texted me a couple of times asking where I’d gone. He wanted me to bring back a twelve pack and some Cheetos.

As I pulled into the garage at our house, he called for the tenth time.

“What the fuck, Alex?” he asked. “You left your clothes in my bedroom. Are you wearing my green sweat pants? Hey, can you buy me a dime bag on your way back? I’ll text the address.”

“Tell Cindy to call me when she gets home,” I said.

“So you’re not coming back…what about my Cheetos? The kids want some with supper.”

I turned off the phone.

One look in the mirror in my office and I spontaneously started screaming, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” My make-up was destroyed. I’d have to get a shower and redo it. I’d have to paint my fingers and toes to match the lingerie. It was already after three.

“Holy shit,” I said. “Did I just think what I thought I thought?”

Then in addition to feeling like a sissy it hit me that I wasn’t going to take pictures of my face. Somehow that overrode the fact that I had a girl thought like a total faggot. Well, gay people didn’t think like girls all they wanted was to think like a guy thinking about another guy.

“What the fuck is the matter with me?” I screamed.

I paced around the package a couple of times. Chuck was pounding me with IMs asking if I liked my new bra and panties. He said he left the receipts so I could take them back if they didn’t fit or I didn’t like them. He was so anxious to please me his veneer of a player fell away. He thought I was blowing him off.

“Sorry, babe, I just got back to the house with your envelop,” I typed. “Even before I open it I want to let you know you are a super sweet guy.”

He sent me a smiling emoticon with a huge boner and mine returned.

Inside was a receipt showing he’d been to the clinic to get his test the day before, his resume including a picture that matched his profile, a recent W-2 to back up the resume, and a box of Magnums. He’d already sent a picture to prove he could fill one.

He sent the money. He sent a room key.

I opened a box with the name La Perla on the outside. I gasped at the pastel blue hand stitched lace thong and matching push-up bra. The fucking panties alone were $180.

Fuck Cindy, she could have the money. I was keeping the lingerie. I earned it.

“My pussy already got them wet,” I typed. “I’d fuck your brains out if you were here right now.”

“Glad you liked them…do they fit?”

“Yes, you guessed right. I’m small up top,” I wrote back. “I have to go clean up and paint my fingers and toes…naughty boy.”

“No…naughty girl…I like prim and proper during the day wearing naughty underneath.”

I had to redo my make-up to stay in character and it took no time to get my toes and fingernails painted naughty black. Cindy did an ok job but I wanted them perfect.

I borrowed a pearl necklace and thumb ring from Whitney but my attempts to take a picture were a disaster. Our camera was a piece of shit and I was nervous and trying not to fall apart every time they came out wrong.

“Whitney,” I said to her on the phone. “I know you’re busy. I’m sorry for calling you and bothering you…”

“Tell me what you need, sweetheart,” Whitney said in her steady voice that always settled me down.

“I need pictures. You’ve got to come quick. I need pictures by five, and…”

“Alex,” she snapped. “Go sit and do your meditation. I’ll be home in fifteen minutes.”

I turned down the lights and put on the soothing sounds and released the chi scents before taking up my pose. My head swirled with the fact I was wearing homo clothes and taking pictures for a man and that Whitney was seeing me that way. It lasted for a few minutes until my mind took control to center me.

Sometime later Whitney brushed across the top of my head and said, “I saw the messages and the package, Alex. I’ve got the camera set-up.”

She took me by the hand with me still in a trance-like state and led me into the bedroom. I’d never considered taking the photos on the bed. She had the comforter off and our white top sheet pulled back diagonally. With a little help she positioned me with one knee over the sheet with my butt stuck out and my hand pushed up between my chest making it look like I had breasts and showing off my pretty fingernails. I was wearing my heels. Whitney didn’t care, she let me put my foot down on her clean sheets. She was being so nice it kept me dreamy and feeling soft.

“That’s it,” she said, “Just like you’re sleeping.”

She kept moving me around on the bed and in my ethereal state I let go and did as she asked. She started taking pictures that would show my face and I didn’t care.

“Ok, Alex,” she said. “It’s five till five. Pick your favorites and send them to Chuck.”

“Lexi,” I said. “When I’m like this I want to be Lexi.”

“Ok, Lexi. Go send the pictures to your man. Don’t disappoint him.”

The pictures were gorgeous. My olive skin and the black nails and blue against the white sheets. There wasn’t a bad picture. I did notice that at some point Whitney stuffed my bra with wadded up nude pantyhose to give me more boobs, but that was the only enhancement.

“I just blew my wad in my pants,” Chuck wrote. Before I could respond, he sent, “Sorry, that was over the line…forgive me.”

“LMAO,” I typed.


“What should I do?” I asked Whitney.

“Tell him the truth, right now,” she said. “He’s too nice of a guy. Let’s just have him over to the house and explain everything. Let him decide if he wants to be with Cindy.”

“…To our house?”

“Lexi,” she said. “This guy is a high-paid executive with a lot to lose. He’s not going to do anything stupid.”

“Will you talk to him?” I asked. “My voice…”

I emailed and he sent his phone number.

“Hi, Chuck, this is Whitney,” she said into the speaker phone. “You sent a beautiful lingerie set here today.”

“What’s her name?” Chuck asked not sounding surprised at all. He had the same friendly demeanor as in his messages.

“Lexi,” Whitney said.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you Lexi,” Chuck said. “I knew all along, babe. I’ve been a road warrior for ten years. You are by far the prettiest I’ve ever seen. The pictures had me believing I guessed wrong until the phone rang.”

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t speak. My cock was leaking.

“Just let me see you in person, Lexi,” he said. “Come to my room or I’ll come to your house. Bring Whitney. I’m a decent guy with a tiny kink. No expectations. I just really like you and want to keep up with the chat. Maybe we can meet up when I’m in town.”

“Lexi,” Whitney said after a few minutes of silence. “Chuck is really putting himself out there. Give him an answer.”

“At the hotel,” I whispered.

It was so fucking naughty. Whitney bundled me up in Cindy’s coat. I wore the heels and lingerie and nothing else. We were going back to the hotel where I’d gotten the package earlier in the day. There was no denying that Lexi was a whore.

I couldn’t snap out of the trance on the drive over. It was like all outside sounds were shut off. When Whitney dropped me at the door and told me to go to the room, I complied without complaint.

She told me she was going to park the car and come in the back so it looked like exactly what it was. She told me she’d use the key to check on me.

I waited in the hallway. A few businessmen walked passed looking me up and down as they went off to their dinner meetings. They were probably friends of Chuck. Finally, Whitney handed me the key and I knocked once then let myself into the room before handing the key back to my wife.

She left me in a bra and panties with no ID, no money, and no phone.

Chuck was the pictures, a burly guy with a dark complexion and dark hair. He’d been a football player at a small college but gained a little around his waist. He was ten years older than me. He had thick wrists.

“It’s best if you just hang up the coat right now and get it over with, Lexi,” he said. He wore a pressed white shirt and olive colored pants. I could see he had what needed a Magnum to cover. I was a size queen.

“I’m not tucked in,” I said whispering to hide my voice.

“It’s ok, Lexi,” he said. “I saw the pictures. You have a cock, so fucking what? Take off the coat.”

The way he said it, I just did. He pointed toward the hangers and I hung the coat up knowing he was watching my ass in heels and a thong.

“That’s it,” he said. “Look at yourself in that mirror and make it look sexy. It’s no big deal. Just play the part. I’m here to play along with you.”

“Thank you for the lingerie,” I said a little louder than a whisper.

“No,” he said. “Thank you. You are smoking fucking hot. I had to take care of myself looking at those pictures. Of course, I want to bury my cock in the back of your throat and face fuck you silly, but that’s not what this is about. Do you get off doing what I’m telling you to do?”

“Yes,” I said.

“I appreciate the hell out of what you’re doing. It takes a lot of courage to do this, doesn’t it?”


“Walk back over here, Lexi. Pull out that chair and sit down.”

There was a desk along the wall with a chair between the two double beds. I did my best to walk sexy back to him and do as he asked. He swept up behind me as I scooted out the chair. He shoved five dollars into my thong.

“You’re making your money,” he said then walked back over to the bed and sat. I spun the chair around and positioned at the edge with my legs crossed at the ankles and my back arched. I stared straight at him for the first time. He pointed at the night stand between the beds.

“See that stack of money?” he asked. There were some fives then a few hundreds.

“Yes,” I said.

“Would you suck cock for money?” he asked. “You said online that you’d suck cock. Were you lying to me?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Which one…are you lying or are you a cocksucker?”

“I’m a cocksucker,” I said.

He stood and walked towards me holding a five dollar bill. “This is just a fantasy,” he said. “I want your lipstick right here.”

Chuck pointed at the middle of his zipper. He stopped with his crotch and inch from my face. I felt the heat of my breath splashing against my skin. Every part of my body was burning so hot I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t spontaneously combust.

I pressed hard enough to leave the stain of my lips. Chuck slipped five dollars inside one of my bra straps.

“Get my cock out,” he said.

My hands were working before I could think. His fly unzipped. I reached into his boxers and touched another man’s cock for the first time. His cock was warm and soft to the touch. He felt as thick as my wrist. The head seemed wider than my mouth.

Chuck put five dollars into the other bra strap.

I kissed the head as soon as his fingers lightly touched the back of my hair. It started growing in my tiny hand.

“What do you charge for a hand job, Lexi?” he asked as he put another five between my breasts. “We never discussed a hand job.”

“You decide,” I said and started to pull him.

“I don’t want a pull,” he said. “I’ll give fifty for a ring. Where’s your lipstick? You’re going to need more lipstick. Do you think you can give me a ring?”

Chuck put his finger and thumb at the base of his cock.

I sat back a second to explain that I hadn’t brought my lipstick when I heard Whitney say, “Make your money, Lexi” as she pushed the tube of lipstick in my hand.

After coloring my lips I opened as wide as possible but the head still caught the edges of my mouth. His cock stuck at the back of my dry throat only halfway down his shaft.

“Go on and close,” he said. “It’s a great first try.”

I crammed my head forward swallowing that bastard’s cockhead until my face met his pubes. Years of sticking fingers down my throat trying to puke to make weight conditioned me to hold off from gagging without having three or four fingers down there.

My lips clamped around his shaft to leave an indelible impression.

“Where’s my fifty?” I asked.

“On your knees, Lexi,” he said. “Don’t worry about fifty dollars. Get that fucking stack. Show me your little money maker and make that money.”

Chuck smelled good. Chuck looked good. Chuck’s cock tasted good. I was a damn good cocksucker. I was shameless to get his nut. This wasn’t difficult at all. I enjoyed the sensation of his hand urging me down on his cock. I liked it when he choked me to get more spit up from my throat.

Whitney was getting her fantasy. I could see her in the reflection of the picture over the bed. She had her leg up on the suitcase stand while she fingered her pussy. She moaned making pretty little sounds as she came over and over again watching me submit to a man like a little bitch.

I was hot for Chuck. My little pussy was itching for cock. It was hard to keep from wiggling. I wetted my panties with pre-cum.

“Get your fingers wet and touch your little button,” Chuck ordered me because I could not stop squirming. “That’s a good girl, Lexi. Suck that cock. Get off like that. Enjoy earning that money.”

I missed his cock the few seconds it was out of my mouth to lube up my fingers. He slapped my cheeks with it and poked it around my face as I struggled to touch myself and get back into rhythm with him again. Whitney called out louder this time as she started another orgasm.

“Who owns that mouth right now, Lexi?” Whitney asked.

“Chuck owns my mouth,” I said.

Lexi cried out even louder. “Suck that cock off right now or I’ll come over there and beat you stupid you fag little cunt.”

It wasn’t because of what Lexi said or what she wanted. I was enjoying being the little mouth Chuck wanted to fuck. He wanted my body. I was his little bitch. His cock was smeared with lipstick and dripped of my spit from a sloppy blowjob as he pistoned in and out of my mouth, a little popping sound happened every time his head came out. He grabbed my hair and shot the first load across my tongue and down my throat then all over my pearls and bra. He picked me up and kept spraying me until he covered the panties and my cock with cum.

“Take the money and get out,” he said not giving me the chance to clean him up. My lingerie was ruined I had cum running off of me everywhere. He shoved the bills into the front of my thong. “Get the fuck out.”

I ran at the opened door. Whitney swept me into the coat as I tried to turn toward the back exit.

“No, I’ll meet you at the front,” she said. “Finish it.” She took the room key and threw it on the floor inside Chuck’s room before closing the door.

A glob of cum dripped off my chin onto the front of the black coat. It could be spotted from a mile away. My face had to be a mess. Cum was running down the insides of my thighs.

Two men exited their rooms up the hall then out toward the lobby. I followed up behind them my legs getting steadier the more I walked. My feet hurt from being in the heels. I had to take minced steps to balance. Cum dripped from my forehead into my left eye as I crossed the lobby through the doors.

It was bitterly cold. The guys that were ahead of me started their car and backed out. They saw me and yelled out their window. “Do you need a ride?”

“No, thanks,” I said as I waved.

Whitney pulled up after they were gone. I knew she didn’t want me to say anything. I knew my wife so well we didn’t need to talk at all most of the time. She reached over and held my hand during the drive.

In the garage, Whitney forced me to strip. She threw away the coat and heels and lingerie and walked the garbage cans out to the curb with me standing naked inside the garage covered in dried cum for the world to see.

She walked me upstairs and put me into the shower and we showered together. She gave me a toothbrush and mouthwash. She held me in bed. Normally, she kept a pillow between us to keep me on my side.

Chapter 4

The next morning I opened the door to Jeff. It shocked me to see him awake at five thirty.

“What the hell is going on, Alex?” Jeff asked standing holding a clear garbage bag containing my clothes. Cindy stood next to him. Three faces were pressed to the windows of the minivan. I was shirtless in my black yoga capris.

“Put the kids in their car seats, Jeff. Cindy and I have work to do,” I said. “Take a shower and shave. You smell like ass.”

I reached out my hand to Cindy and brought her inside before shutting the door. I put all of Chuck’s money in her hand. Before she closed on it, I took five dollars and opened the door. Jeff was still on the porch. “Get the kids some fucking Cheetos on the way home.”

“What in the world is going on Alex?” she asked. “Where did this money come from? I haven’t turned any tricks yet.”

“I have,” I said then walked upstairs.

In the exercise room, Cindy grabbed my arm. “Alex, tell me what is going on or I’m waking up Whitney.”

I made her wait until we started running on the treadmills but told her the whole story.

“So you gave Chuck a blowjob?” she asked.

“You heard right the first time.”

“How do you feel about it?”

“That’s why Chuck was so mean to me and ruined the underwear and Whitney threw everything away. I can forget what happened. No harm done.”

My answer came out more forceful than I meant it to. Cindy took that as a queue to change subjects.

“You are so good with the make-up, guys were hitting on me all day at the office,” she said. “I’ve never felt so pretty.”

“I’ll do even better today,” I promised to let her know my confusion over Chuck wasn’t going to encroach upon helping her.

I showered with Whitney and did Cindy’s make-up and took the polish off of my nails. We spent a few minutes talking about Professor Goodman and she was excited to have a potential client.

“I need that money,” she said. “More than that, I want to have a conversation with someone smarter than a five year old. Being around you everyday is spoiling me.”

“The money I gave you this morning will shut the bank up for another week.”

“Alex, I can’t take that money.”

“Take it,” I said. “Go home and get the kids ready for the day. I’ll pick you up for shopping in a couple of hours.”

“Here’s a deal,” she said. “We spend it on shopping…the kids too.”

With Cindy off to her house I confirmed a time for coffee with Professor Goodman and checked emails. I booked Roger, a trainer at a local gym, and Marv, the part owner of a pest control company. They had clean medical records and seemed normal enough to invite to the coffee shop. Both wanted a regular thing.

Ethan asked about stripping and a few blowjobs at a reunion party with his Army buddies on Friday. He also wanted to be a regular. He was a recruiter with an office around the corner from the mall so I could check him out without him knowing.

Chuck was flying back to Tampa. There was an email from him that I skipped fifty times until I opened it. All it said was that he was interested in dating Cindy if she was ok with it.

As I waited at a traffic light, I got a text from Whitney saying that she loved me. It was the first text message she ever sent to me. It was probably my imagination but, suddenly, it was almost like she was pursuing me.

At Cindy’s house, Jeff sat at the kitchen table wearing a t-shirt and jeans surrounded by three rug rats. The bag of Cheetos was in the middle of the table among the kids. Cindy kissed the tops of their heads and hurried out the door.

“Seems everyone is set on jeans and a t-shirt,” she said poking her chest out of her jacket then pointing at me. “I lost my job at the title company this morning. They’re going out of business. Of course, since they did a ton of work for the bank, the loan manager called.”

“How much money do you owe?” I asked. “Maybe we can loan you some.”

“Thirty eight hundred by next week…that’s just interest,” Cindy said. “You guys are a hundred grand in debt from school loans.”

I handed her the calendar and the profiles on her johns. “It’s a pretty steady fifteen hundred a week on about ten hours of work including drive times. Obviously, I know Chuck checks out. We’ll see the rest in the next thirty minutes.”

As we pulled into the parking lot, I saw Professor Goodman walking inside wearing the bomber’s jacket he wrote that he’d be wearing.

“Please tell me that’s one of them,” she said. “He’s pretty nice looking for thirty five.”

“Want to email him from my phone?” I asked.

“No, you have to do it Alex. I’m no good at it.”

I was stuck. The emails earlier were all strictly business talk. The cursor blinked waiting for me to start thumbing out a response. It was a struggle to get myself back into the Lexi character again. I wasn’t so sure about what I was doing any more.

But when I typed, “OMG, YES!!” a little thrill went through me.

Bruce Goodman looked down at his phone while standing in line for coffee. He smiled big and checked around. Cindy slunk down in the seat.

