She heard the jingle of keys in the door and knew that her master was home. She ran into the kitchen just as he opened the door.

My little pet looked beautiful. The red marks that welled up on her skin from my hand and whip contrasted beautifully with her milky white skin. The dark grey of the iron collar around her neck almost perfectly accentuated the redness of her curly hair. There was a slight sheen of sweat over her body, from being kept at a heightened sense of sexual pleasure all day. I had gotten my little pet sufficiently aroused this morning when I woke up. I kissed her and played with her little asshole, and then when she opened up her legs I teased her wet pussy with my fingertips. Just before she was about to come, I clipped a wooden clothespin over her clit. She whined in pain and pleasure and I left her like that all day with strict orders to not take it off or pleasure herself. I noticed a slick wet look to her thighs, her pussy juices ran down her thighs all day. The little slut, she enjoyed my torture.

I immediately fell to my knees upon seeing master. I was so happy he was home, being home alone all day with the inability to touch yourself means a long, boring day. The tease of the almost orgasm and day long pain was enough to drive me crazy. I crawled over to master and prostrated myself in front of him; my ass in the air, bent at the knees and waist, hands on the ground in front of my head, head down. I waited excitedly for his touch, presence, praise.

Her little body submitted before me was an empowering feeling. I could take her, right here in the kitchen, and she would love it. She would beg to put my cock in her mouth and suck it. She was savor every drop of cum I unloaded into her mouth as she swallowed it. She would pleasure my cock and balls and asshole until I couldn’t bare it anymore and decided to ram my cock in her hot, wet, pussy and fucked her until she was hoarse from screaming. I felt my cock twitch in excitement.

I shivered when he touched my neck and danced his fingers down my back. He grabbed a handful of each ass cheek and squeezed. He slapped each as he let go. I shuddered when his finger toyed with my asshole. I wanted him to lift me over his shoulder and throw me down onto our bed. I wanted him to fuck me until I was delirious. I wanted him to take off this terrible clothespin right before my orgasm, and then pound into me harder than ever before so I could scatter into a million pieces with my orgasm.

Her trembling figure before me was what drove me over. I grabbed my pet by a chunk of her hair and brought her to her feet. I mauled her breasts with my hands, rolling the nipple between my fingers, squeezing the whole soft breast, and biting her soft skin red and purple with my teeth. I captured her mouth with mine and let my hand drop to her waist. I stuck my fingers into her slit and felt around her wet pussy. She moaned, grinding her pussy into my hand. I thrust my palm upwards, twisting the clothespin around her clit. She squeaked and jerked back, little tears coming to the corners of her eyes in pain. I laughed.

My clit hurt. After a day trapped by a clothespin, it was swollen and incredibly sensitive. The slightest movement resulted in pain and pleasure. I savored the feeling of his twisting fingers in my hair as he led me up the stairs and into our bedroom. He had me stand at the foot of the bed and bound my arms behind me at the wrist and elbows. I heard the click of a cabinet opening and the sting of the whip got me next. I clenched against the pain and my clit throbbed. I was caught between pain and pleasure and I didn’t know if my scream was in pain or pleasure. The whip came down on me more. My poor ass bore the brunt of the assault, but he would occasionally get my thighs and stomach. After was felt like an hour I was pushed onto the bed. I felt the cool touch of lube on my asshole.

I opened her asshole with a finger, then two, then three. When I couldn’t handle it anymore I stuffed my cock into her tight asshole. It was an amazing feeling. I started to thrust hard and I felt her asshole tighten even more. I controlled my cock as I thrust wildly into her; I wanted her to cum first. She started to ride my cock as I thrust into her, her ass bouncing against my hips. She picked up her pace, slamming into me, and I returned the favor. In seconds I felt her body spasm and she was cumming, I could feel her juices downing down her legs. I couldn’t help it and came in her ass, the spasms of my cock and her body timed perfectly.

I panted into the mattress. Master knew how to fuck me so well. I could barely feel the pain in my clit anymore the orgasm was so great. When he pulled out of me I let my body fall a bit, my asshole would ache tomorrow and I was so excited for it. You weren’t fucked good if you aren’t sore the next day. I was flipped onto my back and master was on top of me again. He was kissing me, nibbling on my ear lobes, sucking on my neck and tits. I started to grind my hips into his ever so carefully; I didn’t want to hit my clothespin. I felt him get hard against my pussy. It wasn’t long until his cock was in my cunt.

I drilled my cock into her pussy. I wasn’t done with her yet, far from it. I was going to fuck her until she passed out. I rocked my body into hers, using the bed to bounce her back into me to fuck her even harder. The animalistic noises coming from her mouth where only solving to turn me on even more, making me want to slam her even harder. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and I knew she was close. I slammed into her even harder and faster than before.

I was going crazy. Ecstasy racked my body. I felt my body let go into orgasm when the clothespin was ripped off of my clit. Master, without missing a beat, drove his cock farther into me even than before, bottoming out at my g spot. I screamed, I screamed and hollered, and came. I came so hard, I couldn’t tell the difference between pain and pleasure and my body was enjoying it. My brain couldn’t function. I could only feel the overwhelming sense of relief radiating out from my satisfied pussy.

Her juices were all over me. My pet’s orgasm was so great she even squirted on me a bit, something she never did. I pulled out of her and collapsed on to the bed, breathing heavily. We both just lay there for a while, allowing our bodies to soak in the sensations of ultimate sexual pleasure. After some time my pet moved.

I had finally regained control over my brain when I knew I had to move. My body responded to my thoughts as the last waves of my orgasm receded into the past, I had come back to myself. I crawled towards my master so I was facing his dick and proceeded to lick it clean of all our juices. I heard him sigh.

I sighed in relief because my little pet remembered to clean off my dick before the sex was actually over. I was so tired that I couldn’t get stiff again. A blessing in disguise. When she was done, I snapped my fingers and she got out of bed. There was a large dog bed in the corner of the room and she went to go curl up on that as I showered. A few minutes later I came back clean and ready for bed. She looked up at me with hopeful eyes, silently pleading me to let her sleep in my bed tonight instead of leaving her in her dog bed. I got into my bed, not showing any sign of my intentions.

My heart sank when master got into bed without inviting me. I knew to always go to my dog bed every night, but I rarely actually slept on it. It was more to just enforce my status as his pet. Master enjoyed me sleeping in his bed. As much as he wouldn’t admit it to any of his friends, he enjoyed the cuddling arrangement we had. I began pulling my blanket over my naked body when I heard a whistle and turned to see master patting the side of the bed I slept on. Without much of a second thought I hoped up into bed as he turned off the lights.

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