chair story

My name is Georgie or Miss Georgie, but when I was a kid everyone called me Butch. I was born in Memphis Tennessee, on the poor side of town. While growing up I was a tom boy and would played baseball with all the boys. They never knew I was a girl because back then you could get away with that. I would wear my brother’s cloths and a ball cap that hid my long red hair. My family lived in a little 4 room shake, so my brothers, sisters and I slept together, eat together and bathed together. I have seen my brothers naked so I knew the difference between boys and girls. That was until I saw my first black cock.

One very hot summer day a few of the black boys from down the road came over to play baseball with us. This only happened every once in a while, back then blacks and whites did not mix much. After the game we all ran down to the pond for a swim. I went down but told the boys I could not swim, but it was alright because I would keep watch just in case someone was coming. No one really wanted to do this but I did not mind. I also figured I would sit far enough away that I would not see anything going on at the pond. Plus even if I did it would be no big deal; it was not as if I had not seen naked boys before.

I was sitting with my back against a tree looking up at the sky trying to figure out what the clouds looked it, I saw one that looked like a running dog.

I did not see Willy, one of the black boys we were playing with coming up behind me.

“So why can’t you swim. Don’t nobody teach you?” Willy asked as he walked around in front of me. He was pulling a shirt over his head but did not have any pants on yet. What I saw when I looked up I could not believe, his thing had to be at least twice the size of my big brothers and it was right in front of me. The thing looked like the black snakes we seen at the swamp, it was so shiny and back, and something about it was beautiful.

“What’s wrong, can’t you talk? Willy asked again, he did not notice I was staring at him.

“Hu,no I have a bad cut on my leg from a bottle and Doctor says I have to stay out of water till it heals, on account that he don’t want it to become infected.” I said, trying not to look at it again.

“Really, let me see.”

So I raised my pants leg and showed it to him. He walked over to me, still with no pants and keeled down. Then he slid his finger over it. He had such a soft touch; it felt soooo warm and smooth, she felt something in the pit of her stomach. He was close enough for me to get a real close look at his thing, it was hung down between his legs, God it was unbelievable, it really took over my mind, I know how stupid that sounds. Then the fog cleared and I jerked my pants leg down.

“Shucks, I didn’t mean nothing by it. Just never seen a scar like that before” Willy said.

“It’s OK; I just thought of something, I need to get home.” I jumped up and started to run. I turned and yelled, “By Willy.” Willy waved and I turned back around ran towards home..

I never saw Willy again, nor did I have any dealings with black guys after that, not for a long time. I also thought it better not to tell Ma and Pa or even my brothers and sisters about what happen. I did not think they would understand and Pa would whip me for letting a nigger touch my leg. Tho from then on I always had this funny feeling inside of me when it came to black men. I was always standoffish, but they took it as fear. Now if you can believe this I almost could not trust myself alone with them. It was like they had some kind of hidden black power or me. I know stupid right.

All the schools I went to did not allow black so I never saw one for a long time, but that image always stuck in my head, and I pushed it deep inside of me. I also noticed as I got older I found it harder and harder to talk to or be around black men, because of this most of my family, and people close to me thought that I a Southern raciest, and as I have told you that was far from the truth.

As far as my looks, I am a typical red headed Irish girl, about 5 ft 5 in and 128 lbs. I have very long curly red hair, hazel eyes and freckles all over my body. My figure is a nice 38d, 28, 36, a little top heavy but most men did not mind. O yes, long legs with that half-moon scar on my lower right leg, most of the time people did not even notice it, especially when I wore nylons.

I met my husband, Richard, while he was in the Navy; I was a model for a paint company in Memphis. The first time he saw me I was on a float, in front of the store dressed in blue roller skates, a short white skirt that showed off my long legs and a very tight red sweeter, like a cheer leader sweeter. He turned to his buddy’s and yelled, “That is the woman I am going to marry.” I looked down at him and smiled, when I saw him again in that Navy uniform of his I could not resist him, something about Italian guys in uniform, those big brown eyes and that black shiny curly hair. We got married and had two boys, Tony and Little Richard. After a couple of years my husband was discharged and we left Memphis and headed for Chicago, where his family lived. I really did not want to leave the South, the north seemed so cold, both the weather and the people. But I got used to it.

This is when the story begins;

We now live in a far northern suburb of Chicago, a little town called Wauconda. My husband, Richard and the boys were leaving on their first fishing trip and it was without me. Richard does not believe in women going fishing, fishing is a man thing and he wanted to toughen up the boys. This expedition was to Canada with a friend of Richards. I watched them leave hoping they would come home safe.

Richard decided to go at the end of the summer while it was still warm. He said that would work out because his friend told him there would not be a lot of fisherman up there that week. So it would be easy to get their choice of boats.

So there I was in this big house all by myself, far away from anything or anyone. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with all this time. I thought could do a few things for myself, maybe I would go to the movies, or go shopping and just look around. I could also clean the house and have it clean for more than just a day.

I turned and walked back into the house, got my purse, my car keys and hopped into the old ford and headed to the Eagle Food store. I figured I would buy food I liked to eat, some good old Southern food, and may be a bottle of Jack and some 7up. I am not a real drinker but tonight I wanted to relax, since I am home alone I could even tale a long hot bath in my big oversize bathtub, that Richard did get for me.

As I drove up the long driveway I took a good look at the house. It was an old 2 story home on 1 ½ acres of wooded land, so we had a lot of privacy. There was some cut grass but it was close around the house.

I got the grocery and walked into the house. After putting them away I made myself a large Jack and 7 and then started cooking dinner. I cooked up some cornbread, fried chicken and black eyed peas for myself, just like back home. Sitting down to eat I had another Jack and 7, I was feeling pretty good. That hot bath sounded pretty good by now.

It seemed the more I drank the bigger the house got and the lonelier I felt. I started thinking about how I had hated Richard when he came home and told me we were moving and that he had already bought the house, without me. Yes it was bigger than what we were living in but all of my friends we around me and there were places to go. Here I felt like a poor hillbilly again, nothing around but trees and roads.

When I was done I left the dining room and headed for the den. There I fell asleep in Richard’s big, overstuffed recliner watching our RCA TV. I had forgotten to turn on the alarm. I did that a lot lately; it was a pain in the ass. All those numbers I had to remember. More than once I had forgotten to either turn it on or turn it off and then the buzzer would go off.

When I woke up my head was in a fog, but I thought I had heard something coming from the patio doors. I wasn’t sure so I kept quiet. The talking was coming from the kitchen, so I thought I would head for the bedroom where our gun was but then someone spoke and the other guy answered, I could still not make out what they were saying, but I could tell that there were at least two of them.

There was a little sowing room in the back of the den. So I jumped up and headed there to hide. I figured there would be no reason for them to go into the sewing room so I would be safe. They would steal whatever and then leave, and then I could call the cops. That sounded like a good plan anyway. All I had to was be quiet.

As I laid there they were still talking but never moved from the kitchen. I also noticed they did not turn on the lights either. Then I heard music and thought why would they be playing music while robbing a house. Thinking no one home, but that still did not make sense. As my head started to clear up I realized it was that stupid new radio clock that Richard had bought me for my birthday. Damn thing would go off every once in a while, and I had not learned how to set it correctly yet. It happened last week and Richard grabbed a gun and went into the kitchen. He came bake piss at me because I had left the timer on and the radio went on.

“You know sometime you can be a stupid Hillbilly, now lets get some sleep.”

I got up and slowly went to the kitchen. Sure enough it was the clock radio. Maybe Richard was right, I was a stupid Hillbilly. So I unplugged the think so it would not happen while I was alone. Now it is time for the hot bath, and then to bed, alone.

The next day I got up, took a shower and through on my old jersey. I headed down stairs to make myself some breakfast, and a nice hot cup of coffee, and I would not have to hear Richard tell me I put too much cream and sugar in it. He would say,”If you do not like the taste of coffee why do you drink it, for Gods sakes.”

I walked around the house with my cup of coffee wondering what I was going to do today; I had the whole day by myself. I could do some laundry, clean the house and then go to the movies. Then the doorbell rang and I thought now who could that be I wonder? I went to the door and opened it, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepbeeeeep

“Danm” I yelled, “It’s the damn alarm, hold on” I did not even look up I just turned and ran to reset the alarm. As soon as I reset it the phone rang. I picked it up and told the people at the other end that I had forgotten to turn it off this morning. The lady from security said “I need your security word” I answered, “James Cagney”

“Ok, you take care now, good bye. “James Cagney was Richard’s idea; James Cagney for OK and John Wayne if there is trouble and you need the police to come to the house.

When I came back to the door, I froze. It was two black men standing there. One was about 6 foot tall, about 200 lbs. and I would say about 40 or so years old. The other man was younger, about 20 a little shorter, and about 175lbs.

“Mam, we’re sorry. We made a wrong turn; we thought we were headed down to a place called Fox Lake. My name is Gus and this here is Tyrone. We are looking for jobs, we were wondering if you have anything around the house we could do for you. We would even work for something to eat and then we will head on down the road.

“Hu,have you eaten today.” She said nervously.

Gus thought she looked afraid and said,” Miss we mean you no harm, we are really from Tennessee, a place called Dyersburg.”

“That is north of Memphis, isn’t it?” Georgie asked.

“Why, yes mam it is. How’d you know that?”

“I was born right outside of Memphis.” She said and felt a little more comfortable. But she had that feeling in her stomach.

“Well mam that makes you somewhat kin. So you gotta know that and old darky like me would not think of hurting a Southern Bell like yourself.” Gus said with a big smile.

“Why don’t you boys go around back, there is a table back there and I will bring you some food and then we can talk about some work for you two.”

“Thank you mam, yes thank you very much mam” said both of them as they bowed and walked around the back and sat at the glass table that was on the patio.

“Now Tyrone, this is a real Southern Lady, so you treat her like one. I have a feeling in my bones if we are good to her she will be good to us. She also seems afraid or something, that I cannot put my finger on. But she sure ain’t no Yankee girl.” Gus said as if was talking to his boy.

When Georgie came out she had a big tray filled with fried chicken, black eye peas, greens, the rest of the cornbread and some lemonade. “Hope you boys are hungry, and like good old Southern cooking. Georgie said with a smile, she had overheard what Gus had said to the boy but said nothing.

“Damn Missy, this is like being back home. After eating all of this we would paint your whole house for nothing.” Gus said, and both of them started to eat.

While eating, Gus asked, “By the way Missy, what is your real name? That is if you do not mind me asking?”

“Well my name is Georgie; or Miss Georgie is what they used to call me back home, and home was Memphis. I sure do miss it at times.”

“Miss Georgie that sure is a pretty southern name, I was just telling Tyrone, you sure be a Southern lady. We miss home too. People up here sure aren’t as friendly as people down south. We came up here on a job but now the job is over and we are headed back home. We are working for money to get gas and food to get us back home.” Gus said.

“Well, let me see what I can do for you gentlemen. First I need to know what you can do. But like I said you finish eating and then come and get me, I will be in the house. Now enjoy your vittles and relax.” She laughed and turned and went into the house.

They both looked at each other and laughed as well. It made them feel good because they knew she said that to make them feel good, not to make fun of them.

Georgie turned and walked back into the house. She started to think of what Gus had said about painting the house. It did need paint and Richard was talking about hiring someone to do it. Why not these boys, she could buy the paint, it would only take a few days. They could sleep in the garage, and take showers in the boy’s bathroom, as long as they cleaned up after themselves. I need to find out how much to pay them, but it should be enough for them to get gas and even food to get home on. This just might work out. She also knew Richard would never hire darkies to do the job because he was a true Yankee raciest. Him and his family and friends would always say those niggers this and those niggers that. He was also teaching Tony and Little Richard to be raciest. Well they would be gone by the time Richard showed up.

I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen when I herded a knock on the back door. That had to be Gus and Tyrone.

When I went and opened the door, I was shocked. Tyrone was holding the tray but the dishes were clean.

“We threw away the bones and cleaned the rest with the hose out back.” Tyrone said with a big smile on his face.

“Well you keep doing things like this and we are not going to get along fine.” Georgie took the tray and instructed them to take their shoes off and come into the kitchen.

“Have a seat, would you like more lemonade?”

“Yes mam ifen you don’t mind.”

“OK, here is the deal”, as she was pouring the lemonade into their glasses. “Now what can you do?”

“Well, we were hired by a company that brought us up here to paint houses. We can do some light repairs to the house, fix the lawn, cut down trees, we can pretty much do anything. “Gus said while drinking down his lemonade and lifting it up again to her to for a refilled. “Mighty good lemonade Miss Georgie.”

