clothes tree

Mrs. Swanson teaches women who are unfamiliar with using CFNM to control their husbands a few tricks!

About six weeks ago Charlene Collier, married for nearly ten years, discovered, accidentally, her husband’s secret interest in CFNM. Let this be a lesson to you, dear reader, always close out your browser and always automatically delete your browsing history unless you want to be discovered. Anyway, Char was pissed. It was a rocky time but one of her friends suggested counseling and long story short they found themselves sitting before a marriage counselor early on a Friday evening. They had gone through individual sessions and now it was time to lay things on the line, so to speak.

“Mr. Collier?” Dr. Richards began cheerfully.

“Yes.” Fred answered reflexively.

“I’ve met with both you and your wife, Charlene, and I think that I may have a solution to the problem that has arisen between you and your wife that will not involve years of expensive counseling to correct your fixation concerning exposing yourself and as a side benefit will vastly improve your sex life!” Dr. Richards was blunt and to the point. She believed that dancing around a topic like exhibitionism in men only exacerbated the situation. She also was of the opinion that a man can only find true happiness if he is completely honest with his mate.

Fred, of course, blushed. Any improvement would be welcome! Their so called sex life had been almost nonexistent recently. It was true that he had a “thing” about being naked with clothed women. He wasn’t a flasher but just the thought excited him. He enjoyed reading stories about men who were kept naked by their women. He liked the thought of serving his wife and maybe one or two of her friends in the nude. He wanted to kiss his wife’s sex before going to work and wear her “scent” as his cologne. Part of the initial session with the counselor was his admission to her of all these feelings and an explanation of what it was that he found exciting about CFNM. Dr. Richards was well aware of his “perversion” and prepared to help the Colliers deal with it. Fred glanced at his wife whose expression was neutral or maybe slightly bemused. “And what would that be, Doctor?” Fred almost whispered.

“It’s kind of a boot camp for couples like you, Mr. and Mrs. Collier, men who find it exciting to be naked with clothed women and their wives. The men learn how to behave in these situations and the wives learn how to make the experience, let’s say, profitable for both of them.” In other words, Mr. Collier, I am recommending that your wife learn how to participate in this activity with you. I have discussed all of the things that excite you with her and she has come to understand your needs and how meeting these needs will benefit both of you! She has also come to understand that curing you might not be the best course of action, especially if she is going to be the one in charge at all times! What do you think of my proposal, Mr. Collier?”

To say Fred was stunned would be an understatement. He just looked at his wife whose gaze was noncommittal. “You’re alright with this, Honey?” Fred asked in astonishment. His biggest fear was that he would be unable to control his almost insatiable craving to be fully exposed to clothed women and Dr. Richards was proposing that his wife be a party to his no longer secret perversion.

“I’m willing to give it a try, Fred, but you must agree that it’s my rules or nothing.” His wife replied with a note of sternness he’d never heard in her voice but which made his cock twitch. “Heaven knows we can’t afford prolonged counseling sessions.”

“Then it’s settled, Doctor, we’ll try the “boot camp”. Fred agreed, resigned to following the doctor’s advice.

“As luck would have it, Mr. Collier, Mrs. Swanson, a good friend of mine, is conducting her next boot camp starting this evening. Her boarders are away for the spring holiday and I have made a reservation for you and Mrs. Collier. I was fortunate that she still had an opening, she usually only accepts three couples per session and you got the last spot!”

“But I’m not ready to go away!” Fred objected weakly.

“Of course you are, Darling,” Char chided sweetly, “Remember you won’t need any clothes and I’ve packed everything else we might need.”

“Off you go then,” Dr. Richards said as she rose from her chair and offered her hand.” Fred shook it. “I think you’ve made a wise choice, Mr. Collier. And you, Charlene,” she said with a noticeable twinkle in her eye, ‘I’ll be looking forward to seeing you both next week for a complete report on your progress, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.”

“I hope you’re right, Dr. Richards, in any case we will be back next Friday at 7pm for a complete report!”

As they left the building Char asked for the keys to the car. Fred handed them to her without question. This was all happening so fast, he wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or what.

The drive to Mrs. Swanson’s was in total silence. Fred could only guess what might be in store for them and his wife didn’t want to even give him a hint that she knew the slightest bit about what they were going to experience. They parked on the street in front of a large Victorian house at the edge of the university. Char got out and opened the trunk. “Bring our bag, Fred.” She ordered firmly as she walked toward the broad steps leading to the large double front door of the massive Victorian home.

