I awoke hours later, the bleach-like smell of cum lingering on my lips, and the skin of my cheeks and chin feeling taut with the dried substance. I licked my lips, longing for some balm to moisturize them. I opened my eyes a crack and looked around the room, wondering if Adam had indeed spent the night. I found the bed beside me empty, and sighed, neither disappointed nor surprised. We had both gotten what we wanted the night before, and he owed me no more than that.

With a soft groan, I rose from the bed and padded barefoot and naked towards the washroom, my various curves swaying as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. Looking forward to the restorative powers of a hot shower, I jumped as I pushed the door open and heard Adam’s deep baritone greet me.

“Good morning beautiful.”

I looked up from the floor with tired eyes and took in the glorious sight of Adam’s naked and freshly-washed body before me, his huge cock looking heavy and semi-erect, swaying slightly from side to side as it curved towards the floor. I giggled to myself as I saw it jump and harden slightly in response to my gaze. Without a second thought, I perched my bare behind on the cold porcelain of my tub, placing my face at eye level with his insatiable member. Taking it in his hand, Adam gave a few absent-minded strokes before jamming the wide head towards my face.

In short order, I found myself – hands pressing into the tub at my sides to take some of the bite on my buttocks from my narrow perch – on the receiving end of a brisk face-fuck. I moaned and squeezed my thighs together in order to pressure my clit as Adam grasped the back of my head and under my chin, holding me in place for his pumping shaft. Quickly, I found my initially dry mouth filled and lubricated with precum and thick saliva from the back of my throat. I gagged softly on the girth of him, but Adam was more interested in speed than depth, and kept up a high tempo that had him gasping for breath after only a short time.

Adam was only able to sustain this pace for about ten minutes before I felt him begin to quiver and pulse in pre-orgasmic bliss.

“Get ready for your breakfast.” He said, placing both hands onto the back of my head and pulling me in tight until my nose hit his pubic hair and my throat was filled with his meat.

I moaned loudly, adding the vibrations of my vocal chords to the spasms of my throat around him, the dual sensations driving him over the edge. I reached around his bum with both arms, clasping my hands together like a wrestler and pulling him into me harder, holding him tightly in place in the depths of my throat while his balls bucked and jumped and I felt the semen course through his shaft. Like a cartoon fire hose, I felt each shot of cum surge up his length as a perceptible bulge, and gagged lightly as he emptied himself past my tonsils and directly into my belly. I felt the significant quantity as a satisfying warmth in my stomach as he held him until he began to soften before pulling back.

I coughed slightly and gasped for air for a moment before looking up with a leering smile past his still semi-hard dick to his face. I licked my lips lewdly before smacking them with satisfaction.

“Now that’s a great way to start the day.” I said with a wink.

Adam mumbled his agreement, and still stared down at me in post-orgasmic stupor, patting me on the cheek with one of his hands before offering to help me back to my feet. After a small kiss on the lips, and a quick grope of my left tit and right bum cheek, Adam said his good byes and went into my bedroom to get dressed. Trusting him to lock the door behind him, I made my way to the shower, revelling in the relaxing blast of hot water.

I emerged from the shower some time later, feeling fresh, clean, and rejuvenated. Despite the intense and even frightening experience from the night before, my hunger for cock and cum and was far from satiated, and as I got dressed for the day, I contemplated pre-empting my planned afternoon “date” with a morning booty call. Though we had never yet met in person, I knew that Bill had been longing for my mouth for some time now. I had been equally inspired to lust by what I had seen of him online – a very thick, straight, and beautiful cock capable of shooting copious quantities of semen. In short order, my mind was made up, and I logged on to my laptop to send him an email.

To my delight, he answered back to my offer within minutes, almost as if he had been just sitting around and waiting for it. I licked my lips in anticipation as I replied, giving him directions to my place, and asking how long it would be before he arrived. As it turned out, he lived closer to me than expected, and could be there in only ten minutes. Replying that I couldn’t wait to finally see “him” in person, I rushed to the bathroom and quickly applied some sultry makeup before he got there. Pale lip gloss and a little light eyeliner and mascara was all I needed, and I tossed my hair into a loose side-ponytail to keep it out of the way. Dressed in a simple turquoise tank top and jeans with a white belt, I hoped Bill would like what he saw. My nipples were visibly hard with excitement through the thin material of my tank top as I moved to wait on the couch by the door.