“Can’t wait until tonight,” he said. “Will make you dinner…8:30 ok? You said the kids are in bed at 8.”

Goodman pumped his fist and tipped the barista.

“Answer quick,” she said. “This is so much fun. It’s a little kinky too.”

“Perfect,” I typed.

“A chubby trainer?” she asked pointing out the window.

We shared a snicker then I said, “He’s just big boned.”

“Who am I to talk?” she said grabbing her flab. “He’s going to be disappointed once he sees my wrecked ass. Yours is so much better.”


“Of course,” she said. “He’s not wearing green sweatpants. That’s pretty much the bar.”

I tried typing a couple of bullshit responses. It took so long Roger the trainer headed back to his car looking deflated.

I finally let my feelings come through and sent, “Sensitive and rock solid…exactly my type…”

“Tomorrow for lunch?” he responded. “I can’t wait until night.”

“No, no,” Cindy said looking over my shoulder. “See if he’ll go for breakfast. I’ll be skinny and pretty after leaving your house. Jeff will never feed them twice in a row.”

“What if I crawl under the covers before 9?” I wrote back. My boner returned but it didn’t bother me. Cindy noticed but didn’t say anything. She squealed when he sent back, “I’ll leave the door unlocked.”

“Who knew the pest control guy was going to be the best looking?” Cindy asked. “Damn, Alex, you are the man!”

Marv had a square jaw, a tight ass and a blonde flat top. His short sleeve shirt strained to hold in his biceps and he had the world’s prettiest blue eyes.

“This is clearly going to be cheating on Jeff,” Cindy said. “Marv’s making my panties wet.”

“Of fucking course!” I typed and it made both of us laugh ourselves silly. I loved spending time with Cindy.

“Friday at 8:30,” Marv wrote. “My kids will be in bed by 8. He gave the instructions for the motel.”

“Marv’s wife ran off with Marv’s dad,” I said.

Next we parked to the right of the entrance to the recruiting office.

“He’s really black,” Cindy said. “He’s pudgy too but really cute. That’s the one with the party?”

“Yeah, but it’s on Friday night, too.”

“What time?” she asked.


“Fuck it, I need the money,” Cindy said. “Once you’re wet, you might as well swim. Ten cocks in one night it is.”

We bummed around the mall not really getting serious about shopping. Cindy could tell I was trying to decide whether I wanted to try on women’s clothes again. We were getting to know each other better but this subject was too intimate to broach. While walking back from the food court Cindy shouted, “Look, it’s a Halloween shop.”

We put on monster masks and afro wigs and acted like a couple of teenagers until Cindy stopped at the witch costumes. “What the fuck,” I said. “Let’s do it.”

We wore chunky high heels boots, fishnet tights that hurt like hell to walk in, a low cut black mini-dress, black wigs and pointed hats. We sent a picture of us to Whitney.

She didn’t text back so I guessed she was in a meeting. I hoped she wasn’t disappointed that I’d done something else with Cindy that I’d threw a fit about having to do with her. But this was different, Cindy just wanted a buddy.

The kids got their favorite costumes and we took off for the department stores. On a Wednesday before mid-month paychecks, it was dead at the mall. I plopped down in a chair next to Cindy for a free make-up session.

“Do it,” Cindy insisted pointing to the girl in front of me. “That little fuck is going to look prettier than me.”

While getting our faces done, they found a personal shopper to get us a private dressing room. We tried on tons of dresses and blew all the money plus eight hundred dollars on my credit card for clothes, underwear and high heels after agreeing to share everything except the intimates.

“Keep it all at your house,” Cindy said sitting in the car in her driveway. “I’ll be there by seven forty five and we can drive over to Bruce’s house together.”

“We..?” I asked.

“You have to go…we’re partners…like Thelma and Louise or something.”

The moment we stopped in front of the house after the drive back, Jeff came storming out the front door wrapping the belt of his robe around his waist.

“Alex,” he yelled. “Are you messing around with..?” His voice trailed off as he noticed my make-up. He started to open his mouth, then took another look, then ran back inside.

When I got home, Whitney was sitting at our kitchen table listening to a conference call on her phone. On my third pass hauling packages upstairs, Whitney put her phone on mute and said, “Did you buy the whole fucking store?”

“Cindy and I are sharing,” I said on the way out for the final load.

“This explains why Jeff accused you of being a lesbian in text message,” she said then went back to her call.

That night, Cindy was as pretty as I ever saw her when she got back in the car. “Who are these idiots that say prostitution is degrading? It was the best night ever with a man. I came three times. He opened an eighty dollar bottle of wine and fed me stuff I can’t pronounce. He ate my pussy!”

“Do you want me to drive you to the Quickmart?” I asked.

“Fuck that place,” she said. “I’m a hoe. Mind if I sleep over then you can run me to Roger’s place in the morning?”

Not wanting to ruin Cindy’s night, I didn’t tell her I slept in the guestroom when Whitney had PMS. I let her have the bed and stayed up all night trying to catch up on my transcription job. After Cindy spent two hours with Roger, we stopped off at the bank.

They refused to take the seven hundred fifty dollars she made in exchange for an extension on paying the rest but we didn’t let it ruin the day. I slept some, worked some and played Lexi impersonating Cindy for a while.

It was impossible not to get hard and feel pretty with guys shit talking me. I got myself so high, I sent an IM to Chuck.

“We cool?” he sent.

“Yeah, sorry I flaked on you…trying to figure it out.”

“It got out of control…hope I didn’t push you farther than you wanted to go.”

I thanked him then went downstairs to work on the renovation. It was really weird to put on jeans and boots and get nasty smelling. I finished mudding and taping the room then cleaned up and made dinner for Whitney shirtless, wearing a sarong with a beaded hemp ankle bracelet, clear painted toes and fingers. She’d been on me for years to do it. I even used the eyeliner like she wanted.

“Where did you sleep last night?” she asked as she came in from the garage.

I pointed to the living room couch.

“I asked you a fucking question, Alex,” she said.

“The couch,” I said. “Would you like some red wine with dinner? It might make you feel a little better.”

“You’re a fag now?” she asked then pulled off my sarong. I stood there not trying to hide. She whacked the top of my cock but I didn’t move. “You’re not sleeping with your wife any more.”

She stomped to the dining room and sat at the head of the table. “It smells like shit in here from that drywall. This food looks like shit. I should smash this plate over your faggot head.”

I stood naked while she ate then cleaned up the kitchen. While she caught up on her emails, I prepared the spa heating the basalt stones for her massage.

Though nearly delirious from the lack of sleep, I walked into the office and took Whitney’s hand. To the soothing sounds and smells, my hands worked through an abdominal massage then I placed her on her stomach and moved the stones onto her back.

Once she relaxed, my finger slipped between her legs. I pushed it inside her and held it there. Slowly I worked my fingers over her touching her just how she wanted to be touched until I felt her ready to orgasm. Three fingers opened her at the moment she went over.

“If your faggot cum had worked, I wouldn’t be going through this,” she screamed out. “I hate you Alex. You worthless little wimp. All I’d have to do is sit where Chad had been sitting and I’d be knocked up.”

Whitney balled up on the table and cried. I carried her to bed. She pulled me in with her and held me close. “It’s not me, is it?” she asked. “It’s your worthless little cock.”

“Yes, Whitney,” I said. “It’s me.”

Chapter 5

Everything was turned upside down at our house. We never once made love slow and easy, but she let me take her that night. I kissed her softly on the lips, her neck and on her breasts then entered her. We moved together kissing and touching. I told her I loved her over and over as I came inside her.

Whitney clenched me to keep my from going down to clean her pussy. I stayed hard. My cock would not go down. I fucked her again and she released to me and let me take her the second time. We fell asleep with me still inside her.

The next morning Cindy shined brighter than the sun standing on our front porch. “This is what living feels like,” she said. After yoga, we couldn’t stop laughing. She bragged about all the things she got to do with the kids and how she actually watched a television show and slept for six hours straight.

“And thanks to you I’ve lost six pounds and look great,” she said, “Though I’m jonesing like a motherfucker for a cigarette. I’m trying not to see my freckles coming back. I want to spend three hours in a tanning booth.”

“Your freckles are sexy,” I said as I touched up her bikini line. “These here just above your pubes are boner material.”

“Get your money out and give them a spin,” she said. “I’ve got a mortgage to pay.”

We made our plan for the night. She was wearing something pretty and sexy for Marv then going with a trashy micro mini for the party. Before she headed home, she agreed to add on Jake, the minister, and Tom, the jazz musician to her list of clients.

It seemed like the house settled down a little. With Cindy fully booked, I focused on my transcription work all day until Whitney called around a quarter to six.

“Chad and I are stopping at the house in fifteen minutes,” she said. “We’ve got a night out with the guys that flew in from Hong Kong.”

I was already wearing the black capri leggings and white v-neck t-shirt she wanted me wearing around the house. My fingers and toes were painted clear, my eyes lined and my hair pulled back. In the old days, it would have been a huge conflict. In the old days, she wouldn’t have brought anyone over. Chad was going to be our first houseguest.

“Hi, honey,” Whitney said bending over to hug me at the door. “Chad, this is my husband Alex.”

He was six three, taller than Whitney in her heels. He was lean and trim and good looking wearing a suit and tie.

“Can you stop at the office to get our car?” she asked me before Chad could say anything. “We’re taking his Mercedes.”

Chad scanned around the inside of the house.

“Damn, you make a beautiful home,” Chad said. “Everyone loves this old neighborhood but these houses take so much upkeep. Are those hor dourves I smell?”

“Thank, you, Chad,” I said after shaking his hand. “What would you like to drink? We have sparkling water, wine…wait, you’re a single malt man. Can I make you a scotch on the rocks?”

Chad shot a glance over to Whitney. My wife seemed to be levitating she was so excited that someone loved our house. When the oven timer dinged, I thought she was going to cum. I was being her submissive husband right in front of another man.

“I’ll be back in a moment,” I said. It made me feel good to please her and to hear Chad’s praise.

“This house is fantastic,” Chad said from the other room as I got the hot hor dourves out of the oven. “How can you afford it? You all are just out of college. These things cost a fortune to renovate.”

Apparently Chad couldn’t wait for me to return with his drink and food. “What smells so good? Is that foie gras? You’re a chef too? Look at this kitchen?”

“Ben Nevis?” Chad asked after the first sip of his drink.

“Isn’t that your favorite?” I asked knowing the answer.

When he walked in the door, he acted aloof, superior. Now he was scarfing down every scrap of food set out and asking for another drink.

“Do you have time for me to show you the rest of the house?” I asked. It took less than a second for him to head down the hall.

“Nice, this is your office, Whitney?” he asked as I walked him down the hall. “It’s like a full fucking gym down here too.”

“That’s Alex’s office,” Whitney said. “Mine is upstairs.”

“Do you work, Alex?” Chad asked me.

“He does medical transcription,” Whitney interrupted. “He was a top student and got accepted to medical school.”

“Whitney is lead career,” I said.

“Holy shit, you have a full salon up here. The whole second level is for you, Whitney. Do you have someone come in to do the pedicures and cut your hair?”

“No,” I said. “I do it. You could come over for a massage if you wanted.” I knew the last part would make Whitney cum her panties.

“I’m taking you up on that, buddy. This is fantastic. I’ve got to find me a wife like you.”

“Well, we better get going, Chad,” Whitney said. She didn’t seem as happy any more but I couldn’t figure out what I’d done wrong.

“Let’s do dinner, soon,” Chad said. “Great to meet you Alex, this is a great place. The food…everything.”

The last thing I heard him say as they walked out to the car was, “…He did all that in fifteen minutes?”

I stayed dressed up like Whitney wanted and made dinner for Cindy. She took a couple of odd glances at what I was wearing as she sat at the table in front of her food.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” she asked.

“I’ll wait until you’re getting dressed.” I said.

“Bullshit,” she said. “You made all this food. I want your company, Alex.”

We had the same fight when I tried to take her plate after she finished. “Get upstairs and change. The least I can do is wash the dishes,” she said. “Is that the stuff Whitney wants you to wear?”

“It’s starting to grow on me,” I said.

“It’s a little faggy,” she said.

“And a dress isn’t?”

“No, it makes you look cute like me.”

Dinner with Marv went fine. I did my transcription work at a coffee shop around the corner and had to text Cindy twice to get her to end the date.

“We never fucked,” she said as she got into the car with fifteen minutes until the party. “And believe me I feel cheated though he gave me three hundred bucks. His kids are so cute. Look, we traded pictures. He’s going to text me to check on me later.”


“I know, I know, but he’s such a nice guy. Here, help me unzip. There’s cock to suck.”

The party was in a reception hall across town. It was almost 10:30 by the time we got her make-up on.

“Stay right here until I give you the ok,” she said. “There’s ten times the people I thought were going to be here.”

“He said six or seven…it’s closer to thirty. Should we bale?”

“No, let me give it a try,” she said. “Be ready to call the police.”

“You’ve got guts, Cindy. There’s no way I’d go in there dressed like that.”

“It’s no problem. I know you’ve got my back,” she said then kissed me on the cheek before clomping off in her platform heels.

Five minutes later she sent a smiley face.

I got out my computer and put on the headphones. In a few minutes, I was lost in my job. I snapped out of it long enough to set an alarm on my watch to make sure I didn’t lose track of Cindy.

It didn’t seem but a few minutes later that I heard a knock on the window.

“You’ve got to help me out,” Cindy said wild-eyed and excited. “There’s enough horny cock in there to pay the mortgage but it’ll take me two days to suck it. I’m no good at that.”

There was no fight. I didn’t think of it as anything other than having the back of my friend. “I guess that’s why they call it taking one for the team,” I said. It made Cindy giggle.

“Thelma and Louise, motherfucker,” Cindy said. She might have been taking her new profession a little too seriously, enjoying it a little too much.

Before putting on the other dress and doing my make-up I should have thought about what was going to happen to me if they figured out I had a cock. I should have been worried that we had no back-up and that we were going to be on our knees surrounded by thirty guys.

Ethan met us at the door. “You said he’d look just like a chick,” he said. “This is a guy?”

“I’m Lexi,” I said.

“Ladies, this might not be the best idea,” Ethan said. “They got a little too tanked up while waiting. I’d feel terrible if it got out of control.”

“I saw this once in college,” I said. “Just put on the television and send them in one at a time. Cindy, you go back to the kitchen. I’ll take this little room over here.”

The first guy to come in had gold teeth and tattoos. He was cocky and thin and started trying to talk to me but stopped when he saw me on my knees. I grabbed his belt and started undoing his pants. He was running his mouth about choking me and other shit until I got his cock out. He tried to play around and slap my face with it, but I grabbed his hips and held him still for a moment. His thin long cock at my lips, I looked up at him and took him down my throat.

“That’s good, baby. That’s real good. Suck that cock, bitch,” he said then placed his hand onto the back of my head. I grabbed the other hand and put it back there too.

He barely lasted a minute before he blew a massive load down my throat.

“Damn,” he muttered then pulled up his baggy pants and went out the door.

Ethan stuck his head inside with a quizzical look on his face. “That was quick,” he said.

“Send in a few more of the virgins like him,” I said. “It’ll settle the crowd faster.”

“Look, I can’t vouch for all these guys,” Ethan said. “The ones that just came back from a tour, I saw their records. But they told their friends, that’s why there are so many here.”

“Just worry about the quick shooters for now,” I said.

Sucking cocks was fine. It was easy. It went so fast I hardly noticed the difference between dicks. All were black, most were thin, most were long enough to choke me a little.

It was the fucking cum. These guys were backed up for months. I thought some of them were pissing down my throat. I kept having to move around the room to find a dry spot. Ethan finally opened up a garbage bag and put it on the floor.

“Shit,” I said. “I forgot to keep count.”

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” Ethan said. “I’m taking the money. This is fantastic. The guys couldn’t be happier. How long can you go?”

“What do you mean? How many are there?” I asked.

“You’ve already sucked off the ones I know. What about these other dudes? My friends all want seconds or more. It’s like they’re pissed off you are such a good cocksucker. It’s like a competition or something to see who can hold off the longest…obviously, ain’t nobody out there bragging yet.”

“If they don’t have a medical record, they got to have a condom. And it’s going to be more because it’ll be harder to make them cum.”

Ethan was about to walk out of the room when I said, “Did Cindy take care of you?”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said.

“I’m sorry…only if you don’t mind,” I said. “I wanted to take my time with you.”

I was soaking my panties as I stared up at Ethan kneeling in front of him. It excited me to get to know his cock. The head was wet with pre-cum. I licked around it and teased the underside with my bottom lip. My tongue found all the little ridges and textures of his cock. I licked balls for the first time and let one rest in my mouth before engulfing him.

“Please me, girl,” he said. “Please me with that little white mouth. You’ve got some cocksucker lips.”

My tongue bathed his shaft as it went in and out of my throat. I stared up at him every moment letting him know how much I was eager to please. Too soon, he dumped down my throat and pulled out of my mouth.

“Better get that second round going girl,” he said. “I might want more of that though. You’re a good little bitch.”

The parade of cocks continued I don’t know how long. If I thought, my knees ached and my mouth was sore and my stomach was a little sick from all the cum. My body was coated with it. There were all different sizes and shapes but they all sucked the same. It was more my attitude and staying on my knees and looking up at them with wanting eyes that got them off.

I realized those porn stars didn’t know shit about sucking a dick or maybe they did and that’s why they played around. Otherwise all the videos would be short. A cock couldn’t last five minutes in my mouth. I lost my hard on at some point and it just became a job and I wanted to be the best at it. Even the few that used a condom went fast.

“Superslut, get off your knees already,” Cindy said at some point during the night. “Now you’re just showing off.”

I was in agony trying to get my legs to work to walk out to the car. We placed more plastic bags on the seats to keep from staining them.

Chapter 6

It was after two when we got back to the house. We showered and I made us some snacks. We stayed downstairs in the guest room laughing and talking all night.

