DISCLAIMER:// My boyfriend and I started writing these stories for each other a while ago. He challenged me in the beginning to write the most kinky story I could think of. You’ll see what came of it. He’s also posting his stories on his account. I’ll update this with what it is soon enough.

No, none of these events have actually happened. They are pure fantasy concocted by my loverboy and myself.

Story 1: The Beginning

I’ve got you chained to a wall in a dark room. With actual chains, mind you. The kind that will rub your skin raw if you try to escape me. In front of you, there is but one light and I am standing underneath it. However, I don’t look my usual self. I’m a bit… fuzzier. Brown cat ears are poking out of my hair and my hazel eyes have slits for pupils. A tail lashes out behind me. I’m half naked, of course. Top and bra are missing, leaving me clad in jeans. You’re kneeling in front of me, a straining hard on trying it’s best to get to me. But I hold back, just watching, tail swishing.

“Do you like being tied up now?” I ask, taking a few steps closer. I’ve a wicked little grin on my face and I keep licking my lips. I like the sight of you, chained up and powerless. It gives me a bit of a rush to know that you’re at my mercy. I squat down in front of you and lick up your cheek. You try to kiss, but I pull away before you can. You growl in response. I just grin more.

“Naughty Eric.” Slowly, I stand back up again and begin to undo my jeans. The fur isn’t the only thing that’s changed about me. There’s a large bulge in my jeans, straining to get out. I lower the zipper and a cock springs to life. “Like the new addition?” I smirk, stepping toward you. “Take a taste of this,” I murmur, pressing it to your lips.

You resist of course. I frown as you move your mouth away and duck as I try to force it into your mouth without touching you. I squat in front of you again and grab your chin. You pull on your chains and grimace. Staring into your eyes, I smile slowly. They’re mesmerizing to you. “Eric, you’re going to do exactly as I say, got it?”

Apparently I’m not very effective yet as you pull your chin out of my grasp and glare at me. You can’t seem to speak for now as you gaze into my eyes. I stare back at you, unblinking.

“You’re going to end up listening to me, whether you like it or not, Eric.” I get up again and move away. “I have other ways of making you do what I want, naturally.” I disappear into the darkness.

You hear something squishy shift on the left. Your eyes dart that way, looking a little scared and intrigued. “Who’s there?” you call, but no one answers. The squishy sound appears to be getting closer and the light goes dim. You can see something though. Is that a tentacle? Slimy, green and translucent, it inches toward you, seeking out your form. You feel something on your ankle, something very similar to the appendage you’re looking at. You quickly glance down at your foot and see another tentacle there, slowly wrapping it’s way up your leg, heading god knows where. You pull away a little bit, unsure of what’s going to happen to you. Well, the answer is fairly obvious, but you’re not sure what’s going to happen really. “Come on! Tentacles?” you shout, looking in the direction I’d gone in. It’s a proposition that’s hard to resist.

You hear me laugh from some distance away. I’m apparently watching you as you squirm and pull on your bindings. “Come now, Eric, did you think that I didn’t have a few tricks up my sleeve?”

The tentacle that had been in front of you is now touching your opposing knee. Slowly, it creeps up your thigh. It’s evident it’s heading straight for your cock. It’s a tease though and changes direction, sliding around your hip and to your back side. The appendage that had been sliding up your calf finally snaked to the top of your thigh and continued to coil upward, wrapping around your waist. A third tentacle joins the fray, coming down from above, caressing the junction between your neck and shoulder. It curls around your neck and tickles your lips as it moves over your chin. It prods at your lips and you continue to resist.

I appear again in the light. “Come on Eric, let the little tentacle inside,” I murmur, sitting down in the center of the light. You can still see my cock, which I brush every so often as I watch you. You still resist and I just stare at you. You can’t take your eyes from mine. You start to relax and open your mouth, your eyes getting hazy.

The tentacle takes advantage and plunges inside. Your eyes snap wide, still hazy, but quite surprised as your mouth is filled to the brim with slimy tentacle. One of the tentacles finally finds your cock and wraps around it a few times, thinning out so it can wrap around it more times. The tip of it bulges and opens up in flower petals, leaving it hollow inside. It knows exactly what it wants to do. A thinner, but much slimier tendril slips out from the flower and teases the slit in your crown. Slowly, it tries to push inside, thinning out even more to slip inside. It pushes against the flow of pre-cum, increasing the pressure in your balls. You groan against the tentacle in your mouth, which is slowly starting to slide in and out, trying it’s best to touch the back of your throat without making you gag. Your breathing gets even more uneven and you relax more against the chains. The tentacles hold you up though so your wrists aren’t damaged too much.

