This is the true story of my adventures into adulthood with an older man. Names and places have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved.

To begin let me describe myself. My name is Nicole. I am a total geek but I’m the only person who would describe myself that way. Others, particularly men, see me as a purely sexual object. I have light brown hair with natural blonde highlights, dark blue eyes, d cup breast, and a natural hourglass figure.

As usual I was in my room pretending to be a total slut by doing a strip tease to a new and bad disco song called “Blurred Lines.” I know it was cheesy but I was the biggest virgin anyone had ever met and I thought it was really sexy. I didn’t hear the knocking at my door and as I was beginning to shimmy out of my tank top I heard someone clear their throat behind me.

I turned around to see my dads handsome business partner gale standing in the doorway with an unusually relaxed look on his face. I lunged for my computer to turn off the awful music and stumbled in the heels I was unaccustomed to wearing with my already 5’9 frame.

“Okay now he was close, tried to domesticate you. But you’re an animal baby it’s in your nature.”

I regained my balance and hit the pause button while turned around to look at gale again. He still hadn’t said anything. He cleared his throat once again and looked at my bare stomach. I quickly pilled the flimsy tank top back over my tanned stomach and realized I was standing in front of him in nothing but pink panties, a pink and white striped bra, a white see through tank top, and black wedges. I knew I looked like a total skank and was mortified.

“I’m surprised Nicole.” That was all he said then I saw him look over my entire while I stood there dumbfound. “Your mom wanted me to tell you that dinner’s ready. I suggest you put on something nice. There’s a man downstairs with his teenage son and your father wants to buy his company.” With that he walked away and I was still too shocked to register what he had said for a good minute.

I quickly ran to my closet and fished out my simple black dress that stopped right above my knees. It was much more conservative than what gale had just seen me in.

I walked downstairs and composed myself before entering the dining room. I scanned over the room and saw the only available seat was coincidently next to gale. I sat down and he looked over at me and smirked. I did my best to ignore him and my mother quickly provided a distraction. “Nicole will be attending Brown university in that fall, she applied early acceptance actually. We are very proud of her.”

“Oh, yes, of course, as you should be. Brian will be attending Vanderbilt next year.” That man sitting across from me said gesturing towards his pimple ridden son. “So, Nicole what is it that you want to major in exactly?”

“Political science, ” I said while playing with the peas left on my plate.

“Aw a lawyer, eh? Lotta money in that, can’t go wrong. Be a divorce lawyer, that where the money really is.”

“I’ll consider it,” I said as cooly as possible not wanting to start a debate about wanting to be an environmental lawyer.

I spent the next 40 minutes listening to uninteresting business talk as the boy across from my attempted to play footsie with me under the table and failed miserably. I had no desire to be the center of Brian’s attention. Then I felt a blanket of air passing my legs as a kick was swiftly delivered by gale to Brian’s shin as my father was making polite conversation with the young boy. His face screwed up in an attempt to mask the pain he was obviously in. I looked into Gale’s dark green eyes and delivered my own smirk and a silent thank you.

“Is everyone done?” My mother asked as she looked over the table making sure her food had not gone unappreciated. We all said yes and graciously thanked her for the meal.

“Nicole,” my father looked at me with a stern expression. “Please take Brian to the living room, the adults have some business to attend to.”

“Of course,” I said as I lead the way with Brian following closely behind me.

“Your house is pretty awesome,” Brain said as he sat down a little too close to me on the coach.

“Thank you.”

The next thing I knew Brian had leaned over and was slowly tracing his finger from my knee to the hem of my dress, which had ridden up to my mid thigh. I looked at him, took his had, and placed it in his own lap.

“I really don’t think so,” I said and patted his hand like he was a child.

“I think so.” Brian immediately grabbed my thigh and squeezed hard. I let out a cry and knew that there would be a bruise. He leaned over and stuck his tongue in my mouth while he kept a firm grasp on my thigh. I hit the side of his head and he stopped to look at me like I was crazy.

“Did you just hit me?”

Now it was my turn to look and him like he was crazy and stupid. “Yes I did you neanderthalic pig.” My mouth had never gotten into trouble before because I rarely spoke up, but I saw a flash in his eyes and I knew I was in trouble. Before I knew what had happened I felt an intense stinging on the side of my face. He had slapped me and he was quickly pulling up my dress.

