She was going to have a heart attack. Darren snickered to himself as he rigged up his latest prank, attaching a fishing line to his roommate Gia’s closet door so that when she opened it, it would trigger a bucket filled with rubber snakes to fall on her head. This would be the pranks to end all pranks. Their prank war had been going on for two weeks, and Darren wanted to get her good this time.

It had started so innocently, simply tripping each other or insulting each other, but it soon escalated into a contest that so far, Gia was winning. He brushed his hair in memory and grimaced as he thought about how she had put lime Kool-Aid in his conditioner bottle and it ended up staining his light blond hair green for a week. It was time for him to up the ante, and Gia was seriously scared of snakes, so this should do the trick.

He was almost done when he suddenly heard her bedroom door open. “Shit!” he thought. “She wasn’t supposed to be home for another half an hour!” Normally Gia had her chemistry lab class at this time, but she must have finished the experiment early.

The closet door was open a couple of inches, and he could see her throw her backpack on the floor and flop on her bed. Maybe she would take a nap, and he could sneak out. Darren felt trapped. He didn’t want to just keep hiding in her closet though. Maybe he would just give up on this particular prank and think of something else to try later. Or maybe it would just be fun to pop out of her closet and scare her; that would be a little lame, but it was better than sitting in the semi-darkness like a creep, hiding out amidst her clothes and shoes.

They had been living together with three other roommates in a house off-campus. Though at first they were mostly strangers, over time, all had become friendly, but Darren and Gia were especially close buddies. They teased and played pranks on each other, helped each other study for exams, ordered pizza at 2 AM and drank cheap beer and watched stupid movies together. He felt weird spying on her from her closet like this. It felt wrong.

He put his hand on the door to push it open and scare her, but froze in his tracks when he saw Gia, without a warning, suddenly peel off her t-shirt, and then remove her khaki shorts, stripping down to her black bra and panties. There was no way he could escape now, without embarrassing them both. Darren felt a blush creep over his face. Suddenly, despite his precarious situation, he also started to get aroused–which made him very uncomfortable. It was a behaviorist response, see almost naked female, get hard, one that he immediately tried to suppress. He had never thought about Gia this way before, ever. She just wasn’t in that category. However, now his buddy was transforming into an object of desire before his eyes, as he spied on her from her closet and felt his cock get hard at the sight of her exposed skin, and curves that he had never been fully aware of until this minute.

Gia felt elated. She had indeed finished her lab in record time and was able to come home early as a result. And for once, the house was empty. In a house full of five people, it was often fun, but also loud and hectic. Gia liked having a little time to herself, to enjoy the quiet. The privacy. Though she loved hanging out with her roommates and friends, she always needed some time alone to recharge. She had many different ways that she indulged herself, but today, she thought she would give in to some of her baser instincts, and try to get off once, maybe twice.

Even though it was only the late afternoon, she quickly stripped off her clothes, and laid back on her bed. It had been several months since Gia had had sex, and this celibate state of affairs meant that she was almost perpetually horny. It was so difficult to find time for herself between her schoolwork, extracurriculars, and lack of privacy in her living situation. Though she loved her roommates. Even though some of them were a pain in the ass. Like Darren. Darren, Darren, Darren.

Gia sighed, ran her right hand down her body, stroking her breasts and stomach along the way, until her hand rested on top of her black panty-clad mound. As she began to rub her mound from outside her panties, she enjoyed the feel of the silky fabric sweeping against her sensitive areas, and let her mind fixate on and fantasize about Darren.

He was so cute, but completely clueless, which Gia thought was actually probably a good thing. Once or twice in the past few weeks she’d been tempted to hit on him, but she knew he wasn’t interested in her, and that it would come as a complete shock to him. Plus, it would be complicated to get involved with your roommate, and friend. Even casual sex could prove incredibly awkward. She loved their friendship, their late nights together, their banter, even the stupid pranks. Yet that didn’t mean that he wasn’t fair game for her masturbatory fantasies, and lately he had made frequent appearances in those productions.

Damn, his body was so killer. He had long lean limbs, ropey muscles, twinkling brown eyes, and large strong hands that she wanted to feel all over her body. For example, pinching her nipples right now. Which she did a little hard, and it made her gasp.

