Hello, my name is John Logan, and I have super powers. Recently I found out I have a twin brother and sister, who also have super powers. Together we joined a secret government organization that seeks to protect the world from villains who possess similar abilities. Our greatest enemy is a man named Sarco, the Snake man, he leads an army of people like us with abilities, but they’re evil, seeking to take over the world. My Twins and I are going to war with them.

A few months ago, I was a geek, and a sexually frustrated one at that. Until one day, I discovered I had the ability to turn invisible whenever I got a boner. I used my ability to spy on all the hot girls who ignored me. I did that until I met a girl named Melody, and I fell in love with her. After I met her, I didn’t need to peep on the innocent anymore, I just needed her. Her smile was enough for me, her soft touch was enough for me. She was taken from me, kidnapped, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. She was taken by an old friend named Jenkins, who joined Sarco and also gained super powers.

It turned out that my powers wasn’t really invisibility; but really the ability to change people’s perceptions of reality. Even down to what they feel, and I don’t just do it when I get boners anymore, I can do it whenever I want, although it seems to be stronger when I do get a boner. All that and I still wasn’t a match for Jenkins (whose power seems to be a giant penis). He can grow his penis to any size and use it like a giant whip, strong enough to knock down a building.

After she was taken, I was heartbroken and thus the war began, it was my Boner against the world


John looked out the window of the helicopter, thirty choppers buzzed near his, each carrying about twenty armed soldiers ready for battle. John looked away from the window and stared down the long line of soldiers. He was put in command of these men and women; and he was half expecting to see Sam and Theo with him, but they each had their own helicopter full of soldiers.

Suddenly John’s radio switched on and a loud voice buzzed into his head “Attention! This is Captain Gordon Chase, our ETA is 5 minutes to the LZ, prepare to kick some ass!”

“You heard that guy… who I know. Lock and load or whatever…” John yelled, his voice trailing off as he noticed his unit staring at him. “You know… Let’s kick some ass and get some pussy!!!”

I’m never going to say that again, thought John.

“Yeah,” all the soldiers yelled back at him.

The helicopters zoomed low over the jungle trees, Sarco’s mountain which housed his evil base, and it’s large cave entrance, came into view. The mountain was a tall spire of beige desert rock that stuck out like a sore thumb against the rich greens of the jungle. John’s helicopter touched down in a small clearing near the mountain. The other helicopters were spread out around it; they were all to meet at the giant cave entrance on the north side of the mountain before starting the assault.

John followed the twenty scary looking soldiers as they carefully made their way to the clearing around the mountain. The cave was insight.

“What are we waiting for?” asked John, looking at his soldiers anxiously.

“We have to wait for the others before moving in sir.”

“Oh, ok… I’m just gonna go on ahead.” John announced as he suddenly walked out into the open.

The enormousness of the mountain suddenly hit him as he walked towards the cave and away from his soldiers who were freaking out. The mountain reminded him of a penis; in fact this mountain was called the ‘World Dick’ by the local natives. John spun around quickly, hearing screams of terror coming from where his men were. He watched horrified as his men ran out into the open, each on fire.

“Oh my god! Oh my God! Oh my God!” John said over and over, running around in circles, panicking as he watched all of his men die. “What do I do!? What Do I do?!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,” a haunting and echoing voice of a young woman cried. “My name is Veronica.” A young fiery red headed woman, wearing a women’s suit that had a tight skirt appeared.

She had voluptuous big breasts, long curly red hair and an evil, bitchy smile. “I’m just your ordinary sexy office red head… with super powers of course, but I like to think I have more to offer.”

“Yeah? Well I’m just pissed off and looking for revenge… and my girlfriend back, please!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, well you’ll have to get through me first.” Veronica tossed her curls to the side.

John stared her down, she had a wicked smile that John wanted to fuck off of her, plus he hadn’t had sex in a while, with his girlfriend gone and all. Suddenly her beet red hair started to ignite, like a light had been switched on underneath it. Suddenly it burst into flames.

“Haaaaaaa!!!” She screamed as she grabbed her hair and through a large wave of fire towards him.