“HELP!” I yelled as loud as I could before Brian put his hand over my mouth. I pounded on his chest trying to get him off of me, but it had no effect on him.

“Get off of her!” Gale screamed as he was the first to enter the room. He grabbed Brian and threw him off of me. Brian stood up and looked tiny standing next to Gale’s 6’4 frame and broad chest.

“Get out of my house,” my mom said with flames dancing in her eyes.

My dad was escorting the pair out the front door as Brian’s father was talking. “Boys will be boys after all Keith. He meant no harm.”

“The deal’s off. Enjoy your company spiraling downward without me.” My dad said as he closed the door in the duos face. “I’m going to bed,” my dad looked at me while grabbing his scotch from the bar.

I watched as my mother followed him towards their bedroom while telling Gale she was sorry the evening had ended so abruptly.

“Did you guys need to make that deal?” I asked Gale in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Not really. It would have made us a couple hundred grand if we got the company back up and running to the state it was in a year ago, nothing major. Your dad was actually doing the guy a huge favor.” Gale looked at me and saw that I was about to burst into tears. “Listen,” he said as he pulled me into him with his arms around me, “it’s not your fault he was an ass.” I nodded my head and let the tears fall freely onto his suit.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I finally pulled myself away from Gale. I wiped my tears off his shoulder and he clasped my hand.

“Don’t beat yourself up. You can’t control a horny teenage boy. Walk me to my car?” I nodded and opened the front door for him and slowly walked towards his new black mustang convertible.

I grinned when I saw it. “Midlife crisis much?” I smiled through my tear ridden eyes and looked up at him.

“I’m only 38.”

“No actually you’re 41. I don’t blame you though I’m going to start taking off years when I hit 35.” I was still smiling at him.

He smiled back at me and took a step towards me. “Goodnight Nicolette,” he said as he planted a single kiss on my forehead. He pulled away from me, got into his car, and pulled out of the circular driveway.

“Goodnight.” I said to myself as I watched the lights from his car disappear.

“Wake up.” I opened my eyes at the ungodly hour of 9 a.m. on a Saturday during the summer.

“What?” I looked over at my mom with the most hateful look I could possibly muster.

“Your dad and I are leaving tomorrow to go to Nashville and see your aunt. We’ll be gone for a week. I told you about this multiple times Sophia.”

“It’s Nicole. So why exactly am I up right now?”

“Oh, yes forget about my sweet Sophia she’s now Nicole. But anyway your dad and I decided we’re going to stay at a hotel tonight in the city so we don’t have to wake up as early to catch our flight. We’re taking the boat out and we wanted you to come and drive it back tonight while we stay in the city.”

“Sure, give me 15 minutes to get ready.”

“You have 10 and don’t forget to grab breakfast,” my mom said admiring herself in my mirror before she left my room.

I stripped as fast as I could and paused a moment to admire my own body in the mirror. I had a toned stomach and could barely see the definition of a six pack beginning to form. Then I looked up and stared at my breast. They were d cups and I was extremely proud of them. They stayed up on their own without the help of a bra and they had cute little pink nipples directly in the middle of each of them. My friends called them porn star tits without the plastic surgery.

I dragged myself away from the mirror and grabbed my new bikini. It was olive green and complimented my dark skin tone. I pulled it on and glanced at the clock on my bedside table while slipping on my favorite pair of sunglasses. Only three minutes left before I had to be outside. I grabbed a pink tube top coverup and slid on a pair of black flip flops. I ran downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a banana before running outside to the car. I had beaten my mom and felt extremely accomplished.

“Good morning,” my dad said actually smiling, “know where your mom is by chance?”

“Somewhere in the castle,” I said smiling at my dad while he laughed at my oldest joke about the mansion that was our house.

“You should be thankful for what you have,” he was looking over his sunglasses at me with his clear blue eyes so unlike my own dark blue ones.

“I will never understand why three people need over 6,000 square feet.”

“Nicole, your mom and I enjoy our home. You can decide what you want to live in after you get a job and own your own house.”

“Sorry it took my so long!” My mom exclaimed sporting a huge beach tote bag that probably contained half of her bathroom. “I couldn’t find the sunscreen anywhere then I remembered it was in the kitchen!” My mom looked at us and flashed her biggest gron.

