AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction. This story contains scenes of extramarital, unprotected, and group sex. If it’s not your thing, please move on. This story is slightly rougher and more raunchy than most of my other work. Fair warning.


Be careful what you wish for, isn’t that what they say? I guess I got what I wanted, although it’s not quite the way I imagined it. Nope, it’s pretty fucking far from how I imagined it. Most days I feel like it worked out all right. I’m happy now. Sometimes I remember how it all got started, and what my life would have been like if I had chosen a different path; where I would be now, who I’d be with. But regretting is never helpful.

I could blame Gretchen, or my ex-husband Jim, or alcohol or The Providers or whatever for my situation, and I have at different times blamed them all, but it just makes me bitter and angry, and it affects my enthusiasm, and I risk getting corrected. So I try not to think about it anymore, and stay with the program, and I don’t resist, ever. And besides, inside I know it was my fault, no one else’s. Everything else just helped me or reacted to me. But it was me. I realized that soon after arriving here, one night while I was recovering. And then all the anger I’d been harboring melted away mostly, and my attitude became more suitable, and I started getting corrected less.

It’s hard to admit that you made your own bed. But this is my bed now, and like I said, I get with the program now and enjoy it. And since I won’t be transitioned from entertainment to asset, I guess I’m doing okay.

But maybe I should start at the beginning.

Jim and I married young, he was 22, I was 20. He had a fledgling construction business that was pulling in some good money. I encouraged him to expand, guiding his enthusiasm and abilities, wanting him to make more money and he did, exploding the business over the next few years into a real money machine, which I loved. I did the house, the clothes, the lunches. I had a soft job in a local firm, and my friends and I partied hard on Jim’s money. Jim didn’t, he was too busy working. We had an OK sex life, but that soon dwindled with our reduced time together as he worked the business, and I worked his money.

After three years of spending Jim’s wealth I started to feel lonely and horny. Hanging out with friends didn’t do it for me anymore; they all went home to spouses and significant others, I went home, usually drunk, to my well-appointed empty house. My current situation began about six months later, in a club with friends. I was almost twenty-four then; my friends and I were drinking and dancing. I met these two guys, I don’t even remember their names, I call them Big and Bigger, because that’s how I remember them. We danced, and drank, and danced more, first with one, then the other, then both. My friends started leaving, Big and Bigger separated me from them. At one point I looked around and couldn’t find my friends. At first I cared. Then Big kissed me, and I stopped caring. I kissed him back, and all my good sense left me. We danced more, and then I was kissing Bigger. I could feel him pressing his hardness against me, and I got wet, and hot, and my neglected pussy starting doing all my thinking.

I could tell this part the long way, describing the passion and the longing, and my reactions, but it’s not really important. It was hot though, and the idea of being out, and cheating on my husband added to the excitement. Being attractive to someone, getting a man excited, knowing he wanted me, made me crazed and loose and easy. A half hour after the first kiss we were outside by Big’s car, and I was on my knees, kneeling on his jacket, sucking his cock. I was sliding my mouth on his long, fat shaft, licking the head, feeling it slide past my lips, smooth and hot and hard for me.

I was not very experienced when Jim and I met, and my sexual experience didn’t grow much after we married. We had sex, but it was mostly vanilla, and when he started spending lots of time at work and away, it became vanilla and less. I didn’t do a lot of oral and was never a big fan, but this night I really got into it. I wanted to suck this guy’s cock, and I was enjoying feeling it in my mouth, the way it tasted, the way it made me feel, on my knees in a parking lot with a well-hung stranger who wanted to fuck my mouth. I was so turned on that his cock was hard for me, I was drooling on him, pumping my hand and mouth on his gorgeous succulent shaft, struggling to fit more inside my mouth. He was groaning, and grunting, holding my head, humping into my face. I thought he might be starting to cum, and was thinking if I should let him cum in my mouth when I heard him say, “its about fucking time,” and I heard a noise behind me. I turned my head to see the guy I would remember as Bigger pull his giant half-hard rod of destruction out of his unzipped pants. My fucking pussy gushed, and I nearly came, I swear. I pulled my head off Big and never even got the chance to close it or inhale before Bigger filled my mouth. I had to stretch my jaw to take it, and he pushed, and hit the back of my throat, and I gagged and coughed, spit flying between my stretched lips and his shaft.

He pulled my hair, yanked me off his cock and slapped my face with his saliva-slicked monster. “Don’t fucking stain my pants, slut!” he barked, then pulled my head back on him, hard. Instead of resisting, I went willfully.

“Get in the car,” I heard Big say, and the door opened, and Bigger led me into the back seat by my mouth. He was fully hard by the time we pulled out of the parking lot, and I licked and sucked him for the short drive. I stopped when I heard the doors open. We were in the driveway of a house in a part of town near the club. Bigger zipped and got out, then Big pulled me out of the car.

They led me to the front door, feeling my ass on the way, kissing me, and pulling my top down. I walked halfway there with my tits exposed, Big’s tongue in my mouth, and his hand on my ass, under my skirt and inside my panties, and I loved it. I was pretty sure I was going to get the fuck of my life, and my cunt was dripping with excitement. My panties were pulled under my ass cheeks by the time we opened the door. I followed Bigger inside, into the living room. As he pulled his pants down and sat on the couch, facing me, Big pulled my panties down to my ankles and pushed me towards Bigger, making me trip and fall onto all fours. I swear, I crawled to Bigger on my hands and knees, my feet tangled in my panties, and drove my mouth down on Bigger’s mighty joystick.

I was sucking the head, swirling my tongue around, thrilling at the mouthful of hot cock meat. He pushed my head down and made me gag again; this time I blew spit all over his balls. He pulled me up by the hair and drove my face under his shaft, told me to lick the spit off his balls, and I did it with relish. “I want your hot cum in my mouth,” I told him, “Shoot it my mouth.”

“Shut the fuck up and suck, slut!” He crammed my head back down on his cock. As I sucked I felt Big lifting the back of my skirt, felt his hands on my ass. Then a hard fleshy globe pushed at my pussy, and in one stroke he buried his entire length into my eager cunt. Fuck, he was the biggest thing I’d ever had inside me, and I yowled in pain and passion as I stretched to fit him. My reaction was muffled around Bigger’s fat cock, and I heard him chuckle at my reaction. My cunt began to clutch and spasm at the invasion, and I felt my juices running down my thighs as Big started to stroke in and out.

It was the single greatest fuck I had ever experienced in my short, selfish naive life. It felt like he was splitting me apart, and fucking my whole torso, for fuck’s sake. He started pounding me, hard, and I felt his balls slapping up into my clit, and like an explosion I came, screaming on Bigger’s cock again, as my body shook with the greatest climax I’d ever had. As it crested, and began to recede, I felt a finger at my anus, exploring, then pressing, then pushing inside and I came again! I’d never had anyone touch me there, never mind inside, and the filthy debasement drove me to new heights of excitement.

I felt him pumping harder as I sucked, and sensed he was going to cum. I pulled off Bigger and turned my head, pleading, “Not inside me, cum in my mouth.” I barely got the words out before Bigger pulled my hair and drove me back on his cock, telling me to shut up.

“You’ll get it in your mouth, don’t worry, you fucking whore,” I heard from behind me, and then he pushed his finger deeper into my ass, and pounded me harder, faster, and then he groaned and I felt my pussy fill with heat as he shot his load in my eager hole. He stroked his cock through his climax, filling me, and I felt his load spilling out as I came again, filled with another man’s semen for the first time in years. Then he pulled out, and I heard him joke to Bigger, “she’s wide open, it won’t close!” I imagined my cunt gaping open, cum spilling out, and I felt his cock under me, the head on my clit.

Bigger suddenly pushed my mouth off him and stood up, and moved behind me, and Big sat on the couch. “Here you go, slut,” he said, and I saw his cock, just beginning to soften, glistening with my juices and cream, and coated with a thick glaze of his cum, fresh from my dripping pussy. “Right in your mouth, like you wanted!” He pulled my face down, but missed my mouth, and rubbed the disgusting mess on my face, finally onto my lips. I opened wide and took the slimy shaft into my mouth, my jaw already sore. I tasted his semen, and my own flavor, and smelled the odor of our sex, and it made me gag and salivate. As I swallowed the mixture my pussy twitched and flushed again, just in time to feel Bigger push his fat pole into my sloppy wet cum-filled hole.

I tried to scream as I sucked and swallowed, and Big’s cock pushed into the back of my mouth as Bigger’s cock stretched me even more; it felt like I was on fire, and then he pushed, and he was pressing painfully into my cervix. Pain shot through me, exquisite and shocking, making my pussy clench on his fat pole, and still he pushed, further, until I felt his thighs press against me and he was all in. Fuck, I thought his cock would hit Big’s in my throat, and it hurt so bad I cried and whimpered, and pushed back on him, and then he pulled out most of the way, and drove back in, hard; and again, and then started a rhythmic pounding in my destroyed cunt. I pulled my mouth off Big’s cleaned cock, and started licking the cum and pussy juice off the base, and off his balls, hating myself for loving it and wanting more. And then I heard Bigger grunting, and he came, and filled me a second time, bellowing as he plowed into me, and another orgasm ripped through me. He slowed as he finished; then drew out, and he did the same as Big, and allowed his cum to drip onto his cock. Big released my head and Bigger grabbed my hair and pulled me to him, and I repeated my post-fuck oral work, sucking his cock clean, swallowing the hot cum from my pussy off his incredible cock and balls while he ridiculed me.

“You like that, slut? You taste your slut pussy on my dick? You’re a real cum-whore, aren’t you,” and more disgusting talk that just made me hotter. “Fucking eat it, slut. Eat that cum off my cock!”

When his cock was cleaned, I figured it was done, but I was wrong. Big came to my side, he was holding a small mirror, and he put it on the floor under me, and moved me to squat over it. He made me look at my pussy in the mirror, and I was horrified. I had never spent a lot of time looking at my own vagina, but I didn’t recognize the mess I saw. A gaping red maw, dripping with white slimy cum, my pubic hair matted and soiled with cum and my own cream. It seemed to throb as I watched it, not closing, held open by the trauma of the pounding and stretching. As I watched, mesmerized, a fat drop of cum oozed out, landing on the mirror, then another.

“Clean that up, slut,” Big said, and I couldn’t stop myself. I bent down, and licked the cum from the mirror, disgusted at what I was doing, and betrayed by my own body. I felt the urge for more, more cock, more fucking. I finished licking the cum from the mirror and looked up at them. “Please,” I heard myself say, “fuck me again. Please.”

And they did, twice more each over the next two hours. Each time I had multiple orgasms, cumming on their giant cocks, sucking them clean when they were done as they called me vile names and egged me on. I never felt so dirty, so disgusting and so fulfilled. When it was over they put me back into the car, without allowing me to clean up. I struggled into my clothes on the ride, my pussy sore, my jaw and tongue aching, but my body completely satisfied. My mouth tasted like cunt and semen. They took me to the club and pulled away, leaving me at my car in the empty lot.

On the drive home I felt cum still leaking from me, and I pushed my fingers inside and sucked them clean, scooping gobs of cum from inside me. I couldn’t stop. I kept it up until all I could taste was pussy, then I fingered my clit until I came again, hard, screaming in the car as I pulled into my driveway.

I staggered into the house, my legs still shaky and weak, thankful Jim would not be home until the next afternoon. I got to my bedroom; it was after four already, and as I turned on the light I saw myself in the mirror. My God, if Jim was home how would I explain this? My makeup was a wreck, there was cum on my face and in my hair. My skirt was sideways and my tube top was stretched out, one nipple showing over the top. Anyone would know I’d just gotten the fuck of a lifetime. “Not Jim,” I said out loud, “he wouldn’t know sex if it fell on him.” Well, if he couldn’t tell from the cum on my face and wrinkled clothes, maybe this would do it, I thought. I pulled up my skirt and spread my legs a little, arching my hips forward. See that, Jim, I thought, That’s a fucked pussy. Can you see that? Can you see what those boys did to me with their giant cocks? I squatted down, spread my legs, and stared at myself. I was in awe at the sight of my own pussy, still gaping and red and raw, the hair all sticky. That’s what a pussy if for, Jim. To be fucked raw, pounded hard. I imagined him seeing cum dripping from my hole, down to my anus. He fingered my ass, too, Jim. Did you ever finger my ass? Hell, you barely even fuck me, never mind fuck me right. I came a dozen times on their cocks, Jim, and I ate their cum from their beautiful hard cocks, and I begged them to fuck me more. How do you like that?

He wouldn’t like it. It would kill him, I was sure. I knew he could never find out.

But I liked it. A lot. And I knew I wanted more.

It was more than a month before the next time. I spent that time worrying that Jim might find out, and the few times we had sex I wondered if he would notice how stretched out I was, but if he did, he didn’t say. Every free minute I thought about those tremendous cocks tearing me apart in ecstasy. I wondered if I would ever feel like that again. I needn’t have worried.

The next time the cock wasn’t huge, it was average, but the guy was hot, and he had a talented tongue that made me cum over and over before he fucked me. He tried to pull out, but I held him inside, loving the feel of being filled with hot cum. I thought he would lose his mind when I sucked him clean, scooped cum out of my cunt and ate it, and got him hard again. This time I sucked his cock until he exploded in my mouth. I showed it to him before I swallowed his load. On the way home I fingered myself, and masturbated more when I got home. Jim never knew, again.

I didn’t wait a month then. The next weekend Jim was away again, and I got fucked by two guys from out of town in a hotel room. One guy made me lick his ass, and the other guy fucked my cum-filled pussy with a champagne bottle. They made me drip cum into a champagne glass and drink it. It was so depraved. I loved it. I masturbated in front of them, sucking my juices and their cum off my fingers. One of them pinched and pulled and twisted my nipples while I crammed three fingers into my cunt; he was so rough my nipples hurt for a week, and they stayed hard for days.

After that, whenever Jim was away I went out and got laid. I never saw Big and Bigger again, but that was okay, and anyway, it would be too much like having an affair. I’d go out with my friends, and then find a guy, or guys, and ditch my friends and go out and get laid. I was pretty sure my friends knew what I was doing, how could they not? At least they suspected, but no one said anything to me, so I knew they wouldn’t tell Jim. Hell, they barely knew him, he was never around.

I became a complete freak for raw, kinky sex, the nastier the better.

My friend Gretchen was the first one to actually find me out. One night we were out in a club, and she found me in the men’s room sucking two guys’ cocks. I figured she’d run, or scream at me, or something, but she just stood there and watched as I took one load in my mouth and one on my face. I was still wiping my face off (into my mouth, of course) as she shooed the guys out, helped me get presentable, and escorted me out. We ended up in a diner, where she got the story out of me.

She didn’t express shock, or disapproval, or judge me in any way. Of course, I hadn’t told her the details of all the depraved things I did, just that I had started suddenly cheating on Jim, and now was doing it all the time. I confessed that I couldn’t stop, that I needed to get sex, all the time, it seemed. She seemed to understand, even as she made me admit it was wrong. I swore her to secrecy. She’s a lawyer, so she said I had attorney-client privilege. Later I would find out just how good a lawyer she was.

The next time I went out Jim wasn’t away, he hadn’t been away in a while, and I needed a ravaging. He called and said he’d be late, like a good husband. And like an awful wife, I went out on a cock hunt. It was late afternoon, so I went to a happy hour near a college, and picked up an energetic young man with mythical recovery ability. He did me three times in two hours. I rushed home, didn’t even finger myself on the way hone, just oozed into my panties, but when I got there I saw Jim’s car in the driveway, and another car. I checked my appearance and, scared to death, went into the house.

The other car belonged to a client he was meeting with. They’d gone to dinner, and had changed plans to come here instead! Fuck, I thought, putting on my friendly ‘meet a client’ persona. I kissed Jim quickly, hoping he couldn’t smell the semen on my breath. I told him I’d gone shopping when he said he wouldn’t be home, and offered to make some dinner, but he said they’d ordered pizza. Relieved, I excused myself from their meeting, and ran upstairs to clean up. Five minutes late I was in the master suite bathroom, scooping cum from my pussy and sucking it off my fingers as masturbated, standing with my pants off. I washed up, threw the panties in the wastebasket, and dressed for bed. When Jim came up I pretended I was sleeping, and then lay awake as he slept, hoping he couldn’t smell my ripe cunt.

Having done it once, I no longer waited for Jim to go away. I started taking more chances, convinced that my oblivious husband would never catch on. I would just get fucked, or suck a guys cock when he was working late. I saved the wild adventures for the times he went away, and those got wild, and more daring. One day Jim and I even had one of our rare sexual interactions while my pussy was filled with another man’s cum. If he noticed how wet I was, he didn’t mention it.

Once I picked up a guy in a club, and he took me to his house, and his wife greeted him at the door. He introduced me as ‘the slut who sucked my cock in the car on the way home’ and she grinned and started getting undressed. First I thought “what the fuck?”, then my defensiveness became defiance; “this bitch isn’t getting this cock tonight!” but she took off her pants and was wearing a strapon! And it was huge! I thought of Big, and dropped to my knees and sucked her ‘dick’ while the guy took off his clothes and mine. Then she fucked me while I sucked her husband’s cock. It was glorious! She could really fuck, let me tell you. When I sensed he was going to cum, I started talking dirty, telling him shoot in my mouth, I want your hot cum in my mouth, like that, and he said no, and his wife stopped fucking me and took off the strapon. She laid on the floor and he fucked her and came inside her. Then he pulled out and said, “you want my cum, you slut, go get it.”

His cute wife was laying there, legs spread, and she had her pussy completely shaved except for a little strip above her clit, which was poking out from the hood. Her cunt was open, and fat drops of cum were oozing out. In a fit of passion I dove straight in, and licked and sucked the cum from her wet snatch. When it was gone I sucked her clit until she came. It was the first time I did anything with another woman, and I knew it wouldn’t be the last.

Another time I picked up a guy who’s wife was out of town After sucking his cock and letting him cum on my face (he wouldn’t let me clean up, and I loved it!) he got hard again and we were fucking. Then he turned me over and did me doggy style. I was close to cumming when he pulled out. He went to the closet and took out a bag and came back to the bed. He pulled out a vibrator and gave it to me to vibe myself while he fucked me. I put my ass back in the air and rubbed the vibe on my clit and he continued fucking me. Just as I was close to cumming, I felt him slow down, and felt something wet on my ass. I thought he came, but was busy with my orgasm, and as I climaxed he pushed a finger into my ass! I came even harder, screaming as he pumped a finger in my back door while he fucked me. Then he added a second finger, and it started to hurt, and I complained and he pulled my hair and told me to shut the fuck up.

I kept the vibe on my clit, and he was still pumping my pussy, and I could feel his fingers stretching my anal opening. Then he pulled out his fingers, and pulled his cock out of my pussy. Fuck, I thought, he’s done. But then I felt something at my ass, not fingers, and I turned my head. “No way,” I said, “I can’t,” but he added some more lube, and I felt the head push inside. Fuck, it hurt, and I thought about pulling away but my body betrayed me and my desire won out, and I rubbed the vibe on my clit and pushed back on him. His cock went a little further, stretching and penetrating my ass. I felt a pressure, and then he pushed passed my inner ring, and his cock slipped all the way inside me. I screamed, in pain, but in excitement too, and he waited for me to adjust, until I started to squirm on his cock. I turned to him again and said, “Fuck my ass, you dog. Fucking take my ass cherry! I want your hot cum up my ass!” he started pounding me, short strokes at first, then longer, full-cock strokes. I felt so full, so nasty and slutty, and I shoved the vibe into my pussy and double penetrated myself. I came twice more before he buried himself inside me and shot a load of hot cum up my ass.

The next day I couldn’t sit or walk right, and called in sick to work. I masturbated myself raw thinking about it. I put everything I could think of in my ass, fingers, a candle, whatever I could find, fingering myself to blistering orgasms in my new depravity. It was my first anal, and I loved it. The next day I bought some vitamin e oil at the drugstore, and soothed my aching ass and cunt. I had anal sex pretty frequently after that.

During this period I would occasionally run into Gretchen, and when we were alone she would ask, and I would fill her in on what I was doing. I was grateful for the opportunity, because my secret was like to burst out of me, and it gave me an opportunity to release a little pressure without more people knowing. She seemed cautiously interested at first, but as weeks passed she it seemed she could barely wait to hear of my latest exploits in all their debauched detail. And honestly, the telling was near as exciting as the doing, and the more she asked, the more detailed my explanations, and I started masturbating following our little chats. Sometimes these were day or afternoon conversations. A couple of times it was when we were out, and I would get her alone in the bar or the club, and tell her what I had done. Or what I was going to do, and then leave and go do it.

The first time she came with me was one night at a club, and I told her I was leaving with this group, it was two guys and two couples, and they were going to one of the guys house. She said she was nervous for me, and thought she should tag along to make sure I was OK. She came with us, and we partied at this guy’s place for a while, but she didn’t seem to drink much. She was friendly and all, but I was going wild with the rest of the group, and it soon got heated. One of the guys started making out with his girlfriend, and I grabbed the ass of one of the single guys, Blondie I called him, while we watched them grope each other, then he kissed me.

Things proceeded from there predictably, for me anyway. As soon as I felt the guy getting hard I dropped to my knees, and everyone stopped to watch me suck his cock. I was bobbing my head and fondling his balls and ass, his pants around his ankles. The kissing couple, the Preppies, started undressing, and he was sucking her tits when I looked up. The other single guy was sitting with Gretchen and the other couple, the Quiet Ones, talking to Gretchen. I saw her say something and point to me. Other Guy got up and stood behind me, grabbing my tits and squeezing my nipples, hard. The feeling went straight to my pussy, and I let him know it. He pulled off my shirt and bra, and I guess his pants, too, because the next time he reached around for my tits I felt his hard cock pressing into my back. I got up and got my pants off, and he got his face under me, and I sat on his mouth while I sucked Blondie. I felt his tongue slip into my wet hole and I gushed fluid into his mouth.

The couple was in a sixty-nine on the floor right next to us now, and I watched her lick his balls. Not to be outdone, I pushed Blondie back to the couch, and pulled his legs up so I could lick his ass. With my butt in the air, Other Guy got up and drove into my cunt in one stroke, pushing my tongue up Blondie’s hole. I managed a glance across the room, and saw Gretchen staring at me, apparently now believing all the stories I had told her.