“OK,this is what we’ll do. We will start with the house. It does need painting, so I will pay you $7.00 a day to paint the house. With that $7.00 dollars a day you will get 3 meals a day, you can stay here and sleep in the garage and clean your selves in my house as long as you clean up after yourselves. So what do you say to that?”

“Well, that a sure kind of you. No one could ask for more, and we will give you a good day’s work. You won’t be sorry.”

With that he put out his hand for me to shake it. I reach out my hand and placed it into his. It felt so small in his big black hand. He took it softly and shook it saying “It’s a deal.”

I shook it and just stood there looking into his eyes and then jerked it out right away. “OK,so what do you need, for painting supplies?”

“Miss Georgie, please believe Tyrone and I are not here to hurt you, would never think of hurting you. If we do anything out of like just tell us and we will stop.” Gus said in a very soft and sincere voice. Tyrone looked up but said nothing, he did not want to say anything wrong.

“OK,sorry for jerking my hand back, I guess I have been up north too long. “Miss Georgie said as she bowed her head.

Gus looked at her kindly then said, “OK where do you keep your paint supplies?”

The rest of the afternoon we spent getting and pulling out the supplies. Gus and Tyrone also got things set up so they could start bright and early the next morning. Gus told me they could use the paint we had in the basement to patch the house, that way I would not waist money on primer. I figured I would go out and get the new paint while they were patching the house tomorrow, better get some food too.

It got hot that day so while Gus and Tyrone were working outside they asked me if they could take off their shirts. I said that would be fine but they needed to put them back on when they came into the house. They thanked me and pulled off their shirts. I looked at their black shiny naked bodies admiringly then I turned and hurried into the house.

When I got into the kitchen, I was sweating and my heart was pounding. That twinge that I got in the pit of my stomach was stronger and lower now. I could not believe the effect their naked bodies had on me. I got a glass of ice water and a rag and sat down and relaxed. Then I looked out the window and watched them working. Gus was an older man, as I said; his body was large but not fat. Tyrone on the other hand was built, like those body builders she had seen in magazines, lots of firm mussels that shined do to the sweat and the sun.

I had not noticed it before but my womanly parts became wet and itched for me to touch them. Richard never had that effect on me lake that. We all ways had this Gentleman and lady love affair. We never did any of those discussing things to each other. Our sex life was, we would clean up, get into bed and have sex, and go to sleep, nothing more nothing less.

I got off of the chair and went into my bathroom, had a cold shower and cleared my mind. OK, I have things to do so let’s forget about this, it must be the heat. I need to cook dinner.

When dinner was ready I went out and got the boys. “Dinner will be ready soon. Now what I want you to do is to bring me all of your cloths, because I am going to clean them. I want you to totally get undressed and then go take a shower before you come to dinner. There are two robes and some towels by the washing machine. Do not use the robes till you have showered. Remember, depending on how well the bathroom is clean is how long you will be able to use it. “understood.”

Both of them said “Yes Miss Georgie, and thank you kindly, we have not had clean clothes or showered in a while.”

I set the table as the boys dropped off their cloths and went up to the bathroom. While they were showering I went into the laundry room and started the cloths. God they were dirty, and smelly. That smell, it was somewhat intoxicating, it was different than Richards smell. He was more of a sweet smell; this was strong, more of a manly musty smell. My stomach started to act up again, and my female parts started to get wet again. What was wrong with me, this is so not me. I wish Richard was here so he could take care of this for me. Funny I never felt with Richard the whole time we were married.

When the boys came down, I had them sit at the table. Their robes did not fit them all that well because both of them were bigger than Richard. Tyrone’s was not too bad, but his chest stuck out and looked fabulous, those rippling mussels. Gus’s was way too small and too short. His big chest stuck out of his and it hung on him kinda of short. He had to keep closing it when he moved. But they both got to the table and sat down.

“Wow, another great meal Miss Georgie. We sure are thankful for all your help. Buy the way where is your family? We saw pictures of you boys and your husband up stairs.”

Tyrone asked as he was eating.

“Why do you ask?”

“O we don’t mean nothing by it. We were just wondering, it seems the table is set just for you and us.” Gus said.

“Well, they went on an all men fishing trip. I husband does not think women should go fishing. Soooo they left me by myself.”

Tyrone looked at her funny and said “No offense man but if I had a woman that looked like you I would want her around me all the time, please don’t take that wrong. As Gus said you surly do not have any worry about us. We would never think of causing you no harm. “

Georgie, looked at them nervously and said, “I thank you for both the complement and the reinsurance. I consider you Southern country folk and even tho you are not white I think of you as Southern Gentleman.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Gus said, trying to break the tension, but there was something about Miss Georgie that he could not figure out. It seems that she like them but was always hiding something. Was it the hates for darkies? Did some nigger do something to her in the past? He did notice that the blacks up here were different than the ones back home. O well they had all night, he would figure it out.

When they finished eating Miss Georgie asked, “Would you boys like a drink, I do have some Jack Daniels so we could have some Jack and 7up?

“I will have one “said Tyrone with a big smile.

“I will take mine straights up, ifin you don’t mind, “As he handed her his empty water glass.

“That’s funny Gus, why did I know you were going to have it that way? “My husband says that a Jack and 7 is a girl’s drink.

She filled Gus’s glass and made drinks for her and Tyrone. They sat and talked for a while, talked about work, painting the house, and how it was growing up down south. After a few drinks Miss Georgie felt more relaxed, and she told the story about Willy. She had never told anyone that story before, and she could not believe she did it now. Anyway they all laughed about it and it did not seem to be a big deal.

Except for Gus, Gus finely understood what the underlined problem was with Miss Georgie. Deep down inside she really wanted the black snake. Well Miss Georgie, Gus thought, I am going to help you out, I will make sure you get what you want but it is going to be your idea. I will just make it easy for you. What you do not understand is once you get bitten by the black snake and taste its venom you are hooked and will always want it.

“Let’s have another toast, here is to the South and all the Southern folks we left behind, “Gus said as her raised his glass.

Georgie drank it down and made herself and Tyrone another one. Everything was going fine. She really felt relaxed and was have a good time with the boys. “Tell you what, why don’t we clean up the dining room and take all the dishes into the kitchen. Then we can go into the den and really relax before going to bed,” When she said that her heart stopped, “I mean go to sleep.”

Gus Busted out laughing, he had done that to break up the tension, and it worked because Miss Georgie started to laugh as well.

Now Gus was going to put his plan into action. As they were walking back and forth to the kitchen he would let his robe fall open in front of her a few times. That would not be hard because it hardly fit anyway. She would for sure get a good look at his big black snake and think it was an accident.

As Miss Georgie got up from the table, she lost her balance and Tyrone grabbed her before she fell. As he did his robe opened up and before he could close it she saw his black cock. God it was big, she thought, she only saw it for a second but that was enough. It looked twice the size and much thicker than Richard’s.

“I’m sorry Miss Georgie, I’m really sorry.” Tyrone stammered. “Please for give me, please.”

Miss Georgie blushed and then said, “I know, that’s ok; don’t worry about it, things happen.

Gus looked over at her and smiled, things happen alright; Tyrone was helping and did not even know it. Missy I am going to make things happen for you that you are going to love.

Gus took some plates into the kitchen and timed it so she would put the plates into the sink and turn around just when he was behind her. The robe would open and he would say he was sorry but it would take him a little longer than Tyrone did to close his. And his was a little larger than Tyrone’s.

It worked fine; Tyrone left his dishes and went back into the dining room. I put my dishes on the counter as Miss Georgie was putting hers into the sink. She turned and we bumped into each other and my robe fell open.

Georgie, turned she was still a little off balance, and bumped into Gus. His robe fell open and she saw his cock. My God it was big, and it just hung their waiting for her to touch it. I stood there admiring it, it seemed like hours before Gus closed his robe and said, “Sorry Missy, you OK?” Then he put his arms around her and held her for a second. Lying against his chest she felt so safe and protected.

Protected from what she was not sure. She could feel his big chest, the warmth, then she felt his member against her stomach and it felt great. Gus then let her go and waked back to the dining room to clean up some more. As he walked away Miss Georgie felt cold and empty inside and she wanted to touch him, not just him but that big beautiful black cock of his. God what was she thinking, Miss Georgie was a white woman and descent Southern white women do not mess around with darkies. At least not down south.

When she got back to the dining room everything was quiet. Tyrone and Gus were still cleaning up but not looking directly at her. She picked up her drink and finished it, then made another one. “Fellas want another drink? She said to break the ice. “Sure” both of them said.”

“By the way Miss Georgie, if you are feeling uncomfortable with us we can go in the garage and go to sleep for the rest of the night.” Gus stated as he walked back into the kitchen.

“NO, I mean, no that is not necessary. “she stammered. “We just had a couple of accidents, no big deal.” She hoped that Gus did not pick up on that, tho she knew she sounded like a fool.

But Gus did pick up on that and knew they were headed in the right direction. She was going to get bitten by the big black snake tonight. When Gus and Tyrone were in the kitchen alone he told Tyrone, “Just be cool, shut up and follow my lead. I will make sure you have the best time in your whole young life.”

When he walked back into the dining room, Miss Georgie was wiping off the table and then she started to put the plates back on. “I thought we were done eating” asked Gus puzzled.”

“Yes we are, this is for display, these are my good china, crystal and silverware. No one eats off of these, they are just for looks, for show. “Georgie said with a smile on her face.

“You white people sure waist a lot of time and money. Something that pretty and no one uses it. If you do not take it wrong, it like having a beautiful woman and not giving her all the attention and love she needs.” As he said that he turned and headed back to the kitchen.

Georgie, could feel her face turn red, she was blushing all over her pretty face. She was glad that Gus had left. When she was done with the table and it was perfect she finished her drink and headed to the kitchen.

When she got there she was shocked. Gus was washing the dishes and Tyrone was drying them. They were finishing, as she looked at them she thought about her husband. He never did nor would he ever do the dishes without a fight because this is women’s work. These men were so grateful for what she had done and what she was doing for them they just jumped in and helped out.

“Miss Georgie, would you like another drink?”, She came out of her haze as Tyrone spoke.

“Why yes dear Tyrone I would love one.”

“Why don’t you take a shower and get into some convertible cloths and come down and join us watching your big RCA TV. I think both of us would like your company.” Gus said as he washed the last dish and was wiping his hands.

She nodded and went upstairs, took a shower and put on a light robe because she felt was warm. The warmth was due to either the weather or because she had too many drinks.

She walked slowly down the stairs, when she got to the bottom she saw both of them relaxing, Gus on the sofa and Tyrone on the big recliner. She thought that was funny, she figured it would have been the other way around.

“If you don’t mind me saying you clean up pretty good for a white woman”, Gus said and they both laughed. Then she started to laugh, “No I don’t mind, and thank you.”

She walked in and looked around, “If you want me to I can move over in the little sofa. “Gus said.

“I would give you the big chair and move over by Gus,” Tyrone said with that big kid smile.

“No, it is OK. I don’t mind sitting next to Gus. By the way the little sofa is called a love seat.” She said forcing a smile on her face and then blushed.

Miss Georgie sat down next to Gus, leaned back and started to watched TV while she finishing her drink. Things were going on in her head, like the way Richard treats her sometimes, the loneliness she feels in this big house when he is at work, this house so far away from everything. If these two darkies would not have shown up she would be all by herself, all alone, and unsafe. What if these guys would have turned out to be bad men, crooks, rapist, she could have been raped or even killed. All Richard was worried about was his fishing trip, and getting a boat. It had been months since he had touched her or even shown her any affection. These men had shown her more in just a few hours they he had in a while.

Gus looked over at Miss Georgie and saw a tear run down her face. He raised his big arm and put it slowly around her shoulders and pulling her into him, “Is everything alright Missy, are you ok?” Gus said with a very soft low comforting voice.

Miss Georgie looked up at him and into his deep brown kindly eyes, then Gus leaned down and kissed her. Not a hard kiss but a very soft kiss, then he slid his tongue into her mouth. She moaned and gave into him, body and soul. As they were kissing, he slid his big hand down and started to play with her tits. As soon as he touched them she started to whimper and moan. Since she did not stop him his hands worked down till it hit her panties. From there to her pussy, which she opened up her legs a little for him. After she did that Gus pulled himself away from her lips, her eyes were still closed so he signaled to Tyrone to come over and start slicking her pussy.