Before she could ring the bell or even knock the door was opened by a middle-aged woman in a plain maid’s uniform. “Good evening, ma’am, you must be the Colliers, Mrs. Swanson has been expecting you. Please come in.” Susan Bridgeway, Mrs. Swanson’s Housekeeper and long time confidant greeted them.

The large entryway had a small settee between two tall windows on the outside wall and an antique secretary’s desk next to the double stained glass doors leading to a parlor. Won’t you please sign our guest book, Mrs. Collier?”

“Put your bag down here, Mr. Collier.” Ms. Bridgeway motioned. “Mrs. Swanson is expecting you.”

As Charlene signed the guest book Ms. Bridgeway rapped gently on the parlor doors. “Who is it?’ Mrs. Swanson answered, knowing full well the identities of the last guests to arrive for her weekend boot camp.

Ms. Bridgeway opened the door and announced, “The Colliers have arrived, ma’am.”

“Splendid!” Mrs. Swanson exclaimed enthusiastically. “Please show them in.”

Ms. Bridgeway turned and motioned for the Colliers to enter, “Please join Mrs. Swanson and her guests, she’s been expecting you!”

Charlene Collier led the way and took the hand Mrs. Swanson offered in greeting. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Mrs. Swanson! Dr. Richards has told me so much about you and your program, she makes it sound like the answer to every woman’s prayers.”

“I’m delighted to meet you too, Mrs. Collier! I’m confidant that you and Mr. Collier will make a fine addition to our little group.” Mrs. Swanson replied warmly. “I’d like you to meet my other guests for the weekend, Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Caryl; I’ve invited them to join us because of their familiarity with my program. They will be invaluable in helping me to demonstrate the techniques we recommend.”

The two women rose from their chairs. “Ladies, I’d like you to meet Mrs. Charlene Collier. Mrs. Collier, please say hello to Mrs. Miriam Ward and Mrs. Elizabeth Caryl.” Fred stood quietly in the background as the ladies exchange pleasantries. Finally Mrs. Swanson asked the women to take their seats as she turned to Fred and instructed, “Please follow Ms. Bridgeway to the kitchen Mr. Collier, I’d like you to help her serve the tea.”

Ms. Bridgeway motioned for Fred to go out the double doors into the hallway. As she quietly closed the doors she instructed, “Follow me, please.”

As they went down the hall to the kitchen Fred heard Mrs. Swanson begin, “Mrs. Collier, I interviewed you by phone last week and I know that you are well aware of my intentions and philosophy…..

“Mr. Collier!” Ms. Bridgeway bruskly called. “Please don’t dawdle; Mrs. Swanson is expecting her tea! We mustn’t keep her and her guests waiting.”

“Yes ma’am.” Fred replied meekly.

“As you can see, Mr. Collier, I have already prepared two trays. On the first you will see there are four tea cups and saucers and a teapot. Next to the teapot is one additional saucer. That is for the tea strainer when the tea has finished brewing. On the second tray there is a small pitcher of cream, a bowl of sugar, napkins, teaspoons and a plate of ginger snaps. When it is time to serve the tea you will do so in the following manner. First, you will offer each of the ladies, starting with Mrs. Swanson, a napkin. Second, you will pour the tea and offer a cup to each of the ladies. Next, you will offer each of them the cream and sugar and, of course a spoon should they desire. Lastly, you will serve them the plate of cookies, do you understand Mr. Collier?” Her demeanor was somewhere between that of traffic cop and a drill sergeant.

“Yes ma’am.” He replied. “Napkin, tea, cream and sugar and then the cookies.”

“One more thing, Mr. Collier, when you enter the room you will see that the ladies are seated in a semi-circle with Mrs. Swanson on the right. As you serve the tea and cookies you will always start with Mrs. Swanson and then move to the left around the room, as you do so you will always turn to your left. Do you understand, always turn to your left, Mr. Collier.”

“Yes ma’am.” Fred answered, wondering what that could be about.

While Fred was learning the basics of serving tea for Mrs. Swanson and the ladies they were reviewing what Mrs. Swanson was going to be teaching over the next two days.