Once the cock entered me I started talking dirty, telling him fuck my slutty cunt, pound me. He obeyed, and it felt great. I replaced my tongue with a finger in Blondie’s ass, and licked his balls while I stroked him, all the while spewing a stream of filth for everyone to hear. I heard the Preppies goading Other Guy to fuck me harder; they were fucking now, doggy style like me, and both watching me with Blondie and Other Guy.

I heard Gretchen telling the Quiet Ones what a nasty slut I was, fucking two guys in front of everyone. She called me awful names, and it got me hotter, knowing I was all those and more. Then she yelled to Other guy to fuck my ass, and I felt him pull his cock out, and press against my anal opening. He popped the head inside, and I howled, half in pain and half in delight. I clenched, then loosened up and pushed back, burying him halfway in my ass. He pulled back slightly, and then pushed the rest in, and my ass was filled with cock.

Now the Quiet Ones joined Gretchen in cheering and deriding me, and I felt my first orgasm coming as Preppie girl reached under me to rub my clit. I came on her hand, screaming, and she came too. Then the Other Guy grabbed my hips and pulled me backwards as he lay on his back, his cock buried in my ass. I imagined I was quite a sight, my legs wide open, on my back on top of him, my hungry cunt and ass stretched and exposed for all to see. Blondie got up and got between my legs and fed his man meat into my waiting slit, and I had two cocks fucking me.

“Fuck that slut!” I heard Gretchen yelling. “Fuck her cunt and her slut ass!” “Give it to her! Fill that whore up!”

“Give me your hot cum,” I told Blondie and the Other Guy. “Fill my ass and pussy with cum! I want it in me!” That was all Preppie guy needed, and we all heard him groan and empty his balls in his girlfriend. She moaned with him, cumming again, and that set me off, and I felt my cum splashing out on Blondie’s fat cock, running down my crack and into my ass. He pushed harder into me, driving me down onto the dick in my ass, until I thought my chest would explode. “Give me your cum,” I kept repeating, “Fuck your cum into me! Give it to me!”

I saw movement from the corner of my eye, and then Preppie girl was lifting her leg over my face, and she squatted over me, dripping cum into my mouth. I lapped it up, slobbering the mess on my lips and nose and chin, and then she lowered herself down.

“Suck it out, slut!” she yelled, then announced to the room, “Her tongue is up my cunt, the nasty slut! She’s licking the cum out!” Gretchen and the Quiet Ones were cheering, yelling “Eat that cum! Suck that fucked pussy!” and I did, with relish. That drove my two cocks over the edge, I felt them swell, and pulse, and then they came, Other Guy first, then Blondie, and filling my bowels and pussy with hot slimy semen. The combination of being filled and fucked, and the pussy on my face, and the audience drove me to a body-shaking climax, and I trembled uncontrollably until it passed.

When I settled down Blondie fed me his cock to clean, and Preppie girl brought her guy over for the same. I was still on my back atop Other Guy, who was softening in my ass, and finally slipped out. I finished sucking Preppie boy clean and climbed off Other Guy, only to turn over and suck his cock clean too. Everyone was aghast and disgusted that I sucked the cock from my ass, but the passion had taken me and I never gave it a thought. It tasted nasty, but I got excited by how depraved it was.

On the way home that night Gretchen said that she hadn’t fully believed I was that wild until she had seen it for her own eyes. I asked why she hadn’t participated, and she said that she couldn’t. She was in a relationship, and she couldn’t be like that with anyone. I told her she was just jealous. I know different now. She asked if I ever felt guilty for doing things like this behind my husband’s back. I told her I did, at first, but I enjoyed it more, and I deserved to be happy, and he wasn’t doing it for me, so it was OK. She was quiet for a while, and then we got in a discussion about anal sex, and I told her that it made you sore, but in a good way, like when your nipples still hurt from being pinched and pulled too much, or when the back of your mouth feels bruised from a good face fuck.

About a week later I had a sex party at my house. Jim was away for a few days, and I went out one night to a club, and brought the party to my house. It turned into a full blown orgy, I swear, and it lasted until the sun was coming up. I ate pussy and ass, I sucked cock, I got fucked in my pussy, my mouth and my ass, over and over. I think every guy there came in me or on me or both. Once after fucking this guy, his girlfriend stuck her fingers in my cunt, and started feeding me his cum, and then she worked three fingers inside me, pushing and stretching me, then she added a fourth. I started to feel another climax coming when she looked in my face and said, “Get ready,” and then she folded her thumb in, and pushed her whole hand into me. She fisted me through two orgasms while everyone watched, and a guy jerked off in my mouth. She made me lick her hand clean, too. One of the other girls squirted when she came, and I made sure I got my face right in there. She drenched my face and filled my mouth and I drank it all and licked her clean. I sucked cum off cocks, and licked it out of pussies. After one guy ass-fucked his girlfriend and I sucked his cock after he came in her ass, she pushed my head between her legs and made me suck the cum out of her ass!

When I told Gretchen about the party, she was horrified. Not at what I did, but that I did it in my house. “What if you get caught? Won’t he suspect? What if someone leaves something behind?” She was full of questions. But frankly, it was better for me to do it at home, because I could drink, and fuck till I passed out, even, and didn’t have to worry about driving home. I just had to make sure I had an extra day to clean the house before Jim came home. It had worked out well, and I knew I could get away with it whenever the possibility presented itself.

I continued my one-off antics for the next few weeks, Jim being none the wiser. His sexual appetite seemed to diminish a little, and I went out even when he was working, coming home sometimes with cum breath, or a pussy or ass full of cum. Once I came home, wearing a skirt without panties and Jim was home. As we talked in the kitchen I had cum running down my leg. What would he say if a fat drop of semen dropped out and hit the floor? Would he notice? What if I lifted my skirt in front of the dense bastard and jammed my fingers in my cunt and scooped it out for him? Would he notice then?

I continued confessing my antics to Gretchen, and one day she asked me if I wanted to attend a party. She told me her firm was meeting clients from out of town, adding that she was in charge of providing entertainment while they were there. She had booked a party room at the hotel they were staying in. As it happened Jim was away for the week, and I naturally took up her offer.

There was great food, but I didn’t eat much. I’d kept my food light and had two enemas before attending in the hopes of some great anal sex. I thought Gretchen knew exactly what kind of entertainment I was going to provide, although she played innocent all night. Her clients were young, wealthy, handsome and confident men and women. If I remember correctly, it was two married couples, three single men and a single woman. I was leaking pussy juice into my panties as she made the introductions. I had a couple of drinks with them as we all checked each other out. When I laughed at one of their dirty jokes, and then told one of my own, the party took a turn in the right direction. The talk got bawdy, then sexy, then downright dirty after that, the women going even further than the men. One of the married women, in response to a comment about cock size, made us all look as she unzipped her husband and pulled his giant slab of meat out. As everyone laughed I knew I was going to have this one more than once. Things got wild after that, and we made it up to the team leader’s suite in various stages of undress. My shirt was unbuttoned and one of the single guys was grabbing my tits from behind as we spilled through the door.

Clothes went flying. The single woman, and slim redhead, was the first naked and grabbed me and pushed me to my knees, jamming my face into her shaved cunt. She was dripping wet and I lapped her juices as she told the rest of the crowd what a nasty cunt licker I was. Everyone got a charge out of that, and then one of the men walked up behind her and rammed his cock up her twat while I kept licking. He fucked her standing, and everyone stood around fondling each other until he came, and I licked his load out of her cunt. While I did, someone finished undressing me, and I felt a cock enter my pussy.

Parts of the night were a blur after that, but some moments were memorable for their depravity. Guys came in my mouth and on my face, and one of the wives licked my face clean and then spit it back into my mouth. I licked cum from pussies and asses. I got the Big Dick guy in my ass while the rest of the men fucked my pussy and mouth in turn. One of the women emptied a half bottle of wine into her cunt, and squatted over my mouth while I was getting fucked, and I drank as much as I could catch. One man fucked his wife’s ass and my mouth alternately, holding my face down so he could ram it into my throat straight from her anus. Fucking nasty.

Halfway through the night the three women took me to the bathroom and laid me in the tub. I thought they were going to clean me off, and they did, but not with the shower. The redhead stood over me and spread her lips with her hands, and started pissing. It came out in a forceful stream, on my tits, splashing on my face, then moved up to my mouth which had opened in shock. I was horrified, and humiliated, but as the stream finished and the married women took their turns, I became turned on, and then eager. All three of them pissed into my mouth and my cunt, and I licked their pussies clean. They were all shaved. I love shaved pussy. They rinsed me off and brought me back out to the men.

Later, after more sucking and fucking, I was on my back and felt one of the women kissing me. I opened my eyes to see it was Gretchen! That was hot. I grabbed her head and kissed her back, my tongue going into her mouth to meet hers. We kept kissing as two men fucked me and dumped their load in me. Then she stood, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down, and sat on my mouth so I could lick her pussy. She came almost instantly, and I drank her sweet tangy juices.

It was a fabulous night, and Gretchen came back to my house and spent the night. I fucked her with a dildo and licked her ass, and she sucked my tits.

A few weeks later I had planned an evening at my house again, as Jim was away. Gretchen couldn’t come, but that was OK with me. But that was the night my life went completely sideways. Halfway through the night, I was being carried around the room by a giant black man with a tremendous cock. He was holding me under my knees with my back against his chest and his cock was buried as far as it would go up my ass. He was walking me around the room to each man to fuck my cunt, fill it with cum, and then move to the next one. I never heard the door, and I don’t know how much he saw, but as the third guy finished filling me with cum the room got quiet. I looked where everyone else was looking and saw Jim at the door of our bedroom. The guy carrying me turned too, and I faced my husband with a giant black cock up my ass and cum from three different men dripping out of my open cunt. He looked into my eyes, and then turned away without saying a word. By the time I threw some clothes on and ran downstairs he was gone, and then everyone left.

I didn’t see him again for six months, when we met at the lawyer’s office to settle our divorce. Gretchen had agreed to represent me when I decided to file for divorce. Believe it or not, Jim didn’t file; I did. I figured I had grounds on spousal abandonment. She filed the papers and Jim didn’t contest them. I stood to get the house and plenty of income from Jim’s successful business. So I was feeling pretty sure of myself when I saw him in the hall outside the conference room. Gretchen was with me when Jim approached with his lawyer, a smaller, balding man. Gretchen had told me the guy was pretty sharp, and I saw his face tighten when Jim asked to speak to me alone.

We walked alone to the elevators. Jim spoke in a low voice, very serious. “Before we go in,” he said, “I wanted to ask you one time if you might reconsider this.”

“Excuse me?” I asked. I was guessing that he might be having second thoughts about contesting, based on my actions, but Gretchen had said he would be too embarrassed to have all those details come out.

“Are you sure that you want to go through with this. I just wanted to give you one last chance to drop the divorce case.” So he wasn’t going to contest, he just wanted me to go away, I thought. Months later I would realize that he was trying to protect me from myself.

“Drop it? Hell no,” I told him, all full of my misplaced bravado. “If you’re so concerned about your money, maybe you should have thought of that before you stopped having sex with me. You drove me away, remember?”

His face took on a pained resignation, and he nodded silently. “Okay,” he muttered. “That’s what I was afraid of. All right.” He took a deep breath and turned and walked away, looking a little defeated. I felt victorious.

We went in, papers changed hands and were signed, the Lawyers agreeing to the exorbitant funds that I would be receiving. A couple of times Jim’s lawyer advised him that professionally, he was telling him, one last time, to fight the divorce, as he was giving up too much. But Jim remained firm, and the last papers were signed. Gretchen advised me to stay seated as they left. When he got to the door, as his lawyer left the room, Jim turned to me and said, “Goodbye Miriam. I hope you enjoy yourself.” Damn right I would, with his house and his money. I waved to him, then blew him a kiss.

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Everything you’re about to read is my own true story, which occurred in 1994 when I was in my late 20′s.

My name is Fleur and I was lucky enough to be naturally pretty with large breasts, size 38-DD, which looked out of place against my relatively small frame- I’m five foot six and 125 pounds. When I started dying my hair blonde people started saying I looked like Anna Nicole Smith when she was a reasonably thin Playboy model. I never had a problem getting dates in high school and college, but I was raised in a Catholic home and was determined to wait until my wedding night to surrender my virginity. After graduating from a state university I met Michael and fell in love with him. He was cute, smart, fun to be with, and most importantly his faith dictated that he too would remain a virgin until he got married.

So on my wedding night we did it, and I was left wondering what all the fuss was about. It was fine and I’d be happy to keep doing it as part of my duty as Michael’s spouse, but I wasn’t anxious for Round Two.

About two years after our marriage Michael found a great job in Manchester, New Hampshire and we bought a condo in the city. One day while at the pool Michael made friends with a man named Dante, who I first met when Michael invited him over to watch a baseball game. Dante was a really attractive guy in his early 20′s, maybe five years younger than Michael and I, and one couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was. Dante was six foot two and about 200 pounds with a lean muscle mass. Facially he looked a lot like Tom Cruise (who I was always crazy about). Despite this, I would never even dream of cheating on my husband but as time went on I started finding Dante more and more attractive. This reached the point where I found myself fantasizing about him. After a while whenever I saw Dante I would give him a hug whenever we said hello or goodbye, and I looked forward to those hugs as they would practically make me melt.

Dante had a girlfriend named Susan, and pretty soon the four of us were frequently hanging out together. The size differential between the two of them was notable, as she was a foot shorter than him and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. One could easily tell that Susan was completely smitten with Dante, and it’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that she waited on him hand and foot. For example, even though they didn’t live together Susan came over two or three times a week to make Dante dinner and to clean his condo.

As time went on Dante and I would flirt with one another, sometimes right in front of Michael, Susan, or both. It was completely harmless and to be honest, both Dante and I were the dominant personalities in our relationships. Then one night the four of us went out to a nightclub and I had a too much to drink. I asked Susan if it was OK if I danced with Dante, and when we were on the floor and away from our partners I pulled Dante close to me and started rubbing my breasts against his chest. Dante was taken aback, and even moreso when I told him to think about that later when he was screwing Susan, who I cruelly referred to as a “charter member of the itty-bitty titty committee”, since Susan was so small-chested. Then when I gave Dante a closer-than-usual hug goodbye, an involuntary gasp left my body and I’m sure both Michael and Susan noticed. By the time Michael and I got home I was hornier than I’d ever been in my life, but instead of jumping all over my husband I went into the bathroom and masturbated furiously while fantasizing about Dante fucking me.

By the next day I’d realized that my feelings for Dante were beginning to careen out of control. I asked myself if I’d ever sleep with him if the opportunity arose, and the answer was “probably not” when it should have been “absolutely not”. I vowed to make it a point not to put myself in a situation where temptation could take over, as I didn’t want to be the kind of woman that would cheat on her husband.

Things cooled off between Dante and I for a few weeks, while Michael and I prepared to take a vacation in Maine. We rented a three bedroom beach house for a week and invited all of our friends to join us. Unfortunately it rained almost all week and no one ventured north to join us. I quickly became bored with the beach and a house with nothing more entertaining than a television that didn’t even have cable. We had the place until Sunday and we both had to return to work on Monday morning. I asked Michael if we could just leave on Saturday and spend the weekend relaxing at home before returning to work on Monday. He didn’t want to, but in the end I insisted.

That was until Dante showed up on Friday night, with Susan conspicuously absent.

The three of us spent the night hanging out in the living room, talking and drinking frozen Pina Coladas. Once again I got a bit tipsy, and while giving Dante a hug goodnight I grazed one of my hands over his ass. I went to bed with Michael but got up about fifteen minutes later to watch TV in the living room, all while hoping that Dante would come out and join me. He didn’t, and I found myself tempted to go into the bedroom he was sleeping in, say hello, and see what happened next. Instead I settled for another masturbating session in the bathroom, and a sense of guilt that settled in the next morning.

For the trip I’d brought a black bikini that was pretty revealing, but all week I’d stuck to a more conservative one-piece bathing suit. In a textbook case of bargaining and rationalizing, I’d decided that while I wasn’t going to cheat on my husband, I definitely wanted Dante to notice me, and to find me attractive and desirable. That would be enough to keep me happy, and I picked our day at the beach with Dante to wear my black bikini.

I’d never seen Dante without a shirt on before, but in a beach setting I’d finally get my chance. Dante did not disappoint, with a muscular chest and arms and a tight, flat stomach. As I peered through my sunglasses as to not make it obvious that I was staring, I attempted to memorize the image before me, with plans of spending several nights masturbating to it.

Then I did something I’ve never done before- I lowed my stare and tried to get a look at how big Dante’s penis was. He was wearing a pair of baggy beach shorts, but it definitely looked like he was packing something bigger than average in them. As I looked up at my husband, who wasn’t muscular and was developing a bit of a gut, I felt a tinge of distain.

The three of us wrapped up our day on the ocean, showered and went out to lunch. It was at the restaurant that Michael made an incredible suggestion- that Dante drive me home with him that afternoon while Michael enjoyed one more day at the beach. I said that Dante didn’t have to go through the trouble, but he said there was no trouble since he was driving home anyway and we lived in the same building.

But I knew there would be trouble we drove me home together! This was the exact sort of situation I knew I needed to stay away from. I practically begged for them to forget about the idea, but neither of them were budging. Michael insisted that I take the extra day that I had been asking for, and Dante was intent on driving me home. As I packed up my things I was feeling an odd pairing of dread and anticipation. I kept telling myself to promise not to do anything with Dante, but in the end I just couldn’t make that promise.

Dante and I got in his car and settled in for the ride home, which figured to be a little over an hour. My emotions were tumbling around in my head, as part of me was screaming not to be at all flirty during this trip, while part of me still desperately wanted this man’s attention.

If Dante was interested in me at all, he definitely did a good job hiding it. We chatted lightly while he focused on the road, not even laying an eye on me the entire time. I was starting to feel completely rejected and turned toward him in my seat, inching as close to him as I could be without making contact. But he didn’t seem to even notice. Finally he asked if it was OK to pull over and grab a soda at an upcoming rest area, which I was fine with.

As we walked toward the store…I don’t even know how it happened, but suddenly we were walking arm-in-arm. I rationalized that it wasn’t anything over the top, just a friend escorting his best friend’s wife around. Then after Dante bought the sodas I gently put my hand on his back while quietly telling him something, and we wound up walking back to the car with our arms around one another’s shoulders. He opened the car door for me, and as soon as we both got in we leaned into each other, drawn together as if we were magnets, and began kissing. And this guy was an awesome kisser.

As our tongues rolled around in each other’s mouths a voice inside of me was screaming Stop it! STOP IT!!! What you’re doing isn’t right! But I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed the back of Dante’s head, continuing to kiss him as passionately as I could, knowingly betraying my husband.

Then Dante suddenly pulled away and said we’d better get going. I felt completely weird as we drove away. Did I have the willpower to stop, or were we going to go even further down a dangerous path once we arrived home in a half-hour?

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“I’ll miss you.” Natalie told her husband as he was walking out the door, heading back to his native France.

“I’ll miss you too, and you too.” He kissed their baby Aleph, who was in Natalie’s arms, on the forehead before kissing Natalie and leaving.

She waved her son’s hand as Benjamin got in his car and headed towards the airport. Natalie re-entered the house and put the child into his crib. Suddenly, a sound came from the kitchen. She walked in and found her husband’s cell phone going off. Curious as to who was texting him, she picked up the phone and saw the name “Jenni” pop up.

“Who is Jenni?” She thought to herself.

She opened the text message and was shocked by the message. It read, “I hope u r on ur way, I really need you. I’m hungry and need your meat.” As she was reading, another message came through reading, “I bet u can’t wait to get here, that cunt Natalie doesn’t know how to make u feel like a REAL man, but I sure do.”

Natalie sat down as she began to feel faint. The anger and depression running through her mind were beginning to take over. She jumped when she heard a door slam outside her house. Knowing that her husband realized he forgot his phone, she deleted the messages and placed the phone back on the counter. She gathered herself up and walked towards the door as he stepped in. Natalie did what she did best and put on an act to prevent him from noticing any distress.

“Forgot my phone.” He walked past her and retrieved the phone. “Bye love.” He kissed her again and walked back out the door.

“Bye baby.” She yelled back.

Once the car pulled away, Natalie sat down on the couch and sobbed into her hands. She couldn’t believe that the man she loved, the man who fathered her child, was cheating on her. She had wondered why he was heading to the airport three hours early but never suspected any wrongdoing. Now she felt alone.

After an hour of crying, she heard the mail truck pulling away outside. She wiped her eyes with a tissue and gathered herself up before exiting the house to retrieve the mail. She slowly walked her way to the mailbox and got the large amount of mail out. There was too much to handle and all of it fell out of her hands and onto the ground.

“Damn it!” She yelled out.

This caught the attention of her neighbor’s eighteen year-old son.

“I’ll help you out Ms. Portman.” The tall, long-haired teenager walked towards her and helped her pick up the mail.

“Thank you, Jimmy.” She said, sniffling.

“Are you ok Ms. Portman, you look like you’ve been crying.” He looked up at her as he continued to retrieve the fallen mail. Natalie sniffled and remained silent. “Ms. Portman?”

“It’s nothing Jimmy, thank you though. Can you get the door for me?” Jimmy walked up to the door and held it open for her as her hands were too full to do it herself.

Jimmy carried the last few letters in and placed them on the table as Natalie sat down. She was still sniffling and trying to hide her tears.

“Thank you for helping me Jimmy. Can I get you something to drink or eat?”

“No thanks, I don’t need anything. Are you sure you’re okay?” She nodded at him. “Okay, I guess I’ll go home now before my dad yells at me.”

Natalie watched as he walked away until she yelled out, “Wait!” He turned around and saw that she was approaching him. Once she reached him, she placed a hand on his shoulder. “I could use your help getting something out of my closet. I’m too short to reach it and could use a tall man like you.”

“Okay, but I should tell my dad first.” He responded.

“Hold on, can you carry Aleph up to his room and put him in the crib while I go talk to your dad?” She picked up her son and handed him to the boy.

“Okay, where is his room.”

