The sexual antics at Kate’s house intensify, but Jeremy grows up, and breaks out on his own.

Author’s note: The Jeremy’s Mom’s House stories were very well received three years ago. My apologies to the fans of those stories for making them wait so long for the conclusion. If you have not read those stories, you can still understand and enjoy the sex in this long conclusion, but to get to know the characters and the situation, reading the first two chapters will help you enjoy this story more.

Kate woke up wet between her legs and with her sheets soaked. She and Jeremy had agreed not to torture themselves over what they had done, but Kate had trouble suppressing that “What have we done?” feeling.

Nevertheless, desire overcame that feeling. Jeremy had gone back to his own bed during the night and Kate wanted so much to go to him and feel that magnificent member inside her again. Making love with Jeremy was as close as she had ever felt – or ever could feel – to having Jack back with her, so many years after his death. She missed him so much.

But mostly she was just plain horny.

Kate had given permission for Jeremy’s friends to come back over that day, and she knew that after what had happened there would be sexual tension in the air. She wanted them to get naked and swim in the pool so she could look at their cocks again. She recalled how she stripped off all her clothes in front of them and the sexual thrill she got from watching them watch her.

She wanted to strip for them again, spread her legs and watch their cocks get hard, then take them, one after another, and after they were spent and had gone home, take Jeremy into her bed once again.

It frightened her. Only a couple of weeks before, Kate had taken no notice of when Jeremy’s friends were over, or of them swimming in the nude and walking in and out of her house undressed. They had been doing it so long, ever since they were young boys, that she learned not to look on the situation as sexual at all.

Sex had not been a big part of her life. She seemed to be doing Ok with the occasional romp with a man who wanted to take her out.

But now she thought about sex constantly. Suddenly seeing her son’s extremely attractive friends as sexual beings and feeling their appreciation for her body awakened passions that carried her away.

She needed to take her mind off what she and Jeremy had done and off the sexually charged situation with his friends, so she jumped out of bed and into the shower.

Kate was dressed in a flash and off to meet her Saturday morning coffee clutch friends, who she had been neglecting for a while.

As a way of taking her mind off things, it didn’t work. As she entered the coffee shop, she was thinking of how wonderful Jeremy’s 12-inch cock felt sliding in and out of her and her thoroughly satisfying orgasm that followed.

“Well, look who’s back, and with a story to tell!” Sarah chimed in as Kate sat down. “It’s so good to see you again and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to!”

“Nothing much,” Kate tried to brush off the question. “No big stories to tell here.”

“Now, don’t give me that ‘Oh, nothing!’ business,” Sarah said, mocking Kate’s response. “You can’t walk in here glowing with a just-fucked look on your face and tell us that nothing has been going on!”

That damned Sarah, Kate thought. She was incredibly perceptive, along with being incredibly seductive. Kate wondered if those two skills the fiery redhead possessed in abundance somehow went together. But Sarah certainly had a way of wrapping people, particularly men, around her little finger.

“Come on, girls, am I right? You could tell something was up with her as soon as you laid eyes on her, couldn’t you.”

“Well, you did have a certain satisfied smile on your face as you came in the door, before you even saw where we were sitting,” said Pam. The gorgeous blond smiled a brilliant white-teeth smile, set off by her bright red lips. Kate always wondered how much time Pam spent doing her makeup in the morning. Pam wasn’t too heavily made up, like a grotesque streetwalker would be, but she left little to chance, from her full lips to her beautiful blue eyes, her long manicured nails and perfect pedicures. In her mid-30s and divorced, Pam got plenty of attention from interested men.

“And I detected a little bit of a blush when Sarah called you on it,” said Joni with a sly smile. A very pretty brunette with a slightly freckled face, Joni seemed shy in the eyes of many people

. But Kate saw how wild she would get in a club after a few drinks, and she remembered her on the basketball court back in high school.

Kate and Joni were the same age, and were friends back then. Extremely tall for a woman at 6’2″, Joni still kept herself in great shape, and had the most beautiful, long, athletic legs anyone had ever seen. She never married.

“So, tell us all about it, especially the dirty parts!” Sarah said. “Who is he, and does it look promising?”

“No, it’s not like that!” Kate said, realizing immediately that her response was not a complete denial and would get her into further trouble. But she could scarcely tell them that her fabulous lover from the night before was her own son, whom she was thrilled had inherited his late father’s magnificent cock.

“So what is it like?” Pam probed. “You’re not going to tell us his name?”

“No, there’s no man,” Kate protested. But before she could get out another word, Sarah interrupted.

“Oh no! Kate, you mean you finally explored your ‘bi’ side? I always knew you would someday.”

The others laughed.

“And I wanted to be your first,” Joni pouted.

“You guys! Stop it! I haven’t been having sex with any women either,” Kate protested. “Look, some really weird things have been happening around my house lately and . . . well . . . they’ve been fun, but it feels really strange.”

“Now you’re really got us intrigued,” Pam said.

“OK, out with it. What kind of weird things? And I dare you to mention anything kinkier than what I’ve already done dozens of times,” said Sarah.

“It’s just that some things that have been going on at my house for years, that were no big deal, suddenly turned. . . erotic.”

“We’re listening,” Sarah said, encouraging her to go on.

Kate had to extract solemn promises not to tell anyone before she went on.

“Well, since they were little, Jeremy’s friends had been coming over and swimming in our pool. And when they were, like, 12, they asked if they could go skinny-dipping, and I said they could. Well, that was all right when they were that young, but over the years they did it a lot, to the point that they just normally swam naked. I just kind of got used to having these naked teenage boys around my house and never paid much attention. Well, they’re 20 now, and they’re all pretty hot.”

“You. Have. Naked. 20-year-old. Men,” Joni said deliberately, pausing after each word. “Hanging around your back yard all summer, and you haven’t invited us over?”

The recriminations came from all sides, as did the accusations that she had nothing to complain about. Of the three, only Sarah was married, and the others said seeing 20-year-old hunks naked all the time was more action than they’d been getting lately.

Kate confided in how she caught them watching porn and in a playful situation ended up giving them all hand jobs, though she lied and denied having done so for Jeremy. She even told them about what happened with Matt, but nothing about sex play with Jeremy.

And she lamented the guilt she felt over having sex with one of Jeremy’s friends and how he might feel if he found out.

“Well, I would love to get my hands on this Matt fellow to teach him a little respect,” Sarah said. “He needs to learn that women are not there for him to control.”

“Well, I’d love to get my hands on any of them!” Pam said.

All of the women were in their 30s, but Kate and Joni were the oldest at 38. The idea of naked 20-year-old men excited them to no end.

Kate finally relented and agreed to propose to the boys a little party, with her friends invited, though she made her friends promise that if the party came down, it would be hands off her son.

Secretly, Kate wanted to keep him for herself.

Kate killed some time after the morning coffee gathering. She got a pedicure and had her hair done. The significance of her spending time making herself more attractive was not lost on her. Far from taking her mind off things, the talk with her friends refocused her mind and energy on sex. The fact that they envied her with those sexy young men in her house so much and wanted to be a part of it emboldened her.

But she was still frightened when she pulled into her driveway.

She shut off the car and sat for a moment. She could tell from the cars that Jeremy’s friends were over, though Matt’s truck wasn’t there. He could have ridden with one of the others, but Kate hoped he really wasn’t there. He frightened her.

No, Kate reflected. She was frightened all right, but not of Matt, despite the rough way he handled her.

Kate knew the fear she felt was fear of herself. The resentment she felt over how Matt had taken her had long passed, and when she thought of that young, powerful, naked body handling her like a rag doll and fucking her hard, her juices flowed and her breathing quickened. She wanted him again.

She wanted to see Cory and Josh naked again, to feel their hard cocks in her hand and revel in bringing them to release. But she was suddenly afraid of what she might do with them, and how that might be a betrayal of something special she had shared with Jeremy.

Kate found Jeremy, Cory and Josh sitting around the kitchen counter sharing a frozen pizza and cans of beer. Matt was not there.

“Hi, Mrs. C. Jeremy said he didn’t know where you went, but said it was OK if we came over,” the polite and handsome Josh said.

“Josh, you know you guys have always been welcome here and haven’t had to ask for permission to come over since you were. . . let’s see. . . since you were still wearing swim suits in the pool,” Kate smiled.

“That was a long time ago – except for when we brought girlfriends over,” Cory said.

“So, how long have you guys been here?” Kate asked.

“About an hour. We had to wake up lazy butt here,” Cory said, nodding toward Jeremy.”He said he had a long night, but wouldn’t tell us what he did.”

“I didn’t really want frozen pizza for breakfast, even at 2 in the afternoon,” Jeremy said. “But they pulled one out when I said I had to get something to eat.”

“You slept until 2?” Kate said.

“One, actually,” Jeremy replied looking away. He looked up and looked his mother in the eye.

“I had a hard time falling asleep last night,” he said.

Kate wanted to smile at him, but feared sending any signals that she had any idea why he would have been sleepless.

Kate went to the refrigerator and grabbed a can of beer for herself. She could feel dampness between her legs as she contemplated what might happen next.

“Where’s Matt?” Kate asked, knowing it was something of an odd question. This group of friends wasn’t always together.

“He had to help his dad with something today,” Josh said.

“Hey, I’m gonna hit the shower, guys. I’ll be right back with you,” Jeremy said, taking one last piece of pizza with him.

“We might be in the pool,” Cory said.

“So, how about it, Mrs. C? You want to go swimming with us,” Cory continued after a brief pause.

He had a devilish little smile on his face that Kate found incredibly sexy. She wondered why he wasn’t more popular with the girls, just because of that carefree attitude and those strong shoulders.

Kate met his gaze and gave an impish, I-know-what-you’re-thinking smile back at him.

She felt a thrill go through her loins and knew she was positively leaking into her panties.. She knew what she wanted to do, but would have to summon the courage to do it.

Her eyes darted over to Josh, who looked a little uncomfortable, while Cory continued to grin at her.

“Well, I don’t know,” Kate said, trying to sound innocent. “I’ll have to look for my suit. . . I think I might have it. . .”

She pulled on the top of her blouse and peered down, as if looking to remind herself of what she was wearing underneath.

“Oh, yes, I think this one will do nicely.”

Kate began unbuttoning her blouse, continuing to look down rather than at the boys. She trusted she had their full attention. She slipped the garment off her shoulders and laid it gently on one of the counter stools in front of her. She was wearing one of her sexy bras, which lifted her nicely and let part of her areolas peek over the top of the beige lace.

“Mmm. . . I really don’t want to get this one wet,” she said, undoing the back snap. She looked up at her audience as she let the straps slide down her shoulders. They were both grinning ear-to-ear, with Josh clearly blushing.

Kate placed the bra with her top, then unsnapped her shorts. They were tight and she had to wriggle them down past her hips. As she slid them down, she saw an obvious dark wet spot on her beige panties, and she noticed her own aroma immediately.

It embarrassed her, but she wanted the boys to see that she was aroused. It aroused her more. So when she stepped out of the shorts, she snagged them with her toe and lifted them up to reach them. It caused her to momentarily spread her legs apart and make more apparent the sign of her arousal.

She put her shorts with the rest, then, with a quick movement pulled her wet panties all the way down to her ankles, bending over and letting her breasts swing freely below her.

“Yes, this is my favorite swim suit,” she said. “It also doubles as my birthday suit – but you guys have seen it before. I hope you brought your suits. I’m going to get some towels,” she said.

The boys were speechless as the completely nude Kate walked around the counter and right past them toward the hall. She stopped at a hall closet and gathered four full-sized towels and some sunscreen, then stopped outside the bathroom door, where Jeremy had not yet stepped into the shower.

“Jeremy, we’ll be in the pool. I’m wearing the same suit you saw me in when you came home the other day. You can just come out and join us when you’re done if you want.”

Kate held the towels in front of her breasts, but could see the boys were focused directly on her bald pussy as she came back down the hall and turned toward the patio door behind the dining room that led to the deck and pool.

The security stick placed in the track to keep the door from sliding open was still in place. Kate bent low at the waist, just a few feet from Josh and Cory, giving them an obscene view of her ass and pussy, to remove it.

She slid open the door and walked out, winking at the boys as she closed the door.

She wanted them hard when they stripped off to join her.

Kate really didn’t have a plan beyond that point. She knew she had teased them unmercifully and was anxious to see if they took the bait and would get naked in the pool with her. She really just wanted to have a naked party with them on the deck, relishing looking at their bodies and letting them look at her, then perhaps do a little fooling around later.

She didn’t want to look back to see what they were doing, but figured they probably hadn’t taken their eyes off of her. Rather that jump in the pool, Kate stopped at the big patio table, put the towels down and picked up the sunscreen.

She squirted a little on her right hand and started to rub down her arm, all the while avoiding looking back at the patio door. She finished and did her other arm the same way, then squirted a generous amount on her left hand. She distributed it evenly between both hands and got to work on her bare and pale breasts, white from a summer spent hidden under swim suit tops.

Kate rubbed down over her breasts several times, then back up again, lifting her “girls” and rubbing underneath the sag that she lamented had just appeared in the last 10 years. Still, she thought she had a nice pair, and she hoped the boys noticed as she rubbed up and down, making her nipples erect in the process.

Kate gate them each a pinch, then rubbed around the sides of her mounds. She wondered what was taking the boys so long. She hoped they would strip naked and run out behind her.

Kate worked lotion down her belly and around her sides, and did not neglect her bald pussy. She lingered there, rubbing up and down her slit until she heard the patio door open.

Jeremy walked out, with a towel from his shower wrapped around him.

Kate smiled a little, then calmly sat down in a poolside reclining chair, trying to act as if nothing unusual were going on. She wondered if she had overplayed her hand. After an intimate night with Jeremy to suddenly come on to his friends so boldly was probably more than a little over-the-top, she thought. But she was so damned horny!

“Mom, what are you doing?” Jeremy protested.

Kate almost gave him and innocent “What???”

But she felt she owed him honesty, and if the night before meant anything at all, she had to be honest.

“I…I’m sorry, Jeremy,” she said. “I wasn’t really trying to start anything with your friends. I was just trying to entice them to come out and swim nude. I woke up so incredibly horny after last night and I just felt like sitting back and watching them run around with their dicks flopping around. I wasn’t going to do anything but watch. . . and it kind of turned me on all the more to let them watch me.”

“Oh, come on, Mom,” Jeremy said. “You know you can’t act this way in front of some guys without them thinking it’s going to lead to something. And you’ve been around long enough to know that stuff like this gets out of hand in a hurry.”

Kate blushed. She knew she had instigated all of this, right from the start. Now she was pushing the envelope further.

She looked away and searched for words.

“So I come out of the bathroom and find Corey and Josh stripped down to their shorts and watching you rub oil all over yourself. Of course, they’re too embarrassed to come out with their hard-ons pointing out. Plus, they have to be wondering with you coming on to them how I feel about this.”

Kate stopped thinking about the dampness between her legs as her eyes welled up with tears.

She grabbed a towel to cover herself.

“I’m sorry, Jeremy,” she said. “You’re right. I’m letting things get too out of control, with them, and you.

“Maybe I should just go back inside,” she said, starting to stand up.

“No, Mom, they’ll think that I’m mad, at you or at them. I just don’t want you fooling around with my friends in front of me. I mean, it really complicates things with my friends.”

“What do you want me to do?” Kate asked, in a tone that begged for a way out of the predicament.

“Just – just sit down and relax and stop being a tease,” Jeremy pleaded.

“Ok – I tell you what, just go inside and get me my book from next the recliner in the living room and bring it out to me. Tell Josh and Corey that I’m just going to get some sun and I’m not going to bother them if they come out to swim. It will be like old times.”

As Jeremy walked back to the patio doors, she thought it would be like old times, except that she would be sitting there nude. She had changed things forever, and she couldn’t put things back the way they were, even if she wanted to.

Rightfully chastised, Kate sat quietly and read her book in the nude. She didn’t know what Jeremy told his friends, but they came out, swam nude, and out of the corner of her eye she would watch their magnificent cocks bouncing around as they ran in and out of the pool.

She saw the boys stealing glances at her – even Jeremy, nude like his friends. Their cocks would grow a bit, then settle down as they swam and took their minds off of her.

Feigning modesty, and heat from the sun, Kate covered her sex with a towel, before they could notice that she was visibly leaking.

After a while, Kate quietly got up and walked inside. She could not resist leaving her towel behind and wondering as she walked away how many eyes were on her 38-year-old ass.

Kate went upstairs to lay down, first stopping at her daughter’s vacant bedroom overlooking the deck below. The boys had settled down and were sitting around having a beer, no longer swimming, but still nude. She couldn’t see their softening tools very well from that vantage point, so she went to her own room to lie down and snooze.

It was late afternoon when she awoke. She went downstairs, still nude, and found Jeremy and his friends gone. She searched the refrigerator for something to eat and, feeling lazy, settled on a cold piece of leftover pizza and a beer. The house seemed so empty to her and she suddenly felt terribly alone. She recalled how she woke up so incredibly horny, how she behaved in front of Jeremy’s friends, and how it all ended with her just taking a long nap.

She started missing Jack again and thought of how nice it would be to have a man around again to seduce – or to have take control of her, as Jack often did. All that had happened lately had awakened that sexual side of hers that had lain dormant for so many years.

Kate got dressed, settled down, made some popcorn, and watched TV, having a few drinks while waiting for Jeremy to come home.

Jeremy sat on the deck overlooking the lake at a cabin owned by Beth Conrad’s parents. Josh and Corey were by the bonfire at the lakeshore, near the tap. He had come with them, following in his own car, though he really felt like being alone.

