Note: Although not necessary, reading part one (Best Present Ever: Bitch Sister) will explain how Mathew goes from being a nerdy virgin to a dominant Master over his gorgeous, stuck-up cheerleading sister.

Note 2: A special thanks goes to Estragon for his dedication to copy editing my work and making me a better writer.


Christmas was pretty anti-climactic after the gift I gave myself…my bitch sister.

With so much of the family arriving and staying with us for Christmas it was impossible to get any alone time to continue my training of my slave sister. I did make it clear that she was suppose to find a way for us to be together on Boxing Day, preferably with her friends.

While we were unwrapping presents with the whole nuclear family in the evening, a family tradition that goes back over 100 years, Sandra whispered in my ear, “I got us a rendezvous for tomorrow afternoon, Master.”

Calling me Master, even quietly, in a room full of family was fucking hot and had my cock revved up and ready to go. I gave her a nod that showed my approval and continued my Christmas unwrapping, my mind already looking ahead to tomorrow’s presents. I wondered if she got any of her subs to agree; if so, who? I also wondered if Beth would be there as she was the one I really wanted to fuck.

The next couple of hours were chaos, and it was past ten before I got to ask my sister any questions. “So slut, what is tomorrow’s plan?”

She smiled, being coy, “Boxing Day shopping, of course.”

I warned, “Don’t make me punish you.”

Her smile stayed. “Maybe I want to be punished.”

“I’ll remember that,” I responded, a devious plan of role-reversal already in my head.

“Anyway, Allison is out of town, and so is her family, but I have keys to her house,” my naughty sister revealed.

“She is your lab partner, right?”

“Yes, you and she might really hit it off. She is applying to Harvard as well,” my sister answered, thoughtfully.

“Interesting,” I replied, acting uninterested, even though I was very curious. This bio partner was obviously smart, which was a turn-on in its own way. I was instantly curious what she looked like and how someone so supposedly intelligent could succumb to my sister. The only logical explanation was insecurity. Pushing the curiosity to the back of my mind, I asked, “And Beth?”

“I told Beth everything and she is quite eager to watch you and me go at it.”

“She does realize I plan to fuck her, right?”

“I imagine she knows it is a possibility,” my sister responded, giving my cock a squeeze, before adding with a pouty face, “You are not hard.”

I shrugged, “And Della?”

“She will be there too,” my sister revealed.

“Excellent!” I exclaimed, a naughty, naughty plan unfolding in my head. “And what time is this gathering taking place?”

“I suggested two. Della has a family supper at her grandmother’s, Beth has shopping plans with her Mother in the morning and I, of course, would like to do a little Boxing Day shopping myself,” she explained rather thoroughly, which I liked. She clearly didn’t want to upset me.

I suggested, “And I expect you to buy something special for tomorrow.”

She blushed, “You are so naughty, Mathew.”

I winked, gave her voluptuous breasts one quick squeeze and went to the kitchen.


I too went shopping in the morning, buying a new digital camera in HD, the Lord of the Rings extended version box set on Blu-Ray and a choker for my sister, which I planned for her to always wear as a constant reminder of who owns her.

Sandra texted me the address where we were to meet and I arrived, on purpose, a few minutes late. I knocked on the front door of the stranger’s house and was greeted by chubby Della in her cheerleader’s outfit and beige thigh highs completely in view with her short cheerleading skirt not able to cover any part of them. Her pink painted toenails, so clearly visible in her sandal-foot stockings, had my cock instantly interested. She greeted me, “Come on in, Master.”

Clearly she had been given instructions from Sandra. I followed her into the living-room where Beth and Sandra were already sitting down. Della immediately went to my sister’s feet and between her stockinged legs. All three sexy girls had on the exact same stockings and cheerleading outfits. I watched quietly as Della licked my sister’s pussy, my sister still trying to keep the image of power she had in her clique. But that was about to change.

I ordered, “Slut, get over here.”

Both Della and my sister turned towards me. I said to Della, “Not you Della. I am talking to the biggest slut here…my slave sister.”

“Mathew,” she whispered, suddenly ashamed by the treatment she was being given; ironic considering it is how she treated Della, and I assume her other pets.

“What, slut?” I asked, my tone implying I wasn’t in the mood for disobedience.

“Nothing,” she retracted, walking over to me.

“On your knees,” I ordered.

She obeyed, looking back at Beth nervously.

I smiled, “I bet Beth loves watching you being put in your place.”

Beth’s slight smile gave me the affirmative answer I was expecting.

I bent down and put the black choker around my sister’s neck. “This is to always be worn. It is a constant reminder of your place…as your brother’s personal fuck-toy slut. Is that understood?”

Her teary eyes showed hints of crying, but no tears flowed as she answered, “Yes, Master.”

“Now Della, let’s see those big tits,” I requested politely.

Showing no signs of nervousness, she quickly pulled her cheerleading uniform over her head, revealing a white bra and panties set. Her huge breasts were barely able to be held in check by the lace bra. I asked, “What size are your breasts, Della?”

“40DD,” she answered, just as she released them from captivity. Her breasts were completely captivating and mouth watering.

I walked over to her, leaving my sister on the floor, and said, “Do you like being a submissive to my sister?”

She broke eye contact with me and said, rather unconvincingly, “Yes.”

“Why do you obey her?” I asked.

Still refusing to make eye contact with me, she replied, “I don’t know.”

I chuckled, “You must know, Della. No one becomes a dyke slut without knowing why. So why?”

She whispered, “To be popular.”

“Ahhhhhh, the truth,” I proclaimed, pausing, “will set you free.”

I took one of her breasts in my hand and I felt her shiver, clearly uncomfortable with my touch. “Why are you letting me touch your breasts?”

“Because your sister told me to do whatever you asked,” the submissive girl admitted.

“So if asked you to bend over and take my cock in your ass, you would?”

“Yes,” she whispered, so quietly no one other than me could here.

“Would you enjoy it?” I asked.

“No,” she answered.

“Have you been fucked in the ass before, Della?”


“But you would allow me to take your anal virginity, right here, right now?” I asked, attempting to make the submission as absurd as possible.

Della still had not made eye contact with me as she again confirmed her obedience with a slight nod.

I asked for confirmation, “And all this submission to my sister and Beth is simply to be popular?”

She shook her head yes and surprised me by looking up and defended herself. “You don’t understand. I have been treated badly based strictly on my weight.”

I interjected, “You are not fat, Della. You are chubby, or as Marilyn Monroe was described, voluptuous.”

She blushed, obviously flattered by a rare comment. “I used to be a lot larger,” she admitted.

I let go of her large breast and explained, “Della, I know exactly what it feels like to feel out of place. To be judged based on appearances. Actually, I assume you have judged me too. But I finally had enough of the judging and being treated like a doormat. Didn’t I, baby sister?”

My sister still on the floor answered, rather seductively, “Yeah, the mouse finally roared like a lion.”

I returned my gaze to Della and said, “Look at me, Della.”

She looked up into my eyes. Her blue-green misty eyes were beautiful. I attempted to build this insecure girl’s confidence, “Della, you are a beautiful woman with lots going for you, your eyes are enchanting, your smile is seductive and, of course, your breasts defy gravity.”

Clearly not used to flattery, she stammered, “T-t-thanks.”

“And I have a gift for you,” I said. I paused for dramatic effect before ordering, “Sandra, go take off your new Mistress’s panties.”

“What?” Sandra asked stunned by my order.

“I think my order was pretty clear. Get your whore ass over to Della,” I ordered. When she didn’t immediately obey I roared, “Now, slut!”

My sister gave the deadly glare that had crushed me so many times before. But I was no longer intimidated by her facade of power and I returned a glare just as menacing. A brief power struggle followed, but it was short lived as my sister began to stand up.

Making it clear that I was Master and she was the slave, I added to the humiliation, “Crawl.”

She fell back to her knees and crawled slowly. Her head down, avoiding eye contact, she obeyed my order, and eventually reached Della, who was unable to control her smile. Once my sister reached her chubby friend, I repeated my earlier command, “Baby sis, take off your new Mistress’s panties.”

My sister looked back at me her eyes pleading for a reprieve, one I refused to give. Sandra then slowly reached up and tentatively removed Della’s panties.

Once they were off, I spoke to Della, “Today, Sandra is your sub. Sandra beg Della for the privilege of being her dyke slut.”

Sandra was mortified by the turn of events, but looked up from her subservient position and asked, “Della, may I please be your sub?”

I scoffed, “That wasn’t believable, you can do much better than that.”

She sighed too, but upped the ante when she got nasty, “Della, may I please lick your pussy and pleasure you like you have me so many times?”

Della looked to me and then, her confidence building, just as mine had, she ordered, “Get licking, slave.”

Sandra had to reach up to reach Della’s pussy. The scene was oddly perverse and arousing. I glanced over to Beth, who was watching her best friend submit sexually to their joint sub.

The scene lasted a couple of minutes before Della, clearly uncomfortable standing, ordered, “Sandra, crawl to the couch.”

Sandra obeyed, her face slightly shiny from Della’s juice.

Della, beginning to get more comfortable with her new position of power, ordered, “Clean my soles with your tongue.”

Sandra’s look showed her unhappiness with the order and her new position, but she obeyed lifting Della’s right foot up to her face.

I looked at Beth, who was avidly watching the power shift, and walked over to her and said, “Are you enjoying the show, my sweetness?”

She looked up at me and asked demurely, “And why do you want to know?”

I was suddenly nervous. I know I could fuck Sandra or Della now, but it was Beth I craved. I attempted to be suave. “Because someone looks like she needs a late Christmas present.”

“I do, do I?” she answered, with a coy smile, her British accent adding to the playful seduction. Her hand went to my stiff cock, “Is this my gift here?”

“Yes,” I answered, “and it is a present that keeps on giving.”

“Really?” she teased, rubbing my cock. “Can I unwrap it?”

I nodded, a mixture of excitement and nervousness overwhelming me.”

She smiled and unzipped my pants and allowed them to drop to my knees. Grabbing my cock in her small hand, she teased, “What a big present! I’d better wrap it back up.”

She leaned forward and took my cock in her pretty little mouth, wrapping it back up. Watching my biggest stroke fantasy with her mouth full of my cock was amazing. Having not come yet today, I knew my first load would come quick. Her sweet mouth and the way she slobbered up my cock, creating a whirlwind of sensations also accelerated my quick release. Within less than two minutes, I shot my load down Beth’s throat. The great cocksucker that she was, she swallowed every drop and kept bobbing up and down.

Nearby, Della, getting into her new role of power, demanded, “Eat my pussy, captain,” her tone bitter and sarcastic. I glanced over in time to see my sister’s head disappear between Della’s slightly chubby legs.

Once my orgasm was completely done, I pushed her onto the couch and spread her legs. She was wearing pantyhose with a hole where her pussy was and no panties. I didn’t even know such things existed. I kissed her pantyhose clad thighs as she moaned softly. Nearby, I could hear Della’s increased breathing. I was tempted to bury my face between the British goddess’ legs but wanted to saviour this dream come true. I also wanted to get her excited enough to beg me to fuck her. I moved across her uncovered and slightly glistening pussy, my hot breath deliberately making my presence felt, but kept moving until I reached her other thigh. I kissed, nibbled and licked all over her leg, teasing her relentlessly. Her moans became a constant rhythm and increased the second shy sweet Della screamed, “I’m coming slut, keep licking me!”

Seconds later, Della’s undeniable orgasmic scream filled the room and spurred Beth on. “Enough of the fucking foreplay stud. I want that big cock of yours in me.” Having any girl say that to me was hot, but in Beth’s British accent it was even hotter.

I looked up and smiled, teasing her the way she used to tease me when I was just Sandra’s nerdy older brother, “All in good time, my girl.”

Instead I moved to her glistening wet pussy and began licking. Slow at first, just barely making contact with her swollen pussy lips. She lifted her ass, up attempting to make contact, but I backed away. I wanted it clear I was in control here.

She whimpered, “Please, just shove that big cock of yours in me.”

Instead, I sucked her clit into my mouth in one sudden movement.

She screamed, “Oh God, yes!”

Just as sudden, I let it go and returned to a slow tease.

Della, nearby, ordered, “Go get your brother ready to fuck Beth.”

I continued my teasing pussy-pleasing without looking up.

My sister asked, her tone humble and obedient, “Master can you open your legs so I can crawl between?”

Without moving my head, I opened my legs and felt my sister crawl between them. It must have been an absurd scene. A broad smile crossed my face as I reflected how quickly things had changed between her and me. As I began to put more pressure on Beth’s delicious pussy lips, Della joined making my original twosome a foursome. Della concentrated her attention on Beth’s perky breasts while I teased and pleased her down below.

Her moaning increased to heavy panting and she begged desperately this time, “Please, Mathew, I need your cock in my cunt so fucking bad.”

Smiling at her desperation, I tested her resolve, “All you have to do to feel my big hard cock in you is beg Della to straddle your pretty face so I can watch you eat pussy.”

Beth, who I knew from conversations with Sandra, had allowed Della and a couple of others to please her, had never returned the favour, although Beth and my sister had made out at a party for their boyfriends once.

Beth looked at me with a look of frustrated desperation before giving in completely, “Della, can I please lick your pussy?”

Della glanced over at me with a smile, before straddling Beth’s pretty face.

I watched as Beth extended her tongue and tasted her first pussy. Keeping my word, I took my cock out of my sister’s sweet mouth and repositioned myself so I was ready to fuck my British dream girl. I tapped my cock on her clit, which triggered uncontrollable moans and twitches.

She whimpered between licks of Della’s pussy, “Please, Mathew, I need your cock in me so fucking bad.”

I finally obliged her wanton lust and made her begging and my fantasy come true at the same time. I pulled my cock out of my sister’s sweet lips and slid it between Beth’s pussy lips. The second I slipped between her glistening pussy lips I was in heaven. Her warmth numbed me as I slowly filled her pussy with my cock. Once all in, I began to slowly fuck her, taking my time as I wanted to savour every second inside her oasis of juice.

Her moans only enhanced the sensations I was feeling, knowing I was responsible for those moans of sexual pleasure. After a couple of minutes of slow and steady fucking, I ordered my sister, who was watching this perverted threesome, “Come suck on Beth’s clit while I fuck her, baby sis.”

Without hesitation, my sexy sister moved bedside her best friend and took Beth’s swollen clit in her mouth.

The double sensation had Beth writhing in pleasure as I shifted from slow steady thrusts to deep fast thrusts. The scene was porno movie hot and within a couple of minutes of the double pleasure Beth screamed bloody murder as an orgasm tore through her body. Both Sandra and I continued our focused pleasing all throughout Beth’s orgasm.

Once I thought she was done, I demanded, my confidence brimming, “Let’s reposition ourselves. On your knees on the floor, Beth. Della sit on the couch and offer our British slut your sweet cunt. Sandra crawl underneath Beth and suck on her sweet cunt.”

Very quickly, I watched as my directions were followed faithfully. Once the three were in position, I watched the lesbian threesome with manly satisfaction. A few minutes later, with both Beth and Della moaning louder, I moved behind Beth and slid my cock back into her pussy. Unlike my slow thrusts the first time, this time it was about getting me off. Each hard thrust forward had Beth’s face slammed into Della’s cunt.

I was just beginning to get in a proper rhythm when Beth begged, “My arse, fuck my arse, baby.”

It took a moment to figure out what she was begging for, for me to fuck her sweet ass. My dream come true just kept getting better and better. I slid my cock out and rubbed it between her ass cheeks. She begged again, “Don’t tease me baby, just fill my arse with your cock.”

Now desperate to do just that, I spread her ass cheeks apart, found her tiny rosebud and wondered how the hell my cock would fit inside such a small hole.

I placed it at her anal entrance and slowly pushed forward. It was so tight and that penetration seemed impossible. I paused with just the very tip of my cock inside her. Suddenly she pushed back and my cock slowly disappeared inside her ass. It was so tight I wasn’t convinced I would be able to fuck her. The decision was made for me when pretty British Beth began to fuck herself on my cock. She started slow as her tight ass got comfortable with my big cock. The tightness was the most incredible feeling ever and because she fucked me slowly it kept me revved up but not close to climax.

Beth’s moans increased again as she got accustomed to the cock in her ass and the pressure on her clit from her best friend. Time seemed to stand still as I experienced my first foursome. Once in a comfortable rhythm, Della pulled Beth back to her pussy. The naughty foursome continued for a long time before Della reached her second orgasm, soon followed by Beth having her second orgasm from me as she screamed, “Oh god yes, your cock feels so fucking good in my arse, baby. Yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh-oh-oh-oh fuuuuuuuck, I’m coming from your arse-fuuuuucking!”

Her body quaked around my cock and enhanced the sensation and I knew I would soon follow. I grabbed her ass and began to pound her hard even as her orgasm continued to thunder through her. Finally close, I pulled out of Beth’s ass and shoved my cock into my sister’s mouth. I fucked her face like it was a pussy and unloaded a full stream of cum in her mouth. Once spent, I fell back onto the couch to catch my breath. I snapped my fingers and my sister obediently crawled between my legs and cleaned my cock.

A hush fell over the courtroom as a bailiff opened the doors and escorted in ten young white women in variously bright cheerleading outfits – showing they were from different schools. Only a few days earlier, they had all been at a national cheerleading competition in Miami, but now found themselves together in front of a room full of black people whose faces were showing a mixture of contempt, anticipation, and most of all…lust.

One by one, each girl had her wrists cuffed high above her head and ankles slightly further than shoulder width apart. And to all of them, it didn’t make sense why they were there as they cried and complained, “Please, what are we doing here…” “I want to call my father…” “I want to go home…”

All these pleas fell on deaf ears as the judge, a grossly overweight man in his fifties with crooked, yellow teeth began speaking.

“An intertribal jury has found that the ancestors of the women presented here had participated in the international slave trade, and through their conviction are now to be held accountable for their families and will perform the repayment of their descendants. The women will be held over for public auction in two weeks, so that members of the represented tribes will be given a chance to inspect and decide their worth to the tribe. Also during this time, they will be put on public display and inspection during the day, while at night will be given to any who pay for them.”

The girls stared wide eyed at the man who had just turned them into public whores, and thought that he possibly couldn’t mean what he said, but his next statement brought those thoughts to a resounding crash around them.

“The bailiffs will now strip them one by one of all clothing, prepare and excite them each individually, and will collect payment from courtroom members to allow them to inspect the girls thoroughly.” And with that statement, the room was filled the sounds of screaming girls who were brought one by one before the courtroom and sobbed, twisted, and cried as they were tied upright spread eagled and had their clothing ripped away, exposing their naked white flesh to the moaning men who had undressed in preparation and were stroking their large, hard black cocks. The girls were comprised of blondes, brunettes, and redheads, with all being very well endowed so that their breasts, ranging in size from 32A up to 38DD, jiggled, and their pussies were either fully shaved or had small amounts of hair in various designs.

When the bailiffs had finished exposing the sobbing women, they were then instructed to prepare them for the men by using their fingers to get them properly stimulated. As they did this, the bailiffs found a very interesting physical phenomenon that was reported to the judge and forced him to make an announcement.

“Everyone, it has been discovered that there are a few of the girls who are apparently still virgins. They will require a higher price to be paid, which the bailiffs will attend to as the girls were closer and closer to their pleasure peak before the bailiffs were stopped.

Soon, a very busty blonde named Melanie from Missouri was the first to be brought to the brink of an orgasm when the bailiff stopped and left her shaking with anticipation as he turned and spoke to the judge, “This one is moist and ready, your honor.” And with the judge’s nodding, the bailiff took her down and carried her up to the judge as he stood and dropped his robe, revealing to the blonde that had now been pushed to her knees in front of him that underneath the paunch, he had a fat, long dick about 7 inches long, and it was now erect and waiting for her attention. And while Melanie had only ever sucked her boyfriend off, who was nowhere near this size, she was now having her head pushed towards him and immediately engulfed almost 4 inches and began choking as she made to suck his entire cock into her mouth and throat.

As the judge sat in his chair enjoying the ministrations of this little sex pot, he looked around the room and enjoyed the sights and screams of virgin and non-virgin American virgins screaming in pain and disgust at the groaning African men who one by one proceeded to fuck and break them in, as the men came in each girl and were then replaced by the next man who paid the bailiff. The women were in various positions, from being on their backs on tables being fucked from one end while their heads hung off the other side and their mouths were being fucked and filled. Some women were doing the same on all fours, while others rode the men underneath while being fucked in the ass and mouth as well and filled with cum.

That made him feel the sensation coming soon but didn’t want it to end with his blonde slut so soon, so he dragged her by her honey blonde hair and sat her on his bench in front of him and leaned in to taste the sweet honey she had and with his thick, long tongue ate her to two screaming orgasms. He then stood, lined up his cock, and before she knew what he was doing he swiftly buried himself completely in her tight entrance as she screamed in a combination of pain and another orgasm as he began pounding her young body with strength that nobody would have thought possible with his bulk.

Melanie felt like she was being crushed by his bulk into the desk while at the same time being fucked with a big, black log and realized that while she should be completely disgusted, instead she was turned on and loving every minute of it as she spiraled into a long, continuous orgasm. She wasn’t given a break but instead rolled over and was now able to see what was happening to her friends she had just met a few days before at the national college cheerleading championships, and couldn’t believe what she was seeing as her pussy continued to be pounded while her large breasts were crushed into the desk. The whole room was one large zebra striped orgy as white and black flesh intertwined, slapped, and pounded each other, with one black man replacing another as they filled and covered each white girl with their thick cum.

This sight by Melanie, combined with the judge’s roar of pleasure and the feeling of his warm cum filling her pussy, triggered her own orgasm and when she came down from her high found that he had softened and was now on her knees cleaning his cock of their combined juices. When she had done so, he had her removed and pulled over the edge by a bailiff and placed on her front on a table so her breasts crushed into the surface while a petite looking brunette replaced her on the judge’s cock. Melanie had no time to try and find out who it was as the bailiff entered her slick pussy and pumped her for a few moments, then pulled out and angled up slightly and began inserting the first cock her ass had been penetrated by in her life, which she began screaming about in protest until her mouth was suddenly filled with the 6 inch cock of a dwarf who was standing on the table and grabbed hold of her blonde hair. And for the first time in her life, Melanie was sandwiched between two men, and the dirtiness it made her extremely turned on and soon she was cumming as both men fill her ass and stomach with cum before pulling out as she crumbled on the table. But she had no time to rest of reflect on it, which would have made her disgusted with herself, because she was immediately taken by three more men and completely filled again and again until the early hours of the next morning.

When they were finished, and the judge and every other man had each girl at least once, the women were taken to a special open holding pen and hosed down both inside and out to clean off the cum and slept the sleep of the naked dead and wrapped up in each other’s arms. The next thing they knew, they were woken with cold water to find the sides lined with people waiting to see the beginning of two weeks of white flesh being displayed while doing everything in full view. And that did mean everything, including bathroom privileges in an open area, exercising to get them all hot and sweaty and jiggling, then bathing, and finally lining up and allowing all the men and women who came through to inspect every inch of their bodies. That meant allowing them to squeeze, pinch, and weigh their breasts and nipples like melons, fingering their pussies and assholes, and many other degrading activities to help them decide if they would bid at the auction.

This happened every day for two weeks under the blazing sun, and as the day ended the girls were brought to where they both dreaded and anticipated, while the public looked forward to it. The women were brought to stand in a submissive posture in front of a white washed wall that was lined with mattresses as men and women handed over their money and walk down the line before them, wondering who would pick them and for how long.

Melanie was claimed by an old man with a scraggly dick she was forced to suck into hardness, which took a while due to his age and as she tried her best she looked to her left and right to try and see her friends and what they were being made to do. To her left was petite redhead Jessica from Virginia with the smallest breasts, on her back and being crushed and deeply kissed by a fat man. To her right was twin blonde sisters Rachel and Trisha from Michigan who were being pounded doggie style by a pair of muscular African twin brothers while being forced to kiss each other and feast on each other’s breasts and reach underneath to finger her sister’s pussy, and when they flooded the sisters’ pussies with cum had them eat each other in a 69.

And this was all Melanie could see until the African she was blowing finally became hard and pulled out of her mouth and moved around and began fucking her pussy doggie style for a few strokes, then pulling out and doing the same to her ass, going into a rhythm that gave her a chance to look around and take in all the sex. Busty brunette Anne from Alaska, whose snow white skin was almost blinding, was in a DP with two teenage looking boys; blonde Kelly from Kentucky and redhead Jane from Oklahoma were in a 69 position with the one on top being fucked in the ass and sucking cock while fingering the one on the bottom who was busy eating the pussy of the one on top; brunette Heather from Florida was in a long chain that had her on all fours being fucked by two native women using vegetables that looked like cucumbers while she ate another black woman; blonde Lisa from New Mexico was surrounded by a group of dwarves who she was fucking and sucking while stroking two others, and when one came was replaced by another. And finally there was native Hawaiian Sabrina who was tied to a post where her nipple and clit rings were attached by leather straps and men were flogging her backside with a cat o’ nine tails which made her flinch back and cause the straps to pull in pain and make her jump back, all while men and women with strap-ons fucked her.

Melanie watched these scenes of her friends naked and fucked that changed with each new partner on their stained mattreses with an amazed sexual eagerness over the next couple of days she realized that this was her life now and barely even remembered her old life and wouldn’t want to go back to it now. She could tell that the others had come to the same conclusion, and for the remainder of the next two weeks, they were all sexually used each night by every type of man and woman, ate each other, and each of them even got to experience the cat o’ nine tails station as well until finally the day of the auction came and the girls were to find out their fate and probably never see each other again.

The morning of the auction drew an even larger crowd than the trial, and until the auction began the public was allowed through for one last inspection of the girls, who were tied the same as in the courtroom. Human slave sales were all too common in the area, but to the girls they always thought of it as something that happened in the distant past and would never confront to them. At noon, the auction began and they were brought up on stage one by one to be sold into a life of ultimately sexual slavery, and as each one was brought up, she stopped at each of the other girls and deeply kissed them goodbye and then rose up the stairs.

The order brought Hawaiian Sabrina up first; then brunettes Anne and Heather next; redheads Jessica and Jane after them; and finally the most anticipated being the blondes in order of Kelly, Lisa, then twins Rachel and Trisha as a pair, and finally Melanie, since she had the biggest bust of them all. When it was her turn, Melanie stepped into the bright sunshine and found a sea of black faces whom were a blur from the two weeks of inspections, watching, and fucking, all interspersed with white flesh as Melanie saw all of her friends with their new owners either blowing or fucking them right there.

They were also, it appeared, being rented by their new owners to be fucked right there as there were open circles around each girl being fucked for everyone to watch, while everyone waited for the pinnacle of the sale being busty blonde Melanie. She was made to walk across the stage back and forth, jump up and down to bounce her breasts, spread her legs and bend over for the crowd to see both her open pussy and ass, and various other humiliating activities as the bidding continued ever higher until it was finally finished and Melanie had an owner.

Veronica mulled something about in her mind that she just couldn’t quit thinking about. She bit the tip of her pencil and chewed on the lead tip every now and again while she leaned back in her chair. Her eyes stared aimlessly at the ceiling while her mind fit thoughts and ideas together in her head.

When had Tom been cursed? And by what?

None of the records here revealed those two things. He was cursed at some point, that was for sure. But who or what had done it eluded even the great political machine that ran the Special Divisions of the Department of Homeland Security and Internal Affairs, one of which Tom still worked for.

Everyone here had their records fleshed out since the day they’d arrived. Everyone down to Veronica and Werin, the other demon who worked with the Department, had their lives prior to joining the Department investigated and recorded. Veronica hadn’t been happy to learn that somebody here knew full well everything she’d done since birth, but she couldn’t do a thing about it.

These people always got what they wanted.

But for Tom, his file was slim compared to even the newbies here. His life beyond the age of fourteen was almost a total mystery. His birth records hadn’t ever been found, despite inquiries to just about every hospital within seven hundred miles of the place he’d been found, and more. His birthparents hadn’t been found, though what was left of his foster parents had been, right where Tom had been picked up for the first time.

It was like he’d been born in the institution at fourteen and been raised by the Department into what he was now. It was a little sad to see the empty shell of a happy child shuffle in and out of the detainment center with a manilla folder in hand, coming or going.

Only a little though.

Veronica had seen sob stories worse than this one. She’d barely been touched by the hardships and misfortunes of those far more troubled than Tom. But then again, he was a different case. She hadn’t seen anyone but Tom crying on a stony beach, broken and dying.

She shrugged and tossed her pencil behind her in boredom, spinning her chair toward the door. She stood up and reached for the knob, but somebody pulled it open from the other side and stopped Veronica where she was.

“Oh, just the demon I was hoping to see,” three oh one thirty, lesser known as Ceria, purred as she flipped lazily from page to page in a manilla folder. Veronica breathed calmly and slowly as she backed toward the opposite wall and put her chair in front of her.

“Can I offer you a seat?” she said, gesturing toward the chair. What in the Hell was she doing here?

Ceria smiled. “Thank you.” She made herself comfortable in Veronica’s chair and closed the door with her foot. She flipped the lock with the tip of her shoe and then turned around to face Veronica.

There was a tense moment where Veronica’s fear was palpable, and using this, Ceria spoke with measured calmness and a cheerful demeanor.

“I’d like to request a guest for a festival that is going to take place in my estate soon. Several guests actually. As a token of friendship between Hell and the United States of America, I’ve extended six invitations to this festival toward your organization.”

“And the Director sent you to me to create a list of the guests?” Veronica offered, completely lost and a little afraid of the demon sitting before her. This was three oh one thirty. She didn’t come to offer peace to the Department. She didn’t come in friendship. She didn’t ever come for anything but her own desired to be fucked until she was satisfied.

And she did not ‘request’ anything; she demanded it.

“Well, not exactly,” Ceria replied, slipping a few pages out of the folder and handing them to Veronica. “I’ve been searching through your records to find out which of your number I want, and it comes as a very interesting fact that the one I want most is not permitted to be assigned to Hell.”

“And these are his records?” inquired Veronica, looking at a page with ‘Thomaz Lanzig’ typed neatly across the center.

“Yes. And I would like them changed to reflect my desires,” the sly demon replied, giving Veronica a very serious look.

The agent hesitated as she looked at the capital ‘H’ on the third page with Y/N printed next to it and the ‘N’ circled with a dark, heavy red pen stroke.

“I don’t know if I can change this. There are off-site backups of all these records, virtual data, encrypted. Even if someone manages to be fooled by a change here, some bookie in D.C. Is going to notice that somebody ended up where they shouldn’t. And then-”

“Let me put this in a less forgiving way,” Ceria said, cutting Veronica’s words off completely. “Thomas Lanzig will be on the list of guests allowed into Hell for the festival at my estate. Thomas Lanzig will be the first name on that list. And Thomas Lanzig will be in Hell within the year. Or as you here would say, there will be Hell to pay. And I will demand a huge sum for failure.”

Veronica had to force herself to breathe. “As you wish,” she said in a shallow, hollow voice.

A smile crept across Ceria’s lips.

“That’s what I like to hear. Now, I’ll leave this here with you, and I’ll go to your Director about what needs to be done to prepare the six chosen to entertain at the festival.” Ceria stood to leave, but Veronica held her at the door, putting her hand on the knob as Ceria reached for it.

She had to force herself to breathe again. “I don’t know what you want with Tom, but I’ll let you know up front that if you kill him-”

Ceria put her hand gently on Veronica’s cheek and gave her a soft, threatening smile.

“The manner of fun I choose to have with that boy is none of your concern. That is strictly between me and that curse of his.”

With that, Ceria removed Veronica’s hand from the door and strode down the hallway seemingly without a care in the world. Veronica could only watch her and think how impossibly difficult it was going to be to get Tom’s files and backups changed in the amount of time she had. She looked down at her trembling hand.

Christ, she needed more coffee.


Meanwhile, Tom was busy having his back gawked at by the other guys in the locker room at school. He had only realized that he was covered with dark indigo hickeys and dozens of lacerations from Tyrin’s nails after he had decided to go to school today despite his mental and physical fatigue. Luckily, his wounds from his near-fatal adventure in Scotland were nearly healed completely.

However, it was fairly obvious that the ones from last night hadn’t healed, and the general assumption was that he’d been having rough, wild sex last night until the early hours of the morning. Tom tried to dissuade his classmates from taking things too far, but of course they were exactly right.

“Dude, you seriously have like twenty hickeys all over you. What the hell did you do last night?” Alan said, putting on his gym shirt.

Tom shrugged. “You know, and don’t try to blow this out of proportion. I had sex with this girl last night, and she got really physical from the start.” Well, that was mostly the truth.

“Wait, does she go here? Was it Amy Silvert?” Alan pushed. Several eyes turned toward Tom then.

“No,” Tom almost shouted. “No, hell no. Amy is easier than a Thai hooker. Nastier too. No, you know…it was just some girl I met out and about. We hooked up. That’s pretty much it.”

“Nobody gets fucked up like you did from just hooking up. What was she, a goddamn jungle cat covered in razor blades?”

“Nah, probably just a cougar, trollin’ around for a young stag to pounce on, right Tom?” Victor said, laughing.

“Yeah, sure,” Tom replied as they left the locker room. “She’s older.”

“How old are we talkin’ here? Thirties?” Alan asked.

“I dunno, I never asked. She wasn’t old, no crow’s feet or wrinkles,” answered the agent, remembering Tyrin’s vibrant eyes staring at him with forgotten passion and longing. He was silent for a little while before Victor clapped a hand on his back.

“Hey, still with us?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m still here. Last night tired me out so bad I can hardly function. I feel like a zombie,” Tom said, yawning loudly. Though he tried not to show it, his back hurt like hell from Victor’s friendly slap.

“So you still haven’t told us what she looked like,” Devan noted.

“Yeah, great rack, thighs, what?” Alan said.

Tom thought for a moment. “If I said there’s not one person on this earth with a better set of thighs and hips, would you believe me?”

“Alexis Texas good?” Alan questioned.

