Phoebe opened the door of Monica’s and Chandler’s apartment and saw Rachel standing there with Ross.

“And that makes three!” Phoebe exclaimed.

Rachel just smiled at her and proceeded to enter the apartment with Ross following her. She saw Monica standing by the television with Joey and Chandler sitting on the sofa.

“We’re here!” Rachel announced redundantly.

“Honestly, Rach,” Monica said, “I can’t believe you knocked.”

“Yeah, well, guess I’m still kind of nervous.”

“Nothing to be nervous about,” Phoebe said now taking a good look at Ross’s face. He was wearing a nice pair of tight jeans and a designer sweater top. Rachel noticed this.

“Are you sure he’s out?” Rachel asked her blonde friend. Rachel was wearing one of her old short black skirts that went down just past her knees along with a tight white top. She also had on some black heels along with a pair of dark stockings. There was also a diamond necklace hanging around her neck that she was toying with. In her other hand was a shopping bag filled with her personal things.

“You did everything I said, right?” Phoebe asked.

“Yeah,” Rachel replied. “He kept staring at the diamond as I was swinging it between my breasts.”

“Yeah, he’s out,” Phoebe said as she then turned to look at Rachel.

“It doesn’t take much,” Phoebe told her as she smiled at her sandy blonde friend. Phoebe was wearing one of her paisley pullover tops along with a dark skirt. She was not wearing heels but her normal slip on shoes, but underneath her skirt were also some tan stockings covering her legs.

“I guess not,” Rachel said. It hadn’t been the first time she had seen Ross hypnotized but it was definitely going to be different from when they were dating and went to Atlantic City for a weekend.

“Tits!” Phoebe then said to her.

“Huh?” Rachel responded confused.

“You were swinging your diamond necklace between your tits.” Phoebe emphasized. “You got to get into the mood.”

“Oh, I’m in the mood all right,” Rachel told her now licking her lips and looking down at her tits. It was pretty clear that she was in the mood with her nipples poking out through her top.

“You have to admit this is definitely going to be something different.”

“A night to remember,” Phoebe assured her. Then she turned her attention back to Ross and handed him a bottle of sports drink.

“Ross, I want you to go sit down on the sofa with the other guys and enjoy your beverage.”

“Okay,” Ross responded automatically and proceeded towards the sofa.

“They all have sports drinks,” Phoebe informed Rachel. “And Chandler has had three already.”

“Okay,” Rachel said not sure of the meaning.

As Ross went over to the sofa Monica came around the sofa passing her brother and moving towards Phoebe and Rachel in the kitchen. She was wearing one of her tight blue blouses that accentuated her tits very well. She also had on a short dark skirt just like Rachel as well a pair of heeled black stilettos with stockings also running up her legs. Rachel looked at her friend’s tits as they bounced underneath the blouse and noticed that her nipples were hard as well.

“You got your stuff?” Monica asked Rachel indicating the contents inside her bag.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure why I brought them. Seems like we have everything we need here already.” She was looking at the kitchen table which was filled with an assortment of adult toys. There were dildos, vibrators, ticklers, butt plugs, handcuffs, rope, a bullwhip, bottles of oil, blindfolds, and even an enema bag with a long tube attached to it.

“You can never have too much stuff,” Phoebe told her.

“I guess,” Rachel said still amazed at all the stuff.

“Okay,” Phoebe then continued. “We’re ready to start?”

Monica and Rachel looked at each other, they were horny as hell. They both looked at Phoebe and could tell she was really getting into it. It was only a little harder to see their blonde friend’s nipples poking out from her top.

Monica and Rachel had agreed to this with Phoebe the week before and it took that long to get everything arranged so the night could happen for the six of them. They both knew that Phoebe was the instigator of what was about to happen and they knew she would want some enthusiasm going into it.

“You bet!” “Absolutely!” They chimed out together. Already they could feel their pussies getting moist as well.

“I hope your pussies are getting nice and wet now,” Phoebe then said to them as if reading their minds and bodies, “I know mine is.”

The guys were completely unaware of anything going on as they were all hypnotized.

“All right, let’s get rolling,” Phoebe said as she went to lock the front door.

“The curtains are drawn and our sexual fantasies are ready!”

Monica and Rachel now just nodded in agreement to their blonde friend. Phoebe then went to the kitchen counter and picked up two of three video cameras.

“Let’s get our cameras and get in place,” she said.

Each of the girls picked up a similar looking video camera and held it in the palm of one hand. They each then turned them on.

“We have four hours of video time to use, we don’t have to use all of it but just so you know. The batteries should last long enough.”

“Wow,” Rachel said looking over her camera still nervously and excited, “Four hours of non-stop sex.’

“More if we recharge the batteries,” Monica said without thinking.

Phoebe then pointed to a large plastic container of ice sitting in the sink.

“There are drinks available in case you need them and food will be available in case you need that too for energy.”

Rachel was now peering through the viewfinder of her camera. “Wow Mon, she sounds just like you.”

“I know,” the brunette answered. “I think she’s done this sort of thing before.” Monica looked back over at the guys and couldn’t believe how oblivious they were to what was about to happen. Even though she was nervous she couldn’t wait to get started and see them all naked with their hard cocks, especially the cock of her brother Ross.

“Don’t be silly,” Phoebe told them unconvincingly. “This is a once in a lifetime event,” she said again. Phoebe too was a little bit nervous but she knew she had to keep charge or else the whole thing might fall apart. She wasn’t too worried though, she had a pretty good idea that once things got started the inhibitions would fall away quick enough. She and her close girlfriends had always shared many things among them but last week was especially revealing. They were sitting around bored in Monica and Chandler’s apartment while the boys were at a hockey game. Talk turned to sex, as it usually did when they were together, and they continued to learn a lot about their sexual habits with guys. Phoebe learned more about the other two than they did of her but she was good at doing that. She knew how horny and sexually perverted they could be and she thought now was as good a time as any to see how far things really could get. Ross and Rachel weren’t dating each other at this time but Rachel would always tell things about how they still flirted with each other from time to time. She also revealed how kinky they used to get when they did date years ago. Monica was pretty open about her sex life with Chandler to Phoebe and Rachel after a few glasses of wine and sometimes she would even surprise Phoebe with a story or two. Phoebe herself was primed for some intense sexual action since she hadn’t had any since this little event got rolling. She wasn’t dating anyone specific at the time either, just like Rachel, and she didn’t mind a little planning and a little hypnotizing to get something really special going with her closest friends.

Phoebe did have to teach Monica and Rachel hypnotism and how to use it on each guy. It didn’t take too long and guys were pretty easy subjects. She thought Ross would be the hardest with his scientific mind and all but she also knew that if Rachel flirted with him in just the right way that it could be easy enough. Joey was easy and Phoebe had him out quick in his apartment that he shared with Rachel. She didn’t even have to get weird about anything, she just showed Joey an electric ball with a dancing light inside it for a few seconds and he was out.

Monica had nearly as easy a time with Chandler as he had been tired from working all day and that only helped when she used a laser light on the wall. He just kept looking at it going round and round until he was in Monica’s power.

Rachel went over to Ross’s apartment earlier in the evening wearing her outfit and the diamond necklace. They had a couple of glasses of wine talking about things and soon afterward she could tell that Ross was getting slightly aroused as she kept playing with her necklace and brushing her tits with her hands and hair. It was easy for her to get her nipples hard enough for him to see them. Between the drinking of wine between them, and the light shining off the diamond around her neck and her nipples showing through her tight white top, it was easy to get Ross relaxed enough to lull him into a state of controlled consciousness. Phoebe had taught Rachel the words to say in order to get him under her control and she was a bit surprised when it appeared to have happened. Rachel was pretty proud of herself after she knew Ross was under her power.

Phoebe was proud how well her girlfriends had done. Everything was going just as planned. She thought about how after the evening was over that the guys would never remember a thing. But it would still be all recorded on video. That was also Phoebe’s idea and surprisingly enough she didn’t get any arguments from her Monica or Rachel. It was going to be the first time they were all going to see each other naked and fucking each other’s brains out and the girls agreed that it seemed like something they would want to keep on tape. They swore that they would never show it to anyone else but maybe that someday they would let the guys in on the secret night. With all this planning going on Phoebe couldn’t help but wonder if it really had to be a one night thing. If things went really well then maybe it could happen more often and maybe with other people as well. She didn’t know who else she would want to include but she knew the possibilities were endless.

“One last thing,” Phoebe then said nearly killing the moment. She looked directly at her friends.

“Its best if we forget about who these guys are to us. Mon, Chandler is no longer you boyfriend. Rachel, Ross is no longer your ex-boyfriend.”

“Then who are they?” Rachel asked.

“They are all your boy toys. Remember that you can do anything you want to get your rocks off. That’s what this is all about.”

Monica and Rachel both smiled wickedly as they liked the sound of this.

“They are not going to do anything they wouldn’t normally want to do anyways. That’s what makes hypnotism safe. So the only rule is that if they don’t want to do something, don’t try to force them. It won’t be good.”

Rachel and Monica again nodded to this. They had been over it before but were glad to hear it again. Each of them really didn’t know what they were going to do but they knew that they were going to fuck and get fucked like they never had before. They each wanted to know how far they would go.

“Phoebe,” Monica then said, “is Ross still my brother?”

Her blonde friend gave the biggest smile, “You bet your sweet tight ass he is.”

Monica’s knees nearly went out under her hearing this. It’s what she wanted and she knew it, but the thing was that both Rachel and Phoebe also knew it. They didn’t talk about it too much for fear of it becoming a problem, but they all knew that Monica was going to try and get it on with her brother Ross tonight. If he objected in his hypnotic state then adjustments would be made, but that was yet to be seen to happen.

The girls were ready now and they moved over towards the sofa and stood side by side, each holding a video camera, between the television and the coffee table of the apartment where the guys could clearly see them.

Joey sat closest to the balcony window with Chandler next to him and Ross on the end. The girls stood so that Phoebe was in front of Joey, Monica was in front of Chandler, and Rachel was in front of Ross. They looked nearly completely innocent standing there in front of the guys who remained contently quiet without too much concern about what was going on. They each had a sports drink that was either in their hands or sitting on the coffee table.