“I hate it. You’re a better whore than me,” she said. “Ethan fucked me a few times and a couple of the other guys. I sucked three or four and you blew a football team.”

“They weren’t lined up out your door?” I asked.

“Of course not,” she said. “You were churning them out quick as they walked over there. My money troubles are over.”

“How much did we make?”

“I made about a thousand,” she said then stopped to build the suspense. “You made enough to catch up my mortgage plus a little.”

We both squealed like crazy until I had to shish us quiet.

“Thelma and Louise,” I whispered.

Just before sunrise, Cindy headed home to make breakfast for the kids before her mom came to get them. Their grandmother thought the only reason for Saturday mornings was so everyone could go to the flea markets and yard sales in town.

We decided to treat ourselves with the weekend off.

Before my head hit the pillow for a little nap, Whitney blasted through the bedroom door.

“What the fuck is going on, Alex,” she roared so loud it sent fear through me. I backed up against the headboard expecting to be hit. “My car is still at work.”

“I’m sorry, Whitney. I’ll ride my bike over and get it.”

“Your car was missing when Chad dropped me off at one. Do you know how that makes me look?”

There was no giving excuses with Whitney so I simply apologized again.

“What were you doing in here with Cindy with the door closed?”

“We were talking. I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Do you ever think about sleeping with your wife any more?”

“I’m sorry. Your rule is not to sleep with you while you have PMS.”

“Why don’t you want to talk with me? I heard you laughing. Why don’t you laugh with me?” she asked. “No, shut up. If you say anything I don’t like I’m going to knock you out.”

Her threat calmed her down. She realized she was pacing around the bed with her fists clenched. She released a heavy sigh and was about to leave when she looked over at the dresser.

“Where did all that money come from?”

“We…Cindy did a party last night.”


“There were so many guys,” I said. “She asked me to help her out?”

“I’m going to lose my fucking mind. Are you telling me you were out cheating on me with men? Did someone pop your cherry?”

“No…I didn’t think of it like that. I just sucked them off.”

“Them? How many?”

“Someone else was counting but about four fifths of that money’s worth.”

Whitney pointed at the garage. “Get in the car.”

It was futile but I tried to reach for a robe.


She grabbed the money and shoved me down the hall.

Whitney’s breasts were moving around inside her tank top. I could see the bottoms of her butt cheeks peeking out from under her pajama shorts as she bent over to grab her cell phone. Whitney never revealed herself in public. She sent a text message as I got into the car.

“Jeff will spend it,” I said.

“If you know what’s good for you, for the rest of your life, you’ll never say a word unless spoken to.”

Ten minutes later, I followed my wife to Cindy’s front door in my tank top and pajama bottoms. Whitney barged in without knocking.

Jeff spun away from the computer screen. His eyes were locked on Whitney’s nipples. Cindy came out from the kitchen.

“Alex sucked fifty cocks to fix your mortgage problems, Jeff,” Whitney said waving the money at him. “How do you feel about that?”

Jeff’s eyebrows went up. “Cool…is there any left for weed?”

Cindy and I cringed. Jeff was probably high because he normally had sense enough not to get in Whitney’s way when she was PMSing and pissed. With her free hand she locked on Jeff’s throat and pinned him to the wall. He tried with all his might to break her grip until he started to dim. That’s when she threw him to the floor.

“Try again,” she said.

“I’m sorry,” he gasped out.

“Cindy,” Whitney said. “No more parties. This is supposed to be a couple of decent guys.”

“We got out of control,” Cindy said. “I should never have asked Alex. It’s all my fault. I hope you can forgive me.”

Xena dropped out of Whitney at that point. She walked over and pulled Jeff to his feet and shoved the money in his hand.

“Alex told me you’d spend the money,” she said. “I think you’ll go pay your mortgage and catch up your bills. I think you’re going to get cleaned up and go to the bank right now so you can make it there the moment it opens.”

She turned around and walked to the door then stopped before leaving. “Don’t make me look like a fool,” she said to Jeff. “In fact you better make sure Alex never makes me look like a fool, again. I love Alex. I can’t hurt Alex. If it ever happens again, I’m going to fucking kill you.”

We all understood that Cindy was the person being threatened. Jeff was just the one that was going to take the beating.

Chapter 7

Back at the house, Whitney pulled into the garage and shut off the engine.

“Ride your bike to get my car,” she said. “It will give me time to meditate and get myself centered.”

I should have spent the ride worrying or thinking but it took everything in me to pedal sixteen miles after no sleep and three hours on my knees. Not a part of my body felt good as I re-entered the house. Whitney usually spent Saturday afternoons with her mother. All the way home I hoped she’d decided to put off whatever was in store for me.

“Come here,” she said as she stood out in the hall.

Two hundred forty five pounds was racked on the bench press. I laid down on a yoga mat next to Whitney’s mat and put my head on a piece of roller foam. It was hard to believe she’d let me touch anything drenched in sweat from the ride.

She faced me on her mat and reached out for my hand.

“Do you want to dress up like a girl?” she asked. I could hear in the sound of her voice that she’d been crying.

“I like wearing those pajamas to bed and the panties. I don’t mind the yoga capris. I look pretty in dresses and stuff like that but I don’t want to wear them all the time. I thought you wanted it.”

“Why did you buy all those clothes?” she asked. “That was eight hundred dollars on my credit card.”

“I lost my head,” I answered. “I want Cindy to be happy.”

Whitney bit down on her lip. “Why don’t you want me to be happy? For all this time I asked you to do a few things and it was a huge fight. Cindy gives you a smile and you suck off half the Army.”

“I’m sorry Whitney,” I said. “When I faced putting on panties the other day, I realized it was stupid to get all worked up over a few ounces of cotton.”

“Do you want to turn tricks with Cindy?”

“You’ve told me a million times you want me on my knees for guys. I don’t want to turn tricks. I did what I did for Cindy.”

“I only want you to do it because I tell you to,” she said. “I want you to talk to me and laugh and give me your rotten, worthless cum that won’t get me pregnant. Is that why you like Cindy better? Is it because you know you can get her pregnant?”

“I love you,” I said. “It’s me, not you.”

“You didn’t seem jealous at all of Chad,” she said. “You know he wants to fuck me.”

“I was just doing what you wanted. It would kill me if you left. It’s killing me that I hurt you, Whitney.”

“Do you want to wear panties today?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered hoping it was the right one.

“You can’t wear panties. You can’t suck cock. You wear your stupid boy clothes unless I tell you different.”

Chapter 8

After Whitney left, I was a little lost.

It felt weird to be free of worrying about Cindy’s house payment and the constant pressure to wear women’s clothes and submit to men. I enjoyed being alone with no real concerns as I worked on the house all afternoon. Jeff texted me a couple of times so I turned off the phone achieving hours of electronic device peace.

Around three I threw my clothes in the wash. I went upstairs and took the clear polish off my nails and started a bath. After a few moments of hesitation, I added bubble bath and scented oil, lit candles and turned on soft music. A couple of times, my toes poked out of the water to turn on the spigot before I began doing it in a way that looked feminine and sexy.

No assessment existed one way or the other. So what? My legs could look that way and it didn’t mean a thing. I posed my other body parts. I put my hair up in a big clip and turned my back to the mirror rising up so that the top of my butt was out of the water but hidden in bubbles. I put one arm over my head and the other across my chest as if I were covering my breasts. It got me stone hard.

I drained the tub and washed the bubbles off in the shower. Walking around naked making sure to look sexy with every glance at the mirrors in the room, I turned off the music and blew out the candles. On the computer, I looked at all the pictures Whitney took of me. It brought up the urge to paint my toes and wear high heels. I missed Chuck’s lingerie.

Instead, I went to the guestroom and took a nap naked drifting off thinking about how pretty I was. If nothing else came from all this, at least I learned it was no crime to want to feel soft and feminine and pretty once in a while.

The next thing I remembered was the sound of my mother-in-law shouting, “Oh my god!” My eyes opened as I recalled that I was naked in the downstairs bedroom and all my clothes were upstairs.

“Alex,” Whitney shouted. “Get down here.”

Whitney had never let anyone visit our house. She didn’t want them to see how horrible our place looked until it was completely redone. The door to the bedroom was wide open. Ava and Rip and Whitney were all coming down the hall.

I didn’t even have a towel.

“I was taking a nap,” I called out just before someone passed the door.

“You deserve one, boy,” Rip said stomping into the bedroom. He was so big I felt like he could carry me around in his shirt pocket. “You’re a fucking magician. It’s a completely different house.”

“It’s fantastic,” Ava said. Rip didn’t get that reaction out of her with a four carat diamond ring.

They were all in the room now. They stared at me still tucked under the covers. Whitney’s evil grin opened up on her face.

“Aren’t you going to get out of bed?” she asked.

“After finishing the drywall, I put my work clothes in the dryer then laid down,” I said.

“He was out all night,” Whitney said but Rip heard none of it.

“Give the boy a chance to put his skivvies on,” Rip said. “Let’s take a look at that patio out back.”

I tried to get Whitney’s attention but she purposely didn’t look at me. I had no idea what the hell to wear. Once the slider opened, I shot upstairs and paced around trying to decide.

Whitney didn’t allow shorts or jeans, anything like that she thought looked trashy. I had suits and my one set of work clothes which were in the dryer.

I put on the leggings. When I saw the bulge, I panicked and reached around from behind to grab my crank and pull it between my legs. I put on the white shirt and headed downstairs.

Ava hugged me as I stepped outside. She kissed me on both cheeks. “You look great, Alex. We’re blown away with the changes you’ve made.”

“All two-by-six construction, the architectural singles, triple pane windows,” Rip said, “Top quality work.”

Whitney planned something. It wasn’t this. I could see her frustration building especially when nothing was said about my clothes and my hair being pulled back into a pony tail.

“Let me run back inside and make drinks for everyone. May I interest you in a little something to eat?”

“Oh, don’t go to any trouble,” Ava said.

Rip got his double Knob Creek with one rock, Ava her white Russian, Whitney refused sparkling water. The crew perused the rest of the house while I made spring rolls for the ladies and mini gouda steak burgers with sweet potato fries for Rip.

Everyone gathered around the island on bar stools while I worked.

“You should have been an interior decorator, Alex,” Ava said. “You keep this place immaculate too.”

That was it. The tips of Whitney’s ears were red. She was going to say something crazy. “I brought you over to give you some news. Alex has done something terrible.”

Her parents weren’t ready to hear anything negative. They both stopped for a moment before changing expressions.

“We’re going to have to put off having a baby for while,” she said. It was the equivalent of a hydrogen bomb. “Tell them about last night, Alex.”

All heads spun in my direction. Who knows why but I stayed dead calm inside. These people had been so nice to me, I felt comfortable with them though they could be ten times meaner than Whitney.

“I went to a party and gave men oral sex for money.”

They didn’t speak for a second as my confession processed through their minds. The complete lack of outrage from her parents sparked Whitney’s.

“He’s dressing up in women’s clothes,” she shouted. “Look at him. He’s wearing leggings and pony tail.”

Rip loved the steak burgers. He plopped another one in his mouth and touched his glass for me to pour a refill. “I’m not seeing how that keeps me from getting a grandbaby. Raise a hand if it’s a big shocker that Alex has a soft side to him.”

“He blew half an Army base,” Whitney said.

“Watch the language, dear,” Ava said.

“What do you expect? His parents were a couple of New Age pot heads. They had him playing with dolls when he was little,” Rip said then stopped to slug down his drink. “It’s not like he voted for Obama or something.”

“Mom..?” Whitney pleaded.

“Dad will spend more time with him,” Ava said. “He’ll take him on a couple of gambling junkets with the boys.”

“I’ll pay for you kids to go down to the Caymans for a couple of weeks,” Rip said. “One more of those burgers will do it, Alex…those things are gawddamn delicious…walk around naked for a couple of days I guarantee he’ll figure out where his crank goes. Won’t you Alex?”

“I will, Rip,” I said. “But maybe I should finish the renovation first. They say babies get asthma from construction dust and glues for carpets and stuff. Whitney can help me with my problem in the meantime.”

“Yeah, and you should probably make a girl too,” Rip said. “I’m still not too sure about you trying to raise a boy.”

“How did you like the tempura sauce?” I asked.

“See what I mean?” he asked pointing at me while he looked at them. “Nope, that one wasn’t enough, Ales, make me another burger.”

Chapter 9

“I told my parents that my husband is a cocksucker and they barely flinched,” Whitney said standing in the master bedroom after her parents went home.

“I’m sorry they are so hard on you,” I said.

“Don’t blame them, it’s your fault,” Whitney snapped. “I’m keeping that picture of you and Cindy in witch costumes as my screensaver. It will be a constant reminder of the day you hurt me worse that I’ve ever been hurt before. And you wonder why I have trouble opening up.”

She paced around the kitchen then swept her keys off the bar. “Don’t think this is over. My back is against the wall. I have no choice but to do something. Clean up and wait for me.”

While she was gone I went back over the last week. I had done her wrong and favored Cindy over her. Any kind of sex stuff should have been discussed with my wife. It all got jumbled up. I was a horrible dick to her. When she walked back in the door, I had a whole speech ready.

“Hi, baby,” Whitney said. “Go put on your dark pin stripe suit. We’re going to have a night out.”

Forget what I said about the way Whitney dressed. She wore a long backless red gown with her dark black hair piled up on her head. She had no underwear on. You could see her entire silhouette.

“I’m going to hurt myself,” I said pointing at the pole in my pants.

“That’s the plan,” she said.

It’s impossible to explain how sexy it was to see someone as dominating as her be feminine and flirty. She knew every button to push with me and she kept her fingers on them all. I loved her neckline and she showed it to me. She’d touch her finger to it if I forgot it for a second. She’d run her finger around the rim of her glass because she knew it made me crazy. She’d eat so daintily I thought I was going to blow my balls off.

That night in bed she kept reaching over the pillow between us to touch my cock or run her hand over me. She’d let me play around a little then shoved my hand away. “No, you’re gay,” she’d say.

I stayed hard all night long.

Sunday morning, despite another night without sleep, I raced downstairs, made breakfast and served Whitney in bed.

My wife loved Belgian waffles. She went right after them then she stopped herself for a moment and started to smile. “You are so gay…I could feel you tingling all over as dad was gobbling up your burgers. Chad too.”

I grinned. “I was excited by it.”

“It made me tingle too,” she said. “I love seeing you be so submissive. I love it when people compliment all the stuff you do around here. They know that I wear the pants and how eager you are to please me.”

“I wear the capris.”

It was easy to say Whitney was a controlling bitch. But I never did. I don’t think I could have handled a minute of the pressure her parents put on her from the moment she was born. Who’s going to shrug off their son-in-law having a suck fest in women’s clothes and put the blame on their daughter for not having a baby?

We shared a laugh then agreed to go out for a trail run.

She started teasing me from the beginning. “I guess it’s not a big shocker that you have a soft side. How many straight interior designers are there? Hair stylists? Cosmetologists? Nail Technicians? Spa technicians? You peg the gay meter.”

“Does it make me gay that guys have paid $250 for a picture of me in a dress?” I asked.

“Or it could be the fact you blew the black army…straight guys do that all the time.”

“Quit it, Whitney,” I said. “You know this is giving me a boner. I’m dog tired to begin with. I can’t keep up with you like that.”

“Oh you can keep up with me. You’re so light in the loafers you prance along like a little fairy.”

“Stop it.”

“Hah, I can see it,” she said. “Did it make you all mushy inside to serve Chad? Did you touch your little button?”

Whitney was so pretty with her hair up with little tendrils of sweat stuck to her neck and that dynamite smile. Boner and all I raced in front of her and blocked her path. She slammed into me and we crashed to the ground together. Right in the middle of the trail we attacked each other. Whitney ripped off her sports bra and I sucked at her sweaty nipples while pulling my cock out of my pants. She pushed her shorts aside and despite it being the day her period was to start, she let me drive into her with her on top of me.

It was hot and dusty and we were soaking wet. Her pussy was incredible, her kisses wanting and insistent. At the moment I was about to lose control, she grabbed her bra and jumped up.

“Beat me home and you can cum inside me. If I win, you have to be my little slut tonight.”

If you didn’t already know, it’s impossible to run with blue balls. I could barely walk much less run. Whitney was showered and dressed when I came in through the kitchen.

“I win,” she cheered. “And you win too, Alex. I think you’re going to like my surprise.”

“Does it include me getting off?” I asked. I pointed to my boner. “I’m dying.”

“Oh, let me look at that little guy and help you right now,” she said. Whitney dropped to her knees in the middle of the kitchen and pulled down my running shorts. “Is it this little testicle?”

My wife licked my right nut making me so weak I had to grab the counter to hold myself up.

“Maybe it’s the one hiding from me,” she said then took her tongue across my left nut. The pain became so intense I begged for her to stop.

“How about my little tiger?” she asked. “Want Whitney to lick all of her sweet tasting pussy juices off of you?”

“Whitney, please, I can’t take it.”

She put her finger and thumb at the tip of me and slowly licked my cock from base to head all the way around. She moaned and made slurping noises and kept telling me how good her cunt tasted before taking me all the way down her throat.

“Thank you, oh shit, thank you,” I said, but as soon as the words were out of my mouth, she pulled away.

“Do you like to be trashy?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said and she sucked me down again. I closed my eyes from the pleasure and pain.

“Do you like to play a hooker?”

“Yes, Whitney, please, I’ll do anything?”

“Do you like to play with your little button in front of boys?”

“I can’t…”

“Do you?”


Whitney sucked me down her throat hard and fast five or six times. I started screaming out.

“I want to watch a fat cock open that tiny little ass of yours, sweetheart,” she said. “Do you want to lose your cherry tonight?”

“Just let me cum. I’ll fuck every cock in the state, just let me cum.”




