They were dozing on his bed. It was a hot Sunday morning in the sub-tropics and the ceiling fan was turning slowly, providing some chill as it evaporated the sweat off their bodies. They were in a loose spoon, her half on her back, her head nestled onto his upper arm, and her legs sprawled apart. His right hand was placed comfortably over her pussy – still leaking a slight dribble of his come – and his now soft cock lay between the cheeks of her ass. He was conscious of the need to pee, and finally worked up the energy to break out of his comfortable reverie and get up. As he got out of bed and entered the ensuite bathroom her cell phone rang.

“Hello? Oh, hi, how’s it going? Uh huh. Yeah, still lazing about in bed. No, no, last night was just a night in for me. You?”

He assumed it was one of her girlfriends, checking in to discuss Saturday night’s activities. He took the pressure off his bladder. He had a quick rinse off under the shower while he was there. She was still on the phone when he came out, giggling and saying “Oh, really!” from time to time.

He stood near the doorway of the bathroom for a moment, admiring the view from the foot of the bed. She was lying on her front propped up on her elbows, which gave her spine a delicious curve. She had slim shoulders, and an even slimmer waist, flaring out to feminine hips and a rounded ass. Her shape was irresistible to him. “It’s all about hip to waist ratio” he thought to himself with a wry smile. Of her breasts, with her back to him, he could see only the creamy rounded sides hanging beneath her, but the temptation to walk over and stroke down over the softness and cup her nipples into his palms was strong. Her legs were close together, but her thighs were trim enough that he could nonetheless glimpse a hint of shaven inner lips. His cock hardened a little at the sight; somehow more enticing because of – and not in spite of – how little he could see.

He hoped she wouldn’t be on the phone too long.

After a few moments admiring he went over and knelt on the bed beside her, bent over her and nibbled her earlobe, the one without a phone pressed to it. With his head close to hers he was surprised to realise that the voice on the phone was male. He realised her giggles had a slightly flirtatious edge. He frowned and wondered who it was.

He leaned in till she looked at him, and mouthed “Who is it?” She sensed his jealousy and just gave him a mischievous smile and turned her face away. He leaned across her so his face was once more in front of hers and gave her a mock stern look and mouthed “Who!?”

She shot him a defiant look and mouthed “Darren”.


He felt a twinge of proprietary jealousy and righteous anger. Back before they had met, Darren had been her boss at the hotel where she worked. He’d never met Darren, but from the way she described him it sounded like he was a total sleaze. He was in his late thirties, and married, but boasted of Thailand sex vacations with his sleazy buddies, and acted as if he was entitled to treat the mostly female young workforce at the hotel as his personal harem.

What upset him most though was that she had allowed Darren to fuck her. How voluntarily she had done so seemed to vary in the telling. The first time she had talked about it her lip trembled and a tear ran down her cheek as she described how she had been insecure in her job and had felt she had no option but to succumb. He’d been full of indignation on her behalf and told her she should have complained to senior management and got Darren thrown out of his job. But other times she seemed to talk of Darren with a certain affection, and she still took his calls now and again. He suspected that Darren had a degree of roguish charm and that she had dropped her panties for him more willingly than she was prepared to admit.

He had no real cause for jealousy; Darren had changed jobs a year or so back, long before they met, and she hadn’t seen Darren since, as far as he knew. But he still bristled at mention of Darren’s name.

His mind came back to the present. He could only hear one side of the conversation, but he could tell that she was deliberately repeating Darren’s queries so he could follow along.

“Yes, I do have a new boyfriend, actually. Who did you hear that from?”


” His name? Why do you need to know his name?”


“What’s he like? Well, he’s smart. Good looking,” she glanced around and winked at him as she said this, “he’s a professional working in the city…”

He placed his hand on the small of her back, and then with a feather light touch stroked down over one round ass cheek, down the back of her corresponding thigh to the arch of her foot, then back up, and then down and up the other leg. She didn’t turn to face him, but he felt her body writhe slightly.

“Big salary? I suppose. He has a nice apartment and a cute car. I haven’t exactly peeked at his bank balance. None of your business, anyway. Or mine.”


“Fuck off,” she giggled, “he has plenty of attributes you don’t besides a good job, stop kidding yourself”.

He slid his hand down and up her legs again, this time allowing his fingertips to graze further in towards her centreline. Her thighs moved till they were a couple of finger widths apart. A third time he traced down and this time he brought his fingers up so that they traced just outside but not quite touching her sex. Her legs moved still further apart. She turned to face him. Her cheeks were slightly pink. She frowned at him pointedly.

“Attributes? Well, he knows how to treat a lady for a start.”

She laughed at something Darren said then shot back, “Bigger than yours, anyway!”

This riposte seemed to cause change Darren to change the subject because from what he could hear it sounded like the conversation had moved on to a discussion of what various other workmates and former workmates were up to.

Now he traced upwards on either side of her spine with both hands, outwards to her shoulders, then down her sides once again to the small of her back. He repeated this manoeuvre, but this time as he traced back down he skimmed his fingertips over the sides of her breasts.

She glanced round at him and mouthed “Don’t,” but her cheeks were slightly flushed and her eyes were sparkling. He crouched over her and dangled his cock and balls so they lightly caressed her upper thighs and ass. And in between. He knew she found this raunchy. As his cock lengthened and rose till it would no longer dangle he sat on her ass with his cock snugged along her crack and his balls settled comfortably between her thighs. He leaned down and nibbled her free ear, then worked his way down, kissing and lightly biting the nape of her neck. He could sense the deepening of her breathing.

“Darren you sleaze it’s none of your business. I am not going to get into a discussion with you about my underwear.” She craned her neck around to face him and rolled her eyes, “How are your wife and children anyway?”

He took her hand and guided her off the bed. She shot him a quizzical look but kept the phone to her ear. He lead her into the ensuite and then the shower cubicle.

“Sound different? More echo-ey? Oh, I’ve just moved into the kitchen.”

The shower was the type with a detachable handset fed by a hose. He unhooked the handset from the wall and adjusted it so that it was on its softest setting. He turned her so she was facing the wall and moved her feet apart and pressed gently down on her shoulders till she was in a half squat.

“Wait, how old is the little fella now? Really? And he’s already pulling little girls pants down at school? Jesus. Like father, like son. You must be so proud,” she said sarcastically.

He adjusted the taps till the spray was body temperature, then moved the handset so it fountained upward at her pussy. She turned to him and put his lips against his ear.

“Sweetie, this is how I like to get off when you’re not around; take me back to bed.”

He grinned at her and shook his head. He used his hand in combination with the stream of water to wash away his cum and her juices from her upper thighs and then her pussy. He allowed his fingers to linger as they stroked between her nether lips. He took some soap and washed her pussy and ass.

“Pardon? Yeah, sorry, it’s a bit hard to hear, I’m running some water into the sink. On Tuesday? I suppose I could. Who’s going to be there?”

He turned off the shower and took a towel and dried her, then lead her back to the bed. He guided her to lie face down, and knelt beside her. He bent his head down and nibbled her ear, and then the nape of her neck.

“What about Sarah? Can she make it? Oh, that’s a shame, would have liked to catch up with her.”

He kissed his way down her spine, then ran his tongue slowly down the crack of her ass. She raised her hips and arched her back, allowing him access. As the tip of his tongue passed over the tight knot of her anus he felt her jerk reflexively and heard her gasp.

“Can you hang on a moment? Yeah, just a sec.”

She twisted around to face him, her hand over the mouthpiece of her phone. Her face was flushed and her eyes flashing. “Honey,” she implored in a whisper, “He’s going to hear and it’s going to be so embarrassing. He’s not stupid.”

He lifted his face from her ass crack for long enough to grin at her but – actions speaking louder than words – his answer to her request was to dip his head back down between her cheeks, tongue extended.

She shook her head ruefully and put the phone back to her ear.

“Sorry, what were you saying? Oh, I don’t know, what about that bar on Vine St? Yeah, it’s a bit expensive I suppose. Well…”

He worked the tip of his tongue down the fold between one plump labia majora and her thigh, his face pressed hard into the softness of her ass; then when his tongue could reach no further down he swiped across and worked back up the other side. He repeated the circle and as he did so she lifted her ass higher and spread her legs further.

“Saturn Hotel? Yeah, we could go there. Isn’t it mostly full of yuppies?”

He kept circling the outside of her mons for a few turns, then took the tease up a notch; tracing his tongue down between her inner and outer labia this time, lingering lightly on her clit before moving back up between her lips again, on the other side. She moved her legs still further apart and he lifted his head to admire the view. Her legs were now about as far apart as they could go, the tendons in her thighs taught. Her thick inner pussylips were swollen and beginning to separate.

“It’s a bit sleazy. Though I suppose you like that huh?” she laughed. Her laugh caught in her throat as his tongue swiped across her clit and caused her to inhale sharply.


“No, sorry, I just started to sneeze, that’s all”.

He moved up her body and dipped his face down to her cheek. She turned her face to his and he tongue kissed her deep. Her expression was both quizzical and excited. Her cheeks were flushed. She mouthed “Should I hang up?” and he shook his head and winked.

“Yeah, I suppose we could meet there. You and Tim would like it anyway, lots of eye candy, and there’s usually dancing.”

He moved back down the bed and lowered his face once more to her vulva. He began a more direct – but soft and wet – laving of the edges of her inner lips with the flat of his tongue. Her petals parted wide and he started a slow firm rotation of his tongue from her perineum, down one side of her cunt, around her clit, and then back up. He felt her breathing deepen and quicken now that her clit was receiving direct attention.

“Laura would come, and she’s still in touch with Jane, I think. I’ll give her a call. My voice? No, honestly, I don’t think there’s anything funny about it, why? Oh. Well. It’s, uh, just that I’m going upstairs. I mustn’t be very fit at the moment,” she giggled.


“Wait a moment, I’ve just got to…”

She put her hand over the mouthpiece again. “Baby, I’m going to start moaning out load soon, I’m going to end the call, OK?”

He shook his head and held up one wagging finger. “Nuh uh, keep talking,” he said softly.

She frowned at him but her eyes were shining and she was flushed red from her cheeks to the tops of her breasts. She put the phone back to her ear. He lowered her head once more and zeroed in on her clit, circling and flicking it with his tongue. He reached up with one arm and slid it under her side so he could take her right nipple between his fingers. He placed his other hand on her left ass cheek so that the tips of his fingers could caress her anus. Her breath was catching with the flicks of his tongue over her nub and her hips were writhing slowly.

“Well let’s say 7.30 then. OK.”

She laughed off something Darren said. “Oh fuck off you sleaze, I’ll wear what I feel like wearing.”

Her hips were writhing faster now and he was having trouble keeping his tongue in contact. She craned her head around to face him and mouthed “Fuck me!” He shook his head.

