Sam and Sharon knew Hilda was in her room alone and Tommy was due to fly in that evening to meet her. Through her connections at the hotel, it wasn’t difficult for Sharon to find out Hilda’s room number. The plan was to make their move early so they had plenty of time to fuck with the stone princess before her doting husband arrived.

At precisely 10am, Sam and Sharon took the elevator up to the twenty-third floor and made their way to Hilda’s room. After checking to make sure they were alone in the corridor, Sharon rapped softly on the door and announced, “Room service!” loud enough for Hilda to hear. Sam stood to the side of the door so he wouldn’t be seen in case Hilda decided to peer through the peephole.

Being the stupid trusting twat that she was, Hilda opened the door, only to be blitzed and pushed back into her room by a forceful Sharon, followed by a masked Sam, who carried a black duffel bag. As expected, Hilda began to scream, but Sharon quickly stuffed her wet dirty panties in Hilda’s mouth, having removed them from her luscious body just minutes before on the way up in the elevator, and just minutes after taking a piss and not wiping herself.

Sam was able to pull out the desk chair as Sharon wrestled with Hilda, and then he grabbed her and threw her in the chair as Hilda grunted in horror.

As Sam was tying Hilda’s skinny arms behind the back of the chair with twine he had removed from the duffel bag, Sharon positioned herself in front of Hilda.

“Now, I’m only going to give you one shot at this,” Sharon said as she stood and looked down at the skinny bitch. I’m going to remove my pissy panties from your mouth so we can have a bit of a conversation. If you are able to talk softly with me, everything may work out to your advantage. But if you scream, my friend and I here may be inclined to cut stick pins and needles in your ugly tits until you bleed to death. Do you think you can control yourself, Hilda?” Sharon asked softly.

Hilda nodded vigorously with her eyes wide open.

“Okay. We’ll give it a go then,” Sharon said as she reached out and pulled her soiled panties from Hilda’s gullet.

“Who the fuck are you people?” Hilda said with rage in her voice.

“Never mind who the fuck we are,” Sharon spat. “All you need to know is that we are here because your husband is an oozing dickhead and needs to be taught a lesson.”

The Ice Princess was looking more angry than frightened. “What does that have to do with me? He isn’t even here! Get out of my room!”

At this point, Sam, who remained silent, reached his hands around Hilda’s shoulders and yanked her expensive blouse open, sending buttons flying and exposing her pale pink bra and puny breasts to Sharon’s gaze. Sharon smiled sadistically and looked up at Sam, knowing he was getting hard at the thought of carrying out the fantasy they had both shared so many times before.

Sharon reached out and flipped Hilda’s small but perky tits out of the top of her bra. “There, that’s better,” Sharon said with satisfaction.

“Look, take what you want,” Hilda said, this time with more fear than anger in her tone. “My purse is in the bathroom. Just please don’t do this…”

This was precisely what Sam and Sharon wanted. They wanted to hear her grovel. Sharon stepped back from Hilda and pulled her black tank top over her head, revealing her own pink bra that was a brighter pink than Hilda’s. In addition, Sharon’s big womanly tits were much fuller and gorgeous than Hilda’s small orbs that hung pathetically from her chest.

Hilda’s eyes widened as Sharon moved closer to her, so close that Hilda could smell her. Sharon and Sam had fucked three times that morning, completely charged by the excitement of their mission, and neither one of them had showered afterward. They wanted to be ripe and aromatic as they put Tommy’s wife through the ringer they were about to put her through.

Sam stuck his tongue through his face mask as Sharon leaned over Hilda to kiss him with her open mouth, dropping her sweaty tits in Hilda’s face. Hilda started to protest, but Sam wrapped his hands around her neck and applied pressure as he tongue fucked Sharon’s mouth. Hilda got the message without a word being spoken and immediately got quiet as she endured Sharon’s heavy tits rubbing in her face.

“You like that, bitch?” Sharon said. As she teased Hilda with her tits, Sharon’s hands moved to Sam’s crotch, pulling down his zipper and reaching in to pull out his fat meat.

“If you like that, maybe you’ll like this, too,” Sharon said as she motioned Sam to step in front of Hilda.

“Slap her ugly face with it,” Sharon said. Sam obliged and grabbed his stiff dick with his left hand. Taking a step toward her, he roughly banged his cock meat across Hilda’s nose and rubbed his stinky balls in her face, balls that were still wet with juice from Sharon’s cunt. Sharon stepped near Sam and latched her mouth to his nipple as he continued to abuse the tied-up bitch’s face with his crotch.

After what seemed like an eternity to Hilda, Sam finally stopped and motioned Sharon to finish undressing. Sam sat on the bed and removed his shoes and socks and then pushed his smelly foot into Hilda’s face.

“Arrgh,” Hilda cried as she tried desperately to turn her face away. Sharon giggled as Sam removed his foot and motioned the now naked Sharon to get on the bed with him.

Sharon kneeled on the end of the bed so that her voluptuous ass was in line so Sam could fuck her while he stood in front of Hilda.

“Watch this, Hilda,” Sharon taunted. “You’re about to see how a man can really fuck, not like that pussy of a husband you have. I bet Tommy can’t even get his dick hard anymore for your unkempt cunt.”

Sam then reached into his duffel bag and removed a large black dildo and two fat nipple clamps. The invading couple had not paid any attention to Hilda’s cunt up until then, but now Sam reached between Hilda’s legs and both women could hear a rip as Sam tore her panties from her body.

“Why are you doing this to me?” cried the housewife

“Because we fucking hate your douche bag of a husband and we figured it would be more fun making him suffer by making you suffer,” Sharon said, and then spat in Hilda’s face. Sam grinned as Sharon’s saliva dripped down Hilda’s forehead into her eyes.

Sharon watched as Sam shoved the fake black dick into Hilda’s mouth, and then smiled as he pushed it up her hole. Hilda resisted, but then relented, and Sam and Sharon were both surprised as they realized there was a piece of Hilda that was enjoying this sordid abuse. They knew she wouldn’t enjoy it for long, though.

Sam then picked up one of the nipple clamps and clicked it a few times in front of Hilda’s face, making sure she knew its strength. Just before he clamped to her left tit, he thought about her reaction and stuffed Sharon’s panties back into Hilda’s mouth.

