Chapter 09: The Gathering of Evil

Lord Chadwick’s words were like music to the Captain’s ears. With Chadwick’s blessing, Mary was now his to enjoy. He would no longer be denied what he had desired since first spying the blonde-haired beauty so many months ago. Her luscious flesh would be enjoyed.

He returned the leather strap to a hook on the wall before stepping around to Mary’s front. Her lovely face was wet with tears, looking spectacularly beautiful as her nude form was held outstretched by the chains. Her arm muscles were flexed and he could see their outline through her shimmering, sweaty skin.

Now that the punishment was over she shivered as cool air surrounding her body chilled her to the core, adding to her misery. Glancing up at the Captain Mary saw the wide, smug grin on his face, shuddering as the thought of his organ penetrating her sex flashed through her mind.

He closed the distance that separated their bodies and gently held the sides of her smooth face between his rough hands, fingers lightly caressing her soft cheeks. She felt large calluses as they scraped over her skin, causing Mary to grimace with disgust. There was a look of surrender in her eyes as she silently accepted her unavoidable fate.

“We both knew this day would come,” he said with a laugh as he savored his position of complete dominance over her.

“Yes, we did,” Mary admitted, for she also sensed deep in her heart that such a thing would eventually happen given his fierce determination for it to be so. “Have your fun with me.”

“All in good time,” was his response.

He leaned forward to pull her face to him. His lips kissed hers, delighting in the soft warmth of her wondrous mouth, breathing in deeply to enjoy the scent that still lingered from the cleansing. It mixed with a thin film of salty perspiration.

Mary’s lips were at first lifeless but after a few moments she reluctantly returned his kisses. It initially began with soft, fleeting contact between the moist and puffy surfaces which was genuinely arousing for her. It triggered a chill that shot down her spine, awakening her nipples, swelling hard and throbbing.

After several moments his wet tongue pushed inside. She moaned into his mouth as her own muscle sprung to life, hesitantly entwining with his. Before long her sore body was awakened, the tingling warmth of sexual desire filling her loins and reenergizing her body.

It was just as he promised, Mary thought. The Captain predicted that as deep as her hatred of him was, his manly touch would quickly have her wanting more. Despite despising him thoroughly, her flesh was eager to yield as Mary felt her wetness shamelessly beginning to flow. There was no masking the readily identifiable scent of her arousal against the backdrop of unpleasant odors.

The intimate tongue kissing grew heated, their passion intensifying. Wet tongues hungrily devoured one another in an erotic dance of shared desire. Her breasts heaved as the ignored nipples strained harder than ever. Her arms and legs had since gone numb, deadening the pain that would certainly return once the shackles were removed and her blood resumed its flow once more.

His mouth shifted away from her lips. It licked and nibbled a meandering path across her left face to the ear. His hot breath rushing over the outer shell of cartilage sent tingling jolts of excitement pulsing through her flesh, Mary weakly moaning in acknowledgement of the pleasure they both knew she was experiencing. Before long she felt his hardened penis eagerly throbbing through his clothing as it pressed against her lower belly.

A short distance away Lord Chadwick was having his way with the frightened virgin. Mary could not bring herself to look, not even if she possessed sufficient strength to rotate her stiff neck. Her stretched muscles were taut and sore. All she could do was listen to Christie’s groans as Chadwick spoiled her virtue with his thrusting hardness just as he had done to Mary many long months ago.

The Captain’s rough hands shifted down her neck, fingers lightly tracing along the bottom of her jaw line before descending along her silky throat. Mary softly gasped as she decided that his powerful grip could easily snap her spine and leave her to die on the cold dungeon floor, but such would not be her fate on this day.

The longer his fingers caressed her smooth skin, the harder her mind focused on the bulge that insistently pulsated against her belly. Mary’s body longed to be filled by a man, and that craving slowly intensified with each successive beat of her pounding heart. As much as she tried clinging to her contempt for the Captain, arousal tempered her emotions.

His mouth retreated from her ear. The lips kissed down the left side of her neck to nuzzle the base. As he did this, his hands closed in on her firm, silky breasts, fingers teasing her flesh as they ever so lightly danced over the swells. Mary gasped aloud, back arching as the nipples tightened with excitement. The tingling warmth in her loins surged, radiating joyous delight through her form. Despite all her efforts to suppress them, loud moans of pleasure echoed within the dank chamber.