The tentacle on your cock squeezes rhythmically, mimicking my vaginal walls. The flower petals close over your head and start to suck on it.

One of the tentacles, as more have appeared by now without you really noticing, makes its way to your back side, touching every inch it can before finding the tight bud of your asshole. It teases it, caressing the folds and sliding in ever so gently. The tentacle in your mouth pulls out so I can hear you moaning. You moan loudly from the sensations on your cock. But it grows even louder as the tendril pushes inside of you. It’s pretty thin, but it slowly thickens, stretching you out.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” I ask. You can’t even nod. You just give me a moan as a response. “Good, I’m glad. Now… I should make this a bit more interesting…” I get up, pulling a collar out from behind me. The tentacle behind your back eases off so I can attach it to your neck. There’s a little bell on it and it jingles every time the tentacle in your ass pumps you. It adds to the hotness of all of this. I pull my jeans down, revealing that I don’t just have a cock. I’ve still got my snatch, which is wet and dripping for you.

The tentacle that had been teasing your cock slid off, pulling out of you completely. I grin, reaching down to stroke the back of it from base to tip. “Would you like to cum inside me?” I ask, starting to move into position to ride you. You stare up into my eyes, pleading me to do so wordlessly. “I will take that as a yes.” I straddle you and position you so that you’re going to penetrate my sopping cunt. I moan softly as I ease down on top of you. “You’re so hard and big!” I gasp, kissing your lips briefly. “Good boy. Such a good boy,” I murmur, caressing your cheeks, neck and shoulders with my fingertips. Finally, you’re all the way in me. My cock presses up against your stomach and mine as I start to ride you. This feels absolutely glorious since I’m getting sensations from all over the place. I wrap my arms around your neck as I being to ride you mercilessly, gasping and moaning myself, mimicking you. A few tentacles slide around me too, groping my breasts and teasing my asshole open. One plunges deep inside me and I gasp and groan loudly. This feels amazing!!

I can feel you thickening up inside me. You’re free to cum if you want to. But I’m going to keep riding you regardless. You let out a loud hiss and your mouth opens as you start to cum inside me. It’s a lot more than I’m used to and it fully coats the inside of my vagina before leaking out, down your cock and onto the floor. I keep riding you though, squeezing you tightly, milking every ounce of cum I can out of you. The tentacle keeps pumping inside your ass, milking your prostate so that it just keeps coming and coming.

A few minutes more of riding you and I feel a double orgasm coming on. I ejaculate just as I start to convulse. I gush fluids from both places, coating your torso and cock at the same time. I feel you start to cum again and I cry out as I feel more hot cum bursting inside of me.

After a long while, we both cum down from orgasmic highs and bask in the post-orgasmic glow. The tentacles have eased up and are pulling away from us, back to wherever they came from. I touch your cheeks and kiss you softly. “Did you like that, kitty?” I ask, purring softly. My tail swishes, brushing your legs gently. You’re still seated deep inside of me, slowly going soft as I twitch every once in a while.

You nod, breathing heavily. “Yes,” you gasp, leaning forward to kiss me.

“Good.” I reach up and touch your newly grown kitty ears. That collar had a lot more potential than just wearing it for show. You finally notice these changes and gasp, looking bewildered.

“What did you do?”

“Nothing, kitty-boy. I love you.” Then the dream starts to fade as you wake up. You sit up in bed with a huge hard on.

“Weirdest dream ever.”

I do not write much in BDSM because I am still so new at it. Constructive comments are appreciated.

I’ve been staring at the blank page for almost 20 minutes, watching the cursor flash – taunting me to write something with its impatient twitch. I’m almost scared to put it down in black and white – the dark, socially taboo feelings I’ve been having. But, without the admission of it, how else can I move on to accepting it?

I want to be a submissive woman. There, I said it. Out there now for all its worth. I want to have a man dominate me, humiliate me and bring me to a place of inner peace and love I’ve never felt before. What a contradiction in terms – love/control, humiliation/peace. But even with the little experience I’ve had in experimenting with it, I know it’s there and I know it’s what makes me a better person in my everyday life.