Hilda screamed through the panties as the clamp closed around her tit, and tears ran down her face as he applied the second clamp to her other mammary.

Sharon reassumed her position on the bed, and Sam spit a big wad on Sharon’s dirty asshole before sliding his fat cock all the way into her anal passage. Sharon moaned and begged him to pound her shithole as Sam reached around to strum Sharon’s clit as he fucked her hard. It didn’t take long for both of them to explode in complete rapture.

When Sam pulled out, Sharon positioned herself over Hilda’s lap as Sam held her tits and sucked her tongue into his mouth.

“Now you get your prize,” Sharon moaned as she pushed Sam’s cum from her asshole right onto Hilda’s lap, making out with Sam as she did so. Hilda could not have been more repulsed, which is exactly what Sam and Sharon wanted.

It was late, and their work was done. They kept Hilda tied to the chair as they dressed and then took several photos of their handiwork. They took a photo of the large black dildo hanging out of Hilda’s cunt, and they took a photo of the clamps on her pathetic tits, and they took a photo of the brown and milky white fluids all over Hilda’s lap. Finally, they photographed Hilda’s utter look of shock on her face. They then wiped the room clean of their prints, got dressed, removed the clamps and the dildo, and got the hell out of there.

“There,” Master says. I tug experimentally on the cuff she has just locked around my ankle, and that feeling of helplessness and trust washes over me like a warm, gentle wave. She looks at me appraisingly. “You know what happens next, slut.”

I nod, not speaking. She has taken my words for this scene. I am not allowed words, only grunts, moans and whimpers – and of course, screams – to show her what I am feeling and what her touch is doing to me. This is up to me to remember – she is not going to grace me with a gag. If I fail, I know I will regret it.

I am on my belly, spread-eagled across her bed, legs and arms bound down tightly so that I am unable to draw them together. If I try, I could turn my knees inward, but she’s taking care of that as she binds the spreader bar cuffs around my splayed thighs, ensuring that I’ll never be able to close my legs – or my knees. A firm pillow under my upper chest and neck keeps my head up from the bed so that I can breathe. Another one under my hips lifts my ass in the air and forces my cock and balls to hang in the air, not touching anything at all.

She has tied me tightly today. There is no give in the bonds – I am truly helpless. Oh, I can squirm, but my hands and feet will not be moving away from their assigned points on the bed. I can buck – and I know I will, especially if she orders me to do so, she has me trained to that word – and I can thrash, but my movement is limited.

“What happens next” is a blindfold. She slips it over my head, making sure that the padded leather ovals cover my eyes completely and taking my sight away. Sometimes she likes to see my eyes open and staring; other times she loves to blind me, making me turn my head this way and that trying to figure out where she is and what she plans to do to me. I rarely predict it correctly, which delights her to no end as I cry out or gasp in surprise at whatever it is she actually does to me.

Her hand caresses my exposed balls, and I moan with my lips pressed tightly shut. She chuckles in approval, and suddenly her hand closes on my balls with fingernails digging in. I yelp, going rigid under her hands, and grit my teeth together, breathing hard as she pulls, and pulls, and pulls until I think surely she must rip them off. But that’s not her intent, I realize, as the pressure eases and I feel her beginning to add clamps – just basic clothespins – all over my sack. I keep count as best I can, because she sometimes asks me how many she’s put on me, and what happens next would depend on whether I get the answer right or not.

Seven… eight… I think she’s put on a total of twelve, but it might be thirteen. I wince, as the pressure from the clothespins starts a throbbing in my balls that both hurts and feels good. She chuckles deep in her throat and then without warning, her hand cracks against my ass, and I jump.

Her hand falls hard, again. Then, again. Quickly enough I realize that I’m being spanked for her pleasure, because she finds it amusing to see me jump and writhe, and then conscious thought drifts away as the spanking intensifies from moderate to a level that will leave welts when she’s through. I find myself whimpering and writhing despite my resolve to keep from moving and from vocalizing if at all possible, and realize she’s already broken my will, not six minutes into the scene.

I am sobbing hoarsely by the time her hand retreats, having left me reddened from the tops of my buttocks down to the bottoms of my thighs, except where the spreader cuffs are covering my legs, and the blindfold is soaked with my tears. I almost miss her next question. “How many clips, slut?”

I turn my head, questioning with my eyebrows. How does she expect me to answer a question that requires words, when I am not allowed to speak?

“I suppose I’ll have to give you a way to answer, slut.” Her tone is thoughtful. “I know!” she says gleefully. “I’ll hit you with my crop. When I’ve hit you enough times to answer the question, you will scream. Until then, you will remain completely silent. If you make a noise, at all, I will take that as your indication that we’ve reached the correct number. And, of course, if you are wrong – I’ll just have to punish you for not paying attention well enough.”

I’m already trying to quiet my still-sobbing voice as she finishes speaking. When Master says “completely silent,” she means it. Not a gasp, not a word, not a cry, not even so much as a sniffle. And god, I hate the crop! But it is her wish and her will, and that’s what I submit to every time I lie down and spread-eagle myself for her.

“Do you understand, slut? Nod once for yes, shake your head twice for no.”

I nod, one quick jerk of my head up and down. Before I even finish moving, the crop has already cracked across my ass as Master intones “One.” I bite back a cry with effort, counting, hoping that she’s only put twelve clips on me because the pain of the crop is almost unbearable. Two – three – oh god, four – five! Six…

I am biting my tongue nearly hard enough to draw blood when I realize that we’ve reached stroke eleven, and on the next stroke, as she says flatly, “Twelve,” I scream, loudly, trying so hard to expel all the pain of the past fifteen minutes into that one cry that I begin coughing at the end of it. The strokes pause.

“What a shame. You must have counted wrong, slut,” Master tells me, moving the crop to my balls and tapping the tip of it against one of the clips. “Of course, you don’t get to know how far off you were. I’ll be back with your punishment for getting it wrong shortly.”

She leaves the room. I hang outstretched in the bonds, and find myself weeping. The fire in my ass is so painful that I cannot think straight. My cock, traitor that it is, is so hard that its tip is brushing the sheet below me. My balls are throbbing and I can feel all the places on my body that she could torture if she took a mind to do so. I struggle to get myself back under control even as my heart races faster from the images my tortured mind conjures up, and the door opens again.