Darren watched Gia touching herself, in a state of utter shock. He was transfixed, and couldn’t look away. She always wore loose t-shirts and jeans around the house, or sweatpants as pajamas. Normally, she did not show off her body; as a female science major, she never wanted to be marked as too girly, so that she would be taken seriously in a male-dominated field. Her body was curvy, and as she undulated underneath her own touch, writhing on top of her bed, he felt his cock twitch and strain against his jeans. It was becoming extremely hot and stuffy in the closet; his body temperature was beginning to soar as his heart beat madly.

Gia rubbed her clit gently with two of her fingers positioned on the outside of her panties. She loved the way the fabric brushed against her, and how she could start to feel the wet juices of her arousal seep through the thin black material. She always started slow like this, until her clit became a hard nub, and she had some moisture underneath the fabric to slide it around. Then she would reach for her vibrator, a Hitachi magic wand that never failed to do the trick. God, it was so nice to have some private time.

She let her mind wander, first thinking about Darren, but then fantasizing in generalities. It had been ages since she had a cock, and the next time she had sex she was going to go crazy on it. Maybe try something new. Something especially dirty. Sometimes Gia liked to think about the dirtiest thing she would consider doing, just on the edge of something she might or might not do. That line shifted over time, and she liked feeling like she was pushing her sexuality forward and exploring its limits. That in itself made her hot, this feeling of exploration.

This time, she thought about how hot it would be to feel a guy lose complete control. Shove his cock on her face and in her mouth, rubbing the shaft all over her cheeks and then slamming his dick between her lips, no holds barred. How fucking nasty would it be if he mounted her face, so all she could taste and breathe was his cock, his public hair, his balls? Gia grabbed her vibrator, turned it on, and started rubbing the white buzzing head on her hard nub of a clit, spreading her legs wide and imagining that she was getting face fucked. She’d never done it before, but lately had been desperately wanting to try.

Darren’s erection was raging at this point. He tried to look away, but there was nothing he could do to convince himself not to stare at his roommate playing with her pussy, oblivious to the fact that she had an audience. His guilt at his voyeurism did nothing to dampen his arousal. In fact, the guilty feeling at the pit of his stomach was hard to disentangle from the pull of desire, the blood rushing from his head to his dick. His jeans felt like they were strangling his cock. His shirt was sticking to his skin.

Man, if only he had worn a looser pair of jeans today. He leaned back slowly, inching his way backwards and leaning into her clothes, enough so that he could just get his hand to lay on top of his cock, pressing the hard length into his hand. He could feel the soft fabric of her clothes enveloping him, the scent of her perfume, vanilla mixed with freshly cut grass, tickling his nose.

He pressed down on his hardening erection, as it swelled at the sight of his roommate touching herself. Then he pulled his hand away in guilt, as he struggled to gain control over himself. What was he doing? He couldn’t just pull it out in her closet. That would be crazy, and so very wrong.

Shifting uncomfortably, he leaned further back into the clothes. It was so crowded in here. Gia started to moan a little, and Darren’s arousal intensified in response, despite his desire to cull it. He felt like his cock was going to rip his pants. He wished so hard that he wasn’t wearing this particular pair of jeans.

“Mmmm yeah, fuck my face,” Gia suddenly murmured, gyrating her hips around in a move that made Darren shudder.

Holy shit,” he thought as he reacted to her little outburst. He was shocked at his buddy, his for the most part fairly demure roommate, for fantasizing about such a kinky sex act. She wanted her face fucked? Did she like it rough? He felt a jolt move through him, a surge of pure animal lust that made him want to give it to her rough, to fuck her face, spreading her thick lips apart and burying his shaft in her throat, shoving her nose in his pubic hair. Whoa, where did that image come from? He shook his head, trying to gain control of himself, but he was so aroused that it became impossible.

Darren couldn’t hold back anymore; he had to loosen his jeans. The tightness in his pants was too much to bear, the scene before him too unbearably hot. In the tiny space of the closet, he was able to get his hand into his jeans, just barely, and he pulled his cock out of his fly. He had very little room in the closet, the tip of his cock almost touched the slightly open door. There, that relieved the pressure somewhat, though he felt even more of an intense itch to stroke his cock. He held back, and continued to watch his roommate.