I tried to hesitate but she came up off of me.

“Yes, yes, Jeff can fuck me stupid.”

Whitney stood and carried me upstairs kissing me with the taste of us all over her mouth. She dropped me on my feet in the shower and cut on the cold water.

Three minutes in an ice cold shower did nothing for me. Whitney pulled me out drenched head to toe and pushed the tip of an enema bottle up my ass and squeezed. Somehow the warmth from the heat of the solution gave me some relief until it wanted to come back out.

“Look up at me, baby,” she said. “Gotta have a clean little puss if you’re going to get fucked.”

The pain from my balls when I expelled the water pushed me to the edge of sanity. I cried out pleading for release but Whitney made me clean myself out until the water ran clear.

“Good little bitch,” she said. “Are you my little bitch?”

“Yes, Whitney, I’m your little bitch.”

“Go get in the bedroom and lay over the bench at the end of the bed. Point your little button at the full length mirror.”

I did as she asked. My balls hurt but I was so excited I didn’t feel it any more. My lust overrode anything else. It was so nasty to be on my knees with my legs spread and my button exposed, I was close to cumming without touching myself.

“You sure you’re clean, baby?”

“Yes, Whitney. I want to touch my button until I cum.”

“You can, sweetheart. I know you’re hurting so bad. You want a cock in that pretty little rosebud, don’t you? Look in that mirror at it all pink and puckered and ready for a prick.”


She laid down on the bed with her mouth in front of mine. “You sure you’re clean?”


“Put two fingers in my mouth,” she said. “I’ll be your lube. Come on nasty girl. Is your ass that clean?”

She opened her mouth and I put my fingers in then onto my button. I whimpered at the sensation then let out little cries of ecstasy as I ran my fingers all over the outside of my hole.

“You’re a little bitch in heat, aren’t you?”


“Put those fingers back in my mouth.”

The thought that regardless of how much cleaning, my wife, would let me put those fingers into her mouth pushed me over the edge. I knew she’d planned to torture me much longer, but there was no holding back, cum shot out of me all over the bench, the carpet and my chest. I tried to block the spray to limit the mess but brushed against my cock causing another eruption.

I ended up curled on the floor cumming over myself crying out over and over.

“Look how you’re laying,” Whitney said then stepped over me. She took my fingers and put them in her mouth then ran my fingers through the pile of my wet cum on our hardwood floor. On my side with one knee up and the other straight down, it was easy to access my button again.

“That’s just how a bitch lays when she’s ready to breed. You’re still in heat aren’t you?”

Cumming did nothing to reduce my urges. I was full of lust, my breaths so short and labored it was hard to say anything more than one word at a time, “Yes,” I finally choked out.

With another shower, I came down from the orgasm but the blind desire never went away, all of it centered on my little cherry.

Whitney wouldn’t let me put on make-up or polish. She made me shave off my patch of pubic hair. I applied oil and lotion to my skin until it was soft as butter.

When she showed me the orange spandex micro mini she wanted me to wear, I knew why she got me so excited. It was straight whore especially with the white platform strappy heels. I looked like a transvestite hooker getting into the car but it didn’t matter. The ache to get to touch that little button again was the only thing driving my thoughts.

Chapter 10

We drove to the seedy part of town with my pussy throbbing. Whitney had nothing to sexually satisfy me unless she brought a dildo to fuck my ass.

We stopped at an old motel along a six lane highway. There were a few dirty looking prostitutes hanging around the window of the motel office waiting to get their rooms. Cars honked and men yelled as they passed.

I couldn’t believe Whitney would let the tires of our car cross a parking lot of a place so filthy but she handed me twenty six dollars in wadded up fives and ones to go pay for a room.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” a large black woman in a stained white tube top and jean skirt asked. Her feet looked like they hadn’t been washed in days. I could smell her.

“Meeting someone,” I said.

“Let me see you out front, the only pecker getting shoved up your ass tonight will be your own.”

In my state, I like the degradation. A man called out of the car that he wanted to fist fuck me. “I bet you could take a fist up that cunt,” he shouted. The disgusting fat ass behind the window told me he’d cover the room for a trip around the world. It made me feel cheap and used; a slut that would do anything for the next cock that came along.

The two bed hotel room was shockingly large. It was probably a nice suite in the old days but no one bothered to update the décor since the Kennedy administration.

“Take everything off and wait in the bathroom,” Whitney said.

Minutes later there was a knock on the door. I was surprised to hear a woman’s voice. It was someone that knew Whitney. Maybe she was a little older. Clearly it was someone that was in command.

“Come out, Lexi,” Whitney said.

“Oh, its got a fag name too,” the woman said. “Don’t look at me motherfucker or I’ll poke your fucking eyes out. You make me sick.”

There was a guy about six feet tall and pretty thin standing next to the woman. All I thought when I saw him was how clean he looked. He had perfectly cut and combed blonde hair parted on the side, but almost no hair on his body. He was naked except for a brand new pair of white ankle socks. Though half a foot taller and twenty pounds heavier, I could beat his ass any time I wanted to, a five year old baby had more muscle definition.

They were both about thirty. She wasn’t much bigger than me but commanded over the whole room, even Whitney to an extent. I think she was a little attractive but I was too scared to take another look. I felt trapped.

“Don’t be demure,” the woman said to me. Then she turned to Whitney and said, “Let’s let them play a little. See if Ben will take the scent and breed that little bitch.”

I did not like Ben at all. He was the soft, bookworm kind of wimpy guy, but somehow a little more authoritarian than me in a way. I guess it was his height.

I got closer to him because I felt I had to. Honestly, I was losing my desire and just wanted to get the fuck out of there.

As I approached, he stared at me until I averted my eyes. He did it again and I put my head down and look to the left. I could tell he liked that. His flaccid cock thickened a little bit.

It was dead quiet inside the room. Everyone felt the tension of something about to happen. Ben reached out his hand getting it close to me. I stopped shy of running into it. He waited.

He wanted me to feel his superior size. He was going to wait all night until I looked at his superior cock. He moved his head in like he was going to kiss my neck. It spooked me. I kind of reached out my hand at him then turned to move away.

“It’s a bitch,” the woman said, “She’s already presenting herself to him.”

My entire being was burnt up with lust but I didn’t like this game. His fingers brushed my hip causing me to look over my shoulder as I walked away. This time I met his eyes a little longer. He reached out his hand then started toward me holding the distance as I continued to escape his presence. It was getting too hot in short range of him.

He closed up on me and put his fingers on my lower back and pushed a little. I changed directions giving me plenty of room to escape. I smelled the scent of a man for the first time. He followed but gave me a little room to run. It was clear why we’d come to this hotel to a room this size.

There was a wall separating the beds from the bathroom and a larger open area. I felt stupid running away so I backed up into the wall and stopped. I was exhausted from having no sleep. I wasn’t sure this of this whole idea.

He moved in and I put out my hand. He kept coming until he touched his side against my fingers then raked his hand across my nipple. He breathed in and looked at me. I knew what he wanted so I turned and he caught the scent of me. I could almost feel myself release pheromones or something when the thrill of being touched went through me.

Ben followed me around the room closing in touching me, letting me get comfortable touching him. There were mirrors everywhere and I kept catching glimpses of me sometimes with Ben’s hands on me, sometimes with his eyes following my movements.

Everyone seemed content to let me play coy trying to decide if I were going to let myself be bred. A battle went on inside me but I kept noticing myself posing in the mirror my steps emphasizing my hips always with my butt jutted to expose my button.

It all was happening so naturally, I simply let it continue to happen. On one pass in front of the beds, I turned to him and he took a quick step to cut me off, his first aggressive movement.

We stood face-to-face for a moment each second making my heart race faster. Ben touched his fingers to his lips then slapped my little dick. It sparked a little sound from me and I tried to get away.

The woman was laughing as he pushed at my waist to put me on the bed.

I noticed his cock getting hard as he tried to climb on me. He got his face to my neck before I turned over to get away. He grabbed my hips and held me for a moment.

He moved his face forward to let me know he was taking in my scent again. When my cock got a little hard the woman chuckled.

“You put her in season, Whitney. She wants to be bred,” the woman told my wife. “You were right. You’ve got yourself a little bitch in heat.”

I’d let my guard down to listen. Ben took advantage to get up on me.

“Enough Ben,” the woman said. “Come to me bitch.”

I walked over and she had me kneel in front of her. She picked up my chin and said, “Come Ben.”

He walked to her side and she turned my head to face his cock. Though not anywhere near the size of some I’d sucked, I got the message.

As I stood up to walk away he raked his fingernails across my butt and pushed me to my knees again, my body over the bed. He popped my ass a few times then right over my pussy. It stung and got me angry enough to squirm away.

“It’s ok, Whitney,” the woman said. “Bitches will make those little yelps but Ben’s getting her cunt full of heat to keep her from ripping open.”

Ben started another process. It went on for a long time. At first he’d just throw a hand on my shoulder to weigh me down but would let me escape. Then Ben pursued me until he got me down, he’d hold me until I fought myself away. Any wrestler knows what’s eventually going to happen in a match with no time limit and a heavier opponent. I’d reached the point where I had to fight it out or accept the inevitable.

It was clear to everyone that I didn’t like Ben or want him inside me but that I was so full of lust that I wanted cock. After a while I started letting him catch me. We’d get together and he’d pin me down. At first, it was always from behind, then I stopped resisting once and he got me on my back. He bit at my nipple and when I resisted, he went for my mouth. His cock touched my button as he lunged up to get to my lips.

When I panicked, he came on really strong until he had me cornered by the headboard. I turned and he used that movement to get me onto my stomach. He ran his fingers over my button to work in the pre-cum he left there. He kept popping right on my pussy and scratching me until a different kind of burn enflamed the whole area.

As the time got closer, I got weaker and his cock found its way to my rosebud more often. Sometimes he had me down long enough to use my pre-cum or his spit. We were both sweating so that it made it slick too.

Finally, I started letting him control me, control my waist, so he could put pressure on my ass. Ben started getting cocky. I let him have me from behind and he turned me on my back and bit at my nipples until I let him bite.

He wanted my full surrender and was willing to keep after me until he got it. I’d seen dogs breeding and knew that it happened at the pinnacle of the bitch’s weakness and lust. He got excited when I tried to fight. He grunted a few times up next to my neck as he pressed against my ass.

Those were the first sexual sounds in the room for an hour. He got me up on my knees once and backed away. I held there for a moment and he nipped my ass to get me moving then dropped on top of me pushing me to my stomach.

He bit my shoulders and neck as he pressed to my ass. We were slicked up enough that he got my pussy a little open once.

Now he was into it. He was ready to breed. I got away one last time but he threw me onto the other bed on my back and mercilessly bit and sucked at my neck and nipples. He kissed my mouth open and stayed after me until I kissed him back. He shoved his fingers down my throat and took the heavy spit to my cunt.

He held me down with his cock poised at my opening until I released to him. I was surrendering my virginity to a man. I was about to be bred.

He was gentle now. He turned me over and gave soft kisses to my neck and back. He got me on my knees and pressed at me until he had us positioned so that his cock would stay at my hole.

He worked me a few times then backed up and tried again. I heard myself let out a soft sound. I was aching for him to enter me. He spit on my ass. He spit on his cock and tried to ram me. I yelped and moved forward.

When he grabbed me, I knew I was going to get fucked. He pushed in passed my rings and stopped. I was just about to rest when he pulled out.

“No,” I cried out.

He spit on my ass and rammed all the way to his balls then rested his head on my back. I’d been taken.

There was no denying I was a bitch in heat. He had to hold my hips steady to keep me from moving. He waited until I let him have total control of me then started a steady dominating fuck. He let me know there was going to be no doubt when he finished. Every shred was going to be gone.

Ben had me crying out so loud people in the other rooms beat the walls telling me to shut up. I begged to be fucked and for him to stop. I lost my mind in ecstasy. He’d take me to the edge and keep going miles beyond.

After what had to be more than an hour of being bred, he spun me on my back and fucked me so fast and hard that I came for the fourth time as he sent a burning load into my ass. He held me close to him and kissed and bit at my neck and over my mouth until our breathing completely calmed.

I laid naked in a pool of sweat and cum with Ben’s cock softening in my ass. When it should have been over another waved of emotion swept through me, this was feminine and soft and completely submissive.

“Thank you, Ben. Thank you, Ben,” I whispered in his ear.

When I went quiet, Ben stood up over me, looking at what he conquered. He was proud. He stayed there until I moved to acknowledge his superiority. He watched me until I presented myself to him again.

The woman came up to me and put something in my ass.

“The adjoining room is ours. Meet us outside in fifteen minutes. We’ll eat at the restaurant next door.

“Go, Lexi,” Whitney urged me once they left the room.

I saw the hickeys on my breasts in the shower. There was even one on my hip that I couldn’t remember getting. The trashy whore at the hotel didn’t have a third of the bites and marks on her neck as I did.

Maybe if Ben hadn’t bred me the way he did, I would have resisted going out into public in a whore’s dress torn up from being fucked. We walked across the parking lot and entered the restaurant, Whitney in a white dress, the woman the same, Ben in a white shirt and pants and me. Every head turned to stare, they muttered out the truth of what I was.

Ben sat on the bench next to me. He put his arm around me and pulled me in until I rested against him. He ordered food for me and I nodded my acceptance.

“How does it feel with a load in your pussy?” the woman said.

When I got ready to answer, she put up her hand and said, “Don’t tell me what I want to hear. Tell me.”

“Thrilling and fulfilling and trashy and queer and humiliating and wanting.”

“Are you ready to be bred again?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Ben can have what he wants.”

“Do you want to know how Ben feels?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“Tell her Ben,” she said.

“I hate myself for wanting to fuck that little bitch again.”

“Do you want to be his little bitch?” she asked me

“A part of me does?”

“You’re not ready yet,” she said. “It takes about fourteen or fifteen times, then you’ll start developing little lips to your pussy. That’s when you’re fully a bitch. Do you want to have cunt lips?”

I was hard again. Pre-cum was seeping into the dress.


“Your nipples will get enough stimulation for them to develop. You get that this isn’t a couple of sessions to release the bi-sexual in you. This is primal submission.”


We ate our food and walked back to the hotel, we each went to our room.

I sat on the bed, Whitney a chair. Their adjoining door opened. I stripped, closed the bathroom door and opened our adjoining door.

Ben rushed me and got me down on the floor. He landed with his balls over my face. It forced me to take in his scent. Unlike the previous time, he was rough right away testing and proving that I was weak from the first time.

He forced me onto the floor. When I tried to stand he pushed me against the bed and put his crotch to me again. He wasn’t hard. He kept his balls in my face until I nipped at them. He grabbed my hair and dribbled his piss into my face then pulled me into the bathroom by the hair. When he finished peeing he chased me around until he was able to wipe off around my ass.

It made me mad to get marked like that. I fought for a while until he pinned me to the ground again, this time his butt and balls were in my face. He waited until I nipped then licked at it once and licked and licked until it was wet and I had the indelible scent and taste of him in my mind. He offered a taste of his cock and I wet it with licks. He let me get up and get away for a few minutes. He chased and backed me into their room and steered me onto the bed.

Ben started being so rough with me that I didn’t want him any more. He knew I was weak and throbbing for his cock, he tossed me around just to torture me. I pushed him and took off running for the other room.

“Bitch, heel,” the woman barked so sharp it stopped me. “On the end of the bed, face out. Control your bitch, Whitney. This is why you have a problem.”

Ben sauntered up to the end of the bed putting his balls at my nose.

“Bitch,” Whitney said in her field hockey captain voice. She whacked my ass to get my nose nuzzled into his sack. I took in the scent and licked all the way as far as he would let me.

“Go,” Whitney ordered and off the bed I went. Ben ran me down and got me down. He put me on my knees and kept after me until I allowed myself to be mounted. This wasn’t for breeding, it was for dominance.

I licked Ben wet this time. I had the smell and taste of him on my mouth when he pinned me on my back and started biting my nipples. It hurt so bad I started to tear up a little until Whitney put her hand on my head.

I calmed right down and let Ben do as he pleased. It seemed like he’d never let up until finally his hardened cock brushed my ass.

Whitney grabbed my hair and walked with me crawling behind her into the other bedroom and up on the bed.

“Present,” she said. I got up on my knees and moved around trying to figure out how to leave myself open for breeding. She dragged me off the bed by my hair and circled me around. She put me at the end of the bed again and made be sit back.

“Present,” she said again. It took three more tries but the third time, in addition to putting myself in the perfect position, I let myself be taken.

Whitney removed my plug and Bend slammed into my sore ass. I felt full and possessed and the heat swelled up in me again. Ben let me slam into him and we worked into a rhythm. I was on my way to another orgasm when Whitney said, “Present.”

She didn’t want me to cum.

She had to pull Ben away leaving me whimpering. She put me at the edge of the bed and we had to do that again a few more times. I was so fucking exhausted, I let go and Ben took me and he slammed into me for so long I was laying flat on the bed by the time he was ready to cum. Instinctively I arched my hips to get his cum inside me. Ben rolled me over and went inside me again.

He kissed my neck and held me close his cock still raging hard. We started kissing and our tongues were together and I kissed him back and I kissed him until I drew more of his cum into me.

It satisfied me that the woman barked for Ben to come to her a few times then finally had to pull him away. They left me in a puddle of sweat and cum. It streamed out of my ass. Whitney put a washcloth between my legs but it got pink and wet from the little bit of blood and torrent of cum.

She put a hand towel between my legs and had me wear her panties to the car.

Whitney showered and went to bed while I douched until I gave up and wore a maxi-pad and panties under my pajamas.

There was absolutely no touching when Whitney was on her period but the pillow was gone when I got into bed. She spooned in behind me.

“I know you had to do it, Whitney,” I said.

“It was all those years of teasing you and putting those gay thoughts in your head.”

“I did what I did,” I said.