“What should I do with a slave who can’t seem to count a simple number?” she muses as she circles the bed. “I suppose I shall have to train him better, to learn how to count better. But how ever shall I do this in a way that will be effective?”

Even knowing why she does this, I am caught up in dread, my heart thumping in my ears. I can think of far too many ways that she could enforce her requirement to count correctly.

“I suppose, since it was about the number of clamps and you couldn’t keep track of them, I’ll have to reapply them until you are quite able to count them. As many times as it takes. Oh, and just to keep it fun, I’ll give you one other way to figure it out, if you can.” As she speaks, she is quickly, but not gently, removing the clamps from my balls, which throb even worse with returning circulation.

“Here’s the other way to figure it out, slut.” The crop swats rapidly against my swollen, fiery ass six times. “The number of clamps you had on you was a multiple of one factor of that number, plus four. You have twenty seconds starting now to figure it out before we try my way of teaching you. Hoot once when you think you have the answer.”

And she begins to count.

A multiple of six? No, a multiple of one factor of six. How am I supposed to do math in my head in this state? I think of the factors of six – two times three and one times six, so any of them could be it. I cross my fingers. Six times itself is way more than I had on me, and two times itself isn’t enough. Three times itself is nine, plus four is thirteen.

So it must have been thirteen. Who knew I’d need basic math in order to survive a scene with Master?

Ironically, I hoot as she reaches “Six,” and she sounds almost disappointed as she stops and says “Well, slut? How far off were you from the actual number?”

I realize that I can hold up one finger. I hope I was one off. It was thirteen, not twelve. I hope.

She sighs, the kind of sigh I’ve come to associate with tolerant amusement. “That’s a good slut. You’re correct. Now for your punishment for getting it wrong in the first place.”

I hear the lube bottle squirt and tense, knowing what’s coming next. I think. I hope. She begins to massage lube into my anus, spreading me with her fingertips, and I concentrate on relaxing for whatever she’s going to fuck me with this time. I have gotten somewhat better at it as she continues my anal training, but I’m always afraid that she might try to fuck me with something impossibly thick.

I feel something much bigger than her usual cock enter me. It’s not a plug, because it doesn’t widen much. But my anus is completely stretched around it and I’m filled so deep that I half expect the tip to come out of my mouth. I whimper despite trying not to, and she chuckles as she begins to fuck me with this impossibly huge dildo. Then I feel her press it deep into me, and feel her hands fumbling with something in its base. A thin strap of some kind goes around my hips and I realize she’s belting the dildo into me so that I can’t push it out. She clips the belt together and I feel it press against the base of the dildo as she tightens it down.

“There. Now for your punishment.”

She clamps clothespins to my balls again, far more than she had on me before, and I lose count at around twenty-five. She also applies clamps down the insides of my thighs, which hurts me almost as much, outlining the cuffs around my thighs with more and more clothespins. Then she pauses, leaving me alone on the bed, tied down tightly and terrified of what’s going to happen to me.


I can’t help it. I scream as the buggy whip – a thinner crop, one I hate just as much – cracks across my ass, exactly connecting with the base of the huge dildo and driving it into me just a little bit. CRACK! Again, this time jolting it a little deeper.

Master is pausing for a second or so between each stroke, to let the dildo slip back out into position before she hits it again. I cry out each time the buggy whip connects with my ass, feeling welts laid upon welts and struggling more and more.

And yet my dick is hard as stone, and I find myself pushing back at the whip for the next stroke, and the next, and the next, almost hoping that she will somehow miss and hit my dick instead, because I’m so close that I might cum if she does, even from that amount of pain.

When I lose track of the strokes, when I’m sobbing hoarsely between the screams, and when she’s worn out her arm – for that is how it feels – she stops, leaving my ass thoroughly welted. I hang my head over the pillow, knowing I have shamed her, and reminding myself this is all for her, all for her, and I should thank her for it.

But I can’t. She’s taken away my right to speak. I can’t speak to her with my eyes, either. How can I tell her that I accept this even as I lie here crying in her bonds?

And then she speaks, softly, in my ear. “Slut, I’m going to remove the clamps now. One at a time. And I’m going to use you for target practice to do it. When I’m done, I might even let you cum. But I’ll also give you something to take your mind off the clamp removal. Remember, you do not have permission to cum.”

And with that, the enormous cock in my ass begins to vibrate.

I moan as I feel her snap the tip of the crop against the first of the clothespins, knocking it off my body. God, how many did she put on me? I have no idea. If this was meant to teach me to count, it’s having the opposite effect –

No, wait –

One. That was one clamp she knocked off. I *can* tell when they come off, because a bright pinprick of fire blooms where they were. I will count those… and somehow ignore the vibration in my ass, which is making my cock jerk and dance with the stimulation. And somehow, I will not cum, because she does not wish me to.

It’s even more difficult than it sounds. By the time I have counted fifteen pinpricks of fire, my cock is jerking so hard that if I had had my hand on it, I would have cum already. By twenty-five, I’m screaming with my jaws locked shut against the pleasure/pain she’s inflicting on me. By thirty-one, I am thrashing my head back and forth, my tears sealing the blindfold to my skin, my cock jerking painfully, my balls throbbing as she knocks off another clamp – thirty-two! – and my hips begin bucking desperately before a sharp crack against my ass and a stern command hold me still again, my cock dancing as my ass and balls throb in hellish sympathy with one another…

When the pinpricks of fire stop (forty-three!), so does the vibration. The cock still fills me to the hilt, painfully, my ass throbbing around it, but the vibration has stopped, and I have not cum. I know I have not, because everything still hurts and nothing feels better, and my cock is still as hard as marble.

She lifts my head with her hand under my chin. I am sobbing and gasping harshly, but I am hers, and she has made it very clear. “How many, slut? You may speak.”

I cough and clear my throat before whispering, “Forty-three, Master. And thank you, Master.”

She releases my head and I let it hang between my shoulders, coughing again, licking dry lips, feeling my ass throb in too many places to count.

“Good slut. Cum for me now,” she says, and turns the vibrator back on, much higher than before.