Though only a matter of minutes, the time until Bill arrived and buzzed into the building seemed to drag on for eternity as I waited, my pussy growing wetter with each passing second. The time it took him to ascend the elevator to my floor left me nearly panting with desire; a reaction so strong that it surprised even me. I bit my lip as I heard his knock on the door; hoping that the pain would bring me back to reality.

“Hi Bill.” I said in a breathlessly sultry voice as I opened the door. “Thanks so much for coming over so quickly.”

“I would not miss this opportunity for the world!” he exclaimed, eyeing my mouth like a starving shark presented with a slab of bloody meat. “I’ve been waiting for my turn in… uh… to meet you forever!”

“You’ve been so patiently waiting for my lips wrapped around your cock you mean.” I replied with a wink. I was pleased to see my lewd words bring a flush to his cheeks, and knew that I was guessing 100% right.

“That too.” he said gruffly, reaching up and stroking my cheek with the back of his fingers, towards my ear.

I glanced up at him through my long lashes, a mischievous grin on my lips. As his thumb came close to my mouth, I let my tongue dart out to lash it once, making him groan softly. Soon I found myself kissing and sucking on his thumb sensually as he ran it back and forth across my lips – my turn to moan softly to myself as I sucked on this avatar for his phallus. His hand drifted back towards my ear again, giving my lobes a gentle rub that forced me to close my eyes momentarily in pure bliss. They shot open again with pleasurable surprise as he grasped my side pony with a firm grip near the base where it met my head, giving it a short sharp tug that made my mouth pop open into a gasp that turned into a giggle of delight. Using this handle, he guided me to the floor at his feet where I knelt down on my heels with my back to the couch, and looked up at him expectantly with my hands on my thighs.

“God you really are a good slut, Lucia.” he muttered, his voice filled with awe. “Tell me how much you’ve been looking forward to this.”

“Oh my god hun,” I said in return, my own voice low with awe. “I still remember the first day I saw your dick on cam.” I paused and closed my eyes for a moment, licking my lips as I savoured the memory. “It was so straight and thick and powerful looking. I loved watching you stroke it for me.”

“Mmmm.” Bill groaned. “And did you enjoy watching me cum?”

“Oh my gawd.” I babbled. “It was like a fountain splashing an endless stream of cum! I couldn’t believe it!” I stared into his eyes with sincerity. “I knew then that I needed to taste you some day.”

“But you made me wait.” he said, an edge of humour in his voice.

“You’re here now aren’t you?” I replied, my hands running up the front of his pants to his thighs.

“Take it out.” he ordered, ignoring my question.

I smiled as I complied, undoing his belt hurriedly, wanting to get to the treasure concealed within. Wasting no time, my deftly experienced fingers dropped his pants, leaving only the thin material of his boxers tenting mere inches from my lips.

“Looks like you think it was worth the wait.” I teased with a wink.

“You’re a little excited yourself.” he replied, pinching my blatantly obvious nipples through the fabric of my top.

“Of course I am.” I replied while simultaneously pulling the straps of my tank top off my shoulders, and lowering it down to reveal my heavy and heaving breasts. “Its not every day I get visited by a beautiful cock like yours.”

Bill sighed with lust as he grasped my soft tits in his hands, squeezing and kneading them. “Jesus these are nice.” he stammered.

“Why thank you.” I replied. “I grew them myself.”

“Lets see what I’ve grown for you.” Bill said, pulling down his boxers with one hand while his other kept up his play with my tits.

“Hmmm lets see indeed.” I replied as I used my hands to grasp and manipulate him, examining him in close detail. “Mmmm it feels so nice and hard.” I gasped.

Bill could only groan in response as I slowly stroked him. He was ragingly erect, almost seeming painfully so; his thick cock bulging with small skin-tone veins. I tickled his flared circumcised head, teasing its triangular underside with a finger while my other hand traced gently up and down his length. It was truly a thing of beauty to my cock-hungry eyes – thick enough to ensure my mouth was entirely filled, yet not so long as to choke me to death when I inevitably took it all into my eager mouth. I felt the heat and moisture between my thighs grow, and with it decided I had waited long enough to taste Bill’s gorgeous meat.

