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“They’re here, Briana.” The signal came from Zoe, breaking Briana out of her sex-induced trance.

“Showtime,” Briana said, marching past her staff and winking at Zoe as she headed to the foyer of the building to meet Armstrong Hamilton J. Mason the third. All eyes of staff and the Mason party of ten were on Briana as she offered her hand to “Ham” as the Mason Big Cheese was called. Briana thought it was the commanding presence she portrayed, but instead her clothing choice made the first and lasting impression.

“Mr. Mason,” Briana said, professionally, preparing to deliver a firm handshake. As this big time mover and shaker from one of America’s richest families took her hand, Briana suddenly noticed how much he reminded her of her late husband. She suddenly wasn’t so strong, not so professional, she wanted him to like her — in fact, she wanted him to… to find her sexy????

“I am sexy and love for those around me to know I’m sexy,” her mind flooded with this instruction in a voice that might have been hers or… someone else’s, Briana wasn’t sure and wasn’t prepared to figure it out) “Men are to be flirted with and given sex for advancement, not for love.” These thoughts shot through Briana’s mind, backed by some programming that would not allow her to sink her company.

“Ham! Let’s not be so formal!” She grabbed his hand and used it like a pulley, dragging herself closer to him, giving him a one-armed hug, a full view of her chest and a perfect feel just over his heart of the firmness provided by Boston’s best plastic surgeon. Mason was taken back, at first, then became a little skeptical, thinking all of Briana’s actions had to be planned to take him off course, he would not be taken in. He had come here today to tell Briana to have her people back off and leave his company alone — there would be no sell and a hostile takeover would happen over his dead body.

However, as Briana shook hands and hugged all the members of his party, male and female, in full body hugs, he couldn’t help letting his eyes fall to her curvy ass. Was that a garter he spotted just under her short skirt? The thought had barely passed when Briana took his arm and asked him to “escort” her to their conference room. Surprisingly, the tension that had been expected in this meeting was broken by Briana’s informal behavior and her staff smiled to themselves at her “bimbo brilliance”. The presentation was long and boring, Briana wanted to bolt the room and go do something else. But somehow she had plugged through her portions and had sat right next to Ham and been attentive to his every need during the long discussions. She was tingling a little as she noticed on a regular basis that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, especially when she leaned into him or crossed her legs to show him the top her stockings…

Soon, the negotiations began, negotiations “Ham” never intended to allow to occur, going well into the night. Everyone was tired and frustrated and Briana noted much of the contention was coming from around the table, not between her and Ham. “Let’s take a break,” Briana interrupted, “Ham, come up to my office for a quick drink and a breathtaking view of the city.” She grabbed his hand and led him out of the conference room to her private elevator before any of his people could intercede.

“Oh god it is so hot in there,” said Briana as she removed her jacket. She dared not look at Mr. Mason, but her pussy was tingling as she could feel him fight off a heart attack at the view he now had of her chest and navel. Briana went for the kill and she turned to look directly into his now-ashen face. “Ham, one thing my late husband taught me is when to work and when to enjoy myself, I’m not enjoying myself right now,” she leaned in, her face inches from his, her pussy moaning for attention as his helpless eyes fell again on her chest and widened as he the vest pulled apart from her chest, exposing the pasties that caused her orgasm so long ago earlier in the morning.

“What do you say, Ham,” placing her hand on his shoulder, “Can we get this done and start mixing a little ‘pleasure’ with this ‘business’?” Mason literally couldn’t answer and was relieved to hear the tone of the elevator bell signaling the opening of the door. “Ham’ wiped his brow with his old school handkerchief as he watched Briana’s exaggerated walk sway back and forth swiftly to her office, throwing open the doors.

At the same time, Briana may have looked calm, cool and collected on the outside, she was a mass of emotions churning on the inside. Every nerve of her body was at full power, making it difficult for her to make any move without causing a twitch in her private parts. The training from her masseuese was taking full effect causing each twitch to create a struggle for maintaining Briana’s senses and her silence as she wanted to squeal in pleasure. In some ways, she was not just a robot, programmed to respond in this way, but the training was mixing with her brain power and she saw how her urges were putting this poor man directly in her cross hairs.

This man, a feared business man not much younger than her late husband, was totally knocked off his game by his lust for her. Her Matszuka-trained mind and libido were excited in every way, she wanted his attention on her sexy body, she wanted to win for her business and she wanted him to fuck her in her office right now. Briana saw the Penthouse pictures in her head, sexy girls, exuding sex. And once again, the face was Briana. She quickly hit her personal lock on the office elevator and now the door, presumably holding Ham’s staff members behind it, would not open on her office floor.

“Scotch, Ham?” sang Briana as she spun around, revealing her sexy silk garters. “Uh yes, please, Mrs. Er — uh, Janzen.” Ham stammered, sitting on the couch as Briana motioned him to.

“Here you go, sweetie,” said Briana, as she leaned over to hand him the drink, showing off her breasts before eventually plopping down beside the elderly gentleman, much closer than is culturally allowable.

“Miss, er- Mrs. Janzen…”

“Briana, please, Ham, let’s not be so formal in here,” Briana smiled, ready to move in for the kill and claim her prey.