She hasn’t even touched me. I am hanging here, my cock hanging in air, with a vibrating dildo in my ass… and I cum at her command. I cum helplessly, writhing in my bonds, my ass and legs and balls throbbing, still in pain… and my cry of “Oh god thank you Master!” as my cock spends itself on the sheet below me is all for her, for her pleasure. All for her.

When it is over, I hang limp in my bonds as she opens the belt holding the cock in my ass and slides it out of me. Then she takes my semi-hard, spent cock and pulls it down, and I know I must pay for my orgasm. “Silence, slut,” she says, and without any further warning, begins to slap my cock as hard as she slapped my ass a little while ago.

I bite down on the insides of my lips, fighting the cry that I must make, have to make, need to make, as she punishes my cock for cumming at all, even with permission. It is part of what I accepted when I accepted her collar – every orgasm comes with a punishment. There was a time I fought that, but it is all for her, and I will do what she orders me, no matter what I want. Because what I want should only be what she wants. What I want should always be for her.

I do not need words to know that. And even the punishment stops and she strokes my cock back to its required hardness to finish the scene, I know that this silence is just one more way that it is all for her.

Mike didn’t need to be a genius to know that the girls had found the trunk. Stopping in the doorway to consider a few glaring facts, Mike looked around the room. The chair was out of place, the scent of sex was in the air, and a paddle rested innocently on the couch. Combining this information with the brief view of Meredith’s shapely but reddened ass, Mike was forced to think quickly. Obviously the girls had found the treasure trove of sex toys that he and his wife enjoyed. He didn’t mind this fact as much as the awkward position that he was now in. What to do now? The pressure in his jeans told him that he was physically aware of the two nubile and potentially kinky women just down the hall from him, but a little voice inside his head reminded him that one of those women was his niece. His wife’s sister’s daughter, to be precise. While he hadn’t seen her, he had seen her best friend, and bottoms didn’t usually turn that color by themselves. It took all of his will, but Mike slowly backed out of the house and closed the door.

Mike had arrived home a few days early. As he drove into town for this unnecessary errand, Mike wondered what the girls were doing now. Certainly he had surprised them, but he did not want to create an even more disastrous situation by confronting them immediately, caught red handed as they were. During the twenty minutes that it took for Mike to visit the corner store, he continued to dwell on the prospects back at his home. Finally, he knew what he must do. “Peg?” he said into the phone, as he reached his wife who was still vacationing.

“Yes, dear. How was the trip back? I’m so sorry that you had to leave early for that business meeting.”

“Well, the trip was uneventful,” Mike replied. “Luckily the plane was pretty empty, so I was able to sleep most of the way back.”

“That’s great. You can be well rested for your presentation.”

“I’m not so sure about that, honey. The girls found it.”

The silence on the phone only lasted a few seconds, but Mike could feel the tension building as though a spring was being stretched. “And?” was the only word that came.

“Well, I left before confronting them, but from the looks of it, Susan had just given Meredith one hell of a spanking. I caught a peek of her running down the hall just as I walked in. And one of the paddles was out. I thought I would give them some time to regroup, so I just came up to the store for a little bit before speaking with them.”

“That was smart. Well I wish I could be there with you right now, but you’re a big boy. I’m sure you’ll be able to handle whatever comes up.”

Hanging up, Mike took a deep breath and walked out of the store, preparing himself for whatever lay ahead.

It seemed to Mike that every stoplight was red on the road back to his house. Pulling into the driveway, he noted that both of the girls’ cars were no longer there. Opening the door, the scent of potpourri nearly overwhelmed him as he stepped into the front room. The room had been tidied, the paddle conspicuously no longer on the couch. Mike wandered through the empty house, noting that everything now appeared precisely as when he had left weeks before. Curiosity overwhelming him, he went to the bedroom closet and opened the trunk. All of the various devices and implements seemed in order, but a note had been carefully taped to the lid inside.

‘Uncle Mike,

We hope that we haven’t offended you by invading your privacy.’

That was all that it said. Offended? Mike was certainly a lot of things, but offended was not one of them. Enticed? Amused? Excited? Nervous? Not offended. Trying to push all of these thoughts from his mind, Mike set to the task that he had intended to begin an hour before. Preparing for the big meeting at work was especially difficult, considering the new thoughts bouncing around his mind, but after several hours, he felt ready to take on the world the next day.

Relaxing in front of the television, Mike thought he had finally gotten the girls out of his mind when the front door opened. The two girls walked in and demurely sat on the couch without saying a word. Mike wordlessly continued to watch the television, waiting for a commercial before he spoke. “Did you two enjoy the house?” He felt that it was an innocent enough question.

Taking the lead, Susan replied “Oh yes, very much so. We just hope that…” her words trailed off.

Sensing her hesitation, Mike finished with “We weren’t offended,” then turned his attention back to the television.

“W-we? You told Aunt Peg?” The color drained from both girl’s faces. Peg had always been friendly and warm, and the thought of disappointing her was awful.

“Of course I told her. I don’t keep secrets from her, and I felt that this would have been a pretty big secret. Are you planning on keeping any secrets from me?”

Watching the girls squirm during this humiliating conversation, Mike was beginning to relax and enjoy his position a bit more. It was Meredith who replied, “No, we don’t want to keep any secrets from you. We were just worried that you would be upset with us.”

“Well ‘upset’ isn’t exactly the right word. The question now, is ‘what now?’”

“We both feel like we’ve opened a new door,” Susan answered for Meredith. “We took a peek inside and want to see more. We’ve talked about it, and are hoping that you are willing to help us.”

Considering for a moment, Mike carefully spoke, “then perhaps you should close the drapes and we can get more comfortable.”

Smiling, Susan stood and crossed the room. Feeling that she was about to take a leap into the unknown, Susan pulled the cord closing the view to the outside world. She glanced at Mike sitting comfortably in the chair, and knew that it would be up to her to break the ice. Gazing cooly at Meredith, she said one word. “Strip.”

A shiver went through Meredith when she heard the word. These recent experiences had shown her that she needed to please her friend, but this was a new boundary. A scarce two weeks ago, she would have never considered such a humiliating show, but Meredith now stood up as if in a trance. Staring straight ahead, she pulled her sweater over her head, exposing her bountiful breasts to a very interested Mike. Quickly after, the bra, slacks and panties followed the sweater into a pile on the floor. It wasn’t much of a strip tease. More akin to the way one undresses for a doctor’s visit, the end result was nevertheless the same. Blushing furioiusly, Meredith turned to present herself to Mike’s inspection.