“Upstairs, the first door on the right.” He walked up the stairs as Natalie went outside to talk to Jimmy’s dad.

“Excuse me, Mr. Long?” The man, who was working on his car, turned around.

“Hi Natalie, what can I do for you?”

“I need Jimmy’s help with some things around the house since my husband is off in France. Can I borrow him for an hour?” Her voice sounded a bit flirty.

“Sure thing, just make sure he does the job right and does everything you ask.” She smiled as those words crossed her ears.

“I’m sure he will do everything perfectly. Thank you.” She turned around and walked back into the house.

Natalie entered the house and ran up the stairs, finding Jimmy standing in the hallway. He was looking a picture of Natalie at the last Academy Awards holding her award. She walked up behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“That was the best day of my life.” She told him. “Come on into my room, I need you to get some boxes down.” She led him into her bedroom, her eyes looking down at his ass. She opened the closet door and pointed at the boxes. “Can you get those down for me?”

“Sure thing Ms. Portman.”

“You can stop with the ‘Ms. Portman’, just call me Natalie.”

“Okay Natalie.” He reached up and retrieved the boxes, one at a time, and placed them on the floor. As he reached for the last one, he felt her hand press against his ass. He turned around and looked in her eyes. “Did you just touch me in the butt?” Natalie smiled.

“Maybe I did.” She said softly.

“Why did you do that? Aren’t you married?” He was confused.

“I just found out my husband’s been sleeping around with some whore…so no, I don’t really think of myself as ‘married’ anymore.” She grabbed onto his arm.

“But…but…aren’t I too young for you. I mean no disrespect but aren’t you almost twice my age?”

“I’m only twelve years older than you and we are both over eighteen. Your dad is ten years older than your mom, so it shouldn’t be weird at all for you.” She pulled herself close to him and kissed his lips. “Besides, I asked your dad if I could borrow you for an hour and he did say that you had to do ‘everything I asked’.”

“Really?” He began sweating. “I…I don’t…I don’t know Natalie, this doesn’t feel right.” He tried to push her away but she held onto him.

“It feels right to me. Please? I’ve had a terrible day. Please don’t make my day worse by walking away.” She bit her lower lip and gave him a sad look.

“Damn, I don’t know.” His voice was cracking. “It just-” She started kissing his neck. “Wow, that feels really-” She began running her hands through his long hair while pushing her body against his. “Oh my god, I think I should go.” He tried to leave but she pulled him back and shoved him lightly on to the bed.

“I bet I can change your mind.” She got down on her hands and knees and crawled to him. She ran her hands up his legs and up to his belt. “Have you ever had a woman touch you here?” She grabbed onto the bulge in his pants, causing him to jump.

“I, well, I…no.” She giggled at his stuttering.

“So no one has ever done this.” She undid his belt and yanked his jeans down his legs. Natalie leaned in and kissed the large bulge in his briefs. He threw his head back and closed his eyes as Natalie pulled his underwear down, exposing his eight inch cock to the actress. “Wow, you have a big cock for such a young man.” She grabbed on to it and started to slowly stroke him.

“Oh god, wow that feels really good.” He was in disbelief as the famous actress he lived next door to for so long was giving him his first hands-on sex lesson.

“If you think that feels good, what about this?” Natalie quickly wrapped her warm mouth around his hard cock and began sucking hard on him.

“Oh god!” He yelled out as her lips worked on the head of his cock.

Natalie spent the next few minutes giving him his first blowjob, a memorable enough experience only made better by the fact that it was Natalie Portman giving it to him. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and stood up in front of him. She looked him in the eyes as she pulled her white t-shirt over her head and tossing it towards him. He stared at her chest, only covered by a white bra and salivated.

“Wow, I never thought I’d see you like this.” He was struggling to get his words.

“Don’t give me that Jimmy. I’ve noticed you looking over the fence before when I was by the pool in my bikini. You’ve seen me in less than this.” His face went white. “You didn’t think I saw you, did ya?”

“I…I…I didn’t think that you…you saw me. I couldn’t help it, I-” She placed her finger over his lips.

“Calm down, I’m not upset. If I really cared, I would have said something. And I most certainly wouldn’t do this.” She unhooked her bra and exposed her breasts to him, still big from her pregnancy that only ended a few months ago. “I know you’ve been dreaming about these for a long time.”

Jimmy couldn’t believe what was happening. He could have sworn he was in a dream as Natalie pulled his shirt over his head, leaving him naked in her bed.

“I took your pants off, you take off mine.” She walked closer to him waited.

He reached out and unzipped her jeans, pulling them down her legs and down to her ankles. When he looked back up, her small white panties were in his line of sight. He stared at the underwear without moving to pull them down.

“Are you just gonna look or are you going to unwrap my gift to you?” He quickly pulled her panties down, revealing her slightly hairy pussy to the young man.

“Can I?” She nodded and he kissed her wet pussy.

Natalie moaned loud as his lips touched her clit. He didn’t suck on it, he only kissed it. The pleasure running through her was intense as this fresh young man was making her feel amazing. After a few seconds, he began to suck on it which only made her happier. He worried that her moans too loud and that his father would hear from outside, but Natalie was smart enough to limit as much of her potential noise as possible. She pulled away from him and pushed him on his back.

“Ready to become a man?” She asked as she crawled on top of him.

He nodded as she placed his cock at her moist opening. She plunged herself on to him, which caused a loud moan from both people. She jumped up and down on his cock as he reached up and held her boobs as they bounced around.

“Oh Jimmy, your cock feels so good in my pussy. Oh my god!” She yelled out to him.

“Oh Natalie, I’ve dreamt of this for so long. It’s better than I could have imagined.” She bent down and started to kiss him as they continued fucking.

Natalie placed her hands on his chest and forced herself up high, almost letting his dick fall out, before slamming back down on him. She could tell by the look in his face that he was in heaven right now. She did this several times until her arms got tired and continued fucking him normally.

After a few minutes, Natalie crawled off of him and lay flat on her back. Without her saying anything, Jimmy crawled on top of her and slammed his cock in. He pinned her ankles down next to her head and slammed all of his weight onto her pelvis. She held onto his hair tightly and forced his lips onto hers. After a few seconds, she released her grip form his head and reached for his ass, pulling him into her cunt harder.

They fucked for several more minutes until she began to feel a rush of pleasure fill her body. She gripped on to the sheets and screamed out. Her moans were louder than ever as she felt her orgasm building.

“You’re making me cum Jimmy, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum around your big fucking cock.” She continued moaning as Jimmy slammed harder into her, waiting to feel a woman cum for the first time. Natalie arched her back and let out a long moan as her pussy began contracting around him. “I’m cumming Jimmy, I’m cumming! Can you feel it? Can you feel me cumming?”

“Oh yes Natalie, I can feel you cumming. It feels so good; your pussy feels so good!” He was yelling almost as loud as she was moaning.

Her body eventually relaxed and became Jimmy’s personal sex doll. She playfully placed her finger in her mouth and let out small moans as he continued plowing her.

“Stop, stop.” She whispered to him as he slowed down. “I want you to do something that Ben won’t ever do.”

“What is that?” He was confused as he pulled out of her.

Natalie got on her hands and knees, sticking her ass out to him. She licked her finger and ran it over her asshole.

“He never wants to have anal sex with me, can you please do it? I haven’t ever had a dick in my butt and I want to know how it feels.” He spit on his cock several times and spread it up and down his large shaft.

“Okay, just stop me if it hurts too much.” She smiled as he pushed the head of his cock against her tight hole. “Ready?” She nodded as he began to push in.

“Ooooohhhh.” She let out a long, slow moan. “Mmmm, that’s so good.”

He forced every inch into her until his whole cock was inside her. He began to move in and out slowly, taking in the amazing feeling of her tight rectum around his cock.

“It doesn’t hurt does it? Can I go faster?” She said a quick ‘faster’ immediately after the question.

He obeyed her wishes and began to slam into her faster and faster. Her moans were back to their previous volume, loud enough to fill the room. To her surprise though, the sounds he was making were almost as loud, if not louder, than hers. She pushed herself up off the bed, arching her back and showing that she was enjoying her first anal experience. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long when Jimmy told her he was close. She pulled herself off of him and got down on the floor, kneeling in front of him. He furiously jerked off in her face as she stared up at his face.

“You ready?” He asked her.

Natalie didn’t answer with words, but with her actions. She opened her mouth wide while still looking at her. He gave himself a few more pumps before he exploded her load all over the beautiful actress’s face. Stream after stream of his virgin cum landed on her face, some landing in her mouth. She laughed as he shot some in her eyes and hair. He shook the last few drops on her chest before she grabbed it and began to suck it dry. Her tongue cleaned every last bit of cum out of his cock. She let go of it once it began to soften and swallowed the contents in her mouth.

As Jimmy sat down to relax, Natalie used her finger to scoop up the cum off her face and eating it. Once she was done, she sat down next to him and began to kiss his neck.

“Thank you so much Jimmy. You made my day!” She giggled as she pulled away from him. “How does it feel not being a virgin anymore?”

“It feels great Ms. Port…Natalie. I’m glad I could help you out.” They kissed once more before getting dressed.

Once she was dressed again, she held his hand and led him downstairs. “Hopefully we can do this again sometime.” She said with a big smile.

“If you need me, I’m only a few steps away.” She led him outside and stood on the step as he walked back to his house. He met up with his dad, who was still working on his car.

“Hey, did he do everything you asked?” His dad yelled out to Natalie.

“Yes sir, he did everything I asked and did it perfectly! I know where to go if I need any more help!” She yelled back before walking back into the house.

Always punctual, I arrived at the door of what I assumed was Mr. Colin Yearwood’s apartment at 6:58pm, two minutes before the scheduled meeting and wondering how it had all come to this.

I am Louise Jenkins, a 37 year old married mother of one. My husband, Mark, is, unfortunately, an out of work, 45 year old construction worker. We have been married for almost 18 years now and, by most standards had done well for ourselves. We, or rather the Bank, own a plush 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom detached house in the better part of the city, we each drive a BMW 7 Series (Mark’s only being 2 years older than mine) and are putting our only son, Michael, through the last two years of a very rewarding private school education with prospects for placement in some of the best Colleges and Universities in the country. Yes, life and the past 15 years had been good to us, even if I had turned into an awful snob who, despite the historically good money Mark earned, had made him somewhat of a social embarrassment these days.

I do not know how I became the driver in the marriage. Sure I am proud that I had carefully steered my family up the steep rungs of the social class ladder, but I had always fantasized that I would be swept off my feet by a refined, handsome James Bond type who would take care of my every need. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and, when we were dating, I was the envy of all the girls in our neighbourhood, but, well, it seems somewhere along the way Mark had taken the path of least resistance. He is, or was, a great provider and loving husband, but he just seems to have no passion to advance. I have always stressed how important it is to be seen at the right social functions, volunteering at the most rewarding charity events and always, always looking ones absolute stunning best, but Mark has always been content, when not working, to go to watch his beloved football or potter at odd jobs around the house. I work hard at keeping up appearances and I would often feel drained from the efforts I made and more than a little angry that my family did not truly appreciate nor fully understand what I was doing for them.

Blessed with a slender 5’7″ statuesque frame and ample poise gathered from more than 12 years of ballet classes, I had learned early in my working life as a beauty consultant in a major department store, how to put on just the right amount of make-up to bring out ones best features. A penchant for fitted clothing and high heels that complement my long slender legs, I was always the proverbial “eye candy” wherever I went and have always known how to leverage that one advantage blessed upon women. In my own eyes I have only one flaw, and that is the size of my breasts. Although they are still firm and pert, I have always wished I had been blessed with slightly more than a 34B bra size.

Career wise, I had managed to rise to the status of floor supervisor in the city’s second largest bank and enjoyed being the Queen B(itch) over my swarm of some 30 staff, mostly other women. I know I could probably run this place better than most of the men I answer to, however, I have accepted the ‘glass ceiling’ that impedes my advance simply because I am a woman. The few managers that I regularly interacted with I made the effort to befriend or ingratiate myself to, if they were women, or simply manipulate if they were men. I particularly enjoyed manipulating the men, reveling in their discomfort whilst flaunting my sexuality and feel that I have the measure of each and every one of them. Or at least that is how it felt prior to my perfect world falling apart.

After the construction firm Mark worked for went bust I felt the full weight of our financial burden fall firmly on my shoulders and quickly realized it was beyond me. Before I knew it 12 months had gone by and Mark had been unable to find any work and we were rapidly running out of options. I now realized that we should have put more aside during the years of plenty because now we were living solely on credit and even that was drying up. Mark and I argued almost constantly now and all thoughts of intimacy had been lost after we missed the first mortgage payment. Mark had argued that we should sell whatever we could, such as the cars, to reduce the out-goings but I was not having any of that – no matter how much sense it made. I knew my pride was going to be our downfall if I was not careful.

When Mark and I were called in to meet with Mr. Yearwood, a Manager at the Bank, to discuss the deteriorating financial situation, I felt initially relieved that it was Colin who would be dealing with us. I liked Colin because he was quiet, trustworthy, and dependable. Unlike most of the other men I worked with, Colin was what I deemed “safe”. Sure I would catch him furtively staring at me as I walked the banking hall, but I never felt threatened by him and considered him someone whom, if I needed to, I could easily manipulate and control. After all, Colin was just a man.

As expected, Colin had read Mark and I the riot act. The clock was now ticking and yet, even after that meeting I still felt that I could rescue the situation; that things would turn around and, more importantly, that Mark would find work. I was wrong on every single assumption I had made. By the time I was called in to see Colin again, some 5 months later, I had been forced to admit that the situation was hopeless. If the bank found out that things were much worse than they imagined; that since the initial meeting with Colin I had gone out and taken loans and credit cards with other institutions, then I would surely get fired. I knew what I had to do.

Without consulting Mark, I gambled that I could get Colin to make all my problems disappear. Colin was smart and well connected. Colin was someone I could control and I decided the best way to get to him would be to manufacture a sexually compromising situation which I could somehow exploit. Which is how, after being called into his office and breaking down like a blubbering idiot, I came to find myself knelt before him giving him what I knew would be the best blow job he had ever had.

What I had not expected was to find out how calm and assertive Colin was and how much I enjoyed being roughly grabbed by my hair and face fucked until I finally swallowed load after load of his thick cum down my throat. Conflicted at how things had worked out I had been speechless and more than a little aroused by Colin’s strong dark inner persona. I was just thankful that I had secured Colin’s help.

I had gone home that night and, for the first time in a long time, had initiated sex with Mark, much to his pleasant surprise. Despite everything, I realized I still loved Mark and lamented the loss of spontaneity and lust so prevalent in our early years. As usual I had taken command of proceedings and had ridden him until I felt the warm rush of his seed coat my insides. It had been brief, intense and yet unfulfilling as I could not get the image of sucking on Colin’s cock out of my mind. It was not until long after Mark had fallen asleep did I slip downstairs to read the contents of the manila envelope Colin had given to me at our meeting.

Inside the envelope was an escape. It was everything Colin said it was, but at a price, the first installment of which is what lead me to be knocking on Colin’s apartment door whilst Mark sat, blissfully unaware, at home watching his beloved football games.


“Good evening Mrs. Jenkins, do come in, I’m glad you could make it,” said Colin as he took the time to allow his eyes to roam up and down my immaculately presented form. “May I take your coat?”

For the first time I began to have doubts, and felt very nervous. I said nothing. What was I supposed to do next? I felt that the time to change my mind had now passed as I entered the apartment. A growing part of me wanted to be here, wanted to be taken care of.

I began to undo my coat and as I opened it, it soon became apparent that Colin was very happy with what he had ordered me to wear. I was wearing a short, flared light black skirt which was three inches above the knee. It was obvious that I was wearing stockings since as I moved to take my coat off the skirt rose a little displaying the tops of my flesh coloured stockings. If I bent in any way forward, my suspenders and arse would clearly be on display. Up top, I wore a neat crisp white fitted blouse that created the illusion my pert little tits were ready to burst through at any moment. I had reached a balance whereby I looked like a girl who could be a strip-a-gram and yet still looked stunning.

As Colin took my coat, he blatantly eyed me up, looking up and down at me and mentally undressing me, lingering at my long shapely legs perched atop my 4 inch heel pumps and smiling as he did so. I felt both powerless and incredibly aroused at the same time. Not since my rather slutty college days, before I got pregnant, had I allowed men to so blatantly ogle me and at that moment I realized just how much I had missed it.

“This way please,” said Colin. The apartment was enormous and judging by the corridor alone, luxurious. Expensive pictures were hung on the wall and there were opulent console tables with antique vases on them. Most contained fresh flowers. We walked down the corridor, passing a number of doors until we got to what looked like the study and I immediately could not help but see three cameras on tripods set up in a large triangle and centered on a red chaise longue positioned in front of a large oak desk in the centre of the room.

“Now, my dear, why don’t you sit here,” said Colin pointing to the red chaise longue.

I slowly walked to the chair and sat down, but as I sank into the deep upholstery, my skirt rose up my legs, and the tops of my stocking and flesh were now clearly on display, as were my white suspenders. I frantically tried to push the skirt down to cover myself up but to no avail. It quickly became apparent that whatever I did, whilst sitting, my legs and suspenders would be on display. All I could do was fold my hands in my lap and look up at Colin. He was just starring at my stocking clad legs, enjoying my discomfort. He looked at me, and he seemed to sense my nervous and aroused state, he seemed to sense I was now feeling excited about what was happening. I could also tell that he in turn was getting very hard as evidenced by the bulge in his pants.

Colin began to talk and to explain how the evening would proceed, including that the entire meeting was being filmed for the benefit of the private investors who would be able to solve my problems. I merely nodded, offering an occasional whisper to the odd question Colin asked about my background. Then, after a few minutes or so, Colin ordered me to stand up.

“Now, to begin with, I think it might help if you just walked up and down the room for me, this will give the investors a good idea of your poise and show off those sexy legs and tight bottom of yours.”

I started to walk up and down the room and as I did, the flared skirt would rise up, especially when I turned around, thus showing Colin the suspenders and flesh. Colin was delighted. I had followed his orders on what to wear to the letter. He took particular delight at looking at my arse, beautifully raised up by my high heels.

I was so embarrassed by the way Colin looked at me, but I continued to walk up and down the room and soon I was able to walk with a confident swagger. I started to sway my hips more and would exaggerate the way I turned, allowing my skirt a little twirl and almost showing my panties as a result. I had also become increasingly aroused by all this and my panties were getting slowly damp. Of course there were feelings of guilt, after all, I had not told my darling husband what I was about to do tonight.

After a few minutes, Colin broke the silence. He had watched with delight the way in which my walk had gone from a slow, deliberate walk to one of a confident swagger. More importantly, he seemed to have noticed my look of submission and desire. Had he seen that look many times before in a woman? What else did she not know about the mild mannered Mr. Colin Yearwood?

“Louise, that was lovely. Now please come and stand in front of me.”

I walked over to Colin and stood a few feet in front of him. All the time I could only look down at the floor, my chest rising up and down, clearly nervous. Could Colin see the outline of my erect nipples? He was still smiling when I glanced up at his face.

“I am pleased to see that you have followed my instructions on what to wear. That is very important, following direct orders.”

“Thank you,” came my whispered response.

“However, I need to be sure you followed my orders completely. In particular I need to know whether you are wearing the correct underwear. I think I got a glimpse”, Colin mischievously said, “but I do need to be sure. So please raise your skirt to your waist”.

My earlier confidence was now giving way to nerves. I really wanted to display everything to this man and I could not stop the feelings in my now wet pussy, but what about Mark? Would he understand the sacrifice I was making? I could either walk out now and lose this opportunity and possibly risk my career; or I could raise the skirt.

I slowly lifted up my skirt, allowing my stockings and white suspenders to fully come into view. I stopped before he could see my panties, not sure whether I could display them for the cameras.

Seeing my obvious reluctance, Colin smiled, “All the way my dear, I need to see everything”.

I then raised my skirt up to the waist, allowing Colin to see what he wanted. He could tell that I had, as instructed, worn a matching white thong which he could clearly tell had become damp. Leaning back, he seemed to spend forever just staring at my pussy. This was effectively the first time that any man had seen it, other than Mark, in almost 18 years.

“Now turn around, I would like to inspect your bottom”, Colin ordered.

Without hesitation I turned around and put my arse on display. Colin leant forward to get a better look and this time he could not resist touching the goods. He gently placed his hand on my right buttock and slowly stroked it causing a wonderful electric-like sensation to course through my body making my heart beat even faster.

I audibly gasped at the unexpected touch and was now thoroughly turned on with what was happening. My breasts were heaving and I could feel my nipples were about to burst through my bra and shirt. My pussy was now soaking wet. I really wanted this, whatever this would be.

“Tell me my dear, have you ever had your bottom spanked?”

I was shocked by this question, “N-no, never.”

Without warning, Colin removed his hand from my arse and brought it back down viciously on to my right ass-cheek. I couldn’t help but let out a scream, this was entirely unexpected. Colin then rapidly repeated the process on my left ass cheek and I screamed again.

Then he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “All women need a good spanking, my dear”.

I could not stop the low guttural groan that came out of my betraying mouth as I felt my pussy getting even wetter. The unexpected spanking left a warm afterglow that seemed to be spreading through my loins. Was this kind of domination something I had always secretly craved, but knew Mark could never provide? Mark had always been a strictly missionary position man in the bedroom, and not someone who could dominate me as the whore I now felt I secretly desired to become. Was Colin the man to dominate me? But what about my husband?

“Turn around,” Colin ordered.

I slowly turned back to face Colin, still holding my skirt up, showing my now soaking wet pussy, something which did not go unnoticed.

“Well done Louise. Now, cover yourself up, we have lots to be getting through and it is getting late.” Colin had all of a sudden reverted to his normal banking professional manner. “Sit, sit.”

Instead of trying to push my skirt down to cover myself up when I sat back down, I simply crossed my legs, allowing my suspenders and legs to be on display. I focused on Colin, who was going through the terms of my “Personal Services” contract which was to be an integral part of the financial rescue package on offer. I had already read it word for word and decided it was something I could do and, if it allowed me to maintain my lifestyle then all the better.

“What about Mark, how does he feel about all this? Have you discussed this offer with him?”

