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Celebrity: Kate Upton

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That did it!

That fucking did it!

I was going to hand my notice in the first thing on December twenty sixth and I was going to get the hell out of the retail business! The doors were shut and much merriment was already occurring on the streets of my home town. However, I was pretty much set in my role as the Grinch of our store. A snowball hit the back of my neck and I shook it off as I stuffed my hands into my pockets and started to make my way back to my apartment.

I lived on the ground floor of a pretty nice set of buildings in down town Denton, Ohio and I was going to be the only one there for most of tonight and probably for the early hours of tomorrow morning/midday.

Fine by me.

I still had all of my presents to wrap and most of my cards to write for my family. One more stop on my way over into the convenience store and I would be on vacation for one whole week while my brand new assistant manager held the store off. Of course, I had precisely nothing to do with my week off other than be a Grinch and probably make my way home after dealing with my family. First, I had a date with a six pack and the latest issue of Sports Illustrated to see what new hot women were out there.

Street lights flickered above me as I walked down the street towards what was left of society that hadn’t shut down for the holidays. I put my hand out and saw that there was a soft flake cascading down from the heavens towards the ground. Snow fall? That was all that I needed. Looking around, I spotted the occasional family or small child getting excited about the falling powder. There wasn’t much texture to it, so maybe it wouldn’t stay?

Narrowly avoiding some open air snowball conflict, I ducked into an open and remarkably empty parking lot for my local convenience store and made my way over to the front door. The lure of the heating inside of the store was just too great for me to avoid. Putting my hand against the cold steel of the door, I pushed my way inside of the store and the warm blast of heating was enough for me to almost be grateful I was inside.

However, the smell of out of date hotdogs and burgers were enough for me to get brought back into the room. Looking around, I nodded at the baked clerk behind the desk as I walked over to the alcohol. Grabbing a six pack of Coors and then walking down towards the magazine rack, I picked up a GQ and a Sports Illustrated as a special Christmas treat to myself. Well, why shouldn’t I reward myself?

Checking out the selection of candy bars, I found nothing that seemed to grab my attention so I made my way straight over to the desk. Laying down all of the items down on the counter, I ignored the look from the attendant as he bagged the items for me. Ringing them up, I passed over a tatty twenty dollar bill before getting my change and stuffing it into the pocket of my jacket.

Tucking my hand under the bottom of my bag, I walked out of the store and ignored the biting cold of the area. Looking to the right, I stepped out into the cold and started to walk towards my home. The snow was falling a little faster this time and I was almost certain that it would start to settle now. Rolling my eyes, I snorted out a sound that almost resembled a ‘Bah Humbug’ sound before starting to walk a little faster to get home while I still could do.

Reaching my door, I pushed my hand into my jacket pocket and blindly searched for my keys. Grabbing my work set and slipping them over my thumb, I lifted my apartment keys out with me right index finger and then into the palm of my hand. I slipped the key into the lock and managed to twist it before stuffing my work keys back into my pocket and crossing the threshold into the door. Laying the brown paper bag down on the floor inside of my apartment, I then lifted the keys out of the lock and closing it behind me.

Flicking the lights on, I slid the bolt across my door locking it in place. Not that I was expecting too many visitors at this time of night. Flipping the nearest light on, I walked into the front room of my apartment and ignored the looming pile of presents still in the clear plastic bin bag I had used from work. Kicking a roll of wrapping paper away from my feet, I sat back on my leather couch and smiled softly. My eyes studying the faux fireplace I had hanging off of my wall. It was an electrical heating unit that looked rather homely and gave the centre of my apartment the appearance of a front room in a family home.

Grabbing the remote control for it, I lifted it up and pointed it at it, flicking the fireplace on. The orange flames started to illuminate the room and flicker to life like it was a real fire. Orange washed over the apartment, the light bathing my leather couch and the recliner chair to the right of it in the same light. Closing my eyes and letting my head fall back and rest against the top of the couch, the heat started to tickle my body and washing away the prospect of a Christmas by myself.

My eyes opened and I pushed myself up to my feet. Walking back to the entrance to my apartment, my snow boots collided with the laminated flooring as I crossed over to the coat hook hanging off of my wall. Unzipping, I shrugged the coat off and hung it up before reaching down and picking up my shopping from earlier.

Placing them down on the couch, I took a seat next to them and lifted one of the magazines out along with one of the chilled beers. Placing the lid of the beer against the palm of my left hand, I firmly twisted the bottle and removed the lid with ease. Throwing the metal lid onto the coffee table, I lifted the bottle to my lips and swallowed a mouthful of the beer. Putting the beer down to my side, I tried to relax in my room.

Just next to the fireplace there was a window that hadn’t had the curtain drawn. I could see more and more snow dropping down from the heavens and colliding with the ground. My eyes studied the open window and I pretty much knew that there was a good chance I wouldn’t be getting out of here the next morning. The weather in Ohio always seemed to keep the snow overnight and then some. If this goes the way I think it will do, chances are I won’t be able to leave to go see my family.

Stepping up off of the couch, I kept my beer in hand and walked over to the window. What I saw damn near made my eyes go wide. Outside, down town Ohio looked like a winter wonderland. Almost four inches of snow had fallen and the view from my apartment made it look like I was on the set of some sort of Christmas movie. A lone pair of headlights was visible in the distance but that looked liked that was it for civilisation.

Smiling as I realised I could have the whole apartment complex to myself and I could do exactly whatever I wanted by myself. Turning my back to the window, I walked back to the couch and picked up one of the Sports Illustrated to take a look through. On the front cover was Kate Upton, a name both my dick and my search history was very familiar with. I took a seat on the couch and thumbed my way through the magazine, sipping on the beer as I searched for Kate’s main spread.

As I was thumbing through the magazine there was a knock at my door. Raising an eyebrow, I looked over the back of my couch and then at the door. I waited for a brief moment before there was another knock that made me stand up straight.

“Who the hell is this?” I mumbled under my breath, keeping my beer held up by the neck of the bottle.

Taking a sip of my beer, I put my hand on the door’s bolt and slid it away. Placing the beer on the table next to the door, I took a grip of the handle and opened it up. The deathly chill in the air making me shiver in place as I looked out to whoever was at my door. The person had their back turned to me and they were dressed in a big, thick black coat that ran down to just above their knees. The person was wearing a set of red stockings and some boots that ran up to her knees. Just seeing the exposed skin made my loins start to burn. However, the owner of the legs certainly did make me start to get very hot under the collar.

Kate fucking Upton was on my front door and had her arms wrapped under her impressive chest, although I couldn’t see them right now due to the thick coat she was wearing. She smiled and quickly waved at me before stepping a little closer to me and standing on the absolute door step.

“Hi. Can I come in please?”

Still rather dumbfounded, I nodded my head and stepped aside. The hand that had unlocked the door extended and I let her walk into my own private residence. Kate fucking Upton was now in my apartment? I could just see the blog post to my local celebrity forum appearing in my mind. Closing the door behind her, I walked back into the front room where Kate had taken a few steps in and had extended her hands towards the heater, getting some obviously much needed warmth to her extremities. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, a loose strand of blonde hair falling in front of her face for a few moments before she brushed it away.


“Yeah, no problem. Still cold out there huh?”

Kate nodded her head and bit on her lip softly.

“Yeah. I can’t believe how bad the weather’s gotten. It’s like the North pole out there!” Her hands came together and rubbed against each other before they extended back towards the fireplace heater. She lifted her head up and looked around before smiling fondly at me.

“Nice place.”

Was that sarcasm? I wasn’t too sure but frankly, I didn’t care. Kate Upton was in my front room and actively engaging me in conversation.

“Where are my manners! Sorry, I’m Kate.” She said with a smile, moving over to extend her hand for me to shake. Taking it and shaking it with a big smile on my face, I nodded my head. “But, I guess you already knew that huh?” She nodded towards the open Sports Illustrated magazine that proudly displayed the Kate Upton spread.

“I… Uh…”

“It’s cool. Trust me, I wouldn’t do these shoots if I didn’t already have an idea as to what people would do with the pictures. I suppose you wouldn’t mind an autograph?”

“That would be great!”

“Cool. I’ll trade you an autograph for the use of your land line?”

“My land line? Sure. What’s up?”

“My car broke down. I need to get a hold of a mechanic. I saw one a couple of blocks away, just need to call one of them to get a ride out of here.”

Nodding, I moved over to my kitchen and found my kitchen’s land line that was hanging off of a wall mounted charger. Lifting it off of the receiver, I passed it to Kate who focused on the keypad and dialled in the number she had obviously noted down earlier. Made me wonder if she had expected something to go wrong or not.

Kate started to move around the inside of the small kitchen while she spoke to the mechanic. As her eyes drifted over to the mountain of gifts, her eyes moved back to me and a smile crept onto her face. She finished up the phone call and put it back onto the charger. Walking over to the presents, she looked them over and then looked at me.

“These all for you? I don’t think the cookie monster onesie will fit you too well.”

She added with a smile, lifting it out of the bag and holding it up as if to measure it against me. She placed it bag in the bag and walked into the main front room, loitering in front of the heater. Her hands came down to the front of her coat and fiddled with the front buckle, she then let it fall loose and she pushed her arms back so that she could wriggle out of her coat.

She was wearing a ruby red dress with white fluffy trim. Three white fluffy balls were pinned onto the chest, one below each other like they were buttons. Around the waist was a black belt that had a golden buckle at the front, just above her belly button. At the front of the outfit, near where to her cleavage was, was a piece of holly that drew attention to her chest. Not that Kate Upton’s chest needed much of a grab.

“So? There a reason why you’re not wrapping those?” She asked, looking at the presents that still sat neglected in the corner of my room.

“I just can’t wrap presents.”

Kate laughed and shook her head, almost as if she couldn’t believe the words that had just come out of my mouth. Her hands came down and put rested them down on her ass, she bit her bottom lip and then shook her head, another laugh escaping her lips.

“Seriously? It’s so easy!” She walked over to one of the small jumpsuits I had picked up for my nephew and then laid it out flat on the table in the front room. She flattened out the outfits and then looked around for the wrapping paper.

“Wrapping paper?” She asked, looking up at me expectantly.

Put back a little bit, I was temporarily dumbfounded before I nodded my head, clicking my fingers to illustrate that I knew where it was. Walking into my kitchen, I found a roll of tape and three separate rolls of wrapping paper. Walking back to my front room, I passed Kate both the wrapping paper and the scotch tape.

She unravelled the first roll of wrapping paper and placed the onesies in the middle of the paper. Grabbing one of the craft knives I had used to try to wrap one of my earlier presents, she cut a straight line along from the bottom of the paper up to the top, cutting the fabric away cleanly.

As I stood, watching Kate start to wrap the presents, I watched as she bent over the table, showing off her impressive chest. My eyes focused purely on the two large breasts that were being enclosed by the red dress. Watching them, my dick started to swell as they subtly jiggled while she wrapped my presents. Trying to find a way to stimulate myself, I stuck my hands into my jeans pockets and started to reach towards my length while my eyes were focused purely on her chest.

Kate folded the gift over onto itself and then expertly sealed it with the same precision that she had shown earlier on in the evening. Satisfied, she sat back on her heels and then looked up at me, catching my gaze, she smiled and looked up at me. Her hand coming to the front and then tugging the dress up, as she did, I caught a flash of her panties which she also caught. Smiling and shaking her head, combing her fingers through her hair as she shrugged.

“Guess I’m in a lose lose here right?” She smiled, planted her hands on the table and pushed herself to a standing position. With a flick of her right hand, she pointed at the spot where she had been kneeling and suggested that I take her place. Smirking and nodding my head, I knew I had little choice. Kneeling down next to where Kate was now standing, I waited for Kate to select a gift for me to wrap.

A gift box of perfume was selected and then placed on the table as Kate knelt down next to me.

“Okay, get some paper.” I did so and Kate nodded her approval. “Now open up the paper and put the gift in the middle of it.” Following Kate’s instructions with a nod of my head, I pulled the roll to the left and extended the paper so I could place the gift in the middle of the paper. Grabbing the same craft knife I was about to repeat what Kate had done when she took a seat behind me and then slipped her arms under mine.

She moved closer and her large chest was pressing against my back, relishing the feel of her breasts moving against me as she fidgeted in place to get herself comfortable. Her left arm curled around my waist and pulled her closer to me as her right hand slid down mine to help me hold the knife. Her breath was hot against my ear as she looked at me and then down at the paper.

“Okay, this is what we’ll do.” Her hand moved onto mine and she helped me cut through the paper with ease. Her mouth was inches away from my ear as she nodded her head and moaned softly in an affirmative manner. Her mouth opened and she spoke softly. “Yeah, that’s good. That’s so good.”

Okay, this was starting to look like a porno. Not that I minded too much. This porno had Kate Upton and me in it! As I cut at the paper, Kate carried on moaning in the affirmative.

As I folded the last corner over onto the perfume gift set, Kate’s moaning got higher and more high pitched as she nodded her head like she was in the middle of having an orgasm pushed upon her. The last bit of tape was removed from the dispenser and placed on top of the gift and that made Kate positively squeal with delight.

I turned my head to face her and was disappointed to feel her ease up on me and then get to a standing position. She walked over to the other side of the table and then passed me a gift tag. Waving it expectantly, I leaned up off of my knees and took it from her.

“Write it out.” She said with a smile, I raised an eyebrow but didn’t complain. Taking the tag from her, I placed it down on the table and then grabbed a small biro pen and started to do as Kate requested, the pen hit paper and I elegantly wrote out a note to my mother before taping the string to the gift.

Minutes passed as I duplicated the past action, each present was wrapped, sealed and tagged as Kate nodded in approval watching from the couch. I looked up at her and raised an eyebrow as she smiled at me.

“Are you going to help?” I asked, putting my hands on my hips as one of the last bags was emptied. I only had a few more gifts to go and Kate seemed to approve of what I had done so far.

“I have helped! Look at how much you’ve got done!” She said with a grin, waving her hand over to where the growing pile of wrapped presents now stood proudly. “Would you have got that done if I wasn’t waiting for the mechanic?”

She had me there. I shook my head in the negative and Kate made a triumphant, if amused sound.

“So I’m helping.”

“I guess you are.” I placed the last of the gifts on the table and was about to wrap it up for the very last time in just under forty five minutes when something she had said made me look up at her. “What time did your mechanic say he was going to be here?”

“In about an hour and a half. But that was an hour ago,” She laid her arms along the top of my couch and looked behind her, her chest sticking out as she looked through the window. “I’d guess he got caught up in this weather? Such a shame.”

“A shame? Why do you care? He’s doing his job.”

“No one should be alone on Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of year!”

“Pfft. It’s just another day in the year that people spend the rest of the next year paying it off so they can do it all again the next year.” I walked over to the couch and took a seat next to her. I was doing a lot of talking with my hands as I looked over at her.

“Is that what you think?” She asked, a concerned look on her face as we spoke.

“How can you not think that? Economy’s still in the toilet and people just have to get the latest video game console for their brat who won’t even appreciate it!”

Kate smiled and looked down at her red stocking covered legs, she looked up at me and nodded her head.

“I’m just saying… No one should be alone on Christmas and I’ve got nearly two hours before the mechanic can get here. I can be with you tonight…”

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Donald ‘Donny’ Iliamson had always been self conscious. Since his childhood, he had never quite fit in with the crowd. While in elementary school, he had been one of the dullest students in class, and whatever he lacked in academics, he definitely didn’t make up for in sports, he sucked at everything he tried his hands on so much so that he constantly felt the word ‘SUCKER’ was stamped on his forehead for all to see.

He had been taunted, bullied and damn near abused due to his then scrawny figure, somewhere between all of that psychological and emotional abuse, he had learned to shut everything out, he numbed himself to the taunts, thereby becoming an introvert. All through Junior high and High school he had barricaded himself from every form of socialization, despite the changes he went through during puberty from a scrawny little boy to a tall, broad-shouldered hunk of a man, he hadn’t let it affect his attitude. He paid no mind to the many advances of horny teenage girls who viewed him as just another stud whose virility ought to go through rigorous testing and consequent approval or otherwise. It was quite amusing that the same girls who were drooling over him in High school had been part of the bane of his existence all through Elementary and Junior High, laughing at and mocking him at every chance they got. His being a defender in the school’s soccer team- and an extremely reliable one at that, had made him more popular than he wished to be, and with steady grades, he had managed to extricate himself from the roll-call of the dumbest students in class.

He had graduated as the fifth best student of his class, a feat that not only excited, but shocked some of his many relatives who had always envisioned a miserable, wretched life for him, or at most, a life as a trader in the fish market.

A month after his graduation, his father came home with the news that the entire family would be immigrating to the U.S.A, after he won a visa lottery.

Suffice it to say, it was with a large grin and a glad heart that Donny waved goodbye to his homeland and the source of all his psychological torture for seventeen years of his life as he, his father, mother, and little sister boarded the plane to the land of the free.

When he had first set eyes on /Kachi at baggage claim in the airport, his breath had hitched in his throat, she was only fifteen at the time, but damn it if he didn’t think her the most beautiful creature upon the earth. He had watched her intently, noting the fact that she was trudging behind a man he assumed to be her father, and two huge guys he later discovered were her brothers.

She had looked so cute with them, her small frame dwarfed by their much bigger ones. He had admired her nice ass which was accentuated in a pair of blue, form-fitting jeans, and had ogled at her perfect breasts, which as at then hadn’t reached their present size, and he had gotten a ‘stiff’ reminder that he was a man.

He temporarily left his family and went to introduce himself, with every step he took toward her, he marveled at the confidence that seemed to pop out of nowhere, back in Monaco, he would never have even considered walking up to a girl, but here he was doing something he hadn’t thought himself capable of. He had stopped in his tracks, a few feet away from where she was when she turned and her eyes fell on him, he had suddenly panicked, wondering if that dorky part of him that was a constant repellant as far as other humans were concerned had resurfaced, in a tumultuous fit, he had considered turning around and recoiling into his shell, his earlier confidence gone like smoke, but his doubts were cleared when she gave him one of her heart-warming smiles and looked away, her angelic face was a sight to behold, trumping all other females within a mile. From that moment on, it was a done deal- Donald Iliamson was head over heels in love with Karachi Iloh .

That night, for the first time ever, he had masturbated to thoughts of Kachi and promised himself that some day, she would bear his last name.

Fast forward nine years later and he was nowhere near fulfilling that promise, time and time again, he had considered asking her out on a formal date, but he had allowed fears and uncertainty deter him from doing so. All through college he had gone everywhere with her, he had dam near stalked her, making known to every potential suitor that she was taken in a non-verbal manner, only two guys had been able to infiltrate his fortress, and he hadn’t had to bother himself concerning them, they were out the door once they realized that Kachi didn’t plan on giving up the ‘goods’ anytime soon, and he was a phone call away from giving them the bruise if they dared to try anything funny with her.

