It’s evening; the sun is down. The bedroom is lit with candles, giving a flickering golden light. You’re wearing burgundy velvet, with white hose. As I walk toward the bedroom you’re standing in the silhouetted in the doorway. The golden candlelight makes your hair glow. I can faintly smell you — your perfume and your own smell- as I approach.

I stop in front of you; you reach out to embrace and kiss me, but I hold out a hand, saying “No. Not yet-” and place your arms back at your sides. With both hands I frame your face, running my fingers through your hair, caressing your scalp. Then down to your face; gentle massage, a gentle kiss on each eyelid, your nose, warm breath on your neck, then on to enjoy your full, responsive lips. I pull you into me, deepening the kiss – both hands on your ass, pulling you into me. You feel my hard cock, spread your feet and start to grind against my crotch; gently at first then with more urgency. You start to raise your arms, but again I stop you and place them back by your sides.

I kiss my way down to your neck, nuzzling and licking you where your neck meets your shoulder. My hands reluctantly leave your warm, beautiful ass and move up your body to your tits. I cup them, then stroke, and then pinch them a little through the thick dress. Your nipples harden against my insistent fingers. You groan with the heat of the moment. I want to suck on them – but later. Holding you stationary, I drop to my knees in front of you, and start to caress your ankles, your calves, thighs, and to raise your dress for a look at what’s ahead.

As you were directed, you are wearing nothing under your dress except a pair of light blue silk and lace panties. Your thigh high white stockings end inches short of your pussy. Your beautiful, pouting, sopping pussy. I can smell your hot wet cunt better now, and it makes me feel drunk and hungry for it. I fumble in my pocket for a second, then you gasp as you feel the sharp little point dragging up your knee and then up the inside of your thigh. Not hard enough to cut the hose, but enough to feel.

In the meantime, I’m licking your cunt through your panties, nose pressed hard into your covered pubic hair. With one hand I spread your feet, then cup your pussy with my hand. Your ass tightens and presses toward me, and your hands press my head into your gash.


While I continue to suck on the soaking panties covering your soaking cunt, the little knife traces a line up your side to the waistband – you feel a little tug, and then the cold, sharp steel of the blade slides back down the side, cutting away the offending blue silk. Then over to the other side, and now the front panel falls, and I sweep away the remains of the wet, ruined panties. I spread your legs further, and spread your cunt lips with one hand while the other thumb traces the crack of your ass, then invades the crack, and finds the target there. I’m holding your pussy open now, and two fingers are playing with your cunt lips and pushing into your sopping pussy while I nibble and suck on your clit.

My thumb finds your asshole and presses slowly inward. Your hands start to rise toward my head – make as if to grasp my ears and pull my face deeper into you — but then with an agonized moan, you slowly drop them aback to your sides. You groan again, and lean forward a little to ease the way. I feel you relax and move a little as I penetrate you front and back. Rhythmically you rock to the tempo of my fingers in your cunt, thumb in your ass, and my mouth and tongue teasing your clit mercilessly. After several minutes of this I feel you tense and gasp, then and shake fast and hard for a few seconds. I bury my fingers all the way in your cunt, and they rub my thumb, deep in your ass. I feel your pussy and ass muscles clamping, squeezing my fingers rhythmically. Your breath is fast and shallow, and you moan and gasp as your hands move up again and grab my head, forcing my mouth harder onto your clit and pussy. I welcome the new warm wetness that you give to my mouth as you come.

You are mine. Totally.

I stand, leaving three fingers deep in you. Both hands leave you now, long enough to find your waist and lift you effortlessly for a kiss, our tongues dueling and playing in each others’ mouths. You wrap your legs around me and we walk into the bedroom. Finally, near the bed, I put you down, unzip the velvet dress, and slide it from your shoulders and onto the floor. Finally freed, you pull off my T-shirt and undo my belt and zipper, and my trousers fall to the floor. Your hands move to my crotch, one sliding on my hard cock, and the other cupping and scratching my balls. On your knees now, you lick the head and shaft of my cock, smile up at me and slowly take my dick in your mouth. Your hand is busy on my balls, and one hand finds my ass and pulls me to you. Your finger strokes my asshole, then slides slowly, deeply, into my anus while you take me all the way into your mouth. I run my hands through your hair, thrusting toward you, pushing my cock deeper into your mouth, then letting you slide it out. Every nerve in my body is alive as you suck me, roll my balls in one hand, and stroke my ass with the other. Just that fast you have me on the edge, in sensory overload – but this is a little too fast….