“You love me too, much, Alex,” she whispered. “You love me too much. Mom and dad know. They know it’s not in you to break me.”

“You proved to me tonight you’ve been right all along. It was my fault,” I said.

“Go to sleep, beautiful,” she whispered.


I was a fucking train wreck the next morning. Never in all the years of wrestling did I hurt so much. My neck was a mess. There were bruises and suck marks around my lips.

“Hold your head up, baby,” Whitney said as she walked into the kitchen to get her breakfast. “You look beautiful to me. Let me see the reason why I love you so much.”

We both knew that on Monday, Cindy was going to see that Thelma and Louise were finished. I’d done my job and found her decent guys, steady clients. She had everything she needed to get herself back in shape and be a good mom to her children.

It was time for her to get her house in order and Whitney gave a good example of how. Cindy was part to blame for letting Jeff run wild.

I’m not sure whether mom and dad did me any favors by taking my side. That’s what forced Whitney’s hand. She let me sex chat and ignore her. She supported me in taking the lingerie pictures. She supported me when I went to the hotel. She didn’t complain until I spit in her face with that picture in the witch costume.

I walked all over our marriage vows. If left to run, I got myself in tons of trouble.

But even the submissive spouse has to take charge sometimes. I scheduled a Saturday appointment for Whitney to see her OB/GYN and put it on her calendar. We went together and I held her hand. We proved there was nothing wrong. She was fully capable of having healthy children. That was one less weight she carried.

Rip was right. On our vacation, I figured out what I had to do. When we got back, I told my in-laws that we needed more time. There were some changes needed and the renovations were going to take at least another seven months.

During that time and with Whitney’s permission, I discovered that out that of all the things I’d done, I like dressing up and taking pictures the most. We posted them on the internet. Chuck liked them all.

Whitney had a few boyfriends and one fucked her for a while but I never worried that she’d get pregnant. I blew him a few times but he couldn’t hold Whitney’s interest very long especially after she got promoted.

In the fall, I took a job as an assistant wrestling coach at a small college and enjoyed getting back on the mat. Everyone got a good laugh when Whitney and I dressed up as twin ‘little bo peeps’ for Halloween.

That night after we got in bed together Whitney asked, “The renovations are done. Should we have mom and dad over?”

“Not yet,” I said. “I’ve got to go back, Whitney.”

She clenched up. “Are you sure?”

“I can’t let it go,” I said.

That weekend we returned to the motel. When I opened the bathroom door, I knew the woman knew why I was back.

Her stance wasn’t laid back. She was tense. The guy was too. He was only about six feet tall but thicker, more muscular, and dark black. He had a fat black cock. There was no missing his musk as I moved forward.

With the slightest sign of intimidation, it was going to be a rout. I was outweighed this time by almost a hundred pounds. He didn’t flinched as I approached. He knew, the woman knew, but I’m not sure Whitney knew though in less than a minute she would.

He didn’t put up his hand to make it easy on me. I wish Ben was the one in the room.

I put out my hand and just before it made contact with his hip, he swiped down to block it off of him. She should have brought a wrestler. He was face down eating carpet an instant later locked in a submission hold. I wasn’t hurting him. I’d never hurt anyone except my wife.

He tapped the ground three times.

“No, I want to hear it,” I politely said.

He grunted a couple of times then said, “I submit.”

I stood, walked over to the adjoining door and opened it. I kicked the other one open. Whitney let out a gasp.


Here is Part 8 of ‘Kate’. Still swinging! This is the foursome so the ‘Mike is a wimp, Kate’s a whore’ brigade – don’t read any further! Very hardcore at the end for Kate’s fantasy but, hopefully, all ends well. In the light of the very negative comments posted I would welcome some support so please, if you are enjoying the story of Mike and Kate, let me know. Thanks Anon UK. Hope to continue soon but will be some delay – very busy and on hols.

The Warning:

If you have read this series before you will know what to expect; if not please take the time to read the introduction to TWIML, Ch.3-Pt.1. It does explain the story and how it is posted and I prefer it if my readers know what is coming! If you don’t read that introduction then please don’t complain about the content.

Chapter 37Tuesday brings the foursome!!!

Oral (both)/straight (various positions).

I awoke next to my love and, as usual, spent a few moments looking down at her. I love to do this, always have, always will. I’ve always been an early waker, usually before my love, so this is something I’ve enjoyed all my life. Kate was restless in bed and I didn’t often get any covers so was used to sleeping ‘cold’. Now she looked so lovely. I eased out of bed and showered then downstairs to get breakfast. She didn’t wake – not unusual!

I’d got breakfast ready by the time she came down, yawning as usual. “You didn’t wake me,” she said accusatively.

I laughed, “I need my strength for tonight. Can’t be letting you have your way with me this morning!”

“Beast,” she laughed, “I wouldn’t. You need to be at your best tonight.” Then she was suddenly sad. “Mike. It is all right isn’t it?”

I held her to me, “Love, off course. Whatever you want you know. Anything! I love you, you know. You don’t have to feel this way!”

She took a deep breath. I knew just what she wanted. “Oh love, I’m sorry,” she sniffed, “I shouldn’t!”

“Silly! I can’t wait to see you face. Kate, love, just enjoy. Heck, I love you.”

She pulled my head down and kissed me. It was a kiss that promised so much. “Much more of that and you’ll be face down over the kitchen table,” I said with a laugh.

“Mm,” she said with a provocative smile, “now there is a thought!” but she escaped my embrace and began to set breakfast, “but you have to wait. We have got some treats for you tonight.” She held me tight then her usual self shone through. I made to kiss her again and run my hands over her lovely bottom.

“No beast,” she said laughing, “I know you, you just want start early and see all the things!”

I laughed back, “Too right! OK breakfast now minx,” and so we laid out everything then ate. Toni and Gina came down together looking happy and joined us.

We were taking them for a drive today, showing them something of England’s ‘green and pleasant land’ so after breakfast it was dressing then into the car. It was a ‘fun’ day. We drove to the coast, to a seaside town. So different from Italy they were amazed. Lunch was taken in a ‘pub’. They couldn’t get over the whole idea of a ‘pub’ and all the things that meant – and the fact that you couldn’t get a cup of coffee! (Well you couldn’t in those days).

It was a great day full of fun and laughter, just enjoying being with people we were both coming to love. What sort of love we weren’t really sure but, talking about the visit afterwards, it became obvious that Gina and Toni, as well as becoming sexual partners, were beginning to fill a void in our lives.

They left Toni and me alone again when we got in, cooking a ‘special dinner’ they said – and it wasn’t the food!

We chatted about many things. Business in particular. I wanted to, I don’t know, bring him into the fold I suppose. Make sure he was successful and we made some plans for the future. We spoke about the villa. How to add bedrooms. It was quite difficult because there wasn’t much land each side and we couldn’t build up. Toni said he would consult a local architect who was used to the problem.

After this long discussion about serious things I finally turned to him, “So, looking forward to tonight then?” I asked with a laugh.

“Yes,” he said laughing back, “but a bit nervous.”

“Mmm, so am it but I am intrigued by the new underwear!”

“New underwear, new underwear?” said Kate as she and Gina came into the lounge, “who’s got new underwear?”

“We were rather hoping that you two had,” I said with a smile, “Particularly if you want us to be on out best behaviour tonight.” My way of signalling to Kate that I had spoken to Toni about tonight’s possibilities.

She picked it up straight away. “Oh, so you,” lots of emphasis, “you want to play tonight do you? What do you think Gina, shall we let them play?”

Gina pouted outrageously, firstly at Toni then at me, then said, “Only if we can all play together,” with a wicked smile.

I looked at Toni and winked, “Mmm, sounds good to me eh Toni?”

He smiled, at ease now we were all together in this, “Yes, that does sound rather good. What do you think Kate,” he added with a look in her direction.

“Oh, I think it’s a marvellous idea,” she responded with a laugh, “providing you two do just as you are told! Now, enough of this banter,” she added in mock seriousness, “Gina and me are going to get dressed for dinner. I suppose you men will just stay as you are?”

“Mmm,” I said with a smile, “yes we will and await your return oh mistress mine!”

“Less of the mistress,” said Kate with a laugh, “see you in a minute.”

About an hour later we heard them coming down the stairs laughing and joking with each other then Gina came into the lounge.

Now I should mention how they were dressed for dinner because it was obvious that their main aim was to get Toni and me as hot as possible. Gina first. She wore her hair loose with a slight up curl. She was wearing some of Kate’s jewellery, primarily diamond earrings that hung about two inches and matched a diamond choker type necklace.

Her dress was a thick black fishnet affair cut low over her delightful bosom with three tiny black chains hanging between. Gina often favoured black for sexy dresses and lingerie – we didn’t mind, it always looked fantastic. It was almost totally see-through without being so – if you know what I mean. The soft texture of her, slightly dark, skin shone through. Underneath she wore a flesh coloured bra and black panties, the outline and shape of which was obvious. Add to that three inch heels on open shoes and you can imagine just how shaggable she looked. I had to hold Toni back! Mind you, I had to hold myself back. She looked absolutely fantastic.

“Mmm, that’s got your interest,” said Kate as she entered the room behind Gina.

If anything she was even lovelier. I know I felt like throwing her on the sofa and screwing the arse off her there an then but I was pretty sure she wouldn’t stand for it. Well not before dinner anyway!.

Kate was wearing her hair just a bit longer than usual just now, it hung below her shoulders, and was very dark, almost black. I liked it like that now and again. I should say that Kate was fond of changing her appearance: different hair colour, different lengths, sometimes wigs. She would apply make-up as well to give a totally different feeling. It stemmed from our love of role-play I suppose. I would even change hair colour or style sometimes. We might both wear specs: something I liked a lot on Kate. I’ve never been able to understand the saying that ‘guys don’t make passes to girls that wear glasses’. I’ve always found spectacles on women very appealing.

Anyway, to Kate’s dress that evening. She was wearing a see through silky/nylon thingy – I don’t know what to call it, that reached her waist. It had long sleeves and a pretty leafy type design across the bust. It hid nothing because I could see that she was wearing a white bra designed to lift and squeeze her boobs together. All I wanted to do was bury my face in between!

Around her waist she wore a loosely tied shawl pinned at the side. This was s bit more opaque than the top but it was still easy to make out the shape of a pair of fairly miniscule white panties that I could see matched the bra. All this was finished off with four inch court shoes which emphasized the shape of her bottom to perfection.

As to jewellery, she wore two inch hoop earrings and a matching hoop necklace with a tiny jewel hanging on her bosom.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her!

“Got you as well,” she said with a big smile. “No you bloody don’t,” she added with a laugh as I made to grab her. “You don’t get to touch just yet. Anyway, this is only for starters.”

Christ, I thought, they’ve got more stuff for later. “Well Toni old son, looks like playtime is going to be fun tonight.”

He took a deep swallow as he dragged his eyes away from these two glorious examples of femininity then smiled and said, “Yes, I think it will be.”

Gina walked over swaying her, oh so inviting, hips and kissed him. Then over to me for another kiss as Kate bent and kissed Toni. I stood and, as Kate came to kiss me, grabbed her and held her close, “God woman you are sexy,” I said as I kissed her. “How the hell do you expect us poor men to eat tonight while you sit there like that?”

She laughed as she pulled away, “Oh, I expect you’ll manage. I told you, this is only the hors d’oeuvres. Wait till you see the main course. Now away you naughty man. Gina come, let’s leave them to exercise their imagination while we rustle up the meal.” And with that they left the room, bottoms swaying enticingly.

Toni looked at me and smiled, “Dio!!!” he said.

“I’ll second that,” I laughed. “We are going to be busy tonight Toni but, then again, I suspect we’ll enjoy it!” He laughed and we chatted for a while before the girls called us in for dinner.

The meal was difficult. Difficult because it was almost impossible to concentrate on the food which was, by the way, excellent. They treated us like a couple of Greek gods, serving food and wine as we needed it. Not that I drank very much, or ate really, I was concentrating on the heavenly bodies flitting around the dining room. Sometimes they would even pick food up on a fork and feed it to us all the time crooning how much they were looking forward to later on. If I was mesmerised poor old Toni was speechless, almost unable to get hold of himself at this ‘assault’ by these two fabulous women.

I took control at the end, shooing them out of the kitchen while I railroaded Toni into helping with the clearing away. It gave us both a breathing space and, shit, did we need it. I know that I’d been on constant ‘alert’ all thought the meal as they brushed up against me, bent in front, showed off their bodies. I can only think that they knew we were a bit unsure about our performance later on, two men sort of thing, so they were doing this to wind us up. I do know that it worked. I don’t know about Toni but all I could think about was screwing the arse of Kate and/or Gina!

Well, we cleared up and made coffee, jokingly talking about their behaviour and their dresses, then back to the lounge. They were much more subdued then, almost as if they wanted to calm us down. They sat apart and invited us to sit by them, Kate to me and Gina to Toni. Coffee was taken quietly, softly, with gentle caresses that, in their own way, were just as exciting as the ‘over the top’ behaviour of the meal. There wasn’t much conversation, most of the communication being by touch and in looks. It seemed they were happy to just be held, be loved, be admired, before the evening ‘took off’. This seemed to go on for quite a while then Kate kissed my cheek, stood, and said to Gina who was, by the way, snuggled up to Toni, “Are you ready?”

Gina kissed Toni’s cheek, smiled and nodded.

Kate turned to me, “We’re going to get changed now and to get ready. Is that all right?” The way she said ‘get ready’ made it clear that, tonight, she would prepare her bottom and she wanted me to approve. Her eyebrows raised and she looked concerned as she waited my reply.

“Mmm,” I said with a smile, “sounds good to me. And you can show Gina the ropes can’t you?” I was making it clear that I knew what she wanted tonight, how she wanted the night to end and she would know that this was an opportunity to show Gina all about anal sex.

She smiled back and crossed to take Gina’s hand, “Come on Gina, put him down. You can have much more of him later . . .” and, with a wicked smile at us both, she pulled Gina up and out of the room. As she left she turned and said to us both, “Be ready you men, we want you tonight but you must do as you are told but we might be a little while!” and she left.

I turned to Toni, “Are you OK with this Toni?”

He smiled his slow smile then laughed, “I don’t think I have much choice Mike. The way they behaved tonight I expect they won’t take no for an answer!”

I laughed in return, “Mmm, perhaps you’re right. Bloody hell Toni, but don’t they look fabulous. God knows what they’ll wear tonight.”

“They have been shopping,” he said with a smile, then more seriously, “what will happen Mike?”

“To be honest Toni, I don’t really know,” I said with a soft smile. “We’ve never done this before either but I think they’ll be in charge, we just do as we’re told, perhaps take over when the opportunity arises? Whatever happens I expect we’ll enjoy it.”

“Yes,” he said. “Mike,” he went on pensively, “what did Kate mean when she said ‘get ready’? It meant something I think.”

I took a deep breath. It was only fair that he knew what to expect after all. We’d all been rather unkind to him on that first night at the villa so I felt the need to be open with him, and it was something new to him as well. “She meant she was going to get ready for anal sex.” His eyebrows shot up.

“You mean . . . .?”

“Yes, she wants to show you and Gina all about it and Toni,” deep breath, “she wants you there after me.” He looked shocked and went to speak. “Wait Toni, let me explain.” He had to know how she felt about this, about him, about me, about us. “It’s been her fantasy for a long time Toni. To have another man . . . oh how shall I put this? To have another man inside her, filling her with his seed. Toni, you’re that man.” Again he looked shocked.

“I need to explain. Our feelings for you two are difficult,” I said intensely. “When I was with Gina, Toni,” thankfully that didn’t seem to bother him, “I had strange feelings. Oh not like with Kate. I love her more than anything – you know that, it’s how you love Gina but . . . Bugger, this is hard. Toni, my feelings were paternal. Hell, sexual but paternal as well. This is so hard to explain . . .”

“I know,” he interrupted then signalled for me to wait. “Mike, Gina and I have spoken of this. These feelings. I love Gina, as you say, I love her totally but how I feel about Kate . . . She moves me Mike. She make me feel . . . Dio, non lo so, I don’t have the English. I look up to her, she is, is . . .” he was obviously having difficulty finding the words. “We talk, Gina and me, we talk about you. About you both. How you make us feel.” He was intense now, very intense. “You are much older . . .” I raised my eyebrows with a smile trying to ease his tension (and mine) and it brought a smile, “perhaps not that much,” he added, “but you are older and . . . Well you know about me. For me, in this short time, you are . . . important, someone to look up to and Kate,” he took a deep breath, “Kate is your wife and you give her to me.”

“Hold on Toni,” I interrupted, “I don’t ‘give her to you’, she makes that decision. She wants you, but it’s more than just sex. You need to understand that.” Time to try to explain. “We can’t have kids Toni. No family for us.” He looked sad.

“It’s OK Toni, we’re used to it. Come to terms with it but it does effect how we feel about you two. You must see that. Gina is young enough, just,” I added with a smile, “just, to be my daughter. Those were the feelings I think I was having trouble with. And Toni,” I went on seriously, “that’s something of what Kate feels for you, of what I feel for you,” I finally managed to say. This was difficult for us both. We men are not very used to expressing feelings like this but it was important that he understood what was going on tonight. Oh, I was sure the girls had programmed everything, well as much as they could anyway. That didn’t bother me, I was looking forward to it and I had, after all, experienced two women often before Kate when mum and Angela would enjoy themselves with me. But Toni? Not naïve now, of course, after Gina and one night with Kate, but still relatively inexperienced.

He was quiet for a moment then said emotionally, “We are lucky Gina and I, to have found you two. I think Mike that I love Kate but not as I love Gina. With Kate, before,” he was conscious that he might hurt me talking about them together but it didn’t so I nodded with a smile, “it was so wonderful but different. Even more exciting than with Gina,” he added with a smile. “She is wonderful Mike, wonderful.” It was clear that he worshipped Kate, did until the end, and his feelings for her were strong.