Tom scoffed. “She’s better, way better. Like if Alexis Texas wasn’t just all ass.”

“Well, looks like somebody took his time getting to bed last night,” Coach Ward commented, having overheard pretty much the whole conversation from the locker room door to the gym. “Let’s keep the small talk PG, alright boys?”

“Yes sir,” the students chimed in relative unison. Coach Ward walked ahead of them and blew his whistle for the students to get into their places for roll call.

“No but seriously, better?” Alan asked.

“Way better.”

“Not fucking fair.”


Fifth period, ten minutes away from getting out of school and into his car to drive to McDonald’s. Tom rapped his fingertips on his desk repeatedly, having finished the notes and worksheet Mr. Brommor had tasked the class with. He and his teacher weren’t on even glancing terms right now, and Tom was perfectly fine with that.

Something landed on Tom’s desk and slid into his lap as he pondered what to get to eat. He looked at it, thinking it was going to be a pen or something someone had thrown. Instead, what he found was a neat little triangle of paper with a question mark in dark pencil written on the back. He looked around and saw a girl looking at him from across the room.

Cynthia, one of the hottest girls in school, actually.

Tom shrugged and unfolded the piece of paper until he could read what had been concealed on the inside. What Tom read genuinely surprised him to a large degree. ‘How much do you want me?’

Tom flipped the paper over and scribbled ‘describe want’ on it. Lacking the skill to do what she did, he just crumpled the paper up and tossed it back to her. She read it, pulled out a bright pink pen, and scribbled an answer. She tossed it back to him and he read her response.

‘Sex want’ was all it said. Tom thought on it for a moment, and then wrote ’5/10, I dunno. I get enough sex already’ He sent it back, and it didn’t look like she was very happy with his reply. She wrote something and then threw it back.

’5? Are you fucking kidding me? Prick. My house, Thursday after school.’ Tom tried to figure out what the last part meant, considering that she’d just called him a prick. Did she really want him to fuck her? One look at her told him no, and one look at the paper said yes. He rolled his eyes and stuffed the paper into his pocket. He’d just ask her after class.

The bell rang a little while later and Tom caught up to her half way through the parking lot. She didn’t look at all happy, not that he cared much anyway. It wasn’t like she was going to start a rumor that he was lame in the sack if she was pissed.

“What did you mean by your house on Thursday?” Tom asked.

Cynthia arched a plucked, thin brow and smirked. “I want you to be at my house after school on Thursday.” She leaned in close to his ear. “Nobody gives me a fucking five out of ten. Especially an awkward little faggot like you.”

Tom chuckled a little. “Forget everything I just said. Forget the five, you’re a two. I absolutely cannot stand a girl with a condescending attitude. If you want to have sex that badly, come to my house on Friday.”

“You’re saying no?” Cynthia shouted, incredulous.

“No, I’m saying I need you to ask me for sex. That’s how everyone else does it.” Tom turned around and started walking back to his car.

“And if I say you raped me?” the cheerleader asked slyly.

The agent shrugged. “I have a gun in my glove box. I can prevent that situation in a heartbeat.”

“You just threatened me! Do you know how much trouble I can get you in?”

Tom look a long, contemplative look at the sky, and then shook his head slowly. “My house on Friday. Come in through the back door. It’ll be unlocked.”


Tom was eating cereal watching TV when his back door shook with loud thuds on Friday afternoon. At first, he thought it was a really poor attempt at breaking in, but when he saw Cynthia about to blow a gasket, a wide grin crept over his face. He stood up and walked to the back door.

“Let me the fuck in you prick!” Cynthia shouted.

“D’you bring a condom? I don’t usually use one, and I’m sure as hell not risking-”

She had a box of them slapped against the door pane before he could finish. Apparently, she was expecting him to be a quick-shot or something. That, or she thought she was staying the night.

Tom unlocked the door and opened it just enough to let her inside. Cynthia, almost red in the face with frustration, suddenly ducked back out the door and yelled at someone else.

“Hurry up!” She pushed past Tom as he peered out the door to see who she’d brought with her. He recognized Amanda, one of Cynthia’s cheerleading buddies. With a sigh, he waved her in and she winked at him as she passed.

Tom looked around to make sure there wasn’t anyone else that he’d have to put up with and then closed the door, locking it. He turned around to find that Cynthia and Amanda were already rummaging through his refrigerator and Amanda had one of the last two pitchers of Hera’s breast milk in her hands.

“I wouldn’t drink that if I were you. That’s for work, and you’re not gonna like what it does to you,” he warned, taking another bite of his Cocoa Puffs.

Amanda looked intrigued. “Oh? What’s it gonna do?” she asked curiously, dipping her finger into the pitcher.

“Make you puke for two days and spend a night in the hospital,” he replied, causing Amanda to shove the pitcher back into the fridge and opt for a coke instead. Meanwhile, Cynthia was taking no time to heat up all the spaghetti he’d cooked two nights ago. Between the two of them, it looked like he was the guest and this was their house.

Tom sat down on one of the bar stools at the island in the kitchen and finished his cereal off. Amanda looked all around his living room and kitchen from where she stood at the island while Cynthia was busy looking through every drawer for a fork.

“Hey, where’s the silverware?”

Tom pointed to the drawer next to her. “There.”

“So…” Amanda began. “This is a big house. Are your parents out or something?”

Tom shrugged. “They don’t live here.”

“Wait, you live here by yourself? Alone?” she asked, incredulous.

“Yep,” he replied as Cynthia pulled another stool up to the island and started eating.

Amanda’s eyes glittered. “Oh my God you’re so lucky! I would kill to not have my parents freaking out about every little thing that went on in my life! So you don’t have any rules at all? You can do anything you want?”

“I can have you two over to fuck, can’t I?” he answered, taking his empty bowl to the sink.

“It’s a privilege that we even came over to your house,” Cynthia snorted.

Tom rolled his eyes. “I can always say no and go pick someone up at a club tonight. It’s honestly not that hard.”

“How many girls do you honestly think would come here and screw you without getting paid for it?” the cheerleader asked rhetorically.

“Well, I’ve got like six numbers, an address, and two coupons to Bonefish Grill from one week of clubbing. Wanna see?”

“Whatever.” She looked around for a moment and then stuck her fork into her spaghetti. “What do you do? I mean, is this your parents’ old house or something?”

“No, I have a job with really good benefits.” He moved into the living room and grabbed the remote. He turned the TV off and then returned to the kitchen.

“What kind of job pays for a house like this and not your shitty car?”

Tom sighed. “Look, as much as I’d love to make small talk for an hour, I have stuff to do today. Can we just get on with this? Where do you want to have sex?”

Cynthia looked like she’d been caught off guard, and she gave Amanda and sideward glance. They exchanged a confused look and the latter shrugged after a couple seconds of hushed whispering and debate. Cynthia eventually shrugged like her friend and shook her head.

“I didn’t think you’d be asking me. Anywhere’s fine.”

“Well, choose quick. I already turned off Starsky and Hutch for this. Any more and I’m gonna turn the TV back on.”

“Fine. Your room,” Cynthia said without hesitation. She looked more than a little annoyed.

“Well, let’s get up there and do this then,” said Tom as he stripped his shirt off and tossed it onto the couch in the living room. Cynthia and Amanda followed him up to his room and gave each other looks as they went up the stairs and down the hallway to his room.

“Alright, well, I guess you wanna do it on the bed, right?” Tom took his pants and boxers off in one motion and tossed them into the dirty laundry bin. He realized that neither of the girls had undressed yet.

“Hello? You did come here to have sex, right? I’m not just getting played for a fool here am I?” he asked, waving his hand in front of Cynthia’s face. The cheerleader let out a sigh in mild contempt and stripped her shirt off.

“I didn’t think you’d like take off all your clothes this quick. Is there even gonna be foreplay, or do you expect me to just like put out for nothing?”

“Hey, you said you wanted to have sex, not me to romance you,” Tom shot back testily. “I already don’t like you. I’m only doing this because it weighs more in my favor to do it than to not.”

“Go fuck yourself Tom,” Cynthia retorted, throwing her shirt at him. She undressed and Tom extended his arm toward the bed.

“I guess…however you want me to do it. What position do you want?” This was extremely odd for Tom. He’d never had to be this forward about it. Normally, things just fell into place how they did and things got done.

“I like it from behind,” Cynthia replied with an impish grin. She hopped on the bed and Tom looked at Amanda.

“Did you bring the condoms? Or are they still downstairs?”

Amanda grabbed the box from the dresser next to her and tore one of the condoms off the ribbon of them. She tossed it to him. “Have fun.”

Tom shrugged. “I guess that means you’re not here for me?”

“No, I’m just here because Cynthia asked me to be.” She gave Tom one of those looks that said she honestly wanted to be somewhere else. He didn’t blame her, so when she left, he didn’t say anything about it.

He found Cynthia on all fours, wagging her ass back and forth at him, waiting. This was almost too unbelievable for him to wrap his head around. One of the most annoying, conceited, rude people he’d ever met was on his bed, waiting for him to fuck her. And he was honestly about to fuck her.

He pushed the thought out of his head and put on the condom Amanda had given him. He moved behind Cynthia and put the tip of his cock against her sex.

“Ready?” he asked, noticing that she was actually really short compared to him. She looked fragile compared to the other women he’d had sex with. Actually, comparatively, she was just a girl, eighteen, and far less developed than all the others.

“Just hurry up and stick it in me,” she said. Tom grabbed her hips and pushed into her down to the base without any second thoughts. Cynthia let out a load yelp in surprise and pain, looking back at Tom angrily.

“What?” he said.

“Asshole,” she growled, starting to rock against him. Tom loosened his grip on her and started falling into rhythm with her body. He didn’t really feel anything in this, especially not with a condom on. It was like eating your favorite food without it touching your tongue. Sure, you knew it was good, but you still lost the only part you cared about.

Cynthia starting breathing slower and deeper as they progressed, and Tom remained as disconnected and bored from this as he had imagined he would be. Cynthia looked back at him and stopped completely when she saw his expression.

“What now?” Tom asked.

“Take the condom off. Just pull out,” she said, disconnecting from him. She flipped over onto her back and spread her legs out for him. He pulled the condom off and remounted her, pushing into her wet core easily. She moaned and bit her bottom lip, grabbing the sheets with balled fists as Tom began to roll his hips against hers.

She responded with a slow rhythm, arching herself against him as he penetrated her body. In Tom’s opinion, she wasn’t really bad at all, she was just decent. It wasn’t like he didn’t enjoy it, because she did feel good and she was doing it right. She just didn’t have that glimmer of passion that he was used to.

Even so, he was propped up on his arms with his hands on the sheets, feeling Cynthia’s breath on his neck. Her hands rose to his back and she hugged him to her smaller frame, her breathing starting to intensify as he bucked against her with quickening speed.

It was like he was just going through the motions. He slid in and out of her body, his cockhead tingling with the familiar feeling of a woman around it. Cynthia knew what she was doing, rolling against him in rhythm, matching her breathing with his.

She wrapped her legs around his thighs and slid her hands down to his butt, squeezing him hard as she tensed her entire body for a moment. Tom slowed, but she shook her head and him and pulled him to get him to continue.

“I’m close,” she breathed into his ear, causing his skin to rise all over. She was really turned on.

“Seriously?” he whispered back. “It’s only been like ten minutes.”

“Yeah,” replied the cheerleader, pulling him closer as she gasped and her breath caught in her throat. Tom ground their sexes together and put an extra thrust into his motion, pulling back again as she clamped her mouth down on his ear, moaning in pleasure. He pushed into her again and she took a sharp intake of breath. Her arms moved to his shoulders and she forced herself against him with trembling limbs.

Tom waited for her to collect herself and she eventually relaxed a little, lying back on the bed without hugging Tom for dear life. She looked like she was confused, just sitting there with her face innocent and thoughtless.

Tom slowed his breathing and made an effort to keep himself from picking back up from where they left off. It was an extremely rare occasion that his partner came first, and an even rarer one that he got to do it in his own bed. It felt almost a little weird seeing as he hadn’t screwed in a bed more than a handful of times.

“That was great,” she managed to get out, drawing Tom out of his thoughts.

“I usually only get ‘good’,” Tom replied, grinning a little.

“Want more?” Cynthia asked, grinding her sex against his.

“Wait, what? Really? You’re not tired?” Tom said, almost in disbelief.

Cynthia shook her head. “I feel sorry for the girls that can’t do it like me.” She roped her arms around his neck and Tom let his disbelief roll away as he started to push and part their bodies again. Cynthia groaned deep in her chest and Tom leaned down to her neck, giving it a little kiss. She wasn’t bad, all things considered, save for her attitude. Lean, tanned, and busty, though the latter two he thought might be fake. Nobody had perky tits like hers without plastic being involved.

Still, she was hot, and he couldn’t deny that she was better in bed than most normal girls. He kissed his way up her neck to her ear, giving her earlobe a quick little nibble. She gasped and jerked up against him, goosebumps rising all across the right side of her body.

“So why’d you bring your friend here?” Tom asked as he put a hand against the sheets to prop himself up and off her.

“She rides home with me,” Cynthia said, moaning as she wrapped her legs around his lower back and arched her back firmly. Tom nodded and adjusted his thrusts into her as they picked up the pace again. It was a little different now that she’d cum. He had never continued after having a woman climax. He’d never been able to.

She felt different somehow, like there was a different motion inside of her when their hips met and parted. He ignored it and kept on pushing into her as deep as he could, relishing the look on her face. Oh, the dumb faces people make during sex. She was still riding her orgasm down just a little, that much was obvious.

She was also a great deal calmer with her jerking hips, not completely, but her thrusts were less wild and the wet slaps their bodies made were at a constant, fast rhythm compared to the racing uneven one before. Cynthia’s breath was hot against his chest, the top of her head against the dip in his throat as she hugged him. She was starting to sweat, while Tom was barely even working his heart rate up.

Was this really happening?

Had he been conditioned for a different grade of sex by work? Cynthia’s clenched thighs and the high squeals coming up her throat told him that he had been. He continued to bring himself down and against her rhythmically, sliding his right hand up and down her body smoothly. Her skin was slick with tiny droplets of sweat and he could feel her tiring out.

“You still good to go?” he asked as they slowed to a stop.

“Keep going,” she replied, panting. Tom shrugged and jerked her hard, receiving a gasp and a moan in pleasure. Her slowed their pace down and thrust hard a deep, allowing her a little reprieve from action. Still, she breathed heavily and by the time her third orgasm rolled around, she was trembling from her toes to her fingertips.

At that point, Tom sat up and took her hands away from his back, holding her slim, fragile-looking body upright as she heaved air in and out of her lungs. She looked like she was about to keel over and faint if she did anything but sit there and stare at him tiredly.

“You’re not alright,” Tom said as he lifted her off his throbbing cock and laid her down flat on the bed. “Stay here, I’m getting you something to cool yourself down with.”

“Hold on,” she said, trying to sit up. She trembled at the effort of it and groaned. Tom was already leaving though, and didn’t pay any attention to her as he made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen. He got a Ziploc bag and filled it with ice. As he turned around to go back upstairs, he found Amanda searching through the drawers in his living room.

“Uh…what are you doing?” he asked, walking over to her as she jumped from being caught totally off guard.

“Holy shit you scared me,” she said, letting out a short, scared breath.

“What are you doing?” Tom asked again, this time with more force.

“I’m…looking for uh… TV guide. I don’t know what channel American Idol is on,” she replied.

Tom frowned. “The TV isn’t even on. What are you really doing?”

Amanda hesitated and searched for something to say, but Tom wasn’t ready to buy anything she was about to say.


“Okay, maybe you don’t understand what lying here means. If you’re trying to steal something, you’re gonna get in huge trouble. I work for some very powerful people, and stealing from me is like stealing from them. You do not want to do that. So tell me what you’re doing or I’m calling the cops.”

“Okay,” Amanda said, her pupils dilating as her blood pressure shot through the roof in fear. “Cynthia wanted to get blackmail on you. I swear it was her. I just needed a ride home and she wouldn’t take me if I didn’t do this.”

Tom sighed. “Did you find anything? And I’ll be checking later if you’re lying or not.”

“I found that,” she said, pointing to Tom’s wallet on the kitchen table.

“Anything else?”

“No,” she said meekly.

Tom bit his bottom lip and motioned for Amanda to get up. “Go upstairs and put this on Cynthia’s forehead.” He handed the bag of ice and the girl went upstairs. Tom got his wallet and looked through it. Everything was still in it, but his work ID had clearly been looked at. He sighed and after a minute of deliberation with himself, decided that it was safe enough to let her go without having anyone from work know what had happened.

He didn’t want her to get into any unnecessary trouble because Cynthia was a conniving bitch.

Upstairs, Amanda was telling Cynthia what had happened and the latter just sat there with the cool bag on her forehead, eyes closed and breathing heavily and deeply.

“When you can get up, get out of my house. I don’t appreciate people being nosy, especially when they can’t even get me off,” said Tom scathingly, putting on his boxers, flipping the elastic waistband over his hard arousal.

“Go to hell,” Cynthia returned, giving Tom a short glare. He just shook his head and leaned against the wall behind him.


Veronica’s deft fingers played the keys of her keyboard like a lifetime programmer’s. Her eyes followed every new line of text, checking for errors and typos, unblinking and focused. She didn’t move, save for the steady rhythm and gentle clicking of her fingers running smoothly across the keys. Text spilled forth onto the document, nearly three hundred words a minute.

She’d started yesterday and been working for hours at a time with breaks between sessions to save, copy, or upload something. Her wrists had started complaining after about six hours. Since then, she’d switched to her Dvorak keyboard and was zipping through document after document, coding and encoding and translating hundreds of lines of text.

So far, her virus was only about seventy percent complete, but it was getting there. It took forever, but coding past the antivirus software Pentagon’s paid genius Mark had created was only a challenging process at best. Why they needed antivirus for a private, closed server was beyond her.

Veronica had been working at coding since the Twenties, when bank accounts had become fraud targets. She’d foreseen technological advances encoding bank vaults and account information, but the reality of human ingenuity had overtaken her foresight by leaps and bounds.

Still, her hobby was very useful and her nearly ninety years of experience were paying off nicely. Mark was a genius at coding and programming, but he only had about fourteen algorithms that didn’t blend together in a pattern at some point. So, Veronica had been able to figure out his patterns and was busying herself on deconstructing all his efforts to keep intruders out of the system.

She had three weeks to get her virus up and running and install another virus and a worm on Mark’s tower to slow down the detection rates the genius was known for. And even with all this, she knew she was going to have to physically distract him from his work to get this to succeed. Her fingers stopped as a chill ran up her spine.

Mark was absolutely the last person she wanted to have sex with, even if it was for a distraction. Gods, he was a self-righteous prick by all means. Condescending, narcissistic as a succubus in a frat house, and a playboy wannabe. From what was said about it, besides what he said, the guy was terrible in bed.

Veronica’s fingers resumed their work and-

The demon nearly jumped out of her skin as the doorbell rang. It took her a moment to realize that she was no longer in her chair staring at a computer screen, but on the floor staring at the ceiling instead. She blinked in confusion and then sat up, finding herself still sitting in her overturned office chair. Her keyboard dangled from the desk in front of her, swinging back and forth.

She erased the mistakes and saved the document as the doorbell rang again, accompanied by three knocks. She righted the chair and stood up, brushing pretzel crumbs off her tank top. She made her way to the front door and peered through the peephole.

Tom stood on her doorstep, his car parked on the street in front of her house. He was covered in a dark glaze of water, and it was only then that Veronica realized that it was raining hard outside. Tom stood in the rain and waited patiently, raising his hand to knock again.

Veronica unlocked the door and threw it open.

“What do you want?” she asked gruffly.

“I need your advice. I’ll be out of your hair in a second,” he said, looking back at his car.

Veronica groaned. “Hold on, stay here for a second.” She went back into the computer room and saved the file again, closing out of everything on her computer and then shutting it down and unplugging it. She took the power cord out of the computer and tossed it into the corner across the room. No way she was getting caught making a virus, even if the chances of Tom looking around her stuff was zero.

She went back to the front door where Tom was still waiting, his clothes soaked all the way through and his short hair gleaming with water. Veronica motioned for him to come inside and he stepped into the foyer, taking off his rain-soaked jacket.

“I uh…where should I put this? You have any towels?” the boy asked.

“Hold on,” Veronica said, getting a towel from the laundry room. When she returned, she found Tom trying to wipe some of the water off his arms with his hands. He wrapped his jacket up in the towel and they both went into the small kitchen Veronica had neglected to clean since God-knows-when.

They sat down and the demon gave herself a once-over. She looked like shit to be honest. Her chestnut brown hair was matted and filthy. Her tank top was dirty and still covered in crumbs. Her underwear sure as hell couldn’t have been clean either because she couldn’t remember changing it in the past three days.

But, after a second of kicking herself in the head mentally for completely ignoring her personal hygiene, she looked back up at Tom and motioned for him to start talking.

“Okay, so there’s a girl that likes me, that I don’t like, and she won’t stop bothering me. How do I get her to stop?” he asked, completely straight-faced.

Veronica was almost in disbelief.

“So you drove all thirty minutes out here, waited in the rain, and sat me down…to get advice on how to get a girl to stop bothering you? Knowing full well that I don’t know a damn about human girls?”

Tom shrugged. “Who else am I gonna ask? Greg and Harvey were no help. Everyone else at school thinks its funny, except for this girl’s boyfriend, who’s already made death threats to me.” He still looked completely serious.

“What do you want me to say? You could kill her, but I don’t think you want to do that…do you?” Veronica suggested.

Tom gave her a sour look. “If you want to make jokes, then I’ll just leave. Thanks for nothing.” He scooted his chair back from the table and stood up.

“No, hold on,” Veronica interjected. “Okay, tell me what she’s doing.”

Tom sat back down and sighed. “Fucking everything. She takes every chance at school and everywhere else to talk to me, or try to. I can’t tell her to shut up or leave me alone enough times for her to get it. I mean, we only had sex one time and it wasn’t even really that good, and now she’s absolutely in l-”

“You had sex with her?” asked the demon, genuinely curious and surprised.

“I didn’t think she would agree!” Tom explained in his own defense. “She’s a typical bimbo blonde cheerleader who can’t rub two brain cells together! I made the offer to piss her off and when she came over, what the hell was I supposed to do? Oh, no, I’m not man enough to do this, so you can go home and post all over Facebook about it. I’m already not so liked at school by my teachers. I don’t need everyone on my back.”

“So you need to make her stop?”

“Yes,” Tom replied, looking frustrated, but hopeful.

Veronica thought it over for a moment, and then came up with something. “If she wants you for the sex, then give her bad sex. That should get her to stop.”

Tom gave her a flat look. “I am not having sex with her again. Period. And like I said, it wasn’t even that good the first time. But she thought it was the most amazing thing on the planet. It’s fucking stupid.”

“Well then try asking the proper authorities to make her stay away from you.”

Tom threw his hands up. “The school won’t do anything!” he shouted. “Nobody will. It’s fucking gay!”

To the demon, his problem seemed a little trivial, but who was she to judge? She only had to write a virus and get it to block a whole system’s worth of security and tracking bugs for more than six minutes. And somehow get Mark to stay away from his servers for more than ten seconds at a time. Yeah, just a little bit trivial.

She sighed. “Calm down for a minute and keep thinking.” Tom’s stomach growled unceremoniously and Veronica shook her head. “I’ll find us something to eat.”

She rummaged through her kitchen and decided on some clam chowder and chicken noodle soup for their simplicity and ease in cooking. Once they had their food, they talked on and off about Tom’s predicament and some other things going on at work, mostly about Allen from Division Thirteen acting a little strange lately.

About forty minutes passed and Tom decided it was time to go. He put his jacket back on and ran back through the rain to get into his car. Veronica went back into the kitchen and started to actually unload her dish washer so she could load something into it, when the doorbell rang again. Her brow furrowed. Tom hadn’t left anything, so was this him or someone else?

A look through the peephole revealed Tom again. She opened the door and he rolled his eyes.

“My car won’t start. Just my luck, huh?”

“So what? You wanna stay here?” Veronica asked.

“I need a jump and I’ll be good. I have cables.”

Veronica took a step out of her doorway and looked up at the hard rain pouring out of the dark grey clouds hanging in the sky above. She gave Tom a look like she was hoping he was kidding.

“I’m not getting anywhere near a battery while it’s raining. Electrocution is lethal to demons too.”

“Fuck, then can you give me a ride home? I…damn it we have a meeting tomorrow, don’t we?”


“Well, shit. Can I use your phone? I need to find a ride tomorrow morning.” Tom looked absolutely pathetic right now, soaking wet, unhappy, frustrated. It was enough to make Veronica take a little pity on him now. Poor boy.

“Just stay here tonight and I’ll give your car a jump tomorrow morning. You can sleep on the couch.” Veronica gauged his reaction somewhere between disbelief and wonder. She let herself crack as grin as he breathed a huge sigh in relief.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Get in and unload my dishwasher. You don’t stay for free,” the demon said. Tom nodded and went straight into the kitchen. When he started unloading the dishwasher and looking around for the right places to put everything, Veronica could only wonder what his house looked like. Judging by him now, his place must have been spotless. She looked around her living room and rolled her eyes. Cleanliness was overrated, but having a maid was nice every once in a while.

After he unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it up, she found him some clothes that would fit him, well, sort of fit him. The only piece of clothing she had that would fit him was a nightshirt. So, she gave him a towel to dry off with and put all his clothes in the dryer. He shivered in the nightshirt and wrapped himself up in a blanket on the couch.

“Go take a shower,” Veronica ordered, pushing Tom to get him moving. “Go, you can use the master bath. It’s got a bath and a shower, so take your pick. Your clothes’ll be dry when you get out.”

Tom nodded and went into the bathroom to shower.

As soon as the water turned on though, Veronica’s mind went straight to one thing. She hadn’t had sex in over a month, and Tom was undressing to get into the shower at this very moment.

Summary: He forces the Cheerleader’s Mom to be his eager ass-slut too.

Note 1: Although not completely necessary, I would recommend you read Blackmailed: Cheerleader’s Cherry first as it explains how Principal Stanford blackmails the popular head cheerleader to be his personal ass-slut.

Note 2: As always, I would like to thank Estragon for his copy-editing expertise and LaRascasse for plot suggestions.

Note 3: Updated with a new epilogue December 2012.

Blackmailed: Cheerleader’s Mom

Prom was on a Friday and, as usual, Dallas, the head cheerleader, was in my office taking my cock in her ass. Her training had been complete for over a month. She easily could take all nine inches of my cock up her backdoor, but she loved my cock…what can I say?

Having caught her in a compromising situation a few months ago, I blackmailed her to be my little anal cheerleading slut and rid her of her diva princess personality.

She had dumped her football player boyfriend, as I instructed, and started dating a geek named Markus, the other member of in the compromising situation that got Dallas for me. He was average looking, a genius already accepted to Harvard and was very, very well-endowed. Dallas was so popular that instead of being shunned for dating a geek, she became even more popular, as did Markus. It looked like an eighties teen comedy, the real life version of Revenge of the Nerds.

I saw in Markus a bit of myself young I was a teenager, as I didn’t come into my own until college, thus I enjoyed assisting him in his newfound glory.

Dallas had become a perfect little ass slut and her nasty talk always had me revved. Dallas bent over my desk, still in her cheerleader’s outfit, my pole buried in her ass, begging, “Harder, Mr. Stanford, fuck your slutty cheerleader’s ass.”

She had become such an ass slut, that she always needed to be hammered there. She wasn’t one who wanted to be made love to, she wanted to be fucked…hard. She was the perfect fuck: drop dead gorgeous, a great cocksucker who loved to swallow (with some training of course), had a tight cunt even though it was well used, and her perfect ass could take all nine inches of my big cock. Added to that, she was submissive deep down once you got past her diva persona and she had the filthiest mouth of any chick I had ever fucked and well…you have the perfect fuck. Knowing she was graduating in under a month was disappointing, as she had really livened up my Friday nights.

She begged, “Fuck me on the floor, sir, I need your cock in me deeper.”

We had tried a new position last week that she had found online for maximum anal penetration. It got her off like gangbusters. I pulled out of her ass and she quickly repositioned herself on her back on the floor. Being a cheerleader, Dallas was ridiculously flexible and she put her feet up in the air and behind her head. I am not shitting you, it was the fucking hottest thing ever.

Looking down this human pretzel, I had a perfect look at her gaping asshole. She looked up, her hunger for my cock obvious as she moaned, with her hand somehow going to her pussy, “Please come and fuck my ass, Mr. Stanford, I need to get home for prom soon.”

I questioned, “Is prom more important than being my ass-slut?”

She quickly apologized, her tone seeming sincere, “Sorry, sir, nothing is more important than pleasing you.”

“I was just kidding,” I smiled, “you only get one prom.”

“And I want to spend prom with your cum in my ass,” she said, her nastiness never getting old.

“Well let’s make your prom wish come true,” I offered, bending down to fill her in the most satisfying way possible.

My cock easily filled her gaping ass and she let out a glass-shattering scream as all nine inches filled her. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh fuuuuuck,” she screamed, “it feels so good.”

Once deep in her, I began pounding her ass, my body slamming into her forcefully with each hard, deep thrust forward. Her breathing increased as I literally fucked the shit out of her. “Fuck, your ass is so tight,” I grunted, knowing I was not going to last long in this position and at this pace.

Her hand frantically rubbed her clit and as she orgasmed from having her ass reamed, her ass muscles tightening around my cock, literally milking my bone. The intensity was too much and as her cum exploded out of one hole, I blasted my cum into another.

Once we both recovered, she weakly got up, her make-up a mess. She looked in her compact mirror and joked, “I look exactly how I feel.”

“Until next week,” I said, getting dressed.

“I’ll be here,” she promised giddily, before leaving to get ready for prom where she would no doubt win prom queen. The only question was whether she made Markus popular enough to become prom king.

I cleaned up and went home to shower before having to be back at school in a couple of hours.


As expected Dallas did win prom queen and looked like a princess in a bright pink gown. I smiled knowing that underneath that innocent looking exterior was an ass-slut who currently had my cum in her ass.

After her prom king and queen dance, which Markus did win by the way, which really showed the power of Dallas’s popularity, Dallas introduced me to her mom.

My cock grew instantly, as Mom was an older replica of Dallas. Dallas said, “Mr. Stanford, this is my mom Devon Allen.”

I extended my hand, recalling she was a widow, my brain already scheming a way to fuck her, “It is nice to meet you Mrs. Allen.”

“It is Devon, Mr. Stanford,” she politely replied, her southern accent adding to my fantasy of fucking her.

“Well, if we are on a first name basis then I insist you call me Warren,” I smiled back, already working up a blackmailing scheme.

“Well, Warren,” she smiled, clearly used to her charm winning over any man, “My Dallas says you completely changed her outlook on school.”

“Well,” I shrugged nonchalantly, glancing at Dallas who had a devious smile on her face.

“No, I am serious. Dallas was a handful, but since you kept her after school that one day she has been a different person. I can’t thank you enough,” the naive mother gushed, unaware she was really thanking me for fucking her daughter’s ass.

I kept the inside joke between Dallas and me as I replied, “Oh trust me, the pleasure was all mine. Once I got past her diva resistance, she was an eager learner.”

Dallas was barely able to hold back from bursting out laughing, but added, “Yes, I was a real quick learner.”

I added, “And she doesn’t give up until she has mastered the objective.”

Dallas couldn’t help but laugh as she added, the innuendo dripping as she stressed the word ‘coming’, “Yes, I just kept coming back again and again.”

Mom, oblivious to the innuendo, suggested, “Well, if there is ever anything I can do to thank you, just let me know.”

Certain that I was going to fuck her, I smiled, “Actually, now that you mention it. I was hoping for some PR for our school and was hoping you could do a piece about our school.”

Her eyes lit up. “What a great idea; what did you have in mind?”

I quickly glanced at Dallas before turning back to her older twin and asked, “Do you have a few minutes now?”

Looking at her daughter, she asked, “Dallas, do you mind?”

Dallas said, “Oh no, go ahead. Markus wants to dance some more and then we are going to the all-nighter. Go with Mr. Stanford, I have learned he is very thorough when he is working on a piece.”

The subtlety was gone, and I was sure her mother was going to get the obvious innuendo her daughter had just tossed at her, but instead she hugged her daughter, turned to me and said, her dazzling smile attempting to charm,”Lead the way.”

I stammered, surprised I wasn’t busted right there, and smoothly said, “This way, ma’am.”

I glanced back to Dallas who mouthed, “Are you going to fuck my Mom?”

I just smiled and led my MILF to her impending servitude.

Once in my office, I closed and subtly locked the door before sitting at my desk.

Devon sat demurely across from me, the way I imagined she always did. She asked, innocently, “So what do you with the students on Fridays?”

“Actually, it is only your daughter I work with,” I admitted.

“Really?” she asked, “no one else needs the extra help?”

“Oh. I am sure there are many who could use my expertise, but I limit my assistance to a rare few. Actually, truth be told your daughter was the first,” I cryptically answered.

“How so?” she asked, confused by my answer.

“I could explain, but I think showing you would be more effective,” I said, standing up and going to the DVD player. I pulled out a disk labelled motivation and popped it in the player. Before pressing ‘play’ I explained, “For some students they work hard because they like learning, others do it because they need the marks for scholarships, others work hard to pad their resumes, yet others need to be motivated to learn.”

The pretty MILF said, “Well whatever you did to motivate her has really worked, her marks are in the eighties for the first time since middle school.”

I smiled, “Well, I made it clear to her that if she didn’t get her marks up her training would end.”

“Her training?” she repeated, confused by my word choice.

Pressing ‘play’, I moved over to the still sitting mother and put my hands on her shoulder. She questioned me. “What are you doing?”

“Just watch,” I ordered, massaging her neck as a close-up of her daughter sucking a cock began to play.

“What the hell is going on?” she asked, her usual control gone, attempting to stand.

I held her in place and ordered, “Sit, and I will explain.”