“You’re the only one who needs it Liz,” my dad said as he got into the car.

The drive to the lake took about an hour and we listened to music the entire way there. The second we pulled in I saw Gale’s car and him leaning on the bumper.

He was wearing plaid swim trunks and had on a light blue collared shirt without any of the bottons done. After that initial observation I noticed that he had the sleeves of the shirt rolled up and he had a six pack. I never knew it was possible for a man over 35 to have a flat stomach much less a six pack. He had his hands tucked into the pockets of his trunks and my dad pulled into the spot next to him.

“Wanna help me get the boat in the water?” My dad asked Gale and he nodded his head.

My mom and I got out of the car and headed towards the bathroom that was set up in the middle of the park. She opened the door and we were greeted with an empty building.

She stood in front of the mirror and reapplied her red lipstick as I stood there and watched her. I always believed one of the tackiest things in life was ugly women wearing red lipstick but my mom was absolutely beautiful. Her natural hair color was black but she dyed it blonde religiously. She green eyes that turned blue when she was sick. “Please tell me you didn’t wear that skimpy green bikini,” she said turning to me and looking at my shoulders that showed the straps of my bikini.

“Of course I did.” I looked at her trying to register what was wrong with it.

“Nicole with your figure you are going to receive too much unwanted attention and with what happened last night…” She trailed off and I stared at her finding my pissed off voice. “Maybe people should teach their sons not to rape instead of girls being taught not to get raped.”

It was my moms turn to stare at me unable to find a rebuttal to my argument. “Let’s go,” she finally said and lead the way out of the bathroom to the boat.

Our boat is blue. It has two seats in the back, a bench, and the front is carved out and can seat up to eight people.

My dad was behind the wheel and gale was sitting on the bench in the back when me and my mom arrived. My mom took the seat next to my dad and began applying her sunscreen while my dad and Gale talked about the upcoming promotions within their compant. I quickly made my way to the front of the boat and pulled off my coverup. I stared off into the water and gently fell asleep.

“You are definitely beyond burnt,” Gale said.

I bolted up terrified that I looked like a lobster. I hadn’t gotten a sunburn since I was 6 and my family spent two weeks in Hawaii.

“Goodness Gale don’t scare her like that,” my mom came up behind him.

“I’m just messing with her.”

I looked around and realized we were docked at one of the restaurants in the middle of the lake.

“Do you want to eat her of get it to go?” My mom was staring down at me with her beaming smile.

“I’m sick of the sun, let’s go inside.”

My mom walked off the boat and quickly worked her way into the middle of the restaurant where my dad was already seated enjoying a beer. I took the seat across from her and noticed the cute frat guys who were seated at the table next to ours.

“Welcome to Joey’s. I’m Nancy can I start you guys off with some drinks?” I gazed at the too happy waitress and noticed the way Gale was looking at her. He was summing her up like a predator stalking his prey and I felt a gang of jealousy.

“I’ll have a Long Island iced tea,” I looked at the peppy blonde daring her to ask for my id.

“Okay….” The girl slowly wrote down my drink as she slowly looked around the table checking to see if anyone would speak up.

“I’ll have the same,” my mom looked at me.

“Bring a pitcher of beer for us,” Gale signaled towards himself and my father.

“Okay, be back in a jiffy,” Nancy was obviously sticking out her nonexistent chest as she walked away.

I looked down at my own body and suddenly became aware of my lack of clothing. I had forgotten to put on my coverup after I had woken up and now sat there feeling the cool leather seat pressing into my thigh.

Gale and my dad went back to their debate about who they should promote and my mom was studying the menu. I began to zone out then I heard one of the frat guys speaking.

“Dude look at the babe at 6 o’clock.”

I looked over to their table and saw one of the guys looking at me. He turned a deep shade of red and spun back around in his seat. I smiled to myself taking the comment as a compliment.

“Here’s y’all go. I wanted to inform you we have a limit of two of these bad boys per customer,” Nancy said as she hanged my mom and me our drinks.

I stared at her and flashed my biggest smile before I took the straw out of my drink and chugged a third of it. Nancy stalked off looking extremely flustered.

“That was impressive,” Gale looked over at me and winked.

“Nicole,” my dad was now staring at me, “we don’t mind you drinking but we certainly don’t want to cause a scene if they ask to see your license.”

