cheating husband

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8:00am Next morning.

I awaken to extreme pain around my cock and balls. I had an amazing dream where I was pounding my cock into my beautiful wife. She was screaming with pleasure. As I’m pumping into her faster and faster a familiar feeling starts to build up, the wonderful feeling of orgasm approaches and quick. Just as I start to shoot my load into my wife, I awake. The pain is unbearable. I pull down the covers and I check my cock. It’s so swollen my cock feels like its being pushed though a cheese grater. It’s bulging out though the tiny holes of the steel cage. There is no cum to be found.

“Good morning Honey.” Cindy enters the bedroom already dressed. She’s wearing a skimpy short white blouse that reveals her belly. Her shorts are very short. They are white as well and are very tight, possibly spandex. Her bright pink underwear are obviously visible though her clothes. I stretch and try to hide my sorry excuse for an erection.

“Good morning to you too.” I reply half yawning.

“You need to get moving. You don’t want to be late to your appointment.” she says.

“What do you mean appointment?” I ask eagerly.

“Now, now. Don’t play stupid. You know exactly what I’m talking about.” She scolds.

“Honestly, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I plea.

“I really didn’t want it to come to this but I guess I have no choice.” Cindy says.

Cindy storms out of the room and returns with a disk and drops it down in my lap. I pick it up and examine the blank disk.

“What’s this?” I ask.

“Why don’t you see for yourself it’s a video I made.” she says as she crosses her arms.

I get up and head into the living room and put the disk into the DVD player and turn the TV on. The stare at the blank screen for a few seconds and the movie starts. I immediately blush as the scene in front of me comes to play. It’s a video of our session from last night, the whole thing. My heart sinks as I listen to her asking questions, and I was laying there mute just nodding. I was so horny and so focused on her possibly letting me have sex with her I had just agreed and said anything to make her happy. I had totally forgotten about her telling me that I had a laser hair removal appointment today. Cindy cuts off the TV.

“Now do you remember?” she says.

“I’m not doing it, you’re taking this too far Cindy.” I plea.

“You don’t have a choice. If you don’t obey me, this marriage is over. And here I thought you were enjoying the fun we’re having.” She laughs.

“Fun? This has been torture. This is no way to treat me.” I say angrily.

“Ha! And you were treating me so nicely? You were cheating on me for months. You forced me to get breast implants because what I had already wasn’t good enough. You also made me get all my hair removed because that’s how you wanted me. Don’t worry, that copy is yours. I have many other copies that I could accidently mail off if you don’t behave.” She blurts out. “Now, come with me and get dressed. Your appointment is in about an hour!” she orders.

I just sit there for a moment to let it all sink in. Is my wife really blackmailing me? My hands begin to tremble. I’m so scared; I don’t know what to do. I can hear her in the bedroom going though her closet.

“Don’t make me have to tell you twice” she yells out from the bedroom.

I get up and wipe the tears from my face before entering the bedroom.

“Ah there you are. Here, put these on.” She says as she tosses me a pair of bright thong panties and matching bra with breast inserts already fixed to the inside of the cups.

I pull the panties up my legs, rearranging the thong into my crack as well as positioning my cage into the tiny amount of cloth. Cindy come over and helps me attach my bra strap from behind. As she heads back over to her closet I begin looking around the room for the view point that the camera was positioned. It appears the camera is coming from the mirror. Cindy notices me snooping around the mirror.

“If you were wondering, the camera is behind the mirror. It’s a two way mirror. Clever place to hide a camera don’t you think?” she smiles. “Ah yes, this is what I was looking for. Here, try this on.”

Cindy tosses me a white tube top and a white mini skirt, both are made of very thin materials.

“I’m not going out in this. This is humiliating.” I object.

“You don’t have an option. Put it on.” She orders.

I stop resisting and just hang my head down in defeat and grab the clothing from her hand. I quickly slide the mini skirt up my legs. It’s very tight. It’s definitely stretchy to mold to your body. I put my arms up and slide the tube top down over my head and fake breasts. After some straightening out, the top is in place. Cindy then hands my high heels. I put them on without any protest. I cringe a little as I hear the clicking of the internal lock of the shoe straps. Cindy leaves and returns with my blonde wig. She sets it on my head and begins straightening it out and brushing it.