Tyrone jumped at the chance, he had never seen a white ladies pussy up close before, nor had he ever licked and kissed one. When he got on his knees he pulled her legs apart, she had a beautiful red haired pussy, with nice puffy lips. As he got closer he could not believe how sweet it smelled. From there he dug in and started licking her lips and nibbling her little hard clit. He was going to make Miss Georgie feel the best she had ever felt.

Georgie opened her eyes and whimpered,” OOOOO my God, what is he doing. O Jesus, no one ever OOOOOO please Gus no, OOOO please Tyrone don’t stop. OOOOO Gus AAAAAAA yes.

Gus whispered, “Its OK Missy, we are going to make you feel like you have never felt before. You know deep down inside this is what you really want. You have wanted it ever since you saw Willy big black cock. Don’t hold back just enjoy it, you know you want it, relax Missy.”

As Tyrone was making love to her pussy, by the way, that was one thing Tyrone bragged about to Gus and the whole team. He told us, “Give me your women and after I eat their pussy they will never go back to you.” Hearing Miss Georgie moan and the way she was lifting her hip and try to put her whole pussy into his face, I truly believe him.

Gus then took her hand and moved it down to his big black cock. When she felt it she moaned, “O God, OOOOO yes.”

“Tyrone” Gus said, “let her up, it is time she met the Big Black Snake.”

Tyrone let her up and Gus opened his robe, then he spread his legs. His cock was already hard; it was about 8 inches long and about 6 1/2 inches around. It had a nice big mushroom head and very large veins running all through it. Tyrone picked Miss Georgie up and placed her between Gus’s legs. She looked up at it then at Gus. Then Gus whispered, “Go head Missy, puts your hands on it, you have been waiting a long time for this.” She looked down at this big black cock of his and held it with both of her little white hands. “OOOO it feels so hard, but oooo soooooo soft, almost like black silk.” “Go head lick it, kiss it, it is waiting for your little mouth.” She stuck out her little pink tongue and licked it, once, then twice and then she opened her mouth and put the whole mushroom head in it. “MMMMMMM” She could not believe she could take it all, nor how goo it’s tasted. It was just like she thought it would. She could taste his pre cum, it was somewhat salty but it was thick not watery like Riches. This black cock had taken over her whole mind, she wanted it, she needed it, God she loved it. It made her feel sooo good inside.

Every time she put it into her mouth she moaned with pleasure. And when she would put it in deep down her throat she would make a pleasurable moaning or whimpering sound. She loved it and you could tell she could not get enough.

All the while she was sucking this wonderful black cock Gus was whispering to her. “That’s it Miss Georgie, suck that big black cock, make it feel good, it needs you, it has always wanted you. And you have always want it, you need you to make love to it, Missy can’t live without it, you know deep down inside you have always wanted it. You no longer can do without it. It is controlling your mind, your body. You love sucking it. There is nothing like black cock to satisfy you.”

She was really going at it now. She tried a number of times to get it as deep down her throat as she could, she even made herself choke a number of times but would not stop. Sometimes she would take it out of her mouth and look at Gus. Gus looked at her and said, “Good job Missy, you are a good black cock sucker, let’s see how deep you can go Missy. You know the deeper you go the more you satisfy your black cock and yourself.” With that she smiled, like she was proud of herself and went down and started all over again, sucking, licking and choking.

“Tyrone, see if you can find some lube up in her bed room. Check in the night stands.” Gus, told him in a soft voice so Miss Georgie could not hear him. “That’s it Miss, you suck that big black snake, get it all in that pretty little mouth of your.”

Tyrone came running down the stairs with a smile on his face. He found some lube but also found a pretty little pink dido, still in its package.

“Good, we can use both.” While Georgie was still giving Gus head and whimpering he told Tyrone to unwraps the dildo. When he starts fucking her he wants Tyrone to ease it into her ass. “Do it slow, we want everything we do to feel good to her. We do this right and we will be fucking this little white bitch all week.”

Gus made Georgie stop, “Missy, here is some lube, I want you to put it all over this big black cock of mine.”

Miss Georgie took the lube, smiled at Gus and started to lube up this black dick in front of her. It seemed that this black snake had taken over her mind. She could think of nothing else and wanted nothing else.

Gus started to whisper again, “Missy you like what don’t you? You like the feel of it in your hands? You know you have always wanted to touch and make love to a black cock. Think back, when you saw Willies dick, you wanted to touch it, lick it and suck it didn’t you.

Miss Georgie looked up at him, nodded and quietly said, “Yes.”

Gus put out his hands and summoned Miss Georgie, “Come here Missy, come to daddy I have something very special for you. You have been waiting for this for a long time. Now put your legs on each side of mine with you pussy wide open over this black cock you love.” When she was in position and right over his big black snake Gus said, “Now remember, if you do this the black snake will own you forever.” Gus held his cock and rubbed it from front to back, splitting her lips and hitting her clit.”


“You want it don’t you. “Gus said as he kissed her tits.


“Say Please.”

“OOOO God please Gus please, I want the…Black snake in me.”

“Tell me what you want me to do with the black snake.” Gus was still rubbing his dick on and around her pussy, hitting her clit over and over again.

“Yes, Yes, please fuck me with that black snake, Please Gus please.”

“Look at me Missy; you know once this black snake slides inside of you it will own you. I want to make sure you understand, you will not want anything else and nothing else will do. It will take over you mind, body and that pussy of yours. This black snake will own you.”He kept taunting her and teasing her.

“Please Gus, put it in, I want it I have always wanted it, please don’t make me wait. I need it, I want it. OOO fuck please now.”

“OK, take it slow Missy, it is all yours.”

Miss Georgie slowly started lowering herself onto this big black snake of his. Soon it would be inside of her and it would be all hers.

“OOOOOOOOOOO God it is sooooooo big, Its, its way toooo big, I…I… can’t take it all. OOOOOO fuck, it won’t fit, you are sooooo big and I am sooo small. OOOOO shit, I want it all fuck. OOOOOOOO Sweet Jesus.

She kept yelling and yet she kept lowing herself on to this big black pole Inch by inch.

“Keep going Missy, you can do it, you know you want it and you need it all. Your pussy wants it all,” Whispered Gus.

All of a sudden, she found herself sitting on Gus’s lap. She had all of him in her. She looked up at Gus and smiled and gave him a big kiss.

Gus put his hands on her tits and massaged them and then lean forward and whispered in her ear. “You did it Missy, good girl, I am very proud of you; feels good inside of your pussy doesn’t it.”

“I feel so filled and streach, God it feels sooooo good.” Miss Georgie stated.

“Ok Missy, now start fucking me and do it slowly and the black snake will make you feel so good.”

Miss Georgie put her hands on Gus’s big shoulders and started to pump his cock up and down, slowly at first. She could swear she could feel every vain rub her pussy walls and up against her clit.

“OOOOOOO Gus, OOOOOOOO fuck, yes, yes, I feel it, O yes more, more O God shit, fuck yes. OOOOO I’m cumming OOO I can’t take it, it is too fucking big OOOOOOOO.I can’t stop it cumming I’m cumming OOOOOOOOO Fuck!!!!

With that her whole body started to shake, it looked like she had lost her mind and the control of her body. The she fell on Gus’s big chest. OOO I.. can’t…I can’t breath, then she took a very deep breath AAAAA OOO OO God did that feels good, I have, have never felt this good, OOOOO.

While that was happened Gus nodded at Tyrone and he came over and slid the dido, all lubed up, right into her ass. Miss Georgie looked at Gus and her eyes became wide open, like a deer in the headlights.

“O God Gus, what is going one. No one has ever been there. Not my little ass. O Gus, O God O what a feeling O yes, yes, more, more. OOO Tyrone.”

Gus then slid his hands under Georgie’s ass to support her and the he started fucking her on his own. Once Gus started to pound her ass up and down she really started to scream.

OOOOOOO God, yes, yes OOOOOOOO fuck. Not again, I can’t take it. Your… cock… is ….. making me burn…deep down inside AAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOO Fuck. She started to shake again. She looked like someone being electrocuted. When she was done with this one she fell on Gus’s chest still shaking uncontrollably. O God you feel soooooooo great inside of me. OOOO OOO don’t move please, don’t move. I can feel everything in my pussy now. OOO Gus I have never felt so so wonderful and satisfied. I never knew it could be like this. God I love that black snake.

Because of all the action Tyrone had to pull out the dildo and back off.

Gus then spoke in a soft low voice, “I told you about the black snake, and as you can see I was right. But I am sorry Missy but we are not done yet. Now move pull off of me and place you knees on the sofa looking to the back and pointing you ass at me.”

Miss Georgie put her elbows on the back of the sofa, her knees on the seat and her ass in the air. Read for Gus to please her more with that black cock of his.

Gus walked behind her and stuck his dick back into her pussy and started to fuck her again. He loved watching the contract between his big black snake sliding into her little white pussy, God what a sight.

“Come on Missy fuck that black cock; show me how much you really want it. “Then she started to fuck him with her as she pounded backward onto his dick.

“Tyrone, come around the back of the sofa. Miss Georgie want to suck on some more black cock.” Tyrone threw off his robe and came around the back of the sofa he was already hard and ready to go. As soon as his cock got close to Miss Georgie’s mouth she grabbed it and stuck it into her mouth and started sucking like a baby sucking on her mother’s tit.

Now as far as Tyrone’s cock, his was about 9 inches long and 5 1/2 inches thick. He was longer than but not as thick as Gus’s but his was young and harder. It did not matter to Miss Georgie she was enjoying it, and the look on Tyrone’s face you could tell he was in heaven.

“That’s right Missy suck that black cock, enjoy that black snake, and make love to it.” Gus said as he was fucking this beautiful round white ass of hers.

Miss Georgie’s mind was going wild; she had two beautiful black cocks inside of her, one in her pussy and the other in her mouth. All of a sudden it started happening again. O God she was going to cum again. God not three times she can’t she just couldn’t her body could not take it but.

OOOOOOO God, yes fuck me fuck me harder Gus. As her body started to shake, her pussy started to gush onto Gus’s cock. Then she grabbed Tyrone’s cock and started to wildly suck on it and tried to push it down her throat.

Gus yelled, “O fuck, I O fuck bitch I cumming , I cumming in that pretty pussy of ya yours. Then he started to pump black cum and filling up that pussy of hers.”

Miss Georgie could feel his cock pumping, and pulsating inside of her pussy, she could feel it fill with his hot fluids, pump after pump and she felt him drive in as deep inside of her as he could.

Then Tyrone, yelled, O God Miss Georgie I am going to cum, I will take it.” But before he could finish the word out, Miss Georgie grabbed his cock tighter, stuck it into deeper, her lips tighten and she started to suck hard and her hands kept pumping it. “O fuck, I cumming, O shit she is taking it, all down her throat.

Gus could see her sucking on Tyrone’s cock; he also saw Tyrone’s cock acting like a black pump, pumping cum into her mouth and her saw her throat swallowing it each and every time his cock jerked. God what a sight, he had never seen that before. He really did not know that white girls or even black girls could do that.

When Tyrone was done, he took it out of her mouth and walked over to the big chair and just collapsed. Gus backed off and pulled his dick out of her and sat on the sofa, leaving her pussy hole still wide open. He took off his robe and laid it on the sofa so Miss Georgie could sit down and not mess up the sofa. Miss Georgie did not move at first, she just laid her head on the back of the sofa in her folded arms and said,”OOOOOO fuck, I will never be the same. What a fucking night. You boys are great. Damn that fucking black snake.”

Finely she sat down and turned to look at both of them.

“Well you two are the greatest lovers I have ever had. Why don’t we go upstairs take a shower and go to bed we have a big day tomorrow.”

As they were walking up the stairs Miss Georgie said, “Maybe we don’t need to talk about what happened tonight to anyone.”

“Sounds good to me,” Gus said a little confused.

“Me too,” said Tyrone, “but where are our cloths? We need to get dressed so we can go outside to the garage and go to sleep.”

“OOO you two are not going to sleep in the garage, after tonight I think we can all sleep in a nice soft bed, together. Anyway I want you two close to me, I do not want to sleep alone tonight. That is if that is alright with you two?”

“That sounds great to us,” Gus and Tyrone said.

“I thought you guys would like that.” Then she started to laugh, and then they did too.