She sat back down while ranting, “What is the meaning of this? I will have your job for this!”

I chuckled, “Devon, your daughter is a nasty ass-slut. I caught her blowing Markus and after a lengthy talk I put her in her place.”

“In her place? What the hell does that mean?”

“Well, your daughter was a stuck-up, ignorant bitch who thought she ran the school, so I taught her who really runs the school,” I explained, cool as a cucumber.

“You had sex with my daughter?” she asked, still shocked by the quick turn of events. It started with her harmlessly flirting with me and was now she was no longer in control. The player was about to get played.

“I have every Friday for months now,” I admitted, “but that is not the point.”

Surprising me by quickly leaning forward and getting out of my grip, she snapped, “That is exactly the fucking point. I will have you fired.”

I chuckled, smugly. “I don’t think so.”

“Watch me,” she threatened, used to her bitchy threat working.

“Get on your knees, slut,” I countered.

“What?” she replied, shocked by my demand.

“I think it was a pretty simple demand. Get on your knees,” I repeated, before adding for emphasis, “slut.”

“How dare you speak to me that way?” she responded, wounded, as if I had just slapped her across the face.

“I don’t have all day,” I sighed, showing my impatience at her disobedience.

“I am out of here,” she said, so angry smoke was almost coming out her ears.

“As you wish,” I said, moving out of her way so she could leave, before tossing out there my ace of hearts, with a threat. “But if you do, this video of your daughter goes viral.”

She stopped at the door, paused for a brief moment before turning around, and asking with a glare, “Are you blackmailing me?”

“Yes, that seems to be exactly what I am doing,” I replied.

Her strong persona seemed to deflate a bit as she shifted from dignified to bargaining. “Maybe we can make a deal.”

“I agree,” I replied, setting her up perfectly.

“How much?” she asked.

I laughed. “Oh, I don’t want your money.”

“You don’t?” she said, her face again registering surprise.

“Oh no, I want your ass,” I revealed.

“What?” she asked, hoping she had heard me wrong.

“Well, I love your daughter’s ass, it is amazingly tight, but she will be graduating soon and going away to college so I could use a new ass. Well, you look a lot like your slut daughter, your personality is as bitchy as your slut daughter’s used to be before training and I see you are a stuck-up bitch who uses her looks to get what she wants like your slut daughter used to do,” I explained, attempting to humiliate her even more.

“How dare you insult my daughter and me like that?” she countered, clearly insulted by my assessment.

I sighed. “We can play this game all night, but I have a prom to get back to. So either leave and go get me fired, or get on her knees and get my cock ready for you.”

This was the moment of truth. I had risked my entire career on the assumption that she would protect her daughter and her family image over doing the right thing and stopping me. The few seconds of silence was exhilarating as I awaited the victory of my aggressiveness.

As expected, I won, although she again tried to manipulate me to get her way. Tears beginning to stream down her face, she pleaded, “Please we can work something out.”

“We are,” I chuckled, “you are going to be a good little fuck-toy like your daughter and in return I won’t humiliate you and your daughter.”

“But if you release the video you will be fired too,” she pointed out.

“This video isn’t of me,” I pointed out, “how dumb do you think I am? No this is of your daughter and Markus.”

“Oh,” she said, crestfallen.

“So I will ask you only one more time, get your ass over here and get on your knees,” I ordered, my patience waning.

She began to move towards me, tears still rolling down her face. “If I do this you will give me back the DVD?”

“Sure,” I said, “if you obey like a good slut.”

Her face went crimson as she stared at me for a few seconds before she fell to her knees. Her hands shaking she unbuckled my belt, pulled down my pants and underwear and was staring at my nine inch cock.

I could tell by the surprised look in her face she was impressed. “I know, it is very impressive, isn’t it?”

Keeping her bitch persona up, she shrugged casually, “I have seen bigger.”

“Good,” I countered, “then you will be able to handle it all in your cocksucking mouth.”

She glared at me one more time before opening her perfect lips and taking my cock in her mouth. Very quickly I realized she had sucked a lot of cock as she was doing something with her saliva that I couldn’t explain. It was like her mouth was a wet pussy.

I moaned, “You are a great cocksucker Mrs. Allen.” She ignored my compliment as she continued bobbing back and forth like the experienced MILF slut she was.

Not wanting to shoot my load yet, I pulled out and ordered, “Bend over my desk, slut.”

Her eyes went wide, “I thought I just had to blow you?”

“No, I said, if you obeyed like a good slut I would give you back the DVD. You listen like a high schooler, only hearing what you want to hear. Now do as you’re told.”

Her glare returned, but she reluctantly stood up and bent over my desk. I could tell that even though she was acting all high and mighty, she was enjoying the submission. To check to see if I was right, I pulled down her skirt to see if her cunt was wet like I assumed it would be. She was wearing pantyhose that I ripped at the seams.”

She turned and snapped, “Those are twenty-five dollar pantyhose, you asshole.”

I pointed out, throwing attitude right back at her. “If you wore stockings like a good slut, I wouldn’t have to rip open your pantyhose, bitch. Now let’s see if your cunt is all wet thinking about my big cock.”

I moved my hand and felt her very damp panties. “Your panties are soaked, Devon. Why is that?”

“Not because of you,” she weakly threw back, still in denial of the power I already had over her. She was like so many bitches I had fucked over the years: a dirty slut hid behind the facade of a pretentious bitch.

“Really?” I asked and countered, “If not me, then I guess it is from watching your daughter suck cock.”

“That is ludicrous,” she protested, with a soft moan as my finger parted her wet pussy lips.

As I slipped a finger inside her pussy, I asked, “So, Mrs. Allen, have you had your back door filled?”

She turned to look at me. Her eyes wide, she responded with her last bit of dignity, “God no, that is disgusting.”

“That was what your daughter said too, before I trained her to be a perfect ass-slut,” I said.

“Please stop talking about my daughter like that,” she said, her tone angry, yet my finger in her cunt clearly distracting her.

“Sorry,” I shrugged, “I was just trying to point out the obvious similarities. With training she has come to prefer a cock in her ass over her cunt.”

“Please stop,” she pleaded.

I obliged, pulling my finger from her cunt and going to her virgin ass.

“Please no,” she begged.

“That is a rather humorous oxymoron,” I quipped, as my finger teased her puckered bud.

“I’ll do anything, just please not there,” she begged, her strong personality gone.

“Agreed,” I said, just long enough for her to think I was agreeing with her before I pushed finger in and added, “Yes, you will do anything to prevent the tape of your slut daughter from going public.”

“Aaaaah,” she whimpered from the penetration of her ass. “Please, stop.”

Ignoring her pleas, I pushed deeper in her ass. “Sweetheart, trust me when I say you want me to do this.”

“I would never,” she whimpered, grimacing from my finger in her ass.

I laughed, “Well if I don’t loosen your ass, the pain when my cock slides inside will be excruciating.”

“Please just fuck me?” she begged.

I smiled to myself at the reality that she was begging me to fuck her cunt. I wiggled my finger inside her ass attempting the slow gape process. “Oh don’t worry, I plan to fuck you.”

“You are such a bastard,” she whimpered, through clenched teeth.

“That is what my exes usually tell me too,” I smirked, “but they all came back for my cock at one time or another,” I replied, thinking of Jessie who called me up just last month, two years after we broke up, just to get laid.

I moved my finger back and warned, “This may sting a bit.” I added a second finger and slowly pushed forward. She tightened her ass muscles and I recommended, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. It will only make it worse. Now just relax and trust me.”

“Trust you? You are raping me,” she snapped.

Deciding to play her game, I pulled my fingers out and said, “I am not raping you. Did I force you into my office?”

“No, but….”

I ignored her explanation. “Did I force you to bend over my desk?”

“Well, no, but….”

“But nothing,” I snapped. “You choose to bend over my desk like some cheap whore. If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself. You were the one that allowed your daughter to become a bitch that needed to be disciplined. I just did the job you couldn’t.” I knew this was cold, considering she was a widow and the lack of a father figure was not her fault.

I moved around and sat at my desk, now facing her. Tears were again welling in her eyes.

Sticking to my coldness, I asked, “Weren’t you leaving?”

“You will give me the DVD?” she asked, a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

“Oh no, we made a deal for that and you have not fulfilled your end of the bargain,” I answered, struggling not to smirk at my own pun.

“I really need the tape,” she said, her eyes begging.

“Well, I would love to help, but I am not going to rape you,” I answered.

“Sorry,” she whispered, avoiding eye contact, before adding, “Please come fuck me.”

“Where do you want me to fuck you?” I asked, forcing her to say the words.

“In my ass,” she admitted, although her tone implied the opposite…she clearly wanted her pussy filled.

“Beg,” I ordered, standing back up, my erect cock directly in front of her.

Seeing my cock seemed to help as a glimmer of lust awoke in her. Her tone was more believable as she begged, “Please, Mr. Stanford, fuck my ass.”

Day 7 — Thursday

Miami, Florida 2012 — But not our universe

Ray Williams awoke alone in his motel bed with a raging erection. He probably shouldn’t be too surprised, yesterday had been filled with interrupted sex and his balls were now aching. Fortunately, that meant that he would have a substantial load of cum to shoot up the ass of Nick Cooper’s wife.

Determined not to take any chances missing Christine Cooper, he headed out straight away, quickly brushing his teeth and getting dressed.

As he stepped out the front door of his room he almost collided with a buxom Latino dressed in a sexy black and white maid’s uniform.

“Oh, very sorry sir,” the maid said hurriedly.

Ray chewed his lower lip in frustration. The way his balls were feeling he would have liked nothing more than to bend her over her cleaning trolley and give her a sound rogering. After the last few days he figured he’d probably regret it, but he took a deep breath and left the curvy maid untouched, driving straight to the Cooper’s beach house.

As Ray settled in outside, hoping that their angry neighbour Dave wouldn’t spot him again, he saw Nick and Christine emerge from the beach house carrying their luggage. Damn it! They were leaving!

Staying low in his car seat, Ray watched as Nick opened the trunk and loaded up their suitcases. They pulled out and drove off, this time Ray was ready for them and pulled in right behind them. He wouldn’t be losing them today. Hopefully he’d find an opportunity to split them up so he could have his way with Christine.

They drove right across the city to the airport, and Ray followed them inside to the checkin counters to confirm they were indeed on their way back to L.A. At least that meant he’d arrive back ahead of his wife’s return home.

Ray queued up and purchased a ticket on the same flight as he’d seen Nick and Christine check in on. Unfortunately there were only a few seats remaining and he’d been forced to buy business class tickets. It had cost him a pretty penny, but no doubt the rich Cooper’s would be travelling business as well.

Ray was seated in the very front row of the plane. As he was clipping up his seat belt he saw Nick and Christine come past him down the isle. Nick was in front and fortunately didn’t spot Ray, but Christine paused and gave him a friendly greeting.

“Hi Ray!” she said socially. “I’m so sorry about having to run off without fucking you last night. The cops still haven’t found my car I’m afraid.”

“That’s too bad,” muttered Ray, conscious of the fact that she was with Nick.

“I’ll see you later,” she said with a friendly grin, moving off and taking her seat beside her husband, about four rows behind Ray.

A couple of minutes after takeoff the stewardess leant over towards Ray’s seats. “Can I get you anything sir?” she asked welcomingly. She was quite beautiful. An attractive brunette who looked to be in her late twenties, with immaculate makeup and her shining brown hair tied up in a tight bun. She had a nice looking body, slim, with a generous looking rack straining out against the pale blue blouse of her stewardess uniform.

Ray was quite stunned. He’d never actually been offered anything on a flight, the stewardesses were usually quickly put to work by the fasted moving male passengers. The contained space and limited female options putting the lovely hostesses in hot demand.

“Yeah, can I get a glass of wine please?” he asked. Ray glanced around the business class cabin and saw that there were a lot of stewardesses. Clearly the extra cost of the ticket allowed for a much higher stewardess to single male passenger ratio.

There was an old guy in the seat on the opposite side of the isle who already had a pretty asian stewardess bent over into his lap, her mouth bobbing over his vertical erection.

The brunette stewardess returned a moment later with a glass of merlot. As she passed it to him she slid one hand into his crotch, squeezing his cock through his trousers.

“Can I get you anything else Mr Williams?” she asked, licking her lips teasingly.

Ray quickly calculated the chances of Nick needing a toilet break and leaving Christine alone. “No thanks. The wine will be fine.”

“Of course,” nodded the stewardess, she looked a little insulted. No doubt she didn’t get turned down very often.

Ray settled back in his seat, sipping his wine and watching the in-flight movie. It was some boring true-story about a kid with some terminal illness, but he needed something to take his mind off his sore balls. About mid-way through the flight he strongly considered calling the stewardess back, but there was no sign of her, no doubt he had missed his chance and she’d moved off to economy class where she was sure to find a passenger in need.

Ray unfastened his seat belt and headed for the bathroom. As he passed Nick and Christine’s seat he saw the busty blonde bent over her husband’s lap, assiduously bobbing her head over his lap. Nick was leaning back with his eyes closed contentedly, his hand resting on the top of Christine’s head.

To Ray’s surprise there was also a stewardess crouched down between Nick’s legs, licking his testicles as his wife sucked his cock. Lucky asshole.

Ray scowled and continued on to the toilets. Typical of his luck they were all in use. He had to stand there for about ten minutes, dancing from leg to leg to avoid pissing his pants.

Finally one of the doors popped open and Ray was surprised to see the beautiful stewardess that had first propositioned Ray emerge from the toilet. She looked a little dishevelled, her previously immaculate hair was coming loose from her bun and her lipstick was slightly smudged. Following her out of the bathroom was a chubby looking young man, about eighteen or nineteen, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt that was unbuttoned, revealing his protruding belly.

If Ray wasn’t so desperate for a piss he would have taken the chance to shag the stewardess, but instead he rushed passed them, hurriedly shutting the door behind him and then letting out a long satisfied moan as he relieved his stressed bladder.

On his way back to his seat he saw that Nick hadn’t progressed much. His wife had swapped positions with the stewardess now however, so Christine was munching on her husbands balls as the stewardess slurped on his cock.

Ray returned to his seat, jealously glancing over at the old guy in the opposite row who was being ridden by the now topless Asian stewardess, his wrinkled old hands squeezing her perky tits as she bounced in his lap.

Ray returned to his boring in-flight movie as the stewardess orgy continued all around him in the business class section.

Much to Ray’s disappointment, Nick didn’t leave Christine’s side throughout the entire flight. At one point, Ray heard Nick’s loud moans as he exploded. But whether it was Christine or the stewardess swallowing the former quarterback’s spunk, Ray didn’t know.

Depressed, Ray disembarked in a miserable mood. He was returning home a failure.

It wasn’t until he was almost all the way through security and customs that he cheered up. Just in front of him he saw a ginger haired young customs officer pulling aside a pretty young blonde. The customs officer was wearing a rubber glove on his right hand. Ray could barely suppress a smile.


Approximately fifteen minutes later, Ray watched as Christine Cooper emerged from the security and customs area alone.

“Hi Ray,” she greeted him, obviously a little surprised to see him waiting there.

“Hi Christine. Where’s Nick?”

Christine cringed a little at his question. “He got pulled aside by customs,” she explained. “I’m not sure why, but they said the interview could take a couple of hours.”

Ray grinned. “Fancy that…you need a ride home? It’s on my way.”

Christine brightened at his offer. “That’d be great Ray. I don’t fancy waiting alone here at the airport, and Nick’s got the car keys.”

Ray’s smile was unpreventable as he led Christine back to his car. As they drove out of the airport car park, he pulled the lovely blonde’s head down into his lap to tend to his impatiently erection penis. The feel of her soft lips sliding down his hard shaft almost made him swerve off the road.

By the time they reached Christine’s mansion, Ray had already cum heavily into the former cheerleader’s mouth and she’d then spent the rest of the journey licking him back to hardness once again.

“Thanks babe, that took the edge off things so I should last a bit longer in your ass,” he told Christine as he pulled her head up out of his lap.

Ray took Christine by the hand and led her up to the front door where they were greeted by the Cooper’s rather surprised looking butler.

“Mrs Cooper?” he murmured in surprise at the sight of Christine arriving home without her husband Nick.

“Hi Jeeves,” greeted Christine as Ray’s hand slipped down behind her to squeeze her firm ass through her skirt. “Mr Cooper will be another couple of hours away and I’ll be busy giving Ray here anal sex in the meantime. Can you make sure we’re not disturbed?”

“Yes ma’am,” the butler watched in amazement as Christine led Ray upstairs, the accountant’s hand slipping up under her skirt to squeeze her ass as they departed.

As soon as they were upstairs Ray threw Christine onto the bed and stood over her, kicking off his shoes and unbuttoning his shirt. “I’ve been wanting to do this for the last twelve years,” he breathed heavily as he looked down in awe at the gorgeous woman lying in front of him. He was finally about to fuck THE Christine Taylor. The hottest girl in high school. Captain of the cheerleading squad. The quarterbacks wife.

Christine smiled up at Ray as he threw off his shirt and started to take off his pants. “You are rather persistent Ray Williams,” she told him as she kicked off her shoes.

Ray dropped his trousers and stood naked over the still clothed beauty, his hard four and a half inch cock jutting out towards her, still erect from her prior oral attentions. He was pleased that Christine didn’t make any comment on the size of his member.

His small cock was almost quivering in excitement as he climbed onto the bed and straddled Christine. He reached out and started to unbutton her blouse, revealing a hint of a very sexy black lace bra.

“Is this the lingerie you bought for Nick?” asked Ray as he pulled open her blouse. Christine’s ample boobs thrust upward from her chest, the bra holding her breasts together into an impressive cleavage.

“Yeah, I was going to surprise him with it when we got home,” admitted Christine.

“I guess I get to enjoy it first,” Ray grinned as he reached down and grabbed hold of Christine’s delicious bra-clad tits, giving them a firm squeeze. He moaned softly to himself as he massaged them for a few moments through her bra before leaning over and running his tongue up her cleavage, tasting her soft flesh.

Ray moaned again as he moved up her body, pressing his lips tenderly against hers. Christine kissed him back as his tongue slid impatiently into her mouth. He couldn’t believe he was kissing Christine Taylor.

Ray ground his exposed erection against the front of Christine’s skirt as his tongue explored the inside of her mouth and the lace of her bra rubbed against his chest. They made out for about five minutes before Ray finally lifted himself up, he was eager to see the rest of her.

He climbed off, noticing a slimy smear of his pre-cum on the front of her skirt. Ray pulled down the zip on the side of her skirt and stood up, pulling it off her so that she was left wearing only her brand new lingerie, a very sexy black lace bra and panty set.

“Poor old Nick is really missing out on something special,” murmured Ray as he admired the quarterback’s incredible wife. Her body was perfect. He briefly wondered if the customs agent had put on the rubber glove yet.

Ray reached out and stroked Christine’s panty-clad crotch, feeling the heat of her pussy against his palm. He leant over her and began to kiss her mouth again as he slipped his fingers down inside the waistband of her new panties.

Christine moaned into his mouth as his fingers slid down, rubbing across her clit and the moist lips of her pussy. She let out a moan as his middle finger penetrated her. This was certainly more intimate than the typical public shag she was used to from strangers.

Ray’s finger moved slowly in and out of Christine’s pussy as he rubbed her clit firmly with the heel of his palm. At the same time he greedily kissed her mouth and rubbed his hard cock into her hip. Christine moaned louder as he slipped a second finger inside her, they were soaking wet from her juices and slid smoothly back and forth into her cunt.

Christine arched her back and reached underneath, hooking the piece of lacy lingerie and pulling it off, unleashing her big tits. Ray immediately dipped his head down and swiped his tongue over the closet nipple, sucking it into his mouth as he continued to work his fingers at the juncture of her smooth thighs.

“Oh Ray!” moaned Christine as he nursed on her nipple, rubbing his face into the soft melons of her chest.

Christine reached down between them and grabbed hold of Ray’s hard shaft, stroking it in her soft hand as his fingers pushed into her pussy.

Ray moaned, licking his way across Christine’s chest to taste her other nipple, feeling the dark bud harden against his tongue.

“You should hurry up and stick it in me Ray,” breathed Christine.

Ray’s fingers slipped out of her cunt and she gasped at their sudden absence. He reached down and peeled off her soaked panties, spreading her legs wide and slipping between her silken thighs.

Christine moaned loudly as Ray suddenly surged forward, his rock hard erection sliding smoothly into Christine’s wet pussy.

“Ah! Oh Ray!” she gasped as he moved against her, his cock sliding as deep as his length would reach, her glorious body writhing beneath him.

“Fuck you’re so beautiful,” breathed Ray, holding Christine’s face tenderly in his hands and kissing her mouth once again.

Christine gently bit his lower lip as they broke off their kiss, then gasped as Ray gave a hard pump of his hips, shoving his cock deep within her.

“That wasn’t the hole you wanted Ray,” she murmured, punctuating the comment with a moan as Ray’s hips pumped between her thighs.

“What’s that?” he asked distractedly, sliding one hand down to squeeze a bare breast and rub his thumb across her hard nipple.

“I though you were going to fuck my ass?”

“Huh? Oh, right,” Ray was enjoying making love to Christine so much that he’d almost forgotten the whole point of his revenge.

Ray pulled out of Christine causing them both to gasp at the sudden separation. Kneeling between her perfect thighs, Ray lifted her long legs up, balancing them on his shoulders. The position lifted her bum slightly and as he leant back over her, her tight ass was lifted.

Ray reached between them, positioning his hard cock against Christine’s anus. He was already well lubricated from her sodden pussy so slowly pushed forward, penetrating the blonde’s tightest orifice.

“Oh fuck!” cried out Christine as Ray slowly stuffed himself into her ass. She felt so tight. It was amazing, even better than he had imagined.

Christine bit her lower lip as Ray pushed down, forcing his erection deeper into her tiny hole. She let out a small whimper and her breathing quickened as Ray slowly started to pump his hips, sawing his hard cock in and out of Christine’s perfect tight ass.

“Oh yeah!” he gasped as her tight back passage adjusted to his invading member and he was able to start thrusting into her. He was finally fucking Christine Taylor up the ass.

Ray moaned, he couldn’t believe how tight she was, and he wasn’t sure if he’d last long. He remembered how he’d felt when his lovely wife had told him that Nick Cooper had fucked her up the ass.

With a half lustful, half angry grunt Ray began to pound Christine’s ass. He’d teach that quarterback bully to bugger his wife.

The bedroom was filled with the sound of slapping flesh and Christine’s sharp and shallow breathing as Ray stabbed his dick hard and fast into Christine’s snug anus.

“Ah! Fuck Ray! Fuck my ass!” cried out Christine as Ray’s hips jackhammered on top of her. Her legs were up, almost over her head as Ray pummelled her ass with his cock, each thrust driving her down into the bed.

“That’s it Ray, fuck me hard!” she gasped. With each thrust, Ray’s dick bottomed out in her tight ass.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes!” Christine was writhing beneath Ray as he bashed her ass, her whole body spasming as she came.

“Fill me up Ray! Pump your cum in me!”

Ray gave a grunt and his cock surged deep into her ass. He felt her ass clutching against him as he tensed up and exploded, shooting his semen deep up her ass. Wave after wave of cum blasted out of his twitching dick, flooding Christine’s ass with his sticky jizz.

“Oh wow,” breathed Ray as he slipped sloppily out of her hole and rolled over. “That was magnificent.”

Christine was breathing hard beside him. “I’ve never cum from anal before,” she admitted. “I didn’t even realise it was possible.”

“I needed that,” he groaned, sitting up and turning to look at the naked beauty beside him once again.

“We should do this again sometime,” said Christine, surprising Ray.

He grinned back at her. “I’d better get going before your husband arrives,” he said. “You should tell him all about this though.”

Christine slumped back on the bed, breathing heavily and barely moving.

Ray got dressed and left her lying naked on the bed, his cum leaking from her ass. On his way downstairs he winked at the butler before heading out the front door of the mansion.

To his surprise he saw Nick Cooper walking up the driveway towards him. Nick looked like he was in a fair bit of discomfort, waddling slightly as if he’d just been probed up the ass. Nick looked very surprised to see Ray leaving his house.

“Ray..?” he murmured in shock, stopping in his tracks.

Ray grinned broadly. “Don’t worry buddy,” he told him. “Your wife will be walking the same way too.”


Gary walks past the campus gym. A mundane event, but with little supporting logic; his apartment would be far easier to reach if he’d simply cross the street outside of the Liberal Arts Building. There are, however, far more vital issues for Gary to confront this particular afternoon than subliminal logic.

The gym (or more concretely, The Jason F. Moore Center for Physical Education) is easily the plainest building on the Grover Point University campus. A dull gray concrete encases the structure; it always seems rain-beaten, even under full sunshine, so harsh is the depressing talent of those walls. But there is lightning in even the most introspective storm clouds, Gary knows, and he can already hear the echoes of those legendary, treasured rows of feet.

He can only pass by the side doors once; he would declare himself a pervert or a stalker if he was to pass by even twice. Once is more than enough for him. Those side portals peer straight into the main gym, all lacquered wood and bleachers, and girls. The Grover Point X-Rays varsity cheerleading squad is practicing away. All strong adult women, juniors and seniors only, 34 of them. They cover every major, every focus, each academic pursuit, each specialty, no gaps. Some are on the dean’s list. Some are awaiting notices of academic probation. Some are in the student government. Some are already working off their Thursday afternoon buzz, at hardly early evening.

Gary has never quite mastered the art of peering into those open steel jaws without feeling self-conscious, even preemptively ‘caught’. He cannot care though, as he strolls by. There is three seconds (rounded up) of sight, of optical contact. Long rows of girls, dyed and natural hair, and flesh. Pale as cream and tanned like rare leather. Sports bras on half of them. Tank-tops on the others. The tiniest, flimsiest shorts imaginable. Sneakers, old and stylish. Some have no socks at all, some shoelaces are untied. They bounce around as a single unit, their breasts heaving into the air and quivering from side to side. If you look close, very close, considering you only have three seconds, you can spot the jiggle of their thighs, and the rippling of the rears underneath their shorts, and the bright, soft panties whose tops you can pray to see if the shorts are a little too old, and can’t grip anymore.

At the focus of all this attraction, the rows of stamping legs and glistening skin is one girl alone. At the front. Twenty-one years of age. Red, shoulder length hair. Five feet, five inches. Maybe five pounds overweight, which makes her firm leg muscles a bit bouncy, and so much more attractive. Today she’s got on a lemon-drop yellow sports bra, and extra-skimpy, loose gym shorts; in a frank concession to sophistication, the word “Butt” is printed on the posterior. As she always, always does, she wears no shoes or socks, and no toenail polish. She lives in an apartment building on Cray Street. Door number five. No roommate.

Krista Worthington.

Captain of the squad. Led them to the state cheerleading finals last year, when she was just a junior. The girls adore her. Worship her. So does Gary. So must half the guys on campus, he imagines. They do not, of course, not all of them, but such is the mindset of the outside admirer, the boy plus crush. Krista raises her leg, nude up to her thigh. The outline of her panties become clearly visible through the surface of her shorts, despite the logo.

Three seconds gone. Gary is past the door. They start another cheer. The fun is over, he thinks.


“Gary! Hey!”

There she is. Hustling out the door. Her breasts, squished like ripe peaches under her bra, her belly hanging down very slightly over the lip of her shorts. Drops of sweat glisten at the edges of her red bangs, and fall toward his feet as she approaches him. The heat of her blood can be felt licking his face.

“Oh, Krista. Hey!”

She smirks and pinches his stomach. He tries not to smile too vulgarly.

“Soooooo. You coming over tonight? Watch some tapes?”

“Yeah! You feeling better?”

“Oh shit yeah. Yeah… I’m sorry you couldn’t come over sooner but you…”

“I know. Study groups suck.”

“Fuck yeah. Fuck. Well, be there at eight! Don’t get lost!”

Girls are already peering out the door and giggling. Giggling a bit too much, in fact. Gary sees this as strange, but is too focused on Krista to ponder any fantastic implications.

Of course he won’t get lost. He lives across the hall.

She spins around and runs back, the bottoms of her feet moist from the grass, the beautiful, subtle rolls in her pale, freckled skin contracting and expanding like lungs. Gary stares a bit, and turns around and hastily makes his way home. Already five o’ clock.

Making his way back across campus, Gary recalls the events leading up to his and Krista’s little evening date, in the fetishistic detail available only to those excited to have conjured what they are certain is an unmitigated triumph.

She had knocked on his door exactly one week ago. He opened it, and saw her standing in the portal to his apartment for the first time ever, outside of his frequent midnight imaginings. She was not in the state he often fantasized. Her green eyes were bloodshot and baggy, her nose was running. She wiped the clear liquid onto the sleeves of her “St. David’s Key Club Community Bash” t-shirt. She did not seem self-conscious about this, or the fact that her red bra was quite visible under the white fabric. She was wearing sky blue cotton socks, and black wind pants. She tried to smile to him. Her speech was very clumsy, as her nose was stuffed, but Gary remembers her words as eloquently as possible.

“Okay… I don’t wanna make you sick,” she said.

“No, it’s all right.”

“I’ve got the flu.”

“Oh, well even better… I’ve had a flu shot.”

She laughed.

“I hate needles. Wish I didn’t now. Umm… my car’s out of gas. Could you please, please, please buy me some medicine at Matthew’s?”

He did not hesitiate.

“Yes! Sure!”

She handed him a paper with her needs listed on it, along with some cash.

“You’re a nice guy. I can tell. I’ll be in my room. Just knock.”

He all but ran to his car to get to the drug store as quick as possible. He tore the medicine off the shelves, and was home in a flash. He walked up to her door and knocked. She opened the door, blowing her nose into a tissue. Her face was red under her freckles.

“Oh wow, you’re quick. C’mon.”

He followed her in, and she flopped down on the thick orange comforter that covered her bed. Gary tried not to sweat as he spied her cheerleading outfit hanging on the closet door. Clothes were strewn around her room, including tiny thongs and very lacy panties, balled up near sweatshirts and sneakers.

Gary put the medicine on the table next to her bed. She was lying face down atop her pillow, groaning. He hesitated for a second, then gently patted her fiery hair, all clumped and sweaty.

“Your stuff’s on the table.”

“Oh shit I’m aching. All fucking over. Thank you so fucking much, I so mean it.”

He began to leave. He had to stare a bit more, though. At that instant, he decided he was fully taken with her. Even in this low state, he found her irresistible. He would not let the opportunity pass into waste and infamy in his mind. He hesitantly reached his hand down. Her right foot sluggishly reached up to scratch the back of her left ankle with her socked toes. He concluded that it was the cutest action even taken in all of human endeavor. His hand drew closer, closer.

He softly touched her left foot and stroked it, from the heel to her toes, with the palm of his hand.

She purred loudly from the pillow. He gave her another, firmer rub. She did not purr that time. He took his hand a way and prepared to leave. She looked up quickly, from her rest, and gazed at him, smiling with her runny nose.

“Hey. Keep going.”

Gary gasped a bit, and instantly sat down at the foot of her bed and began to massage her feet through her socks, one at a time, with both hands. Her socks were very warm, and a bit moist, which made Gary very happy, and more than slightly aroused. He stroked her feet all over, rubbing her ankles a bit, and squeezing her toes, just a little. Every so often, she’d groan from her pillow, and Gary would repeat the corresponding motion a few times, and return to it at regular intervals. She was very generous with her moaning, as any girl who works on her feet is in such a situation. Finally, figuring she’d not totally notice through her socks, he slowly put his lips to the pale blue cotton of one foot and gave her a kiss, softly. He did the same for the other foot. He got up again to leave.

“Gary,” she called from her pillow.

He walked over to her side.

She turned her whole body around, with some effort, and smiled widely at him.

“If I wouldn’t get you sick, sweetie, I’d let you kiss my lips, too.”

He paused.

“I did get my flu shot. I told you.”

She kept smiling.

He bent down to her face and firmly kissed her lips; they were very moist, considering her state. He pushed back. Her lips curled up into a huge grin. He pressed back down and kissed her very hard, his tongue entering her mouth with zero resistance. Her mouth was very very hot. Her tongue reached up to join his, and they wrestled inside her. He could taste her medicine. She probed her tongue up into his mouth, and he sucked down on her tongue, holding it in his mouth and savoring the elixir’s faux grape flavor, as she playfully struggled to escape. He withdrew, some of her snot on his face. They giggled.

“Look. As soon as I’m better, come over. We’ll watch some stuff.”

That was her offer.

Gary, returning to the present, hurries up the steps to their floor and locks the door to his apartment. He’ll have to prepare for their date.

Seven fifty arrives quickly. Having dressed in a fine pair of cargo pants and an attractive long-sleeved shirt, doused himself with cologne, and relieved certain physical needs, Gary strides across the hall to Krista’s door. He knocks. Rustling is heard within her place. She opens the door, looking ravishing in a navy blue button down shirt, untucked, a pair of loose and slightly faded jeans, and a pair of old running shoes, which set the rest of the outfit off classically. It takes a few seconds of Gary admiring her to realize the she does not look dressed to watch tapes in her room.

“Come in!” she bellows.

Gary follows her in, smiling like a fool.

“You… you look really nice, Krista.”

“Thanks. C’mon in… fun is waiting…”

He steps into her room. It’s a very odd tableaux. She has moved her kitchen table over to near her bed. The table is covered with small red plastic cups. Wobbly green gelatin fills each cup.

“Oh wow, you didn’t have to…” he starts.

“Oh, I had a lot of extra vodka lying around. Thought I’d make some shots, since I was changing our plans.”


“Yeah,” she says, rummaging through her closet, “We’re not going to watch anything. Nothing at all.”

Gary is suddenly fantastically excited.

Krista emerges from her closet with a pair of thick black winter scarves. She smirks.

“We’re not going to watch anything. What. So. Ever.”

She approaches him. He is nervous, but her smile, very warm underneath her mischief, calms him a bit. She places one of the scarves over his eyes, and ties it around his head soundly. She whispers in his ear:

“Don’t cheat. Listen.”