“No. There is no need. I don’t see why he needs to be involved, after all, it’s not like he’s come up with anything better.” Oh my God, I just sounded like a real cold bitch.

“Louise, don’t you think your husband deserves to know his wife is, to all intents and purposes, going to be nothing more than a paid whore for the next 3 years or so?”

Shit! I almost choked when he said those words. I had never considered this deal in that context before and it was all I could do to remain composed. I could barely whisper my response, “ Mr. Yearwood, this is my choice and I trust you’ll respect that.”

A small wry smile appeared across Colin’s lips. He knows. He knows, was all I could think.

“Very well. Let us proceed.” Colin sat in a plush leather chair behind the desk and continued, “Now I want you to take off your blouse and skirt, come to the end of the chaise longue, place your hands on it and spread your legs”.

I complied, bending forward and spreading my legs before proudly thrusting my arse out. Here I was, dressed just in my underwear and heels and Colin was beginning to breath heavily as his eyes devoured my body. I had not been so incredibly turned on since my hormones got all screwed up when I was pregnant. He had now got a massive hard on and I needed him to take me, to satisfy the fire that raged within me, to use me in any way that he wanted. I just needed to be fucked.

“You have a fantastic body,” he said.

“Thank you.” But inside my mind was screaming at him,’Just fuck me already.’

“Your husband is a very lucky man. Has anyone else seen you like this, dressed just in your lingerie?”

“Er n-no. No one”.

“Good, so I am the first.” Colin continued to order me to pose in various ways, often he blatantly adjusting his hard on, which was clearly straining his pants. I obeyed, without question and enjoyed taking his orders dressed only heels, stockings, suspenders and bra, but it was time to get to the main event.

He walked over and without warning started to spank my arse again, lightly at first and then much harder. “I love the way your red bottom contrasts with your flesh colored stockings, pretty white suspenders and frilly garters.”

I could not believe at how much of a willing slut I had become in such a short space of time. I had clearly wanted this type of rough treatment for a very long time and boy, it was about to get a whole lot rougher…

I gasped and then openly started to groan at the abrupt change in proceedings, but all I could do was stick my arse further out at Colin, almost willing him to spank me. My breasts were so stiff, nipples erect and protruding out of the half-cup bra he had asked me to wear. I licked my lips as I reveled in the attention he gave. This was the way I had always wanted to be treated: roughly, no regard for my feelings and utterly dominated.

“You are quite the whore, Louise”

“Oh please, stop,” I pleaded for the sake of decorum as the spanking became harder. I was of course lying, and he seemed to know that I wanted it to continue, I wanted everything to get a lot harder and a lot dirtier. “I am not a whore. Oh G-God, p-please…”

“Of course you are. How else do you describe a wife who leaves her husband at home, allows herself to be stripped naked to just her shoes, stockings and suspenders and then spanked by a man she hardly knows?”

I had never considered cheating on my wife, Melissa. We had been married for four years now, and had a pretty hot sex life. The only real serious challenge we’d encountered was that I was heavily into anal sex, and although my wife was willing, we had difficulty making the reality happen. Part of the problem is that I have a very large penis. It’s about nine inches long, and two inches thick. I have difficulty getting it all the way in just about any woman’s holes, and my wife was no exception.

We’d had anal sex several times, but it always resulted in some minor bleeding. I love my wife, and I had no desire to injure her. But no matter how much warmup activity we did, or how much lube we used, the result was the same. So the final outcome was that we hadn’t done anal in over a year now. Again, like I said, we still had really hot sex, so I was pretty satisfied. I would still get an inkling to do the back door boogie every now and then, but I managed to ignore the urges.

Melissa had a real cute face with a pixie nose, dimpled cheeks and red hair. She was a bit of a thicker girl, but she had 40DDD breasts and a nice plump ass — shapely and curvy in all the right spots.

My stepsister, Brenda, was a bit taller and three years younger than Melissa. When our daughter, Jessie, was almost three, she had trouble saying “Brenda”, and her best attempt was “Binky”. Since then, Binky was her nickname, and we referred to her by that moniker as often as her real name. Her tits were nowhere near as big as Melissa’s, but she still had C cups, and she flared out at her hips to a nice juicy ghetto-booty that wiggled when she walked. She had long brown hair and a cute face, her nose a bit long, but sparkling eyes and pouty lips.

My wife had mentioned that Brenda had a thing for anal sex, too, and used to have a tattooed boyfriend who used to fuck her hard up the ass when Brenda and Melissa shared an apartment in downtown Toronto. The walls weren’t overly thin, and when he gave her a good anal pounding, she apparently got pretty vocal.

I didn’t think too much about that since she was family, and again, never thought about cheating on Melissa.

Anyhow, last summer we were over at Brenda and her husband Carl’s place, having dinner, drinking wine, and watching movies. Melissa and I were there with Jessie, and the evening was going well, but Jessie wasn’t feeling great. It was decided that Melissa and Carl would drive her over to Melissa’s folks’ place, and she could get some peace and quiet and hopefully sleep off whatever was bugging her.

Carl would drive, since I was feeling a little tipsy already, and Melissa wanted to go over to see her parents for a brief bit, then they would pick up another bottle of wine or two and come back to continue our party.

That left Binky and me to hold down the fort until they returned. I kissed my daughter goodnight, kissed my wife, and waved goodbye to the bunch. Brenda and I went back inside and poured the last of the wine. We sat down and chatted, as we hadn’t had a lot of one-on-one time without anyone else around.

Binky had a really good sense of humour, so we were joking and laughing and generally carrying on and having a good time.

After a short period of time, we got a call from Melissa, saying that they were there and that Jessie still wasn’t feeling well. On top of that, her dad and mom were a bit sick too, with whatever bug they had going around. We had discussion back and forth and it was decided that Carl and Melissa would stay over and watch the girls’ parents and Jessie, and Brenda and I would sleep at her and Carl’s place, and join them at the grandparents’ in the morning.

We were a bit disappointed to hear the news, but everybody agreed that this was the best course of action, since it was storming and visibility on the roads wasn’t great, and the storm wasn’t due to break ’til morning.

Brenda and I decided to make the best of it and went back to our conversation. We finished the wine and were giggling away like we were in high school. She decided that since we weren’t going anywhere that she’d make us a couple of screwdrivers since they still had half a bottle of vodka left.

We continued talking and joking, and eventually the conversation went in a little racier direction. We talked about sex and how often we did it with our spouses, and what we liked to do. Brenda laughingly mentioned that Carl was a very passionate and attentive lover, but his equipment was a little lacking. Fully erect, he was a little short of five inches. She insisted that this didn’t bother her, but she did occasionally miss having a big, thick dick.

I said that Melissa and I sort of had the opposite problem. I told her about the challenges we had with anal, and that we hadn’t done it in about a year. I emphasized that I didn’t miss it, and that Melissa and I had a lot of really intense, satisfying sex. But on the other hand, I could never get my dick fully into her. I shrugged, took a swig of my screwdriver, and looked over at Binky.

We both wore warm, distracted smiles. She said that she missed her ex-boyfriend, Josh, sometimes. He was the guy with the tattoos. He was a bit of a loser, but he had the goods in the meat department. Not overly thick, his prick was apparently a good ten inches long, and she told me how she used to love getting it up her ass. He used to bend her over doggy style, lube her up, and just keep feeding it to her. He would keep pulling out and sliding back in, deeper and deeper every time, stretching her out, until the head of his cock poked past her rectum into her colon. Then he would hold her down and just keep battering his way up her ass until he filled her with his jizz. She said she came so hard like that, and that she’d never come that hard with Carl.

I couldn’t help the raging hardon that I got from listening to her talk. It strained against my trousers. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from her, and it turned me on tremendously, despite myself. I was feeling a bit flushed from the booze, as well as my sexual excitement.

She paused after her revelations. She was flushed a bit as well. Her gaze traveled down my body to rest on my crotch. She could clearly see my hardon. She then looked back into my eyes. Something unspoken and electric flashed between us.

The next few moments were a frenzy of activity. She leapt across the room to me, tearing at my pants to unzip them, yanking them down. She grabbed my shorts and yanked them down too, pausing with a gasp. “Holy shit, that is so fucking big…”

She then pulled up her knit dress, pulled down her polka-dotted panties and stockings, and grabbed a bottle of cooking oil from off of the counter. She opened it, poured some on her hand, tucked it between her buttocks, and began lubing her sphincter. Then she poured some more out and slathered it all over the shaft of my raging member.

I was practically out of control as I grasped my rampant, throbbing tool and positioned myself behind my sister-in-law. She was bent over the island in the kitchen and spreading her rounded buns as best she could with her slippery, oiled hands. The sight of her plump, glistening buttocks and her oiled up puckered brown eye drove my wild. Her little pussy was damp and exposed, her lips shaved and a mat of dark brown hair covering her mound, but I ignored it and went straight for her asshole.

I pressed my helmet against her ring and started leaning forward. At the start, nothing happened — my huge engorged glans just butted up against her back door, slipping and sliding around. The friction was still delicious, and only drove me to higher heights of desire. Binky kept spreading her ass as wide as she could, making little grunts and coos as I bumped the tip of my cock against her tight, wrinkled butthole.

With insistent pressure, I felt her begin to stretch and open up, which only set me further over the edge into sexual madness. I pressed harder and harder as she moaned and growled. This was pushing me to absolute insanity. I leaned further, almost all of my weight bearing my turgid prick down into her dilating sphincter, and I felt the head pop in.

“Ah! Ah! Ouch! Ouch!” Binky gasped. “Ow, fuck, that’s big! Fuck! God! No, don’t take it out! Push it in! Push it in! Deeper!!!”

I did so, practically frothing at the mouth as I stretched her anus to the point of tearing. She yelped and gasped, but kept her buns spread as wide as possible as I penetrated her rear.

I began to mimic what I imagined were the motions her ex had performed on her, withdrawing slightly, then pushing back in, harder and deeper each time. Her rectum felt rough and tight around the shaft of my engorged cock. The sensation was delicious. I was hard as steel and excited past reason. She was so fucking hot!!

Binky wailed delightfully every time I thrust into her. Her breathing was deep and laboured, rasping in and out every time she drew breath. My cock was half-way deep into her ass now, and with each push, I forced my way a few millimetres further. Her reactions were sending me into a savage fury — the more aggressively I drove into her, the lustier and more wanton her reactions were. This bitch was a totally horny anal slut, and I meant to give her the ass-reaming of a lifetime!!

Deeper and deeper my prick entered into the depths of her bowels. I stretched and strained every inch of her on the way in. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself to the hilt in her gorgeous ass. She was wailing and howling now like a combination of an opera singer and a cat in heat. She kept grabbing her ass cheeks and trying to spread herself further and further open for me as I penetrated her asshole.

“Oh, god!!!” she howled. “Deeper! Deeper!! Don’t stop!!!” I didn’t think it was possible to be more turned on, but everything she said and did threw more fuel on to my sexual fire. She was loving it and it made me into a madman. I drew back and rammed my full weight into every thrust, savagely invading her ass. I wanted to be balls deep in her, and at this point I didn’t care about anything else.

I growled a deep throaty rumble as I sank in the last millimetres. I was there!! My entire body was pinning her to the kitchen island, and my hips were against her buttocks, my pubis and scrotum pressed against the stretched entrance of her anus. I was balls-deep in her asshole. It felt so good and so gratifying, I was completely fulfilled for that moment. I became aware that Binky was practically shrieking beneath me, her fingers clenching and digging into the flesh of her buttocks as she writhed and trembled.

I slowly and deliberately withdrew, inch by inch until my cock popped out of her quivering anus with a wet smacking sound. She grunted and collapsed against the island. I grabbed the bottle of cooking oil and poured some between her buns onto her distended, puckered rosebud, and then onto my rigid, pulsing shaft. “Now I’m going to fuck you right up the ass,” I said to her in a menacing tone. “I’m going to pound your shit factory to hell, and I’m going to shoot my wad so deep in your butt your going to be able to taste it in the back of your throat.”

“God, yes!!!” she moaned. “Put it back in! Please, put it back in!! Fuck me hard and deep!!” She struggled with her fingers to get a grip on her rounded globes to spread them as wide as she could.

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that. I placed my glans at her swollen sphincter, and pushed. I slid in easily and Binky screamed as I re-entered her rectum and bored my way up into her colon. She cried and gasped with her mouth hanging open as she struggled for breath. I stuck with my mission and forced my dick in the last few inches to full penetration in her bowels. Then I began fucking her.

I withdrew my dick about three inches, then pushed it back in. I repeated the motion, building up a slow and steady rhythm. I began thrusting in more deliberately and insistently, gradually building up intensity as well as speed as I sodomized her. She howled and bleated out every time I hit full depth. I could see how she would have made a commotion, regardless of any walls around her. She was the anal slut of my dreams, and every noise she made had the blood pounding harder in my veins.

I was thrusting hard into her now, and she was loving it. I couldn’t get enough. I tried to thrust as deep as I could with every stroke, trying to reach the bottom of her stomach with my prong. Faster I went, sweating dripping from me, as I built up to a frantic, spastic, rapid fire pounding, hammering my full nine inches of rigid meat to the hilt into her ravaged asshole.

Binky was screaming. My mind was a complete blank as I became an animal, viciously ramming my cock as hard and fast as I could up her ass. I felt my orgasm begin to vibrate at the base of my spine and sweeping all over my flesh. I was a rod of pure, glowing hot steel recklessly annihilating her asshole, completely blinded and consumed with feral lust. I leapt up and slammed against her trying to shove my cock so far up her ass it would come out her throat… and I came.

I threw my head back and cried out in wild abandon as it felt like my cock exploded from inside. Binky screamed as I shot wad after wad of hot, scalding sperm deep into her butt. I could take no action other than to desperately try to force myself deeper into her ass as I ejaculated a year’s worth of anally dedicated semen, irrigating her lower digestive tract in thick, copious jizz. I almost passed out with the intensity of my orgasm. I gasped for breath as I collapsed on top of her. Unable to move or think, I was completely spent.

Binky just kept whimpering and blubbering beneath me as my heart pounded in my chest. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she bit her lower lip. She sniffled and shuddered, her breath coming in uncontrollable sobs.

I slowly withdrew as she trembled and snuffled, gasping and whimpering as my cock gradually slipped out of her tortured butthole. I finally slid out all the way, dislodging my helmet from her sphincter with a messy smacking sound. A mixture of jizz and cooking oil dotted with flecks of feces dribbled from her reamed asshole.

“Oh, god,” she blubbered. “It hurts. Fuck, you stretched me out. I thought you were going to tear me in half.” She winced and reached back to tenderly touch her rosebud with her fingers. “It was so good though. I haven’t cum like that in years. Maybe ever.”

“I don’t see any blood,” I said to her, suddenly aware of my complete disregard for her safety and health. Holy shit! I could have severely injured her!

“Oh, wow,” she managed a laugh. “I never imagined it could be that good. Oh my god.”

I just chuckled nervously. She seemed okay…

“Fuck, oh god, that was awesome…” she purred as she straightened herself and turned to face me. Her makeup was a complete mess, mascara streaming down her face. Her hair was matted with sweat and her cheeks were flushed red. “Ouch. It’s going to hurt to walk for a bit I think.” A blob of santorum dripped from her dilated anus and splatted on the floor. “Thank you, Mark, that was incredible…”

“You don’t need to thank me!” I exclaimed. “I came so hard I can barely see straight! Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, fuck, it hurts, but it’s a good hurt, you know? I’ll be okay.”

“Whew. I don’t know what came over me. That was something else.”

“It sure was,” she breathed. “We can’t do this again though, hm?”

“Yeah, we can’t. I don’t really know how this happened to begin with, but you’re right.”

We grabbed a couple of tea towels and began cleaning ourselves and wiping up the oil and santorum from the floor.

“Well, maybe…” Binky mused. “Maybe not frequently, but maybe sometime?”

I laughed. “Yeah, maybe.” I grinned. “Maybe sometime.”

This is true. Happened in March of 1968. She was 26, divorced; I was 30, engaged. I remember it clear as a bell.

Her first name was Frosty (honest) and I’m not telling you her last name because it’s famous. Well, maybe not famous, but very well known. She was very rich and kind of hot and we worked together in NY. She didn’t need the job but it was what trust fund babies did in the Day.

We weren’t particularly close, but she picked me for the honor, which it was, sort of. I was reasonably fit, moderately good looking, had a pleasing personality but best of all (for her) I was engaged to another woman we both worked with, so I had a lot to lose if I didn’t keep my mouth shut.

She was very aware that she was widely regarded as a hot piece of ass. That, along with the fact that it was the 60′s and there was still enough propriety left in “her crowd” that indulging her sexuality as a young divorced woman was social suicide. Her marriage had sucked, she told me, and she had invited me to lunch that day because, even though Jess and I were only months away from our wedding, she — Frosty — had “a vibe.”

All of this came over coffee, of course. You never discuss the real reason for a business lunch until it’s almost over. The reason was this: she wanted to be Friends with Benefits before there ever was such a thing. Feminism, sport fucking and the full impact of the pill were still several years away. Frosty was Social with a capital S, but she was also a formerly married woman (a virgin at her wedding at 22!) and, as she put it so succinctly, “I love it, and I’ve gotta have it.”

“I kind of get the feeling you wouldn’t mind,” she said as I sat across from her. I wouldn’t have. I, too, regarded her as a hot piece of ass. My commitment to Jess notwithstanding, I was a member in good standing of the Frosty X fan club. A blonde in her twenties, perennially tan as the rich usually are, not beautiful but fresh-faced and fashionable, she was a sexy, full-bodied athletic type.

And she really did say that to me across the table: “Jon, I was a married woman, and I’ve got to have it! I’d like it if you and I could … well, get together every now and then. Jess will never know. Honest.”

Now, of course, I’m in a pickle. I love Jess, but what an offer! Then again, it’s only sex. Then again, it’s sex with someone who’s not your fiancée. Yeah, but it’s hot sex with a hot piece of ass. No strings. How cool!

No. Maybe Jess put Frosty up to this to test my loyalty. My bizarre imagination had the love of my life jumping out of Frosty’s closet yelling “Gotcha!!”

All of this went through my head in about 3 or 4 seconds. And then I looked directly into Frosty’s All-American blue eyes. There was a challenge there. In a situation like this, with a girl like her you can’t say, I don’t know. That’s a soft-dick answer. She’s asking a hard-dick question.

So I said yes.

You want to give me an argument about it 45 years after the fact? Be my guest. Or you could just enjoy my adventure.

She was in some hurry. She asked if I could meet her for a quickie at 5 o’clock. She could take the afternoon off; could I leave a little early?

At about quarter past five I walked through the door of her west side apartment. She led me into the bedroom. It was dark out by 5, so the lamps were on and the bed was mussed; there were a few toys scattered on it. “I spent a lot of this afternoon thinking about this,” she said. “You’ve already made me cum twice.”

She shrugged off the white terry robe she was wearing, revealing a very naked, very firm, inviting body. She was exactly what I had expected and hoped for: full, upturned breasts that looked invitingly heavy, with large pink areolas and nipples already stiff and dark; a narrowing ribcage and trim waist flaring out to ample hips; strong, long legs with well-defined muscles in her calves and thighs.

She stepped to me and put her arms around my neck and shoulders, pulling her to me. “Let’s go for number three,” she murmured.

She pushed at my jacket and of course I gave her some significant help, my cock hardening as I whipped my clothes off.

She had lain down on the bed and as I stepped out of my boxers, her eyes went to my crotch. Her smile made me feel excellent. I crawled up next to her and took her in my arms. Her tongue immediately invaded my mouth and we were off and running, her little mewl of long awaited pleasure a soft kind of starter’s pistol.

As I put my hand in the small of her back and moved to trace the mounds of her ass, she was reaching down for my cock, almost desperate to hold it. She took it and ran her hands up and down the shaft, cupping my balls, and I felt her shudder and exhale deeply. She moved from her side to her back and I inched over to her. She opened her legs and I slid my hand up her thigh to her wet and swollen sex.

I was propped on my elbow, and looked her up and down, drinking in the tapered legs, the strands of blonde hair over her pussy, the slight and sexy swell of her stomach and the round plumpness of her tits. “Frosty, you’re amazing!” I breathed. She took my cock in her hand and squeezed it, pulled me to her lips and kissed me lightly. “So are you,” she breathed, “so be my guy and fuck me good!”

She pulled me by the cock and I had to roll over and on top. She saw surprise on my face and she said, “This will be a quick one for me, and then we’ll play, but I want some of this, inside, now!”

She truly did.

She spread her legs and led my dick toward her cunt. I took control of my cock, moved back slightly, and pressed the head between her cunt lips. She gasped and her eyes widened a bit, then I thrust quick and hard all the way in, my cock splitting her yielding cunt, pressing apart the velvet walls.

“Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” she breathed, and pulled me tight against her. “Oh, god, it won’t take long! Oh baby” and she began to gyrate under me, eyes closed, breathing quickly. I pulled away to sit up and pushed her knees out wider. Her eyes opened and saw me looking down, watching my cock piston her cunt, and looked down at us herself. “OOoooooooooooo, baby, so hot!” and her hand moved to her clit.

“Beautiful,” I said, through gritted teeth. Her hand went from her clit to my cock, her fingertip on top as it entered and withdrew. Then she closed her eyes and pulled me to her again. Her brow seemed to furrow and her cunt was clenching at my cock.

Her hips moved even more violently, matching me thrust for thrust, and she came, grunting and pushing as if she were trying to rid her body of her fluids, her legs tightening around me with incredible strength. “Awwww, give it to me, give it to me, awwww fuck my cunt! Unh! Unhhh!” She babbled on and on, as if squeezing out the nonsense words, urging herself to cum. “FUCK O FUCK …………. ME!!!”

She moaned as her orgasm washed over her, “Awwww, awwww, awwww, and as it waned she breathed, “oh, baby, oh, I hope Jess realizes what a lucky girl she is!” She relaxed her legs, catching her breath. As I started to pull out she said quickly: “Stay! Stay in! “

“I might come.”

“For just a minute. You’re so big, it’s so good!” And I think it was, indeed.

We laid like that for a minute or so, then Frosty slipped my cock from her and sat on her knees beside me. She bent her head, her hair spilling down, and gently bit the head of my cock. Then I felt her tongue lap around it, and heard her say, “That’s me I taste!”