Her talking to Darren – and Darren’s presumptuousness – made him jealous and he felt a need to assert his possession. He moved up the bed on his knees till his rock hard cock was immediately in front of her face. She moved to take him in her mouth, but he pulled away, then took himself in hand and touched the tip of his knob to her nose, then traced it over her left cheek, around her mouth to her other cheek and only then presented himself to her lips. He could hear Darren’s voice faintly but could not make out the words. She plunged her mouth around him, her tongue swirling at his frenum and then released him with a slight smacking noise.

“Yeah, I’m just eating a popsicle, sorry to slurp in your ear, heh”

She took him in her mouth again, and having now established the deception, ostentatiously pursued it; licking and sucking on his cock with abandon, deliberately allowing Darren to hear.


“You have a lot of imagination, Darren. Does your mind ever get out of the gutter? And how would you know what getting head sounds like anyway, huh?” She laughed and wrapped her wet lips once more around her cock, applying delicious suction while lipping tightly back and forth across the edge of his glans.


She lifted her head off him to speak once more.

“You got a blowjob last week? Sure you did. How much did she charge? Heh! Anyway, look, have we worked out where we are all meeting up, and when?”.

Good as her mouth felt, he was horny as a goat by now and decided he had teased for long enough. He withdrew his cock from her mouth and moved back down the bed.

“Yes, Darren, my boyfriend will be coming along. Well, unless he’s got something else on.”


“Darren if you’re thinking about this as an opportunity to get me alone and sleaze onto me, forget it. I’m inviting him.”

He lay over her, his cock at the steaming hot entrance to her cunny. She was too turned on and open wide for him to need a hand to help his tip find her entrance. He lodged his glans between her lips then stopped. He breathed into her ear “Do you want it?” She nodded emphatically.

“Do I think he’ll come? Yes I think he’ll come. I’ll probably come first, but he’ll probably come a little later,” she giggled. “Funny? No, nothing’s funny, it’s just that…”

Her voice trailed away as he swivelled his hips down and in. His glans spread her open and passed within.

“Ohhhhhhhh, my God…”

She was wet and open and he had no need to go slowly. He took her in one movement, plunging till his groin was tight against the soft cheeks of her ass and his balls were against her mons.


“Yeah, I’m fine, just yawning,” she croaked.

He began a slow controlled movement in and out, withdrawing till he his knob was nestled just within her labia before sliding in to the hilt. He kept his weight off her back using his elbows, gently raising his hips till he was just inside her then shafting down into her till he was fully buried. A soft squelching came from her with each thrust and he wondered if Darren could hear.

She clearly wanted to end Darren’s call. “Well, look, anyway, good to hear from you, I guess I’ll see you on Tuesday at the Saturn, downstairs bar at 7.30, OK? “. Her voice was breathy and uneven and he wondered how long it would take before Darren would realise what was going on.

” … “

” Oh, look Darren, if it matters that much I’ll ask him, OK? He’s right here. “

” … “

” Well, I never said I was alone.”

He levered himself up so his body was upright, and closed her legs so he could straddle them while rocking back and forth. This allowed him the indescribably hot sight of her soft wet flesh, pressed together between her closed thighs, moving in and out with his cock. He knew she loved this position because of the way it worked her clit. A low breathy sigh escaped her.

“What are we doing? None of your…” Her voice sounded like she was talking in a dream, her breath ragged.

He made his mind up about something, leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Tell him.”

She glanced round at him, a mixed look of surprise and excitement on her flushed face. She mouthed back at him “No way!”

“Tell him your hot wet little cunt is wide open and my big cock is in you to the hilt, and I’m fucking your brains out,” he whispered. She said nothing but she half smiled, her eyes sparkling. She put the phone back to her ear.

“Uh. We’re in bed, actually. “

” … “

” No, of course not, don’t be sleazy.”

He leaned forward again and whispered again, “Tell him what I’m doing to you.”

“Actually,” she giggled, “we’re…”

He increased his rhythm till she was being rocked lightly up and down the bed.

“Oh, God,” she sighed into the phone, her voice wavering in time with his strokes.

“Go on, tell him,” he said out loud.

“He’s, uh, fucking me” she admitted in a whisper. Even from behind he could see her blushing to her ears.

Darren’s startled laugh was loud enough for him to hear, despite his head not being near the phone.

“Yes, really.”


“Well to be honest,” she giggled, “he’s been pretty much sexing me up during this whole phone call.”

He moved her thighs apart again so he could kneel between them, and then pulled her up till she was on her knees.


“Darren, this isn’t some phone sex line, I’m not going to…”

He leaned forward and interrupted her by whispering in her ear again, “Describe it to him!”

“He’s… he’s taking me from behind, if you must know. “

” …”

She laughed. “No, the front door by the back way, not the back door, dirtbag.”

He looked down at her little back entrance, which was winking slightly with his movement and her excitement. He reached down under her and lubricated his thumb in her juices, then brought his hand back around, and without warning gently and firmly pushed his thumb into her ass.

“Oh! Jesus!” she yelped but then moaned low and he knew he hadn’t hurt her.

“… “

” He, uh…


“OK, so he started fingering my ass, actually. “

” … “

” Yes, I like that. With the right guy, Darren, with the right guy,” she laughed.

He decided it was time to get things moving. He pushed her forward till she was lying down flat on her stomach. He slipped his thumb from her ass and reached around with his other hand under her so he could cup her mons and slide his middle finger over her clit, stroking in time with his thrusts.

I’d been hitting the gym pretty hard recently. Something to do with the 20kgs I’d let myself gain during a serious bout of depression. I was getting over it and was to the point that I was ready to start reclaiming my body again, along with my life. I’d been doing circuit stuff; treadmill and weights mostly. For some reason I hadn’t been to any of classes in the 3 years I’d been a member, but a new refurb of the gym meant that we now had some spin bikes and classes running at lunch time 4 days a week. What the heck, it couldn’t be worse than feeling self-conscious in the circuit room, and who knows, maybe having an instructor up front will make me push myself harder.

The first class was ok, but I hurt like hell afterwards. Still, I kept going along to classes, and soon for more than one reason. The gym is in my office building and is run by four colleagues who are also fitness instructors, so it’s not as if I hadn’t noticed Jess before. In fact, I’d started checking her out some months earlier. Now, she was an added incentive to come to class and work hard. I don’t know when it changed, but I soon found myself deliberately going to her classes and was disappointed when she didn’t teach.

I’d be riding my bike, working as hard as I could, but often found myself being distracted. The way her hair looked tied back, the cheeky grin on her face as she drove us to work harder and push ourselves further. Not to mention her body. Oh, her body! Jess is only a small thing, but well toned. Her upper body strength obvious from the lines of definition in her upper arms and shoulders, yet still very feminine. She has the small legs of a runner, firm but slender. Despite her petite size, the curves of her body are obvious and more than enough to capture my wanting gaze. Better yet, the podium she takes the class from on her own bike has full length mirrors behind her, so I even get to look at her arse. Not that I’m really an arse girl, but I wouldn’t mind looking at hers any time.

It wasn’t long before things, at least in my mind, took a step up. Outside of class there were little smiles exchanged between us, light conversation getting to know each other better and just generally an increase in the time we spent together. Through various social activities at work, Jess already knew that I’m a lesbian. And I already knew that she’s married with two kids. That didn’t stop me stealing glances, enjoying her innuendoes in class or fantasizing about her.

It’s my morning tea break and I’m in the building cafe, watching her as she socialises with her workmates, waiting for the morning coffee she’s just ordered. From a distance I look … and look. I can see the dancing sparkle in Jess’s grey eyes. The cheeky mischief in those eyes is undeniable. It’s one of the things I find so attractive about her. Her shoulder length hair is down, the light sandy brown strands forming a carefree wavy frame around her face, almost surfer-chick style. Her lips stretch in a grin across her face, fine but not too thin. The pale pink I long to kiss so much. I’m usually pretty careful about not looking at her too much during gym classes, which makes opportunities like this one even better. The chance to just watch and admire, knowing that she’s not readily going to catch the desirous gazes.

My 15 minute break is nearly over, so I get up from my seat and wander past more people who have gathered for their caffeine. She turns and says hello as I walk past. Maybe she had been aware of my attentions, or maybe I’d just been more indiscrete than I’d intended. As the last of her work mates picks up their coffee, the small group turns to leave, only a few steps behind me. Adam throws some friendly banter my way, giving me the chance to continue my interaction with Jess, even if it is indirectly. As our slow amble brings me close to the door of my work area, I turn to finish the conversation and say goodbye to the group. I’m slightly bemused to see her checking out my arse as I walk in front of her. Her look flicks back up and she grins as she makes eye contact with me. We exchange the usual “catch ya later” and I make my way to my desk. It’s just as well I can do this part of my job with my eyes closed, because some 30 minutes later my thoughts are still occupied with the image of her eyes firmly planted on my arse before making eye contact with me, almost acknowledging her ogle. A hundred ‘what if?’s and ‘maybe’s race through my head. I become aroused by some of the maybes – maybe I can kiss her, maybe I can touch her, maybe I can hold her … maybe I can fuck her.

The friendly conversation, the cheeky grins continued, and the flirting began. The innuendos in class increased; as she’s pushing us hard at the pinnacle of a track, she urges us to keep pace with her, a quick glance in my direction as she says “come with me” … That’s exactly what I want to do. I wonder if Jess knows just how hot she’s making me. Her simple, yet clearly knowing grin in response to my blush, visible even through my exercise-redden face, says she does. It was enough to let me know that she knew where my head had been and that she was enjoying it.

It was only a couple of weeks later that I was taken surprise when it took her an overly long time to get changed after class. We were each in our usual corner of the very small change room. Jess was chatting away with me while she was getting changed. Being uncomfortable with my own body, I usually tried to make sure I’d changed underwear and covered up as much as possible before anyone else was back in the change room, so I was already putting on my shoes and needed only to tie the laces and pack the sweaty clothes I’d just removed in my bag. She seemed to be making sure that our conversation continued as she got undressed. My eyes were on my shoes as I tied my shoes. There was a slight pause in the conversation before Jess said, “Hey Anne?” The inflection in her voice naturally caused me to look up at her as I said “yeah? … “

She stood facing me; my eyes were immediately drawn to her naked breasts. Her rounded, soft, naked breasts. Her hardened pink nipples standing overtly from the soft whiteness surrounding them.

I answered whatever question it was that she asked, paying little attention to either her question or my response. I gathered my belongings, walking out of the room with the sight of her breasts burned into my mind, and knowing she’d well and truly caught me looking, probably just as she had intended. All afternoon I could feel the heat in my between my legs, my clit obviously hardened as I felt the seam of my jeans rub against it during several wanders around the floor.