“Hello guys,” Phoebe said to them, and then she thought of something else.

“Okay, just so were clear, you each remembered exactly what I told you to tell them, right?”

“Yeah,” Monica and Rachel said again together.

“They are to obey every command from any female voice they hear.”

Again, Monica and Rachel nodded in agreement.

“Good,” Phoebe said. “Then let’s get one of the most important ones out of the way.” She then turned to the guys again who looked at her with expressionless faces.

“Ross, Chandler, Joey, hear me now, you are not to have an orgasm unless you are first given permission by one of us.”

“Okay.” “Sure.” “Yeah.” They said to her.

“No coming, no ejaculating, no squirting, nothing from your dicks unless we tell you.”

Now the guys just nodded at her in agreement.

Monica and Rachel were each surprised a little by Phoebe’s thoroughness, but it was definitely something they wanted to be in control of. The guys were going to have hard dicks, they knew that, but they wanted their orgasms to be reserved for very specific moments.

And now Phoebe put her video camera down on the coffee table and picked up a small container that had some pills in it. She took out two blue ones and gave one to Joey and Ross instructing them to swallow it.

Monica and Rachel had a pretty good idea what they were.

“Why doesn’t Chandler get one?” Monica asked.

“I have a little something special planned for your Chandler,” Phoebe told her smiling. Monica didn’t say anything to this.

“He’ll get one soon enough though,” Phoebe told her and that made Monica smile.

Phoebe then took two more pills from the container which were white and handed each one to Rachel and Monica.

“Those,” Phoebe instructed them, “will help get you through tonight.” Monica and Rachel looked at each other not expecting this. They also had a pretty good idea what these pills were as well.

“Why don’t you get one?” Monica asked.

Phoebe just smiled at her. “Someone’s got to make sure things don’t get completely out of hand.” At this point, Monica didn’t care and she took the pill willingly, as did Rachel.

“You will thank me later for it,” Phoebe said. Monica and Rachel felt pretty sure that they probably would.

After another moment of getting ready to start, Monica spoke up.

“So, how do we get this thing started,” she said with a very sexually hungry look while also looking at the guys sitting on the sofa in front of her.

“I thought we would start by giving the guys something to look at,” Phoebe said now turning to Monica. She took her brunette’s video camera out of her hand and set it on the coffee table.

Phoebe could really feel the moistness between her legs now.

“Rachel, why don’t you point your camera over here and watch me undress Monica.”

Rachel’s eyes widened but didn’t say anything, instead she did exactly as her blonde friend instructed looking through the viewfinder of her video camera.

Phoebe moved closer into Monica’s space and started slowly unbuttoning her brunette friend’s blouse. At the same time she looked hungrily into her eyes. Monica didn’t do or say anything to this and just stood there letting Phoebe have her way. Phoebe moved her face even closer to Monica’s face and inhaled deeply.

“Is that your pussy I’m smelling?” the blonde asked loud enough so everyone could hear.

“Maybe,” Monica responded quietly. Phoebe was so close that Monica grabbed her friend by the hips for support with her eyes nearly closed now.

Phoebe took this as an encouraging sign and leaned into Monica closer and started kissing her fully on the lips. Monica didn’t fight back at all and let herself be kissed by Phoebe. She moved her lips open and let her friend’s tongue enter into her mouth.

If Monica was wet before she was twice as wet now between her legs and knew her panties were feeling it. Rachel continued to film this scene in front of her and was even able to hold the camera steady with just one hand. With her other hand Rachel moved it between her legs and started to rub her pussy through her skirt. The rest of the room was silent.

Phoebe finished unbuttoning the blouse and moved it over Monica’s shoulders. She had to break her kiss away in order to do this but she turned down and now looked at Monica’s big tits being held by a bright blue bra. Letting the blouse fall to the floor Phoebe then moved her hands to the black skirt before her. She reached around and found the hook and unclasped it and then pulled the zipper down. She was practically hugging Monica doing this and couldn’t help but open her mouth and lick the skin around Monica’s bra. Phoebe smiled after doing this and let the skirt in her hands now fall to the floor. She took a small step back to looked at Monica standing there in her underwear. She, along with everyone else, saw that Monica had on some white laced panties that hung over her hips loosely.

Phoebe looked at Monica intensely and saw her friend return the favor. Monica stood there easily as she knew she was the center of attention for everyone. She couldn’t help but keep looking at Phoebe in her eyes. She then closed her eyes and continued to just stand there exposing herself in front of everyone. Slowly she moved her hands over her body and down to her panties where she played with the fabric. It was pretty clear to anyone looking at them that they were a bit soiled now. Rachel was pointing her camera at her friend’s crotch and zoomed in. She was delighted to see that Phoebe’s hand also come into the picture and played with the area between Monica’s legs. Phoebe even went as far as to cup Monica’s pussy in her and press it firmly against her cunt. Monica just stood there in her panties and bra and stockings and heels letting Phoebe play with her. It wasn’t long before Phoebe then moved her face down to Monica’s crotch and blew air on the area. She also inhaled again and took the deep aroma of Monica’s cunt fully into her nose.

Monica’s figure was nearly perfect and Phoebe had to control herself from diving in and licking more of Monica’s skin with her tongue. She stood up and moved closely again to Monica putting her arm around her friend’s naked waist.

“What are the guys doing, Rach?” Phoebe asked her videotaping friend.

Rachel snapped out of her mesmerized state of seeing her friend nearly naked and getting fondled by Phoebe and looked over at the three guys sitting on the sofa. They had looks of complete awe with their mouths hanging open watching Phoebe and Monica. They didn’t say a word but they were definitely breathing heavier and Rachel could see between their legs that things were getting pretty tight underneath their pants.

“They’re really enjoying the show,” Rachel said. She then took a moment and realized that she was really enjoying the show too as she felt the dampness between her own legs growing. She continued to stay in control though and continued filming her female friends.

“Okay Mon,” Phoebe then said stepping slightly away, “time to do me.”

Monica opened her eyes fully now and looked across the coffee table. She saw Joey, Chandler, and Ross staring intensely at her. She was surprised that they were so quiet but was glad to see the looks of surprise and lust on their faces. She definitely knew that she had gotten the show rolling and she wasn’t going to stop anything now.

Monica turned and looked at Phoebe standing in front of her. She looked down and grabbed hold of Phoebe’s top at the waist. She found out quick enough that it wasn’t just one top but there was also a light t-shirt underneath. Pulling up all the material now in her hands, Monica moved it slowly over her friend’s body and completely moved it over her friend’s head and through Phoebe’s long blonde hair. To everyone’s surprise they now saw that Phoebe was not wearing a bra and her big, beautiful tits were completely exposed.

“Holy shit!” Monica said looking at Phoebe’s glorious mounds. They were bigger than her own she knew now but more importantly Monica saw, as everyone saw, that Phoebe had huge areolas and nipples. They were a dark red and absolutely delicious to look at. Monica couldn’t help but stick her tongue out in awe.

“Like what you see?” Phoebe asked innocently as she turned now to expose her tits to the guys on the sofa.

“Hell yeah!” Monica said.

Phoebe now grabbed her tits and started squeezing them, giving the guys a further show.

“What about you guys,” she then said to them, “do you like my big tits?”

“Yeah!” “Fucking Awesome!” “All Right!”

Phoebe was so pleased with herself. She turned back to Monica while pinching her nipples now. “I’m so fucking turned on, Monica,” Phoebe said.

“Me too,” Monica said.

“Me three!” Rachel chimed in. Phoebe and Monica briefly turned to Rachel and saw her still standing there filming everything. They also saw Rachel with her hand between her legs, underneath her skirt playing with herself.

“Pace herself, girl,” Phoebe said, “we have a long night coming.”

“And coming and coming and coming,” Monica then said looking back at her long-haired blonde friend. She knew what was next.

While still looking intensely at the bare bosoms in front of her, Monica proceeded to reach around Phoebe’s waist to find the hook to her skirt. She had her face right in the middle of those gorgeous tits. Phoebe leaned in as Monica was there and let her boobs brush over Monica’s face. “Go ahead Mon,” Phoebe said with her tongue licking her lips, “give them a taste.”

Monica couldn’t believe she had to be told. She forgot about the skirt for a moment and reached up to grab those glorious mounds. Phoebe squealed delightfully feeling her breasts getting handled. Monica was only being slightly gentle as she grabbed them and then pinched Phoebe’s hard nipples.

“I never knew they were so great,” Monica said before moving her mouth closer. Slowly she reached her tongue out and licked each nipple deliberately leaving a spot of saliva on each of them. She could feel Phoebe shutter slightly doing this but she didn’t want to get carried away. Looking up and smiling at her, Monica proceeded again to work on the skirt. She wondered if maybe the same surprise was hiding underneath it and that Phoebe wasn’t wearing any panties either. Quick enough she found her answer as she was able to unbutton the skirt from behind and let it fall to the floor. Monica, along with everyone else, saw that Phoebe was indeed wearing something of a purple thong, though it barely covered anything as it was so skimpy. There was just enough material to cover her pussy lips and that was about it. Along with the thong they also saw that Phoebe was wearing a pair of tan stockings that, like Monica’s dark stockings, reached up to the middle of her thighs. Monica stepped back and let Phoebe take center stage now. Phoebe saw the guys on the sofa now gawking at her with their mouths wide open. She continued to move her hands over her body and was now paying special attention to the space between her legs. Seeing that the guys were glued to her pussy Phoebe then turned around and bent over giving them a complete shot of her full ass.

Monica just stood where she was appreciating what she was seeing but Rachel moved around so that she could get a much better view with the video camera of that magnificent ass. It was completely smooth, gorgeously round, and slightly larger than hers or Monica’s, but that made it all the more appealing now. Phoebe played with her butt cheeks but stopped from pulling them apart. She wanted to save some things for later.