“I think I leaked out a bit myself,” I said, and she laughed, taking the top part of my dick fully into her mouth, then sliding her pursed lips down the shaft. Before too long she was swallowing it almost fully, nipping with her teeth and tonguing the base — a masterful blow job. A virgin when she got married? My ass.

We maneuvered, with me directing, so that she was straddling me, her face in my crotch and her crotch in my face. Heaven. I fingered her clit and her cunt lips, then softly flicked my tongue across her pussy, stopping at her clit. I felt her warm mouth engulfing me and I thrust up, fucking her face to her delighted squeals. I clenched the full, firm globes of her ass, spreading them apart, my finger seeking out and teasing her puckered hole, while my tongue pressed and teased her clit.

I wanted her cunt again so badly I simply pushed her off me and onto her back. She was on fire and ready, her legs opening and waiting to grasp me. I rammed my cock into her as fast and deep as I could and she seemed to swallow me whole, my balls banging against her ass. She screamed,” OHHHH!!! FUCK ME! FUCKME HARD” and I did, and she came again, quickly, arching her back up and lifting her hips off the bed, my cock embedded in her clenching, spasming cunt. Her thighs almost bulged as they twitched and shivered.

She stayed like that for almost a minute, a monstrous cum, wet as a thunderstorm, her juices flowing against my surrounded cock and oozing out onto her thighs and my balls.

She fell back onto the bed, her eyes glazed, unfocussed. “O goddamn, goddamm” she breathed, her chest heaving. I rested with her, grasping her heaving tits and squeezing them. She brought her hands up and covered mine, and I whispered, “You are some hot fuck, baby, some serious hot fuck!” In my ear she breathed “Oh yeah. Let’s get more.”

“Get on your hands and knees” I said, and she took that position, her ass lifted high, her legs spread wide, then she turned her face to me said the words I’d never heard before: “I love it in the ass!”

It was so hot, so dirty, I thought I’d cum. “Okay?” she asked. “Oh, yeah okay!” I replied. A little bravado happening there. But the white skin of her ass, juxtaposed to her bikini tan line, was a sight to behold.

“Let me get some lube,” she said as she crawled up to the nightstand, opened the drawer and handed me a tube of AstralGlide.

She lay flat on her stomach and reached around with her hands to spread her cheeks wide. I dripped some lube on her stretched asshole and rubbed it around the rim, then pressed my finger inside. She moaned and pushed her hips and ass up against my probing finger. “Put more on,” she instructed, letting go of her cheeks.

I lubed my finger and my cock, then re-inserted my finger. Together, we widened her anal opening, she putting her hand under her and playing with her pussy as I finger-fucked her asshole.

“Okay, now!” she breathed, and she rose up on all fours again. I pressed my cock at the hole and was surprised how easily it opened and made way for the first inch or so, but then I hit the tightness. I thought my balls were going to explode. I grit my teeth to keep from cumming. She was half grunting, half moaning, fighting her sphincter and trying to relax the tunnel at the same time. “Godamm!” she shrieked, “You’re big!”

“I don’t want to hurt you!” I hissed.

“Just push!” she demanded, her head down, bearing the pressure. “The hurt feels good right now. PUSH!”

I pushed, but slowly, my cock like a drill, opening the tunnel before me, the walls squeezing me more tightly than anything I’d ever felt, even the orgasmic grip of a passionate woman’s hand. Finally, she exhaled deeply and lifted her head. “Oh yeah … oh yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me good …”

I began to stroke and the feeling was amazing — smooth but tight as a drum, with Frosty grinding her ass around and around, cooing and growling with the unspeakable pleasure. I felt like a possessed her completely and that increased the urgency even more. I was able to move more easily as her canal surrendered to my insistent cock, and she was literally gasping for air.

“Cum with me!! I’m going to cum all over that cock!!!” Her hand reached between her legs and under me, grasping my balls and squeezing them. That was enough to send me over the edge.

I heard her and felt her lose control as she came, but I can only remember the enormous release as I shot my first spurt of cum deep into her ass. More and more shot out, each jet as hot as the last, my entire body tensing and jamming my cock as deeply as possible into her.

My cum came dripping out of her ass, down the slit and onto her cunt.

She rubbed it with her fingers, then turned to me with a nasty little girl smile, and sucked at her three cum-soaked fingers, one at a time.

“You are the best cheap whore in the world,” I said.

“Aren’t I,” she smiled. I thought about Jess, and I knew I was in trouble.


Chapter 1: The Foreplay

I can still smell him on my fingertips and taste the salt of his seed on my lips, his scent clinging to me even as she sits next to us, completely unaware of our transgression. The scent is like the sick, decaying smell of a late stage cancer patient, semi-sweet and bitter all at once. This should be where the guilt begins to sink in, to latch on and take hold of some still human inner corner of my mind that cares and feels like normal people care and feel. But I feel nothing. I sit and smile and chat and claim to be her trustworthy best friend with lying lips that were, only moments before, wrapped around her boyfriends cock as he throbbed and spilled his pleasure into the warmth of my mouth.

I was instructed to write three pages daily for practice in my creative writing course and to remember that art imitates life. That writing about experiences can breath a soul into a piece. If that is true, why do I still feel so soulless even after my pen soaks its ink into these pages?

Why is life such an ironic and dramatic display? We, as humans, are always a moment too soon or too late. We are always falling for the wrong ones, or the right ones in the wrong way. We are in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the wrong time. We are constantly fucking up but coming back to try again and again and again. And isn’t that the definition of insanity? To keep going through the same tired, over done motions again and again while expecting different results? And yet we hold on to that precious glimmer of hope, that light at the end of our tunnel.

I have loved him for longer than even I am willing to admit, not that I would ever admit to loving him at all. He is blind to it, which only makes our macabre act even darker. The sex is bound to happen eventually. We have done everything but, already. Will that consummation change anything or are we destined to dance in life’s twisted talentless show? Like actors who have forgotten their lines or dancers who don’t quite remember the steps.

I have tried to forget my feelings, for everyone’s sake, but ignoring the passionate screaming of every single cell within your body is like trying to float with weights on. My emotions are just as anchored to me, puling me eternally down into the murky depths of confused desire and love. When will I realize the folly of my youth? Will it be after I have turned old and gray and began to forget the things I once held dear, that I once fervently clung to and stood for? Or is it already beginning to manifest at the age of 25? The feeling of dread I can’t quite shake or the sweat that threatens to break out at the nape of my neck when she arrives right after he and I have been together?

As I begin to touch myself it is almost as though I can feel him again, shuddering against me with desire, his breath coming out in warm hisses and moans of ecstasy. I can almost smell his arousal and hear the gruffness of his voice, thick with need, as he warns me of his orgasm and we are pulled ever closer to it.

People talk about the sensation of falling in love. I think it is more like drowning. You claw and fight your way back to the surface, futilely, all the while your lungs burn and ache with need. In a moment of desperation you will latch on and drag anyone close-by down with you. Yes, love is exactly like drowning.

Chapter 2: The Build-up

Our lips fit perfectly together. I think that is what makes every kiss euphoric and addictive, from the quick semi-sweet pecks to the impassioned ones, full of a deep and primal longing. I can feel his lips pressed against mine now, even as I am sitting by the light of a computer screen, transcribing our interactions. The gentle brush of skin against skin, even while the rest of our flesh is a blaze of passion, a funeral pyre.

Our last meeting was a fevered hour in a steamy car, our bodies becoming drenched in sweat. Not the glistening perspiration they talk about in erotic novels or the sprayed on water you see in pornographic films. This was real and human, sweat beading at our temples, pressing our hair to our necks and slipping down our bodies, our faces and our flesh a frenzied blush of red.

Some part of me loves these hot, almost uncomfortable moments most of all. When he kisses me like he is dying and tells me he has never been given head or a hand-job better than me. These all-too-brief moments where I feel like I am the antidote to some rare ailment he is tormented by.

He guides my head to his cock and thrusts into my mouth, whimpering and shaking as my lips glide wetly down his shaft. It is intoxicating; this blur of pleasure and pure eroticism. He never gets as rough with me as I would like but I feel that will come with time and familiarity. He is still hesitant to thrust into my throat or pull my hair or hold my head down as I gag around him.

His legs shake and the tremors move up his entire body until he is clawing at my back with an aching need. His desire is palpable as I moan around his pulsing cock, letting it pop out of my mouth, immediately replacing my lips with my hand.

“Are you ready to give in already and just fuck me like we both know you want to?”

“Not yet…” He manages between pleasured gasps.

“You sure about that?” I focus my attention on the overly sensitive head of his penis.

“No…” he whimpers, leaning forward to capture my taunting lips with his.

His hands begin to wander down my body and between my thighs, to the wet warmth of my core.

“No sir.” I tease, swatting his hand away playfully. “You don’t get that until your cock is buried inside of it.” I grin and kiss down his neck and body, inhaling the scent of his arousal before returning my lips to his hard cock.

He finally begins to thrust wildly into my mouth, begging me not to stop as his orgasm approaches. I can feel him stiffen right before his seed sprays across my tongue and throat and I swallow every drop.

I continue to suck, though more gently now, cleaning him entirely before I clean my own fingers of any remaining drops because I know it drives him crazy.

He especially loves it when I clean my own juices from my fingers; he has never been with anyone willing to. He loves to kiss me after he has come in my mouth or after I’ve licked my fingers clean of our combined juices. I think it is incredibly hot that he is willing to taste himself on my lips.

Since I am teasing him until the actual intercourse, I spread my legs as he begins to drive away from the dark parking lot we chose for tonight’s activities. I dip two fingers into my drenched folds and start playing with myself, moaning loudly as I do so. It is difficult for him to focus on driving when all he wants is to touch me and experience my pleasure with me.

I love this exhilarating feeling of making him hard without touching him and of pleasuring myself while he watches me writhe. It is even more thrilling to know she is so close, probably still sleeping as we drive, less than a mile away, the warm summer air of the country blowing through the open windows and cooling our sticky flesh. We look like two people who have just had sex in a hot car.

I lean over and kiss him again before whispering against his red, pouty mouth. “Tell me to come for you.”

He kisses my swollen lips once more, making me wait before he nearly snarls “Come for me.”

My orgasm washes over me like frenzied waves crashing against rocks on the shore, shredding themselves against their points. My legs are shaking and slipping from the dashboard as I nearly curl in on myself in pleasure.

“Thanks.” I wink as I clean my fingers, kissing him on the jaw before I start cleaning up.

As we pull into the subdivision he stops in the middle of the road and demands one final kiss, actually wrapping his hands in my sweat-soaked hair. “You are an amazing kisser.” He smiles against my lips before he starts driving again.

‘Our lips just fit perfectly together…’ I think to myself as we pull into his driveway.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

My unsolicited sequel to DamonX’s story 8 Days.

Happily ever after? The conclusion.

There are too damn many intriguing stories that are never completed. If I find a story that’s been left hanging for too long, I’ll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don’t write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

For information on how I decide which stories to continue, please check my profile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Damon,” the voice was insistent, shaking me.

“Not going in today,” I groaned, rolling over.

“Lacey said you wanted to be up by 9:00.”

Lacey said? I turned my head, cracking one eye open. I grinned. “Morning, beautiful,” I croaked, reaching toward her.

She laughed, slapping my hand away. “Behave, Damon.”

With a lurch, I got my hand on her shorts, and tugged her nearer. “Best of all, you know that?”

With tiny steps she was dragged to the bed, not fighting it all that much. I turned and used both hands, pulling her down to the mattress.

“Damon! Lacey’s right down the hall.”

I drew her close, hugging her. “The only one, you know.”

“You’re not making any sense. The only one what?” She was keeping her hands between us, chuckling at me.

“The only one that didn’t betray me, Stacy. The only one who fought for us, instead of against us. Even Jenna betrayed me. Even my Jenna.”

She stopped fighting, and let me hug her. “What are you talking about?”

“Ask Lacey. They were all against us. Everyone but you. I…I’ll always remember that. Always. You’re the best.”

She let me rest my head against her chest, rubbing my hair. “I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think. Lacey’s happy this morning. What’s got her in such a good mood?”

“We had a good talk. We cleared up a lot of stuff. No more secrets.”

“None?” she asked softly.

“At least not from me. I think none from her.”

She pulled away a little, quiet. I wasn’t ready for the slap that almost took my head off. “That’s for the poison ivy stunt.” My hand was too slow to block the second one that was almost as hard, leaving my ear ringing. “And that one was for whatever you put in the lube.”

I was about to blow up when her lips settled over mine, and stayed there, until any thoughts beyond what we were doing fled my mind. “And that one was for getting everything out in the open, finally.” She gave me a genuine smile. “You’re a piece of work, aren’t you? Now get up before she comes looking for us.”

Stacy bounced out of the bed before I could react. “Sounds like I need to have a serious talk with Lacey.” She looked back at me. “Brush your teeth if you expect another kiss anytime soon.”

I took her advice, put on a pair of boxers for decency’s sake, and headed out. Lacey was putting food on the table. Blueberry pancakes, with sausage. I caught her once she was empty-handed, and pulled her close. “Pretty brave girl, sending Stacy in after me.”

She pressed her lips against mine. “Last day, baby. Get it while you can.”

I reached down and pulled up the back of her night-shirt, and grabbed two handfuls of her sweet butt cheeks.

“Damon!” she hissed, looking over her shoulder. “No more fantasies. We’ve got a guest.”

“You’re a walking fantasy. If you don’t want me to exploit it, wear panties, naughty girl.” I pressed the hardness that Stacy had initiated, into Lacey’s belly.

“After, Ok? Not here, in front of her.”

I was about to make a comment about how there’d been no problem with Stacy being around for Lacey’s blowjob training the last few days. I bit my tongue, and she looked up at me hopefully. “Please. You know I won’t say no if you insist, but it’s difficult for me, being around them, and thinking about what you guys did.”

“You’re not my slave, baby. I’m not going to make you do anything. I have no right to tell you what to do, or what not to do. Not anymore.”

She looked sadder as she nodded. “Unless you want to. You know that, right?”

Stacy walked in and smacked my ass as she put the drinks on the table and took a seat. “Get a room, you two.” She piled a couple of pancakes on her plate, as I gave Lacey a short peck, and released her, taking my seat.

“Milk, Damon? How old are you?” Stacy teased.

“Pancakes, Oreos, and Raisin Bran. Nothing goes better.” Although pancakes for breakfast wasn’t doing wonders for my diet plans. I wasn’t about to fault Lacey for it. She was bending over backwards to make my meals.

Over breakfast, I found out why Stacy was over. Apparently they were still cleaning up loose ends from calling off the wedding. I confessed that I had plans of my own, but should be back early afternoon. For the first time in the last four days, I didn’t do anything with Lacey. I thought back to how much sex I’d been getting the last week. Going from 2-3 times a week, before that damned deal, to that many times a day. I wasn’t complaining about the frequency or the quality, both of which had improved significantly.

~ * ~ * ~

Once I escaped the house, I started with a call to Cale. Something Donna had said stuck with me, and I needed resolution.

“What’s up, Damon?” he asked.

“The stripper. Do we know where he lives?”

“No. At least I don’t. You trying to get hold of him?”

“I think so. If I do, I may want to pay him a visit. Any chance of getting some backup?”

Cale worked from home, and had flexible hours. “I have an important 3:00 conference call. As long as we’re done by 2:00 or so, I can be there. I’ll check around. Eric may be available, at long as it’s not too early.”

“Too early? It’s already after 10:00.”

“That’s around his wake-up time. I’ll check. How do you plan on tracking him down?”

“Don’t know yet, but I’ll see what I can do.”

My first thought was Jenna. She knew about the guy it seemed. If she didn’t know where he lived outright, it was possible she knew someone who would.

Nikki answered the door, and let me in. “She’s not here.”


She pulled me in and closed the door behind me. “She’s really broken up, Damon. You know she never meant to hurt you.”

I nodded, heading in and taking a seat. “It was still wrong.”

Nikki sat next to me, very close. “She knows. We had a long talk. I’m not very happy with her either.”

I put my arm around her, pulling her close. “Still working the late shift?”

She worked as a waitress in a fine dining restaurant, evenings while she took classes during the day. Made pretty good money at it, as I understood. Steady, with good tips. Jenna was the opposite, feast or famine, with big, high-paying gigs, between down times.

“3:00 to 11:00,” she confirmed. She cuddled in, her hand running down my thigh. “Anything I can do to help?”

“I was trying to find out something about that stripper. I want to talk to him.”

Her hand stopped its movement. “You’re not going to do anything stupid, are you?”

“No, as long as he’s willing to talk and be honest.”

Her hand started moving again, higher, until I felt it brush against my balls. “You want to talk to Brenda. She went out with him a few times. That’s how we know what an asshole he is.”

I knew of a Brenda, but didn’t really know her. “Are you friendly with her? Could you find out?”

She sighed. “Sure. For you Damon. I’ll give her a call.”

I listened to her on the phone, and it was pretty obvious she was talking to a machine. She left a call-back message. She turned to me. “Is he out of the hospital? You might be able to talk to him there.”

“I heard he’d be getting out by the end of the week,” I explained.

Nikki picked up the phone, and after a couple of minutes was talking to admissions at St. Albans. “Checked out yesterday. Sorry.”

“How much did you know, Nikki?”

“Nothing really. Not ’til last night, when you left. I got the full story then. I was completely in the dark.” She settled back onto the couch, and wiggled underneath my arm.

“So the first time, uh, you and me…”

“No idea. I swear. Not until I heard them talking it over at the gym, and Lacey was bragging about all the things she’d done with that asshole, and where she was going to find her next conquest, with even a bigger dick.”

I didn’t like the sound of that. It didn’t mesh well with the story I was getting from Lacey. “Can you give me any more details about the conversation?”

Her hand was being naughty. “Wouldn’t you prefer to have this conversation in my bedroom, while we wait for Brenda’s call?”

In her room, she undressed me, and gave me a bit of a show, stripping slowly, blushing. When she was naked, we got under the sheets, cuddling and kissing. She pulled away, rubbing my cock with her hand.

“I was on the treadmill behind them. They were all on the bikes, lined up four in a row. Stacy, Lacey, Donna and Vicky. I was behind Lacey.” She snuggled in close, her leg over mine, rubbing my shaft slowly. “They were teasing her about walking funny. She was bragging big time. How gorgeous he was, how big his cock was, how he filled her up. She sucked him, took him in all three holes. She said it was fantastic, he gave her the biggest orgasms of her life. God, I hated to hear that smug bitch putting you down.”

I don’t understand guys who get excited about their women cheating. Remembering the sight of her with that bastard was doing the opposite for me.

She left my cock alone, as it wilted, and rubbed my chest. “I’m sorry. I wish it was otherwise. There was almost nobody around us, and they didn’t seem to care who listened. They were asking her questions, and she was telling all. About him calling her names, using her, doing 69, taking him into her throat for the first time, the way he forced her head down, making her excited. She talked about how filthy it was to suck him after he’d been inside of her. How she fingered her own ass, after he told her he was going to fuck it. How she teased him, begged him to fuck her virgin ass. I wanted to climb down there and beat the shit out of her.”

She moved down the bed, back between my legs, kissing me, playing with my shaft. “Forget her, Damon. She’s a faithless slut. She was proud to be a slut for him, and was looking for her next man to slut it up with.”

“The stuff about nobody else being allowed to date me?”

Nikki nodded, then licked my shaft. “She was asking them if they had spread the word. You were off limits. The other girls confirmed it. There was no doubt. That’s when I couldn’t take it any longer.”

“And you told them.”

“Damn straight I did. I laughed at her, when she said you probably got a lap-dance, and were sleeping off your drunk. I told her that you fucked Jenna every which way but up. Had her screaming half the night. I…I might have exaggerated a bit, but I wanted her to know she wasn’t the only one having a good time out of it.” She sucked me into her warm mouth, then pulled off. “I’m sorry if it got you into trouble. I never meant for that to happen.”

I laughed, and pressed her head back down between my legs. “Then you and I would never have gotten together, would be, Sexy?”

She sucked me, gazing up at me with her big eyes.

I believed Nikki. More than pretty much anyone else at that time. She had no reason not to tell me the truth. I didn’t like hearing all the details, but it helped me. There were still too many discrepancies, Lacey telling me it had nothing to do with the size of his dick, but she was bragging about it, looking for even bigger. Stacy telling me the business about keeping women away from me was just a joke, but it sure as hell didn’t sound like it. It was all too confusing, and I realized I didn’t want to think about it. Not with a naked Nikki between my legs.

I brushed her hair back, watching my stiffening cock fill her mouth. “Thanks for being honest about everything. Let’s forget about that for now, and see if we can’t have a redo of our first night.”

Nikki looked up at me and smiled. She sucked until I was about as hard as it gets, then pulled away. “Be right back,” she said. She ran out of the room naked, and returned a few minutes with her hands full. She dumped a pile of things on the bed. I recognized the lube, butt-plug, some handcuffs, dildos, blindfold, and there was plenty more.

“I’m yours, Damon. Whatever you want. Use me. The other night was the greatest sex of my life, by far. I bet you can do even better.” She dug through the pile, handed me the lube and a medium sized butt-plug, and got on her knees. “Warm me up with that. Open me so I can take you later.”

Damn, she looked good. Her pussy was glistening, obviously soaked. I licked her, making her moan at the first touch. I moved upward, teasing her rear pucker, tonguing it, listening to the exciting sound of her moans.

I put a little lube on my finger, and pushed at her spongy opening, teasing, pushing around the perimeter until my finger slowly slid inside. “Fuck, that’s wild.”

I fingered her, adding a little more lube, watching her tremble as I added a second finger. “Grab your ass, sexy girl. Spread your cheeks for me.”

Her hands reached back, her head and shoulders resting on the bed, as her fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her. I pulled my fingers out and lubed up the plug. She moaned loudly as it made its first contact. I pushed, turning it, easing it inside her. Her legs were shaking. “You have no idea what you’re doing to me,” she gasped.

“You like me playing with your ass?” I teased.

“Jesus, Damon! I love it. It’s yours. Nobody else’s ever. The anticipation, feeling you prepare me for you, knowing what you’ll be doing there later, it’s incredible. I want you to have it, to claim it, to tell me nobody else will ever get what’s yours. Own my ass, Damon.”

