This is the first chapter of a Novella (which is still in progress). It has an EXTREMELY long build up leading to oral sex, which is necessary for the plot of the Novella but may be hard to read as a short story. If you are looking for a quick build up and a big payoff this is not the story for you, if so please click out so you can find something to fit your particular fancy.

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Suite 49

“Connected” The silky smooth voice of the computer announced Lilly’s entrance to the Guild’s channel.

“Hey Danny! What have we got today?”

“About time Lilly! Jeesh! I thought you said you were going to jump on hours ago!” Danny’s playful teasing prompted her to respond in kind.

“I was just waiting for you to get off…ooohhhh” she grinned from ear to ear as she joined him in the game. There wasn’t much in her life to look forward to. Her marriage was dead, her family had all but disowned her, and monotony ruled her day to day life. Here in the game though, surrounded by her friends she could relax, have fun, and act her age. The twenty-something heartbreaker eagerly looked forward to her game time, even more so because of Danny.

Danny had joined the Guild a few months ago. A lifelong gamer, he had been in a few different guilds but had left for one reason or another known only to him. He is an aggressive player who didn’t have any qualms taking a leadership role or running into a battle, and he was always moving forward. To add to these traits he is charming, and charismatic and was constantly laughing and joking. Lately, he had taken a reciprocal interest in Lilly, unbeknownst to both of them.

Most guys take an interest in the Irish Miss. After all she was a girl, who played MMO’s. On top of that she was sweet and, to dwarf all of that, her thumbnail picture in the Guild forums showed she was an attractive redhead with electric blue eyes. However, Danny was different. He was interested in who she was, not in getting in her cyber-pants like most of the other guys. They often raided together and talked about, well, everything. Over the last few months they had developed an easy friendship, and genuinely enjoyed each others’ company if nothing else.

Lately, their friendship had taken a flirty twist. Their banter had increased and the innuendos ran rampant through their conversations.

Why not indulge in a little harmless flirting? I am never going to meet him in person and talking to him makes me happy. Besides, my marriage is a joke. Lilly often rationalized to herself, when she found herself feeling guilty about being being drawn to Danny. Her husband was over 40 years her senior and no longer had any interest in romance. She could count the times they’d had sex on one hand. Even after her husband’s obsessive Lotto habit had paid off, and they had won millions, he continued to regarded her as nothing more than a glorified caretaker. He spent most of his time zoning out for hours watching TV and drinking beer. Yet, as inattentive to her well being as he was, he was excessively demanding insisting that she never spend any of his winnings. He would not even allow her to leave the house, with the exception of her grocery and pharmacy run every Tuesday. Her days consisted of caring for her husband’s numerous ailments and cleaning up after him. Flirting with a nice guy online isn’t going to hurt anyone.

“If you don’t love him, and he doesn’t love you. . .why did you marry him in the first place?” During their more serious conversations, Danny’s earthy voice asked questions that had plagued her for years now. Today they’d found themselves again on the subject.

“Danny, you have to understand. I come from a very, very small town and as a kid I was chubby and then with my dad…” she trailed off. Mustering the courage to talk about her childhood abuse was hard, even though she trusted Danny. “My dad wasn’t exactly nice, or encouraging. All I ever heard in my house was how worthless I was and how no one would ever love me. The few boyfriends I had before Henry, were the same as my dad. Henry was a nice enough guy who took an interest in me, and he didn’t force me to do…things. It was like he was my knight in shining armor, coming to save me from my own personal hell. I guess I was just naive enough to believe he loved me. After all we only dated for three months, and during that time he took me around and showed me off, which made me feel loved and protected. But, after our first year it was pretty clear to me that I was just the young caretaker. I didn’t realise until a year or two ago that for him, marrying me was purely a status thing. Somehow, in his mind, being a creeper solidified his standing as the town’s “alpha male”.”

“Why are you still married to him? Now that you’re older you know that you deserve better than him. Couldn’t you just, divorce him and go live the life you’ve always wanted to; free from his controlling jealousies?”