I had smashed out the day’s class and was once again in the change room when Jess walked in. I was the only female participant in today’s class, so we were the only ones in the room, and would be the only ones in there. We remain silent while we get changed, until Jess says to me in a jovial manner,

“Did I see you blushing at some of my comments today?”

“Yeah.” I reply, “Just me having a dirty mind though. Happens when you’ve got sex on the brain.”

“Sex with anyone in particular?” Jess asks cheekily.

I find myself unable to answer, because I don’t want to lie, but I don’t dare speak the truth, as I’m not sure what her reaction might be. I slowly look over my bare shoulder, conscious that I’m still standing there in my jeans and bra, not having continued to get dressed since the conversation started. She is standing there, still in the process of getting changed. She’s back in her work shirt, picking up her skirt, ready to remove her tight black gym pants that hug her arse so well. She turns and looks at me. She looks me right in the eye and the twinkle which I see in her eyes tells me that she already knows the answer to her question.

I remain frozen to the spot, not sure of what I should do, despite knowing what I want to do. She takes a step towards me, so we are now no more than a couple of feet from each other, still looking each other in the eyes. I turn to face her front on and deliberately let her see me slowly look her up and down, taking in all her slight curves, until my eyes return to her gaze. I can feel butterflies in my stomach, my mind running at a hundred miles an hour and my breathing quickening at the thought of what might happen. I step towards her, placing my right hand on her hip and my left hand on the slightly flushed soft skin of her cheek, pulling her closer towards me. Our lips meet, in a soft, yet confident kiss. We hold that first kiss for what would only be a few seconds, but what felt like a blissful lifetime, with an electrifying passion passing between us in that moment.

The next kiss is more intense. Our lips press harder against each other, with more intent and desire. I feel Jess’s hands on each side of my waist, pulling my body closer to hers. I can feel her quickened breathing as my hands explore her upper body through her shirt, feeling the flatness of her stomach and strength within her shoulders.

I pull back a little from the kiss and looked at her, my hands still warm on her body and hers still on mine. Her eyes are wide, and her lips and cheeks reddened.

I bring my hands to the front of Jess’s white shirt, unbuttoning it. Even through her sexy white lace bra I can see her nipples are as hard my own. I slip the shirt from her shoulders, letting it silently fall to the floor, revealing her incredibly sexy upper body. I take a moment to admire the newly exposed skin – her narrow waist, the taut tummy, the definite muscles of her shoulders and upper arms.

A lustful, but quiet “Hmmmmmmmmm” escapes my throat.

I press my lips to hers again. The kissing intensifies, this time our mouths opened wider, our tongues seek each other out. I run the fingers of one hand along the line of her collar bone towards her shoulder, and trace down the outside of her arm. Our kissing quickens I press my body up against Jess’s moving my hand to her back. My practiced fingers release the clasp on her bra. She steps back, releasing her breasts from their confine. Her breasts are just as the image burned into my mind – soft, round and perfect. Each a perfect small handful. As I looked at Jess the intense longing between my legs grows.

I gently move her backwards, so her back is against the wall before I continue to kiss her, with my hands exploring her breasts. I toy with her nipples between my fingers and thumbs, feeling them get even harder under my touch. I break our kiss, moving my lips to her neck, kissing her soft skin as I work my way to her shoulder, my hands still enjoying her breasts. I feel her breathing quicken as my lips move from her shoulder to the top of her breast. As my lips meet her nipple for the first time she lets out a small gasp, which changes to a moan as my tongue flickers over her nipple and I suck it into my mouth. Moving my mouth to her other breast, I let my hands move further down her body. I slip my hands inside her gym pants at her hips, moving my hands behind her, holding one firm cheek in each hand.

I lower myself to my knees as my kisses moved down Jess’s body, my lips lightly touching her as I explore her stomach. As my kisses reach the top of her pants I raise my eyes to meet Jess’s gaze. Holding her look, I lower her pants and g-string. I can smell her wetness and wanted to taste her immediately, but remain patient, simply enjoying taking in the sight. My hands trace down the outside of her legs, helping her step out of the last of her clothing when I reach her feet. My fingers lightly stroke her soft skin as they moved back up the inside of both her legs. I run my finger along her outer lips back to front several times, with the lightest touch. Hearing a moan escape from her mouth, I continue to tease her, parting her lips gently to reveal her wetness and swollen clit, blowing gently across them. Her clit hardens further under the coolness of my breath. She pushes her hips forward, moving her pussy closer to my waiting mouth. I delicately touch the tip of my tongue on her clit quickly several times, pausing to tease, before plunging it into her wet pussy, enjoying her taste for the first time. My tongue penetrates her and spreads her wetness before I concentrate on her clit.

Her small moans offer encouragement as her hips begin a regular movement towards my face, her breathing quickening. As I continue to work my tongue over her clit, I run two fingers through her slickness, before I slide them inside her, feeling her heat from inside. Her pussy takes my fingers easily, and I start slowly fucking her with them, matching my movements to the thrust of her hips. As her breathing continues to quicken and the moans from her lips become louder, I increase the speed my tongue is circling over her clit and my fingers are fucking her pussy. Her pussy begins to tighten around my fingers and the thrusts of her crotch into my face intensify. I curl the tip of the two fingers inside her, making sure I was hitting the spot with each drive into her. Her pussy tightens further, a deep sigh coming from her mouth. I can feel it building within her and I know she’s not far from cumming. I put a 3rd finger inside her and suck her clit hard between my lips into my mouth, pushing her over the edge. Her pussy contracts around my fingers and I continue to suck her clit through her orgasm. Her juices run down my hand as the thrust of her hips subside. Her knees weakened by her orgasm she meets on her knees on the floor, kissing the taste of her pussy away from my lips.

Now sitting on the floor, Jess held me in her arms for a few minutes before we both realised we were still at work and would soon be missed. We both rose and hurriedly got dressed. Before Jess opened the door to leave the change room she kissed my lips and with a twinkle in her eye and a grin on her cheek said “I’ll catch you tomorrow.”

Chapter 1

I’ve worked in Human Resources ever since I graduated from college twenty-two years ago. Now, before you start in on HR people and how they’ve treated you and all that, let me tell you that I’m in the hiring part of HR, I’m in Staffing. That’s the good part of HR, right? I’m the guy who helps give you the job, not take it away or put you on probation.

And that means that whenever our company builds a new plant, a new manufacturing facility, I and some of my like colleagues are deeply involved in searching out, interviewing and hiring the needed employees.

So, every year or so, when we do build a new plant, I usually go to the plant site and set up a hiring center in the local community. It’s a sizable job and there are often several of us assigned to each new location.

This last one saw three of us assigned, myself, another fellow about ten years younger and a woman that I’ve worked with since I started, Alison Bailey. I’m forty-four, married with two kids, ten and eight, Alison is fifty-one (I do have access to employment records, of course), she’s married with a son who is grown.

We were sent to a new location in the Midwest for two weeks, it was a good-sized new facility and we knew it would take at least that long.

I had done on-site work with Alison before, she’s easy to work with, nice and a good sense of humor, a real gift when you interview hundreds of people off the street. Believe me.

So, we had settled into a routine and Alison and I had dinner each night, enjoying each other’s company, the other on our team had relatives nearby so he took the opportunity to see them while in the area.

The first week was nice, Alison and I talked about lots and lots of things, some work-related, many not, and by the weekend we had exhausted many of those topics. We would often end up in one or the other’s room with a shared bottle of wine, we didn’t like the idea of being in the local bars after dinner for business reasons.

On Friday evening, after a nice meal, we were back to the hotel, in her room, as our talk turned to our spouses.

There had been a few comments in the past from Alison that her husband had a lot of interests not necessarily including her, very much. But, this evening, she told me much more.

“I just don’t understand how humans are programmed, I guess. When we first met, he was so hot-to-trot, I had to almost tie his hands behind his back when we went out. Then, the first ten, fifteen years, he was okay, but now, well, I can try whatever I want and I can’t seem to get him interested.”

“Yeah, well, I guess after so many years, that’s pretty common.”

“For me, oh, man, I held him off when we first met and then, well, you know, and now, well, since I went into my mid-forties, I just went crazy. It was all I wanted, sex, sex, sex. I’ve got a drawerful of dildos and vibrators. Do you know how many kinds they make?”

“No, a lot, I guess,” I said laughing.

“I think I’ve got every kind. There’s one, a favorite that has two heads, one goes in me, the other presses against my clit. Oh, on HIGH, it gets me off in two or three minutes.”

“They must have done a lot of research on that one, huh?” I kidded. “So do you use it in bed when he’s right there next to you?”

“Um, well, when I’m in bed, he’s not really next to me. We, um, we’re in separate bedrooms these days.”

“Oh, geez, I didn’t know. You don’t have to tell me that kind of thing, Allison, if you’d rather not.”

“Oh, Rick, I really don’t mind. We’ve talked about lots of things, we’ve known each other for, what, maybe twenty years? And I trust you, you’re a nice guy,” and she leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips. “So, I have a drawerful of sex toys that he’s never even seen.”

“Well, I suppose these things do happen and, maybe more than people think. We don’t do much these days, either.”

“That’s too bad, you’re such a young guy, just in your forties, hardly over the hill.”

“Yeah, like you, I take care of things myself a lot more than I used to. Well, unless you go back to when I was in my teens. Oh, then, it was just about all I did.”

“So you’ve been messing up the sheets for the maid to change?” she asked me grinning wide.

“Ha, yeah, well, she hasn’t left me any note that I should stop.”

“Well, you could always come use my room, that would make them wonder.”

We both laughed but I did feel my cock begin to lengthen a bit.

Now, let me tell you a bit more about Alison. She’s about five-four, slender, she’s taken nice care of herself, her greatest asset is her legs. She’s now just into her fifties but she has spectacular legs and she seems to know it and dress for it. It was something the guys around the office often noted and admired greatly, myself included.

Her frame was nice, breasts fairly small, I remember a Holiday Dance at the office last year where she had them on display in a low-cut dress and they looked quite lovely, I must say.

All in all, she was quite attractive and could easily pass for being ten or more years younger that she was. I can say, I was attracted to her, certainly.

“Well, I might just pass the rest of the weekend in my room naked the whole time,” I joked.

“What a great idea, it would make things so easy, I think I’ll do the same, myself.”

“We could open the door there and listen to each other getting off,” I said laughing. Our rooms were next to one another and had interconnecting doors between them.

“Oh, what an idea. I guess you can’t see the other room’s bed. Oh, geez, Rick, what ideas you have. But, you know, it’s really kind of tempting.”

She looked at me as I was taking a sip of wine, I had really made a joke of it but she was seemingly considering the idea.

“Well, I wasn’t exactly being serious, so you don’t have to think that I was really proposing that we open the doors and listen to each other as we got ourselves off.”