After Phoebe’s obscene display, Rachel turned the camera back on the guys. Their expressions hadn’t changed much as they were still just sitting there with their mouths opened and lustful looks on their faces. It was amazing to her how completely controlled they were. She got another look at their crotches and could tell that they were probably starting to feel some serious pain between their legs. Rachel knew she could hardly wait until she was able to help them with that. Phoebe and Monica now stood next to each other continuing to show off their bodies but at the same time they started looking at Rachel. Through the viewfinder Rachel could see this.

“Okay Rach,” Phoebe said, “your turn.” Phoebe then bent over and picked up her video camera and after checking to see it still running started filming Rachel with her camera standing there.

“You want some help,” Monica asked her, “or do you want to go solo?”

“Heck,” Rachel said looking at her, “I’m ready to rip everything off right now.”

“Not so fast,” Phoebe told her. “We all want to enjoy the moment.”

Rachel didn’t think it would be anything special if Phoebe or Monica undressed her so she just set the video camera down on the coffee table and started to do it herself. Right away all the guys on the sofa turned their attention towards her.

“Wow,” she thought to herself. “This seems pretty nice.”

She knew they were looking at her nipples poking through her top so Rachel moved her hands up to her tits and started squeezing them through the fabric. With all their eyes glued on her she gave them a wicked smile and proceeded to start pinching her nipples. This got all the guys to swallow hard at the same time. Rachel then moved her hands down her body and slipped them underneath her skirt lifting it up to expose her legs. She licked her lips at the guys as she played with her panties underneath. Rachel decided to let her fingers get nice and wet with her pussy juices before bringing her hands back out. She then brought her fingers up to the lips of her open mouth and just as she was about to give them a good cleaning with her tongue she instead moved them up into her hair and spread the juices through her locks of golden strands.

The guys continued to stare in silence and Rachel thought she heard Monica gasp at this.

“You know,” Rachel then said, “It would be nice if they weren’t so quiet.”

“Oh, we can fix that easy enough,” Phoebe said. “Ross, Chandler, Joey,” she then said instructing the guys, “talk dirty to Rachel.”

“Your fucking hot!” Joey said.

“Do that again with your fingers!” said Chandler.

“Show us your pussy!” Ross said.

Rachel was completely impressed with this. “That’s more like it.”

“Come on, Rach, show us your tits,” Joey then said.

“Take off your skirt,” Chandler added.

“Play with your pussy some more,” Ross contributed.

“Shhhhhhhhh,” Rachel now said to them with a devious smile. The guys quickly became silent. “That’s enough for now,” Rachel said smiling. She then looked over at Monica and saw that she also was holding a video camera and pointing it at her.

“What do you guys want?” she teasingly asked her two females friends.

“Take off your top,” Phoebe said with Monica quickly adding, “yeah!”

With that Rachel grabbed the bottom of her white top at her waist and proceeded to lift it over her head letting her hair fall slowly through it. She stood there with her eyes slightly opened looking at the guys on the sofa continue to gawk at her. Her nipples were rock hard and she knew it so after dropping the shirt to the floor she reached up and grabbed her tits again through her bra squeezing them tightly. While she did this Rachel licked her lips as well several times. She then moved her hands behind her to unclasp her skirt and quickly enough let it fall to the floor. She was wearing the skimpiest of bikini bottoms that were satin red. It was also obvious now looking at them that they were nearly soaked with her juices. Rachel stood up straight and pushed out her hips to give everyone a good view.

“What do you think, guys?” Phoebe asked.


“Nice pussy!”

“She’s so wet!”

Rachel loved hearing the sound of this. She kept her eyes barely open as she swayed her hips slowly around and ran her hands back down between her legs. Cupping her pussy with her hands only confirmed again what everyone knew, she was soaking wet.

“I’m going to need this taken care of pretty soon,” she said.

“Don’t worry,” Phoebe reminded her, “it will come soon enough.”

“Yeah it will!” Monica added to her own surprise. It seemed that the pill Phoebe had given her was starting to kick in.

“Whenever you’re ready Rach we’ll get started on the guys,” Phoebe said after a few more moments of letting her young friend enjoy herself. Phoebe was also slightly stroking her own pussy with one hand while filming with the other. Monica was doing much the same with her hands roaming over her body. It was clear to everyone now how gorgeous the women looked in their own way. One thing they all had in common was that their pussies were neatly trimmed with only the briefest amount of hair to be seen from underneath their panties. All the skin exposed now was incredibly smooth and sexy and could make anyone crazy with desire.

After a few more moments Rachel licked her lips again and came out of her sexy display. She looked over at Phoebe and Monica and saw them filming her as well as stroking themselves through their panties. She was glad everyone enjoyed her little show.

Rachel picked up her video camera again and pointed it had Phoebe and Monica enjoying themselves. But then Phoebe moved to aim her camera at the guys who were still sitting patiently and quietly on the sofa. They were quick to turn their attention back on her again since they could see her magnificent tits swaying slightly as Phoebe moved. Monica did the same and soon afterwards all three women, all wearing panties and two of them still in their bras, were filming the guys now. They could see that the guys were extremely excited by what was happening but they also looked a bit uncomfortable sitting there together with all their closes still on.

“What’s next, Pheebs?” Monica asked quietly. She continued to use only one hand to hold the camera while the other she let run over her body slowly touching different parts.

“Now we really start having some fun,” Phoebe told her. The air was thick with decadence and Monica and Rachel didn’t think they could be any hornier. They wanted to get things going much further but still let Phoebe take the lead.

“Chandler, Joey,” Phoebe asked in a nearly normal voice, “stand up please.”

The girls continued standing there filming now as Chandler and Joey stood up next to each other. Ross couldn’t help but look at them as they did this as well. And then Phoebe continued.

“Chandler,” she then said again licking her lips, “take off Joey’s clothes.”

Now Monica and Rachel’s mouth dropped open. They couldn’t believe what they just heard. And Chandler didn’t hesitate for a moment. He immediately reached out to Joey’s light shirt and started pulling it over his head. Joey in response didn’t do anything to stop his former roommate. He raised his arms and let Chandler move his top over his head exposing his naked chest.

After dropping the shirt to the floor Chandler then went for Joey’s pants. He put his hands on the belt like he had done it many times before and started unbuckling it.

Rachel and Monica were completely stunned but that didn’t stop them from watching and filming everything going on. It included Ross still sitting and watching it as well still completely content.

When Joey’s pants fell to the floor it was time for another surprise. Joey was going commando like he usually did and his very erect cock sprang out for everyone to see. It was beautifully large, all eight inches of it, and only had a hint of hair above its base. The cockhead was large and very prominent with a purple color that seemed to be bursting. His balls were also very well hung below it and were completely without any hair. All the girls stared admirably at it with their mouths wide open.

“That is some cock,” Monica said.

“It sure is,” Rachel replied approvingly.

“You bet it is,” Phoebe said as if she already knew.

Chandler continued removing the pants and shoes from Joey and once he was finished stood up at looked over at the girls as if needing more instruction now.

“Chandler,” Phoebe then said, “I want to see you lick Joey’s nipples.”

Again, Mon and Rach were beside themselves with what they heard. All the years they had known their beautiful blonde friend, whose beautiful and delicious tits were now exposed to everyone, they never really knew how far she could go when it came to the joys of physical pleasure. But that didn’t stop their pussies from flowing even more with juices or from them filming.

Chandler now moved over to Joey’s bare naked chest and proceeded to lick and suck each of Joey’s very hard nipples. He started with Joey’s left one and spent nearly a full minute on it sucking intently and licking it. Then he moved over to the other one and did the same thing. His tongue was wet with saliva and spread it over each nipple. Joey just stood there watching his friend do this and couldn’t help but lick his own lips in reaction along with releasing a few very deep moans. Joey absolutely loved having his nipples sucked and licked and his mouth watered heavily from what Chandler was doing.

Rachel couldn’t help but notice now how Ross was staring at his buddies and rubbing his crotch through his pants. She couldn’t believe it. Ross was as turned on as everyone and she was glad for it. Monica was watching her boyfriend suck Joey’s nipples with complete passion and absolutely loved what she was seeing. It took her extra effort to keep her camera in place watching the action while her other hand was down between her legs stroking her cunt.

“Damn,” she said quietly.

“Yeah, damn,” she heard her blonde friend next to her respond. “I knew he could do it.”

“Chandler,” Phoebe then instructed. “Suck Joey’s cock.”

Again, all those expected to be surprised were indeed very surprised, Monica and Rachel, but Chandler, Joey, and even Ross appeared to be perfectly comfortable with what they were hearing. Phoebe herself was both surprised as well as pleasantly satisfied.

“Joey, you may not have an orgasm,” she then said.

Joey didn’t respond to this but instead watched as his best buddy in the world proceeded from licking and sucking his nipples to moving down to his crotch where his very hard dick stood waiting. Chandler moved his head down willingly and looked at what was before him. There, in all its beautiful grace and wonder was a large and hard cock waiting for him. Chandler licked his lips before he made his first move towards it. Gently, he sucked the purple crown of Joey’s cock a few times before going down and consuming it all into his mouth and letting it penetrate his mouth. Chandler moved his mouth up and down the shaft, acting like it was a cock inside a cunt. His pace was fast but not so much to stop and lick his friend’s magnificence more preciously from time to time. Chandler even moved his hands around Joey’s waist and held onto his naked ass. Chandler started really getting into it and couldn’t help but let Joey nearly fuck his mouth completely before he heard a familiar female voice.

“Chandler, you may stop now,” Phoebe said.

Monica and Rachel could hardly believe it. Their mouths, as well as their cunts were now soaking but that still didn’t stop them from keeping their cameras pointed at the intense, lustful action.

“Ross,” Phoebe then said, “You may stand up.”

Quickly, Monica and Rachel made their cameras open now so that Ross was clearly in the picture of their viewfinders. He stood up in his designer sweater and slacks and it was clear his cock was rock hard now inside his pants.

“Chandler, do to Ross what you just did to Joey,” Phoebe carefully instructed. Her attention was on getting the most of this action now on film even though she sporadically moved one of her hands between her legs and stroked her cunt. She continued to feel how wet it was and couldn’t help but slide her middle finger inside it from time to time. However, whatever pleasure she knew she could provide for herself right now she also knew that it was going to get much better.

