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The story describes the atmosphere at the Lake Krumme Lanke and the mating behavior of two adults. Inspired by a dirty joke and an ambigious remark, it happened that Ramona and I soon had kinky oral and intercourse.

It was summer in Berlin. The sun was shining and the temperature was about 90 degrees in the shade. After work I decided to go swimming. I drove to the Lake Krumme Lanke and looked for a parking space. It took some time. Apparently I was not the only one who wanted to cool down. After finally finding a parking space, I went to the beach. A lot of children were playing in the water and screaming, while their moms were sunbathing.

Preferring a more shady place, I walked along the shore and found a nice place under a pine tree in a small meadow. There were less people: a chubby middle-aged woman sat bare-breasted in the sun and read a book, while an old man stood naked on the waterfront and presented his semi-hard cock. Two young hippie women – one with dreadlocks – lay in the grass and presented their hairy underarms and hairier pussies. It was a nice and arousing view, but I avoided staring too much lest people should think I am a voyeur or a peeping tom.

But thinking about the chubby big-breasted woman and the naked pussies made me quite horny. I fantasized how to have sex with one of these women, but I was too shy to ask one, “Would you mind if I stick my cock in your pussy?” Knowing that I would get a slap in the face rather than the wanted sexual intercourse, I put on my bathing suit, went to the water and got in. The water was cold, but at least it diverted me from my horniness. I did the crawl out into the lake and swam back breast-stroking. The nice scenery with its birch trees, pines and willows at the shore couldn´t keep me from staring at one of the naked ladies near the water. I again swam out to the middle of the lake and back. I repeated this 20-30 times before I left the water. I took a towel, dried myself, got dressed and went to my car.

On the way I met Ramona, a neighbor of mine. Ramona was a chubby woman, about 40 years old, with a short haircut. She worked as a teacher. “Have you been swimming, too?” she asked me.

“Yes, I have,” I answered.

“Where have you been? I didn´t see you?” she kept asking.

I told her that I had been on the south shore. “Ah, you were at the nudist beach,” she said.

I was a little bit ashamed, but she added, “When I was younger, I was there, too. But now I am too old. Today I would just terrify the younger people with my old body.”

“No, you would have been the most attractive woman there,” I answered.

Ramona smiled, “You are a nice boy. Are you here by subway, too?”

I said I’d driven my car and offered to drive her home. She agreed and we went to my car.

Suddenly Ramona started coughing; she seemed to have inhaled some gnats. Spitting on the ground she said, “This year we have a lot of gnats.” I agreed and asked her if she knew the “shitty Audi driver” joke. She said no, so I told it to her:

A trucker went into a filling station, spit several times on the floor and said, “Shitty Audi driver!” When asked by the filling station attendant, “what´s up?” he declared, “I drove my truck into a roadside ditch. An arrogant Audi driver appeared and asked me if he should pull my truck out with his Audi Quattro. I laughed and said, boy, if you managed that, I will suck your dick.”

Ramona laughed, “That joke is naughty.”

We reached my car. I drove her home and she invited me over for a cup of coffee. I said yes and accompanied her to her apartment.

It was a lovely space with handsome furniture. “Nice furniture. Oak, isn´t it?” I complimented.

“Yes, heirlooms from my mother,” Ramona answered and asked me to take a seat on the couch. While I took a look at a copperplate print on the wall, Ramona went to the kitchen and made coffee. “It´s a reprint of Albrecht Dürer´s work. It was a present from my ex-husband. Do you like it?” Ramona asked me, bringing two blue onion pattern porcelain cups with saucers and two coffee spoons. Not waiting for an answer she went back to the kitchen.

“My ex-husband?” I thought, playing with one of the spoons. The design of the spoons reminded me of my school years; the “Altfaden-design” was an example of taste during the Biedermeier period. If I remember correctly, one objective of this period was to make oneself “gemütlich” at home. Will Ramona and I make ourselves “gemütlich” and “comfortable” in a few minutes?

Ramona returned to the living room and brought along a pot of coffee and a little blue onion pattern milk jug. “Do you want sugar?” Ramona asked, pouring some coffee in my cup.