He obeys. For a second, he can hear nothing but traffic outside. The world is totally black. He can feel her warmth near him, though. He can feel her breath; it smells sweet, like mints. But he can’t hear anything, until:

The soft sound of fingers touching clothing. The slip of plastic passing through fabric. He bends down. She’s unbuttoning her shirt.

“Don’t touch,” she says.

He hears each button release, seven of them, all the way down to her knees. Then the rustling slide against skin. The shirt must be off. He leans a bit closer. He hears a slight snap, of a metal clasp giving way, then a brush of movement in front. He inhales. He feels lace, suddenly, warm, even hot lace against his cheeks. He gasps. He hears her giggle as she rubs her bra against his lips. He curses himself for not seeing the color, then realizes that he should be concerned with her flesh.

“Bend down low,” she whispers.

He does, and he hears her sit down on her carpet. He hears the unique whir of shoelaces being untied: left, then right. The hushed jostle of shoes being removed. Then a sharp whoosh to the left, and a whoosh to the right. She must have worn extra loose socks to whip them off like that. He imagines what they looked like, big and pink and floppy. He feels wool slap him sweetly in the face. She giggles loudly. Again. Big wooly pink socks. He has a very serious erection.

“Stand up,” she says, still sniggering.

He follows her command, and barely prevents himself from moaning as her hears the sound of unzipping, and the lowering of jeans to the ground. Then, a much quieter, implacable movement of clothing. A quick elastic snap. Then he feels her panties against her face. He breathes deeply and luxuriates in her musky scent. She runs the velvety material all over his cheeks and lips, and he involuntarily kisses it. He imagines the panties to be moist. He’s sure it’s a thong. He curses himself again for not seeing it.

“Ok,” she whispers, “I’m putting on my blindfold.”

He hears her tie it around her head.

“Now, don’t fall over. Take all your clothes off. Just throw them down.”

He quivers, and is thankful she cannot see him. He takes his shoes off first, slipping them away without untying them. He almost does fall as he removes his socks. He pulls his shirt up over his head; a little difficult as he is still wearing the blindfold. He unbuckles his belt. His pants are baggy enough that he can pull them down without unbuttoning. He stands for a second in his briefs, wondering if he looks silly, then realizes that she cannot see him anyway. He pulls off his briefs, dropping them to the floor. His penis is reaching out into the air; it’s cool in her room, and he can feel a tiny drop of pre-cum drizzling up from the head.

“Now,” she whispers.

He feels her on him all at once, all of her naked flesh on his, as she hugs him: her blindfold on his, her lips on his, her soft breasts on his chest, her shaven, but agonizingly prickly pubic hair on his penis, her toes on his feet. They kiss and she squeezes him like a vice. He hates that he cannot see her naked form, but the feel of her skin is enough. She’s hot like the sun, and he cannot see, as if he stared at her too much and lost all vision. Her mouth tastes like it smells: minty, but with the added flavor of blueberry bubblegum. She softly grinds her belly against his, and he kisses her deeper, quicker. His hands slide down the smooth flesh of her back, and down to the top of her ass, which he knows will be awesome, as soon as he can see. She suddenly pulls away.

“Ok,” she whispers, “We’re going to play a game. The table is by my bed, we can reach around to find it. You’ll go first. You take a cup, and squeeze it onto a part of your body. I’ll find it, without my hands, and eat it off. Then we switch.”

“Oh man…”

“It’s a very fun game. The loser even wins, because the loser is the one who cums first.”

He swallows.

“I told you it’s fun. Come up on the bed.”

Still embraced, they carefully maneuver onto the comforter, and sit in the center, very close to each other. They are tight, as the bed is quite small. Her legs are at rest atop his, her flesh so very tender and moist with sweat. If he leans close, he can feel her tits on his chest; she’s very erect too.

“I know you’re mad you can’t see me Gary,” she teases, “But if you win, I’ll make it up to you really good. I promise.”

“Oh God, Krista, I’m not mad at all.”

“Take a cup, spill it on you, and say go.”

He reaches to his side, and carefully lifts a plastic cup from the big table beside them. He doesn’t want to lose the game quickly, so he crushes the cup just above his right knee. It’s ice cold on his skin as the jiggly treat plops out.


He feels her bend down. Her breasts are free and hanging down. He feels a nipple brush against his lower leg, like a taut muscle; the sound of crushing the cup has given him away. She lashes out her tongue on his knee; the boiling moistness of her saliva makes him grit his teeth. She works her lips up his knee, and quickly hits the chilly snack above. She opens her mouth and sucks the gelatin in. She licks in long and rough strokes to clean up any leftover bits and alcoholic glaze. The mix of hot and cold is numbing him but driving him nuts as he hears her slurp and smack her lips. He hears her sit back up and snatch a cup. He hears the crunch of cheap plastic and the drip of the cup’s contents.


He draws close to her, sniffing a bit. He bends down lower and grasps her hips for balance. Her skin is so tender even there, and his hands slide down a little with her nakedness. He rubs his cheeks all the way up her tummy, savors her breasts against his clenched mouth. He sniffs lime. He follows the scent to his left, and his nose is cold. She’s put the gelatin on her arm. He devours it quickly. His mouth and throat burns; there is far, far too much vodka in the mix, a true college recipe. He leans back, grabs another cup, nearly knocking them all over, lays back, and spreads it right above his navel.


She squeals as she tumbles atop him, smudging her lips around and breathing hotly all over and licking. She finds the prize quickly, and Greg ecstatically enjoys her breasts enveloping his penis, now drenched with pre-cum, as she sucks on his belly to get down every drop. She’s back up.


And so on and so on. After twenty minutes, they are very intoxicated and very happy. They squeak and snort as they lick the burning mix off of every place on their bodies. Krista pours some right on her lips, and when Greg finds it half spills into her mouth, and their tongues writhe over the spoils. She spins around and pours some right over the top of her derrière. Greg not only eats the lime concoction, but slowly probes his tongue between her juicy, tender cheeks, just to be sure. She moans in total pleasure as he massages and squishes her ass, soaking her with his mouth. He pours some directly onto the bottom of his shaft, and she pops his testicles into her mouth searching, He feels her tongue wrap itself around his penis and he’s sure he’s going to cum, but she finishes, she does not move any higher than she needs to.

“GO GO GO GO!” she shrieks.

He almost tackles her. They’re totally drunk now. The gelatin is below her navel, but he licks her all the way up to her neck, lapping at her flesh and all but eating her tits. The smell of her body, her sexual scents unlocked through constant oral attention mix with Russian alcohol and endless musk. She’s so horny now, so wild and dripping wet. He eats the last of the food and swiftly snakes his tongue down and teases the lips of her pussy. She yelps.

“I’m… I’m gonna cum, Gary! Put it in! I wanna cum with you inside me!”

She grasps all over his body and woozily finds his prick, steaming and sticky. She guides him into her. He groans and envelops her in his arms underneath him. All he can feel now is glistening, scalding wetness against his penis, pressing up into a wall of tight flesh. He grinds his masculinity farther into her and she howls. They begin to fuck vigorously with him on top, alcoholic drool pouring around their lips. He hammers his muscle far into her and she boils with his full length inside her, driving against her clit, swiping at it and giving her charges of pleasure. She pushes him upward and out of her, and they clumsily maneuver into a sitting position.

I was so fucking hard I thought my cock might explode. Kelly was sitting on my dick, bouncing up and down rhythmically. Her red hair and her pale breasts bounced gently each time she landed on my pelvis. He hands held the soft curve of her hips, helping her keep her orientation but mostly just to feel her toned midsection. She still wore the top of her Jammer Spirit uniform, of course helpfully pulled up so that I could lovingly fondle her wonderful breasts. The hot pants were on the floor, but she still had on the white knee boots. This was the Jammer Spirit’s new uniform for this year, and Kelly and I were, uh, road-testing it. She knew well that while I loved to make love to her anytime, anywhere, I got especially excited when she was dressed as a cheerleader. It didn’t matter if it was the old college uniform in which she first caught my eye, or now for a second year as a Jammer Spirit Girl, as long as it was cropped short and pulled up.

I watched my penis disappear behind the tiny patch of red pubic hair she kept (being a professional cheerleader necessitated shaving the rest), feeling her warm tightness grip and excite me. I glanced up at her face; her eyes were closed, lost in a world of pleasure. I was distracted by her jiggling tits; hungrily I grabbed them, held them in my hands. She gently held my hands in hers as I felt them, letting me know that she liked it when I touched her. And I think she could sense my extra-stiffness, because she kept driving harder and faster. I gazed at her lovely face… the fine cheekbones, the understated features. The sensations from my eyes, my hands and my penis converged and sent me over the top. I stretched upwards with my dick just as it exploded the first time. Kelly felt me cum and slowed, grinding on top of me, stimulating me yet retaining penetration. She opened her eyes and gazed at her fiancée climaxing inside her. That’s right, fiancée—Kelly and I were engaged to be married as soon as the season ended in June. When she felt me finish, she bent over and kissed me with red lips I never grew tired of kissing.

“So,” she whispered, “did the new uniform pass the test?”

“Results inconclusive,” I smiled, “I think we need to run the test again.”

“It felt pretty conclusive to me,” she smiled knowingly, millions of sperm swimming inside her. She kissed me again.

It was the beginning of my third year in the league, and hopes were high in Jammer country. Last year we had made the playoffs for the first time in five years and won a first-round series before losing to the eventual conference champions in seven games. We spent most of the year with Leroy Jackson and I playing the double-point offense, and the power forward we picked up in last year’s draft helped make it even more effective. This year we didn’t pick until 27th overall, and we used it to pick up Giovanni DiMarco, a smooth-shooting PG/SG from Italy. Last year Jackson was injured late in the season; at 36, it served as reminder that Jackson wouldn’t around for much longer and we needed a contingency plan. It was during that stint that I took over as the team’s primary ballhandler, a role I did not relinquish upon his return. After a year-and-half as Leroy’s understudy my apprenticeship was complete; this was my team now.

The season started out great, bursting out of the gate like gangbusters at 12-2. The seats were full, the team was making money, and I could always admire my lovely fiancée dancing on the sidelines during commercial breaks. Kelly was also helping out in the front office part-time; like the other Rutherford wives before her, she had every intention of taking an active role in helping run business side of the team. But she really liked cheerleading, so I supported her decision to come back as a Spirit Girl for one last year. Besides, that way I got to fuck her while she was wearing that uniform. It was so fucking hot!

As the New Year got underway, however, teams started to figure out how to play the Jammers. We fell off from our early hot start. Leroy was playing fewer minutes because of nagging knee problems, and while Giovanni DiMarco had a sweet shot, he wasn’t as quick as he needed to be for a pro guard. When Leroy wasn’t in the game our problems on defense were exposed. We were still almost unbeatable at home, but suddenly the Jammers were just a .500 team on the road. We would almost certainly make the playoffs, but we seemed to be a piece or two away from being a real contender.

With the February trade deadline approaching, my dad came to me and asked my opinion on a possible trade. Marcus Canterbury was past his prime but still a viable center, especially on defense. But to get him we’d have to give up our center AND our first round pick next year. “It would put us in better position for a run this year, but it will really hurt any chances of improving next year. And Canterbury is a free agent; we might not be able to re-sign him.”

“I think we need to go for it now Dad,” I replied solemnly, “because I don’t think Leroy Jackson will be back.”

“No?” he asked with surprise.

“Now he hasn’t said a word about it, but I think he’s contemplating retiring. I think that his knees are bothering him more than he’ll let on.”

“He could go on the DL, and rest them a while…”

I shook my head. “I don’t think so. I think what he’s got is degenerative and won’t get any better. Watch him in practice sometime—he just seems to be really frustrated with himself in a way I’ve never seen before. I think in his head he wants to do things on the court that his body just can’t anymore. Oh he’s still a great player, but he’s not as great as he feels he should be and used to be. That’s why I think he’s going to call it a career when the year is out.”

I think my dad was leaning towards not making the trade, but after our talk we pulled the trigger. Almost immediately Marcus Canterbury made a huge difference. Our best offensive set was when DiMarco, Jackson and I were all on the floor, but like any three-guard set it was an undersized rotation. Teams had been shooting over the top of us and killing us on the boards; Canterbury’s rebounding fixed that problem. He also gave us a big target to hit with entry passes and with a little shot blocking thrown in, we started winning games in bunches again. Teams tried to adapt by going zone against us, and that’s where DiMarco proved deadly. Against a zone all we had to do was overload one side, let DiMarco spot up for the three behind one of our guys, and feed him the ball. He wasn’t quick enough to get himself open, but with his feet set and an open look he could hit better than 50% from beyond the arc. He had 42 points in one early spring game, after which teams gave up on that strategy.

We rolled into the playoffs and steamrolled our way to the Eastern Conference championship, the team’s first since the merger. We beat our first opponent in five, the next in six, and the finals in six also, winning every home game and a couple of road ones along the way. It also meant that, for the first time in team history, the Jammers were going to the finals–but the West had been much stronger than the East all year, and we were big underdogs in the Final where we met the defending champions: L.A.

For the first time in a long time, the league had decided to return to the 2-2-1-1-1 format for the Finals. Helped by the weaker Eastern Conference schedule, we had the better overall record and home field advantage. They caught us by surprise in Game 1, though, breaking our home winning streak with a double-digit win. We were down at the half in Game 2 as well, but found our swagger in the third quarter and earned the home split. But now we had to find a way to steal one in their building to win the series–which we did in Game 3. Maybe they were too sure of themselves being home; we got off to a fast start and held on despite a furious rally. They took Game 4 easily, so we were headed back home all square.

Game 5 we owned from start to finish. That put us one win away from the finals with a chance to win on the road, but if not we had a home game left in our back pocket. We were feeling pretty good about things. Game 6 was scheduled for a Thursday in LA, and then back home for Game 7 on Saturday if needed.

Thursday morning we were scheduled for a practice in their Arena. We got off to a normal start, and we were playing pretty well. I remember I had just gone to the sideline and grabbed a water bottle when all of a sudden the ground started rumbling. Everyone froze and looked around. The shaking grew more intense, and all at once the ground seemed to leap under our feet. I was thrown into the first row of seats, and a number of guys were knocked over. A dusting of plaster cascaded down from the ceiling, prompting one of the assistant coaches to yell “The roof is collapsing.” All of us bolted for the tunnel, where there was an additional layer of protection should the roof cave in, but in fact the worse jolt was now over. In a few seconds the rumbling stopped, and while there were aftershocks periodically throughout the afternoon, they were only enough to rattle some glassware. The big one had been a 7.0 earthquake, however, and it had caused widespread damage.

We all headed outside, which was the first clue we had how bad the quake had been. A chunk of the road outside the Arena had been sandwiched together and raised more than a foot. Water shot out from broken mains underground, and a few old brick buildings appeared to be heavily damaged. As we stood out in the street, no cars moving, gaping at the scene around us is when I first noticed that my wrist was bothering me. The sound of sirens, more and more all the time, rose from every direction. Coach decided we should walk the two blocks to the hotel to get out of the way of rescue efforts. Luckily that facility wasn’t damaged at all. Damage in LA was extensive, however, and the freeway system had taken significant damage. Needless to say the game was called off.

We sat around in the hotel for two days, anxiously awaiting word from the league on the reschedule. The Arena had been deemed safe, but there were problems with parking and infrastructure and road closures. There was talk of relocating the game, but that didn’t seem fair given that it was their last home game of the finals. In the end it was determined that everything would be pushed back a week; we would play the following Thursday, and Game 7 would be the following Saturday. There was only one problem. Game 7 now conflicted with my wedding.

My dad and the Jammer front office tried everything to get the league to move Game 7 to either Friday or Sunday, but the TV contract wouldn’t allow it. “I’m so sorry,” I told Kelly on the phone.

“It’s not your fault… you couldn’t have predicted an earthquake. Heck, the Jammers haven’t even been to the Finals before.”

“I know, but this is our wedding… our special day. Now it’s ruined.”

“If you win on Thursday, we won’t have any problem,” she said hopefully.

Unfortunately, my wrist had been sprained when I fell into the stands during the earthquake. I played, but it hurt, and I couldn’t hit the broadside of the barn with my jump shot. I also committed an uncharacteristic six turnovers, to the point that Leroy had to run the offense for much of the second half. Marcus Canterbury was a monster in the middle and did everything he could to pick up the slack, but in the end it wasn’t enough and we lost by five. The team was upbeat; on the road, with me injured, we had still come so close to winning, and now we got to go home. I on the other hand was dejected. The dream wedding I had wanted for Kelly was going to be ruined by Game 7. I just felt like I had let her down.

“I’m sorry honey,” I groaned on the phone. “We’ll have to postpone the wedding…”

“But we have so many family coming in from out of town,” she sighed.

I frowned. “All right, then we’ll just have the wedding. The Jammers will have to win without me.”

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” she snapped with a ferocity that surprised me.

“Well, we can’t have it both ways,” I moaned.

“Don’t worry about it yet. Just get some rest on the flight back home. Your mother and I have been looking into some things… let us see what we come up with, OK.”

“OK,” I said with a mixture of hope and fear. My mother and my fiancée were both pretty potent organizers; they could have moved the Himalayas to Manhattan if they set their mind to it. “I just feel like I let you down.”

“Stop worrying honey,” she reassured me. “As long as you say ‘I do’ whenever we do walk down that aisle, you won’t be letting me down.”

“I’ll say I do right now,” I promised.

“I love you,” she said more brightly than I felt.

“I love you too.”

Mom and Kelly were waiting for the plane when we landed. Dad and I happened to get off the plane together. “Uh-oh,” he whispered to me. “I know that look. You mother and Kelly have been up to something.”

They had indeed. We went out to dinner and they laid out the new wedding arrangements. All I could do was shake my head in awe at the arrangements they had hastily pulled together. At their insistence, I spent Friday with the team as I normally would, getting ready for the biggest game in franchise history, while mom and Kelly called every single vendor and guest on the list. But after that dinner I didn’t see Kelly again until the wedding. She was superstitious about not seeing the bride before the wedding. She was also afraid that the wedding night wouldn’t be special since we had lived together for more than a year. Thanks to the goddamn earthquake, I went into my wedding day not having had any for nearly two weeks.

Saturday arrived, and mom and Kelly’s hastily rearranged plans unfolded flawlessly. Our wedding, originally scheduled for 2:00, was held at 10:00 AM instead. The banquet that was to have started at 5 was held at noon—and the entire team was there, our reception now doubling as the team meal. Then we jumped into a limousine and went to the Arena, where the wedding party posed for our pictures right there on the hardwood. And then with a kiss of longing, Kelly and I went to our separate locker rooms to prepare for the game.

Just before game time, Mom came and found me and asked what I thought about a little idea she had for the pregame introductions. I decided it would be fun. We went through our pre-game warm-ups like usual, but then before introduction I slipped over to the sidelines where my mom was holding my tuxedo jacket and a top hat. The lights were out in the stadium, so no one could see me slip them on over my uniform, while Kelly snuck over to the bench. The other four starters were introduced, and then the PA announcer said. “And finally… ladies and gentlemen, today is a very special day in Jammers history. Earlier today, your starting point guard was married at St. Mary’s Church. And so let me introduce to you the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Davis Rutherford IV!” The spotlight shone on us, and we walked out to center court, Kelly in her wedding dress, and me in my uniform with the tux and hat over. The crowd first laughed then cheered. The cheerleaders started a chant: Kiss… Kiss… Kiss. The crowd quickly caught on, and soon the whole stadium was urging us to kiss. All the players on both teams joined in. In the spotlight, with everyone watching, I turned to her and she to me, and we slowly reached towards each other, getting closer… closer… and then just before our lips actually touched, I suddenly threw off my hat and jacket and Kelly whipped the wedding dress off over her head, revealing her Jammer Spirit uniform underneath. The music kicked in, and Kelly started doing the usual pre-game dance. The other cheerleaders all raced out to join her, and the crowd went wild. She cheered for the whole game with one additional accessory augmenting her uniform–a bridal veil.

Game 7 turned out to be an all-time classic. Both teams came to win; the lead changed hands over and over. My wrist was still not right and I didn’t take many shots, but it no longer bothered me so much that it affected my ballhandling. I dished the ball off to my teammates, and DiMarco’s hot shooting kept us in the game in the first half. We rode his hot hand and went to the locker room at halftime trailing by one. As expected, LA made an adjustment at halftime to keep DiMarco from getting so many wide open looks. We responded by playing our three-guard offense; my wrist didn’t interfere with my ability to make wide-open layups. Leroy Jackson was on the floor for more minutes than any game all season–there was no tomorrow to save him for.

It was an epic struggle. Leroy and I alternated dribble penetration, sometimes taking it to the rack, other times kicking it out to our shooters. They would get a stop or two and pull ahead, we would respond with a steal or a Canterbury block and storm right back. For the whole game, no team ever led by more than five points. The clock was in their favor, however. They hit a jump shot to take a two-point lead with 40 seconds left on the clock. We hurried downcourt, not wanting them to be able to hold the ball for the last shot. But they played great defense, and by the time I got the ball to Canterbury for a turn-around hook there were only 26 seconds left.

LA brought the ball up; we would get the ball back, but they could hold it long enough to reduce us to a desperation heave. We all keyed up anxiously as they dribbled the ball at the top of the key. At 10 seconds, they set their play. The ball went right, then back across. We had them trapped in the corner with the shot clock going down, they had to try a desperation shot… and lucked out by getting a terrible foul call against Canterbury. Coach went insane; I went over and pushed him back to the bench. “Yeah, it’s a bullshit call, but we can’t afford for you to get a T right now!”

They went up to the line and calmly drained the first charity shot to take the lead. Coach called our final time out as soon as the second free throw went. 3.4 seconds showed on the clock, and we had to go the length of the floor: two to tie, three to win. We set up two plays, one for if they guarded the inbounds pass one if they didn’t, but we expected they would. Everyone knew the Jammers were most dangerous in the backcourt.

We set up. Canterbury screened my man, and Jackson inbounded the ball to me sprinting up the sideline. But they had expected exactly that; and two defenders converged on me as I approached the half-court. I didn’t have time to go around them; I would have to pull up and attempt a jump-shot over their center from about half-court. Maybe if my wrist weren’t bothering me and I’d been in the zone shooting, I might have taken the shot. But even if I was feeling it, there was probably only a 1% chance of hitting that shot. I was looking to pass the ball, but time was slipping away. I looked down court; DiMarco was setting up outside the three-point like he was supposed to. But the clock in my head told me we had less than two seconds, and DiMarco was a spot-up shooter. He would catch the pass and then begin his shot–and the clock would run out while the ball was still in his hands. I glanced cross-court at option B, but their forward had stayed in to guard our forward, so there wasn’t a clear path to even pass the ball that direction. But I could see four of their guys in front of me, and I knew the fifth had been rubbed off on Canterbury’s screen and was chasing me from behind. Instinctively, I knew what I had to do.

When I thought about it later, if my instincts had been wrong I might have looked like the biggest fool in the history of the finals. But after playing with Leroy Jackson for three years, my instincts weren’t wrong. I could see from the defense that they had elected to leave Leroy Jackson unguarded. Not a bad idea; most players would have just stood there after making the inbounds pass, mesmerized by the pressure of the moment, watching with the rest of the world as the final three seconds unfolded. But Leroy wasn’t like most players. He’d played enough street ball to know that crazy things can happen, and I’d never known him not to give his all on every play. I just knew that he would have charged onto the court after inbounding the ball, realized that no one was guarding him, and would have continued streaking right down the center of the court.

I couldn’t see him, I couldn’t hear him, but I trusted that’s where he was going to be. The only question was how far behind me was he? I didn’t have any more time to think it through; I took my next step, transferring the ball to my left hand, and as I planted my foot I lobbed it blindly to my right, towards the middle of the court. I kept my eyes fixed on the basket as if I was about to shoot to help sell the play; I couldn’t see where Leroy was anyway, but if I timed it right he would get to the ball with eight or nine tenths left on the clock, no one in his way and a full head of steam heading towards the basket.

The last 1.3 seconds of the game played out for me like the whole world was in slow motion. I remember the center seeing me pass unexpectedly, raising his arm trying to block as pass long after the ball was gone. Once the ball was out of my hands I turned to watch how my blind pass turned out. It only took Leroy a split second to realize the ball was coming to him, and no time at all to know what to do with it. The ball was a little in front of him, but he speared it with his right arm. He stepped with his left foot, gathering the ball into shooting position. He planted his right foot, raising the ball. He jumped, lifting the ball gracefully to begin its arc to the hoop. I heard the buzzer sound, but I could tell the ball was a couple of feet clear of his hands when it went off. If the shot went, I knew it would count. The whole stadium was silent; no one dared to breathe. The hardest part about a shot like that, taking it on the dead run, is gauging how hard to shoot. Your forward momentum is transferred to the ball; that’s why so many last-second shots clang hard off the backboard but aren’t ever really in danger of going in. Leroy knew this too, and so he rainbowed the ball as high as he could. The shot seemed to hang in the air forever, arcing high above the court, then slowly beginning its descent. As I tracked it towards the basket, the line looked pretty good. As the ball kept going, the line looked better and better–but maybe a little strong.

It seemed to be minutes later that the ball approached the target. The whole stadium watched as the ball kissed the backboard, red backlights glowing to indicate that time had expired. But with the big arc on the shot, it deflected back just a little, while gravity now had the ball screaming back towards the earth. It ticked the edge of the back rim as it fell. It bounced outwards, but it was falling to fast that by the time it hit the front iron, the ball was more than half down. The front iron instead killed most of the ball’s momentum. The net settled, and the ball fell calmly through. A flatter shot would have missed. Leroy’s moonball did not.

Time, which had seemed to move so slowly during that last play, seemed to triple to make up—as soon as that shot went down, so much happened so fast I couldn’t process it all. Pandemonium exploded everywhere. The stadium erupted in a roar loud as a jet engine, but I was only dimly aware of that. I was focused on Leroy Jenkins, still standing where he had landed, almost dumbfounded that he had just made the shot of his life. For maybe two seconds, because that’s all the time it took for me to race over to him and tackle him giddily to the floor. In seconds, all of the Jammers were one tangled mass of overly-tall humanity, exuberantly hugging hero of day Leroy Jackson.

As they should, the officials had immediately raced to the sidelines to check the replay and make sure the shot was good. The crowd murmured as the scoreboard had not yet registered that the shot had counted. They looked at it for about a minute; the collective roar from the home crowd told me that the officials had signaled that it was a good basket. The Jammers won the game 99-98–and with it, the title.

Down at the bottom of the pile, Leroy’s hand somehow found mine in a bro handshake. Tears filled his eyes. “We did it man… we DID it!”

“You did it Leroy,” I corrected, “you hit the shot of the century!”

“Don’t be so modest, man. I only had a chance to make that shot because of your crazy motherfucking no-look pass!”

I smiled. “We a team, brotha. I knew you was gonna be there.”

“We were a team brotha,” he corrected me soberly. “That’s it for me. I’m done. That was my swan song, man. I can’t never top that.”

“Man, we’ll talk about this later. We just won the CHAMPIONSHIP! WOOOOOOOOOO!” And with that the screaming and shouting began. I felt hands try to unpile us, and the TV guys trying to get an interview with Leroy. I got up and looked around. There were people jumping up and down and screaming everywhere. Coach came up and hugged me. Then I saw my dad, standing by the sideline, misty-eyed. I went over to him and hugged him. I hadn’t seen that my mom was behind him, tears in her eyes, but when I did I hugged her too. Then I looked for Kelly. Some of the cheerleaders had been bouncing up and down like pogo sticks from the second the shot went down. Kelly was standing like a statue, hands pressed together in front of her face almost like she was praying, staring like she simply could not believe what had just happened. I picked my way through the throng towards her.

Kelly saw me approaching. She lowered her hands, and was wearing the biggest smile I have ever seen. “Oh my God, that was unbelievable! You won! You won!” I smiled and put my arms around her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we hugged so tight I lifted her completely off the ground. At last we exchanged the kiss we had been denied at center court. The rest of the world melted from my consciousness as my wife and I embraced and shared a lingering kiss. Eventually the growing clapping and hooting from the people in the sections behind us brought us back to the moment. Kelly was a tad embarrassed, but I wasn’t. It was my fucking wedding day!

Right about then I felt hands grabbing for me again, hustling me towards center court. The commissioner had been presenting the trophy to my dad during all this, and now the team was passing it around. I took my turn kissing it, then we all posed for pictures. Thousands of them. Most of the crowd stuck around too, enjoying the moment. When that was done the players finally could let loose. The champagne was supposed to be for the locker room, but someone had brought it out onto the court and next thing anyone knew everyone on the floor was dousing everyone else with it. I got soaked, Kelly got soaked, even mom and dad got soaked. But no one wanted the moment to end. So we extended it.

The plan all along had been to go back to the hall after the game and have an abbreviated post-game reception. In light of our winning the championship we simply moved the entire party with us. All of the wedding guests who had watched the game from a very crowded owner’s box, all of the players, even a lot of the cheerleaders—we all headed over and continued the party at the reception.

It was a most unusual wedding reception. No one even wanted to take their uniforms off, so no one did. The dance floor was dotted with Jammer player and Jammer Spirit uniforms all night, and a large percent of the other guests were sporting hot-off-the-press Jammers championship hats and t-shirts. And the owner of the hall, a big Jammers fan as it turned out, opened up the bar on the house to celebrate, so everyone was well-lubricated (I later returned the favor by sending him my signed, game-worn road jersey. The home one I kept for myself). It was, for one night, the hottest party in town. All good things must come to an end, however. The party went on long after when receptions usually end, but when bar time came around we all had to go home.

I remember thinking how quiet it was when I opened the door to the condo. Everyone else in the building was asleep, and after the loud cheering and the loud music, it just felt strange to hear no noise. I waited for Kelly to lay her dress out on the sofa, then I put my arms around her waist. She put her arms on my neck and had a dreamy look in her eyes. “At last we’re alone,” she purred. I responded by kissing her, of course. I let my hands gently wander along the bare skin of her back.

With a twinkle in her eye, Kelly said “I have some nice lingerie from the shower that I was going to wear for our wedding night. But why do I think you’d just as soon I stay in these clothes?”

“Mmm hmmm,” I agreed and kissed her again.

“I guess it’s safe now. I won’t be wearing this uniform anymore. Or any uniform.”

Fortunately my big head still controlled enough of my blood supply to catch that she was hinting at something. “You mean like, this was your last game as a cheerleader?”

She nodded wistfully. “Yup. Your mom’s been talking to me, she wants me to work with her in PR—apprentice, really. I don’t know what her timeframe is, but she wants to hand it over to me when she decides to retire. So I guess my career as a cheerleader is over.”

“You might be able to do both?” I suggested.

She shook her head. “No, now that I’m MRS. Rutherford it doesn’t seem right. Like I should be more dignified or something—or at least more dressed.” I nodded. “It’s just weird… I’ve been a cheerleader ever since the 6th grade. I’ve spent so much time at practices, and games… it’s a big part of my life that’s coming to an end.”

“You and Leroy both,” I agreed.

“What?” she asked with surprise. We hadn’t discussed my suspicions.

“Leroy is going to retire. I’ve suspected it for a while, but at the bottom of that pile after he hit the shot… it’s the first thing he said. I don’t know when he plans to announce it and my dad will try to talk him out of it, but I’m sure it’s a done deal.”

“Wow, that’s too bad. I meant it’s probably good for Leroy, but it’s too bad for the Jammers.”

“Yeah. It’s kind of weird really—probably the two most momentous moments of my life, and all happened in one day. No matter how long I live, no day will ever top this.”

“I’m sorry,” she said sympathetically.

“I’m not. Because it’s an ending, but it’s also a beginning. It’s the beginning of you and me and maybe a family. I’ve longed for this day since the moment I set eyes on you. I wouldn’t trade it for a dozen championships!”

She smiled, pleased. “It’s kind of unbelievable, in a way. I really didn’t like you at first—I thought you were arrogant, self-centered and cruel. I would have never thought that I’d be so wrong about you, and that one day I’d be Mrs. Rutherford! I’m just so glad that you didn’t give up on me along the way… Lord knows I gave you plenty of reasons to.”

“I would never have given up on you. You… are… the most… beautiful… woman… that ever lived.”

She giggled. “Oh yes… thank the Lord that you’re blind as a bat too.”

“I am not,” I insisted, and kissed her before she could retort.

“It does feel kind of sad,” she commented some time later “all of these things that we’ve spent our lives working toward… now we’ve done them. It kind of makes you feel like, now what?”

“Well, the way I see it, our wedding isn’t over yet. In fact
the best part is still to come.”

“You’re incorrigible,” she accused, but kissed me with an eager, darting tongue. We stood, bodies gently grinding against each other. If we had stood any closer, we’d have melted into one.

“It’s time to carry you across the threshold,” I breathed lustily.

“Weren’t you supposed to do that at the front door?” she accused. “Besides, I already live here.”

“Front door shmont door,” I replied. “I’ll carry you across the threshold that really matters.”

“Oh, the bedroom is the one that really matters, huh?” she teased. “And what am I supposed to do then?”

“Hopefully, the same thing you always do.”

“Aren’t you tired of that yet?” she persisted jokingly.

“Feel my pants and tell me what you think.”

She did, and felt the salami straining to get out inside. “Oh! No wonder you’re so impatient.” She took a step back and let me lift her. Eyes fixed on each other, I carried her carefully down the hall and laid her down on the bed. I threw off my jersey and shorts; Kelly followed suit by unzipping her Daisy Dukes, sliding them down her slender thighs and over her knee boots. I took off my socks; she unzipped and tossed the boots. I slid onto the bed next to her wearing just my boxer briefs, while she wore panties and her uniform belly shirt.