Not wanting to come in your mouth – yet – I pull you to your feet, then pull you with me as I fall onto the bed. The satin sheets are cool at first, but then supremely smooth and sexy under us. We roll across the bed together, legs entwining, tongues lashing and licking, and hands grasping. Your ass feels wonderful in my hands as you lie on your back and spread your legs wide for me. I lean over and suck your tits and bite your nipples one after the other as you hold your breasts out to me. Your gasps and your movements show me how much you like the pleasure – pain as I bite and twist your hard little nipples.

On my knees between your legs now, I look around the golden candle-lit room for the first time, and see velvet ropes, a couple of dildos, and a tube of lubricant, all beside the flowers and the glasses of wine and plates of cheese. Smiling down at you, and I marvel at the time you must have spent setting all this up. You smile back, and you seem to say “We haven’t even gotten started yet…”

I slide my hands down your thighs and lift your legs high, placing your knees on my shoulders. Now you’re opened wide to me- Your juices have run from your red, swollen pussy lips down to your dark little rosebud. I savor the sight of you, open and smiling and ready for me. I move forward, and slide my cock between your slick lips… over your clit… down all the way to your anus, and back up. Again and again, sliding, playing, teasing… and then finally I enter you – hard, deep and fast – and hold, buried in you. I grind myself into you, and you move and twist against me, wanting more.

Holding onto your thighs, I begin to stroke in and out of you. I love the sight of you, eyes open, smiling… your hot, sexy smell, the wet sloppy sounds of our fucking. The rhythm is good… faster and slower… shallow awhile then deeper – we’re both lost in the feeling…

But it’s still not time for the end… I reach over and get the lube, and select one of the dildos placed so conveniently – I pull partly out of you, and rub the head of the rubber cock over your hard little clit. Then I pull completely out of you, and open the tube of lube. I squeeze some of the clear gel onto my fingers and rub it over your crinkled ass, and enjoy feeling my finger slide easily into you. I push more lube into you , now with two fingers… My other hand is busy rubbing the dildo on your clit, making tight, fast little circles on it…

I’m loving feeling your legs quiver on my shoulders as your little rosebud clenches on my fingers. I remove my fingers from your now-slick, loose ass, and slip the head of my hard, slick cock down your taint, and rub it over your slippery-wet, crinkled anus. You hunch your hips up to give me a better angle, and nod just a little, telling me you want me in your ass as much as I want to be there. I push forward, feeling the resistance, then the yielding as you open for me and my head slips into you. I hold there for you, knowing that you’ll be used to it, be eager for more very soon. I keep working the dildo against your clit, up and down between your lips, dipping inside you just a little.

I can feel your sphincter opening to me a little, softening – and I push in a bit deeper, then withdraw a bit. In a little more… then back out… working my way in deeper. Finally it’s too much for me, and I hold your legs tight with both hands, and run my cock all the way into you. I can feel my balls hit your ass cheeks – I love to be in your tight, hot ass- the feeling is always new, always enough to rock my world. I hold deep in your ass for a minute, while I pick up your toy and begin again to rub your clit with it.

I slide out of you a bit, in order to give me room to fill your pussy with the dildo. As I start to push it in, you stop moving and hold very still – focusing on the incredibly tight feeling of having both your pussy and ass filled at the same time. My cock can feel the intruder in your pussy — both the direct pressure of its shaft on it, but also the incredible feeling as the double penetration stretches you tight, and your rectum grasps my cock even tighter than before. As your pussy becomes filled with the toy, I press forward again, filling your ass again and imprisoning the toy in your grasping pussy once more.

We start the motion again, out and in slowly, then faster as you relax into it even more. I lean forward, pressing your thighs almost to your chest, trapping your breasts – you love me in your pussy this way – you call it ‘making you a pretzel’ and there are times when it’s all you want… but this is the first time we’ve ass-fucked like this, and the first time we’ve ever filled both your ass and pussy at the same time.