“There, much prettier. You’re going to totally pass as a girl once this ugly hair is removed from your body.” She says. “Your butt is a bit flat, but your thighs, ankles, and body shape are very feminine.”

“Ok, so where is this place at that we’re going to?” I ask.

“It’s at the strip mall, remember silly. You took me there a few years back.” She says. “Oh, come here to the mirror and get a look at yourself.”

I carefully stand up on to my six inch heels and walk over to the mirror. Oh my, she’s right. I can actually pass off as a girl. I have never really noticed before but my shoulders aren’t very broad, I have a slender waist, and very long legs. I’m not very tall, I’m just a little bit taller than Cindy, but I’m able to fit her clothing.

“It’s time to go, no more gawking in the mirror.” She says.

“I don’t know Cindy… I can’t go into the mall looking like this.” I cry.

“Oh, you’re right. I almost forgot.” She says as she returns back to her closet. She returns back with one of her old purses. “Here, try this on.”

She hands me a bright pink purse. I Sling it over a shoulder and just sigh.

“Ok… NOW we’re ready to go” she says as she grabs her keys.

I follow her like a dog in trouble. I’m slowly getting the hang of these heels. I’m able to walk a little faster. I just feel a bit silly wearing these shoes. They make my butt and chest poke out. We make it to her SUV. I climb up into the passenger seat and close the door. I’m getting much more nervous. Cindy shuts her door and starts the engine.

“Everything’s going to be fine, Honey. Don’t panic. I’ll do most of the talking.” She says.

The whole ride there my heart pounds harder and harder. We just sit in silence the whole ride there. I can see the mall approaching. The parking lot is completely packed. This is going to be so humiliating.

“We’re in luck!” she says as she pulls into a parking spot very close to the entrance. “Now just remember, I’ll do most of the talking, you just follow me and mind your manners.”

We get out and begin walking for the laser clinic. It’s not too far of a walk. We begin walking past several groups of people. Many of which I avoid eye contact with. I’m following Cindy and I’m just keeping my eyes on the ground and following her feet. I can hear people laughing and making comments about me. My face is a deep shade of red. Cindy stops to open the door to the clinic, I follow her in. The clinic has several people sitting in the waiting room. I can feel all of their eyes burning into me. My heels echo loudly as we walk across the hard polished floor.

“Welcome, do you guys have an appointment?” the lady at the front desk asks.

“We sure do, it’s for my lovely friend Jake here.” Cindy says happily.

“Oh, I see. Well follow me. Right this way.” She says with a smile on her face.

Cindy and I follow her to the back room. My heels clacking very loudly down the narrow hallway.

“Right in here.” Says says.

Cindy and I move into the room and there is a doctor welcoming us in.

“Hello I’m Dr. Smith. How are you ladies doing today?” he says.

“We’re doing great, thank you.” Cindy chimes.

“So, we’re getting Jake here the deluxe special today I see. Losing lots of unwanted hair.” He says as he looks at me.

I just nod and smile at him.

“Ok, let’s get started then. Jake I’m going to need you to remove all of your clothing and for you to lie up on the table.” He orders.

I hand over my purse to Cindy. She sets it down and begins undressing me, starting with the top and then the skirt, leaving me in my panties and bra. She then unlatches my bra and pulls it off. She slides my panties down leaving me completely naked except for my chastity cage. I blush as it’s apparent that my cock is straining to be released. Dr. Smith looks over at me and says, “I’m going to need that metal cage removed also.” Cindy reaches down with her key necklace and removes my chastity cage, as well as my heels. My cock is throbbing and fully erect. Cindy guides me over to the table and has me lay back onto the table. My cock is bouncing all over the place as my heart pumps. It feels like my heart is going to explode I’m so nervous and embarrassed.

“No need to feel embarrassed.” He says. “It’s not uncommon for men to get erect during the procedure.”

I just close my eyes and try to pretend that this is all a nightmare.

“I’m going to go over the procedure with you real quick before we begin. First we’re going to do your face, excluding the eyebrows of course. Then we’ll move down the neck line and down your chest. We will then get your pubic hairs and scrotum. We will then continue down your legs. You will flip over and we will get down your back and the back of your legs. After that’s you’ll get up onto your hands and knees and I’ll finish up with getting in your crevices and the back side of your scrotum. Lastly we’ll get you to sit up and will get your arm pits. This procedure will take about an hour. So just lay back and enjoy the ride.” He instructs.