Our arms locked around each other and we kissed. I was so hard, I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing against her leg. She relaxed her grip and smiled at me knowingly, recognizing my raging desire for her. I brought my arms around from her back and touched/massaged her flat, pale belly. Back in my younger days I saw a lot of girls naked, and Kelly has the sexiest, most feminine curves in her shapely midsection of any woman I’ve ever seen. Some days I’d spend a half hour kissing it, admiring its lovely curves–but tonight I was just too horny. I slipped my hands northward, aiming for the shirt.

Kelly knew it was coming, it was only a question of when. She felt my hands slide under the tight stretchy material and head right for the breasts. She arched her back slightly, which allowed me to push the fabric up to her armpits. Her wonderful breasts lay before me; pale skin, pink nipples, pushing upward in defiance of gravity with the firmness of youth. I snagged her nipples gently in each hand, squeezing them lightly to maximize their erectness. Then I dove face-first into her chest, lovingly trapping her left nipple between my lips. Kelly softly stroked my shoulders, watching me devour the nipple, sucking it lovingly into my mouth. I let go, ran my tongue all over and around the firm nubbin, then sucked on it again. Then I repeated the process on the other side, so the other nipple wouldn’t be left out.

Kelly doesn’t understand why I’m so fascinated by her tits, or why I can seemingly suck on them for hours, but she likes to make me happy so she obliges. I went back to the first nipple, making sure it hadn’t started to fall asleep while I was attending to its twin, but it most certainly had not. I licked it lovingly, glancing up at Kelly’s face. She had her eyes closed, focusing on the sensations created by my attention. Then I looked back at her breasts. At that point I noticed that her chest was heaving slightly, rising and falling with every breath. That generally meant that Kelly’s pussy was now thoroughly awakened and eager for its own share of my attention. I was more than happy to oblige.

Still sucking on her nipple, I snaked my hand down towards her crotch. Again I didn’t mess around–I dove right under the diaphanous fabric and homed right in on the warmth. I easily found the slit that was getting dewy with excitement. I started to stroke my index finger along its length when something registered in my brain–something that was missing. I retraced my fingers up to the mons, but I was not mistaken–the small patch of neatly trimmed red thatch that she usually kept down there was gone. She was shaved bare as a baby’s bottom.

“Looking for something?” she teased.

I raised up and made eye contact with a look of surprise. “You shaved all the way!” I noted excitedly.

“Yes. I thought you might like that during our honeymoon. But you are in such a rush, I didn’t get a chance to surprise you with it.”

“Oh, I’m surprised all right–pleasantly surprised.” I let my finger slide along her warm slit again. Her pelvis twitched, curling up with a grunt as she involuntarily responded to my touch.

Kelly sat up and pushed me over onto my back. “Hold your horses loverboy. You haven’t even let me get started on you yet, and you’re already diving in for the grand finale.”

I laid back as she pulled my boxer briefs off. My dick sprung up like a flagpole. “You… are so impatient…” Kelly accused, addressing my penis itself. She laid her hands flat on my thighs, and reached in with her neck. I felt her tongue start with my balls, licking them gently. Then she moved up to the penis, licking the shaft, starting at the bottom, work her way up, kissing the tip, then licking down again. She licked her way up again, but this time when she reached the top, she wrapped her lips around my dick and sucked me into her mouth.

I sighed with pleasure–and relief. Kelly rubbed her tongue all over my dick while it was inside her mouth, sliding her lips up and down the shaft to reach different parts. Slowly and deliberately she worked it, trying to touch every millimeter of my penis with some part of her mouth, tongue, or cheek. She glanced up at me, licking the underside of my shaft. “Is this what he’s been so impatient for?” she purred.”

“Mmm hmm.” Aaaahhhh… I felt her lips enclose around me again, her tongue bathing my penis in loving attention. It felt, as they say, like I had died and gone to heaven. I mean, she knew I loved it when she sucked my dick and she didn’t mind doing it to some extent, but I could feel that she really wanted to make it feel good on this special night. “Oh God that feels so good,” I sighed.

“Well I just hope you don’t get tired of it, because you’re stuck with me now.”

“I could never get sick of THAT,” I protested, but I also hooked my hands into her armpits and pulled her up so that we were face to face. “I love you,” I declared. She smiled as I kissed her.

I realized that her legs were straddling my one leg. I lifted my knee slightly and tried to use it to rub between her thighs. We stopped kissing and she moved to go back to work on my dick, but I stopped her and guided her to turn around. She quickly understood that I wanted to be doing to her what she was doing to me. So she lifted one leg over my head, settling her crotch within easy reach of my tongue. I could smell the lusty aroma emanating from the tender pink slit. Gently prying her lips open with my fingers, I let my tongue drink from the fragrant fountain, exquisite like velvet to the touch. I heard her make a small moan, but then she laid over the top of me, and I felt her wonderful lips encircle my erection once more. We lay there in the “69″ position, orally stimulating each others’ most intimate parts.

Holding her hips firmly by wrapping my arms around her from underneath, I lovingly licked and teased her fragile pink clitoris relentlessly. It stood up, engorged, erect in its tiny way, seemingly reaching towards my tongue, searching for its tender touch again and again. Her hips grew increasingly difficult to contain as her excitement grew, but her mouth never wavered. She sucked my dick with a smooth steady rhythm. I could distinctly feel her tongue lovingly stroking my schwantz when it was inside her mouth. It was amazing. It only because I was concentrating so hard on pleasuring my bride that I didn’t pop off right down her throat.

My intent was to keep on licking her until she came on my face, but Kelly had other ideas. I sensed from the intensity of her bucking hips that she was getting close when suddenly she sat up. “Oh… that feel so good you’re about to make me cum–and I want to feel you inside me when I do.” So with a slight rearrangement, Kelly now straddled my crotch instead of my face. She guided my erection into her pussy, knelt her knees on either side of me, and began to grind up and down on my knob while running her fingers up and down the muscles of my chest.

I rested my hands on Kelly’s slender thighs, watching her fuck me. Her eyes were closed, her head tilted back slightly. I watched her abdominal muscles work, curling her pelvis as she ground against my bone. I watched my penis disappear between her legs, then appear again against the smooth shaved skin as she lifted herself, only to grind herself down again. She liked to be on top; I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a G-spot, but it did seem like she was trying to use my penis to scratch a particular itch inside of her. It seemed pretty clear to me that she responded differently somehow to being on top than any other position, although it wasn’t like it was the only way she could cum (not that I’m bragging). But for some reason it was a different experience, which I knew in part because it she always had her eyes closed, which wasn’t necessarily true when we fucked any other way.

You can probably figure this story out without reading Part One. But, in Part One Mina Hayes had a large side effect (its a dick!) from cancer medicine. She used it on her friend, some twins, and her doctor. Read it if you want more details. Here is a link:

Chapter 1: Cumming to the Convention

“Mina Hayes,” I said as I set my bag down on the counter. I was still like totally sore and exhausted from the plane ride to Philadelphia. It was only noon, but it felt much later. I smelled like the taxi that had gotten me from the airport. The man behind the counter typed something into his computer. I looked around the hotel lobby, it seemed pretty nice.

“I am not seeing a Mina Hayes with a reservation,” the man said in a very snooty voice. I looked up at saw a sign on the counter.

“There,” I said, tapping the sign, “I have one of the block of suites that ConPharmaMax reserved for the convention.” I explained. He looked down at the sign. It said, “ConPharmaMax National Convention for Phaliphax PHP Cancer Treatment Patients: A Conversation on Survival and Side-Effects.” He looked at the sign and shrugged. It was good, six weeks out and still no one had heard of the “side effects.” Not even the guy who worked at the hotel where we were having a convention. I appreciated the fact that it didn’t say something like, “Convention for Chicks with Cocks.” I mean the guy read the totally boring sounding convention title and had no idea.

“I take it you are a patient,” he said typing into the computer.

“Why, don’t I look like a doctor?” I said, smiling. Just trying to be in a better mood and all. He didn’t smile back. I rolled my eyes when I typed.

“Much too young,” he said.

“Maybe I am well endowed…with an excellent mind,” I said. I heard someone giggle behind me, I turned and looked and saw a girl about my age. I knew instantly that she was a patient too and she knew what I was saying. I smiled a little, she was cute. And it was a little bit comforting to know that there were a bunch of girl’s going through the same thing I was going through.

And my God was I going through a lot. It was six weeks since that morning I’d woken up with my little surprise between my legs. That first day had undeniably been the toughest. I guess I already told that story, at least up until the time that I…had sex with Dr. Marta. After that I’d left Dr. Marta’s office and went home. I’d told my mom about the…side effect. She had been pretty upset and had talked a lot about suing the pharmaceutical company that had made the medicine. That was, until I reminded her that I’d be dead without them. She was still pretty upset though. I didn’t tell her about the feelings that the medicine was giving me, I didn’t tell her that it made me want to have sex with women or that my…sperm apparently had some sort of addictive quality that Dr. Marta didn’t understand, and definitely didn’t tell her I’d had various kinds of sex with my friend, the Otis twins, and my doctor. After a couple of days, I convinced her to just sit tight and wait for Dr. Marta to figure something out. After that, she sort of just pretended like everything was normal.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t pretend that everything was normal. At school, I no longer found myself attracted to my boyfriend. I mean, he was a nice guy and everything but I just didn’t feel anything anymore. So we broke up. Instead, I just found that more and more I was looking at the girls. I liked the way that their breasts moved when they walked, the way their laughs sounded, the way their butts looked squeezed into a pair of jeans. And it wasn’t like these were just conscious thoughts. I’d stare at girls when they walked and dream about them. And I wanted badly to be with them. I mean, the girls on my cheerleading squad were just too irresistible.

The temptation was insane. I mean, that first day I had just allowed myself to indulge in it, because it was all so strange and new and uncontrollable. But when I got home that night, I realized that I had to keep control of myself. First of all, I didn’t even understand these feelings I was having. What if I hurt someone or did something that I couldn’t take back? What if the side effect went away and I felt ashamed about what I’d done? What if I couldn’t live with it? Plus, I knew I could trust Dr. Marta, the twins, and Lucy, but if I did anything more, I knew that everyone would find out about me. And while I’d… yes I admit it, had fun with my cock that first day, I still didn’t want anyone to know that I had it. So I’d decided to control myself until I found out what was going on.

But that is like, way easier said than done. After that day, I could tell by the way she looked at me that whatever affect my cum had had on Dr. Marta was still in effect. But she tried to be professional. I mean I could see her stare at my body, I knew that she was smelling my perfume when we were close, but she never acted on it. Lucy was a different story. Whenever she saw me alone, she would try to kiss me and reach between my legs. She would tell me that she loved me and ask me to stay over at her house at night. I was a flyer on the cheerleading squad, and anytime I was in the air, I could feel her eyes going up my skirt, trying to see my bulge (even though she knew that I taped my cock down, very hard, so that no one would ever notice). I always tried to be gentle; I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. But I was always clear. Of course, I could never say it to Lucy, but it was the hardest thing I ever did, to push her away. Her body was so lovely, her smile was so dazzling, and her personality was so fun and bubbly. I wanted more than anything to be with her. I wanted her to hold me in her arms, I wanted her to kiss my breasts, and I wanted her to suck my dick. And that was how I knew that I had to resist, even though it took every ounce of self-control I had. How could I want someone to suck my dick? I didn’t even really want that dick. Did I?

Speaking of my dick, it seemed that now at six weeks out, it had finally stopped growing. I hadn’t noticed it at first, because it didn’t change very much from day to day. But after the first week, I was peeing in the morning (I peed standing up because, I mean if you have the opportunity you might as well take it right?), and I noticed that it poked out of my hand a little bit more. And each week for the next few weeks it was just a little bit longer. But finally, just the week before I took this trip to Philadelphia, It seemed to have stopped. It was never going to be a big cock I guess, it was only about 4.25 inches now, and it was still relatively thin. I was just happy that it was done. My balls hadn’t gotten any bigger, which was good, because they were already really tough to tape down.

Around the same time that my cock had stopped growing, I got a phone call from Dr. Marta. She told me that the high number of women who experienced the same side-effect as I had, convinced the pharmaceutical company that had made the treatment, ConPharmaMax, to organize a convention. It would bring together patients, pharmacists, doctors, and other interested parties together to talk about the condition in a confidential situation. It seemed that it was in everyone’s best interest to keep this situation under wraps. And it was an opportunity to discuss the situation with other people who had the same experience.

I had wanted to go immediately. My mom originally wanted to go with me, and that I was like really sweet and everything, but I didn’t want her to go. I mean, this was my problem and I was a woman now, 18 years-old. I wanted to handle this myself. I had fought a little with her about it, but in the end she couldn’t get the time off of work anyway. So ConPharmaMax had bought me a ticket, reserved me a suite in the same hotel that the convention would be held, and even sent me some introductory information. And I guess that gets me to where I started, at the desk at the hotel.

“Alright Ms. Hayes, here are your keys,” the clerk said and handed me two little credit card things. It was my first time in a hotel by myself and it felt very grown-up and everything to be given the keys and told I could go to my room. I walked over to the elevator and pushed the button. Then I looked around the lobby one last time. I saw young women my age texting on their phones, I saw young professional women typing on tablets, and I saw mother rummaging through their purses. I stepped into the elevator and wondered which of them was like me and what they were feeling.

My room was on the 12th floor, and I rode the elevator by myself. I got out on my floor and made my way to my room. I was in room 1213 and as I approached it I saw a women in early forties standing at the door next to mine. A younger woman, right about my age, was sitting on the floor next to her. The older woman kept putting her key into the door. I heard a little beeping sound and the older woman stamped her foot.

“God damn it!” she yelled.

“Jeez mom, relax,” the younger woman said, standing. She then took the card, pushed into the slot, and then sighed when the little beeping sound occurred again. Finally, I was standing right next to them. I took out one of my keys and slid it into the door. It flashed green and then opened. I glanced over and saw the two women stare at me like I was a genie or something. I dropped my bags on the floor in my doorway and as the door swung shut, it propped it open. I looked over at the helpless mother-daughter pair and smiled.

“You need to push in quick, but pull out slow,” I said, “I had a summer job at a hotel last year, I know how it goes.” I took the key from the girl my age and effortlessly opened the door. They sort of laughed sheepishly the way people do when technology outsmarts them.

“Thank you so much,” the mother said, throwing her bags into the room. She extended her hand and I shook it, “My name is Cassie and this is my daughter, Brittany.” I reached over and shook Brittany’s hand as well. Cassie was around 5’6 and around 120lbs, very slim for an older woman. Her hair was short and sort of chestnut colored and she had pretty brown eyes behind thick glasses. Her face was warm, her smile bright, and her skin relatively smooth and clear. Her body was very thin, with small, but perky breasts, and somewhat pointy joints. But she still had a feminine flair to her hips and a surprisingly big (but toned) bottom for a woman so thin.

“Nice to meet you,” I said. I could tell just by looking that Brittany was Cassie’s daughter. She was short, around 5’4 and had chestnut brown hair and brown eyes. She was also wearing glasses, but her hair was much longer than her mothers, I mean down to her ass. It was really beautiful, very thick and healthy. Like her mother she had small breasts, slim legs, and an oddly big (but again, toned) ass. Her skin was as clear as her mother’s, but more pale, and she looked more reticent, less likely to smile than her mother. But like her mother, I found her sexy. I didn’t want to think that, but I couldn’t help it. My eyes wondered over their bodies, especially those big asses. I pictured my hands on their hips, my hard cock pushing into those soft asses… And then I had to consciously decide not to think those thoughts. God, this was so hard!

“Are you here for…” Cassie began and then suddenly she stopped. I realized what she was asking and she did not want to get asked any follow-up questions if I was not.

“The ConPharmaMax convention?” I finished for her and she nodded slowly, “I am.” I replied. And she brightened a bit.

“A patient?” Brittany asked, her voice small and shy.

“Yes,” I said and I knew I was blushing.

“Us too,” Cassie said. And I was a bit surprised. I knew that the cancer that the drug in question combated had a genetic component (I mean the Otis twins both had it), but for some reason I had seen Cassie and Brittany and instantly assumed I was looking at a situation like I’d just managed to avoid: Mom taking care of daughter with medical condition. It was odd that both of them were here for the same reason.

“Well, hopefully we will get some answers,” I said awkwardly. It was strange to know that we were three women standing in a hotel hallway, with dicks between our legs. They seemed to sense this too.

“Well,” Cassie said, starting to inch into her room, “The first seminar is at 3:15, so we better get settled,” she said. Brittany sort of gave me one last look and then slipped into the room after her mother. I let out a sigh, it was going to be an awkward three days, and then I walked into my room.

I was a little disappointed, to be honest with the room. The pharmaceutical company told me that I’d have a suite. I’d assumed that meant, you know, like a hotel suite. But it was just a normal room. A bathroom immediately on walking in to the left, a queen sized bed, a desk, a chair, and a flat screen television on the wall. It was nice, but nothing special. I noticed that on the wall that separated my room from Cassie and Brittany that there were two doors. I opened one and found a tiny closet with a safe inside of it. I opened the other door and found another door. Apparently, I had a room that adjoined Cassie and Brittany’s roof. Hardly a suite. But I got over it. Because it was kind of like really nice college dorm room and I had a chance to think about what college would be like the next year. Assuming everything got fixed.

Finally, I threw my bag onto the desk and flopped down onto the bed. I thought back to my ride on the plane. I thought about the flight attendant who’d helped me put my bag in the overhead compartment. The way her perfume smelled when she leaned over to help, the way her calves looked poking out of her long skirt, and the way she’d smiled at me and tossed her hair. I thought about the girl I’d seen in line down at the register, I thought about Cassie and her daughter. My nipples were getting hard, pressing against my t-shirt. I could feel my cheeks getting warm. I was so horny.

I’d learned something in my six weeks with a cock. The only way, the absolute only way, that I could stand to be out in public with this unbelievable urges, was if I took a couple of times a day to… take care of myself. I was embarrassed about it at first, I didn’t like that I did it. But it was either that or be completely unable to control myself around pretty girls. That’s what had happened with the twins and me. It’s what happened with Dr. Marta. So I did what I had to do. And if it felt good, what was the harm?

That day, I’d been up since 4 a.m. had I hadn’t had a chance to ensure that I’d be alright to be around others. And now, in the privacy of my hotel room, I needed it. Bad. I could feel my little cock straining against the tape. I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, throwing them onto the floor. I lifted my t-shirt up over my head and unhooked my bra. In a moment, I was only wearing my panties. I slipped those down as well. I looked down at my crotch. When taped, I almost looked normal (except for the thick red stripe of tape that is). Smooth and perfect like I’d been before. But I grabbed onto the tape and I knew from experience that it was best to go quick. I tore the tape like a band and yelped a bit. Well, at least it was keeping me nice and hairless.

I looked down and watched as blood rapidly flowed into my little white cock. I had to admit, I was so horny now that I was happy to see my penis. It meant that I was going to get relief soon. And with the sexy thoughts that were running through my mind, in a matter of seconds, I was hard. I lay down flat on my hotel room bed and let the cool covers kiss my skin. I reached my hands up to my breasts, squeezing them lightly, pinching my own nipples. They became harder and more sensitive. And my cock ached a bit, I liked to tease it a bit, it made cumming so much better.

Next I craned my neck and grabbed one of my breasts with both hands. I don’t have really big breasts, but they are big enough. I bent forward and stuck out my tongue. I felt the hot warmth of my tongue against my nipple, and then swirled my tongue around, lavishing more sensation onto it. I was whimpering now, and my hips couldn’t keep still. My legs felt weak, like every ounce of energy was tied up in my cock, trying desperately to get a release.

I couldn’t keep my cock waiting any longer. I kept one hand on my breast, keeping my nipple pressed as close to my lips as it would allow. My other hands slinked down my body. It was warm and I liked the way it felt when it rolled over my breast, down my ribs, over my belly, and against my cock. My whole body felt electric when my hand touched my dick. It sort of shook a little, like it would explode. But I kept my hand moving. In a moment, my fingers were grasping my balls. They felt hot, full, and soft. I played with them, gently rubbing my hands over them and enjoying the way it somehow made my nipples feel.

But my cock was so…insistent. It needed me. My fingers slid up over my scrotum and I felt my long fingernails play against my shaft. I moaned loudly, squeezing my breast as I did so. I admit it, I loved the way my cock felt in my hand. The skin was so smooth and soft, but it was so hard inside. Like a hot piece of metal wrapped in silk. I gently moved my fingers over my cock, swirling my palm around on the tip. I was breathing heavy now. I stopped licking my nipple and just sort of drooled on it.

I wrapped my hand around my cock now, and it felt alive in my hand. Only a little bit of my cock poked out of my palm and it looked sort of cute and girly in my hand. I started to stroke it, slowly at first. I just enjoyed the way it felt to have all of the gentle ridges and valleys in between my fingers slide up and down on my cock. I started to move my hand faster. I was moaning constantly now, and writhing around on the bed. My hand pumped up and down, slipping over the tip of my cock and pounding down hard into my scrotum.

It didn’t take very long. I needed it so badly. I could feel it starting to build, peel the pressure in my testicles. I didn’t even have the ability to think anymore, I was just acting. I dropped my breast and then rolled backwards on the bed. I flipped back so that my head was against the bed, my feet were past my head on the bed, my ass was straight up in the air, and my cock was looking at me right in the face. And I kept stroking my cock the whole time.

I rolled just in the nick of time. I heard myself moan loudly. And then my entire body felt like it was made of Jell-o, just weak and wiggly. And the most intense pleasure emanated out form my balls and then spread out, all over my body. It seemed to move in a giant wave, crashed up my stomach and down my legs, threw my breasts, and into my brain. It was indescribable. My entire body finally tensed, and then released.

And when it released, something else did as well. My eyes were open and I watched as thick, pearly white spurts of cum poured out of my little cock. It came out a couple of big globs at a time. When it came out, I could feel my balls seize and my anus tingled. It was so intense, that it hurt a little. Cum splashed against my face, hot and wet. I felt against my neck and on my breasts as well, and it seeped into my hair. I opened my mouth, catching a big drip of sperm. It splashed across my teeth and hit my tongue. It was warm, and salty, and kind of like a thin jelly in texture. The sensation was wonderful. I savored it before swallowing. It a moment, my cock stopped shooting cum, and I let my body flop back down on the bed. I scooped up cum with my fingers, let it drip all over my hands, and then licked it off. I ran my hair through my mother, sucking down stray drips of sperm. It tasted so good, and there was so much! I swished the cum around in my mouth, feeling it get thick and frothy, and then I swallowed it down. The taste was still heavy in my mouth when I finally stopped, panting on the bed.

It was like this every time. I would get so incredibly horny that I had to masturbate. And I would do it and it was be crazy. I’d do things I’d never consider when I didn’t have an erection. And then I’d cum and after I ate up my cum, I’d feel awkward and confused by what I’d done. I’d feel a little ashamed. But it would all happen again. But I didn’t have time to worry now, in fact, I was at a place where maybe I would be able to find a cure for this problem. So I got up and ran to the bathroom and cleaned myself off so that I could go to the convention.

Chapter 2: Meeting a Curious Pharmaceutical Rep

I decided that, since I was going to a convention with other women in my condition, I’d dress more comfortably than usual. Instead of a pair of pants and tape, I threw on a comfortable, black pencil skirt. I put on a conservative red button-up blouse and left a little cleavage showing. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I looked older, and sophisticated. The look I was going for. I stepped out of my hotel room and headed for the elevator.

In a few moments I was standing in the hotel lobby, looking around and wondering where I was supposed to go. There was a little restaurant to the left of the elevators and then a long hallway that ran past the front desk. I saw several women walking down that hallway and decided to follow. I noticed signs soon enough, saying that I was headed towards the convention.

Finally, I made it into a large auditorium and grabbed a name tag. There were about two hundred women (about 300 were supposed to be coming) milling around waiting for things to get started. Most of the women were between the ages of 18 and 40, which made sense. They would be the ones most likely to get experimental treatment. Many of the women were incredibly pretty, and I couldn’t imagine any of them with dicks. We were all having the same awkward thoughts, so we just made silly chit-chat about the weather and everything else. Finally, I noticed an older man walk up to the podium up on the platform in the front of the room. He cleared his throat into a microphone. The other women in the room looked up and then we all found our ways to our seats.

“Good afternoon, my name is Arthur Coates and I am President and CEO of ConPharmaMax,” the old man said. He paused, I guess he was used to talking to adoring stockholders and wanted some applause or something, but we weren’t there because we were impressed with his work, “I want to thank you all for being here. I assure you that we are doing everything in our power to create a speedy resolution to this problem. We are all in this together, and I think that together, we will be better than ever. I’d like to turn this over to Monica Slater now…” The man said. A handsome older woman stepped onto the platform and shook hands with Artie before he stepped down.

“As Mr. Coates explained, I am Monica Slater and I am general counsel for ConPharmaMax…”she started. So she was their lawyer I guess. She talked for like twenty minutes about liability and other stuff. It all boiled down to “please don’t sue us, be grateful we saved your lives, and if you play ball we might be able to get you some money or something while we find a good way to cut off your dicks.” All in all, it wasn’t too enlightening. They seemed more concerned about covering their asses than fixing our problem.

Then the lawyers were done and the doctors had their turn. It was disappointing but not surprising that they really didn’t have anything new to tell us. They told me all of the same sort of stuff that Dr. Marta had been telling me for weeks. And they kept stressing patience. They kept stressing that science can be a slow process and that they didn’t want to do anything that would have unintended consequences. Considering there was an unintended consequence was sitting between my legs, their caution seemed a little late. But they were also right, I’d be dead without my dick, the medicine saved my life.

Each presentation was longer and more boring than the last. I didn’t understand a lot of the medical jargon and the doctor’s didn’t seem to understand that power-point presentation is sheer torture to an audience. I tried to keep focus, but often my mind wondered. And so did my eyes. I looked at the women sitting around me. I thought back to that first day, when I’d seen the twins. I wondered what some of these women would look like naked, touching one another. Oh god, the soothing effects of my masturbation were slowly wearing off, I was getting horny again. I just did what I always do, I suppressed those thoughts, tried to think of something else. And I listened to more insanely boring droning.

Finally, it was around 7:00 p.m. and the CEO came back out and told us that the opening seminar was over and that we would be starting again at 9:30 a.m., the next morning. Everyone clapped, for some reason, and then we got up from our chairs and started to walk out. Some people stopped and talked. But I didn’t feel like doing that today. I was too drained. I tried to rush out, I couldn’t stand to be in the room any longer. Too much boredom for one day.

I was also incredibly hungry and I wanted to go get something to eat. I didn’t know my way around the area, so I went to the front desk to ask. I rushed fast enough that I was the first person to get there. The same dude was behind the counter as before.

“How may I help you ma’am?” he asked.

“I was just wondering what restaurants were in the area,” I said. He pointed over to another desk.

“Ask the concierge, I don’t know,” he said.

“But…” I started. His phone rang and he put a finger up, as though telling me to wait. I looked at the concierge desk and there was already a long line forming. I sighed and started to walk over in that direction.

“Excuse me… miss?” soft voice said to my left. I heard it but I didn’t think she was talking to me, “Excuse me, I am sorry,” she said and now she put her hand on my shoulder gently. I turned and looked at her. She was young, but older than me, probably in her early to mid-twenties. And she was absolutely gorgeous. She had very long, dark red hair and big blue eyes. Her skin was clear and fair with perfectly proportional features and very white teeth. She had an incredible body. Her breast were medium sized, but very pert. Her stomach was flat and her hips were delightful. She was wearing a tight skirt and her butt looked amazing. Her legs were long and thin. She looked like she worked out two hours a day. She was taller than me and had an air of gentle superiority about her. I felt my cheeks flush. This chick was smoking hot.

“Uh… yes…?” I asked, trying to sound casual and cool.

“Are you with the ConPharmaMax convention?” she asked and my eyes darted to the side. Was she a reporter or something? She looked kind of like a television reporter. Did she know? Was she going to expose everyone? Expose me? She must’ve seen the panic in my eyes. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a card. It said, ‘Angie Gustafson, Pharmaceutical Representative, ConPharmaMax’ and then listed her phone number and some other stuff.

“I work for the pharmaceutical company,” she explained.

“Oh,” I said, a little more relaxed, but still confused, “How can I help you?”

“I just wanted to talk to someone about the convention really quick, and you were the first person out,” She explained. And smiled. She was lovely and I felt my heart beating more quickly. I needed to avoid this situation before it got out of control.

“I’m sorry, I can’t talk right now, I need to get something to eat,” I explained. She was smiling and nodding.

“Oh that’s great, I need to eat something too!” she said, taking my hand in her’s. Her skin was soft and I could smell her perfume, “And if you come with me, we can put it on my ConPharmaMax card and you don’t need to pay.”

“I don’t know,” I said, looking back at the line at the concierge desk. I wanted to eat, and I wanted to stare at this beautiful woman, but I didn’t want to droll on her, I didn’t want my cock getting hard in public. I didn’t want to do something embarrassing.

“Oh come on… Mina, I know my way around here and you don’t. I promise I won’t bite, they pay me to be pleasant and agreeable” she said. For a moment, I thought she had somehow recognized me from a company file or something and felt very uncomfortable. Then I remembered I was wearing a name tag. She was smiling at me so sweetly. And my stomach rumbled and made up my mind.

“Let’s get sushi,” I said and she beamed at me. And we were off. She definitely knew her way around. She sort of jogged in front of me, winding through city blocks. She talked lightly the whole time and I tried to pay attention. But I couldn’t help but notice the way the muscles in her butt flexed as she walked or the way her breasts jiggled when she walked. And her voice was so musical, her face so bright. It was fun, and for a few minutes I was not thinking about the convention or what it meant. I was having an adventure in a strange city with a beautiful woman.

Finally, we arrived at a sushi bar and were seated in a booth. For a few moments, Angie just inspected the menu. I did the same. When she was done, she placed the menu on the table, sighed and then stretched. My eyes wandered over to her body as she stretched her arms to the ceiling, her breasts standing out all the more noticeably from her lithe body. Then she sort of collapsed down into the booth seat, looking relaxed. And sexy.

“Sorry, just been a long day,” she explained, “these kinds of things bore me to death.”

“Me too,” I said. We spoke for a few minutes. She asked about my life, about where I wanted to go to college, and everything like that. I found out that it was her job to try to convince doctor’s to use ConPharmaMax products and that she traveled a lot and seemed to generally have a pretty interesting life. She was single, I learned. The waiter came over and we gave him our orders.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer, “Why did you ask me to come to dinner with you?” I asked. And she smiled at me and tilted her head. For a moment she didn’t say anything, but she took a drink of her water and seemed to get her thoughts in order.

“Well, I was representing ConPharmaMax in our oncology division when this drug of yours was first getting developed. I remember they were very excited about the animal testing. They thought that this could be a major breakthrough and everything else. We were supposed to be getting information about the human trials and then…”

“What?” I asked, even though I already knew: Spontaneous genitals!



“They stopped talking about it. I asked around, but no one heard anything. My bosses told me to just sell what we had and that it mustn’t have panned out. But usually, when something big flames out, we at least get to hear why. So then, a couple of weeks ago I switched from oncology to Elective Medicines. You know, stuff people don’t really need but have huge profit margins. Boob jobs, labia trims, erectile-dysfunction medicine, and stuff like that. Anyway, I get there and I hear all these people talking about this new drug that was tested for something else, but it turns out that it also causes strange genital mutations, increased sex drive, and has some sort of weird addictive quality. And when they said the name of the drug, I realized it was the same one. I found out why they’d stopped talking about it. So I did some research, found out about it. And came here.”

“Why?” I said, suddenly feeling nervous. Was she a whistleblower? Did she think they were doing something unethical.

“Honey, if they isolate the different properties in this drug it could be a license to print money,” she explained, “And who do you think is going to be well-placed to take advantage of that? A person who knows all about it from the beginning. I just want to talk to you and figure out what’s going on. I can get doctor’s interested in this drug while they fine-tune it, then I will sell like crazy when it comes out. And in a couple of years, I will be the one printing money,” I could almost see the dollar signs in her eyes. She still looked beautiful, but she seemed a little tainted now. I didn’t know if I liked the way she thought. I mean, I didn’t want her to be a whistleblower, but if she was, at least that was respectable. This was kind of…wrong. And I didn’t like being a guinea pig. I didn’t like that my accidental penis was being used as a test to increase other people’s sex drives or give them addictive cum. A good saleswoman, Angie seemed to sense what I was thinking.

“Hey listen,” she said, “you don’t have to talk to me if you don’t want to. And don’t think I don’t empathize with you. I mean, that’s a weird deal you got there. But…you know it will be bad for you no matter what. At least if we keep working at it, your experience will help someone else. I mean, if we isolate the parts that took care of your cancer, then you are helping to save lives right now.” And that actually made sense. I didn’t like it, but it made sense.

“Okay, what do you want to know?” I asked. She started to ask questions. How increased was my sex drive? How big was my penis? Did it look like a man’s penis? What effect did my sperm have? And on and on and on and on. I tried to whisper, I didn’t want anyone to overhear. Angie was discreet as well. And it felt good to talk, to explain what I was feeling to someone, especially someone who was pretty and respectful. Someone who was unfailingly professional and didn’t bat an eye when I described some of the actions on that first day (I was careful not to use names). Finally, I had satisfied all of her questions and had gotten a free meal out of the deal. But I didn’t feel good about it.

“So, do you think you can sell my sorrow,” I said after it was over. She didn’t really deserve that, but I was tired of feeling like a freak.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it sound like that,” she explained, and she genuinely looked sorry.

“I know, I am sorry,” said. She reached over and put her hand on mine. She looked into my eyes and I could see actual remorse there. Not pity, she didn’t feel bad for me. She felt bad about what I’d been through because she was involved. I could respect that.

“I know that you are tired of being looked at like a test subject, I know my questions were invasive,” she said. I started to protest, to apologize again, but then she raised her hand, “Listen. Let me make it up to you.”

“How? You already bought me dinner,” I said. She didn’t speak. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the booth. “Where are we going?”