Chandler now moved to his other best buddy Ross and proceeded to take his sweater top up over his shoulders.

“Joey,” Phoebe then said, “You may stroke yourself while watching Chandler and Ross but no coming.”

Monica and Rachel were absolutely amazed at this. They didn’t know where to point their cameras now. Chandler was moving in on Ross now while Joey was standing there completely naked and stroking his magnificent eight inches of cock.

Along with their mouths being opened, Rachel and Monica had their tongues hanging out now. It was definitely a night to remember already.

Without saying a thing, Chandler moved into Ross’s close personal space and proceeded to lift his designer sweater top up and over his friend’s torso. Ross compliantly allowed his dear, close male friend to completely do this. At this same time Ross’s mouth was watering and he couldn’t help but thrust his now naked chest out towards his male friend. Chandler got the idea of this and proceeded to put each of Ross’s hard nipples into his mouth. Chandler also moved his hands up towards Ross’s chest and held it tightly as he did this. Ross continued to breath every deeply as this was going on and licked his lips several times at the sight of Chandler licking his nipples. Ross thought his cock was getting even harder now.

Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel had their cameras completely on this action. They all had a hard time believing it. Chandler, while sucking on each of Ross’s hard nipples in turn proceeded to unfasten Ross’s pants and let them fall to the floor. Ross, unlike Joey, was wearing underwear, and his cock stood out of his tightly worn underpants. Ross was not a boxers sort of guy.

After his pants fell Chandler then moved his hands to the waistband of Ross’s underwear and moved them down his legs allowing his cock to spring forward and viewable to everyone.

“Holy shit,” Monica said looking at her brother’s very hard cock for the first time. Like Joey’s, it was nearly completely clean of hair with only a patch above its base. It stood out nearly as far as Joey’s but there was also something completely different about it, Ross’s cock was much thicker.

Rachel looked at it with memories in her head, “there it is again,” she thought to herself.

Phoebe was pleasantly surprised and gave herself an extra long and hard stroke on her cunt looking at it. She had to bite her lower lip to contain what was going on through her.

“Why didn’t you ever tell us, Rach?” Phoebe said openly.

“I think I did,” Rachel responded.

“It’s hard to believe until you see it,” Monica now chimed in also as aroused as her female friends.

Ross’s cock stood out there in all its glory while Chandler proceeded to completely remove the pants and underwear concealing it. Ross had kicked off his shoes during this and was now standing completely naked in front of everyone. His thick, huge cock was the center of attention until Chandler moved down and started licking it with his tongue.

“Ohhhh, Mmmmm, Yeaah,” came from the girls when they saw this.

“Fuck,” Monica said, “Chandler is taking to that like a baby on a bottle.”

She had known them only a few hours, two men she had never seen before, two men she had met in a down town New York coffee shop no less – yet now here she was, with her barely clothed petite frame repeatedly skewered by a massive cock while being held aloft, her shapely legs spread wide open for all the world to see. The thought occurred to her that she did not consider herself to be promiscuous or wanton or even loose enough to accept any offer for sex that came her way but somehow today had been different.

Caroline Duffy caught sight of herself in a mirror that hung on a nearby wall, watching her reflection through shaking eyes as his cock slammed into her pussy from below. The short black skirt she had on was now all bunched up around her waist with the crotch of her lacy white panties pulled to one side allowing his manhood to pummel mercilessly unimpeded into her trembling body. Her blue blouse, the one that she had chosen to wear after spending over half an hour that very morning trying on countless others in a vain attempt to match her skirt, was unbuttoned and was slowly and surely slipping off her right shoulder by the force of each of his thrusts. To top off her slide into near nakedness and debauchery her small but pert breasts were fully exposed with her bra now sliding loose around her midriff.

A long and loud moan of pleasure escaped from her lips as she cast her eyes downward and to one side of the room. On a couch nearby knelt the other man, who naked from the waist down was driving his cock vigorously and with a great deal of effort judging from his laborious breathing, into the pussy of a very attractive blonde from behind. The shorts and panties she had on were now located around the knees of her open spread legs as she watched him slide his thumb in and out of her puckered ass hole as he fucked her. Her moaning and cries of pleasure were partly muffled as she in turn had her head buried between the legs of a diminutive brunette, her lips and tongue licking, sucking and biting ravenously at the soft wet skin of her pussy.

The almost surreal scene playing out before her eyes combined with the loud cacophony of moaning and the continuous ‘slap’ sound of colliding naked flesh to resound inside her head, her mind now a jumbled mix of desire, pleasure, nervousness and confusion. Her hands slid backwards to grip the strongly built torso of her new lover in an attempt to balance herself, her body woefully unprepared for his powerful, almost crazed thrusting into her pussy. She found herself hanging on for dear life, wondering how she was going to stop herself from toppling face first on to the floor, below, wondering she got herself into this naked predicament.


The revolving door spun almost silently on its axis as she made her way out of the hotel and onto the pavement outside, her hand shielding her eyes from the bright sunlight.

“Damn so what do I do now?,” Caroline Duffy muttered exasperatedly to no one in particular as she glanced at the time on her watch “It’s only 9:30!”

She had arrived at the hotel in an area of New York that she was not at all familiar with for a prearranged meeting with one of the newspapers that published her cartoon strip Caroline in the City. However after being kept waiting for over half an hour in the sparsely furnished hotel lobby she was handed a note by a receptionist that informed her that the other party would not be able to attend the meeting. No reason was given, not even one of the old standard excuses given to explain why they were not coming and she stormed out of the hotel in a huff, cursing them silently under her breath for making her clearing her schedule for an entire day for nothing as she made her way out.

Caroline surveyed the street outside in all directions watching as the people strode past her as if she was not there. Her hand ran through her hair as she tried to decide in which direction to move, quickly turning this way and that way bumping into a few people as they rushed past her.

“Sorry!” she called out after bumping into a rather rotund man as he walked past. She put on a nervous smile in an attempt to calm him, to ease any anger he may have.

“Hey watch where you’re going!” he shouted as walked away.

The smile soon disappeared from her face as she stood watching him walk off feeling hoards of people brush past her in both directions. She began to walk, her eyes studying the passing shops looking for a place to rest, to get her bearings on this unfamiliar and strange part of New York. Her legs had carried only for a few blocks when she suddenly she turned and started walking in the opposite direction. To this day she does not know why she turned and walked the other way, although she would later claims woman’s intuition or prerogative as part of her defence to changing her mind.

She had walked past the door when she doubled back to stand on the pavement outside letting her eyes scan the interior, watching people enter and leave.

“Central Perk,” the words came out of mouth slowly as if she was reading from an eye chart. “This looks like the place.”

Her hand pushed the door open, standing just for moment inside as the door swung shut behind her before she slowly made her way over to the counter.


It was Joey of course, that saw her first standing near the counter handing her money over to Gunther. His head had turned slowly around locking onto her presence in the coffee shop like a heat seeking missile, totally oblivious to words that were coming out of Chandler’s mouth. He remained seated on the couch biding his time, his head turned almost ninety degrees as his eyes scanned her body from the smooth glistening skin of her legs, to her short black skirt and blue blouse up to her coppery reddish hair. It was not until that she had bent over trying to retrieve a dropped coin giving him a look at her legs with just a hint of her panties that he rose from the couch.

“Jo-, Joey where are you going?” Chandler looked on confused as Joey suddenly and silently rose from the couch, ignoring his questioning. His eyes followed his path through the coffee shop, his face breaking out into a smile when he noticed his intended destination.

He stood behind her watching as she raised her body to the upright position, seemingly in slow motion after retrieving the dropped coin.

“How you doin???”

Caroline turned on the spot coming to face to face with his smiling face, his body blocking her path.

“How you doin???” he repeated his face displaying his trademark sly smile.

She was silent for a moment before her face changed to a quizzical, almost confused state. “Excuse me?”

“You have to excuse my friend here,” Chandler remarked as he hurried over to join them before standing next to Joey “he comes on a bit too strong most of the time!”. He gave him a playful slap across the back of his head before he continued before extending his hand outwards towards her.

“I’m Chandler and my over eager and horny friend here is Joey.”

Her hand reached out slowly and she felt his hand enclose hers in a brief but firm hand shake before separating.

“Hi I’m Caroline Duffy.”

“Duffy, Duffy now where have I heard that name before?”

Caroline watched as he arched his right eyebrow and raised one hand to his chin as if he was deep in thought. Suddenly a huge smile lit up his face as he gestured towards her with one hand.

“You’re the cartoonist right? You have that strip in the paper Caroline in the-”

“Caroline in the City, right” she interrupted him

“You write cartoons?,” Joey exclaimed loudly as he let small laugh escape “that’s my favourite reading material, not too long and it’s always funny!”

“Well that’s good to know Joe,” Chandler replied before he turned back to Caroline “so what brings you to this part of New York?”

“Well I was supposed to have a meeting with one of the newspapers that prints my strip but they abruptly cancelled the meeting leaving my whole day free and with nothing to do.”

“Well we only live a couple of minutes away, you’re quite welcome to kill the rest of the day with us.” Chandler suggested displaying his best innocent smile.

“Yeah two minutes away!” Joey parroted.

She eyed both of them suspiciously, her gaze shifting from one smiling face to the other and back again before she replied. “Well I do have nothing planned…,.” she drifted off into silence for a few seconds “but how do I know you are not just trying to take advantage of me, lost and alone in an unfamiliar part of the city?”

They both turned to face each other before turning back to face Caroline replying almost in unison “Us….No!”


True to their word it was less than fifteen minutes later she found herself sitting on the couch in their apartment, sipping from a glass of cheap wine that they had scrounged up from somewhere. She let her eyes scan the apartment, her head slowly turning as she twirled the remaining wine in her glass – there were two big leather armchairs that sat in front of large cabinet that she guessed contained a television. A foosball table stood in the small kitchen area by the front door while on the opposite side of the apartment were two bedrooms.

“So Caroline how long have you been drawing cartoons?”