“Honestly, I don’t know.” the copper-headed beauty responded. “I don’t really believe in the whole ‘god’ thing, but I just can’t bring myself to break a sacred vow. Besides where would I go now anyway? My family disowned me the day I married Henry, and I couldn’t go back to that; not ever.” Even though she appreciated the opportunity to work through some of these tough issues with Danny, the raw emotions tied to her openness caused sorrowful tears to swell up over her eyelids and fall down her cheeks. She quickly swept them away and changed the topic.

“Anyway, what’s done is done and there is no getting around it. I am married until, knock on wood, death do us part. Now, where’s the final boss?”

“Here, I’ll show you,” Danny answered her as he led her to the final boss. He knew he had struck a nerve this time, so he didn’t push any further. He wasn’t about to ruin his friendship with the perfect woman on the other end of the mic, and he knew if he pushed she would close down. As much as he tried to convince her to leave her husband and pursue her own happiness, he knew she was committed to her marriage regardless of how she felt about her husband and he greatly respected her for such a philosophical approach to hardship.

As their play continued, their conversation turned to other, more intellectual, topics like politics, religion, and dreams. Later that evening, Lilly began to talk at length about her last vacation. Even though Henry was extremely controlling he would, on rare occasion and after copious amounts of her pestering, allow her to take a vacation; although he never went with her. She had always dreamed of traveling the world and experiencing all the wonders different cultures had to offer, and when Henry had won the Lotto those dreams seemed far less unrealistic. Last summer she had convinced him to allow her to travel to the UK. She’d spent a week traveling England and a few days in Ireland. She felt alive during that trip, invincible even. She had returned home full of hope for her future, to the point where she even started missing Henry; but his reception was cold. She discovered, sadly, that he was uninterested in hearing anything about her trip. And so, as she returned to her daily routines her nascent optimism disappeared, except when she was with Danny. He was part of her routine now, and only when she talked with him could she feel a surge of optimism return.

“I so desperately want to go to Carnival, while I am still young enough to enjoy myself. It’s this enormous three day party in Brazil. People dress up and the streets are filled with beautiful people, and music, and dancing; and you can really soak in the culture. There are grand balls, and dance festivals, and a huge Samba parade! I have always wanted to go…” her words trailed off for a moment as she fantasized about traveling to Brazil.

“I’m going to do it.” Lilly blurted out. Something about talking with Danny and remembering how she felt in Europe had done it. She’d made up her mind to take another trip. The need to get away again and to really live convinced her to go, even if it was only for a week. “You should come with me!” She joked.

“Alright! You just tell me when!” Danny responded in kind.

Lilly was confused. Oh my god, what did I just do? Was he serious or just joking back? Frantic thoughts ran through her head and she wasn’t quite sure how to respond to her friend. It’s crazy, there’s no way he would shut down his tech shop to come on a trip with a friend he has never actually met in person. Stop getting ahead of yourself Lilly, he was just playing back. This silence is awkward, say something clever.

“Sure thing Sport. I will see you in February!” Sport? Really Lilly?

Now it was Danny’s turn to be shocked. I was joking! But did she think…what just happened? Thoughts of vacationing with Lilly resonated with him the rest of the evening.

As their game came to a close he asked her, “Were you serious about me coming to Brazil with you?”

She paused, weighing her options. This answer could make or break their friendship; and it could potentially put her in a situation she did not want to be in. She strategically phrased her response.

“Sure, if you can make it work for you. It’s always fun to travel with a friend.” her answer was clever. It left the decision to come along up to him and it also let him know that if he did travel with her that it was strictly as friends. While she might not be happily married, still, marriage was sacred to her; and she was not a cheater.

Danny was clever too, and he had understood exactly what she meant; but, this might be his only chance to meet Lilly in person. To be honest, he had fantasized about her in many ways and he had even dreamt recently about taking this amazing girl away from her controlling husband; but he couldn’t envision that actually happening. He was a rational guy, and so these thoughts were fleeting. She was committed to the marriage and he knew it. Though she had shed the abusive environment she was raised in, some things stuck with her; the belief in the sanctity of marriage was one of those things. Still, this might be the only chance he’d ever have to even explore the possibility of his fantasy becoming reality. So, cunningly, he took it.