“No, thank you,” I answered and took some milk. Thirsty, I tried to take a sip, but the coffee was still too hot.

“In this weather the coffee hardly cools down,” I said, blowing on my coffee.

“If your coffee is too hot, I could blow a little bit!” Ramona said with a dirty smile and licking her lips.

Did I hear right? “Why not? With much pleasure,” I answered. Aroused I got up, dropped my trousers and awaited what would happen.

“Maybe you misunderstood me, young boy,” Ramona said staring at my cock. “But at the sight of your freshly washed cock, I feel like …” Ramona added. She smiled wolfishly, took a pillow, laid it between my legs on the floor and knelt down. Peering up she asked me, “Do you want Mommy to suck your dick?” Not waiting for an answer she grabbed my dick, pulled down the foreskin and took my glans into her mouth. It felt warm and soft. She flicked her tongue around my dick several times before she started sucking on it. Her head bobbed up and down. I loved it.

After a while, my cock was as hard as a filled tire on an Audi Quattro – Ramona got up and pushed me on my back. “Let mommy take a ride,” she ordered, taking a seat on my dick. Her thighs were – like her whole body – big and chubby, but firm. “Do you want it rather soft?” Ramona asked me gently fondling my breast. “Or do you like it rather rough and dominant?” Ramona added, pinching my nipples and riding me fast and hard.

It was an arousing feeling; I moaned and looked at her chubby breasts wobbling up and down. In contrast to her tanned body, her big breasts were pale. Her big dark round succulent nipples stood out against the smooth white skin of her breasts.

“Listen! If you come too early, you will have to lick me clean. You got that,” Ramona implored dominantly.

I nodded and ejaculated some seconds later. I was ashamed, but I couldn´t help it; it was too hot.

“Mmmm, I am not yet satisfied. You know what to do, young man?” Ramona commanded, lying down on the couch and spreading her legs. “Come to mommy. Suck my pussy.”

Exhausted, I took a seat on the couch and moved my head toward Ramona´s pussy. It was an arousing view. In contrast to her tanned body, her vulva and the regions that had been covered by her bikini were pale. The paleness seemed to emphasize the intimacy of this region. Her pudency was covered with black stubble. Between the swollen lips of the vulva, my sperm dripped off as a grey sticky fluid. My sperm smelled disgusting. “Kneel down, honey or you will get a backache,” Ramona said maternally.

Submissively I knelt between Ramona´s chubby legs and shyly kissed her swollen clitoris. I felt like the trucker in the joke I had told. “Come on, honey,” Ramona said pushing my head against her pussy. “Come on honey, get me off.”

Gently I started circling my tongue around her clit. It was okay. But then I tipped my tongue between her sperm covered labia and screwed up my face with disgust.

“Mmmm,” Ramona said, “It seems somebody doesn´t like eating sperm-flavored pussy. Wait sweetie. I will refresh myself for you.”

Ramona got up and went to the bathroom. Waiting for her, I tried to flush away the bad taste with a sip of coffee and another and another. Some minutes later Ramona came back to the living room. Smiling she held a pot of honey in her hands and took her place again on the couch, “Lust for honey-flavored pussy, darling?”

After Ramona dribbled some honey on her pussy I knelt down between her chubby legs and kissed her clit. It tasted much better and I gently circled my tongue on her pearl before I started to lick more boldly. With every exhalation I moved my tongue vigorously up through her swollen lips. Ramona moaned and arched her back.

She seems to like it, I thought and kept on.

Uhhh, ahhhh,” Ramona howled from a place deep inside as her pussy shuddered under my insistent tongue.

After a while Ramona pulled my head up and said, “Hmm. That was wonderful. Thank you very much.”

Exhausted I got up and sat next to her on the couch. “It’s gotten late,” Ramona said looking at her watch, “I still have some work to do. You can visit me again tomorrow, if you want to. There are a lot more kinky things we can do together.”

I emptied my cup of coffee and got dressed. “With great pleasure,” I answered, smiling and kissing her cheeks in farewell.

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