“I’ll have them shut down for serving alcohol to an 18 year old.”

The rest of the meal was quite boring. I ate my chicken tenders in silence and knew that I was probably too tipsy to walk out by myself.

“Here’s your check,” Nancy was back and I squinted at her as she handed a check to my dad and one to Gale.

“There seems to be a mistake,” my dad said as he looked down at his check.

“What’s the problem?” Nancy looked over his shoulder with a concerned expression.

“Where’s her part?” My dad gestured towards me.

Nancy’s eyes got really big as she realized her faux pas. “I thought you two were a couple!” She was obviously talking about Gale and me.

I slowly took off my sunglasses and looked her dead in the eye, “Yes, I am obviously is girlfriend rather than their daughter.”

“How old are you?” Nancy looked too scared to want the true answer.

“49,” I looked at her with a complete sneer. “I’m going to the bathroom.” I stood up and grasped the table hoping I didn’t look sloppy. I somehow managed to make it to the back of the restaurant and I looked in the mirror. I was sweating, my eyes were red, and my hair was clumping to my head. I turned on the water and sprinkled it on my face trying to sober myself up before going back. I sighed and walked back to the table.

Before I could take my seat I felt a rush of air and intense sting on my ass as the table of frat boys cheered. I turned around to see who had been the perpetrator. A wiry boy was staring at me while gloating. I felt the temperature rise within my body and I had had enough.

“Do you think you’re cute?” I half yelled at the boy looking up at me as the smile vanished from his face. I took the back of his head and slammed it into the table. Before he could recover I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind him. He began to whimper and repeatedly mumbled he was sorry.

“Come on it was just a joke, we wouldn’t want to call the police,” one of his brothers said as he looked at me.

“Call the cops on me? And tell them what? That ten of you got beat up by a girl who weighs 120 pounds soaking wet?” I challenged him and finally let go of the boy I still had pinned down. “Go fuck yourself.”

I turned back to my parents and Gale who were all staring at me in awe. “We should go,” my mom said finally breaking the silence.

We all rushed out of the restaurant and pilled into the boat. “That was very unladylike,” mom mom said about 15 minutes after we had left.

“I will not apologize for defending myself.”

My mom looked at me and slowly shook her head. “I would never expect you to.” She turned back around in her seat and my dad continued driving.

“I’m pretty proud of you,” Gale whispered in my eat as he drapped his arm around my shoulder, “It was pretty awesome.”

“At least you get it. Do you think my dad’s mad, he hasn’t said anything?”

“No your dad would never be mad at you, he gets mad about the way guys treat you.”


“Yeah. He loves you. We had a conversation about the attention you’ve been getting from guys while you were sleeping earlier.”


“He just hates the way grown men look at you now. You’re growing into a very beautiful young woman.”

I had no idea what to say. “Grown men don’t look at me, it’s just college guys,” I looked at Gale and hr smirked.

“Whatever you say.”

We sat in silence as my mom and dad discussed their plans for their trip to Nashville. “It’s not like there’s much to do anymore since they tore down Opryland,” my mom was saying to my dad.

“Yeah, I heard they were going to rebuild it after the floods but they never did.”

I could feel Gale’s pulse slowly beating as his rested around my shoulders. I didn’t know what to do or how we would explain ourselves if my parents turned around. The act itself was simple enough but the factors behind it lead to a monstrous problem if my parents saw us.

Their faces at the restaurant burned in the back of my mind as Nancy pointed out she thought Gale and I were together. The fact that the three of them had discussed older men looking at me made me believe that they were suspicious of the two of us.

“It’s starting to get dark!” My dad yelled as he turned his head back towards me and Gale but rested his eyes on my mom.

I felt Gale’s arm stiffen before he slowly moved himself further down the bench away from me.

My mom and I got out of the boat as my dad and Gale hitched it back on the car. “I want you to make sure Nicole gets home safely,” my dad said as he slapped Gale on the shoulder.

I jumped into the drivers seat and slowly slid my key into the ignition. “Good thing I remembered them for you while you were in a hurry this morning,” my mom said looking at me.

It was seeing Tony that really made me feel embarrassed. To be honest I had hardly met some of the others before. Gavin had been to the same school as the rest of us but he was several years older. Clive had actually been in my class but was generally seen as a bit of a swot, a sort of ‘teachers pet’ if you like. He wasn’t as physically handsome as the others. It was like he had more brains than brawn.