“I’ll see what I can work out.”

Lilly put her laptop away, her stomach full of butterflies. She had of course fantasized about running away with a warm handsome stranger, but had never dreamt that it would come anywhere close to reality. The thought of meeting her friend in Brazil for a week both excited … and terrified her! Would I have the self-control to come home to Henry? Is Danny even interested in me that way? Of course he isn’t, we’re just friends don’t kid yourself. She was roused from her musings by the sound of her husband’s voice yelling to fetch him another beer. She shuttled off to placate him.


The months passed quickly as Carnival drew closer. Plans for their trip began to come together. Lilly had managed to convince her husband to let her go, albeit with a “group” of Guild friends. She planned had out their itinerary, made entertainment reservations and bought the tickets to one of the balls and the samba parade. Danny had offered to reserve the rooms; which, when Henry asked, she explained as the “group” had reserved a “block of rooms”. In time, all of the little details fell neatly into place, setting the stage for their adventures. Her flight would arrive a half-hour before his; they would take separate cabs to the hotel and check into the hotel first thing. Then after taking a little time to settle in, they would meet up and begin the fun.

The day of her flight had finally come. As the cab engine idled out by the curb in front of her house, the cabbie loaded her suitcase into the boot, he looked at her and piped up,

“Has anyone ever told you, you look like Amy Adams.”

It was a compliment she had heard since she lost her youthful chubbiness, but she always dismissed it as a passing nicety. Though, today she took the compliment sincerely, mostly because she needed the assurance.

“The cab is here Henry,” Her voice was unsteady; she had lied to him about the “group” of friends and she felt terribly guilty about it.

“Alright,” Henry had responded without even looking away from the TV screen. His indifference resolved her guilt, replacing it with anger, and the fury fueled her rebellion.

“Well, see you in a week then,” Her foot stepped forward to walk over and give Henry a kiss goodbye, but she stopped herself. Instead, with only a momentary pause Lilly turned towards the door. She paused again and turned back to look at Henry; her mouth opened. A confession strained just at the tip of her tongue, threatening to spill out, but it didn’t. She sealed her plush lips almost as quickly as she had opened it and walked to the cab without another word.

She arrived at the airport and boarded the plane without any incidents. The flight took off on time, and was going smoothly. Lilly was so wrapped up in thoughts of her vacation, she failed to notice how perfectly the travel process was going and how quickly the flight was nearing an end. Excitement continued to build in her for as she mentally checked off another “bucket list” adventure, and as her anticipation of meeting Danny grew she became equally as excited to finally meet him. Throughout the months in which they’d planned this trip, it had never once come up: how meeting each other might impact their friendship. They had never before been shy to discuss a difficult topic, but on this, they’d both remained silent. The playful flirting and use of innuendo had all but disappeared and there was almost a rigidness to their conversations now, almost.

“I can’t help but think that this is a horrible decision,” she found herself confiding in the lovely elderly woman sitting next to her. “I don’t know if he completely understands that this trip is to be strictly platonic. Lately, our conversations have grown so, strange.”

“Well Sweetie, IS it platonic?” The honest words of the gently spoken Brazilian woman struck her.

“Of course it is. I am committed to my marriage, and have no intention of becoming a cheater.” Her response was instinctively defensive, but wild fantasies of running away insisted on filling her head.

“Well then Sweetheart, you need to just relax and enjoy your vacation. I mean, just look at how perfect this flight has been! We’ve had clear skies, a perfect take-off, and everything has been well organized and pleasantly uneventful. Clearly, the universe is smiling on you. Don’t get all twisted up about what could or not happen.” She smiled at Lilly and gently patted her arms, for emphasis, “Don’t stress on it and your trip will turn out exactly how it is destined to.”

Their conversation drifted away from Lilly’s worries, and before long the seat-belt sign popped on and the plane began its descent.