I’d been teasing her, stopping before full penetration, as we got to the widest point. “This ass is mine, Nikki. Only mine. I’m going to fuck your sweet ass. Fuck it hard, claim it.”

She trembled, and gasped loudly, a little squeak escaping her lips, as the widest part of the plug was holding her open, stretching her lewdly. With one last push, the worst was past, and it slipped into her, her tight little asshole shutting down around the rear of her plug.

I tugged it back out slowly, adding a little more lube, watching her open, stretching, the silicon toy slowly exposed. As it reached its widest, Nikki whimpered softly, her cute butt cheeks shaking as she expunged the anal invader. Not completely, of course. I held it inside her, and worked it back in. A couple of times.

I was hard as steel by now, and pushed it all the way in, seating it firmly. I slipped my cock into her soaked pussy, and drove it home hard, making her gasp. God, I loved how responsive this girl was.

“Fuck me, Damon. Use me. I’m yours,” she pleaded.

That was not a problem for me. I was happy to use her. The first time with her had been incredible but distracting with the constant feedback from Jenna. The second had been playful and fun, easygoing.

This time was different. I don’t know what it was, but I knew that Nikki would deny me nothing. She was a red hot ember, and the slightest encouragement on my part would set her aflame.

Pumping her on her hands and knees, I leaned over her body, grabbing her delicious big tits, and tugging on them like handles, pulled her back onto my cock. I squeezed them tightly, very tightly, and was rewarded with my first sweet orgasm from her. Nobody, nobody, had ever been half as responsive as Nikki was, including Donna who was a hell of a fuck.

I pushed her over roughly, putting her on her back, spread her legs apart, and hammered her pussy. I rested my upper body on her, my hands drifting back to her amazing tits. I gripped them firmly, milking them in time to my strokes, pinching her hard nipples.

“Yours, Damon. I’m yours,” she panted, kissing my shoulder, clutching me to her.

“My pussy, Nikki. My tits, my ass,” I growled, pummeling my possession. She trembled, and I felt her coming for me. Damn, I’d never get tired of that. I pressed my lips to her, and slowed down to a nice steady fucking. “You’re mine, Nikki.”

I buried my cock in her tight little pussy, made more so by the device in her ass. I corkscrewed my hips, playing inside of her, stretching her out. My face was over hers, looking into her molten eyes. The look of adoration was almost too much to take. Nobody deserved to be gazed on that way, certainly not me. I smiled for her, developing a rocking motion, shoving hard enough at the end of each stroke to make her body shake. My lips caressed her, softly, and she returned the favor, kissing my lower lip, running her pointed little tongue across it.

“Come for me, beautiful. I love when you come.”

“Lay on me. Let me feel your weight,” she pleaded.

I moved my hands, stretching out on top of her, and let her hug me, taking all my weight. She gasped, and I felt her fingers digging into my skin. Her eyes closed, and her chin dropped, soft moans escaping her lips. I kept the motion nice and steady, feeling her respond. I was getting close myself, and hoped I could get her off again.

“Fuck me,” she groaned.

I took that as a hint, and my hips went into overdrive, pounding her, making her shiver. “Gonna come,” I groaned.

She whimpered, her arms holding me tight, her pussy driving back against my insistent thrusts. I couldn’t hold it back any longer, driving deep, and staying there, pumping her full.

She cried out, her legs kicking spastically, as she joined me.

I lifted up off her a little, just enough to let her breathe easily. Her arms were determined to keep me in place. My mouth settled over hers, kissing her deeply. I lost track of all else, our mouths merging, tongues tangling, playing, teasing. We slowed, exploring each other, her hands gliding over my body, touching me reverently.

I kissed her face all over, brushing her hair back, returning to her lips regularly, before moving on to her nose, her eyelids, her ears, her neck. I was gently licking her lips, when I felt her pussy pulsing around my cock. I raised my eyebrows, looking at her quizzically, and she grinned. I felt it again, tighter.

“You’re trouble, aren’t you?” I teased.

She grinned, and I sighed, as a series of pulses flowed around my cock. “Who, me?”

I stroked her slowly, and found my cock was firm, if not the hardest it had ever been. After a minute or so of playing inside her, I was back at full strength.

“Take my ass, Damon,” she whispered. “It’s for you. Only for you. Claim it again.”

I climbed off of her, and she quickly rolled onto her knees, lifting her ass up high, her shoulders staying on the bed. The toy in her ass looked so erotic. I played with it, twisting, tugging, listening to her sweet little moans.

“Whose ass is this?” I teased.

“Yours Damon. Only yours,” she answered eagerly.

“I’m gonna fuck it now. Fuck this sweet little butthole.”

She reached back and spread her cheeks for me, as I tugged the plug free. I watched in fascination as she gaped, slowly closing up.

I lubed up my cock, and rubbed the head up and down her crack. “You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you, Nikki?”

“For you I will be. I…I never was.”

I pressed the crown against her puckered starfish. “Knock, knock,” I laughed.

“Come in,” she sang sweetly.

I gave a little push, feeling the pressure around the head, and Nikki gasped, and then chuckled. “I never thought I’d like this,” she said.

“You like it?” I eased a little more into her, tiny little strokes opening her up.

“I love it. I love doing it for you. Giving my all to you.”

My strokes slowed, pulling all the way out, and penetrating her all over again. The way her hole spread, tight around my shaft was mesmerizing. “I don’t deserve this,” I told her. “Don’t deserve you.”

“I think you do, that’s all that matters. Now stop playing around and own my ass!”

I laughed, pushing steadily, watching all but a couple of inches of my length disappear inside of her. A simple steady stroking eased the passage, slowly relaxing her, delving deeper. Tiny groans and grunts escaped her lips, as I buried my cock in her tight ass, each stroke pushing a little further, a little firmer, until my balls were wetly slapping against her pussy.

My hand cracked against her ass, leaving a pretty pink hand-print. My eyes were glued to the sight of my cock piercing her, penetrating, disappearing into her body. I pulled out and stopped moving. She whimpered, and with a grunt pushed herself back onto my cock.

“Get it, babe,” I told her, smacking her ass again. The wave of her flesh shaking away from my hand was so pretty I did it again.

She fucked herself on my cock, adjusting her knees, wiggling her butt, until she had a nice little motion going, giving a sexy little groan each time her butt-cheeks met my hips.

I leaned over her, my chest pressed against her back, and slammed my cock up her ass, forcing her forward, down onto the bed, her legs sliding out from under her. I maneuvered one hand under her chest, reaching across her and capturing her big tit in my hand. My legs pinned her to the bed, my feet hooked inside her calves, spreading her open. She whimpered sweetly as I slid my other arm under her neck, grabbing her opposite shoulder. I held her tightly, my full weight driving her into the mattress, and started methodically pumping her rear.

Her hand clutched my arm, hanging on, as I used her hard. Each thrust forced an exhale from her, the sexy grunts endless, rhythmic, hypnotic.

My lips brushed her ear. “I love your ass, baby girl.”

“(unh) Yours (unh) Daddy. (unh)”

I nibbled her earlobe, pumping her deep. “Nobody else, right, baby girl?”

“(unh) Never. (unh)”

It was a most inopportune time for the phone to ring. She groaned a long “fuuuuuck” and I released her, sitting upright. I reached across the bed and picked up her phone, handing it to her.

Nikki glanced at the screen, then picked up. “Hey Brenda,” she said, trying to sound normal.

I chuckled, spreading her cheeks and slowly stroked my cock into her ass.

“Yeah, I hope you can help me,” she said, suddenly gasping, as I shoved my cock in hard. “I need to get hold of Brett…Yeah, that Brett.”

She glared back at me, and I smacked her bottom teasingly, but eased up, enjoying the sensation of fucking her butt.

“I know, but it’s important…Uh, huh, the ones across from the mall…first building, second floor, furthest door back on your left…yeah I got it. Thanks…No, not much going on here either,” she said.

That deserved a couple of nice hard strokes, making her grunt. “Yeah, that’s it, I’m just getting my ass fucked off…What do you think?…Seriously…I am serious (unh)…Uh, huh…G-g-gotta go, love ya.”

She looked back at me. “She didn’t believe me.” Her hand reached back, passing me her phone. “Take a pic.”

She pulled her butt cheeks apart, walking her fingers in until they were only an inch or so from where my cock was penetrating her. I pulled out to the very edge, snapped a shot, then buried myself in her ass, and took another one. I lifted her hand off her butt and put the phone in it.

“Easy for a bit?” she asked, checking out the picture, and then playing with her phone.

She giggled and put the phone aside. “Take it, Daddy. Fuck your baby girl’s ass hard.”

I did as she asked, getting her going again. She was making her sweet music, egging me on, with her grunts and groans. The phone rang and she reached out, tapped it twice. “Believe (unh) me (unh) now?”

“You’re seriously having sex right now?” the voice echoed loudly over the speaker.

“Butt sex.”

“Damn, Nikki? Who’s the lucky bastard?”

“My (unh) secret, (unh) right, Daddy?”

“That’s right, baby girl,” I chuckled.”

“Spill, Nikki!”

“(unh) FUCK!” Nikki cried out, as I spread her cheeks and started hammering her backdoor.

I leaned over and grabbed the phone. “Say goodbye, Brenda. She’s not going to be able to talk now.”


“Goodbye.” I ended the call. “Too distracting. I need to fuck you for real, Nikki, baby.”

No more talk. I put the phone to the side, laid back on top of her, and fucked her ass as deep and hard as I could, watching her take it all in stride. It was only a couple of more minutes, when she gasped, “I’m coming!”

Her words were several strokes premature, then she was struggling underneath me, squealing beautifully, before screaming. That was something new for me. An anal orgasm. I was stunned. Feeling her so excited, wiggling, fighting, almost bucking me off, had me so turned on, it wasn’t another dozen strokes before I was erupting inside her ass.

I rolled off of her, pleasantly exhausted. She was quiet for a bit, completely still. Then I watched her climb off the bed. I lost her in the bathroom for a couple of minutes, before she returned, washcloth in hand. She wiped me down, then kissed my cock lovingly, before climbing up and lying on top of me.

“I’m not too heavy, am I?” she whispered.

“Never, Nikki,” I said, holding her.

“Jeez, that was intense,” she sighed, hugging me tight.

“Dirty girl,” I chuckled.

“As dirty as you want, Daddy.”

She was a delight to hold, and she repeated the directions to the stripper’s house. “It’s where he lived three months ago. He probably hasn’t moved. I did good, huh?”

“You did great, Nikki darling.”

~ * ~ * ~

Cale stood to one side of the door, Eric on the other. I knocked loudly. I could hear movement inside, but no response for a long time. I knocked again, and heard the peeved, “I’m coming!”

I thought I’d have to bluff my way in, but the door opened without a question. I saw the bastard looking at me confused.

“Hi Brett,” I said smiling. I was enjoying the sight of his black eyes, swollen nose, and bruises.

He returned the smile automatically, until I kicked the door as hard as I could. He tumbled backward, and I saw it was kind of unfair. He was on crutches, and had a cast from his foot, halfway up his left thigh.

The asshole must have had the wind knocked out of him. How fortuitous. Cale and Eric followed me in, closing the door behind them. I grabbed his shirt and dragged him into the room.

He was gasping, trying to get his breath, fear in his eyes.

“Relax. I’m probably not going to hurt you much,” I told him.

Eric’s a mean son-of-a-bitch. He leaned over and triggered his taser against dickwad, making him squirm. “That was just to make sure we had your attention, and to let you know that we are serious.”

We waited for a few seconds, while I squatted down next to him. “You and I are going to have a nice quiet conversation. You yell out, I’m going to re-break your leg, and kick your balls up into your chest. Nod if you understand.”

He looked at the three of us, and nodded.


“Who…who are you?” he asked.

“Really, Brett? You should make it a point to find out who you’re cuckolding before you fuck a slut.”

“Which?” he whined.

“Lacey. The bride-to-be. Remember her?”

He nodded.

“Here’s how it goes. I know 90% of what happened. I want to know all of it. You’re going to tell me every little detail, everything. If you miss anything, we work you over for a while.”

The asshole was obviously nervous, rightfully so, looking at each of us in turn.

“Cale? The acid?”

Cale passed me a clear bottle. I held it up in front of the jerk-off’s eyes.

“Third strike, and nobody’s ever going to want to see your scarred up face again, Brett. On a fourth one, we get to see what happens when you stick a dick in fuming sulfuric acid. Are we clear?”

He talked. Man, did he talk. Verbal diarrhea. We had to keep slowing him down, and getting him to repeat details. He confirmed Jenna’s role, and the multiple bribes, Lacey’s licking whipped cream off his cock. Turned out all of the fearsome foursome did, with Vicky and Stacy both taking a turn sucking him.

Asshole readily admitted to dosing Lacey with X and GHB the first night. He figured she’d need the encouragement after her slow start at the bachelorette party. I sat through his description of their first time, which seemed pretty accurate. I got to hear how he used her again, after I had left, all three holes, and how she promised him a week of whatever he wanted, all of it ending 7 days later.

“The second time?” I asked.

She had called him. He went over the problems, and for the first time started to fudge details when it came to his taking her ass for the second time. I delivered a hammer-fist to his gut. “Strike one.”

He gasped, his eyes giving away his terror. He became honest, describing her issues, and the bathroom scene. He jumped ahead to her asking for it without a condom. The hammer-fist landed on his crotch, and he curled up, groaning. “Strike two, asshole. Cale, get the acid ready.”

Eric tased the bastard again. “Sorry,” he smirked. “I was just feeling kind of left out.”

I believe he was honest with the rest of it. It matched what I’d seen, and Cale nodded to me, when he was describing his beating.

He was practically crying. “She wanted it, man. I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

I rose up enough to drop a knee on his stomach, and holding it there. “You fucked another man’s woman, asshole. You got off on fucking her in my bed. You told her you were going to keep fucking her, after she was married.”

“She wanted it! She said she had a deal!” he whined.


Cale opened the bottle, and dickface started covering his face. “She did! She told me it was Ok! They both did, I swear!”

“Here’s the new deal, asswipe. You ever speak to her, ever touch her, hell if you ever even see her again, I will make you regret the day you were born. Right now, me and my two buddies, we’re all at a barbecue with four of our closest friends. We were never here. Do you understand?”

He nodded.

I stood. “You fucked up asshole. Screwed with the wrong guy’s woman. It’s a dangerous business, messing with what’s not yours. You better hope we never need to have this discussion again.”

“We won’t. I swear,” he whined.

I got up to leave, and was a little surprised when Cale turned and kicked the guy in the nuts about as hard as he could. Asshole curled up in a ball, moaning.

“That’s for the way you treated her the second time,” Cale growled, then dumped his bottle all over the bastard.

It was only bleach, but it would surely stain his shirt something awful.

~ * ~ * ~

I hurried home, ready for my discussion with Lacey. I entered the house, and could smell that she’d been painting. I remembered her statement that she was going to paint the bedroom, and headed that way.

There was painting going on, but I was stunned by the painters.

Jenna saw me first, dropped her brush, and hurried over. “Heya, handsome. Put on some work duds and get with it.” She gave me a big wet kiss, and a wink, like nothing had ever happened.

I was absolutely floored. Last thing I ever expected to see was those two, working side by side. Lacey gave me a big grin, strolled over and collected a big kiss. “Didn’t expect to see you for a while, big guy,” she said, unbuttoning my shirt. “No afternoon play-date?”

“What’s going on?” I asked, still unable to comprehend the scene before me.

It was bad enough they were there, working together. On top of that, both of them were wearing my t-shirts, and not much else, besides a painter cap, with their hair tucked up out of the way.

“I told you, I was going to paint this room. I owed you that much.”

I glanced over at Jenna who was back to painting the trim. Lacey grinned. “We talked. Really talked. We should have done it long ago.”

She peeled my shirt off, leaving me in my undershirt. Then she was opening my pants. “Lacey…”

“Cool your jets, Damon. We don’t want to mess up your good clothing.” The words made sense, but her paint covered hands threatened to do exactly what she was said she wanted to prevent. I didn’t stop her, and stepped out of my pants when she had them down around my ankles. She seemed disappointed to see that I didn’t have an erection. She opened the fly and peeked in. “Hey buddy,” she teased. “I know you’re in there.”

Her breath in my shorts, and her rubbing started getting results. She gave me a squeeze, then stood up. “Good. I was beginning to think you didn’t like me anymore.” I got another kiss. “Grab a brush. This is taking forever.”

I was in a daze, completely confused. I started painting, and after a few moments wished I was anywhere but there. They were telling each other everything about me. Jenna was in rare form. It probably would have been funny, if it was about anyone but me.

“It was hilarious,” she was prattling. “His first blowjob, and he’s sitting on my bed, telling me every single detail. I don’t think he even realized how hard his dick was, sticking up like it was. I was soaking my panties, so fucking jealous, and the fucker didn’t have a clue!”

Lacey was laughing. “He tells you everything, doesn’t he?”

“Every single thing. The first time he got a glimpse of your tits, it was like he hit the jackpot. Fucking insensitive creep. Describing those perfect tits, not even noticing my little mosquito bites were trying to poke a hole through my t-shirt.”

“Jenna…” I said, trying to interrupt and change the subject.

“Shut up and paint, clueless. This is girl talk. Just be happy we even let you in the room. You’re sooo not worthy,” Jenna said. This was typical of her. Half the time we had a fight, if she was to blame, she’d start acting like nothing had ever happened, playing the best friend bit up to the hilt.

Lacey looked over her shoulder at me, winked, and lifted the bottom of her shirt, exposing her bare bottom. She was killing me.

Jenna was no better, and made a big deal of bending over at the waist to dip her brush every few seconds. Equally bare bottomed. She caught me looking. “Behave. This isn’t some teenage fantasy. You’re not getting a threesome.”

They both laughed, and I blushed. I needed to talk to Lacey, but I was damned if I could figure out how.

I was finishing around the window, when Lacey came over and gave me a hug and a kiss. “I’m gonna start dinner. Behave yourself.”

She left Jenna and me, but not before giving my aching cock a squeeze. “I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.”

As soon as she was gone, I started in. “What’s going on, Jenna?”

She put her brush down, turned and walked over to me. She pushed me down on the plastic covered bed, and straddled me. “Whatever could you mean, Damon?”

My answer was cut off with a kiss. When she let me breathe again, I continued. “You and Lacey? Chatting and painting together?”

Jenna grinned. “We needed to talk. I had to find out the truth. And I needed to confess my part.”

“The truth?”

“About what she did, and why she did it. I had to know.”


“Because I hated her, but I love you. I want you to be happy.”

“You’re not making any sense.”

She kissed me again. “Just talk to her. I’m not going to say anything tonight. You want to talk to me about it tomorrow, that’s great. But I want you to talk to her.”

“God, that’s all we do. We talk everything to death. It’s not going anywhere.”

Jenna looked serious. “Promise me. Promise me, Damon, that you’ll talk to her and listen carefully. Be honest with her about everything, Ok? She fucked up big time, but I think you two need to clear up any issues you haven’t resolved, and then figure out what you want.”

She climbed off my lap, and before I knew it, she had fished my cock out of my boxers and was sucking it. After only a few seconds, she pulled away. “There’s a hurt girl in your kitchen. Go see if you can figure out some way to put that thing to good use, while I finish up the wall-plates and start putting things away.”

I found Lacey in the kitchen, and the rotten girl had tied her t-shirt up just under her breasts, leaving her naked from the tits down. Once again I was reminded of what a stunning body she had.

She grinned at me, turning to put a casserole in the oven. “An hour and 20 minutes,” she said. She wiggled her ass at me. “Any ideas for what we could do in the meantime?”

She was bent over the table, my cock buried inside her pussy, happily pumping away. “I had a talk with your boyfriend.”

She tensed up. “Please don’t call him that. He was my mistake, not my boyfriend.”

I fucked her casually, in-out, stroking that sexy body. “He drugged you the first night.”

Lacey, lifted her body up, turning to look at me. “He did what?”

“Ecstasy and GHB. To loosen you up.”

She pushed me away. “Can we stop a second?” She sat down, looking upset. “Fuck. No wonder I barely remember it. I thought I was just drunk.”

“You guys only drank half-a-bottle of wine.”

I could see her getting angrier by the second. “That son-of-a-bitch! Did Jenna put him up to it?”

“No. Your girlfriends did it the night of the party. He did it on his own, thinking he’d loosen you up.”

She nodded. “I…I still probably would have done most of it, you know. That’s what was going on in my head. I’m not going to lie to you, Damon.”

I sat down opposite her, and took her hands in mine. “I know. He didn’t give you anything the second day.”

She rolled her eyes. “No shit. I remember everything about that time. Does this change anything?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m going to need some time. I still have issues with a lot of things. The whole idea that you wanted the deal in the first place. Choosing to do it in my bed. Your reaction the second day. The things you said to me. There’s just so much.”

She nodded. “I understand. I love you, Damon. I’m sorry that I screwed up, but if you’ll give me another chance, I swear you’ll never regret it.”

“I can’t. Not yet. I still need some time to work things out.”

So we talked. Sat in the living room, all but naked, and talked. She told me about her conversation with Jenna. About Jenna’s actions and apologies, while she explained what she had and hadn’t done. Where we’d screwed up, as if we hadn’t gone over it a dozen times already. We joked about our fantasies, and why it had taken us a year to discuss them. We cuddled, and talked, like we should have all along. I got hard for her, and she settled into my lap, facing me, riding me gently.

Jenna made an appearance, and sat down next to me. I pulled her close. “I’m sorry, Damon. I shouldn’t have interfered.”

“You did what you thought was best,” I told her, while Lacey rocked in my lap.

“No. I was jealous. She made you happy, and I couldn’t see it. I hope someday you can forgive me. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done, and I did it to my best friend.”

“The worst thing? Does Tina Evans ring a bell? Mrs. Gilchrist? How about the Glee Club?”

She blushed. “Alright. It was a really bad thing.”

I hugged her, and kissed the top of her head. “It was. I forgive you.”

Jenna looked up at me, then over at Lacey. “Can you forgive her?”