As for Jason though, well, he was a just a rough biker in his late twenties. He may have been at our school but he would have been too many years ahead of me to remember. I now know he had lots of burley biker friends too but that is another story. Remind me and I’ll recount it another time.

Oh and for those of you who didn’t see the first part of this story [Moon Probed at Hen Party] the rest in the room were all hen party girls, mostly ex-classmates. The one exception to that was Brenda, of course. She was, so far as outward appearances go, just another girl. She had got this last-minute invite rather hurriedly owing certain developments. To get the fine details please read that story. I think all I need say here is that both of us were in the nude as the guys walked in and Brenda was on top.

Actually they were mostly boyfriends who had come to drive the girls home. It was my first job from school. I had been told by the hotel manager the party had to end at might-night but with what had just happened that wasn’t exactly on anyone else’s mind. The older guys, with a bit more worldly experience of these things, were soon well up for it. Yea, I mean that kind of literally too but poor Tony looked even more embarrassed than I was.

It had been far too late but I had managed to cover myself a bit with my jeans which had been lying on the floor nearby. I was torn between emotions really about what might happen next. You see I was now surrounded by big guys and the girls who were all half drunk and half (or more than half) naked were giggling together like crazy.

“Come on you two.” said Sally to tease Gavin and Jason. ” Don’t be bashful now. It’s ‘kit off’ time in here, can’t you see?”

“Yea. Best way to end a hen party. Let’s have a male beauty contest for a change and let’s see them all nice and nude.”

“Hey hang on Sheila, Gavin’s my boy and he does as I say don’t you” Suzy said then, staggering a bit, added. “Oh go on then let’s all have a good fuck up.”

“I vote we let our boys get on with it, eh girls?” It was obvious that Sally’s motion was immediately carried by all the others. There was a huge roar of “Yea!” They were clapping and cheering. “Come on get em off guys.”

The guys were already displaying big bulges in their jeans. Their girlfriends soon had most of them down to their underpants. Now the bulges were truly massive and I was getting to feel hellishly horny.

Tony had come to stand beside me. I felt comforted by him; he had been a good friend at school; we had larked about together, got into trouble many times but there was a great sense of loyalty between us. So while excitement was mounting among the others he suddenly turned to me. I thought he was going to whisper something in my ear but instead he simply pulled away the jeans that had been covering my bare bum. Of course he had not only seen me before when they took the pics but I knew he’d seen the she-male Brenda pull out of me just as they all walked in.

As he surveyed my bare bottom he looked a bit guilty, as if he was sneaking a peep before anyone else. But when he tenderly patted my bum cheeks I just got this huge feeling for him. He had always been the leader between the two of us, but this a bit the same but somehow different.

“Hey guys, I think we know this bum here don’t we? Yea this is the one that’s been doing the rounds. Oh yea look. Oh fuck this is it!” Gavin shouted out on recognising my bare bottom from the pics. He had been wearing a tight T-shirt which kind of showed this guy was no small man. This he suddenly and furiously ripped off, screwed it up in his big right hand and flung it aggressively on the floor. Then in a more measured and deliberate way he began to undo his belt but aware that all the girls were watching he hesitated just enough to loose the initiative.

“No Carl, I’m going to do you first, right? There’s no way your losing your virginity to that lot. Not if I’m around. No way!” Tony emphasised as he quickly stripped off his T-shirt and pulled his pants down.

“OK Tony but I’m fucking doing him next right is that clearly understood, right?” in giving way to Tony Gavin had also to give vent to his testosterone fuelled temper.

“Look here mate; you’re in no fucking position to give orders to anyone now are you, eh?” growled Jason, towering his broad shoulders over Gavin. The depth and power of his voice as well as his physique was enough to make his point. At the same moment Sheila, who was Tony’s girl was trying to persuade him to put on one of Brenda’s rubbers.

“They’re no fucking use to us, far too small, we can’t be wearing chicks rubbers. Here this is good man sized one, it’ll do for all of us. And you can listen up Gavin yea? If I do decide to let you fuck him before me it’ll be just because I need to go last to show you all how it’s fucking done properly; right get it?”

