chastity cage

Michael knocked quietly on Karen’s back door exactly at eight. He’d been late once. Only once. And even now he wasn’t certain which had stung more, the spanking she had given him right there on the steps, or the shame of the fast handjob she had given him inside his pants before sending him away for two full weeks without any contact. After that he was never late.

Almost immediately, he saw the lights inside the patio door brighten her family room. The sliding door opened six inches, stopped there by a safety bar.

“Clothes,” she said in a flat direct tone.

Obediently, Michael stripped. He passed each article through the gap and watched as Karen placed them inside an old army barrack box beside the opposite door post. He knew that once she was done, the box would be locked, and a chain would secure it to a heavy ring screwed into the wall. When he passed his pants to the waiting women she checked to make sure both wallet and car keys were in the pockets. He wasn’t going anywhere until she was done with him.

Naked, Michael watched the lock click shut. Only then was the safety bar was released and the door slid further open.

“Get inside slut,” she growled softly.

“Yes ma’am,” Michael replied quietly as he stepped over the threshold.

Moving well into the room away from the door, he immediately he sank to his knees, and placed his hands behind the small of his back. Karen slid the door closed and walked around the naked man. She moved to stand in front of him and inspected his submissive form.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she said, “I’m hungry and you’re my dessert tonight.”

Michael remained silent, he’d learned to wait until a question was asked before he spoke. It was one of the first lessons Karen taught him on these late visits, but one he took care to remember. He looked up and met her gaze, she liked her subs with a bit of defiance in their own eyes, obedience was required, but an underlying strength was also desired of them.

Karen wore a well-used set of medical scrubs. Originally blue, but now faded from many washings, the legs had been cut off at the knees of the loose pants. The shirt was similarly abused, the sleeves torn away and the front ripped downwards at the centre to expose her deep cleavage. Michael could see the way her large soft breasts swung under the thin fabric, her nipples, already hard with anticipation, clearly evident.

Smiling slyly, Karen stepped forward. Carefully, she buckled a soft leather collar around Michael’s neck. Obediently, following long practice, Michael raised his arms to watch her buckle a leather manacle around each wrist. She then dropped two more on the floor in front of him.

“Put those on and follow me.”

Michael sat quickly to buckle the last two manacles around his ankles, then he rose and followed Karen to the stairs. She led him up to the big en-suite bathroom she had recently renovated. Tiled from floor to ceiling, the entire room resembled a spacious shower stall, and could actually be used as such if she desired to swing the shower extension around freely.

As she stepped into the bright white room, Karen hooked a finger through the collar ring and drew Michael forward. Positioning him in front of the wide vanity, with the one sink well to his side, she pulled his head downwards until he rested his forearms on the counter atop a thick towel waiting there for that purpose. Working quickly, Karen separated his feet and positioned him just where she wanted him.

“It time to clean out out my little slut,” she said cheerily.

Michael gasped as Karen’s lubricated thumb slid into his unprepared ass. Even before he started to adjust to the intrusion it disappeared, only to be replaced by a plug of some sort. He didn’t have to wonder long what the new intruder was when he heard the soft sounds of an inflation bulb. He felt the inner bulb swelling against his prostate just inside the sphincter as the expanding ring sealed the plug in his ass. The next sound he heard was a simple rush of fluid.

The first enema was two litres of warm soapy water. As it began to drain into his body Karen reminded him not to move and she left the room, flicking the light off as she exited to leave him in darkness to ponder how much she was giving him and how long he would be holding it.

She was back in only ten minutes, and quickly took him through sealing off the plug, and then letting him release the water as she stood in the doorway and smiled at his embarrassment.

“Again,” she said.

This time she made him wait twenty minutes. Twenty long minutes bent over with three litres of warm soapy water filling his intestines. The cramps were starting to become painful when his kinky nurse returned and let him evacuate the liquid from his guts. He was hoping that was all, but it was not to be.

“Again,” Karen announced.

This time she used only a litre of fluid, warm olive oil filled Michael’s bottom. Karen watched it all drain into his ass, remaining beside him and shutting off the feed tube when it was done. With a few squeezes she ensured that the plug and the enema would remain secure inside his ass. Then she turned and without a word, left her slut bent over in the dark to wait once again.