John dove to the side, dodging the blast of fire. John disappeared, clothing and all. John had only recently been granted full control over his ability to change people’s perceptions of reality about him, but he realized that his powers were much stronger when he had an erection, which he did.

“Where the fuck did you go?!” She screamed before throwing more fire, scorching the ground around her.

“I’m behind you!”

“Ahh!!” She squealed, feeling his hands press against her breasts. She elbowed him hard and jumped away. She spun around and shot another blast of fire.

John cried out in pain. His shoulder had been grazed by the blast. He rolled on the ground wildly, trying to put out the fire and quell his pain. She chuckled spitefully as she lurked towards him, savouring his inevitable demise. John suddenly jumped up and turned invisible again.

“No!!!” She cried before throwing another wave of fire, hitting nothing but air.

“Now I’m over here and it’s my turn.” John stated.

John suddenly appeared next to her. She turned to face him. John extended his arm to the side and made a fist. Suddenly his fist became the size of a small mountain.

“What?! I thought your power was invisibility!!?” Fear contorted her voice into a small croak as she prepared herself for the punch.

“I can do far more than that. Hey wait?! You look familiar, you know I met someone like you once before, what was her name?”

“Her name was Martha, aka the Disco Ball Ice Princess and I’m her sister… Bwahhhhhhhh!!!” She screamed as the mountain sized fist crashed against her body.

She fell over unconscious thinking her whole body had exploded from the impact. When in reality, John had just ran over and punched her in the face. Her inflamed hair faded back to the beet red it was before.

“And now I’m gonna fuck you like I did your sister.” John exclaimed as he turned her over onto her back, and started to grope her tightly contained breasts through the thick material of her suit.

Her red hair was a mess. John’s other hand reached up her skirt and began rubbing her warm and wet pussy through the soft material of her panties. John suddenly tore open her jacket and started feeling up her breasts again. She had a pink silk blouse covering her bare tits. John pulled her panties down her legs and through them away, his hand quickly darted back and he began sliding his middle finger in and out of her. John could feel her orgasm growing from the slight twitches her body made. He could hear a light moan escape her lips as he pulled his finger from her pussy. John stood up and dropped his pants and underwear. His cock was rock hard. He reached down and violently pulled her skirt off of her.

Her eyes opened as she came back to her senses, “What the fuck are you doing to me, you pervert?!”

John suddenly Jumped on top of her and rammed his dick deep into her pussy, it was the hottest pussy he had ever felt. She cried out in pain and lust as her tight pussy was expanded to its limits from his invading cock. He held her down with his arms as he continued to ram in and out of her. He caused her to scream again when he started sucking on her nipples, giving each one a good 30 seconds before switching.

John pulled his head away from her as he felt his orgasm approaching. He looked down at her squirming body; she became still as she looked back into his eyes. Suddenly, John pulled his dick from her, grabbed her by the hips and violently spun her around onto her front.

Her tits pressed against the hot sand, but she didn’t notice. John suddenly plunged his dick into her tight ass hole. She screamed out of pain until she felt him cumming, filling her ass hole with his hot jizz. She passed out on the ground and started to shake violently. Her hair ignited into flames, John pulled out of her and stepped back watching shocked as she suddenly exploded into a puff of black smoke. John threw his pants back on and started off into the cave to save Melody.


“Where the hell is John?!” asked Theodore as he looked into the black cave ahead of them.

“I checked those dead soldiers over there; the dog tags matched the ones from his unit.” A soldier explained.

“Theodore! You don’t think he actually went ahead do you?!” Samantha asked worriedly.

“His name is John fucking Logan! What do you think?!” Theodore barked sharply as he led his men towards the cave; his trench coat swayed in the wind. Samantha and her unit followed close behind.

“Shouldn’t we wait for everyone else?” Samantha asked while twirling a strand of her raven black hair.

“Not if you want to find John alive.” Theodore answered, not even turning around to look at his twin.

“Lead the way sir. We understand that you need to save your brother, we’re all willing to die today.” said their unit’s commanding officer.

The darkness consumed them as they continued inside Sarco’s lair.

To Be Continued…

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