It doesn’t mean my stomach wasn’t in fantastic knots tonight, waiting for him to return. Part of the excitement of submission is the anticipation of the entire act.

I am at my most submissive during sexual play, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a demand of respect at all times, for both of us. I respect him because of who he is, and he respects me by allowing me to serve and please him. Not every woman can do this. It takes an incredibly strong woman to submit to the natural order of things, and admit and act on her overwhelming desire to serve. I am an independent woman in most areas of my life, a control freak in some ways, but with him – I am his possession, his whore; and I operate at his will. It is one of the most liberating feelings I have ever had in my life. I do not have to pretend to “have it all together” when I am with him. I simply obey his commands and supply his needs. Sometimes, it’s the mundane things; watching me scrub his dishes, prepare his dinner, or have his laundry clean. But most of the time it’s being his sexual slave; his pet, his dirty little slut.

Tonight was the latter, and I was prepared for him to arrive. Showered, shaved smooth, an application of coconut lotion, just enough where he will be able to inhale it only if he’s close. He had instructed me to wear nothing but a black thong, be on my knees when he arrives, hands behind my head. I would greet him gently, a simple, “hello, sir” when he walked in, but would participate in no other conversation until he allowed it. I never know what he will do. It’s always possible he won’t respond and leave me on my knees while he has dinner, or he could lay me down and fuck me on the floor in the foyer. Whatever he chooses at any time, I will submit and I will thank him for it.

He was late tonight. I stayed in position for at least an hour before he sauntered in the door. My body was stiff; my knees ached from being pressed onto the wood floor. But, I dared not speak about it. It was not my place to question him or even wonder why he left me for so long. All I was required to do was wait in the manner he had ordered me to.

“Hello, sir.” I kept my head down and my eyes low.

“Hello, love.” He removed his jacket and threw it on the arm of the couch. “You’re almost in perfect position, but please spread your legs a little wider.” It was almost excruciating trying to move my knees, but there would be no excuse for disobedience. I slowly opened my legs more, becoming aware of the heaviness of my swollen cunt. “That’s better, pet. Back straight, please.” My spine cracked as I pushed out my chest. “I know you’re still learning, and you almost had it right. So, I will reserve punishment for now. Look down and see where your knees are.” I did. “This is where you should be when I come home. I will not spank you for your forgetfulness tonight, but I want you to remember. You want to remember, don’t you?”

I nodded.

“Answer me appropriately.” His voice tensed.

“Yes, sir.”

“Excellent. You will stay here until you are sure you remember.”

Oh God, no. Please don’t leave me here much longer. I hurt. My knees feel like they will break, my back is in so much pain and my arms feel like jello. Please just let me up. These were thoughts, never spoken words. The thought crossed my mind to release myself when I heard the shower turn on, but the act of disrespecting him – even if he doesn’t know, made me shudder. I would take it. Remain in my position until he graciously allowed me to change it.

The room grew dark from the night sky before the shower finally turned off. I half expected him to return immediately to rescue me, but he didn’t. The silence was almost eerie. There had been the familiar sound of the sink running, the spray of cologne, drawers opening and shutting and then nothing. Had he gone to bed? Had he forgotten about me? Was he going to leave me here all night with my legs spread, my arms behind my head and my pussy dripping? He said he would not punish me. I felt anger build inside of me. How dare he? How dare he leave me on this cold floor in pain? Tears welled in my eyes. I tried to distinguish it from being pain, or disappointment or just plain being mad, but before I could sort it out, the doorbell rang, much to my surprise.

He emerged from the bedroom, dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt. He didn’t even look at me as he walked past. He opened the door, and I stayed on my knees knowing anybody who glanced my way could see me naked and humiliated.

“Hey, Brian, glad you could make it.” Michael shook his hand and led him in. I remained motionless as they stood before me, looming over me.

“What’s going on here?” Brian was aware of our lifestyle, but had never participated before. He, himself had a sub and one day, I knew Michael would share me with them. But not now, not yet. I could feel myself turning red from embarrassment.

“She’s learning her position.” They spoke about me as if I wasn’t in the room.

“I see.”

“The game is about to start. Come on in and make yourself at home.” Brian strode past me to the couch. Michael turned to me. “Be a good slut and turn so we can see you if we choose to. I will call on you later.” He patted me on the head and joined his friend.

I turned slowly, allowing them a straight view. “Wider, Eve. Open your legs so you can feel the breeze flow to you cunt.” I did so with no argument.

