I feel myself slowly coming back reappearing out of whatever darkness I was thrown into. My head feels foggy and I slowly roll my head back upright. In that moment I realize I cannot see, something is over my eyes. I try to reach the cloth from my eyes but can’t move my hands. I feel the icy cold against my wrists when I try to move them. I am chained. My brain and mouth want to scream but I wont, I can’t, I don’t know where I am at and not exactly sure that I want to alert whoever has me that I am awake.

My wrists are chained together, and I feel the same cold metal against my ankles. There are no sounds other than my breathing, which is getting heavier and heavier because I can’t control the fear of knowing I cannot move and don’t know how I got here. It is cool, and I feel small goose bumps start crawling up my bare skin. I attempt doing that psycho babble crap I had heard before. Think of your warm angora sweater Eliza. You know your favorite sweater, imagine sliding it down over your arms and head. Imagine its soft warmth, think not of how you feel now. You are not cold, you are not chained naked someplace not knowing what is waiting for you. Just think of something familiar and comfortable, calm yourself down.

It almost worked until I heard something like rusty metal creaking, followed by heavy footsteps. The footsteps were slow and calculated. The sound was coming from behind me which made me want to scream even more. I hate things coming from behind me. This has to be a nightmare. There is no way that this is real. Then I heard the footsteps stop. I felt heat radiating off whatever person that was standing there. The presence was heavy and felt large, had to be male. There was a slight smell of a musky cologne, it smelled slightly familiar, like one of the colognes you see out in the mall when you walk through the big department stores. Clean and musky, but definitely male.

He stepped closer. All I felt was hard muscles and warm skin up against my bare back. Part of my mind reveled in the warmth but my higher functioning brain kicked in and then I did scream. He clapped his hand over my mouth and it was large. His one hand covered most of the lower part of my face. My captor leaned his head down over my shoulder and whispered warmly in my ear “Woman, you are mine. I hunted you and chained you, and now you are mine for the taking. If you fight I will fight back and you will not like it, but trust me I will enjoy every moment. Make your choice.”

I shivered and tried to scream again but it was muffled by his still lingering hand over my mouth. He stepped back and smacked my ass hard. It burned like a thousand bees stung me at once. I cried out. He smacked me again harder and I thought that I was going to faint. “The louder you scream the harder I hit.” he said very sternly. I whimpered and tears started streaming down my face. He laughed, “Yes, cry for me, I enjoy your tears.”

My mind was reeling and didn’t know how to process what was happening to me. The only thing that I could think of was what you hear every person say in the movies when they are captured by someone, “Please let me go. I won’t tell anyone I swear. Please just let me go.” I was begging, something I had never done before. He just started laughing again, “You will never be free again. I said you were mine for the taking and I meant it. ”

He walked back up to me and slid his hands between my legs. He started rubbing my clit. I was crying “Please no, please, please, please.” I was whimpering it desperately over and over again because it was all that I could think of. I was helpless and I hated it. He kept rubbing my clit and then slid two fingers into my pussy. I felt ashamed because my pussy was getting wet. “Mmmm, yes your body knows what it wants. Just shut your mouth and take it. You are my little slave and you like it.” I hung my head and was weeping. He started moving his fingers harder and deeper into my pussy and I started feeling it build deep in me. I knew if he kept moving his fingers in me that way that I was going to cum. It was the worst feeling in the world to know that my body was betraying me to a person that I didn’t even know.

My captor suddenly stopped, “Hmm, I feel your pussy clenching my fingers. I am not going to let you cum that easy. ” He shoved his fingers into my wet pussy one more time and then slid his fingers back to my ass. He forced his fingers in and I cried out. He scoffed and then shoved a third finger in . “Just wait, this is nothing. My hard cock is bigger, and I will make it fit up there.” All I could do is cry. He pulled his fingers out of my ass. I heard him step off to the side for a second and then he came back. When he shoved his fingers back up my ass they were coated with a slick and cool liquid. He started slamming his fingers in and out of my tight hole. It hurt, I had never had anything up my ass before and it was burning from the abuse.