Just as I took a deep breath and prepared to engulf him in my warm, wet mouth, I felt the palm of Bill’s hand stop my forehead as it came forward. Pressing to tilt my head back, he let his hand drift back again to grasp my ponytail and hold me in place. I whimpered, slightly annoyed at having my feast withheld, but then felt my heart skip a beat as I saw him take hold of the base of his shaft and begin to slap it up and down onto my face. Like a drummer beating a rising tattoo, he began slowly, building the speed of his slapping as he went, battering my lips, tongue, cheeks, nose and forehead. I could smell small dribbles of his precum on my face as he leaked, and moaned softly, trying to chase him with my lips. Finally I felt him pull my head back far enough for him to drop his cock down in line with my lips, only a centimetre away. He paused there, poised to thrust home between my parted lips.

“Beg me for it.” he said. “Beg to suck my thick cock.”

I looked up, giving him my best puppy-dog eyes, and pleaded. “Please Bill. Please let me taste you. I’ve been waiting for this for so long.”

Bill paused a moment longer while his dick jumped with excitement before running his head, with excruciating slowness, all around the outline of my lips in a small circle. I opened my mouth wide and let my lips hang loose, using my tongue to push saliva from my watering mouth out to moisten them. I stole an opportunity and flicked the head of his cock, stealing a bead of precum that had formed there. I moaned softly as the taste hit me, and begged again with his meat against my lips.

“Pwease.” I implored. “Pwease gibve me yur dwick!”

Grunting with desire, Bill granted me my wish, pushing his hips forward slowly and burying himself into my oral cavity. Placing both hands behind my head, he tugged me in, nose pressed into his stomach, tip of his pole on the edge of my throat. Unable to breathe, I convulsed softly once, twice, and then he let go, pulling back slowly, his shaft glistening with wetness from my mouth. Holding me on either side just behind the ears, Bill began to pump in and out of my mouth, slowly and gently but exercising complete range of motion and tickling my tonsils each time. My mouth totally filled with his thick member, my lips splayed out wide, stretching in order to accept his girth. I moaned like a slut while he fucked my mouth, stuffing a hand down the front of my jeans to tease my own clit.

“Oh yes!” Bill exclaimed between thrusts. “That’s a good little cocksucking whore!”

Bill’s face-fucking was deeply in contrast to Adam’s style, a slow, building pace that allowed me time to play with myself properly. I loved the feeling of his exceedingly hard member gliding past my lips in and out, slowly enough for me to feel the bump of every vein. I felt my arousal grow towards orgasm as he maintained his slow and stead pace.

Just as I moaned and approached climax, I felt Bill pull back and begin to once again slap his now sloppy wet cock all over my face. Hitting me harder this time, I gasped in the throes of pleasure as he hit me with his meat, begging him to do it harder and faster while I came on my fingertips. I felt my pussy flood with warm fluid as I orgasmed, and screamed in ecstasy. Rather than relieve the pressure of my horniness, the orgasm only made it worse, and as I gasped and came down, still feeling Bill’s cock rubbing my face, I knew I needed more of his thick member.

Pulling my hand from my pants, I suddenly removed Bill’s hand from my head and stood up on shaky legs. Unbuckling my belt as I turned around, I shimmied my pants down as far as my thighs, revealing my large white bum and glistening pussy lips as I bent over the armrest of the couch. Leaving no time for second thoughts, I reached back and grabbed Bill’s dick like a handle, pulling him forward and lining him up with my soaking hole. I felt his hands grasp me by the hips as he paused for an agonizingly long moment before speaking.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Oh god I need you to fuck me with that thick cock.” I moaned, wiggling my bum at him. “Fuck me!”

With a deep and satisfied moan that perfectly mirrored my own, Bill plunged his whole length slowly inside me. I felt every muscle in my body spasm at once in pleasure before relaxing into the rhythmic pace of Bill’s thrusts. I heard his balls slap against my wetness loudly, and bit my lip to stifle my own whimpers of joy. I pressed my face into the couch to muffle my cries as I raced towards a second orgasm. Bill’s girth filled me utterly, driving me wild with every pulsing thrust into me. I could tell from his ragged breathing that he was working very hard to hold back from cumming, but greedily pushed back against each of his thrusts, wanting more and more of him. Finally after a few short minutes, I gasped and bit into the cushion of my couch as I was wracked with an earth-shattering, leg-shaking climax.

As I felt my juices flood all over his member, I heard Bill moan. “Oh fuck you’re going to make me cum Lucia.”

