John joined the BDSM contact site, he wrote a thoughtful profile including the phrases Lisa had given him; chose a nice classy anonymous profile photo and set about compiling a hotlist of suitable members to contact. John sent winks and emails via the site, used the live chat and instant messaging features to build himself a network. One local-ish slut seemed friendly and another keen to meet in person but heeding Lisa’s advice John was taking time to build a rapport with them before committing to the inevitable magnetic sexual pull of physical proximity, he didn’t trust himself to resist that particular appeal just yet.

He was still frequenting his regular BDSM chat site and inspired by his resolve to find ‘the one’ made a new avatar; a grainy black and white image of a sub girl knelt in front of her master featuring the phrase;

‘It’s not the chains that keep the girl, it’s the fact she doesn’t want the key’ so far the new avatar was working attracting on-line subs for role play but none local….yet.

Lisa would pop into the chat room every now and then to see how he was doing, her screen name appearing in the ‘Gang Bang’ room one Sunday afternoon sporting a new avatar made from a GIF of a huge breasted porn star laying on her back titty fucking a monster cock; the GIF utilised the few frames featuring the copious cum shot and the look of mild shock and happiness on the porn star’s face as she was gifted a luxuriant pearl necklace. John smiled and shook his head, Lisa it seemed was enjoying her chatroom rebirth, but then she had always been an attention seeker.

The room was busy that day, the rain bounced down outside John’s window and from the spread of folks logged on it looked like it may be raining all over the world. A hot anal sex scene was playing out in public in the chatroom between a young female and a middle aged man, both of whom John was vaguely acquainted with, who were weaving a compelling narrative in graphic detail:

she – As you hold her hips and push into her ass with your thick, hard penis, her fingers spread against the floorboards, so that she sustains the weight of you both…the floor boards start to make a low, aching sound as you insert yourself in her fully and your hips start to slowly grind in deep, elaborate motions.

Due to having previously fucked her, your penis is slathered in her wet cunt juices, making the strokes so frictionless and easy now. Her ass gets wetter and wetter as you slowly slide yourself backwards and forwards through her sphincter, causing the moisture to spread with her growing heat, and she can feel you thrusting faster and faster.

She groans with a mixture of pleasure and pain, as you press her face against the floorboards, and control her head ‘Urgghhhh…yes Sir’.

Your hard hips collide repetitively with her buttocks as you pound into her, really starting to fuck her…you feel thick and heavy inside her, much thicker and heavier due to her tightness. When you slide yourself into her at the maximum depth you’ll reach, her ass is cupped around the very root of your hard cock……you seem to consume all the remaining and available space inside her, making her feel tight and invaded; so full of you.

The rhythmic slap of your hips slamming hard against her again and again can be heard loud and clear, like a metronome. She’s completely supporting the weight of your body as you mercilessly pound her from behind. Because of how thick you are, and due to the force you use on her, the strokes become smoother and smoother; there’s less and less resistance inside her…she feels soft and coated with cum; warm from the inside. It pleases her to know that you’re using this to your advantage.

She shimmies back against you with her ass encouragingly, secretly glowing with pride as you use her asshole to get yourself off….. almost. The reverie of her being a merely tool for you is brought into sharp relief by your hands sharply clapping against her flanks.

She groans as you wrap your thick fist around a hank of her hair and sharply yank her head backwards. This deepens the angle of your firm, ravaging strokes so that when you slide in your cock is even deeper in her ass. She feels the tip somewhere so far up inside her when you push that it feels close to her stomach. Your balls are crushed painfully up against her, you hold this position for several seconds before you let go of her, and let the energy flow into your hips to repeat the stroke again.

You have her hair so tight in your hands that the roots start to ache. She has her head thrown back in the direction where your hands are pulling her, so that with each hard, swift stroke, she’s following you. You control the pace, the depth, and her responses. Her skin feels tight from the hair-pulling as you roughly grasp hold of her and garner movements from her like a puppet. She’s not supporting her body with her hands anymore, because your hands do that for her but the pressure in her hips is unbelievably heavy, due to the incredible depth and frequency of your thrusts. Her sphincter already aching from having you inside her so long, the walls of her lower bowel burning hotly from the forceful friction. Nonetheless, she enjoys every single second of it.

He – He feels the way you instantly cave to his every desire, every movement..every tiny inch of flesh dancing as he directs your body onto his, using the strained opening to satisfy such a deep inner need. He knows soon he will reach his peak and her unyielding hole will milk his thick hot ooze from the balls which now collide with her body with almost enough force for penetration.