Peering out the plane’s window, the fair-skinned young woman bubbled with excitement as Rio came into view. The landing strip of the airport rested just off the Brazilian coastline. To complete the flight’s flawless execution, the plane landed smoothly and quickly taxied across the tarmac to the modern architectural sculpture Rio boasts as an Airport. As she gazed out her tiny window she saw the coastal mountains, far larger than any she had ever before seen, looming in tropical majesty over the peninsula. The plane completed it’s taxi and was nestled safely into a terminal. As she exited onto the tarmac she breathed in deeply smelling the fresh tropical air; and a warm humid breeze blew through her hair. The cab ride to the hotel was breathtaking as Lilly watched the streets full of shops and people speed by her. Finally, she arrived at Hotel Sofitel Copacabana.

This was it! She had stepped into the epicenter of her adventure and in only an hour or so she’d be meeting her good friend, in person. The cabbie pulled her luggage out of the car and placed it on the curb beside her.

“Obrigado,” she thanked him and handed him 20 Brazilian Real. Lilly was a smart girl and had done her research, learning some basic phrases and familiarizing herself with the currency before leaving for her trip. She shouldered her carry-on and rolled her stacked suitcases up to the front door and was ushered inside.

Hotel Sofitel Copacabana was unbelievably gorgeous. The 18-story tower glistened in the sun and as she stepped through she marveled at how the freshly polished lobby floors reflected the light splashing thousands of tiny diamonds across the surfaces. The spotless white walls and the modern sleek interior design screamed lavish.

Wow, Danny really sprung for this hotel. She couldn’t help but feel a surge of appreciation that her friend had gone all out for their trip, and as her anticipation grew she felt a spike or two of nervousness.

She checked in at reception and headed up to settle into her room. While riding up in the elevator she glanced at her phone to check the time. Danny’s plane should have landed by now and he should be headed to the hotel now. I’m going to take a quick shower and freshen up before he gets here.

When she arrived at her floor and walked down the hall to her room at the end on the left, she slid in the key card and pushed open the door. Her jaw dropped as her bags hit the floor with a thud. This was not just a hotel room. This was a suite! An opulent, fully-furnished living space. The window overlooking the cove was not just a window in a wall: the entire wall was made of solid glass from floor to ceiling. Lilly could see all of Rio while seated, on the modern white sectional couch, in the middle of the room. Turning away from the view she noted the minibar nearby to the right, and next to that stood a giant television. She looked to the left and saw a kitchenette, and her eye followed along the wall to a chestnut sliding door, leading to what must be the bedroom. She walked over and opened the door to find a beautifully adorned, king-sized bed in the very center, flanked by end tables sporting exotic, yet tasteful, sculpture. The room was exquisite.

I wonder if his room is as awesome as mine is? She thought to herself as she pulled her bag to the side of the bed and set down her belongings.

“Oh! It’s getting late.”

She pulled out her cell phone and texted Danny : ‘Just got to my room, WOW! I’m in suite 49. Text me when you get in and we can meet up.’ Without further ado, the trip-weary redhead stripped and jumped into the shower to freshen up after her 13 hour flight.


Danny’s phone buzzed from within in his pants pocket just as he’d stepped out of the cab parked under the hotel’s expensive porte-cochere. He was a tall man, slightly overweight yet with his muscular arms and broad shoulders he carried it well. He wore brown sneakers, khaki cargo shorts and a bright green t-shirt on which was silk-screened a large white tree across the chest. The words “Think Green” arched over the illustration. His square jaw was studded with over 19 hours of stubble and his bright white teeth peeked out from behind his plush lips. His discerning gaze hinted at his intellectual nature. Eyes of steel blue twinkled with excitement. He wore his hair slightly longer and so the overall impression was refined yet boyish and a little rugged. It was an appearance that marked him as hailing from the Northwest. Upon walking into the hotel he did not immediately notice the overt beauty of the interior, because his eyes were fixed on his phone as reading the latest text message from Lilly. He strode up to the front desk, his heart racing with anticipation.

“Daniel Fischer, here to check in.”

“Okay, give me one second to look up your roo…oh my.”