The voice seemed to come from nowhere, surprising her and snapping her back to reality.

“Sorry what was that?”

“How long have you been drawing cartoons?” Chandler repeated as he swung the leather armchair he was sitting on to face her on the couch.

“Oh not long around five years. I used to work in an office and doodle all day long because I got so bored then one day someone saw my little scribbles of boredom liked them and as they say the rest is history.” She downed the rest of her wine before placing the glass on the table in front of the couch.

“It was the luckiest break of my life!,” she continued as Joey sat down on the couch next to her “so what do you do Joey?”

“I’m an actor” he replied with a broad smile.

“Really!” her voice expressed more surprise than she intended and she noticed his smile soften on his face. “Is there anything recent I might know you from?”

“Only two years as Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of our lives that’s all!!” he replied, his voice seemed to rise in volume as he spoke.

“Sorry I really don’t remember you.”

Joey threw his arms up in the air in frustration with one of his hands falling on to the bare skin of her leg, the touch of his fingers sending pinpricks of electric like pulses through her unprepared body.

“What do ya mean you can’t remember me?,” he leant in closer to her as if this would give his words greater emphasis, more conviction “two years as the ruggedly handsome Dr Drake Ramoray the best brain surgeon television has ever seen?!”

The smell of his aftershave or cologne permeated her nostrils intoxicating, almost drowning her senses as time seemed to slow down, their faces only inches apart. She felt his hand start to caress her leg and then it happened, their lips met softly for one single quick kiss.

Caroline was surprised when their lips touched ever so briefly, even more so when he lent even closer letting their lips met in a series of quick but passionate kisses each one lasting for less than a second. Looking back she told herself she should have stopped him there, stopped his advances cold and gone no further but she had lost all willpower to resist succumbing meekly like a prey cornered by a lion with no chance of escape. Their lips separated for a brief moment before colliding again, meshing together in a kiss that seemed to release all the pent up passion and desire that had built up inside them both.

She found herself forced backwards on to the couch his hands at first framing her head as she writhed and squirmed against the slippery yellow leather. So intense was the passion that their lips frequently lost all grip and purchase, sliding and slipping almost uncontrollably against each other like a car with bald tyres on a unsafe wet road. A barely audible moan slipped from her lips as his tongue slipped into her mouth and his hand slipped downwards rubbing against her blouse covered breasts his fingers fumbling their way in undoing each of the buttons.

“I think we better slow down” she breathlessly whispered unconvincingly as their lips parted for just a second.

“Sure sure” Joey replied, his face displaying a broad smile as their lips continued to nuzzle together, meeting in the occasional quick kiss. Her hand made a feeble attempt to brush away his hand as it slipped inside her now unbuttoned blouse, teasing her by at first fleetingly brushing past soft silken material of her bra.

“No n-” her words of protest were silenced as their lips met again, his hands now encasing each breast in turn before his fingers slid inside her bra feeling unexpectedly cold against the warmth of her body. Caroline knew that she did want him to stop, that she wanted him as much as he wanted her probably more so. Her body squirmed against the leather of the couch with every touch of his fingers against her soft skin, responding in kind as their lips meshed together in a kiss that was full of passion and desire.

The scent of her perfume filled his nostrils as his lips parted with hers both of them taking the opportunity to momentarily catch their breath as they stared into each others lust filled eyes. Joey let his lips kiss their way down her neck before he began teasing at her nipples with his mouth, teeth and tongue.

Caroline moaned in delight as he expertly let his mouth play with her ultra sensitive nipples, pleasure sweeping through her body in intense powerful spasms. She let her hand reach down between his legs, her fingers feeling his bulging monster straining to be set free from its prison.

“Do you want me to-”

“Hell yeah!” he exclaimed not letting her finish as a beaming smile appeared on his face. He lay back onto the couch as she turned slightly on her side, her fingers quickly undoing the button and zip of his trousers. Her hand slowly slid inside his briefs wrapping itself around the shaft of his manhood, a gasp of surprise escaping from her lips as she could feel its tremendous size and hardness before with a quick pull she set it free. His cock sprung out swinging to and fro before settling in a vertical position before her amazed eyes.

She let a nervous giggle slip from her lips before a cheeky smile spread across her face as her hand began to travel up and down his shaft. Caroline let her hand move at ever increasing speed, his moaning seemingly keeping in time before flicking her hair to the other side of her head with her hand she let his cock slip into her mouth.

“Oh yeah this is the life!” Joey exclaimed as her head began to bob up down on his cock, letting more of his shaft slide between her lips with every stroke.


He had viewed the scene playing out before his eyes with astonishment, with a sense of utter disbelief. Chandler, at first, could only sit back in the leather armchair with one leg crossed over the other admiring his best friends luck and extraordinary skill with the opposite sex but with each passing minute he found himself moving ever so closer. He found himself dropping to his knees just in front of her legs that were dangling over the front of the couch, his hand nervously reaching out until his fingers came in contact with the soft skin of her left shin. The sound of her moaning filled his ears as his hand started to move ever so slowly up her leg, his fingertips feeling the warmth of her skin until a sudden loud moan and a movement of one of her hands startled him making him react as if he had been caught.

His confidence renewed but with his heart feeling like it was about to burst from his chest his hand began to move ever faster, sliding up her leg and under her skirt. His other hand began to roll up the hem of her skirt, his eyes widening as inch by inch the lacy panties covering her most private parts came in to view like his own private peep show. He smiled as he could plainly make out the outline of her engorged pussy, camel toe style, in the silken material of her panties before he let the tip of his thumb rub along the vertical fold in the soaked material.

“Oh god yph-” Caroline could feel his thumb rub along her wetness, her body reacting by trembling with even the slightest touch of his fingers on her womanhood Before long his fingers had begun to rub furiously against the thin drenched material of her panty covered pussy, her now frequent and loud cries of pleasure partly muffled as she continued her unbridled attack on Joey’s cock. Suddenly she could feel two hands on her hips pull her lower body slightly more forward on the couch and then in almost simultaneous action the crotch of her panties roughly pulled to one side before fingers slid inside her pussy and begin to pump.

“Ohhhhhh god”

Her cry of pleasure escaped from her mouth softly almost as if she was releasing air from her body before her head reared upwards, a thin sliver of saliva forming a bridge between her lips and Joey’s glistening cock before in an instant it was gone. She felt her body go limp, losing almost all ability to control her bodily functions feeling as if her lungs were suddenly devoid of oxygen as Chandler fingers continued their savage assault on her pussy. Her hand slowly jacked the cock in her hands as she struggled to breathe, as she struggled to regain her composure and balance when she felt a hand push her head downwards. The cock slowly slid back into her mouth and she began to slowly bob up and down, gradually picking up speed as she felt his hips pump the cock from below.

His fingers produced loud squelching noises as they slid with surprising and rapid ease in and out of her wet hole. Chandler lifted his gaze for a moment watching almost in awe as Joey pumped his cock into her pretty little mouth with small but powerful movements of hips and legs, her hands pressing against his legs in vain bid to hold on. Saliva dripped from her mouth running down her chin and then onto his shaft in little streams as she sucked in rapid breaths of air in a desperate and sometimes futile bid to replenish her near empty lungs before his cock slid again down her throat. Joey smiled his trademark smile before giving him a wink of his eye and a thumbs up gesture with his hand.

“Way to go Chandler!”



“Don’t you look nice!”

Monica Geller watched on as Rachel Green emerged from her bedroom striding past her as she sat on the couch leafing through a magazine. She wore a pair of frayed denim shorts that appeared to be several sizes too small together with a white tank top and her long legs were tanned from spending a few too many days in the sun or the tanning salon. To round off the outfit her feet were clad in a pair of high heel wedge sandals which made a clunking sound on the floorboards as she walked. The sweet floral smell of her perfume wafted through the room as she placed her bag on the table in the kitchen and began to sort though its contents.

She turned on the spot to briefly face Monica sitting on the couch, a smile spread across her face “Why thank you!” she replied before turning back to recommence her search through her bag.


“Yes” She replied without turning around giving her full and undivided attention to her apparently fruitless search of her bag.

“Where did you get those shorts from?”

Rachel was silent for a moment as her hand delved repeatedly inside her bag tossing items out onto the table.

“These shorts?”

“Yes those shorts.”

“Oh these shorts! I made them from an old pair of jeans I found lying around.” She waved her free hand in the air as she talked, her back still facing Monica.

“Which jeans?” Monica rose from the couch walking the short distance to stand directly behind Rachel who was still rummaging through her bag. She folded her arms as she stood, her eyes boring into the back of Rachel’s head. ” And where did you find these jeans?”

Rachel could sense Monica standing directly behind as he she went through the motions of pretending to search through her bag delaying the inevitable.

“You know around!”

“Where Rachel?” Monica replied her tone of voice now louder, more forceful and insistent.

“Ok Ok!” Rachel spun around on the spot to see Monica standing before her, arms crossed and a expression on her face that seemed to be a mixture of anger, frustration and disappointment all rolled into one. She noticed that her foot tapped the ground when she was angry as if she had a nervous, uncontrollable tic. “I found them in your room!”

“I knew it!,” Monica exploded her voice rising several decibels louder in an instant and her hands waved about in wide circles in the air as she spoke “I knew it! When are you going to learn to leave your hands off my things!”

“I don’t why you are getting so worked up! I found them draped over a chair so I thought you were going to throw them out, besides they are only a pair of jeans!”

“So worked up!” She stopped momentarily taking a few deep breaths in a bid to control and to calm herself as her whole body shook with anger. It looked like to Rachel that her head was about to explode like in an old cartoon – her whole body shook and her eyes appeared to bulge right out of their sockets.

“First of all they were my favourite jeans!,” Monica continued in a slow and steady voice “second the chair they were draped across was in my room! How could you be so irresponsible and selfish to only think of yourself all the time!?”

“Are you listening to yourself?,” Rachel replied after withstanding Monica’s onslaught “they were only a pair of jeans. Look I’m not listening to you any more, I’m going over to Joeys!” She turned and walked over to the door and swung it open.