They took a shower, Gus took his in the boy’s bathroom, and Tyrone took his with Miss Georgie. She soaped up Tyrone with that nice tight body and hard cock. She gave him the best hand job ever. After he came they both rinsed off and then went to bed. Miss Georgie felt Tyrone got cheated so he should to do something extra for him. Also since he was soo young she knew his cock would be hard in such a short while.

They all got into bed, Gus on one side, Miss Georgie in the middle and Tyrone on the other side. The funny thing was they were all naked, tho Gus and Tyrone was used to it Miss Georgie had never gone to bed naked before. She wanted to fell both those black bodies all over her. As she was falling asleep she though she has a whole week to get her house painted and get as much sexual satisfaction as she could. She just hoped that her pussy could handle it, what a wonderful thing to worry about.

Day Two

When Miss Georgie woke up the following morning, she looked around to see if yesterday was just a dream or was it the real thing. She looked left then right and both black men were still in my bed. She lifted up the sheet covering Tyrone and she saw what she thought she would, Tyrone had his wonderful black hard on, and she wanted it. She eased out of bed, went into the bathroom, cleaned her pussy, lubed it then when back to the bed. She pushed Tyrone onto his back so his black staff stuck right up in the air. Miss Georgie got on all fours and first positioned herself over Tyrone’s beautiful hard young black cock and pointed my ass towards Gus. She wanted that to be the first thing Gus saw when we woke up, a beautiful round ass and her little red covered pussy.

The first thing Miss Georgie did was to kiss Tyrone’s cock head, and then she started to lick his black staff, all of it up and down. It felt like velvet to her tongue and she could feel the veins placating the blood to keep it hard. As she was sucking she started to moan because of the pleasure it gave her as it entered her mouth and down her throat. Then Tyrone started to moan, and woke up. He looked down at what I was doing. “OOOOOOOO God Miss Georgie, that feel sooooo good, please don’t stop, please more suck my cock harder and deeper. God you are great OOOOOOOOOOO shit. When she heard that she worked even harder on it, she wanted him to blow cum into deep into her mouth and down my throat again. Miss Georgie was going to give Tyrone as much pleasure as she could and to give as much pleasure to that black snake of his.

Then all of a sudden she felt someone fingering my pussy. She took Tyrone’s cock out of her mouth and looked back. There was Gus smiling,” Good morning, Missy,” as he was playing with her pussy.

Miss Georgie did not say anything, just nodded and went back to her enjoyable work, sucking on that big black cock of Tyrone’s. She could feel Gus not rubbing his cock in and around her pussy getting ready to enter, and enter he did, all the way in. She pulled Tyrone from her mouth saying,

“OOOOOOOO, God Please. no… more.. can’t.. take.. more.. no… more.. room… OOOOO shit yes please fuck OOOOOO MMMMMMMMMMM.”

She had forgotten how big it really was, she tried to complain some more but Tyrone stuck his dick back into her mouth. He could not wait any longer, he was enjoying it to much for Miss Georgie to stop.

Gus was fucking me like crazy; he had forgotten how good Miss Georgie’s pussy felt it was so soft, and tight and good God was her pussy hot.

“MMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMM MMMM MMMM MMMMM.” Miss Georgie could not speak because of Tyrone’s cock but the moaning went from pain to pleasure shortly. God did it feel good again to have 2 big black cocks inside of her.

Miss Georgie heard Tyrone grunt and then felt his cock get bigger in her mouth she knew Tyrone was getting ready to come. “OOOOO fuck, Miss Georgie get ready, I going to cum. Are you going to take it again please take it again OOOO shit OOO fuck God Damn your great AAAAAA”

Gus heard that and he started to fuck her harder and faster, he was not going to last long and he had to get her to off. He had not forgotten how it felt when she started to come. There was nothing like it, or nothing like he had ever felt before.

Miss Georgie felt Tyrone’s cum entering mouth and her mind went into high gear, then she started to cum.


Gus felt it coming and he lost it and started to blast his black seed into her, over and over again, filling that white pussy with as much as she wanted.

Miss Georgie felt that hot cum going down her throat, and felt Gus filling up her pussy and her body jerking and shaking from that uncontrollable climax, then she was thinking, could I take anymore. O God, I can’t believe, O shit.

When she was done with Tyrone, she took it out of her mouth and took a large scrap of air and let out a large moan and said, “God… damn… was… that… fucking great, I need to breath, OOOO MY God, shit.” Then she laid down on the bed and just looked straight up into the ceiling.”

“Miss Georgie, I am sorry and I truly mean no offense but you are the greatest cock sucking I have ever known, I have never felt like this in my life. Thank you, Thank you sooo much.” Tyrone said looking down at her and then her a big kiss on the lips.

“If I can say Missy, you are the best fuck I have ever had and I have had a lot of women, and my life is a little bit longer that Tyrone.” Then Gus laughed.

Miss Georgie looked at both of them and said with a smile and pride in herself, “Thank you boys, and Tyrone I am not offended, now let’s get up, clean up because we have work to do today. I need to go shopping for food, and paint.”

Miss Georgie and Tyrone went into her bathroom to take another shower together, and Gus went to the boys shower.

“This time I get to soap you up first,” Tyrone said as he grabbed the soap and started to soap her tits. He loved feeling her body, whether it is her tits, her belly, her great ass, or her Red curly haired pussy. Also let’s not forget those long lovely legs of hers. He started with her tits, then her neck, shoulders, under arms, down her side to her legs. As he was soaping her right leg he saw the half-moon scar. “Miss Georgie, is this the scar you were talking about.”

“Yes, I got it playing baseball; I fell on a broken coke bottle. I was running to catch a fly ball tripped and fell. The bottle just happened to be there. Back then you did not get stitches, your mother fixed it, and then you went to a medical center to have it looked at.”

“You sound like you were as poor as Gus and me and our families.”

“Yes Tyrone,” Miss Georgie smiled down at him,”Even white people are poor. OOOOOO watch where you’re cleaning.”

While they were talking Tyrone had gotten to where he really wanted to clean. He wanted to bring Miss Georgie to climax in the shower. When she said that, Tyrone slid two fingers into her pussy while his thump landed and started to rub her clit.

“OOOOOOO Tyrone, you dirty little boooooooooo shit, OOO that feels good, OOOO pplease ddon’t stop. OOO fuck, fuck God yes, yes OOOOOO nice OOOOO

As Tyrone kept doing it to her pussy he soaped up the other hand and slid a finger into her ass. Now he was working on both holes. He then started to rub those two fingers together on the thin skin between the ass and pussy.

He smiled to himself as her saw her eyes go back into her head and her head go back and her mouth opened.

OOOOOOOO fuck, OOOO sweet Jesus yes.

Tyrone knew he had her when her legs started to shake and tremble.

“OOOOOO sweet boy, OO you sweet boy yyyyyess, I going to cum OOOOOOOOOOOOO.

He watched as her body shook uncontrollably, at that time he pulled his fingers out and stood up so he could support her. When he did, she turned to him and started to French kiss him. She had suck a soft tongue and mouth and she really knew how to use it. Her kisses were just great.

After she was done he turned her around and entered her pussy from behind. Miss Georgie placed her hands high in from of her and stuck out her ass for him and what a beautiful ass it was. Then they started fucking like two wild dogs.

“OOOOOO God Tyrone you are longer than Gus, God you are in deep. OOOOO fuck I’m not sure OOOOOO fuck yes damn that feels sooooooo fucking gooooood shit I am coming agaOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yes. “She yelled.

With that Tyrone yelled. “OOOO Fuck Miss Georgie your pussy OOO God dam, “Then he started to blast his young cum up her pussy and it seemed it drained out as fast as he could pump it in.

When they were both done, Tyrone let his cock drop out of her pussy and it drained on the spot. They both stood in the shower holding each up, kissing each other. As they cooled down they stepped out of the shower and dried off.

Tyrone ran down stairs to get dressed. Miss Georgie threw on a jersey and went to the kitchen to make them something to eat.

As Miss Georgie was putting the food on the table Gus and Tyrone came in dressed and ready for work.

“Damn Miss Georgie, you can make anything you wear look sexy, even a plain jersey.” Gus said with a smile and a wink.

Miss Georgie blushed, “I am always thanking you boys. You make a woman fell like a special kind of lady.”

“Why you are a very special kind of Lady to Gus and me. You are more woman than any woman I have ever met. I have never met a woman with so much love and sexuality as you, Miss Georgie and that’s the truth.”

“I have to agree with the youngster. You are a very special lady and we will truly miss you when we go home.”

“OK, OK enough or you will have me crying, now eat and start scraping and priming the house. I am going to get dress and go to the store.” Miss Georgie said, her face was bright red and her big hazel eyes were watery. Before she went upstairs she gave both of them a kiss, and whispered I LOVE YOU, and both of you are very sweet.

Miss Georgie got into a little yellow and red sun dress, got in the ford and honked good-by to the boys. She drove to Eagle for some more food, the last time she went she only went for herself; she also picked up some more Jack Daniels, beer and some vodka. Beer for the boys, she hated beer but she was sure the boys would like it. While she was at it she also picked up a couple of tooth brushes, deodorant, and a razor for Gus. Tyrone had very little hair on that prefect black body of his. He had a little around that wonderful cock of his but his black ass was as smooth and tight as a baby’s butt. Now off to the drug store for some more lube, and while there she found something else that the boys and her could play with. Last she was off to the paint store. When she had everything she could think of she headed for home.

When she drove up to the house she noticed that the boys had gotten a lot of the scraping and sanding done already. She thought to herself, don’t get in too much of a hurry boys, you do have all week, that is unless I can figure something else for them to do, that is something they can get paid for. She laughed to herself and then she though, you know I feel real good about myself, a feeling I have not had in a while and here I am being fucked to death by two darkies. Ain’t that a bitch.

When she parked the car, both of them came down to help her unload the car. Again, something Richard never did, he just expected me to do it by myself.

“Again, you sure look mighty fine in that dress of your Miss Georgie. I notice that it shows off those beautiful legs of yours.” Gus said with a great big smile on his face.

“Yea, it also shows off her great tits and ass!” Tyrone said.

Gus looked hard at him Tyrone shuddered, “I’m ssorry Miss Georgie, I did not mean any disrespect by it, really I am sorry, I really would not say anything that would hurt you. Sometime I am such a fucking ass.”

“It is OK Tyrone, I know what you meant and I also know you would never say anything that you think would hurt me. Anyway a women likes to know, every once in a while, that they are attractive and alluring,” When she said it she looked at Tyrone gave him a big smile and a wink. When she turned to go into the house she did it with a little more of a swing to her step.”

Tyrone looked at Gus and smiled like, see she like it. Then Tyrone and Gus both whistled at her when she walked to the house.

While they were bring the stuff into the house she was making sandwiches for them for lunch. She set the table and put out a couple of beers. They brought in the last of it and then sat down to eat.

“I figured a beer or two would not hurt plus from what I hear it taste great on a hot day.”

“God damn Missy, if you don’t think of everything,” Said Gus.

“Yea, your husband sure is a lucky man. I hope to find someone like you when I get ready to settle down,” Tyrone said as he drank some of his beer.

“Well I thank you both again, but you gotta wonder how happy he would be if he knew while he was fishing his loving wife is getting her brains fuck out of her by 2 very beautify niggers and enjoying every minute of it?” as Miss Georgie said that she smiled, winked and took a bite of her sandwich.

Both Gus and Tyrone looked at each other then looked at her. It was almost like they could not come up with anything to say. Then Tyrone spoke up, funny but I figured if either one of them would have come up with something it would have been Gus.

“Well Miss Georgie, first off he is an ass, it is entirely his fault. He should have taken you with him, because he did not he has no one to blame. Sorry to say, but if you were mine, like I have said before, I would never leave you alone.” Then he turned and looked at Gus, nodded his head and went back to eating.

“Damn Tyrone, when you’re right you’re right.” Smiled Gus, then he winked at me. We all started to laugh, Tyrone almost shot beer out of his nose, and then we laughed even harder.

When we were done eating, Miss Georgie stood up and took her dishes to the sink. The boys followed with their dishes, and then gave her a kiss on the cheek before they went back to work. Gus leaned close to her ear and said your ass does look great in this dress. He then turned and left behind Tyrone.

While they were working outside Miss Georgie was working inside. She put all the groceries away, took the rest of the stuff and put some into the boy’s bathroom and the rest into her’s. Stripped the bed and put on new sheets, did some laundry, clean and straightened up the den. Set up the dining room for tonight’s dinner. Took out what they were going to eat. Then fixed herself a tall Jack and 7 and sat down and relaxed for a while.