He watched the hostess’ expression change and become pale. Her sudden distress made her look tired and it was evident that she was nearing the end of a very long shift; complications with room reservations and an upset guest were the last things she needed.

“I am so sorry sir, but there seems to have been a mix-up with your reservation.”

“What!?!” His anticipation turned to intense dismay, “What do you mean a mix-up? I reserved my room, and one other, six months ago!”

“I understand that sir, and I sincerely apologize for the mix up. Let me take a look at your account and see what I can do.” she started typing vigorously attempting to find the cause of the problem and a solution that would ease Danny’s panic.

“It looks like the other room you reserved has already been checked into…”

“I know that miss, my friend texted me to let me know she was here.”


The awkward pause that followed prompted him to continue.

“I don’t know why you have that look on your face but we are just friends!” The moment the words passed from his lips he knew he’d overreacted and was being unnecessarily defensive. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. You’re just trying to do your job.”

“Sir, I see here that you did in fact reserve two rooms, but for some reason the system cleared the reservation for your second room at the time the first was checked into and another guest has checked into that room already. I sincerely apologize.”

“So, are there any other rooms that I can check into?”

“I am truly sorry sir but, no. I can however compensate you for the first room for the first three days of your stay, and I can give you a room key to that room. There is only one bed, but the suite comes fully furnished with a sectional couch…” She let the implication hang without actually stating that perhaps the current occupant would allow him to stay.

Danny stood at the front desk bewildered. This looked bad. There he was, responsible for reserving two rooms on a trip with a married female friend, during which there just happened to be a mix-up with said rooms and now they were stuck sharing a room!

Oh Jesus, she’s going to think I’m a total creep. What do I do now? Maybe I can just find another room at a different hotel. You idiot, this is Carnival! Every hotel for miles is fully booked. Maybe a hostel … or fucking Craigslist…

“Sir,” the soft voice of the hostess roused him from his spiraling thoughts.

“Um, I guess that will work,” he gulped as he replied.

As she readied the key he pulled out his phone and began texting Lilly.

‘Hey! So…funny thing happened,’ he began to write. No; that sounds suspicious.

“Here you are, sir. Enjoy your stay.”

He took the key with a muted thank you. Then turned and began to walk to the elevator, deep in thought. He began another text ‘I am sooooo sorry, but there has been a mix-up with the rooms. My room has been given to someone else, can you believe that! $730 bucks a night you’d think they could keep their reservations straight!’ No. Too aggressive; try again.

‘Hey Lilly. I am checking into the hotel now. I am so sorry but there has been a mix-up with the rooms and they have given my room to someone else. I am headed up to your room now and we can talk and figure out where to go from here. I will start calling around to the other hotels to find an opening. If nothing else, I can rent a car and sleep there if I can’t find another hotel with an available room. Be there in a moment. Danny.’ The elevator doors opened just as he sent the message. He stepped inside, his mind filled with frenzied thoughts of how to solve this problem while still leaving his options open with Lilly.

The elevator came to a halt and the doors opened. He took a deep breath. He had played out every possible way this could go, on the ride up, and for each situation he had prepared a response. It was now time to face the issue. Head on. He walked uneasily down the hall, and finally reached the door to Suite 49.

Inside the suite, Lilly’s phone beeped at her from the mainroom. Without any hesitation she hopped out of the shower and ran dripping wet around the corner to check her phone; forgetting a towel, and leaving the water running.

Just outside the door, Danny had let his duffle settle onto the floor next to his right-foot and taking a deep breath he slid the room key down the slot, pushing down on the door latch as the green light indicated the door had unlocked. As it pushed open he heard the sound of the shower running.

Oh god, oh god, oh god! Danny panicked. He hadn’t thought of this situation! He was left unprepared, realizing he now seemed to be breaking into his friend’s room while she was in the shower! The situation could not have been more awkward, or dire, for him.

“Uh, hey Lilly. It’s Danny.”

What the fuck is going on!?! Lilly stood frozen, dripping on the floor while holding her still locked phone, contemplating the possibilities of what was happening. She immediately recognized the voice as the one from the other end of the mic. But what the fuck is Danny doing in my fucking room? Anger and embarrassment caused her lightly freckled cheeks to blush. She did not yet answer him.