I didn’t feel ready to explain my feelings for Gina in depth just then. I didn’t really understand them myself so I just said, “Yes, she is,” then went on with a deep breath and a smile, “tonight will be a roller coaster Toni, we just have to be there.”

“Mmm, I suppose so but I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be,” he ended with a laugh, his tension eased now.

“Neither can I. Come on let’s shower and await their pleasure – and ours!” With that we went to the second bedroom and used the en-suite. Whilst we didn’t shower together we were open in our nudity. I was used to changing rooms and communal showers, so was Toni, so that didn’t bother us and I think our chat had, sort of, lowered the barriers. Even so, I think we were both a bit nervous as we went into the main bedroom dressed, as instructed, in boxers, to await their arrival. I must admit I was looking forward to seeing what they would be wearing.

It must have been nearly an hour since they went upstairs to get ready. Our chat had lasted a while so we didn’t have to wait long before the door to the en-suite opened.

Kate was first and she took my breath away. I need to describe her because she almost stopped my heart. It wasn’t only what she was wearing, mind you that was fantastic, it was her whole demeanour. She seemed to exude happiness, pleasure, desire, sexuality. I don’t think I’d ever seen her so excited and enticing. Anyway, to describe her.

She was wearing her hair (colour back to normal) straight as usual and hardly any make-up but then she seldom wore much in the bedroom. I think she had a hair-piece on because her hair seemed longer than usual, reaching to her breasts.

The lingerie! She was wearing a white basque which was see-through underneath her boobs but thicker material cupping them. Suspender straps hung loose from the basque but more later! She had a, sort of, shawl around her neck and over her shoulder with the cords draped over her body. For some reason it made her look even sexier!. She was wearing matching knickers over fishnet tights. She didn’t often wear tights, always said they got in the bloody way but tonight – wow. The outfit was finished off with a tiny denim belt around her waist that didn’t really do anything, just highlighted the swell of her hips. I loved this outfit very much and kept it after . . . Miranda has worn it for me on several emotional occasions (more in part 3).

Added to all this were the bedroom slippers with three inch heels that emphasised her bottom (as if it needed it!). She looked divine, a goddess. As I’ve said, at 32 Kate was at her peak. Not slim by any means but perfectly in proportion. She was confident in her sexuality and in her ability to turn me, and probably any man, on with little other than a smile. I dread to think what my heart rate must have been as I sat there and watched her turn a couple of times. Still, showed I was OK!

I’d heard a gasp from Toni as she came in and now, as I got hold of myself and just feasted my eyes on her, I turned to look at him. He was mesmerised, unable almost, even to breathe as she stood before him, fixed him with her eyes, and smiled. He made to reach for her like some automaton, unable to control his feelings I suspect, but she motioned him away.

“Wait,” she said with a smile, “patience!” and turned to ‘introduce’ Gina.

If my heart rate was high looking at Kate, it rose as I saw Gina. As for Toni, his eyes almost left his head. I heard a gulp as she came in and stood before him.

As before, she was dressed in black complementing her dark hair which was worn straight. She wore a chiffon silk housecoat which was almost transparent and reached the floor. A black bra, not terribly revealing but sexy anyway, covered her delightful breasts. Her knickers, just a triangle of black material covering her pussy, were slightly transparent as well. A wafer thin suspender belt held pretty little suspenders attached to black nylon stockings that reached to mid-thigh. They were actually self-supporting but we didn’t find that out until later!

Her three inch heeled, open-toed shoes, gave her more height, accentuating her lovely figure, and she wore two pieces of Kate’s jewellery to finish off.

It was painful to look at her. Well, her and Kate. They were fantastic, fabulous, gorgeous. Frankly I don’t have the words to describe them then I only know that my cock was at full stretch almost immediately and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them or for them to get their hands on me.

I think we both must have made to move towards them but we were quickly told to wait.

“You must do as you are told,” said Kate with a smile, “just sit and watch!” Easier said than done!! They paraded up and down a couple of times then began to pose. I noticed, with pleasure I might add, that they stroked and caressed each other in an intimate and very sexy way. I don’t know how long this went on for but by the end of it I was almost starting to gibber! They finished by kissing and holding each other close then Kate, having eased off Gina’s gown, knelt in front and took her knickers down, Gina pouting outrageously at us both as she did so. Gina now returned the favour, easing Kate’s cloak thing off followed by her belt. Now my only query was answered – was Kate going to take off her tights? Well she didn’t need to because, when Gina eased off her knickers I saw that the tights had a split crotch that gave access to her undoubted charms. After this initial disrobing they both turned to face us, eyes full of desire; desire and fun. With a laugh Kate said, “Now you two, lie back on the bed. We are going to see what you have to offer!”

So we just eased ourselves back on the bed and lay back awaiting our fate. Kate came round to the side of the bed and looked down at me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and here arises one of the major problems with trying to describe a true foursome. I wanted to look at Gina as well but she was round the other side concentrating on Toni I suppose. In these wonderful experiences you can only talk about what is happening to you or, if it’s possible, sometimes what is going on with everyone but most of the time it’s just you.

I reached up to Kate as she knelt next to me and began to run her hands over my body. Such an exquisite experience, particularly as Kate had been ‘trained’ by mum to touch like she did. I couldn’t stand much of it, I needed to hold her, to feel her body next to mine. Honestly, I’d forgotten about Toni and Gina in the intense desire I had for Kate. She hadn’t however! Before I knew it she was gone and was replaced by a young minx who didn’t stroke, she kissed.

Gina’s mouth found mine before I realised what was happening – it was like early on. They were running the show. Toni and I took over a bit later but now – well. As with Kate I had to touch Gina, hold her, but she pulled away continuing to kiss. She left my mouth and face and crossed my chest as she eased off the boxers. My cock, completely hard by now after the show and now this attention, sprang out and was gripped immediately by her hand, careful to control the base!

She kissed all down my body but around my cock and balls only gently gripping there to make sure nothing untoward occurred. The change again. Kate was back, stroking and, this time, kissing and licking. It was so difficult not to grab her and hold her close but is guessed that wasn’t what she wanted. It seemed they wanted to be in control just now so I just laid back and enjoyed it. One hand was now gently masturbating my cock, the other still on ‘sentry duty’ at the base. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of a woman exploring my body but I opened them quickly as I felt a mouth around the end of my cock.

Gina had returned and was gently sucking the end of my penis. After just a moment she looked up. “You must turn,” she said softly, “turn round.” In my reverie I wasn’t really sure what she meant but she motioned with her hands. “Turn so you are the other way,” she said. She wanted me with my head at Toni’s feet. I wasn’t going to argue, intrigued now at what they intended, so I spun round noticing Kate working on Toni’s cock with mouth and hand. This caused a minor crisis but I managed to hold on.

As soon as I settled into my new position I realised what they intended as Kate, keeping her attention on Toni’s cock, moved her hips over my head. I was faced now by a sight I always enjoyed, my wife’s ripe pussy topped by the crease of her gorgeous bottom enclosing the delectable forbidden tunnel of pleasure. Before I could catch my breath a mouth, I assumed it was Gina’s, enclosed my cock. I later realised what they did. Laying us next to each other top to tail allowed them to 69 us both at once. At the time all I knew was that my cock was being sucked and licked by a wonderful mouth and tongue and, before my eyes, was heaven itself. I did what came naturally. I used my tongue and fingers. Sucking and licking Kate’s pussy was always a pleasure and, because I guessed that the mouth around my cock was Gina’s, it was all so exciting.

It wasn’t long before I felt the need to probe the tight ring of her anus (did Toni do the same to Gina – I never found out?). It wasn’t difficult to ease a lubricated finger past the muscle of her ring and it resulted in a push downwards – I was sucking her clit at the time – and a flood of female nectar as she came.

She was still for a moment and the mouth left my cock – did they kiss? Then some movement and I could see again. Kate was kneeling at my side. Glancing the other way I could see Gina kneeling next to Toni. Then Kate straddled my hips and grasped my cock. Oh god, I thought, I can’t cope with this, hold on for christ’s sake. Again glancing left I saw Gina’s back as she did the same to Toni. They were going to ‘ride’ us.

Kate gripped my erection and found her entrance with the head. She sank slowly down and my cock was engulfed in the warm wetness of the heaven of her pussy. I was torn between looking up at Kate as she lowered herself down and Gina’s back as she did the same on Toni. It was so exciting because I could see the crease of her buttocks and her anus between. Kate knew because she leant forward then and whispered, “You can’t have that one yet but you can have mine later you beast,” and she bit my ear.

“I god I love you,” I whispered back, “and I sooner have yours anyway!” This resulted in a secret smile and a settling down, taking all of my cock inside her pussy. By now Gina had done the same and they both sat upright and, turning to face each other, began to kiss. Hands stroked bodies, breasts were caressed and nipples pinched gently. It was too much for me. I reached for Kate’s thighs and, pulling her down, began to thrust upwards into her, filling her with as much of my cock as I could. A couple of thrusts were enough – for both of us! I felt her liquid flood my cock and balls as I began to fill her womb with cum. It seemed to intensify her passion as she kissed Gina. I assumed Gina came at the same time because I managed to notice her buttocks clench and her tiny anus flutter.

Now a surprise. Well not really I suppose because I’d seen it happen before with mum and Angela. Of course, we were spent, needing a while to ‘recharge’: they weren’t. To be honest, in all the time we did this together, when we were like this they seemed to go on and on. Still hot they rolled sideways over me and began their dance of love. I wondered idly how Toni would react to this but he, like me, eased himself onto one elbow and watched them on the other side of the bed. Would they go the whole way, I thought. I often seen mum and Angela do this after I’d cum inside one of them without a condom. They’d form a 69 and one would, literally, suck the cum from whoever had taken it. They said it was their way of really showing how much they loved me and each other. It was to share my essence. Now there were two pussies filled with cum. Kate knew about this of course. Those two weekends of ‘training’ had involved lots of ‘cum-sharing’ – well only from Kate to mum, but I was pretty sure Kate wouldn’t be averse to tasting Toni’s cum from Gina’s pussy.

Now before you say this is disgusting, filthy, depraved even, remember that what adults do together, agree to do together, and enjoy doing can’t be any of that. Of course there are some things I think go too far and I wouldn’t indulge in them but if Kate and Gina wanted to do that it was all right with me. I don’t believe that one person has the right to judge another’s behaviour if the people involved don’t go out side the law. Although I suppose that’s a moot point isn’t it. Anal sex was against the law in the UK (even between consenting heterosexual adults) until the 90′s. We all have a point don’t we, a point we won’t cross. I don’t like ‘water sports’ and other similar types of play but, if people do and agree, who am I to criticise. It really is a matter of personal taste (forgive the pun). What I don’t countenance and I will criticise is sex that involves violence. Sex that involves non-consent, children, or animals.

Well, enough of the soap box, but I wanted to tell it like it happened and I just wanted to defend Kate I suppose, because now they did swing into a 69 and I could see that both she and Gina were licking the other’s pussy and the spunk that was trailing out. It was intensely erotic and I looked over at Toni to see the effect on him. He was mesmerised watching his wife do this to the woman who had ‘snared’ him in her web. Do you know, I think that they had forgotten about us for the moment and they indulged themselves in each other.

This went on for a while. They would move, one on top, then change. They would move round and kiss, usually sharing some of their prize. Then back into the 69. Finally I was feeling hot again. I grasped my cock and began to stroke myself, bringing it to full strength, then I looked down at Toni. He was hard too by now, no need for him to use his hand!

“Come on Toni,” I said throatily, “time to indulge.” He smiled, “Who do you want?” I asked returning his smile.

An agony of indecision crossed his features as he looked at the two women still engaged in the pleasure of their 69. He didn’t seem able to answer. “Kate?” I asked because I guessed that was what he wanted.

He nodded. I smiled back and gestured towards them, “Get behind and do your stuff. We’ll surprise them!”

We both moved across the bed and I laid down behind Gina. As I got into position, cock in hand and ready to go, they became aware that we were there – well Kate did anyway. Her eyes opened wide as my cock must have appeared in her field of view and broken her reverie as she pleasured Gina. She smiled and her hand came up to pull my cock to her mouth. Before she could get it there her eyes opened even wider and her pupils sailed upwards – a sure sign that Toni must have entered her. She savoured that feeling for a moment then opened her mouth and took me inside. A little suck then her hand guided my erection to Gina’s pussy and I pushed gently inside.

Here was bliss, here was heaven, as Kate gently gripped my cock and, although I couldn’t see, must have been licking Gina’s clit. Her hand slid down to the base and pinched tighter – whatever else she might be feeling she obviously didn’t want me to cum just yet.

This is a difficult position to get very deep but I savoured the feeling of Gina’s silky vagina gripping three quarters of my cock as I stroked her back and side. I felt the occasional soft bite on the base of my cock or balls but I suppose Kate was otherwise occupied with Toni’s cock in her pussy! I kissed the back of Gina’s neck and shoulder as I felt a shudder and a ripple of muscle in her pussy – an orgasm I supposed. Then a loud sigh of “Oh god, oh fuck!” from Kate that signalled hers. Time to move and see what they had in store now.

I eased myself away and looked down at the three of them. Toni was still thrusting gently into Kate and, as I watched, Gina began to lick the base of his cock and his balls. She didn’t seem bothered about him cumming but then he was younger than me and would probably outlast me tonight! Toni himself seemed lost. His eyes were closed but his mouth and hand were working overtime on Kate’s body. He was kissing her neck and shoulders as I did Gina’s and his hand was stroking Kate’s body from waist across hips. Suddenly he let out a low moan and I saw his buttocks clench as he came inside my wife.

Now I seen it. Seen him inside her. Bring her to orgasm. Fill her with his life-bringing essence. Do you know my only regret just then? The thought surprised me as it popped into my head and, considering what had happened all those years ago, I understood why. I wished he could make her pregnant! I was sure she would have wanted that were it possible. We talked about it the next night as we lay together and I explained my feelings and she told me that she would have liked that but it wasn’t to be. We’d both grown used to that by now and, although it sometimes saddened us, che sara, sara.

I didn’t have long to think because, after his cum, they quickly disentangled themselves, Kate kneeling and looking a me with a question in her eyes. She was still unsure about me but she needn’t have been. I smiled and moved to her, holding her tightly to me.

“That looked bloody good,” I whispered softly in her ear, “but, minx, I still have a loaded gun down here and he’s out of it for a while at least!” She threw back her head and laughed, happy that I was OK with what had happened. Couldn’t be otherwise really could I?

“Gina,” Kate said turning to her partner in crime, “Gina. Mike didn’t cum – look,” and she pointed down at my erection, softening slightly by now but still pretty apparent. “Come on, let’s taste his cock!” She laughed gaily and pushed me back on the bed. I noticed Toni just lying there resting and wondered how he was going to react to this. Mind you it was too late now wasn’t it, too late for any regrets – not that I had any but he was young and in love. I didn’t have much time to look at him because they laid me on my back and started on my body.

Hands, four of them, seemed everywhere. My chest, neck, face, cock, balls, even right down to my anus I felt a finger press. Kate, I thought as I took a deep breath. Then they were kissing me, kissing my body and, finally, two pairs of lips caressed my cock. I’d experienced this before of course and by very ‘professional’ woman. Kate and Gina came close second – well did until Miranda and . . . but that’s for the next episode!

Now I don’t know about this but I couldn’t see their heads so I didn’t know who was sucking and who was licking so I couldn’t recognise who’s mouth engulfed my cock head. I wondered about that – it was a way of not filling it with cum too quickly! It wasn’t long before a finger and thumb found the base of my cock to prevent an early end to this ’round’. It was clear that they had something else in mind – I couldn’t wait.

I don’t know how long they continued to tease me, for teasing it was pain, sorry plain, and simple. I must have been brought to the brink half a dozen times by one mouth or the other, or both. Teeth gently nipping cock and balls, lips softly sucking, and tongue washing my cock head with special attention to the tiny hole at the tip. It was ecstasy but, by the time they lifted their heads and smiled at me, I was longing to cum. My balls felt as if they would explode with pent up tension.

“That was nice wasn’t it Gina?” asked Kate with a wicked smile.

Gina nodded, “Mmm, very nice. Did you like it Mike?”

“Little minx,” I laughed, “you are as bad as minx. You are wicked women you know teasing a poor helpless man like that. Now,” I went on seriously and with mock anger, “you have both been very naughty and I want you to kneel next to each other because, you dear young ladies, you are going to feel the anger of my cock.” I was watching Kate closely as I said this because I was guessing that this was what she had in mind.

“Oh dear,” she said with a sad smile, “Gina I think we’ve upset the poor man. Shall we do as he ‘asks’ then he can ‘punish’ us can’t he and then he’ll feel better. Oh,” she went on with a nod in Toni’s direction, “and you never know, the other one might be useful by then.”

Gina looked at Toni questioningly. He smiled and said, “I hope so. Mike – do your worst. I think these two minxes need taking in hand don’t you?”

I took a very deep breath and said sternly, “Now, you heard what Toni said, you need taking in hand. Kneel – bottoms up!” I added firmly but with a smile. Everyone knew we were playing a game but I just gave it all a bit of an edge, fun – what sex should be like.

“Oh my,” said Kate with a shy smile at Gina, “it seems we’ve upset them. Perhaps we had better do as we are told.”

As if you don’t want to I thought then said, “Now, kneel minxes,” and I hustled them into position. There was just enough angle between them that they could fairly easily kiss each other but their bottoms were quite close together. Now is was faced by the age old problem, where to begin? Kate, narrower of bottom than Gina, but tighter and, of course, so tempting because, for me she was perfect there. Oh, I wasn’t going to take her bottom well, not yet anyway, that was for later, at the end of the evening but beneath?

Then to Gina. Broader than Kate and beautifully formed. I had the sudden urge to take her virginity there and then but no. She was gorgeous however.

