“We can’t do this,” he said.

“I know,” I agreed.

“But I really want to…” he continued.

“You should probably go,” I said.

“Right.” He walked backward a few steps in the direction of the door, then stopped at the edge of the counter.

“Why am I still here?” he asked in a whisper, his Spanish accent a purr. Then, making up his mind he shook his head. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he resolved, and stepped back in my direction and reached for a final parting hug.

Every atom in my being screamed for me to hold on to him, to grab his face and press my lips to his, to press the entire length of myself against his body, but I let my hand fall from his back. He caught my fingers briefly before he turned and left, fumbling momentarily with the doorknob, but not looking back.

I covered my face with my hands, disappointment negating whatever trickle of relief I should have felt. What did I just do? He was right there within reach, the man I’d fantasized about for nearly a year, and I let him walk out the door.

He wasn’t sure, I reminded myself. He didn’t want it, and I’ll be damned if I throw myself at a man who’s not sure he wants me.

I laid my folded arms on the desk, thunked my head down on top of them and tried to surrender to the grief. He’s an asshole, I thought. He keeps tempting me and running away. He’s fucking with my head. I almost didn’t hear the door.

Lifting my head I saw him step tentatively back into the room, the look on his face betraying his uncertainty.

I didn’t think. I rose and strode across the room, not sure if I wanted to slap him for making me feel this way, for his indecisiveness, and not knowing what the other half of me was capable of, but his expression wore the same hunger and desperation I felt.

I threw myself into his arms, all of my resolve, all of the very good advice I’d given myself, evaporated in the heat I could feel of him through his coat. His goatee scratched my chin as his lips sought mine, and his uncertainty was entirely gone.

He pushed me backward, pressing me into the wall, his hands on my hips, my breasts, my wrists as we devoured each others’ mouths, and then his arms were around my waist. Pulling my body tightly against his, he half carried, half dragged, me to the counter, where he perched me on the edge.

Pulling back for a moment, he placed his fingertips on my breastbone and held me at a distance. Lust burned in his eyes and his jaw trembled slightly. “If you don’t want this, you’d better say so,” he warned, “because I don’t think I can stop.”

“If you wanted to stop, you shouldn’t have come back,” I said, defiantly raising my chin, and then his mouth was on mine again, and we were breathing each others’ breath.

His hands grasped my buttocks, pulling me into him, crushing our pelvises together, and I could feel the heat from his fully erect penis radiating through our clothes. Our hands and arms moved restlessly across our backs and sides and necks, taking in each others’ shapes in a frenzied tactile adventure.

My hands found their way between us and grasped his pulsing shaft through his jeans, then fumbled with his belt.

His hands intervened, and in a second his belt and his pants were unfastened, his tongue never leaving its dance with mine.

Pressing both of my hands against his chest I pushed him away, sliding down from the countertop, and backing him against the wall. In moments I was on my knees, his beautifully thick, Spanish penis hot in my hands. I licked the purple knob, running my flattened tongue around its circumference, and glanced up to see his eyes roll back and close. I pulled his erection down to ninety degrees and engulfed the shaft, taking him as deeply as I could. My throat stretched and I felt the slippery metallic sweetness of his precum in the back of my mouth before easing back slowly until my lips rested on the slit at the very tip. Running my tongue around the outside again, then up the underside from base to crown, I slathered him with my spit and jacked him with my hand while teasing the crown of his cock with my tongue. When I sucked him back in again he groaned, and I pulled him all the way in again until my noise pressed into his pubic hair.

Wrapping my right hand around the base I squeezed gently as I worked my mouth back and forth, letting the back of my throat squeeze him with each tentative thrust of his hips as my tongue and lips pleasured his shaft.

Letting go of the wall he tangled his hands in my hair and began working my mouth in a rhythm, gently at first, but growing more and more insistent as I worked my magic until he was fucking my face.

Breathless with tears streaking my cheeks, I sucked air in rapidly through my nose smelling soap in his pubes from his morning shower. My left hand continued to cup and caress his testicles as my fingertips searched for that special spot on his perineum, the tell tale lump that sends waves of pleasure straight to his prostate. When my fingertip found the magic button, I pressed gently and immediately felt his reaction.

Gasping he pushed down on my shoulders and his penis stiffened further. I pressed my face as tightly as I could to his crotch and felt the thick rod pulse as he shot streams of cum into my mouth.

As the twitching subsided I pulled back and licked the remaining juices from the shaft, being careful not to tickle the sensitive, overstimulated underside.