He had been by her side those four years, protected her when she felt threatened, cared for her when she was ill, comforted her when she was sad, laughed with her when she was happy, sacrificed his time just to help her complete a report before the deadline for submission, but most importantly, he had loved her even when there were no assurances that she would reciprocate the feeling.

Even while he was dating Matilda, he had felt like he was cheating on Kachi, the fact that his best friend was happy he had found some girl to occupy his time with instead of hounding her every chance he got had annoyed him. He had expected a different reaction, he had WANTED her to be jealous, make several tantrums to carry that message, he had wanted her to fight for him…

But who was he to want such from her when he never made any attempts to fight for her? What other way was there to prove that one was a true man apart from fighting for what or who he loved?

For seventeen years of his life, he had been given the emotional beat down by others, but for the past nine years, he had been the reason for his heart-break, his inability to voice out his feelings to Kachi for fear of rejection had resulted in constant self-pity, and Phi’s poking had done nothing to ease that feeling…despite being grown, he couldn’t help but think that all the emotional abuse he had faced from his peers when he was younger had contributed to his lack of confidence and his fear of rejection. It didn’t matter how much money he made, how buffed he was, how handsome he was, he just would never be able to take away that feeling of not being up to par.

He looked at his reflection from his side-view mirror once more, he knew he looked smashing, but for Kachi- smashing was never good enough. It was their usual Christmas day get-togther, and by get-together, he meant a time for just himself, Kachi and Phi to eat a nice meal, dance to good music, call loved ones, goof off, watch the funniest comedies they could lay their hands on, and bid each other goodbye- or stay over, depending on how intoxicated they were at the end of the day.

With the outfit of choice ranging from casual to formal, depending on the preference of the ‘host’ for that year, they made it seem like some high-end party of the year…with friends, even the smallest things were viewed in a larger perspective.

This year’s gathering was at Kachi’s place, and the agreed upon outfit was formal. Dressed up in a suit Kachi had gotten him for his birthday, a white shirt and a red, slim tie to celebrate the season.

Satisfied with his appearance and with a large bowl of Brandamincium, a traditional Monegasque dish, in hand, he walked up to Kachi’s apartment and gave a slight knock. It was the highlight of their get-together that each person share a traditional dish with the others, not only did it help them reminisce about the good times of their home country, but it also educated them on the foods of their different nations, so far, Donny could mention at least five different Nigerian and South African dishes, and confidently cook two from each list, but he had promised himself he’d learn more of Nigerian dishes to surprise and please Kachi when they were married…oh, the many unfulfilled dreams of Donald Iliamson.

The door was opened by Phi who had on one of Kachi’s shirts and a pair of shorts, there was an apron tied around her waist to signify that they were still preparing the meals for the day.

She looked him over, noting how nice he looked in his suit in contrast to her under-dressed self, “Na wa o, na you dress pass.” she commented in Nigerian pidgin, hanging with Kachi had taught her more than a few things…Donny too.

“I thought the agreement was formal, it’s already ten, you guys should be dressed by now”

“We’re women, we have to cook and do a lot of things in the kitchen before getting dressed. My Valentino dress won’t look good with tomato splashed all over it” she replied as she made her way to the kitchen, “Kachi he’s here.”

“Finally, give him an apron, we’ll need an extra hand to get this finished in less than an hour.” Kachi said from the kitchen.

“Apron? I don’t think aprons and suits go together.” Phi replied

“Suit? What su…” Kachi didn’t finish her sentence as she came out to see Donny looking suave and every bit a heart-breaker in the suit she had bought him, but never thought he’d ever wear. Donny didn’t exactly like suits- or ties, or anything that had to do with an office, but she had gotten him one for ‘emergency’ purposes, some day he was going to upgrade his father’s business to a million dollar venture, and he needed to look the part on the way to the top.

“I’m sorry sir, we aren’t holding auditions for the part of James Bond here, you sure you’re in the right place?” she asked with a serious expression, which grew into a smile.

Donny grinned, genuinely happy that she found his appearance good enough for a James Bond role, he was flattered, ecstatic, over the freaking moon…funny what the right compliments from the right woman could do to a man’s ego, “Hey” he greeted.

She walked up to him and gave him a small hug, “Merry Christmas bestie.”

“Merry Christmas, love.” he inhaled the scent of her perfume mixed with the aroma of the food she was cooking in the kitchen, having her so close did things to him, he would kiss her right here if Phi wasn’t present- and if he didn’t fear the repercussions, ‘fear’ being the operative word here. He held on to her much longer than normal, reveling in how good her small body felt in his, he could hold her like this forever.

Kachi left his embrace when it got a bit uncomfortable, “Let me not spoil your nice get up here, with all of this…” she indicated the various stains on her apron, she needn’t give an explanation as to why she moved away, but it somehow appeased her feeling of guilt when she saw the disappointed expression on his face- Donny was no master in the arts of hiding one’s feelings, “…you can sit out the whole cooking thing, I and Phi will finish up soon.” she said, “thanks for this.” she took the bowl from his hand and leaned up to him, placing a light peck on his cheek.

That small gesture returned the smile to Donny’s face, “You’re welcome.”

She smiled and returned to the kitchen, “Smells lovely, what’s it called?” she asked from the kitchen, apparently referring to Donny’s dish.

“We’ll save that for the show and tell.” Phi replied, she walked up to Donny, “I hope this is the Christmas you tell her how you feel.” she said to him, making sure to lower her voice so that Kachi wouldn’t hear her. She didn’t wait to hear his reply as she joined Kachi in the kitchen before the expression of shock left his face.


“Okay, Merry Christmas again. Love you”

Kachi got off the phone with her immediate elder brother, I.K and gave a deep sigh. She missed her family. Since she moved to Ohio for college, she only saw them six times each year, her father had tried talking her into moving back to New York to help in running the family’s restaurant- one that offered the best of Nigerian cuisine, but living in the shadows of her men was not what she visualized herself doing for the rest of her life.

Being the only female of four kids, it was no surprise that Kachi received ‘special’ attention from her family, and her mother’s death eleven years ago had only worsened matters for her, as the only female left of her family, her father and brothers rarely let her out of their sights, it was only by the grace of God- and the presence of Donny, that they let her go to college in a different state.

“So, that’s the last call.” Phi said.

“And what an earful it was.” Donny added, I’K had read him the riot act on why he was giving in to Kachi’s whims and hiding ‘important’ information from them, and by important information he meant Kachi’s new job. So they hadn’t called to break the news, but it was only because Kachi wanted to give it some time. He would admit to giving in to Kachi’s whims, her brothers didn’t know it yet, but he would literally move mountains for their baby sister.

“Don’t be a sissy.” Phi joked, “You shouldn’t be hiding stuff if you don’t want repercussions”

“So, what’s next?” Donny asked.

“Show and tell.” Phi replied, having already eaten some hours ago, it was time to bring out the traditional dishes. Kachi went into the kitchen to get the dishes just as there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it.” Phi shouted. She opened the door to see a deliveryman with two large bouquets, “ooh, flowers”

“Good afternoon ma’am, are you Miss Iloh?” he asked

“No, but this is her apartment” Phi replied, “Kachi, it’s for you” she called as her eyes roamed the flowers, and her mind did a roll-call on who could be sending Kachi flowers. The first name that came to mind was Donny, maybe he had finally fished out his balls from the red sea and decided to make his move this year, what a way to start!

Kachi was at the door in minutes, “What is…?” she stared at the bouquets in the deliveryman’s hands, they were a compilation of her favorite flowers, red roses, violets, and lilies. It was a beautiful sight.

“Miss Iloh?”


“These are for you.” he said as he handed her the bouquet.

Phi grabbed them.

“Sign here please.” the deliveryman said, genuinely amused by Phi’s action

Kachi signed, her thoughts racing on who could be responsible for this, it was definitely a nice gesture, “Thank you.”

The deliveryman nodded in reply and turned around and walked off to his next destination. Kachi had barely closed the door when she heard Phi speaking

“There’s a note.”

She came into the sitting room to see Phi and Donny standing over the bouquets which were sitting on a table. Their postures reminded her of a scene from CSI when the officers found a dead body.

Donny was scowling, he looked deep in thought…well, that struck him off the list as a possible sender. As she moved closer, her thoughts suddenly fell on Jeremy, could he be the one? It gladdened her to no end that he had actually thought of her on Christmas day, it was a good sign, maybe they could actually go somewhere…assuming this was from him of course.

“Come over here and open the note already.” Phi said, she was about to burst out of curiosity, she needed to know this mystery man.

Kachi picked up the note and opened it. Inside was a poem written calligraphically. It read:

” Jingle bells, Christmas cheers

Lovely flowers for a lovely girl

It’s kinda cheesy sending a poem

But never so, if to a gem

Lilies, roses and violets I’ve sent

Hoping to my lady, I make a perfect gent”.

Merry Christmas,


Kachi’s smile grew wider with every line she read, he was no Shakespeare, but considering the effort, she found it the best poem she had ever read, much better than whatever John Donne or Andrew Marvell could have ever come up with.

Phi snatched the note from her seeing that Kachi wasn’t about to share the info, her eyes widened in disbelief at the name, of course in Phi style, she read the name of the sender before she did the poem, “Ooh, Mr. Vice President is a poet.”

Donny’s frown deepened. HIM. He sat on the couch, his eyes briefly caught the tray of food, there would be no eating for him, hell, his entire Christmas was ruined already. Here he was, trying to think up a way to make known his feelings to Kachi before the end of the day, and Mr. Smooth-talking, lover-boy, executive had more or less stolen the show before it even started. Why hadn’t he thought of a poem and flowers? Whatever he couldn’t utter with his lips, he could have written down, it would have saved him the humiliation- or at least made it a lot easier to deal with, if Kachi turned him down.

If Donny thought the flowers were a dent on his plans, the following hours proved that they were nothing but a mere scratch. First, it was five boxes of chocolate at the stroke of 1:00pm, then what had to be the most beautiful pair of platform shoes any of them had ever seen- Christian Louboutin, an hour later, came an emerald green dress that was nothing short of breath-taking- Vivienne Westwood, the next hour, a jewelry box arrived, containing a diamond bracelet, and then another came, inside lay an elegant, diamond necklace with the pendant being Kachi’s birthstone- topaz.

The final gift was another bouquet of flowers, this time it was a monotonous affair- white roses, with another note attached to it.

“Open it, open it, open it!” Phi urged, jumping around like a hyperactive toddler. The entire scene that had played out for the past five hours felt to her like something ripped out of a romance novel, who knew romantic men still existed on this planet? The men she usually encountered were only interested in hitting it and quitting it, none was interested in the art of wooing a woman, none cared for the thrills that came with chasing a woman, those were just antics of a pussy-whipped man as far as they were concerned, ‘real men don’t beat around the bush, they zone in on what they want, and take it’, those were their lines for defense, well right now, she was craving a ‘fake’ man, one who bothered to make her smile before making her scream, one who cared what she thought of him out of the sheets as well as between them, one who wanted to please her heart, before pleasing her pussy. Her definition of a real man. And it seemed to her that Kachi had snagged one out of a handful. Was she jealous? Hell yeah! What woman wouldn’t envy the good luck of another for finding the perfect gentleman? But the happiness she felt far outweighed the feelings of jealousy she harbored.

Donny’s eyes drifted from Kachi to Phi and back again, neither had acknowledged him since this festival of gifts began. He assumed Jeremy was wealthy, but to send this many gifts- whose combined worth could pay the salaries of everyone in his employ for at least four months, to someone he had met just over a week ago, had to be one of the most extravagant action Donny could think of, never in a million years could he have been able to get Kachi all of this in one day. His jaw ticked as he struggled to keep his temper on a leash, this was definitely not a level playing ground by any standards.

Kachi opened the note, it contained another poem:

” If milady finds my gifts pleasing. Let it be known, this gent means no teasing If willing you are, to simply take part A date with you, would gladden my heart.”

This one seemed more like a really corny version of Shakespeare, but it was all the more heart-warming. Kachi felt so much like a teenager being asked out on a date by her crush- no, much better, she couldn’t even think up a word to describe how she felt.

She bit her bottom lip as she thought of Jeremy, who knew he could be so sweet? He was so reserved and quiet, she never assumed he was a hopeless romantic…and he was asking her on a date? Oh, it was a Merry Christmas alright.

I often fantasized about having a threesome with Candice and Claudia. They were a pair of sex-starved hotties that love partying with me in Manhattan. We had been great friends since our college years, and we liked to share some of our craziest sexual encounters stories. Even though we had preserved a nonsexual relationship, I knew that eventually we were going to fuck like the sex-charged creatures we are.

It was an extremely cold Christmas when it happened. I was in my penthouse with Claudia and Candice. We planned to go to a gala that a mutual friend was having, but we got so relaxed in my living room. The young women looked sexy in their matching very short red tops and black tight jeans.

Claudia was a fine slim, cinnamon-complexioned woman. Nothing on her sexy body was too big or too small. Every part on her was just right. I liked her new red wavy hair, which complemented her face very well.

Candice, her best friend, was also hot! She was half-black and Asian. She had very big breasts and an ass like tennis superstar Serena Williams. I saw her attract both men and women on numerous occasions.

The Jack Daniel’s with Coke had me feeling right and horny. Claudia and Candice were taking tequila shots and sipping on Bacardi, which had us wasted. All the drinking had us blitzed like a couple of wild partygoers. Candice was munching on some buttery popcorn. I could not keep my eyes off her wonderful cleavage. She bit into the large popcorn and a piece of it fell down her breasts. Candice picked the crumbs off and licked her fingers.

“I see you looking at her breasts, Nature Boy.” Claudia said.

“Oh, he is?” Candice smiled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I

Claudia laughed and said, “You should see the look on your face.”

I was so embarrassed that Claudia caught me staring as I smiled and said, “I can’t help it, Candice has nice breasts.”

“What about mine?” Claudia flashed me her nice bare breasts.

“They’re nice too, baby girl.” I acknowledged. “Look, both of you women are sexy…”

“Oh, so you’ve been having fantasies about fucking us, huh?” Candice interrupted me.

“Basically,” I answered.

Both Claudia and Candice sat next to me laughing and touched me all over like physical therapists. Their tiny fingers felt like cotton balls roaming around my arms, chest and face.

“We’re not trying to embarrass you, Nature Boy.” Candice said.

“Pretty boys can be such pussies when it comes to getting pussy,” Claudia said. “Nature Boy, everybody have fantasies. There is nothing wrong with having dirty thoughts.”

“Okay, since you are being so honest. Have you ever had any fantasies about Candice?”

“I make my fantasies into a reality.” Claudia answered without hesitation.

Claudia leaned over and kissed Candice on the lips. I was almost shocked at this sight. All this hot lesbian action made me have an erection like steel. After they finished kissing, they smiled and gazed at me.

“Is there anything we can do Nature Boy, to make this a great Christmas for you?” Candice asked in her naughty voice.

“We should engage in a threesome on this special holiday.” I suggested.

In a split second, both of them leaned over and kissed me. Our tongues swirled around each other tasting every flavor with such delight. I was shocked that this was really happening. Claudia and Candice followed me to the bedroom. It took them no time to shed their clothes off as if they were dying to be nude. I was contented to see how perfectly toned their bodies were. They approached me and ripped my clothes off. As I French kissed Claudia, Candice took my dick into her warm mouth. She licked the head of my dick making me feel extra nice. I was mesmerized!

In the bed, I was on top of Claudia beating her pussy up. She moaned uncontrollably, and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Candice madly fingering herself. The sight of this and hearing her moaning turned me on. I flipped Claudia over and penetrated her from the back. While I was doing this, Claudia was licking and sucking Candice’s shaved pussy. Moaning and passionate sighs echoed the bedroom. I shot a humongous load of jism on Claudia’s ass and lower back.

My mind was still on lust and my dick was harder than before. Candice’s pussy was so wet that she began screaming her excitement as soon as I pumped into her. Oh man, Candice’s pussy was good! I was so into fucking the shit out of her that I could not give her breasts the attention they deserved. Candice’s breathing became rapid like she was getting close to climax. Then she pushed me away and squirted out her love juices. I was in awe that Candice was a “squirter” that I wanted her to keep on squirting.

Candice got on top of me and rode me for all she was worth. My dick was so deep in her juicy pussy that she screamed like a banshee. Her passionate moaning and groaning let me know she was neared a very intense orgasm, and she finally climaxed. Candice collapsed on my chest and her love juices oozed down my legs. The sweet aroma of sex filled the room like a garden of passion.

Exhausted, I lay between my two love freaks with my dick in my hand feverishly pumping away. While I was doing this, Claudia and Candice were licking my ears and counting down. When they shouted one, I erupted like one hot champagne bottle and had semen flying everywhere! Both of the girls cheered like die-hard sport fans.

Still nude and our bodies glistened from the hot sex; we walked out on the balcony. With drinks in our hands, we shouted “Merry Fucking Christmas!” and screamed.

“What a way to celebrate Christmas!” I said.

“Alright, I’m glad we didn’t go to the club. I prefer to have a big dick in me than dancing all night.” Claudia expressed. “A great orgasm is the greatest feeling in the world. What do you think Candice?”

“You know I love to fuck!” Candice confessed. “I can’t believe his dick made me came like that.”

“I’m the best when it comes to sex.” I told them. “I fuck like a porn star!”

I kissed both of them and the three of us had another threesome. We performed every position and combination we could think of. After about three hours of fucking, we lay in the bed completely spent. I relaxed in the middle of Candice and Claudia with a big smile on my face thanking God for the best Christmas gift.

[Note: This is my first work reposted with better editing and a few other tweaks.]

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Carol was determined not to let the bombshell that had been dropped on her ruin her Christmas. She and Derek had been looking forwards to their first festive season in the City, they had moved there together at the beginning of the year. New year, new life, they’d told each other. But it would be their first Christmas away from their families.

Carol and Derek had been high school sweet hearts and were engaged to be married. At least they had been until earlier that day when Derek had told her he’d met someone else and would be spending the holidays with her instead. Completely out of the blue, Carol was stunned. She felt as if her heart had been torn out and all of her insides had been taken with it. The phone had hung in her hand long after Derek had hung up and she slumped at her desk in a daze for the rest of the hour.

The office was almost empty that day, being Christmas Eve after all. No one had noticed that her usually cheerful demeanor had fled her. So caught up were they in their own last minute plans to meet family.

As the last few hours of her work day wore away, she began to regain her strength of mind and resolved to enjoy her Christmas, despite the shocking news. When she left for home she was almost happy again and nearly skipped her feet as she pretended that the evening would still be fun. That the presents she had bought for Derek were really bought by some mysterious admirer for her. Nobody wished her “Merry Christmas” as she walked to her car.