“Bloody hell Mike, don’t keep us waiting,” said Kate with a smile as she looked back, “I think Gina’s getting impatient.” It was her way of telling me to take Gina first so I positioned myself behind her, guided my cock forward, and pushed gently home. It was exquisite. I like sex like this and now I gripped her buttocks and pulled her slowly on to me. Not much finesse here, I was pretty hot and, anyway, she was pushing hard backwards.

Kate a Gina kissed for a moment then Kate said with a smile, “Don’t you dare cum yet, I want some of that.” Then she turned her head to look at Toni. “Can’t have you left out you delicious man. Get that lovely cock over here so we can suck it back to life.” Christ, I thought, how the fuck am I going to hold out here. Toni, bless him, didn’t need telling twice! He crawled over and laid with his cock beneath their heads. They didn’t need telling either, well at least Kate didn’t. Gina was busy with my cock in her pussy. I was fucking her slowly and gently, trying desperately not to cum despite the exquisite tightness of her pussy and the sight of Kate sucking Toni back to hardness. I felt Gina’s spasm and I assumed she had cum so, after a few more gentle thrusts, I pulled out and directed my attentions to Kate’s lovely pussy.

Kate was busy working away at Toni’s semi-soft cock, taking most of it in her mouth as her hand caressed his balls. As I entered her, however, she lifted her head and looked back. “Oh fuck but that feels good,” she said with a smile then went back to Toni’s cock which was now inside Gina’s mouth. So, for a while, I gently fucked Kate slowly while the two of them brought Toni back to full size – oh for the pleasures of the really young! It was very exciting watching them both work on him and, what with the sight of Kate’s provocatively pursed anus staring at me, I had considerable difficulty in holding on – that’s why I went slowly. Mind you, Kate seemed to enjoy it until I pulled out and went back to Gina. This resulted in both women raising their heads, Gina to take a deep breath as I pushed home and Kate to pout back at me and say, “Bugger, I was enjoying that!”

“No problem,” I said with a laugh, “Toni, you’re needed back here!” He was hard again so, with a smile, he knelt up and crawled round next to me. I was still gently fucking Gina and now he could see it, see my cock deep inside her pussy. He looked at me and smiled. I breathed a little sigh of relief; he had accepted it completely. Only one more step to go and that was when my cock was and inch higher but plenty of time for that!

I smiled back, “I think you need to bury that cock Toni, Kate looks rather impatient!” He smiled at my invitation – not that I had any right really to make one – and moved towards her. I watched then as, for the first time, I actually saw another man enter my wife. How did I feel? Not too bad considering I was balls deep in his wife but it did affect me. I had to take a deep breath and just cool for a moment. I looked up then to see Kate looking back at me. Her face was a conflict of emotions. Pleasure at receiving Toni’s erection but concern as she watched me watching.

I didn’t realise then but Toni and Gina told us that similar emotions had hit them as the evening progressed. This was, after all, so different from swapping when you know what’s going on but you don’t witness it. That seemed easier to deal with and it was. Tonight however, with the four of us together, changing partners was more intense. Look, as I said above, we didn’t ‘swing’ any more after this and what Miranda and I have done isn’t really swinging, so I don’t know whether feelings like this are common between couples.

Now, looking at Kate like this, I could only feel love for her, so much love that I didn’t think I could hold it! I smiled and nodded then turned to Toni, “Don’t hang about son, wipe that smile off her face,” because, as I smiled at her, she smiled back and began to lose herself in the pleasure that Toni was giving her. So we fucked them both for a while, gently pistoning in and out. I held Gina’s lovely hips and guided her back and forth sometimes pulling her tightly on my cock and holding still. They kissed now and then but it seemed that our attention to their pussies was too much for anything else.

I knew, after a while, what I wanted. “Toni,” I said, “change.”

He nodded and we moved round each other. There was Kate’s pussy wet with juices and wide from another man. Hell it was exciting, bloody exciting. No hanging about this time, I was in her like a shot, thrusting as hard as I could and pulling her on to my cock. I was hot but I did want to cum in Gina. Kate had had mine before, now I wanted her to have another dose of Toni’s offering: I wanted to loose my spunk in Gina. I knew I wanted to see him cumming in her, filling her with his spunk where mine had gone earlier. I can’t explain these feeling, these desires, that seem now. as I look back, strange but they were strong. When we talked later, all four of us, Toni admitted that he felt the same way. In truth, our foursomes were always like this.

So we both fucked our wives for a while. I calmed down a bit to keep control then turned to Toni, “Again?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “can I . . .?”

“Can he Kate?” She knew what he wanted. Of course he’d already done it, that I knew, but now I could see; could watch as he came inside her. My question, however, told her that I didn’t mind. In fact I wanted to see it. What would happen when he came inside her like this?

“Yes, I want him to again but you mustn’t forget Gina must he darling,” she said lifting one hand and stroking Gina’s face.

“No,” she said breathlessly but she was looking at Toni. She seemed to need his approval.

“No,” he said with a smile, “you mustn’t forget Gina. Fill her Mike as I fill Kate!” He was obviously getting carried away by the eroticism of the situation.

We changed places again and I was faced with the wide expanse of Gina’s bottom. I took a deep breath and aimed my cock at her sex and slowly pushed inside. It felt so different from Kate. I’m sure it must be in the mind really. I idly wondered whether, if they blindfolded us, we would be able to tell. (Incidentally we did try it much later. Toni and me both found it difficult to tell mouth or pussy apart although with practice we did manage. It was much easier via the back door! The ladies however, had no problem identifying our cocks in mouth, pussy, or bottom.)

Both of us began to fuck our respective partners and now they began to kiss more intently moving their bodies slightly to make it easier. There was a little bit of wriggling as we all adjusted positions and then I concentrated on Gina. Being a devout worshipper of the female back entrance I couldn’t help but notice Gina’s tiny pucker opening and closing slightly as I thrust in and out. I longed to probe the tightness with my cock but not just now. Now I wanted to use my finger.

I had, of course, tested her there with my tongue when we were alone but what about now. How would she, how would Toni, feel. It must have been coincidence I suppose but as I thought this Kate turned her head.

“Oh Toni, Toni, use you finger. Please.” He looked at me. I nodded and motioned sucking my finger.

“Get it nice and wet,” I said with a smile, “then gently push in. She likes it, don’t you Kate,” I said as I looked at her.

“Mmm, I do,” then she added with a smile, “do you like it Gina?”

Well, of course, nothing specific had been said but it was pretty obvious where Toni was going to use his finger and, having got it covered nicely with saliva, he presented it at Kate’s back door. He pushed tentatively at the tight ring of her anus obviously never having done this before but Kate was having none of that. She pushed back and, before he realised, his middle finger was almost all the way inside her arse.

“Oh bloody hell, that’s . . . . Ohhhhh, fuck yes. Do that Toni, work . . . ohhhhhh, slowly. Yes. Oh that is NICE. Gina you must try . . . oh fuck!!” He’d just filled her with his cock and his finger at the same time. He kept doing this as his eyes fixed down on finger and cock. I sensed he wasn’t that far from a pretty powerful cum. He told me later that the feeling of her anus around his finger was sending him into a frenzy as he imagined the same feeling around his cock.

Kate took a deep breath to control herself for a moment, she was close too, I could tell. “Gina, Gina, let him. Toni, you must . . . oh fuck!! Yesssssssss!!!” She was rocking now, showering his cock with her juice and gripping him tightly with her vaginal muscles. That was too much for Toni and he threw back his head and roared, “KATE, zmadre di dio, donna favolosa. Aaagghhh.” Buttocks clenched, he thrust deep into her again and again. She pushed back onto him until, finally both orgasms departed and they slowly sank to the bed.

Well! This performance had the effect of slowing both Gina a me down a bit as we witnessed the throes of their passion but now she turned her head to me.

“Do that to me Mike. I want to feel that, please.” But she wasn’t looking at me she was looking at Toni.

“Yes,” he said breathlessly, “yes. Mike fill her!”

By now I was close so, taking a deep breath, I wet my middle finger and eased it against her starlike ring. Even as she felt me there she shuddered in orgasm and I knew I had to work quickly or lose the moment. I thrust my cock deep inside her and fucked her hard then, as her tiny ring opened, pushed my finger into her rectum. I was gentle but firm and only pushed less than an inch inside.

She moaned, she groaned and she came. A torrent of Italian (Neapolitan actually as I later found out) gushed from her mouth and her whole body spasmed around my cock and finger. I thought her anus would snap the end off my finger off so tight did she grip. That was enough to send me over the top. What would it feel like around my cock.

“Gina, oh Gina,” I just managed to say as my spunk flowed into her. Her vagina was milking my cock, seeming to pull me even deeper inside. It was too much to last long and I quickly fell backwards onto my haunches as Gina flopped forward face down. She looked delectable!

“That looked good,” said Kate with a laugh and began clapping, “but now,” she went on grumpily, “I suppose you two will need a rest?”

“Kate love, you two are milking us dry!”

“Not too dry, I hope. After all, that was just for starters,” she said and looked at Toni and me with heavily lidded eyes, “the main course is to come!”

“You minx,” I laughed, “isn’t she a minx Toni?”

He laughed in return, used now to our banter, “Yes she is, but this little minx,” he turned to Gina with a loving smile, “looks rather tired.” I must admit that Gina did look a trifle knackered. I think the last cum had taken a bit out of her.

She smiled wanly back at him, “You wait till I’ve had a rest,” she said with an enormous pout that set us both laughing. With that I pulled Kate into my arms and Toni did the same to Gina. We lay on the bed for a while just happy holding our wives. Hot and sweaty we were but that didn’t matter.

I don’t know how long we lay like that, perhaps we dozed. I Don’t know but I was woken by Kate nibbling my ear – always sure to wake me. “Shall we have a drink love?” she whispered, “I’m dry.”

“Mmm. Let’s wake the others the pop into the shower first.”

“Sounds good to me,” she said with a wicked smile that clearly indicated she meant to be ‘washed properly’.

I laughed, “God woman, you’re insatiable!”

“Mmm,” she murmured, “but you do love me don’t you?” Was there just the tiniest hint of a question there. I don’t know. It didn’t matter because I did.

I stroked her cheek, “Love you? Oh yes I love you absolutely!”

This made her just a little sad as she kissed my cheek, “And I love you as well,” she whispered, “absolutely!” Of course now I held her tight and had to fight back the pure emotion of loving her that could, and on occasions did, overwhelm me.

“Come on,” I managed throatily, “wake Toni and Gina.”

“We’re awake,” came Gina’s voice, “and I’m dry too AND I want to be washed properly.” We all laughed and off to the shower where we did wash them both properly. Just a bit different this time as Toni and I kept changing. I noticed that Toni did just gently probe Gina’s anus as he watched me bringing Kate to her orgasm with fingers back and front. I guessed I have to have a strong word with him about taking her there if we didn’t get round to it before they left. Oh look, I wasn’t their keeper or anything like that but it was important, if both of them were to enjoy it, that her first experiences of anal sex were not only tender and loving, as I was sure they would be, but also with knowledge of what to do. He’d see some of that later I knew but I really did want Kate to oversee the whole thing because I was sure she would do a good job and enjoy herself immensely.

Chapter 38Kate’s fantasy is fulfilled


Anyway, we finished the shower and, with dressing gowns hiding all our charms, went downstairs for a drink and a snack. Quite a big snack really – I was bloody hungry! It was strange because Kate didn’t eat much and she was unusually quiet. She seemed ill at ease, glancing at both Toni and me nervously. I wondered whether she was working herself up to what was about to happen. She’d dreamed about two men, talked about it often, and we’d played the game many times but now it was about to happen. Isn’t it like that sometimes? When you imagine something and it finally happens the time before can be quite unsettling as you look forward.

I manufactured an artificial separation by suggesting that Toni and me make some coffee, “To keep us going,” I joked. In the kitchen I said to him, “Toni, can you take Gina upstairs and leave me with Kate for a minute?”

He raised his eyebrows questioningly and frowned.

“It’s OK,” I said with a smile, “it’s just that I think she’s getting herself wound up about later on.”

“Mike, I don’t want to . . . you know if she doesn’t want to.”

“No, it’s not that. She wants to but it’s been a fantasy for a long time Toni and I think she’s getting nervous. Not cold feet just anticipation. I’ll have a chat to her when you take Gina upstairs.” I laughed, “But no hanky-panky,” I said, “that is unless you can manage yet another erection!”

He laughed back, at ease now with discussing such things. “No, I think I want to hold this one back. Mike,” he went on breathlessly, “I feel tense as well. That you would both do this . . .”

“Just relax Toni, relax and enjoy. I’m sure Gina will be watching with interest?”

He smiled, “Yes she will. She is eager to try that Mike but she won’t until Kate says OK,” he smiled wanly, “and it is more than my life is worth to try. Kate has made that VERY clear.”

I laughed, “Yes she can be something of a tartar when she wants to but she is right Toni,” I added seriously. “I can guess how you feel but it will be better for waiting and tonight . . . Well you’ll lose your virginity.”

He raised his eyebrows then said quizzically, “I hadn’t thought of it like that. Mmm, I suppose I will.” By now we’d finished making the coffee so took it back into the lounge. Quickly downed, coffee was followed by Toni turning to Gina and saying, “Mi avanti caro, I want to hold you for a moment.” I think they both knew what was going on but Gina smiled, took his arm and left with him.

“What was that about?” said Kate nervously.

“Oh love, nothing. I wanted to talk to you,” I said putting my arm around her, “you’re nervous, jittery. What is it?”

She sighed, “I’m all mixed up Mike,” she said in an uncertain voice. “I know what I want but I wonder whether . . . Oh Mike, you know . . . Should I? Should I do that? What will you think of me? Toni . . .? But . . . But . . . Oh Mike I want it so much. Dreaming about it. I know I shouldn’t. And you . . . Oh Mike!” She held me tightly and I could feel her soft sobs as the emotion of the situation got to her. She must have been having such an internal conflict of emotions just now, before the realisation of her fantasy. It’s fine to imagine isn’t it but when imagination becomes reality I can be frightening.

“Shush now, shush.” I held her tight, “No crying tonight.” I held her at arms length and fixed her eyes with mine. “No regrets love, none at all! Enjoy every moment. Since, you know . . . Geoff,” she looked forlorn, “we’ve never had a secret have we?” she shook her head, “never had any doubts have we?” she shook her head again. “No. No doubts at all. We belong together you and I, fit like a hand in a glove,” I laughed, “if you’ll excuse the pun.” This made her smile, I was bringing her round.

“God I love you when you smile,” I said and that made her smile bigger. “Do this love. And do it well, enjoy it, every moment and I know I’ll enjoy every moment that I watch you as well. It’s part of why we did this isn’t it?” She nodded. “We’ll do it, if you want to that is!”

She nodded, smiled, and threw her arms around my neck. “You are a beast,” she said back to herself. “You just want to see Toni fuck my arse!”

“Mmm,” I said in an off-handed manner, “but not before I fuck it just like you know I can!”

She was pensive for a moment, “He’ll be a ‘virgin’ won’t he?” she said with a smile, “and I’m nearly a virgin there.”

I guffawed, “Nearly a virgin there?”

She pouted outrageously, “Well, I’ve only ever had one man there haven’t I?” I laughed. “Rotter! Well I have haven’t I? A few times I know but only one man.”

“A few times?” I laughed.

“All right,” another pout which was a clear sign she was back in control, “a lot. And that’s only because my beast likes it there!” This was followed by the most outrageous poking out of her tongue.

“Yes he does a lot but then so does his minx doesn’t she.”

“BEAST!” she said with a smile, “you are a beast! I’ll have to get ready again.”

“Mmm,” I said, “will you ‘prepare’ Gina?”

“Mmm, I will but you mustn’t nor must Toni. I’ve given them both a stern warning.”

I laughed, “I know. Poor old Toni is terrified of even touching her there.”

“Mmm, better safe than sorry.” She was serious for a moment, “I do so want you to have her there you know . . .”

“Yes, I know. If he has you . . .”

“You can wait?”

“Of course. In any case Toni should be the first.”

“Mmm,” she said pensively. She was planning something I was sure but it was time to move on.

“Now, minx, are you OK?”

“Mmm, very OK. My tummy’s all full of butterfly’s. Oooohhhh, I’m getting excited.”

“Come on minx, upstairs. They’ll think we’ve gone to sleep.”

“I want to tell you what to do before we go,” she said so, before we set off for the bedrooms, she explained. In the bedroom Toni and Gina were deep in exploration of each other.

“I hope you’ve got something left for me,” said Kate with a laugh.

He looked up at her from the bed and said seriously, “Always Kate, I will always have something for you,” (and he did!). I think he was getting caught up in the excitement of the moment. I remembered back to my first anal sex with Angela. How excited I was, how much I wanted it. How I went off half-cocked. I could understand how he felt.

Kate bent and kissed his forehead then grabbed Gina, “Come Gina, time to get ready.” Gina looked at us both wide-eyed. She certainly knew what Kate meant! I was pleased that Kate was back to her normal self. This was going to be something of a wild ride. She expected us to ‘perform’ before the final ‘showdown’ and I wanted to explain to Toni.

“Kate is happy now?” asked Toni after they’d gone.

“Mmm,” I said, “she was worried about . . . oh lots of things really but we sorted it out. She wants you, you know. Badly.”

He took a deep breath, “Mike I am so lucky. She is . . . I said before. In English I don’t have the words,” he laughed, “I am not sure I have them in Italian. Una donna stupenda. And my Gina,” he took a deep breath, “she will be like that I think. In a few years time. Then . . . two women!”