Things had been moving too fast for him, he thought. What happened with his mother had made him feel closer to her, but how she behaved around his friends, enticing them, bothered him deeply, and made him wonder if what was between him and his mother was special or just as lurid as what she wanted to do with his friends.

How could it not be lurid? It was his own mother. But he wasn’t supposed to torture himself over that, they had agreed.

“So, Jeremy, why so deep in thought?” he was suddenly interrupted.

It was Beth, who flashed her big smile at him. She was about 5’5″ with a terrific build. Her white blouse was tied at her waist, revealing a flat stomach and cute little belly button. She had it unbuttoned enough on top to show an ample amount of cleavage. Her face and hair were as gorgeous as her body, making her one of the most sought-after young women in the small community.

“Oh, Beth,” Jeremy snapped out of it, somewhat taken aback that she talked to him. “Sorry, I’ve just had a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, family stuff. You don’t want to know.”

“Ok, but I’ll tell you what I really want to know,” Beth said. “Is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“The rumors about you.”

“What rumors?” Jeremy asked, horrified.

“You know,” Beth teased. “About. . . you know. . .”


“Don’t get weird. It’s nothing bad. In fact, I heard it’s really, really good,” she continued, smiling broadly.

“Well, I haven’t heard. What are you talking about?”

“Well, I heard that . . . well, you just like to say that you’re ‘gifted.’” Beth said.

Suddenly realizing what she was referring to, Jeremy felt relieved that she wasn’t talking about rumors about him and his mom. But he didn’t know how to respond to what Beth was saying.

“Well, I. . .I. . .I, um. . .”

Beth started to giggle. “Jeremy! I embarrassed you! Don’t stammer. All you have to do is tell me – how ‘gifted’ are you?”

Beth held up her hands and put “quote” marks around the word “gifted,” then moved her hands further apart and did it again.

Jeremy wondered which of his friends had been talking about him. He didn’t appreciate it. But he did appreciate the attention from Beth.

“Well, you did catch me off guard with this,” Jeremy said. “But I’m not one to brag. Notice that other people are talking about me. I’m not going around saying anything.”

“So it is true?” Beth asked.

“What do you expect me to do, stand up and show you?”

“That’d be nice!” she exclaimed with a huge, hopeful smile.

“What would be nice?” asked Stephanie, a friend of Beth, who walked up obviously a little inebriated.

“Uhh.. . . If Jeremy would go get me another beer,” Beth said, handing him her empty plastic cup. “It looks like he needs one too!”

Jeremy smiled, took the cup and headed for the tap, leaving Beth and Stephanie on the deck.

Jeremy got back to the deck with Beth’s beer, and one for himself, but she was nowhere to be found. He walked around the inside of the house a bit and still didn’t find her. Going back to the deck, he settled back into a chair and waited for Beth to return. Could it really be that she was hitting on him? But then where was she?

Jeremy’s cell phone rang with a text message. He pulled it out and didn’t recognize the calling number.

It was a photo – a close shot of a beautiful pussy, the lips clearly visible through sparse light blond hair. The message read, “I showed you mine. . . Upstairs. 2nd room on right. Locked, but knock 3X.”

Jeremy rapped lightly three times and momentarily the door opened just a crack. One of Beth’s blue eyes peered out with enough of her bright red lips with freshened lipstick to reveal a slight, sexy smile. She opened the door enough for him to slip in and she quickly clicked it shut again.

Beth locked her fingers behind Jeremy’s neck and pulled him close into a passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined, but he loved to nibble on her lower lip, then her upper in turn, feeling with his own lips their fullness, their firmness – their youth.

His right hand reached up and cupped her breast, and she did not move away, but instead pulled him closer. He knew what she was up to. His body had already responded to her kiss, and the thought of what might come to pass.

Being shorter, Beth had to raise herself up on her bare tiptoes to try to press her pubic bone against him, but couldn’t quite manage. But putting a hand on his backside, she pulled him tight and felt with her belly the enormous bulge in his pants, pointing straight up toward his beltline.

Jeremy unbuttoned the three buttons on her blouse and she let it fall off her shoulders. He fumbled like the amateur he was looking for the clasp on her bra before she reached back and unhooked it for him.

“Oh my God!” he gasped, taking her two huge mounds in his hands. The one girlfriend he had had small breasts. Beth’s were big, larger than his mom’s, but he was most amazed at how they stood so erect, with no sag. He ran his hands over the smooth, white skin and felt her nipples rise as his palms crossed over the large areolas.

Jeremy kissed her again. “My God, you’re beautiful!” he said.

She smiled at him, then kissed him back, while her hands started to fumble with his belt buckle. He gave no resistance as she opened his pants and plunged a hand in to take out his enormous member.

Jeremy helped her by sliding his pants down past his hips and stepping back enough that his full manhood could point straight back at her and she could take in all its length. It was her turn to marvel.

“Oh my God! Is it ever true!” she said.

She took it in both her hands and rubbed its full length, then ran her soft fingertips over it, tracing the line of a bulging vein with an index finger. She outlined the edge of the head with the same fingertip, holding him steady with the grip of her other hand.

“Oh my!” she said again. “You are absolutely beautiful.”

Jeremy kissed her hair.

“No, you are absolutely beautiful,” he answered. “Probably the best looking girl I know.”

“Do you really think so?” she asked, looking up at him.

“You’re the best looking girl most guys around here know,” Jeremy assured her. He hugged her close while she still held his cock in both hands. Their lips met and their tongues intertwined until she broke the kiss.

“I think it’s time for me to kneel,” she said, beginning to go down.

“No, Beth, you don’t have to.”

“But I really want to,” she smiled at him as she settled on her knees.

“Mmmmmm,” Beth moaned as if getting a dish of her favorite ice cream. She cupped his balls with one hand and started to jerk on his cock back and forth with the other, her fist gripping him tightly.

She planted a kiss on the tip of his cock then looked down as if to see if she had left a mark. She cast her eyes up toward Jeremy, smiled, and with her eyes still locked on his, closed those full red lips around his swelling cock head and began to bathe it with her tongue.

“Oh God!!!” Jeremy exclaimed. She felt Beth take in more and more of it until he felt her tongue licking him about a third of the way down. She backed off and pressed hard with the tip of her tongue on the underside of his cock head, just below tip.


“Are you sensitive there?” Beth asked, taking him out of her mouth and looking up at him again.

“It just feels so good! So intense!”

“I love making you feel intense!” she replied, taking him back in her mouth and resuming.

Jeremy could scarcely believe the lips of this beautiful girl were closed around his cock. He never thought he stood a chance with someone as beautiful as her. No, girls like Beth were for guys like Matt and Josh. He always stayed in the back, hardly noticed by the popular girls.

Beth started to jerk him swiftly with her right hand while her left squeezed his balls tight and her mouth furiously worked the limited part of his full length that she could fit in without gagging.

“Beth, no, you’re going to make me. . .”

“Beth! Beth!” a female voice started to shout from the hall. They heard knocking and doors opening until there was a knock on the room they were in. The intruder found the door locked.

Jeremy struggled to get his pants up and his throbbing member hidden while Beth went looking for her top.

“Beth, are you in there?!! Come on! Your parents just pulled into the driveway!”

“Oh my God!” Beth hollered. “Tell everyone to get out. I’m coming!

Turning to Jeremy she said, hurriedly, “Hurry up, you’ve got to get downstairs before they come in!”

Jeremy was buckling his belt already while Beth, her breasts still visible through an unbuttoned top, unlocked the door to let him out.

“What about your friend out there?” he asked.

“No time, just run!” Beth said.

Jeremy spilled into the hall, with Stephanie out in the hall to see him emerge. She smiled as Jeremy ran by, falling in behind him. Jeremy wondered if Stephanie had noticed the bulge in his jeans going halfway down his leg. He reached the bottom of the stairs just as he saw two middle-aged people come through the door from the garage. He was certain that they did not see that he had come from upstairs.

Jeremy bolted out the back patio door and circled the house among a scrambling bunch of young people, few of them over 21 and a handful not yet 18.

There would be trouble over this, he was sure. He just hoped his interrupted encounter with Beth did not cause her trouble with her parents. But Stephanie, he was sure, would start the rumor mill churning some more.

Kate finished watching her movie and went upstairs to her bedroom. She undressed and reached for her robe, but paused.

Shutting the door to her room, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She was still attractive, “hot” as the boys said. She lifted up each of her full breasts and recalled when they were so firm they stood up on their own. Jack marveled at them the first time he saw them, playing with them with wonder in his eyes. She remembered how he looked in her eyes and she looked in his.

And she remembered how she soon felt his member in her hands, and how it was her turn to marvel.

She reached down and dipped her fingers between her legs. She was still unbelievably horny, ever since that day in the family room.

She went to the bed, lay down and spread her legs wide. It took only a few minutes to bring herself off, but it didn’t satisfy the itch she felt. She dozed off a bit.

Jeremy pulled into his mom’s driveway with a serious case of blue balls. When they were interrupted, he was about to come in Beth’s mouth, and was trying to warn her of it. Then all hell broke loose. His cock had calmed down on the drive home, but not his balls, which seriously needed emptying.

He found his mom up, wearing a bathrobe and snacking on some grapes at the counter. He needed relief, and seeing her at the counter hardly dressed made his cock stir, but he was disappointed to see her, in a way, because he didn’t want to hook up with his mom again right away. He wasn’t sure whether he ever should go there again.

“Hi,” she said. “So what time did you guys pull out of here?” she asked.

“I don’t even remember, mom. What’s the difference?”

“Nothing, just curious. Been to a party or something?

“Yeah, at Beth Conrad’s. I’m sure you’ll hear about it. Her parents came home unexpectedly and everyone ran. Not everyone is as cool as you are about underage drinking.”

“Well, I’m only cool about 19-and-20-year-olds and drinking, because the legal age was 18 back when I was that age,” she said. “Were there high school kids there?”

“Probably a few,” he said, grabbing a couple of grapes for himself.

There was a slight pause, and Jeremy circled around the counter as if to head upstairs or to the bathroom, then Kate began, “Listen, Jeremy, I’m sorry about how I behaved before with your friends. I needed to be reined in. It’s what I was telling you last night. Jeremy, I hardly ever thought of sex for the longest time. When I did, I would put it out of my mind or take care of myself. Then that thing happened with your friends, and . . .”

Kate paused, nervous about bringing up the subject again. Jeremy turned to face her, and she spun around in the tall counter stool. She forced herself to just be honest.

“And I saw how much you reminded me of your father. Since then, it’s been like a floodgate opening and I can’t stop thinking about sex.

“I think you were probably right. If you hadn’t said something, I would have kept teasing your friends until we really got into it and I was jerking them off again – or more. You were 100% right to put a stop to it.”

“Well. I think the guys appreciated you just lying around without your clothes, since you were used to seeing them that way, but I think they left a little frustrated.”

“Well, I went up and took a nap a little frustrated,” Kate said with a smile. She turned in her chair again and went back to snacking.

Jeremy came up behind Kate and put his right hand on her shoulder, his left settling on her hip.

“Well, I wore a towel outside to hide what you were doing to me,” Jeremy explained. “I could hardly walk around showing that my Mom was turning me on.”

Kate took her left hand and took Jeremy’s hand on her shoulder, intertwining their fingers.

“You’re sweet,” she said.

Jeremy moved his hands up and started to pull Kate’s robe off her shoulders. She let it drop from her back and leaned each way to get her arms out of the wide sleeves. Jeremy reached over her shoulders from behind and cupped both her breasts and lifted them. He couldn’t help but think about Beth’s perfect pair and wondered if his mom’s were that way when she was younger. Still, they were very nice breasts and tweaking the nipples and feeling them respond between his thumb and forefinger made him respond as well.

His ache had not gone away. He needed release.

Kate leaned her head against his firm, young chest, closed her eyes and smiled.

She felt his manhood, a living replica of her late husband’s, rise and nudge her in the small of her back and he continued to caress her breasts.

Kate reached her right hand back and searched for his cock. She felt it swell and become fully erect. Her breathing quickened as she massaged him through his jeans.

He put both hands to work massaging her breasts, began to kiss her neck and ears, just the way Jack used to do it, she thought.

Jeremy turned her around on the swiveling stool, grasped her waist and pulled her forward toward the edge of the stool and opened the bottom part of her robe to reveal her full nudity underneath.

Kate knew what he wanted, and did not object. And she thought of how much like Jack he was. So like Jack, taking control, and forcing her to a decision from which she knew there was no turning back.

She allowed him to part her knees, and simply watched as he unbuckled his pants and let them drop. It’s what she would have done with Jack. He didn’t like her to try to undress him. He undressed himself when he wanted her, and when he did so in front of her like that, it was her signal to submit.

Jeremy pulled down his underwear and his erect cock sprung out, precum already dripping from it.

The fingers of his right hand probed her, and the fingers of her right hand felt the tremendous length of what was about to be buried inside her.

Voluntarily, Kate lifted her knees up and held them with her hands far apart, offering her sex to him.

Jeremy rubbed the tip of his cock up and down along the length of Kate’s pussy. He looked up and their eyes met as he slowly entered her.

“Oh!” Kate gasped quietly as she felt his huge member moving ever deeper inside her.

Jeremy did it on purpose, making an incredibly slow entry so he could feel her wetness and warmth enveloping him as he moved forward.

It took him a few seconds to get all the way in, but to both he and his mother it felt like minutes. Kate’s eyes became wider and her jaw dropped as she felt him plunge ever deeper, sliding so slowly past her outer and inner lips. She remembered the first time Jack entered her and how surprised she was she was able to take all of him in.

She gazed into her lover’s eyes, which also had the look of a long-ago memory, as he began to move in and out of her, still slowly yet very deliberately, taking so, so long to pull nearly out before easing back in.

The pace heightened the sensations. Kate could feel her lips swell with arousal, and felt Jeremy’s tool swelling even larger and harder inside her. Jeremy felt the desire build inside of him and his balls rising and tightening. He knew he would not last long. He picked up the tempo.

“Uh. . .uh. … uh. . . .” Kate panted as Jeremy started to pound into her with greater force. She, too, sensed he wouldn’t last long.

She reached her hand down to massage her clit as he made love to her.

“May I?” she asked permission as she began.

When she asked, a sudden feeling of thrill and fear went through her. She knew immediately why she had asked. Jack never liked her to pleasure herself while he made love to her. To bring her off was his job, he always thought.

She had forgotten that detail about her lovemaking with Jack until the old memory made her ask permission before doing it with Jeremy.

Jeremy did not respond, put plunged even harder and faster, while Kate rubbed herself furiously.

Jeremy could not hold the gaze into Kate’s eyes long. He looked down and watched himself moving in and out of her and thought about what might have happened had he and Beth not been interrupted, and wondered if there was still a chance to finish what they started.

Running through Kate’s mind were images of Jack mounting her, of herself mounting Jeremy’s cock the night before, of Josh and Corey’s cocks swinging as they ran around the deck in and out of the pool that afternoon, of Matt taking her so forcefully.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!” Kate screamed as she gushed in orgasm.

Jeremy pushed all the way in and froze as he felt the inevitable build-up of his ejaculation; Kate pulled him closer.

“I want all of you!” she said.

“Uhhh!” Jeremy gasped as he shot his load into her.

Kate held him close, pushing her pelvis into him, letting him fill her with his hot cum.

Jeremy leaned forward and braced himself on the counter behind her.

‘”Oh, God! That was intense!” he said.

“For me too!” Kate whispered in his ear.

Jeremy withdrew and turned to grab a kitchen towel and hand it to his mother. She took it and started to wipe her son’s penis.

He recoiled a bit.

“Oh! Careful! It’s a little sensitive now,” he said. “I meant the towel for you.”

Kate said nothing but continued to gently clean off Jeremy’s massive member. She didn’t want to get so graphic as to tell him that she always loved the feeling of a man’s cum inside of her, and the feeling right after sex of his hot seed leaking out of her.

She stood up and embraced Jeremy, knowing full well that her still-flowing juices would wash out his thick semen.

Kate pressed her breasts into him as she pulled him tight to her. She felt herself dripping, the sexy fluids running down her inner thighs.

“Oh, thank you, Jeremy,” she said. “After last night, I didn’t know what to think. It made me so horny today, but I still felt guilty, and at the same time I was afraid it was just a one-time thing, when I so much wanted to feel you again.”

“I needed some relief, too,” Jeremy said after a pause.

Kate pulled back a bit and looked at Jeremy.

“I don’t know where this will end, but I just know I don’t want it to end yet,” she said.

He kissed her tenderly.

“I love you, Mom,” he said.

“I love you too.”

Jeremy pulled up his pants and excused himself. He really did love her, but felt horrible about having used her. He knew what he did was to relieve himself of the sexual pressure his encounter with Beth brought on. But at the same time, he wasn’t entirely sure of who was using whom.

Something else reminded Kate of Jack – a trace of red lipstick and the precum on Jeremy’s cock as soon as he pulled his pants down, how quickly he erupted in her, and the sheer volume of his fluid, as if he had been building up the load instead of just having a seemingly quick encounter.

She wondered what Jeremy had been up to before he came home – just as she wondered about Jack so many years before.

Going back to his room, happy to have had release without using his own hand, Jeremy’s thoughts went back to Beth. He pulled out his cell phone and texted her:

“I’m sure you’re going to be in big trouble over this. I’m sorry. Let me know if there’s anything I can do. I loved the photo you sent, but deleted it so no one ever gets a hold of it. You really should be careful with that kind of thing. Some guys would send it around and post it on the web and stuff. I won’t. It’s gone.”

Jeremy wanted to preserve the memory, thinking he probably would never get that kind of chance with her again, but saving it didn’t seem worth the risk. She was in enough trouble without a photo of her pussy getting around if anyone got a hold of his phone.