As she sat quietly she started to think about what she had gotten herself into and what was it going to be like after Richard and the boys come back home? Also what about when Gus and Tyrone go back home. As far as who fault it was, OK maybe it was Richard’s but a lot of wives are left home alone and do not fill the house with black lovers. As I was talking to myself I saw Tyrone walk past the window, God what a body. O hell I can’t really justify what I am doing and I do not give a shit right now. I am going to enjoy this week, and do everything I can as long as it feels good.

Gus was outside thinking while he was working on the house. This whole thing has turned around. He was going to teach this white woman what it feels like to be fucked and controlled by a big black cock and a big bad nigger. But now she is in control, she is taking care of us and looking out for us. We are going to get home because of her. Now I want to please her as much as I can, I want to give her all the pleasure she wants. She is not prejudices at all. She is fun and a great fuck, and gives great head as well. Fuck it, why try to figure it out, I am going to just have fun.

Tyrone had a one tract mind, God Miss Georgie has a great body, I love her tits, what an ass, her pussy, I just want to get into it again. It taste and smell so good. Wow can she give head, I love her. I wonder if I could ever find such as woman???

When Miss Georgie woke up she looked at the clock, it was a little after 5. O shit, I must have fallen asleep. She jumped up and ran outside and told the boys it was time to come in and clean up and get ready to eat supper.

Miss Georgie was in the kitchen cooking when the boys came in.

“Boy, what is cooking, it sure smells good,” Said Tyrone.

“I figured pork chops tonight,” Miss Georgie said, “Now go upstairs and take a shower; I have clean clothes on the bed for you.”

“Am I taking a show by myself???” asked Tyrone. Gus punched him in the arm.

“Mr. Tyrone, I am sure you took many showers on your own before you met me. Are you telling me now that you are afraid of taking a shower by yourself, “She smiled, winked at Gus and they both started to laugh.

“So maybe I am spoiled,” Tyrone said as he walked over and kissed her and then ran up the stairs.

“Gus, I have cloths for you on the bed as well, O yea I picked up some tooth brushes, some deodorant, and a razor for you. They are in the your bathroom, please tell Tyrone for me as well, “Miss Georgie said as she was cooking.

“You know the kid’s right, you spoil us, but I am not complaining, “Gus said as he came over, gave me a kiss, then padded me on the ass. Then he smiled and said,” Sorry Missy Georgie.”

When they both came down Miss Georgie said, “You guys look great. I am very impressed. Go to the den, you both have drinks waiting for you, I will be in their soon.”

They both looked at her and asked, “Is there anything we can do?”

“Why yes you sure can Tyrone you can take the butter and buns and you can bring in the meat tray, I can bring in the rest. That would be a great help, thank you for asking. You two are very sweet.”

They all sat down to eat when Gus raised his glass and said, “A toast to Miss Georgie, best lady we know.”

“And ain’t that the gospel truth, “Said Tyrone.

“Thank you, both of you are sweethearts.” Miss Georgie said with a great big smile on her face.” OK now let’s eat, and I have something to talk to you boys about. Since our relationship is as open as it is I think I can talk freely about sexual matters.

Both Gus and Tyrone nodded, smiled and kept on eating.

There are a few things I want to do with you before you leave. I have a feeling we will all enjoy them. One is that I want to be sandwich in between you both. What I am saying is that I want you to fill both of my holes.

When Miss Georgie said that, both Gus and Tyrone stopped eating and just looked at her. Now do not worry I have it all figured out. Gus you will be in my pussy and Tyrone will be in my ass. The reason for this is because even tho Gus is not as long as Tyrone Gus is thicker. I figure it will be easier for Tyrone to enter me the first time.

“Damn Miss Georgie, are you sure you want to do this.” Gus said surprisingly.

“Yes, sweetie, I have thought it all out and I really want it to happen. I want to feel you both in me at the sometime. Not to have it just done to me but more that I want you two to be the ones to do it. Our relationship is special one and this will be the special thing that we will all remember together, the three of us will become one.

“I sure will remember it, that’s for sure, “Said Tyrone, “But won’t it hurt. The last thing I want to do is hurt you.”

“Sweet Tyrone that is why it will work. It is because you care and you will be careful with me plus I bought something today to make it easier for me and you both.”

“Damn Missy it seems you have it all figured out. “Gus stated.

“As I said, this will be something special between the three of us, I drought if I will ever have the chance to do it again, but if I do I will always thing of you two, does that make sense?” Miss Georgie said looking at both of them.

“Yes it sorta do. Our relationship is not a normal one to say the least. Plus since you have thought about it and worked it out things should go fine. We will be glade to do this for you and for us too.” Gus said and then laughed.

“Hell I am up for it, shit I am already up for it.” As Tyrone looked down at his pants and felt his cock straining to get out.

They all looked at each other and started to laugh.

“So what other plans do you have for us. “Gus asked, with a inquisitive look on his face.

“Slow down big fella, we have all week and I do not want you two to get boarded. I will let them out one at a time.” Miss Georgie said with a wink and a smile.

“Shit Miss Georgie, we could never get bored with you that just ain’t possible, “said Tyrone as her finished his drink.

“How about another round,” Gus said as he stood up and reached for the glasses. “I think we are going to need a few before this night is through.”

They all laughed and went back to finishing their meals while Gus went and made more drinks for them.

When they finished dinner everyone picked up the dishes and headed for the kitchen.

Gus said, “We can do the dishes Miss Georgie, why don’t you clean and reset the dining table. That way we will all be done at about the same time. You bring me the dishes I can wash and Tyrone can dry.”

“Sure, no problem, “said Tyrone.

“Damn you boys are something very special, “Miss Georgie kissed them both and went to work on the dining room table.

When everyone was finished the three of them sat down and had another drink and discussed what was going to happen that night.

“OK, I am going to explain what is going to happen tonight. I will go over everything and if you have any questions please ask. I think I have covered almost everything. First I picked up an enema bag today because I want to be clean when we do it. So what will happen, as you both have noticed I have a rather oversize bathtub. Since Tyrone is the one that is going to open me up, he will perform the enema on me. Don’t worry Tyrone dear it is easy and I am going to explain what you have to do. The first time I will fill myself with warm soapy water, when I was young my mother used to give us enema’s regularly due to tape worms, which are very common in the south. I have given myself many when I was young and have given my younger brothers and sisters enema’s as well.

After I have done the first one, and released myself, I will call for you two to come in. Gus you will sit on the edge of the tub so as this is going on I will be giving you head to distract me from what Tyrone is doing.

Tyrone you will be playing with my ass and filling it up 2 to 3 more times. The first will be water, and when I release myself again depending how clear the water is we may not do that more than one. The next one will be with Vodka, I got some today and there will be about 2 cups in a glass and you will just pour it right in to the bag and feed it to me, That we will leave that in me for about 15 to 20 minutes. I figure that will help relax my asshole. The third will be about half a cup manual oil that should lube me up good. I also mixed some grape juice with the oil so if someone wants to play with my hole with their tongue it will not taste bad. Unless you do not like grape, she laughed. So the oil you have to mix up a bit so I put that into a mason jar with the top on it.

Once that is done, I will try to go again and then we all go into the bedroom and onto the bed and have fun. The last thing we do is the sandwich. Black white and Black, hay we will be lake an Oreo cookie. I will never look at one of those again without thinking of us.

Well now do you have any questions?

“Just one, when do we start, I need to get this guy out of my pants. It is starting to hurt, it want to get to you so bad. “Tyrone said as he adjusted his pants.

“It seems like you have everything covered. Because of how you have planned it out I think it is going to be a very enjoyable and member able evening. Miss Georgie, a day does not go by whereby you do not impress me. You truly are a very special lady.” Gus said with a face that shown honor and respect of the person he was talking to.

“Well boys, I am now going to run upstairs and get started, I will call you in when I need you. So go head and release those beautiful black snakes of your and get them ready to devour this red headed lady and her white pussy. O one more thing, I picked up some more lube and put it by the bed. So I am going to encourage you both to play with my asshole so we can loosen it up for Tyrone. Gus the other reason I picked Tyrone was because you got to enter my pussy first.” With that she turned and ran up the stairs, all excited and read for this evening adventure and O what an adventure it is going to be. By the time she got to the bathroom her pussy was wet beyond belief.

She ran the water so it would warm up for her. Then she took down one of the pictures above the tub and placed a hook for the enema bag, she took out the vodka and then the mansion far. Now she was ready to go.

She filled herself up with the first enema; she took as much as she could the first time to clean out as much as possible.

She turned on the fan and released herself and flushed the toilet as soon as she could, she wanted no smell.

When she was done she put some lube on her ass hole and then called the boys in and thought let the fun begin.

When they walked in Miss Georgie’s heart stopped, she thought I guess I had forgotten just what they looked like naked. Their black bodies and their big black cocks, God their big beautiful black cock, they were mine all mine and soon they would be inside me, my mouth, my pussy and yes my ass. God what a wonderful thought, I almost came right then and there.

Gus went right over to the tub and got in and sat down, as her waited for her mouth he kept stroking his cock. she got in, placed a towel on the bottom and got on all fours placing her face over Gus’s dick and sticking her ass in the air for Tyrone.

She looked as Gus, he took her head in his hands, kissed her and then lowed it onto the head of is big beautiful black cock. She stuck out her tongue and licked it slowly enjoying its flavor and feel. She stuck her tongue in the large slit in the center of the head and tasted his precum. And with that she opened her mouth so she could get more. When she did that she started to moaned. MMMMMMM MMM MMMM and so did Gus. AAAA shit, Keep gone Missy, that feels sooooooo sweet.

While Gus and Miss Georgie were playing Tyrone was behind her having his fun. “O God, Missy Georgie, your ass is soo beautiful.” He then took her ass cheeks and spread them apart so her could her little ass hole, “Damn, even you asshole looks pretty, but it looks sooooo small. “He looked at her little rose bud and then at his cock, his cock jumped as if it had a mind of its own and wanted to slide right in her right now.”

Slow down, you need to slow down you do not want to fuck this up. You need to be the smart Tyrone, not the ass that you are known to be. This is Miss Georgie, the lady and someone you do not want to disappoint.

He took the nozzle of the enema bag and slipped it into her little rosebud. Then he picked up the glass of Vodka and emptied it into the enema bag, from there it flooded down into her ass canal. He could tell when it entered her because she made a moaning sound and started to wiggle her ass slowly, then her body.

She sudden felt a deep inter warmth in her body. God did that feel good, Miss Georgie thought to herself. With that she started to suck that beautiful black snake in front of her ever harder and faster. God she wanted to pull in deeper down her throat, she wanted more, more of it down her throat. Her mind was total taken, controlled by this beautiful black snake in front of her. It had wakened and filled every sexual need she has ever had. Every time she sucked it, held it or fucked it her body did nothing but exploded with sexual desire. It made me whole; it fulfilled me like I have never been satisfied before.

Throne, kept feeling her ass, a couple of times he rubbed his cock on her ass just to see what it would feel like. And it was sooooo soft and it look so perfectly round and beautiful, and he was going to fuck it, Thank God for Miss Georgie, what a lady. Then he thought, it is about time to put in the oil. So he took the Mason jar, shook it as told and poured it into the bag and then it flood into her ass.

Look at her, the hunger she has for my cock. Her mouth and tongue feel soo soft. I believe she has covered my whole cock either with her mouth or her tongue. Gus was thinking to himself and enjoying one of the best blowjobs he has had in a long time. “That’s right Missy, suck that black cock, and make it feel good, it belongs to you, you own it. No one can please a black cock like you can Miss Georgie. It loves you, all black men love you.” Then Gus laid his head back against the wall and groaned, “O God damn that feels good OOOO fucking good, shit more Missy I love what you’re doing to this black cock of mine.”

Tyrone pulled out the enema tube and started to play with Miss Georgie’s ass hole. Watching his fingers stretching it and watched as his fingers disappeared and how her ass hole hung on and rapped around his black finger. Shit it is going to do that to my cock he thought.

He then bent down and kiss her ass cheeks and said, “We are all done Miss Georgie, you are ready for bed and fun.”

Her mind was so far gone sucking that cock that she did not hear Tyrone. Gus lowered his hands and lifted her head, her eyes were closed and her mouth was still sucking. You could tell she was in another world. “Missy, it is time to go to the bed.”

“O really, I thought we just got stated. OK I want to relieve myself and I will meet you two black hunks in a minute.” When she got up Tyrone had to help her because her legs were a little wobbly. “OOOO, I’m OK maybe just a little week.”