“But, it’s not like we’d see each other naked or anything, just be able to hear each other.”

“I suppose with connecting doors no one would ever know. Are you really, um, kind of considering this? I was just kidding but, well…”

“I can tell you that the idea’s got me more turned-on than I’ve been in a long, long time. And, we wouldn’t even see each other, not even be in the same room. And the sex is solo, what’s wrong with that?” she posed.

I must admit, our talk had given me a giant erection which became rather difficult to hide.

“Oh, see, looks like you need some relief as we speak,” she said nodding toward my lap.

I laughed, saying, “Yeah, he’s looking pretty needy, huh?”

“I’ll open my door,” she said.

“Well, this is all rather unexpected but, okay, I’ll open my door, too.”

We didn’t rush but we did finish our wine and I got up and went to my room and went over to open the adjoining door. Her side was already open as she stood there.

“Hello again, stranger. Shall we get ready for bed, I always brush my teeth so I’ll be a few minutes,” she said and I agreed and we each went back into our room and I went in my bathroom, stripped and began brushing my teeth. It did seem rather strange to be brushing away while my cock stood straight out over the sink. Obviously this whole idea had turned me on.

When I finished, I went into the room and got in bed after bringing the bottle of hand lotion to the nightstand. I dribbled some on my cock, switched out the light and lay there softly rubbing my erection. Soon, the light in Alison’s room went dark and I began masturbating in earnest.

I could hear the faint hum of her vibrator which seemed to slowly change pitch, maybe as she stroked it in and out, I couldn’t tell.

Then some low moans reminded me that she would probably like to hear something from my room so I decided to do a bit of moaning myself.

“Oh, mmm, mmm, good,” I heard while I took long, slow strokes and added, “Good, feels good,” so she could hear.

“Do it real slow, Rick, make it last, okay?”

“Mmm, yeah, okay, it really feels good.”

“This is pretty sexy, doing it like this, knowing that we’re each masturbating like this.”

“Sure seems to add something, sure does for me, anyway,” I told her as I took long, slow strokes, pacing myself.

“Mmm, ummm, mmmm,” I heard from her room.

I stroked on, slowly, deliberately, taking my time, imagining Alison laying in her bed, legs sprawled open, maybe shaven, a large vibrator slowly romancing her pussy while I jacked-off listening to her. It was very hot, very sexy.

We had both agreed to take it slow which we did and, finally, after perhaps twenty minutes or so, I said, “I’m getting really close, Alison, can’t hold off much longer, really feels good,” and from her room I heard, “Mmm, yeah, me too, really good, this is so hot.”

I knew it was close, I was just about to explode. It was just about the best-feeling masturbation I’d ever felt, even having a girl do it, I was really turned-on.

Then, it hit, I could feel the throbs as the cum spurted up out of my cock as I groaned, “UUH, UUH, UUH, UHH, umm, mmm, mmm, oh, so good, feels so good, mmm.”

“Oh, Rick, mmm, now, oh, yes, mmm, MMM, MMM, MMM, AYYE, AYYE, huh, huh, mmm, mmm, oh, oh, oh,” I heard her cry out from the next room as I began to stroke myself again, her groans having reinvigorated my cock.

As soon as it was quiet, I asked her how it was.

“Oh, I’ve done this a million times, I think, but, well, that had to be just about the best. How was yours?”

“Same. I think we’re on to something, something pretty nice.”

“I could do it again,” she offered quietly.

“Mmm, I was thinking the same thing.”

“Well, let’s,” and I heard the low buzzing sound filtering in from her room as I began stroking more purposefully.

We tried again to have our orgasms timed for about the same ending and, again, were within seconds. After it was over we softly wished each other pleasant dreams and the next thing I remember was hearing her alarm clock at eight the next morning. I heard her getting up so I asked her how she slept; our doors had remained open.

Chapter 2

“Oh, better than I have in a while, how about you?”

“Same here, I think our little idea worked really well.”

“Um, we don’t have to be anywhere this morning, they serve breakfast until ten, wanna do it again? I would,” she offered.

I agreed and dribbled a little more lotion on as I heard the telltale humming of her electric lover from the next room.

We both got off and then showered, dressed and went down to breakfast. As soon as we sat down, I could see that her cheeks looked a bit pinker than usual, a bit flushed.

“Well, I think we’ve come up with a new way to have fun. Gee, and not even break any of the workplace rules. Imagine that,” she said.

“I think you’re right, though, I suppose, technically, it is the weekend and we’re on our own time and all.”

I really didn’t mean for that to suggest that we take this a step further but I guess she took it that way as she replied, “Do you want to do it together, then?”

“In the same room?” I asked softly not wanting to be overheard, obviously.

“Yeah, maybe. It is our own time, we can do what we want, I suppose.”

“Well, it would sure be sexy and, well, what guy wouldn’t want to see where those beautiful legs came together.”

Her face turned crimson as she answered, “Rick, you are a naughty boy. Have you been having bad thoughts about me?”

“I was thinking they were pretty nice thoughts, actually,” I told her, grinning widely.

We each took a final sip of our coffee, signed the tabs and went to the elevator. On the way up, she asked, “Are we doing this?”

“Oh, I suppose it’s nothing a teenager wouldn’t do,” I answered as she added, “Well, that settles it, then, my place or yours?”

We decided on her room since she had her toys there so I let myself into my room, stripped, picked up the complimentary bottle of lotion that was so useful and called out asking if she was ready for me to come in.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I heard back and I walked through the door looking over to her bed, seeing her sitting there with her back against the headboard, knees up and wide as she clicked on the vibrator wand to begin running it up and down along her slit. Her pussy was bare and very shiny-wet.

My cock, when I had walked in, was hanging down a bit but immediately went hard and upward as I saw Alison naked, masturbating.

“Geez, did I do that? Make it go up like that?” she snickered.

“You sure did. You’re one lovely woman, Alison, especially like this,” I told her as she pushed the vibrator up inside to begin moving it in and out as her other hand pinched her nipples.

I started to sit in a chair when asked me, “Move the chair closer so I can see better,” and I dragged the chair over, sat down, put my feet on the bed and drizzled some lotion over the tip of my cock and began stroking.

Soon, there was a large crimson patch on her chest as she fucked herself with the long, thick vibrator. It had a second head which she would press down on her clit, closing her eyes each time.

She was really nice to look at, especially now that I could see those breasts that I’d only seen the tops of. They were nice, very nice, with only the faintest amount of southerly movement and she had the prettiest light pink nipples which were quite erect.

“You’re quite a sizable lad, Rick. I had no idea, well, maybe that large bulge in your pants last night but, well, this girl is impressed.”

“Well, this is how it gets used most of the time,” I told her as I stroked up and down, really more relaxed about it that I’d imagined I would be. Perhaps it was our initial foray into masturbation the evening before or earlier this morning that broke the ice but it felt like we were old ‘hands.’

“Geez, this is pretty hot to be doing it this way, so we can see each other. That’s a very handsome package you have there, I wonder how any woman could resist having it inside her,” she said as I took long, slow strokes.

My cock was pretty good-sized, about seven and a half inches and nicely thick though in the penis world olympics I’m sure I don’t even get a bronze medal.

“Well, it doesn’t get many takers these days, this is about as good a time as he gets.”

“Hmm, come closer, up here,” she said, patting the spot next to her and I did. She handed me the vibrator and wrapped her fingers around my cock to begin stroking me. She opened her legs, nodding down for me to do her.

I placed the vibrator on her wet lips and moved it up and down along her crease. Her hand on me was lovely, soft, yet firm enough, steadily going up and down as she smiled at me.

“Feel nice?” she asked.

“Nicer than me doing it, yes, much nicer. Is this?”

“I’d like it even better if you used your fingers,” she told me as my heart began pounding harder. I turned off the wand and began wiping my fingertips up along her slit which was warm and wet.

Then I pressed in my middle finger and put my thumb down on her clit as I rubbed my fingertip around the walls inside her.

“Mmm, oh, that’s so nice, Rick. Oh, this is so hot,” she moaned.

“It’s gonna be hard to make this last, it just feels too good,” I groaned as her hand slipped up and down.

“Yeah, I don’t want to wait, I’m really ready right now,” she said as I pushed my finger deeper, tilting my thumb just to press the little knob of her clit when she began bucking and thrusting at it, groaning and moaning, “Oh, OOH, OOH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, fuck me with your finger, Rick, mmm, yes, like that, mmm, mmm.”

Right then, I felt the feelings flood over me as spurt after spurt of my cum went out the end of my cock onto her thigh and the sheet between us with some dribbling down her hand as she continued moving her hand up and down.

“That really looked good, was it?” she asked.

“Mmm, best in a long, long time. It’s really nice to have it done for you.”

“Yes, it is and that was lovely, I agree, the best I’ve had in a very long time.”

She moved over and we had a nice hug and a brief kiss before we parted again to talk about the rest of the weekend.

“There’s a nice museum here if you want to go there and they have a great cafe for lunch,” she suggested and I agreed that would be a fun idea.

“Well, let’s shower and get ready, then,” she added.

“Will it hold us both?” I asked assuming she meant for us to shower together.

“Oh, I didn’t exactly mean together but, well, we’ve done this so, hell, why not,” and she took my hand and pulled me up and we went in to shower. She reached in and got the water going, handed me the soap and got in. I stepped in as well as she said, “Do we wash each other, is that It?” and I smiled and soaped my hands and began rubbing them all over her.

She turned and spread open as I got her nice and clean everywhere, then she took the soap and began on me. She knew exactly where to clean me first, grinning at me as her soapy hands stroked back and forth.

Then, she got the rest of me clean and turned off the water. I reached out and got us towels as I stepped out, then she did as I began drying her off. She toweled me down, then I went off to my own room to blow-dry my hair and get dressed. It had been an interesting weekend so far.

We went to the museum and had a very nice lunch in the cafe, drove a bit around the city, then went back to the hotel.

Chapter 3

“Well, that was nice, how about supper later, say about seven? Maybe that Italian place just down the street, it looked okay?” I asked her.

She agreed and, at seven, there was a rap on my door and there she was, nicely decked-out and off we went for a very nice meal. I had the manicotti and she had the lobster fra diavolo. That and a liter of a hearty Italian red wine.

On our walk back to the hotel, she said, “All the rest of our Saturday night and nothing to do, seems a shame.”

“Well, we could look and see if there’s a movie we might want to go see?”

“Or maybe watch one in the room. Wanna go look and see what’s on?” she asked and we went up to her room and she clicked on the set and began scrolling through the current offerings.

“Oh, look at this, Rick, some adult flicks, wanna see?” I nodded and she began scrolling through the titles.

“Oooh, what about this one, that looks hot, huh?”