“Hey, it’s Danny. Um, Lilly did you get my text?” This time he spoke a little louder. Maybe she didn’t hear me the first time.

His text?
Lilly snapped out of her stupor and looked down at her phone. Reading it, she at once felt reassured that he had not intentionally broken into her room in order to see her naked. It was suddenly much less creepy, and much more awkward. A few moments passed before she finally piped up,

“You can either get in, or get out but that door’s got to close.”

“Oh of course!” Danny took a quick step forward without even thinking and closed the door.

At the sound of the door latching shut she breathed a sigh of relief, placed her phone back down on the bed and stepped around the corner to head back to the shower.

“Oh! Oh my god!” She screamed.

She had not expected him to actually step INTO the room! Her hands moved frantically to cover herself and Danny looked wildly from side to side attempting to avoid eye contact but finding it very difficult to redirect his attention. In all of the confusion, his eyes made the decision for him and his gaze settled again on her while he half-turned away.

She faced him the corners of her lips turned up just slightly as she stood there subconsciously allowing him to examine her. He feasted on the vision of her.

Even with his half-look he could see she was of average height, with fair skin, her hair falling just past her creamy shoulders. Little droplets of water trickled down her body in tiny rivulets flowing over her supple breasts; which were poorly hidden by her slender arm. Her sides gently curved and shaped her body down to her hourglass hips. She was by no means overweight, but she wasn’t sickly thin either. From beneath her smooth flat stomach her toned core muscles were just barely visible, flexing and twitching with little shivers around the tiny little hole of her belly button. The neatly trimmed, fiery red heart resting just above her slit was the only hair visible on her aside from her head. She had crossed her long legs in her attempt to cover herself, revealing how toned and smooth they were. In most respects her physique fit within the normal aesthetic for that of a healthy young woman; however, she excelled in the matter of her looks by virtue of her shockingly beautiful face. The thumbnail picture in her Guild profile, hadn’t done her justice. He gazed at her gently angled jaw, which under the circumstances was currently set rather tensely. As she stood, exposed to Danny, her blush colored lips slightly pursed together, which revealed her delicate dimples just below high rounded cheeks which were flushed a little with embarrassment. The crest of her small nose ran up straight and then curved into finely shaped eyebrows The clarity of her bright blue eyes reminded him of Crater Lake, a place to which he’d traveled years ago. Danny stood breathless as he stared at her for few long seconds.

It was like they’d set a film to freeze on a frame: they both stood motionless. Lilly too had emotions to deal with, as, for the first time since she had left her home, she found herself genuinely considering the real possibility of falling for Nate; the realization of which, hit her like a switch. She now could actually see it happening. The air was rapidly cooling her wet skin and, as goosebumps prickled up across her and shivers coursed through her body, she piped up:

“I’m glad someone likes what they are seeing… but you’re staring.”

“Oh right, I’m sorry.” He jerked his head and looked away stepping into the corner using his hand as a visor to block his peripheral view of her. She stepped hurriedly past him and ran into the bathroom closing the door behind her. The now excited redhead hurried to finish her shower and dry off. She threw on a fresh t-shirt and shorts which she had pulled out of her bags before her shower, and wrapped a towel around her wet hair to wring most of the water out. All the while weighing the possibility of cheating. On the one hand my marriage is a joke and Henry doesn’t care about me anyway, so what would it matter? On the other, that would make me a cheater, and I would probably go to hell for it.

Meanwhile Danny had taken a seat on the sectional resting there in a state of semi-shock. Upon hearing the door of the bathroom open, he lurched forward and rested his head on his steepled hands, while adjusting his hips awkwardly out of immediate view. He looked, to Lilly, like a man who was deeply torn on what to do next. She noticed his movements and it filled her with compassion for her friend who was clearly still making a big deal out of something she knew had been merely an innocent accident. She decided to clarify to him that it was all just water under the bridge. Calmly and confidently she stepped over to the couch and sat next to him. Her hand rested on his knee as she began,

“Hey I’m sorry about that, it was so…awkward. It’s okay though, I know you didn’t mean to burst in here like that…” Her words trailed off as she suddenly noticed the rather impressive tenting of his shorts. His movement hadn’t been a shame move, but rather a tactical one intended to hide his rather prominent erection. Oh my!