I just nod after his briefing. He takes no time to start. The whole time I’m lying there, I’m thinking of non sexual thoughts trying to make my erection to go away, but it doesn’t work. I lose track of time just lying there zombie like just hoping for this embarrassment to be done and over with. It takes the doctor no time before he’s already down to my groin area. I nearly jump out of my skin when I feel pressure around my shaft. He had grabbed my cock to angle it left, then right, up and down to get rid of all of the hairs. My cock begins throbbing harder and harder in his hand. I was just hoping to die. I know he can feel it, but he acts as if nothing’s wrong. At this point, I’m just enjoying the pleasure of some contact to my neglected cock. I haven’t came in nearly four days; it’s a new record for me. If I’m not fucking something, I’m jacking off. Before long, I’m asked to flip over for my back side. Nearly almost done, he asks me to prop myself up onto my knees so that he could get my back side. I do as he asks. I’m learning to be very obedient even if I don’t want to. After the doctor finished by back side, he finished up my arms and I was done. “All done, Miss…. Jake.” The doctor says.

I stand up to thank him. He chuckles as I try to hide my erection with my hands.

“Thank you so much Dr. Smith. It was a treat to see you work your magic on him. Would it be possible for to get a bag of ice to help out with Jake’s problem here.” Cindy says.

“Oh yes, no problem. I’ll have someone bring one right in.” he says while looking directly at my cock.

He leaves the room and not too long after the cute woman from the front comes in and hands me the bag of ice. I put it on my hard cock and in no time it’s flaccid for Cindy to cage me up. Cindy helps me to get dressed. I get chills as the soft fabric of the panties and bra touches my skin. They feel so much better. The tube top and the mini skirt sliding up and down my body ad I rearrange them feels so very good. Cindy helps me with my shoes and fastens them securely.

“You did great, your skin looks so amazing.” Cindy compliments.

“Thanks, now let’s get the hell out of here.” I say.

“That’s no way a lady is to speak.” She scolds me with a smile. “We have one more stop before we go home. It won’t take long.

I sigh knowing that can’t be good. We leave the clinic and start to head further down the strip mall. I’m really getting the hang of these heels. They’re starting to feel more natural as I walk. We approach a group of people. I begin to flush in embarrassment again. This time seems different though. I’m not being laughed at this time. This time I’m invisible to the other women and the men aren’t laughing as we walk by. I turn to look at them as we walk by and it was obvious that they were checking me out. My cage begins to get full as my cock swells. Why does this turn me on?

“We’re here.” Cindy says as she stops outside of the Beauty & Nail shop.

“I am not going in there.” I state.

“Don’t be such a baby, plus you’ll love it.” she says sternly.

The bells on the door chime as we enter. I resist and she grabs my arm and pulls me in. I am overwhelmed by the scents as we enter. There are women all over getting their makeup done, as well as getting their nails done.

“Hey Cindy, didn’t expect you here today.” the greeter announces with a smile.

“Hey there, Amber. We’re here for my friend today. It’s her first time getting a makeover.” Cindy says with a smile.

“Oh this will be fun; you’ll enjoy yourself and will want to come back in no time!” Amber says as she takes my hand and leads me over to a vacant chair.

“Welcome, I’m Nikki and I’ll be your servant today. What shall i do today for you?” she asks happily.

“Hey Nikki, Jaclyn here would like her eyebrows shaped up, and she wants to have makeup and nails done.” Cindy says.

I give Cindy a displeased look for calling me Jaclyn.

“Sure thing, we’ll have you looking beautiful in no time Jaclyn!” Nikki says.

Nikki spends no time waiting around and pulls a pair of tweezers out of her drawer. She has me sit down and she reclines my chair back for easier access to my face. Hair after hair, she works quickly to shape my eyebrows. She finishes in a matter of minutes. Next she begins my makeup. All of these new experiences do nothing but heighten my arousal. Luckily for my cage for keeping me constrained or else my cock would be poking out of this mini skirt. I zone out as my face is pampered like never before. I can hear Nikki and Cindy chit chatting but I pay no attention as it doesn’t involve me.

“All done!” Nikki says as she raises my chair out of recline. “What do you think?” she asks handing me a mirror.

“Oh my…” is all that i can say. My eyebrows are so very thin and arched perfectly. And my face… It’s just perfect. I resemble a man no more. My face is beautiful. It isn’t overly done. It looks very natural. I lick my lips as they look very moist and shiny from the deep red lipstick.

