Mei pushed the sacks of flour and dry ingredients aside as she searched for the ones on her father’s list. Moving steadily to the back of the basement storeroom her gaze was drawn to a slight gap in the false wall that hid the exposed earth. Intrigued the young girl squeezed her slim body through the gap. Pushing hard she managed to get half way through with her small breasts either side of the wall. Wriggling her butt through temporarily had her wedged in an uncompromising position. Her pussy tingled as she rubbed it hard against the unyielding surface. She had recently discovered the naughty pleasure of rubbing herself and although she felt a bit dirty the regularity in which she found quiet time to indulge herself seemed to be increasing. Her face flushed as she ground her clit down. Distracted by the increasing heat between her legs the gyrating movements squeezed her bum through the gap and she tumbled over as she slid through the gap. Feeling a little frustrated from the unfinished stimulation she stood up to survey her surroundings. Far from being a rock wall there seemed to be a passage lit by glowing luminescence. Her curiosity presently outweighing her arousal she moved down the passage. About 2 meters in the passage turned at right angles. Rounding the bend in the low light she didn’t notice the balls of liquid on the ceiling. As one dropped it splattered on the pretty teen’s tee shirt, right on her left breast. Soaking through the thin fabric her nipple responded by growing immediately erect and hard. A muffled cry escaped her lips as her bra strap bit in painfully constricting her now aching breast. In a frenzy she quickly undid her bra moaning slightly as the pain eased.

Her hand brushed against her nipple and her previous arousal returned with interest.

Oh god why does that feel so good she moaned as she slide her hard up under her tee and squeezed the inflamed nipple between her fingers. Nothing in her young life had prepared her for the feelings emanating from between her legs. Her pussy felt like it was doing flip flops and constricted by her tight jeans her clit rubbing hard against the fabric was driving her crazy. Her legs gave out and she sank to her knees as the amazing feeling in her breast pushed her over the edge. Oh god oh god ooooh goord. Her over stimulated pussy literally exploded. Cum soaked her panties and splattered against the inside of her jeans as her contractions continued soaking the front of her pants.

Her orgasm slowly faded as Mei looked down at herself in the faded light. Trembling and still breathing heavily she could feel the wet squelching in her pants cooling. Lifting up her tee she arched her back and with her straight black hair tumbling down her back she pointed the offending nipple into the light.

Still tingling she resisted the urge to rub it again and looked at the hard nub for the first time. Apart from still being rock hard and aching with a strangely erotic pain it still looked like her nipple. No obvious signs as to what that odd water had done to her. Dropping her tee caused the fabric to brush against her breast and the ache between her legs that had never really gone away reignited.

Not in the uncontrolled explosion of the first time but in the nice horny naughty way she normally felt before finding an excuse to be alone. She slipped her soggy jeans down sliding them down her slim legs. Peeling of her soaked panties and laying them down to dry. Kneeling she slid one hand between her legs and slid the other up under her tee and again started to kneed her hard nipple. The wetness returned immediately and she marvelled at how good her pussy felt. The last time she masturbated was earlier in the day after a customer had come into her father’s shop. An attractive older man she had smiled at him as he entered. While he selected his lunch she caught him looking in her direction. He came to the counter and she had lent over to count his purchases. As she straightened there eyes met and her heart hammered in her chest. Averting her gaze she noticed the bulge in his pants and realised he had being looking down her top at the curve of her small breasts as she leaned forward. Delightful feelings immediately stirred her insides and asking her mum to cover the register she almost bolted to the toilet and thrust her hands between her legs. For the first time in her life she had given a man an erection and it thrilled her.

Reliving her earlier encounter she fantasized about the man’s cock. Rocking back and forth working the fading feelings from her tit, her hand soaked in cum she imagined his cock sliding between her legs. Feeling her orgasm building again she straightened her back and as she leaned back on her heels her bum parted slightly and a cool breezed caressed her butthole. The coolness at her backdoor sent a shiver up her spine and contrasted nicely with the heat from her pussy.

She had never considered her bottom in a sexual way. However the way her pussy clenched gave her naughty thoughts. Removing her hand from her tit she leaned forward and ran her fingers over her bum checks. As she wriggled her cute butt in the air trying to find a comfortable way to reach her goal another drop detached from the ceiling. Like the earlier drop it landed right on target. Splattering right on her puckered butt hole the stimulant was quickly absorbed into the sensitive skin.