Waiting was easier with such a small volume of fluid. That and the stimulation of the plug was enough to turn Michael’s mind to kinkier thoughts. As he pondered what Karen might have in mind for his thoroughly cleaned ass, his cock grew and started to drip slowly.

The light came on as Michael slipped deeper into his fantasy contemplation. A sharp crack of a firm hand on one ass cheek brought him out of his reverie.

“You are suck a fucking slut,” Karen said, “You can’t wait ten minutes with a plug in your ass without getting so horny you start to drip everywhere. Stand up!”

Michael stood up and Karen could see the state of his arousal. His hard cock stood proud from his body and another long thin droplet of precum was ready to fall from its tip.

Sighing with her displeasure at his state, Karen guided Michael through the expelling of the last enema, then directed him to sit on the vanity counter where he had previously been bending over. Spreading his legs, Karen fastened a three-foot spreader bar between his ankle manacles. Once that was done, Karen pulled out the drawer directly in front of him. Leaning back as she grabbed his ankles, Michael braced his upper back against the wall as Karen raised the spreader bar to rest on the drawer, held in place by the raised edge of the front panel, which she had reinforced for the purpose.

Michael watched as Karen placed a stool in front of him and went to work with the prepared contents of the drawer. First, she brought out a razor and shaving cream. Michael’s cock throbbed as she held it out of the way to run her razor over the already smooth skin of his balls and down towards his asshole.

He moaned softly as she wiped everything clean with a soft warm wet cloth. And then gasped as she dropped a cold wet cloth in its place. With dripping ice water, Karen reduced Michael’s erection to softness.

With her plan in motion, she quickly unrolled a condom over his soft cock, and then assembled a rigid plastic chastity cage around his genitals before his erection could start to return.

“That’s better,” she said cheerily, “there will be no more messy dripping.”

Lowering the spreader bar from the top of the open drawer, Karen lowered Michael’s legs until he was again sitting on the edge of the counter. She reached down and unclipped the two ends of the bar.

“Follow,” she said bluntly as she stood and, still carrying the spreader bar, walked out of the room.

Michael followed her into the big adjoining bedroom. Karen had designed it for play, with sturdy furniture designed to bind her submissive subjects in a variety of ways. Michael remembered the ways she had bound him to the heavy oak coffee table, and bit his lip softly as he looked at the bondage chair on one wall and the massage table positioned against the opposite of the room. He didn’t linger, however, as Karen led him to the massive platform bed.

It was a four-poster bed, but so much more than that. Each post was a full 4 by 4 piece of lumber, highly varnished and adorned with a variety of rings and hooks for her devilish games. The headboard, if it could be called such, was a series of equally sturdy crossbars that stretched the width of the bed every foot or so from the mattress to the ceiling. Each crossbar was also generously adorned with rings for Karen’s ropes and chains.

Karen directed Michael to lay down on his back in the centre of the bed. She drew a strap up from the base on each side to bind his hands straight outward from each shoulder. Then, she clipped the spreader bar back between his ankles.

As a final touch she clipped another rope to each end of the spreader bar. Standing on the bed, Michael watched as she moved over him and threaded the ropes through rings in the upper sides of the bed’s ceiling level frame, then back down to hook into a chain beside the headboard.

“You’ll like this part,” she whispered to her bound sub.

With a push of a button, a soft whirring noise filled the room, almost too soft to hear. It was the humming of a small motor the drew the chain, and the connected ropes taut. Karen watched withn a smile as Michael realized this mechanical advantage would let Karen move and reposition him however she liked with a few ropes and pulleys.

Slowly his legs rose, kept spread wide by the bar. The roped pulled them up over his head, and with his shoulder tight to the mattress by his wrist bondage, Michael’s ass was raised, spread and exposed for Karen’s attention. She left him in that position, but wasn’t finished preparing her slut.

Karen crawled onto the bed and moved close to Michael’s ass. She looked down past his caged cock at his face and confirmed that he was still comfortable.

Then her strong hand slid along the crack of his ass. The ball of her thumb slowly massaged his tight hole and she smiled as she though of her next move. Then she raised a small bottle from her side up to where Michael could see it.