“Ladies,” Mrs. Swanson began. “I am an advocate of benign female domination of the men in their lives. Humanity in general has an innate desire to be controlled and men, in particular are basically simple creatures who require that their sexual natures be controlled and channeled. It is well known that men have sexual thoughts almost continuously throughout the day. It is your job to assure that your husband’s thoughts be focused on you! It requires you to monitor and control his activities and to present him with outlets that re-enforce his dependence on you for his sexual fulfillment. The tea ceremony that we will soon be conducting is step one in moving from level one CFNM to level two. If you were only interested in using CFNM as a game in your homes on a part-time basis with no participation with other likeminded women you would not be here.”

“I don’t understand, Mrs. Swanson.” Charlene Collier interrupted. “I’ve only just learned about CFNM from Dr. Richards, we’ve never played any games, in fact our sex lives are pretty vanilla, really.

“Allow me to digress,” Mrs. Swanson answered. “By the way, it is my practice to always refer to you ladies as Mrs. so-and-so in the presence of men but with your permission I’ll use your given names when it’s just us ladies. Is that alright with you, Mrs. Collier?”

“OF course Mrs. Swanson, by all means!” Each of the ladies agreed.

Mr. Swanson continued. “CFNM” is the acronym for Clothed Female Naked Male.” It is simply any activity in which the male in a relationship is naked. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything more than just that, a man enjoying the comfort of his own home while his wife or partner remains clothed.

Charlene interrupted. “I still don’t understand what men find exciting about being naked”.

“Oh come now, Charlene! Men aren’t the only ones to enjoy displaying their bodies. Women do it all the time. Women have the advantage though because it is socially acceptable for them to wear short skirts and low cut blouses. They readily admit it makes them feel “sexy.” A man on the other hand experiences sex through his genitals. Displaying his penis and testicles is not socially acceptable for most of society and that is why my method of training men works so well; it takes advantage of a man’s natural desire to impress his mate!”

“But we’re already married. There’s no need to impress me anymore.” Charlene interrupted again.

“Not in your mind, perhaps. But like it or not, your mate has an instinctive need to constantly impress you, to court you, to win your approval. He needs you to “choose” him over all others. That is why some of our advocates participate in group activities. When a man is naked along with other men and his wife can see and even touch other naked men in his presence but she always “chooses him” in builds his confidence in ways normal, rational society cannot understand.”

“So, you believe this behavior is instinctive?”

“I do, and I believe women can use this knowledge to mold their husbands into just the kind of mate they desire and deserve.” Mrs. Swanson stated emphatically. “But, we digress. As I was explaining, CFNM doesn’t need to evolve into anything more elaborate that your mate being naked at home.”

“But what if there are children?” Charlene interrupted once again.”

“My but you are impatient and so quizzical.” Mrs. Swanson smiled. “That can be a problem, of course, but as I was explaining each couple must find their own level of involvement. Children must be sheltered from the more blatant aspects of CFNM until they are old enough to understand. If you have children you will need to make your own arrangements. Some women, those with understanding mothers or friends, can arrange for sleepovers on the weekend or even an entire week during school vacations. Play dates are common with young children so your friend doesn’t even need to know what you and your husband will be doing but it helps if you have cooperative friends in the CFNM community. That is one reason the three of you are here this weekend, to make acquaintances with women with similar needs!”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, Mrs. Swanson but these questions just keep popping into my mind and, well, I can’t seem to bite my tongue.” Mrs. Charlene apologized.

Mrs. Ward chuckled. “I was just like you when I first met Mrs. Swanson, Charlene! In time you will learn as much as you need to provide a happy, healthy home for yourself and your family.”

“I hope so, Mrs. Ward.”

“Please call me Mimi, the boys aren’t here now. This is a more informal atmosphere; we can let our hair down, so to speak.”

“That’s right,” Mrs. Caryl agreed. “You should call me, Liz.”

“Thank-you,” Charlene Collier said, “And my friends call me Char.”

“Ladies, please, allow me to continue.” Mrs. Swanson chided. “In Level One CFNM all activities are strictly private. Level Two involves additional women but remains confined to the home and Level Three involves more than one man with two or more women. In Levels Two and Three activities are still kept in the homes of the couples involved. Level Four takes CFNM out in “public.” Now, don’t be alarmed, Char, “public” still is controlled. There are B&Bs where CFNM is practiced and of course our annual group activities at private facilities around the area, nationally actually. Our focus this weekend will be on basic activities that you can use to make your husband’s naked proclivity something that benefits you! You will learn how to get your husband to do more and more of the house work around your home. I’m sure that excites you, it should because you can make it exciting for him. Second, you will learn how to teach your husband to be your personal “chambermaid.” You can teach him anything you want like how to do your nails, shampoo your hair, give you a massage, the possibilities are endless!