I agreed and she followed the screen prompts and in a minute, the film was ready to start.

“Um, should we maybe do like we did before and get real comfy to watch?” she asked saucily. I could easily tell what she meant by ‘comfy,’ so I nodded and we both began undressing.

My cock, of course, had begun to harden when we came up in the elevator, knowing we were probably going to spend some naughty time together and as she took off her bra, I was fully erect which, when I lowered my boxers, caused a smile to widen as she looked at my cock.

“Look who’s all excited. Let’s get the movie going, this looks like fun,” she said as she hopped into bed and handed me the remote. I started the movie which took a little while to get to the sexy part. While the movie was getting to the good part, we mostly kept our hands to ourselves, I slowly stroked my hardened cock while she rubbed up and down between her raised knees.

Then, the movie’s sexual action started up and she reached over to take my cock as I slid my hand down between her legs as we took over for each other. She was really wet and my finger entered her easily as she dropped a knee down to give me better access as I turned toward her a bit. She changed her grip on my cock to begin pulling it back and forth like she was pulling on a rope and she was varying the tightness while she went back and forth. Sometimes loose and slipping easily, sometimes held tightly and firmly.

Then, Alison leaned over and kissed me, running her tongue into my mouth, fucking me with it. As we kissed, she moved over me some, then put her leg over, reached between us, raised her hips up, gripped my cock and pushed her pussy down over it, driving herself down on me.

It was an awful lot for him to take in. An awful lot. In his mind, he was rather torn between the practicalities of working out just how they’d got to this stage and the realisation of what was unfolding in front of him.

It really was a lot to take in.

He’d run his eyes up and down at least a dozen times now, but he was nowhere near taking it all in. There was no need to be discrete here, not now. He allowed himself a smile though, thinking to himself that, apart from the first months that he’d known her, discretion hadn’t been something he’d exercised a great deal.

His eyes ran up and down once more. He knew it well already, or at least he thought he had. Even an active mind and a vivid imagination hadn’t served to do it any form of justice whatsoever.

The hourglass figure was perfect. Flawless. Delicate, soft, pale skin that drew his eyes in. Just the same as the posters of the models from the 50′s that he’d seen in films and magazines. He’d imagined running his hands across that figure more times that he could ever remember. He’d often thought he could do that alone until the end of time.

A pair of heels added at least three inches to her height, giving her smooth, soft legs even more definition. He drew his eyes upwards a little more.

He was more than familiar with her ass. It was full, but not too much so. He’d often described it as a perfectly peachy posterior to her, at which she generally rolled her eyes at him, but stood there, no more than two metres in front of him, he could see he’d been right all along. Sheer-black French knickers, with a pink lace band around the top, wrapped round her ass, clinging onto every single gorgeous curve. It would almost be a shame to take them off.

Her breasts were clad in a matching bra, which did its frustrating best to hide her not-inconsiderable assets from him. The skin he could see looked soft, inviting, and hinted at the full, round shape within. Silky soft, dark hair tumbled down across her neck, hiding the straps.

Looking up, his eyes caught hers and he smiled. It was a face he knew well. Every detail. He’d thought it utterly beautiful from the first moment his eyes had caught it and the combination of time and familiarity only made it more so. She smiled back, lips full and sexy. Blue and grey eyes sparkling, shining, full of life.

This alone could sustain him eternally. There was nothing here that he couldn’t ever tire of looking at. He’d once said she’d been the sexiest thing he’d ever seen, but that was with clothes on. Without clothes, that one was blown out of the water.

Did he have to just look though? Would it really be rude to touch?

She bit her finger wryly and beckoned him to come over. Thinking about it wasn’t necessary; he was there in an instant. Shakily, he put his hands on her hips. Her skin was smooth, soft, electrifying. He looked down at her. Even in three-inch heels, she was considerably shorter than he was. She looked back up at him. Her breath was warm on his neck, her breathing heavy, possibly nerves, or anticipation, or both. He’d been this close to her full lips before, but the circumstances were very different this time and he wondered how she’d respond to him. Without thinking, his hands drew up from her hips and wrapped around her. They were still shaking. His head moved towards hers. A part of him expected her to pull back from him, but she didn’t, and in one of those brief moments that seems to last longer than it does, their lips touched. The lightest of touches. So very soft, those lips. He pulled away slightly; such a lot of pressure relieved from such a gentle kiss. Unnoticed, her hands had moved and drew his head back towards hers. Their lips locked. His restraint faded away in an instant as he was pulled deeper into the moment, senses heightening, the touch turning him on more. Her hands moved from cradling his face and as her fingers gently found their way down his neck and onto his shoulders, she wrapped her arms around him, pulled them together more tightly and suddenly, as their lips explored each other, tongues swirling, he became more aware of her breasts pressing against his chest and all the times that he’d admired their round shape culminated to make him want to have them to himself.

Did she sense what he wanted? For as he relinquished his embrace of her and moved his hands to the clasp on her bra, her reciprocal embrace ended too. The clasp came away easily and his hands separated, moving lightly across her soft skin and up to her shoulders where he slid the straps off, before the bra tumbled down her arms which she held out in front of her. She blushed as he caught her eye. He smiled and cast his eyes downwards, feeling his cock twinge a little more as he did so. The sight of her breasts, pale skinned, perfect, turned him on even more. He ran his hands down from her shoulders, down the hourglass and back up, lightly cupping her breasts and running his fingers gently over them, giving himself goosebumps as he did. He felt her nipples start to harden as his fingers inadvertently teased them and, as the urge overtook him, he lightly kissed her lips once again, then worked his way downwards towards her breasts, tenderly planting the tiniest of kisses on her skin as he did so, feeling the heat of his own breath.

As his kisses reached closer to her right nipple, his pace quickened and his tongue rolled over it at the earliest opportunity. It was hard, protruding, luscious. She sighed as he circled playfully around her nipple, stopping occasionally to dart the tip of his tongue across it. His left hand brushed lightly across the other breast, thumb and forefinger tracing around the also hard nipple, giving it the softest, lightest of squeezes as he switched his gaze from the sight immediately in front of him and to her face instead. She bit her lip as he squeezed. Her eyes were closed. He wanted to fuck her there and then, but that would have to wait; there were more pressing things.

His hands ran back across her chest and back down the hourglass, savouring every inch of soft, increasingly warm skin. They came to rest on her hips and, following them, his tongue ran lightly down from her nipple, to her belly button, to just above the pretty French knickers she was still wearing.

He was on his knees now. His thumbs slipped under the laced waistband before slowly running all the way round, hands coming to rest briefly on her ass, then exploring it a little. It was round, full, pert. Jaw droppingly so. He allowed himself the brief thought of having her sat on his face. Heaven. His attentions quickly turned back to that which was no more than three inches in front of him.

Was she getting warmer still? He couldn’t quite decide. He definitely was. He could feel his own body heat reflecting off her. His breath was steadier now than before.

Unrushed, his hands familiarised themselves with their surroundings. The contrast between her skin and the French knickers as his hands moved across her both intrigued and heightened his senses. He allowed himself one last indulgence here and cupped her pert arse again. In his mind, his hands complained as he moved them back around her waist, tracing the lace waistband again as he did so.

As his hands came back to rest just under her belly button, he realised the nerves were still there. Even more so. He felt his whole body shaking as he ran an index finger straight down. It moved lightly, slowly, following the curve of her body. It felt electrifying, running down her body, separated from her skin by the thin material of the pretty knickers.

Involuntarily taking a deep breath, his finger ran down a little further. She moved her shapely legs apart just a touch; just enough to let his finger trace that little bit more. That last little bit. Through the thin material of the knickers, his finger could tell she was just as turned on as he was. His whole body ached as he rubbed her lightly through her knickers, his finger moistening as it slipped back and forth briefly across her. Looking up, he could see her breathing quickly, luscious breasts heaving as she did so. He stood up slowly. His mouth wanted to feel those lips once more.

He didn’t linger as he worked his way back up her body, catching her by surprise as he pressed his lips back against hers again. His hands returned to her breasts again, fingers swirling around still hard nipples. He felt her hands tracing his face, down his neck and then, in a move that surprised him, she deftly unbuttoned his shirt from top to bottom. After the last button, her hands rested on his belt. She smiled. Her hands moved down and over his crotch, lightly stroking his hard cock through his jeans. She could feel it protruding from his underwear; he was quite clearly hugely turned on by her; at the thought of her. She felt herself get a little more turned on at the thought.

She bit her lip as she looked at him, casually running her hands back up to his belt. Her forefingers slipped under the belt and slowly moved towards the head of his cock. He let out a quiet moan as her fingertips ran across it. Seeing him more turned on by her touch was something she was enjoying greatly. Their lips locked once more and as her fingers casually circled his head some more, she could feel for herself, through her knickers, just how turned on she was.

As they kissed, their fingers continued their mutual exploration, hers teasing the tip of his cock and his gently rubbing her pussy lips through increasingly soaked knickers. With a parting kiss, his hands ran back down the hourglass, stopping briefly at her waist, then carrying on, taking the French knickers with them as they went and leaving them laid on the floor, around her heels. She stepped out of them, looking down on him as she did so. From his knees, his eyes worked back up her body and finally met her gaze. Without clothes, she was utterly stunning. Perfection. His mind spun back to the times he’d seen other men looking at her as they’d walked together. They could only ever look, but he had her here, and now. He could look, undress and touch. He very much wanted to touch.

As his hands ran up her legs and to her waist, he followed. He gently kissed underneath her tummy button and, as he did so, felt himself become more turned on than he could remember. Her scent filled his veins, driving him crazy. He wanted to have her. He had to have her.

With his hands on her hips, he gently pushed her down onto the settee. She knew what he wanted. She wanted it too. As she moved her legs apart, he moved in-between them, running his hands from her feet, up her legs, to her hips and upwards. Lifting himself up, he kissed her lips again, before moving his head back down, planting tender, teasing kisses as he did so. He stopped briefly and lingered at her breasts, tongue eager to swirl around her nipples, but instead, he felt her hands on his head, pushing it eagerly down and away and as his head moved between her legs, the intoxicating scent of her overtook him, his tongue running across her pussy lips slowly, savouring every last bit of her. She moaned. He needed no more encouragement and as his fingers gently parted her lips, his tongue flicked long and flat across her rhythmically, flicking up the tiniest amount as it reached her clit. Occasionally, he would stop, looking up at her, then watch as his swirling, darting tongue teased her clit, her back arching as he did so, before returning to his rhythmic motions, enjoying every single stroke, and as he carried on, sensed overloaded, his body reminded him that he wanted to have her. He had to have her.

Swirling his eager tongue over her clit one last time, he lifted himself up to her mouth and they kissed. She could taste herself on his lips. She wanted to have him. She wanted him to have her.