The house is chilly when she enters and when she looks she sees that the thermostat has been turned off. Must have been Derek before he left, she thought, does the bastard want me to freeze to death too? Dumping me on Christmas wasn’t enough for him. Reaching out she turns the dial up to the usual mark, Derek had always liked the place cool and had told her to wear more if she was cold. Fuck him, he’s gone, I can make the place an oven! She continues to twist the dial until it hits the top of its range and deep in the basement the furnace glows and roars into blazing life. She smiles as the noise of the coming warmth rumbles up from below.

As the furnace settles down into a steady hum Carol realises the house is earily quiet and, despite knowing that it’s foolish, she feels a tingle of fear as she walks along the hall to the bedroom they used to share. Looking quickly around she sees that most of his things have been taken, all that remains are a few old t-shirts and some junk he was too lazy to throw away.

She can feel the warmth coming through the floor vents now and moves to stand above one. With a foot either side of the vent the gentle breeze swirls up her long skirt and carresses her long legs. As the warmth reachs her body she looks in the mirror on the wardrobe door and begins to change out of her work clothes.

She slides the jacket off her shoulders and down her arms before folding it and throwing it on the bed. Catching sight of herself in the mirror she pauses and looks deeply into her own eyes. How could he have done this, after so long together? She sighs. What is this girl like that he’s left me for? She wonders and is quickly caught up in imagining the woman who has torn her life apart.

Running a hand under her hair across the back of her neck, she lifts the silky copper tresses away to the side, the bedroom light shines through giving her hair an almost golden glow. Maybe she’s blonde? She lets the hair fall away from her fingers in a rouge waterfall until it again hangs long and straight down to her shoulder blades. Maybe she’s brunette? Or an asian, hair like this but black?

She steps towards the mirror and peers closely at her face, examining herself. She wonders if there is something she has never seen in her own reflection before, which would cause Derek to leave her. Putting her fingers to the outer corners of her eyes she pulls gently outwards and up until her bright blue irises are peeping from an immitation of an asian face. No. She takes her fingers away and presses her palms against her cheeks, squishing her face forwards into a wrinkly mass then stretching it back. Maybe it’s the freckles, she thinks, examining her pale creamy skin, a smattering of freckles spreads from one check to the other, across her small straight nose.

Stepping back a little Carol cocks her head and purses her lips, what are her lips like, bigger? Smaller? Darker? She runs a finger along the line between the soft pink of her pout and the pale skin of her face, what would it feel like to kiss these lips? She makes a toothy grin and looks at her small, straight and white teeth, a slight gap between the top front two. There’s nothing wrong with these, she thinks, running her tongue across them.

She takes another step back until she can see her whole length in the mirror and admires her figure. The tailored blouse and long split pencil skirt hug and accentuate her curves. Her limbs are long and lean and the line of her waist to her hips make a graceful hourglass shape. I keep in shape, does she? She shrugs and begins to unbutton her blouse, stopping after a few buttons as her cleavage begins to show. Then folds her arms under her bust and leans forward, pushing her breasts up and exagerating her cleavage. Maybe she’s got bigger tits? I know these aren’t the biggest but he’s always seemed to enjoy playing with them and sucking my nipples. A doubt creeps into the back of her mind, had he been after something bigger all this time?

Feeling glum she finishes unbuttoning the blouse and slides it off her shoulders. A few stray freckles are scattered on her shoulders, down her arms and across her chest. She folds the blouse over her arm, then picks up the jacket and puts them on hangers in the wardrobe. Returning to the spot in front of the mirror she slides the zip down on the side of the skirt and lets it fall off her. She watches as her legs are revealed, first slowly as the skirt slips over her hips, them quickly as it falls past her thighs and into a pool around her feet.

Standing only in her underwear she turns and poses for herself in the mirror. She wears a well fitted biege bra with lacey detailing across the top and a matching panty. Her legs are tinted a dark brown by her stockings and on her feet are a pair of heels propping her up to a height of around 5 foot 9. She runs her hands over her body, down her thighs, around behind and up under her high, tight buttocks. She grabs her arse cheeks and squeezes them. Turns her back to the mirror, looks over her shoulder and lifts her checks up. Does he like a bigger ass? He always said he loved my ass though and I know all the guys used to watch me on the track in college.

She gives her cheeks a last squeeze and a circular rub, before turning again and running her hands across her hips to her tummy. She slids one hand up, feeling the flat muscles under her soft flesh. Slides the other down over her panties and lightly trickles her finger down over her pussy. She presses between her labia, feeling them spread under the pressure, I’m getting myself horny with this strip tease.

She moves both hands up to her breasts and pats them on the undersides, watching them bounce a little despite the constraint of the fabric. They’re a good size. She wears a B cup but they look larger on her slender frame. Reaching behind her she unclips the bra and shrugs it off. Throws it towards the laundry basket in the corner, then steps out of the fallen skirt and flicks it in the same direction with her toe. She lifts her left breast and rubs at the red line in her skin from the wire in the bra. Then repeats the action on the other side. She cups both breasts and gentle squeezes them. Then rubs one, then the other in a circular motion pushing up and rolling inwards. How long has it been since Derek played with me like this? Her nipples have become hard little pebbles conspicuously protruding from the domed centers of her areolas.

She pinches each nipple gently, then again with more force. Still holding them tight, she pulls them away from her body, watching the way her breasts stretch forward into elongated cones. Releasing the hard little buds causes a flash of pain to radiate outwards before quickly fading. Then she slides her hands down her body and slips her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties. Coyly turning her shoulder inward she watches herself continue the striptease. She slowly teases the panties down, first an inch with her left hand, then another with her right, until the first orange copper hairs begin to show above the lace.

She slides the panties all the way down her legs in one smooth movement. Bending at the waist she pokes her bum out at some imagined admirer watching her from behind. The knickers are thrown towards the basket with the other underwear and she straightens up. She clearly sees the neatly trimmed tuft of red fur, a small triangle pointing down to her waxed smooth lips. She absently flicks a fingertip in the short hairs as she turns left and right. Her eyes follow her curves down from her bust, scooping in at her waist and out over the flesh of hips and ass then down her legs to the small pair of heels on her feet.

Maybe i’m too tall for him, she wonders as she raises up, until only the toes of the shoes touch the ground. She lowers her heels, then crouches down and removes one of the shoes. Standing with one foot flat and the other leg bent, the heel still proping it up, she stands five and a half feet tall. Maybe i’m too short. She stoops and takes off the other shoe, puts them away in the bottom of the wardrobe.

In only her stockings now she turns away from the mirror and looks over her shoulder. Standing on her tip toes she watches how the muscles in her legs tighten, lift her calves and make her ass look high and round. Well, I’d do me! Hmmmm… I’ve got nothing better to do. Her eyes flick to the low cabinet beside the bed and she makes a quick girlish skip towards it. A naughty thought curls the corners of her mouth up into a mischievious smile. Gripping the handle she pauses as if she were a child about to steal forbidden cookies from a jar.

How long has it been since we’ve played? Her eyes widen with lustful glee as she slides out the drawer at the top of the cabinet and reveals her modest collection of immodest toys. Her waist creates a valley like contour above her hips as she lies on the bed and reachings her hand into the draw. She runs her fingers across one of the dildos feeling the smooth plastic surface of the slim rod, then moves her hand over the next one. This one a skin coloured latex member about 7 inchs long and thicker than the first. It has a dimpled and veiny texture.

She lifts the latex cock from the drawer and rolls onto her back. She puts the tip of it to her lips and gives it a delicate kiss while her other hand roams across her body. First moving to her breast, she grabs and squeezes a handful of the soft flesh, then tweaks her nipple. The nipple begins to harden and she moves to tweak the other too. She parts her lips slightly, allowing the tip of the fleshy fallus to press inside. Maybe Derek is having his cock sucked right now by that other… bitch. Her tongue meets the latex as it moves deeper and she licks the head, I feel like real cock now!

Her nipples hard, she runs her hand down her smooth tummy and across the little triangular tuft, then down between her legs. Gently she strokes the smooth skin of her outer labia before she presses a fingertip into the crease abover her clitorus. The fingertip slides downwards over the soft hood and she releases a tiny gasp as it passes over the sensitive nub. She slides the finger further down towards the moist opening of her sex. She circles the opening and moistens the finger, before sliding back up to press firmly on her clit. She gasps more loudly this time.

She repeats the motion several times. Sliding down, circling, moistening and sliding back up to press on the pink pearl of pleasure. As she does this she opens her mouth wide and slides the dildo along her wet tongue until she hold about 3 inchs of it in her mouth. She licks the lifelike member and spread the wetness from her mouth across it, twisting it in her mouth to spread her saliva all over the head. I think that will do…

She moves her left hand up and presses two fingers against her clit then down again. She opens them to spread her labia away, as she brings the dildo from her mouth. A glistening wet string connects it to her tongue until it stretches too far and drops a wet line on her belly. She manouvres the slick, warm, cock like shaft to the pink spread dampness of her pussy and presses it against the opening.

“Oooooh… mmmmm,” she moans as her pussy opens to allow the pleasure tool to enter. Slowly at first she slides it into herself, rubbing her clit as it moves in, then slowly slides it out again. Oh yes! Again she slides the meaty tool into her moist hole, then begins to increase the pace of the movements. Her head rolls back, mouth open, panting and eyes half closed she revells in the feeling of fucking. She grabs her breast again and twists, squeezes it as she pumps the dildo even deeper.

She sees her reflection in the mirror and watches herself, voyeur like as one stocking falls down her thigh. God, I look like a dirty slut, like I haven’t fucked in months. I haven’t fucked in months! She pretends she is watching another girl taking pleasure from the latex cock. Watches as the other girl bites her lower lip and rubs her fingers across her pink sex bud. Then rubs it in circles and pulls the hood back and pumps the rod into her pussy a little harder. She can feel the orgasm start to approach.

“Aaahhhh-oooh,” she rams the dildo into her hot wetness. Harder, faster, over and over agai, waves of pleasure begin to mount like breakers before a storm. A heat spreads from between her legs and radiates out through her body. The pleasure becomes more intense and she feels the orgasm building. She pinches her nipples and breaths hard as she begins to crest the heights of extasy.

Pleasure ripples through her body as the orgasm takes her, she almost screams as her body convulses. Rising up on her toes and shoulders she arches her back, grabbing her breast, showing her throbing pussy to the room. Then slumping she presses on her clit and squeezes her thighs together. Holding the dildo deep inside her she slowly pants out the last of the after shocks.

“Oh wow, Carol, ” she congratulates her reflection, “you were wonderful.”

Carol curls her knees up to her chest and lies on the bed for a few minutes. Her eyelids droop with weariness from her long day and the energy just spent pleasuring herself. No, I have to decorate the house for Christmas! I wont let Derek ruin this for me. Reaching down between her legs she wraps her hand around the bulbous, testicle shaped base of the dildo and, with a wet slurping noise, pulls it from her still hot and sensitive pussy. She brings it too her face and smells the musky scent of her pussy juices, then rolls upright and swings her feet to the floor.

Looking at her stockings, one fallen down to her calf, the other still around her thigh, she pauses for a moment. Then pops the dildo back into her mouth, tasting her sex, so she can use both hands to roll the stockings down her legs and off her feet. She throws them in the laundry basket too, then, dildo in hand, walks into the ensuite bathroom. She drops it into the sink and turns the water on in the shower. Washing quickly she wraps a towel around her hair and another around her body, tucked under her arms, then walks back to the bedroom.

Well, i’ve got no company tonight, I can dress down in something comfortable. She looks through her drawers and finds a set of winter flannel pajamas, then untucks the end of the towel and lets it fall away from her body. Balancing on one foot she begins to pull the pajama bottom on over her feet. Actually, that furnace has got the place nice and warm now (or maybe it was my little play before), I can wear something lighter. She bundles the pajamas together and dumps them back in the drawer then pulls open another drawer.

She rummages briefly before pulling out a pink pair of bikini style panties, she stoops and slips then on. Then grabs a black t-shirt, so old the Metallica print has almost worn off and pulls it over her head. Her pink wrapped pussy is just visible below the t-shirt. Satisfied that the flimsy garments and blazing furnace will be sufficient warmth she moves about the house closing the curtains before ending up in the living room.

Time to decorate! She picks up the box at the end of the sofa and drops it on the dining table. She opens the top and begins to pull out tinsel, ribbons, plastic candy canes, coloured lights and all manner of cheerful ornaments, until they are spread all over the table. From amongst the brightly coloured mess she pulls out a piece of textured plastic about the size of a dinner plate, shakes it to dislodge a string of lights. We’ll put Santa up first, she grins.

Going to the front door, she grabs some tape from the sideboard in the hall and opens the door. A blast of icy air slams into her and snow flakes drift up the hall. Fuck, that’s cold! She slams the door shut again. Better get ready first and try again. She peels some strips of tape off the roll and sticks them around the edge of the plastic Santa sign, then, bracing herself, grabs the doorhandle again.

She throws the door open and holds the Santa sign against the door, then quickly presses the tape down to the windows and wood panelling. Just check it before I get back inside, she leans back to see how it looks when another gust of wind comes across the yard and up the steps. The chilly breeze swirls up her legs and inside the t-shirt, pulling it up around her face and presenting a brow raising view of Carols slender body and pert breasts, nipples erect from the winds icy touch, to the old neighbour from across the street. She yanks the t-shirt down and throws the door closed, the neighbours view replaced by the bas relief of the cheerful Santa with the words “Santa, please come inside!”

Rubbing her bare arms to remove the chill she heads back to the table full of decorations. Flicking the TV on, she starts to hang the bunting around the living room and then goes to the closet in the hall to get the box with the fake tree in it. She puts it up in the corner next to the fireplace and begins to decorate it too. The fireplace was an idiosyncrasy of the house. It wasn’t needed because of the furnace but the previous owners had left it in and Carol had loved the idea of a fire, even if it wouldn’t be used. She had insisted on getting firewood so they could have a romantic evening in the firelight, Derek had thought the idea silly. I’m going to have my fire tonight, Derek, she tells herself defiantly.

With the tree up and decorated and fire made and starting to crackle she goes back to the box on the table, lifts it up and tips out the last contents. She picks up the rolls of red fabric and shakes them out into two white fur topped stockings. I love emptying my stocking on Christmas morning! All the treats and surprises mom – I mean Santa! – used to bring. She smiles and turns to the fireplace, looking for something to hook the stockings onto. Finding an old nail, posibly used for the same purpose, she puts the loop in the top of one stocking over it then moves to the other end of the mantle, looking for another,

“What!? Why should I hang Dereks?” She takes it back to the table and throws it in the box, then scoops up all the left over decorations from the table and dumps them in on top. She packs away the tree box and puts the decoration box with it in the bottom of the closet. The closet is where she has hidden the gift she bought for her former sweet heart, wrapped already and stuffed behind some old bags in the top. She reachs behinds them and gets it out, now starting to feel the negative emotions cracking through her smiles.

She walks with it back to the living room and puts it on the sidetable beside the couch. She pulls the card off it and opens it. She hadn’t had time to write anything in it before Derek came home the night she’d bought it, but had planned to do it in secret. I’ll write my note to Santa, she smiles again but with more difficulty this time. If that asshole can leave me like this… a tear begins to well in the corner of her eye. Then i’ll have this and i’ll leave Santa a treat too.

From the small bar in the corner she picks up two scotch tumblers and a serving plate, puts the plate on the side table and the glasses on the plate. Then she goes to the kitchen and brings out a packet of Christmas mince pies, absently putting them on the arm of the couch. Slumping onto the couch she picks op the fat tube parcel and holds it in her lap, then starts to pick at the edge of the tape holding the paper closed. Frustrated at the slow progress and angry at Derek, she stabs her thumb nail into the paper and tears it off. The box is a 21 year old Glenfiddich.

She pops the metal lid out of the box and slides out the bottle. I don’t normally drink it, but under the circumstances… She finds the little pull tab in the foil covering the cork and yanks it out. Twists out the cork, puts the open neck of the bottle under her nose and takes a deep breath of the heady aroma. Standing, she pours a measure of the brown liquid into each glass. One for Santa, one for me. Drinking. Wow! That burns. Looking down at the glass she replays the breakup in her mind. Could I have done something to stop it? How long had he been seeing her? The questions keep coming but without answers.

I’ll just write my note to Santa. I’ve been a good girl, haven’t I? She picks up the card and a pen, having another sip of the scotch. “Dear Santa,” she begins to write. “For Christmas I would like a…” The pen stops moving as the thought trails off into more black thoughts. A man. A man who wont leave me, a loyal man. A man who isn’t off somewhere fucking another woman. A man who isn’t fucking… FUCK!

The tears roll down her face, uncontrollably now. The pain breaks through the facade of happiness she has tried to build and she slowly falls to the floor, sobbing. For a minute, two, three, four, five. She cries until eventually she feels the pain subside. Wiping away the tears she gets back to her feet, picks up the glass and drains it. Refills it and drinks it in one gulp, ignoring the fire in her throat as she resolves, i’m getting fucken drunk this Christmas. It’s a Wonderful Life plays on the TV, she sits with another refill and begins to watch.

Her eyelids are drooping already when George saves his brother from drowning and stops the pharmacist, Mr Gower, from prescribing poison to a child. But the warmth in her belly has sent her into a drunken slumber before Harry, the brother, makes it to graduation.

* * *

Jingle, tingle, tinkle, jingle.

The bells on Santa’s sleigh play their delicate music as the reindeer gallop through the sky to their next destination. Banking, Santa directs the reindeer down through the clouds and towards the bright lights of the city below. Pulling a large scroll from a case on his belt, he unrolls it to scan through the names for the city below and chuckles a happy chuckle.

“Ho, ho, ho, here we go, it’s the house right below.”

The sleigh swoops through the air and pulls tightly into a left turn as it lines up with the crest of the roof below. Then slowing to a gravity defying walk the troupe of deer alight on the eaves and trot forwards until the sleigh is hanging only a few feet beyond the edge of the roof.

“Let’s get going!” Santa says, as he vaults over the edge of the sleigh onto the roof. He reaches into the back of the sleigh and with a flick of his wrist a huge sack comes flying up over the edge. With a deft twirl and a graceful turn that belies his bulk, the sack settles on his broad shoulders and Santa is marching towards the narrow stainless steel chimney projecting from the roof.

As he nears the stack he takes a double step and leaps into the air, coming down with his feet towards the chimney. Looking for all the world as if he’s going to crash into the chimney with his black boots, Santa is suddenly caught in the air and begins to stretch into a long ribbon as he is sucked into the chimney and down into the house below. In a flash he is gone and only the big black sack is left one the roof, poking out the top of the chimney like a giant lolly pop on top of a tiny stick. With a noise like water running down a drain, the swollen sack begins to shrink and shrivel as it is sucked into the chimney and with a sudden POP, it is gone too.