The Captain laughed, his mouth returning to Mary’s ear. “I promised you would enjoy it.”

His palms suddenly cupped her magnificent mounds, feeling the straining nipples desperately poking into his skin. Mary’s breathing turned rapid and deep as her glorious breasts heaved with each struggling gasp. The Captain’s lips kissed hers as his hands squeezed on the magnificent firm swells, savoring the feel of the soft yet resilient flesh. He took the nipples between the tips of several fingers, twisting on the large, hardened tips. Her squeals of joy were interspersed with soft cries of discomfort as he mixed gentle fondling with rough.

The intense delight she experienced at his hands was undeniably exquisite. Mary could not recall harboring such a strong desire for any man as desperately as she wanted him at this moment. Wetness coated her sex so thoroughly that she could feel its slick heat collecting at the delicate folds of her center, body physically aching with sexual need.

Her voice frantically cried out when his tongue licked a path down her neck and explored the valley between her breasts, his saliva bathing the soft skin. He pressed the mounds together, positioning the nipples beside one another so his mouth could hungrily devour both. All at once she felt the warm wetness of his swirling tongue and jolts of stinging pain as his teeth bit down on the swollen peaks. The intense, joyous sensations left her wildly shuddering, breathless.

“Ohhh! Oh yes, yes… ohhh!” her tortured groans of pleasure sounded.

“Now I will have you,” he whispered decisively.

The pins of the shackles that secured her wrists were quickly removed. With the support gone, Mary’s numb legs could not possibly support her slight weight and with a loud gasp she leaned forward. It appeared she would fall face down on the hard stone floor but an arm encircled her waist and gently lowered her body. As she descended her knees painfully bent and she sank down onto them. Glancing up at the Captain appreciatively she offered a slight conciliatory smile.

Once it appeared Mary was remaining in a stable kneeling position, the ankle shackles were bext unhinged. She listened with a pounding heart as each article of his clothing was removed and dropped to the floor behind her. Once naked he knelt down with his front against her back, strong hands firmly massaging the blood back into her stiff neck, shoulders, and upper arms. She glanced up at Danielle before closing her eyes, concentrating on the Captain’s valiant efforts.

He carefully rolled Mary onto her back, watching her wince as her sore buttocks made contact with the hard floor. After pushing her thighs far apart he enjoyed the view of her succulent center. He peered down at the trimmed curls of yellow hair that flanked the valley of his long-standing desire. His nose could smell the scent of her arousal, and reveled in its aroma. Leaning down, he placed his face near her crotch, extended his tongue, and lightly traced along the petals of her flower. The tangy flavor of her leaking nectar filled his mouth.

She softly moaned, stiffening as his mouth tenderly explored the moist lips. His thumbs pulled them open, exposing the glistening pink slit, eagerly pushing his tongue inside. The swirling muscle licked the full length of the warm canyon from bottom to top before concentrating his efforts on the enlarged nub. As he teased the clitoris her body twitched in spasms of ecstasy.

“Oh, yes,” she groaned loudly. “Uhnn! So good… Ohhh…”

Her excited response motivated him. After his lips formed around the sensitized area he enthusiastically licked and sucked. Mary’s body writhed with increasing intensity as tingling waves of joyous delight rippled throughout her flesh. The way a man devoured her center was so different than the mouth of another woman, and she relished the exquisite peals of pleasure his lips and probing tongue were generating.

The burning pain of her punishment merged with the wondrous tingling sensations. The intense union heightened her senses, triggering relentless waves of delight. She writhed as never before, generating more pain as her shapely ass scraped upon the floor. Yet she was so desperate to thrust her virtue forward and rub it against that incredible mouth, Mary ignored the miserable stinging. Flowing essence was soon dripping from her sex.

There was sudden pressure as the Captain unexpectedly worked two middle fingers into her juicy canal, pushing in as far as they could advance before sliding back and forth. Mary turned frantic as the tingling sensations of delight multiplied. She managed to move her sore arms down to grasp the back of his head. As she pulled him forward her hips frantically pumped.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yessss!” Mary cried out loudly.