Just then there was a gently rapping on the parlor door. “Yes?” Mrs. Swanson answered.

“Your tea is ready, ma’am.” Ms. Bridgeway announced as she stepped in the room and directed Fred to the credenza on the far side of the room under a large double hung window. Two tall lilac bushes shielded the room from prying eyes but allowed the outside light to pour into the room. Mrs. Swanson was seated to the left of the credenza with her guests in comfortable high back chairs in a semi-circle around the back of the room. Opposite Mrs. Swanson was a clothes tree more commonly found in bedrooms.

As Ms. Bridgeway took her place to the right of the credenza Mrs. Swanson began. “Mr. Collier, it’s time for you to meet my guests and serve us our tea! Please step over here.” She said as she motioned to a spot directly in front of her.

This was the moment that Ms. Bridgeway enjoyed most. The first time a man was stripped and exposed to a room full of women! The exquisite embarrassment they endured to make their fantasy reality. The inevitable erection that caused most if not all of them to blush, and last but not least the moment when pre-cum would begin to drip from their engorged penis. Some would actually spurt semen without any other stimulation. What ever happened, Mrs. Swanson was prepared to make this an evening her guests would not soon forget!

Mrs. Swanson began. “Mr. Collier, please tell me and my guests why Mrs. Collier has brought you to my “boot camp for husbands.”

Fred blushed and looked down first and then to his wife, Charlene.

“Eyes front, Mr. Collier! Look at me!” Mrs. Swanson’s voice was growing sternly impatient. “We all know why you are here but you must tell us yourself. You must take ownership of your desires. We want to help you.” She continued warmly. “Now tell us in your own words what brings you here.”

Fred looked at Mrs. Swanson, the evening sunlight danced in her hair as the breezes outside played in the lilacs. Her soft smile reassured him. “I have been reading stories about men who are naked with clothed women.”

“And you would like to experience that?” Mrs. Swanson queried pleasantly.

“Yes, ma’am.” Fred admitted softly.

“Then say it, Mr. Collier! Tell me what you want to do!”

Fred paused, unsure if he really wanted to continue. Mrs. Swanson gazed at him in silence, a soft smile on her lips. She knew this was his moment of truth. He would either run from the room completely cured of his petty, harmless perversion or he would enter a world far beyond his expectations. It was only a few seconds but it seemed like an eternity to Fred. Finally, he spoke. “I want to be naked with clothed women.” There was a surprising tone of conviction the startled his wife but reinforced Mrs. Swanson’s suspicions. Charlene Collier was a lucky woman; Fred was going to be a loving, attentive husband with her guidance and Mrs. Swanson’s coaching!

“Then, Mr. Collier, it is time for you to remove your clothing and meet my guests!” Ms. Bridgway took Fred’s arm and guided him to the clothes tree.

“Please remove your suit coat and hang it here.” Ms. Bridgeway pointed to the part that looked like a wooden hanger but was attached to the top of the chair back. Now sit down and remove your shoes and socks. That’s right, Mr. Collier, normally there would be a clothing hamper for your underwear and socks if this were in your bedroom, but you will need these later, don’t you think?” It was a rhetorical question; Fred just silently followed her directions as the ladies watched in amusement. His wife was especially fascinated. Maybe this was going to be a good idea after all!

“Now, Mr. Collier, there is a small tray for your things like your keys, your change and your wallet; we wouldn’t want those to weigh down your trousers, would we? Remove your belt and hang it here.” She pointed to a small hook on the back of the clothes tree. “Remove your trousers now, fold them neatly and lay them a crossed the bar on the top. Your shirt and tie are next!” Ms. Bridgeway was beginning to feel a tingling sensation as she directed this stranger to remove his clothing, some women might not get a rush from watching a man strip but it never failed to get her blood pulsing. After Fred laid his tie a crossed his trousers he removed his shirt and folded it neatly. “Lay that on the seat, Mr. Collier and take off your undershirt.” Fred did as told and was soon standing in a room full of five women wearing just his tightie whities. He now knew why his wife had laid out new ones this morning!

Once again Ms. Bridgeway took Fred’s arm and guided him back to the spot facing Mrs. Swanson. “Now, Mr. Collier, you must ask your wife to present you.” Mrs. Swanson believed that a man’s partner, whether it be his wife or not, should always be in control of his nakedness and genitals. Furthermore, it would re-enforce in his mind that his wife was in control

Fred looked confused because he was. “Mr. Collier, go over to your wife, kneel on one knee, take her hand and ask her to introduce you to her friends.” Mrs. Swanson instructed succinctly.