“Shh!” she said, “Just follow me, you’ll find out.” She pulled me down a hallway and past the kitchen. Then through a set of doors. Finally, she pulled me into a bathroom. It was a little dirty, and a single-seater. She locked the door behind her. I was completely confused.

“What are you doing?” I asked, confused. She spun around from the door and looked at me.

“I want to give you something,” she said, but spoke no further. I raised my eyebrows.

“Well…what?” I asked.

“I am going to give you a chance to do me one last favor,” she said and I rolled my eyes, “By letting you get even with someone from the pharmaceutical company.” She said, and that piqued my interest. I tilted my head to the side and looked at her, unable to divine what she was getting at.

“Who? How?” I asked.

“Me,” she said and then quickly started unbuttoning her tight white blouse. I didn’t know what to do. I froze. Suddenly her shirt was off and her perfectly shaped breasts were staring at me, straining against her elegant, black bra.

“What are you doing?” I croaked. And I felt my cock getting hard. I put my hands between my legs, trying to prevent it from being visible through my skirt. Angie unhooked her bra, but stopped while it hung loosely against her breasts.

“I need to find something out, so I am going to be a guinea pig myself,” she said, and she tossed her bra aside. I groaned a little, and actually enjoyed the way the pressure from my fingers felt against my hard cock. Her breasts were so lovely. Her skin was so smooth and white, her nipples were pink dots, pointing up into the air. Her breast were shaped like teardrops. I wanted to feel them.

“What?” my mind clouding now

“And you will test on me,” she said, quickly unzipping her skirt. She let it fall onto the dirty floor. She was wearing little black panties and they looked so cute on her. She slipped her thumbs into them, sliding them down around her ankles. Her pussy was a hot red gash in her creamy white skin, perfectly proportioned, it begged to be fucked. I could barely control myself. My cock felt like it was going to explode, but I had to keep cool.

“I don’t understand,” I said. I felt light-headed and I sat down on the toilet. Angie smiled at me and walked over towards me, wearing only her high heels. As she slinked towards me, I felt my heart beat even faster.

“It’s simple,” she said, stopping just a foot in front of my knees. She knelt down in front of my and put her hands on mind. Carefully, she pried my hands away from my cock. My skirt tented out and she licked her lips when she looked at it.

“I don’t understand,” I said, gasping for air as her finger brushed against my dick. This didn’t make any sense, how was this happening.

“Mina,” Angie said in a very serious voice, “I didn’t pick you to have dinner with me because you were the first person out. I saw you come into the convention hall, I thought you were cute (I’m bi, for what it is worth). And I also wanted to see something. Like I said, I need to understand everything about this drug. I have ambition Mina, and I am willing to do anything to achieve my goals. I want to be CEO of this company, and to do that I need to know how to make it money. A lot of money. So, what does that mean? It means that I need to know just how addictive you are. And the best way to know is to find out myself. Then I can speak with authority (of course, while never admitting to doing anything). So I am running a test, I am running it on myself. And then, we will be even. And I figured if I was going to do this anyway, I might as well pick someone who I wouldn’t mind seeing naked.” I felt confused, and flattered. I think this beautiful woman was saying I was attractive.

“What if I say no?” I said, my cheeks flushed and my nipples hard against my shirt. Angie laughed, sweetly but still a bit derisively.

“You just told me about all of your side effects. I know that you are uncontrollably attracted to women. I also know I am a very attractive woman, that’s how I got this job. And I can see how much you like me.” Through the skirt, she took the tip of my cock in between her forefinger and thumb and shook it a bit. My entire body felt like weak and I moaned. Angie giggled.

“I can’t,” I said, but everything inside of me said that I had to. Angie seemed to understand this, like I said she was a good saleswoman. She flipped up my skirt, exposing my panties. I tried to flip it down again, but she held it up. Then I felt her slip a finger inside of my panties, I felt her nail graze against my cock. I couldn’t speak anymore. She was completely in control. I looked down at her soft red hair and I felt like I was in heaven. Any internal conflict was gone, I just needed this. Carefully, she slipped my cock out of the right leg-hole in my panties. She gasped.

“It is so cute!” she said, I looked down and saw her hand gently touching my hard little pink rod. She looked so beautiful, her face was only inches away from it. My balls ached. I didn’t want to talk anymore, “I pictured something…I don’t know… weird looking. This is so sexy… its girly you know?” I couldn’t speak, I just nodded. “Done objecting?” she said, seeing my almost complete lack of will to do anything but enjoy her touch.

“Yes,” I barely croaked. She smiled and then leaned forward and gave my cock a quick little kiss. Sensation ran all through my body. And she looked so sexy doing it.

“Okay, then I am the guinea pig. Test on me,” she said, and bit her lower lip. I gave up. I needed this worse than I needed to keep control of my dignity. I reached forward and put my hand against Angie’s cheek. Her skin was smooth and soft. She closed her eyes and leaned against my hand. I slid my hand back and grabbed the back of her neck, gently. Then I pulled her forward. She smiled and seemed to sense what I wanted. She opened her mouth and took my hard little cock into it.

She engulfed my entire cock in her mouth in one quick movement. I sucked in breath quickly. She leaned into me now and I felt her soft breasts against my knees. She rubbed her tongue against the bottom of my cock and I felt like I was melting. I cannot describe how lovely her mouth felt. Her soft, hot tongue was against my urethra, her pillowy cheeks against the sides. Even the roof of her mouth felt soft. I felt so warm and safe inside of her mouth. She didn’t bob her head up and down like I’d expected, instead she just gently massaged my cock with her whole mouth.

While she did that she also reached up with one of her hands and gently massaged my balls. I felt her fingers slide my balls out of my panties to get better access. Her long delicate nails played over my scrotum and she bounced my balls gently on the pads of her fingers and even her palm. She grinned around my cock while I writhed on the toilet seat.

I couldn’t take the pressure anymore, I needed to do something. My first thought was to get naked. I quickly unbuttoned my blouse and threw it on the floor next to Angie’s. Then I unhooked my bra and threw it as well. My nipples were hard and they actually ached even though I had not touched them yet. I leaned back against the tank of the toilet, trying to get some support. With her one free hand, Angie, reached up and grabbed one of my breasts. I grunted as her fingers sunk into my skin. Her fingers danced against my nipples, the hole while she kept sucking on my cock.

I bucked my hips now, trying to drive my cock harder into her mouth. Her hair splashed against my legs, covering my whole lower body in her soft, tickling hair. Her eyes shown as she suck on me and rubbed me. I’d never felt anything so good in my life. She clearly had more experience with this kind of stuff than anyone I’d been with before. I felt her move so that my leg was between hers, I felt her squatting with her pussy directly against my foot. Her cunt felt hot and it was dripping onto my foot. I wiggled my foot and could hear her moan around my dick.

I can’t really describe what happened next as a conscious thought. I mean, afterwards when I looked back, I knew what I’d done and why, but in that second it was just instinct. I later realized that Angie, this incredibly sexy woman, had told me that she was the guinea pig and I’d be running an experiment on her. But here I was, getting my cock sucked passively, letting Angie play with my cock, with my tits. She was in control. I was just letting her do what she wanted. I didn’t want to be under the control of ConPharmaMax anymore, even if it came in this sexy package. I’d been so silly to think that by passively waiting for my “condition” to get better while suppressing my urges that I’d taken control of my life. I’d let this problem define me and make me miserable. Maybe the best way to stop feeling like a guinea pig was not to hope that it stopped, but to do it on my terms. To accept whatever feelings and desires I had not being ashamed of them. Now I was in control, and I was running the test.

I stood up quickly from the toilet, my cock popped out of Angie’s mouth and she tumbled back onto the dirty bathroom floor. She was sort of sitting on her butt, her legs tangled, and her arms thrown back for support. Her shoes had fallen off. She looked confused and incredibly sexy. I stood in front of her now, my cock sticking out proud from my body. I smiled and then reached my hand out. Angie looked confused but took my hand, I helped her to her feet.

“Everything okay baby?” she asked. Her lips were wet from spit and I could smell the musky scent of my cock on her breath.

“Almost,” I said, I moved to the side and sort of flung Angie’s arm forward. She gave a little scream, then a giggle, as her hands flew forward. She grasped onto the tank of the toilet. Now she was sort of bent over the toilet, her back parallel to the floor, her ass up in the air. She started to stand up, but I put my hand on her back, holding her down. She stayed still.

I walked around behind Angie and as I walked I unzipped my skirt and let it slide off of my hips. Then, when I got around behind her, I quickly slipped off my panties. Now we were both naked. Angie looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. I looked down at Angie’s ass. The globes of her flesh were tight and round. I put my hands on them cautiously, letting my hands sink into their warmth. I heard Angie moan as I did this. Then I sort of shook her asscheeks, letting them bounce together and make a fun sort of smacking sound. I pulled them open and saw Angie’s tight pink asshole. I ran my thumb against it and I felt Angie’s body shake all over. I bent over a bit and saw her hot red slit, dripping juices onto the floor.

Angie was taller than me, and even bent over her ass and pussy were too high for me. I looked down on the floor and saw Angie’s high heels. I saw that they were about the size of my feet. I knelt down on the floor. As I did so, I let my hand glide over Angie’s ass, down her thigh, to her knee. I could smell her delicious pussy as I moved and her body trembled against my touch. I quickly slipped her shoes on and stood up. I was considerably taller now, standing behind Angie.

I put my hands on her hips, pushing my thumbs onto her ass cheeks. “Put it in baby,” Angie begged. I didn’t need anything else. I moved forward and pushed the tip of my little, aching cock against Angie’s wet pussy. She was so incredibly wet that the tip slipped in without me even pushing. Angie gasped and pushed back into me. Angie’s pussy was so tight, and felt almost like her hot mouth had felt. Warm, wet, and constantly sucking. Angie pushed back so hard, I couldn’t have stopped if I tried. In one quick motion, my cock was entirely buried in her pussy.

“Holy shit, that feels good for a little cock!” Angie moaned. I felt my cock flex inside of her, pushing up into her. Then I pulled my cock out slightly and then slammed it back into her. Her elbows buckled and she moaned. My big balls swung up and slapped her little red clit and I felt her knees get weak. Then I started to slide my cock in and out of her, moving in a steady rhythm. And while my cock kept filling her pussy, my balls kept slapping her clit. She was moaning continuously now. I reached under her body as best I could, trying to rub her breasts, wanted to feel her nipples. I did for a while, but she was too tall. But her breasts felt lovely, her nipples hard and silky.

“Of Jesus Fuck I am going to cum!” Angie screamed. And then suddenly, she let out a loud groan. I moved my hands back to Angie’s hips, feeling the orgasm tear through her body. In that same instant, I pushed my cock hard into her. While she came, her pussy contracted, squeezing my dick even harder. I couldn’t have stopped it if I wanted to. I let out a little shriek as her body milked my cock hard. I felt my entire body tingle, I felt my balls seize up, and then I felt the sudden release.

And then I felt my cum. Pouring out of my body, I could feel big spurts shooting out of the tip of my cock. So much that it almost hurt as it burst out of my urethra. So much that it shot out with read pressure, spraying hard at Angie’s insides. Angie was panting, leaning her head against the toilet tank, taking all of my cum into her body. It was filling her up. I don’t know how much I came, I just know when I pulled out, a full cup of my hot sperm poured out of her pussy and splattered on the floor. I kicked off Angie’s shoes and collapsed down onto the floor.

“Oh my god, that was amazing!” Angie said. She turned around now and sat on the toilet seat. I was on the floor, just a few feet in front of her, “your cum is incredible, I can feel it inside of me!” she said. Then she put her hand down underneath of her red pussy and pushed. Big globs of my sperm poured out of her pussy and splattered into her hand. I didn’t even know what to do, I couldn’t conceive of what she was doing. But then she quickly moved her hand up to her mouth and shoved onto her tongue. It was messy, smearing on her chin and down onto her breasts. She moved her hand back a few more times, each time getting less and less sperm from her pussy. Her body glistened and dripped with my cum.

“I somehow knew it was going to taste good!” she said, “This is bizarre.” Then she saw me laying on the floor and she jumped down so that she was lying next to me. A big glob of cum was dripping from her chin and she was smiling. “Wow, that stuff is amazing.” She said. She was so nasty, it was such a turn on to have this effect on someone. All that electricity and fun from that first day of having a cock flooded back to me. Then she leaned over and kissed me. Her lips were soft and I could taste my sperm on my lips. Then she broke the kiss.

“I really do appreciate it you doing that for me,” I said and I meant it.

“Well we both benefited,” she said and I thought about Angie’s driving ambition, the reason we were here in the bathroom.

“So you know how effective the medicine is now?” I asked.

“What?” She said, looking confused. I looked down at her breasts, covered in my sperm. I scooped a little off of her and popped it into my mouth. It did taste good. She shivered, “Oh right. I guess.”

“You don’t care anymore?” I asked.

“No, I mean, I do. It’s just…”


“I really want to know if I can see you again,” she explained and I smiled. Suddenly, the tables had turned. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply, letting my tongue explore the inside of her mouth. Then, I broke the kiss. I looked at her for a few moment, drinking her in with my eyes. I could see lust in her eyes, and I could see some warmth. But I knew why she wanted to see me again. And quickly started to collect my stuff, to get dressed. Angie was staring at me, confused. She looked lovely, but I suddenly knew the extent of my power. I could have a hundred girls as pretty as Angie if I wanted to. Why should I give her, someone who worked for ConPharmaMax, more than a taste? And she didn’t “like” me anyway, she was just infatuated with someone she’d kind of tried to take advantage of.

“What are you doing?” she asked, as I threw on my shirt and zipped up my skirt.

“Going back to my hotel room,” I explained.

“Can I come?” she asked, looking bright and sitting up quickly. I stopped for a moment, and looked up like I was considering it. I knew I was going to leave her hanging. But I decided to be compassionate.

“Call me in four to six weeks, maybe I will be able to help you then,” I said and walked out the door.

I didn’t look back, but I heard her say, “Damn, I can really sell this stuff.”

Chapter 3: Oh Those Noisy Neighbors

I’d gotten back to my room after it had already gotten dark (I admit, I got a little lost on my way back to the hotel, but I couldn’t go back and ask Angie for help). That night I slept better than I had in a very long time. I was actually satisfied. I didn’t even have to masturbate. I just stretched out on the cool sheets in the bed, naked. I didn’t hide my cock (which I usually did even when I was alone), I just relaxed.

The next morning, I woke up feeling pretty good even though the alarm woke me up way earlier than I would have liked. I practically skipped over to the bathroom and I sang while I showered and then blow dried my hair. I wrapped the towel around my breasts and walked out into the hotel room to check the television before I went downstairs for breakfast.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and was about to turn on the television when I heard something. I focused. It sounded like moaning. Coming from next door. I couldn’t tell at first if it was happy moaning or like… wailing from sadness or something. I stopped moving and just listened and I could hear occasionally words and the moaning. I could definitely tell it was coming from next door now. From Cassie and Brittany’s room.

I don’t know why I was so curious, it really wasn’t any of my business. But I was curious. I had to find out what was going on. I moved over towards the wall, and put my ear against it. Actually, the sound became more muffled that way. I was confused by that, until I looked down the wall and saw the door. I’d forgotten! These are adjoining rooms.

So I moved quickly, but quietly, down the wall. I’d left the door open a bit the day before and forgotten to close it. I could hear more muffled noises now that I was close to the doorway. I opened my door the whole way, and looked over at the door into the neighbor’s room. I don’t know why I was so nosy, but come on. You’d do the same thing, right?

Anyway, they design those rooms so there is no doorknob in the middle. Both people have to like, open their doors, so your pervy neighbor can’t watch you sleep. The door looked closed, but I decided to give it a little push. My heart raced when I noticed that it opened slightly. It rocked back closed again. My cheeks were flushed and I felt myself sweating a bit. This was so nerve-wracking. If they saw me peeping on them, I’d get in huge trouble. But I had to find out what was going on.

Carefully, I pushed, just a little bit. The door opened in such a way that it would open up towards the bed and obscure the view of the bathroom. It sounded like the people were near the bed, so I only had to open a crack. I moved slowly, trying to make sure that there was no noise. Finally, I had the door open about two inches. I slowly and quietly put my head against the door and opened my eyes. I was completely taken aback by what I saw.

The lights were off in the room and the shades were drawn, but it was daylight and enough filtered in so I was absolutely sure about what I was seeing. I saw Cassie, sitting on the edge of the bed. She was naked, her head thrown back and her hair in her face. Her hands were sprawled back on the bed for support, her dingers digging into the comforter. Her eyes were closed. Her breasts were bouncing up and down, her nipples hard and skin flushed. There was a good reason for that.

Because between her legs was her daughter, Brittany. The younger woman was also naked and she was sitting in Cassie’s lap, facing away from her mother. Her long hair was bouncing, as were her small tits. She was grabbing one of her breasts, kneading the skin and pinching the nipple. Her cock, about the same size as mine, was bouncing up and down in her lap, I could hear her balls smacking against her leg. As she bounced I could just barely make out her mother’s cock, pounding into her ass over and over again. I could now hear Cassie moaning clearly, and it was Brittany who was speaking.

“Oh God Mommy!” she cried, “Fuck my ass! I need your cum in my ass mommy” she yelled. My knees felt weak, this was just too much. I dropped down on my knees to think. This was the raunchiest thing I’d ever seen in my life. I mean a mother… and a daughter. I considered just sliding back into my room and pretending I hadn’t seen anything. But I could hear them moaning. I could hear their skin smacking together, I couldn’t not watch.

I tried to inch forward now on my knees. My towel was getting tangled in my legs so I quickly tore it off and tossed it into my room. I was completely naked now, on the floor next to the desk in their room. I was on my hands and knees with my ass up in the air. My cock was dangling down between my legs, but it was already hard and my balls almost throbbed. After all, I hadn’t cum since dinner time the night before. I inched forward and peeked around the desk.

I was a little closer now and the light was a little better. I could see that Brittany wasn’t bouncing up and down on her mother’s cock anymore. Instead, she had her hands on her mother’s knees and was sort of grinding her ass onto Cassie’s cock. Her hips were jostling wildly and I could see that it was having the desired effect on Cassie. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open, and her nipples were harder than even before.

“Mommy, I want your cum inside of me, I want to drink it out of my asshole!” the girl moaned and Cassie grunted louder. Suddenly, Cassie leaned forward quickly, grabbing her daughter by the hips. Brittany pitched forward a bit, so that her eyes were facing her feet. She looked like she was about to tumble forward completely so that she’s land on the floor, but Cassie’s grip was strong.

“Baby I love you!” Cassie moaned. Then she thrust her hips up two times in very quick succession. She let out a deep moan. And then leaned back onto the bed, panting. I looked down at Brittany’s ass. I could see Cassie’s cock, sort of expanding and contracting as her cum filled her daughter’s asshole. I could see the cum dripping down the sides of her cock as it overflowed Brittany’s bowels. I could even see it start to drip and pool on the floor. I could smell it and I wanted to taste it. My mouth watered and my cock ached, but I was afraid to stroke myself, afraid that the noise would alert the two other woman.

Brittany put her hands on her stomach and groaned, “Oh mommy,” she panted, “You’re filling me up!” Brittany started bouncing up and down on her mother’s cock again. Cassie groaned in pleasure and in pain from the sensitivity. I could hear Cassie’s thick cum sloshing in and out of her daughter’s asshole. Brittany put her hands on her own breasts, rubbing her nipples and squeezing her flesh.

Then, she let out a loud shriek and I saw her face freeze in a look of pure pleasure. I watched as her balls sort of contracted against her body. Then I watched as thick, white globs of cum burst out of her cock. Her body was still bouncing and her cock was bobbing up and down while she came. This sort of slung her cum all over the place, splashing it around the room and also on to Brittany’s chest and face. The girl was smiling, licking the cum off her face even as more sperm poured out of her body. I could hear Cassie laughing as she watched her daughter. Then the two woman collapsed down onto the bed. I could see them holding one another and could hear them sucking the cum off of Brittany’s body. They were whispering sweet nothings to one another. I was still shocked by, and still horny from, what I saw. But it seemed sort of, I don’t know…sweet. I decided not to intrude any farther in their private lives. This was none of my business. I started to back slowly out of the room and… THUMP! I bumped my ass into the door.

“What the hell is that?” Cassie said. I closed my eyes and swore under my breath. I could hear the covers rustling as the two women covered themselves. “Who is in here?” Cassie said and sounded terrified. I felt so guilty.

“Mom, the door to the room next door is cracked,” Brittany whispered and I bit my lip. They were going to figure this out quickly. I decided that my best bet for leniency was just to stand up and take my punishment. So I rose quickly, still naked, hoping that would buy me some sympathy. When I stood, I looked at the two women on the bed. They were wrapped up in the hotel comforter, their arms wrapped around one another. They looked nervous. And pissed.

“M…Marcie?!” Cassie said in an indignant voice.

“Mina,” I said, barely above a whisper, and I hung my head.

“What the hell are you doing in our room,” Cassie said. She sort of looked around the bed to see if it looked like they’d been fucking. Maybe she was trying to see if it was obvious, if I’d just walked in I might not have known anything. But Cassie’s breast was exposed and whole room was warm and smelled like cum. Even if I hadn’t been here the whole time, I’d have known.

“Well,” I said, and I thought about making something up, but I didn’t have any good reason to be there. Let alone, being naked. I decided to tell the truth. I told them about hearing noises, being curious, investigating, losing my towel, being aroused, and seeing them fucking. I was blushing hard by the time I was done reciting the whole thing. Their faces were red and it was clear they were embarrassed more than angry.

“Oh,” Cassie said, “You had no right to be here!” she said. She realized that this was the only thing she had on me. I’d witnessed her committing the ultimate taboo, all she had left was a little indignation on violation of privacy.

“I know. I was just curious. And you know how this is, it makes you so horny!” I said, looking at my cock. I was trying to give them an out. At first, Cassie didn’t get it.

“That is no excuse,” she said, standing and walking towards me. Her cock was limp and looked sexy bouncing against her leg while she walked. I sort of flinched, I didn’t know what was coming. But Brittany seemed to see what I was saying. She quickly got up off the bed, ran over to her mother, and grabbed the woman’s arm. I couldn’t help but feel aroused when I watched Brittany’s lithe body move. And the way her breast pressed against her mother’s arm was unbearable. Even though I was embarrassed and nervous, my prick was still hard.

“Mom, I think she is saying she understands,” Brittany said. Her mother turned and looked at her uncomprehendingly. Then I saw her think about it, and she nodded her head. For a moment she looked at me and then sat down on the chair next to the desk. Brittany stood beside her, with her hand on her mother’s shoulder. I was still nervous, but Cassie spoke without any further prompting from me or her daughter.

“Brittany and I started taking the medicine about a year ago. The form of cancer it fights can be hereditary. I guess we both…developed the side effect at around the same time. We didn’t tell one another,” Cassie explained. She stopped for a moment, and Brittany took up the narrative.

“We were both embarrassed and hoped that the other person wasn’t going through the same thing. And at first we didn’t know about the other aspects of the side-effects. The hyper-arousal and the… aphrodisiac nature of the sperm,” Brittany said, using the word the doctors had used during the conference the day before. She blushed and then walked over to the bed and sat down.

“Well, I guess Brittany was… masturbating in school,” Cassie said, “She wasn’t caught or anything, but she didn’t even have the will to make it to the bathroom. She would just touch herself through her skirt and then… you know, ejaculate in her panties. Well, I do the laundry. So I handled her wet panties. I didn’t think much of it, picking them up out of the hamper. But when I touched them… well you know.”

“We only did it the one time,” Brittany said, almost pleading with me to understand, “I came downstairs while she was doing the laundry and she sort of pounced on me. But I didn’t fight back. I wanted it. I don’t know. I’d never thought that way about my mother before. But this thing,” she pointed at her dick, “It changes the way you think.” Mother and daughter were looking at one another now, and it was clear that it was more than a parental gaze. It really had changed the way they thought.

“But we, we did it that one time and realized that it was wrong. We have worked very hard to behave correctly,” Cassie explained, “But we got here. And they gave us a room with one bed because the suites the pharmaceutical company got us were cheap. And we spent all this time talking about our arousal. Last night, we were good. We used all of our will power. But we didn’t sleep well. And when we got up this morning, I could feel Brittany’s penis hard on my leg. And we couldn’t stop.” And with that, I got the whole story. I could see, just from talking about it, Cassie and Brittany were aroused again. Their cocks were hard and their cheeks were flushed. It was clear that none of us were intellectually in control of our urges. And this conference, with all its technical jargon, had just confirmed that fact. Even in explaining it, they must’ve known I understood completely.

I was hornier than ever. Rather than repulse me, the story had simply made the whole taboo situation even more exciting. And I thought back to the day before, with Angie. I’d promised myself to embrace what my body was telling me. Now, my body was telling me to act, telling me that I needed to act to get some relief. I looked at the two beautiful women, mother and daughter, looking at me for understanding and I decided what I needed to do.

“Well,” I said and started to walk over to the bed, I felt their eyes follow me and move with my bouncing, hard cock, “I definitely understand. I could tell you some stories about my own life. And about some twins that I know.” Their eyes got very big and I could see Brittany’s cock twitching as I sat down on the bed next to her, “But just because I understand doesn’t mean I don’t want something out of this, something to buy my silence” I said slinkily. They looked at me with desire. They knew that my threat was just an excuse, a reason to let them take me. The fact that I hadn’t run screaming out of the room when I saw them fucking must’ve told them that I couldn’t judge them. That I was just as trapped, wonderfully trapped, as they were.

“What do you want?” Cassie asked. I didn’t speak. I was sitting right next to Brittany, our legs dangling off the side of the bed, her thigh was touching mine. As you know, I am a cheerleader, and a flyer. I am very flexible. I lifted the leg closet to Brittany, and spread it out. I lifted it so that it sort of soared right over Brittany’s head. Brittany’s eyes looked between my spread legs and she must’ve smelled my delicate scent. But then my leg went around her back. I sort of scooted over. Now I was sitting behind Brittany, my legs sort of wrapped around her and my cock pressed against her back. But I was done. I quickly pushed Brittany up so she was standing and then, while she was still off balance, swung her around so she was facing me. Now I was laying on my back, my leg’s spread wide, my cock hard, and my asshole straight up in the air.

“I want your daughter to fuck my asshole,” I said, looking at Cassie, “Tell her to do it.” I said. Brittany looked like she was about to move, but she waited for Cassie’s permission.

“Can I fuck her mommy?” Brittany asked.

“You’d better,” Cassie said, swinging the chair around so that she was watching us. Brittany walked in between my legs and put her hands on the insides of my thighs. Her hands were hot and her fingers pushed hard into my flesh. She wiped some of her own cum off of her tits and belly and then smeared it, now cooler from the air but still wet, all over my asshole. I moaned, enjoying the feel of her soft fingers against that delicate spot. She then spit in her hand and covered her cock in saliva. Finally, she positioned her cock against my asshole, and pushed. My body wanted it so bad, the tip slipped in easily.

Brittany’s spit and sperm made it so velvety and smooth. I groaned, feeling the tip stretch. But it felt so lovely. My ball big balls hung down and rested on Brittany’s cock as it started to work into my asshole. Brittany kept her hands on my hips now, holding me still while her cock pushed farther and farther into my body. I moaned and writhed on the bed, the pleasure was intense. And in a few moments, I felt Brittany’s own large balls pressing against my ass cheeks and I knew she was all the way in. I wrapped my legs around her thin body while she started to pull out. Then she slammed her cock back into me. Brittany didn’t mess around, she starting fucking me hard and fast. I felt her hard cock pushing in and out of my bowels. My mind almost went blank, but I tried to maintain my composure I wasn’t done yet. I turned my head and looked at Cassie. She was watching us intently.

“Do you like to watch your daughter fuck me?” I asked Cassie. I should say now that I have no idea where my dirty talk comes from. I mean, it must just come with the hyper-arousal. Whatever.

“I love it,” Cassie said. Her legs were spread and she was slowly stroking her cock.

“Your daughter is a filthy fucking whore!” I yelled and Cassie looked like she’d been struck. Brittany giggled and didn’t seem to mind. She kept pounding away at my asshole, shaking my whole body.

“What did you say?” Cassie said hotly. Good, I was trying to provoke her.

“You daughter is a cunt and she would probably fuck anyone or anything for five dollars,” I said, then I groaned as Brittany rubbed my breast and shoved her hips hard into my asshole.

“You don’t talk about her like that,” Cassie said. It was clear that her mother’s instincts were battling with her eyes and her own knowledge of what we were doing.

“You want me to shut up?” I asked.

“Yes,” Cassie said forcefully.

“Then you better put something in my mouth,” I said. I then leaned back on the bed. I was sort of lying across one corner of the bed so my ass was on the edge and my legs were wrapped around Cassie. At the same time, my head was dangling off the foot of the bed, and I let my neck crane completely so that I was looking, upside down, at Cassie on the chair. I wasn’t exactly subtle and Cassie seemed to know what to do.

She was up off the couch in a second. Her put her hands firmly on my breasts and centered her cock against my lips. It was still a little wet from cum and I could smell Brittany’s ass on it. I wanted it in my mouth. I parted my lips and let it slide onto my tongue. It tasted as earthy and rich as it smelled and I moaned around it. Cassie pushed it hard into my mouth, almost into my throat. I could tell she wanted to fuck my face, so I just held my mouth of, keeping my tongue thick and wet. Just like her daughter pounding away at my asshole, Cassie started pounding at my mouth. Thrusting her hips hard, but not so hard that she’d hurt me. Both cocks started pistoning in and out of my body in a rhythm. I could hear the mother and daughter, over my body, kissing.

Surprisingly, Cassie was the first to cum, I guess my lips are tighter than my ass. I felt her hands squeeze hard on my breasts. I heard her make a loud, delectable croaking sound her throat. I felt her balls seize up against my nose. Then, my throat, mouth, and lips were bathed in hot, thick, salty liquid. It filled my mouth and splashed around on my teeth. It even overflowing my mouth, dripping across my lips, my eyes, and even into my hair. It tasted lovely.

“Fill her up baby,” I heard Cassie say, “Help mommy fill this whore up.” It was just what I needed to hear at that moment, it was so hot. At that same instant, Brittany gave two or three more hard pumps into my asshole and I heard her squeal. I felt her cock expand in my asshole and then I felt hot liquid pouring into my asshole. And I couldn’t take any more. My toes pointed, my muscles all contracted, I felt completely without weight like my entire being was pleasure, I was completely beyond contact with the outside world. And I felt my balls rumble and then, thick, hot spurts of cum poured out of my dick and splashed against my own tits. It just kept cumming, more sperm than I’d ever produced before, a torrent that almost felt more like I was pissing than cumming. I collapsed panting on the bed. I felt Cassie’s cock pop out of my mouth and Brittany’s cock slide out of my assshole. Finally I felt both women leaning over me, sucking my cum off of my body and sharing it back and forth between their mouths.

When they finally finished cleaning me, we were all so satisfied, any fears or worries we had before seemed strange. For moment we all just stayed where we were, trying to come to terms with what happen. But we smiled at each other with a little embarrassment. It didn’t really have to mean anything, it had just been fun.

“Well,” I said, when I felt like the awkwardness had gone on long enough, “I guess we should get down to the convention. We will be a few minutes late.” I walked over to the door and found my towel

“I guess so,” Cassie said, kissing her daughter once on the lips, “but before you go, I want to say something.” Cassie got up off the bed and walked to me, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I was a little surprised.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“What for?” I asked.

“For allowing me to love my daughter in whatever way I can, without destroying it. You had that power, and you just let us play. And played with us,” she said.

“You’re welcome,” I said and I felt good. What harm could come from any of this? It didn’t even really feel wrong anymore. Why had been fighting my body for so long?

“Come back over tonight,” Cassie said and winked, “I can give you our home address. You can come visit sometime.” She said.

“I think I will take you up on that,” I said, and kissed her once on the cheek, before heading to get dressed.

Chapter 4: Small Group Session

I had been wrong. We weren’t a few minutes late. The session was off to a slow start and we arrived just in time. Arthur Coates was back at the lectern. He spoke briefly, it was clear that ConPharmaMax was out of jargon, today would be a little different. He spoke for a little while about monitoring that would be happening in the next few months, local meetings near big cities where the company would catch up with patients. He also alluded to some sort of cash payment in exchange for this participation. Essentially, they were explicitly promising to pay us in exchange for keeping things quiet and letting them keep tabs on us. I was going to college soon, it sounded fine to me. Anyway, that appeared to be the end of his spiel, now it was time for something new.

“Today, we thought that it might be helpful to break into small groups,” he explained, “We thought that maybe you all would benefit by discussing your issues together in a confidential environment. No one from the pharmaceutical company will be present. It is just a chance to know that you are not in this by yourself and maybe learn coping strategies from other people.” He explained. So they were kind of saying, we don’t have any other ideas. This convention was just to buy you off, we didn’t really have enough material for two days. Entertain yourselves. But, at the same time, it didn’t sound like a horrible idea.

So we waited while ConPharmaMax representatives walked around and handed out little slips of paper to everyone, telling us of the randomly assigned meeting groups we were supposed to be with. They broke us up in 30 groups of ten women. Most groups were supposed to meet in specific hotel rooms. I was in Group 26. Apparently, by the time they got to that high of a number, they’d run out of rooms. We were told to meet in Conference Room B. Along the way I thought about what had happened that day. I was still confused, but I was feeling better. Unlike when I’d first grown my penis, I didn’t feel any regret. Not after Angie. Not after Cassie and Brittany. Suddenly all the guilt and everything that I felt about my penis was gone. What did I have to feel guilty about? There was just a little voice in the back of my mind asking if I was deluding myself.

So I went to Room B, it was a little windowless room with a long rectangular table. I didn’t have much time to think, soon I arrived at the conference room. It was sort of ugly in its décor and the table looked pretty cheap. But it was fine for what we needed to do. There was just enough room for 10 people and I arrived last. I took the seat at the head of the table because it was the only one left and everyone else seemed to want to avoid it.