Then she was thinking maybe she took too much of the vodka, or drank too much Jack or both. Or maybe just maybe it was the excitement of what was going to happen tonight. Funny, just the thought of it made her mind whorl.

When I went into the bed room they were both sitting on the bed with the look like they were up to something.

“So what’s up? “She asked.

“Well Tyrone and I have been talking and came up with a plan, not as detailed as yours but I think you will like it. You are going to lay on you back and suck Tyrone cock while I get to play with you pussy and asshole. So jump up and lie down and get ready to have your body and mine blown. Missy I am going to show you Tyrone is not the only nigger that can take care of your little red pussy. When I get done you are going to cry and yell or mercy, just like you do to us when you blow our cocks.

“Well, you have me sort of scared and excited as well. Well boys have at it and let’s see how well you can eat white pussy.”

With that they all laughed and went to work.

The first thing Tyrone did was to bend down and give Miss Georgie a big long kiss, then he put his big black snake into her warm waiting mouth.

Gus French kissed her pussy, and made up his mind to give her the best night she could ever have. He started by licking from the bottom of her pussy to the top. When he did that her lips oven wide and he could see her clit. He could swear that he saw it get bigger. His tongue licked around and around her clit, and then he went in deep with his big wet tongue. He heard her moaning and she started to push into his face. She was enjoying it and wanted more. He then lifted her legs so he could get to her ass hole. When he saw it he moved in and licked it and stuck his tongue as deep into it as he could. From there he started to insert his fingers. First one, then two, then three, while he was doing that he again licked and lapped her clit and pussy lips.

“Damn old man keep it up, she is working my dick like crazy. God damn can she give a great blowjob.” Said Tyrone. As he was saying that her body was going up and down and then it would shake. She put her legs down and her feet on the bed so she could lift her pussy high in the air so Gus could get a better view of both her pussy and her asshole.

Gus kept working both and was going to make her come and make her cum hard.

Miss Georgie took her mouth off of Tyrone’s cock and started to yell.”I.. can’t…breath… I’mmmmmmm cumming, GOD DAMN I am cumming, I,,,, can’t …take …any…moooooooooorrrrrr. O Gus, stop please stop , O God I can’t …..control…. anyOOOOshit yes keep going almost there. YES YES GOD DAMN IT FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK. With that she started to shake uncontrollably, her pussy shot into Gus’s face, her head was going from side to side, oooo oooo God , yes , I… can’t…breath….O my god.

Both Tyrone and Gus backed off and just watched her; it was unbelievable how her body was reacting to this orgasm.

“I could cum just watching her, I never saw a women’s body react like that, it is so sexually beautify. “Gus said with his eye wide open and not believing what he was seeing.”

“Good job Gus, I have never made a woman do that. But you can bet I am going to try. I cannot let an old man beat me remember I am the pussy eating king. “Tyrone said to Gus.

When Miss Georgie’s head cleaned she got on her hands and knees and went over to Gus, she looked at Tyrone, “My pussy is empty, what are you guys waiting for, are we done for the night???”

With that she started to suck Gus’s big cock again and Tyrone placed himself behind her and slowly slid his dick into her waiting warm silky red pussy.

“OOOOO shit does she feel hot inside, and soo soft, OOO so soft, I have never felt or I should say my cock has never felt anything soooooo good, I mean great. Take it all Miss Georgie, take it all.” Tyrone said as he watched his black dick disappeared into red covered pussy.

Miss Georgie pulled Gus’s dick out of her mouth and moaned, “OOOOOOO Tyrone yes alllll of it I want your entire beautiful black dick inside me. OOOO this is great, yes deeper, oooooo deeper yes.” Then she turned back and started to lick and suck Gus’s cock again. She almost hated not have his big dick into her mouth. She felt so secure with Gus’s dick in her mouth and Tyrone’s cock in her pussy. Gus’s cock was fatter than Tyrone’s and that filled her mouth to the max, which could be why she loved it so much. She felt she belong to it, she was a slave to his dick and she felt the dick had a beaning onto its self. God she loved it.

She felt Tyrone’s big cock slide in and out of her pussy. God he was going in soooo deep that she could feel his cock hitting her cervix. The feeling was inscrutable, it shook her whole insides. Sometimes he would go in slow, in and out, in and out then he would go like a jack hammer which felt like he would kill her. God it was a great feeling because he would be rubbing her clit every time he went in and out. She had quite a few small orgasms. When Tyrone was fucking her slow her would be playing with her asshole, placing two to three fingers into her at a time and it felt sooooo gooood , it did it soo tenderly and slow.

I looked up at Gus and whispered, “I want this beautiful black snake inside of me now. Fill me up with your lovely black cock, and fuck me good.”

Gus laid down on the bed and helped Miss Georgie on top of him. When she had her pussy right over his big cock she slowly sank till she felt his big thighs on her soft ass. Then Gus looked at her and her tits, he brought both hands up and played with both of them and started to feel and pinch her nipples. “OOOOO God these feel great.” Then he started to fuck her slowly and then faster and faster.

OOOOOO OOOO yes, O O O God I… NNeed..tthis… OOOOO

Fuck, Fuck Gus Your… dick…. OOO dick.

He stopped and she laid on his chest. Both of them breathing heavy she could feel his chest going up and down. She whispered to Gus, “It is time for Tyrone, please remind him to do it slow.”

Gus voice was low and out of breath when he talked to Tyrone,”Tyrone, it is you time, remember slow and easy for Miss Georgie, we both want her to enjoy this so we can all enjoy it together.”

Tyrone got some more lube and placed it on her little asshole, God she looked sooo good, then he covered his cock with some more lube . Now he felt they were both lubed up but he still could not believe he was going to fit into Miss Georgie’s ass. Tyrone pressed the head of his cock right at the entrance of her ass hole. He pushed and her sphincter opened for him and started to slide right into her.

When the sphincter started to stretch, Miss Georgie put her arms around Gus, looked up at him and started to kiss him. She was hoping that that would take her mind off of the pain. Gus could feel her shaking and put his arms around her and kissed her back. The he said,”Don’t worry Missy I promise that the pain will not last long and then you will be in haven. “Then he went back to kissing her.”

Tyrone could hear her moan and wine. He could see and feel her trying to relax her body and her beautiful ass mussels. As he entered her he was also slowly massaging her back to help her relax and enjoy what was going on. Before Tyrone knew it he was always in, all you could see of his cock with the little turf of black curly hair which belong to him. He was in all the way.

“Gus, Gus, I am, she took it all, she took it all, all of my cock is inside of Miss Georgie, I can’t believe it.”

Gus looked up, smiled, and said, “Yes nigger that is what you were supposed to do. Now be cool and do nothing till she adjust to you cock inside of her. Let her get comfortable and then we will take her on a great pleasure trip that she will not forget.”

“Cool, but Gus she feels sooooooo fucking good no one has ever taking my entire dick in them. Miss Georgie’s pussy could not even take all of me. God I could leave it in her forever.”

Gus looked down at Miss Georgie, “You OK, are you ready for what is coming up next?”

“Yes I am OK, Tyrone was perfect, and it feels soo good having both of you inside of me. Give me a few more minutes and then let’s fuck. “She whispered then she laid her head back down on his chest. He never noticed how beautiful her auburn hair really looked”

As she laid on his chest she had heard Tyrone, his long black cock was always inside of her. So now she had all of Gus and all of Tyrone, she was filled to the maximum with beautiful black cock. She could feel both of them stretching every part of her ass and pussy canal walls. I bet there was not a place in either cavity that was not filled with black cock, God what a thought. She was now completely dominated by black cock.

Then it started, Tyrone started very slowly pulling out of her ass and then sliding it back in. She whimpered and groaned, God did that feel good, and it was tight ooooo was it tight. Then Gus started to move his cock. The double action was great and mind blowing. All she could think about was both of those cocks going in and out of her. Gus’s cock kept rubbing her clit as it went in and out of her. She thought for a moment, there is only a very thin layer of skin separating the two cocks inside of her. I wonder how that felt for OOOOOO Tyrone started to go faster and then Gus followed. OOOOOO God, yes fuck me, OOOOO Jesus I want it all, yyes ddoodt sssttoopppp, or my ass O GGus, please kkis me pppleas. OOOOO God this is unbelievable. Damn my insides are burning OOOOO God OOOOOO yes.

With that Gus lowered his big lips to her and they kissed each other like long lost lovers.

Tyrone could not believe every time he saw his big black dick slide into and out of Miss Georgie’s beautiful ass. Her rosebud kept a tight ring around his cock and her ass kept sucking him into her. He had started to speed up because he could not hold back any longer. He wanted to cum in Miss Georgie’s asshole, he want to pump as much of his seed as he could. He wanted her to enjoy all of this and never forget him. He love this woman, he wanted to make her happy. Then his knees started to shake and his guts started to tingle. He was going to cum, and cum he did. He sank his cock in as deep as he could and stated to pump her ass like a fire hose, more and more cum every minute deep inside of her ass.

Gus felt Tyrone cock pumping, “Shit, now I am cumming and he did.

Miss Georgie heard Gus say shit but she felt Tyrone go in deep and felt his cock pumping into her ass and now she felt Gus’s dick pumping into her pussy.

OOOOOOOOOO I…. am….cummmmmmmmming OOOOOO God yessss fuck, shit yes fuck me, fuck me. Both you black mother fucker fuck me, OOOO It….feelllll…. soooooo….good, I..can’t breathe, OOOOOOO God that feels good. OOOOOO my ass, OOO Tyrone baby fuck that ass, fuck it good. Shit.

All three stopped moving. Gus and Tyrone’s cocks still inside of Miss Georgie and she made no effort to force them out of her. Like Gus had said, she was now in heaven, and it felt great.

They actually fell asleep like that, one on top of the other, Gus’s arms around Miss Georgie and Tyrone’s arms around both of them.

Day Three

Miss Georgie woke up and looked around, she was still lying on top of Gus, and the warmth from his big body felt nice and warm. Saw that Tyrone had pulled out of her and was now sleeping next to them. She slid off of Gus and headed for the shower. She was not as sore as she thought she would be, Tyrone had done a good job.

Miss Georgie picked up the enema bag and then turned on the water and got into the shower. God did that hot water feel good. She cleaned herself top to bottom, front to back, inside and out. When she was finished she dried off and put on the Jersey, went down stairs to start cooking. As she started the coffee she heard the boys walking around and taking their showers. In a few minutes they were coming down the stairs.

“Good morning boys, coffee is ready, the French toast and bacon will be ready soon.”

“Good morning Miss Georgie, how do you feel?” Tyrone asked.

“I am fine, they are barely sore. You did a great job, I enjoyed every inch and minute of it.” She laughed as she said it. “I had a wonderful big black man to hold on to while a beautiful black man fucked my ass, who could ask for anything more.”

“Nice coffee, I am also glad to hear you are OK. I was a little worried; that last orgasm you had I think shook the whole house. “Gus said and they both laughed.

“OK smart ass, so how we doing with the house? Are you guys ready to prime today?” Miss Georgie asked.

“Yes we will prime today and start painting tomorrow; we should be done in two more days. “Gus said sipping his coffee, “Then what?”

“I figured you could cut the grass and maybe clean the basement. I have some old junk I have wanted to get rid of for a while. Don’t worry, I am not letting you guys go until the day before or the same day that Richard comes home. And I have a bonus for you guys, I forgot that Richard’s company pays all his gas, so before you leave I am going to fill up you truck. So you will leave with money, food for the road and gas. How does that sound?

“Sounds like we have our work cut out for us both day and night, but I am sure we are up to it Missy.”

“Gus, are we going to work night now too?” Tyrone wined.

Both Miss Georgie and Gus looked at each other and busted out laughing.

Tyrone looked around with a puzzled look on his face and started to open his mouth.

“Just shut up and eat you breakfast, I will explain later.” Gus told Tyrone as he rolled his eyes.

“Missy we want to thank you again for all that you are doing for us. We both think you’re a great lady.” Gus said.

“Even tho I make you work day and night?” Miss Georgie said with a big smile on her face, and they laughed again.

“Ok, I also came up with another night job for you boys. It is one of those special jobs that only my sweet black snakes can do to me. I figured I will not tell you what it is till dinner. So that way you will look forward to tonight.” As she said as she put the food on the table and kissed them both on the cheek.

“O by the way, I looked at the weather report and they say it is going to be in the 80′s so it will be a nice day. I figured I can wash the car and may even rinse off your truck, if you do not mind.”