He wanted to have her. He stood up. Aware of the heat of his body, he took a deep breath. She watched keenly as he removed his unbuttoned shirt, revealing his torso, occasional beads of sweat glistening like gems. The shirt dropped to the floor. For a moment, he looked shyly at her as she laid back on the settee, watching him. He looked innocent. Leaning forwards, she knew he was anything but. Her hands brushed against his jeans again, feeling his hard cock through them. Yes, she mused, definitely not innocent.

She looked up at him and, as one hand teased his cock through the thick material of his jeans, the other found its way to his belt, pulling it tight and then releasing it in one movement. Her thumb and forefinger found the button and quickly, effortlessly unfastened it. She saw anticipation in his face as his flies slowly unzipped and casually, with one finger, she loosened his jeans the final touch, sending them dropping to the floor.

His hands ran across her face, fingertips tracing the outline of her lips. Biting one playfully, she released her grip on it, taking it into her mouth before removing it tantilisingly slowly. She noted the look of delight in his face as she winked at him cheekily, before returning her attentions to that which was immediately before her.

In stark contrast to her beautiful French knickers, his underwear was plain; black half-briefs that clung to him. They clung especially well to his ass, which she allowed herself to briefly run her hands over. It was tight, pert, quite sexy. Her eyes were drawn relentlessly to the waistband though, over which she could see the tip of his hard cock. She ran a finger over the tip of it once more, allowing herself a smile as it twitched a little. Her finger circled the tip lightly and she delighted at the reaction to her touch. With both hands, she teased the tip briefly and then, tracing the waistband of his pants, she pulled them sharply down; they joined his jeans around his legs on the floor.

Freed from the tight constraints of his pants, she could finally take in the sight before her eyes. His cock was red, swollen, hard at her touch. His balls smooth. She ran her fingers over them. Such smooth skin. He twitched as she lightly darted a finger across the tip of his cock. She wondered and, as she did so, she lightly flicked her tongue across the tip, making it twitch as she did. He let out a gasp. The tip of his cock glistened with the touch of her tongue, shining, appealing, aching for her attentions, and as she moved her head closer, and rolled her tongue across the tip of his cock, teasing it, she noted his sigh of appreciation and felt herself being turned on a little more. Concentrating her tongue on the very tip, she stopped briefly and circled her finger around it, adding a little more pressure each time, her finger moving easily over his wet cock. She caught his gaze as she did so and, as they looked intensely at each other, she pursed her lips over the head of his cock and took his length into her mouth. It felt good.

His body shook in ecstasy as he watched, and felt, her take his entire cock into her mouth and, as she looked innocently into his eyes, he struggled to regain control of his senses. As her head stopped at the base of his cock, the sight alone made him want to come there and then. Every sensation in overdrive.

She enjoyed the sensation of his cock in her mouth. That and watching his reaction. Such a turn on. Her lips moved back up the length of his shaft and with a light swirl of the tongue, she took his cock from her mouth and looked at it, shining, glistening, wet. Her hand moved effortlessly up and down his shaft, thumb and forefinger gripping it carefully. Her tongue ran up and down the shaft once more, stopping at the tip before taking him in her mouth again, running her full lips up and down. Each time, she stoped to pay particular attention to the tip, before running her lips back down, taking a little more of him into her mouth, each time with a little gasp from him. Removing his cock from her mouth, her thumb and forefinger wrapped around the head and, moving down, she pulled his skin back tightly, increasing the sensation as she worked her tongue on it. A drop of pre-come glistened on the tip. Rolling her tongue over it she tasted him, then took him entirely in her mouth again.

He wasn’t sure quite how long he could last for. He’d never known anything like this. Her firmly pulling the skin of his cock back heightened every sensation. Every flick and roll of her tongue was amplified a thousand times and his whole body, not just his cock, ached each time. He could feel his cock twitching each time, making his inevitable climax more intense and, as he looked down at her, revelling in the sight of her luscious, full lips, indulging his cock like never before, he saw her hand holding him tightly, whilst the other lightly rubbed her clit at the same time.

Caught in the moment, she had barely noticed her free hand wandering. For the briefest of moments, its fingers had wandered over her nipples, before moving down to her pussy. Now, as she teased and worked his hard cock, she became aware that the finger circling her clit was actually her own. Damn. She was turned on. Her finger paused from circling and, instead, ran up and down her lips. Her finger slipped easily down from her clit, brushing over her lips before reaching her pussy and lightly, so lightly, slipping inside. She wanted to have him. She needed to have him.

He needed to have her. That he’d lasted this far surprised him. He was so turned on. The tip of his cock continually twitched. He felt pressure building up inside him. He wanted to come so very much, but he wanted to have her even more. He wanted to look into her beautiful eyes at that most intimate of moments.

He looked into her eyes and knew she wanted him.

She looked up into his eyes and knew that he wanted her.

His jeans and pants were still around his ankles; he stepped out of them and was on his knees again. They kissed. They kissed like lovers who’d been torn apart and had never expected to come back together again and, as they held each other, she whispered into his ear.

“I want to fuck you; ride you and fuck you.”

The soft voice in his ear was sexy and surprising and unexpected. His body felt a new and severe urgency. Her hands were on his chest and firmly pushed him backwards; no longer on his knees, he was sat, then on his back.

She pushed him back and, as he lay on the floor, she ran her eyes over his body, paying particular attention to his cock. She’d have that soon enough. She quickly grabbed a cushion from the settee and as he lifted his head from the floor, she slid it under, partly to make him more comfortable, but mainly because she wanted to feel his lips against hers. She watched as his eyes scanned her, enjoying his obvious delight at her naked figure. She stood over him, straddling his chest, casually making sure that she gave him the best view possible, but without making it deliberately obvious. In her head, as she relished his visual attentions, she made a note to congratulate herself later. The hourglass was clearly having the desired effect and, as his hands ran up her legs, stopping tantilisingly close to her pussy, which was just out of reach, she decided that her ass and breasts weren’t doing too badly either. In a moment, she realised that one of his hands was no longer on her leg; it was on his still wet cock instead, lightly rubbing the tip. That wouldn’t do. She wanted that cock. She was going to have it.

There was the briefest of stern looks on her face as she caught him playing with his cock. He almost felt guilty, traitorous. He watched her ass intently as she lowered herself down and as their bodies met, he felt her pussy lips sit perfectly on his hard cock, wrapping around it. As she leaned forward to kiss him, his eyes were drawn to her breasts, still pert, nipples still hard. His tongue ached for them. As if sensing his urge, her tongue met his and together they swirled. His hands ran from her shoulders, cupping her breasts, then down across every delicious curve and to her hips, which were moving her gently back and forth as she slowly got herself off using his hard cock, pausing occasionally to rub the tip of it more rapidly over her clit, working herself up a little more. His hands pulled her down a little more firmly against him, enjoying the sensation of her using him, revelling in the sight of her on top of him.

On his way back into the building Vincent nods to Jeff, the security guard plowing his way through an over-filled sub, as if to say: hey, it’s only me, as always this time of night, no need to extricate yourself from that mountain of beef and salami.

As ever, the guard ignores or misinterprets the gesture. By the time he reaches the barrier the man is up – surprisingly fleet of foot for someone so portly and gray – waiting for Vincent to remove his jacket and put it through the metal detector along with his little box of Chinese takeout.

Vincent sighs inwardly, thinking: Really? I’m a threat to this place?

Employees as well as visitors have their belongings scanned at RCE Energy, ever since a disgruntled marketing exec passed comment concerning his being passed over for promotion by emptying a handgun into the third-floor photocopier.

That photocopier had always been asking for it, though. Everyone knew it was only a matter of time. In recent years, though, there had been a rise in attempted invasions. Protestors, objecting to the Corporation’s take on sustainable energy, running into the building armed with eggs, paint, other things not so pleasant.

So Vincent doesn’t make any comment to Jeff the security guard, just complies as usual. Vincent’s not a security man, but he actually feels some sense of solidarity with the guy ever since the CEO came down to his office one night after hours, asking him to carry out a special intelligence project.

“The major threat’s not people throwing shit at our building, Vincent,” the man had said. “This is the information age.”

Vincent had accepted the job, of course. The kudos of a personal visit from Mr Stanton had been far too much to turn down. His constant dedication and extensive record of overtime had finally been noticed, and he wasn’t going to waste the opportunity now.

He probably wouldn’t know what to do if he ever did find a mole, of course. Vincent’s not in corporate intelligence – Stanton no longer trusts the folks in corporate intelligence – he’s just a lonely soul who doesn’t have a life, coming back to the office with a little box from Wong’s, just long enough after everyone’s gone home so they can’t see he’s a sad workaholic.

Sad that he gets a little thrill when the elevator doors slide open to confirm that the 33rd floor is now empty.

Sad that when he reaches the fake walnut door to his office, he’s buzzed to have some time to himself to get ahead on his work.

Sad that there’s nothing for him at home but a dark little hole of an apartment.

He twists the doorknob and does a dorky little 360 as he slips inside, easing the door shut so that the latch clicks, sealing him inside his quiet sanctuary of gray, black and chrome.

When he turns around again, Cassandra Mayer is right there, lying there on his desk, waiting for him, without a stitch on.

“Hi, Vincent.”


Vincent drops his box of sweet-and-sour, eyes wide, jaw dropping to the floor. The shapely brunette is lying on her side, propped on one elbow, her long hair draped over a shoulder to hide her breasts, the only part of her that is in any way concealed.

To say it’s a shock would be putting it mild.

He’s never even seen the corporation’s senior planning policy officer in casual clothes before, let alone stark naked, sprawling across his desk. And yet the very first wince of embarrassment that passes over his face is from realizing his beautiful, startlingly nude colleague just bore witness to his dorky little 360 as he entered the room.

It takes a moment before it begins to sink in that his disturbingly bare colleague is lying on his desk, waiting for him to react.

“C-C-Cassandra…” he stammers, wishing to the high heavens he could somehow channel Cary Grant just now.

Just an ounce of cool, suave calm would be worth the world.

Cassandra smiles as she traces a hand down the elegant curves of her body, from breasts to thighs, as though guiding his startled eyes to take in what he clearly can’t quite believe is in front of him.

The warm peachy glow of her skin is so out of place in the coldness of the office with its black leather, cool steel and stark white decor. God, he can even see a little smudge of dark hair pointing the way to the delights concealed between her thighs.

“Why don’t you close the door and come over here?” she says, seeming incredibly calm.

He always thought she was pretty, but she’d always played it down. Frumpy suits, little if any make-up, glasses that did not make best use of the angles of her face. Right now, she’s made up like a supermodel, dressed down to the maximum, there’s no sign of any deficiencies in her eyesight.