In front of the fire, old Saint Nick yanks one last time on the end of the sack and it comes swirling out of the flue and up into the air, inflating to the size of a large beach ball before flumping onto the carpet. Santa turns and surveys the room, lit only by the glow of the late movie on the TV set. Between the fireplace and the TV is a Christmas tree, currently home to no happy, enticing presents. In the middle of the room is a couch, complete with sleeping young woman, obviously she had thought to stay up and catch Santa at his work! A plate with a tumbler on it rests on the bar opposite the TV and there Santa spies the wish list card he has been looking for.

He crosses the room and picks up the card, opens it and reads the message inside.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Chuckles Santa, raising his eyebrows. He looks back towards the sleeping girl, red hair falling around her face. She stretches across the couch, one long leg hooked over the arm, the other stretched out towards the fire. A second tumbler rests on the floor, inches from her fingertips. The Master of Puppets graphic on her t-shirt hugging the contours of her breasts.

Santa picks up the tumbler on the bar and pokes his nose inside, sniffing deeply at the rich aroma. Smiling he puts the glass to his lips and tips it back.

“A very nice dram,” he smiles, approvingly.

He reaches for the scroll on his belt once again and quickly finds the girls name in the list. He reads the notes that accompany her name and frowns. This is not how a Christmas should be! He returns to the sack and opens the top. Rummaging deep down inside he finds a parcel and puts it under the tree, then returns to the sack and continues to search.

“Well, little Caro…”

“Santa!” Carol almost squeals with excitement.

“Ho, ho ho! No, little girl you are just dreaming, go back to sleep so Santa can finish his work,” he laughs in a deep baritone. The trick usually works and the child who has woken to see Santa is quickly back to sleep, dreaming of all the presents they will be opening in the morning. This time it doesn’t. Carol’s mind is still hazey from the Glenfiddich but the excitement of seeing Santa has given her a burst of energy which was stronger than the magic meant for children.

She jumps up from the couch and almost immediately falls as she finds her legs aren’t ready for the sudden movement. Lurching towards Santa she throws out her arms as she stumbles, old Nicholas steps forwards and catches her in a strong pair of arms. Still overcome with excitement, Carol is soon jumping up and down in his hold, unrestrained breasts bouncing, crosses on the t-shirt riding up and down with them.

“This is incredible,” she slurs. “You’re much taller than I thought you would be,” she says looking up at him. He is a head taller than her and broad, with thick strong looking limbs. He wears the traditional red suit, trimmed in white fur. Black boots and a fur trimmed red hat. His beard is long and thick, his face friendly and open. “Come. let’s have a drink!” She pulls him towards the couch and pushes him to sit then gets his glass from the bar.

“It was going to be a present for my bastard ex!” She says, too loudly. Grabbing the bottle she slops another dram into each glass, most of the scotch makes it in. “Drink up, it’s good!” She takes a gulp from her glass and snorts as the liquid once again burns it’s way down her throat. “Can I sit on your lap, like in the malls?” She flutters her eyelids, without realising the cuteness of her affectation.

“Of course you can, little girl,” says Santa cheerfully, unable to break from character after so long presenting himself this way. He pats his thigh and Carol quickly jumps onto the sofa, standing up infront of him, legs only a breath from his face, pink knickers peeking past the edge of the old shirt, Santa can’t help but feel a stirring in his trousers.

“Ooomph.” Just as quickly as she had jumped up she drops down, landing heavily in his lap, only spilling a little of the scotch. T-shirt riding up her thighs Santa finds his gaze drawn to the space between her legs, tightly wrapped in their own pink wrapper. Carol lifts her left arm and throws it around his neck. Santa suddenly realises how hot the room is, with his winter clothing on and this supple young thing clinging to him.

“So I tell you want I want for Christmas now, right?” Carol mind is clearing and so are her words but she is still so excited that she can barely think.

“Yes, that is what the children usually do. But I think you are a little older than normal, ho, ho.” Unsure where to put his hands, he decides that putting his right behind her on her hip and the other to hold the drink will do. He takes another drink and empties the glass. “What would you like for Christmas, young lady?” Her asks, remembering the words in the card on the bar.

“Well, I wanna… oh, you finished your drink! I’ll get you another,” she cries enthusiastically, grabbing his glass and leaning forwards for the bottle. She picks it up from the floor where she’d put it earlier and refreshes his glass, pushing it back into his hand. Then remembering the fruit tarts she had brought from the kitchen some hours ago she continues, “you wanna fruit pie thing too?”

Not waiting for an answer she begins to twist in his lap, looking for the packet. Her movements knock it off the arm of the couch where it had still been sitting from earlier in the evening. “There they are, hold this will you,” she gives him her glass and turns further, almost falling, as she reachs over the side of the couch. “Neeeearly,” she bends, reaching down to the floor, one leg stretching behind her for balance. Old Nick’s eyes trace the line of her leg, up and over the curve of her calf, the hollow behind her knee then up the sweep of her thigh. Her high, round butt, clad in the thin pink cotton, bobs closer and closer to his face as she reaches further over the side of the sofa for the mince tarts.

“Got them,” she says, spinning back to face him, plonking into his lap. She concentrates on opening the packet, then having succeeded, pulls out a pie and peels the foil tray off the bottom. “You want?” She barely pauses as she pushes it towards his mouth.

The sight of the long legs and full round arse pressing ever closer to his face has caused Nicholas to feel the heat in the room even more and he is soon pulling on his collar to let out some heat. A few beads of sweat form on his forehead as a flush spreads across his face and blood rushes to his manhood. He tries to adjust himself underneith Carol as she shifts around, only adding to the stimulation. Seeming to notice his discomfort Carol asks, “are you hot? Why don’t you take off your jacket?” She tugs at the lapels briefly before, “or that hat.”

Before he can react, Carol has reached behind Santa’s head and grabbed the trim on the red, velvety cap. There is soome resistance, as if it is pulled tightly down on his crown, before the hat comes away in her hand. She gasps as she sees that Santa’s beard is no longer on his face. Looking at the hat in her hands, she sees what looks like a false beard attached to it. Confused she looks back at the man whose lap she has been sitting in for the last few minutes. “What? Are you really Santa?”

“Well, now you know my secret! It’s part of the disguise. You don’t think I really look like all the cards show, do you?” The face looking at her now is younger, a strong jaw and neck visible where the beard was, only a slight stubble on his chin now. “I wear the hat and the beard when I work, that way I can live a normal life the rest of the year.”

“Oh.” She says, taking in this latest surprise. “I guess that’s a good idea. Can you still bring people presents when you are… not beardy Santa?”

“I’m still Santa,” he says easing his jacket open a little. “And i’m getting hot in here, that’s a mightly strong fire there!”

“Hehe,” she giggles, musically. “I’ve got the furnace on too.” She kneels on the couch, one leg either side of him and undoes the belt around his portly belly. Once it is loose, he leans forward and lifts his arms, she pulls the jacket up over his head and throws it on the floor in front of the fire.

“Huh! Santa!” She looks down at the man in front of her. No longer the portly old man but now a broad muscular man, middle aged but with a look of strength and power about him. Wearing a long john under garment, his belly no longer bulges over the trousers but is nearly flat and his chest and shoulders belong to a regular gym goer. “Also part of the disguise?”

“Ho, ho,” still the same voice. “Thats right. People have certain expectations of how I should look. I use a little magic to maintain the image.”

Carol smiles, she still feels comfortable with this man, despite him looking somewhat different to only a few minutes earlier. I guess I should tell him what I want for Christmas then. She settles back into his lap and puts her arm around his neck again, leaning close, feeling secure in his arms. He waits for her, ready to listen.

“I want… For Christmas this year I…”, she can’t find the words. She was going to say a new car, a new dress, a better job but all she can think of is Derek and the hole he has left. She loved him, loves him, but he has left her. Left without warning, left her alone in the world after so long together. She tries again but the memories fill her mind, until they are smothered by the returning pain. “I want… *sniff* *sob* *sob*…”

“It’s ok child, you can cr… ” he begins but is unable to finish as her tears come. She wraps both arms around him, she can only reach his head, and pulls him close as she begins to cry again. She holds him tightly to her chest, her breasts pressing into his face. His vision is blocked by the two mounds of hot flesh squashed against his face, his nose pressed flat he opens his mouth to gasp for air. She’s almost suffocating me! But what a way to go!

Carol continues to cry, like she had done earlier in the day. It doesn’t last as long as the first time and she soon realises that she is pressing her breasts into Santas face. She relises that the hot feeling on her right breast is his breath as her nipple and half of the fleshy mound press into his mouth. The warmth excites her and her nipples are soon hardening, Is that his tongue I can feel? She doesn’t realise the effect the pressure of her lithe body has had on the man, doesn’t realise that his manhood has been pumped with blood, that he is throbing with desire for her.

She doesn’t realise this until she releases her grip on his head and sits back into his lap. And still slightly clouded from liquor, she still doesn’t realise what has sudddenly made that lap uncomfortable.

“What’s this?” She says, reaching below her. “Have you got some keys in your pocket?”

Grabbing at his crotch she soon has her hand wrapped around his thick member and begins to yank it around, trying to move the hard obstruction from his pocket to somewhere more comfortable.

“Oh, ho, ho. Young lady, you should let me adjust that…” he says, trying to extricate his pulsing cock from her grip without revealing the embarassment of what she has a hold of.

Suddenly her mind is clear, Oh my god, I’ve just grabbed Santa Claus’s cock! He’s in my living room and he’s got a hard on! She lets go with a start, pulling her hand back as if she touched a hot coal. Their eyes meet, both faces redden in a blush, hers almost matching the colour of her hair. Santa laughs nervously but Carol is revisited by the memory of her moment of self loving in the afternoon and realises how much more satisfying than the dido would be the tool in the trousers now beneith her legs.

She adjusts her position on Santa’s lap, pressing closer to him, feeling the hard rod through the cloth. She puts her hands on his neck and leans closer, her bust close to his face. Her legs straddling him, pussy pressing against his cock, only a few layers of fabric between them.

“Santa,” she whispers into his ear, “I know what I want for Christmas now…”

“Oh, ho?” This is not what is supposed to happen but he knows he can’t resist, the feeling of her body pressed against him is an extasy. Every moment causes his cock to throb more fiercely, he feels hard as steel. His hands move, as if thinking for themselves. They are on her thighs, moving up to her hips, around behind her and sliding down under her ass. He grabs both cheeks and squeezes, moves one hand up her back, inside the thin t-shirt.

Her hands craddle his face and she looks into his eyes. His grip is strong on her back, her ass, she feels the excitement build in her body. He is about to say something but she moves the short distance forwards and presses her lips against his. She kisses him again, then again, then opens her mouth a little to let his tongue find hers. Sliding over each other like soft moist snakes their tongues roll around each other, writhing in each others mouths.

She reaches between their close bodies and inside his trousers. The old fashioned underwear hinders her but she finds that is has a buttoned up flap and slips her hand inside. She wraps her slender fingers around his hot, throbing manhood and presses it upwards against her mons. Rocking her hips, she rubs her pussy through their clothes against his cock. Her mouth fervently active on his, sucking his tongue into her mouth, biting his lip.

Giving in totally, Santa slides both hands up Carols back, pulling the black shirt up and over her head. She pulls one arm out and lets the shirt hang around the wrist of the hand holding his shaft. He yanks at the buttons holding the long john shut across his chest then, buttons popping free, his chest bared, he pulls her close to him. Her breasts flatten against his strong chest as he holds her tightly for a moment. Then he pushes her back and moves his hands to her breasts. One hand on each, both able to surround, completely encompass each breast. He squeezes them, lifts her up and pulls first one then the other to his mouth. His tongue flicking across each hard nub in turn. He sucks hard on the tender flesh and bites gently at the proud nipples. Rolling her head back she moans, a long low moan, as she feels the pleasure wash across her.

With a start she jumps up, stands in front of him and looks at his broad shoulders and powerful arms. He is big, like a man used to heavy work but without the hard looking surface of a body builder. She drops to her knees and grabs his boots, yanking desperately at them until he leans forwards and undoes the buckles holding them on. She pulls off one, then the other and tosses them into the corners of the room. Then she stands again and leans forward, puts her hands inside the waist of his trousers and pulls him upwards, he raises his hips from the sofa and she pulls the trousers down his legs, off his feet. The long john follows next and she admires his pulsing meat in the flickering firelight.

I woke up at five thirty, stuffed the bird, and had him in the oven by six o’clock. There really wasn’t much to do until about an hour or so before we would eat, so I went back to bed hoping for a few hours of shut eye. After about an hour, I figured this wouldn’t work. I got up, showered, threw on some Christmas music, and vacuumed. The phone rang around nine, and it was Kim, “We’ll be there at ten, if that’s okay. We have a few presents for you. I thought you could open them before dinner.”

“Ten is fine,” I replied. “I have a few gifts for you also.”

I lit the fire and brought in a few more logs. I had an envelope for Kim, and placed it on the bough of the tree along with a couple Christmas cards I had for her and her mother. I was opening the cranberry sauce when she drove up in the Jeep. I watched as Kim and her mom climbed the front stairs.

Upon opening the door, I extended my hand to Kim’s mom. “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Poulan.” She pushed my hand aside and gave me a hug. “Merry Christmas to you, Ken, and please, call me Ellen.” She stepped inside and stopped, “Oh my, this is lovely,” She exclaimed, looking over the entire room. “Kim was right behind her with an armful of gifts.

“Mom, will you just go in! I have to use the bathroom.” I took Ellen’s coat, while Kim raced down the hallway.

“How was your ride over?” I asked Ellen with a smile.

“You know, Ken, you didn’t have to buy her a car,” She said. “But I do want to say thank you. Kim was so excited when she came home last night. Now, don’t tell her we had this conversation. She told me not to say anything.”

I laughed. “I understand where you’re coming from, Ellen, but she’s going to need a car- and I wanted to help out.”

Ellen nodded her approval. “Thank you. It was a nice thing to do.”

Kim made it out of the bathroom and placed the presents under the tree. “Ahhhh! You even got the fire going,” She cried. “I told you he knew all that outdoor stuff, mom.”

I just shook my head. “The turkey’s coming out in about an hour and then I’ll start the vegetables, so we have some time to kill. Here’s some crackers with cheese or dip. I have eggnog, brandy, wine, or……………………”

“I’d love some eggnog with a little brandy in it if I could,” injected Ellen.

I poured three eggnogs, and we all settled in. “Can we open the gifts now?” said Kim with puppy-dog eyes.

“Oh, I suppose,” I said. “No wait…” I got out one of those Santa hats and put it on Kim’s head. “You can’t pass out gifts without wearing this.” My God, she looked cuter than ever and I remember thinking, is there anything negative about this girl?

I got Kim’s mom some warm sweatshirts. Two 1,000 piece puzzles, a box of candy, and a field guide of North American birds. Kim told me a lot of birds come to their feeder, but they have no idea what they are.

I opened Kim’s gift and found a pair of binoculars. She knew I cracked the lens on mine, and I must have mentioned that I needed new ones. They were the ones I needed, but I didn’t think she should have spent that kind of money. I also got two CDs and a book on hiking. “We can use it next summer. I crossed out all the trails that have rock slides,” she laughed.

I got Kim lots of games, puzzles and joke gifts, but was hoping she’d be happy with the envelope I had placed on the tree. I knew I’d have to explain it. “It’s an application to work at the veterinary clinic in Brookfield. It’s just a formality. You already have the job if you want it, but you have to fill this out and call his office to confirm your interview on January 3rd. It’s only six to eight weeks, but if you work out, he’ll keep you on.”

Kim stared at the application and then laughed, “Nobody’s ever given me a job for Christmas.”

“Are you interested?”

“You know I am.” She replied with a nervous look.

“Then what’s the matter?”

“I want to jump on you and kiss you, but my mom’s sitting right there.”

“Don’t let me stop you.” Ellen said, throwing her arms in the air.

I leaned over and kissed Kim on the cheek, “Merry Christmas, Kim.” Kim looked at her mom and I could see a tear or two building up. “Ah gees. Don’t start crying now. We have to fix the vegetables.”

We all sat down to a great dinner and even after seconds, I had more food left over that I knew what to do with. Kim’s mother was shocked when we told her Kim had made the desserts. “I’ve seen her boil a hotdog on occasion, but I never knew she could make something like this!” She remarked.

I loaded up the dish washer while Kim packed up plenty of leftovers for her mom to take home. This is when I realized that single men don’t own a lot of Tupperware. Thank God for plastic wrap. It was late afternoon when Kim thought her mom was getting tired and decided to take her home.

“Do you need more help cleaning up?” Kim asked. “I can come back.”

“No. You’ve done enough and it’s a long ride. I’ll talk to you tomorrow and we can make some plans to do something.”

Kim’s mom couldn’t thank me enough as I helped them out to the car with the food and gifts. I was very pleased that all went well and it gave me a good feeling to know that I could, in some small way, make Christmas a little nicer for them both. After lots of hugs and kisses, they headed home and I re-entered the house to call my mom and dad in Arizona.

It was around 8:30 when I saw the reflection of headlights through the front window. I looked out to see Kim get out of the Jeep and come up the front stairs.

“You didn’t have to come back,” I said. “I’ve got everything pretty well picked up.”

“You have no idea how happy you made my mom today,” Kim started, ignoring what I had just said. “She talked about it all the way home and after we got the food put away, she sat me down and we talked for another hour, mostly about her and how my dad left when I was two. I guess you don’t think about it when you’re a kid, but my mom hasn’t had a very happy life and it’s been a struggle for her to raise me without child support. She said I was very lucky to find someone like you and though she worried about out age difference, she could see I was happy and, get this, that your feelings toward me were genuine.” Kim laughed.

“What’s so funny about that?” I said in a sarcastic way.

Kim’s laughter turned to a smile. “Mom said that you probably needed help cleaning up and you were just being nice when you said I didn’t have to come back. Then she said, “I’m going to watch a Christmas special tonight. Why don’t you go back and give Ken a hand cleaning up.” I got my coat and asked her if she would be alright and she said, “I’ll be fine……. Just call me in the morning.” So, have you got somewhere I can sleep?”

“I’m sure I can find a corner somewhere,” I smiled.

I turned out all the lights except for the Christmas tree, threw another log on the fire, and grabbed two pillows from the bedroom. With her head on my shoulder and my arm around her, we sat by the fire. Seeing her in this light, I couldn’t help being reminded of our first night together and how pretty she looked in the light of the lantern. My mind wandered back to that mountain valley and how, in a driving rain, she pitched right in and helped secure the camp site without the slightest complaint about her sprained ankle. Inside I knew something special had come into my life and now, sitting here by the fire, I was glad I pursued it. I was quickly brought back to the present by the touch of Kim’s finger tracing the outline of my cock through my jeans. I reached over and fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. “Geez, I don’t know how you girls get these things undone. The buttons are on backwards.”