I saw the nervousness, the glistening in Lacey’s eyes, the hopefulness. Could I forgive her? So many damn things. I closed my eyes, and thought about what I wanted for my future. How I planned to proceed with my life. What I could live with, and how I could live with myself.

When I opened them, the tears were rolling down Lacey’s eyes. I pulled her close, and kissed her lips softly. “I forgive you, Lacey. For everything. I hope you can forgive me.”

She threw her arms around me, sobbing, until the kitchen timer went off.

We ate dinner together, and I fantasized about fucking both of them, while they leaned over the sink, doing the dishes together. I think I might even have gotten away with it, since officially the deal was still on. Instead, I cuddled up behind each in turn, giving them a hug and a kiss. Maybe a naughty little grope or two.

Never thought I’d continue this due to life and the little enthusiasm it met on literotica. However, more than a few people emailed me and encouraged me to keep going, and sometimes asked me to “Stop writing and Drop, dead, Wuss.” After which those brave rays of sunshine signed “Anonymous”

I figured for everyone who wrote an email there must be hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, who wanted to but didn’t (because they had things more important to do or don’t know how to write).

Anyhow, this is it, I’m already 8/10 of the next chapter way and this time I won’t stop till I finish or till Obama bombs the Syrians I will be called for reserve duty and Assad will drop a gas bomb on my head (later denying everything claiming it was Al Qaeda and anyway he figured I wanted mustard on that shitty sausage the IDF issues).

So first, thanks to my very patient editors:



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And thanks to all the nice people who wrote me and asked me to continue. That actually meant a lot.

Wicked Chapter Six

Saturday 2 AM

To love and to cherish from this day forward until death do us part…. Or until the Messiah comes and then it’s an Angelina Jolie free-for-all and wedding vows are important, but hey, Angelina Jolie…. Or until that sympathetic Iranian, Ahmadinejad decides to redecorate this part of the Middle East – hole-in-the-ground style…. Or until your wife blows a fuse and starts fucking random people.

Irit slept with a table lamp on. It seemed a little odd for a woman who invited complete strangers into her home daily, to be afraid of the dark. It illuminated a black-and-white wedding picture on the wall: an eighty-something-year-old groom with an eighty-something bride. They looked very much in love.

Wait till she finds a basketball star, dude.

Irit’s hair was spread on the pillow like a halo. Her long fingers clasped and unclasped in her sleep. She kneaded Dan’s ear half the night until he gently moved his head and slipped out of reach. Now she was hugging his pillow, kneading the bedding. Her clenched lips were the only remaining hint of the tough daytime working girl.

Dan flipped and found himself face to face with her black and white tomcat. The feline licked his paw and then sunk his sharp teeth deep in Dan’s nose. Dan bit hard on his lip, and threw the furry monster off the bed. The cat jumped right back up and gave him a look as if to say “I was here first, dumbass, so don’t you, you fat old unemployed slob who lets strangers fuck his wife, get any ideas.”

“Yeah, at least I don’t shit in a sandbox,” Dan whispered to no one in particular.

The cat yawned.

His smartphone cheerfully hummed the Super Mario theme song and Dan lunged to retrieve it from his jeans and pressed on the mute. Who the fuck calls at 2 AM?

The smartphone blinked again. A persistent fucker. Dan tiptoed to the next room and sat on the edge of the ‘clients’ bed, making sure to distance himself from a dubious-looking stain.

“Who is this?” Dan aimed at annoyance but ruined the effect by yawning in mid-sentence.

“D … Dan, it’s Dan?” said a semi-familiar voice at the other end of the line.

“Who’s this?”

“Thank god. It’s Moshe.”

“Moshe who?”

“The one who gave the Torah on Mount Sinai.”


“How many Moshes do you know? It’s Moshe Silver.”

“Chicko? It’s 2 AM.”

“Duh. I’ve been trying to get in touch with everyone. You’re the first White family member who picked up the phone.”

“What? Who? What?” Cold fingers of an adrenaline rush flipped Dan’s stomach. “What happened?”

“Alice has been in a car accident. She’s in Hadasa Jerusalem, it’s serious.”

“Who?” Dan felt a calming wave of relief.

“Your sister-in-law, Alice White; tall blond, works at marrying suckers, dumping their ass, and leeching them dry.”

“Spare me, Chicko. And Alice didn’t take a shekel from you, so don’t.”

“Not for lack of trying. Anyway, the hospital tried to contact her parents.”

“Rachel and Ofek are outdoors camping with my kids.” Dan’s relief turned to guilt.

“They couldn’t find Ana or Ilan either.”

“Ilan is in New Zealand. How did they get to you?”

“Lucky me, I’m still registered as her husband on her ID card. Is Ana awake?”

“I don’t … No….”

“Then wake her. You need to drive to Hadasa. They need her family to go over and sign some papers at the hospital.”

“Is Alice ok?”

“I don’t think so. She might not make it through the night.” Moshe didn’t sound too concerned. “Look, they need someone from the family at the hospital.”

“Any chance that you might…?” Dan said.

“Fuck me if I do, man, I feel I already did way more than my share for the bitch.”

“You’re all heart, Chicko.”

“Yeah, yeah. So, been nice talking to you. Now it’s your problem. Cheers.” Click!

Asshole. All of Alice’s ex-husbands were assholes, she was an asshole magnet. After the divorce they had each become bitter assholes.

Dan dialed home then tried Ana’s cellphone. There was no answer; he’d kind of guessed that would be the case, but the thought was too painful to dwell on.

What to do?


Her jaw hurt. Nothing to write home about (especially considering what she’d been doing with her jaw), but enough to transform sex with Nadav from a mind-blowing experience to an experience akin to watching Grey’s Anatomy season nine, (leaves you with a bad taste and a feeling like ABC just vacuumed forty-five minutes of your life.

Nadav was sprawled on her neighbor Mrs. Schwartz’s Jacuzzi bench; his legs dangled in the water, head tilted back, and eyes closed. The Jacuzzi was strategically located in Mrs. Schwartz’s patio so that it made for amazing night dipping (Mrs. Schwartz had given Ana and Dan free access). However, the bubbling water in the Jacuzzi had already lost most of its heat. Annoying. The chirping grasshoppers in the warm night air sang a monotonous melody, with a rhythm that accentuated her head-bobbing. Now, they started to get on her nerves.

She drew her head back and examined his cock. There were signs of life on Planet Flaccid, at last. She kissed the bulbous head and wrapped her lips around it. The same sensuous lips that she used to kiss her husband and kids with. Her tongue played with the slit, burrowing in, darting out, and slapping the sensitive head. She tried everything in her arsenal and some stuff she invented on the fly. She sucked hard and placed a hand delicately at the base of his cock. She pumped a few times and bobbed her head up and down a few times.

“Hmmm….” Nadav purred, the first sound from him in the last fifteen minutes or so. His cock jumped to life in her mouth.

She drew back and kissed it lovingly, noting it was now almost fully erect. She toned down a sigh of relief. “Someone is eager to play again.”

Nadav didn’t open his eyes but she saw a smile forming.

She rose up, turned her back to him then lowered herself down, her hand guiding him inside her. Ah, yes, here we go again. She felt his rod tunneling inside her pink folds, raising her excitement, vanishing all thoughts of an aching jaw. This was so damn good. A hot basketball star. Wait till Alice hears. Any minute now he’ll start thrusting like a piston in love. The thought was enough to send her butterflies amok and she almost lost control.

“Oh god … you’re amazing. You feel so good,” she gasped.

She had a moment of panic as Nadav rose without warning. She was skewered on his cock and her legs lifted off the relative safety of the Jacuzzi floor. He then grabbed her hips and pushed her forward, her upper torso bent over the cold Jacuzzi rim.

“Hey,” she cried. “Gently!”

“Gently? Gently is not here.”

It can speak.

“Gently is dating Rosie O’Donnell’s uglier sister.” He gave a loud snort. “I thought you were a kick-ass girl.”

Ana dearly wanted to be a kick-ass girl for him, even though she was clueless as to what being a kick-ass girl entailed. She gathered it didn’t involve words like ‘gently’.

“If you’re cashed, it’s really okay,” he said.


“I mean at your age….”

“At my –?” She bit her lip, afraid she would say something really insulting.

“We can call it a night.” He moved backward and his cock plopped out of her pussy.

The grasshoppers’ chirps in her ears sounded like a sitcom’s crowd-recorded laugh.

She panicked, desperate to make him refill the emptiness inside her vagina. ‘At your age….’ – what the fuck? Suddenly she wasn’t a hot, wild, free-spirited ex-model screwing a basketball star. She felt thirty-eight … a married, used-but-in-mint-condition, housewife. Old. Nadav couldn’t have made a made a bigger dent in her ego if he had used a five-ton sledgehammer.

“Oh, I see.” She forced a plastic smile like the kind she used in court. “You’re tired and you need a break so you’re … you’re the one who’s crashed.”

“Cashed, baby, not crashed.”

Great! Now she felt like some aging mom trying to keep up with her slang-speaking adolescent son. A lump in her throat was solidifying.

Nadav yawned.

“See, you’re tired.”

“Look, Ana, before in the pool that was so fucking hot and in the restaurant when you jerked me under the table, two inches from your hubby, you nearly blew my top off. Seriously, I kaboomed like a fountain. But this Jacuzzi sex, been there, done that….”

“We can try the bed,” she said.

“Been there, done that.”

Somewhere inside her, the old Ana, the one her colleagues called The Shark, was screaming at her, Send the insensitive jerk to screw himself, who the hell does he think he is?! But the old Ana was shouting from a deep cave that the new hot Ana had blocked with bricks made of new experiences and selfish expectations.

“We can go back to the pool.”

“Nah…” Nadav yawned again. “This party is dead. I think I’ll bounce out.”

“Too bad,” Ana said too quickly. She was losing self-esteem points quicker than the Charlotte Bobcats were losing games. “You’ll be missing out on the main event.”

“What event?”

Hell if I know. “You’ll never know.”

“Oh, come on.”

“I will cum, you won’t.”

He sat down on the Jacuzzi rim and squinted at her. “You’re full of surprises,” he said out loud, while his eyes said that he thought her full of something else.

“You haven’t got a clue.” Me neither. What event? Think, idiot. What could you possibly offer to this rich, good-looking basketball star? Girls half your age wait in line at his door.

Her mobile beeped the theme song from Star Wars. Dan installed it so she’d differentiate between his calls and those of the rest of the world.

“That’s really one ancient piece of junk. The news of smartphones didn’t reach the suburbs?” Nadav smiled his version of patronizing.

She’d only left it on in case her parents, camping with her kids, needed to make an emergency call. The caring and slightly over-protective mom part of her was still kicking even if the faithful wife part suffered from a terminal tumor.

“Aren’t you going to answer?”

“Just my husband, screw him.”

The mobile went silent.

What can a thirty-eight-year-old mother of two offer someone like Nadav?

The mobile played Star Wars again.

“Looks like he wants you to pick up.” Nadav climbed out of the Jacuzzi, grabbed a towel and his shirt.

Ana snatched the mobile and texted a quick “Busy.”

“What’s the story between you and your hubby, anyways?”

“We … I told you. We have an open marriage.”

“He doesn’t mind you sleeping with other guys? If my wife would even hint she wants to play behind my back, I’d kill the guy.”

How ironic. “He’s cool with it. Don’t worry.”

The mobile beeped again.

“I’m no expert,” Nadav said. “But maybe he’s not so cool with it as much as you think. You’ve been doing this for long?”

Ana noted with despair his cock was losing altitude. “Let’s not talk about him, I’ll put my mobile on silent mode.”

“Maybe he’s feeling insecure because it’s me?” Nadav said.

She almost slapped her forehead when the obvious hit her like a warm monsoon wave. Nadav was an ego-maniac and the most competitive person in the northern hemisphere. What had Alice said about men with egos the size of trucks? ‘You let them take a whiff of competition and they’ll slit throats on their way to imaginary victory’. She suddenly knew what she had that Nadav wanted. Thirty-eight years of wisdom and ten years in court playing mind games with sharp adversaries. And Nadav wasn’t even the brightest candle in the Hanukah lamp.

“Look,” she tried an apologetic face. “I know he has an issue with this, I mean, it’s not your fault. You don’t need to feel bad about it.” Yep, as if you care.

“I don’t,” Nadav smiled.

“He begged me not to sleep with you.”

“Ahhh …” his smile broadened, “and you did anyway.”

“Can you blame me?” Fake apologetic smile again. “He never acted this way before. I think he’s afraid you’re more man than he is. You know, you men are so insecure when it comes to bed activities.”

“Am I?”

“You’re in your twenties and a basketball star, he’s almost forty and unemployed; can you blame him for insecurity?”

“Fuck the being famous shit. Am I better in bed?”

“You’re different.” She smiled.

“What the fuck?” Nadav dropped the shirt and placed the towel on his shoulders. He then reentered the Jacuzzi, towering over her. “Does he make you wet all over the place like I did an hour ago?”



“So what?”

“I want you to admit it!” he raised his voice.

“But he’s my husband.”

“That’s his problem, should have kept you on a shorter leash. Who’s better in bed?”

In the corner of her mouth a wicked smile escaped past her façade. “You,” she said in a little voice.




“You, okay. You’re ten times better, a million times. Happy?” She raised her hands in mock surrender. “If you’re a Ferrari then he is a mule pulling a cart with a broken wheel.”

Nadav smiled like Michael Phelps when he got that eighteenth gold.

Ana lowered her head in resignation. She looked like someone who had just admitted … well, like a wife who’d just admitted her husband was a loser. Inside, her smile stretched bigger than Nadav’s. The man’s cock stood out like the Eiffel Tower, hard and angry. It heaved and a white drop of pre-cum blossomed on the tip. Ten seconds of basic psychology achieved what thirty minutes of a blow-job couldn’t.

“So, about that special event,” he said.

Like taking candy from a baby. Nadav was getting his trips on conquest. She just needed to invent a new one and then she could keep him. “Never mind the special event.”

“Come on.”

She put on her Little-Bo-Peep face. “It’s embarrassing.”

“We’ve gone past that, no?” He tousled her hair, his version of Mr. Sensitive.

“Promise you won’t laugh.”


She looked down behind her at the direction of her ass.


She whispered, “I’d never… in the butt.”

“Your husband never went to fifth base?”

“It’s not like he didn’t want to. He’s been begging me about it for years,” she lied.

“Well.” Nadav rolled the towel into a ball shape and threw it at the dirty clothes basket across the patio. It painted a nice arc and landed true. “We’ll need some lube.”

“Wait? What?”

“It’s gonna hurt like hell if we don’t.”

“You know what sweetie, I think….”

“You’re not getting cold feet on me, Ana.”

“You said you wanted to call it a night.”

“Where does your neighbor keeps her womanly stuff? We can probably find some gel there.”

Little Bo-Peep was a-wagging her tail behind her. “You know what, I think I’ll pass. I promised my husband we’ll do it on his next birthday anyways. He should be first after all.”

“But you said – “

“A woman is allowed to change her mind, isn’t she?” Make him sweat a little. Convince him he’s competing with your husband. “You’re right, my husband is really insecure about you and me. He’ll know I let you be my first…. He’ll be devastated.”

“Come on, Ana, I know you want it.” He leaned into her and started nibbling her neck.

“I don’t know….”

“You could ride the mule, if that’s your style,” he whispered in her ear. “But with something as delicate as this, you’ll need an expert.” His tongue slithered and fondled her earlobe.

A warm wave of wetness flooded Ana down below. “Do you know where can I find such an expert at 3 AM?” she purred.



Alice stirred on the white hospital bed. Her mouth twitched in agony but her eyes remained closed. Her amazing golden hair was burned, showing patches of skin, and her bandaged arm rose like a woman requesting mercy and then fell again.

Funny how she still manages to look beautiful, Dan thought. One would think that the ugliness inside would finally show.


A single word. “Busy.” Pain had been such a close companion for the last days that it had almost become tolerable. Now the hot stab he felt in his chest came as a surprise. Busy. Nadav Fine. The basketball star and his wife were busy.

This was worse than when she did it with a complete stranger. Now he had a face to attach to his nightmares. He tried to push them away but images of his beautiful wife moaning her passion under Nadav Fine, kept popping in his mind.

“Every day, in every way I’m getting better and better,” he whispered but with little conviction.


“Sorry, just talking to myself.” Dan turned to the tall young doctor. Obviously a resident. Attending physicians almost never shared the nightshift load.

“We’ll keep her asleep like that for another hour; she’ll be in a lot of pain when she wakes. It’s best if she has someone close to her when that happens.”

Yeah, I bet she’s gonna be ecstatic if that someone would be me. “Is it very bad?”

“I’ve seen worse.” The doctor gave him an encouraging and slightly tired smile. It was a good smile and it made Dan feel a little better. “Her upper torso suffered only minor injuries, except for a broken arm she has mostly first degree burns. However one leg is broken and the other is badly burned. She dragged herself away from that car with one hand.”

“Yeah, she’s one tough….” Bitch, Dan said with little emotion.

“It’s going to be a slow recovery, and not pleasant. Weeks. Months. It will include debridement procedures. She’ll need all the support she can get from the people who love her.”

Too bad for her that nobody does. No husband or kids and she hasn’t talked to her parents and brother for who knows how long. The thought that Alice, who had had no small part in his marriage crisis, was suffering, didn’t fill him with a joy. If anything, it made him sad.

He texted his wife again. “Alice had a car accident. I’m at Hadasa Hospital. Situation critical. Call me!!!!!!!”

“You’re Dan Jacobson.” The doctor said.

“Huh…?” Dan was six foot and a little but he still needed to look up at the doctor, actually really looking at him for the first time. Blond, early thirties or late twenties, very broad and breaking the law of fairness which stated that ‘A man can pick a maximum two out of handsome, smart, tall and successful’.

“Yeah, you are Dan Jacobson.”

“Do I know you?”

“Long time ago, fourteen years actually.” The doctor smiled. “Juvie center, Jerusalem’s Grace in Jerusalem. You and your brother volunteered there. Taught the kids basic boxing techniques three times a week.”

“Ahh,” Dan smiled when he thought of the Juvie. He had been a broke-ass computer science student, but he loved working with the youth at the center. He had won a scholarship that year for his volunteer activity in the community. His future had looked bright and his girlfriend, Ana, was the hottest girl on campus. A good period. “You were one of the Juvie’s instructors?”

“Hell no!” the doctor said. “I was an inmate.”


“Poor neighborhood, poor family, poor choices. Same old boring story.”

“That kind of story usually ends differently.” Dan was impressed. Most kids at Jerusalem’s Grace usually had ‘prison’ or ‘dead in a ditch’ written in their future. “You made a complete U-turn.”

“I’m still an inmate.” The doctor winked. “We really looked up to you, I mean ‘us’ as in the kids. You were a boxing champion.”

“Millions of years ago,” Dan said.

“Goddam bitch, she tried to kill me,” someone raged outside and down the hall. “I want the police in here now! You hear me? Now! Not in five minutes, right now!”

“Busy night?” Dan said.

“Eh.” The doctor made a so-so sign with his palm. “That’s ER in Jerusalem for you. Nut jobs flock in here faster than salmons to a Bar Mitzva. We had a Jesus Christ and a Moses last night.”

Dan laughed. “Funny that you remember me from back then. I never thought I’d made an impact. That place was so full with young people with bad history. It was always so….”

“Hopeless, yeah, I know,” the doctor said. “But you did make an impact. Jerusalem’s Grace, hell, we called it Jerusalem’s Anus. You were one of the things which made it almost tolerable.”

“Nah, you must be thinking of Maor, my brother, he was the engine, I just tagged alone.”

“Not how I remember it.” The doctor rubbed his bristled cheek. “We trusted you, which is hardly trivial with the hard-ass bunch of idiots we were. We respected you.”

Respect. One word I’m really missing these days.

“You always talked at eye level and never tried to sell us bullshit. You’re good with broken teenagers.”

“Thanks, really. That actually means a lot.” Dan couldn’t remember the last time someone had patted his ego. He’d forgotten how good it felt. “Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Dr. Dominick, to the ER desk,” came an unreasonably chirpy voice over the speaker system (unreasonably happy given that it was three AM ).

“That’s me.” The doctor reached out his hand. “I’m Dom.”

“Dom? Dominick? Sure, I remember you. You’re that Irish kid … On your first day, you beat the crap out of two older kids and one instructor, straight into the hospital.”

“In my defense I gotta say…,” Dr. Dom paused, he looked a little embarrassed. “Hell, I got nothing, I was one messed up kid.”

“Fucking bitch, fucking bitch, fucking bitch….” the shriek was louder this time, followed by intense sobbing.

A heavyset nurse peeked into the room. “Dommi, we could really use your help restraining him.”

Dom shrugged.

“What’s happening there?” Dan asked.

“That’s under physician–patient privilege,” Dom said.

“Your sister-in-law bit that poor man’s dick almost right off,” the nurse said.

“And physician–patient privilege goes out the window.” Dr. Dom looked at Dan. “You don’t seem too surprised.”

“Eh.” Dan made a so-so sign with his palm. “That’s Alice, my sister in law, for you.”

Dom grinned. “Well, just make sure to be here when she wakes; I’ll check on you later.”

Dan sighed and reached for his mobile.


There was a huge gaping hole in Ana’s plan … or actually, a small and very tight one. She had really never tried anal; that part of her story was true. Dan had always thought the whole brown dipping thing unhygienic. She had pressured him one night after a party while he was under the influence. But (Butt) her husband’s meat popsicle barely scraped the surface and definitely never popped in to say hi. Ana had gotten cold feet after three seconds of her intoxicated husband’s clumsy attempts.

Now that she looked at Nadav smearing on lube, she figured it might not be the wisest of ideas to inaugurate the supplier’s entrance with a jackhammer.

At third grade Nadav Fine’s height was so off the charts, he’d extorted money from fifth graders. When he was fourteen he was the most popular guy when it came to sleazing party booze: the only fourteen-year-old who could buy beer without being asked for ID. When he was eighteen … well, you get the picture. His cock just kept up the pace.

“Where did you find that?”

“It’s honey scented body lotion.” Nadav scooped a generous portion from the green jar. He sniffed it and then happily rubbed it onto his cock. “Very KY-like. Should do the trick. Oh, I think I messed up a little of your neighbor’s bathroom. Her creepy-ass cat scared the shit out of me and I jumped and…. well, you’ll clean it up later.”

