Mary drifted her finger across the top of the wine glass as she sat at the bar. She had to admit she was pretty nervous that this would all work out they way she wanted to. She had been and town visiting family and had decided to give Dean a call and meet him for a drink, or at least that’s what she told him.

They both had been happily married for ten years to their significant others, but Mary new Dean had been infatuated with her since about the fourth grade, the truth was that their friendship was built on it, true they were there for each other when they needed a friend to call or a good laugh, but that all came after his desire for her, and she loved it. Who wouldn’t want an attractive guy like Dean drooling over them? He was the epitome of an athletic body, playing sports although high school he was always in pretty good shape but she loved his muscular arms the most, his shirts always seemed to cling to his biceps and just draw attention to the masculinity of him. She secretly wished for years he would just grab her with those sexy arms once. Mary wanted nothing more than to get a good feel of that sexy ass of his and always wondered what kind of equipment he was working with, but she just loved the attention he gave her way too much to risk losing it.

That is what made it so hard when she had met his wife. Sure she had had plenty of boyfriends she had flaunted at him to make him jealous, although she would never tell him the dirty details as not to ruin his pristine image of her, but although he had a few girls he was with here and there none of them seemed to last very long and after high school she hadn’t met any of them, till his wife. Truth be told she gave the woman the dirtiest “this is mine” look she could muster, but it couldn’t hold much wait since she had been with her boyfriend for about four years at the time. So eventually Mary adjusted and figured it was better to play the sweet friend, trying to act like the look had never happened. Dean’s wife knew though and couldn’t stand to be around her, which was all the better as far as Mary was concerned.

Tonight though she wanted to get his attention back, and she was wearing the dress to do it. It was a short black cocktail dress that only came to about mid thigh and was designed to show the left side of her sexy stomach and back where the fabric gave way to the middle of the dress and then came back together just below her abdomen. The front of the dress had a nice V-neck to show her cleavage to any who wished to sneak a peak, she was sure it would be too tempting to Dean.

When Mary was younger she was a lot more conservative, an athlete herself she was very focused on achieving a scholarship for Field Hockey and keeping her grades where they needed to be. She loved the attention of the boys, but most of the time dressed in the conservative preppy way. She would even go so far as to wear jeans and a sweatshirt when her and Dean used to go out together on their friendly excursions to the pizza shop or the like. College really broadened her horizons, especially sexually, it was no secret how risqué some of the field hockey girls could be and they were bound to impact her somehow. The truth was it was very freeing to let her sexuality out when it finally happened, and it became even more fun when she started to use it by flirting with Dean. She loved it when he told her how beautiful she was or when she teased him by asking about what a guy meant when she had a nice bubble butt. Oh she just loved to tease him! The problem was that the teasing wasn’t working anymore despite the fact she was happily married she felt like there was something unresolved with them and she fully intended to have all is attention tonight. When she was done with him he wouldn’t even remember that little wife of his.

“Hey there! I almost didn’t recognize you…Wow!” Dean said as he came up to the stool next her. Mary swiveled in her stool and sexily uncrossed her legs as she moved to get up and meet him giving him the biggest sexiest smile she could muster before moving in to give him a hug that intentionally lasted a little longer than it normally did.

“So you like what you see huh?” Mary teased

“What guy wouldn’t I think you could turn NPH strait in that dress, damn, to what do I owe the benefit of seeing you, so…”

“Sexy?” Mary finished

“Exactly” Dean replied

“Well sometimes a girl just likes to feel a little sexy, you know its always nice to get a little attention.” Mary grabbed Dean’s hand and pulled him behind her as she finished.

“Follow me lets find a table, I always find it so hard to talk at the bar”

The two of them made their way to a table Dean was staring at Mary’s legs and her nice ass all the way. She was a very fit girl but always still womanly. He always loved her bubble butt, it just beckoned to be grabbed and smacked, she wasn’t heavy just had a nice well toned ass that he could just adore, not like all those stick figure girls everyone seemed to pretend were attractive. He would break one of them in half, he always wanted a girl who could handle what he wanted to give them, and when it came to Mary that was a lot.

As they sat down at a small table at the far end of the bar Dean was glad to see he could still get a peak at Mary’s sexy legs, but when you looked at Mary his cock started to stir in his pants. His absolute favorite thing about her had always been her lips, she had this plump luscious bottom lip that just beckoned him, her lips we just made for kissing, and better yet to have around his cock. A tremor went through him at the thought. Dean really hadn’t thought of Mary like this in awhile, it was like his libido was running wild. He had always wanted her and just talking to her always seemed to turn him on, but the unbridled lust that seemed to be building up in him was more then he thought he was going to be able to manage. “How’s this okay?” she said as a waitress came and they ordered some more drinks. As Mary watched Dean tremor with desire she new her plan was starting to work already and she hadn’t even gotten started. Dean was stubborn though and to get him to do what she wanted she was going to have to take him on the brink of insanity. The real reason they had never been together before was Dean was just too good of a guy, always there for her when she needed him but never willing to cross the line when they came to it, either because she had a boyfriend or had dated one of his friends there was always some line he wouldn’t cross. Now they both were behind the ultimate line marriage, it was like all the build up was to this moment and she had to conquer it to have him. As she looked at him she new why she wanted him. Dean’s brown hair was in a short buzz cut, his brown eyes just seemed to suck her in. When she pulled herself away her eyes followed his sexy neck down to the tight v-neck shirt he wore. Dean was still fit and she loved it, his pecs just beckoned to be touched and those arms, she actually had to readjust herself in her seat as she looked at them. Mary just couldn’t wait to get a look at that firm ass of his in those tight jeans, although she always wondered what it would look in leather, yeah, leather would be good. Well maybe once she turned him into a bad boy tonight she would get her wish.