Vincent steps forward, gulping a huge lungful of air as a mix of emotions washes through him. The thrill of seeing Cassandra like that, so stunning against the sober backdrop of his office, offset by a sudden heart-stopping realization that she is the one he’s been hunting.

She is the mole.

The air conditioning comes on with a cough and a grunt, breaking him out of his thoughts.

“What’s this about, Cassandra?”

He tries to add a note of strength to his voice, if anything to counter the tremor he knows is in there. It’s not an entirely successful attempt. He takes a couple of steps forward, involuntarily. Though he’s a little horrified at what she’s done, he’s drawn by her beauty, can’t resist.

“It’s about you, Vincent,” she says, teasing a finger or two through her hair, then on down her breathtakingly flat stomach, pointing the way to the center of her womanhood. “It’s about you, and me.”

He can detect the slight sweetness in the air from her perfume, even above the clinical corporate cleanliness of the office. His whole body is pulsating with desire, how could it not? His cock swelling inside his pants, as good as a devil sitting on his shoulder telling him to ignore the facts that have recently come to light in this case.

“Come here,” she says, tilting her hips and then with just a little movement, turning to lie on her front, revealing a glimpse of her pert derrière to him, as she gives him a come-hither flick of the fingers.

He takes another couple of paces forward, and she smiles again with feigned innocence. As if to say, I’m just a silly girl who couldn’t resist your charms, Vincent.

But Vincent doesn’t believe he has charms. What he does believe is that he has information that puts Cassandra at risk.

“How did you find out I knew?” he asks her.

He trembles a little, and tries to hide it. He’d be nervous at the best of times if ever a beautiful woman like this offered herself to him, but right now he’s terrified someone will find them, assume this has been going on a while.

He’d lose his job, his career.

When all this came out, about Cassandra stealing secrets, they would assume he was in on the job. Maybe that’s what all this is about. She’s lying here on his desk, naked, like a siren to lure him in, to be smashed on the rocks.

But what beauty.

He’s dazzled, a deer in the headlamps. He’s not even thinking about resisting her, though he is wondering how far she will go before somebody leaps out of a closet with a camera, to gather evidence and trap him.

“Never mind all that,” she breathes, and reaches for his belt.

He’s a little surprised he’s already within her grasp. Hardly noticed how close he’d gotten to her. Her hand touches down just below his buckle, and then sweeps over the hardness that’s almost bursting out of his pants.

“Mmm…” she coos, and looks up at him with mischief in her smile and fire in her big brown eyes.

“You don’t have to do this, Cassandra,” he says softly, but he doesn’t stop her unzipping his fly, reaching inside his pants to grab his rock-hard shaft, springing it free into the open air.

“You want me to, though, don’t you?”

There’s something obscene about his exposed cock clasped in her hand, just inches from her pretty face, her full lips, as though it’s some kind of microphone and this is just another session of office karaoke. It seems so wrong, his own swollen member out in the open air, held by this oh-so attractive young woman.

But she’s not looking at it with revulsion – quite the opposite, in fact. She responds as though it is the finest delicacy.

Then Cassandra, of all people, has his cock inside her mouth.

Her eyes close in bliss, as her mouth sucks gently at the tip and her hand begins to squeeze his shaft, then slowly pump him. The heat encircling his cock is exquisite. Vincent is a little surprised that the person with a camera hasn’t jumped out of the closet yet. He’s more than a little surprised that someone as respectable as Cassandra Mayer, the youngest senior policy officer in the Department’s history, has her lips around his engorged shaft.

That she’d go this far just to stop him exposing her.

She tilts her head, looks up at him as she withdraws the tip of his cock from her mouth, and then she’s smiling broadly at him, as though this is the most wonderful thing in the world. She bites her lip and slowly pumps him a little, before her tongue emerges and she’s licking him in long, sensual strokes, releasing little moans of pleasure apparently at what he is allowing her to do.

She’s exploring him, and he can see her feet gently rubbing against each other and against her calves, as she focusses on his pleasure.

He just can’t understand why she’s doing this, why she’s making it appear that she’s enjoying this. She’s the smartest person he knows – in their dealings, she’s always a few thoughts ahead of everyone else, she’s always the one with a grasp on the situation, and the best course of action. Why does Cassandra feel she needs to seduce him like this?

Why does she think he’s dangerous enough that she has to distract him with her body?

He’s in no position to object, however.

She licks up from the base to the tip of his cock, then takes it back inside her mouth, her head bobbing down impaled by his hardness. She tucks a strand of her hair behind an ear, then presses forward, putting everything into the motion of her head sinking down his cock, time after time.

Tentatively, a little unsure of where he should put his hands in such a situation, he touches her face, caresses her cheek, runs a hair through her dark, silky hair.

He places his palms on her head as she continues the motion on his shaft, and it’s almost as though he’s taking control. Cassandra moans quietly in encouragement, and tilts her head up again to smile at him, accepting his touch, urging him on.

Now he holds her more firmly, and she moans again, louder, encouraging him. He holds her head firm, and stirs his hips a little, and she’s coaxing on further, so that he is now controlling the motion, the speed, the force of his swollen head inside her burning wet mouth.

Vincent, bashful Vincent, shy and retiring Vincent, Vincent the corporate geek, is fucking the face of the most beautiful girl at the company.


Oh, he’d attracted the passing attentions of female colleagues before a couple of times, at Christmas parties gone by, or other celebrations or corporate outings. He wasn’t an ugly guy. But he’d always found it somehow tacky, lacking class. He didn’t want to be seen in that way by his colleagues.

Cassandra is, and always was, on a whole other scale of temptation. Still, what a weak person he turned out to be.

The pretty brunette now slips him out of her mouth, and she’s reaching up, pulling his head down to kiss her lips. It seems like forever since he kissed anyone, in fact he can’t even work out how many years it was since it last happened. But it feels natural with Cassandra, taking her lips inside his for the first time, touching his tongue gently inside her mouth as she responds a little more vigorously.

“Why are you doing this?” he asks, snatching a moment for breath.

“Why do you have to ask?” she replies, and she’s looking into his eyes like some kind of starstruck teenager gazing at her idol.

And damn, she’s so naked.

She swings her hips round on the desk, so she’s sitting on the edge as she kisses him, her hands exploring his hard cock once again. Vincent finds himself looking down at her breasts in their full glory, nipples hard and pointing at him, and he can even see down between her thighs, see everything, right there in front of him.

“I’m not… going to… tell anyone,” he says between kisses. “I don’t know… anything about… what you’ve been doing.”

She smiles again, “What I’ve been doing is trying to attract your attention, Vincent.”

He’s a little surprised, doesn’t know what to say.

“You haven’t a clue, have you?” she’s amused by his lack of social skills, no doubt, the fact he finds women such a complete mystery.

She pulls him close to her now, her legs brushing against his thighs as she tears at his belt, forcing his pants and underwear down to the floor. The air is cold on his bare behind, but the contact of her soft hands sprawling over his loins inspires enough heat to make up for that.

Then she’s using his cock to caress the soft flesh either side of her pussy, and he’s forgotten all about the chill.

She’s using his erection like it’s her own personal sex toy, stroking herself with it, running the tip along her moistened folds, grazing his cock against her clit.

“I’ve been after you for a while, Vincent,” she growls, “but you never seemed to notice me.”

“I was always told it wasn’t polite to stare.”

With a little more nerve, he takes over the motion of his cock against her searing flesh now, and she lets him, and lies back along the desk.

He continues the caressing action, gliding the purple head around her pussy lips, over her mound and that little sprinkling of soft down, then more firmly against her sensitive bud. She gasps a little at the contact with her clit, but he continues his teasing motion, even dipping his tip in between her lips, only not quite penetrating her.

She says, “I thought the only way to break through might be some kind of bold move.”

Her pussy is seeping as he toys with her lips – it’s clear she’s aroused by him, or by this situation.

“Risking your job, your career, just so I would notice?” he asked.

“I think we’re talking about two different things,” she smiles. “The bold move I’m talking about is what you see before you right now. All that other stuff – well, that all began long before I noticed you, Vincent.”

It’s the first time she’s actually acknowledged that “all that other stuff” is true, that it’s real, it’s out there. That without saying it explicitly, his suspicions about her are correct.

“You don’t have to do this,” he says, though his attraction is so intense now, the thought of stopping seems unbearable. “I’m not going to tell anyone about – “

“Shh…” she touches his lips with her forefinger, gently stifling him.

He wants to believe her, that her seduction is not merely an attempt to crudely derail his little investigation, but the coincidence is just a little too irresistible.

It’s too late to back out now, though, metaphorically or otherwise. His cock is already wet with her juices and throbbing with need for attention. If there’s a photographer waiting in the wings, then so be it. He’d be a shipwrecked mariner the rest of his life, but at least he’d have the memory of being with this exquisite creature, even for the briefest of moments.

He strokes her pussy lips with his hardness, moving in ever-decreasing circles towards the center of her heat, coating himself in her copious moisture, teasing her a little before he slowly inches forward, slipping his tip gently inside her.

“Fuck me, Vincent,” she says quietly, staring into his eyes wild unbridled lust.

He’s far beyond any doubt now, beyond the event horizon that would allow anything other than giving up to the irresistible forces driving him forward. She closes her eyes and gasps as he glides inside her, his massive erection piercing her, squeezing its way into the hot, slippery tightness he can feel trembling with desire.

She gasps again as he fills her completely, the tip of his cock grazing against the centre of her sensitivity, deep inside.

For a moment, just a heartbeat or two, he pauses to look at her, in awe at her beauty, those curves in all the right places, shapely breasts peaked by hard nipples, her pretty face the stuff of his dreams.

Then just as slowly, he’s slipping out again, almost completely, so that his burning hardness very nearly breaks contact with her, only his tip touches against her pussy lips. He smiles in sheer bliss, and she responds with her own smile, her eyes locked with his, that spark in her whole demeanor that makes him forget anything outside of their own connection.

Then gently but firmly, he places his hands on her hips to hold her in place as he begins a slow thrusting, circling his hips to slide his cock in between her slick folds, easing into a rhythm deep inside her heat.

Her head turns to the side, eyes closing again as he begins a steady pumping into her, her mouth opening to suck in air as the energy threatens to overload her system.

“Oh God…” she moans. “Oh, Vincent…”

One of her arms cradles her head, and she’s running her hand through her silky hair as he thrusts into her, massaging her head as if to cope with the sensations flowing through her.

His own need drives him on now, to accelerate his pace, penetrating her with growing force.

She looks up at him with another powerfully bright smile, to encourage him and simultaneously inspire him. He responds by upping his pace, and her expression transforms into one of almost aggression, a silent growl in reaction to his power and stir him on to continue as forcefully as he dares.

Urgently, now, ordering him: “Fuck me, Vincent. Fuck me.”