Charlene was seated on the far left of the ladies semi-circle. As he crossed the room with his cock straining against the fabric of his underpants the more experienced women thought back to their first day at Mrs. Swanson’s and smiled as another convert was being added to their Sisterhood. Charlene Collier, they knew, was just beginning a journey that would transform her husband’s secret perversion into a semi-public life style that would make her the queen of her household! Fred knelt and took her hand. “Please, Honey, present me to your friends.” Fred pleaded convincingly.

“Very well, dear.” Charlene replied. “If you are sincere in your desire to spend some of our casual time together naked and if you like the idea of my being in charge of your genitals to the point of letting other women see you and touch you without your clothes then I will support you.” Saying that she stood up and taking Fred’s hand she helped him to his feet and approached Mrs. Swanson.

Fred’s penis was fully engorged, a very nice erection; creating a very noticeable bulge in his tightie-whities. “Mrs. Swanson, I’d like to introduce my husband Fred.” (Charlene had been coached by Dr. Richards and knew what was coming.)

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Fred. But you look uncomfortable.” She said, gazing at his bulging underwear. Would you like to make yourself more comfortable?

“Ah … yes, ma’am.” Fred replied shyly, unsure what she meant.

“Then go back to the clothes tree and remove your underpants.” Mrs. Swanson directed.

Fred hesitated but his wife reassured him. “Go on now, this is what you said you wanted!” He turned and crossed the room and removed his last remaining garment and with only the slightest hesitation turned and followed his lewdly bouncing boner back to his place beside his wife. The other two ladies applauded politely and made soft comments between themselves like “nice dick” and “his balls are so cute” but Mrs. Swanson chastised them. “Decorum ladies! Please! Mr. Collier is just beginning to learn our ways and time is precious.”

“Now you may introduce your husband properly Mrs. Collier!

“Thank-you, Mrs. Swanson. I’d like to present my husband Fred.” She held his elbow and guided him to within just a foot of Mrs. Swanson’s chair.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Collier.” Mrs. Swanson smiled warmly as she reached past his outstretched hand and cupped his balls, rolling them in her fingers like a gambler caresses the dice before tossing them. His wife held his elbow firmly and prevented any retreat he may have thought about.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Swanson!” Fred choked as he felt her supple fingers massaging his most tender parts.

Mrs. Swanson looked towards Charlene and suggested she introduce Fred to her other guests. So, taking hold of his tender penis and using it as a lead she approached Elizabeth Caryl and said, “Mrs. Caryl I’d like to present my husband Fred. Fred…. this is Mrs. Caryl. Like Mrs. Swanson, Liz took hold of Fred’s balls and squeezed them gently. “What nice testicles you have Fred! I like to watch them move when you walk.”

“Thank-you, Mrs. Caryl. It’s a pleasure to meet you too.” Fred was unsure if he was even allowed to talk but having his balls played with was much more that he expected when he left the doctor’s office and he had a feeling he might start to cum at any moment.

Once again Char tugged on his penis and guided him towards Mrs. Ward. “Mrs. Ward, I’d like you to meet my husband, Fred.” She too fondled his balls but just as Mrs. Bridgeway had hoped Fred was unable to control his penis and balls and semen spurted on Mrs. Ward’s wrist and forearm.”

“Mr. Collier! Mrs. Swanson exclaimed, maybe a little over dramatically. “This will never do!” The truth was that they wanted him to cum and were trying to make him cum without being too obvious. “Mrs. Collier! Haven’t you been training Mr. Collier’s cock?

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Swanson.” Charlene replied sheepishly (and a little overly dramatically). “This is our first experience with any thing remotely like this and I haven’t been instructed in the proper way to train a man’s genitals!”

“Ms. Bridgeway, do you have a warm towel?” Mrs. Swanson asked knowing that her aide would be fully prepared for what was coming next.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Then give it to Mrs. Ward so she can wipe off that nice big load of spunk.”

“No need, Mrs. Swanson. I’ve already taken care of that! I hope you don’t mind Char but your husband’s jizm looked so white and creamy I just had to try it and it was so tasty!”

Mrs. Swanson chastised Mrs. Ward. “I’m appalled Mimi, you know it is polite to ask a lady’s permission before you eat a man’s spunk!”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Swanson. It just looked so yummy; I won’t let it happen again!”