Mary slowly rang her tongue over her lips very casually but she new it drove him nuts, always did. She leaned forward as they enjoyed their drinks and continued with small talk. Mary made sure to steer the conversation clear of their significant others which wasn’t hard because Dean had made that a practice of keeping Mary out of the conversation with his wife and turnabout as they say is fair play. Mary always loved to talk about their past when they were together, maybe because it turned her on how much he always wanted her, but now she wanted to plant some seeds for later.

“You know we were way too good in high school”

“What do you mean?”

“Well while you and I were out getting slices of pizza and studying, everyone else was doing other stuff, its like we were so oblivious you know?”

“What do you mean like drugs?”

“No silly!” Mary said as she reached across and patted his hand, and then left it there “like sexual stuff. You know after hearing everyone’s stories in college and stuff it’s like we were so naïve. All of the girls on the field hockey team had blown more guys then I had dated in high school” Dean put his hand on top of Mary’s without thinking about it and then laughed at what she had just said.

“Yeah I guess your right, but in my case it wasn’t by choice”

“You don’t think so, I mean really if any other two people spent as much time together they would have been fucking like rabbits, hell a lot of people probably did, remember that time I got mono and no one would go near you!” she giggled as she said it. “Oh yeah I never wanted mono any more in my life!” he laughed back Mary loved this he was totally playing into her finger tips, she knew he wanted this, he always had wanted this and it was her job to give it to him.

Just then the juke box kicked on and Mary took her cue, she stood up grabbed Dean by the hand again and drug him to the dance floor. Dean however was hard as a rock from their previous conversation and was a little hesitant.

“What are you doing?” he asked

“I love this song come on lets dance!” this made Dean laugh. The two of them had never danced before, not even at each others weddings due to the whole jealousy thing. Dean had dreamed of it for years but had always been turned down when he asked her to the dance. Now she was asking him for it, it was way out of place.

“Oh Dean come on, relax, I’m so much better about this stuff now, like I said we were way too innocent when we were younger, its just a dance, and I definitely owe you one at this point.”

Dean couldn’t agree more and tried his best to his raging hard on as hey made it to the dance floor. The music was fast as they started dance separately from each other but then Mary moved forward and put her hands around the back of his neck and leaned off of him swaying to the beat. As they got more into it they started to dance closer and closer. Mary worked herself around so she was rubbing her back against him and started to work her ass into his crotch. As she worked with the music she could feel the bulge growing in his pants, she worked harder and harder to tease him reaching up and grabbing his neck as she looked at him and gave him a sexy smile. He rocked to the beat with her grinding into her.

Dean could feel himself grow even harder as he ground into her his lust starting to take over. His cock was pushing right in between her ass cheeks making all his dirty fantasies about being with her come to light. Just when he felt like he might lose it the song switched pace to something slower, Dean thought they were going to stop, but Mary turned around and pulled him close. He could smell her long brown hair and it made his nerves stand on end, she was wearing the same perfume that she had all through high school the one that drove him crazy with her sent. Just when he was at his ultimate high she leaned up and kissed him with those beautiful lips of hers. It stated of gradual their lips playing tenderly with each other, then Dean sucked one of those beautiful lips into his mouth like he always wanted. He tasted Mary’s sweet tongue as he kissed her. The kiss got gradually and gradually hotter and Dean found himself grabbing her beautiful ass and pulling her against his hard cock grinding into her.

Mary slowly lead him off the dance floor and against the back wall as they continued to make out grinding into each other. This gave Dean just enough time to come to his senses a little.

“Mary, oh my god you are beautiful, but… but I can’t do this my wife, your married, Its wrong….” He was still grinding into her as he said it. Mary continued to kiss him passionately and in between breaths continued her final seduction “No its not… you are mine.” She smiled sexily as she said it and ran her tongue across her lips as she reached down and grabbed his cock through is pants ” this is mine…. And it has been mine since the fourth grade. You can’t cheat with me….. You can only claim what’s yours… and tonight your going to fuck me with this big fucking cock” she said as she stroked it “and your going to make me yours!”

Dean couldn’t fight it anymore he just wanted it too much, he had wanted it too much for too long, he had to have her, he had to claim her.

“Where?” he said

“Follow me….”

“With pleasure.”