“O you don’t have to do that Miss Georgie, we can wash our own truck and wouldn’t mind washing and waxing your car,” Stated Tyrone.

“Don’t worry about it sweet boy, it will give me something to do, plus it will also cool me off. You don’t worry about it you just paint the house.”

Gus looked at her and new something was up but could not figure it out. Miss Georgie was very unpredictable; she could do or come up with almost anything. I know she is definitely cooking up something and whatever it is it will be great.

They finished their breakfast, put their dishes into the sink, kissed Miss Georgie and headed out the door.

Tyrone stopped and turned to Gus, “I forgot something, be right out.” He walked back into the kitchen and up to Miss Georgie and said, “I do not mean any disrespect but I have to tell you, you have the prettiest ass I have ever seen or felt.”

“Thank you Tyrone, you are such a sweetheart, you are going to make some women as happy as you make me.” She then gave him a big kiss on the mouth. He smiled, turned around and went out the door. He felt so great he could paint the house all by himself. God she was a great lady.

As she was cleaning the house they were painting it. When she was done she went upstairs and got one of Richard’s white, short sleeve dress shirt, took a pair of scissors and cut it so you could see her panties, front and back, she also made a little cut into the back collar downward. Got a pair of her thinnest white panties, now she was ready to have some fun in the sun and maybe, if she’s lucky, she will get fucked right out in the open. I might as well use all this privacy that Richard wanted and paid for so badly.

It was about 1 pm when she brought out lunch to the boys, she put the jersey back on over the shirt and panties. She did not want to spoil the surprise. She set the food on the table and called them down. They ate and talked a little, Gus trying to figure out what they were going to do tonight. Tyrone finally understood the working at night thing. He blushed, Miss George hugged him and told him ever thing was OK, it is good to be innocence at times.

When they were done, the boys went back to work and she brought everything inside, after cleaning up, off came the jersey. Miss Georgie went to the garage and got a bucket, put a beach towel, a bottle of Ivory dish soap, a bottle of baby oil and a new clean sponge she got at the store the other day. Now she was ready.

She pulled the car around to the front lawn and went and turned on the water. Then she brought the bucket, and the hose. First she wet down the car but accidentally totally wet down herself, the whole shirt got wet and clung to her body. Those great tits with those hard little nipples just stuck out for the whole world to see. As the water ran down the shirt it made her patties wet and it made her red haired pussy easy to spot. Hell she might as well been wearing nothing, she laughed inside of herself, and thought what do you think boys.

Gus and Tyrone were watching all of this and could not believe what they were seeing. She was all wet and when she bent over you got a great shot of her ass, and what a beautiful ass it was, both of them thought. This whole seen was killing then and turning them on, big time.

“God damn Gus, can you believe this.”

Gus smiled, “Matter a fact I can. That is Miss Georgie in all her glory. She is the only woman that could pull something like this off. I think we should go down and join her.”

“Do you think so, you don’t thing she will get upset? I thought she wanted her house painted?”

“I think she will be upset if we don’t go down and join her. I believe she is inviting us to go down and fuck that little white ass of hers, and that is exactly what I am going to do, want to join me?”

“Fuck yea, no way am I going to pass up a chance to get into that again.”

Both started to take their clothes off as they were walking towards her and admiring every inch of her, her legs, tits and that great white ass. She had a body that you just wanted and needed to fuck, thought Gus, his black dick was as hard as a rail by the time he got to her.

As she was washing the car she would bend over and stick out her ass. Her heartbeat accelerated, her breaths shortened, and her legs started to shake a little. She had feelings radiating from my crotch and could tell that her pussy was all wet and ready for the black snake. She then reached into the bucket got the Ivory soap and applied some to the front of her shirt her all over her big tits, by then the boys were there.

Gus got there first; he spun her around and she was now in front of him. He stopped and looked her up and down and then reached out and placed his big black hands on both of her tits. All of a sudden he tore her shirt opened, buttons flew everywhere and so did her tits. “God they are beautiful.” Gus said admiring her tits and those hard little cherry stones that stuck out.

Miss Georgie reached down and got the baby oil and handed it to Gus. Gus applied some to his hands and passed it to Tyrone. Gus covered her tits with the oil and started to play with her hard little nipples. He would pinch them and then pull them towards himself. “OOOOOOOO” She moaned and bent backward sticking them towards him so he could play with them some more. He loved playing with them again, feeling and rubbing in the oil all over them. He then rubbed her stomach to get some of the oil and started to play with his big black snake. Gus could not wait any longer, he turned her around, laying her over the hood to the car and slid his black cock right into her hot pussy as slick as you please. “God damn Missy, you feel sooo fucking good, I am going to give you a fucking you won’t soon forget.” With that his stuck his black snake in as far as he could go and starting fucking her hard and fast. It will not take him long to make her cum this time.

“OOOOOOOO Gus, you feel soo good, OOOO yes fuck me, fuck me.” Miss Georgie pushed her ass back at him and waited for more of the attract of that big black cock of his.

As Gus was fucking her she pushed back and slid off of the car and bent down so she was almost touching her toes. Gus could not believe it, it felt like he was going in deep than he had before. She felt it also and moaned again and again, wanting more and more.

OOOOO God Gus yes, deeper shit , OOOOOO AAA yes baby give me that snake of your, OOOO I am going to cummmmmm OOOOOOO God yes.

Gus could feel her pussy start to twitch and her body starting to shake. Here she come, and at that he cum as well. Deep and hard his dick just exploded and cum shot deep inside her over and over again.

Miss Georgie could feel his cock get bigger and felt it pump cum over and over again. God did it feel good and her pussy felt soo warm.

While this was going on Tyrone had open the oil and applied it to his cock waiting for his turn.

When Gus pulled out Miss Georgie fell back on the hood of the car, with her ass sticking out. Tyrone stepped forward, grabbed the shirt and tore it the rest of the way off. Because she had cut a slit in the top it was easy for Tyrone to tear and remove it from her body. Now she was totally naked, he looked at her with such a lust for her. Tyrone looked at her ass, he wanted her asshole that he had and enjoyed last night.

He slid it between her ass cheeks and aimed it at her asshole, Miss Georgie felt what he was doing and yelled, “Yes Tyrone, take my ass, I want you too.” With that he slid right it into her, not fast but slowly so he could watch it go in. He wanted to see it slid into the white ass of hers. He wanted to watch as this little white ass of hers made his big black snake disappear. He wanted to see her little asshole ring tightly hold on to his cock, so tight that they looked like one. Damn he wanted Miss Georgie’s ass and he was going to have it and have it all.

Miss Georgie felt it going in, it did not hurt, sure she felt the pressure and the stretching but no real pain. Just pure fucking pleasure, “OOOOOO yes Tyrone, I want it all, damn you aare soooo fucking big and soo fucking good. Yes baby all of it I want all of you inside of me.”

Gus watched, it was an unbelievable sight. Here out in the open, in front of God and everyone, this young buck was fucking this beautiful, redheaded, white women. Gus also watched as Tyrone slowly entered her and he too loved seeing that black snake disappear into her pretty white ass.

After Tyrone was always in, he bent over and whispered into Miss Georgie’s ear, “Are you ready?”

Miss Georgie, her mind going in circles with lust, “Yes sweet boy fuck me please, I want you.

That was all Tyrone needed and her started to fuck her slowly and then with everything her had. His did just kept sliding in and out of that pretty soft ass of hers.

“God damn Miss Georgie, you got a great ass a great ass hole, O damn fuck, shit this feels sooooo damn good.” He was now going full force and she was moaning and loving every minute of it.

“OOOOOO Tyrone, your cock, OOOO ffuck me wwwith you black ssnake, shit OOOOOOO shit yes.

All of a sudden he started to slowly long fuck her and he reached round to her pussy and started to play with her clit.

“OOOOO God Tyrone, OOOOOO yes OOOOO that feels soooo fucking good, OOO you are going to make me cum

You are going to make me cummmmmmm yesssss.

When she started to climax Tyrone could feel her asshole mussels’ contract and he stopped pumping he just held in deep inside of her. Her asshole was sucking on his cock, and he felt himself start to cum. Her asshole channel pulsated and make his release all the cum inside of himself. Like a water hose someone just turned one, the cum just cam guessing out of him over and over again.

They stood there not moving, just Tyrone’s cock in Miss Georgie’s asshole canal. Then it happened, her body starter to shaking, and she could not control it.

“OOOOOOOOO GGod, SSShhit dammit that was great. Tyrone, hold me I am going to fall, mmmy legs tooooo weak to stand.”

Tyrone removed his drained cock from her ass and held on to her, she turned around to face him and have him a big hug and kiss. Then she said, “You two have to be the greatest black lovers in the world, or at least my world.”

She was totally excused. As they helped her into the house her legs were still shaking and wobbly. They brought her into the den, Tyrone went and got her a towel to sit on and they placed her onto the sofa to relax.

You sit and relax, we are going back outside, get dressed and to back to work.

Then Gus looked at there and said with a smile, “Missy, was this what you had planned?”

She smiled, “Yes for today but not for tonight.” Then she winked.

“Danm!” Both of them said and then off to work they went, wondering what else Miss Georgie had in that white head of hers.

Tyrone looked at Gus and said, “You know her old man is missing out on a lot of women there. He sure don’t deserve her.”

“You know, I think you’re right,” Shaking his head as he walked.

Miss Georgie just laid there for a while resting and thinking. God she has never had so many orgasms and so strong. Her whole body was sore and aching, she was thinking that she had used every muscle in her body and yet she loved it.

Ok now for the next adventure, God what is she going to do when they are gone, maybe Richard, no he would never go along with some of the things she likes to do.

Ok, I need a table, towels and some oil, I wonder if they make a flavored oil? I will take a ride downtown and see.

Miss Georgie got up, went upstairs to get cleaned and ready to go down town. First she picked out another one of her brightly colored sun dressed. This one had bright torques and yellow flowers on it, it also had a cute torques bow in the back, and yes it was as short as the other one was. She then dug out her old torques lace garter belt, torques lase bikini panties and an old special pair of nylons. These nylons were special because they had the stick that ran up the back. Next she got out a pair of torques very high heels, she loved them but Richard said they looked like hooker heals. After she put it all on she looked at herself in the long mirror and tuned round a couple of times, and she thought God damn do I good, hell better that just good, I look great. After she brushed her raven red hair she put on some of that perfume that Richard did not like and went downstairs and out the door.

When she walked outside she saw that the boys had cleaned it off and parked it back into the driveway. She looked up at them and spun around for them so they could see her outfit.

Both whistled and made some cat calls, “God damn now that is a hot looking babe. Damn look at those legs and those stocking; now that’s woman is too hot for any man to handle. Both Gus and Tyrone shouted. Now she could show a man a good time alright. There goes our Miss Georgie best looking woman in town.

She hoped into the car and off she went. When she got downtown she parked at the end of the street so she could walk all the way to all of the stores. As she walked, she walked straight and proud with a big smile on her face, letting her raving red hair swing and wave in the wind.

She noticed that there was not one man did not have his eyes on her. Men walked by and tipped their hats and smiled back to her saying good morning. She remembered when she lived in Memphis, she used to walk to work and all the men would say Good morning, or Good afternoon, mam or Miss Georgie and then bow or tip their hats. All the service boys would whistle at her. My sister Billy and I could stop a whole block. I remember when I wore my little white skirt and caused an accident, not a bad one just a fender bender but an accident anyway. Ma, Pa and my brothers were not too happy with it but I was young and did not care.

I went into three to four stores and nothing but when I got to the drug store they had two, one lemon flavored and the other honey flavored peopled used them for sore throats.

“What do you need it for Ms. Taglio?”

“Richard said the boy’s caught a cold while in Canada, so I want it so when they get home I will be ready.”

“So Mr. Goldberg, I will know it when I see it and taste it. I want something mild tasting.”

“Well the honey I think is the best, the oil is a light oil and the honey is slippery and acts like an oil so it is easy for the throat it very soothing.”

“OK, I will take it, give me a large bottle.” Georgie said with a smile.

“Well here you go, by the way if I may say so you look very pretty today. What we call, in New York, a real head turner.”

“Thank you Mr. Goldberg, a woman always likes to hear that she looks good.”

“Well, you look more that just good today, as my Grandfather would say “Your face lights up the whole world” now you have a good afternoon Mrs. Taglio and say hi to Richard, he is a lucky man.”