“Did you hear that? Them all trying to use one condom: that’s fucking ridiculous. Men; I ask you” Sheila protested ringing her hands hopelessly. “And anyway what about Clive, he is still around isn’t he”. Some of the other girls pushed him forward from somewhere where I guess he may have been trying to hide himself.

“Tony do you really want to? You don’t have to you know.” I asked him urgently as he came down near me. I was completely naked and lying on my side. Tony was grabbing my knees and pushing them forwards.

“You are joking aren’t you.” he replied smiling as he knelt beside me and went about positioning me as he wanted. I felt so exposed like that, knowing all the other guys and girls would be looking at my ass cunt. “Carl listen I’m telling you; ever since I saw your fabulous bum that day I’ve been dreaming about fucking you. Do I want to? Yes you bet I fucking do.”.

“Come on get on with it. Can’t you see that ass-hole needs a fucking good stuffing.” shouted Jason who was standing just in his underpants with arms folded over his muscle bound chest. His huge erection had pushed forward the elastic so much some of the girls were peering down and getting a view of the real thing.

It had all happened so suddenly in such a short time. All my attention was fixed on Tony. I had never seen him in the nude before or even with his shirt off. He was still so youthful with his big bare shoulders, bulging biceps and perfect fit looking pectorals; I could only gaze at him with utter admiration. He had been my best friend for all these years and I never realised his young body was so fabulous. But his cock! I was hypnotised by the sight of it; I was swooning for him. The most intimate, precious and sexy part of his body was there right in front of my face. I could feel the heat on my cheeks as his beautiful pink knob drew closer. I got this feeling of wanting him inside me

Tony gently put his hand on my head and guided me forwards. I took his cock in my mouth. I was beyond thinking about what I was doing. I was oblivious to being the centre of attraction. All the girls were watching us excitedly. Tony was luscious; he was so hard and rigid. I never imagined a guy’s dick could get that stiff. But as I sucked and worked my tongue around his perfect knob I became aware of the effect it was having on him. He started groaning then gasping and I began to taste his precum; at least that is now what I realise it must have been.

Suddenly Tony pulled away from me as if trying to keep control. He quickly put on the Jason’s rubber and threw himself down behind me. Several of the girls were around my bum now as he positioned himself to penetrate me. We were both on our sides to begin with and I think Sheila was trying to dribble her saliva down into my ass crack. First I felt her finger but it was then Tony’s dick. Oh man! there was something so definite, so determined about the way he probed my ass hole. Compared with Brenda’s petulance Tony was in full control of affairs. Immediately I felt my sphincter being challenged. It was in such a way that I could do absolutely nothing but yield to his manhood. I wanted the whole length of his lovely strong dick right up my bum-hole.

Sheila was assisting her boyfriend and of all the girls had the best view of the moment Tony really penetrated my cherry, forced open my rim and drove his fabulous rigid fuck-pole straight down into the depths of my bottom. Oh the joy as I realised again it was Tony. He was right up inside me now. I wished there was no rubber. I wanted feel the skin of his raw cock forcing itself in and up against the inside of my anal canal. But this stage of things was soon cut short.

“Come on let’s get him on his back”. Tony’s voice had a sense of urgency. Until now he had been thrusting into me from behind. Perhaps it was out of some shyness that he couldn’t quite confront me when he began to fuck my ass. But now I was on my back with Suzy and Sally holding my legs up. I had no say in any of this, I was quite helpless now. The other guys were all looking on. It was a very special moment for me when Tony looked me straight in the eyes. My school friend whose body was a perfection of fitness and masculinity smiled gently as he positioned his knob teasingly on my cherry.

“Oh look Tony he’s gaping. He really does want it doesn’t he?” said Sheila turning to the others. I must have been wide open as all I felt this time was a fullness and warmth swelling inside my innermost sphincter. It had been good enough feeling him come up me from behind but now to be taking in his huge cock as he gazed into my eyes, I just wanted every bit of his sexy nude body. I began kissing Tony’s arms and any part of his body in reach. I didn’t care what anyone thought or would say I just wanted to love him for what he was doing to me.