The two made their way out of the bar and got into Marys red convertible, Dean started to get into the passengers seat, but Mary stopped him.

“No you drive. Remember that park you used to send me to when I wanted to go on a hot date?”

“Yes” Dean said

“This is our hot date, and try not to crash on our way there.” She said as they got in the car.

As Dean started up the car and stated heading toward the park he looked over at Mary who was making her way toward him for some reason. “Why would I crash?” He said. “Because one of your biggest fantasies is about to come true!” Mary replied as she unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard cock.

“Oh my god” Dean replied.

“Oh my god is right, your cock is huge, why have you been holding out on me? I don’t know if I could fit this thing in my mouth” she said slapping the hard cock on her lips and cheeks as she talked. “How bad to you want this Dean?” Mary said as she kissed the tip “How bad to you want me to put your cock in my mouth? Have you thought of this moment, fantasized about me giving you road head while you drove me around?”

“Forever, I want this more than anything!”

“I hope not” she said. “I hope you want to fuck me even more!” With that she took him in her mouth and stated to give him the best blowjob of his life. She stroked the shaft with her left hand as she reached into his pants and cradled his balls with her right. She pulled them into her mouth and licked and sucked on them before licking her way back up his shaft and taking the head into her mouth again.

“Come for me Dean, Come in My mouth!” she said as she started to go up and down on his cock.

Dean was doing his best to keep from crashing the car. He was racing to the park as fast as he could luckily it wasn’t a long drive, Mary was driving him crazy and he wasn’t sure he could maintain control of the car much longer. He couldn’t belive the girl of his dreams was sucking his cock with those beautiful lips he had spent so many nights thinking about. As Dean pulled into the lot that lead to the park he quickly found a good spot that was out of view and put the car in park. Finally out of danger he just let Mary go to work on his dick.

“Come for me Dean, you know you’ve dreamt of this moment give me your load fuck my face like a little slut!”

“Oh shit Mary,” Dean said. “You want to taste my cum in that sexy little mouth of yours?” as he said this he put his hand on the back of her head, he didn’t want to be force full but he finally lost control and started fucking her pretty face like a rabid beast. Mary started fondling his balls and he lost it and shot is load into her mouth. He let go of her head thinking she would want to stop but she kept on lapping it up. His wife never did that. Then she did something he never expected she leaded over and kissed him with his cum still in her mouth. They made out with his cum in their mouths passing it back and forth until she swallowed it all down her throat.

“Was that everything you hoped and dreamed? Mary said smiling at him

“Wow that was amazing my wife never would have let me go in her mouth”

“I see you liked the kiss to? Mary said in a sultry tone as she looked down at his stiffening cock.

“Yeah that was hot I never would have thought of doing that but with you… fuck your hot!”

“I love it when you talk like that, now let me show you what I can really do for you, I need to get that monster in me!” she said getting out of the car.

“Pop the trunk!: she followed as she walked around to her trunk and pulled out the blanket, wine, and wine glasses she had brought for just this occasion.

“So you planned this??” Dean said

“Well you were never going to do it and when I want something I take it!” she said grabbing his shirt and giving him another kiss.

“Mary you drive me crazy, and I love it!” he grabbed her ass under her skirt and pulled her to him. He realized she was wearing a thong and lingered a little longer than he planned to, The two of them made their through the heavily walked trail till the found the side trail Mary had referred to, it lead them to a small pond with benches around it which was absolutely secluded this time of night. They set up the blanket and opened the wine. “To two old friends and new lovers and having what we’ve always wanted” Mary said “To having the sexiest girl in the world” Dean said kissing her before he took a sip of wine.

“So outside of tonight do you still think of me like you used to? Mary said as she drank some more wine

“What do you mean?” Dean said

“Well do you think of me sexually? When was the last time you thought about how much you want me?”


“Yes Honestly”

“Last night.”

Mary crawled on top of Dean’s lap and straddled him when she looked down at him with her sexy green eyes and said “What were you doing when you thought of me?”

“I was…” Dean gulped “Having sex with my wife.”

“You were thinking of fucking me while you were fucking her?” Mary began to grind against his cock when he said it.

“Yes I was”

“Oh that’s hot, was it the first time?” “No, its happened plenty of times and after tonight it will probably happen again!” “No it won’t!” Mary said

“It won’t?” Dean said concerned worried he had offended her by admitting his obsession.

“No it won’t, you want be thinking about fucking me or imagining what its like to have that hard cock in my tight little pussy, your will be remembering it!” she said with a wicked little smile.

“Oh you’re bad!” Dean said putting their wine glassed down and turning them so that her was on top as he started to kiss her.

“Oh yes, but you love it when I’m bad!”

“Yes I do and I’m about to show you how much!” Dean said as he kissed his way down her body. He worked up and down each of her beautiful legs kissing them till he got under her dress then reached up and pulled her thong off.

“Smell it.” Mary said “Smell my juices; I know you’ve always wanted to!” Mary had her wicked sultry smile on again. She loved how into her he was; no man she had ever been with had wanted her as much, every aspect of her down to her pussy soaked panties.