“Sal, what are you doing, I told you I need you about a half hour ago, O, good afternoon Mrs. Taglio.” It was Sal’s wife and she was not too happy and after she saw me it look like she got mad. “Come in the back when you are done here.” She said and stomped away.

“I hope I did not get you into any trouble.” Georgie said with her best Southern accent.

“Mam if you did, believe me it was worth it, you are the best thing these old eyes have seen in a very long time. You need not apology do me a big favor and give me a big smile before you leave.” Mr. Goldberg said smiling and bowing at her.

Georgie threw him a kiss, winked, and smiled at him then make a twirled and walked out of the store.

Sal blushed turned himself around and headed for the back where he knew he was going to catch hell but he did not really care because his head was in the clouds.

As Miss Georgie walked back to the car she could tell she had more of a wiggle then she had before. She never felt so good about herself. And she could tell again now every man and boy had their eyes on that red headed woman walking down the street. She got to her car looked back laughed got in and drove home. God what a day it has been so far and it was not done yet.

As she drove up the driveway she saw her boy painting they seem almost done. O shit, that looks ugly, O God that was not the color she wanted. She needed to talk to Gus; well we have the rest of the week to clear it up. She got out of the car and called to Gus. When Gus came down he would till something was wrong. “What’s wrong?”

“Gus, it is awful, it is ugly and the wrong color.”

“Miss Georgie, calm down, that is only the primer; remember primer today and the color will go on the next couple of days.”

“O, I’m sorry Gus. I should have known, I did forget you, you did tell me that. But where did you get that sick color?”

“That color is what we got when we missed all the old oil paint together, the color did not matter because it is the under color, the real color comes tomorrow. The real pretty turquoise you picked out. Believe me you will love it, it will look great with the white trim. It will brighten up the whole outside of this house.”

“Gus, I do believe you and thanks again.” Miss Georgie kissed him and then went into the house, with Gus watching her walk and sway all the way in. Boy that ass, Gus thought, and those legs, look at the nylons, that seem looked perfect. I have never seen anything so sexy and beautiful in my life. Miss Georgie has the looks of a true Southern Bell.

As Miss Georgie walked into the house she was thinking, now I have the perfect oil, I need the perfect table, it has to be a certain height of the ground and very stable the whole thing depends on it. She started to look around, dining room table was not sturdy enough; the cocktail table was too low. What about the kitchen table, it was an old type kitchen table but it was too big, what if I took out the one or two of the leaves maybe that will work. So she took out the one leaf and laid down on it, still too long so she took out the second one. Will it was not perfect but it will do, she would make it do. Now for the towels, OK that will work. The boys are used to eating dinner in the dining room so hopefully they will not even notice.

Now she had to cook the food and go upstairs and get dressed for dinner. She put the roast on and ran upstairs to change. When she took off her sundress she looked at herself again in the mirror with her torques bra, lace bikini panties, garter belt and nylons, then she thought I wonder what my boys would think if I served dinner just wearing this. Soooo instead of getting undress she put on a sweat suit and house shoes, she would bring the heels down stairs with her and put them on later. The she went down stairs to finish dinner.

She set the dining room table and got everything ready but the food and drinks. Now she had to get them to sit down and not help her serve. Shit then it hit her, she did not make them lunch. She could use that as an excuses for not have them help serving dinner tonight. She brought the Jacks into the kitchen dropped it off and then went outside and got the boys.

“Hay, guys time to come in and get ready for dinner.”

“Great,” said Tyrone, “I am starved.”

Gus was thinking about lunch, they had to make their own and it was not as good as what Miss Georgie would have made for us. When he walked into the house he could not believe his eyes. Miss Georgie was not dressed as usual; his outfit was way below her standers.

Both Tyrone and Gus went upstairs and got cleaned up and dressed. When they came downstairs Miss Georgie rushed us into the dining room saying that she was going to serve us tonight because of lunch.

While they were cleaning up she pulled out the roast and fixings and made the drinks. Now they were sitting at the table waiting.

“Miss Georgie sure smells good,” Shouted Tyrone.

Then she walked in with a try of drinks, dressed in her outfit.

“HOLEY FUCK!” Gus said when he saw her.

“My God do you look good Miss Georgie,” Tyrone said with his mouth wide open, his cock jumped to hard intently.

“I wanted you boys to see what I looked like under my sun dresses. And I thought you might like for me to serve you like this, too much???” As she walked like a model on a runway, swinging her hips this way and that.

“I must say I was a little disappointed when I saw you in that sweat suit of your, bus I have said this before and I will say it again, you always surprise me and you always look fantastic. God if this is what you look like under your dresses I will never look at you the same way again. God you are such a woman. And I love the color torques, never did before but I do now.” Gus said as her kept looking her up and down with lust in his eyes.

“Miss Georgie, is there any part of your body that is not sexy? And remember I do not thing I have not seen every part of your body.” Tyrone laughed.

“I really love you guys, I feel more like a woman around you boys then I ever have around my husband. OK now let me bring in the food. You guys just sit and watch will that be OK?”

Both of the boys smiled and said yes.

Every time I would walk in all eyes were on me, or I should say my ass or my big tits. Either way they could not keep their eyes off of me. God I love it. When I brought in the last tray is asked the boys, “OK, now what I am going to ask is up to you boys, I will do whatever. Now I can either, sit down and eat with you boys like I am or I can go upstairs and put on a light robe. Which is it going to be?”

Gus stated, “Just the way you are is fine with me.”

Tyrone smiled and said, “Miss Georgie, I can’t think of anything prettier that looking at you wonderful tits while I eat dinner with you.”

Miss Georgie sat down and started to eat.

“Tyrone, lets toast to Miss Georgie, here’s too the best woman we both have ever knew.”

While they were eating Gus turned to Miss Georgie and asked, “Is this our surprise for tonight?”

“If it was would it be a disappointment?” Miss Georgie asked.

“No not at all, not at all, this would be fine, right Tyrone.”

“Yep, works for me. I could sit and look at Miss Georgie all day, and especially like this.”

“Well you will be happy to know the answer is no. This is just a bonus for my boys. I do have something special coming up tonight, and I am sure will enjoy it.”

They ate, drank, and talked. They talked about going home and what they expected from their family. They talked about the trip and how long it will take. She told them about the trip down town and they all laughed about it. Then Miss Georgie said, “Let’s clean up and go into the den, how about it?”

The boys said sure and they started to pick up their disses and headed into the kitchen. Gus said, “We can do what we did last night, Missy you bring in the dishes and Tyrone and I will clean and dry them. While we are doing that you set up the dinning room table.”

“OK, sounds good to me.” Miss Georgie said.

While they did the dishes Miss Georgie cleaned and set the dining room table. It went pretty quick that night. Maybe because Miss Georgie set up the dining room table but did not worry about it being so perfect, because she was in a hurry to get into the den.

Miss Georgie headed into the kitchen to get the boys. They were finishing when she walked in, so Gus made us all drinks and we headed for the den. As the boys sit down Miss Georgie walked in the center of the room and spun around and asked, “Now how do I look really.”

“Like a model in one of those Victoria Secret catalogs.” Tyrone said, then looked at me and asked, “Miss Georgie, would you do something for me?”

“Sure sweetie, what do you want,” Miss Georgie said as she wondered what was in his little brain.

“I have seen those catalogs and often wondered what they felt like, their silk under and bra. I will never know unless you let me touch you and feel you.” Tyrone said as he looked at me with those puppy dog eyes.

Miss Georgie was touched and smiled with pride, this sweet boy made her feel she was as good as one of those models in the Vitoria Secret catalog. “I would be glade to and you can feel me anywhere you want and I will pose for you anyway you want me to.

With that she walked over and stood in front of him. He stood up and put his hands on her nice tits, the silk felt like heaven in his hands, he squeezed them, not hard but more like massaging them till her nipples because hard and stuck out under the silk. He saw that and then reach for them and munched them, when he did Miss Georgie made a little moan. He looked at her and asked, “Did that hurt?”

“No sweetie, it felt good. Go on keep playing.” Miss Georgie whispered. What she could not believe was she was getting turner on, God it felt good having his hands on her breast along with that silk.

He lowered his hand down to her panties; she opened her legs a little so he had easy access to them. He felt her pussy and when he went between her legs and noticed her panties were wet down there. He was making her pussy wet, she wanted him. That made him feel good about himself, then he moved around to her ass. Boy did her ass fell good through that silk, it was soooo soft. His cock was sooo hard now it hurt, it wanted to come out and play.

“Are you done now sweetie, we still have things to do tonight and from what I can see form here you need to cool down.” She said as she pinched his cock.

“Yes, but if I can say my cock want to come out and play.”

“Don’t worry baby, the waiting will be worth it.”

“Tyrone lets her go so she can tell us what she has planned for this evening.” Gus said and he finished his drink.

Miss Georgie walked over and set down on the love seat, crossed those beautiful legs, took a big part of her drink, coughed and then started talking.

“OK this is what I have planned for us tonight, like last night I think you will enjoy yourself, well I hope you will. I want you two to help me learn how to deep throat. The reason is because when you’re both in my mouth I feel if I could deep throat you’re black dick I will get ever more of a wonderful sensation than I already do.

So this is my plan, you know I went down town today. Well I went to get some honey flavored oil the pharmacist said it was good for a sore throat. I figured it will make it easier for you to slide your cock down my throat.

I also set the kitchen table up so when you enter my mouth you will not have to bend down so your cock should go straight in. I also figured and hoped if my head is back over the edge of the table it will be a straight shot to my throat and my throat will be wide open. That way you can enter my mouth and you can stretch my throat like you did my ass hole Tyrone.

I’m sorry Gus but Tyrone’s cock is thinner than yours and it might be easier for me to take his. Then as I deep throat more and more it will stretch and open up so I can one day deep throat you big black snake. Tyrone, now you know I couldn’t possibly take all of your cock down my throat as I did in my ass.

Now Gus you can help like you did last time, and you did a great job. While I am on by back I want you to lick my pussy and that will keep my mind off of what Tyrone is doing. It worked pretty well when Tyrone broke in my asshole.

Tyrone you will slide your beautiful black cock into my mouth and with a gentle in and out motion, slowly push it a little farther each time to the back of my mouth. I will already have my head tilted back as you just push it all the way down. Then I will let you ease it in as far as it feels comfortable to me, and remember I need to breathe around your cock. When your cock reaches a certain point it may feel difficult for me breathe, at that point I will push you back exhale before you push it in, and then inhale when you pull it out. I well then experiment with swallowing while you’re in my throat, later we will practice thrusts as I become more comfortable. Tyrone this time you need to go slow and easy. We will practice this a couple of times this week until I feel confident and can take more and more of your black snakes down my throat.

So boys what do you think?”

“Well as usual it seems you have it all figured out and it defiantly sounds like fun.” Gus said, “And it makes sense about the size of our cocks. The only thing this could get dangerous, you do realize this. If Tyrone get too excited or goes too far too fast. I have grown to really love you and I should hate for anything to happen to you.”

“You are so sweet Gus, but there is something I have not told you about me. When I was in Memphis working as a model for that paint company I also was going to medical school. Believe it or not at one time I wanted to be a nurse. I got the bug when my leg got cut and saw how poor people got shitty medical help. Well when I married Richard he made me quit, said he was the bread winner of the house and no woman of his was going to work. My point is that no one ever died with a cock stuck in their throat. So I think I am pretty safe. I will also have my hands on his cock while we are doing this so I will still have some control.”

“Like I have always said you are a very interesting lady.” Gus said.

“Miss Georgie I can do this and I will be extra careful. I will keep a close watch over you, and I feel I control my cock with my right hand.” Said Tyrone with a concerned look on his face.

“You know Missy that sounds like a good idea,” Gus said.

“Shit we are getting too serious about this. We are doing this to have fun, and make me a better lover, it’s not an operation. Well if everyone is set I need to go upstairs and get ready and I will meet you boys in the kitchen. O yea Tyrone why don’t you start oiling up you cock while you wait, it is on the table.”

Miss Georgie, went upstairs and took off her bra and panties she figured to keep on the garter and nylons. She liked how she looked in them and she knew the boys did to. Next she went to the toilet to see if she could throw up, she did not want anything to come up while Tyrone has his cock down her throat. When all was done she went downstairs and into the kitchen where the boys were waiting.

She saw Tyrone doing what she told him to do, rubbing oil all over is cock, and it looked like he was having fun. She looked over at Gus and he had his clothes off as well. They both looked ready to go. She walked over to the table and they helped her up. “First I need to swallow a shot of the oil then we can get started.”

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