Glancing up I saw that he was watching my careful ministrations with his mouth slightly agape.

“That was,” he said slowly in his gorgeous Spanish purr, his words punctuated by heavy breaths, “by far the most amazing blow job I’ve ever experienced.”

“Thank you,” I said, wiping my mouth and letting him pull me to my feet.

I tucked his spent penis back in his pants and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. “I have to go,” I whispered in his ear, then kissed his earlobe and pulled away.

“What about you?” he asked, seizing my wrist as I turned to retrieve my purse.

“I don’t know,” I said, “I have to go. We don’t have any more time.”

“What about tomorrow?” he persisted, grasping my hips and turning me to face him.

“Let’s just play it by ear, ‘kay?”

Brushing my lips across his once again, I pulled away and left, going home to my waiting husband and leaving him to gather his composure before returning to his wife.

Dan woke up suddenly, trying to figure out where he was. As consciousness took hold he remembered the night before. The beers, the tequilas, the dancing….. He didn’t even like tequila, but Beth had said she liked a man that could keep up with her, so he did. He looked at the clock, 10 minutes before the alarm would go off, but realising it would probably take him longer to do everything that morning he hauled himself out of bed, cursing the genius that decided an office party on a work night would be a good idea.

Turning on the shower he thought about Beth. She had started working for the company about 2 weeks ago and he’d noticed her straight away. Her curves, the way her hips swayed when she walked, the tops she wore which showed just enough cleavage to make a guy want more. He could feel himself growing hard at the mere thought of her. Yet as he fantasised about being able to touch those glorious breasts, a horrible memory came crashing back to him. He cringed as he pictured the moment he’d moved in to kiss her, followed quickly by the moment she’d pulled away, turned her back on him and walked away. He could feel his cheeks redden with embarrassment. He wondered if he could have been more of an idiot. Turning off the shower he rushed through his normal routine.

Arriving at work, Dan sighed as he realised he would have to face Beth in the department meeting. Armed with a giant cup of coffee he headed into the conference room, taking a seat at the long narrow table opposite the door. When he saw Beth walk through the door he bent his head pretending to write on his notepad. She sat down across the table from him and he could feel her looking at him. He looked up at her briefly and smiled before continued to write rubbish on the pad.

When the meeting started he glanced up at her and noticed she’d unbuttoned an additional button on her shirt so he could quite clearly see her breasts encased in their black lacy bra. She watched him gazing at her chest for a while before resting her chin on her hands and pushing her breasts together. He met her gaze and saw a naughty look in her eyes. He felt himself stir with excitement, before remember the shame of last night and turned back to listen to Gary, the manager who was leading the meeting.

A few minutes of boring updates and statistics passed when he felt a warm foot brushing against his leg, he looked round at Beth but she looked as though she was paying attention to the presentation. The foot moved further up his leg moving closer to his crotch. He could feel himself getting harder the higher it moved. He noticed Beth sit lower on her chair as the foot finally made contact with his cock. He groaned slightly as her toes ran up and down his shaft, hastily turning it into a cough as the guy sitting next to him gave him a strange look.

As the foot started moving faster, Dan looked at Beth. She picked up a banana from the table and was gently running her hand up and down it before slowly peeling back the skin. Looking directly into his eyes she ran her tongue over her lips so they were shiny and plump before gently inserting the banana between them. His cock was so hard that he could feel it straining against his trousers and feared that he would cum in his boxers if Beth carried on. He tried to move away from her, but her other foot was wrapped around the chair leg so he was stuck. He was concentrating so hard on controlling himself that he didn’t realise that everyone has stopped talking and were now looking at him.

He heard Gary say his name again. “Dan is that OK? Do you have time to go through the processes with Beth?” The foot was working harder on his cock and he felt his balls begin to tighten as they prepared to shoot his load.

He tried to compose himself before answering, but his voice came out husky. He managed a quick “Yeah thats fine” before burying his head in his hands as he felt himself explode in his boxers. He tried to keep as still as possible as Beth’s foot continued to rub him until he was spent. He felt the cum in his pants and was sure that if he got up there would be a wet patch on his trousers. When he was done and finally looked up the people around him were gathering their things and making their way from the conference room. Beth was looking at him with a wanton smile.

Gary came over and asked him if everything was alright. Dan gave a slightly embarrassed cough “Yeah everythings fine, must be the effects of last night — I’m getting too old for drinking during the week!”