As we continue our lovemaking we start to sweat, and we both enjoy the sweaty slickness as our bodies slide against each other. The sweat drips off my nose onto your face – you laugh a bit as I lean forward and kiss it off your forehead. Your eyelids, your cheeks. I’m in you deeper in this position than ever before, and the feeling is beyond words. Whenever I pull back your slick, stretched, gooey little pussy pushes the dildo partway out, and each stroke back into your ass fills your pussy too. You can still move a little, and you rise as far as you can to meet every stroke of my cock; I’ve felt you clench on me twice – little orgasms? Yes, I think so.

I’m at arms’ length over you now, and your tits look too good to neglect anymore. My free hand cups your breast, feeling the full firmness of it, and seeing the hard little pea-sized nipple. As I continue to stroke into you, my hand caresses its way up the globe of your breast to the nipple, and then squeezes the little nipple – gently at first, then as you moan and tell me how good it is, twisting and pulling it as I pull harder. As I continue to piston into your holes while I pull and twist your nipple, I feel you tense up – your entire body goes rigid and your ass clamps on my cock so tight it feels like it’s caught in vise. I can feel your pussy and ass clenching, relaxing, clenching as you cum as hard as I’ve ever felt. Feeling and seeing your pleasure takes me over the edge, and I clamp on your tit as my load of cum spurts into your greedy ass. I feel like the top of my head’s coming off, and in the depths of the best feeling in the world, we both lose track of time…

Finally we come down a bit, and I straighten up enough to let you unwind and straighten out your legs. We roll onto our sides, still joined cock to ass … and smile at each other… and after a few minutes of nuzzling and talking we both drift off to sleep for a bit.

The candles are burning lower now, throwing flickering light as I open my eyes and wake up a little. We’re lying like spoons. Your bare skin feels wonderful against me. – My arms are around you, my hands are kneading your tits, and your nipples begin to harden. My nose nuzzles your hair. You’re very still — your chest rises and falls gently.

My cock, half-hard, is in just the right place — rubbing the crack of your ass. I begin to move my hips as I kiss your neck. One hand goes down to your navel, your hip, and into your pubes. Your cunt and legs are still damp, and a little sticky. I play in your hair, then bring my hand to my nose — mmmm, very nice, Funky and exciting — I taste my fingers, covered with our juices. My cock is getting harder now, and continues to glide back and forth. No penetrating, but just cruising up and down. I shift a little lower in the bed. I kiss the back of your neck, and find your clit with my fingers. My cock, slick with new pre-cum, likes the new angle, and begins to poke between your legs. You moan a little, and roll over toward your stomach just enough to spread your legs. I roll with you, and I can now run my cock the length of your cunt from your clit past your lips all the way across your asshole. With each thrust your cunt lips open a little wider, releasing more juices and making my cock slicker and stickier. I squeeze your nipple harder while I twirl your clit, fast and light, the way you like so much. Your ass is pushing back toward me to meet each of my thrusts- my cock still isn’t in you — just cruising back and forth, slipping along from your clit to your asshole, and back to your clit. I stop for a second, pressed up against you, and use my fingers to press the tip of my cock against your clit and hold it there. You groan a little, and slowly reach down and push my hand away from your crotch – and take over yourself. You hold my cock for a little, then concentrate on your clit while I go back to stroking your crack. As you finger yourself, you look back over your shoulder and give me a sleepy, sexy smile, and say, “You certainly are a great alarm clock,” and kiss me deeply. You are beautiful in the candlelight.

Your movements get faster and more insistent. I change the angle just a little, and on the next stroke you push yourself back — your cunt engulfs my cock. You push back harder, taking it all. Your asscheeks feel warm and sexy against my crotch. We pull away, separating until your cunt has just the head of my cock inside it, and then we push back again, going deep. I bend you forward at the waist in order to get deeper into your squishy little cunt. You keep stroking your clit, and are pushing nearly to your knees with each stroke. Then once we separate a little too far, and I slip completely out of you– then push toward you immediately = and push my slick hard cock halfway into your ass. I stop for a second, but you roll back onto your side and push back hard, taking all of me into your ass again. You bend further at the waist, making more friction for both of us, and we both begin the rhythm again.