Dean listened holding her light blue thong up against his face and smelling her pussy juice, it turned him on to know end. Smelling her was hot enough but doing something this dirty because she asked it turned him on even more. He knew he had to have her he had to taste her. He worked his way down on her tenderly at first. She was completely shaven except for a diamond patch above. He kissed her beautiful skin and made his way down to her clit softly caressing it and running is fingers against her pussy. He started off gently and slowly worked his way into her pussy while he rubbed her clit with his thumb taking turns working her pussy.

Mary let out a guttural purr as he worked on her. She hadn’t had a man go down on her in years. It was one of those things not a lot of men did right if they did at all and it even took her awhile to let one do it, for the first time Dean had taken the intuitive and she loved it.

“Oh shit” she said “Oh shit right there… yes!” Dean continued to work her harder following the instructions she gave him as he brought her closer to closer to pleasure.

My first hot girlfriend made me a perverted cuck for life. This was my initiation into the power of female sexuality and the control that a dominant woman can have.

The time was the early 1980s before AIDS, and we were both in high school. Her name was “M”. She was a beautiful, sexy, 18 year old Italian girl with auburn hair and luscious, full breasts. She had a milky white complexion and her whole body would change to red with sexual tension flush whenever she had an orgasm. I loved to get her off. I ate her pussy every chance I could.

She would drive me home and I would kneel on the floor of the car and drop her pants and just lick, slurp, kiss and worship her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Even during her period, I ate her like she was Holy Mary Mother of God herself. She was a horny girl and she came every single time. I could fully feel the pulsing vibrations of her labia, her clitoris and her whole pussy because I always pushed my face and head all the way up in between her legs, as far as I could get. I was also a tuba player so I could hold my breath and lick with pressure for a long time. She loved it. Licking her so much was hot and it was awesome.

We fucked missionary sometime, she also tried to give me head, but she wasn’t very good at it. So we just sort of slacked off with blow jobs and went to about 80% oral sex for her and 20% missionary sex.

This was no problem in my book, but I got the feeling that she was probably jealous of how much I got off on making her come, and so she wanted to try more “giving” herself. She couldn’t seem to get me off with her mouth and it started causing her to develop “issues”. I think she started slyly looking around for other opportunities to practice. She made several goofy jokes and comments with her favorite new word: “Hoovering.” One time she was overjoyed when she got her birth control pills refilled.

“Why?” I asked.

“Casual Sex,” was her cheerful reply. Of course at the time I thought she was talking about casual sex with me.

“M’s” best girlfriend hated me because I was moving in on their girl time together. Her friend tried every opportunity to break us up including strongly encouraging “M” to go with other boys even in front of me.

“M” did go to a party once with this friend, and claimed later that she unwillingly had sex at the party. But the way she she told me sounded strange. In a weird way, she seemed to have actually gotten off on it, and she squirmed around as if trying to rub her clit on the chair when she told me. She said about 4 guys made her suck their dicks at the party and one guy fucked her afterward. She claimed she didn’t want to do it but in retrospect, it didn’t seem to bother her too much. She looked guilty, not like she was hurt, but more like she was admitting to putting her hand in the candy jar. She told me about it once and then never wanted to talk about it after that.

David was one of my classmates. He was the guy who introduced me to “M”. He was on the wrestling team with me and I knew he had a buff body, totally shaved for wrestling, and big meaty cock. I knew this because he wasn’t shy about showing off in the locker room. He liked to just walk around naked and chat guys up and have conversations with his dick bouncing around like nothing was unusual. It was hard for anybody to tell him to get lost – even when he was butt naked with his dick in their face – because he was such a friendly guy with a talkative personality.

I used to dread spending time in the locker room for fear that he’d chat me up and I’d have to watch his schlong hanging out while we talked. It was intimidating because he was obviously bigger than me and not shy at all about his body. In classes, most of the girls loved him because he was so chatty. It was sort of understood that he had already slept with some of the girls in class and the ones who hadn’t would love to get their hands on him. In retrospect even a lot of the guys must have been in lust with him too.

I know my girlfriend “M” knew all about his cock, because one of her older girlfriends was dating David and always talked about his prick like it was the most amazing thing in the world. Sometimes they would have long conversations – even when I was there – about David’s size, technique, style and ability. “M” always listened with rapt attention as her girlfriend frequently went into exquisite detail about exactly how David fucked her. It was like she was obsessed with his cock and the sex. It was all she talked about. I got the impression that David was “better” than me. Much better. I started to feel all intimidated about my sexuality and self-esteem. But rather than get mad, I secretly fantasized about “M” fucking him.

In order to try for “M” to be able to get me off while sucking my dick, I made her tell me stories about other guys she liked. I made her tell me who she wanted to fuck and how she would go about getting in their pants, where they would go, how did she feel, what she thought and what she did.