Kim got on her knees and, with her breasts at my eye level, she took the top of her blouse in both hands and ripped it open, sending at least four buttons flying through the air. “That’s how you do it,” she said. Kim was on a mission and within a minute we were both bare ass naked on the floor. She threw her leg over me and guided my rock hard cock into her, while I pulled her forward and suckled on her erect nipples. We stayed in this position for some time, just enjoying the feel of each other coupled together. Kim broke the silence with a very unusual question.

“Do you ever watch porn on your computer?”

“Of course,” I responded, “I’m a guy.”

Kim slid off my cock and turned around, sliding my manhood back into her. “There, now you can watch me getting fucked.” She fell forward giving a clear view of her cock filled cunt. She rocked back and forth allowing me to see her wet hole being worked on. She looked at me over her shoulder, “Talk to me, babe. Talk to me while you watch my hole getting fucked.” The language got pretty bawdy from both of us as our lust for sex took over.

Kim was muttering some pretty raunchy stuff before lifting off my shaft and lowering her pussy onto my waiting tongue. Her mouth took all of me, sucking her sweet juice off my shaft. I kept up my tongue fucking until I felt the tightening of her body. She held my cock in her mouth as my cum rushed through my body seeking it’s point of release. Kim’s body started shaking and her mouth surrendered its grip. The cum poured out of me at the same time Kim reached her peak. “OH FUCK!” She yelled as she felt my warm jism squirt in and around her open mouth. Her shaking was almost violent as she rolled off me and onto the floor. She rubbed herself as if to ease herself down from her sexual high. Her breathing was heavy, but she soon got hold of herself and crawled over to my side. We laid quietly for several minutes until I felt something on the floor. It was one of her buttons. I held it up and showed it to her, then started chuckling, “What did you think you were going to wear home tomorrow?”

Kim thought for a moment. “Maybe you can loan me a shirt,” she said with a pouting look.

“You know,” I said, “This relationship is costing me a lot of shirts.”

Kim laughed. “I’ll get this one back to you.”

“That’s okay. You can have that one too. Is it still Christmas?”

She looked across to the kitchen and squinted. “I think so. I can’t see the clock very well.”

I got up and got a box of tissues from the kitchen counter. “I have one more gift for you.” I said, handing her the box.

She took a handful of tissues and wiped the remaining drops of cum from her cheek and chin.

“That’s not what they’re for,” I smiled.

Kim gave me that puzzled look.

“Kim, I want to tell you…….. I love you…… and I want us to share our lives together.”

She bit down on her lower lip and her eyes got as big as saucers. I grabbed a tissue and handed it to her as the tears started their journey down her cheek.

“That’s why I got the tissues.” I smiled.

She burst into tears. “Oh Ken, I love you so much. I don’t ever want to leave you.”

She held me tight as she laid her head on my chest. I smiled and stared into the fire and again, my thoughts went back to that valley campsite, but this time we were hiking down a different trail. One that I hoped would last a lifetime.


Kim went to work for Dr. Greenberg and after eight weeks he agreed not only to keep her, on but also to pay her way to become a veterinary assistant with the understanding that she would work for him when she finished. Today Kim is a licensed veterinary technician, still working for Bob Greenberg, and loving the work she does with animals.

Me? Well, I’m getting my second book published. I’m still teaching at the college and have given several lectures as a result of my first book release. I was offered a teaching position at a university in New York, but turned it down after talking it over with Kim.

“I don’t want to leave here because we belong here,” she told me. She was right, of course.

Kim and I were married three years to the day I found her on that rock pile. Jim was my best man and, at our wedding reception, he presented us with a football sized boulder mounted on a chestnut pedestal. He had made the trek in to the rock slide and then carried it out. I told him he was nuts, but Kim got quite emotional upon seeing it. Today it holds a prominent place in our log home and she’ll tell anyone who asks, “Of all the things I have, this is the most special.”

We got Kim’s mom out of that drafty trailer and into a small condo not far from where Kim works. She took on a job as a waitress at a restaurant and is now dating the owner. He seems like a pretty nice guy and I say, “Good for her.”

I will finish here with a few of my thoughts about Kim. She turned out to be everything I thought she could be and more. She’s both caring and thoughtful and several times people have gone out of their way to tell me how lucky I am to have a wife like her. At our wedding reception, she not only knew everyone’s name, but also knew exactly what they gave us for a gift and made it a point to thank them. We’ve hosted a few parties, mostly for my colleagues at the college, and Kim will take the time to mingle and talk to everyone, even though some are total strangers.

I sometimes chuckle and think if they could only see this “very lovely” wife of mine in the bedroom. She can get absolutely wild and the language that comes out of her mouth would make a lumberjack blush. She knows I love it though and tells me that behind that bedroom door she’ll be my slut, my whore, or an innocent school girl. I just tell her I love everything about her.

It’s funny, I had never believed in love at first sight until I peeked around that boulder on the rock pile and saw her looking back at me.

This is part 2 of the 3 parts.

I felt Amy stir early as she got up to get ready for work. I watched as she stood and retrieved her nipple jewels from the mantel then she headed up the stairs. Dawn was still holding me, when Amy left Sam snuggled up against me and held on to me. I lay there thinking things couldn’t get much better.

“Merry Christmas honey,” Dawn said as she woke up.

“Merry Christmas to you,” I said.

Dawn rose up on one elbow and looked at Sam snuggled up next to me holding me with one arm.

“I will leave you two here while I go fix coffee and breakfast,” Dawn said with a big smile. “Take your time.”

Dawn stood up and picked up her pajama top from the sofa and slipped it on. She walked back over to Sam and pulled the blanket over her naked body then she placed a couple of logs on the smoldering embers in the fireplace. Sam was sleeping like a baby.

Later Amy came down and was talking to Dawn as she ate. Sam woke up when she heard them.

“Good morning Sam,” I said to her.

I could tell that for a minute she was puzzled by where she was and who she was holding.

“Good morning!” Sam said with a big smile as she hugged me tight.

Sam slowly ran her hand down to my cock, it was partially hard already from looking at her. She rubbed it until I was completely hard.

“You like that?” Sam asked.

“Yes I do, and I like waking up with you in the morning.”

Sam giggled,

“I can’t believe I got all this in me, how long is it?”

“Dawn measured it once in college and she said it was over 8 inches.”

“It looks and feels bigger than that.”

Sam reached across me and picked up Dawn’s 10 inch dildo from last night.

“Let’s see,” Sam said as she stood the dildo up and held my cock up next to it.

When I looked my cock was almost as long as the dildo.

“It looks longer than that to me,” Sam said as she looked.

Dawn walked over to check on us.

“What are you doing Sam?” Dawn asked with a giggle.

“Dawn, James said you measured his cock once and said it was over 8 inches, I think it is longer than that.”

“It was over 8 and half inches when I measured it years ago.”

“It is almost as long as this dildo and it is 10 inches,” Sam said.

“The dildo is probably not really 10 inches long.”

“I don’t know, it looks and feels bigger than 8 inches,” Sam told Dawn.

“Well give me a minute and I’ll get something to measure with,” Dawn told her as she walked off.

“What are you guys doing?” Amy said from the kitchen.

“We are going to measure James’ cock,” Sam said.


“I think it is longer than what Dawn said,” Sam told her.

Amy got up and walked over.

“See, it is almost as long as the dildo.”

“Wow, it is.”

Dawn walked back up.

“Here is a ruler Sam.”

“Okay, but if we are going to measure I want to make sure it is completely hard.

Sam moved and took my cock in her mouth and sucked on it for a minute while Amy and Dawn watched.

“Maybe that will help,” Sam said as she stopped and took the ruler from Dawn.

Sam placed the ruler up to my cock and looked.

“Dawn, it is over 9 and half inches long!” Sam said.

“Are you sure?” Dawn said as she got down on her knees and took the ruler and measured.

“Damn honey, did you grow?” Dawn said.

“I don’t know, you are the one that measured it.”

“That was a long time ago, you are over 9 and half inches!”

“Maybe it grew from all the good sex.”

All the girls giggled.

“Something, do men’s cocks get longer as they get older?” Dawn asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t keep up with it.”

“Well ladies, it appears we have been underestimating my husband,” Dawn said with a giggle.

“Damn, I knew I felt stretched to my limits!” Sam said.

“Well Sam, do you want some breakfast or would you like to have sex right now?” Dawn asked.

“Breakfast, I am starved,” Sam said. “Sorry James, later.”

Sam and I got up and walked toward the kitchen.

“Merry Christmas sis,” Amy said.

“Yes it is!” Sam replied.

Sam hadn’t bothered to put on the pajamas and neither had I. Sam and I sat down and ate with Amy and Dawn, there was some talk about the previous night.

“I have got to go,” Amy said as she got up. “See you all later.”

“Come home early if you can,” Sam told her as she headed for the door in her scrubs and a sweater.

Dawn and Sam gathered up the dishes from breakfast and then Dawn turned to me and reached out with her hand.

“Come with me big boy and I’ll finish taking care of you,” Dawn said.

Dawn grabbed my hand and began leading me to the stairs.

“Sam, what are you sitting there for?” Dawn ask as she got to the bottom of the stairs. “Come on and help!”

Sam got up and ran over to us. Watching her breasts bounce as she ran only added to my morning erection. Dawn reached for Sam’s hand and led us both upstairs to our bedroom. Once we were there Dawn lay down on the bed and motioned for me to lie beside her.

“You see Sam, guys will wake up with these great erections in the morning and if you don’t take advantage of it they will just end up jerking off and wasting a perfectly good hard-on,” Dawn said to Sam with all seriousness.

“Every morning?” Sam asked.

“Just about. I usually blow him to wake him up in the morning. Come over here and join us.”

Sam sat down on the edge of the bed just as Dawn leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. Dawn was sucking on me but she was doing more to get me slick than sucking me off.

“That should be good enough,” Dawn said as she released my cock from her mouth.

Dawn moved so that she straddled my hips. She reached for my cock and lowered herself so that I was at the entrance to her pussy. She reached down with her other hand and spread her lips wide. She lowered herself and let me slide into her pussy. She worked herself up and down a few times, within a minute she had all of me inside her as she sat on me with her full weight.

“Dawn how do you do that so fast?” Sam asked.

“It just takes getting used to that’s all. It does help to have been fucked a few thousand times by it,” Dawn said with a smile at Sam.

Dawn began to grind her hips against me, moving my cock around slowly inside of her.

“Sam, we are not going to leave you out. Climb up here and sit on his face…that is okay with you isn’t honey?” Dawn asked.

“Works for me, climb on up here Sam, you wanted me to eat you.”

Slowly Sam moved up toward the head of the bed.

“Face me Sam,” Dawn said.

Sam looked at me and then lifted a leg and placed it on the other side of my head as she positioned herself. Her young bald pussy looked very inviting from my angle. She lowered herself down slowly, hesitating. I reached up with both hands and grabbed her hips and pulled her down on to my waiting mouth.

“Oh!” Sam exclaimed. “No guy has ever let me do it like this! This is hot!”

I moved her around a little then drove my tongue into her waiting pussy.

“Oh my!” Sam exclaimed.

“Sam, do you get much oral sex from the guys you date?” Dawn asked.

“No, not much at all. They all just want to suck on my breasts.”

“That’s too bad. You will find as men get older and more mature they will be more interested in pleasing you. James can make up for that while you are here,” I heard Dawn say.

I drove my tongue in and out of Sam’s pussy, she had a musky taste from that night. While I was licking the walls of her pussy I was thinking about the incredible fuck she had gotten last night. Dawn began to work her magic on me as she wiggled her hips. I pulled Sam down harder onto my mouth.

“Oh that feels good!” Sam said.

“This does too!” Dawn replied.

I pulled Sam back a little so I could tongue her clit. When I reached it she stiffened, I held on to her and continued my assault on her clit. Sam moaned more as I circled her clit, her juices were beginning to flow from her pussy. I could tell that Dawn had leaned back and was now humping her hips up and down. The pressure on my cock from her leaning back plus the sensation of sliding in and out of her was great. I was beginning to think that Dawn was showing off, showing Sam how easily she could slide me all the way out and back down on me.

I focused on the young pussy sitting on my face, Sam had begun to moan and squirm some forcing herself down harder on to my mouth. I began sucking on her pussy lips then pulling her clit down into my mouth. Sam leaned forward a little so I could get better access to her clit. I could feel her clit swelling, she had a larger clit than Amy and it was sticking out quite a bit, I sucked on it harder as I drew more of it into my mouth, I hadn’t seen her large clit the night before.

Dawn had leaned forward and changed the angle I was penetrating her, she was now furiously slamming herself up and down on my cock. It was hard to distinguish between Dawn and Sam’s moaning. I felt Sam’s ass checks clenching and releasing, she was quickly building toward her first orgasm. I began flicking my tongue on her clit like mad. She moaned louder and louder as I tried to push her further toward the edge. I slipped my tongue back and drove it deep into her pussy while I sucked on her lips.

“Oh god James!” I heard Sam yell.

I could taste her wetness growing. I pulled her down as hard as I could so my tongue would go in as far as I could get it. I drove my tongue in and out of her wetness over and over.

“Mmmmmmm!!” Came from Sam as she began to grind her hips down onto my face.

Once I felt her pussy muscles trying to contract against my tongue I knew she was close. I tongued her faster as I heard her moaning even louder.

“Oh James, I am about to come!!” Sam screamed.

I pulled my tongue from her pussy and returned it to her clit, I pulled in a mouthful of her clit and bit down gently on her huge clit.

“Oh my god!!” Sam screamed as she began to jerk as the waves of her orgasm shot through her.

I held my teeth against her clit as her juices shot forth and into my mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm!!” Once again came from Sam as she ground against my face.

“Stop James!!” Sam said as she sat up straight, pulling her clit from my mouth.

Sam was still twitching and jerking from her first orgasm. I repositioned her so that her asshole was over my mouth and grabbed her hips and pulled her down then I drove my tongue into her young tight hole.

“Oh shit!!” Sam screamed as she tried to pull away.

I wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled her down as I continued to tongue her asshole.

“Oh my god!” Came from Sam as I pulled my tongue out and circled the rim of her asshole.


I drove my tongue back into her asshole and shoved it in as deep as it could go.

“Dawn help me!!” Sam yelled.

“What is he doing?”

“He has his tongue in my ass!!” Sam screamed.

“I can’t help you Sam.”

I assaulted Sam’s ass with all I had. Sam shook real hard and I felt another orgasm shoot through her body.

“Ahhhh!! James!!” Sam screamed.

Another shudder went through Sam’s body.

“Pleeeassee stop James!”

I pulled Sam down as she tried to escape my tongue. I had as much of my tongue in her as I could get, I used all the strength I had to wiggle it around and lick the insides of her ass.

“Shit!!!” Came from Sam as she began to thrash around with continuing waves of contractions.

Sam grabbed my arms and pulled them away from her legs as she shot up off my mouth. She rolled over and collapsed on the bed beside me. I looked at Dawn and she leaned forward and began licking Sam’s juices from my face as she moved her hips up and down steadily. Dawn then stuck her tongue into my mouth probing for mine, I probed her mouth with my tongue and Dawn began to suck on it. She then rose up and began to furiously thrust her hips up and down, moaning harder and harder.

“Now James, now!!” She screamed as I felt her pussy walls contract.

I began to thrust up into her, meeting each of her thrust as she screamed. As I felt her juices squirting out I released my load into her waiting pussy.

“Oh yes!!” Dawn cried.

I thrust up against her pumping more and more cum into her. With my last shot my hips came back down to the bed and Dawn fell forward onto me.

After she caught her breath she rolled off on my side away from Sam.

“Sam, you okay?” Dawn asked.

“More than okay!” She replied. “Dawn, does James always stick his tongue in your ass?”

Dawn rose up on an elbow and looked at Sam now sitting up looking at her.

“Sure and more than that,” Dawn said.

“I never had anyone do that to me,” Sam replied.

“You have never had anyone tongue your asshole?” Dawn asked.


“Has anyone ever stuck a finger or anything else up your ass?” Dawn asked.

“No, no!”

“You have never been fucked in the ass then?” Dawn asked.

“No, I wouldn’t let someone do that,” Sam replied. “Does James fuck you in the ass?”

“Yes he has.”

“That’s dirty!”

“No, actually it is quite a sensation Sam.”

“He would never fit!” Sam said.

“It took me some time to get used to it but he fits.”

“I couldn’t do that!” Sam said to us.

“Maybe you could start out with something smaller,” Dawn told her.

“I don’t think I want to.”

“You will be missing something great, but I understand, not everyone finds it pleasurable,” Dawn told her.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“The first time a little. Did you enjoy James driving his tongue in your ass, you seemed to have a huge orgasm from it?’

“I…I…wasn’t expecting it.”

“But you did enjoy it, didn’t you?”

“Well, yes, but I don’t think I could let someone stick their cock in my ass.”

“You may learn,” Dawn told her.

“Hey, I am going to shower while you ladies talk,” I said as I got up from the bed leaving them to discuss things.

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. After I shaved, I returned to the bedroom to find Sam with her head buried between Dawn’s legs sucking all my cum from her pussy. Dawn was rubbing the back of Sam’s head as she went down on her. I don’t think Dawn was as much into having another orgasm as she was letting Sam clean here out. Dawn looked at me and winked. I wrapped my towel around me and walked over to Dawn and leaned down and kissed her then I left the two of them alone in the bedroom.

I went back downstairs and found my pajamas that Dawn had given me and then I picked up all the clothes from the night before. I also picked up all the jewelry boxes and the nipple rings from the mantel. I noticed Amy’s were missing but I remembered seeing her pick them up that morning. I carried all the clothing and jewelry back upstairs and took the appropriate items to Amy and Sam’s bedrooms. As I walked toward our bedroom door I could her moaning and groaning coming from Sam and Dawn. I peeked in the door and saw the two of them in a 69 on the bed. I laid Dawn’s clothes and jewelry down at the edge of the door and went back downstairs.

I got another cup of coffee and turned the TV on. About an hour later Sam and Dawn came down the stairs looking refreshed and showered. They were both wearing the pajamas from the previous night. They each sat down on either side of me and grabbed an arm and laid their heads on my shoulder. No one said anything, we just sat and watched TV.

After lunch I saw Sam staring out of the back windows at the pool.

“James, there is steam coming from the waterfall, does that mean the pool is warn enough to swim?” Sam asked.

“Let me check,” I said as I picked up the remote and checked the temperature.