I lift your leg, grab one of the toys, and ram it into your pussy. You’re being double-fucked for the second time tonight, and you gasp with the fullness of it. As the toy enters you, your ass feels tighter. Through your thin membrane I feel the plastic cock against my cock, and it’s hot and tight and wonderful in your ass– fucking you — being with you like this.

After a few minutes of double stroking like this we’re both getting very close, getting tenser, pushing harder, moaning louder — and at the deepest part of a stroke into you I twist the knob on the base of the toy, turning on the vibrator. The new buzzing feeling pushes you over the edge, and you clamp down tight on me as you cum, and that causes me to cum too, spurting again and again deep and hard into your ass. We cling to each other while we ride the waves overtaking us. Finally we relax a little, and share a deep kiss. We touch each other all over, and slowly, together, we drift off to sleep again, still like spoons, with my cock in your ass and the now-quiet vibrator still in your cunt.

As we drift off I think about how nice it will be to have that wonderful juicy cunt pressed, hot and wet, against my face…


It’s been a long hot night… not because of the weather, but because of our playing… and we finally drifted off to sleep.

I’m lying on my side, and you’re behind me – we fell asleep like spoons, but must have moved in our sleep.

But now, I become aware of a little bit of motion, small sounds… and light slow touches… on my neck, on my back… and on my legs. Warm breath on my neck… light touch of fingertips tracing my shoulders and arms. Drifting on over to my back, and finally on to my ass and legs.

I’m lying very still — I want to see where this goes. This is new, and VERY exciting so far. I open my eyes just enough to see that a couple of candles are still burning, giving a dim, warm yellow light to the room. Your hands are still roaming, concentrating on my lower back and ass now… and sometimes snaking between my partly opened legs. Your tongue is tracing feather-light designs on my neck, and your warm breath on my skin adds a delicious extra dimension to the pleasure.

I moan as if still asleep and roll a little more onto my stomach, and open my legs a bit, to give you better access to my cock and balls. Your mouth, more insistent now, leaves a trail of kisses as you work your way down my back. Your hands stay busy between my legs now, lightly caressing my inner thighs and balls, and reaching gently under me to cradle and squeeze my lengthening cock.

I’m getting very hard now, and I’m having a hard time playing opossum while you fondle me. You’re getting more focused on my cock now, stroking it slowly and firmly — and you are kissing and tonguing my ass cheeks, and giving me tiny little bites there. One hand is between my cheeks, stroking the shaft of my cock near my asshole, and occasionally running over my puckered anus.

As your hand strokes the head of my cock, I can feel it become slick as you spread the leaking pre-cum around on it. It makes your hand slick on me, and makes the stroking smoother – and it feels MUCH nicer.

I hold still for another few minutes while you continue to play and stroke – I can smell your arousal now, and that adds to the excitement.

Finally I stir, and turn over onto my back. You smile, and run your hands up my chest as you lift your leg and straddle me. I reach up and cup your beautiful breasts and rub the nipples the way you like it so much. Then you slide back down my body, trailing your tongue down me chest to my cock -then you kiss all along the shaft while you hold my balls in your hands. You take it in your mouth for just a second, but the power is too strong for either of us.

With a moan you slide back up my body, and raise your swollen pussy over my hard cock. You lower yourself so you’re sitting on its length, then move slowly forward and backward on it. Your lips start to part, and I feel your juices wet and warm on me as you continue the slide.

My hands are back at your breasts now, squeezing them firmly. We’re both moaning as you lean forward and our mouths meet for the first time in too long. My arms go around you and pull you to me.

You raise your hips, and I feel your hand grasp my cock and point it upward. While our lips are still locked together, tongues playing, I feel your lips part as you settle onto me. It’s wonderful, feeling your tight pussy as I slide deep into you, and feel the warm pressure of your walls all around my cock. You begin to ride me now, hard and deep and fast – the tension is too much to deny. My hands find your ass, and massage your ass cheeks as you ride up and down me, bringing us both to the brink.

I bend my head forward now, and take one of your nipples into my mouth as you continue to fuck me fast and hard. I suck you hard while you go harder and harder onto me, and I’m getting closer to cumming every second… I can feel your pussy throbbing on me as you continue to thrust yourself down on to me again and again. You’re moaning and making beautiful, wordless sounds as you begin your climax.

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