“I thought a bit of extra flavour would be nice,” she said with an evil glint in her eye, “I’ve got some very nice olive oil here, and it’s been nicely enriched with some hot pepper and ginger.”

Michael’s eyes went wide as he realized her intentions. Even as his brain was putting it together, Karen drizzled the oil into the crack of his ass and poured a liberal portion right onto his asshole. With the ball of her thumb, Karen massaged the oil in, and fed it inwards to cover and lubricate Michael’s asshole with its slipperiness. The reminder that she had poured out she spread along the crack of his ass and liberally coated his exposed scrotum.

“There,” she said, “you marinate for a while, and I’ll get changed into something more appropriate for such fine dining.”

Michael lay still and quiet for almost ten minutes. Then the heat of the peppers and ginger stated working on his most sensitive areas. With a continuous and steadily increasing burning like that which followed a meal of spicy foods, he was soon moaning and writhing against his bonds. But Karen’s bondage was effective, and he could do no more than moan and struggle. Which is exactly how she expected to, and did, find him on her return.

Karen took her time to walk around the bed and examine her slut when she returned. Michael turned his head to watch her. Silent, he pleaded with his eyes for his release, anything to stop the torment of the hot oil in his ass.

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere yet,” she said knowingly.

Karen was dressed for dinner. A short black dress exposed her generous cleavage, hugged her curves and barely hid her shaved pussy when she stood up straight and pulled it down to its full length. Her hair was done up in a thick bun at the back of her head, with two black lacquered chopsticks stuck through the bun at right angles to hold it in place. Her lips were painted in a bright gloss red and her eyes were shadowed with smoky grey shades. On her legs were black fishnet stockings. The tight elastic tops of the stockings were secure enough that she could skip the garters, but they did leave a few inches of exposed though below the hem of her dress. Finally, on her feet, though unseen by Michael, were a pair of black patent leather pumps with 5 inches of stiletto heel.

“Now,” she said finally, “I’m ready for my dessert, and you’re it.”

With that she kicked off her pumps, crawled onto the bottom of the bed and knelt a foot or so away from Michael’s raised ass. With strong hands, Karen reached for his ass cheeks and, curling her fingertips in towards his flexing asshole, spread his cheeks and lowered her face to his waiting hole.

With a deep sigh of contentment, Karen licked across Michael’s ass, tasting the mix of his fresh sweat and the oils she had spread there.

Michael’s moan of lust was unmistakable as he felt her tongue slide across his asshole. It was enough to make him break his ordered silence.

“More,” he begged.

“He can pay for that later,” Karen thought, as she went to work with unmitigated hunger and lust of her own.

Licking, pressing inwards, adding fingertips to the fray as needed. It wasn’t long before she was fucking Michael’s ass with her strong tongue. Feeding off his most private flesh as his cock struggled and strained in its confining cage. He moaned each time her tongue thrust into his ass. He moaned each time he felt a thick droplet of precum squeeze through his caged shaft into the condom.

Karen added to Michael’s torments by supplementing her thrusting tongue with one hand massaging his exposed balls. She smiled inwardly each time she felt his muscles contract as his cock fought the cage and his body kept trying to pump precum through its constricting curve. he other hand slid around his chest, her nails, slick with oil slipping across his hard nipples while she feasted on her bound slut.

Occasionally her own needs took over and one hand would slide down between her own spread thighs. Fingers would slide deep into her wet pussy, fucking herself hard until she enjoyed one minor orgasm after another, the physical sensation a small trigger after the intense arousal she felt from preparing and dominating the bound man she had at her mercy.

Karen slowed her licking and knelt up. She looked down at the visage of lust and need that enveloped Michael. His eyes wide with desire, his mouth open with his continual panting and moaning. She smiled as she watched him lick dry lips. And smiled again as she saw that her bright lipstick was smeared all around her slut’s open asshole.

Slowly she backed away from him and slid off the bed. Moving more quickly once she was on her feet, Karen went to the side of the bed and, ducking under one rope holding Michael’s feet in the air, moved on her knees between his raised legs.