“Well, it is 48 outside and the pool water is 75, it may be warm enough,” I told her.

“Great!” Sam said.

Sam quickly pulled off her top and removed her pajama bottoms and headed out the door. She ran naked to the edge of the pool and jumped in. I walked to the door and watched as she swam back and forth in the pool. She sure acted like a kid.

“Is Sam in the pool?” Dawn asked.

“Yep. You want to join her?”

“What is the water temperature?”


“I think I’ll wait until it gets around 80.”

Dawn walked over and we both watched Sam swimming in the pool. I walked over to the closet and grabbed one of the big towels and took it over and spread it out on the hearth in front of the fire to get warm. Dawn went upstairs and I sat down and continued watching TV, glancing over and checking on Sam every few minutes.

I heard the patio door open.

“Shit that’s cold!”

I grabbed the hot towel from in front of the fire and walked over and wrapped it around Sam.

“Oh that feels good,” Sam said. “Thanks.”

“Old habit,” I said. “Come over and sit in front of the fire.”

“That was cold but fun!” Sam said.

“I was going to tell you before you went flying out the door naked that we usually wait until the water is about 80 this time of year.”

“It felt good!” Sam said. “When will it be 80?”

“Probably by tomorrow morning,” I told her.

“Good, we can all go swimming then! I just wanted to go skinny dipping on Christmas.” Sam said as she shivered a little in front of the fire.

“Sam, did you enjoy me eating your pussy?”

“Very much,” she said looking at me with a big sensuous smile.

“Good, I enjoyed it also.”

“I didn’t mean to grind my pussy down so hard on your mouth.”

“Sam that is what you are supposed to do.”

“I don’t know things like that.”

“We will teach you.”

“Good, it felt really great. James, would Dawn let you eat me while I watched you?”

“Sam, let me explain some things to you. Dawn was serious when she said you could fuck me anytime you want. Dawn likes to watch just like Amy but they both know that it can be much sexier and more pleasing when it is just two people.”

“Does that mean yes?”

“Yes sweetie, it does.”

Sam hugged me and kissed me then sat with me for a while until Dawn came back downstairs.

“You two look comfortable,” Dawn said.

“I am getting very comfortable, thanks you two,” Sam said as she leaned in tighter to me.

Amy arrived home early, about 3:00. She came over and sat down on the sofa with the three of us, Sam was still naked wrapped up in the big towel.

“Glad I am home,” Amy said. “Now I can enjoy Christmas with you all.”

“Amy, there is something James and I want to talk to you about,” Dawn said.

“What’s that?”

“We have been talking and we wanted to tell you that you are welcome to live with us as long as you want. We know you said you wanted to find a place after the first of the year but we want you to stay here as long as you want,” Dawn told her.

“Really, you mean it! That could be a long time!” Amy exclaimed.

“Yes, we mean it,” I told her.

Amy jumped across the sofa and hugged Dawn and me around the neck at the same time and started crying.

“Amy, don’t get upset,” Dawn said.

“You don’t understand, I wasn’t looking forward to moving out,” she let out between sobs. “You two have been the closest thing I have to a family.”

“Well, we consider you family that is why we want you to stay,” I told her.

Amy released her grip on us and then gave Dawn a kiss and then me a kiss.

“Thank you guys, really,” Amy said as she sat back down on the sofa.

“I want to start paying you guys rent then.”

“No Amy,” Dawn said.

“Yes, it is only fair.”

“Amy I tell you what, you take whatever money you are saving on rent and put it in the bank, we won’t take your money.”

“I will,” Amy said.

“Amy, I have a question,” I asked her.


“I was picking up everything this morning and I didn’t see your nipple rings, did you take them to your room?” I asked.

“Sort of.”

“What does sort of mean?” I asked.

“I have been wearing them all day” Amy said as she pulled the top of her scrubs off revealing her two huge breasts with no bra and two perfect emeralds hanging from her nipples.

“Damn sis.”

“And Dawn, let me tell you I am so hot it’s terrible. Wearing these all day has kept my pussy dripping!”

“Amy how did you get by all day not wearing a bra?!” Dawn asked.

“I didn’t realize they would make my nipples so hard and erect. I was regretting not wearing a bra by the time I got to work! I tried to hide my nipples with my sweater but I got hot so I took it off. When I got around some people they took a few long looks so I just let them look.”

“I bet you did!” I said.

“You know what else Dawn. I was bathing a young guy about 21 that is in the hospital from a motorcycle accident and he actually said that he liked my nipples sticking through my scrubs. He has been flirting with me for the last few days. So I pulled up my top and showed him my jewelry!”

“Amy!” Dawn exclaimed.

“I even let him touch them and squeeze my breasts!”

“Amy, you could get in so much trouble,” Dawn said.

“Dawn you know better than that, all kinds of shit goes on at the hospital, you know it,” Amy said.

“I know but you better be careful.”

“I felt sorry for the guy, he has been laying in that bed for days with his leg in traction. He needed something for Christmas.”

“I guess he got his present,” I told her.

“You know what else?”

“What?” Dawn asked.

“He got this huge erection under the sheet while he was touching my nipples, once he realized it he tried to hide it. I wasn’t finished bathing him yet so I pulled the sheet back and soaped up his cock and balls and cleaned them off. He was so hard by then I went ahead and jerked him off!”

“Well Merry Christmas to him!” Sam said.

“It was the least I could do after I got him so hard,” Amy said and then laughed.

“They don’t teach you that part in nursing school!” Dawn said to Sam and we all laughed.

“Really, I am going to have to take them off, my panties and my scrubs are soaking wet, I am so hot and turned on.”

“Why don’t you just leave them on,” I said to Amy.

“Not unless you are going to relieve my frustration!” Amy said.

“I think I can manage to do that, take your clothes off,” I told Amy.

Amy quickly and eagerly stood up and slipped her nurses shoes off and then pushed her pants down and took them off. She then stood in front of me still with her lace panties on, I felt the crotch of her panties and they were soaking wet.

“The panties also,” I told her.

She pushed the panties down to her knees and then slipped them off, her pussy lips were swollen and glistening with moisture, she was turned on and hot. I had gotten an erection hearing her talk about letting the guy touch her in the hospital and her jerking him off. I stood up with my erection bulging in my pants, I unbuttoned the top of my pajamas and then pushed the pants down and stepped out of them.

“Turn and get on your knees on the sofa,” I told Amy.

She turned and placed her knees on the sofa edge between Dawn and Sam and bent over and put her hands on the back. Amy looked back over her shoulder as I approached her. I grabbed my cock with one hand and used my other to spread Amy’s lips apart. I leaned forward and placed the head against her pink, Amy took in a deep gulp of air. I held her lips apart as I slowly slid into her soaking wet pussy, her lips were so swollen I thought I was going to have trouble at first but I slipped the first three or four inches into her.

“Oh yes!!” Amy sighed.

With little resistance I continued to slide into her hotness, inch by inch. I was a little over half way in when Amy began pushing back against me. I looked over and watched Sam looking at me slipping into her sister.

“Go James!” Amy said.

I pushed forward and in a minute I was all the way inside her, she must have been really turned on to be that loose. Amy pushed back hard against me making sure I was all the way in.

“Oh yes! Now fuck me hard and fast!”

I grabbed each side of Amy’s hips and began to shove her forward and pull her back as I thrust into her, this was going to be a quick fuck. I continued at a good fast pace looking at Dawn and Sam as they watched. As Amy started moaning after a few minutes I watched as Dawn reached between Amy’s legs to finger her clit.

“Oh yes!!!” Amy screamed.

I picked up my pace, pulling all the way out and thrusting back in each time Amy groaned as my balls slapped against her. Dawn was working Amy’s clit hard only increasing Amy’s building orgasm. As Amy began to thrust back and moan even louder I watched Sam reach up and begin to pull on her nipple rings. The first time she pulled on it I felt Amy’s pussy spasm.

“Oh god yes!!!” Was all Amy said.

She began to lose control as she forced herself back onto me with each thrust.

“Oh James, I’m so hot, I’m about to come!!”

I wasn’t ready to cum in her yet but I wanted to make sure she had a great orgasm. I grabbed her ass and held it still and began to pump her as fast as I could.

“Yes!!!” Amy screamed. “I’m coming!!!”

I felt Amy’s insides tighten up as I continued to thrust. Then she threw her head back and screamed as she was rocked by a huge orgasm.

“Jeeeezz!!!” She screamed as she shook.

I continued to thrust as Dawn and Sam kept up their work. I shoved in and out of her another minute.

“Oh god I’m coming again!!!” Amy screamed as she convulsed with another wave of ecstasy.

I held Amy’s hips as I jammed my cock in as far as it would go and held it.

“Ahhhh!!” Escaped from Amy as she dropped down from holding herself up.

Amy fell forward into the sofa pulling my still hard cock from her pussy with a pop. She sat and turned to me grabbing my erection with one hand.

“You didn’t come in me!”

“Jerk me off like you did the guy at the hospital,” I told her.

Amy started to stroke my cock quickly with one hand then she placed her other around me and was jerking me off with two hands faster and faster.

“I’m about to come!” I told her.

Amy sat up on the edge of the sofa and jerked me harder and harder, I could feel her pulling down on my cock.


Amy pulled my cock down so that I shot my load all over her tits. I covered her with plenty of cum. As the last load landed on her Amy took my cock into her mouth and sucked the rest out, once she was finished she fell back against the back of the sofa. Dawn and Sam leaned over and begin licking all my cum from Amy’s tits. It took all my strength to stand there but I stood there and watched them clean her up. Once she was completely cleaned she looked at me and asked me to take off her nipple rings. I got down on my knees in front of her and carefully remove the rings from her hugely swollen nipples. I handed her the emeralds once I had them removed, she leaned forward and grabbed my head and gave me a deep kiss.


I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her waist as she laid back and placed my head on her stomach and held her. Dawn and Sam sat back in the sofa saying nothing for a long time.

“I need to go put these up and shower,” Amy finally said.

I kissed Amy on her pussy and she shrieked then I released my hold and let her up.

“I’m coming with you,” Sam said as she followed Amy.

I got up on the sofa beside Dawn, she pulled me to her and laid her head on my shoulder.

“James, that is the way I want you to be with Amy, just take her, don’t think you have to ask me,” Dawn said.

“You are sure?”


“What about Sam?”

“If that is what she wants, of course.”

I placed my arm behind her head and pulled her close to me.

“I want you to do something tonight,” Dawn asked.

“What is that?”

“After dinner I want you to fuck me in the ass in front of Sam.”

“With pleasure, but are you sure?”

“Yes, she doesn’t think a woman can have pleasure from getting it in the ass.”

“Is that what you two were talking about this morning after I left and before you got in a 69?”

Dawn looked up at me.

“Yes and did you mind?”

“No, I wanted to stay and watch but you two looked like you were having too much fun.”

“Thanks for not interrupting us.”

“No problem. Do you want to be stretched out first by a dildo or what?”

“No, I just want you to take it slow, I can handle it.”

“Sounds good to me if that is what you want honey.”

“Keep the lube down here anyway though,” Dawn said.

Dawn leaned over and kissed me on the end of my cock.

“Now put some clothes on and help me start dinner.”

Amy came down the stairs latter wearing a pair of very short pajama bottoms and top that just reached her belly button. She looked sexy with her hair still wet from the shower. Sam followed behind her in a similar set of pajamas with her long hair still wet. I had a feeling that Sam had helped Amy ‘clean up’ before they got in the shower.

“Amy, could you watch the pots while James and I go get cleaned up,” Dawn asked.

“Sure, don’t be too long,” Amy replied.

Dawn and I went up and took a quick shower then changed. Dawn pulled out her set of pajamas with the short bottoms and short top. I slipped on a pair of silk boxers and a loose t-shirt. I was refreshed and looking forward to the after dinner action. We went back downstairs just as Amy and Sam were setting the food on the table.

“Dinner is ready!” Amy said as she saw us.

I headed for the table to sit with Sam, Dawn went to the kitchen to help Amy. I watched as Dawn pulled Amy aside and whispered in her ear for a minute. Amy turned and looked at her with a big smile. I guess she had told her what she wanted me to do to her. The two of them brought the rest of the meal over and sat. I poured a bottle of wine Amy had gotten out and we all sat and ate dinner.

“Sam did you get to swim on Christmas Day?” Amy asked.

“Yes I did but I almost froze my tits off!”

“Didn’t you wait until the water got warm?” Amy asked her.

“It was warm enough for a few laps.”

“It will probably be in the morning before the pool is actually warm,” I told her.

Amy laughed at her.

“Do you want to go swimming after dinner sis?!”

“No, I’ll wait!” Amy said. “The hot tub is good enough for me until the pool gets warm.”

You guys want to go for a swim after dinner,” Sam asked Dawn and me.

“No, I was thinking more about a Christmas movie,” Dawn said.

“Oh goody!” Sam exclaimed.

I sat there thinking, I couldn’t think of any Christmas movie Dawn had ever shown any particular enthusiasm about.

“Which movie is that?” I asked Dawn.

“Oh, you have seen it before, it is a good one.”

I just left it at that and finished eating.

“You have to go back to work tomorrow Sam,” Amy told her.

“I know. Will you introduce me to your new friend at the hospital?”

“Maybe,” Amy said with a giggle.

“You two be careful,” Dawn said.

“We will, I just thought he might enjoy two sisters,” Sam said with a laugh

After we finished eating the girls talked about some of the wild things they had seen at the hospital between nurses and doctors and nurses and patients. I didn’t say anything but I knew what I had seen at the hospital, especially between the interns. I had once walked in on a young couple that were interning with me, they had been using my couch because they didn’t think I was there. I had made them my bitches for the rest of their rotation, I never told Dawn but I had made them fuck on my couch several times while I watched, they didn’t mind.

I got up and began clearing the table as they continued to talk and drink wine. They brought the last dishes to the kitchen just as I finished.

“Ready for a movie?” Dawn asked.

“Sure,” Sam said.

“Let’s take our wine to the sofa,” Dawn instructed.

I was still wondering what she wanted to watch. We all sat on the sofa and Dawn picked up the remote. I was pouring more wine while Dawn was picking a movie.

“There we go,” Dawn said as she pressed play.

The lights dropped in the den a little and the movie began on the screen.

‘Holiday Office Party’ came up on the screen. Then I remembered. It had been a while since we had watched this but it was a porn movie, not badly done but it was set up as a Christmas office party that got out of hand, there was plenty of sucking and fucking in it but I remembered there was also a lot of anal and DP in it. Dawn was up to her typical minx tricks. I knew it would be a few minutes before Sam figured out it was a porn movie. It began with a long set up about the Christmas party that was going to be in the office that night.

“I haven’t seen this one,” Sam said.

“I’m not surprised,” I replied and got an elbow from Dawn.

It only took Amy a few minutes from the campy script to figure out it was going to be a porn movie.

As it progressed you figured out there were 4 or 5 guys in the office along with five or six hot looking women that were all anxious for the day to be over so they could start the party. When 5:00 o’clock came several of the women in the office left and came back wearing skimpy Christmas outfits similar to what the girls had worn. It took me a minute; this was probably where Dawn got the idea from.

I watched as Sam looked over at Dawn blushing a little as she finally figured out what the movie was.

As with all porn movies the first 30 minutes were all shots of guys with huge cocks getting blowjobs and then the women coming out of their clothes and getting their pussies eaten. There were plenty of shots of girls getting eaten out while they had another cock in their mouth. Plenty of good close ups as a couple of the guys bent several of the women over a desk as they slipped a cock in them.

We watched for a while as the women got pummeled in their pussies while taking another guy down their throat. Then this hot looking a redhead that was built a lot like Amy was bent over a desk getting fucked reached back and began fingering herself in the ass while a nice big cock was slipping in and out of her pussy from behind. First she had one finger in her ass then two as she worked them in deeper and deeper. She finally pulled her fingers out and grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled them open while the guy spit on her asshole several times. He took his fingers and worked the spit into her asshole and then he pulled his cock out of her pussy and pressed the head up against her now wet asshole and pushed.

The women began screaming for him to fuck her in the ass while he slid all the way in. I looked over at Sam, she was intently watching the scene. The woman continued to beg the guy to fuck her harder as he started pounding her in the ass. I was wondering what impression Sam was going to come away from this with.

The woman eventually rolled onto her side so we could see the huge cock pumping away at her while she held her legs spread open. She was begging for more and more. Eventually she started furiously rubbing her clit and pussy as the guy continued to saw into her. After 15 minutes of more gyrations on the desktop she and the guy were both screaming that they were coming. Just as the actor pulled his cock out in time for the redhead to change positions and let him shoot his cum all over her face. I always thought that the guys in porn movies were wasting the best part not coming in the women, but I guess that is what people want to see.

Thirty more minutes of pussies getting slammed and another scene with a woman getting it up the ass. I watched Sam’s expressions as the scenes went by, I also watched as she slipped a hand down between her legs. Then a scene came up when a nice looking blonde straddled a guy sitting on a couch and slipped a huge cock into her pussy. She pumps up and down while the guy grabbed her ass and helped pull her down on to his cock. The camera was up close showing her ass from behind as she rode up and down, then another guy walks up behind her and starts fingering her asshole while she continues to ride the other guy. He inserts first one finger and then two into her ass, sliding them in and out, then inserts a third finger into her ass that has now been grease from some mystery lube. She leans forward on the guy under her while the other guy pries her asshole open. He pulls his three fingers out of the blonde’s ass then positions himself between the other guy’s legs. The camera shows a close up as he presses the head of his cock up and into the blonde’s asshole, she is screaming ‘give it to me’ as we watch. The guy then presses forward and his entire cock disappears up the blonde’s ass.

While I watched the blonde get fucked in the ass and the pussy at the same time I felt a hand grasp my swelling cock. I look down and Dawn has grabbed me while she watches the TV.

Then Dawn leans into my ear and whispers, “I want to try that one day.”

I looked back at Dawn and smiled.

The camera got in real close so we could see two cocks slipping in and out of the blonde. I looked over and see that Amy has found her pussy with her hand and Sam appeared to have several fingers inside hers. After several minutes of the blonde getting pounded in the ass the guy pulls out of her ass and shoots cum all over her crack and ass while the guy on the bottom continues to hump into the blonde. The guy that just came all over her ass is now using his cum to jam three or four fingers into the blonde’s ass as she screams. The guy on the bottom eventually shoots his load inside the blonde and we get to see a close up of cum running out of the blonde’s pussy. The movie continued for about 30 more minutes with the usual porn shots, but it was sort of anticlimactic after the DP shot.

As it neared the end, I hear heavy breathing coming from Sam and Amy, Dawn kept rubbing my cock slowly as she watched. The video ended and Dawn turned the lights back up.