The ten women in my group ranged in age from 18 (me, the youngest person) to around 40. They were generally good looking women. Most were apparently mothers. Seven were white, two were black, and one was Asian. One of the white women was some sort of computer nerd chick with long pink hair and zany clothes. But generally we seemed pretty normal. And we were all sitting together, with nothing but our dicks in our hands, so to speak. The tension in the room was thick, and no one wanted to be the one to break the silence. I sure as hell wasn’t going to do it. We talked generally, just little conversations about stupid things. Time passed and we felt ever more awkward. Finally, after nearly ten minutes, a woman spoke. It was one of the black women, a short woman in her mid-thirties with short hair and large breasts.

“I had to cancel a vacation. We were going to the beach and I’d been working out so I’d fit in this bikini. But I couldn’t imagine going now, wearing something so tight and revealing,” she said to no one in particular. That broke the dam. Soon there were stories about feeling awkward while being in public, about difficult conversations with friends and doctors, and an entire chronicle of embarrassment and alienation. And I realized that less than 24-hours ago I would be having this same sort of conversation. All of my regrets and everything else. But I didn’t know that I felt that way anymore, I knew I didn’t want to. Finally, the Asian woman, in her late twenties, broke through the final barrier in our conversation, and spoke about sex.

“My husband hasn’t touched me since it happened,” she said and I looked around and saw nodding heads, “I don’t blame him though. I mean I wouldn’t want to sleep with him if he spontaneously grew a vagina. But the problem is…” she started. And everyone knew what was hanging on her lip, but no one wanted to speak. I decided to take the plunge, to say the last thing that needed to be said.

“But you want it more than ever?” I asked. And there was a sort of pandemonium in the room. Women were talking about their uncontrollable sexual desires and the sort of the strange situations that it had led them to.

“I have to…masturbate ten times a day, at least, to keep from doing something really stupid,” one mother of four said.

“I find that I don’t even want my husband,” another woman said, “All I can think about it women.”

“I had sex with a woman,” the pink haired girl said, “I’d never had any urge to do it before, but all of the sudden it was all I could think of. And once I did it, I couldn’t get her to leave me alone. She drove me to the airport when I came here to the conference.”

“I slept with my daughter’s teacher,” another woman said, “It was a parent teacher conference, I didn’t even know how it was happening until it happened.”

“I had sex with my husband’s sisters. Both of them,” another woman said, “It was a family reunion. I can’t explain it. I was talking with one and then it happened. I was dazed and walked across the way and started talking to another sister and it happened again.” More and more stories like this. And all of them, expressing surprise and more importantly guilt. Everyone felt they’d done something wrong.

“Did you all masturbate before these encounters?” I asked, suddenly realizing what was happening. There was nodding, “Did you wash your hands or just lick your fingers afterwards?” There was some uncomfortable hemming and hawing, but then it was clear they had not washed their hands.

“So what?” the pink haired girl asked.

“So, you know what they said about our cum, it causes a reaction in women. You touched your sisters-in-law,” I said to the woman who’d confessed to that transgression, “Maybe just touched their hand with yours and then they couldn’t control themselves. And you weren’t really in a position to stop them.” There was a dawning of understanding in the group and they all seemed to recognize the power they had over women, and they seemed a little nervous about it. We were quiet again for a moment. We weren’t talking about any of the stuff ConPharmaMax wanted us to talk about. But everyone felt good bitching. And finding out that we all suffered from the same stuff.

I am nobody. I used to be somebody. Two months ago in fact. That seems so long ago. In June things were wonderful. I am Kyle Anderson, a 5’11″ slender kid, who looks like a stiff breeze would knock me over. I was a junior in high school and the captain of my chess team, captain of the quiz bowl team (like jeopardy but with a team), and second chair on the debate team, with a solid 3.94 GPA. I had friends and a small social life, laser tag on Fridays baby! Yes, I was a nerd. Today I just celebrated my 18th birthday with only my mom, grandma, and my gift, a plate of hamburger helper. Things really have changed.

What happened was my father left. I don’t just mean divorced my mom and went to a new city. No, he kissed my mom good-bye and left for work as he always did. He went straight to the bank, emptied the bank account, went to the airport, bought two tickets, and he and his secretary flew to Fiji, permanently. He left my mom, who dropped out of school to marry that asshole when he knocked her up, with no money, no job, and the rent due. After mom figured he wasn’t coming home, we left the only home I knew in Minneapolis for the panhandle of Texas, and grandma.

After the move, mom got a part time job as a maid in a fleabag motel and grandma is getting social security, which means we are broke. I did my part and got a bus boy job at the local diner. Not much, but it’s something. Every night I’d come home to my mom crying, with grandma constantly yelling in her ear. “I told you that son of a bitch was a no good bastard from the very beginning!” Grandmas, though ornery, always want to be right.

It is now the first day of school and I am nervous and excited. Nervous to be at a new school but excited because the last six weeks were tough with just my mom, grandma, and a part time job to keep me busy. I barely made it to all my classes on time. I just sat at my desk and thought, time to earn my scholarship. I started reading the syllabus and taking notes for every class. By the end of the day I realized two things. One, I would need my own Texas thesaurus. Really, what does gully – washer and pole -axed mean? Two, Football is huge. Every conversation I heard was will we when conference, regional’s, or states this year, or something about how great Coach Adams is, or can he bring us our twelfth title this year. I feel I am in way over my head.

After classes let out, I walked around the school grounds. I was tired of being lost. Maybe I didn’t want to hear grandma bitching at my mom. Nah, it was because the football team and, more importantly, the cheerleaders were practicing. They both have talent. After watching them do a couple cheers, I decided not to be a pervert on the first day of school and headed to the library. I started studying and lost track of time. It was going on 6:30, and mom was going to be pissed. I collected my things and left for home. I decided to cut through the park to save time when I heard some talking by a cluster of trees. I glanced over and made the outline of a man in a hooded with a cheerleader on her knees.

“That’s it, take it all in. Good girl.”

I smiled faintly. Who wouldn’t want a good blowjob to get through the first day of school? Wish that was me.

I took a few more steps and heard the girl say “Please stop… No… I don’t want…”

The man interrupted. “Please Stop.” Then he gave a chuckle. “I’m going to have you every which way I can. By the time I’m done with you you’ll be a certified whore. Hell, I may just leave you tied to this tree so anyone can have you.”

I froze. I thought about my options. One, I walk away, she gets away. Not likely. Two, I walk away; she doesn’t, leaving us both haunted for the rest of our existence. Three, do what I can. Option 3 sucks. I sprinted toward the man as fast as I could and completely surprised him when I dove at him, knocking both of us down. I wish I could say I fought the good fight but this wasn’t chess or debate. We tussled on the ground for a moment before getting back up. I swung. I missed. He swung. He swung again, and again, and again. I was doing great at stopping his punches with my face. I keeled over to the ground. I looked up and saw the cheerleader grab her bag and run. I smiled.

The man looked right at me, then at the girl, then back at me. “Who, the fuck, do you think you are?”

I smiled wider. He then proceeded to lift his leg and kick me hard in the head. Lucky for me he was wearing steel-toed cowboy boots or this confrontation would’ve lasted longer.

I woke up in the ER with a massive headache and no recollection of how I got there.

The nurse by my bed asked “Hey Sunshine, how are you feeling?”

The only thought I had was the girl. “Did she get away?” I desperately implored.

“Not sure what you mean. Your dad, mom, and sister are waiting out there for you. I’ll send them back, okay Sugar.”

Dad, here, and when did I get a sister?

Suddenly I heard a big booming voice from the hall. “Go check on your brother while I talk to the Doc.”

I was trying to sit up when I saw her. To say she is beautiful is an understatement. She stood about 5’6″ and had flaming red hair done in a ponytail with white and gold ribbon that matched her cheer outfit. She wore a pair of black rimmed glasses and had a bear paw face painted on her right cheek, covering a few of her freckles. Go Bears. But most importantly I knew it was her.

“How are you? Are you okay?” I asked very concerned.

“I’m fine, thanks to you.” she responded with a smile.

“What’s going on here?”

“I’ll tell you more as soon as I can, but your name is Brandon, my parents are your parents, and they’ll be in here in a minute.”


“Quiet. I hear them coming, I’ll explain it as soon as I can. By the way, my name is Ash. Thanks again and just go with what is said.”

The doctor and her parents came in. Her dad was at least 6’8″, big and muscular. Just the look of him terrified me. Ash’s looks came directly from her mom, definitely Ash 20 years from now. I sat back as I heard doc tell my dad I had suffered a minor concussion and I should be more careful next time I decide to climb a tree. I was free to go and the doctor left.

Ash’s dad said, “Get your things…” then leaned over and whispered something quickly to his wife. She whispered back then he finished, “Brandon.”

When the car door shut, Earl, Ash’s dad, first asked where I lived. I told him and he headed the car in that direction. It was now time for my scolding.

“Do you know what we had to do to keep this quiet? You can’t just come down here and get involved in our lives! You need to understand what life is down here!”

My head was spinning. I looked at Sandy, Ash’s mom, and she sat there solemnly. I glanced at Ash and her eyes were looking at her knees. “I’m sorry, but was I not supposed to prevent the rape of your daughter, sir?”

He slammed on the brakes, looked right at me and harshly said “If you know what is good for you, you’d go back where you came from!”

The words shocked me. But the look, the look surprised me. At face value it was anger, but in his eyes was fear. They dropped me off at 11:30. As soon as I shut the door, Earl sped off, as if to disassociate with me as soon as possible. Mom came running out of the house. She had been crying. She started to scream something, and then stopped, seeing the bandage on my head. She gave me a big hug.

“Where were you? What happened? Your grandma and I have been worried sick. It’s not like you to be so late.”

“I was at the ER.”

“I called there!”

“Did you ask for Brandon?”

I went on and told her both stories, the one I most recently heard about falling out of a tree and the one I was sure happened with the hooded man and Ash. She didn’t know how to respond. I excused myself to go to bed, determined to go to school the next day. I needed to find Ash and hope she can explain why I was in the ER for something I did but apparently didn’t do.

I made it to school at 6:30. I wanted to give myself time to look and ask around whom Ash the cheerleader was and where she might be. I ran into my sixth period English teacher, Mrs. Johnston, and inquired. I found out her name was Ashley Jacobson and she had the same sixth period I did. I guess I was just too busy studying yesterday to notice her. I decided my best option was to wait after class, for what I wanted to know couldn’t be summed up in a quick talk before hand. Between the lack of sleep and the slight headache I still had, the day was brutally long.

Sixth period finally came. I tried to hurry but I was still the last one to get to class. I took my seat and looked around. I saw Ash get up and come over to me, looking as radiant as ever. She whispered in my ear.

“Can I come over to your house tonight?”

Damn. “I would really like that but unfortunately I have to work 4-10 tonight.”

“When do you take your break?”

“I take it right after the dinner rush, at 8:30.”

“I’ll see you at 8:30 at the diner then.” She turned and walked away.

I immediately tried to piece this puzzle together. Why couldn’t we talk after school? How and why does she know where I worked? And most importantly will she be alright getting home tonight? I have too many questions.

She arrived right at 8:30. I punched out for my break, grabbed 2 Cokes, and sat with her at a booth.

“I know you must have quite a few questions. I’ll try to answer them all but first let me say thank you once again. It meant a lot for someone to stand up to him, especially for someone like me.”

“Wait a minute. You know who it was? Did you go to the police? Why is there a cover story?”

“Whoa, slow down. Yes I know who attacked me. It started two decades ago. This town doesn’t have much. I’m sure you’ve noticed. The one thing we do have is high school football. We are a great team, now. We had never won anything until Coach Adams arrived. Now we’re a powerhouse. After his first title, he started having an affair with a cheerleader. Next year it was with more of them. As soon as they would hit 18, he would give them a birthday present. After a couple of years, he decided he wanted more control. He first let the football team do whatever they wanted, gaining loyalties. After they graduated, he would use his influence to get them into public offices. Mayor, judge, sheriff, school board members, etc. They do whatever he wants. The rest of the town just loves him because he brings them hope with the championships, a reason to have pride. They never had that before. Then he started taking over the selection process of the cheerleaders. Anyone that would catch his eye that would be 18 by October was selected for the team. If someone he wanted wasn’t of age until later, he would have them fail and hold them back a year. Mrs. Myers, our cheerleading coach, puts us all on the pill and encourages us to support the team in any and every way we can, especially the most important member of that team, Coach Adams. We’re not even allowed to talk about what happens. The whole town knows, but if it’s not discussed, its okay, just swept under the rug. It is considered our duty to the team. I didn’t even want to be a cheerleader, which most girls consider an honor. I was handpicked. I didn’t even tryout. I had to do it. If I didn’t, I would never graduate, be stuck in this town, and be treated like a leper, banished into solitude. But more importantly, I needed to do it for my sister, Mary Anne.”

“You have a sister?”

“She’s four years older than me. When she was in school she wanted to be a cheerleader in the worse way, not knowing this was going on. She worked at it every year. Freshman, sophomore, junior, she just couldn’t make the team. Finally, her senior year, she made it. She was ecstatic. After her birthday, it was implied what she must do. She thought it was a joke. Coach didn’t. He came up to her first chance he got. She got away and went straight to the police. They took her story, congratulated her on getting away, and even gave her a ride home. The next day at school, she was arrested. She was charged with raping a football player who was 6’6″ 245lbs and built like Arnold Schwarzenegger. She was my height and 120lbs of nothing. It went to court. She wasn’t even allowed to testify. They bought the football players story and she went to prison. She’s still there. Worse yet, we don’t even know where she is. We can’t contact her. I am supposed to make it up to the coach for the embarrassment it caused him. He even told my parents he could get her an early parole if I cooperate. He surprised me on the first day of school. I turned 18 just the day before. I thought I would be ready, but I wasn’t. I know what I have to do, but I’m really scared. He called my dad and told him what happened, blaming you. He said he’d give me another chance because I didn’t run until you showed up. After I started running, I turned around and saw you lying there. I called the ambulance and then my dad. He told me to lie about what happened and give you a false name so he can take care of the expenses.”

I just sat there a moment, trying to take it all in. I was horrified for her, her family, and everyone else caught in this web. After a few seconds, I responded. “How did you know where I worked?”

“Everyone knows. It’s a very small town, Kyle.” It was the first time she said my name. I smiled.

She looked up and saw my manager staring at us with his arms folded. “I feel we should’ve done this somewhere else. I don’t think your boss likes me talking to you.”

“Can I see you again?” I asked hopingly.

“You better. Here’s my number. I’d be careful though. Now you know you’re going to be under a microscope. Because your new, he might forgive you for yesterday, but don’t count on it. Don’t forget to call me, hero.”

“Hey, I got my ass kicked and you didn’t get raped. I can live with that and anything else if it means you’re safe.”

She smiled and left. I had a few minutes left and I just sat there thinking of all the horrors I now know. Then my thoughts drifted to Ash. What could I do?

After work, I couldn’t wait. I had to call Ash. We talked for a couple of hours. It was nice to talk to her without a cloud of doom hanging over us. We had so much in common. Before we knew it, it was 3:00. We said our goodbyes then I went to sleep.

I’m late. Classes started ten minutes ago and I was just at the school entrance. I was walking quickly, heading for first period when I saw a football player heading toward me. When he got close, he drove his shoulder into my chest, sending me hard into the lockers.

“You’d better watch where you’re going Yankee!” He said as he walked away.

I finally arrived at first period. Mr. Palmer gave me a dirty look. “I don’t allow tardiness in my class.”

“I apologize, Mr. Palmer.”

“No apology needed. Here’s your detention slip. Go to room 106 after school.”

I took my seat. Two minutes later the football player walked in. “Hey teach.”

“Good morning Jack. We’re on page 8.” Mr. Palmer then continued on with the lesson.

During my first day, only a handful of people said anything to me. Today, no one did. The teachers even ignored me when I raised my hand. Any time I walked by anyone, I was referred to as a “No Good Yankee”. In the halls, I was open game. I was blatantly hit, shoved, books knocked out of my hands, feet stomped at, and more shoulder blocks were steadily given to me. I felt like a pinball at one point. I got bumped by one into another. Who shoved me into a third. Who spun me around into a fourth. Who tripped me to the ground. Tilt. The only thing that got me through was the thought of seeing Ash in sixth period.

When I got into class, she wasn’t there. My mind flooded with terrible thoughts. I took a deep breath when she finally arrived, albeit 30 minutes late. She did not look well. She was pale and looked as if she was about to cry. She gave Mrs. Johnston her office pass and sat down. 30 minutes later, class was over. I got up and immediately went to Ash. Before I spoke, she started crying.

“I’m so sorry Kyle.”

I went to respond but I was interrupted by Mrs. Johnston.

“KYLE ANDERSON!” I jumped a little bit at the force of hearing my own name. “Don’t you have detention right now in room 106?”

Yes mother, I thought, but went with the more conventional “Yes Mrs. Johnston, I’ll be there in a minute.” I turned back to Ash.


I took a couple steps and glanced back at Ash. “I’ll call you after work tonight.”

“I’d like that.” she said with a smile.

I walked into room 106. There was no one here. I took a seat, assuming someone will be along shortly. 15 minutes passed and I was just getting up to go to the office to verify I was in the right room, when a man entered. He was in his late 40′s, about 6’4″ 225lbs. and toned. He carried with him a binder and a whistle and wore a white and gold jacket with the inscription ‘Coach Adams’ on it. He picked up a chair and put it in front of the desk. As he sat behind the desk, he made a pointing gesture to the other chair, encouraging me to sit there. As I walked over, he was staring at me, like he was sizing me up. As I sat down, he shook his head and gave a short chuckle, as if to say I can’t believe this is the no good Yankee who’s fucking with my universe.

I started. “Is it just me in detention today?”

“This isn’t regular detention. This is your detention. Now let me ask you something? How was your day? Was it rough?”

“It was good.” I lied.

“Oh, really, huh.” He paused. “I want you to know I pulled your transcripts. 3.94 GPA, not bad, that A- in honors calculus cost you that 4.0 though. Yeah, I also talked to a Mr. Cambridge up there. Does that name ring a bell, Yankee?”

“He’s the computer lab director at my former school.”

“Yeah, he seemed to like you a great deal. Told me you were always helping your teachers with various projects. Even on weekends if need be. You also offered tutoring to other students who needed it as well. As if that wasn’t enough, you found time to lead your quiz bowl team to a state championship. Damn son, you’re the Yankee patron saint of the Great Lakes State.”

Land of a 1000 lakes, I thought, but I let it go. I wanted to know where this was going. He now leaned forward and seemed to peer right at my soul as he continued.

“This Cambridge fellow also told me you were his assistant on several computer projects. That if needed, you were able to be real creative with a computer. What do you think of that?”

“I don’t know what to say sir, except why am I really here?”

“Ah, straight to the point, I like that. Walk with me son.”

We walked out the classroom and then outside. We were heading toward the football field.

“What was it like to win that state title?”

“It was good.”

“C’mon. It was more than good, wasn’t it?”

“Actually, I was elated. I walked taller and prouder for at least a week.”

He smirked a little, knowing he broke down my defenses for a moment. “I know how you feel, you see, we’ve won a few state titles here as well, and I expect another this year.” We stopped at the 50 yard line and he watched his team practicing ahead of us, his assistant calling out the drills. “You see son, this is where you come in.

“Seriously, I know very little about football.”

“Yeah, I know you don’t know much about football but you do know computers. I want you to get me the playbooks from my opponents. I also want you to break into the other schools computers and change grades for certain players, making them ineligible.”

“What? I can’t do that.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

“I don’t want to be a part of this. I won’t do it!”

“So you could.”

“Well… It doesn’t matter, I won’t.”

“Do you like Ashley Jacobson?”

“What? Why?”

“I know she likes you. Only Lord knows why. Do you know why you had detention?”

“I was late, but probably to meet you.”

“Yeah, yeah, your right but not about the late part. You see I have this teacher that witnessed you punching another student.” He pulled out a piece of paper from his binder. “I also have this typed letter signed by Ms. Jacobson saying the same thing. A permanent dismissal from school I believe is in order.”

I fell to my knees. “And she signed it?” I said deflating.

“Well, to be honest, she didn’t know what she was signing until after her signature hit the page. She thought it was some cheerleading waiver form. You should’ve seen her face when I told her what she signed. She actually started to cry. Now why do you suppose she did that? I’ll tell you what, I’ll forget about the dismissal and you work your magic on the computer for me. Hell, I’ll even make sure you get that 4.0 you want and you won’t even have to do a single assignment. Does that sound good to you Yankee?”

“I need more. I need Ashley to be left alone. I can’t work if I feel she is threatened.”

“Well son, I can accept that. There’s always other Ashley’s in this school for me.” He pulled out another sheet of paper and dropped it on the ground in front of me. “Here’s the list of schools we’ll be playing and the players I want out for each week.” Then he kneeled down to my level. “And if you don’t produce, if we lose one game, whether it’s your fault or not, if you try to fuck me on this, I swear your GPA would be 0.0 and no college will touch you with a 10 foot pole. If that’s not enough incentive for you, I’ll take that strawberry tart you like and pass her around the football team every day before and after practice. She’ll wish she wasn’t born. Believe me when I say I have no problem destroying yours and hers life. Now stand up.”

I got up slowly.

“Sir, there’s one more thing.”

“What now?”

“I don’t have internet service. My stuff is useless without it.”

“It will be done tomorrow. Now get! I have practice to run.” I started walking away when I heard his whistle blow. He yelled. “Alright boys, live tackling drills!”

Moments later I was planted. I now know why they wear so many pads. Another player picked me up. “Thanks.”

“No problem, Yankee.”

Boom, I went down again. Picked up, tackled, picked up, tackled, a seemingly never ending cycle. It finally stopped after an hour when coach came up to me. “How’s your day now, still good son? You better hurry; you’re going to be late for work if you don’t get a move on it. You only have 15 minutes. I let you go an hour ago and you only got 20 yards. And don’t you even think about calling off on good ole George. Me and him go way back and he doesn’t need a no good Yankee screwing him over.”

OOWWW! Is all I could think. I made it through work despite not being able to feel my legs, arms, or anything else for that matter. I was completely numb but I had a phone call to make. “Ash?”

“Oh Kyle, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. Coach told me it was an injury waiver form. I was just happy he didn’t want something else. I just signed it. I didn’t know. Please forgive…”

“Ash. Calm down, it’s alright. I just wanted to hear your voice and tell you everything from here on out is going to be fine. Coach Adams is going to leave you alone. No worries.”

“What did you do?”

“I made a deal. Well, he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

“What’s the deal?”

I told her everything, though I did hesitate when it came to her and the football team but she had the right to know. I heard a sniffle. Before her emotions got the best of her I added. “I know we’ve only known each other for a couple of days now, but please trust me. I can hold up my end of the bargain if needed. The first game isn’t for two weeks, plenty of time to work this out.” The consoling worked, even though I exaggerated how easy this would be for me.

“Did he say anything about Mary Anne?”

I told her, trying to be as optimistic as possible. “Unfortunately he did not. My first goal was keeping you safe. I’m still working on that one. Try not to worry, I’ll figure something out. Hey, I know what will make you feel better. Would you be interested in going out tomorrow night? Maybe you can show me all the great spots this town has to offer.”

“Definitely, after all you’ve done, it’s the least I could do. I’ll meet you after cheerleading practice.”

“That sounds great. See you tomorrow.”

“See you later.”

Even though I was completely exhausted and my body felt like jelly, I knew I had to lay some groundwork down. I went searching for some programs Professor Cambridge and I worked on. It was going to take some time. I had a myriad of disks to go through. Porn, porn, porn, porn, chess strategies, porn, porn, risk, porn, porn, aha, here’s one, just need to find the others. I need better organization skills. Almost an hour later I found the other programs. I really have too much porn, but hey, I’m a teenager.

For the first time I’m glad coach said I didn’t have to do schoolwork. Between my sore muscles, constant cramping, and having a date tonight, I was in a daze all day. Sixth period came and Ash traded seats so she could sit next to me. She looked stunning.

“I can’t wait for tonight, hero.”

“Neither can I. So what, dinner and a movie? Or something else?”

“How about dinner and something else?”

“Sounds good.”

I arrived at cheerleading practice with 20 minutes to spare. She always looked great in that outfit. When they were done, she ran up to me.

“I told you I’d meet you after practice. I wanted to go home and change first.”

“I couldn’t wait, besides you could change right here. I’ll pretend not to look.” With that remark she slapped me lightly in the arm. “Uh-oh, now I may have to sign a letter that you punched me this time.”


With that, we walked to the diner, hand in hand.

After we ate, I asked “So what’s this something else?”

“You’ll see.”

We walked down the road about a 1/4 mile past the last store on the street. We went left down a big hill to a creek. She started walking aimlessly, looking closely at the bushes and trees lining the creek.

“This is my favorite spot on earth. My sister and I used to come down here every day when we were kids. We had the best of times here. Thanks for asking me today. I was worried you would think I was trouble. You really are different from all the other guys down here. You haven’t tried to cop a feel or talk football not once. You actually listen and respond to what I say. Now be honest. When I said something else, did you think sex?”

“Normally I might have but after what happened a couple days ago, I can honestly say no, not at all. Besides, we’re just starting to get to know each other”

“You’re really sweet Kyle.”

The rest of the night, we just sat by the creek and talked. I held her in my arms under the full moon. For this night, nothing else matters. It is just her and I. Ash and Kyle. It was perfect.

The next two weeks were a blur. For me, it was school and work. For her it was school and cheerleading. We spent all our other evening hours together. We even found one more thing in common, kissing. From little pecks on the cheek to full blown making out, it was great. I also had a secret night life. From whenever I got home till sometimes three or four in the morning, I was on my computer. I first worked to set up everything Coach Adams wanted. I got the playbook for the first team and gave it to him but I wanted to wait for the last possible day to change grades. I was also working on something else, something bigger. It was one thing to go through poor pass codes of coaches and the week securities of schools but quite another to try to get into the Texas department of corrections. I had to find Mary Anne and see what I could do. It proved more difficult than I thought. So, as the game approached, I made the grade corrections. I felt like shit. I vomited.

It was now game night and Ash and I started a pregame ritual. She and I were under the bleachers giving each other a good luck kiss that lasted ten minutes. Wow. Afterward, I made my way to the field. Coach Adams wanted me right next to him. If something did not go his way, or he was caught off guard, I’m afraid he may have strangled me with his whistle and have the football team bury me in one of the end zones. The other team won the toss and elected to receive. I then stood in fear as they took the opening kickoff all the way for a touchdown. We were losing 7-0. Coach just looked at me, mumbled something and turned his attention to the team. Through the years, he found out the other coaches tendencies, and this year he had my information. He had nothing to worry about. They didn’t score again. His offense scored 66 points and the defense only allowed 38 offensive yards. The team was well coached and it seemed like they were in the huddle with the other team. Not far from the truth.

A couple of weeks have gone by and everything was status quo. Every Monday I would bring the next playbook. Every week he would take it, usually with a girl in his lap or under the desk. I would slowly reduce the grades of players until the week they played us they’d be ineligible. Then I would slowly bring them back up. Every week the team wouldn’t just win, they would annihilate the opposing team.

Tonight is a warm night. It’s the first Thursday in October. Ash and I were hanging out, sitting by the creek, our normal spot. It’s so peaceful there and no one bothers us. The leaves on the trees had either changed color or fallen. The moonlight shone down and there was a slight breeze carrying the scent of her perfume. I was in heaven. We would go from kissing to talking to just me holding her. I couldn’t be happier. On this night I decided to tell her how I unsuccessfully trying to locate Mary Anne.

“You’re trying to do what?”

“Well if I find her, I might be able to use my software to try to get an early parole or something. Did they give her a pseudonym? I looked through all 53 prisons with no luck.”

“When they took her they did change her name for coach’s sake but we weren’t told what it is.”

“Hmm. Do you have a picture? I can match the picture to the inmates’ photo.”

“Really? I can get you that. Give me a day or two. Mom packed them all away somewhere so she wouldn’t be reminded of what happened. I can’t believe you are doing this for me. 53 prisons in Texas huh?”

“Well most are male prisons, but I had to check them all to find which ones.”

“You really are sweet.” She then lied down on the grass and pulled me down to her.

I kissed her. “I just want you to be happy. I know you miss your sister and you just want your family complete again. I love you, and your love is worth the risk.”

“Aw, I love you too, Kyle.”

I lay next to her and held her. She snuggled up next to me and whispered, “Will you make love to me?”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to rush anything. I’ve been waiting my whole life. We can wait longer. After all it was only 5 weeks ago that…”

She silenced me with a deep, passionate kiss while unzipping my pants. She slowly released her kiss and smiled. She sat up and slipped off her shirt and bra, exposing her beautiful, perky C cup breasts to me. She reached for my hand and placed it lovingly on her breast. “Don’t be shy; you’re not going to hurt them.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I started to grope, mold, and shape them. She let out a slight moan. She removed my hands and slid down. She pulled down my jeans and underwear in one motion, freeing my rock hard cock. Her head went toward it. When she got close, she stuck out her tongue. She started by doing a swirl motion on the tip. She then slowly moved her tongue down the backside of my shaft, only lightly touching it. One of her hands started caressing my balls. After a moment, she looked up and gazed into my eyes and smiled. She suddenly, and without hesitation, plunged at my cock, taking all seven inches. She slowly and lovingly went up and down. She must have sensed I wasn’t going to last much longer as she stopped. She slithered up my body, slowing momentarily to let her magnificent breasts dance around my dick. We kissed lovingly while her index finger wandered aimlessly around my pole. I took this opportunity to explore my first pussy ever. I slid up her skirt and pulled her g-string to the side. She was wet. I put two fingers in. She started to moan and she began moving her hips against the motion I was giving her. She suddenly stopped and got up. She gave me a playful giggle and removed the rest of her clothing. I must say that the renaissance artists were right. There is nothing finer than the form of a naked female and Ashley was sculpted marvelously. She came back down and kissed me again.

“Now let me give my hero a true reward.”

Without hesitation, she straddled me. The sensation of her wetness almost sent me over the top right away. She started slow, going up and down. When she hit the base of my cock she added a slight circular motion with her hips. I began thrusting into her. We rhythmically worked as one. The pace quickly went from slow to fast. I started bucking my hips into her with reckless abandon as she crashed down on me with full force. Her moans became screams of ecstasy. My back stiffened, my neck arched back, and my toes curled. I shot my load deep into her pussy as she ground her body into me one last time. Ash fell on top of me, both of us still panting. We laid like that for what seemed an eternity. Neither of us wanted the night to end. After some time passed, the temperature started to dip. We collected our clothes and started walking to her home. When we got to her doorstep, we gave each other one final kiss.

“You can have this anytime you want, hero.”

With that, she went inside. I made it home and lied down on my bed. It was the greatest night of my life. We celebrated the game four blowout the next night the same way. The next morning was my scholastic aptitude test.

For the next six weeks the only thing that changed was us. We were everywhere, my room, her room, school bathroom, movie theatre, and even my work. If you’ve never had sex while your company pays you, you are missing out. All the while, I couldn’t find Mary Anne. There were a plethora of pictures to go through and Ashley and Coach Adams, who wanted me at all the practices now, really kept me busy.

The team is now 10-0 and the top seed in the playoffs. There are only five more weeks of breaking the law, except, of course, when I find Mary Anne. I have been doing check-ups on my grades as well, a perfect 4.0. Despite what Coach said, I have done all assignments given but I do wonder if those A’s are real. Then my test results came in, 1989. Time to send out those applications!

Four more weeks have gone by and four more blowouts, including three shutouts. It is now championship week. By this time I’ve been receiving full scholarships to top schools around the country, Columbia, Stanford, Yale, and even MIT. Those would be dreams. However, I had more interest in Texas Tech. They do have a great grid computing research center but who am I kidding. I want to be close to Ash. I really love her. She is very addicting. She has done so much for me; I decided it was time to press Coach Adams about Mary Anne. I figured with it being championship week, he might be more apt to give her up. I normally give coach the playbook during lunch but I was nervous and didn’t want to wait. I arrived early to school and headed towards his office. As I put my hand on the door, I heard someone who sounded like Ash.

“He’s still looking for my sister.”

“Since that girl isn’t your sister, you gave him a false name, and a picture of someone else, I guarantee he isn’t going to find out anything.”

“Still, it’s sweet.”

“You’re starting to like him, aren’t you?”

“It’s beyond like.”

“Just remember, I want him. I can’t threaten him with grades anymore. He’d just change them back. That leaves you.”

“Don’t worry, I got him.”

“Believe me, I don’t underestimate your talents but I know he has aspirations. Just be sure you keep him close. We will never lose with that information he provides.”

“I’m sure I can keep him.”

I knew, but I had to see for myself that it was her. I opened the door and my worst fear became a reality. Ash was standing next to Coach Adams. My heart sank.

“You mean this information!” I slammed the playbook on the ground. I looked at Ash, “She’s not even your sister?” I questioningly asked, now on the verge of tears.

“Kyle, I, umm, I…”

I turned to walk out when coach spoke.

“I have an offer for you.”

I stopped and looked back.

“Why don’t you sit down, son? We need to have a conversation.”

Ashley walked over to the door and closed it. She then took my hand and guided me towards the chair. So many emotions flooded me. Anger, fear, betrayal but mostly curiosity was now with me. I sat down and Ash stood behind me with her hands on my shoulders. Despite being upset with her, it was comforting to know she was there. Coach began.

“You have a gift, son. A talent I appreciate. So here’s the offer. I want you on my staff. I’m prepared to give you $100,000 a year. You can still go to college, just take the fall semesters off. Think about it, $100,000 for four months worth of work a year. Think about your mom and grandma. How much will this help them? Just keep doing for me what you’ve done all year. What do say, son?”

“$100,000 for four months work every year, how is that possible?”

“Oh, we have all sorts of money coming in here from former players who I got full scholarships to get high paying degrees. Their way of paying me back is filtering some money back here every month. Even your father was part of the system.”