The game seemed to last forever and they were barely entering into half time. I honestly didn’t know how much more I could stand. Relief finally came when Michael spoke to me.


“Yes, sir?” My voice was weak.

“Be a good girl, get up and serve us. Snacks and drinks.”

“Thank you, sir.” And I meant it.

I managed to get my broken body into a standing position and was sure my knees would buckle as I put my weight into my legs. They ignored me as I went past them and into the kitchen. I hadn’t prepared for a guest. I would be punished for sure. I should always be prepared for whatever Michael demanded. I rummaged through the pantry looking for anything acceptable. Just tortilla chips wouldn’t do. To my relief, I had planned on making him a Mexican dish the next night and had all the right ingredients to make a quick batch of salsa. When I was finished, I took two cold beers, opened them and took all of it to them. I stood before them, still in my thong and handed them their treat.

“That’s it?” Michael was not pleased.

“Sir, I- “

Michael stood and pulled me to him. In one motion, he sat back down and laid me over his lap. Five smacks to my ass. Each one harder than before.

“Talking back to me is unacceptable. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” I said into his lap.

“Stand up.” I did. “Now go make us something

acceptable. And remove your thong.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.”

“Good girl.”

I walked back into the kitchen and heard them laughing and talking. I removed my thong, leaving myself completely vulnerable. Thankfully, being the hostess of many parties I was able to make one of Michael’s favorite appetizers with what I had. Why hadn’t I just done that first? I returned, naked, and began to put the food in front of them.

“Not like that, Eve.”


“Turn around and then bend over to the table.” I turned my back to the men and bent over, my pussy completely exposed to them. “Stay that way for a minute.” Michael took his finger and ran it down my slit. “See, Brian, that’s a nice pussy.”

“I can see that. May I?”

“Of course.”

Brian repeated the same motion, but pausing to insert his finger inside of me. As he removed it, I heard a small suckling noise, and his comment, “She tastes good, too.”

“Have some more.” Michael offered me to him.

Without any warning, Brian thrusted two fingers inside of me. I gasped. He took them from me and put them back into his mouth.

Michael spoke. “We could eat appetizers, or we could just eat her. Your choice.”

“Not tonight.” Brian responded. “Had pussy for lunch.”

Michael laughed, and Brian did in turn.

Michael addressed me again. “Go on slut. Bring us another beer and then go the bedroom. Lay on your back, legs spread, pussy ready for me when I’m done.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

I did exactly as he told me to do. I waited on my back through another hour of cheers and whistles from the TV. I heard the front door squeak open and then the familiar silence returned.

It had been hours since Michael returned home, and I was still as wet as I was waiting for him on my knees. I wanted to touch myself, to relieve the pressure on my cunt, but I knew that would be deceitful and the punishment would be unbearable. He waited another hour before he came for me, and found me exactly as he had ordered me to be.

“Very good girl.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Is your pussy wet?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Did it feel good to have Brian’s finger inside you?” He taunted me knowing I would struggle with the answer.

“Yes, sir.” It barely managed to escape my lips.

“Because why?”

“Because I’m a whore, sir.”

“Yes. Yes, you are. A dirty slut who likes another man’s fingers deep inside your cunt.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Say it.”

“I am a dirty slut who likes another man’s fingers deep inside my cunt.”

“Get on your stomach, ass high in the air.” I immediately flipped over and did as he said. I heard him go to the closet and I knew he was coming back with his tools. The first strike hit me right across the back of the thigh, the second

square on my ass. “You like it?”

“Yes, sir.” He smacked me again, the straps from the flogger stinging into my flesh. “Thank you sir.”

“You’re welcome, whore. On your knees, on the floor.”

I scooted off the bed and went back into position. On my knees, hands behind my head, back straight.

“Very good girl. You are pleasing me very much.”

“Thank you sir.”

“So much so, I will allow you to suck my cock.”

“Thank you.” The thought of his cock in my mouth made me excrete more juices from my cunt.

“But first…” He picked up a clamp and then my right breast. Then my left breast. He viciously attached them to my nipples causing me to wince and cry out in pain. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You honor me Eve.”

“Thank you, sir.”

He tugged on the chain that held the clamp so that I inched closer to him. He unbuttoned his pants.

“You may suck me now.”