“Don’t you dare walk out I haven’t finished with you-,” her outburst was violently terminated as Rachel left slamming the door hard behind her “how dare you walk out, the nerve!”

Monica threw her arms down at her sides in frustration before she followed walking quickly out of her apartment into the hallway before opening the door to Joey’s apartment. She had built up a fair head of stream up so she was surprised when she had to stop her progress rather abruptly to avoid running headlong into Rachel who had stopped just inside the kitchen area of the apartment.

“What the h-” was all the words she managed to get out as she followed the direction of Rachel’s stare. Her mouth opened in total surprise but no sound came out as the door silently swung shut behind them.

There on the couch sat Joey naked from the waist down except for the socks on his feet rhythmically pumping his glistening cock into the mouth of a woman. Her body was twisted sideways like a contortionist with her head just above Joey’s thrusting hips while her legs were hanging over the side at the other end of the couch. The blouse she wore was open with her bra pushed down to hang loosely around her waist, her fully exposed breasts shaking with each thrust into her mouth. Chandler had his head buried between her widely spread legs, his mouth working furiously in conjunction with his fingers on her pussy, her white lacy panties pulled to one side to give him easy access. For just a moment the surreal scene playing out before their eyes was without sound as if they were watching a silent film. The sound filtered into their ears gradually, slowly until their moaning, slurping and groaning seemed to echo inside their heads, shutting and blocking out everything else.

It was Chandler who saw them first standing together by the door their eyes open wide in surprise and with shocked expressions on both of their faces. He had turned his head only by chance, noticing a shadow or shape of someone or something out of the corner of his eye.

Monica watched as his head turned slowly until his eyes locked on both of them for just a moment before he rose to his feet and slowly started to walk towards their position. A smile was plastered across his face, a smile she had never seen on him before or since, later describing it as a cross between a madman and horny kid seeing a naked woman for the first time. As he approached she instinctively took two steps backwards until her back was against the door, her eyes locked on him as he made his way towards Rachel who seemed rooted to the spot.

“Rach, Rachel!” Her words came out as an urgent whisper as she watched his hand grab hold of one of her arms, his fingers securely wrapping themselves around her wrist.

Rachel felt his hand wrap itself around her wrist and start to tug at her arm trying to pull her forward. Her mind was a jumbled mix of emotions and thoughts, her heart racing at a million miles an hour as she felt the warmth of his hand as it gripped her arm. She wanted to say no, wanted to resist but felt her legs moving under her as if they had a mind of their own.

She let out a loud squeal as she found herself moving stumbling a few times as her feet tripped over themselves as she was led closer to the couch. Her eyes surveyed the scene before her watching as the woman on the couch impaled herself on Joey’s manhood, letting out a loud guttural moan in the process before slowly but surely start moving her body up and down. To Rachel her body looked so small against Joey’s massive frame as she rode his cock, her shapely legs barely able to touch the floor as their nakedness collided with such force it produced a loud ‘slap’ sound. Their eyes met for just a second until a hand on her shoulder pushed her body downwards.

“Hey….!” The single word escaped from her lips as as she dropped unexpectedly to her knees extending a hand outwards to steady herself as she fell.

“Sorry!,” Chandler exclaimed as he unzipped his trousers before releasing his cock from inside his briefs “I’ve never been in this position before.”

“What position is that?” Rachel queried as she watched his erect cock quiver just in front of her eyes.

“Of being in control, dictating the terms” he replied as he let the head of his cock rub against her dark crimson coloured lips. Slowly she opened her mouth letting his manhood slide inside, feeling almost his entire shaft disappear down her throat causing her to cough and splutter before he slid his cock from between her lips..

“Is that all you’ve got Chandler?” It was more a statement than a question as she wiped the back of her hand over her lips. “I thought you said you were in control.” She leaned forward with one hand resting near the top of his left thigh, the other began to stroke his shaft before she again opened her mouth letting his cock slide inside. Her lips closed around his cock moving them along his shaft slowly at first before gradually picking up speed until her head was bobbing along the length of his manhood like a woman possessed. A trail of saliva trickled down from her lips onto her chin as with each stroke of her head loud gargle like sounds were emitted from the back of her throat.

“Ohhh fucking god!” Chandler could only stand and take it with his hands raised behind his head, his totally unprepared body literally shaking with pleasure as Rachel worked his cock with a unbridled ferocity pausing only briefly to breathe. His legs at times threatened to buckle from underneath him causing him to sway to and fro like a drunk, her lips closing so tight around his shaft that he felt she was trying to tear his manhood away from his body.


Today, Caroline Duffy decided, had been full of surprises – first and foremost her meeting with her publisher was unexpectedly cancelled leaving her in an unfamiliar part of the city with her schedule now clear and free for the rest of the day. Secondly she had allowed two men she had just met have their way with her, letting their desires and lusts explode onto her naked body and thirdly two unknown woman had suddenly joined the party. Now while letting her lips, tongue and mouth work his cock over with a fanatical and frenzied passion that was previously unknown to her she felt his hands lift her body into the air as if it was a rag doll before carefully dropping her body onto his throbbing manhood.

Her hands quickly reached down to help guide his cock to the entrance of her drenched pussy, before feeling the head penetrate her knocking almost all the air out of her lungs as she slowly impaled herself.

“Oh god!,” she leant back slightly to slow her rate of descent, not accustomed to having a cock this size slide inside her “please nice and slow……ohhhhhh….nice and slow.”

“You got it!” Joey replied his hands now holding her hips as she gradually lowered her body until she felt comfortable, until she felt confident of having most of his massive shaft buried deep within her. His hands could feel her body start to move up and down, impaled on his cock, imperceptibly at first before quickly gathering speed.

“Please…..” the word slipped from her mouth like air escaping from a tyre as she sucked in rapid and frequent breaths in an attempt to replenish her near empty lungs. She could feel her unbuttoned blouse flap about wildly as her momentum increased, slipping off one shoulder to fully expose her breasts. Her lacy panties, part of a ensemble she had only recently purchased to excite and entice her now ex boyfriend Dell, were now so soaked that they clung to her body like a second skin.

Joey could could feel her vaginal muscles surround and envelop his cock as if his was wearing a condom. His hands held her body at the hips, his fingertips running along her soft skin as she drove her impaled body up and down, slowly and surely gaining momentum. Her body began to slap against his on the downward stroke, riding his cock like she was riding a bucking bull at a rodeo.

“Oh yeah baby ride me…” Joey could feel her pace increase, her body now moving at frenetic almost reckless pace, her breathing rapid and shallow.

Caroline closed her eyes as she rode him, feeling the roughness of his hands as they slid along her skin, feeling his cock slide deep inside her – so deep in fact she felt as if each downward movement of her body threatened to split her in two. She had never been fucked like this before or since, her passion and desire to have this man that she had only just met fuck her controlling her every move, her every thought. She was in another world, the sounds of the other people in the world reaching her ears as only muffled noises, her body moving on its own lost in her private sexual heaven.

So lost, in fact, that at first she did not feel Joey slide his hands under each of legs and then lift her bodily into the air. Her eyes opened suddenly blinking a few times as she tried to work out what was happening, trying to regain her composure as she felt a shoe slip off one of her feet crashing to the floor with a loud clunk.

“Wha- what are you….you doing?” Her words came out of her mouth quickly, half in a mumble as her eyes nervously darted around.

“Don’t worry I’ve got you.” His lips kissed their way down her neck as he held her aloft, his hands holding her legs spread open as his cock now slammed upwards into her pussy.

“Oh god, oh god!” She found herself repeating these words over and over again as if they were a magical chant, his cock hammering into her at an unrelenting, almost brutal pace. Her eyes for some inexplicable reason seemed drawn to her last remaining shoe which clung to her right foot, shaking visibly with every powerful stroke into her pussy. As she watched the shoe tumble to the floor she felt her body sway slightly forward and her hands quickly swung backwards clinging desperately to his powerfully built torso.

“Whoa hang in there!,” Joey exclaimed as he continued to pump away, his hands tightening their own grip “don’t know my own power…”

“I’m trying to!” Caroline replied feeling her body tremble with every stroke.

“Do you want me to ease of-”

“No!,” she quickly interrupted him “please don’t….”

A smile spread across his face as she leant her head back to rest on his shoulder, their lips meshing in a series of quick but passionate kisses.


Monica Geller remained with her back to the door the sights and sounds of the scene playing out before her flooding into her ears and eyes, almost overwhelming her senses. She had watched on incredulously, with a sense of disbelief as the four participants in the erotic stage play explored their nakedness with a passion that amazed her. She was somewhat taken aback that they displayed no hesitation, reluctance or appeared to give no thought to their modesty as they let their pent up desires explode even though they were fully aware she was there, seeing all.

She let her eyes dart from one side of the room to the other, looking on as Joey’s strong arms held the woman aloft, her legs now spread wide open with his cock thrusting so powerfully into her that her body visibly shook with each stroke. Monica watched the face of the unknown woman as his cock repeatedly drilled into her pussy as it displayed an expression of utter sexual pleasure, a combination of a smile, sneer and grimace all rolled into one.

Monica found herself slowly moving forward, as if she was a burglar in danger of being caught, stopping just on the edge of the kitchen area. Her gaze shifted to the other side of the apartment as, opening up her stance she leant her body against the counter letting let her hand slip down in between her legs. She could see Rachel on her knees working away with more gusto and enthusiasm than she had shown in a very long time on a obviously contented Chandler, as her hand began to slowly rub the crotch area of her button up slacks.

A small moan escaped from her lips as her hand began to move faster pressing hard against the cotton like material of her slacks as she watched Rachel rise slowly from her knees before leading a slightly bewildered Chandler by the hand as if he was a lost child over to the couch. Her fingers quickly undid the first three buttons of her slacks as Rachel climbed onto the couch on all fours before allowing her hand to slip inside the hot wet confines of her panties looking on as Chandler eased himself onto the couch.

“Oh god!” Her body began to spasm with pleasure as her fingers began to play with the most sensitive, pleasurable and erotic part of her anatomy.