Her declarations resounded in the enclosed chamber as her voice suddenly fell silent. Her heavy breaths suddenly caught in her throat as her body went rigid. Her back arched, curling her form around his head and tightening. She enjoyed powerful jolts of tingling heat surging through her loins; in that moment of tremendous joy Mary decided that it had all somehow been worth this one timeless point in her life.

After the orgasm passed she relaxed, her breathing coming in loud gasps. He moved up on his hands and knees to kneel between her trembling legs. Hands grasping her wrists, bending her arms at the elbows, he crossed them, pinning them to the floor just above her head. The Captain gazed down at her lovely face. It was flushed red and shimmered with perspiration.

“You commit loathsome acts, but you are not the vicious tyrant you presume yourself to be,” Mary observed as her emotions toward him softened. “I could learn to love a man like you.”

He offered a slight smile as his eyes gazed deeply into hers. “You have already captured my heart.”

They both heard a brief distracting commotion. “You will do as I command!”

The thunderous rage that was evident in Chadwick’s voice sent a cold chill through them both. Moments later the angry man reclaimed his robe and watched as his order was complied with.

“Return Mary to her chambers when you have finished,” Chadwick directed as he glanced over at the couple. “I may have further use for her yet.”

That single, simple statement filled her heart with elation, the hope that had faded now returned. But the excitement was brief as she grew frightened for the sisters, for he was undoubtedly heading their way. What terrible horrors awaited them?

“I fear for them,” she admitted after the Lord had left.

The Captain hesitantly glanced at the open chamber door. He responded in a chilled voice, “I fear for us all.”

She grew suspicious. “Why? What do you know?”

The Captain sighed. He could not put into words the sense of great peril he felt fast approaching, as if two mighty and opposing forces were converging upon the land. Being in the unique position he was, he had overheard many conversations and whispered rumors that could not possibly be believed. Yet he did, at least some of them.

“I am sure of nothing except of my love for you,” he reassured her.

His attention refocused on the lovely woman at his disposal. The Captain looked down at the apprehensive look on her pretty face as he guided his erection to her wet outer folds. The smooth head pressed between and pulsated against the delightfully warm walls of her slit. His hips made slight motions, repeatedly moving the tip up and down the narrow channel. After several moments he positioned his cock at the opening.

“It has been so long,” she whispered as he was on the verge of entry. When she felt the pressure of his hard sword penetrating, Mary cried out, “Oh, yes!”

Her wet flesh yielded, allowing his organ to thrust inside, walls stretching as he moved deeper. The Captain happily grinned as he finally enjoyed the wet heat of Mary’s center. Her hips shifted from side to side, working his moving manhood ever deeper, as Mary’s sex surrounded his shaft, bathing it in lubricating essence. The walls of her virtue fluttered with excitement all around him.

She was wonderfully tight. The Captain felt it shameful that she lived, unfulfilled, in the dark cleansing chamber. Mary had too magnificent a body to let it wither away in a cold, lonely place such as that. Those were his thoughts as his buttocks clenched with each forward motion; his manhood extended its reach. The driving, sensitized head enjoyed the velvet-smooth walls of her sex. The tingling pressure in his balls intensified the longer he loved her.

She was soon fully open; his plunging sword was enveloped completely by her wondrous center. Leaking essence bathed his stem in glorious heat before trickling out of the grateful opening. It was soon joined by speckles of white as his seeping seed mixed with the juice. Their hesitant moans became frantic cries that echoed off the dank chamber walls. The slapping of their bodies grew desperate the closer they approached climax.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Mary repeatedly chanted as the seismic vibrations of his hard, thrusting organ pleased her body beyond description.

Growing dissatisfied with his position, the Captain leaned forward onto his elbows. He commenced loving her with rapid, powerful motions that shook her. Mary’s ass ached and burned as he hammered her against the stone floor, the flow of her nectar increasing and dripping from the shuddering petals that surrounded his burrowing shaft. Sweat rolled off her bare skin as she gasped to fill her struggling lungs with the stagnant air around them.

With all of her energy consumed Mary’s weakening voice fell silent, a sudden gasp at the end sounding when her body stiffened in climax. Her entire form tightened as she savored the joy of release. The walls of her virtue grasped his gliding sword harder; her hips thrusting faster against his crotch. Intense sensations of tingling pleasure embraced their writhing forms.