The boys were already nude and jumping in and out of the pool before Kate’s friends arrived. They already had a few beers, and a shot of tequila each, by design. It was Sarah’s idea.

It was also her idea that Kate bounce the idea of the party inviting the “girls” off of all of Jeremy’s friends instead of asking Jeremy to approach them.

When they were all over, Kate behaved herself, remaining fully dressed, served them some burgers and a couple of beers, and asked them if they would like to have a party. She would provide all of the beer and drinks and all the pizza they could eat. They just had to have a good time on her deck and in her pool as they always did.

Only, this time, she would invite a few friends over – three to be exact. She named them. The boys remembered Jeremy’s description of his mom’s hot friends.

“Will they be swimming with us?” Matt asked.

“Well. . . they’ll bring the same kinds of suits you guys always wear. Whether or not they’ll jump in the pool wearing them I can’t say for sure,” Kate said with a wink. “But I have no doubt that watching you guys will give them more than a few ideas.”

Matt, Josh and Corey immediately agreed. Jeremy looked at his mom and said, “Well, OK.”

And so Sarah led the way through the patio door that Kate opened for them.

The pool was above ground, but large and deep as such pools go and installed to have the top level with the deck, possible because of the slope of the yard.

“Oh, my! Well, you weren’t kidding,” Joni said as the three took in the sight of Matt, Josh and Corey in the pool, throwing around a volleyball. They were obviously not wearing swimming trunks.

“This is so cool,” Pam said.

“Well, it’s about time you invited us over for this,” Sarah said. “You obviously need help taking full advantage of the situation.”

The women came out carrying cocktails they made inside, and settled down into chairs around the patio table, all sitting with a good view of the water. A tray of hors d’oeuvres sat in the middle of the table.

Kate sat with a slight smile on her face, knowing how much her friends were enjoying this. The other three women were beaming with huge grins.

“I just can’t believe this,” Joni said. “So this is what you’ve been doing all summer. Sitting on your neck enjoying the view.”

“I do not!” Kate protested. “I just go about my business. Do you really think every time they come over and swim that I sit out here and drool over them?”

“That’s what I would do,” said Pam.

“You’d be staring out at them with your hand in your pants the whole time,” Joni retorted.

“Oh yeah, right,” Pam shot back. “Tell me this isn’t making you wet!”

“It is not making me wet!” Joni protested with a slight blush.

Aware that they had company, the boys glanced over now and then, checking out their audience and wondering what might transpire later.

It was no surprise to Kate that Matt was the first one to be bold. He climbed out of the pool bare naked and stood in front of the women, water dripping from him, his cock not hard, but engorged enough to be impressive. Kate glanced at her friends, whose eyes were clearly locked on Matt’s manhood, watching a bead of water drop off the tip.

“Hey, Mrs. C., get Jeremy out here. We want to get a game of water polo going and we need a fourth,” he said, then after a pause looked at Kate’s friends and added. “Unless one of you wants to come in the pool and play with us.”

That got them laughing at first.

“Maybe later,” Sarah said.

“No, we’d like to see Jeremy play. It’d be a better game that way,” Pam said.

“Yeah, Kate, go get Jeremy,” Joni added.

Kate knew Matt was simply showing off. He had no need to get out of the pool to say that. She started to get up when Jeremy, possibly having overheard, came out the patio door, wearing a bulky pair of swim trunks.

“What’s with the suit?” Matt asked.

As soon as Jeremy got past the women he peeled it off and plunged in the pool, revealing only his youthful butt in the process.

“He’s a little bashful, I guess,” Matt said. “No one can figure out why. I damned sure wouldn’t be if I was him.”

Matt jumped back in, and Joni promptly corrected herself. “Ok, now I’m getting wet!”

The boys started to play, their cocks buoyant under the water. The women started to chat, watching the boys as they did so. After a bit, the boys came out, with the bold Matt leading the way, followed by Corey, Josh and Jeremy.

That stopped the women’s chat cold as all eyes turned toward the dripping wet, naked young men on display before them. Kate heard a couple of barely-audible gasps as Jeremy emerged from the water. Then three sets of eyes stole glances over toward her, though her friends were discreet enough to make no comment. Jeremy was blushing just a bit.

“Beer break!” Josh declared, heading directly for the cooler, which Kate had strategically located next to where the women would be seated.

“So who won?” Pam asked, making conversation.

“Matt and Jeremy are ahead. Matt’s team always wins,” Josh replied.

“But we think they were cheating. I think I saw one of those big polo mallets Jeremy snuck into the pool,” Corey joked.

“Actually, I thought he was riding a horse,” Josh added. “I thought I saw part of one anyway.”

Everyone laughed, even Jeremy, the moment seeming to loosen him up.

“You guys are just jealous! Way jealous!” Sarah declared. “Jeremy, don’t let them give you a hard time. They just wish they were like you!”

“She’s right, Jeremy,” Matt said. “It’s kind of like kicking ass out on the field and some guy from the other team starts giving you shit. You just point at the scoreboard. You’re a fuckin’ walking scoreboard. Just point down at it.”

“Actually, I do let them give me a hard time, but I don’t have to say anything,” Jeremy responded. “Just keeping quiet is the same as pointing to the scoreboard.”

“Actually, all of you boys – or shall I say ‘young men’ are – are absolutely beautiful,” Sarah said. “Thanks for letting us come over and sharing yourselves with us.

“Am I right, girls,” Sarah continued, turning toward her friends. “Aren’t they all just beautiful?”

She started a round of applause for the boys, and Corey started a clowning-around bowing that the others joined in on. Matt motioned with an open palm toward Jeremy’s crotch the way a conductor elicits applause for a soloist. The women roared in laughter and increased their applause, and Jeremy bowed all the deeper, laughing too.

Kate was relieved for the lighthearted moment that broke the ice about what was at that point a bit of a CFNM party.

The boys were guzzling their beers and helping themselves to the food on the table. Kate kept her eyes on Jeremy, who seemed to relax and become more comfortable with the situation. He knew the women were eyeing him appreciatively and had lost his embarrassment about it.

Jeremy pulled up a chair next to Sarah, which blocked the view of his cock from anyone but her. Kate recalled the comment he made about her “hot” redheaded friend back in the downstairs family room when she was listening around the corner.

Sarah smiled at Jeremy and from the movement of her right shoulder, it looked to Kate as if she had just patted him on the knee.

Corey and Josh sat down by the beer; Matt went in to the bathroom. Conversation went on between people like at a regular party, as if everyone was oblivious to the fact that the boys were completely naked.

Sarah was asking Jeremy about college, if he had a girlfriend there, making general small talk, and more than occasionally glancing down at Jeremy’s lap. Most every woman Kate knew would have tried to steal glances, afraid of getting caught, but that wasn’t Sarah. She didn’t care if Jeremy noticed, almost as if she wanted him to.

Jeremy did notice, and at one point, out of the view of his mother, responded by spreading his legs a little wider. He felt his cock stir a bit under her gaze. Sarah smiled at him again.

He really did think Sarah was the most beautiful redhead he’d ever seen. Everything she did seemed sensuous to him.

Matt came back and stood talking with the other guys while they each started on a second beer. Soon, he announced, “Well, I’m getting hot again. Time to get back in the pool. Don’t any of you ladies want to get wet?”

“I think the better question is, which of them are already wet,” Kate quipped.

“Speaking for yourself?” Pam said.

“Come on, you mean none of you are brave enough to go swimming with four naked guys? We went first,” Matt said.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind a little dip,” Sarah said. “Kate, would you mind if I used the pool, too?”

“Uhhh. . . Go right ahead,” Kate replied.

Sarah stood up. “Excuse me, Jeremy,” she said, sliding out of her chair toward him.

Jeremy slid back, then just stood up out of the way.

Sarah was wearing a yellow floral mid-length sleeveless summer dress that buttoned down the front. It was cut tight across the chest, squeezing her ample breasts together and emphasizing them.

She started to unbutton the tiny buttons from the top down, and conversation stopped as all eyes turned toward her. Kate knew Sarah well and had no doubt she was in the process of stripping naked and her next moves would liven up the party in probably some dangerous ways.

When Sarah unbuttoned to her midsection, she was able to slip her arms out and let the garment drop, stepping out of it with feet left bare when she first sat down and slipped off her sandals. A light pink lacy bra designed to give good lift to her large breasts and a matching thong were all she wore underneath.

She slipped the bra off her shoulders with some difficulty, spun it around and unclasped it from the front. She immediately bent over, letting her breasts dangle down in front of her as she picked up the dress and laid it gently across the back of her chair, placing the bra on top of it.

Her breasts sagged down a bit once free from the bra. Sarah’s breasts were the kind that a man could lift and feel their weight, and squeeze together with his cock in between. Yet her nipples pointed straight forward, not down as they do for women whose breasts sag more.

Her areolas were the size of silver dollars and a pale pink, topped by bright pink nipples that stood out and erect.

Like many redheads, her skin was a pale white. Her hips were no doubt broader than she would like them. Sarah clearly carried a few extra pounds, but she carried them well. The word “voluptuous” seemed made for her.

Kate tried to view the whole scene from an objective viewpoint. The boys were mesmerized by Sarah’s strip, and their cocks rose quickly – men of that age had as difficult a time keeping them down as older men do getting them up. Meanwhile, the women, more embarrassed by their friend disrobing than they were over the nude boys, turned their eyes away from Sarah, and quickly noticed what was happening to the boys.

It became even more evident when Sarah lowered her thong, stepped out of it, and placed it with the rest of her clothes.

She displayed a completely bald pussy, as smooth as if she had never had hair there at all. In fact, there was no trace of hair on her body from the red curls around her shoulders to her feet.

“Have I embarrassed you boys?” she asked. “Come on, I have a birthday suit, too!” She motioned with her hands to emphasize her nudity. “You showed us yours. Why does it embarrass you if I show you mine?”

Of course, she knew it really didn’t embarrass them, just excited them. Matt’s seven cut inches stood out, and he didn’t care who noticed. Corey’s average-length uncut cock with impressive thickness came fully erect, with the head poking out through the foreskin. He tried to hide it with his hands without being too obvious about it, which is the same thing Josh did. His cut member was not as big as Matt’s, but longer though less thick than Corey’s.

But their cocks got little notice from Pam and Joni, who could not take their eyes off Jeremy.

His 12 inches stood out in all its glory. He didn’t notice the women staring at his cock, even his mother, because he could not take his eyes of Sarah, who clearly captivated him. Sarah, ever the seductress, knew this, and strategically ignored him when he wanted most for her to look at what he had to offer.

“Well, I hope the water’s cold, because you guys could use some cooling off,” Sarah said, walking toward the water, making her hips swing and drawing attention to a beautiful, plump ass. She dove in and swam underwater to the opposite side. Four young men, their cocks at full mast, followed her.

Joni and Pam looked at Kate.

“Why did none of that surprise me?” Joni said. “That’s Sarah.”

“Get out of here, Joni. You weren’t even looking at Sarah, no more than I was. You were staring at Jeremy the whole time, weren’t you?” Pam said, then she looked at Kate. “Kate, he is something else!”

“I know. Takes after his father,” Kate said with a wink.

Sarah swam to the other side of the pool and back, with the boys just watching her, as if they weren’t sure what they were supposed to do with a naked woman in their pool with them.

When Sarah reached the side by the deck again, she called out, “Come on, now, girls. You’re not going to let me have all these naked boys all to myself, are you?”

Kate and Pam said nothing. Joni gave a deep sigh, stood up and peeled off her t-shirt.

“I am probably going to regret this, but I know if I don’t do it, I’ll be laying in bed tonight masturbating and asking myself why in the world I didn’t take advantage of this when I had the chance.

Joni pulled her tight sports bra over her head and let it fall on the deck floor with her shirt. Her breasts were on the small side and widely separated, with small, manly nipples. The light freckles on her pretty face extended down just above her breasts. She yanked down her shorts and panties with one move, stepped out of them and headed for the water. The tan lines showed that she ran a lot in sports bra and gym shorts. Her long, athletic legs were probably her most attractive feature, along with her flat, toned stomach. Joni didn’t shave the hair between her legs, but it looked like she trimmed it shorter to keep it from getting too bushy and sticking out from a bathing suit bottom.

“All right!” Corey shouted as he watched another naked woman dive into the pool.

“”Hey we’re even again. We can get back to our game,” Josh said. “We’ll take Joni and you guys can have Sarah.”

“Does that mean I can have Sarah?” Jeremy asked, feigning excitement in his voice.

“Oh, wouldn’t you love to,” Sarah said. “Maybe later.”

“She will eat him alive, Kate,” Pam said, hearing the banter from the pool.

“That’s what I said,” Kate answered, recalling those exact words going through her mind when she first heard Jeremy refer to Sarah as “hot.”

“So are you brave enough to join them?” Pam asked.

“I would feel kind of weird being naked in the pool with Jeremy, his friends and my friends,” Kate said, though she knew she was lying. She wanted to get in there in the worst way, but thought it would look bad. “I think Jeremy and I would be Ok with it if it were just the two of us, but in front of everyone – I don’t want to embarrass him.”

“I know what you mean,” Pam said. “I’ll keep you company here and we’ll just enjoy the view.”

While they were talking, Sarah was plotting.

“Ok, if we’re going to play a game, we have to make it for something,” she said quietly. “I say the winning team gets to throw Pam in the pool and take her clothes.”

Everyone loved that idea.

The game wasn’t much of a contest, because Sarah had other things on her mind. She managed to back into her teammates Jeremy and Matt fairly often, letting their cocks rest or poke between the cheeks of her full buttocks. Her buoyant breasts got in the way a lot too. Meanwhile, Joni was more than a match for the distracted Matt. She took command of her team, got them to be aggressive, and showed off her own athletic talents, not to mention her lovely breasts, which were above water a lot due to her long legs.

When they decided to give up the game, Corey and Josh climbed out of the water and Joni stayed behind.

“Beer break!” Corey called out as he and Josh headed for the cooler.

“So who’s winning?” Pam asked.

“We won.” Josh said. “Want to know what we won?”



The beer was a diversion. They jumped her, with Corey grabbing her arms and Josh her legs.

Pam screamed as they picked her up.

“You guys no!!! Kate! Make them stop!!! Ahhhh!”

She went in with a sudden toss and Joni was there to greet her, keeping her off balance while Corey and Josh got back in the water and grabbed her by her hands and feet again, keeping her floating on her back. To Pam’s screaming protests, Joni grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head and off, with Corey temporarily using it to keep her hands tied together.

Joni dove under the water to unhook the bra, then grabbed the waistband of her shorts and swam south with them. The boys finished pulling off the shirt and shorts – and thong with them.

Just for good measure, when they had her bottomless, Matt came over and grabbed one of Pam’s ankles and, understanding what he had in mind right away, Josh pulled in one direction and Matt the other.

“Noooo!!!” Pam protested, realizing she was being spread open for all to see. She tried to thrash around, but found herself helpless.

“Come on, Pam, don’t be shy,” Joni teased her. “It’s a naked pool party, and you were practically the only one left with clothes. See, the boys want to see.”

Pam was spread wide, revealing a pussy that was so clean shaven it gave no clue as to how close her bright blonde hair was to her natural hair color. They spread her wide enough apart that the noticeable color was pink. Noticing, Joni teased her some more.

“Shall we see if we can make the boys hard?” Joni said, reaching down and spreading Pam’s pussy apart

“Joniiii! I’ll get you for this!”

Joni let her go but grabbed the bra, still partially on Pam, and pulled it free as the boys released her.

The naked Pam stood up in the pool, taking the classic pose, one hand between her legs and the other arm across her breasts.

“That was mean! And nasty!” she complained.

“Well, you know what they say, a party where everyone is naked is nasty only if it’s done right,” a giggling Kate said from the sidelines.

“I’m the mean one, Pam,” Sarah confessed. “It was my idea that we play the game, with the winner getting your clothes.”

The clothes were handed off to Jeremy, who ran them into the house.

Kate followed him.

Everyone piled out of the pool and headed for the beer cooler, and by then everyone was comfortable with the mixed-sex and mixed-generation nudity. Everyone except the pitiful Pam, of course. She stood in the pool trying to cover herself and looking up at the deck at three half-erect cocks, excited by the display she was forced to put on, and the overall sexually-charged situation.

Sarah was being naughty, reaching back and tickling Matt’s balls when no one was looking. He jumped back, startled, but then reached around to do the same on her crotch. Instead of jumping back, she grabbed him hand and held it to her. He inserted a finger as she looked up at him with the slightest of smiles. She pulled his hand away after a couple of seconds and he promptly licked his finger as he looked down at her.

Joni witnessed the exchange, and blushed slightly.

“Come on, Pam,” Sarah called out. “We’re sorry. We’re also all naked. After what Joni did you don’t have any secrets left, so come on up and join the party.”

“”Hey, you’re as hot as anyone here. Don’t be shy,” Josh encouraged.

Still holding her arm across her breast, Pam came out. “I need a drink,” she said.

Josh handed her a beer.

“Really, we didn’t mean to bum you out. It was all in good fun – under the circumstances, I guess. If we’d known you take it hard, we wouldn’t have done it,” he said.

“Speak for yourself, Josh,” Joni retorted. “I owed her one, and got back at her. Now she has to get back at me. We’ve been doing this back-and-forth for years.”

Pam released her breasts to take the beer. “And I WILL get back at you,” Pam said. “You seem to forget, I do your taxes. I suggest you start investing in something you can barter. And YOU, Sarah. This was your idea? I’ll get you, too.”

“Well, why don’t you just do the same to me?” Sarah said. She spread her legs apart and held up her arms, making sure her nudity was apparent. “Come, take my clothes away. I’m still waiting to meet the person who can embarrass me.”