All the same, for me this was a new sort of Tony. He was not only right up inside me, he had penetrated the most private parts of my body. These were places no other person ever saw. OK I may have flouted my bum a bit and even fantasised things but this was the real thing. This strong guy Tony had always taken the decisions, decided what we would do and lead the way. The most intimate part of his body was now physically deep in amongst my innermost genitals. His cock felt so firm in my bottom, it was like all his firm muscles and strength of character were far up my bottom. Tony was dominating me sexually and all I wanted then was for him to fuck me more and more.

He had started working his cock in and out of my bum hole and as he gradually increasing the pace, I felt overpowered and in awe of his sheer bodily strength. Each time he drove down into me I got this huge thrill tingling deep inside. My excitement was going sort of ‘off the scale’.

All the time Sally and Sheila were teasing my nipples. My whole chest area around them got super-sensitive. It was like I felt I had breasts and it was making me mad for Tony to fuck me. I wanted his cum; I really wanted it like hell. His rigid ram-rod was reaching every recess of my rectum. He had total control of me now, it was like he was feminising me utterly.

“Oh cum into me Tony please.” I pleaded as he quickened the pace of his shafting. “Fuck me, Fuck me!” I shouted as some huge internal orgasm seized me. All I could do was throw my head from side to side. Suddenly Tony put his head down on my chest. His brown hair fell forwards onto my neck. As he began to suck on one of my nipples, he seemed to go completely wild. I felt his dick flicking inside me as he was overtaken by some massive climax. Oh how I wished he would shoot his cum up me. I wanted him, the real virile Tony so much. I wished I could feel his spunk spurting into my bum.

Tony kissed me really nicely as he withdrew. All the girls were clapping but then they gasped as Gavin removed the rubber from Tony’s dick. I took my chance to suck the last few drops of cum raw from his sagging ‘hose’. He was so sexy I could have gone on sucking this lovely guy and fondling his beautiful balls and bum for ever but there were others to consider.

“He’s no virgin any more now then.” said Jason in a very deep manly voice that suddenly grabbed all my attention. I should have been ashamed of myself to be seen as such a cum slut. But I hadn’t actually had any real cum pumped up me yet.

“He wasn’t a virgin anyway, didn’t you see?” piped up Brenda. She had been strangely silent in the face of all this masculinity.

“I’m sorry Brenda but that doesn’t really count. It’s men he needs and that’s was he’s fucking going to get.” It was Gavin now who spoke. He was preparing himself to do me next.

The other guys including Jason were all naked now and the girls lost no time in surveying at each other’s boyfriend’s genitals. It was indeed a sort of a male beauty show and believe me that, with the possible exception of Clive, they were a hulky bunch that few could refuse.

Gavin had just quietly slipped on Tony’s used rubber and dismissed comments from the girls; “Don’t listen to them they’re always fussing about something.”

I was standing by them being quite resigned to getting shafted by all the guys. I felt a bit ashamed of my cock as it was so much smaller than the others. Gavin was also well in the nude, sitting on an arm of the sofa. His cock stood up like some phallic flagpole and his ample pink scrotum dangled against the dark background of the sofa. These were the balls of a mature man. It was like; there was this ‘reservoir’ below and a powerful ‘cum-pump’ above all primed and ready to deliver.

Suddenly he grabbed hold of my naked body and pulled me down on him. Now Gavin was quite big so I felt a sharp pain as pushed my bum very firmly over his, shall we say, ‘injector-pump’. His hairy forearms were around my hips. He just felt so overwhelmingly strong.

I know what you’re thinking. This was all so soon after my fucking from Tony. How could I give myself to another man so easily? I suppose it was just that he had taken control. I think it was psychological as well as physical. Being about four years older than me I kind did what he said and anyway I was physically too feeble to resist. To be honest I don’t think there was ever a point when I even wanted to. Did I even try to clench my buttocks? I couldn’t as he had me in a sitting position and with my legs well forward so my cunt would have been well stretched. I was just loving the feeling of his big cock filling me inside. This older man had his ‘flagpole’ well up my bottom now. Basically it seemed like I belonged to him; he sort of seemed to own me.

I didn’t’ even know Gavin that well; I had heard the girls talk about him but to be in such intimate contact with some one who was almost a stranger; what was happening to me?