Still dazed, I urged Bill out of my pussy, and dropped to my knees facing him, my butt pressing into the cold leather of the couch. Needing no further encouragement, he pushed himself back into my mouth, filling it with the sticky fluid from my own pussy. I moaned at the taste of my own orgasm, and bobbed my head enthusiastically in time with his thrusts. In mere moments I felt him tense every muscle, and holding my head still, he began to pump his massive load of semen into my mouth. I moaned as I felt it slather my tongue and begin to fill me up, forcing me to pre-emptively swallow, which feeling caused Bill to flinch with pleasure. Unabated, he continued cumming, filling my mouth a second time before finally slowing to a stop.

Carefully, he pulled back, not wanting me to lose a drop as I he pulled out of my mouth. As I pursed my lips closed and savoured his salty taste, he rubbed his still slowly leaking cock on my face, smearing me with his cum. He softly slapped it up and down on my lips, smiling down at me.

“Swallow my load, you beautiful slut.” he ordered.

I happily complied, exaggerating with an audible gulp and a wide grin before licking my lips. I then leaned in and cleaned off the last few drips from his dick, making him shiver with sensitivity. I planted a sticky kiss on his balls before sitting back and looking up into his eyes.

“Thank you so much for being my booty call hun.”

This story is dedicated to Azriel15 for all his contributions on Facial Forum, and for being supportive of my writing.


Lucia was frustrated as she paced back and forth at the optometrist’s office. Despite new glasses, not reading at night, and getting plenty of vitamins, her eyesight had been rapidly degrading; to the point that she needed to get a new prescription every 3-4 months. Though not legally blind or anything, she came to realize that she really did require her glasses at all times. She crossed her fingers as she waited for the doctor to come back and let her know what was happening, and if she would be a good candidate for laser eye surgery.

Dr. Matthew Azriel smiled widely to disarm the nervous young woman in his office as he walked through the door. While he certainly didn’t revel in a patient’s discomfort, Dr. Azriel was beginning to enjoy his visits from young Lucia May every couple of months. Aside from being delightful and pleasant, Lucia always seemed to be dressed to impress, and this day was no exception. She wore a simple black pencil skirt, white collared blouse which showed a classy 3 inches of cleavage, simple but elegant jewelry, and of course the 3-inch heels that never failed to accentuate her curvaceous backside. He suppressed the urge to pull change from his pocket to bounce off of her full-figured ass, and instead contented himself with taking it all in briefly before opening his file folder.

“Well Lucia,” he began without much introduction. “There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll come right out with it. Your eyes are continuing to degenerate, and you are not a good candidate for laser surgery at this time.”

Lucia’s hand came up to cover her mouth. Her eyes welled slightly with tears, but she stayed silent as he went on.

“Unfortunately your eyes are just too damaged at the moment for laser surgery to take properly. I wish you had come in to check with me sooner, before it went on this long…”

“Is there anything we can do to help them heal enough for surgery?” She asked, on bated breath. Dr. Azriel hesitated before going on, pondering his answer. Finally he nodded his head as if giving himself the go ahead to speak. “There is one thing, an experimental study I have been working on which has shown some significant positive effects.”

“What is it?” Lucia asked quickly, then seeing the hesitation return to his face, “Is it expensive?”

“No.” he replied. “It’s not that. In fact I provide the service free to people who agree to join the trial. It’s just… very unorthodox, and frankly I’m not sure it’s your kind of thing at all.”

“But I really want to!” Lucia exclaimed, her eyes welling up anew. “I’ll take the risks, I don’t care, I just want my eyes back.”

“No, no.” he replied, hand rubbing his chin as if deep in thought. He shook his head again. “There are other treatments we can try first; their success rate isn’t very high, but we should exhaust those options before trying something more radical…”

“Dr. Azriel…” she began, cutting him off. “Please, call me Matthew.” He replied.

“Matthew.” She looked into his eyes, making the puppy dog face every woman masters as a teen. “Please. I am really scared about my eyes getting worse. I am desperate to have them at least stop getting worse, so I can start the road to recovery!”

“Lucia…” he sighed. “I can’t, in good conscience…”

“Stop!” she said, cutting him off again. “I’m a grown woman. I can make my own decisions about my own body. At least tell me what it entails, and then I can make an informed decision.”