“You look great Jaclyn.” Cindy compliments. “Tell Nikki thank you.” she commands.

“Thank you Nikki. You really did a great job.” I say still in awe.

“No problem. Just one last thing to do and we’re done.” she says.

She turns my chair to the left to where a table is. Nikki sits down on the other side and asks for my hands. I reach them out and she begins to give me a manicure. She cleans and trims them perfectly.

“So, what are we doing for the nails today?” she asks me.

Cindy butts in and says, “She’ll get French tips.”

She begins working right away. I have no say in the matter anyways so I just try and enjoy the ride. Before long, I already have all the tips attached to my nails and she’s polishing them perfectly.

“Since this is your first time Jaclyn, you need to be very careful as these nails do break easily.” she says.

I nod and tell her thanks for all that she has done. Cindy pays the bill and we head out.

Walking down the strip heading back to the car I can’t help but stair at my reflection in the mirrored windows. I’m easily one of the hottest women here. My perfectly smooth skin along with the sexy clothing and the hot make up, I look nothing like the manly main I was just a few days ago.


“You did great today.” Cindy praises. “You really do look stunning.”

I blush and smile.

“I feel ridiculous.” I say to her.

“Stop being so negative, I know you’re enjoying yourself.” she scolds.

“Anyways, what’s left on the agenda. I have a game coming on soon that I wanted to watch.” I say.

“There will be no game. You haven’t earned any freedoms yet.” she says as she walks off to the bedroom.

I follow behind her. “This isn’t fair. I’ve been doing everything you want and you’re still treating me like shit.” I say in anger.

“First off, you are never to speak to me like that. Secondly, I’m in charge. When you start behaving and doing what you’re told without dragging your feet, I might start letting you do what you want. So the sooner you behave, the sooner you can have some freedoms. Now, get out of those clothes and get your maid outfit on. You have some chores I want you to do.” she yells.

That did not go as planned I thought to myself. I lower my head in shame and head off to my closet to change into my maid outfit. After slipping off the mini skirt and top, I begin to admire my hairless body. I haven’t had the chance to be alone to really get a look. The feeling is strange but it feels so much better. I waste no time and get myself dressed for whatever chores I have to get done. The snug, frilly skirt to the outfit feels heavenly on my thighs and ass.

“I don’t have any specific chore for you to do today, just clean. No breaks. If you can’t find something to do I can find something for you to do and I promise you, you won’t like it.” she says.

“For how long?” I ask.

“You’re just not getting it. Just do as I tell you no questions. You’ll know when you’re done when I tell you you’re done.” she says.

“Ok.” I whimper.

“Good girl. I’m going to go out for a bit. I don’t want you slacking while I’m gone. I may have cameras in rooms throughout the house so keep that in mind.” she says as she grabs her keys and heads for the door.

She’s gone now. Where shall I start? I had thought about turning the game on, but I dismissed it as an option. Who knows when Cindy could walk in and catch me slacking? I wonder if she really has cameras throughout the house. All of these questions were flying through my head and I had no answers. I let out a sigh and just get to work. I start off in the kitchen. I finish up what few dishes there were and began wiping down everything i could from the counters to cabinets. I take my time but stay busy not really knowing when Cindy was going to be home. I move on to the living room and vacuum everywhere and fluff the many pillows on the couch. I would never do anything like this if I had my way. The doorbell rings. I drop what I’m doing and go answer the door. I hesitate to answer the door for a moment and just go for it. I open the door just enough to poke my head out and there stands the neighbor’s oldest son, Richard. I freeze; I just know he’ll recognize me. He must be back from college and visiting his family.

“Oh hello, is Cindy home?” he asks.

“No I’m sorry, she just stepped out.” I say in a feminine voice to try and disguise myself from being humiliated.

“I was just coming by to ask if I could borrow some movies. I know she has a pretty large movie collection and there’s nothing on TV right now and my parents don’t have dish. I’m bored out of my mind over there.” he says.

“Come in and I’ll let you grab some. I’m sure she won’t mind.” I say welcoming him in.

Jesse and I laid on the bed like that for a short while, with me stroking her naked body lightly. Teasing her sensitive hardened nipples, rubbing her back down to that sweet little ass.