Do I look like a fucking housemaid? “Sure, no problem.”

Her mobile beeped Star Wars.

Not gonna help you Dan. I’ve been chasing and craving your attention for so long. Now it’s your turn to do some chasing. Hope you enjoy it like I did. She took the mobile and switched it to silent mode.

“Turn around and bend over that picnic table,” Nadav said.

“It’s an antique Pembroke.”

“Looks like a table to me.”

“Mrs. Schwartz is way too classy for a picnic table.”

“Snobbish you mean. You should watch her son vacuuming food. Mucho classy. All the players call him lard ass behind his back, and… Wait, who gives a fuck, turn around and bend over that picnic er… pembo.”



“Yes sir! It’s called a Pembroke, sir.” She bent, raised her naked ass in the air and wiggled it a little. “Like that, sir?”

“Girl, you’ve got some fine baggage. A serious badonkadonk butt.”

“For my age, sir?”

“For an eighteen year old Hapoel cheerleader. And trust me, I’ve seen more than a few, without their cheerleader outfit.”

“Thank you sir. My aim is to please, sir.”

“Stop that.”


Nadav smacked her rump. It sent a shiver down legs, and tiny delicious tingling all the way to her clit. “What are you doing?”

Using his leg, he dragged a short stool that helped people climb in and out of the Jacuzzi. “You’re too short.”

“Too what? For a giraffe, maybe – ouch.”

Nadav slapped her rump again. “Giddy up.”

Ana climbed on the chubby stool that gave her the extra inches, and leaned forward on the Pembroke. She shivered a bit, and not because of the humid night air.

“Don’t be frightened. You’re my kick-ass girl, remember?” Nadav moved behind her and placed a large hand on each of her hips. He moved his hips forward, stood back up and stroked his cock up the inside of Ana’s left thigh. His cockhead bumped against her mound.

Ana caught her breath and gave a small shuddering moan.

He repeated the maneuver along her right thigh and made her moan again.

She turned her head back, surprised.

“Just getting you into the mood, trust the expert.” He pointed his love pole straight to heaven, and laid the length of it along the crack of the Ana’s ass. He leaned a little weight onto her gently. His cock nestled between the twin globes of Ana’s ass like a sausage in a bun.


Alice opened up a single green eye to a world of white. The hum of fluorescent merged with a bip, bip, bip of a monitor somewhere nearby. The air reeked from disinfectant.

So hell is illuminated by fluorescent. Figures.

She remembered the accident. She remembered the car, upside-down, and the heat. Most of all she remembered Noam (fucking, cheating, married, yellow bastard, worm infested, may he rot in hell for a zillion years, I should have bitten his cock right off) Lewinski crawling away, sobbing, leaving her to fry in the inferno. In fact, she was still burning.

Her left arm was in a cast and her other arm was bandaged. Her legs were hidden under the sheet but they felt as if someone was dipping them in boiling oil. Alice opened her mouth to scream and nothing came through. Her throat felt as if she just swallowed a super-sized meal of sandpaper.

“Water,” she whispered.

“Here!” Someone placed a glass near her lips and patiently waited as she slowly sipped.

“Dan?” she croaked. “God, it hurts.”



“I’ll call a nurse.”

“Dan?” She tried to turn her head and failed. “Dan, is that you?”

A tired nurse in hospital green appeared. “Hey, Mrs. Adams, you’re awake.”

“Very perceptive diagnosis. It’s White,” Alice found her voice.


“Adams is my third ex-husband’s name. I’m Alice White. For Christ sake it hurts.”

“You want Morphine?”

“Nahhh.” Alice tried to move her head, she was sure she’d heard Dan. “I’m cool like that with the pain and agony. Whaddayathink, genius?”

“Annnnd, she’s back.”


The nurse added something to her IV.

Dan stepped forward so she could see him; he looked like he’d the one been in an accident. She had never seen him so squashed.

“You look like…. Fuck me, this is so gooood, I love you nurse.” Alice let her air out slowly when the morphine started kicking. “You look like shit, Dan.”

“Wait, I’ll bring a mirror.”


Ana was not sure how she should be feeling about the unfamiliar sensation. She pressed her buttocks back against Nadav, squeezing his cock between her ass cleft and his lower belly. Nadav’s rod was searing hot against her anus. Its firmness intoxicated her and the jolts, as his rod jumped in response to her clenching buttocks, felt like victory. Her cunt pressed against Nadav’s dangling balls and she felt a tickle there, gaining strength every second.

“Oh, god. This feels so good,” she said.

Her mobile buzzed. Her husband again.

“Die, already,” She screamed.

Nadav laughed. “A bit thick, your husband. Nobody likes a sore loser, Danny boy!” he shouted at the mobile. He then slowly slid his well-oiled cock up and down between Ana’s smooth buttocks. She reacted by clenching them around him.

“I’m flying today,” Nadav suddenly said, as if they were in a restaurant having a conversation over a mouthwatering sirloin. “Four days long overdue vacation. Rented me a villa in Crete.”

“Ahhh, that’s good.” She wasn’t talking about the Nadav’s overdue vacation. Ana couldn’t remember the last time she was on vacation.

His bow slid up and down her violin, up and down. Like a violin Ana began to moan between deep breaths.

“It has a private beach. Have you ever made love on the beach, Ana?”

“Ahhh…. Yessss.”

“You have?”

“Have what?” She turned her head, more than a little annoyed.

“Made love on a beach.”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

Keeping one hand on her hip, he took his cock in his other hand and began to slowly rub the head around her small opening.

Ana moaned.

“It’s a private beach. Got fences. You can walk naked all day. ”

“Oh, god. What … what are you doing?”

“Just rubbing around the way in. Mussels as much as you can eat, and free booze.” His free hand snaked its way to her clit and started caressing it. “What do you say?”

“I didn’t know it would be this good.”

“And you wanted to save this for your thick hubby. Sheesh! But what do you say about Crete?”

“Crete?” She pushed her ass and felt her sphincter twitch.

“How about going with me?”

“Yesssss. Wha –?” She stopped. “Are you serious?”


“Where has that bulldog nurse gone to?” Alice sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“Two feet behind you,” Dan said. “And now she left the room with a not-so-happy face. Bought yourself another friend; so clever, Alice, really clever.”

“Can you hear it? That’s the sound of me not caring. Where’s Ana?”

“I don’t know.”

“She’s not here with you?”

“I came alone.”

Dan looks pissed. Probably has a right to be. God, I need Ana now. “She knows I’m here?”

“I don’t know.”

“Call her!”

Dan reddened, opened his mouth to say something and then closed it … opened it again … then closed it.

“You look like a dumb fish doing that.”

“Screw you, Alice.”

“I can’t raise my hand right now, but rest assured that under the cast my middle finger is raised. Oh, wait, this one is working fine.” She raised her right arm that was only bandaged, her middle finger pointing up.

Dan took a deep breath and sat down on a chair near her bed, his back turned toward her.

“Look Dan. At least call Ahuva, she’ll be here in a jiffy and you can go back home and be useless over there.”

He turned to face her. “You mean, your very true best friend forever Ahuva Oz? Cause I already called her and asked her to come.”


“She sends kisses and well wishes but she’s … some lie of some sort, I was too bored to listen to the phony details. So she won’t be here in a jiffy or anytime this week. Any other best friends I might call?”

Alice gave him a venomous stare.

“Didn’t think so.”

“Again, the middle finger, under the cast.”

“You know Alice, this might be a good time to make amends with your parents and brother.”

“Yeah, like it’s ever going to happen.”

“The nurses are on strike, they only work holiday shift schedule. The doctors asked all the families with a bedridden patient, that’s you, to have a family member stay and help.” Dan massaged his face with his palms. He felt like a hundred-year-old and wanted to sleep for a week. “Look, Alice, I’m the responsible adult in this room so I’ll…. You don’t have money or friends or too many options. You’ll need help to get you through this. Call your dad.”

“Sure.” She picked up an imaginary phone. “Hi Ofek, I know we didn’t speak a single word since I was nineteen, but hey, Dan says that’s water under the bridge. I need you now, I mean I need your fat wallet now. Yes, I know Dan is an idiot. Sure, Ofek, love you too, bye. ” She hung up the imaginary phone. “He said you’re an idiot and no way.”

“Maybe you should start by calling him Dad instead of Ofek.”

“I’d sooner be in a car accident. Oops.” She giggled without much mirth.

“Your brother is getting married soon. You and your dad can use the coming wedding as a ladder to climb off the high tree; you know, use the momentum.”

“You’re an idiot, Dan.”

“Do you have an ‘off’ switch? Wait, eighteen years? For Christ sake, Alice, your dad had prostate cancer five years ago; he had a … not even then?”

“Who said there is no poetic justice in this world?”

“Jesus, you’re – ”

“A freak? A monster? You’re an idiot, Dan.”

“I guess that was well-established in the last couple of days.”

“Ah, finally.”

Dan wanted to slap the smug smile off her face.

“I knew you had a reason coming here. Tell me how I was the bitch who destroyed your perfect marriage. Go on, spit it out, it’s not like I can walk away on you.”

Dan gave a short bitter laugh.

“Go on sweetie pie, there’s nothing you’re gonna say that I haven’t heard twice before.”

“I came…. I came, because someone had to. I came ’cause there’s nobody else, and as much as I hate your skinny ass, you’re still family. “

She stared at him.

“I wish you weren’t.”

She much preferred to have him curse her. “I don’t need your patronizing, sympathy or help. Give me the goddamn phone.”

With the hand that wasn’t inside a cast she grabbed the proffered mobile. She typed nimbly with two fingers. “Big sis! This is Alice. Where are you? Need you now!” Pressed Send. Typed. “Call me back.” Pressed Send. Then added “Please.” Then she caught her image in the mobile’s glass. Her hand reached instinctively to her head. “Dan, where’s my hair?”

“You had a deep bleeding gash and it was half-burned and … so they – “

“Where’s my hair, Dan?” Alice shouted.

“It’ll grow back.”

The horror he saw in her face was akin to that of a woman who just received news from a doctor she has five minutes to live. A huge tear formed and ran down her nose. She wiped it on the bandage but another followed and then the dam broke.

Dan stared at her, stunned.

The entire ‘I’m the number one heartless bitch and no one and nothing can touch me’ façade melted. On the bed sat a five-year-old girl, hysterically, heart-breakingly sobbing. At last, as if shaking himself from out of a dream, he did the only thing he knew was good for a sobbing five-year-old. He got up and hugged Alice close to his chest, whispering meaningless, soothing words that cannot heal broken hearts.


“Everything on my expanse, of course.” Nadav centered his cock on the target and began to press against her. Her pink ring parted slowly as the tip burrowed further.

“Oh god.”

“Did I mention I only fly First Class?”

The bulbous head stretched her. Ana’s anus fought back. “Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh.” She started breathing like a woman running the last mile of a marathon.

“Don’t do that. Relax, deep breaths. Think of the villa in Crete tomorrow.”

She envisioned a sunny, golden, empty beach, with clear water. Just her, Nadav, and naked. Lying on the hot sand, fucking like teens in love. She sighed. “Too good to be true.”

“Pack light.”

“You’re not seriously thinking I’ll be coming.”

Nadav stepped back leaving a hollow emptiness in her buttocks. “Of course you are.”

She was desperate to have him back pressing her anus. “I’m a married woman, Nadavi, I have kids. A job to keep, I can’t just disappear. My boss would kill me. Literally. Anyway, most of the coming week I’ll be working on your case.”

“Just tell your boss you need to prepare me to go to court and I had to go to Crete so you had to tag along. “

“We’re not going to court, silly, unless you want your lawsuit to end by 2050.”

“You’re coming.” He took another step back.

Ana panicked. “Come on sweetie, be sensible.”

Nadav planted his hands on his hips. He reminded her of her son when the stubborn-ass mood hit him.

Actually, Tom is more mature. “Ok, I’ll think about it.” Like three seconds.

“You’re no Shark.” Nadav said.

“Ask the last guy I munched.”

“Your boss called you a shark but you’re more like a sardine.”

“Have you ever seen a sardine do this?” She wiggled her butt sensually.

“Yeah, you like to swim in the shallow water with all the other tiny fishes. You know why I’m so good at what I do?”

Because your mom did it with the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk? “Look, Nadav, I would love to fly to Crete more than anything, but – “

“It’s because I’m a shark. I want something. I mark a target, wham. Just like I marked you.”

I thought it was the other way around.

“You can stop a sardine in a net, same as the stuff in your life that is holding you back. You cannot stop a shark with a net.”

Ah, I’m pretty sure you can.

“Sharks stop at nothing and for no one. Sharks only stop for bigger sharks and sharks don’t mix with sardines.” He took another step back.

“Ok, I’ll come, I’ll come.”

“You mean it?”

Of course I don’t, idiot, grow up. “I’ll tell my boss I needed an unplanned vacation, a family crisis.”

“What crisis?”

“I don’t know. My husband is having a midlife crisis. He thinks I’m naughty with other guys.”

“Heh. That’s better. You’re promoted to salmon. Just imagine. I have my own yacht there, with a crew and a cook. We can sail anywhere.”

Well, there was no harm in imagining. Ana closed her eyes. She imagined herself on a white sails yacht, Nadav rubbing her back and a brown smiling Greek waitress offering her a choice of an array of tall glasses with umbrellas sticking out on top. Paradise. And why can’t she make it more than wishful thinking? The world’s ice caps will melt if she takes a couple of days off? Why do the Kids, Dan and work always taking precedence to what I need? “Hmmm. Ouch, hey!” Something warm wiggled its way into her anus.

“Just one finger, relax.”

“Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah.” Ana’s breath came in short bursts.

“Breath slower.” His free hand found her cunt lips and started playing with them gently.

“Oh, god.”

He started wiggling his finger. “How does it feel?”

“Ah…. Different. Weird.”


“Good kind of weird. Don’t stop. Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah.”

Her mobile buzzed another message. Ana lost her concentration.

He called me when he wanted me, and I always came. It became a habit to spend two or three of my lunch breaks every week performing oral sex in his car in the parking lot where I work. Once, or twice a week if I was lucky, I would go to his house after work and he would blow my mind with a fucking that would leave me so shaken I would have to pull the car over while driving home. I would call him or text him wanting to meet sometimes. I would beg and plead some days to no avail, but it made it that much sweeter when he finally would see me.

A month went by, and one night I found a text from him instructing me to come to his apartment immediately. I did myself up as quickly as I could and put some sexy jeans and a tight white top on. I told my husband I needed to get out for a drive and raced over to Todd’s apartment.

He opened the door and showed me in. He was talking on the telephone as I entered. Another man was sitting on the couch. Not as tall as Todd, heavier set and a bit more beefy and muscular. His complexion was a little lighter than Todd’s, but he was black also. He grinned at me revealing a few golden caps.

“Wassup, baby?” he said and patted the couch next to him.

“Hi,” I replied. I guess I would have to wait a little while longer, but that was okay. Todd had never really hung out with me before. He usually had me leave immediately after we were finished.

Todd hung up the phone. “This is that girl I was telling you about. Riley, this is Smooth. He just got out of jail today. I got some business to take care of, why don’t you give a brother a shot of that dynamite head you give. I’ll be back in a minute.” He walked into the bedroom dialing another number on his phone.

I was petrified. Did he just ask me to give his friend a blowjob?

Smooth grinned at me, “Don’t be shy, Rie. T-Dogg says you’re a regular maestro with that mouth of yours.” I had my hair in a ponytail, and he stroked it softly.

I smiled nervously, “Sorry, I just. He’s never asked me to do that to anyone else.” My voice was shaking a little.

“For reals? Relax, baby. We tight. Share everything. You’ll get used to it.”

He began kissing my neck and cupping my breast. Fondling it. I could feel my body begin to heat up, tingling. His lips found mine and I kissed back. He grabbed my hand and put it on him. It was rock hard, threatening to tear out of his jeans. I caressed it through his pants, feeling it arch toward me.

“That’s right, baby girl. Just go with the flow,” he whispered and pulled at me to get on the floor.

I sunk down between his legs and started undoing his jeans as he watched me.

“This gonna be sweet. It’s been a while, honey! You better be ready for this! T says you’re a freak with the dick. Says he never met a bitch so ready to open her mouth for a black cock.”

I smile and blush. “I never thought I would like giving head to a man so much. I’m still kind of new to everything.” Mortification filled me, telling such a deep secret to a stranger.

I pull him out and run my hand up and down it. His dark cock such a contrast to my pale hand and fingers. He’s not as long as Todd, but he’s rock hard. A small bead of moisture forms at the tip.

“You a fast learner then,” he husks. “A natural.”

He wipes the drop of pre cum off his cock and puts it in my mouth, rubbing it on my tongue and gums. It’s sweet. Sweeter than Todd’s ever tasted. He pulls the finger out of my mouth and wraps it around the back of my head and pushes me down on him.

My lips wrap around him and I push down slowly, cradling his cock with my tongue. He sighs heavily and lays back as I start to bob up and down on him rhythmically, my hands wrapped around him trailing my lowering and raising lips. More juices ooze out from him, filling my mouth with the sweetness that intrigues me so much.

I pull it out and circle the head with my tongue, licking the top, then trailing it down him as I pull on his balls and feel the head of him with my hand as I lap and kiss the base. I put it back in my mouth and push it down. It was hard at first, but I can now easily slide a large cock into my throat and bob up and down, gliding it in and out of my throat. He’s watching me, one hand on my pony tail.

Todd walks back into the room and sits down on the couch.

“You right, Joe. This bitch is nothing nice with a dick in her mouth. Oooh wee!” Smooth says.

I can feel him starting to swell in my mouth. It’s so hard, I can feel every little minutiae of relief on his ballooning cock. The ridge of his head, the veins, the very flesh standing out ,rigid.

“Oh, shit!” Smooth whispers.

I don’t know how long he had been in jail, or when the last time he had an orgasm, but I have never since seen a man produce as much semen at one time as then. The first wave filled my mouth suddenly and without warming, it literally gushed out with more pressure than I’ve ever felt a man cum. It filled my mouth and actually leaked out a corner of my mouth a little. Then his cock would swell again, and another gush, not as big, would issue forth, then another and another. I could swallow each one easily now after the first initial deluge, but it seemed like it would never stop! It felt like a whole minute went by of his cock swelling, then emptying another stream of semen into my gulping mouth.

Meanwhile, he moaned and twisted, one hand pulling my ponytail hard, the other gripping my head tightly. Finally, it ended. I pulled it out and licked the little bit I spilled. It was just as sweet as the pre cum, warm to the point of being hot, and thick. The taste was heavy in my mouth.

“Damn, Joe! This is a bad bitch!”

“That’s what I told you, brah.”

Todd’s cock was already out, he grabbed my ponytail and pulled me over onto him. My mouth was eager to please and I began sucking and licking on him.

Smooth was watching me as he panted, trying to catch his breath. I was looking up at Todd’s eyes and sucking his balls as I jerked him slowly, loving every shudder and sigh.

After a few minutes, Smooth said, “Fuck this! I’m ready to rock again!” He got off the couch, and to my alarm was behind me, undoing my jeans from behind.

My eyes looked up at Todd, wondering if he would say anything, but he silently watched me as I stroked his cock with my tongue from bottom to top.

Smooth pulled my jeans and panties off my legs and pushed them apart to kneel behind me. I felt his hand grip my ass as he slid into me. I moaned loudly and pulled Todd’s cock away from my mouth, caressing it with one hand. Smooth was rough, slamming into me hard, filling my insides from the vulnerable position, a tingling sensation immediately filling me. His muscular hands gripped my waist painfully. I’d have bruises for a week there. I moaned, but Todd grabbed my head and pushed it down on him again.

I moaned with Todd’s cock deep in my mouth, his hand forcing my head up and down, my body began to shudder. Smooth was pumping furiously from behind me. Each thrust rocking me forward. Like a sudden shower, ecstasy poured over me and I was cumming furiously. My body shuddering, I was screaming, my cries muffled by Todd’s long, hard dick pushing into my mouth.

“Shit yeah, shit, oh fuck yeah,” Smooth muttered and pulled out. He grabbed my ponytail and stood up, jerking his cock as he stood above me. Todd stood up also.

Smooth grabbed my head and shoved his dick into my mouth as another stream of cum filled my mouth, smaller than the other ones, not as thick. A splash of warmth fell across my cheek and in my eye, another spurted across my face and into my hair as Todd was ejaculating onto my face.

“Uggh, yeah, baby, oh baby,” Smooth said as he cock immediately began to wilt in my mouth.

“Good girl,” Todd said, as the last few pulses of cum dappled my nose and cheek.

Both men sank to the couch gasping.

I smiled nervously and tried to open my eye, cum dripped from an eye lash. I wiped it off with a finger.

“Oooh, you a mess, baby!” Smooth laughed. “That shit is hot though!”

“Clean it up, Riley,” Todd said. “All of it.”

I wiped his cum from my face and licked it off my fingers. I was self-conscious as they watched me wipe semen from my face and lick it from my fingers, but they were obviously enjoying it. I did my best to get everything I could.

Smooth looked at Todd, “You should bring her to the party. She’d be great with G-Man’s bitch. What’s her name? Allison?”

Todd shook his head, “She ain’t ready.”

“Naw, dog, she ready!”

Todd looked at him, “She ain’t.”

“Pssh!” Smooth rolled his eyes.

I didn’t know what they were talking about. I felt it wasn’t my place to ask.

“We gotta go, Riley. Get your shit on. Time to leave,” Todd said standing up and putting his dick away.

I stopped at a gas station to use the restroom and make sure every last trace was washed away before going home. I went right to the bath after I got home and took a long soak. The trysts with Todd had been one thing. What I had just done was on another level. Thinking about it though was so hot I touched myself again in the bath. I admitted I had loved it with Todd; I was willing to admit to myself I had enjoyed what had just happened to me. It was another man though, not just Todd, that had taken me to a level I thought only Todd could. I thought it was only Todd that knew how to bring out an animal-like lust in me, but Smooth had made me so on fire also. I sank into the water. Wondering what it meant. Daring not to acknowledge what I already knew.

To be continued…

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