“How did that woman take two men at the same time?” Sam asked as she looked over at Amy.

“I am sure she has had plenty of experience,” Amy responded.

“I still think that looks painful,” Sam said.

“James, would you like to show Sam?” Dawn said to me.

“If that is what you want honey.”

“I want her to see that it is not really like it is in the movies but something pleasurable and sensual.”

Dawn stood up and unbuttoned her pajama top and let it fall to the floor then she pushed down her silk shorts and stepped out of them. I looked as her pussy glistened by the firelight, she was already wet. She set down beside me lifted my t-shirt up and off.

“Take your boxers off,” Dawn commanded.

I stood and Dawn pulled my boxers down and I stepped out of them. Dawn turned and placed her hands on the back of the sofa, I stood and got behind her.

“Show her James.”

I looked and saw that Dawn’s pussy was dripping in anticipation.

“Let me get you wet first.”

I bent all the way forward and spread her ass cheeks and began licking her asshole, I don’t think Dawn was expecting this. I let saliva run down my tongue and onto her asshole as I circled around it with my tongue. I spent several minutes circling her asshole then driving my tongue into her tightness. Dawn begin to moan as I shoved my tongue in and out of her ass. She may have been wanting to show Sam how much she enjoyed taking it up the ass now but I was going to make sure she experienced all the pleasure I could give her. While I continued to tongue her ass I slipped a hand up to her pussy and slipped a couple of fingers into her to get them good and wet.

Sam had leaned forward to watch me tongue Dawn’s ass, I remembered her saying she had not had that done to her that morning after I did it to her. I moved my head for her a little so she could see my tongue going in and out of Dawn’s ass. Dawn moaned with each penetration of my tongue. I pulled my now slick fingers out of Dawn’s pussy and slid my hand up and inserted one finger slowly into Dawn’s ass as I continued to lick around her hole. Dawn wiggled her ass as I slid it in all the way. I was amazed at just how relaxed Dawn was, I wasn’t meeting any resistance Dawn appeared to be ready to enjoy this. I worked my finger in and out slowly stretching Dawn’s hole. I pulled the first finger out and slowly inserted two fingers, Dawn moaned louder. I took it slow even though she was completely relaxed, working the two fingers in and out as Dawn’s asshole grew wetter.

Alice shivered as she waited to be buzzed into April’s building, from both the cold and the situation she was in. Like all the clothes Nicole had picked for her she felt more exposed than covered. However Alice did not believe her current outfit could even be considered cloths. The cold air blowing against her exposed crotch reminded her of her desire to get into the warm building and out of sight of potential on-lookers as she really did not want anyone to see her in her current predicament. She had been in a number of very humiliating situations with Nicole over the past week but she had never felt as vulnerable or so alone.

Ever since Nicole had her make this date with April, and it was a date in no uncertain terms, Nicole had taken control of the preparations. Purchasing the gifts for her to give to her sister/lover as well as picking out a very special outfit for there Christmas rendezvous. When Nicole first showed her what she was expected to wear Alice was a bit confused, as the item that Nicole was holding was not something she thought of as clothing, but as Nicole explained what she wanted to do a shiver ran through her body as she understood the material she was looking at was going to be fashioned into her dress.

Nicole’s description for what she had planned kept running through Alice’s head as she sat in the salon getting her hair and make-up done to her mistress’s specifications, all in preparation for her big date. Once finished, Alice once again saw the face of a model, her hair was kept back and out of her face by a black satin ribbon tied around the back of her head with a large bow at the top; a small piece of mistletoe secured to the side. Her make-up was done in shades of red making her look festive and alluring at the same time. Afterwards Alice stood naked as the beautician sprayed gold dust all over her body.

Returning home Alice dreaded having to live Nicole’s fantasy of a perfect gift and stood naked as Nicole put the finishing touches on the dress pattern. The whole situation felt so wrong but she felt she had little choice and no control over her life, Susan’s blackmail and Nicole’s demanding nature made sure of that. Here she was being assisted by her girlfriend as she got ready for an encounter with another girl who not only wanted to pretend to be her sister but desired to have an illicit affair with her. Seeing Nicole walking towards her Alice knew it was now time for the final step in her preparation and raised her arms to literally be enclosed in a strapless sheath dress made of shinny red wrapping paper. Alice could only look into her closet mirror as Nicole carefully taped the seams of the dress closed. Standing perfectly still she watched as her mistress secured a black satin ribbon along the top of the dress and a second around her waist complete with a bow to match the one on her head, the excess ribbon running along her hip.

As Nicole walked around her Alice could not help but notice the look of excitement on her girlfriends face and looking at the image before her Alice understood why. To Alice anyone looking would see her as an exotic gift heading for a kinky encounter with her lover. Her hair, face, body and dress covered in gold glitter taking the theme of her being the present under the dress. The hem of the dress was cut to just below her crotch. And per Nicole’s rules she was commando underneath, her only other piece of clothing being her knee high leather boots. Even the slightest movement caused the dress to crackle and she was worried that if she took too long of a stride in the tight dress it would tear. She could not believe that her girlfriend would spend so much time and effort making look like the ultimate Christmas sex symbol just to send her off to meet another woman to fuel her fantasies of lesbian infidelity.

For Alice this was a new low. As much as she hated being under her mistresses control at least when she was with her she had an excuse for what she was doing, Nicole told her to do it. Now things were different. Now she had to carry out her mistresses wishes on her own; Wishes that required her to start an illicit intimate affair with another girl; Wishes that not only required her to play along with April’s perverted desire to pretend to be her sister but to encourage and foster it; Wishes that required getting April to agree to teach her how to entice woman, seduce woman and strip for woman. Wishes she not only had to agree to but pretend that she liked.

The sound of the door buzzer startled Alice and brought her back to reality. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and walked into the warm lobby. Not wanting to remain in such a public place Alice quickly located the stairs and began the assent to the safety of her sister’s apartment.

Alice’s level of excitement and fear rose with each step she took. Part of her wanted to run as the other part told her she had no choice but to follow orders. But the debate became moot as she looked up and saw April standing at the top of the stairs dressed to leave not doubt as to her intentions. Following her trend of looking gorgeous in a sexy way April was clothed in a red stretch velvet strapless dress with white fur trim and a hem so short Alice could easily see the red velvet underwear she wore beneath. Her head capped with a red velvet Santa’s hat and her feet encased in shinny red patent leather knee high boots with white fur trim and a three inch heel, shinny red lipstick completed her look of a very sexy female Santa.

“Merry Christmas,” squeaked Alice nervously as she approached April.

“Merry Christmas to you too sis, replied April in a husky voice that did nothing to hide her excitement. Reaching up she slowly began to caress the face of the angle that stood before her. Ever since Alice called to make there date she had been on an erotic fueled high thinking about this moment and how she wanted it to be perfect and looking at her new sister she was happy to see Alice felt the same way.

“You look absolutely amazing,” whispered April as she leaned in for a kiss.

Alice leaned forward holding the gift between herself and her new lover and closed her eyes in anticipation of the kiss, a full passionate kiss filled with lust and desire. While she had practice with Nicole for countless hours and had kissed multiple girls the sensation of their lip gloss rubbing together was a new one for Alice. While she was required to wear lipstick and lip gloss this was the first time she had kissed anyone wearing the same. The feeling was much more feminine, more sensual than simply kissing the soft seductive lips of another girl. To Alice it was like the erotic sensation she got from rubbing her nylon covered legs against another girl’s nylon covered legs. Linking the new sensation to her previous sexual markers resulted in her moistening in anticipation of intercourse.

“That was very nice,” gasped Alice as she broke the kiss focusing again on what she was doing. She wanted more than anything to put the breaks on April’s desires but Alice knew that was not possible. She had to keep April on a string in order to complete Nicole’s plans for the stripper. Plans that required her to make sure April was hungry for more and would be willing to do anything she requested to gain access to her body.

“Yes it was,” added April in a dreamy voice, her hands sliding down Alice’s arms.

Alice could only smile nervously and she watched April’s eyes roamed over her body and her embarrassing outfit. She could see the lust in her eyes and the nervous biting of her lip hinting at her hunger for more. Knowing that April wanted more and was looking for some sign of what she wanted Alice leaned in for a second soft sweet kiss. A kiss that was abruptly ended when April ran her hands over the back of Alice’s dress.

“Are you wearing wrapping paper!” exclaimed April in a surprised voice, her hands now exploring Alice’s shinny red dress. “You are, aren’t you? That is so wild!”

Alice felt too ashamed to answer and shyly smiled at her admirer.

“I think you may be the best present I ever gotten,” purred April in a sultry voice, leaving little doubt as to what she was thinking.

“Thank you,” replied Alice softly to the complement.

“So does this mean you’re mine to keep,” asked April in a play full voice, “Because I do not want to give you up.”

“Just for tonight,” stammered Alice, nervous of April’s plans.

“Well we will just have to see about that”, giggled April. “When I done with you you may not want me too give you up,” announced April taking Alice by the hand and leading her towards her apartment. “Come, we can open our gifts after we eat.”

Alice’s level of anxiety increased at April’s remark and the repercussions of her intent ran through her head as she allowed her new lover to lead her towards the apartment door. Her attempt to take control of the situation dashed by April’s discovery that she was not her guest but her gift, her eyes downcast as she watched the back of April’s skirt playfully swish back and forth with the movement of April’s ass as her own ass subconsciously moved in a slower more pronounce movement better suited for her tight skirt.

“Welcome to my home,” announced April as they passed the threshold.

Not knowing what to do Alice simply stood by the front door her eyes following April as she walked through the Euro style apartment past a small dining table, set up for a holiday meal, and around an island separating the rest of the room from the kitchen. Scanning the apartment Alice noticed a Christmas tree with a few decorations and presents under it. A shiver ran through her as she felt she should be sitting under the tree dressed as she was.

Breaking free of the thought Alice turned her attention to the other side of the room. Her attention was immediately caught by the corner of the room. At first she thought it was some kind of fashion design area with a small mirrored platform and floor to ceiling mirrors. A set of track lights even completed the space on the ceiling. However at about eight feet square it seemed too big to be practical for designing. Stepping to the side Alice let out a small gasp as she saw the chrome pole in the center of the platform. A stripper pole!

April had a stripper pole in her living room, repeated Alice in her mind as she stood frozen in place. Why would anyone put a stripper pole in the living room thought Alice as she tried to comprehend what she was looking at all other thoughts washed from her mind.

“I see you found my home office,” giggled April as she stood behind Alice.

“You also work from home!” gasped Alice in a surprised.

“Of course not,” answered April as she walked over to the platform and did a quick spin around the pole. “My last lover had it installed when I moved in. He liked to have private shows. But his wife found out about us before he could appreciate his gift.”

Alice simply stood there awkwardly as she watched April saunter around the little stage and explained how she got her ‘personal entertainment center’ as she called it. The idea of curling up under the tree and pretending to be a present started to seem like a much better option than having to stand there not knowing what to do or what to say as another girl performed before her.

“But we can play later, dinner is ready and the sooner we eat the sooner we can open our gifts,” stated April stepping off the stage.

Alice could only nod her agreement.

Dinner for Alice was an awkward experience. Here she was having dinner, a romantic dinner, with a woman who lived alone. April was the first person she knew that was close to her own age and did not live with her parents. Everything in the house was April’s and even though she felt like she should be concerned about April’s parents walking through the door at any moment she knew that was not going to happen. Tonight, like every time when she would come here, it would only be the two of them.

Alice could not believe that this was even happening and thinking about what was going on made her too nervous to eat. Every time she looked up she saw April, the smile on her face and the look in her eyes, she knew April wanted her and that made her nervous. If that was not enough every time she looked up she could see the stripper pole out of the corner of her eye. The pole she would soon be receiving lessons on.

“You haven’t eaten much, is the dinner okay?” inquired April.

“It’s very good,” stated Alice happy to escape her thoughts. “It’s just my head is someplace else.”

“Well I love to have it between my thighs,” replied April in a husky voice.

“It’s just I’m uneasy about all of this,” stated Alice hoping to slow the events down a little.

“I understand,” replied April in a reassuring voice. “You have a girl friend and you don’t want anything to mess that up.”

“Right,” answered Alice a small smile appearing on her face, but thinking of a very different reason than April.

“Well I don’t want anything to mess it up either,” continued April getting up from her chair and walking behind Alice. “What we do between us stays between us. I don’t want you to break up with your girlfriend; in fact I want you to continue your relationship with Nicole just as it is, or if possible even stronger.”

“I appreciate that,” murmured Alice nervously. Now giving up all pretense of eating and just sat straight in her chair.

“However I believe you want a relationship with me as well,” continued April as she slowly caressed Alice’s bare shoulders. “The amount of time you spent preparing yourself for tonight shows it. Your hair and makeup are perfect. And your dress was chosen for one reason, you are not here just as my sister you want to be my secret lover.”

Alice could only sit in the chair and listen to April. She did not want a relationship with April, her girlfriend demanded on it; wanted her to seduce the stripper into playing sister and lover. The only secret in this relationship was that April didn’t know that Nicole not only knew but insisted on their supposed affair. In fact everything about her tonight from her hair and makeup to her clothing to the present she brought for her was all designed by Nicole.

“I do want a relationship….,” started Alice as she paused to think how to express exactly what she wanted from April.

“Good then we are in agreement,” interjected April as she smiled. Those five words were all April had to hear as she had the whole relationship planned out and the most important part, Alice, was already in place. The phone call was easy, with Alice practically begging to come over for an early Christmas and to spend the night, promising to make it worth her while. A very different experience than when she had to call Nicole. With Nicole she had to do the begging. Where Alice had been accommodating and passive Nicole had been demanding and aggressive.

The two could not be more different, yes both were willing to allow her to play out her fantasy where Alice would become her little sister, her very kinky little sister. They would go shopping, out to dinner and do all the things sisters would do but they would also be lovers. Secretly having an affair behind Nicole’s back. Just as she was going to have an affair with Nicole behind her new sisters back. But that affair would be nothing like the one with Alice. With Nicole the relationship would be on Nicole’s terms, basically her cheating on her girlfriend with her girlfriend’s stripper sister. She had to promise not the date anyone without Nicole’s permission and be willing to submit to her. A price she was more than willing to pay to live out her fantasy.

For April it could not be kinkier. She could play both the passive and aggressive at the same time and have the perverse pleasure of cheating with both parties of a relationship.

“Actually I need you to teach me how to strip,” blurted Alice trying to get the conversation back to what she needed from April.

“I remember how eager you were to learn at the club,” purred April as her hands resumed their caress of April’s flesh, “and we will begin your lessons soon. Don’t worry, before we’re through you will know every trick and you will perform for me and I will perform for you. We will be each other’s most intimate clients. I will also teach you every trick I know about pleasing another woman and when I’m done with you every partner you have will think you are the best lover they ever had.”

Alice was trapped mid-thought. April’s take on what she needed to learn was very different then what she had hoped. Now not only would she be getting ‘lessons’ from her girlfriend, Nicole, but from her new sister as well. She wanted to try and correct the direction the relationship was going but felt uncertain on how to precede.

“Come,” announced April as she took Alice’s hand. I think it’s time to open our presents.

Alice timidly followed April to the Christmas tree, her eyes downcast and inadvertently focused on April swaying ass. As the reached the presents April let out a giggle as Alice struggled to kneel on the floor without exposing herself or tearing her dress.

“Now as my guest you get to open your present first,” announced April as she handed Alice a red wrapped box.

Nervously Alice took the wrapped gift and began to tear off the paper. A slight shiver ran through her body as she imagined April doing the same thing to her dress. Upon opening the box she was slightly relived to see a purple version of the slave girl outfit April wore when she last visited the club.

“Thank you,” stated Alice, “it’s very pretty.”

“I saw how you looked at mine when I wore it, or was it me you were watching,” giggled April. “Besides if I’m to teach you how to strip you need to look the part.”

Alice pictured herself wearing the outfit and dancing in April’s ‘home office’ for the pleasure of her fake sister. Shaking the image from her mind Alice quickly picked up the gift Nicole had bought for April and handed it to her. Nicole had spent considerable time wrapping the gift in the same red paper and black ribbon as her dress.

April was less cautious opening her present tearing the paper off in an excited fashion.

“Wow, now that is a unique Christmas gift,” laughed April as she held up a purple version of the strap-on Nicole had used to take her virginity.

“It was designed by women for women,” stammered Alice, repeating the line Nicole said to her when she bought identical dildos for them. She could not believe that Nicole would have bought such a thing for her to give to a girl she just met. Worse April would assume Alice wanted her it use it with her.

“Well in that case we will have to put it to good use,” purred April as she lean in to give Alice a kiss.

Alice simply closed her eyes and allowed herself to be kissed, the shock of having given another girl, who had romantic interests in her, a strap-on as a gift overwhelmed her. Alice could no longer over come the perceptions about what was supposed to happed with April tonight and going foreword, April was going to be her secret lover.

“Here I got this for you,” stated April breaking the kiss. “I was worried that I might be pushing the envelope but after your gift I see we are both very much on the same page.”

Alice no longer tried to think about what that page was or make any effort to try and change it, taking the present from her now sister Alice carefully opened the box. As she lifted the top of the box a strong rubbery smell invaded her nostrils and as she removed the tissue paper a shinny black material came into view. At first Alice did not understand what it was she was looking at. Carefully removing it from the box Alice held up what looked like a tank top with a skaters skirt attached made of a black rubbery substance.

“Do you like it,” inquired April. “I know I just love the feeling of latex against my skin.

Every year in December Mrs. Claus made a trip from the North Pole to here in sunny Florida. Like Santa, she needed a break away from everything going on in the North Pole. It was several years ago when I met her and we started our affair.

Now I know what you are thinking; how can I be interested in some old woman? Well let me tell you Mrs. Claus isn’t an old woman, at least not in appearance. I don’t know how she has stayed so young looking, but hey I’m not complaining. Ever since our first encounter, she has made it a point to stop at my house and every year I have looked forward to it.

A knock at my door made me jump up from my chair. I knew it was her and I was overly excited. I open the door to see Mrs. Clause wearing a tight little red teddy.

“Merry Christmas!” she shouts.

“Speaking of which,” I say, my voice thick with desire.

She walks in and kisses me. She lingers on the kiss for several long minutes before breaking away and walking into the living room. I guess the long year apart drove her mad as well. She unzips the teddy and lets it fall to the floor before spinning around in front of the fire place toward me. Her eyes are pinned by my gaze at her slender, sexy body. She shivers and takes a deep breath and I know it’s from the heat in my eyes. My gaze drops to her perfectly set breasts. Her nipples are already as my rock hard as my cock.