“Wow,” Josh said at Sarah’s bold display. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Well,” said Sarah, going up to him and putting an arm around his waist. “What do I have to do to make a believer out of you?”

Corey grabbed his beer bottle and held it like a microphone and started to sing loudly, “Then I saw her tits! Now I’m a believer! Not a trace! Of doubt in my mind!”

“I’m in lust!” Matt joined in with the same line Corey sang, as if they had done this before. “Ohhhhhhh I’m a believer! I wanna fuck her! I’m gonna try!”

There were some chuckles all around, but hardly peals of laughter.

“That sounds kind if high school to me,” Joni groaned.

“That’s exactly where it came from,” Matt said. “Did you make that up, Corey, or did someone else? We all knew it.”

“I don’t even remember,” Corey said. “But I don’t want to take the blame for it.”

That got more people laughing.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s hand wandered down to grab a feel of Josh’s butt. He glanced up at her smiling face, and she gave him a sexy wink.

Inside the house Jeremy had thrown Pam’s wet clothes in the drier, then went looking for his mom, first in the family room where it all began, then around the first floor and upstairs.

“Mom?? Mom??”

“Here, Jeremy,” she replied, from Wendy’s seldom-used room.

Still naked, he went in to join her.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Just watching. I got the feeling things were about to get out of hand. I seemed to have my choice between stripping down and getting in the pool with the rest of you and coming inside.”

The window from Wendy’s room overlooked the deck. Jeremy came up behind and looked over her shoulder at the scene below.

Three naked 30-something women were mingling with three naked young men barely 20. One could tell from looking that the atmosphere was sexually-charged, though no obvious sex was going on at the time. They were naked, singing, and drinking beer.

“So why did you choose coming inside? You hadn’t been that bashful lately?” Jeremy asked.

“Well, you and I are obviously comfortable being naked with each other, but my friends don’t know that, and I was afraid to get them started wondering by getting in the pool naked with you and all your friends.

“Didn’t you think of that before you invited them over?” Jeremy asked.

Kate didn’t answer, as then she was transfixed by the scene unfolding below her.

Sarah had subtly moved over toward Matt and took his erect cock in hand. She led him by it toward the corner of the edge of the deck. She didn’t lead him all the way that way, but released his cock and put her arm around him and seemed to be saying something to him as she led him away.

“What’s she up to?” Kate asked.

Jeremy said nothing, but wished it was his cock Sarah was leading away.

Matt stood on the edge of the deck, placed there by Sarah, who walked down the few steps on the side of the deck, then down the sloped lawn and around the corner of the deck until she stood on the grass in front of Matt, the outside edge of the above-ground pool to her right. Matt stood above her, his erect cock on the same level with her face. Kate, watching above, saw that that was the idea.

“Oh, my God, she’s going to do it right in front of everyone!” Kate said.

Sarah took Matt’s cock and looked up at him with her seductive green eyes, smiled, then took him in her mouth. She got his cock nice and wet and squeezed his balls uncomfortably tight until Matt winced and Sarah smiled up at him with a look in her eyes as if to suggest she had him just where she wanted him.

“She’s got him in the palm of her hand,” Kate said. “It’s amazing how Sarah can do that to men!”

“I’ve noticed,” Jeremy said.

Sarah, still holding Matt’s cock, said something to the group watching them and motioned with a finger to invite others over. The boys came running immediately and stood next to Matt in a line, all cocks pointing straight forward.

Sarah put Matt’s cock back in her mouth, then moved on to Corey, saying something to the women before taking him in her mouth. Joni and Pam moved down to join her.

“Oh, it’s getting hot down there!” Kate said, standing up and reaching back to find Jeremy’s huge cock. She backed up a bit and pulled him by his cock closer to her, pressing her butt against him before bending over again.

Down below, the scene was set. Pam was on the end, taking Matt into her mouth, followed by Sarah servicing Corey, and Joni, bending over slightly because of her height, taking Josh.

Upstairs, Kate pulled down her shorts and stepped out of them. She stood and pushed back so Jeremy’s cock, pointing up, could rest between her ass cheeks while she pulled off her top and bra.

Down on the deck the women switched, each getting a new cock to suck. Upstairs, Jeremy entered Kate from behind.

Sarah directed the scene, winking at Corey as she gave him a playful gentle kiss on the tip of his cock.

“OK, girls, time to switch!”

She moved on to Josh.

“You are one lovely young man!” she said, licking around his head then closing her lips around him. Josh tried to thrust, his excitement level reaching the bursting point. Sarah gently placed her hand on his flat stomach to signal him to stop. Men always seemed to obey her.

Her tongue danced circles around Josh’s member. “Oh God!” he exclaimed. He reached for the back of her head to pull her in, but she grabbed her hands and stopped that too. She would be in control of this sexual escapade.

Next to her, Pam was trying to deep throat Corey, letting him pull her head in to drive deeper into her mouth. Joni alternated between sucking Matt and folding him, admiring the look and feel of his manhood.

For the boys, college students who would love any kind of blow job, it was a feast of different styles of how a woman could adore their cocks. For the women, it was a feast of a different flavor.

Above it all, Jeremy’s enormous cock repeatedly slammed into his mother, who pushed back at each of his thrusts, incredibly turned on by the feel of what felt to her like her late husband’s cock and the view of her friends enjoying Jeremy’s friends.

Jeremy was turned on to, more by the sight of what was going on below and his wish to be part of that rather than inside his mom once again. He was too charged up to do anything but continue his thrusts.

“Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!” Kate could not tone down her excitement.

“Slow down!” Kate said suddenly. “I don’t want you to finish too soon.”

Jeremy stopped his pounding and slid in and out of Kate slowly, which actually did little to slow his approaching climax.

Outside, the timing of orgasms was on someone else’s mind.

“My you are absolutely throbbing,” Sarah said as the women switched again, putting her back at Matt.

She took his member in her hand and gazed up at him as she closed her lips just around the head. She licked circles around it and felt it pulse.

“I think I’d better give it a rest for a couple of minutes,” Sarah said with a false lament in her voice. “I have something else in mind for your friend here and I want him to be awake for it. Wait right there a minute,” she said with a wink.

Sarah walked back around and to the steps up to the deck, approaching Matt, who turned to face her, his cock bobbing up and down and as stiff as Sarah had ever seen one. She grabbed him by it and started to lead him toward the house.

“Oh, maybe I shouldn’t touch it yet! It might go off!” Sarah said. She instead wrapped her arm around him, placing her hand firmly on his ass, squeezing it, and continuing to walk toward the house.

Matt put his arm around her shoulders and down toward her naked breasts. She took his hand gently and simply controlled it.

“She’s going to take him inside and fuck his brains out!” Kate exclaimed.

Her declaration led Jeremy to start slamming into her fast once again. He felt a build-up of anger, and wanted this latest session with his mom to be over.

He felt angry because it seemed to him that he was being used by his mom for her own pleasure, and his friends were being used for her friends’ pleasure, all set up by Kate. He felt angry because he always had a fascination with Sarah, but it was Matt – always Matt – who would get her in the end. How many times had he been at a party and saw Matt run off with the girl he was talking to?

Jeremy needed release, but he was tired of all of this, as sexually exciting as it was.

Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!” Kate shouted again. “Jer-e-meeee, stop! They’ll hear!”

“Then shut up,” Jeremy responded.

He heard the patio door open downstairs, and at that moment, bent over his mom, grabbed her ample breasts and suppressed his own vocalizations as he erupted into her.

“Ahhh…..” Kate started to scream before Jeremy covered her mouth. He bent over her, panting and sweating, and almost crying. He released her breasts and stood up, then withdrew and wiped his huge, sticky cock on her backside.

“Well, I’m sure Matt’ll enjoy whatever she has in store for him,” Jeremy said in a matter-of-fact fashion.

He went to the nearby bathroom to finish cleaning himself off, then to his room, where he sat on the bed and buried his head into his arms, folded across his bent knees. He heard his phone beep and went to check the message.

“Thanks for deleting the pic and offering to help. I feel awful about how I treated you. I’m really not like that. Can I see you sometime? Beth.”

Jeremy sat back on the bed and responded immediately. “I’d love to see you. What are you doing now? I really have to get out of here. It’s getting crazy.”

“I am in big trouble at home, but they are gone now if your want to come over,” came the quick reply.

“I’ll be right there.”

Jeremy quickly got dressed, grabbed his keys and headed out. Kate was in the bathroom washig his cum out of her pussy so she wasn’t leaking in front of company.

Jeremy walked softly down the stairs and heard the moans of two different women coming from the living room. He figured Josh and Corey were getting laid right in front of each other in there. On a hunch, he eased his way down the stairs and listened to what might be happening in the family room.

He heard a woman panting, but not loudly. “I hear you like to get rough,” Sarah said. “I hear you got rough with Kate, just fucked her and took off.”

A wave of nausea overcame Jeremy. So Matt had done his mother, and did it to her rough. But why did that make him sick thinking about it, when he was doing his mother, too? Wasn’t that sickening? Still, he felt betrayed by both of them.

“Well, I don’t let men get rough with me,” Sarah said. “But I like to get rough with them sometimes.”

“Uuuumph!” Jeremy heard Matt grunt.

“Hold still! You’re young, but you’re old enough to know that when someone has you by the balls it’s best not to fight back,” Sarah said.

Jeremy wondered just what was going on. Figuring they were too engrossed in each other to notice, he decided to risk a peak. Luckily, Sarah’s back was to him, her body blocking matt’s view of the door. Matt was flat on the floor, with Sarah raising and lowering herself over his cock, with her right hand twisting behind her and squeezing Matt’s balls tight.

Hasn’t a woman ever done this too you? Oh, that’s right, you’ve probably only been with young girls who don’t know their way around a man’s body – that and Kate, I guess,” Sarah went on. “Don’t you know men have very powerful orgasms when their balls are being squeezed? But maybe later.”

Sarah released his balls but continued to ride him. She leaned forward, swinging those beautiful pale breasts in Matt’s face. From his vantage point, Jeremy got a good look at Sarah’s asshole and her pink pussy lips sliding up and down on Matt’s rod.

Jeremy had seen enough. He started to ease his way quietly back up the stairs when his phone beeped. He rushed the rest of the way up and practically ran out the door. He took the nearest exit, the patio door out onto the deck, where women’s clothes were strewn all around. He ran around the house and to his car.

The message was from his mom: “Where are you?” He didn’t answer.

What Sarah said about Matt and his mom haunted Jeremy as he drove toward Beth’s home. It had all come so far since his mom gave everyone hand jobs in the family room. He remembered the first time he made love with his mom – and at that time it felt like making love. He felt like he was sharing something with her, giving her the feel once again of what it was like to make love to his late father, since she was so awed by how his big cock looked just like his dad’s. It seemed special, even though he knew it was wrong. Now it seemed as if they were just fucking, whenever he or his mom wanted a good fuck, they turned to each other.

And now it was naked parties on the deck and sex in the living room and family room between his friends and hers – sex that he didn’t get to take part in. No, he got his mom like the teenage boy who had to sit at the kids’ table at Thanksgiving.

He tried to put it out of his mind, because he was heading to see Beth, and he was thrilled she wanted to see him again. He thought it was a one-shot deal that night and he had the bad luck to get interrupted.

But his heart sank as he thought about it. She probably doesn’t really want to see me. She wants to see my cock, he thought. Well, I guess that’s something. She was the hottest chick around and if she wanted him, it was better than having to get his rocks off with his own mother.

Beth greeted Jeremy outside as soon as he got out of the car. She was stunning in the daylight, wearing a swimsuit top that showed a lot of cleavage, a pair of gym trunks that Jeremy guessed covered the swimsuit bottom, and a pair of flip-flop sandals. Her long blond hair was tied up on top of her head.

Beth put her arms around Jeremy and hugged him close, her lovely breasts pressing against his chest. She gave him a tender kiss on the lips.

“Thanks for coming over, and thanks for being so nice. When all hell broke loose at that party and I had to deal with angry parents I didn’t even think about it until the next morning, and I worried so much that it was going to be going viral – at least around this town. I was so relieved when I checked my messages and found you’d deleted it.”

“It seemed like the thing to do,” Jeremy said. “I figured you were in enough trouble already without having to deal with someone finding that. So what happened? How much trouble did you get in with your parents?”

“Well, they sure were mad, and still are, but I’m 20 now, so they really couldn’t ground me like they used to. They took my car keys, though, since the car is in their name and they paid for it. I had to do a lot of housecleaning. I can’t believe they came back a day early.”

Beth put her arm around Jeremy and led him into the house. He couldn’t believe she was that affectionate with him. It wasn’t as if they had ever been close. They just got interrupted in a sexual interlude.

“Let’s go sit on the back deck,” Beth said as they made their way through the house. “I can’t offer you a beer. That’s another side effect of getting busted. There’s no alcohol in the house. I have some sodas in a cooler out there. I was getting some sun so my tan is still strong when I head back to school.”

“So where do you go?” Jeremy asked.

“Well, I was at state, but I didn’t really like it. I’ve transferred to Western for the new term.”

“Really! That’s where I go!” Jeremy said. “Where are you going to be staying?”

“I’m going to do my second year in the dorms. I’ll be in Chancellor’s Hall.”

“That’s where I am!” Hey, that’s great!”

“Yeah! I’m so happy to hear you’re going to be close! Will you take me under your wing and show me around?”

“I’d love to!” Jeremy said, then quickly added, “Beth, any guy in that college would love to be seen with you.”

“You’re sweet,” Beth said, taking his hand. She suddenly turned somber, with a serious look on her face.

“Jeremy, I’m so sorry about how I acted at that party. I’m so embarrassed. I feel terrible about treating you that way.”

“What?” Jeremy looked puzzled. “Beth, you don’t have to apologize. I wondered what you meant by that in your text. What do you mean you feel bad about how you treated me?”

“Coming on so strong to you.” Beth said. “Jeremy, I never knew you very well back in high school, but I always liked you. I always wondered why you weren’t hitting on me like all your friends were. But then to bring up that rumor about. . . about your. . . penis. . .” she said blushing a bit. “That was pretty rude. I was really drunk, and horny, and felt like doing something wild.”

“I didn’t know there was a rumor going around about my ‘gift’ so I actually appreciated the tip,” Jeremy said. “I was just surprised you were talking to me. I always thought you were out of my league.”

“Jeremy!” Beth said, interrupting. “I’m not like that! You know, a lot of guys ask me out, so I end up turning a lot of guys down, and then they go around talking like I’m ‘stuck up.’ I would have loved it if you had shown an interest in me.”

“Really? You wondered why I didn’t hit on you like me friends did? Well, it’s because if Matt was hitting on you I figured I didn’t stand a chance.”

“Matt is a jackass,” Beth declared. “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so full of himself. I’m surprised you’re that close of friends with him.”

“Well, he sort of took me under his wing back in elementary school after my dad died.”

“But he’s the type that would hit on me because he wants to get a look at my boobs. He doesn’t care about me, or about any women, except for what they can give him in a little action,” Beth continued.

She was still holding his hand, and brought it to her lips and kissed it.

“And that’s why I wanted to apologize for how I acted,” Beth explained. “I know what it’s like when a guy hits on you because he wants sex, or is fascinated with a couple of body parts. It’s really insulting, not flattering at all. And that’s what I did to you. But I’m not like that, really. Will you forgive me?”

“Beth, I was never offended. Guys just don’t get hung up on stuff like that. I guess if it leads to sex, we don’t care what the reason was, for the most part. But if it makes you feel better, yes, I do forgive you. And. . .” Jeremy felt himself getting a little choked up.

“What’s wrong?” Beth asked, sensing his emotions getting the better of him. “You can tell me.”

Jeremy knew that wasn’t true. He dare not tell anyone what was going on with his mom, and his friends and her friends. But he started to realize that despite his declaration to Beth that ‘guys don’t get hung up on stuff like that,’ her words were ringing true to him. With all that had happened lately, he was in need of someone showing interest in him for a reason other than his generous endowment.

“I’m just so happy that you want to be with me, and it’s not just because of what you saw the other night. I guess I kind of need that.”

Beth bent over and kissed him. “I’d love to spend time with you,” she whispered.

Jeremy put his hand on the side of her face and petted her gently. Then he bent over and kissed her. This time their kiss was more passionate.

“So would you like to go out tonight?” Jeremy asked. “We can go grab a bite to eat and maybe catch a movie.

“That’d be fun! I’d like that! Come on! I’ll get ready.”

She stood up and they headed back into the house holding hands. Jeremy stopped at the bottom of the stairs and was going to sit down on the couch to wait.

“Jeremy. You don’t have to wait down here,” Beth admonished gently. “After the other night, I don’t have anything left to show you. Come on up and we’ll talk some more while I get changed.”

Upstairs, she did have him wait in her room while she went to the bathroom to let her hair down and put some makeup on. Jeremy paused to think about what a day it had been – from a naked pool party and more sex with his mother, to a date with the most beautiful girl in town, who, he now knows, likes him and has no time for the all-powerful Matt.

Maybe he didn’t need or want to be under Matt’s wing anymore. Or between his mom’s legs. And Beth was going to college with him. Perhaps this is a signal that it’s time to move on, he thought.

Beth came back in the room, and as if to complete his thought, said, “That’s great that we’re going to be in the same dorm! We can even make plans to move back to college together. Let’s go early, a week before classes start, so we can hang out and you can show me around.”

“Sounds great!” Jeremy said.

Beth crossed in front of Jeremy, who was sitting on her bed, and went straight to her closet. She pulled off her swimsuit top and in a couple of very quick motions dropped her gym shots and bikini bottoms, kicking both into the laundry pile inside the closet.