Mike stood and drank Meredith’s appearance in. Athletic and toned, her youthful body was flush with excitement. Some part of her was obviously very much enjoying this display, as her hard nipples betrayed her arousal. Mike had always secretly fantasized about seeing Meredith this way, and was surprised to find that her breasts were even larger than he had previously thought. She had obviously done an excellent job of shyly concealing her charms in the past. Walking behind her, Mike noted that despite the reddened condition that he had seen it in that morning, Meredith’s ass had not bruised.

While watching Mike’s inspection of Meredith, Susan took a deep breath and undressed herself as well. Her slightly smaller breasts stood at attention as soon as the cool air hit them. “You should introduce yourself a little better than that, Meredith” Susan spoke.

Looking briefly at her friend, Meredith dropped to her knees in front of Mike and began to unzip his jeans. As soon as the zipper had moved, Meredith gasped as Mike’s cock sprang free. While she had seen larger ones in pornos, she had never personally been in the presence of such a piece of meat. She guessed that Mike was packing at least eight or nine inches, thick and beautiful. Taking a moment to notice Susan’s equally startled face, Meredith turned her attention back to the cock that was now in her face. She opened her mouth and poked her tongue out to tease the bulbous end.

Squirming out of his clothes, Mike allowed Meredith to continue her exploration of his member. He now looked over at Susan, seeing her for the first time in the nude. Still harboring reservations about the familial ties, Mike’s attention was quickly diverted back to Meredith and her wonderful mouth. Although she had obviously never handled a cock like his, Meredith’s enthusiasm to her task was having a pleasant effect on Mike. “I think that was a nice introduction, my little cocksucker,” Mike sneered as he pulled away from Meredith. Turning to Susan, “should we make her uncomfortable?” Mike turned and gestured for the women to follow him to the bedroom, and the trunk.

Pulling a few items out, Mike motioned to Meredith and held the hood that she had just discovered so recently. Susan smiled and took the hood. “This one we know all about,” she cooed as she helped Meredith into it.

Satisfied that she couldn’t see, Mike then held out what looked to be a leather sleeve. “Pull her arms behind her,” he instructed as he moved around the room. Cooperating with Mike’s instructions, Susan helped as the leather sleeve soon bound Meredith’s arms tightly behind her, thrusting her bountiful bosom even further forward.

“So pretty,” Susan mumbled as she admired Meredith’s exaggerated chest. Susan leaned forward and took a nipple into her mouth. Sucking and pulling back, Susan elicited a gasp from Meredith as she cracked into a smile, Meredith’s sensitive nub caught between Susan’s teeth. Biting a little harder, Susan pulled further away from Meredith’s body, stretching the breast until she let it drop. Meredith gasped as Susan chuckled and repeated the performance on the other breast.

Still digging in the trunk, Mike brought forth a few more items and said “let’s take her downstairs.”

Intrigued, Susan guided the somewhat helpless Meredith down the hall to the basement stairs. Carefully, she helped the blindfolded Susan navigate the stairs and into the open room where she found a large gym mat. Several chairs and benches were scattered throughout, although none looked particularly intriguing. Mike was in the exact middle, fiddling with something coming out of the ceiling. After a moment, he revealed what had been a carefully hidden rope and pulley system. Instinctively, Susan pushed Meredith forward until she was standing just below the contraption.

It only took a few more moments before Meredith was now bound helplessly in the center of the room. Her arms were still pinned behind her back, but Mike had now attached the rope from the ceiling and she was now held effectively in the same place. Her legs were spread apart with cuffs attached to her ankles. Ropes that spanned from her legs to the sides of the room now turned Meredith’s sensitive lower half into a wide open canvas. Checking her bonds one final time, Mike gave Meredith’s ass an appreciative slap before he concluded aloud that she wasn’t going anywhere.

Still intrigued by the way the armbinders pushed her already ample breasts forward, Susan advanced on the now helpless Meredith. Well, thought Susan, these breasts that had always gained Merdith extra attention in the past were about to do the same thing again. She glanced around the room and now saw a smiling Mike.

“Perhaps you could place these in some interesting areas,” he offered, giving Susan a handful of wooden clothespins. Understanding, Susan sidled up next to a lightly quivering Meredith and started to coo into her ear.

“Oh baby, you’re so hot like this,” her empty hand tracing circles around Meredith’s quivering belly. “You’ve got me going already,” was the next tease, as she slid her already damp pussy up and down Meredith’s outstretched leg. “I want to make you feel good, baby, but first you have to do something for me,” this last sentence was puncuated with a clothespin fastened firmly onto Meredith’s left nipple. Meredith let a slight moan escape her lips as Susan once again continued her banter. “You see, honey, it makes me hot to see you quiver,” a second clothespin went on the same breast, this time a few inches away from the nipple. “And these seem to be having just that effect!” Meredith shuddered as the third clothespin found her other nipple. “And we’ve got to show Uncle Mike here all that we’ve learned,” as the fourth clothespin found a similar spot on the second breast. “You should see that beautiful cock of his now, Meredith… he’s stroking it for you.” This last statement was indeed fact, as Mike had sat in front of the two to watch the show. Susan continued her taunts, each time adding clothespins down her torso in a V shape until at the very last, she attached the bottom one directly on Meredith’s clit.

Mike had an inspiration and stood to get a ball of yarn. Susan, meanwhile, continued to whisper delicious teases and taunts into Meredith’s ear, all the while touching the painful little clamps and occasionally dipping a finger into Meredith’s boiling pussy. Seeing Mike coming back to Meredith’s front, Susan slid around to the back and began to gently nestle her nose between her friend’s ass cheeks.

Thoroughly enjoying himself, Mike began to thread the yarn through the circular springs on the clothespins, making a loop around each one. Between the sensations of each clothespin being individually manipulated, and Susan’s delightful ministrations, Meredith began to feel her body truly start the arduous climb of that mountain of pleasure that she knew would come. Sensing that Mike had completed his work, Susan moved to the front to see the result.