My mind wandered, and I thought over what was going on the last couple days. I found out my girl friends daughter Sandy liked to listen, and even had watched her Mom and I us fucking. I was shown that Sandy was a cam girl on a adult website, by Jesse her best friend. Sandy loved to show off, talk dirty, and have Jesse eat her little pussy. All for the web cam broadcast over the net.

Jesse was the beautiful young thing that could be found attached to my big hard cock during the last couple days. Blonde and petite, any man would kill to have this sweet horny slut as a plaything. I felt honored Jesse had sworn minutes before that she would do anything for me, that she would do anything I ever wanted, and she was my little baby girl.

I looked over at the clock on the night table, it read 11:44 am. As if I woke out of a stupor I sat up. I smacked Jesse on her perfect butt cheek, then she reached back rubbing it and scowled at me.

“Get some clothes on.” “We need to get out of here.” “Sandy should be home from class soon, right?” saying as I got up, made my way over to the dresser and started to get some clothes together to put on.

“I thought we were gonna play all day.” said Jesse sounding disappointed.

“We are baby, just not here.” “I’m taking you home with me.” and I smiled at her.

Jesse was around long enough, and heard enough arguments between me and my girl friend that I had an apartment in the suburbs outside the city. Sandy’s Mom was pissed I kept it, but since her and I had a stormy passionate relationship in the past that was not any less exciting recently.

“Really!” as Jesse jumped up off the bed grabbed me around my neck pulling me down and kissing me.

“Yes, really. Your all mine the next couple days.” saying as I kissed her back passionately.

“Mmmm, more then for a couple of days.” she smiled at me. “Let me get my stuff.” as Jesse excitedly ran out the bedroom.

I left my girlfriend a note reading :

Call you later. Got to get some work done. Have fun tonight. Tell everyone I say Hey.

Friday night was her bowling night, one of them anyway, and I usually just went to watch and go drink with friends. I stopped bowling many years ago, but that’s a whole different series of stories.

I kept my apartment for a few reasons, it was the lower half of a friends house and he needed the rent to pay the mortgage. I had too much shit over all the years to move again. My old relationship with Sandy’s Mom was so unpredictable who knew what would happen. I could also work out of there.

Jesse and I were out of there in less then fifteen minutes. I sighed in relief as we left the neighborhood, and got onto the highway. Jesse was talking a mile a minute, just about what I have no idea to this day. I remember her telling me she was go class that day, telling me that over the weekend she was supposed to go over Erin’s house outside the city.

Erin was a skinny attractive girl, slightly taller then Jesse and Sandy. She was a redhead with nice long hair, wore glasses, had a great smile, an amazingly full breasts. I had seen her a few times with the girls at the house, but always got the impression that Sandy didn’t really like her.

Jesse’s cell phone went off, the ring was part of some song I didn’t recognize. She looked down at the screen. “It’s Sandy.” she looked over at me answering the call before I could even react, just not before taking a huge deep breath.

“Hey.” “No. I decided to head out to Erin’s earlier then I thought.” “Thanks, but I got lucky and found a ride.” “I know you don’t like Erin much, so she didn’t have to see her.” “I know we were supposed to hang out.” “I remember you wanted to do a show.” “You’ll still get plenty of tips, don’t worry.” “Well, you know what to do.” “I’m sure you will have plenty of fun.” “I got to go, I don’t want to be rude.” “I’ll call you later.”

As I listened to Jesse’s part of the conversation, and it was easy to figure out what Sandy was saying on the other end of the phone. Jesse laughed as she disconnected from the call, she looked over at me since she saw I had questions. Held up one finger then placed a call, obviously telling to hold asking anything off for a minute.

“Hey Erin.” “No, you don’t have to pick me up.” “Something came up, and I would be hanging out all weekend.”

Jesse giggled, smiling while looking over at me again, her gaze just pausing over the bulge in my jeans.

“Well, I’m going to be busy taking care of it.” “Maybe.” “We will see.” “I know you do.” “I’ll call you back later, I’m with him now.” “No, I don’t want to be rude.” “I said I’d try, now I got to go.” “Later girl.”

It was much harder to tell what Erin was talking to Jesse about, and I was pretty confused. Jesse saw I was puzzled, she explained in detail moving closer she rubbing my right thigh with her hand those well manicured nails scratching the material of the denim.