Jeremy was captivated by her casual nudity and marveled again at that beautiful body as she walked over to her dresser and started fumbling inside a drawer.

“I really liked college life – I mean the social scene and all that – but at State there would be like 300 students in a class in a huge room, being taught by some graduate assistant or something. It all seemed so impersonal after going to such a small high school. I decided to go to Western just to get a more personal setting. It’s more my style.”

She turned toward him and bent over to pull on a thong, her breasts hanging down. She smiled at him.

“You should see the look on your face!” Beth teased.

“I’m sorry,” Jeremy said, looking away. “I was leering. But you are gorgeous.”

“Thanks. And you don’t have to look away,” she said. “I didn’t mind. I just thought that look on your face was cute.”

She continued to get dressed, pulling out a bra and putting it on as she spoke, really not minding him watching her undress and dress. But she did notice the bulge in his pants.

“I guess I got your attention,” she said. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t mind you watching. I wasn’t trying to come on to you again. I guess that can come later.”

“Will you stop apologizing to me for things that don’t offend me? But another thing about guys is our friend down there seems to have a mind of his own.”

“Do you want me to help you with it before we go?” Beth said, pulling on a pair of tight blue denim shorts.

“How about later? I’m good.” Jeremy said, knowing he had just blown a huge load into his mom and wanted to have plenty left for possibilities later.

Beth finished dressing and off they went to a restaurant then a movie theater. They talked like old friends. They held hands and snuggled close like a couple. Like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Later that evening, they drove around a bit. Beth’s parents were due back and she wasn’t allowed to bring friends over since the big bust. Jeremy wanted no part of taking her back to his mom’s house, where he didn’t know what kind of situation he’d find.

It seemed so high school, but they went ‘parking,’ making out in the car and feeling each other up a bit. They ended up at Chapman Park, by the lake, sitting on an isolated park bench with the full moon rising over the water. Beth marveled at the romantic scene.

Jeremy marveled at her breasts when she let him unbutton her top and slip it off, then take off her bra. He caressed her mounds gently, rubbing his fingertips along the smooth skin and contours, touching each of her nipples and watching them respond. He tasted each one in turn. Beth reached down and felt of his enormous cock through his jeans, then coaxed him out of them, starting by unbuckling his belt for him.

As Jeremy was pulling off his jeans, Beth stood up and stripped off hers, taking her thong with them.

“This place is deserted,” she said. “Let’s do something fun!”

She got Jeremy out of his shirt so they were both nude, then started walking down the trail , taking up his hand in hers.

“Let’s see how far we are brave enough to walk away from our clothes,” she said.

Jeremy’s cock was sticking straight out as they made their way. It had been hard since he got her out of her bra, and he found this nude walk quite titillating. Still, he was scared.

“Relax. We won’t get caught,” Beth said. “Besides, it’s so sexy to go walking through the park nude in the moonlight, it would be almost worth it!”

At one point, Beth began to laugh at how his 12 inches sticking straight out made a shadow on the trail in the bright moonlight.

They got about 100 yards before Beth decided they should turn around, about 50 yards past where Jeremy would have turned.

When they got back to the bench and their clothes, Beth led him to a grassy area by the lakeshore and turned toward him.

“Thanks for indulging my exhibitionist fantasy,” she said. “I think you’ve been suffering long enough. It’s time for me to kneel again.”

Beth dropped to her knees and took Jeremy into her mouth, as deeply as she could without gagging. She felt its great length, stroked it, licked it, and adored it.

“This really is beautiful, Jeremy,” she said, looking up at him. But please don’t think this is why I like to be with you.”

“And I love to be with you,” he said. “And not just because you’re the most beautiful woman I know.”

Beth stroked him hard and fast, sucking on the head of his cock, until he erupted. She took his whole load, lessened by the experience with his mom earlier, into her mouth, and down her throat. Beth stood and they kissed, and Jeremy wasn’t afraid to stick his tongue in her mouth.

Jeremy got home about 2 a.m., and was happy to see that his mom didn’t wait up. He was up early, despite it being a Sunday, hoping to get out of the house before his mom was up. It didn’t work.

“My, you’re up early,” Kate said, coming into the dining room in her robe while Jeremy was trying to wolf down a bowl of cereal.

“Places to go, people to see,” Jeremy said. He was feeling a bit upset about his mom and how far she had taken things, while still keeping the reins on him. But he was overjoyed and excited just thinking about Beth and the realization she could actually become his girlfriend. They were going to get together for lunch.

“What happened to you yesterday? You disappeared in a hurry.”

Jeremy said nothing at first. Kate sensed he was upset about something.

Jeremy thought about Beth, who was all and everything he wanted then. Why should he care if his mom didn’t like it if he spoke his mind?

“My friends were fucking your friends in a living room orgy and Matt was fucking Sarah – excuse me, Sarah was fucking Matt’s brains out in the family room, and you seemed to keep me away from it all so you could keep me to yourself,” Jeremy said sharply, looking straight at her. Having finished his cereal, he stood up and picked up his bowl.

“Even though it seemed like all your friends were more interested in something about me,” he continued, grabbing his crotch. “But, no, that’s mom’s big playtoy. I felt like the boy who had to sit at this little kids’ table.”

Jeremy rinsed his bowl in the sink, put it in the dishwater, and walked out, leaving Kate behind too stunned to know how to respond.

Jeremy realized he hadn’t timed his plans very well. He really didn’t want to see his mom, which is why he got up early. Now he was out early, just after 8, with no plans until close to noon. He drove to Chapman Park and sat on the bench where he and Beth left their clothes the night before, and reflected.

Jeremy thought he had enough of the wild sexual escapades at his mom’s house that summer. What he really wanted was Beth. But should he be so sure so soon that Beth really wanted to be his girlfriend back at college? It would break his heart at this point if she didn’t, but, even so, he started to realize that there was no need for him to live in the shadow of Matt and his other friends. If it didn’t work out with Beth, it could work out with someone else. It was time to grow beyond them, and especially beyond his mom’s fantasies of bringing a part of his late father back into her life.

He really wanted to make it work with Beth.

Jeremy jumped up and headed into town. The supermarket had a case for flowers, and he thought a dozen roses were a bit of overkill at this point. He picked out a bouquet of a few roses and other mixed flowers, then went shopping in the deli area.

Beth was overwhelmed by the flowers. She looked up at him with her gorgeous blue eyes, which were tearing up, and insisted no boy had ever bought her a bouquet of flowers before, except for the usual corsage at high school prom. She took them inside to put them in a vase, avoiding the awkward first-meeting-with-the-parents that gave Jeremy some pause.

He took her back to the park, to the bench where they disrobed the night before. He had a blanket in the trunk of his car for winter emergencies and spread it on the ground. He unpacked a picnic lunch of cold shrimp and dip, a French bread, fruit, sandwiches, a fancy cheese and a little bit of sushi, which they both despised, but Beth said the thought was nice.

“I can’t believe you did this! No one ever brought me flowers like that and put so much thought into taking me out for lunch! And at our special, sexy place! You’re a special guy, Jeremy,” Beth kissed him.

“You’re too special a girl not to try to please,” he said. “I only regret my effort to get a bottle of wine failed. They checked my ID. I never had the courage to try to buy alcohol myself because I would just be too embarrassed.”

“You tried to buy me wine? Now I’m REALLY impressed. So what did you do, pretend you forgot it?”

“No, I flashed it, hoping the clerk would figure if I was showing it, I’d be old enough and not really pay attention to the birth date. It didn’t work.”

Beth laughed. “Well, nice try. Just a couple more months and you can impress me with your wine selection. But I think I’ll already be impressed.”

“So am I,” Jeremy said, bending forward to kiss her.

Jeremy felt so much more confident in himself because he was able to relax around this beautiful young woman, who relaxed around him. He thought of an idea, and was bold enough to present it.

“So would you like to go swimming this afternoon?” he asked.

“Uhh… sure, where?”

“My place.”

“You have a pool?”

“Yeah, haven’t you heard about it?”

“No, I guess I was never invited over for to swim at your house.”

“Well, my friends and I and a lot of others have been partying there since mom had the house built after dad died. We all spend a lot of time there in the summer. Have for years.”

“OK, but we’ll have to go back to my place so I can get my suit.”

“You won’t need one. I can’t remember the last time someone wore a suit in our pool.”

“What? Everyone swims naked? Or do they jump in with their shorts on?”

“When I was, like, in grade school, my friends made me go ask my mom if we could skinny dip in the pool. She said we could, but she would be going about her business in the house and we had to be OK if she saw us. Well, the guys went for it and people have been swimming naked ever since.”

“And your mom sees them?”

“Well, it was no big deal back in those days, but, yes, she’s seen us grow up swimming naked in the pool, and it’s no big deal.”

“Have there been girls over to do that”

Jeremy wasn’t sure how to answer. Some grown women had done it recently.

“Usually not, but it has happened when mom was away.”

“Is she home now?”

“I don’t care,” Jeremy said, being honest. “We’re 20 years old and in college. I know she’s not going to try to kick us out. The worst that could happen is that she’ll go hide in the house and try to ball me out later, but since people swimming naked in the pool is normal and we’re old enough, she should mind her own business.”

Beth winced. Brushing off her parents’ feelings so easily was not something that came naturally to her. Still, she had an exhibitionist streak, and agreed to go see if his mom was home and figure it out from there.

At Beth’s urging, Jeremy called his house and his mom’s cell phone, but got no answer at either. He explained that wasn’t unusual. She could be out on the deck, and she is notorious for not having her cell phone handy to answer.

Kate wasn’t at home. Jeremy put away the leftovers in the refrigerator, grabbed a couple of towels and a couple of beers and an ice bucket, and went out on the deck. He had texted Matt, Josh and Jeremy that Jeremy’s mom’s house was closed for the day, and they were not to come over.

Beth was sitting in the beach chair his mom used for working on her tan. She smiled at Jeremy as he approached.

Deciding to be bold, Jeremy placed the beers and the towels on the patio table and, cheerfully said, “Well, you ready to take a swim? Let’s go!”

He pulled his shirt over his head and bent down to untie and kick off his shoes. Beth looked at him with a look on her face with a mix of thrill and apprehension as Jeremy started to unbuckle his belt. He dropped his pant and his underwear while standing right in front of Beth and she took a good look at his cock when it was still soft. It hung down beautifully far below his big balls, its head a soft pink, much lighter than it looked when fully erect. She smiled at it, then up at him.

“Well, come on, let’s go for a swim,” he said, turning toward the pool, allowing Beth a look at his firm, young ass as he walked toward the water.

“Are you sure your mom isn’t going to come home?” she asked.

“No, I’m not sure,” he said. “But I don’t care much if she does. Come on, join me.”

Jeremy jumped in the water and beckoned to Beth.

Beth was a bit nervous about being caught by Kate, but she got a thrill showing herself to boys she liked. She stood up, and stripped down, smiling and looking at Jeremy the whole time.

She didn’t run or trot toward Jeremy, but, completely nude and showing a new fully shaved look, walked slowly toward him, consciously emphasizing a little swing to her hips.

Jeremy was at eye level with her newly balded pussy as she eased herself into the pool.

“You shaved,” he said.

“Yes, I did it for you. Girls hear that guys like us shaved, so I thought I would give you a treat. But maybe I should have asked first,” she said with some uncertainty. “Do you like it?”

“I love it,” Jeremy said, reaching below the water and feeling the smoothness. “I mean, I like it either way, but I think I like this better. It’s so pretty when I can see all of it.”

Beth reached under the water too, and felt Jeremy’s now hard member.

“Oh, it got big again,” she said with a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

“You don’t like it big?”

“No- I mean, I love it big, but it looked so cute just before you jumped in, I wanted to feel of it while it was soft.”

“That’s going to be hard – I mean, uh, no pun intended, but uh…”

“Beth started to laugh, even as she continued to fondle him.

“I mean, it will be hard for you to feel it when it’s not hard, because you touching it. . .”

“Makes it hard,” Beth finished. She let go of it. “I understand. Maybe if we just swim for a bit I can think of a way to make it soft later.”

She winked at him then dove underwater for a swim.

They frolicked in the pool, splashing each other, and even getting a two-person game of dodgeball going, though neither of them kept score. Jeremy was more interested in keeping an eye on those perfect breasts bouncing around water level. After a bit, they toweled off and sat down to enjoy their beers. Jeremy sat in a deck chair facing Beth and they chatted like old friends, talking about the upcoming term at Western, and Jeremy telling her about campus life and certain professors. Jeremy went back into the house for a couple of more beers, still with no sign of his mom, and sat down again.

It seemed they had almost forgotten that they were nude, until Beth watched Jeremy’s now-soft cock swing back and forth as he walked back on the deck with the fresh beers. She continued to look at it when he sat down. He noticed, and it started to stir.

When it became clear he was becoming fully erect, Beth looked away, hid her eyes in her hand and said, “I’m sorry! My God, just looking at it makes it hard?”

“It’s OK, Beth. It’s not you looking at it, it’s just that I wasn’t thinking about sex until I saw you looking at it, which made me look at you and remember how naked we are, and that makes me think of sex and—here you go!” he said, waving toward his straightening member. “And besides, you know us 20-year-olds and our raging hormones.”

Beth didn’t reply, but continued to gaze at Jeremy’s cock, and, as if to be fair, hiked both of her feet up onto the edge of the chair and spread her knees far apart to give him all the look he wanted. They sat there in silence for a minute or two, looking at each other’s genitals.

“My God, Beth you have the most perfect body!’ Jeremy finally said.

“Thank you. I love your body, too, and not just the obvious part. But I’m totally fascinated by it, sitting here and watching it grow and wondering what that feels like for you. It doesn’t hurt?”

“Not at all – unless it stays big and doesn’t get any attention. But that makes my balls ache.”

“I’ll be happy to give it plenty of attention,” Beth said with a laugh. She ran her right hand over her breast and down her side. “I couldn’t be a stripper, or go flashing guys in a crowd, but I kind of like to show my body to guys I like. It makes me feel sexy.”

She ran her fingers down and across her pussy before returning it to its perch on top of her knee.

“Would you like to. . .”

“Yes,” she said, interrupting him. “I’d love to see your room.”

Leaving their beers almost untouched, they walked hand-in-hand toward the house. Beth leaned her head over to rest on his shoulder as they walked. They left their clothes outside, and Beth allowed Jeremy to lead her by the hand up the stairs. They both thought that this was about to be the moment for them.

They embraced as soon as Jeremy shut the door behind him. The kiss was long and passionate, and followed by a gaze into each other’s eyes. Jeremy then gave her a tender kiss and led her to the bed and laid her down. They hugged and kissed more, with Jeremy slowly moving down to her neck, then her lovely breasts.

He kissed each nipple, circling and flicking them with his tongue, and delighted on how each came erect under his caress. He loved how goosebumps appeared and Beth cooed when he gently blew on each one, drying off the moisture and creating a chilling effect. He got to know her cute belly button and the tiny pearl-like jewelry that adorned it.

He loved the smoothness of her mound, so smooth it was hard to believe there had been light blond hair there just the night before. He petted and licked the mound, then gently kissed the wonderfully bare lips below it. She spread her legs for him, and he got between them.

He kissed her lips the way he would kiss the lips on her face, from a gentle peck to a tender kiss, then lightly parted them with the tip of his tongue, getting his first taste of her dampness. She cooed again. He spread her lips apart and saw in the daylight streaming through the window the glistening of her generous moisture. Her aroma filled his nostrils and he breathed it in deeply.

Her inner lips were quite small, and had remained hidden behind her puffy outer lips. He remembered his mom trying to teach him about a woman’s vagina when she was naked out on the deck with him so soon after all of this began. He didn’t want to think of his mom right then, but he recalled that she told him when he licked a woman, he should think of licking honey off a butterfly’s wings. He licked the very edges of the lips inside, as if being careful that he might injure them.

“Ohhhhh!” Beth moaned.

When he licked around her opening she moaned even louder and the thick liquid came running out of her pussy. He plunged his tongue inside and her juices flowed across it. He lapped it up, wanting to devour every drop she could give him.

When he circled her clit with his tongue, she grabbed his head as if to pull him inside her.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh!” she cried out.

And when he finally flicked her clit with his tongue she erupted, her hips thrusting up while a stream of cum came flowing opening onto Jeremy’s lips. Startled, he pulled his head back. He didn’t know girls could cum with that much of a flow. His hesitation was only temporary. He dove in with his face and drank what she generously offered.

“Jeremy, no, stop,” Beth panted. She leaned forward enough to take him by the hands and guide him up to her. “Make love to me,” she whispered in his ear.

He kissed her, letting her taste her own cum on his lips.

Jeremy slid up onto his knees and held his cock at her opening, which was overflowing with her juices. Beth was panting as if she had been running a race.

“Go slow,” she said.

Jeremy poked the head of his enormous cock into her opening and she let out a little gasp. In addition to being very long at 12 inches, his cock was of an impressive girth, and Jeremy could tell immediately that she was much tighter than his mom, or the one teenage girl he had had sex with before. He entered her very slowly. Her eyes widened as she looked into his eyes and felt the sensation of being entered by something far larger than anything she had ever experimented with.

For Jeremy, the sensation was like none other he had ever felt. Her small pussy gripped him tightly, yet she had supplied so much natural lubrication that he was going in easily, if at a slow pace. What struck him most was her temperature. She was hot inside and the feeling was exquisite on his member. He felt her heat penetrating his cock.

Beth’s mouth widened into a broad, silent “O” until a soft sound came from deep in her throat. “Ohhhh!” she suddenly cried, but not the way she had cried before. She recoiled slightly, then held him back with her hands at his waist.