One day she told me this story, while I was gently licking her pussy:

She said she went to David’s house one night with her girlfriends for some drinks. But then, because she accidentally left her purse over at his house, the next day she went back to get the purse. He was alone in the house. He was lifting weights with his shirt off and he was working out. She rang the bell and he got her purse for her and then he kissed her. She didn’t resist and then he fucked her on his bed for a long time. Sometimes missionary, sometimes doggy, and sometimes she rode him. She said she liked it. She said he was sexy. She especially liked his thick cock. She liked the way he felt inside her. She liked how it tasted in her mouth. He was strong. He fucked really well and for a long time. And he came a lot, too. She loved that he came in her pussy – so much that some of it spilled out and ran down her leg. She liked his body smell and all the things he told her to do. He put her in different positions. She liked how he “forced” her to do things – like deep throat his cock and swallow his come. After that day, he would sometimes drive over to her house when nobody was home and fuck her in her own four poster canopy bed, rocking it back and forth and making her scream.

This was a hot story and thinking about it actually made me come in her mouth that night for the first time. She was overjoyed to finally be able to do this.

“M” did have one fling while we were dating. David introduced her to his friend Zach and they ‘got along’ well.

I didn’t know at the time, but I found out that “M” started going over to Zach’s house every day directly after school. “To study,” her girlfriends said. Even though “M” and Zach weren’t going to the same school.

One time, when I couldn’t find “M”, I actually went over to his house and knocked on the door and she came out, pissed off at me. She wouldn’t speak to me. A couple of days later we “broke up.”

That weekend I was so crazy with jealousy, I drove to her house, parked down the street and snuck into her back yard. I could see through the big sliding glass door into her downstairs family room where she and Zach were cuddling under the covers. I almost died with jealousy, shame and embarrassment. I went home an emotional wreck.

A couple of weeks later, Zach found another girl and “M” asked me to get back together. I forgave her and we were a couple once again.

A few months later David came up to me in the locker room. He was stark naked, as usual. His dick was bobbing about and it was a little stiff. He was getting a hard on. It was so annoying, but after “M”‘s story all I could think about was him putting that dick inside “M”. Eventually we started talking about “M” and his dick became fully erect. He told me how hot she was, how beautiful she was, and how he sometimes fantasized about ‘making love’ with her.

I took it as a compliment, but later I found out that she did make love with him. In fact, she asked him for sex but he rejected her once. As it turned out, one time at a party, on her knees with her hands on his crotch, and in front of her girlfriend, she literally begged him to fuck her. And so he did. Right there during the party in an empty room. Bareback.

He came inside her and she loved it. She had been fantasizing about him for years. Her girlfriend told me later “M” said that it was the hottest sex she ever had. Much better than with me. That he was so big and so buff and so boss that she kind of gave herself to him totally and she got off completely. She came with him more than any other guy she ever had sex with.

The girlfriend went on to tell me that “M” and David got high and fucked a few more times after the party. In her apartment, in his bed, in a coffee shop bathroom, in a classroom and in different places around campus. David had another girlfriend during this time, so “M” never really dated him, but she actually got to taste his cock, just like she had told me she wanted to.

I always wondered what it would be like to have your friend’s hot girlfriend – who you really wanted fuck, come up and ask you for sex, then finally beg you for it…and then you would get to fuck her sexy brains out again and again, suck and squeeze her gorgeous tits, grab her ass and cum bareback over and over in her tight, wet vagina as her whole body turned red. And then – as David did – talk with me later like nothing unusual had happened.

When I finally heard this story, I was humiliated, shamed, and felt like crawling around on the floor like a dog. Did “M” tell him about our fantasies? I never knew the truth, but I was sure she did. In the end, it seemed so “right” and natural for her to fuck him. My balls spent about 2 straight months overflowing with sperm after I found out. I must have come 150 times straight without a stop.

“M” was 1 year older than me, and she went to college ahead of me. Lucky, it turns out that her roommate was a severely repressed lesbian from a conservative family who tried to forget the fact that she was gay by bringing different guys back to their room every night and letting them bang the fuck out of her – just to prove that she wasn’t queer.

“M” told me stories of how she tried to fall asleep on the top bunk while the bed was shaking from her roommate getting pounded on the bottom bunk.

The roommate literally slept with over 60 different guys over in few month period. Eventually M broke down and started to join in both hunting for guys and fucking. That’s when M started to get a real sex education. I’m not sure of all the details, but she obviously got a lot more serious practice sucking dick and getting laid.

Slowly she put me on the outs again, but she never dumped me totally and strung me along. She pretended like nothing was happening and she was a good girl and we were just a long distance couple. Like a cat playing with a mouse.

I never got together with any other girls or got any action at all. I stayed true to M and she never let me know about her sexual awakening and erotic experiences. She was trying to ‘save’ my feelings by lying her ass off, but I always suspected something was going on. Because she wouldn’t tell me the whole truth, she was sending me through an emotional meat grinder.