The Captain groaned in delight as he swelled slightly larger in the last moments before eruption. Even as his lovely companion was still in the throes of ecstasy, he too joined her on that ethereal plane. He grunted while embedding himself so completely inside of her that their very souls also embraced. His ejaculations matched her body’s frantic movements, nectar mixing with semen. For several glorious moments the frightening, evil reality of their meager existence was briefly escaped.

At the end their sweaty, fatigued forms relaxed. They lay alongside one another, hugging.

“That was most joyous,” Mary admitted.

The Captain smiled thoughtfully before kissing her damp, salty forehead. “Yes, you were wonderful.”

The smile on her lips faded, replaced by a look of deep concern. He took notice of the change.

“What is it?” he questioned.

Her eyes looked to his. “What will become of me now?”

He gently stroked her long mane. “I will escort you to your chamber and love you again.”

She softly chuckled. “That is not what I am asking.”

“I know,” he responded with a heavy heart. “But this is all I can say with any degree of certainty.”

* * * * *

Once in his private chamber Lord Chadwick doffed the robe and stood near the large bed, naked. The two sisters were lying in one another’s arms comforting each other as they pondered what the night held in store. Two torches illuminated the room, and in the dancing firelight he could see the fear in their eyes. Even Danielle looked more frightened than he had ever before seen. His thin lips curled into an evil grin.

“My lovely companions,” he commented while drinking in the raw beauty of the dark-haired siblings. “You two are truly the fairest in the land. And you are both mine.”

Christie’s naked body shuddered. Her gaze shifted to Danielle, seeking protection and reassurance that the older sister could not possibly provide. Danielle slowly nodded her head from side to side, signifying her unwillingness to defy this man. Christie’s eyes lowered as she was finally forced to mentally confront all that she feared.

Kneeling on the bed at the center near the trembling, submissive women, Chadwick reached out and grabbed a handful of Danielle’s long, silky black hair. He painfully pulled on it, forcing the sisters to uncoil their bodies from around one another. After they separated Danielle rose to her hands and knees and crawled toward him. When her face was at his crotch her eyes stared at his dormant, withered penis.

“Can you smell the dried juice of your sister’s virtue upon my flesh?” he questioned.

She breathed in and could detect the lingering traces. “Yes, my lord.”

“Clean me with your mouth,” he commanded.

Danielle cringed. His deep voice had taken on a truly frightening quality that she had never noticed before. Hearing it chilled her to the core and set her body trembling as she sensed an evil shift in the environs. It seemed as if they were all heading toward some calamitous event that would change their lives forever.

A sharp slap across the face recaptured her drifting attention, the sting focusing her mind on the task at hand. She drew his left hairy ball into her mouth and bathed it in saliva, the wiry hair scraping the insides of her cheeks as she sucked and licked the sac clean. She could taste the unmistakable tangy flavor of a woman’s essence mixed with the salty, musk flavor of a man’s seed.

It was not a duty she relished, but Danielle performed as expected. Her mouth shifted to the other, repeating the detestable process. Once devoid of all sexual remnants, she took his soft cock fully inside. The mingling flavors intensified at once as her warm saliva dissolved the crystallized fluids. His organ twitched repeatedly as her stimulating tongue awakened his hardening penis. Chadwick allowed her to continue for several more moments before removing his growing erection from the embrace of her sumptuous lips.

Placing his hand under her chin he lifted her face up, their eyes finding each other. His gaze was both relentless and scary. “You leave me curious, Danielle. How does one woman love another? Show me. Love your sister as if she was your precious Mary.”

“My sister!?” she replied in disgust. “No, I could not possibly!”

“You will, or her tortured body will hang from the gallows before dawn breaks!” He spoke the words in a loud, angry, evil snarl.

The tone he took with her left both women visibly shaken. Danielle reluctantly joined her sister, lying alongside of the sibling, tears spilling from her eyes as their mouths embraced. They kissed one another’s soft lips. It began as hesitant pecks, but before long the supple mouths lingered together and Danielle’s wet tongue pushed into Christie’s mouth. After the warm muscles entwined the embrace grew heated.