He stepped off again and I reveled in the temporary relief of not having the pressure and pain of him finger fucking my virgin ass. When he came back I felt him start to push the head of his cock against my tight asshole. I wanted to scream again but I knew he would just hurt me more. The head of his cock started slipping into my ass and there was a sudden intense pain of him stretching me out. He was going slow, then grabbed onto my hips and pushed the rest of himself into my ass. I screamed, I couldn’t help it. The pain was intense and the pressure of him inside my ass was so foreign my body didn’t know how to process it. He leaned over to my ear and whispered to me again, “Yes, you are going to be my little anal slut today. You will learn to like your master’s cock in your ass and learn to beg for it. Tell your master how much you want me to abuse your ass and stretch it out. Tell me how much you like it.” I didn’t know what to do. It hurt and I really didn’t want him to move, but I was scared of what he would do to me if I didn’t tell him. I didn’t want to hurt anymore than what I already did. In a low voice I said, “I love you stretching out my ass master. Please do it more.” He laughed and started moving his cock in and out of my ass again. “I knew you liked it whore. Good little slut tell me louder. I want to hear you clearly. Tell me again what you want me to do to your devirginized ass!”

A little bit louder, which is all I could muster, I told him “I love the feeling of your large cock shoved in my ass, please keep fucking me hard. I want to feel you moving in and out of my ass.” My mind just collected and said things that I had heard in porno before but was so strange hearing it come out of my mouth. He must have liked it because he kept hold of my hips and started shoving his cock in and out of my ass again. The pressure of his cock pushing in and out of my ass is all I could focus on. The pain started subsiding and my body began betraying me again. His large cock was hitting something deep and a primal feeling started coming over me. I was moaning as he kept shoving his large cock all the way down to his balls in my ass. When I started responding to him, he wrapped his arms around my waist and commenced pushing in me faster. It was overwhelming, the feeling that was building up in me.

The faster he pushed the stronger the feeling became. He started groaning as well and I felt his cock begin growing thicker.

He pulled out of my ass, part of me was thankful and the other part wanted him to keep going to find out where the feeling I had was going to go. My captor walked away again and came back. His cock was slick again and slid it in my pussy. “You didn’t think that you were only going to get one hole violated did you?” he said in a gruff voice. I am not going to lie, at this point I had let everything but feeling drop away in my head. It felt good. He was long and thick and quickly started hitting a deep spot back in my pussy as well. He was bumping my cervix which I had always loved in partners before. I found myself moaning louder as his cock continued to grow thicker in my pussy the same as it did in my ass. I knew he was about to cum and the primal part of my brain wanted to feel it.

He was slower at fucking my pussy, sliding in and out his entire length and my muscles were gripping onto him with every move. I felt everything, every little move of his cock in me. Then it hit me. I started cumming and it was the most intense feeling that I had, had in my entire life. I felt my pussy clench onto him like it didn’t want to let go. I cried out and arched my back pushing myself harder onto him. My knees felt weak and if it wasn’t for the chains, I don’t think that I would have remained standing. He pushed into my pussy and few more times and I felt his cock start to throb, pumping his cum deep into my pussy. It was warm and felt like he wasn’t going to stop. He just kept shooting streams into me. My captor finally stopped and let his cock slide out of me. I felt cum begin to slide out of my pussy and down the inside of my leg.

My breath was heavy again but not from fear this time but from the intense pleasure that I had just experienced with a person that I should have been fighting back against and trying to get away from. He leaned back over my shoulder again and pulled my face around to his and kissed me on the lips passionately. “Now that I have came in you, you really are mine. Do you have a problem with that?” I quietly said, “No, I do not Master.”

At some points in your life you just have to give yourself over to things that may not make the most sense but provide you the most pleasure. Just like the constitution says “Pursuit of happiness” right?

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