The pretty Chinese teen rocked forward. Her head lifted and her mouth opened forming wordless o. Wide eyed she moaned as the liquid worked its magic inside her back passage. Unlike the first time with her breast there was no immediate explosive cum. These feeling were deeper stronger, strange but very intense. She felt waves from her bum washing against her pussy causing it to convulse and clench down hard on the two fingers she was penetrating herself with.

Focusing intently on the wonderful new sensations Mei failed to noticed the vine slide from the floor and slide over her thin calves just below the knee.

The creature was mostly plant and with only rudimentary intelligence. However it knew it was hungry. It had been nearly a hundred years since it had slated the lust that feed it. Scarcely believing that its famine was over its self control was at breaking point as the young human girl entered its domain. The girl looked different than the others from the past. Dark hair and strangely erotic eyes. Petite and almost fragile it decided it wanted nothing more than to grab the delightful creature and rip her clothes off and fuck her senseless. Watching her pretty face contort in undeniable pleasure as its first ejaculation landed on breast drove it wild.

Mei felt her orgasm building deep inside yet frustratingly it ebbed and flowed as her virgin bum was caressed with unfamiliar but delightfully intense feelings. Reluctantly taking her juice soaked fingers from her abused pussy she leant back but as her fingers started sliding towards her butt crack they brushed against something hard and slippery. As her fingers closed around the slime covered tentacle Mei tried to turn around and

realised her predicament. She screamed silently and felt the warmth as piss flowed down her leg as her body shook with fear

Oh god I’m trapped. She realised that the wonderful fluid was like honey luring her in with horny feelings so she could be raped by this creature. She screamed again as the slippery intruder squeezed its way between her clenched fist and pushed against her bum hole.

Please don’t fuck my arse she whimpered as it pushed inside her bowels with more ease than she would have liked. Moaning she again begged the creature not to rape her bottom. Unfortunately vocalising the dirty act not only didn’t stop the creature fucking her it made her pussy start to spasm. Contracting hard as it responded to the images the naughty words formed in her mind.

The pressure eased as the creature’s length slide out only to return as it rammed back into her nether regions. Mei was now moaning loudly and it occurred to her that her previous denials seemed to have stopped coming. Her mind clouded with the intensity of the feelings in her backside as she begged for the violation to continue. Fuck my bum. Fuck my arse fuuuck mee. Lost in the moment her entire body convulsed as the tidal wave of pleasure from her butt crashed into her pussy. The orgasm overloaded the pleasure centres in her fuck addled brain and as her thin legs shook uncontrollably and her pussy squirted cum in great gushing contractions, tears ran down her flushed cheeks as she cried tears of total joy.

The creature was ecstatic. The girl was perfect. A complete slut begging to be butt fucked. It watched its primary cock as it slid in and out of her tight arse. Feeling the orgasm shaking her like she was a rag doll it feed voraciously from the sexual energy radiating from her core like seismic shock waves. Gorging itself on her energy its own orgasm arrived sending the girl into ecstasy again as its seed exploded into her bowels.

Mei was still shaking like a leaf as she weakly got to her feet. Her legs felt like rubber and her eyelids felt so heavy as she put her now dry panties back on only to have them soaked again as the creatures cum leaked out of her bum in torrents. She stumbled through the gap in the wall as her tortured muscles finally gave up. Tumbling into the supplies she fell to the floor as the contents if the stockroom dominoed around her. Curled up on the floor a profound wariness overtook her and she fell sound asleep.

Her mother alerted by the banging in the cellar found the sleeping beauty covered on flour and oil from containers broken by the fall.

Mistaking the caked fluids for food and assuming her daughter had been knocked out she lifted her up and carried her home.

Mei woke in her bed 48 hours later feeling wonderful. Her brain still flushed with endorphins she felt relaxed and more content than she could ever remember.

Her mother entered her room shortly after she woke with a worried look that quickly faded when she realised Mei was going to be ok after her accident.

Picking up her phone from beside the bed she noticed a text from her best friend Lisa. As she sent the response her hand slid between her legs. “don’t worry I’m great. Meet me at the bakery tomorrow I have to show you something you won’t believe. Its sooo cool”

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