Her whole body is shaking, pulsating, shuddering as he ploughs into her, and her moans turn to gasps as she lies back, eyes closing again to cope with the explosions of ecstacy rippling through her body. She’s so wet, he can be as violent as his fitness will allow with his lunges inside her, pounding her flesh, each thrust its own dramatic collision.

Her hands sweep over her body to end up closing over her breasts, coaxing them and teasing her nipples to draw out their own passionate song as he continues to fuck her.

He feels himself approaching the final peak of his endurance, but eases his rhythm a little to sustain it a little longer. As if to make up for the slowing pace, he moves his hands from her hips to trace over her contours, one ending up caressing her soft, slippery flesh around her pussy and his own rigid shaft plunging into her.

His palm comes to a halt directly over her most sensitive button, and the pretty brunette is almost singing in response to the exquisite sensation of this new pressure on her clit. Continuing his new slower grinding action of his burning cock inside her, Vincent presses down on her, his strong hand applying growing force to her little bud, until he’s almost using her clit to support the weight of his body while he fucks her.

Echoing the rhythm of her own hands caressing her breasts, he gently stirs his soft palm against her clit while he continues to grind his hardness against the sensitive wetness of her vagina, and her elevated gasps and moans only drive him on until he’s virtually crushing her little button with the heel of his hand.

She pulls herself up onto her elbows, and she has a wry smile that suddenly shocks Vincent into thinking this must be it: the game is up. She’s going to call out the man with the camera to capture all this for posterity and the law courts.

It’s all over.

But she only bites her lip, still wanting more from him, and he sees she just wants to switch to a different position.

Her feet drop down over the edge of the desk, and his cock slips out of her as she pulls herself up, standing to kiss his lips before flashing him another dazzling smile.

After my last fantasy story, which was not well received at all, I thought I would go back to something a little more pleasing. Hope you enjoy this one. This is the first part of two.

Chad had been with the firm for almost 6 months and was quickly becoming one of the top outside salesmen. He would walk into the office and command attention. He was 6’4, had a ruggedly handsome face with a chiseled jaw line that set off his deep blue eyes. His light brown hair was cut to fit his head and just long enough to make it slightly curly.

Every time Chad would come in the office he would look for Cindy. Cindy was short and petite and always wore skirts that showed off her legs and a top that enhanced her firm full breast. She always took care to make sure her makeup was just so and she loved red lipstick. She was a bit of a flirt and would have all the men in the office fawning over her every move. She did have a boyfriend, so they all knew she was taken. It did not stop everyone, but Chad, from flirting back with her.

Chad would look at Cindy whenever he came in the office. He liked what he saw as she would bend over to get the new prospects folder for him and she knew he was looking. Chad would take the folder, looking down at the cleavage formed by her lovely firm breasts and then up into her eyes. He would look away as she looked at him and then move away. Cindy was attracted to him and thought he was everything her boy friend was not.

Her boy friend, Thomas, doted on her and would give her anything she wanted. Thomas was short and skinny with brown hair and gray eyes. He was not bad to look at, but he was far from manly, like Chad. Cindy would think to herself how geeky Thomas looked compared to Chad and would feel herself becoming more and more aroused every time Chad would walk into the office.

Friday was a red letter day in the office. Chad had just landed a large account and everyone was celebrating. Chad was the hero for the moment and everyone was congratulating him on his latest account. Cindy was watching him as he smiled and shook every ones hand. When he was alone, Cindy moved closer. She looked up at his deep blue eyes and said how glad she was for him and instead of taking his hand, rubbed her hand up and down his arm, squeezing slightly.

Chad could feel the sexual tension between them; it had been building since he stated working in the office. When he looked down, his eyes were drawn to her breasts. Today she had worn a low cut top that showed off her full breasts. Cindy knew he was looking and knew that she had to have him, one way or another.

Her thoughts were broken, when Chad said, “We should celebrate tonight and I would like finally meet your boyfriend.”

Chad continued, “Lets meet at the Red Bull for dinner and drinks, and it is my treat. After all you helped me with the prospect.” “I will meet you there at 7 and don’t forget to bring your boyfriend.”

Cindy said, “We would love to and that she was sure they would have a great time.” Cindy knew she wanted him and could tell the feeling was mutual, after all Chad was a man’s man and Cindy was a woman. How could he not want her?

Chad smiled and moved away into the crowd of his co-workers as they slapped his back and gave him more accolades. He smiled at Cindy as he said, “I have to go guys, I have plans for this evening.” That brought smiles and knowing nods from the other men in the office. Cindy smiled to herself as she thought, if only they knew. She watched Chad leave the office and as she felt herself moisten slightly, she moved to her desk to close up the office.

Chad went home and showered getting ready for the evening. He knew he wanted her but was not sure of her boyfriend. Cindy seldom talked about him, other than she was happy and he was wonderful. He was not sure what that meant, but he would find out tonight.

Cindy left the office and went home to Thomas. When she entered their home Thomas smiled at her, she smiled back and thought how much different Chad was. Cindy said as she walked down the hall to their bedroom, “we are having drinks and dinner with a co-worker and we need to get ready.” She walked into the bedroom and undressed. As she climbed into the shower, she looked at her self in the full length mirror. Her breasts were full and ample, her stomach tight, her legs smooth and as she turned, she looked at the spot between her legs. Just to be on the safe side, she took her razor into the shower with her.

She showered, washing her body and then shaved between her legs making her nice and smooth and showing off her full lips. She smiled as she dried and dressed. Stockings and thin pair of pink panties and a matching bra adorned her body as she picked out a mid thigh black skirt and white top. She watched Thomas as she moved to apply her make up. She smiled at her image in the mirror as she finished then looked over at Thomas. She sighed as she thought she would love to see Chad standing there instead, but smiled and said all ready. Standing to show off for Thomas as he watched her turn around showing off the body he adored, but secretly thinking to himself, I am not good enough for her.

They moved to the car and Thomas drove to the Red Bull. The Red Bull was a lounge and restaurant on the upper scale of eating and meeting places. Thomas and Cindy walked in the door and looked around. Cindy was looking for Chad but did not see him, she felt a little anxious as they were shown to a table in the back. Cindy sat on the bench as Thomas took a seat across from her; he smiled as they ordered their drinks. Cindy kept looking at the door, as Thomas spoke to her. She was not listening but looking, when she saw Chad enter and look around. She kept herself from waving as she saw Chad look back at their table and smile as he then made his way through the lounge.

Chad stopped at the table and looked down at Cindy and then at Thomas. He smiled as Cindy introduced him to Thomas. Chad’s hand took Thomas’s as he squeezed slightly as he said hello the instead of sitting next to him slid onto the bench next to Cindy. Chad ordered and they got to know each other with small talk. As the drinks came, Cindy let her hand rest on the bench between her leg and Chad’s. Thomas saw this but said nothing. They ordered dinner and ate, talking the whole time. Cindy would laugh at Chad’s jokes and would let her hand move under the table to touch his thigh as she readjusted her napkin on her lap from time to time. The sexual tension was almost unbearable.

After dinner they moved into the lounge and again Cindy sat next to Chad as Thomas sat on the other side of the table. When the music started, Chad looked at Thomas and said, “You don’t mind if I dance with Cindy, do you?” Before he could answer, Chad stood up and took Cindy’s hand leading her to the floor.

Chad put one hand on her shoulder and the other on her waist as he moved them onto the floor. Thomas was watching closely as Chad moved closer sliding his hand from her hip to the small of Cindy’s back. He knew they were close as the moved back and forth on the floor. Chad’s hand moved back and forth then would slide down slightly. Cindy moved closer as she felt the bulge in Chad’s pants press against her mound. She felt her lips become very moist as they danced. She knew he was much bigger than Thomas and began to wonder what it would feel like inside her.

The dance ended and they were slow to separate and move back to the table. Thomas could see that Cindy was flushed and thought he would say something when Cindy said, “Thomas, it is getting crowded in here, why don’t we all go to our house for a night cap.” It was more a statement than a question and Thomas agreed as he always did. As Chad slid out of the booth, Thomas looked at his crotch and saw a hint of his size as Cindy offered Chad her hand. As she slid out of the booth, she let her legs open enough to show off the top of her stockings and just a hit of her panties.

Chad was looking, thought Thomas, and not to subtlety either. Cindy squeezed Chad’s arm as she said, “Do you want to follow us?” Chad said he would as they walked to the door and Thomas’s car.

Chad opened the door for Cindy and as she sat down in the seat, she let her legs open again giving Chad a look at her panties. Chad saw the wet spot and smiled as he closed the door and moved to his car.

As Thomas pulled out of the parking lot, he turned to Cindy and before he could say anything, Cindy said, “What do you think of him?”

Thomas replied, “He seems nice enough but I did not like the way he looked at you and danced with you.”

Cindy replied, “You don’t like when another man admires me? It should make you proud.”

Thomas hemmed and hawed and said, “Well yes it does, but you seem to be giving him every opportunity to look at you.”

“Thomas,” Cindy said, “I like when a man looks at me that way, you should more often, as well.” Thomas just looked at the road as he drove the rest of the way home in silence with Chad following behind them.

They arrived at their home and Thomas parked in the garage as Chad parked in the drive. Cindy got out but not before saying to him, “I want this to be special, we have talked about this and he might be the one.”

Thomas thought back to their talks in bed after they had made love and remembered Cindy’s fantasy of a threesome. He had thought it was all pillow talk, but, now he was not sure it was just talk. He slowly got out of the car as Cindy moved to Chad and showed him into the house.

Once inside Cindy told Chad to have a seat on the couch and looked at Thomas. “Why don’t you make us a couple of drinks,” Cindy said as she moved to sit next to Chad on the couch. Thomas slowly moved to the cabinet to make them drinks. Cindy was close to Chad when he set the drinks down on the coffee table and sat on the chair opposite the couch. He looked at Cindy as he picked up his drink to take a sip. Cindy slid her hand over Chad’s thigh and rested it there.

Thomas was looking as Cindy smiled at him then looked to Chad. Thomas could see her breasts swell slightly as she slid her hand up and down the inside of Chad’s thigh. Thomas said, “Don’t you want your drink, Cindy?”

Cindy looked at Thomas and said, “No!” as she turned towards Chad and let her hand slide over his bulge.

Chad looked at Thomas and said as he smiled, “Seems she wants something else Tommy boy, you don’t mind do you?” Chad then leaned down and kissed Cindy on the lips as she felt his growing cock through his pants.

Cindy broke the kiss by moving away from Chad and after squeezing Chad’s cock one more time, stood up and offered Chad her hand. Chad took it and stood next to her, she started to move towards the hallway and their bedroom.

Cindy looked at Thomas and said, “Are you coming or are you staying here?” She did not wait for an answer as she led Chad down the hallway.

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