One time when I went to visit, I couldn’t find “M”. Her friends told me that “M” was “busy.” I got drunk and asked some of her friends in a kind of dramatic way if “M” had slept with any guys besides me. They looked at each other with a knowing smirk – like who is this clueless chump? One of the girls said “yes,” and I was crestfallen, but played it cool. The girls kept me around, got me high, said I was so cute and made fun of me with inside jokes for entertainment. Eventually M showed up and I think that was the first time she ever gave me a sloppy seconds.

Finally we did break up. “M” transferred to another university and had a kid, but she never got married.

After this I never wanted another boring girlfriend again. I became addicted to hot girls who would cheat on me, lie to me, betray me, torture my feelings and give me the intense emotional pain I longed for and deserved.

When my wife first introduced me to her college friend Lucy, Lucy explained that many Koreans take an “American” name. I didn’t and still don’t know if this is true or not. Lucy was an odd woman. She was extremely talkative, barely 5 feet tall, pudgy in a lumpy sort of way, highly intelligent, and if the stories my wife told me could be believed, she was a total slut. She and Lucy had gone to the same college and apparently raised hell together. My wife Jen loved to tell me sordid stories from her past, usually while she was giving me a hand job. Some of those stories included Lucy.

Lucy had come and visited us a few times over the years and while she and my wife had a kinky history, we agreed never to bring Lucy into our lifestyle. Jen just didn’t want to know Lucy in that way. It didn’t bother me much. I liked Lucy but really wasn’t attracted to her at all, which is why I’m all the more surprised I fucked her behind my wife’s back. Quite literally.

It started fairly unintentional. Lucy was down from Michigan visiting us between internships. We’d spent the night at home, grilled out, and had a few drinks. At about ten o’clock I started getting tired of watching those two lushes pound away margaritas so I said my good nights and left them to their drunken snickering. I feel asleep right away like I always do and didn’t stir till I felt my wife get into her side of the bed sometime later. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep for undetermined amount of time before I felt a weight on the bottom of the bed. I opened my bleary eyes and looked down to see my wife crawling on the bed. I laid there and sleepily and hoped she’d come to bed horny and wanted to fuck. I couldn’t see much but she crept up a bit and started to pull down the covers. I felt her hands on my chest and my cock started to stiffen as her hands went to my underwear. She drunkenly fumbled with them before I had to help her pull them down. I folded my pillow in half and leaned back as her tiny hands started roughly pulling at my dick. Normally Jen wasn’t this clumsy even when she was drunk. I almost said something but then I felt her hot mouth on the head of my cock and I decided all was forgiven. I raised one bent leg and settled back as her wet warm mouth worked it’s way up and down on my rock hard cock. I dropped a hand to the back of her head and I noticed that her hair felt a little more coarse then usual. She quickly ducked away and started to suck on my balls with her left hand jerking my cock. Signing contently I glanced to my right and noticed a shape in the bed next to me. My first thought that it was one of our dogs that snuck in but I realized with a sudden horror that I could make out my wife’s sleeping face not two feet from me. It took a second for my sleep and sex addle brain to figure out that it was Lucy down there with my balls in her mouth.

I sat up quickly in bed in shock when suddenly Lucy lunged forward and kissed me full on the lips with her wet mouth. I smelled the tequila and sour mix full force as her mouth opened up and her tongue attacked my lips. I firmly shoved her back on her chubby ass. “Are you fucking crazy?” I asked.

“Shhhhh. It’s okay.” Her words were slurred.

“Lucy get the hell out of here before Jen wakes up.” I whispered at her angrily. She giggled a bit at this.

“She’s drunk.”

“Yes and so are you. Now get out of our room.”

“Aww you know you liked me sucking your cock.”

“Out now before I toss your drunk ass outside.”

“Jen didn’t tell me you were a faggot.”

I didn’t think. I swung my legs out of bed, grabbed her by the top of her pudgy arm and yanked her out of bed. Her feet could barely keep up with me as I shoved her ass down the hallway back to the guest room. We must have been quite a sight. An ugly, chubby, Asian woman getting accosted by a naked man with a rock hard, curved cock. I shoved her into her room and she half fell against the bed. Then I turned and started to head back to my room.

“Oww. You fucking asshole.”

I whirled on her furiously and I could feel the heat rolling off my shoulders. There was a little more light in this room and I realized how pathetic she looked half hanging onto the bed, her short nightgown up around her chubby middle. Without knowing what I was doing I strode back into the room, and I’m ashamed to say I was pleased by the fact she shrank away from me, before I grabbed her and heaved her on the bed. The next thing I know I’m spreading apart her legs roughly and I buried my face in her hot crotch. I attacked it angrily and slurping, almost chewing it. Her hands reached down but I shoved them away and bent her legs at the knees. I held her like this and found her clit and tongued it for a few moments before sticking my whole tongue in her wide pussy. I tongue fucked her hard and I felt her coarse thick pubic hair crunch up against my nose.