“I keep up with all my former players, and he was on my first championship team. He was a good man, but a bad husband. Your mom deserved better.”

Not sure if he was trying to play me with that last line. “I don’t know. She broke my heart and you broke my soul. Why should I believe you now?”

“Ashley told me what she said to you, and it’s all true. Well, except the sister part. And I always kept my word as well. You have a 4.0 don’t you? And I didn’t touch Ashley, did I?”

“Did you?”

“No, I didn’t. I would have never touched her anyway. You see, earlier in my career I wasn’t careful as I am now. A cheerleader named Sandy got pregnant. Good Ole Earl, one of my top players at the time, gave up a scholarship to take care of Sandy and Ashley for me. I mean we can’t have a scandal now, can we? Now Earl and Sandy don’t ever have to work and I bring in the championships. You could be a part of that too. $100,000 a year in a town that will adore you. You can have the same liberties I do and no one will care. No matter what you do or where you go, you will never be what you will be here.”

“So that time in the park, you were going to rape your own daughter?”

“Well when I found out you were coming to my town, I did some research. Your father spoke highly of your computer skills, so I called your school. With what that Cambridge fellow told me, I knew you could be of use to me. I made a plan. Make you a hero. I needed you under control and love is a very powerful aphrodisiac. Ashley and I followed you the whole day waiting for an opening. We almost gave up, till you finally came out of the damn library. We saw you cut through the park and got into position. It was all an act. Nothing was going to happen. I should apologize for the kick, though. I have a huge temper and when you smiled, that just downright pissed me off.”

I opened my mouth to say something, and then stopped, unsure of how to respond. He definitely noticed my hesitation. He continued.

“Do you like her?”

I looked up at Ash and she smiled at me. “I thought I loved her.”

The first thing Marti thought as she woke was she couldn’t feel Savannah in her arms anymore. So before she’d even opened her eyes she was filled with terror and pain which jolted her up in bed worse than any nightmare had done previously. As with those nightmares she frantically looked around, but instead of looking for ghosts or monsters or geography teachers Marti was just really looking for a petite brunette, an overwhelming feeling of relief filling her when she saw Savannah kneeling by their window.

Sometimes Marti had to remind herself Savannah was more than just the stereotype she could seem on the surface. Now was one of those times as the first thing Marti saw when she woke up was the brunette kneeling with her hands clasped together as she looked up to the heavens. It was so… cute.

Marti smiled warmly at the thought, which was the sight that greeted Savannah as she turned to look at her.

They stared at each other briefly and then Savannah murmured, “Hey…”

“Hey…” Marti responded.

Then there was more staring, the two cheerleaders falling into this long awkward silence, during which Marti noticed a tray which had a glass of orange juice on it along with some bacon and toast.

Particularly the bacon was making Marti’s stomach rumble, and while she didn’t want to be presumptuous she couldn’t help but eventually ask, “Is… is that for me?”

“Huh? Oh right, yes.” Savannah stammered, quickly getting up, grabbing the tray and offering it to Marti, “I thought, well… here…”

Marti smiled. Of course Savannah would know exactly when she would be likely to wake up. However sensing this wasn’t the time to tease the brunette about her attention to detail, or anything really, the blonde simply murmured, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Savannah said, handing the tray to Marti once she had moved so she was sitting at the edge of the bed.

Marti ate in silence for a few long moments before asking, “Would you like some?”

“No thank you, I’ve eaten.” Savannah said.

“I thought you might.” Marti murmured.

More awkward silence.

“So, what were you praying about?” Marti asked.

Savannah bit her lip and unconvincingly murmured, “Nothing. I mean, not nothing, just… the usual.”

Marti frowned at her for a few moments but to Savannah’s relief accepted that answer. Not that it made her feel any less guilty.

Then again how could she tell Marti that she had prayed for forgiveness for what they had done last night? How could she tell Marti that part of her felt ashamed for engaging in such sinful activity? That part of her feared she was now eternally damned for giving in to the sins of the flesh and that no matter how much she prayed it wouldn’t save her?

Of course last night had been one of the only times in her entire life Savannah Monroe had ever been truly happy. Being in Marti’s arms, kissing the other girl, giving into those forbidden desires had felt so good. So right. And not just sexually, but spiritually. Like her prayers for love had been answered, only not in the way she’d imagined.

When she had woken up Savannah had been so happy. Yesterday she had immediately freaked out, but today she’d been able to lay in Marti’s arms without a care in the world for a few extra minutes before getting up. Then very slowly her doubts and fears had returned full force, her mother’s voice screaming in her head that she was a disgusting freak, a sexual deviant, a sinner who needed to repent. Those voices had gotten to her during her morning shower and Savannah had broken down, desperately praying for salvation as she wept.

In the hours that followed Savannah stumbled her way through her morning routine, her mind a raging battlefield with the only thing able to soothe it being the sight of the sleeping blonde. Of course Savannah didn’t want Marti to wake up to find her staring at her like some kind of stalker so she began praying for guidance by the window, gently restricting her looks over to the beautiful blonde to glances every other minute.


Marti’s voice awoke Savannah from her thoughts, the brunette briefly noticing the blonde had finished her meal and placed the tray to one side before answering, “Yeah?”

“Would you… erm…” Marti blushed. She could do this. She needed to do this, “Maybe, later… like to… you know… do something?”

A little spark of excitement ran through Savannah’s body as she realised what Marti was getting at, “You… you mean like… a date?”

There was a brief pause and then Marti said, “We don’t have to call it that, if you don’t want too.”

Savannah smiled softly, “What would we call it?”

“I don’t know.” Marti admitted, “Just, hanging out I guess.”

Again Savannah smiled and then thought about it for a moment. Of course there were like a thousand voices screaming in her head to say no, but she had already committed to a week of ‘evil debauchery’ so there was no sense in backing out now.

After taking a deep breath Savannah stammered, “I… I, I guess we could… hang out.”

Marti smiled, “Ok then… if, if you give me a minute, I’ll walk you to your first class, ok?”

“Ok.” Savannah said, smiling as she found herself adding, “Will… will you carry my books?”

Marti smiled as she got up. It was great to see Savannah trying to make a joke, even if it was bad, as at least it seemed a step in the right direction.

Deciding to go with it Marti beamed, “Sure, and I’ll open doors for you.”

Savannah smiled, although it faded when Marti softly kissed her cheek.

Marti noticed this, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah.” Savannah answered unconvincingly, before adding, “It’s just… this is going to take some getting used too.”

Nodding softly Marti murmured, “I’m sorry. This is all really new to me and… if I ever do something you don’t like just tell me and-”

Savannah cut off the other girl by pressing her lips to her’s, lingering there for a few seconds before pulling back ever so slightly, “I, I never said I didn’t like it.”

“Oh…” Marti mumbled, her lips remaining inches away from Savannah’s for a few agonising seconds.

Then Savannah pulled away, “You, you should, you know, get dressed and stuff if you’re going to walk me to class.”

“Right… sure…” Marti murmured, quickly grabbing her shower stuff and heading out.

It was going to need to be a cold shower. A very, very cold shower.


“Ok, a little to the left… perfect!” Marti beamed, “Thanks Lewis.”

“No problem.” Lewis gasped, trying and failing to hide his exhaustion. No, fatigue. Because he wasn’t exhausted, just a little winded. He just needed a second to get his breath back, which was why it was probably a bad idea for him to mention in between gasps for air, “You know… there are these amazing things… called flat screen TVs… they came out like, ages ago.”

“Yeah I know, but it’s not like I’m rolling in money right now and this old thing is still good.” Marti said.

“Is it in colour?” Lewis asked, which earned him a light punch to the arm, “Hey, I’m just saying if I knew that robbing your Mom was going to take this much effort-”

“Hey, this… is mine.” Marti pointed out.

“I wouldn’t be that proud of that if I was you.” Lewis countered.

After looking solemn for a moment Marti said, “I used to watch cartoons on it when I was a kid. It’s like one of my earliest memories. Then my Mom sold it so we could make rent, then I saved up and brought it back. So it means something to me, ok?”

“Ok.” Lewis nodded.

“Besides, you’re doing this to get back in my good books, remember?” Marti pointed out.

“Right.” Lewis nodded again, knowing he should probably leave it at that but unable to stop himself from asking, “About that… are you-”

“Am I what?” Marti interrupted, giving him a clear look that he had better choose his words carefully.

“Look…” He said slowly, “Like I said I’m sorry about the other day. I didn’t want to offend you then and I don’t want to offend you now, so… if you want I’ll drop it. But… if you ever want to talk about it, I’m here.”

Marti smiled warmly, “Thanks.”

There was a long, slightly awkward pause. A few days ago Marti had thought there might be something between them… well, there was, but it was just friendship. And she was really hesitant to say anything to anyone which might jeopardise what she had with Savannah, but Marti felt she owed Lewis the truth about her feelings for him.

“You’re a good friend.” Marti murmured, “And… I know I complicated things between us, but that’s what I think we should be. Friends. Cool?”

“Cool.” Lewis smiled, doing his best to hide his disappointment as he truthfully added, “I just want you to be happy. No matter what.”

The last comment hung in the air for a few seconds, then Savannah walked in, initially smiling as she saw her two fellow cheerleaders before the serious tone of the room caused her smiled to fade, “Hey guys… what’s going on?”

Turning to his captain Lewis smiled, “We were just discussing how we’re probably better off as friends.”

“Oh.” Savannah said, a smile briefly crossing her face of its own accord before she could stop it, the brunette inwardly panicking as she frowned and said, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s cool.” Lewis assured her before turning to Marti, “You want some help setting up?”

“No I got it thanks.” Marti said, awkwardly trying to think of how to nicely tell Lewis to leave.

Sensing that’s what she wanted Lewis saved her the trouble, “Ok. I’ve got some stuff to catch up on, so if you need me I’ll be in my room.”

With that he left, subtly making sure the door was closed as he did so.

About a second later Savannah started freaking out, “Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh-”

“What?” Marti asked, quickly trying to calm the brunette as she stepped closer to her.

“I smiled.” Savannah explained, before realising she needed to elaborate, “I smiled when he told me you guys were just going to be friends. I didn’t mean to but, gosh, he’s going to think I’m a terrible friend, or maybe he’ll think I’d don’t want you guys to get together because I have a thing for him or, or… or maybe he’ll think that… you know… that there’s something going on between you and me… that-”

“Shhhh, relax.” Marti said, gently placing her hands on Savannah’s waist, pulling the other girl against her and then wrapping her arms around her, “No one could ever think you’re a bad friend. Like ever. He knows that and he probably thought nothing of it. And if he did, well… he already kind of thinks that there’s something going on between us.”

“He does?” Savannah murmured, looking increasingly worried, but not necessarily surprised.

“Yeah, but he doesn’t know anything. Just whatever Alice told him, and no one is likely to buy her as a credible source.” Marti quickly pointed out before softly adding, “And it’s not like he’s going to say anything either way, so everything’s fine, ok?”

There was a pause and then Savannah smiled, “Ok.”

Savannah didn’t sound very convinced so in a further attempt to take her mind off it Marti slowly leaned in and kissed the other girl. Ok, maybe the blonde also just wanted to kiss her beautiful roommate, but it wasn’t like Savannah objected, the two girls gently pressing their lips together for a few long seconds before simultaneously pulling back.

“So… is the idea that I spend the entire night watching you trying to get that thing to work?” Savannah teased, feeling a lot better now she was in Marti’s arms.

“Hey, ‘that thing’ was working fine before Lewis manhandled it up here.” Marti argued, “So if it doesn’t work, we’ll just take the TV from his room.”

“Ok… so, movie night? How original.” Savannah teased again.

Smiling softly Marti said, “I thought that, you know, you might appreciate something that two girls could do together, no questions asked. Besides this is the room that we became friends in. The first place we had a conversation which didn’t end in yelling. Somewhere we bonded. The place where, we had our first kiss. And the first time, and the second time… that we made love. And most of all, it’s where you agreed to, you know, give me a chance. So… I thought this would be good, but-”

“It’s perfect.” Savannah said softly, resting her forehead against Marti’s, “Thank you.”

Marti smiled back, a brief silence falling between them.

Then Savannah murmured, “So… movie night, huh? What are we watching?”

Marti smiled, “Bring It On.”

“Oh my gosh Marti, I love that movie!” Savannah beamed excitedly.

“I know.” Marti said without thinking.

This caused Savannah to frown for a moment, then she smiled happily, “I told you it was my favourite movie, didn’t I?”

Trying not to blush Marti murmured nonchalantly, “Yeah, you might have mentioned it. But it’s no big deal, it just seemed like something I should remember.”

“I told you the day we became roomies.” Savannah recalled, remembering it perfectly.

“So?” Marti pouted.

“So, you listen to me. Most girls would consider that a plus for a potential… erm… mate.” Savannah blushed. She’d been afraid to say the G – word, but what slipped out of her mouth was kind of worse.

Luckily Marti sensed that a subject change was needed, “How about we go grab something to eat? Maybe bring it in here so we can have our own private dinner and a movie?”

“Ok.” Savannah said softly, excepting a gentle kiss before they broke apart.


The next couple of hours were kind of a blur.

Savannah had of course insisted on ‘helping’ Marti with the cooking which had led the controlling brunette to take over most of it. Marti had found this very cute, so much so she only teased Savannah a little bit. Although it was probably for the best as nothing Marti had ever cooked tasted quite as good as what Savannah served her.

For the first twenty minutes they ate in silence while they watched the movie, then spent another ten watching as they laid side by side on Marti’s bed. Then Marti slowly and hesitantly placed her hand on top of Savannah’s. For a few seconds Savannah didn’t even look at her. When she finally did Marti almost apologised and removed her hand given how conflicted Savannah looked, but before she could the brunette looked down and then slowly moved her hand so her fingers were interlocking with the blonde’s, this gentle act causing Marti to smile widely.

Marti wasn’t sure how long they stayed like that but she felt like she could have laid there holding Savannah’s hand forever, because to her this small gesture made the whole world fall the way so it was just the two of them.

Savannah kind of felt the same way except she wanted more, and as the seconds ticked by want seemed to turn into need. Eventually this led Savannah to lift up Marti’s arm, roll over so she was curled up against the other girl’s body and placed the blonde’s arm around her shoulder. Instead of protesting like part of Savannah had feared the blonde might Marti just smiled warmly, placed a gentle kiss to her forehead and then went back to watching the movie. This allowed Savannah to relax and become lost in the heaven that was being in Marti’s arms with her all-time favourite movie playing on in front of her, even if that movie was now pretty much background noise as Savannah mostly concentrated on the soft beating of Marti’s heart and the gentle sound of the blondes breathing.

Meanwhile Marti had found herself mostly concentrating on Savannah throughout the movie, which she’d never actually seen before. A week ago when Marti had told her now lover that Savannah had been amazed, telling the blonde she had to see it as soon as possible. In return Marti had playfully mocked the cheerleader who’s favourite movie was a cheerleading movie only to find herself quickly apologising and promising they could watch it together sometime, which was why Marti remembered that Savannah liked the movie so vividly. She probably hadn’t imagined watching it while snuggling with the smaller girl, but that was just a bonus.

Unfortunately now Marti wasn’t positive she could properly debate the movie. Hell, she was struggling to remember it’s plot, Marti’s mouth opening and closing like some kind of fish as she searched for something to say.

Luckily Savannah beat her to it, although what the brunette said completely floored the blonde, “I… I, I think this is the best first date I’ve ever had.”

Marti blinked, allowing the words to sink in for a few seconds before softly murmuring, “I told you, we don’t have to call it that.”

“I… I want to call it that.” Savannah said softly, finally lifting her head up so she was actually looking at Marti, “I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and… and I don’t want to trivialise this, or pretend like it’s something it’s not. Well, I do want too, a little, because this whole thing scares me, but I, I want to call this what it is. You know?”

Smiling softly Marti stroked Savannah’s cheek, “I know. And, for the record, this is the best first date I’ve ever had too. And best date I’ve ever had, not that this really has much competition.”

After letting out a tiny giggle Savannah smiled and said, “That bad, huh?”

“Yeah, and because you’re special.” Marti said softly.

It was true, something that slipped out of Marti’s mouth without her thinking about it yet even as the words seem to echo throughout the room Marti knew she meant it. She also knew that, for once in her life, she’d said the right thing. She could just tell, even before Savannah lent down and kissed her passionately.

The passion was soft and gentle at first but quickly increased to something rough and needy, Savannah taking Marti by surprise as the brunette move so that she was directly on top of the blonde and then using that moment of surprise to shove her tongue into Marti’s mouth.

Despite her surprise Marti was only too happy to kiss back, massaging the invading tongue with her own as her hands gently caressed Savannah’s body. In response to that Savannah moaned into Marti’s mouth and then began to grind down on top of the blonde in a way that made sure both girls’ thighs were rubbing against the other’s most sensitive areas. That extremely pleasant rubbing had Marti’s eyelids slightly fluttering for a few moments, then she tried to roll them over so she could be on top.

Surprising the blonde once again Savannah forcefully pushed downwards with all her might, forcing Marti back down to the bed sheets. In the middle of all this Savannah broke the kiss so she could then lean down and whisper in Marti’s ear, “You’ve done so much for me… let me do something for you.”

Marti gulped softly. She wanted to keep her big mouth shut more than ever before in her entire life, but she couldn’t, “You, you don’t have too.”

“I want too.” Savannah reassured the blonde, before adding in a teasing tone, “Besides, I remember you saying you were a bottom.”

Frowning in confusion Marti thought back and then suddenly remembered their initial conversation on dresser draw space, specifically her response to Savannah telling her she preferred the upper drawers. The memory had the blonde blushing and quickly murmuring, “I, I told you, that was a joke… but if you wanna top I’m cool with it. But like I said, you don’t have too.”

Marti’s words had Savannah smiling, then blushing and then smiling again although this time more softly. Then the brunette murmured, “Well, like I said I, I… I want too… just… just please be patient with me, ok?”

“Always.” Marti groaned as Savannah’s lips began sliding across her neck, “I, mmmmmm, I would never want you to do something you didn’t want to do.”

Savannah smiled softly before going back to kissing Marti’s neck. She truly believed that Marti meant it, the problem was Savannah didn’t know what she wanted. Not entirely. And it wasn’t like this was some random guess, but… she was just so confused.

Ignoring her confusion, and any thoughts at all, Savannah pressed her right hand down against Marti’s flat stomach and slowly moved upwards until she was cupping a extremely soft and unmistakably feminine body part. Which was actually something Savannah had done before, but only in the heat of passion when Marti’s fast hands were sliding so quickly around her body it felt like they were touching every part of her at once. Now Marti’s hands were motionless by her side, the blonde girl letting out a soft gasp which seemed to echo throughout the room at this gentle touch.

After Savannah remained frozen for a few seconds Marti clearly forced out, “You, you don’t have too. It’s ok.”

Then Marti gasped again as Savannah cautiously squeezed her breast, the blonde kind of feeling like all of a sudden that part of her body was being judged like a piece of meat by a butcher. It was unfortunately a familiar feeling, however Savannah’s hand was far more gentle about it, and as the brunette seemed to increasing confidence rather than pulling roughly or squeezing painfully or anything like that the cheerleader captain began cupping and caressing her in a way which made Marti moan.

She moaned even more as Savannah became more confident, switching to the other breast as she eagerly kissed, licked and sucked at Marti’s neck. Then all of a sudden Savannah was pulling at Marti’s shirt, the curly haired cheerleader barely having time to lift her arms up as her captain yanked the offending item of clothing off.

To Marti’s surprise Savannah then stared at her bra covered boobs with something she’d never seen before from her virtuous roommate, lust. And honestly, Marti kind of liked it. Actually she definitely liked it, although not as much as the passionate kiss Savannah suddenly gave her, and the feeling of the other girl’s hands sliding around her back to fiddle with her bra. It seemed despite wearing them herself Savannah was no better at removing Marti’s bra than… Marti’s previous lover. In fact she was worse, which made Marti smiled briefly until suddenly her bra was being torn off, probably literally as she swore she heard the sound of something tearing, but then Savannah’s hands were on her naked tits and Marti honestly didn’t care about any stupid bra.

Meanwhile Savannah didn’t care about anything. While that wasn’t true, Savannah didn’t care about what had got into her or what the various voices in her head were saying, she was totally focused on how good Marti felt underneath her, and how amazing the other girl’s breasts felt in her hands, and how wonderful her fellow cheerleader’s lips felt pressed against her own. And that’s how things stayed for a few long glorious minutes, Savannah only concentrated on kissing Marti and playing with the blonde’s boobs.

However, shortly after Marti’s nipple had become hard under her gentle touch, Savannah heard the sound of a moan filled with frustration as well as pleasure. She immediately realised it came from Marti’s lips, Savannah faced with a very daunting fact that this alone was nothing but a tease. Foreplay. And while under different circumstances it might be all that was required of her after the way Marti made her feel Savannah couldn’t see how it would be fair if she were to stop now.

So, extremely slowly and nervously, Savannah moved her right hand down Marti’s incredibly toned stomach until her fingertips were tracing her roomie’s waistband. This made Marti’s breathing become incredibly erratic, even more so than before, Savannah accidentally building up the tension as she hesitated.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t thought about doing this before, and thanks to her previous times with Marti she did have a pretty good idea what she was doing. However it was still one of those things which Savannah found mind numbingly terrifying. Luckily for her when she did finally slide her hand into Marti’s pants she again lost the ability to think, Savannah never more grateful to be lost in what she was doing.

Marti wasn’t so lucky. Because even as Savannah, a girl Marti loved more than anyone or anything she had ever known, was touching her most intimate area for the first time, albeit through her panties, Marti couldn’t stop thinking about Dan Patch. The first person she’d ever had sex with and the only other person who had ever touched her as intimately.

It was not a favourable comparison for Dan. She had felt nothing as he clumsily groped her tits, and Marti had almost put a stop to the whole thing when he shoved his hands down her pants, and then shortly afterwards violated her with his fingers. In retrospect she wished more than anything she had stopped him and that this was her first time because Dan Patch had nothing on Savannah Monroe.

Before Savannah’s hand had moved south the cheerleader captain had already made Marti feel like every part of her body was on fire with need, with one particular part begging for attention more than any other. And then Savannah’s hand had got closer and closer to that part, so close Marti felt delirious with need, then Savannah was touching her and, Marti was gay. She was so very gay.

Although, as Savannah’s fingertips cautiously rubbed Marti’s pussy lips through her panties, the blonde admitted that it was perhaps unfair to conclude just because Dan couldn’t make her feel a 10th of what she was feeling now didn’t mean that no guy possibly could, and maybe deep down she was bi. But honestly, in that moment Marti couldn’t imagine being with another guy ever again. Not that she wanted to imagine being with a girl who wasn’t Savannah. No, Marti just wanted to be gay for Savannah. She wanted to be Savannah-sexual as Marti honestly didn’t think anyone could ever make her feel like her beautiful roomie could.

As if she’s trying to prove this Savannah chose that moment to push Marti’s panties aside and start sliding her index finger up and down Marti’s pussy lips, the direct touch making the blonde practically hyperventilate. Then there was a finger being pushed inside her and Marti was barely even aware that she cried out, “OH MY GOD SAVANNAH OOOOOOHHHHHH… oh fuck… fuck me! Oh Savannah fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Marti was too lost in what she was feeling to notice Savannah briefly cringing at the obscene language. Of course Savannah was in no state to scold Marti for her foul mouth, not when her index finger was being almost painfully squeezed by velvety soft wetness.

The location of her finger was far from mystery but it took a few moments for Savannah’s frail mind to fully acknowledge it, and when her mind finally did it was surrounded by the words oh my gosh. As in, she was inside Marti, oh my gosh, she was inside another girl, oh my gosh, her finger was inside another girl’s pussy, oh my gosh, she was fingering another girl, oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh… gosh.

Savannah very nearly had a panic attack from the voices in her head and simply being overwhelmed by what was happening, however she was thankfully saved from this by Marti. Partly because the string of curses the blonde let out which again caused her to cringe and even blush a little, however the most distracting thing was the look on Marti’s face. And in her eyes. The look of… pleasure? Yes pleasure. Savannah was giving Marti pleasure. After all the ecstasy Marti had given Savannah now finally the cheerleader captain was returning the favour, and no matter how scared or confused or whatever she was nothing was more important to Savannah than being able to finally return the favour.

So doing her best to clear her mind Savannah began slowly moving her finger in and out of Marti’s pussy, slowly and nervously at first but as she became ever so slightly more relaxed the brunette picked up the pace until finally she became lost in the act. Lost in the act of fucking the blonde. Lost in the act of fucking Marti. She was fucking Marti. She was fucking another girl. And she loved it. Marti was so soft, and so tight, and most of all so very, very wet, particularly that last fact echoing in Savannah’s tortured mind as she became consumed with trying to give Marti at least a 10th of the ecstasy she had given her.

If Marti had known what Savannah was thinking she would have thought it hilarious given what she was feeling now was easily the closest thing to ecstasy she’d ever known, and she wasn’t exactly being subtle about it. In fact Marti was surprised there hadn’t been a knock on the door already considering how loud she was being, even despite her best efforts to quieten herself down. Biting her lip, grinding her teeth, clawing at the bed sheets and clenching her fists all seemed to have little or no effect but Marti continue doing them anyway, her muddled mind having problems thinking of anything else, especially as there was one word echoing through her head which was making it hard to think about anything else. That word was more. As in more, more, more.

Eventually the words even found their way to Marti’s lips, “Mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh more, please more, oh Savannah, oh please more, please… more… I, I, ooooooohhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, please stick another finger inside of me! Please, please, please, please, I need it so bad, please, yes, OH YEEEEESSSSSSS, OHHHHHH SAVANNAH!”

When she first made herself clear Savannah gave her this apprehensive look which immediately had Marti regretting her words. She in no way wanted to push Savannah too far too soon. It was just… what she was feeling now was amazing, but Marti could tell that an extra finger inside of her would make it feel so much better.

Marti was proven right when after a little hesitation Savannah pressed her middle finger against the blonde’s opening and pushed slowly inside, Marti’s head shooting backwards against the pillow and a loud moan escaped her lips at this heavenly addition. And then Savannah started fucking her with those two fingers and… and Marti just couldn’t understand why she hadn’t been with a girl sooner. No, Marti couldn’t understand why she didn’t kiss Savannah when they met like she had known part of her had wanted too. If only after that heated argument she had pulled this beautiful girl into her arms and kissed her maybe, just maybe they could have skipped trying to be friends and gone right to this stage of giving each other the type of incredible ecstasy Marti was now feeling.

Of course even though it didn’t seem possible Marti knew it was going to get better. That as long as Savannah didn’t stop she would cum, and given what she could feel building it promised to be an orgasm like none she had experienced before. And it was.

Even though Marti saw it coming like a train that was hurtling towards her it suddenly was pushed extra fast by Savannah’s thumb brushing against her clit. It could have been accidental, it could have been on purpose, Marti didn’t know and Marti didn’t care. All she knew and all she cared about was at that second a sensation more powerful than she’d ever known crashed through her body, turning her into a quivering wreck.

Savannah was so focused on slamming her fingers in and out of Marti’s pussy while staring deep into the other girl’s eyes it took her a few moments to realise what happened. Even as Marti’s eyes became extra pretty and the other cheerleader’s cunt clamped roughly down on Savannah’s fingers which was suddenly being covered in even more wetness and what she had become used to Savannah just didn’t figure it out. Not until Marti suddenly went limp and let out a long satisfied sigh. That was when she realised Marti had just cum on her fingers. Another girl had just covered her fingers in cum.

Those last two sentences echoed in Savannah’s mind as she slowly removed her fingers from Marti’s sex and then slowly brought them up to her face. For quite awhile Savannah just stared at them, looking at the juices glistening on those two fingers, trying to work up the courage to slide her tongue out and taste that sweet smelling liquid. Then all of a sudden Marti was leaning forward, gently grabbing hold of Savannah’s arm and taking those two fingers into her mouth. This had Savannah gasping, blushing and biting her lip as she watched Marti greedily suck her own cum from the brunette’s fingers, the blonde even sliding her tongue over Savannah’s hand to make sure she got everything.

When she was done Marti gave Savannah this burning hungry look and pretty much literally growled, “Your turn.”

Before Savannah had time to respond Marti lunged forwards and attacked the brunette’s lips with her own, the ferocity of which scared Savannah briefly but she surrendered to Marti’s lips without hesitation. By the time Marti’s tongue entered her mouth Savannah was a conquered nation happily welcoming her conqueror, the blonde’s tongue then occupying the brunette’s mouth for several long, wonderful moments. Briefly Marti pulled away so she could lift Savannah’s skirt up and over her head, the poor dazed brunette struggling to even lift her arms up to help with this process, and then just as she was awaking from her happy stupor Savannah was being kissed again sending her right back to that dreamlike state. It was a state she remained in as Marti removed her bra with surprising ease, her panties proving to be more of a challenge but at least Savannah was awake enough to help kick those off. Then Marti was kissing her cheek and then the side of her neck as she jumped out from underneath Savannah, using such speed and agility that the cheerleader captain didn’t even get a chance to move before her fellow cheerleader was kneeling beside her.

“Stay where you are ok? I wanna try something.” Marti panted huskily.

Savannah wasn’t sure if it had been a request or a command but either way she obeyed, moaning softly as Marti pushed her brown hair out of the way so she could kiss not only the side of her neck but the back as well. Then she started kissing her way down her spine, a gentle pressure on her back telling Savannah to lean forward and use her hands to support her weight which she did with that question. A few seconds later Savannah realised exactly what position that put her in, which made the captain of the Hellcats blush. However Savannah trusted Marti and truly believed that whatever would happen next would be something she’d enjoy. Besides, after what she had just done to the other girl, Savannah almost felt like the kisses to her spine alone would make her cum.

Once she had kissed all the way down Savannah’s spine Marti pulled back slightly and bit her lip. Even when she been desperately trying to convince herself of her heterosexuality Marti had found her eyes lingering on Savannah’s cute little butt. It was just always wiggling around in front of her in a pair of tight fitting short shorts or being flashed at her in those little skirts and Marti just hadn’t been able to stop herself from looking. Now for the first time ever she was really staring at it and wow, cute just didn’t seem to do it justice. It was… beautiful. Perfect.

Marti could already think of a handful of naughty things she wanted to do to that butt. Like maybe spank it a little. Not hard-core discipline, just a few playful swats. Maybe rub her pussy against those soft cheeks, literally humping the other girl and then licking her juices from that perfect ass. And… other things. First though Marti simply began sliding her lips across that little bubble butt, literally becoming a kiss ass for a few moments, strategically moving so that she was getting closer and closer to Savannah’s pussy which if she wasn’t mistaken was increasingly dripping with juice. Then Marti moved to catch one of those drops, pressing her tongue against Savannah’s thigh and then giving one steady lick upwards to the origin of that drop.

The second her tongue made contact with Savannah’s sex the brunette let out a loud gasp, following it up by moaning Marti’s name. The moaning continued as Marti began licking Savannah’s pussy with long but quick strokes, using both her hands to spread her roomie’s ass while resting her weight on her knees so she could have as much access to the other cheerleader’s cunt as possible.

For a while they stayed like that, the only thing changing being Savannah burying her face in the pillows to try and muffle her moans, groans and whimpers of pleasure. Of course it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable position for Marti, but it allowed her to keep spreading Savannah’s butt cheeks and lightly play with them as she concentrated most of her efforts on gently licking the other girl’s pussy, and Marti was simply enjoying both those acts too much to stop.

Savannah certainly didn’t want her to stop. In fact it sounded like it was exactly the opposite, given what the brunette was moaning into the pillows, “Mmmmmm yesssss, oh Marti, more, ooooooooh please more. Make… make me cum. Please Marti make me cum!”

Knowing how difficult the last couple of words were for the prudish brunette to say Marti slowly pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into Savannah’s welcoming love hole and then began gently thrusting it in and out, making her roommate scream joyfully. Savannah screamed even louder as Marti increase the pace, the blonde closing her mouth around the brunette’s sex to try and make sure at least the majority of the heavenly liquid flowed down her throat and into her stomach where it belonged. And while a good majority still ended up on her face Marti had an idea of something she could do about that. However first she wanted to bring Savannah to the edge of orgasm.

As with the two previous times that proved to be an easy task for the blonde. In fact Savannah kind of felt like she was on the edge of cumming throughout the entire pussy licking, and then when Marti started tongue fucking her it was only a matter of time before she was trembling with orgasm. And sure enough with an extra loud scream Savannah came in the type of wonderful climax that she was beginning to think only Marti Perkins could give her. Then all of a sudden something weird happened.

For a few seconds Marti removed her mouth from Savannah’s sex, resulting in the cheerleader captain first crying out in dismay and blushing with embarrassment. When had she become so greedy? Had Marti’s mouth, tongue and fingers already turned her into a selfish brat? Yet, Savannah couldn’t help it. She wanted more. She needed more. She craved more.

Savannah got what she craved a few seconds later and everything was wonderful again. Then she realised Marti’s mouth was in a different position than before. She could feel it, and looking down she could see it, Marti on her back while using her hands to push the brunette down onto her face. That revelation had Savannah blushing again, but before she could say a word she was once again cumming hard into Marti’s soft mouth, the blonde’s tongue working overtime to make sure Savannah wasn’t in the frame of mind to worry or complain about what was happening.

All this would have been fine of course accept Marti was pushing Savannah downwards on top of her to the point that the captain of the Hellcats was worried that her team member couldn’t breathe. To make matters worse Savannah’s body seemed to be moving of it’s own accord this way and that, grinding down on top of Marti’s face in a way which dramatically increased the pleasure Savannah was feeling, but at what cost?

Savannah desperately tried to stop herself but she just couldn’t, her body melting into nothing but a grinding mess as she came over and over again, practically drowning Marti with her cum.

Meanwhile Marti was using one hand to try to keep Savannah in place as much as possible while the other hand frantically slammed two fingers in and out of her own cunt, the blonde cumming several times as she became lost in what she could only describe as pure heaven.

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