Meredith was a quivering vision. Secure in her bondage with her breasts thrust forward, the clothespins that had formed a V-like constellation on her body were now joined by one string. After feeling someone reaching out and tugging on the string, Meredith’s body jerked as she realized that all of the clothespins had moved at once. Her arms had begun to ache, but the playful tugs of the clamps biting into her flesh kept bringing her consciousness back most immediately to her clit and nipples. Her mouth dry, she began to beg, “oh my God, please. It’s too much, I can’t take this, please…” the words seemed to spill from her as both pairs of hands now were all over her body. Someone was massaging her shoulders. Someone was licking a nipple. Someone pulled the string. Someone drove a finger, or was it two, into her soaking pussy. Someone kissed her. Something vibrating touched her, alternating between being pushed into her gaping tunnel and touching the clothespins.

Having now had several minor shuddering orgasms that paved the way toward what she knew was going to be an enormous one, Meredith now felt the ropes that froze her in an upright position being removed. She felt the cursed sleeve that had captured her arms being loosened and discarded. She felt herself being placed onto her back on the mat. Unfortunately, she also still felt the clothespins carving themselves into her ravaged flesh. And then she felt it. She truly felt it. Her legs were pushed up and apart. The massive member of Uncle Mike had finally made contact with her boiling pussy. Giving out a gasp, she felt her skin stretch as the cock pushed its way into her. As excited as she was, he actually slid into her comparatively easily. Still pushing into her, it seemed to take forever before the entire thing was inside her, his pelvis pushing against the clamp that continued to squeeze her clit alarmingly. He allowed her a moment to adjust to this new invasion against her tattered body. Just as she began to get used to the size, he pulled back all the way out again, leaving her shockingly empty.

“No!” she wailed as he backed out. “Please fuck me, please…” she begged and was rewarded by the feeling of his giant cock once again assaulting her. As he found her depth for the second time, Meredith now became aware of Susan’s body settling down onto hers in a semi 69 position. Thankfully, Susan kept her weight on her hands and knees, as opposed to settling down and crushing the clothespins even more painfully into Meredith’s quaking body. Susan did not touch Meredith with her mouth, instead delighting in the close view of Mike’s cock ravaging her best friend. She did, however, back her own boiling pussy down into Meredith’s face. Meredith immediately and instinctively began to lap at Susan’s tender folds. The group continued this odd coupling for several more minutes, each quickly approaching their own individual climaxes. Susan began to twitch first, the look and the feel of her friend overwhelming her quickly. Closing her mind briefly to the bliss, she knew now what she needed to do to push her friend over the edge.

Sitting up, her pussy still mashed against Meredith’s face, Susan reached down and in each hand grabbed a bit of the string in the middle of each leg of the V. Looking at Mike and knowing that he also was close, Susan gave a short but sudden pull upward. Meredith’s body locked suddenly tight in agony and she screamed into Susan’s pussy as the middle two clothespins were ripped from her. Seeing this, Mike began to pound his cock even harder as Susan once again pulled. Four more clothespins quickly were pulled from her body, each time causing massive shudders and muted howls of agony. Finally only three remained. The three that stood on those sensitive focal points of Meredith’s body. The three on each end of the V. One for each nipple, and one for the clit.

Sensing the inevitable, all Meredith could do was sob “no, no, no..” as she continued to ravenously devour Susan’s pussy. Susan sat back a little, enjoying once again the power she was having over her friend. She paused for a moment to admire the small red welts that were raising along Meredith’s beautiful skin. Looking at Mike, she demanded “make sure you give it to me!” as she leaned down once again towards his pistoning cock. And then she pulled. All three clamps snapped off simultaneously, pushing Susan deliriously over the edge that she had so slowly approached. She stopped breathing as the orgasm coursed through her. The warmth all over her body was amplified by the pain that was emanating from the new absence of the clothespins. Her pussy immediately clamped like a vice onto Mike’s relentless cock. Letting loose a yell, he pulled completely out of her and thrust forward into Susan’s waiting mouth. It only took a second there before the cum erupted from him. Mimicking the ecstacy that Meredith had just experienced, Mike felt as though all of his insides were spewing forth from his body and into Susan’s mouth. Forming a tight suction on his unit, Susan held her head completely still as he emptied the contents of his balls.

Collapsing to the side, Mike watched as Susan gave him a mischevious half-smile and slid down Meredith’s quivering body. In amazement, he watched Susan gently open Meredith’s mouth and position her own mouth several inches directly above. And then the second birth of his cum began, as it slid out of her mouth and into Meredith’s. Surprised at first but willing, Meredith began to take the load into her own mouth until Susan leaned down, sealing the cum with a very deep kiss.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Mike mumbled to nobody in particular, “Peg’s going to love you two!”

He was clear in his directions to her; she would drive to his home, park outside, text him and wait. She in turned wanted to know what to wear, what was expected of her and how things would be. He silenced all of this. She would wear whatever she thought would please him and do all he asked of her.

Nervous, she stopped in a service station on the way there, she changed into high heels and stockings, re-did her make-up and took a breath before continuing with the last few miles. Outside his home she parked and messaged him, just as directed.

It was several minutes before her phone bleeped, the loud shrill making her jump despite the fact she had been staring intently at the screen waiting for him to answer.

The text was clear, Come in, turn right into the sitting room and stand in the middle of the room.

Going into the house she noticed nothing other than the door to the right and uncertainly she pushed it open and walked in. Should she have knocked, was it disrespectful not to, or disobedient not to do exactly as directed by text?

Confusion, nerves, fear all filled her mind.

The room was empty; she stood in the middle of the room and stared straight ahead. From beyond the door she heard his voice

“Face the door. Undress.”


She was wearing a short black dress with a front zipper. She pulled down the zip revealing her breasts almost tumbling out of a low cut bra. Unzipping it further she revealed matching lace panties, suspender belt and black stockings.

She stood for a moment the dress framing her before pushing it off her shoulders to the floor.

With a brief hesitation she undid her bra, her large breasts spilling out, nipples erect as if begging for his hands to inflict pain and cruelty on them.

She pushed her panties down, her cunt shaven and bald was already wet and glistening at this early submission to follow him wherever he wanted to take her, mind and body. Strands of wetness ran between her thighs, and she wanted to cover her embarrassment and need for him.