“Ohhh! I…I can’t take all of you in,” she said. “Just this far.”

She held him at the desired depth and he started to withdraw, then slowly entered her again. After a few thrusts, he picked up the pace, and she responded by meeting his thrusts with upward thrusts of her hips. They established a rhythm. Still, it was not a fast and furious rhythm. He liked this slower pace. It felt like they were making love, whereas slamming into a woman felt more like fucking her. Still sexually inexperienced, he started to understand the difference.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” Beth cried with each thrust. Jeremy could feel both of them building at the same time. But Beth stayed aware enough of the situation to gasp out, “Not inside of me, Jeremy, please!”

Beth started to cum first, wrapping her legs around him in her ecstasy and making it hard for Jeremy to do his duty and pull out. When Beth sensed that he was trying to get out, she relaxed her legs and he pulled free, shooting his load all over her belly and breasts, even reaching her face.

“Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!” he gasped with each spasm.

“Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!” Beth’s gasps matched his own, and he could feel her pussy pulsating and soaking the sheets below as they came together.

Jeremy collapsed on top of her, and when he went to kiss her in the aftermath and found his sperm on her face, he stopped. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said and started to get up to find something to wipe her off.

“No, no, it’s ok,” she said, wiping it with her fingers, then licking it off. “Just hold me.”

He held her tight, looked in her eyes and wanted to tell her that he loved her, but felt it was probably too soon for that, and right after passionate sex might not be the right time.

“That was fabulous . . . and very special,” he said, petting her hair.

“It was the best ever!” she replied. “You felt so good inside me. I was afraid you were going to be too big for me, but it felt great.”

“I’m so glad to hear that. Most of all, I wanted you to enjoy this.”

“That’s how I felt about you,” Beth said.

The bedsheets were soaked with sweat and Beth’s cum. Jeremy’s cum was a slippery mess between them in their embrace. The room was filled with the aroma of sex. They snuggled for a long time, and even drifted off to sleep a bit.

They got up about an hour after they lay down together and started to clean up. They took a sensual shower together. Jeremy washed his sheets and made up his bed, with he and Beth just hanging around the house naked together and making it seem comfortable and natural. After the bed was made, they went back to the deck to gather their clothes, dressed and left without ever seeing Kate.

They talked, and were officially not only lovers, but boyfriend and girlfriend, and Jeremy was as happy as he had ever been. He spent so much time with Beth over the next few days he didn’t see his mom at all. He ignored his friends’ texts, but eventually replied:

“Have a new girlfriend. Going out with Beth Conrad. Better call before coming over. We might be busy.”

“Beth Conrad! No way!” was the typical response.

He got texts from his mom, too. She said she was sorry about how she kept him away from her friends while his friends were enjoying them. She asked what he was up to and he replied “Spending time with Beth Conrad.”

On Friday she texted him, “Sarah and Joni want to come over tomorrow if that’s OK.”

Beth was going to be away at a cousin’s wedding. Jeremy didn’t know what he was going to do.

“I don’t care,” he responded. He assumed they were coming over to see his mom, having no thoughts of any kind of repeat of what happened the previous weekend.

He didn’t think about it when he finally rolled out of bed at noon on Saturday and found Pam over, picking up his mom.

“We’re going shopping in the city. Back tonight sometime,” Kate said.

“Have fun!” Pam waved and winked as she walked out the door with Kate.

Jeremy saw the rain falling outside and considered his options. Beth was out of town. No day for bringing the guys over to the pool, beside the fact he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to talk to them about what happened between them and his mom’s friends last Saturday. But they were his friends. He had to get together with them sometime, even if all he really wanted to do was hang out with Beth. He wished for the start of the college term, where he had a different set of friends and his new girlfriend would be close. It seemed his life was starting to take shape the way he wanted to see it, though he felt a tinge of regret over the idea that he was outgrowing his hometown friends, and his mom’s house.

None of that settled the issue of what to do that day. He started with a shower, but skipped the shave, threw on some jeans and had a beer for breakfast, sitting at the kitchen counter, looking out at the rain-soaked deck. On the patio table he saw a beer bottle someone neglected to pick up. He had noticed the empty bottle in front of him.

The brew was called “Totally Naked.” It was his mom’s favorite, made by a craft brewery in New Glarus, Wisconsin (look it up!).

“Totally Naked on the deck,” Jeremy said to no one there. It was really how all this got started. But the bottle on the deck was empty.

He needed a refill, and one beer was hardly enough breakfast.

He had another, still trying to figure out what to do with his rainy day. He heard a knock on the side door just as he was about the grab a third. He figured it was probably one of the guys, but when he opened the door he found Sarah standing there with a big smile on her face and the tall, lovely Joni right behind her.

“Hi Jeremy!” Sarah chirped. “Can we come in out of the rain?”

“Uhh. . . sure,” he said, standing out of the way and letting them in. “But Mom’s not home right now.”

“We know, she went shopping with Pam, but she said we could come over and use the pool. Unfortunately, it’s not much of a day for swimming. We’ll have to think of something else to do,” Sarah smiled, with a twinkle in her eyes. “Here, we brought you some beer.”

Sarah handed him a 12-pack of Michelob, a favorite of the local youth.

“Uhh… thanks,” he said, taking it. He immediately saw what this was all about. His mom knew he was upset about being kept away from her friends while his friends got to have some hot sex with them. He remembered getting the text from her saying they wanted to come over and asked if it was alright. She had apparently relented, and was letting him have some alone time with these women.

But he also figured out immediately that this probably worked both ways. In fact, he was sure of it. His mom’s friends no doubt complained that he and his “gift” had been kept from them.

“Well, come on in and sit down and have a beer,” Jeremy said, breaking open the cold 12-pack. He handed each of them a beer and took one for himself, storing the rest in the refrigerator.

“Thank you,” Joni said. “Too bad about having a pool party ruined.”

“Yes, we even brought our suits,” Sarah said, with a tease in her voice.

They sat on the stools around the counter. Jeremy stood at the corner and took a big swig of what was his third beer.

“Let me guess. The same suits you brought last weekend,” he said, matter-of-factly.

“Your mom always says you’re smart,” Joni said with a smile.

Jeremy found he really did not appreciate this new opportunity to see Sarah and Joni naked and fool around with them all by himself. What was this? Had his mom really gone so far as to set him up with a threesome with her hot friends? They were hot, and a week ago he was disappointed at being left out of the fun, but now he only missed Beth. As attractive as these women were, they had nothing on Beth, who was his own age and interested in more than sex with him. To him, this whole thing with his mom, her friends and his friends was all sounding pretty disgusting, particularly since Sarah let slip that she knew Matt had come over and had some rough sex with his mom. He wished he were with Beth at that moment and could forget about all of this.

Then again, he didn’t have anything to do, and they were there – for some reason.

“Yeah, I’m even smart enough to know that the real reason you came over last weekend was to watch me and my friends model our swimsuits,” he said.

“And what lovely suits they were,” interrupted Sarah. “Especially yours.”

She reached out and tapped him on the thigh.

“Thanks. I liked yours, too. And Joni, yours is really great too,” Jeremy went on. “So, what, Pam didn’t want any of this today?”

“Maybe she knew what the weather was going to be like,” Joni said.

“She can be a little timid sometimes,” Sarah said.

“Well, what should we do?” Jeremy said, as if daring them to come out and say it.

“Well, we could put on our ‘swimsuits’ and go outside and splash around in the rain and the puddles like we did when we were little kids,” Sarah offered.

“That sounds kind of fun. . . but a little silly,” Joni replied.

Jeremy took another big swig of his beer, and not being much of a drinker, was starting to feel the effects of putting down his third in such a short period of time, on an empty stomach. He was feeling bold, and the security of having a great girlfriend in his life made him confident. He really didn’t care if he said the wrong things and these women ran away mad, but he didn’t have any problem fucking them if that’s what they came over for.

“Well, before we strip off our clothes, why don’t we strip away all the pretense and get to the bottom of what brings you here today,” he said. “Now, can either of you be honest enough to tell me whether my mom mentioned anything to you about me not liking how I was kept away from all the fun while you two and Pam were hanging around the house fucking the brains out of my friends?”

Joni fell dead silent and looked down. Sarah glanced over at Joni, but didn’t let Jeremy’s question wipe the slight smile she had on her face since the moment she walked in.

“Jeremy,” she said, reaching for his hand, holding it and tapping it gently with her other hand, “it certainly wasn’t our idea to keep you away. I think your mom was uncomfortable with it.”

Jeremy pulled his hand back. Sarah didn’t know the real story.

“But she changed her mind and said it was OK for you to come over today to sort of make it up to me, didn’t she?”

“She didn’t say that,” Sarah said. “But I’d be glad to make it up to you if you’d like.” She rubbed the side of his leg gently while looking in his eyes.

Jeremy looked at Joni, who was looking uncomfortable. “So, Joni, do you want to make it up to me, too? Or maybe you’re just here to watch?”

Joni fidgeted. “We’re sorry, Jeremy – or I’m sorry, anyway. I guess the plan was to come over to use the pool, get naked in it and see if it led to anything. We decided to come over anyway, even if the weather ruined that plan.”

Jeremy downed the rest of his beer and went to the refrigerator to get another one.

“How about we strip away the rest of the bullshit,” Jeremy said. He stopped short of the counter, out of Sarah’s seductive reach. “I may be only 20 years old, and to guys my age, even hot women like you are considered ‘older’ women because you’re over 30. You’ve been around more than I have. But instinct tells me that you two hot ‘older’ women didn’t hear what my mom had to say and decided to come over and comfort the sad boy and ‘make it up to him’ after he was so unfairly left out of the fun last weekend. You might have thought that was cute in some kind of patronizing way, but it wouldn’t have brought you over here.

“No, I think it’s much more likely that you were a lot more disappointed than I was. You two couldn’t get enough of looking at my ‘swimsuit’ last weekend. ‘Wow, that Jeremy sure is impressive,’ ‘Yeah, takes after his dad,’ I’ll bet my mom said. And I’ll bet someone said something about not getting to play with the big toy when it was all fun and games.”

Even Sarah looked a little stunned.

“In the business world, I think they call this ‘leverage’ – when you’ve got something someone else wants and they want it more than you want anything from them. Well, I got your ‘leverage’ right here,” Jeremy said, grabbing his crotch. “And I think I’ll go down to the family room right now. Anyone’s who’s interested in being moved by Jeremy’s big lever, come on down.”

Jeremy walked by them and down the stairs, not knowing whether they would follow, and being OK with it either way.

“Sarah, I think he’s on to us,” he heard Joni say as he headed down.

Jeremy moved the coffee table from in front of the couch and put it next to the recliner, which he turned to face the opened area of the room with the couch against the wall. He had set up a nice little area to play if they took him up on his offer.

He sat in the chair and waited. In less than five minutes, Sarah and Joni came down the stairs.

“Nice of you to join me,” Jeremy said as they entered the room.

“My, you have become quite feisty all of a sudden. You always seemed a little timid before,” Sarah said. “But that’s good. Confidence is such an attractive quality in a man.”

“Well, thanks, Sarah. It seems word has spread about me, and all of a sudden I’m getting a lot more attention. I don’t seem to have as much of a problem anymore getting girls to pay attention to me. That does a lot for a guy’s confidence. I’m just saying I could go off and find some girls my own age. But you are both beautiful women, and I don’t have anything to do today anyway, so I’ll be glad to play if you want to. I just wanted to be honest about it.”

“OK, so I’ll be brutally honest like you,” Sarah said, sitting on the arm of Jeremy’s chair and running her soft fingers through his hair. She leaned over as if to whisper in his ear, but said, loud enough for Joni to hear, “I’ve been plotting to get my hands – and my lips – on that magnificent cock of yours since the first time I saw it in all its glory. I would have found a way to have it, even if we had to sneak behind your mother’s back.”

She slid off the arm of the chair and onto the floor, and reached for Jeremy’s belt. He grabbed her hands.

“Well, I appreciate your honesty,” he said. “But, I really feel like using my leverage right now. I can tell you like to be in charge, but Jeremy wants to do this his way.”

“And what way is that?” Sarah asked with a seductive smile.

“I want to see your ‘swim’ suits first,” Jeremy said. “I want to sit here and watch both of you strip naked for me.”

“Sarah. . .” Joni said, as if she had heard enough of this.

“You can wait upstairs if you want,” Sarah said.

“No deal,” Jeremy replied, betting on Sarah’s dominant personality. “I want both of you naked as the day you were born, or nobody plays.”

“It’s what we came for,” Sarah said, looking at Joni. “I’ll go first.”

Sarah stood up while Joni shrugged her shoulders and sat down on the couch.

Sarah stood in front of Jeremy, looking down and smiling seductively. “I’d love to get naked for you,” she said, reaching for the top button on her peach colored summer blouse. She slowly unbuttoned it, then looked down to grab the next button. Keeping her chin down as if watching what she was doing, Sarah raised her eyes to look straight in Jeremy’s eyes.

Jeremy felt his cock start to rise. He really did think Sarah one of the sexiest women he knew. He couldn’t believe he had pulled this off to this point. They didn’t leave, but were starting to do what he said.

Sarah worked her buttons down with her eyes still on Jeremy. She stopped when she got to her belt, then looked down, playing as if confused. Instead of pulling her shirt out, she unbuckled the belt on her tan slack, then undid the snap, and opened the front. That allowed her to unbutton the last button and pull her shirt all the way open. It also revealed a very low thong just covering her pubic mound.

Sarah slipped the blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a white lacy bra that lifted her breasts and pulled them together, emphasizing her greatest assets. When she reached behind her to unclasp the bra, she gently twisted her hips a bit and her loose pants dropped to the floor.

Sarah feigned surprise, as if she did not expect that. It didn’t fool Jeremy, but he enjoyed the show. He loved her pale skin and broad hips, even the extra pounds that made her look voluptuous. Sarah smiled broadly when she saw his eyes move from top to bottom to check out her frame.

Sarah found the clasp and released it. She let the bra slip off her shoulders and join her blouse on the floor. She stepped out of her pants, with feet left bare when she took her wet sandals off at the door. Sarah lifted her breasts and bent forward slightly, as if to offer them to him. They were easily large enough for her to lick each pink nipple, which she did.

Jeremy was hard by then. Sarah, of course, noticed.

“I can see your leverage already,” she said in a husky voice. “But I still have to finish.”

She turned and showed her bare ass, bending over and running her hands over it. She turned around, and slowly pulled down the thong until her hands were at her ankles and her breasts hanging low in front of her. She stood up holding the thin thong panties, sniffed them, then tossed them toward Jeremy’s face. He smiled at her and sniffed them too, and could feel and smell the dampness she left behind.

Sarah stepped forward and quickly thrust her knees up onto the arms of the chair. She ran her hands from her breasts down to her thighs, then lifted her breasts and thrust them into Jeremy’s face. He kissed and licked at them, and with his right hand he reached up to find her pussy. He thrust a finger into her.

Sarah gasped. Using Jeremy’s shoulders to stead herself, she straightened her back. Jeremy probed her with his finger and petted her smooth mound with his other hand. He pulled his finger out and stuck it into his mouth.

“You’re wet, but not wet enough,” Jeremy teased. “Why don’t you go sit on the couch and work on making yourself wetter? It’s Joni’s turn.”

“Mmmmmm. A little more warm up time?” Sarah said. She stood directly in front of Jeremy with her legs well apart, reached down and spread herself open, giving Jeremy a full look at her pinkness contrasting with her pale redhead’s skin. She looked down and said, “Oh, no! Not dripping yet! I guess I do have work to do. Not to worry. Watching Joni strip for you will make me hotter!”

Sarah went to sit on the couch and Joni stood up.

“I am NOT as big a slut as Sarah and won’t put on that kind of show,” she said. “But you saw me naked last weekend, so I guess this isn’t that big of a deal. So, not to disappoint you or Sarah. . .”

Joni was true to her word, making no show of it. She pulled her pull-over blue top off, showing a black sports bra underneath, and unsnapped her beltless jeans.

“No lacy, sexy bra, no pants than fall off by themselves. No lap dance. Hope you aren’t disappointed.”

It took her a bit to get the tight jeans off those long legs. She struggled to get them off while standing, but managed and threw the jeans behind her. Joni pulled off her bra as fast as she pulled off her shirt, then dropped the plain pink panties and stood nude before Jeremy.

“You’re lovely, Joni,” Jeremy said seriously.

“Oh, was I supposed to do something lewd too?”

Joni spread her legs like Sarah did, then spread her lips too. “Am I wet enough for you?”

“No, Joni,” Sarah said. “You have to come sit down with me and work on it some more.”

Joni turned to sit down on the couch, looked over her shoulder at Jeremy and said, “Isn’t it your turn?”

“Yes, Jeremy, it’s your turn,” Sarah agreed. She had her feet up on the couch and her knees spread wide. She had two fingers of her right hand deep in her pussy, making a squishy sound. The room was filling with her aroma.

Joni sat down with her feet on the floor. “Come on, Joni,” Sarah said, using her left hand to try to part Joni’s legs.

Jeremy stood up and pulled off his sweatshirt. He didn’t know how to do any kind of stupid male strip routines, but after the show Sarah put on, he felt like doing more than just taking off his clothes like he was in a locker room.

He had to bend down to untie his shoes, then kicked them off. His loose jeans fell down quickly once he unbuckled his belt. Jeremy always wore boxer shorts because briefs were too tight for him. Beneath them, his huge cock made a tent in them on the left side.

“Oh! It’s trapped! Let it out!” Sarah pleaded.

Jeremy stood at a profile to the women and pulled down the shorts and kicked them aside.