Fred was numb with disbelief. He was naked and his wife and three other women, four if you count Ms. Bridgeway were calmly playing with his genitals…cock and balls! He became aware of Ms. Bridgeway addressing his wife. “May I clean up Mr. Collier, ma’am?

“Please do, Ms. Bridgeway!” Charlene replied. “Fred, spread your legs a little so Ms. Bridgeway can clean up the mess you made.”

Fred obeyed without question as Ms. Bridgeway applied a warm washcloth to his testicles while holding his penis in her free hand. She seemed to be stroking him and Fred’s penis was beginning to respond even though he had just delivered a spontaneous load of cum only moments earlier!

Fred was startled back to reality by Mrs. Swanson. “Now would be a good time to show Mrs. Collier how to inspect her husband’s anus, Ms. Bridgeway.”

“So it is.” She smirked. It was so interesting to watch Mrs. Swanson work, she thought, always using the situation to find ways to humiliate naked men. Using his penis to guide him Ms. Bridgeway turned Fred so that his back was to Charlene and explained. “Sometimes, when a man has used the potty (she was trying to portray him as a little boy to make him uncomfortable and it was working!) he fails to properly wipe his anus; evidence of this can be seen if there are any brown stains on his underwear. You can prevent this by inspecting his anus every time he uses the potty. He should come to you and ask you to do this for him. Mr. Collier, ask your wife to inspect your anus.”

“Honey, would you please inspect my anus?”

“That was just fine, Mr. Collier, but you don’t have to be so formal. She is your wife you know. Now ask her again.”

“Sweetheart, would you please check out my ass?”

“Much better. You, of course, will be happy to oblige, won’t you, Mrs. Collier?”

“Of course I will. Spread’em Fred, let me see your asshole!” The other ladies smirked and Mrs. Swanson reprimanded them but not really. It was all part of Fred’s training.

Ms. Bridgeway continued. “Bend over, Mr. Collier, and use your hands to spread your buttocks so that your wife can make a thorough inspection.” With Fred in this uncomfortable and embarrassing position she continued. “This position gives you the best view of your husband’s anus, Mrs. Collier. Many ladies like to keep a container of wet-wipes handy so they can be absolutely sure their husband’s anus is clean. If there is any fecal material remaining it will show up on the wet-wipe!

“That is a good idea, Ms. Bridgeway, thank-you for sharing that.” Char responded.

“Before I use the wet-wipe it should be noted that there is hair growing around Mr. Collier’s anus.” She used his penis to guide him around so that each of the ladies could take a look.”

“It is easier to keep your husband’s anus clean, Mrs. Collier if it is kept free of hair.” Mrs. Swanson stated knowingly.

“I agree!” Mrs. Caryl interrupted. “I actually have my husband’s ass waxed regularly; I should give you the name of my cosmologist, she makes house calls and is starting a shop for women in the Sisterhood!”

“Please do, Mrs. Caryl!” Char exclaimed as Fred stood, bent over, spreading his cheeks while the women made small talk about waxing his butt.

“Continue, Ms. Bridgeway.” Mrs. Swanson reminded them of their purpose this evening.

“Yes, ma’am. When you have made your visual inspection you follow with the wet-wipe. As you can see, even though Mr. Collier’s buttocks and anus appear to be clean there is a small discoloration on the wet-wipe. Mr. Collier’s bottom is not acceptable!”

“What does this require, ladies? Mrs. Swanson asked of her two more experienced guests.

“A spanking!” They replied in unison, almost gleefully.

Their words shocked Fred, but not as much as the three sharp slaps that Ms. Bridgeway gave his butt while still holding his penis which was growing again. “Bad boy!” She said after the first slap. “Bad boy!” She repeated after the second. “You’ve been a very bad boy! She concluded after the third. Fred straightened up in shock at the punishment as his penis continued to engorge; becoming thicker and thicker. Ms. Bridgeway continued her lesson, “Please resume your position, Mr. Collier.” She said, as though nothing had happened and she pressed gently on his back. “When you are satisfied that your husband’s bottom is clean it is a good idea to apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to control itching.”

Fred stood patiently as she stroked his cock and rubbed petroleum jelly on his anus. She was finger-fucking him and masturbating him as she spoke and Fred wondered if he might have another accident. “Are there any questions, ladies?”

“Thank-you Ms. Bridgeway, you’ve been most thorough, don’t you agree ladies?”