Gia brought the vibrator up to her nipples, sliding her hand into her panties, and began to finger herself while she stimulated her nipples through her black bra. She loved the way the vibrator felt on her sensitive nipples. Then, she switched back to vibrating her clit, but stuck her fingers in her own mouth, tasting herself, and moaned. The taste always intensified her experience, made her feel dirty, and totally in the moment.

This was absolutely the last straw for Darren; never had he imagined that Gia could be so hot, so depraved. She just tasted her own pussy juices for God’s sake! He grabbed his stiff cock that had been torturing him for the past few minutes. His hand started to fly over it as he stroked himself furiously, watching his roommate use her vibrator on her pussy and moan. This was one of the hottest things he’d ever seen, and he couldn’t help but stroke his cock as he spied on her, taking in the lurid sight of her masturbating. He could see a wet spot in her panties growing as she got wetter and wetter while rubbing herself, and he imagined what it would be like to pull the fabric aside and taste that juicy pussy. He continued to stroke his cock at lightening speed, her dirty fantasy awakening a desire in him that he didn’t know he had–to fuck her mouth, and give it to her hard, until she screamed.

Gia was actively writhing and moaning on the bed as she moved the vibrator up and down on her clit. She loved thinking about getting her face fucked, the thought of cum sliding down her throat. This always got her close to the edge; she wanted to make sure she got there before anyone else came home. The vibrator was powerful and loud, and would be a telltale sign of her activities. She didn’t want to give her roommates anything more to tease her about, she already got a bunch of crap from them for being a science nerd.

“Yeah, give me your jizz, all over my face… Darren!” she moaned, deep in her fantasy. Darren almost gasped at hearing his name leave her lips. He felt a powerful jolt of shock and pure lust radiate through his body.

In fact, he was so surprised by her utterance, that he accidentally lost control over his jerking motions, and his hand slipped right off of his cock and hit the closet door. It swung wide open, and Gia sat up and gasped as she saw Darren looking at her from inside her closet! His fly was open, and his hard cock was pointing right at her. What the fuck? What the fuck was going on?

“Holy shit, Darren?!? What the fuck are you doing in my closet?” Gia looked at him, horrified, trembling and sweating from the layer of anger and surprise that now lay on top of her arousal; she had been so precipitously close to cumming. Her clit almost hurt. She had already been flushed from her body’s response to the vibrator and the fantasizing, but now she was bright red from fear, surprise, and shame. He had been spying on her masturbating! This was her private time. She felt so embarrassed, beyond any embarrassment she had ever felt in her life.

“Um, ummm.” Darren stammered. Yet his erection did not go away. He was frozen there, staring at her with wide-open eyes and a hard cock. “I was just… ah… shit.” He brushed his hand through his hair and then gripped and pulled on it, looking at her helplessly.

A thought occurred to Gia. “Oh my God, were you recording me?” she practically screamed, her heart in her throat.

“Jesus Christ no, no I would never do that,” Darren jumped in quickly, words tumbling over each other. “I would never do that to you.”

“Then what in God’s name are you doing?” Gia was on the verge of tears.

Darren looked at her helplessly again. Then, stepping outside of the closet, he pointed up at the bucket on her top shelf. “Prank. Closet trick. Bucket of rubber snakes.”

Gia stared at him in shock. He stared back, speechless. Then, all of a sudden, she burst into gales of laughter. Her laughing fit triggered Darren’s as well, and he joined her as they laughed so hard their stomachs began to hurt.

When the laughter faded, they looked at each other, and grew silent. Darren ran his hand nervously through his hair again, and then broke the silence. “Listen… I’m really sorry. I know this was creepy, so weird… I didn’t ever think this would happen. I didn’t mean to…”

“Yeah,” Gia interrupted him, “I know you didn’t.” She stared at him, like she was a deer frozen in the headlights. This was supremely awkward.

He cleared his throat, and looked at her again. He started to talk, but then stopped. Then started again.

“Gia… what you were saying…”

Gia looked at him confusedly. “What did I say?”