I didn’t even have time to thank him, I hungered for his cock. I pulled it from his pants and ravished him. My mouth hot and wet sucking on him, taking as much as I could until I gagged. He continued to tug on the chain, causing me to whimper, but I never released him. I wanted to taste him. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his hot, thick cum. I wanted to swallow it and clean up his shaft and balls if I needed to. I continued to work his cock furiously, using my hand to stroke him at the same time. I tasted his pre-cum, and lapped at it like a hungry kitten. I only broke free to suck on his balls and lick the line between his ass and his shaft. With his cock in my mouth, and my hands moving from it to his balls, he grabbed a fistful of hair and slammed me into him. He held my head tight as he fucked my mouth, same as he would a tight pussy. Thrusting hard into my throat, ignoring my yelps as I gagged when he moved in too far. He turned me so that my head was against the bed, and fucked my hole with no regret. This continued to where I almost thought I would lose air, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the assault he was giving me, and by my moans, he knew it.

“You hungry cunt. You wonderful slut. I will allow you to swallow me tonight.”

The words excited me. I worked harder on taking more of him inside my mouth, and his hips moved faster in their thrusting. I heard him, the tell tale sign he was about to explode as his balls tightened in my hand. It was glorious. The rush of his liquid escaping from the tiny hole on the head of his cock and into my mouth, filling it full of the gift he gave me. I held it for a moment to taste it, swishing it slightly around my mouth. As he pulled himself from me, I swallowed it, lavishing in how it felt as it trickled into my throat. I looked up at him with happy eyes.

“Thank you sir.”

“You’re welcome, pet.” I had pleased him. I was ecstatic inside.

“Back on the bed slut. Legs open – wide. Hold your pussy back.”

One thing I loved about Michael was his ability to get hard again almost immediately. If he wanted me to suck him off again and again and again, I’d do it. But asking me to lie on my back and open my legs for him gave me a thrill unlike any other. I pulled back my pussy so he could inspect it, fingers in and out, making sure I was still wet. And, I was. Dripping, soaking wet.

He jammed his fingers into my mouth making me taste myself, the same taste Brian had experienced only hours before. I licked at his fingers.

“Brian liked it. He told me later he wants to bring Kim over to join us.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Would you like to lick pussy?”

He knew I had never been with another woman before.

“Yes, sir.”

“I know you do. You’re a cum slut, any cum…male or female.”

“Yes, sir. I’m a cum slut.”

He reached down between my legs again, noticing my pussy was considerably wetter.

“Good girl.” He moved on top of me, jamming his chest up against the clamps and thrusted himself inside of me. His cock was thick and it took up all of my pussy. I felt him growing as he slammed into me over and over. I felt an orgasm rising inside of me. My moans alerted him. “Do not cum, slut. You do not have permission.”

“Sir, I can’t control it. Would you allow me to regain my composure?”

He stopped moving, but stayed inside of me. I could feel the pulse of his dick inside of my womb. I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths.

“Thank you, sir. I am ready for you to continue using me now.”

And he did. He fucked me hard, fast and with one mission – to fill my pussy with his cum.

“What is your pussy for?”

“To be full of your cum, sir.”

“Good girl. You’re a very good slut for me.”

He threw himself into me ten more times before he exploded inside of me again.

“May I cum sir?”

“Not tonight.” He rolled off of me and pulled on his pants. I wanted to argue. My pussy was swollen and aching. “Up you go, love.” I stood and waited for instruction. “Back to the foyer.” My shoulders fell, my jaw dropped and I sighed heavily. Michael pulled the chain and led me back to where I started. My tits were beginning to burn.

“I do this for your benefit. For your instruction. Someday, you will be better than good. You will be an excellent slut and I will be proud of you. Back on your knees. Hands behind your head, back straight. Make sure you have your legs the right distance apart. When I return home tomorrow night, I expect you to remember, no excuses, no second chances. Focus tonight on where you are and your form. And do not forget I do this for you. You want to please me, don’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then down you go.”

I resumed my position.

“Very good girl.”

“Thank you sir. For using me. And for teaching me.”

“You’re welcome, cunt.”

He turned and walked away, and within minutes I could hear his breathing turn to sleep.

I stayed in the foyer all night, in my position,

never once releasing my arms or moving my legs. His cum dripped out of me and onto the floor, and it would be expected that I would lick it up in the morning. I would do it, because I would be an excellent slut and that pleased him.

My heart was full.

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