She – Mmmm….a deep, sexual purring escapes her – an animalistic groan. It’s certainly something that you don’t hear from a human. Everything – her position, the way she relaxes her muscles and shifts herself forwards on her hands and knees each time you release her hair, is like fucking a bitch. Your bitch. You grab her hair again and roughly pull her against you, gliding in now, re-coating yourself in her juices and burying your cock in the warmth and texture of her ass. The articulation of your hard thrusts and rough pulling lets her know that you are loving this – the ultimate turn on for her.

during this exchange the room had become quiet, users enraptured in the scene; Lisa had private messaged John urging him to talk to this woman, admiring her narrative skills. John replied that he had chatted generally with her before but they had not played and that she was a geology major at a small mid-western college and seemed very complicated. Lisa reminded him that complicated was definitely not butterfly-like and remarked that if her actions were anywhere near as sensual as her words then he would definitely be happy to hook up with her; sensual, masterful anal being his very favourite kink. John considered this and admitted that the college girl was in his cross-hairs and he was planning to get to know her more, slowly; new John style. John also remarked that her prose reminded him of Lisa’s and dared Lisa to join in with the scene; he grinned and leaned back to watch………sure enough she didn’t disappoint, a few seconds later her avatar flashed up in public:

Lisa – she feels him deep in her soul, their union is as one spirit chasing the waxing moon of their release. To her his seed spent deep in her bowels conveys her possession of him in totalis – the physical boundaries between them seem to dissolve as they enter the liminal state of his complete submission – he is hers.

John grinned widely and chuckled to himself; happy that he could still throw out the hook and reel her in! ‘Brava – you attention seeking whore *L*’ his next private message said; ‘Fuck you! And the whore you rode in on *wg*’ her reply came. The scene continued between the three of them now:

He – As he feels you transform around him he instinctively becomes aware of his duty to indulge himself completely in every part of you. Unwilling to relinquish his climax yet, he slows his thrusts…slowly easing out of your ass he kneels and pulls you against him; your scalp still tingles as he uses your pelt to guide you…standing now..pressed against you, your juices drip onto his hard-on as he slowly pushes you up against the wall and aligns himself once more with your anus still eager to have his cock in it’s crushing embrace…He feels your muscles relax into his whim once more and you feel his teeth firmly on your shoulder as he enters you anew…

She – She stands up, lets you lead her by the hair towards the wall, and then presses up against the cement, bent over a slightly to allow you access, hips raised. She can now feel you slowing down, dragging out the seconds as if to burn the memory of the sensation of her virgin ass onto your brain. She can feel you using friction to press more firmly against her tender tract, stroking your dick with the ribbed lining of her asshole. She smiles to herself at how forceful and present you feel pressing up against her from behind and holding her to the wall as she clenches around you one final time feeling your body quake in final release as you shoot, grunting animalistically, into her welcoming depths.

Lisa – he holds her physically as he glories in her body but his mind is hers; she spellbinds him with her depraved soul, her need for his glorious possession, his need to give her her wish. To cleave to her beautifully simple requirement to live and feel as a whole human being – would he ever be able to not do this now that he knows the deep satisfaction of it – and repeatedly again; knowing she needs it so? She has him in a trap forged from their joint desires and could break him if she chose to withdraw from his needs.

There she goes again thinks John, bringing the gift of submission and the blurred lines of the dynamic of control into play, he rolls his eyes, smiling.

He swiftly messages the college girl telling her how hard she has made him with her beautiful prose and apologises for Lisa’s intervention, admitting that it had been his idea as her writing style reminded him of Lisa’s. She hits back thanking him for his kind comments, tells him it’s her first time scening in public and that’s she’s very flattered by everyone’s praise. She also tells him that Lisa had also praised her style and after seeing the two interjections she’d made she’s going to think more about the dynamics of the control in the scene – she’s never had a sexual experience as intense in reality but she craves it so.

John smiled and replied that she has lots of time to answer her soul’s needs, indulge her true nature, explore the lifestyle that could lie ahead of her but that she should be sure of her partner before she acts, he writes:

‘ your submission is the ultimate gift little one, yours to give not his to take – you are trusting him with your pleasure – it’s such a freedom, such a release but don’t go around giving it to just anyone – there has to be a deep understanding before the heightened state can be reached.

Make no mistake you are in control – a submissive always is, spellbinds her Master/Dom, controls everything – you need, he gives – delicious irony’

Lisa would be proud of his words here.

She replies that she’s never really thought of it in that way before but that she definitely will give it some thought now; she’s intrigued. John tells her to take her time, to try to separate lust from need and to isolate her driving urges – maybe make some notes and they’ll talk again if she wants to. She thanks him and confides that the scene she played in the room has made her so wet and horny and more eager to try such sensual play in real time.

John reiterates that a Dominant/submissive relationship takes ultimate trust and a deep understanding of each other – not something to be played at or with someone you don’t know well in real time, it’s all consuming and the participants have to be stable and grounded – those who speak of playing really are doing just that, playing; it’s not a game when emotions run as high as the writing here today suggests. His college girl types *blushing* and he smiles as he wishes her well and she promises to speak to him soon.

A seed is sown; he wonders what kind of bloom may grow here – heat grows in his loins as he re-reads the scene in the word document he’s copied it to. John allows himself to fixate on the mental images the college girl’s fantasy paints and slowly, luxuriously, strokes himself to a mind-blowingly intense climax imagining himself balls deep in her virgin asshole, their souls connected in perverse need.

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