His cock stood not straight out from his body, but at an upward angle, the girth as impressive as the 12-inch length. He looked first at the resistant Joni, whose gaze was firmly fixed on his member.

“So is this what you came to see?” he asked, and began to stroke it slowly.

“I want to do more than see it, but show it to us first, Jeremy,” Sarah said, continuing to finger herself with her legs spread wide.

Jeremy turned to face them. He grabbed his whole package at the base in a ring formed by his thumbs and middle fingers, lifting his balls and his cock away from his body to hold them out for display.

“God, that is beautiful,” Joni said. Her hand drifted between her legs. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so hard.”

“Stroke it for us some more,” Sarah said.

Cupping his balls with his left hand, he stroked with his right, arching his back backward a bit to thrust out his hips.

“Come on, Joni,” Sarah said. “Everyone else is looking and masturbating. You have to show us how you do it too.”

But Joni had already taken herself in hand. She didn’t respond to Sarah, but did spread her legs wider, showing herself to Jeremy.

“You’re really hot,” Jeremy said to Joni, encouraging her.

They watched each other for another minute or so before Jeremy dropped to his knees in front of Sarah. She slid herself up to the edge of the couch immediately and leaned back. Jeremy tossed aside all he had learned about “licking honey off a butterfly’s wings” and dove in. Sarah was dripping by then, and he shoved his tongue as deep as he could into her vagina and started to lick it all up while Sarah held her lips wide open with her fingers.

“Oh God!” she gasped. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!”

Jeremy replaced Sarah’s hands with his own hands in holding her open. She grabbed both sides of his head and pulled him in, digging her fingertips into his scalp.

“Sarah had her first full orgasm of the day the instant Jeremy attacked her clit.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” Sarah gasped for air. Jeremy lapped up some of her cum holding it on his tongue, then moved over to Joni. He stood up and leaned over. Joni seemed confused at first, but then accepted his soft kiss on the lips. Jeremy kissed her harder, and when his tongue entered her mouth she realized his ulterior motive. He gave her a taste of Sarah’s cum he saved on his tongue.

“Oh, well”, she thought. “It’s not as if I haven’t tasted it before.”

Jeremy flicked each of her nipples with his tongue on the way down.

Joni’s pussy was much smaller than Sarah’s. He did not think of it before when she stripped, but noticed now that she had shaved. A week before around the pool she showed a light, trimmed, bush – perhaps one that was growing back from a previous shaving. He liked them bare.

Joni had been in a different mood than Sarah, so Jeremy went at her slowly. He kissed her outer lips, then parted them. He licked tenderly along the inside, and on the very edges of her inner lips, just as he had done with Beth before.

Joni was plenty wet, though not as wet as Sarah. He was out to change that, and got a good start. By the time he dug his tongue into her opening and circled her clit with is tongue, she was flowing and panting, and a bit frustrated when he moved back to Sarah.

“Mmmmmm,” she mewed as he went back to work on her, giving her a post-orgasmic treatment much like what he had just given Joni.

“Oh my!” Sarah cried. Jeremy was gently licking her swollen inner lips. “Oh, Jeremy! You’re so sensuous!”

He rimmed her pussy then sucked her clit, and brought her off again.

Joni had been playing with herself the whole time, and when Jeremy got back to her he attacked her as aggressively as he first did Sarah.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” Joni cried out as Jeremy spread her open and made her engorged clit dance with his tongue. She came in his mouth, too.

When he moved back to Sarah, he looked in her eyes as he positioned his now-throbbing cock at her cunt hole.

“Yes! Please!” Sarah begged.

Jeremy’s 12 inches entered her slowly, almost excruciatingly for Sarah. His cock crawled into her, inch by inch.

“Oh my! Oh! Oh!” Sarah panted. She was arching her shoulders forward with her head looking down, watching as that beautiful organ disappeared inside her body. Joni watched in fascination too.

“All the way in!” Sarah pleaded.

Jeremy continued to plow forward until all of him was buried in Sarah’s vagina and his balls were bumping against her ass. Joni couldn’t believe Sarah could take all of that in. She was quite sure that she couldn’t.

Sarah grabbed Joni’s hand and squeezed it. “Oh, God, I’ve never been so filled!”

Jeremy started to withdraw, then plunged back in and picked up the pace, seeking a rhythm.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Sarah begged, squeezing Joni’s hand tighter.

Jeremy complied, pulling about halfway out before pushing back in, all the way. Sarah leaned back on the couch again and tilted her head back. Her body convulsed into another orgasm.

Jeremy left her to come down from that high and moved over to Joni.

“My turn,” Joni said. She positioned herself similar to what Sarah had, but with her long body and athleticism, she could arch her back forward more and look down to watch what was happening to her. She grabbed Jeremy’s cock, glistening with Sarah’s cream.

“Please, let me,” she said. “I’m a lot smaller than Sarah there.”

Jeremy smiled and let Joni take his cock and rub it against her opening. She pulled it toward her and into her. “Oh! I’ve never had one this big around either!” she said. She drew in some more of him, then released his cock and said, “Ok, go slow like you did with Sarah.”

Jeremy noticed the extra tightness right away. Joni’s petite pussy gripped him, even more than Beth’s had, and much more than Sarah’s or Kate’s. He loved the tight feeling.

“Oh God! You just fill me!” Joni said then Jeremy got just past halfway. “Oh, that feels so good!”

Jeremy’s cock crawled into her and was in about three-quarters of the way when she jumped back and gasped.

“Ow! Stop! I can’t take all of you!

That’s it! Now a little faster!” Joni said as Jeremy found the right depths for entrance and exit and met the pace that worked for Joni. Jeremy found it strange that Joni, who seemed so disdainful of his aggressive approach in getting them naked and making them do things his way was now giving instructions on how best to fuck her. But he liked how she told him what she liked so he could give it to her.

And he gave it to her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Joni cried out. Jeremy plunged in and out while Joni reached down and worked her clit. Her spasm came quickly, too.

Jeremy had them stand up and bend over with their hands on the back of the couch. He loved how he made Sarah’s tits swing by slamming into her repeatedly from behind. Joni was too small up top to get a real swing going, but the grip of her cunt from that angle felt fantastic for Jeremy. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

He had them get down on the floor, forearms and faces to the carpet, with asses his in the air.

He took Sarah first once again, slamming balls-deep into her. She reached back and played with her clit and erupted in another orgasm. Jeremy respected Joni’s depth, but also fucked her furiously, but he was back at Sarah before she came.

Joni came again when Jeremy came back to her, then it was back to Sarah. The cries and the aroma of girlcum filled the room.

Jeremy started to wonder which one would get his load. He figured it was his choice if he timed it right. He took Joni again rather briefly, then back at Sarah for a short time, and when he felt it welling up inside, he plunged into Joni again. Joni was pushing her backside back at him to meet his thrusts.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” Joni screamed. She let loose with another orgasm as soon as Jeremy bent over her back, grabbed her nipples, and squeezed and twisted them.

“Uhhhhh!’ Jeremy grunted when his body seized up. He was inside Joni as deeply as he dared when his huge cock exploded. He held still, about halfway in, and filled her. Exhausted from his thrusting, Jeremy leaned over her back and reached under to tweak her perky nipples. He kissed the back of her neck.

“You’re fabulous, Joni,” he whispered before he withdrew and collapsed on the carpet.

“Is it halftime already?” Sarah moaned, as she got up from her position where she was waiting for her turn. “Well, I get the next load!”

Jeremy and Joni laughed hard. The trio sat on the carpet sweating, smiling, and still totally naked.

“Halftime?” Jeremy asked. “You mean I have to go back out there?”

“No, you have to go back IN there,” Sarah corrected. They all laughed again.

Jeremy grabbed his now-warm beer and took a swig.

“Seriously, Jeremy, you are incredible, and I’m not just talking about size. I can’t believe how good you are at this for someone so young,” Sarah said.

“Thanks. I guess it’s because you’re both so hot,” Jeremy said.

“I can cross that one off my bucket list,” Joni sighed. She was laying flat on her back and panting, with her left hand cupped over her pussy, which deep inside contained Jeremy’s sperm.

“Exactly what item on that list?” Sarah teased.

“Well, let’s just say it was a BIG item,” Joni said. “Jeremy, I’m really not this big of a slut like Sarah, but what you’ve got is an offer I couldn’t refuse at my age.”

“Oh! You are, too!” Sarah challenged. “I’m a little more aggressive, but you want it as much as I do!”

“I’ll leave you ladies to argue about who is the biggest slut. I’m going to the bathroom and to get another beer,” Jeremy said.

He went upstairs and straight to the refrigerator. He had to come down a bit before attempting a beer-filled piss. He caught his breath, cooled down with some beer, then went to the bathroom. Holding his cock over the toilet, he noticed how the public hairs around his cock were wet, with plenty of white cream from the women matting the hairs together. Jeremy emptied his bladder, then lifted his hand for a sniff of their combined aroma. Beth’s smelled better, he thought. But he loved their taste and smell.

Jeremy was stunned at what he saw when he went back downstairs. He had heard about this, seen it in porn, and fantasized about it. He never thought he would actually see it.

Joni was still laying on her back with her knees up and spread as before. But both her hands were on her own breasts, kneading them furiously. Sarah’s head was between her legs, licking at her cum-filled cunt while Joni writhed in a mounting arousal.

Jeremy’s young cock started to stir again immediately. He sat down in a recliner facing the scene and wasn’t even sure if they were aware of his presence since Joni was facing away from him and Sarah was busy. When he reached about half staff, he couldn’t resist stroking it a bit to get it the rest of the way up. It was tender from all the recent friction.

“Oh God! I’m cumming again!” Joni panted. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!”

Sarah relented as Joni’s orgasm subsided, then planted a little kiss on her pulsing pussy and looked up, smiling with a wet chin, at Jeremy.

“That was incredible to watch,” Jeremy said. “So, what , are you guys gay?”

Sarah and Joni both laughed.

“No, we like men – a lot,” Sarah said. “But sometimes girls aren’t as afraid to fool around with each other as guys are.”

“Sarah would seduce anything that moves. She seduces me once in a while,” Joni confessed. “But she doesn’t compare to you.”

Joni turned and looked at Jeremy.

“Oh, look! Our friend is back already,” she added, looking at his erect cock. “Sarah, we turned him on!”

“That was the idea,” Sarah said.

Joni turned back toward Sarah. “You mean that was to turn him on and not me?”

“Hey, you got off. Don’t complain,” Sarah said as she crawled on her hands and knees over to Jeremy.

Sarah took his cock, and, casting her eyes up toward him, kissed the head, licked around the rim, then put his thick cock tip in her mouth. She slid her head down, taking in more of him, but still wasn’t able to take much before her gag reflex started to protest. She sucked on as much as she could take in, but after a few strokes, she pulled her lips free and started to lick the entire length of the shaft.

Sarah squeezed his huge, heavy balls, then with an evil look in her eyes, moved lower and started to lick them. Jeremy tensed as she tried to force one in her mouth.

Joni joined in and took over the licking of the shaft while Sarah licked and sucked on his balls.

Sarah suddenly stopped. “Keep him hard, Joni, but don’t you dare bring him off. I’ll be right back.”

Sarah stood and headed upstairs naked.

“I finally have you all to myself,” Joni said, continuing to lick and fondle Jeremy’s package.

“I wouldn’t mind getting you all to myself,” Jeremy responded.

“Mmmmm. . . I’d like to say that could be arranged,” Joni said between cock kisses. “But we promised your mom this would be a one-time thing. I think that’s why we’re trying to get the most out of it. . . At least that’s what I’m thinking. I’m really not this big of a slut.”

“You keep saying that,” Jeremy said, stroking her hair. “I don’t think of you that way. I think of you as sensuous.”

“Thanks,” Joni said. “But Sarah is a slut.”

“I like to think of her as seductive.”

“Well, she’s a seductive slut, and a dominating one, too.”

Jeremy relaxed and enjoyed Joni’s gentle ministering of his cock and balls, none of it intense enough to get him close to popping again. He sipped on his beer, petted her hair, and waited for the next stage of this erotic adventure.

“So if you’re afraid of me thinking of you as a slut, why are you here?” he asked.

“For the same reason as Sarah,” Joni said, stopping with her mouth but still holding his cock. “Jeremy, we’re both in our late 30s and never had a cock as big as yours. This really is a sexual ‘bucket list’ thing for us. Thanks for doing your part.”

“No problem” Jeremy chuckled.

“Nice job, Joni,” Sarah said, bouncing back in the room. “Look what I found in the medicine cabinet.”

She held up a small jar of Vaseline.

“You think we need lube?” Joni asked. “You don’t seem that dry to me.”

“No, but I have a special request,” Sarah said, approaching the side of Jeremy’s chair. She put an arm around him. “Have you ever done a woman in the ass?”

“Sarah!! You can’t be serious! You know how much that would hurt with a cock that big?” Joni was aghast.

“It will hurt deliciously,” Sarah said, kissing Jeremy on the cheek.

“It will hurt tremendously!”

“Joni, I’m just bolder than you are. Fucking a guy with a big cock was on your bucket list. I’m just taking it a step further. I may never get a chance again to know what it feels like to take someone so big back there.”

“You may never get a chance to fuck a horse either! That doesn’t mean you do it just because Secretariat’s great-grandson just walked in the room.”

“Well, ask me about that when he gets here,” Sarah said. “C’mon Jeremy.”

Jeremy had started to laugh at the exchange.

“Have it your way,” Joni said. “But I’m not done yet either.”

Joni turned to Jeremy. She happened to be still casually holding his cock while this conversation went on. “Jeremy, you had your fun and we let you fuck us the way you wanted. I’m not trying to be bossy about it like Miss-Stick-It-Up-My-Ass over here, but there’s a part of this still on my bucket list. Would you let me ‘ride’ you around the room a little?”

“What, you want a piggy-back ride? You’re too tall to ride on my back when I’m crawling around , and I don’t think I’m strong enough.”

The women started rolling around the floor laughing. Jeremy started to laugh too when he thought about it and realized what Joni meant.

“No, Jeremy, don’t worry. I’ll be doing all the work. All you have to do is lie there.”

“But what about me?” Sarah pleaded.

“You don’t think I’m going to ride his cock after her pulls it out of your ass, do you?” Joni said.

“Good point. Well, go ahead, but if you make him cum, I’m going to fuck you in the ass,” Sarah replied.

“Whoaa!” Jeremy tossed his head back. “I’d like to see how that works.”

“Well, go over to Sarah’s sometime and she’ll demonstrate with her husband!” Joni exclaimed.

“Man, this is getting too weird for me!”

“Joni!!” Sarah scolded. “Maybe a little too much information?”

“I guess so,” Joni said. “C’mon Jeremy. Let me introduce you to your first cowgirl.”

It would be too much information to tell them that she wouldn’t be his first. His mom had that honor. Jeremy got up and allowed Joni to lead him to an open area of the floor and had him lie flat on his back.

With her feet flat on the floor, Joni straddled Jeremy. She took his huge cock in hand and guided it to her entrance. She panted as she rubbed his cock head along her lips.

“Oh, God! Here we go again!” Joni said. “You feel so good!”

She pushed the head inside and when her muscles gripped it, she slowly started to lower herself down.

“Ohh! I loved being filled like this!”

She got almost 10 inches of it in before gasping again and backing off.

“Can’t take it all?” Sarah teased.

“He bumps against my cervix,” Joni said. Jeremy had no idea what that meant.

As Joni raised and lowered herself, riding him as she said she would, Jeremy was impressed at how athletic she was. The muscles in those long legs tensed, showing the definition of her well-toned body. She was doing this the hard way, with her legs and back muscles supporting her weight and movement instead of resting on her knees for the ride. But this way, the only part of Jeremy that touched her was his cock.

That is, his cock and his hands. Jeremy rested her hands on her feet, and noticed how pretty they were. He wasn’t at all one of those foot guys, but liked holding her feet and rubbing them while she rode him.

Jeremy’s eyes took in her whole body and he appreciated the beauty and power of an athletic woman. When his eyes focused on her face, she was looking into his eyes with a look of intense pleasure on her face.

“You’re really beautiful,” Jeremy said.

Joni continued to ride him and said softly, “Thanks.”

“Joni, don’t go too far. I still get my turn,” Sarah said.

“OK,” Joni said.

She started to work her clit with her right hand.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” Joni cried out, picking up the pace.

“Uhhhhh!” Jeremy grunted and tensed as her faster rhythm brought him close to the edge.

“Joni stop!” Sarah shouted.

Joni pulled herself off and rolled over on the floor in a fetal positing, with both hands buried between her legs. She continued to cry out a few more seconds until she brought herself off.

“Jeremy, that was fantastic!” Joni panted.

“I can’t believe you could do that. Wasn’t it hard on your legs?” Sarah asked.

“It hurt deliciously,” Joni said. “Jeremy, can you come to my gym sometimes? When I need to do my squat exercises, I’d like to do them that way.”

Sarah and Jeremy both laughed.

“That would be an interesting career,” Jeremy said. “A piece of exercise equipment at a women’s gym. I could do worse. I wonder what the pay would be?”

“I bid $100 an inch,” Sarah offered.

Jeremy and Joni laughed again. “He’s not a whore like you,” Joni said.

“Speak for yourself, ‘cowgirl,’” Sarah shot back.

“Will you girls behave?” Jeremy said. “Or am I going to have to spank you both?”

“Ahhhh. . . Sarah will do all the spanking around here,” Joni said. “She’s good at it, and quite experienced.”

“Joni, too much information again!”

“Man, I touched a nerve again,” Jeremy said.

“You get spanked if you’re naughty,” Sarah said.

“And we’ve all been naughty,” Jeremy finished. “But maybe the naughtiest one should get spanked first.”