Dr. Azriel sighed, and began to explain. “Well based on some creative theories, I have found a treatment that often help rejuvenate the eye. It involves a topical protein being applied directly to the eyeball.” He paused before going on.

“Well that doesn’t sound so bad…” Lucia said.

“Well it’s the method of application and type of protein that is rather unorthodox.” He replied. “Its going to sound a bit out there, but my studies have indicated that human semen contains precisely the right type of protein, and that the amino acids actually also help it to penetrate the eye’s protective membrane.”

“I’m sorry, did you say semen?” Lucia asked in shock.

“Yes. Human male semen. I know it sounds crazy, but the trial I am running has shown some significant benefits and looks very promising!”

“Oh my god.” Lucia said, covering her mouth. “How do you… get access to… do you use sperm banks?”

“No actually that isn’t a good option. When stored, semen loses much of the potency which the treatment relies upon, and sperm banks generally keep only very small samples anyway, so it wouldn’t really be enough for a serious regimen of treatments.”

“So then where do you get it from?”

“Well in most cases I suggest my patients discuss the matter with their partner, and come to an arrangement that matches the treatment needs.” He explained.

Lucia looked astounded, and then suddenly disappointed as her situation came into her mind. “What about single patients?” she asked. “How are they supposed to…” She blushed, unable to continue.

“Well in that case I generally ask the patient if they have a friend who might help them out.” Lucia blushed again. “I could never ask a friend for help with something like this.”

“Well then don’t worry about it,” the doctor said. “As I mentioned there are a few other options we can try out as well rather than going to experimental route…”

Lucia pouted, and then blurted out, blushing as she did: “Is there any way… I mean I really want to find a way to take advantage of this treatment. Is there any chance you could ‘supply’ the necessary… fluids?”

“I’m sorry Lucia. That would not only be unethical, but would also invalidate the trial results.”

“What if we did it outside of the experiment?” She begged. “Please! I’m desperate!”

Dr. Azriel looked her in the eyes, and couldn’t help but feel moved by her passionate plea, not to mention feeling tempted to take advantage of her offer for more physical reasons. Making up his mind, he strode to the door, and locked it.

“If I do this…” he began “Then you have to swear not to tell a soul. I could lose my job, or worse, get arrested.”

Lucia’s face lit up with excitement. “I promise! I won’t breathe a word!”

“Alright then.” He said, pulling his dress shirt out of his pants and beginning to unbutton it. “I’ll need you to lay back on the bed please.”

Lucia, startled at the pace at which events were unfolding, averted her eyes from his undressing, and obeyed his instructions, climbing up on the bed and laying down tentatively. She closed her eyes as the doctor continued to disrobe.

“Lucia.” He said, causing her eyes to open and glance at him as he undid his belt. “Your eyes have to be open so I can apply it directly to them.”

Lucia looked at the ceiling trying to avoid staring as his pants came down. “Won’t that sting?” she asked.

“It will, but that just means the acids are doing their work to let the protein penetrate. Besides, you will get used to it pretty quickly.”

“How often… do I need treatment?” She asked glancing at him. She immediately looked away, blushing, embarrassed as she saw his soft, fat cock in his hands.

From the corner of her eye, she saw his hand reach up to his face and heard him spit on it quietly before reaching back down and moving his hand rhythmically. She wrinkled her nose as the distinct smell of saliva and penis reached her nostrils.

“I recommend treatment at a minimum of twice every week.” The doctor said. “More if possible, but twice a week should be enough to give you positive results.”

Lucia continued to stare at the ceiling, but perceived that Dr. Azriel was inching closer to her, putting him almost within her peripheral vision.

“Will I be able to get appointments that often?” She asked.

“Probably not. I’m very booked up.” He replied, accompanied by the wet and squishy sounds of a cock being stroked, slowly and gently. “We may be able to arrange for some home visits in the evening if you like.”

Lucia blushed at the thought of having the doctor over to her home to cum in her eyes, and said nothing. While here, in the crisp and professional confines of his clinical office the ‘procedure’ still had a veneer of being medical treatment, the thought of doing it at home felt much more tawdry and sexual in nature. Unconsciously, her gaze wandered as she thought, till she suddenly found herself staring at the doctor’s half-hard member, now only inches from her face. She watched for a moment, of curiosity, and saw him begin to harden slightly before her eyes. She let her gaze drift upwards to his face, and saw a glimmer of a smile on his lips as he watched her eyes.