Chadwick’s penis swelled larger as he observed the women. The fingers of his right hand gently stroked his hardness as he delighted in the incestuous act. It was evil and it fed his thirst for such things. He throbbed with excitement as he watched the sisters kissing like lovers, fully exploring one another’s mouths with swirling motions of their passionate tongues. Before long he could hear their muffled moans of undeniable arousal as their lithe forms awakened to the sexual activity they were being forced to perform.

After several minutes Danielle’s lips and tongue blazed a trail down the front of Christie’s smooth, sleek neck. The younger sister writhed in shameless pleasure and groaned in joyous delight as Danielle’s soft hands cupped and squeezed on her sister’s perky breasts. Danielle captured the swollen pink nipples between two fingers and tenderly fondled the sensitive tips, the fingers soon joined by Danielle’s hungry mouth.

“Uhnnn… oh yes, ohhh…” Christie’s trembling moans filled the chamber with the sounds of love as Danielle’s fingers and lips devoured the firm mounds in turn.

Soon her younger sister was wildly thrashing as tingling heat radiated through her lovely form. Christie was more aroused than ever before, a fact proven by the building aroma of her increasingly wet sex. Danielle delayed the inevitable and maintained her focus on the supple breasts and nipples, her great reluctance to move lower unintentionally working Christie into a sexual frenzy

Christie was growing anxious for release. The incredible sensations of Danielle’s stimulation of the heaving mounds had the younger sibling desperate. Danielle felt hands frantically pressing down on the top of her head. She relented and slithered lower, kissing a trail over Christie’s flat belly before reaching the crotch.

The legs widened in anticipation before Danielle’s very eyes. She gazed at the sight of Christie’s shaved skin that flanked her juicy center. The silky folds appeared swollen and were glistening with nectar. Danielle decided that her sister was undeniably ravishing in appearance. Despite the fact that they were sisters, Danielle felt oddly compelled to physically love her. A hunger surfaced that left Danielle wanting her sibling sexually, and in the back of her mind she felt certain the evil emanating from Chadwick had much to do with her strange behavior.

Her fingers hesitantly pushed the folds apart to expose the bright pink, glistening valley contained within. The smell of her aroused virtue now intensified. Hesitantly extending her tongue, Danielle began licking the length of the juicy slit. A unique, tangy taste greeted her, triggering a rush of saliva. As Danielle savored the essence and lapped up more, Christie’s body surged with excitement and shuddered in forbidden pleasure.

“Harder, Danielle,” Christie’s desperate whispers sounded as her hips began thrusting upon the sister’s face. “Oh yes… faster, please… oh, Danielle, please… uhnnnn!”

Danielle moved her mouth to the enlarged clitoris. On account of Christie’s rapid motions, it was a constantly shifting target. Her lips wrapped around the swollen bud, sucking and squeezing on the small, hooded tip before pressing two interlaced fingers against the tight opening and gently pushing them inside.

“Yes… Yes… Yes…” the young sibling breathlessly groaned with each frantic thrust of her pelvis, shamelessly grinding her virtue against Danielle’s mouth. Flowing essence smeared all over the eldest sister’s face before dripping onto the bedding below.

While devouring her sister’s sex with her mouth, Danielle rapidly rammed two fingers in and out of the tight, spoiled canal. Christie’s breathless moans became rambling gasps mixed with garbled words which could not be understood, her lithe body shaking hard, madly writhing. She was soon wet with sweat, dripping with essence.

The voice in her mind was unmistakably Chadwick’s, and he gave her precise instructions. Danielle knew better than to ignore what she heard, despite her confusion as to how a thing could be possible. His hand moved her dark hair aside so he could watch her comply, his face very near the bizarre sexual action. How he knew that Christie was about to climax was beyond Danielle’s comprehension. The more she learned about him, the greater his true evil nature was exposed.

As he desired, Danielle lightly pinched the expanded clitoris between two fingers of her left hand and began squeezing. She removed the two wet fingers and pushed them into her mouth, cleaning her sister’s fresh coating of essence from the digits. Danielle grimaced in disgust as she obeyed his mental demands, knowing he was deriving considerable pleasure from witnessing this evil act. And then, with considerable reluctance, she extended her tongue and began loving her sister’s virtue with it. After tightly curling the muscle she thrust it in and out of the small canal with fast, hard thrusts of her neck.