“Well! I’m glad I can get someone’s blood pumping!” she joked lightly. No sooner had the words reached his ears, than she removed her hand from his leg and retreated to her own personal space, slipping her clasped hands between her thighs and tucking her knees. I should not have said that.

Seizing the opportunity given to him to plant a seed for later; he lifted his head looked intently into her eyes,

“Oh, you most certainly do.”

She looked up at him and flashed him a shy little smile. Suddenly, she slapped his leg and announced,

“Well, let’s go get something to eat, I’m starving.” Then and there she had decided to see where this thing would take her; knowing that if he went for it, she would not stop him.


The elevator moved down rapidly and then came to a nearly abrupt halt at lobby level. Lilly could feel her stomach churn as if she had been riding a roller-coaster, although she couldn’t quite tell if it was entirely because of the elevator or because Danny was standing next to her grinning like a dork. The elevator doors opened, and she gave a playful tug on his shirt as she exited the elevators.

“Come on!”

With a skip in her step she walked toward one of the four gourmet restaurants which the hotel boasted of.

Danny, pursuing her down the hall towards the lobby, was impressed by the gorgeous redhead’s ability to move past the awkward moment they’d shared moments ago, with such effortless charm. He watched as her giddy little smile light up her face and her eyes twinkled with excitement as they strode into the restaurant overlooking Copacabana beach.

God, she is unbelievably cute. He reveled in how luck had come through and he was in this amazingly beautiful place with this alluringly adorable woman.

They were quickly seated and then left alone to review the menu. As they did so, their conversation took an uncomfortable turn. Now, sitting face to face they weren’t certain how exactly to talk to each other. His thoughts were consumed with an overwhelmingly strong desire to take her away and an equally strong desire not to ruin their friendship. Her thoughts, heavy from the unexpected gravity of her desire to be with him and the consequences of that, monopolized her attention and delayed her responses. For months they had freely talked via the computer now, stripped of that interface and consumed by inner dialogues, each word now labored to pass their lips. Hopelessly afraid to say the wrong thing, their conversation stalled after a few uneasy pleasantries.

It was Danny who finally steered the conversation to their MMO. Gaming was a comfortable and familiar topic and soon they found the effortlessness of their cyber interactions return. As dinner progressed they laughed and playfully teased each other, and before they knew it two hours had passed. The waitress had begun subtly to encourage them to move their conversation to the bar. They reluctantly complied, and moved to perch on stools at a tall table in the nearby bar area.

“Can I get you two anything to drink?”

“Oooh yes please! Umm..” she thumbed through the drink menu ” Ooh how about Sex On The Beach,” she said turning and giving Danny a playful wink.

“Okay, and how about you sir?”

“I’d gladly take a Blow Job,” he looked at Lilly closely examining her reaction. She grinned and lowered her eyes to his chest, her cheeks flushed slightly with embarrassment. “On second thought I better make that a Blue Sidecar.”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a moment with those.”

As the barkeep walked away to fill their order, she turned to him, her playful confidence restored.

“Blow Job huh?”

He grinned and his cheeks warmed, turning a slight pinkish color. Seed two. He could see the idea he had planted, start to grow in Lilly’s mind so he quickly changed the subject, knowing better than to be too forward. Patience.

They continued their conversation and with each drink she became more and more friendly, and began taking every opportunity to touch him.

“You’re such a ri-tard,” she teased and softly pushed his shoulder.

“Hey, I’m not the one who just said riii-tard, instead of retard!” he taunted back.

Her head fell back and she laughed. The sound was like honey on his ears. Sweet and earthy, naturally emanating from deep within her chest, he found himself craving it. To satiate his craving, he continued mocking her flirtatiously and she continued playfully abusing him.