I couldn’t concentrate on anything she was saying. All I knew was I was taking off with this beautiful college coed who wanted me, and would do anything to be with me even lie to her best friends. In thirty minutes we were pulling into the driveway of the house my apartment was in. Steve was there outside, he was my friend that owned the house. He was loading one of his trucks up with supplies, and with two of his workers. Steve owned his own outside construction company.

I guided Jesse around back to my separate entrance on the ground floor, and let her in. This place was a great set up, I had lived there many years.

“Make yourself at home baby.” “I got to go talk to my friend Steve for a second.” “Grab a beer in the top fridge, I’ll be right back.”

I went back out front to talk to Steve, to see how he was doing. Usual small talk we would normally have over BBQ & Brews in the backyard. Business was good, he was really busy since the weather was nasty lately. He asked what was up with me, obviously interested in what was the story with Jesse. He said she must be something special, in all these years you don’t ever bring any of them back here. I gave back the standard big laugh we always had together.

“You know I don’t like them to know where I live.” “Complicates Shit.” “Plus don’t forget Porsche, that bitch was crazy.” “We will be here all weekend, at least that long.”

Steve then explained he wouldn’t be around this weekend though, his new lady lived in the city, and he would be going out there with her.

“Cool Buddy.” I said along with the shake of a hand. “I’ll take care of everything back here. No worries.” then headed around back to the apartment and Jesse.

When I walked through the door I could see Jesse made herself at home in front of my computer, an out of date laptop connected with way to many devices. She was in my big rocking chair, which sits in front of my desk. Jesse looked very sexy, she had changed her clothes and only had on a silky red camisole top with a matching small red thong.

Jesse was on that web cam chat site, and was watching some girl get herself off. The girl on the monitor’s screen was fucking her very wet pussy with a rather large black dildo. The view was so close that all you could see was the dildo plunging inside, her pussy lips clinging tightly to it, as she quickly pumped in and out.

“Come over here, you have to see this.” “Listen.” as Jesse rubbed my growing bulge in my jeans with her left hand, as I stood next to her, her right hand was busy rubbing her mound through her thong.

Ohh, that’s it Daddy fuck my little pussy.” “I love your big hard cock Daddy.” “Make me cum Daddy. Please make me cum”

The text in the chat room side was flying by, looked like lots of Daddy’s were out there stroking there cock watching this. All those sweet juices had shined up the big black dildo, and the juices were running down to the girl’s asshole. The girl on the screen pushed a finger deep in her tight asshole, and bucked wildly.

“Ohh god Daddy.” “Oohh fuck Daddy.” “I’m cumming all over your big cock.” “Cum for me Daddy.” “Cum in your little sluts pussy Daddy.” “Fill me with your cream Daddy.”

Jesse was undoing my belt, pulling down my jeans, and pushing down my boxer briefs to get at my hard cock now. My eyes couldn’t leave the screen as the girl cumming all over that big dildo drove that black monster in deep. Cream started to leak from her pussy, it was one of those squirting dildo’s, and it oozed from around the buried dildo. It dripped onto her fingers that were buried in the girls butt hole. Very erotic scene, but at this point I was the only one watching.

Jesse was sucking my hard cock, she was concentrating on trying to deep throat me. She buried my big cock in her throat, it was slick from all her spit, and that slippery spit was dripping from her chin.

“Holy Shit Jesse!” “Is that?” “Is that Sandy?” as I looked down at her, but Jesse didn’t say a word. She just kept sucking harder on my big cock. Then I looked back at the monitor, the dildo slowly sliding out now. It popped out of that soaked pussy, globs of cream flowed out, wads of thick white juice ran out onto the fingers in her butt hole. Her fingers backed out of that tight asshole, scooped up some of the creamy juice and the hand disappeared.

The web cam panned back, and it showed Sandy licking her fingers that were dripping with those thick creamy juices. Ding, ding, ding was all you heard in the background as her tips rolled in.

“Mmmm, I love your cum Daddy.” “It tastes so good, just like candy.” “Thank you Daddy, thank you for your creamy candy.

Sandy brought more cream to lick up from her pussy, then started to lick the big black dildo clean. Ding, ding, ding more tips rolled in.I had to pull Jesse off my cock, I was trying to hold myself from spraying her tonsils with my own creamy thick juices.