“Ohhh! Yes! Yessssss!” Christie cried out.

The younger siblings’ sweat-covered form tightened in orgasm, every muscle clenching unbelievably tightly. She wildly thrashed as Danielle’s head struggled to keep her mouth in position. Her hands clutched Christie’s hips and pinned her down as best she could while squeezing the bud and pumping her tongue into the orifice. A heavy surge of juice flooded Danielle’s mouth and she consumed every offered drop, just as Chadwick was so explicitly commanding. There were loud sucking sounds as she drew in all that she could.

Watching Danielle consume her sister had Chadwick as aroused as ever. But he was not done with Christie quite yet. And Danielle would be forced to watch once more, after Christie had a chance for retribution.

As he retrieved a leather strap from a hook on the wall, Danielle backed off of the bed and moved into a bent-over position at the edge. Her upper torso rested on it, with her legs bent at the waist and extending down toward the floor. This left her incredible ass vulnerable for a lashing of the strap as she had grown accustomed to. He smiled deceitfully warmly and helped Christie off the bed.

“Give your sister a taste of the pain you endured as a direct result of her willing infidelity,” he whispered into her ear. “If I think you are holding back, I will take you to the dungeon for more.”

Tears filled Christie’s eyes as she accepted the strap. The thought of beating her sister’s bottom hurt her emotionally, despite the betrayal. But had Danielle’s actions not also resulted in her being dragged to the castle against her will?

“You hate her,” a foreign voice sounded in her mind. “She is the reason you are here. Beat your lying, deceitful sister with all your strength!”

As tears of emotional turmoil rolled down Christie’s cheeks, she positioned herself on Danielle’s left side and began striking her with the strap. A loud crack sounded as it hit the bare skin of her buttocks, Danielle crying out as the stinging jolt shocked her body. The younger sister felt no mercy and her arm swung again and again in rapid succession until the muscles of her arm grew too weary to continue.

At the end Danielle’s ass was striped with angry red marks. They stung and burned, just as it had Christie and Mary. When Christie saw what she had done she wept as hard as her older sibling. Laying down beside her, lovingly rubbing her back, she whispered heartfelt apologies of regret into her ear.

After a few moments Chadwick grabbed Christie’s ankles, moving her into an identical position as that of Danielle. Pressing his pelvis forward, rubbing the tip of his hard organ against her still-moist pink petals, he glazed the bulbous head with this wetness before pushing his crown to the opening of her virtue. For the second time that day he entered her wondrous sex.

Even as his sword impaled Christie’s center, she tried her best to support Danielle. Christie’s body was still sore and burning, although the sharp pain had since subsided. But now, with Chadwick pumping into her with hard thrusts, the misery was rejuvenated. He worked his hardness deeper and deeper, and soon was fully buried inside. Then he did a most unexpected thing; Chadwick pulled out.

Christie grew fearful as her suspicion grew. She was tempted to look back but knew better than to inspire his rage. Suddenly her voice cried out as hands unexpectedly roughly grabbed her burning cheeks and pulled them apart. The round tip of his glistening organ pressed against the tiny anus.

“No, please don’t!” she pleaded in a desperate tone as the tears she had been denying him began spilling from her frightened eyes like drops of heavy rain.

Alarmed, Danielle fearfully looked up and over at her sibling. When she saw her red, tear-streaked face etched with an expression of horror the older sister carefully but quickly moved off the bed, now realizing what he was about to do.

Danielle fell to her knees with her hands wrapped around his upper left leg. “Please do not violate my poor sister in such a wicked way! I beg you! I shall do anything!”

He grabbed a handful of her long, dark hair and bent her neck back, forcing her to look up into his eyes. The faint red glow behind them chilled her blood. She had never before felt so completely frightened of anyone as much as she was of him at this very moment.

“You will do anything I command regardless!” he shouted in a shrill, evil voice.

As Danielle helplessly watched, his hips thrust forward. Christie cried out in pain as the narrow opening was stretched wide and the straining head penetrated the rectum. He pushed harder, forcing her body to take him as Christie frantically vibrated her hips in an effort to work him inside in a way that minimized the pain. His fingers gripped her abused buttocks, pulling her toward him as he pressed forward.