“I’m not prepared to make a deal…”

“But I am,” said Briana reaching up to unbutton the top button on her already daring vest. “I want to make a deal, Ham, and I’m prepared”

(another button opened)

“To do anything…”

(last button)

“…and I do mean ANYTHING necessary” (hands on hips, pulling vest back, exposing pastie-covered breasts, and garter belt).

“Miss Janzen,—er — Briana, I’m not sure what you have in mind…”

Briana’s brain continued to fully function under her new set of instructions – she was operating at this moment as a completely sexual being, fully without inhibitors, except, of course those instilled by her (sexy?) masseuse. Without missing a step, Briana interrupted.

“MISTER Mason, I think you know exactly what I have in mind, (pussy twitching),” said Briana, her eyes filled with lust as she slid off the couch, “I am about to give you blow job…”

Briana stared straight into this man’s wide eyes, she knew she had done it — she had sex’d him into a deal. She slid her hands over his crotch, finally getting to feel the cock she’d been imaging for the last 3 hours.

“If you’ll agree to my company’s deal with a few minor stipulations to make you look good…”

A squeaky, “Why yes,” was all Ham could come up with as Briana opened his snakeskin belt and unzipped the fly of his Fioravanti suit pants.

“Yes” he said again as he settled into the idea of consummating this deal — literally. “I think we’re going to get along well.” Briana gave a simple laugh as she slid his pants down below his knees. His cock was short but thick and, to Briana’s surprise and disappointment, not quite fully hard. It smelled of cum and was moist.

“He must have cum in his fucking pants sometime along the line,” Briana thought to herself.” As had happened before, pre-programming began to fill her brain. Briana was programmed for his pleasure. A total sexual being, unable to hold anything back sexually from this man. She took the length of his soft cock into her mouth, working back and forth with her tongue to make him aroused.

“O Briana, you are such a WHORE!” he grunted in passion. — “WHOOOSH”

Briana literally felt her brain flying down a long hallway, thrust there by some invisible word. Intense programming filled her hard drive and replaced her current function as easily as closing MS Word and opening MS Excel and a Windows computer. “You are a prostitute”; “You have sex with men for money and success”; “You are designed for giving a man sexual pleasure”; “Having sex with men is your job and purpose”; “The more excited you make the man, the more money you get”.

Briana blinked, her mind was a little over-taxed today. She struggled to take it all in. Normally, there were fail safes placed into her subconscious to stop a word in passing from taking over her brain. Perhaps it was the length and struggle of the day that caused the fail safes — to fail…

“Why, yes… yes I am, honey,” Briana cooed, assuming a personality that she now believed was real. “How much ya got, and what do you want” she said in a fake southern accent.

Mr. Mason was a rich man, and truly a dirty one. He understood role playing well and often paid handsomely for just the right girl in different parts of the world — when Mrs. Mason wasn’t around.

“O you little slut,” he followed the story, “I want to bend you over the arm of this couch, fuck your ass and shoot my cum all over those beautiful tits. Briana was programmed to please, without thinking she obeyed (obey — o that word… ) and turned from Ham, pulled up her skirt and bent over the couch arm. “Come and get it Mr. Mason,” said the Whore, Briana, and Mr. Mason did.

He almost leaped on top of her, sliding off her panty and quickly inserted himself into her asshole. Briana, starving for sexual pleasure ground her clit into the couch, while grabbing at her luscious tits, it was time, she needed to please him, she needed the release.

Ham slid himself in and out of her tight asshole, one that had never been invaded prior to two nights ago. The one anal event had not changed the fact that she was extremely tight and Ham found it difficult to get his half-hard dick deep inside. Briana pushed against him like the animal she was at this moment, but every time he got it in part of the way, it popped quickly back out. Briana’s ass and pussy were begging to be filled, this whore was growing increasingly frustrated that she couldn’t get fucked as she needed to be fucked — like a total whore!

“Turn around,” Ham grunted. Briana did, obediently, and he pushed her to her knees.

“Ungh”, he grunted, shooting a small spunk of cum on the side of her neck. Before Briana knew what was happening he had grabbed his cock and was stroking it. A spurt hit her vest, another as he moaned hit her chin… then he rubbed the last droplets against her chest as his cock shriveled to nothing.

“It’s not the way I used to business with your husband,” Ham laughed as he began tucking his shirt in his pants, “But if this is how we do it from here on out — you gotta deal.” Ham dressed himself and turned the door before stopping to take one last look at his new business partner. She was still leaning on the arm of the couch, with a slightly stunned look on her face and Ham’s semen slowly sliding down her face. She was a sight.

“I’ll have my people sign your paperwork, you better get cleaned up before you go out there, sweetie.” Ham chuckled again to himself and shook his head, not sure what would prompt this once-proud heiress to act in such a way as he closed the office door behind him.

Briana sat on the floor, sweaty, horny and confused. What would she do now – she needed to talk to someone, someone who could help – someone like Matszuka – not knowing why she was calling Briana called a cell phone number she never realized she knew, and soon let out a sigh as she heard that voice at the other end of the line – “Ahhh – Matszuka:…

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