He blushed and looked back at her. Lust was in his eyes, and through all of this, his cock was still hard. “You… you said my name.”

“I did?” Gia blushed hard. She must have voiced some of her thoughts while she was masturbating. She couldn’t believe that he overheard her; what in God’s name did she say?

“Yeah. And you said… you said you, um, you wanted me to um, um, ah…” He pulled on his hair uncomfortably. “Um… fuckyourface.” It came out all as one word. His still exposed cock twitched when he said it. He was so aroused still, actually the whole course of events contributed to him feeling even more aroused, the mix of emotions making him feel raw, and alive, and full of contradictory feelings. And talking like this. He hadn’t really said stuff like this before, at least out loud. It made him nervous and excited all at once.

“Oh my God,” Gia said. “I said that? You heard that?” She covered her face with her hands. This was beyond mortifying.

He walked over to her suddenly and put his hand on her shoulder, wanting to dispel her embarrassment. That was the last thing he wanted. He blurted out exactly what was on his mind, not filtering it. The words came out in a jumble. “It was so fucking hot, you, uh…” He squeezed her shoulder and continued. “You looked incredible, um… laying there.. on your bed… I, um, I loved it. Watching you. I was, uh…” And he looked down at his cock, sticking out of his fly, an erection that wouldn’t quit despite the shock of being discovered.

She looked up at him, and he was staring at her intensely. She could feel his hand digging into the flesh of her shoulder, his warm palm pressed against her flushed skin. She watched as he looked down at her, his eyes blazing with lust, though he was still blushing from embarrassment. He had been in her closet with his cock out. He must have been stroking it. He had been spying on her, it was creepy. So wrong. Such a violation.

Yet in spite of, or maybe because of, that violation, the thought turned her on immensely, that he was so aroused by the view of her playing with her pussy that he started to jerk off in her closet. Her pussy was aching intensely, angry that she had stopped masturbating just before orgasm. Her clit was swollen and frustrated, and her body was reacting to Darren’s proximity. Gia could feel his strong hands gripping her hair, and see a little dribble of precum coating the tip of his cock as she looked at it up close. She licked her lips.

Darren saw her pink tongue moisten her lips. There was a feeling in the air, a vibe that she was putting out. He could read it through the feeling of her body trembling, almost humming, underneath his hand. Her body was screaming sex. Gia, it seemed like she liked the rough stuff. Had been thinking about letting him fuck her face, the way she was looking at his cock hungrily. He took a deep breath, and rolled the dice.

“Do you want this, Gia?” he asked, a little softly, yet intensely, as he started to stroke his cock again, slowly. This was pure instinct, this move.

She looked at Darren’s cock up close, watching him stroke it. My God, he had such a big thick veiny cock, she could just take it in her mouth and swallow it all up. Wait, but this was Darren, her roommate, her friend. She hadn’t want to make things complicated and awkward between them with sex, hadn’t she? It was hard to think straight due to her lust. She tried to think.

Gia supposed that even if they didn’t have sex, they could never undo what had just happened. How could she ever look at Darren and not think about this? The relationship was already different. Plus, the idea of living out one of her sexual fantasies, with someone she wanted so much, someone right here, was so, so hot to her. She felt absolutely confused and conflicted, and a little dizzy. She wanted to cum so badly. That was taking priority.

Darren watched Gia calculating. He knew her so well, she was probably conducting a thought experiment. He smiled to himself, and then smoothed her hair, and put his hand under her chin, and tipped it up so she would look into his face.

“Gia,” he said, looking deeply into her eyes, and mustering all his bravery. “I, uh, I want to give you what you want.” He sensed that she wanted his insistence, taking the chance that she would act on her inner fantasies, react to the power in his voice. He took a guess that this is what she wanted, a shot in the dark, but he had a hunch. Still, he was taking a big risk. He gulped.

Gia didn’t move. She was frozen, staring at Darren, utterly conflicted. His command made her want to obey, made her hungry pussy even more wet and clamoring for an orgasm. But she felt like this was an insane situation, absolutely over her head, crazy.

“Please,” he asked. “You make me so hard.” He could tell she was coming around, and some strong force within him was bubbling, compelling him to push her. You could call it instinct, or intuition. But something was happening.

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