She was starting to moan loudly and I climbed up and kissed her sloppily and rough. Our tongues greedily found each other and her hands went back to my cock until I leaned back and slapped them away. Her ugly little face looked confused for a second before I ripped her night gown and took one of her lumpy tits in my mouth. Her nipples were hard and long and I greedily alternated sucking and biting them. She flapped her legs open underneath me and I reached my right hand down and rubbed the outside of her lips before sticking my two middle fingers into her forcibly. She gasped at this and again I felt her hands on my head before I grabbed them with my free hand and pinned them up behind her head.

“No. You lay there!” I whispered at her hatefully. I kissed her roughly while I finger fucked her hard. I pulled my fingers out and rubbed them around her clit before putting three of them back into her.

“Your such a slut. You want to get fucked, then I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck your gaped pussy.” she started grunting and pushing her hips down against my hand.

“That feels so good, fuck me.” she cried as I bent down and started sucking her misshapen tits again, then I stuck my pinkie finger into her hot slit. I pistoned my hand all the way up to my knuckles in her pussy. I’ve always been happy with my average length, slightly bent and thickish cock, but I knew Lucy was so stretched out it would feel like fucking a wet grocery bag. There was no way I was going to fill that and with a quick glance around the room I had an idea.

I pulled out my slick hand and climbed off of her. I walked over to the dresser where she had spread out all her things. I grabbed a plastic bottle of hair spray product that was about two and a half inches in diameter. I looked over at her and noticed her sit up a bit with what might have been concern on her face.


“Shhh.” I replied knocking over a few things before finding the lotion bottle I was looking for. I took a few long pumps of lotion then spread it liberally on my dick. Then I took a few more and spread it all over the base of the lotion bottle. I looked up at her and saw some realization in her eyes.

“Turn around and lay on the bed.” She hesitated for a second before she swung her lumpy ass over the edge of the bed. Her short thick little legs were spread wide, and I took my lotioned hand and rubbed up and down her pussy.

“Pull your ass apart.” I said and she reached back and spread her ass cheeks with her small dimpled hands. I saw her dark asshole against the paler flesh and I ringed it a few times with my middle finger. She put all her weight on the bed and moaned. With my free hand I took the lotioned up bottle of hairspray and pushed it into her pussy. It went in easily. She moaned a little about it and my other hand kept roughly fingering the outside of her asshole. I raised one leg and put my foot on the bed beside her hip and took my hand from her butt hole and used it to help glide my greased dick into her pussy. I felt the hair spray bottle try and come back out as my dick pushed against it, but I held it and my cock in place. With my cock on top of the bottle I began to fuck Lucy from behind.

“Oh shit. Oh God. That’s it.” She moaned as I pumped her roughly. It did feel good. Her hot pussy stretched tight on the top of my dick and the cool hard hair spray bottle on the bottom. I looked down and saw her asshole scrunched up against my cock and I let a long line of spit drop from my mouth into her ass crack. Reaching down with my free hand I grabbed the back of her black hair and pulled her head back.

“You like that you slut? You like creeping into my bedroom and sucking my cock with your best friend sleeping next to me?” I pounded her hard as I whispered fiercely into her ear.

“Yes. Give it to me. I feel so full right now.” I responded with letting her head flop back down to the bed and grabbing her by the hips and fucking her like I was trying to kill her. Somewhere along the way the bottle of hair spray fell out, but I continued to pump away in her loose pussy until I felt ready to explode.

I grabbed my cock and pulled out. I leaned forward and pushed it’s head against her asshole and squeezed tight before sending thick ropes of cum against it. I pumped it with my fist, breathlessly, and I felt her push back against my cock and fist. I kept jacking it and gasped as her greedy asshole almost swallowed the tip. The heat from my cum and her wide open pussy rubbed against the knuckles of my fist.

I backed away wobbly legged. Lucy stayed where she was on the bed, a gaped, wet mess. Spent, I leaned back against the dresser, unsure if I should say anything or just go back to bed. When she spoke it surprised me a bit.

“I didn’t come yet.” She said as she wiggled her ass at me. I stood there for a moment before resigning myself to turning around and finding the bottle of lotion again.

Author’s note: This is an ultra short story (about 3 pages) of a chance encounter where two people got uniquely meaningful but very different benefits from their meeting. It was originally written as an exercise in brevity.

It happened in the most unlikely of places, one I rarely visit and one she visited for the first time, an adult bookstore.

I looked up from flipping through the threesome DVDs when she came in through the strings of beads separating the quick-stop market section from the “adults only” part of the business. Tall, brunette, beautiful and classy were stimulating enough to my immediately aroused senses, but it was beyond any reasonable expectation when she quickly examined the room and approached me.

“Want to buy me a drink?” she asked.

“Yes… I certainly do,” I responded with my heart trying to escape my chest through my throat. I tried my best not to let my astonishment and excitement show.

“What’s you name?” I asked.

“No names, please,” she told me, “just make one up for me.”

We had two drinks and danced to three slow songs at a nearby nightclub before I asked, “Would you like to go somewhere more private?”

By then, I had learned she was married, pissed off at her husband and some lucky guy was going to get a revenge fuck. I was just thankful she had picked me.

“Yes, I would,” she answered.