I close the door and peel off my clothes as I walk over to her. I press my lips against hers in a deep, lingering kiss. This time she pushes her tongue into my mouth in a more controlled manner. I wrap my tongue around hers, tasting her. My hands push her back against the wall next to the fire place. They slide up to her breasts, softly squeezing them. Our kiss grows stronger, harder and more passionate.

Mrs. Claus reaches down between our bodies to rub her fingers against my cock. It feels great in her loving hands. She breaks away from the kiss to look down. “I’ve waited all year long for you,” she says almost sadly.

“Hasn’t Mr. Claus been taking care of you?” I ask.

“He’s not the man that you are. Nor is he as big as you.” She drops to her knees and leans forward, slipping her mouth over the head of my cock. As she slowly lower her mouth down me, I moan softly.

“Lucky me,” I say.

“No, lucky me,” Mrs. Claus corrects as she pulls her lips back to the tip of my cock.

She takes me back into her mouth and increases the speed of her movement. She slides her lips along my shaft while sucking firmly on me. At the same time she rubs her hand up and down the base of my cock. I moan deeply as I wrap my fingers in her hair.

“Oh, yes that feels good,” I say. “Keep that up and I’ll be cumming soon.”

She continues to suck on me vigorously, sliding her lips along my shaft. Then my cock begins to throb in her mouth. I grip her hair tighter, pushing her further onto my cock. “I’m going to cum,” I hiss.

A second later I am cumming, blasting her throat with hot, sticky cum. She gives a startled squeal as I fill her mouth. I let out a deep moan of pleasure as I pump squirt after squirt into her tiny mouth. As soon as I finish cumming I pull her to her feet. I could see her swallow the last bit and she licks her lips clean just before I kiss her again. I press my lips hard onto hers and then slip my tongue into her mouth, tasting my own cum.

“Mrs. Claus, that was fantastic,” I say almost excitedly.

She smiles and I take one of her luscious breasts into my mouth. She gasps sharply at the feel of my lips around her breast. I move from breast to breast, licking and sucking. I am in heaven as it has been a whole year since I’ve gotten to suck on Mrs. Claus’ breasts. They are the most perfect, rounded breasts I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. I focused on her two hard nipples, licking and sucking on them. I could be happy to spend the rest of the night just sucking on them, but I couldn’t because I only get to see her once a year.

I drop to my knees in front of her and push her legs apart to plant a soft kiss on her pussy. Mrs. Claus spreads them open even further for me as she looks down. Her face is full of anticipation in what I was about to do. Her eyes flash with both lust and need and I’m not going to deprive her of either. I kiss her pussy again and then run my tongue up the outer lips. Mrs. Claus gives a soft hiss. I reach up and use my fingers to part her lips, then press my face against her and begin licking. I push my tongue into her pussy, causing her to moan softly again. I can feel her leaning against the wall and she lifts one leg up onto my shoulder to give me better access.

I take the opportunity to lick deeply into her, tasting her juices as I do. Mrs. Claus’ moans grow deeper and I can feel her pushing herself into my face. I move upward with my tongue to flick her clit with it and when I do Mrs. Claus lets out a sharp cry. I smile to myself and flick her clit again. This time the cry is at an even higher pitch than before. I run my tongue over her clit with more rapid movement. I run my tongue over it and around it, circling it rapidly so that my tongue never loses contact. Mrs. Claus’ cries are cries of passion and pleasure.

“Yes, yes!” she cries. “More please!”

I reach up to cup one of her breasts, squeezing it firmly and twisting the nipple between my fingers. Mrs. Claus gasps and then moans. She pushes her body harder against my face. I know she is about to cum so I push two fingers into her pussy, sliding them rapidly in and out of her. I feel her body react as her pussy tightens around them.

Yes, yes!” she gasps as her orgasm hits her. I quickly pull my fingers away and replace them with my tongue. I lick as she cums, tasting all of her juices as they pour freely from her pulsating pussy. Mrs. Claus makes repeated cries of passion as her orgasm sweeps over her. I lick until I feel it die down. As I stand back up, I hook her leg off my shoulder into my hand. Quickly I position myself against her. My cock pushes at her entrance before I ram it up into her, thrusting my cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh god!” she squeals as I ram it up into her.

I pull out and slam it in again and again, repeatedly ramming my cock deep into her pussy. Mrs. Claus gasps, crying out from the sensations I cause. I, myself, moan softly as I feel her tight, warm pussy open around me, squeezing my cock with each thrust.

“Mrs. Claus, you feel so fucking good,” I gasp.

“Ohhh, I love your cock,” she says back to me.

I lean forward, kissing her hard and she kisses back, curling her tongue around mine. I feel her push forward to meet my thrusts. As my cock pushes deeper and deeper with each thrust it feels like I am hitting a wall inside her. Each thrust make her shake and cry out in pleasure.

“Yes, of god yes,” she squeals. “I’m going to cum all over your hard cock!”

Her body shutters against mine and I feel her juices soak my cock. I continue to thrust hard into her as she cums, adding to her pleasure and sending ripples of ecstasy through her. I slide my hands down tot grip her ass and lift her off the floor. I carry her over to the couch, dropping her on her back. Mrs. Claus lies gasping at the orgasm’s final tingles.

I stand between her legs, starring down at her. My cock rests against her thigh as I reach up to reverently run my hands over her breasts. Reaching down between her thighs, Mrs. Claus takes hold of my cock. If feels slick as she rubs her fingers along my shaft. I look down at her with eyes burning with lust as she puts her hands to her mouth to lick off the juices. I reach for her, pulling her toward me. My cock presses against her pussy and with a hard thrust I am in her again.

If my thrusts were hard before, they were nothing compared to now. I slam into her, pushing my cock totally into her. Each thrust rams me as far inside her pussy as I can possibly go. She gasps hard with each thrust to the point of me taking her breath away.

“Mrs. Claus, you are so fucking tight,” I grunt between thrusts.

Mrs. Claus can only moan in reply. The force of my thrusts has taken the power of speech from her. Mrs. Claus’ pussy feels like a molten fire around my cock. She writhes on the couch, crying out in pleasure as I bring her to the edge of another orgasm.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Mrs. Claus screams as her body shutters beneath me.

Her orgasm is so strong she screams wildly and rolls and twists on the couch. I have to grip her hips to hold her down as I continue to ram into her. I fuck her hard and fast through her orgasm, not letting up once.

“I’m going to cum,” I gasp and she pulls her thighs tight around me.

“Yes, cum in me baby!” she yells.

With one final hard thrust I slam my cock up into her. My cock bursts spewing forth my collective seed into her. The sensation jolts her orgasm back into full passion. She cries out as the orgasm sweeps through her. I can feel my cock being coated with her lovely juices once more. I remain stiff for several seconds, before pulling out of her and collapsing atop of her. Mrs. Claus lies still, gasping hard for breath.

We lay entangled on the couch for what seems like forever before Mrs. Claus gets up and dresses. She leans in to kiss me long and hard and passionately and then says, as she pulls away, “I will see you next Christmas.

Sandra has circled the block three times since the store front Santa waved at her. She had smiled and waved back as she drove past and then she had a thought; wouldn’t it be great to give the holiday spirit to that man dressed as Santa for all his hard work?

The idea spurred her pussy into action and very quickly she was wet. At the back of her mind, however, she thought it was too wrong and too weird. So she decided to circle around and that turned into another drive by and another. Finally after the fourth time around she decides to pull over. She rolls down the window and waves to the waving Santa.

The store front Santa rushes over to her window and peeks in. “Can I help you miss?” he asks. “I saw you drive by several times.”

“I think you can,” she says putting her hand out the window and over his cock.

Instead of pushing her away he smiles through the white fluffy beard. “I believe Santa can help you.”

He opens the door to the back and slides in. Sandra puts the car into drive and pulls into the nearest parking lot. Turning off the car she slips into the backseat with Santa and quickly gets busy. She opens his pants to quickly release his hard cock. It curves up pointing toward his face as he lay back in the seat watching her. She takes his cock in her hand; it feels nice, very hard and warm as it twitches with her touch.

Sandra leans down and licks it causing it to twitch more. She runs her tongue up the whole length of his shaft then she circles it around his cockhead, eliciting a moan from Santa. She starts pumping the shaft of his cock while licking his cockhead. After a few moments she takes his cockhead into her mouth and starts to suck on it tasting the precum that oozes out. Her free hand begins fondling his balls and her lips start to glide down his length until she has to stop jacking him off and slide further down his cock, letting it hit the back of her throat.

Santa lets out a long and slow groan, throwing his had back against the seat. Sandra pulls back, grazing her teeth along his shaft, causing his whole body to shake slightly with pleasure. She slides down and pulls back grazing her teeth along again. She repeats this faster and faster until she is ready then she slides down further onto his cock all the way to his balls, his cock hits the back of her mouth and down her throat.

She swallows to pull him in deeper. The contractions around his cockhead cause him to moan loader than before and then with a grunt he tries to pull out, but Sandra’s hands grab him tight and pulls him back in deep as he starts to pulse and sends a hot load of sticky cum into her throat.

“Oh fuck,” he grunts.

She keeps swallowing the cum which keeps stimulating his super sensitive cock until he is milked dry. He pulls back out of her mouth with a slurping noise. His cock still wet with cum drips out, slipping over her chin, leaving a pearly white line down it.

Before Santa’s cock even has the chance to soften, Sandra climbs onto his lap, straddling him and pushing his cock up between them. She unbuttons her blouse then presses herself into his body. The heat of his cock pulses against her stomach. Her lips brush against his and his cock twitches.

Softly, she presses her lips to his through the fluffy white beard. He responds by putting his hands on her hips and then running the length up her back to her neck and pulls her in closer. Sandra’s lips part slightly as she lets her tongue slip through to brush his lips. He opens them slightly, allowing her tongue to intertwine with his. As they stay locked in this embrace, he helps to remove her pants, revealing her panties-less pussy. Sandra’s hands slip down and take hold of his shaft. She leans forward, pressing herself right up to his ear and whispers, “It looks like Santa has a big gift for me.”

“Santa always has the right gift,” he says with a smile.

Sandra helps guide his cock into her warm, wet pussy and then with both hands Santa grabs her hips, pulling her down into his cock, thrusting it deep into her. With each of his thrusts, she thrusts back onto him forcing him in deeper and harder. His cock feels so big as he pumps it into her tight pussy. As he thrust in he leans forward to kiss her. She meets him halfway and their lips lock in a much heavier manner. Her tongue explores his mouth as she lets him explore hers.

Then burying her head into his neck, she starts to feel her orgasm getting closer. Then unexpectantly, his hands grab her around the waist, picking her up. He guides her to turn around and lean over between the front seats and immediately thrusts back in, causing the force of the thrust to greatly increase.

By this point, Sandra is gasping for breath. He thrusts his enormous cock violently into her, leaning his weight on top of her back. And then she feels the orgasm truly come to a peak and waves after waves of pleasure wash over her whole body, causing her to shudder uncontrollably.

“Oh, fuck yes Santa!” she screams.

It leaves her gasping for air, but he doesn’t stop. He increases his speed, thrusting hard and fast into her over sensitive pussy again and again. He sits up as best as he can and presses his weight onto her ass cheeks, spreading them wider apart and exposing her completely to him.

The force of his fucking is jolting her whole body. Her breasts bounce against the shifter, hitting her nipples, sending another wave of pleasure shooting through her. She can soon feel another orgasm building like a wave of pleasure filling up, waiting to burst and rock her body to its very core. By Santa’s grunting and groaning she knows he too is nearing his climax.

“Santa’s going to cum,” he says loudly. “I’m going to bust all over you.”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” she answers. “Fill me up with your hot cum!”

He stops thrusting and buries himself deep into her. His cock pulsates, shooting his load into her pussy. The feeling of his cock pumping into her finally sends her over the edge and her body goes into a spasm. Her whole body tenses as her pussy violently contracts repeatedly around his cock, milking it dry.

They lie there exhausted as he pulls his cock out of her. It is immediately followed by a trail of cum leaking out of her pussy and onto the floorboard. Sandra lies there, leaning her head against the dash and says, “Thank you Santa.”

He replaces his cock in his pants and opens the door, stepping out. “My pleasure, Sandra.”

Twat, the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except for the Tit mouse.
St Nick was hung, by the chimney with care,
in hopes that the Mrs, wasn’t anywhere near.

The girls were nestled, snug in their cups.
And sugar plum nips began to erupt.
Mamma in her corset, and pa in his bed.
She’d just snuck down, for some ‘Thank You’ head.

And on the stairs, a light pitter-patter.
She was going to serve herself on that silver platter.
No milk in a glass, or a fresh baked cookie,
Even better, Santa’ll get some nookie.


That jolly ol’ elf St. Nick was going about his normal routine, toys for the good kids, coal for the bad. Each chimney looking like the last, looking like the next. He was making good time this year.

Down the chimney he goes, sack slung behind. Carefully laying out the toys for the kids before filling the stockings. When he turned to get his cookies, the plate just had a note with an arrow pointing. His eye followed the arrow to the sofa. Asleep there was the woman of the house. A robe covering her, with her leg lying exposed. His eyes tracing up, from her red and white painted toe nails, along her foot, up her smooth calf, before slipping back into her robe.

His jaw slightly agape, he watches the leg slink back into the robe. That’s when he turns and sees her eyes open, watching him. He begins to back away towards the chimney, but she shakes her head. Her legs slide out from under the robe as she sits up on the sofa. She stands and takes a step towards Santa. Her hand clenches the opening of the robe as the other gentle backs Santa to a chair. Once he’s settled down, she steps back to begin the show.

His eyes widen to take in the whole view. While most of her body is covered by the robe, he’ll soon get to see what’s underneath. Her long dark hair flowing down her back. Her ruby red lips giving him a seductive smile before her pink tongue slips out and runs over them, making the glisten in the twinkling Christmas lights surrounding the two. She moves her hands, tracing her sides as her hips begin to rock back and forth. The robe opens slightly with the movement, giving the faintest sight of flesh of her chest. Her hands move back up, moving towards her front, she slightly lingers over her breasts before she continues moving them up. Meeting up over her breastbone, her fingertips now tracing over skin as they go up her throat, then around the back of her neck. She raises her hair up with her hands before letting it cascade over her shoulders and back.

Santa shifts side to side slightly, trying to not make his hardening cock too obvious. He wets his lips, getting moisture back to his mouth.

Her hips still swaying with a rhythm all their own, her hands far about her head, her body elongated, accentuating her delicate form still hidden in a plain white robe. As she her hips move, the tails of her robe begin to swing, opening a gap, allowing another slight glimpse of the legs Santa got a peak of moments before. Between them he caught a small view of her bright red panties before the robe swished the other direction and closed his view.

Her hands now descending, a finger extends and follows the contour of her face, heading towards her slightly opened mouth and a moist tongue. Licking the tip slightly, a damp trail now goes down her chest and crosses to the other side and slides under the edge of the robe. Under her robe, hidden from view, her hands caress her breasts, cupping them, squeezing her nipples as she closes her eyes and bites her lower lip. Taking a sharp breath in, she opens her eyes. Her hands reappear and grasp the lapels of the robe. Moving her hands, the robe falls from her shoulders, still held over her together at her chest, only her bare shoulders were exposed. She sways her shoulders along with her hips. Holding her robe together with one hand, her other drops to her belt, freeing it.

Santa’s eyes are wide, mesmerized. Watching the beautiful body dancing for him. He pops a button on his jacket as the show is making him more than a little warm. Shifting from side to side, he absent mindedly adjusts his cock through his pants.

Her hands meet back up, grabbing their lapels, she slowly turns her back to him. Dragging her robe slowly down her back, inch by inch exposing more. She turns her head, looking over her shoulder at him, she licks her lips before blowing him a kiss. As the robe lowers, he catches a view of the top edge of the red lingerie that had been hiding from him.

She bends at her waist, spreading her legs, allowing the robe to drape between them, exposing their smoothness all the way to her thighs. She arches her back as she stands back up, jutting her breasts out. She turns back towards the Jolly Man. Sauntering closer, she finally allows the robe to loosen and fall from her body. He falls back in the chair, collecting the scene.

She’s wearing a red corset that makes her red lipstick glow an even deeper shade of red. The half cups lifting her tits into a deep cleft of cleavage. Her pink nipples peeking above the edge. The silver clips sparkling in the light leading down her body, directing Santa’s eyes between her legs. The red fabric coming to a vee, pointing down. He dark, curly pubic hair is trimmed to a smart wedge, lips smooth and slightly parted.

She moves towards Santa and kneels on the chair, straddling his lap. She leans in closer, her mouth to the side of his head, her warm breath swirling around his neck. She smiles, baring her teeth and nips lightly on his ear lobe. The warmth and moisture of her mouth sends a shiver down his spine, he extends his neck and takes a sharp breath in. She straightens up, extending her height, causing her breasts to rub over his coarse beard. He gives them a small kiss and flicks her nipple with his tongue. She lowers herself on his stiff dick begins slowly rubbing forwards and back through his pants. Forwards and back, slowly, pausing for a moment at the end of each stroke. Santa’s hands circling her back then tracing her corset’s lacing lower to her ass. A globe for each hand. She feels him squeeze her ass. A moist trail on the front of her pants marks where she’s been rubbing on him.

She slides backwards, off and chair and kneels on the ground in front of him. She rubs her hands and arms up his thighs, they meet at his belt buckle. Unfastening it, she opens his fly. She reaches her hand through his fly and pulls his hard cock out. She bends forward and kisses him on the tip, then trails gentle kisses down his shaft. When she reaches the base of his shaft, she takes her tongue and licks back up. She swirls her tongue around the head of his shaft before taking the tip into her mouth. He groans as the warmth takes his. She begins to suck as she lowers her head, moistening him on her way down. She moves her head up towards his tip and lets out a pop as he springs from her mouth.

Her hand gripping the base of his shaft, her mouth goes back to work on him. Her head moves up and down, along his length. Her hand firmly squeezing the base of his shaft. She moves her mouth up and down, making him slick with her saliva, her hand starts to follow her mouth, adding pressure as she moves up and down. She starts going faster. Her mouth sucking, her tongue licking, her hand squeezing, the pressure builds for him. He begins to buck his hips, knocking the back of her throat. She squeezes her throat around his shaft, which sends him over the edge. He grabs the sides of her head as he lifts up from his seat. His dick shooting jet after jet down her throat. When the feelings subside, he begins to withdraw his softening dick, leaving a trail of cum along her tongue and a drip on her lip. He collapses back into the chair. She looks him in the eye and licks the drop off of her lip before bending over and giving the tip of his dick a last, gentle lick to get the very last drip. She stands up and turns around before heading back up the stairs. Santa catches his breath and collects his thoughts before tucking himself back into his pants and standing up. He grabs his toy sack and heads back to the roof and his sleigh.

Too bad he only gets out of the house once a year.

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