Danielle helplessly witnessed the dreadful event up close enough to see the shaft slowly moving deeper and deeper, her poor sister having no other option but to endure the wicked penetrations. After a time Christie’s body accepted his full length. This was when Chadwick drew back halfway and began slowly, systematically violating her. Christie’s cries softened as the pain slightly diminished, her body being drawn back before pushed forward, the throbbing erection stretching her wide.

After achieving maximum depth he started rhythmic pumping motions, Chadwick gratefully not lasting long. The tight chamber quickly stimulated his erection, drawing the seed from his dancing sacs. As sweat rolled down his reddened face and an expression of pleasure was written across it, he erupted.

Ramming into her ass fast and hard at the very end, prompting breathless grunts from Christie, hers joined with Chadwick’s. His body visibly twitched and his tight balls twitched as streams of hot cum began filling her body. When the ejaculations ceased, he withdrew. Danielle was still watching intently, her eyes riveted to the ghastly scene. Once the tip emerged from the orifice the older sister could see the milky seed leaking out of Christie’s angry bottom.

Afterwards Chadwick lay in bed with the sisters cuddled on either side of his nude form. He sensed Danielle’s disgust and loathing at what he had done. Conversely, Christie wisely remained passive in his presence and said nothing, despite the seething hatred behind her sparkling eyes.

This was when the plan came to mind. Delivered, he was certain, from the very depths of Hell itself. Chadwick had just received new orders which would happily be complied with. In the darkness, as the young female pawns slept unknowingly, he grinned his evil grin with his eyes aglow in red. A part of him wondered of the cause for this sudden change, but time would reveal the answer. As he relaxed, the ghastly details were revealed.

* * * * *

Since traveling together was much too risky it was decided that Brother Wallace and Juliette would journey separately several days in advance of the wedding celebration. They would carry with them the large holy weapon as it would be the most difficult to conceal.

The boys would wait and arrive the afternoon prior with their beast-killing arrows. The party was unaware, at this time, of the difficulties they would encounter and the greatest challenge that would have to be overcome.

The sound of horses’ hooves clop-clopping along the hard dirt road preceded the arrival of the travelers. A detachment of five soldiers came to the ready; three archers, who picked up their bows and stood amidst a nearby stand of trees, and two swordsmen who walked out into the middle of the road prepared to challenge the visitors. The waxing moon was partially concealed by broken clouds and afforded little useable light.

Not until the horses rounded a corner did the guards see a cloaked, heavyset man on horseback traveling alongside an equally heavy woman who was moaning, as if in great pain.

“Halt!” the detachment leader demanded. “State your intentions.”

“I am Brother Wallace, escorting this woman to the monastery for help. She is with child and things are not going well for her.”

The two swordsmen walked along the idle horses and suspiciously poked through their saddle bags. It was dark and difficult to see much of anything. Noting that there was little to fear from the unlikely pair, they were allowed to pass the checkpoint.

“Go on,” the leader announced, waving them through.

After they were well beyond the guards and near town Brother Wallace stopped his horse and dismounted. Standing beside his companion he carefully opened her robe. After extracting a rolled-up blanket he gently unfolded the fabric to retrieve the holy weapon from within.

“What is that?” Juliette curiously inquired as she again looked at the ornately carved box that looked almost large enough to cradle an infant.

Brother Wallace double-checked the clasps, ensuring they had not been disturbed. It would undoubtedly lead to their own undoing if the box accidentally opened and warned the beasts of the presence of holy weapons before the time to use them was at hand.

“The words are in Latin, but roughly translate into ‘Holy Terror’,” he responded from memory, as it was too dark to read them now.

“It is so large,” she commented.

He nodded his head in agreement. “It is a truly hideous weapon yet so brilliantly conceived that it leaves me in awe of its clever design and delicate workmanship.”

Her questioning continued as she tried to mentally grasp its origin. “Who makes such things?”

Brother Wallace sighed. It was not on account of her questioning, although Juliette thought it to be and apologetically lowered her gaze.