Michael watched as she moved forward, her knees sliding outwards to the corners of his shoulders as the warmth and wetness of her pussy lowered itself over his own waiting mouth. He slid his tongue upwards, into her dripping wetness as he felt her lean forward and thrust her own tongue back into his ass. For another long session, Michael struggled to kiss and lick Karen as she drove him crazy with the lusty tonguing she gave his ass.

Again and again she came on his face, coating him with her copious fluids. Michael swallowed all that he caught in his mouth and felt the rest dripping down the sides of his face and down his chin to soak his neck. Karen was lost in her own lust as she ate his ass with vigor and experienced multiple orgasm from the thrusting tongue she rode.

Finally, her body need a break and Karen broke contact. Rising carefully, she straightened and also lifted her well-licked pussy from Michael’s diligent tongue.

Collapsing backwards onto the top of the mattress she reached out to stroke Michael’s nipples and to trace his wet lips with her fingertips.

“You are one sexy slut,” she said softly, “and I spent all day dreaming about eating that sexy ass of yours. But I bet you still want that slutty ass of yours fucked, don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am,” Michael begged softly, “please.”

She slid off the bed and activated the motor to lower his legs back to the mattress. Leaving his hands secured, Karen unclipped the spreader bar and, leaving Michael to gingerly flex and relax his legs, slipped from the room.

It took about 15 minutes for Michael to get his breathing under control and to the point where his legs were relaxed fully. That was also about the time Karen walked back into the room, changed and ready for action.

She wore a tight leather vest that wrapped her breasts deliciously, her deep cleavage fully exposed through the taut leather lacing the held the vest closed. On her lower body she wore a tight pair of blue jeans over which was her harness. It was the harness and it’s attachment that immediately held Michael’s attention.

Black silicone. Long. Thick. Michael moaned as he watched her lift the bulky dildo and stroke it slowly. With a finger to her lips she demanded quiet.

“Ten inches,” she said, as if she was describing the characteristics of a new blender, “an inch and three-quarters in diameter, it’s not quite anatomically correct, but I think you’ll like the feel of this head as it slips inside. And I want you to take every bit of it slut. If you do I might let you cum. If not, I may make you walk home wearing nothing but that cage.”

With that warning, Karen slid onto the bed between Michael’s spread legs. Lifting his knees, she stroked the head of her hard cock, polishing it with lubricant.

Then she positioned it under his balls and with one hand, guided the head to Michael’s relaxed ass. With a single solid thrust, and a gasp from Michael, she sank half of its length deep in his ass.

“Ask for it bitch,” she growled.

“Please ma’am,” he begged again, “please fuck me with your big cock,”

“You are such a slut,” she smiled, and slowly started to drive the dildo deeper and deeper.

Within a few minutes it was in. Ten solid inches of Karen’s cock filled Michael’s ass, and he still begged for more in his lustful unawareness of their success.

“Shhhh,” Karen whispered, “that’s all of it my slut, your hungry ass ate every inch. Maybe ll have to find a bigger one for the next time you want to be this needy.”

Smiling, she reached into her back pocket and withdrew a small brass key.

With glazed eyes, Michael watched as she unlocked and dismantled the chastity cage to free his straining cock. Immediately, his erection grew to hardness under her fingertips. With the condom still capturing each drop of precum she stroked him gently.

“Does Mikey want to cum now?”

“Yes please ma’am,” he croaked hoarsely.

Rocking her hips, Karen starting fucking his ass with a slow solid three to four inch stroke of the thick dildo. Once she had a satisfying rhythm going, she started stroking Michael’s straining cock with a matching pace. Michael started trying to rock his hips to hurry the pace of her stroking, which served to add to the fucking he was receiving too.

“Do you want it faster slut,” she asked.

“Yes,” he begged, “please make me cum.”

Smiling, Karen increased the pace of both her hips and her fingers. With a solid grasp of Michael’s cock she very quickly had him spurting, his hot cum joining the result of hours of dripping precum in the tip of the condom.

With his orgasm subsiding Michael collapsed in place. Karen slid the dildo most of the way out, then released the harness while the rounded head of her cock remained inside Michael’s ass. He watched with lidded eyes as she moved up to sit beside him on the mattress. Then her hands reached out and she very carefully slid the condom from his softening cock, making sure to catch every bit of his cum that she could squeeze from his cock.

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