“It actually helps when you watch.” He said, rather huskily.

“Okay.” Lucia said, demurely while meeting his gaze.

She allowed her eyes to wander back down his naked chest, and examined his penis closely for the first time. Dr. Azriel’s clean-shaven cock was thick and heavy looking, his foreskin gliding back and forth over the head as he stroked himself. It’s length was in her opinion ideal — long enough to hit all the right spots when fucking, but not so long as to be uncomfortable. Unexpectedly, Lucia felt a familiar heat growing in her loins as she watched Dz. Azriel stroke himself so near to her. Though quite large, she could tell he was still not quite fully hard, and that he was struggling to maintain his erection in the absence of greater stimulation.

As if reading her mind, he suddenly asked: “Do you mind if I touch your tits a little bit?” Lucia was almost too shocked to answer. The doctor had always been a consummate professional in the past, though she had caught him checking her out on a couple occasions. His tone was different now, however, as he lost himself within the erotic fantasy of the moment.

“Okay.” She answered again, her voice nearly cracking with nerves.

Slowly and gently, Lucia felt his hand slide up her side to cup her right breast over her blouse. She suppressed a small moan of pleasure as he skillfully cupped and kneaded the flesh beneath her clothing, and felt her nipples harden in response, becoming just barely visible through the thin material of the frilly white bra and blouse she wore. She smiled slightly to herself as she saw his penis pulse and continue to grow still more, becoming rigid and venous in his hand. Lucia was very proud of her breasts, and had seen many partners succumb to their charms.

“Oh yeah. I have wanted to touch these ever since the first time I saw you, Lucia.” He groaned as his hands wandered back and forth between her tits, pinching her nipples slightly.

Lucia had to bit her lower lip to cut off a telltale sharp inhale of breath that she knew would reveal her secret reveling in the attention she was receiving. She was flattered by his attraction to her, and it had been several months since her last sexual encounter. Though she regularly took matters into her own hands, Lucia had almost forgotten how much she enjoyed the firm, strong hands of a confident and experienced man touching her. As if on instinct, she found her own hand furthest from the doctor maneuvering down between her legs. She clamped her thighs tightly together to block out her own hand, and accidentally triggered a long, low moan of pleasure from the pressure and blood flow that the squeezing brought to her pussy. Embarrassed, she clamped a hand over her mouth, and looked up at the doctor’s eyes again to see if he had noticed.

From the grinning leer on his face, it was obvious that he had. “It’s okay Lucia. Being turned on is perfectly natural. Just go with it, it will help me to deliver your treatment faster and in larger quantity.”

Lucia blushed, tears of embarrassment welling up in her eyes before she shook them away. She had masturbated in front of guys she had dated before, and in fact thoroughly enjoyed the act — deep down, she knew she was a secret voyeur. Deciding on her course of action, she made up her mind to give him a proper show. She stared at his face and saw him lick his lips in anticipation as she began to slowly unbutton her blouse, letting it fall open to reveal her heaving mounds, encased in a frilly white bra through which her pink nipples were just barely visible. She made no effort to contain her moan this time as he began to feel her up more vigorously. Reaching down with both hands, and lifting her bum off the bed, she shimmied herself out of her thong panties beneath her black skirt, and then let the skirt ride up high so she could access her pussy. As her middle finger of her left hand grazed her clit for the first time, she moaned again, louder this time, tossing back her head and closing her eyes, unable to contain herself.

Lucia pressed her hand tightly against herself, her middle finger pushed his barely inside her, and her palm pressed tightly to her clit. Rhythmically, she began to rock her hips up and down, fucking her own hand, grinding against it. She clapped her other hand over her mouth as she tried to restrain herself from screaming out loud from sheer pleasure. Her breath came in desperate and loud gasps through her nose, nostrils flaring as she tried to maintain some level of discretion in the quiet office complex. She was barely even aware as the doctor deftly undid the clasps on the front of her bra, opening it to reveal the fullness of her breasts before returning to stroking himself. Lucia looked down at herself now, watching as he played with her bare breasts. She closed her eyes in ecstasy, and moments later reopened them when she felt his warm, moist mouth envelop one of her nipples, using gentle suction and tongue lashing to drive her to new heights. Unable to restrain herself, she began fucking herself with wild abandon, writhing around on the table against her hand while she enjoyed his skillful lips.