“I am sorry, I did not mean to…”

He grasped her hand, gently squeezing it in a demonstration of reassurance. “No, that is not it at all. I still question my own ability to carry through with such a violent act. Every time I see this box my heart sinks to such great depths that it fills me with dread. Any others in the same vicinity are at equal risk, for the manuscript claims that a cloud of holy shards will envelop the immediate area.

“But as for your inquiry, I honestly do not know. Their true origin is surrounded by great secrecy. Some claim they are a gift from the heavens, but I suspect this is not the case.”

A look of growing fear appeared on Juliette’s face. Her head nodded from side to side as tears spilled down her cheeks.

He became concerned. “Juliette, what is it?”

“We had to deceive merely to gain entrance to the town. How will we and the boys ever get into the castle with holy weapons of war?”

He could not bring himself to lie, for he had the same concerns. But their unlikely paths crossed at a time that could not possibly have been coincidental. Some higher power had seen to it, as it also did when he was aided by a stranger in a distant land that supplied the very holy weapons they required. It was inconceivable to him that the same force which had brought them so close to defeating evil would abandon them at this critical juncture.

“We will be shown a way,” he replied confidently.

He spoke the words with such unshakeable faith and conviction that her feeling of fear immediately lifted. A beaming smile formed on her face that he could almost see despite the veil of darkness that cloaked them. She leaned forward to hug him tightly.

She whispered, “Thank you.”

* * * * *

The eleventh and twelfth sons slowly advanced down a rutted road on horseback, in no rush to meet their fate. Drake was fully committed to the task he had sworn to uphold, but the closer this day drew, Frederick appeared increasingly uncertain. His previous displays of unwavering, chest-pounding confidence had ceased altogether.

“What is death like?” Frederick asked.

“If you believe in what the church continually spouts, we will be cast into a sea of flames and suffer for all eternity,” Drake replied. “I would like to hope for a fate less chilling.”

Frederick erupted in laughter. “A fate less chilling than being cast into a sea of flames?”

Drake saw the humor in his conflicting statements and joined in. The men stopped their animals and looked thoughtfully at one another after the laughter diminished.

“We must right this wrong,” Drake reminded his younger companion. “Can I still trust you?”

Frederick paused. “I am truly frightened, but you have my word as a man that I am as one with you in this cause.”

Drake had no choice but to accept Frederick’s sworn promise. After watering the horses at a flanking stream they approached their destination, a squad of soldiers suddenly appearing and challenging them. Drake moved his right hand closer to the handle of his sword as the demons’ cautionary whispers sounded.

“Halt!” a voice exclaimed. “State your intentions.”

Drake and Frederick shared a brief, uncertain gaze.

“We…” Drake began before his faltering voice trailed off.

“…are here to attend the wedding of our older brother,” Frederick openly declared.

Drake was left shocked and speechless by the open revelation. This had never been the intended plan! They were supposed to enter the town with their identities hidden and find a way inside the castle walls… what would happen to them now?

The guard scoffed. “You lie! Such a thing is not possible! Turn around and ride back the way you came before I run you through with my sword!”

Thick tension filled the air. The three archers held their bows up, the tipped arrows threatening if the command to retreat was not obeyed. Despite the presence of such overwhelming force the two young men appeared hesitant to leave.

“Then so be it!” the guard angrily exclaimed as he drew his sword.

The Captain was on horseback inspecting the checkpoints as the two strangers approached. For some reason he felt compelled to wait and see who they were. When the standoff appeared to be on the verge of escalation to violence, he made his presence known. His horse advanced from the shadow of a tree line.

“Stand down!” he ordered, guiding his horse forward toward the unlikely visitors. “Brothers, you claim? Your young ages make such a truth unlikely.”

“It is, I swear it on my father William’s grave!” Frederick passionately declared.

The Captain had heard that name before in a similar context. He sensed they were all on the precipice of some dramatic event — something much more than a simple wedding. Although he could not guess as to what this was, his gut told him these two were key players. He silently hoped that allowing them to enter would prove to be a good thing, and not a bad one.

“I will introduce you to Lord Chadwick,” the Captain warily decided. “Or, in your unique case, to your older brother Chadwick.” The statement drew laughter from the soldiers, who entertained no such possibility. “But beware that if you are not who you claim, there will be no pity taken on your behalf. Follow me, if you dare.”

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