“Yes,” I laughed, “it is a bit daunting isn’t it! Toni,” I went on, “Kate’s sort of told me what she wants to happen.” He nodded with interest. “They’ll start on you.” He raised his eyebrows. “Mmm, yes. Both of them. Then Kate wants me to ‘prepare’ Gina as if I was going to . . .,” I took a deep breath, “as if I was going to take her anally.” He looked surprised. “I won’t of course,” he smiled and looked playfully hopeful, “neither will you!” I added with a smile.

“I know,” he said with a deep breath, “but I will imagine it for a while.”

“Mmm, good idea,” I said with a smile. “She wants us to ‘double team’ Gina. I take her while she sucks you, changing round. Kate wants Gina well and truly satisfied before . . . Well you know what’s going to happen.” I laughed, “She said that you could cum again but you had better be able to finish!”

He looked serious, “Mike,” he said, “I think I could finish like that if I were dying!”

“I know the feeling! When we have finished Gina, you will get Kate ready.” He looked nervous. “Don’t worry,” I laughed, “you’ll see me with Gina and I’ll be there to help. Kate will have me there Toni, and I’ll cum inside her. She’ll want you straight away.”

He took a deep breath to control his feelings. “Mike this will be . . . difficult.” I raised my eyebrows questioningly. He smiled, “No, I mean to hold on!”

I laughed, “You can do it son, I’m sure of it. Now, let’s lie back and await their, and our, pleasure.” We laid back on the bed, propped up on pillows, and awaited our fate! It wasn’t long before the door opened and they came in. They were naked. It was funny, Kate was used to being seen naked by me, but she seemed nervous. Despite my love of underwear I still preferred to see her naked. I could take in the tilt of her breasts, the gentle rise of her tummy leading to her trimmed pussy, and the glorious sweep of her hips atop long legs. I suspect Gina was not so used to being naked. She looked nervous as well (perhaps it was catching!) but lovely. Even in the few weeks we’d known her she’d grown. Grown from a girl into a young woman. I suppose that her sexual experiences had helped with that.

As they stood there together I felt I was looking at mother and daughter. Silly I know but, well they seemed to stand, to act, like Kate and mum had on those weekends. Gina looking to Kate for guidance, for confidence.

I heard a gasp from Toni as he looked at them but he didn’t have time to worry! No posing or playing now as Kate quickly crossed and knelt astride his chest, removing the pillows as she did. She liked doing this with me, said the hairs on my chest tickled her pussy. No hairs on Toni’s but she didn’t seem to mind. She bent and kissed him passionately, tongue probing I suspected. She pulled away and he was mesmerised as he gazed into her eyes. That didn’t last long! Another gasp. I looked and saw, with a smile, that Gina had knelt at his groin and was about to enfold his cock with her mouth. We had both ‘deflated’ a bit as we waited but he had begun to rise as soon as he saw them. Of course he couldn’t see Gina and the look on his face as her mouth closed on his cock was a picture!

Kate was staring down at him by now and moving her bottom on his chest, rubbing her pussy back and forth. Before long she was sliding right up to his face and finally covered it with her delicious nether playground. I couldn’t see his face now but I could see Kate’s and she was obviously enjoying whatever he was doing so I assumed his tongue was at work; especially when his hands came up to grasp her bottom.

Meanwhile Gina was working over his cock and balls, keeping one hand standing sentry at the base. Soft suck, hard suck, licking, stroking. I was getting hard just watching. After a while of this Kate turned her head to me and smiled, raising her eyebrows questioningly. I got the message so knelt up and crawled over above Toni’s head then stood, a mite unsteadily I must admit. My cock was quickly grabbed and Kate’s mouth covered the head.

“Oh god Kate, careful. Please, careful!” This was so exciting. One of the problems of the early foursomes. Positions seen in the movies and then performed were so exciting and it took us all a while to become more controlled. Kate was enjoying herself now, one man’s cock in her mouth, another’s tongue in her pussy. Add to that the idea of Gina behind her pleasuring Toni and she was soon smothering him with liquid. Poor Toni! He told me afterward he could hardly breathe but was so excited he nearly came when she did. He could just see me there with my cock in her mouth. She worked me over but, thankfully, the bed was so rocky I had to concentrate on that so was able to maintain control.

Kate didn’t suck through her orgasm, just held me there looking up into my eyes. I was pretty sure what she wanted just then but if she got that I wouldn’t be able to fill the other place later would I and she knew that. Finally she let me go and I moved back to the side. Gina was still working on Toni’s cock as Kate moved off his face and joined her. Now both of them worked him over.

I sensed they were going to let him cum just then. Kate was aware of how difficult it would be for him to control his orgasm and wanted him ‘well drained’. She must have been confident of his erection and she was right!

I will admit that, laying there watching them suck Toni’s cock was exciting but intellectually interesting as well. Remember this had happened to me regularly in the past. In the early days Mum and Angela would often do this for my first orgasm of the afternoon or evening. They’d always joked that if they did this at least they’d get me inside for a little while! It was almost routine until I learned some control.

I must say that Toni did quite well. He lasted all of two minutes! Their mouths were truly wicked. Alternating his cock in their mouths, one sucking the other biting. Then Gina on his balls, taking one then the other into her mouth while Kate took three-quarters of his cock. Then back to Gina just sucking the head while Kate was up kissing him and whispering in his ear. I can guess what she said because he held her tight, moaned, “Katerina, Katerina, madre,” and began to fill Gina’s mouth. He hadn’t called her that before but, after this night, he always did. It was nice and Kate loved it.

She spun round and her mouth quickly replaced Gina’s to suck some more of his truly life-giving nectar from a pulsing cock. Not too much, I noted with an inner smile, as I saw her thumb and finger ‘cramp his style’. Each having a portion of his offering in their mouths they kissed, pulled away from each other, then swallowed with a smile at us both.

Toni looked in some sort of trance. Well it can be quite daunting to be the attention of two lovely women! Now they crawled to me not, incidentally, to ‘pay attention’ but for Kate to whisper, “Give him a minute love, he’s got to watch. Hasn’t he Gina?”

Well, of course, this made Gina blush all over, so bloody sexy, because she knew what was coming next. I smiled at these two wonderful women, one the love of my life the other – well just then I didn’t know really – but both so full of provocation, sexiness, desire.

I looked at Gina with lidded eyes, I was hot, very hot and it was going to be difficult but Kate would be there to ensure everything went to plan. Just as well really because Gina looked so, I don’t know, keen I suppose. I honestly believe that, had Kate not been there that evening, Gina would have willingly tried to take us both on in her bottom. Thankfully for all of us she didn’t get the opportunity – that was for Kate.

Smiling, I said, “Are you ready Gina?”

Her, almost coy, reply was to nod her head then look in Toni’s direction. He smiled and nodded as well. She looked back at me and said throatily, “Yes Mike, yes I am ready.”

Bringing some fun back into the proceedings, Kate laughed and said, “Not completely ready Mike. Remember the rules!” Then she kissed Gina and continued, “And you remember them as well little minx.” Kate was as aware as I was that the situation could cause Gina, indeed all of us, to be carried away and go too far. Well too far for tonight anyway. I recalled then, as I looked at both beautiful women, how mum had to restrain Kate that first weekend and of mum’s stories of some of the times she went too far.

Kate moved away then and lay next to Toni who put his arms around her. They were lying in a spoon position watching Gina and me. I turned to her and, smiling, eased her on to her back. She looked surprised. I’m sure she thought I would begin to pleasure her anus immediately but no! Kate had said ‘prepare her like you do me’. That includes at least one orgasm before turning her over. So I began by kissing Gina across her body, her breasts, her tummy, then her lovely pussy. She was wet and made even wetter by my tongue on her clit. Easing her legs apart I moved between and delved even deeper into her honeypot before lifting my head and preparing to fuck her.

Holding my cock in one hand, taking my weight on the other, I entered her. Gentle at first then firmer, slowly filling her with my erection. Her eyes widened – she certainly hadn’t expected this. Well not just yet anyway. Thankfully, despite the glorious silkiness of her vagina and the look of lust that appeared on her face, I was able to remain in control. Treating the whole thing as an ‘intellectual exercise’ did help!

I increased speed as I saw she was close then bent to suck her wonderful nipples as she came. Her hands reached up and pulled my lips to hers and her tongue found mine between. Then it was really difficult! I managed and she came down from her high looking up at me with a soft smile on her lips, her face aglow.

“Turn over little minx,” I said as I moved from between her legs. With languid grace and sexy smile she turned and looked back. She must have been aware from her own experience with me and probably from speaking to Kate that I adored a woman in this position – and she was adorable!

Taking a deep breath, inhaling the scent of a woman, I leant forward and tenderly kissed her neck. Slowly and gently I stoked her shoulders, down her back, across the glorious rise of her bottom, and down to the backs of her knees. Her expression became dreamlike as she looked back at me. Up and down a few times gently then with just a little more firmness and concentration on the rise of her bottom for just a little longer. Now and again I looked across at Toni and Kate. I could see her moving gently back into him so I assumed that watching his wife be pleasured was inducing the erection that Kate desired and that she was beginning to enjoy it.

Time to move on. Leaving one hand trailing on her bottom I leant forward and whispered, “Legs open now Gina.”

She smiled and slowly her legs parted. I was quickly between, excitedly looking down on my favourite place. I began by dragging my open hands firmly across her wonderfully fleshy bottom cheeks and right down her thighs. She moaned softly and pushed her pussy into the bed. Attention to her bottom was beginning to lift her again. I did this for a few moments then my thumbs found the valley between her cheeks, slightly open in this position, her tiny star just visible. Two or three passes brought further moans and a deep sigh.

Bending my head I kissed and gently bit her bottom cheeks as well as using my tongue to taste the slight saltiness of her skin. Now to the nub of the matter! Shifting my position slightly I was able to begin with my tongue at the base of her spine and then drag it right down across her tight anus to the back of her pussy.

Oh Gran dio, dio, dio,” was all I heard and a slight shift back towards me. I concentrated on her pussy for a few moments, enjoying the flavour of her juices, before paying attention to her perineum by licking back and forth. Gina’s moans were louder now, with little spurts of Italian that I didn’t understand. Moving up just an inch my tongue found her ring. I teased it softly then had to move away myself because I was close just then. Regaining control and with a wry smile at Toni and Kate I moved my head back and began rimming Gina’s delightful back door. She was so tiny there in those early days having yet to learn to control the muscle.

I rimmed her for a while then leant forward and whispered, “Gina, Gina love, reach back and hold yourself open.” She didn’t hesitate and both hands reached behind, covered her bottom, and opened her cheeks wide.

I was mesmerised and almost on autopilot just then. I hadn’t expected her to comply quite so quickly. It was almost too much and I leant forward cock in hand. Whether I would have I don’t know. I like to think I would have fucked her pussy in that position but the desire to bugger her was so strong, almost overwhelming. Kate knew and I was brought out of my reverie by her hand on my arm.

“Not yet love,” she whispered, “not yet.” She knew how difficult this was for me. I felt unclean just then. My thoughts had not been pleasant. I wanted Gina, wanted her arse, wanted it hard and long and, god (if there is one) forbid, I might have taken it. Thankfully I never had the chance to find out. My love was there, in control.

“It’s all right love, I understand,” she laughed, “deep breaths now, remember – control!”

I took a deep breath and got hold of myself then, with a smile and nod to Kate, who had now moved back to Toni, I bent forward and resumed my homage to this beautiful, sensuous, desirable woman. I had total access to her rear entry, a little apart now as her cheeks were opened by her hands. I wallowed! I licked, rimmed gently, even bit the inside of valley, before the final pleasure.

Rolling my tongue I probed, gently at first then with more pressure until, finally, the muscle relaxed and my tongue eased inside her rectum. I tasted the lubrication used for the enema and knew she was empty; ready to receive a cock deep in her arse. In lieu of that I tongue fucked her there for a while before pulling away and kneeling up. I had too, much more and I’d have spilt the load destined for Kate’s bottom on the sheets!

“Gina,” I said, “time now love. Kneel now. Head down, bottom up,” She did. No hesitation and a look back as she did so that said, quite clearly, ‘fuck my arse’. I looked forlornly a Kate who was whispering quietly to Toni. She told me afterwards that she was telling him about how a woman could get so caught up in what was happening she could go too far. I think Gina was approaching that point just then. The problem is, it’s catching. I felt, just then, that it would be OK to just take her virginity. She wanted me to so, even if it hurt her, it would be OK. She would probably be OK about it then, but after?

Kate stopped then as I looked across, crawled over to Gina, and began to speak to her quietly. I couldn’t hear what she was saying so took the opportunity to look across at Toni. He was watching intensely, thankfully without any sign of concern. I caught his eye and, smiling, raised my eyebrows questioningly. He took a deep breath then smiled back and nodded. He was all right with this.

Kate looked up then, “She’s OK Mike. Finish it now,” then she added with a smile, “I don’t think any of us can take much more of this!”

I smiled and reached for the oil we used for lubrication in those days. Not as sophisticated as the lube’s available nowadays but it did the job and didn’t taste too bad. Using thumb and forefinger on one hand I opened her valley then dribbled the oil so that it ran across her anus and onto the back of her pussy, settling there. Using my middle finger I began to work the oil around her ring, easing it into the muscle. Then the real test of control. Another squeeze right onto her anus then my middle finger probing for entry.

“Relax Gina,” I said softly, “let me in.” Well she had before but now the situation was different wasn’t it? This was a prelude to being fucked up the arse – to put it crudely – and I suppose she thought she might, just might, have that happen now. “Just my finger caro, finger only.”

She relaxed and my finger slid in to the first joint. There was a sob from Gina, not pain, pleasure and she made to push back. I had been given very strict instructions by Kate so held Gina with my other hand. “No caro, just this. You must wait.” Now I began to fuck her arse with just and inch of finger. She tried to take more but that was all she was allowed that night. She took much more on the night of her ‘initiation’!

It didn’t take long before she shuddered into orgasm with a gasp and a torrent of Italian. Glancing at Toni I saw his smile. “You can understand that?”

“Mmm,” he laughed, “very naughty!”

“You’ll have to translate one day,” said Kate with a smile then, “time to move on Mike.” I smiled and nodded. Taking my finger from her bottom hole I gripped my cock and pointed it at her luscious pussy. I’m not sure she was down from her orgasm as I pushed forward and entered her. This elicited another gasp and a look back which soon changed to a look forward as Toni presented his cock to her. She grabbed it eagerly and I could see the strained look on his face as her mouth closed over the head. Now we both began to gently fuck her. This was her first experience of two men so we were gentle. Mind you, the way she was pushing back on me and gulping on Toni’s cock, she seemed extremely happy. I didn’t take long for her to cum again. I knew this one was good because I felt her pussy try to milk my cum. I’d steeled myself however, my cum was destined for another place.

As her orgasm left her, Gina sank to the sheets. She looked shagged out frankly – well she had been after all! Now Kate took charge. It was her scene now and she knew exactly how she wanted it played.

“Mike,” she said with a smile, “look after Gina for a while, Toni is going to get me ready aren’t you love?” He took a deep breath and nodded, moving towards her. So I lay there, one arm covering Gina, as we both watched her husband ‘ready’ my wife to be filled with two loads of cum in her bottom. He was confident now, confident in his ability and in my agreement, and watching him was exciting. I could see Kate have a marvellous orgasm as he fucked her before turning her over and another as his tongue probed her anus. Time now to supervise closely so I knelt up and watched. Gina did the same, eager it seemed, to check that he did it properly!

He dripped the oil into her valley then used his finger to ease the muscle. “Oh god, Toni, inside please,” moaned Kate. He glanced at me and I nodded then watched him tease her arsehole with his middle finger. No problem for Kate, she opened and he slipped inside to the first joint. I was watching her face and his. She was entering a realm of pure pleasure, her tongue roving over her lips and her heavily lidded eyes looking up at me. She nodded.

“Push it all in son,” I said not realizing the affect that one word would have on Kate. There was a moan, a sigh, then a ripple of emotion across her body as a massive orgasm hit her. I didn’t understand it at the time, she explained later. Toni must have felt something as he pushed all of his finger inside her then slowly finger fucked her arse.

“Two Toni, two fingers. And turn them.” He looked puzzled so I motioned with turning my wrist. He nodded. A second finger joined the first and continued to finger fuck her slowly and gently. Then turning, rotating the fingers loosening her anus for the final entry.

I bent and kissed Kate on the cheek and whispered, “Time now love. Ready?”

Love shone out of her eyes as she managed to nod, smile, and mutter, “Oh yes, yes.”

I motioned to Toni and he shifted sideways. “Gina, Toni, watch if you will.” They seemed eager to witness this act of total love and took up position on either side. Quickly grabbing the oil from the side I, carefully I might add, rubbed some onto my rampant cock. I knew this had to be good for her. Slow and easy and last as long as I could. I suddenly had a thought.

“Gina,” I said, “reach forward and hold Kate open.” This brought a surprised look from them both and a low moan from Kate. She’d seen this on tape as well! “It’s OK, isn’t it Kate?”

“Oh god yes,” was about all she could manage. So Gina, adjusting her position, opened the valley of Kate’s bottom displaying her glorious rear tunnel of pleasure.

I pressed my cock firmly at the entrance which opened, with an apparent sigh, and swallowed the head. Again that bliss of Kate’s bottom. Hot, so hot, tight but smooth and slippery. I teased her with just the head, rocking gently in and out then halfway deep in one go. A sigh, a moan – another orgasm? Now to fill her as I usually did, a little at a time. It seemed even more exciting as I watched the expression on Gina’s face. I was sure she was imagining it happening to her. Toni seemed mesmerised as he watched my cock sink deep into Kate’s glorious heaven.

Keeping control by Herculean effort, I fucked Kate slowly and gently, varying depth and angle. After a while I said to Gina, “Let go now love,” and Kate’s cheeks engulfed my cock. I don’t know whether she came during that time. Afterwards she said she didn’t really remember much. It was one long plateau of pleasure. Time to finish now. My balls were at bursting point and I could see that Toni was flush as well.