And with that, she suddenly found herself in the throes of a massive orgasm, pulsing and grinding her hips against her hand and stifling her own screams. It seemed to last forever before she finally came down, and she was forced to remove her hand from her mouth as she gasped for air, recovering from the most intense climax she could remember in ages. As she lay there, eyes closed in recovery, she felt and heard a wet slapping hitting lightly against her cheek and gaping lips. With effort she forced herself to open her eyes — still narrow with a post-orgasmic squint — to find Dr. Azriel holding his turgid tool by the base and slapping it against her face. Before she could respond, she felt a bead of precum enter her mouth, filling it with the familiar flavor of cock. Lucia moaned again, involuntarily.

Taking her moan as an invitation, the doctor thrust his hips forward, and began fucking the underside of his cock against her wet, and open lips. He reached down, grasping her by the chin and the top of the head, and held her steady while he ran his shaft along her lips, back and forth. Lucia allowed her tongue to snake out, lashing at him willingly. Although it had never been her favorite sexual act, Lucia had sucked her past boyfriends willingly and with enthusiasm, and was used to how insistent and beyond reason an incredibly horny man could become. She used her thick, full lips to full effect, licking them to keep them moist, and tasting his precum on them. She heard him growl as he turned her head to face him, and began thrusting in and out of her mouth, feeding her only a couple inches at a time. The awkward angle was uncomfortable on her neck, and she felt saliva begin to run out of the corner of her mouth as he fucked her face.

“Lucia you beautiful cocksucker.” Dr. Azriel breathed, almost whispered to her. “You have no idea how badly I have wanted to fuck your hot mouth.”

Lucia shivered with delight at his words, overcome with her own horniness. She was overcome with the desire to make him cum, for more reasons now than just her medical treatment. Swiveling on the bed, she swung her legs over the edge towards him. He let go of her head, and let her drop down in front of him on the floor. Unsteady on her high heels, she leaned back against the bed, feeling the cold steel of the cabinet doors through her hair. Squatting with her legs opened wide to let him stand close, her tits bounding free and naked, she looked up at him and opened her mouth wide in clear invitation. Towering over her, he needed little as he stepped forward, stroking her hair gently before sliding his cock into her velvety mouth. With a better angle now, he fucked deeper, stopping just short of gagging her, one hand on either side of her head. Hands free, Lucia massaged her own breasts with one, and played with her clit with the other. The feeling was intense and gloriously pleasurable. She moaned around his meat as it pumped in and out of her oral cavity, sending vibrations up his shaft and making him groan in return. He grunted in time with his thrusts, breath now coming in ragged gasps.

“I’m getting close.” He said.

Lucia moaned loudly in response, involuntarily sounding like a slut in heat. “I want to feel your cum so badly.”

“Tell me you want it.” He said, pulling out of her mouth, and stroking his sticky wet cock quickly right above her forehead.

“God I want it so badly.” Lucia said between gasps as she worked her pussy. She looked directly into his eyes opening them as wide as she could muster. “I want you to cum in my eyes. Please Dr. Azriel.”

That was all he needed to push him over the edge. With a growing and gravelly moan of his own, the doctor unleashed a thick torrent of milky-white semen onto her upturned face. In blasts that seemed to go on forever, and with an almost uncanny aim, he plastered first one, and then the other eye. Lucia focused on keeping them open as long as possible, until the burning was too much and she was forced to close them. She felt his warm sticky cum running down her face, and dripping onto her tits and thighs in heavy droplets. She licked her lips, tasting his salty seed on them, and moaned, driven over the top into her own second orgasm, which thankfully distracted from the discomfort of her eyes. Perhaps through Pavlovian training, she thought to herself, she would learn to associate cum on her eyes and face with the wonderful pleasure of an orgasm.

As she came down, she felt a warm, moist, soothing cloth on her face as the doctor cleaned her up. She waited patiently as he tidied her chest, tummy, and legs, policing up stray drops of cum. She sighed contentedly as he planted a few deep, sucking kisses on her nipples, and shivered as he pressed the palm of his hand against her pussy to feel how hot and wet she was. Almost comatose from pleasure, and with the pain in her eyes subsiding quickly, she knew should would not think twice about seeing Dr. Azriel for further treatments. Lucia smiled to herself and wondered if he would be willing to fuck her properly next time at her apartment.

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