At once he started teasing me: “Ever ridden a horse? Eh? Well now’s your chance. Let’s try a jog-trot shall we?”. The girls giggled hysterically as they watched him bob me up and down like a baby. For me, I was loving the sensation of his mighty invading cock working my asshole. Then suddenly he rolled me back so I was on my back on the sofa; then he really started drilling me hard. Gavin was a rough strong man. He had been a rugby forward and when he fucked, he fucked really very hard. It noticed he was sweating profusely so I guess he wasn’t as fit and youthful as Tony but he wanted to show off. He wanted to impress the girls.

“Go on give it him. Let’s see you fuck his ass right up. Come on Gavin stuff his bum.” shouted Sheila. Two of the other girls had come forward and were licking and sucking my nipples. It seemed to affect Gavin as much as me as he went totally berserk letting great yells of ecstasy. Then I felt him orgasming strongly deep inside my rectum. I’m sorry to have to admit it but I wanted his cum too but alas the rubber held and eventually Gavin withdrew his sagging meat pole from my now swollen cherry.

Then came Jason or perhaps I should say ‘then cummed Jason’. Now he was not like the others. He was the typical biker. Covered in tattoos, there was oil still on his right arm from where he had been fixing an engine, just before coming. He hadn’t tried too hard to remove it nor had he shaved for a couple of days so his face was really rough and stubbly.

Judith, his big girlfriend, tried to point to the absurdity of putting on a condom half full of cum but he waived her aside as he gave me a big wink. His body language and the way he went about things was just as if he was about to fit a new piston or some thing like that. Actually when you saw the size of his cock it was a pretty fair comparison.

But Jason was big all round. To say he was strong would be too obvious a thing you wouldn’t even question it. Compared with any of the others he was about half as big again and that wasn’t fat. His thighs alone were huge and hairy and extremely powerful looking. You could call him the ‘Dominant Male’.

He got me on my hands and knees and made as if to do me ‘doggie-style’. But there was no way he could push straight into me like the others had done. But like other men I met later, his huge physical strength that of his character meant that Jason had no need to be impatient. He was man enough to be in full control, at least then and he knew I would need a bit of time. I could feel myself wanting him but I needed to dilate. Judith, his girl friend took control of matters. I mean she took charge of all things concerning my cherry. Other girls were helping her and working on me with their fingers, using lots of cream they were gradually stretching open my boy cunt. It took several minutes; they would work on me a bit then Jason would have another go. Each time I felt him getting further in. Then at a certain point, I knew he was about to enter but he didn’t seem to realise as he was going to back off again and let the girls have another go. But I began pleading with him to keep up the pressure on my cunt. I could feel myself yielding and it made me desperate for him to keep on pushing harder.

It was strange at first as the girls were all like hands on hips as much as to say it was hopeless but I could feel what was happening. His hood had penetrated my outer sphincter and I was consciously willing my cunt to take him in. And then suddenly it became obvious to all as Jason’s huge cock, it was far thicker than any of the others, slowly but very definitely sunk between my buns and my stretched cherry was seen to take in the whole length of his mighty ‘piston’.

It was hard to keep my balance as Jason picked up the pace. He was pounding my boy bum from behind. It was some sight I saw after. (the girls were getting video on the action). There I was, a smooth femmy-boy being ravaged by this rough unshaven muscle man. You could see all the rough hairs over his mighty thighs against the soft smooth skin of my legs.

But as if that wasn’t enough, the girls had got hold of Clive who had been trying to stay out of things. Maybe he realised he didn’t have it in him to fuck me in front of all them all. Actually he didn’t look so bad in the nude. His body was well filled, perhaps not entirely with muscle but he was so smooth everywhere. He had even less pubic hairs than me and you could see how much his puffy facial cheeks were akin to those of his voluptuous bum. In a word and when in the nude, he was quite sexy. But poor Clive hadn’t managed much of a hard-on as yet. His cock was hardly swollen and remained quite limp.

Don’t imagine I had anywhere near the time it took you to read that last paragraph to take in the situation (let alone Clive’s cock) as my bum was being pumped very powerfully and very deliberately. It was as if Jason was hurriedly pumping a deflated bike tyre while wanting to catch up with the others. Or you could say that having just fitted me with his new piston he was sort of ‘revving me up’. Anyway Clive’s genitals were also in need of some ‘servicing’. I found that I could take all of his cock and balls in my mouth at once. That was only until Jason gave me such a lunge up my bottom that I couldn’t keep hold of Clive any more.

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