“No. I want some cream too.” “Cum in my mouth.” “Not fair.” Jesse pouted as I grabbed her hair holding her mouth off my cock. I reached down and stroked her pussy through her thong, she was soaked. The smell of her sex was overpowering now, as I fingered her wetness. I was getting high from it, and I wanted a taste of it. Her arms went around my neck, and I reached under her picking her up into my arms. She curled up, kissing my neck, she whispered in my ear.

“Take me to your bed.” “Show me you love me.” “Make love to me on your bed.” then I carried Jesse into the bedroom to my bed, placing her gently down and kissing her. I kissed my way to her hardened nipples that were trying to poke through her camisole, licking them through the silky material. I pulled her soaked thong down her legs, while trailing my tongue across her belly moving downward. Her sex smell was so strong, and I couldn’t wait to taste her juicy wet pussy.

I ran my tongue across her hairless mound, as she spread her legs wide. Teasing her I slid my flicking tongue over her inner thigh, and I licked along side of her outer pussy lips. She was moaning, bucking herself off the bed trying desperately to have her pussy make contact with my tongue.

I ran my tongue down to that sweet spot in between her pussy and asshole. Then I lapped with the width of my whole tongue up her wet dripping slit, flicking the end of my tongue on her clit.

“Mmmm, my baby tastes sweet.” “I bet she wants to cum too.” “Don’t you baby?” as I slid two fingers into her wet tight pussy, wiggling them deep in her. Jesse could only moan, could only groan, as I sucked on her clit and pumped my fingers inside that hot little cunt. I reached up inside her feeling for that spot that would drive her over the edge, and I found it.

Jesse thrashed on the bed, her pussy convulsing, her juices started to wash over my hand. I dove down pushing my open mouth on her gushing pussy, and got a hot sweet mouthful. I lapped up her juices, my face mashed into her pussy, my nose rubbing her clit, and my tongue reaching deep in that sweet hole.

I held on tight, my arms coming around her hips, my fingers stretched apart her pussy lips, and I pulled her up to my mouth tightly. Jesse couldn’t utter a sound, as I looked up at her. Her eyes closed, her head thrashing back and forth, pulling her long blonde hair up with both her hands. She was bucking against my mouth, and probing tongue.

Then she went completely stiff, her sexy blue eyes wide they looked down at my face, and she gasped for air. She was cumming again, more sweet juices flowed from her pussy, as she fell back on the bed. Her collapsed body shaking, then twitching, and finally quivering in her powerful orgasm.

“Please.” “I need you inside me.” she was barely able to whimper that out, once again looking down at me. Those beautiful blue eyes were pleading with me, as she reached down to grab the sides of my face with her hands pulling me up to her face. She kissed me softly, licking her own juices off my lips and chin.

“I need you in me so bad.” “Please take me now.” “I can’t bear another second with you not deep inside me.” then Jesse grabbed my hard cock, and she guided it in between her wet pussy lips after rubbing the head on her clit. I slid inside her heat, a burning velvet vise her pussy was, it gripped me tightly as I went in deep slowly.

There was no more talk as I hit bottom with a loud squish. Jesse held her ankles high in the air, as I thrust in slowly in and out of that sweet tight heat. She was kissing me lightly all over my face, her tongue darting out at me licking me gently. I started to thrust faster, deep I pumped, building momentum. Jesse let go of her ankles, her legs wrapped around me, and I could feel her nails start to rake across my back. I was pounding into her, loud squishing noises came from my hard cock in her over heated pussy. I was on my elbow leaning over her, I could feel her ankles lock together pulling me in, as I kissed he neck and licked around her ear.

“Give it to me.” “Give it all to me.” “I need it all deep inside me.” “Explode in me.” she went stiff again, and her legs squeezed me so hard I couldn’t breath. I felt her cumming again all over my cock her hot juices flowed around it. Then I buried my cock and froze, exploding my seed deep inside her. She kissed me, and her tongue reached out for mine. My throbbing cock firedwad after wad into her, spurt after spurt of my thick cum flew inside her.

We stayed coupled like that for a while, our tongues entwined, playfully kissing. Our bodies locked together, my previously stone hard cock now slowly softening.

“If we keep this up baby, I’m gonna fall in love with you.” I told Jesse looking into her eyes.

“I’m already there.” as she held me even closer whispering in my ear. “I’m in love with you.”

I just remembered something then, see now this certainly “Complicates Shit.”

Part 5 : Cumming Soon


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