His voice alone had caused this, she had yet to see his face, much less touch him.

She bent to unclip her stockings

“Leave them. Turn around.”

As she did so he continued to speak.

“Walk to the wall and stand in front of it.”

She felt him come into the room, the atmosphere changed; it became even more electrically charged as his breath mingled in the air with his, she knew he was very close behind her.

He moved one hand around her neck, squeezing slightly, feeling her body stiffen with the need to lose herself in this level of control.

His voice was calm and low next to her as the timbre dropped she felt her mind sink into him, barely able to hear the words as her need to do anything he desired increased.

He put a collar around her neck, fastening it so it was loose around her neck, he knew she may cry later and feel choked if the collar was too tight.

“Put your hands on the wall, spread your legs.”

Without words, her need to show him she would do all he desired warred with her need to have all her senses aware of the smallest nuances between them.

His hand ran down her back, so gently she could scream, he cupped her bottom carefully, slowly, his beautiful hands covering her as he started to spank her, building up become more and more firm with each landing of his hand on her skin.

His smile showing his private pleasure increased, as he watched her start to wince with each spanking, her bottom turning pink and into red. He knew she was struggling, trying not to cry out as he increased the depth of each pain filled stroke. Small gasps of air came from her mouth, tiny noises showing him she found it more and more difficult to take his enjoyment.

He slowed his strokes feeling the heat from her bottom, moving to stroke where his hand had landed, enjoying her continuing flinch at such a calm, touch.

He moved between her legs, understanding she had both loved and hated her spanking. The wetness of her cunt soaking his fingers proved this more completely than any words could achieve. He let his fingers glide over the shaved surface, pushing three fingers into her. They filled her, hurt as they drove against her cunt walls, widening it inside. She moaned part in pain and part in pleasure as he finger fucked her hard again and again.

She pushed back against his fingers, instinctively urging him to increase the speed, she felt hot, overcome with the physical sensations his fingers were pounding into her.

Abruptly he stopped.

“My pleasure, not yours, close your eyes.”

He wiped his fingers down her face and in her hair, a dismissive, yet oddly caring gesture.

Taking her hands from the wall he turned her around.

She knew she was facing him, but could see nothing; she swayed trying to feel her balance without seeing. She felt him stroke her eyes, as he murmured gently to her. She could not hear the words; the timbre was enough to feel she was not alone.

Picking up her left breast he dropped it into his other hand weighing it. She could imagine him staring at it as he did so. He nipples grow hard and tight as her imagination took over. He took hold off the right breast and did the same, weighing it for a few seconds before releasing it.

“Put your hands behind your back, palms outwards. Walk backwards until your hands reach the wall.”

She took a few unsteady steps backwards.

It amused him to see her struggle not to fall, to cope with not seeing him and to do exactly as he said.

Once against the wall he took both nipples between his fingers and thumbs and pulled them upwards. He kept pulling stretching her breasts, making her arch her back and neck in an attempt not to be pulled off the floor by his actions. He pulled them outwards away from her, and again she struggled to keep her balance.

The pain was intense, the wetness from her cunt increased and she could feel it running freely down to her stocking tops. She moaned from behind the gag as he twisted them around as far as they would go and then back again.

She knew she was fully focused on him and the pain he gave, she wanted it; wanted that white heat that accompanied her mind screaming to take all of it despite the agony.

Just as the pain reached a crescendo point she felt a terrible raging, breath taking pain so unexpected and such a brilliant colour she momentarily forgot to breathe.

He had attached a clamp to one nipple. The numbness in her mind as it registered what caused the pain; was replaced with fear that he would also clamp the other. The second clamp was worse, her whole body stiffening as if to run away from what was to come.

As her mind jumped trying to process what was happening she felt clamps attaching to her cunt, actually clamping the lips together, closing off her cunt hole. This pain barely registered as her mind continued to focus of her nipples.

He turned her around and placed her hands back on the wall.

“Legs open, bottom out.”

He took up spanking her again, firm strokes, reawakening her skin from earlier. Her bottom glowed, the pain radiating outwards spreading over all her body. She wanted it to stop, she wanted to beg him to cease, it hurt, it was too much, he didn’t understand; she was not this brave; how could she cope with more?

He knew, and, with that knowledge, continued building up every few strokes, harder and harder as his hand fell. He understood her inner war, understood her dilemma of wanting to do anything to make it stop and yet needed to submit to him, to show him she could be all he would ever want and need.

He stopped, the silence between so erotically charged it felt she could not breathe without his command. Tears flowed down her face making it the same colour as her bottom. She was embarrassed, not wanting him to see her with tears streaming down her face which she could not seem to stop.

He waited, watching her. She tried to gain control over her emotions but still could not contain them.

“Enough now,” he said, wiping her cheek with his hand, brushing away the wetness caused by him.

She took an unsteady breath and found his command was enough to calm her into stemming the tears. She could not look at him, too embarrassed and shy by her reaction to his spanking. He stroked her hair and enjoyed the pleasure of knowing she would try so much to show her devotion and submission to him.

His hand went to her hair again, this time pulling her head back making her look up at him, his silence unnerved her as his eyes searched over her face, watching her pupils react to that erotic act of being controlled by her hair. He allowed some release, her head moving forward before jerking him back to look at him again, he did this several times until satisfied that she was both calm and completely under his control by this action.

He bent to kiss her, his lips hovering just out of reach; it amused him to see the begging in her eyes as she craved his lips. Instead he turned her back to the wall and positioned her again with her hands outstretched against the wall, bottom out.

The flogger fell on her backside, stinging but not actually hurting. It landed more than once, with each landing the clamps swung in unison.

Her nipples were numb, the pain was in the swing of her breasts and directly around the clamps. Her cunt clamps hurt like hell. With each swing they pulled on tender flesh, she wondered if they had weights attached, as they dragged as the moved back and forth. Three types of pain to bring under control was leaving her exhausted yet she had hardly moved since coming into the house.

The flogger stopped, at this point it would be normal to wonder ‘what now?’ Instead as her body struggled to keep the pain manageable she felt a real fear that she had failed him somehow.


The cane was breath taking, despite his warming her bottom first it still made her scream unexpectedly.

“You will take a further 7 strokes.”