Liz and Mimi nodded their agreement and Char said, “Oh yes, Mrs. Swanson, thank-you very much, Ms. Bridgeway!”

“Now, where were we ladies? Oh, yes. Mr. Collier had just ejaculated. Hadn’t you Mr. Collier?”

Fred looked down sheepishly; blushing the whole time.

“Don’t be embarrassed Mr. Collier. It’s really not your fault at all. Can one of you ladies tell Mr. Collier why men in general cum so easily?

“Oh please, Mrs. Swanson, may I explain.” Mimi answered quickly.

“Please do Mrs. Ward! It’s nice to know you have been paying attention in our pervious classes.”

“Well.” She began. It goes back to pre-historic times when humans or their ancestors lived like wild animals. Foraging for food or hunting. When a male found a female who was ready to mate and also willing to accept his advances he would mount her and very quickly penetrate her and using short rapid strokes deposit his semen. He had to work quickly because he was vulnerable to attack while mating. To this day men who can spend forever it seems trying to get into a ladies pants will ejaculate very quickly once they get their penis inside a vagina, they can’t help it, it’s quite natural.

Fred was surprised at what he was hearing.

“So, what does this suggest to the modern female, Mrs. Caryl?”

“The modern female,” Liz answered, “should keep this in mind and help him learn to control his response by masturbating him as often as necessary. By keeping him naked in the home she can watch for signs of arousal and address them quickly.

“But what if others are present, Mrs. Ward?”

“Obviously Mrs. Swanson, if the man is naked and others are present then they to are part of the CFNM Sisterhood and will understand and may like to help!”

As the ladies chatted Fred stood patiently by; his genitals bobbing to his heart beat, Ms. Bridgeway had finished cleaning them. “Please serve the tea, Mr. Collier.”

Fred went to the credenza and poured the tea. He served Mrs. Swanson first and then each of the ladies as he had been taught. After the tea he offered each or the ladies the cream and sugar. Mrs. Swanson commented, “As you will notice ladies, Mr. Collier always turns to his left as instructed by Ms. Bridgeway. Why do we teach our men to serve in this way, Mrs. Caryl?”

“So that we can admire their bodies from all sides, Mrs. Swanson, no matter where a lady is sitting she will have the opportunity to see the naked male from all angles!”

“Very good, Mrs. Caryl.”

As the ladies enjoyed their tea, asking for re-fills requesting another cookie, any thing to keep Fred parading around the room for their entertainment they made quite innocent observations about Fred’s physique and invited Char to bring Fred to their health club. Liz explained, “The purpose of the health club is to provide a fitness program for CFNM couples. The club has a variety of exercise equipment and a certified trainer to give the women advice on how best train their husbands.”

“Most of the men seem to enjoy being in a setting where there are numerous men and their partners.” Mimi added. “There even seems to be an unofficial contest to see which of the men can develop the best body.”

“Usually each woman accompanies her partner through his workout and acts as his personal trainer.” Liz went on. “But once a month each lady stays at a single station and observes each man as he comes through.”

“And!” Mimi interrupted enthusiastically. “Before they can move on to the next station we get to masturbate them for one minute!”

“One minute doesn’t seem very long, Char. Liz stated knowingly. “But you can really get to know a man’s penis and testicles quite well.

Char looked at Fred and announced, “This sounds like fun, doesn’t it dear?” Fred’s cock was pointing straight out indicating his approval but he was unsure now that he wanted his wife to be handling other men’s cocks.

“I think we all know what Fred’s answer is, Mrs. Collier, just look at how stiff his penis is! I think this might be a good time to demonstrate two of our recommended masturbatory techniques. Ms. Bridgeway, would you be so kind as to give Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Caryl each an apron. You won’t need one Mrs. Collier, I want you to observe.

As the ladies put on their aprons Mrs. Swanson continued, “Mr. Swanson, can you recall why the ladies of the sisterhood use clothes trees in their homes or at their offices if they choose to work?”

“It is a sign that the lady is a member of the sisterhood and that she may invite me to disrobe.” Fred answered quietly.

“Very good Mr. Collier.” Mrs. Swanson congratulated him. “And The Apron is another symbol that is of great importance. When a sister is wearing “The Apron” it means she is willing to give you relief to your swollen member. But, Mr. Collier, you must let her know that you need her help. You must ask her! You might say, ‘I’m a bit uncomfortable ma’am, would you please help me?’ You should never be crude or vulgar and just demand ‘jack me off’ or some other rude thing. You must always be polite, do you understand?”