He made another joke hoping to elicit another hearty laugh, but was surprised when her chuckle ended with her hand blithely resting on his. The moment could have been just another brief flirtatious touch, until she paused. His seed had blossomed. Her hand sat gently on his, fingers falling neatly between his thumb and forefinger with her thumb resting on the top of his hand. Applying no pressure and making no attempt to hold his hand, her hand paused for a split second. He looked up to her face as if to ask: Are you sure?

Their eyes met and she answered his question with a glimmering look: Go for it.

He grasped the tips of her fingers in his palm and gazed intently at her, waiting for her to pull back. She did not move, but rather squeezed back. Now, knowing that she had followed his breadcrumbs, he acted. Without another word he smiled, left the money for the tab, got up from the table, and gently pulled her with him. She followed quietly, trailing behind him as if tethered to him by their entwined hands. As they walked out of the bar towards the lobby he pulled her closer into him, closing the distance between them, and his hand moved protectively around her waist. She grinned. He guided her wordlessly towards the elevator where she pushed the button. They looked up and watched the numbers on the display count down…3,2,1,L. The doors opened and they stepped inside. There was no need to talk on the ride up, instead he snuggled her closer and rested his cheek affectionately on her head.

They strode towards their room hand in hand. Once they reached the suite, she watched him pull out his keycard and as the door clicked open, he turned the door handle. The door clicked open and he turned the door handle. Lilly felt him place a hand in the middle of her back gently guiding her chivalrously into the room ahead of him. As the door latched shut behind Danny, she spun around to face him fully expecting him to volley toward her like an animal pouncing on it’s next meal.

“It’s been a long day. I think I’m going to take a shower.”

“Oh.” she blurted out; baffled at what was happening. Did I misread his intention? She stood against the couch, rigidly watching him get undressed. What is the appropriate thing to do here?

“Sooo, we going to do this?” Danny’s voice chimed out from beneath his shirt as he leaned down pulling it off his shoulders and moving to unfasten his shorts.

“Oh, uh, I already took a shower,” she said awkwardly.

“I know.” A coy little grin broke across his face. He nodded at her as if to direct her to strip.

He slipped off his shorts and socks and stood up. His broad cock twitched and pulsed as blood rushed into it. It nearly doubled in length and gained at least half an inch in girth while she stood frozen, eyes fixed on him. Her gaze moved upward from his groin along his body, admiring his smooth stomach, broad shoulders and strong arms and finally she found herself looking up at his grinning face. He turned and walked into the bathroom to turn on the shower.

Lilly tore off her clothes, throwing them unceremoniously onto the floor. The running shower was clearly audible along with the sound of shower hooks sliding along the cold metal rod. As she glided into the bathroom toward the shower she heard the little click of a shampoo bottle opening.

Who lathers up for shower sex? Maybe we are just taking a shower together? Her confusion again forced her to feel wrong-footed. She pulled back the curtain and stepped to the rear of the shower. Not sure of the protocols for mutual showers with no sex, she stood at the back of the shower aroused, nipples hard as pebbles, just watching his muscular back ripple and flex as he leaned forward and dipped his head in and out of the running shower head.

“You gonna come over here?”

Confident now that he wanted her to touch him, she moved close to him sliding her hands seductively beneath his arms and up along his chest, resting her cheek against the hollow between his shoulder blades. Her whetted nipples pressed into his back and pressed her pelvis against his muscular ass. He did not reciprocate, but rather continued, with great discipline, to finish washing his hair. Having had enough of the games and losing patience in her excited state, she began to experiment, moving her hands over his chest and across his stomach. She searched for the trigger that would break his restraint and unleash his affections.

Danny closed his eyes, shivers running down his spine, as kisses flickered across his back and soft hands lathered with shampoo suds slid over his torso. Her hands moved lower and lower toward his cock and the overwhelming desire to make love to her built within him, but still he resisted. His veiny shaft throbbed and stood completely erect, almost reaching for her hand. She was going to touch him first, he would make sure of it. There was something powerful in making her come to him, in the subtle control his restraint elicited. So with tremendous effort he held.

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