His hands slid under her fumbling around with the button of her shorts, nervous with expectation until finally it came loose. Chandler had followed Rachel obediently onto the couch positioning himself on his knees directly behind her body, his wide open eyes watching as her body trembled slightly as she waited for him. He let his hand slide over her ass until his fingers hooked into the top of her shorts and began easing them downwards.

His eyes seem to widen even further as her tight fitting shorts slid downwards over her ass, his fingers dragging her panties as well along the way. Her shorts slid slowly and smoothly down her long legs and she lifted her knees off the couch to allow him to slide them underneath. He could not help but lick his lips in anticipation as her surveyed the sight before him. Chandler took in the sight of her now naked well rounded ass with its puckered ass hole as it seemed to tremble slightly and then her quivering, gorgeous pussy between her wide open legs just waiting there for him.

“My god she’s wait for me….Rachel is waiting for me…” he thought to himself unwilling or unable to believe what was about to happen.

Rachel gave out a loud squeal of pleasure as she felt his tongue invade her ass hole, at first flicking around the edge before darting repeatedly inside. “Ohhh fuck….I love your tongue in my ass hole Chandler!,” she exclaimed as she buried her head in the couch, her hands gripping the leather of the couch tightly “oh god that’s it…..plephhh.” Her words became muffled and incoherent partly because of her deeply head buried head on the couch and partly because of her continuous moaning.

“You like it huh?,” he replied slightly pleased with himself “well get a load of this…” as he let his tongue travel along the length of her ass crack and then flick across the soft wet skin of her pussy.

“Oh god!,” she felt her body tremble as his tongue flicked across the soft outer skin only once, but enough to leave her breathless and enough for her to desperately want more “please don’t stop….please….”

Her tone of voice had a hint of pleading as it resounded in his ears but for once he decided not to listen to her, not to let her take control. Chandler’s hand slowly stroked his cock as watched Rachel’s near naked body in front of him, her head buried in the couch with her bare ass and her quivering pussy thrust into the air just waiting for him, waiting for him to pleasure her.

He moved forward slightly, placing his hands on her ass he slid his cock into her pussy thrusting the full length of his shaft inside her before he began pumping. His upper body bent over hers providing him with a position of greater leverage and power as he slid his manhood into her wet hole at almost brutal pace.

She was woefully unprepared, totally caught off guard as he plunged the full length of his shaft into her, feeling as if she had been punched in the stomach as all the oxygen was knocked out of her lungs in an instant. Rachel’s lips formed an O shape but at first no sound came out, her body taking a while to regain her composure and equilibrium as he fucked her like a madman.

“Oh shit…!” Her almost ear piercing cry surprised even her as she could feel the closeness of his body as it rubbed against her backside providing another sensual and erotic dimension to this collision of naked bodies.

Chandler’s breathing was now in short, rapid bursts as he slammed his cock into her pussy with no let up, his hands now roaming her body at will, sliding around under her top.

“Who’s in control now huh?” he exclaimed with a smirk on his face as his upper body bent over closer to hers, their bodies now rubbing and grinding together as he used his feet and legs as a springboard to increase the power of each his thrusts. The smell of sweat mixed with that of her perfume wafting into his nostrils as their two bodies collided with a loud ‘slap’ with every stroke.


Monica Geller closed her eyes allowing the cacophony of groans, moans and shouts of pleasure coming from the confines of the apartment resound inside her head, overwhelming her senses and controlling all her actions. Her near naked body was now slumped against the kitchen counter, her panties and slacks located around her ankles as her right hand pumped in frequent rapid bursts into her pussy, a continuous stream of loud groans slipping from her lips. The white top she had put on this morning and had, as always, tried to keep spotless all day was now lying on the floor next to her keeping company with her bra.

Her eyes suddenly fluttered open as she felt her body nearly slide to the floor as her legs buckled underneath her causing her to grab onto the counter with one hand. She sucked in huge gulps of air as her hand slipped from between her legs, her body trembling uncontrollably as she cast her eyes around the apartment. Joey was still pumping madly away into the woman, who now seemed only held aloft by one hand wrapped around his neck plus one of his hands supporting her leg. She seemed to be on the verge of dropping to the floor leaning at an angle of nearly forty five degrees as his cock still pumped rapidly into her pussy. Monica noticed that the woman was now topless somehow losing her bra and blouse which were scattered haphazardly on the floor nearby.

She could see Rachel, her face buried in the couch with her shorts and panties still gathered around her knees, her mouth uttering a constant stream of whimper like moans. Standing behind her but with his upper body bent over hers was Chandler who was pumping his cock into her pussy like a man possessed, like a madman. Monica stared open mouthed in shock as she watched Chandler drill his cock repeatedly into her best friend, each collision of their two bodies producing a loud ‘smack’ that seemed to echo throughout the apartment. She had never seen this side of Chandler before and had always imagined him, dare she say it like a wimp, a lousy lover in bed.

Monica bent over peeling the slacks and panties from around her ankles and off her feet, lifting each of them in turn to ease their removal. A smile spread across her face as she stood still for just a moment, the sudden realisation hitting her that here she was standing completely and utterly naked in Joey’s apartment, an event she thought would never occur in a million years. Her hand slid across her sweat covered abdomen to tease and play with the soft skin of her pussy with her bare feet barely making a sound as she made her way towards the couch.

“I thought you would never join us Mon” Rachel exclaimed in a raspy and breathless voice as her shaking eyes saw her approach.

“You should know me Rach,” her hand played with Rachel’s long blonde hair for a moment as she watched her body shake as Chandler continued to slam his cock into her “it takes me a while to get warmed up at parties. “

“Besides,” Monica continued as she wrapped her hand around Chandler’s cock, her fingertips feeling his shaft slide as it continued to pump into Rachel’s pussy “I didn’t want you to have all the fun!”

She suddenly pulled the cock from her best friends pussy before bending over slightly and letting her lips close tightly around the drenched, dripping shaft. Her head bobbed up and down a few times swallowing his entire shaft in the process as saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth before she pulled his cock free.

“Ah that’s the best way to get started!” she said with a satisfied grin on her face before turning slightly to face a stunned Chandler. “Don’t you agree?”.

Chandler was silent for a moment before her replied nodding his head at the same time. “Yes, yes it is” he said as she felt her guide his cock back into Rachel’s wet hole.

“Now;” she replied with a smile “do you want to watch Rach lick me?”

Chandler gave her a bemused look as he again began to pump his shaft into Rachel’s wet hole. “Yeah why not!”

“I thought you would!”

“Do I get a say in this?” Rachel exclaimed as she watched Monica position herself on the edge of the couch near her head with one of her legs dangling over the side.

“I don’t think you are in the position to say no,” Monica replied as she eased her body along the couch until her pussy was almost adjacent to her best friends mouth “besides you never complained before!”

“You slut!” Rachel shot back.

“Well you are what you eat!” Monica replied as she pushed Rachel’s head downwards with one hand until her lips were rubbing against her pussy.

The sweet aroma of her pussy filled and intoxicated her senses before Rachel began to nuzzle the soft wet skin with her lips and teeth, using her tongue in rapid strokes to probe and lick at the same time.


For Caroline Duffy time had appeared to slow down as Joey’s cock continued to slam into her pussy in a unrelenting and seemingly never ending assault. Her blouse and bra had long ago drifted silently to the floor leaving her wearing only her scrunched up skirt and her drenched panties, which had been pulled to one side to allow his manhood to slide repeatedly without restriction into her body. She was now only held aloft by the tenuous grip of one of her arms wrapped around his neck and his hold of only one of her legs, often leaving her body leaning at a dangling at dangerous angle towards the floor.

It was only a short time later as she felt his lips ravenously kiss and suck on the soft skin of her neck that she felt her body being lowered to the floor. She felt his cock slide out of her pussy as she was dropped onto the floor, falling onto her knees in just in front of him. Caroline found herself sucking in gulps of air in rapid breaths, trying to compose herself, trying to get her still shaking body used to being a solid ground again. Her eyes watched his cock wobble just in front of her face, so close at times it flicked across her face and lips before instinctively she opened her mouth wide allowing his shaft slide between her lips.

“Oh yeah baby!” Joey exclaimed loudly as his cock began to disappear down her throat at regular intervals.

“You like?” Joey looked down at her face as she gave him a wink of her eye and the sexiest smile he had ever seen as her hand travelled along his shaft.

“You betcha!” He pulled her up roughly to her feet before letting their lips meet in a brief but passionate kiss.

Caroline felt his hand slide between her ass crack, his fingers gently squeezing an ass cheek as their lips meshed together. His tongue delved into her open mouth performing its own erotic dance as it flicked across her teeth and down her throat.

“Why don’t cha climb up there baby,” he said as their lips parted, his finger pointing towards the leather armchair “I wanna do you from behind.”

She climbed onto the armchair slowly and carefully, making sure she was comfortable and stable as she settled herself on her hands and knees on the soft plush armchair.

“Like this?” she asked with a smile as she turned her head back to see him stroking his cock enthusiastically, his eyes watching her every move.

“Yeah, yeah that’s it,” She felt his hands on her ass as his fingers hooked into the soaked material of her panties before beginning to pull them downwards “let me slide these off.”

Caroline felt her panties peel away from her ass like a second skin, slowly travelling down her legs before she raised both of her knees in turn to help him ease them off her feet. The sudden onrush of cool air made her pussy tingle in expectation, the soft outer skin trembling slightly as if it was nervous.

Joey slid into her slowly, pushing the entire length of his shaft all the way inside before he started to pump. Her pussy still felt incredibly tight, surrounding his cock despite the pounding she had already received making him pump with more and more force with every stroke. His hands gripped her hips as used his strongly built legs to increase his frequency and power, slamming into her with such force she felt her body jump forward with every stroke.

She had never experienced anything like this with every stroke of his cock that slid inside her threatening to split her body in two. Her hands gripped the armchair with all the strength she had in a occasional less than successful bid to avoid the embarrassment of toppling onto the floor as her head reared upwards, her long sweat drenched hair flying about in all directions. Her mouth could not help but let slip one continuous moan of pleasure, one loud enough to silence his loud exertions together with the rhythmical slap of his legs against the armchair as he fucked her and loud enough to drain out the moans and groans of the other participants in the apartment.