Fred nodded his understanding. “I can’t hear you Mr. Collier! Tell us what it is you must do.”

“When I have an erection I must ask for help from my wife or one of the sisters.” Fred answered shyly, his face flush with embarrassment. Just thinking about asking a woman that he had only known for a few minutes to jack him off was making his cock hurt!

“Ladies, this is a very important point.” Mrs. Swanson elaborated. “Men must give up complete control of their sexual habits in exchange for enjoying the benefits of serving the Sisterhood! What are you waiting for Mr. Collier, it’s plain you desperately need help with that little problem of yours.”

Fred’s penis was a little above average actually, but Mrs. Swanson knew that her reference to his “little problem” could be taken two ways and the issue of size always caused men to be embarrassed.

Fred was unsure of exactly what he should do. Mrs. Swanson clearly expected him to ask one of the ladies to masturbate him but his wife wasn’t wearing an apron and she was supposed to be in complete control! After a moments indecision he turned and walked over to his wife where he knelt at her feet and asked, “Honey, I have an erection that is starting to hurt; may I ask Mrs. Caryl to help me?”

“Very good Mr. Collier!” Mrs. Swanson exclaimed. “You are a quick learner! Don’t you think so, ladies?”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Swanson!” Mrs. Caryl responded. “It’s such a pleasure to be in the company of a man who is so polite and well mannered.”

“Absolutely!” Mrs. Ward added. “You must be very proud of your husband, Mrs. Collier.”

Charlene Collier just beamed; she had no idea how much fun watching a naked man, let alone her husband, squirm could be! His “perversion” was turning into an activity that she just might get used to! “Yes, Freddy, you may ask Mrs. Caryl to help you.”

At that moment Fred felt a great weight seemingly lifted from his shoulders. He was naked in every way. Yes his body was naked but also his mind and his emotions were exposed to this group of understanding women! Women who would not expect him to repress his sexual reactions but instead encouraged him and expected just one thing from him: complete obedience to their life style. He turned to his left giving the women a three hundred and sixty degree view of his body and approached Mrs. Caryl. For the first time in his life he would openly ask a woman to masturbate him. And, she would not be shocked or put off. And, she would willingly do it as his wife and others watched! Fred felt a freedom he had never before felt. He stopped just in front of Mrs. Caryl and asked confidently, “Mrs. Caryl, as you can plainly see I am becoming painfully uncomfortable, would you please help me?”

Elizabeth Caryl smiled warmly, turned and nodded to Charlene, and then responded, “I’d be delighted, Mr. Collier!”

Mrs. Swanson motioned to Ms. Bridgeway who responded by bringing a lamp stand to the center of the room. As she returned to the credenza to fetch the cookie plate which by this time was empty and placed it on the lamp stand Mrs. Caryl rose from her seat and wrapped her hand around Fred’s engorged penis. “Oh my!….. Mr. Collier! She blurted. “You are very stiff, aren’t you?” She pulled Fred by his penis over to Mimi and asked, “Mrs. Ward, would you please check Mr. Collier’s testicles?”

“Certainly Mrs. Caryl! I’d be delighted.” She said as she winked at Charlene. Her small fingers caressed the back of his testicles gently as her thumb massaged the opposite side. “They are drawn up tightly, Mrs. Caryl should I relax them?”

“Would you mind, Mrs. Ward?”

“Not at all, Mrs. Caryl!” Mimi replied as she started to rub his balls with the palm of her hand.

Fred was speechless! He never in his wildest dreams considered being masturbated by two enthusiastic women would be part of his CFNM experience! This was so much better than his fantasy he could only close his eyes and enjoy their ministrations.

Mrs. Swanson spoke softly, “Please take Mr. Collier to the cum table ladies.” The table itself was somewhat lower than a standard antique lamp stand. She had it made to order by one of her devotees. The idea was to require all but the shortest man to have to squat in order to deposit his semen on the plate.

Charlene smiled as she watched her husband being escorted to Mrs. Swanson’s “cum collection station”. Her new friend Liz had one hand on her husband’s swollen cock and the other on the small of his back. Her other new friend, Mimi, was rubbing his balls with one hand and stroking his chest and belly with the other. “Freddy is going to spend quite a lot of time licking my pussy tonight while I think about this!” she thought.

Mrs. Swanson spoke again, “Please laid some towels on the floor, Ms. Bridgeway, just in case Mr. Collier shoots his spunk too hard!”

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