I stumbled out onto the street. I was completely naked. It was night out. The world was blurry. Falling to my knees on the pavement, I desperately sorted out my thoughts.

Due to my sexual urges I had foolishly accepted an ad to pose naked for an artist. What had started as a simple nude modeling session quickly turned into bondage as I — though admittedly turned on — allowed the artist to tie me up in a chair. It was a sexual piece after all, but it also got me extremely turned on. At that point I would have let him do anything to me.

As I got hornier, I allowed him to blindfold me. From there he made me crawl to the front window where passerby’s on the street stopped to watch as I was then tied in the doggy position. Then, unbeknownst to me, several men approached, while others watched in the shadows. I was then forcibly raped in all my holes by several anonymous men while the artist painted it all. Those watching outside thought it was a great show.

I must admit, I loved it.

But then, happily dazed by what had happened, the artist had untied me and escorted me outside with the demand that I return the next day.

Now, covered in cum and butt naked, I realized I was locked outside. With none of my possessions.

Voices drew near. In a panic I ran back to the artist’s door and pounded on it quickly.

“Let me in! Please!”

Nothing. I saw people’s shadows cast by the moonlight rounding the corner. I ran from the door and ducked behind a dumpster. A large group of belligerent men wandered by. Drunk. They passed by and rounded another corner. I breathed a sigh of relief. Then shivered. It was freezing.

Trying to cover myself, I rose and walked back to the door. The lights were all off inside.


I lived forty minutes away on foot, with my parents no less, being only twenty years old. I contemplated staying somewhere nearby and hiding out for the night, but it was a dangerous neighborhood, one that I didn’t know well enough. I cursed myself for not thinking this all the way through. With a sigh, I turned around.

There stood four large men, watching me quietly. I froze. Their eyes were locked on my body. One stepped forward.

“Fuck boy, your body is fucking incredible. You lose a dare?”

Another snickered.

“Jared, he’s got cum all over him. He’s just asking to be touched.”

Jared nodded slowly.

“I think so. Come here boy. I want to see you up close.”

My heart pounded in my chest. The men didn’t look too dangerous. But if it came to a fight, they were big guys. I had only one option. In a flash I was gone, racing down the street. Their furious cries followed me. My long, muscled legs carried me down the street. A car roared by, honking. I peeled off left and darted through a park. Ducking behind a bush I exhaled. My heart was still pounding.

This was crazy. Trying to slow my heavy panting, I crouched and looked over the bushes. The four men were just catching up. I waited with baited breath as they crossed the gate to the park, but exhaled as they went past. Safe.

A noise behind me caused me too turn — too late.


The sound echoed through the air. He had snuck up behind me, a homeless man, carrying a shopping bag. Smiling widely, his toothless mouth gaped at me. Backing away in horror, I went back over the bush.


This time a body crashed into me, bearing me to the ground. The air was instantly knocked out of me. I had no chance. Arms held me down as I tried to wiggle away, my face smashed against the grass. Jared crouched by my head.

“This nice homeless man gave you away, boy. That’s unfortunate. You were pretty fast, too. Strong. We like that.” He rose and motioned to the homeless man to come forward. “We owe you, take your time.”

I was hauled to my knees. Jared pointed at the man’s ragged pants and turned away.

“Ethan.” The man holding me on the right grunted. “Make sure he keeps his mouth open. I don’t want him hurting our new friend.” I gaped in shock.

“WHAT? No, you can’t do this too me. Please. Look, just let me go, I can pay you. I can!”

Jared raised his hand.

“Ok. $3,000. Right now. And we’ll let you go.” I stared at him incredulously.

“Obviously I don’t hav-” Jared grabbed the homeless man and dragged him in front of me.

“No! I’ll get it, please, I pr-”

Jared grabbed my face roughly.

“Look whore, we’re drunk, you’re stuck. Just let the night happen. We’ll try to be gentle.”

The homeless man’s pants hit the ground. His penis, uncircumcised was a mere five inches. Not too much. I looked at Jared desperately, asking quietly,


The homeless man smiled his toothless smile again and looked to Jared who nodded.

“Have fun.”

The cock hovered in front of my mouth. Even a few inches away I could smell the unwashed stench. For a moment, I thought about making another break for it, but the two men holding seemed to sense that and held me tighter.

I had no choice.

I slowly opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth. Immediately it started to grow. Bigger and bigger.

“Jesus!” Jared laughed. “This guy isn’t poor in this regard. Go man go!

The cock filled my mouth, gagging me immediately. It leapt to nine inches. His hips went back and forth, thrusting his manhood deep into my throat. I couldn’t do anything but take it.

The men who held me started to get turned on, their hands starting to wander on my body. One hand dropped along my stomach to my cock. His hand wrapped around the shaft and started to jerk me off. I moaned, both in anger and pleasure. I heard another belt unbuckled and a zipper drop.

Hands pushed me forward onto hands and knees and another long cock shaft was inserted between my butt cheeks. It went up and down, softly at first, then harder, as the hands pushed my cheeks together. Jared laughed again.

“This is going to be a fun night for you. Your ass will never be the same.” I gagged on the cock again. I couldn’t breath. The homeless man’s stench overwhelmed me and I felt like passing out. A mouth started trailing down my spine, kissing roughly. Teeth bit into my ass.

“Once we’ve all had our way with your holes, we’re gonna tie you up in the park. It’s only eleven at night. More people will be coming here to sleep. They’ll find you. And they’ll have their way with you. All of them.”

I was losing control. My cock was rock hard. Just like before, I didn’t want it, but my body needed it. The cock between my ass cheeks withdrew. It felt massive. Then the tip pressed against my tight asshole. NO! About to lose myself, I felt an enormous moan rising.

Then a siren cut the air.

“Shit!!!” The men pulled up their pants and took off. In a moment they were gone into the night. The homeless man kept his cock in my mouth for a moment longer then retreated as well — his shifty eyes never leaving me. I fell onto the ground, completely exhausted. Two cops ran over.

“Sir, should we go after them?”

“No, they’re gone. We got the prostitute, that’s more important.”

“Should I call it in?”

I laid still, only half aware of their conversation. A pause.

“No. I’ll take him in. You head back to the rounds, Edwards. I’ll meet you at midnight.

“Yes, sir.”

Footsteps retreated and a body crouched by mine. Heavy, shiny black boots stepped in front of me. Glancing up, I saw an ugly mustached face looking down on me with a smirk.

“Let’s have a little interrogation, shall we?”

His hand settled on my ass. I moaned in sorrow.


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