Gary agreed “Aren’t we all. So you’re OK to go through the ordering process with Beth? No time like the present, you may as well do it now.” Before Dan had chance to reply Beth said that she would very much like Dan to do it now. “Fantastic, you won’t be disturbed in here” Gary said as he closed the door behind him.

Dan asked her with all the directness he could muster why she had walked away from him last night. But she just got up from her seat and without saying a word she moved round to his side of the table. Dan pushed his chair back so he was facing her. Slowly she got to her knees and reached out to unbutton his trousers, “I should probably clean up the mess I created earlier before we get on with the work” and with that he pushed upwards on the chair so she could pull down his trousers.

She smiled broadly at the sight of his cock, which was fairly impressive even when flaccid. She started by licking the drops of cum off his thighs, working her way to his balls, taking each one in her mouth and lightly sucking it clean. Hearing his breathing become shallower, she ran her tongue up his shaft, stopping short of the head before heading back down and up again. Finally she ran her lips over his head licking the last of his cum off. She reached out for his hand and placed it on the back of her head, giving him the go ahead to fuck her mouth. As he started to get into the swing of it, he pushed himself further down her throat until she was gagging and her eyes were watering.

She suddenly pushed his hand away and stood up. Standing in front of him she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal the rest of her lacy black bra and tugged up her skirt so it was around her waist. She told him to turn his chair back towards the table while she jumped up on it and put her legs on his shoulders. He reached out and stroked her through her thong, feeling the wetness that had already seeped through. She lent back so he could remove her thong.

With a final look at the door he buried his head between her legs. Running his tongue over her lips teasingly, she thrust her hips forward as she tried to make him enter her warm depths. He obliged, using his hand to spread her lips while his tongue moved around until it found what it was looking for. She moaned as he licked her clit, gently nibbling and sucking. She started grinding her pussy against his face, wanting him to be inside her. He ran his finger around her wet opening, teasing her and pushing it in a little way, before pulling it back out. Her wanton moans were getting louder and he was getting harder.

After shoving one finger roughly into her, he eventually used a second one, fucking her hard while still sucking her clit and lips. Pulling his fingers out, he held them up to her mouth so she could lick them and taste herself. She greedily sucked at them loving the taste of herself. Shoving his fingers back into her, to get them wet again, he moved them down and ran them around her ass hole, making it ready for him to shove a cheeky finger in. Pushing gently, he eased his finger into her ass, while running his tongue between her pussy hole and clit. Beth moaned and grabbed his hair, pulling him closer into her as she felt her orgasm approaching. When Dan felt her pussy start to contract he inserted another finger into her ass, shoved three into her pussy and sucked at her clit hard — this had the desired effect and she was soon grinding against his face and cumming hard. He continued working her clit and two holes so she didn’t have time to come down before her next orgasm hit.

As she came down from her double orgasm, Dan stood up, pulling her off the table, turning her round and pinning her down on the table, leaving her ass fully exposed. He knew that she was sopping wet, so plunged his cock straight into her cunt. His lust took over and he lost himself in her. After a few minute of keeping her pinned to the table, he pulled her up by her hair so he could push himself up into her, using her hair to pull her back to meet his thrusts.

Beth’s groans brought him out of his own mind and back into the room. He slowed down and reached round to rub her clit with one hand and grabbing at her breasts with the other. Beth groaned that she was cumming. He worked her clit harder and pinched her nipples hard until she came once more, her pussy contracting around his cock. This was too much for Dan, he grabbed her around the throat and fucked her so hard she thought that she would be split it two.

As Dan geared up to cum for the second time, he pushed her back on the table again, pulled her ass cheeks apart and spat on her hole, preparing her for his cock. He pulled out of her cunt, held her hips down on the table and pushed into her ass with all his weight. She muffled a scream with her fist. After a few thrusts he grunted and blew his load into her ass, pumping her full of his hot cum. Collapsing on top of her, he waited for his cock to become limp as he pulled it out of her, wiping it clean on her inner thighs. Pulling her upright, he pulled her skirt down as she did up her shirt. He smacked her on the ass and told her to go and clean up so they could get back on with their training.

As Beth walked out of the conference room she could feel her pussy juice and Dan’s cum dripping down her legs. She hurried to the toilets where she started running her fingers over the juices and licking it off. Heading back to the conference room, she pushed open the door and found Dan leaning back in his chair, walking over to him she kissed him deeply so he could taste them both on her. She sat down next to him as they started going over the training. He never did find out why she walked away from him but it was the best thing that could have possibly happened.

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