I shut the door to the motel room and kissed her without taking another step. Her lips were soft and her mouth wonderfully warm. I took a deep breath and kissed her again, tested her willingness to have her mouth explored by my tongue and found her very receptive. Three… four… I wasn’t counting… kisses later I unbuttoned her blouse and kissed down her neck.

“Yes… your mouth feels so good on my skin,” she encouraged me as I slowly worked my way down her neck and chest, kissing and nibbling my way toward her full, braless breasts. Just as I reached the upper slope of one of her beautiful tits, she took hold of my head and shoved my mouth onto her nipple.

“Oh god, I need this so much,” she told me.

“Come on,” she added as she led me to the bed, dropping her skirt at the edge. I took the time to strip naked and examine her delightful figure accented only with white stay-up hose and a matching lace thong panty. “Shaved,” I noticed.

I kissed her again on the bed and returned to her same breast, then moved to the other. As I sucked and teased her nipples with my teeth, exploring her turn-ons, she slipped her left hand into her tiny panty and began to stimulate her clit. From the attention both of us were giving her body, my unexpected date began to moan, toss her head about and slowly writhe with pleasure.

“Kiss me down there,” she invited.

“Thought you would never ask,” I joked.

“I’m so glad I found you… that it was you,” she told me with a glowing, warm smile from her lovely, flushed face.

I didn’t answer her with, “me too.” I just said the same thing back to her with a smile as I peeled the little lace panty down her luxuriously smooth thighs.

She bounced her butt on the bed and smeared my lips and tongue between her spread legs as she climaxed. “Oh god, this feels so good… so wrong… so fucking good,” she uttered in the heat of her orgasm.

“Thank you for doing that,” she whispered. We kissed again and snuggled for awhile as she cooled down.

“You are more than welcome, pretty lady,” I whispered back.

She rolled on top of me and kissed down my body, teasing me with her lips and tongue. I loved the way she stopped twice on her on the way to her destination and grinned joyfully up at me. Damn, she was beautiful. I was never so thankful for a cheating husband.

Her lips found the throbbing head of my cock, then her warm mouth and her hand joined in the pleasure. She wasn’t expert at cock sucking by any means, but given my state of arousal the job didn’t require a blue ribbon winner. At the end she just jacked me off and let my cum spray up onto her neck, chest and breasts.

“Don’t like the taste of cum?” I asked.

“Never could make myself taste it,” she answered, sitting on her lower legs still slowly stroking my cock.

I reached over and wiped a bit off her chest and sucked it off my finger. “It isn’t bad,” I suggested.

I wiped another streak off her breast and offered it to her. Her mouth opened almost reluctantly, slowly, before she leaned over and sucked my finger into her mouth.

“You’re right, not awful at all,” she said, seeming genuinely surprised. She moved her tongue around in her mouth and grinned just before she leaned over and sucked the last of my ejaculation off the head of my cock and stroked me to pump my cock dry.

“Ummmm, that feels wonderful,” I encouraged her, and pushed her just a bit, “Try swallowing some now… just so you can say you did.” She did.

With a newfound sense of pride she straddled me. My cock had stayed hard and she guided me into her warm, wet opening. To say she was delightful would be an understatement. She was driven, passionate and far beyond delightful. Whether her passion was out of frustration at her husband or simply from the joy we found together, I never really knew. Her inner motivations for the lusty expressions of affection she shared with me remained a secret.

We made love until around three or four that morning, showered and went to Denny’s for breakfast. Back at the motel by sunrise, we made wonderfully intimate love again.

“What happened in your marriage?” I finally asked for the details as we rested holding each other’s sweaty, heated bodies in the aftermath of our torrid love-making.

“I caught him with one of my friends,” she offered and drifted into deep thought for a few solemn moments. “I guess it was my fault. I have been such a prude. I only gave him oral sex once and wouldn’t let him come in my mouth. I didn’t event want his sperm on my skin. It seems crazy now, but I wouldn’t even touch his cum. Stupid huh?” she added.

“Well, kinda,” I told her, but gave her a reassuring hug to mitigate my concurrence.

“You are so nice,” she told me. “Sorry to use you like this.”

“I am glad you did,” I assured her and gave her a caring kiss and held her tight. I added, “I really like you. I’ll give you my number just in case he pisses you off again.”

“Thank you. I mean for everything,” she told me when I handed her my business card with my home number on the back. She hugged and kissed me with genuine affection.

I was out cold when she left and there wasn’t a note. After searching the room and seeing her car was gone out front, I snuggled up with her pillow and enjoyed the last joyful scent of her perfume.

She never did tell me her real name. “Laura Anne,” I finally decided to call her in my mind. The name seemed to fit the classy beauty well.

I think about her in the fondest way whenever I remember our chance meeting and the wonderful night that followed.

Oh, she did leave a voice mail for me later that day, saying, “You were perfect for me. Thank you so very much. I will always remember you.”

After her delightful voice ended and the machine clicked off, an overpowering silence filled the room.

“Me too, pretty lady,” I said out loud, “Me too.”

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