She sobbed, as the next one landed, completely unable to control herself. By the time the fifth one landed, snot and tears were dribbling unrestricted down her face. At number 6 he stopped again.

Leaning close to her he said “You can either take this last one and you will have pleased me, or you can take another two and prove to me you are all I need. Your choice”

She could not speak, and nodded, gulping in breathes as she tried to gain some control over her bodily reactions.

“Do you want to stop?”

She shook her head

“Do you want two more?”

She nodded, sobbing and gulping as she did so.

“Very well, you chose remember.”

With that he caned her twice in quick succession. It felt like fire crackers going off in her head as the heat radiated throughout her body.

As she clung with her fingernails to the wall he attached a lead to her collar.

“Go to the floor; do not sit down, hands and knees.”


She slid down the wall, sobbing and wishing she could wipe her face, dry her tears, anything.

She swayed as she went to her hands and knees, after just a few seconds he pulled on her lead for her to turn and follow him.

She crawled a few feet clamps swinging making each movement hurt beyond description.

“Kneel up, legs apart.”

She knelt and he guided her hands to hold onto the arms of the chair on which he sat.

Holding just above her nipple in his hand he slowly opened the clamp. A millisecond went by before the blood rushed into her nipple and she moaned in horror at the intensity of it.

He knew he could rub her nipple to help open seized capillaries which would ease the pain, but he preferred to feel the rigidity in her hands gripping the chair, and watch her complete reaction to his actions.

As the pain began to subside he repeated the process with the other clamp.

It made him smile that, just as she had when he had put them on, she readied herself for the agony. It did not make it any less, but her anticipation as if by being forewarned she could in some way avoid it, amused him.

His fingertips touched the clamps on her cunt, making them sway.

“Despite clamps you still managed to drip down your thighs and stockings.”

He took these off quickly, the blood rushing into fragile, thin lips was almost too much too bear.

It took all her will power not to cover her cunt with her hands in a futile effort to stop it hurting.

He watched her grit her teeth, as he picked up a small crop with a hand on the end. He smacked the inside of her thighs with it, right to the edges of her lips. He considered using it on her cunt and clit but decided that could be for another time when she was laid tied and spread eagled on the bed.

Her breathing was returning to normal as he undid the gag.

She breathed deeply, awareness seeping into her mind that she must look a mess, with tear stains and smeared lipstick.

“Keep your eyes closed.”

She remained eyes shut, as he sat back in the chair.

He covered her hands with his as he said “Kneel back and relax, I have some water for you to drink. Then you will put your head into my lap and be calm for a few minutes.”

Kneeling at his feet, close to his cock, his hand wrapped tightly in her hair and feeling his energy surrounding her she felt as if she had found her place. In that place only he existed, only he mattered, all she desired was his pleasure.

The silence stretched for a few minutes, allowing her to reveal in being at his feet. But he did not want her too relaxed, too comfortable, as she would go beyond the slave state and he was not ready for that yet.

He shifted in the chair. When he had been pushing her, making her go far beyond her own comfort zone to please him, his cock had been hard. There had been points when he wanted to stop, have her and resume, but he had not; waiting instead for this moment.

She took his softening cock in her mouth. Loved the feeling of having it right in the back of her throat and his balls on pressed against her lips. She knew as it became hard she would struggle to get it all in her mouth as it was now.

She knelt up, stroking his balls with her hands as her mouth moved up and down his cock, licking the shaft, rolling his foreskin under the bottom of her tongue.

She explored it, pulled the foreskin back to reveal a beautiful cock head, dipping the tip of her tongue into the end; tasting him. Running her hands up the shaft, squeezing it to find exactly what his cock liked, loved and begged for. Enjoying her explorations she took put her lips on the top of his cock, barely opening them as she rolled her mouth down onto him, sucking him in as her cunt would.

Up and down slowly, gently moving to the point that he twitched, she increased the speed and move from gentle to firm feeling his reactions on her tongue, mouth and lips.

With her hands wrapped around his cock she explored his balls. They were soft and warm; slowly she licked them, unsure of whether he wanted this. He did not stop her, continuing to sit back with his hand in her hair. She grew bolder, gently sucking one of his balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and enjoying the way it filled her so completely.

As she released it she ran the tip of her tongue through the ridges, sensing the hardening a split second before it occurred. She wrapped the other ball in her lips, making it wet, breathing in time with him as her tongue flicked back and forth around the ridges feeling her way to give him pleasure. She took this ball completely into her mouth, pulling slightly away from him, stretching it, without hurting it.

She felt it tighten with each gentle tug. As she came up for air she pushed her face into the base of his cock, enjoying the feel of his hair and his smell completely filling her.

He allowed her to take him into her mouth one final time before taking control and using her hair to guide her, gave her the speed and ferocity he wanted for his cock to piston in and out of her mouth.

Hard and fast, with little finesse and no opportunity to savour him.

Now she was little more than a vessel for him to pour into when he was ready, fucked over and over, she heard his breathe change, felt his cock thicken and knew in a matter of seconds he would erupt into her mouth.

Suddenly he was pumping his cum into her open mouth, over her face, her lips, dribbling down her neck and over her breasts, she loved it all. She swallowed the cum that landed on her outstretched tongue, smeared his cum on her face and the drips onto her breasts as he wiped his cock in her hair.

“Come here.”

He pulled her up by her hair, bringing her close to him and kissing her hard. His tongue filled her mouth as she matched his need, murmuring at the intensity of emotion running through her, every element of her being given over to him.

She was on the verge of orgasm when he stopped, indicating with a gesture that she was to crawl behind him.

Crawling into the shower she knelt and waited, he plugged the plug hole and for a few seconds neither of them moved.

She wanted to be so close to him as if nothing, not even air could get between them.

His piss rained down on her, it covered her hair, ran down her back, pooled between her ass cheeks and flowed under her legs. It dripped down her face, as a stream covered her aching breasts, running down to fill her cunt.

“Open your mouth.”

He let it flow over her tongue, watching as she coughed when it went down inside her and struggle with the harsh, bitter taste.

He touched her head, his actions making her look up at him.

“Are you mine?”

She was aching, bruised, sore and pissed filled; her look showed submission, devotion and adoration.

“Yes Sir.”

Later in the quiet as they lay wrapped in each other, no words were needed for them both to know they were home.

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