Caroline looked out onto the yellow couch almost directly in front of her to see the naked body of the petite brunette riding Chandler’s cock with gusto, bouncing up and down like an out of control yo-yo. She wasn’t sure if it was an optical illusion but the couch appeared to bounce as their two bodies collided, her loud moaning seemingly slipping from her lips like clockwork as if set by a timer. The blonde, now completely naked except for her high heel wedge sandals was on her knees on the floor just in front of their colliding bodies. She would watch her friends on the couch with wide open blue eyes with her hand rubbing between her wide spread open legs or on the odd occasion the cock slipped out from the brunettes pussy, she would wrap her lips around his shaft letting her head bob up and down in a short but furious bursts, before guiding it back into her wet hole.


His cock slipped into her easily, the full length of his shaft sliding inside her as she composed herself, balancing herself on top of him as she spread open her legs letting them dangle over the side of the couch.

“Oh god!,” Monica moaned as she began to propel her body up and down “your cock feels so good inside me… fucking good!…” Her voice trailed off as the full length of his shaft slid inside her, her lungs feeling as if they had been instantaneously emptied of all the oxygen they contained.

Her mind began to drift as she rode him feeling the touch of his fingertips on her skin as his hands supported her hips, aiding her balance and preventing her from toppling over onto the floor. She was amazed, no dumbfounded that a little over half an hour ago she was sitting on the couch in her apartment making plans to scrub and clean the kitchen, yet she now found herself in Joey’s apartment, naked as the day she was born with Chandler’s cock pumping inside her.

Monica cast her eyes downward to see Rachel naked, lying almost on her back on the floor just in front of them. Her hand was between her open spread legs slowly rubbing her own pussy while she looked on with wide open eyes, a sexy, almost devilish smile spread across her face. This was something she expected Rachel would do, not herself Monica decided, allowing her deeply buried desires and lust to get the better of her, letting them seep to the surface to control and rule her actions, to dominate her.

He had watched the beautiful curves of her backside as she propelled her body up and own with wild abandon, repeatedly impaling herself on his manhood. Chandler let his hands roam her naked body at will, his fingertips caressing the soft silky skin of her back and sliding forward squeezing and playing with her breasts. His mind was jumbled mix of emotions and desires, unable or not wanting to believe what was happening.

Chandler began to pump into her pussy from below, their nakedness crashing together as if they were trying to out do each other with her body from above and his from below. He could hear Rachel’s voice swirl around inside his head, bouncing and echoing around as if she had whispered directly into his ear.

“Fuck her ……..fuck her hard Chandler….she’s nothing but a slut……!”

Monica felt his hands take a firm grip of her hips and then suddenly her body began to tilt falling slowly towards the couch, his cock still embedded deep inside her pussy.

“Hey….” In her surprise she could only let the one word slip from her lips as her body dropped softly onto her side on the couch bouncing once before coming to a stop. Her body had no time to react, no time to regain her composure his cock continuing to pummel into her wet hole as he positioned himself just behind her lifting her leg slightly into the air to allow him more room.

“That’s it Chandler treat her like the fucking whore she is!” Rachel exclaimed her voice tinged with a touch of laughter. Her hand now pumped in and out of her pussy almost in a blur as she watched her two friends act out their erotic stage play while the other hand played with her breasts, at times her fingers squeezing and pinching her sensitive nipples.

He was pumping his cock into her pussy at a frenetic pace using small but rapid movements of his hips to drill into her body. Chandler let his fingers move along her soft skin as he fucked her feeling her body tremble with passion, hearing her almost continuous moans of pleasure as his cock repeatedly slammed into her.

Monica allowed her head to drop, letting it rest on top of the couch as she felt his hand reach around and start to tease and play with her nipples, his fingers gently twisting and pulling in the one motion. Her entire body felt like it was on fire with wave after wave of the most intense sensations radiating from from her insides outwards, leaving her with almost no control over her bodily functions or the ability to speak in coherent sentences.

“Fuck me….oh…..fuck…..god……ohhhh……” Her voice trailed off as she closed her eyes feeling his cock drive into her at an unrelenting brutal pace, every stroke smacking against her body with a loud ‘thwack’ sound. Her head swirled with confusing thoughts and desires as she lay naked on her side on Joey’s couch with Chandler’s manhood pumping between her widely spread legs but these soon slipped from her mind as her eyes fluttered open again.

The naked form of Joey Tribbiani filled her field of vision, his massive frame appearing to tower over the huddled glistening body of the woman on the armchair. She was now almost in what was could be described as the foetal position with her legs tucked up close under her body and her head buried in the seat of the chair. Monica watched on in amazement as Joey pumped his cock into her pussy, every stroke producing loud moans from her lips, every stroke leaving her shaking as if she was having an epileptic fit. Their eyes met briefly with Joey offering her a broad smile while she could only offer a weak one in return.

“Hey watch this Mon!” he called out to her waving his hand as if they were having a normal day to day conversation.

Monica watched as he slid his cock from her pussy, sliding it up and down her ass crack a number of times and then, in one swift motion, he plunged the full length of his shaft into her ass hole.


Her body had no time to react or to compose herself losing the ability to move her sore arms and legs quickly a long time ago. Caroline Duffy, well known and respected newspaper cartoonist felt his cock slide in between her ass cheeks, the full length of his shaft disappearing inside her sphincter before he started to pump.

Her mouth whispered a few feeble, mumbled words as she threw one hand behind her in his direction in futile attempt to stop him.

“No….no …..please…” her body began to literally shudder as his cock pumped in and out of her puckered ass hole gradually building up speed as she wrapped her hand around his shaft, feeling it pump through her fingers.

Joey smiled as raised himself onto his toes for better leverage and power, his cock now sliding into her ass hole at a near vertical angle. “Fucking your ass babe!,” his shout of the obvious seemed to echo around the apartment as one hand slid below his pumping shaft, his fingers slowly rubbing up and down between the skin folds of her pussy “you like it baby?”

Caroline heard the words come out of his mouth but she did not or could not respond straight away. She had never been a fan of allowing man to slide his manhood between her butt cheeks being able to count the times it happened with two, maybe three fingers but she could not lie. Her body now quivering with every stroke into her ass hole she gathered enough breath to utter a short reply.

“Uh huh.” She spread both palms of her hands flat on the armchair in a useless effort to stop the power of his strokes pushing her small body downwards flat against the cushion. He had only pumped a few more times when she felt his cock slide slowly from her ass with a soft ‘pop’ sound.

Joey watched her ass hole contract slightly in size as his cock slid out his hand still rubbing her pussy. “You wanna ride my cock?,” he asked as his other hand ran along his now well lubricated shaft “let me slide it in your beautiful ass again?”

Caroline lifted her head slowly from the armchair twisting around to see his smiling face fill her vision before she simply nodded.

“Yes..” The single word escaped from her lips as he extended a hand to lift her from the armchair, pulling her swiftly onto her feet where she swayed unsteadily on for a second or two before regaining some semblance of balance. Her hand instinctively slid between her legs, her fingers playing with the soft wet skin of her pussy as she watched him position himself on his back on the armchair. His head slid down until it was low down in the seat and he planted his feet firmly on the floor in front of the chair.

“C’mon” his hand slowly stroked his cock while he gestured to her with a quick movement of his head. She approached the armchair carefully making sure she had firm hold with her hands before she lifted herself onto her knees atop one of the armrests and then, balancing herself carefully, lifted herself into a standing position with a foot on each of the armrests.

Joey looked on as she swung her naked body around so that her back was towards him, his hand no stroking his cock at faster pace. His eyes never left the sight of her tight but well apportioned ass as with a simple bend of her knees she let her body began to drop towards his waiting manhood. His free hand held one of her legs steady as she placed a hand behind her onto the armchair to help her balance, her other hand reaching downwards to guide his cock into her ass.

Caroline gritted her teeth together as she lowered her body waiting for the inevitable collision of their two naked bodies, waiting his cock to slide into what was the tiny opening of her ass hole. She felt the head of his cock push into her sphincter forcing her so slow down her descent, forcing her to draw in rapid and deep breaths of air as she impaled herself. The full length of his shaft slid easily into her body, much faster than she expected and her mouth released a loud guttural moan in the process.

“Oh fuck!” she had always strived not to swear during her life, not even during sex but this time she could not help or stop herself. She trembled slightly as she fully impaled herself on his manhood before she slowly began to move her body up and down riding his massive cock. Her legs hung over the front of the armchair forcing her to user hands and arms to propel her body upwards.

“Yeah baby!” Joey’s hands grabbed her hips easing her upwards before, with her body beginning to move in the opposite direction his strong arms yanked her body downwards with so much force that their nakedness smacked together with a loud ‘thwack’ sound.

“Ride my fucking cock!”

His loud shout reverberated in her ears as their two bodies attempted to move together but in reality their movements were anything but synchronised and coordinated. Their sweat covered bodies slapped together with such intensity that at times she felt she was riding a roller-coaster forcing her to hang on for dear life. His thrusting of his cock into her ass was so relentless and powerful it left her petite body shaking, her lungs near empty leaving her gasping for air.

Caroline only had to turn her head slightly to follow the the direction of the loud and constant moans coming from the yellow couch. As her body bounced about wildly riding Joey’s cock she could see the brunette now lying on her back atop the body of the blonde as she lay on the couch with both of their legs dangling over the front. Chandler, standing just in front of the couch in between their widely spread legs, was furiously pumping his cock into the pussy of the blonde only to suddenly pull out and slide into the pussy of the brunette. The smile on her face soon changed into a grimace as he began to slam his cock into her, his hands holding onto her legs as they deliriously and wildly thrashed around him. Caroline could not help but smile as she watched his naked ass jiggle about as he thrust his cock into each of their dripping pussies in turn. He seemed to be a man on a mission, she thought, as he steadfastly went about pumping his well lubricated cock into one pussy before sliding into the other and then back again.

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