“Well, I’ve got one more naughty thing to do,” Sarah said, crawling over to Jeremy and taking his cock in hand.

In the interim, Jeremy’s shaft had dropped a bit from its near-orgasm level. Sarah rectified that with her mouth.

When Jeremy was ready, she stopped and declared, “It’s time, Jeremy. This will be a first for both of us. Or have you done a woman back there before?

“A FIRST for YOU,” Joni shouted. “Don’t make me laugh! Jeremy, she’s had more cocks back there than you’ve had girlfriends.”

“I mean a first time for me with someone this big,” Sarah said, waving Jeremy’s cock like a wand.

Jeremy didn’t answer the question about whether it was going to be his first, but it was. He was a little worried about how messy this would be. It didn’t want anything nasty on his dick.

“Don’t worry, Jeremy, Sarah said, as if reading his mind and answering him. “I take extra steps to make sure I’m clean back here.”

She had grabbed the Vaseline and was working a generous scoop of it back between her ass cheeks. Jeremy knew she was serious. He was even more sure when she took a gob and started working it into his cock.

“Ok, Jeremy, you have to take this slow and follow my direction. This is really a big deal for me – no pun intended. It’s going to hurt, and you have to let me control that.”

Sarah turned and put her head on the carpet, sticking her ass high in the air. Jeremy positioned himself behind her and Sarah reached back and spread her cheeks far apart.

“Joni, will you help me here? I’m going to need some support,” Sarah said.

Joni positioned herself in front of Sarah, going face to face with her.

Jeremy placed his lubricated cock on her asshole and started to push.

“Slow. Slow,” Sarah said. She released her cheeks and reached her arms forward and took Joni’s hands in hers.

Jeremy had to push fairly hard against the resistance of her sphincter muscle.

“Ahhhh!” Sarah cried out as her as started to give way and open to the invasion. “Keep going, but slow!”

Jeremy felt the resistance, then the grip.

“Owww, owww, back off!” Sarah said. “Now go again!”

They went through that procedure one more time, and on Jeremy’s third thrust, he managed to get past her resistance and penetrate the head of his cock inside.

“Owwww! God, you’re stretching me! No! Don’t pull out! Go slow!” Sarah clutched Joni’s hands, squeezing hard. “God, that hurts!”

“It’s what you wanted. You can do it,” Joni said. “Jeremy, give it to her. She wants it to hurt.”

Jeremy kept pushing deeper and deeper. Her asshole gripped his cock tighter than he expected. And she was hot inside. It felt good, and he plunged deeper.

“Oh, that’s right! I was right; it hurts deliciously,” Sarah said. “Ohh, it’s crawling into me!”

“You’re insane,” Joni said. She kissed Sarah on the lips.

Jeremy was almost home now. He thrust forward a little harder at the end.

“Ahhhhhh!” Sarah screamed when she felt him fully in with his balls banging against her upturned pussy. “Stop! Don’t pull out yet! Oh my God, Joni, I did it! He’s all the way up my ass! Oh, it hurts so good! Ok, start to pull out.”

Jeremy backed off as slowly as he went forward.

“Ohh, that feels good going out!”

When Jeremy felt the grip of her ass right behind his cock head again, he reversed course and plunged in again. Sarah moaned.

“Ohh! Fill me! Fill me!”

Jeremy went all the way in, then back out again, then moved faster.

“That’s right! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!” Sarah thrust back at him as he moved forward. Jeremy made his strokes shorter, and they got into a rhythm. “Oh, that feels good now! Oh, Joni, this is the best ass-fucking ever!”

Jeremy thrust all the way in once more, bringing a cry of sudden pain from Sarah, then established a new rhythm, slapping his body against her ass cheeks, pulling about a third of his great length out, then slamming in again. Sarah got up on her elbows, but she stopped her backwards thrusts and just knelt and took it. Jeremy’s balls were slapping against her cunt, and for the second time that afternoon, Sarah’ breasts were swinging


Jeremy noticed how her asshole didn’t grip him quite so tightly as it loosened up. Still, it was tighter than a woman’s pussy, and felt good.

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!” Jeremy grunted, feeling his orgasm building inside. His balls tightened.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum in my ass!” Sarah cried.

With a final thrust, Jeremy buried himself all the way in and emptied his balls 12 inches up Sarah’s ass.

“Ohhhh!” Sarah cried, dropping down.

Jeremy slid himself out, noticing how Sarah’s asshole did not close all the way, but remained open as if waiting for him to go back in.

Sarah turned on her side and put a hand between her butt cheeks.

“Oh, that was fabulous. My ass is going to be sore for a month!”

“Serves you right,” Joni said. “Don’t expect me to kiss it and make it better.”

“You ought to try this, Joni. It hurts a lot, but, God, it’s fun!”

“No thanks,” Joni said.

“I think I’m all in for the day anyway,” Jeremy said. “But that was fun. Thanks for letting me know what that feels like. I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad.”

“I love how you hurt me,” Sarah cooed.

Jeremy picked up a hand towel Sarah had brought down with the Vaseline and cleaned himself off before tossing it to Sarah. Joni did the honors of cleaning up her friend.

“Well, thanks for coming over,” Jeremy said. “You women are hot. I’ll count this as my first three-way, if not my first outright orgy.”

“Your second starts in an hour,” Sarah said.

“No, I think I’m done. I’m going to go clean up.”

“Thanks, Jeremy. You made two 30-something women very happy,” Joni smiled.

Jeremy walked upstairs nude and went right to the shower, paying a lot of attention to his dick. As much fun as it was learning how to take a woman in the ass, he was still a little disgusted thinking of where his dick had been. When he finished, he jumped on his bed, grabbing his phone on the way down. He had a text message and a photo from Beth.

She was wearing her bridesmaid’s dress and looked absolutely stunning.

“Miss you. It’s a fun wedding, but I’d rather be with you. What have you been doing today? See you tomorrow?”

Jeremy’s heart sank. He had been feeling a little proud of himself. He had surprised himself with the confidence he showed in demanding Sarah and Joni strip and have sex his way. That was really unlike him. He lost all his inhibitions and took part in a sex party with two beautiful women that was probably unlike anything any of his friends had ever done. That all made him feel very good about himself, and he had a great time having great sex, in ways he had never even imagined having.

But seeing that picture of the gorgeous Beth and her tender message made him realize he had just cheated on her. It didn’t feel like that at the time, but if she knew about this, she would certainly look on it as cheating, and she’d be right.

Jeremy started to cry. It was Beth who had given him the confidence in himself, making this wild day possible. He wanted nothing more than to be with her that day; instead, he betrayed her.

When he composed himself a bit, he texted back.

“You’re beautiful in that dress – and beautiful out of it! I miss you too and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Love you.”

There. He said it for the first time in a text message, though regretted he didn’t wait until they were face-to face.

He drifted off to sleep for a short time. When he got up, he got dressed in his room rather than go back downstairs to retrieve what he had been wearing. He didn’t want to see Sarah and Joni again. He wanted to sneak down and find out where they were. He still had a good portion of the day to kill, but didn’t know if he should leave them in the house alone.

From the top of the stairs, he thought he heard something coming from outside. Looking down from Wendy’s room, he saw Sarah and Joni, outside on the deck in the rain. Sarah was dancing naked and squealing on the patio table, her red hair soaked with rainwater. Joni, equally naked, stood on the side looking up at her.

Jeremy’s phone beeped. Message from Matt.

“What’s up J?”

“Nothing much,” Jeremy started to type. Looking down again he saw Sarah standing on the table with her legs spread and Joni kneeling on a chair facing her and eating her.

“Couple of leftover naked women playing on the deck in the rain if you’re interested. I’m going to split.”

“No shit?” Matt shot back as Jeremy was headed downstairs to get his car keys from his other pants.

“Sarah and Joni. Mom’s gone. So am I.”

“We’re coming over,” Matt responded.

“I don’t care,” Jeremy wrote from his car.

Jeremy didn’t know where he was going. He just knew he had to get away from there, and he didn’t want to know what might happen if his friends came over and found Sarah and Joni.

Jeremy ended up at his father’s grave. Feeling depressed over his betrayal of Beth, he stood at the grave in the rain and choked back tears. He wasn’t going to let his dad see him cry. Certainly none of this would have happened had dad not been killed in that industrial accident, but then mom wouldn’t have had the money to live the way they did. How would his life have been different? Would he have grown up more confident under a father’s guidance?

How much was he like his father? He heard enough comments over the years his mom made in conversations with friends and relatives to suspect his dad cheated on her, and was sometimes rough with her. Was he taking after his father by cheating on Beth? All he knew for sure was he inherited his particular “gift” from his father, and it had been the cause of this thing with his mom – and what led Beth to approach him.

He felt a growing anger at his mom. It wasn’t right luring him to take his dad’s place in her bedroom. If wasn’t right for her to fuck Matt, or to set up a sex party between her friends and his. He had fooled himself into thinking what he and his mom shared together was somehow tender. It was really lurid and obscene. When he thought of tenderness, he thought of Beth.

Jeremy walked away from his dad’s grave without any answers. He brought some beer with him from the house and drank it in the car at the cemetery. He and Beth texted back and forth. All he told her all he did that day was “miss you.” She sent pictures of herself having a good time at the wedding dance. He wandered at the mall, grabbed a bite to eat and stared at his phone hoping to hear from her again.

In one of her last messages of the night, she texted.

“I caught the bouquet!” with a picture of herself holding it by her pretty face.

“What a great omen. Still miss you. Can’t wait till you’re back.”

Jeremy went home late, hoping his mom would be in bed. Instead, she wasn’t even home. He found the house straightened up. His clothes, left in the family room, were in his room folded on his bed. A note was on the dining room counter.

“Kate: Thanks! Come see us at Joni’s and we’ll tell you about it. Sarah.”

Jeremy went to bed.

Although he got up at 11 in the morning, Jeremy found his mom at the counter, wearing her bathrobe. He knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. It was her first step at another seduction, he thought. Jeremy resolved that this affair with his mother and her friends was over.

“Well, I’m glad to see you got plenty of rest. I think you probably needed it,” Kate chirped as cheerfully as she could. In her mind, she was sure Jeremy would be walking on air, happy and appreciative of the gift of her friends, making up for her keeping Jeremy away from them before. She was ready to use his good mood to her advantage.

Jeremy grunted on his way to the refrigerator, scratching his balls through the thin boxer shorts he came downstairs wearing.

“Sarah and Joni didn’t tell me everything. They just said you were fantastic and they both had these beautiful glows on their faces. They said Matt and Corey showed up just as they were leaving, but they were too sore from you. I’m sorry I missed this party.”

“No you’re not,” Jeremy said, his head inside the refrigerator. He picked out a beer for breakfast. He stood up and looked at her. “You missed this ‘party’ on purpose. You invited them over so I could have sex with them, and took off so you weren’t in the way, and Pam gave you the excuse you needed by being too timid to join in the orgy herself. Does that pretty much sum it up?”

In her mind, Kate dismissed Jeremy’s slightly angry tone. Closer to the front of her mind was his choice for breakfast. It was his dad’s choice when he got up in a dark mood. She knew what settled such a mood.

“Ok, you’re right, Kate smiled, walking up to him. But my friends complained about me pulling you away and you complained about me pulling you away. I thought I would make it up to all of you.”

Jeremy took a big gulp of the beer. He thought she probably meant well, but was missing the big picture of how this was all so out of control, and not what he really needed – or wanted – in his life.

“I know I complained, mom – but that’s not the point.” He felt conflicted, part of him boiling up in anger, part of him wanting to flee, part of him wanting to. . . but he wasn’t his father, as much as his mom wanted him to be.

Of all the ways Justin imagined he might spend his Sunday, he never anticipated that it would involve him being led, naked, into his room, by a strange young woman whose hand presently had a firm grip on his rigid cock.

He took short steps, making sure to keep up with the girl as she led him down the hallway to his bedroom, which suddenly seemed to go on for miles. If he fell behind, his cock received a sharper tug than he cared for. Finally the girl holding his makeshift leash reached the door to his room and, without asking, pushed the door open and dragged him inside.

“You know, your room is messier than I expected,” the girl remarked. “I thought you guys were supposed to be cleaner than this.” She surveyed the unmade bed, the crinkled posters of shirtless men on the walls, the clothing strewn about on the floor. “Doesn’t really matter to me, though.” As filled with anticipation as she was for the main event, she was enjoying her exercise of power over Justin. Like many guys she had encountered, his tough talk vanished once she put him in his place a bit, and soon she was going to get what she came for. First, she wanted to take the opportunity to check out her surroundings and jerk the boy around a little more. Literally. She smiled to herself at the way the slightest movement of her wrist generated a tug on the boy’s cock that led him wherever she wanted. She guided him around the room in this manner, prodding his belongings and opening drawers. One of these, the drawer to his nightstand, contained a 9-inch dildo and bottle of lube. She laughed. “Hell, that’s bigger than this thing.” She gave his cock a hard squeeze, delighting at the gasp from Justin that resulted. “Doesn’t look as thick, though.” Satisfied with what she had seen, she spun Justin around so that he faced her, his back to the bed.

Justin doubted that he could be any more humiliated or defeated. This experience started with him forcibly yelling at this girl to get out of his apartment, and now he was stark naked with her vice-like grip on his manhood while she violated both his body and his privacy. Suddenly, mercifully, the girl’s hand left his still-throbbing cock, but Justin’s relief was short-lived. He felt a forceful push on his muscular chest as the girl rammed both her palms into it, causing Justin to fall back on the bed. He felt the sheets on his bare ass and felt his cock flop and smack his hard abs. Dazed, he propped himself up on his elbows, only to be forced back down as the girl climbed on top of him, her palms again slamming into his hard chest. She wasn’t stronger than he, of course, but he was somehow under her control. He felt her palms resting on his chest as her fingers ran through his light dusting of chest hair. He craned his neck to see that she was straddling him. “What are you…”

“Listen, I think we’re past the whole ‘You’re not going to do this,’ ‘Yes, I am,’ thing.” She took her hands off his chest and began adjusting her skirt. “Just be a good boy. I’m going to be doing the work, anyway.” She positioned herself over his cock.

Justin realized, to his horror, that she wasn’t wearing anything under the skirt. He felt the tip of his cock slide along the girl’s pussy just before…. “Oh fuck!” She had begun lowering herself onto him. “You can’t do this! This is… this is…” His protests waned, replaced with gasps and moans, as the girl lowered herself completely over his dick. “Fuck, I… I’ve never… I….”

“Shhh.” I know you haven’t. “But I told you — fuck, your tool feels fucking amazing inside me — I told you I get what I want. Now shut up and be a good fuck toy for me.” She punctuated this last remark with a slap across the boy’s face. His eyes and lack jaw registered disbelief. “Normally I’d get naked for this, too, but fuck it, I know you don’t care. Now, what I’ve been waiting for…”

Justin’s mind went blank as the girl began to ride him. He felt, for the first time, his throbbing cock sliding in and out of the girl as she rode him like he was a bull. Even if he had the willpower to thrust back at the moment, Justin didn’t have to. The girl’s downward thrusts on his cock combined with the motion of the mattress on Justin’s ass were driving his cock deep inside his assailant. The thing that surprised him the most is that it felt… good. His only ever sexual contact with a woman, whom he wasn’t remotely attracted to, whom had waltzed into his house and humiliated, debased, and now raped him, and it felt good. He looked up at the girl, whose moaning he had barely noticed. He wasn’t even sure how long she had been using his cock at this point, except that her increasingly excited moans made it sound like she was going to reach orgasm any second.

“Don’t you dare fucking cum. You keep that cock hard for me. Aah!!” This was just as good as she thought it’d be. This gay boy’s long, thick cock was exactly what she needed. Hell, she might have to use him like this again sometime. This huge cock filling her up inside was… was…

As the girl came to orgasm, Justin could feel her pulsing and convulsing on his dick, which felt bigger than it ever had before. As her moaning and thrusting died down, she leaned over and pounded her fists on Justin’s chest. He just now noticed the beads of sweat that had run down his face and chest.

“FUCK! You have a fucking amazing cock. Goddamn shame you’re a fag.” She could feel his cock still throbbing inside her. She had to give him credit, he managed to keep from cumming the whole time. In fact, maybe this little fag deserved a reward…

Justin didn’t say a word (what could he say?) as he felt the girl slide her pussy up and off his cock, which slapped down on his hard abs once more. He laid his head back on the sheets and closed his eyes, taking stock of his situation. It felt like his cock had been erect for days, and his balls ached for release. He had satisfied the girl’s every desire, was it too much to hope that she’d just leave? He was again humiliated as he thought of lying there and jerking off after she left. He couldn’t bear to open his eyes and look at the girl as he heard her shuffling around the room. Thinking of it, it almost sounded like she opened a drawer… “Ooh!” Justin’s thought process was interrupted when the girl, in one swift moment, spread his legs and slid a lubed-up finger deep into his ass. “Wha-!”

“Oh, come on. I know you love this. You were such a good fuck toy that I thought you deserved something in return. Just lay back and enjoy this.” Her smile beamed. The boy stared at her, mouth and eyes wide in a combination of surprise, fear, anger, and pleasure. She had heard about how this boy reacted to something up his ass. So what if it was less than consensual this time? She slid her finger out to the tip, and when she thrust it back in it was joined by a second.

Justin knew he shouldn’t have been surprised at that point by the level of control this girl had over him. Still, he was. This girl who had forced herself into his house and used him to get off was now fucking him without a thought whether he wanted it or not. No, worse. She knew he wanted it. He gave in more completely than he had before, as much as he could. He spread his legs further and allowed her complete access to his ass. He laid back, closed his eyes, and accepted the shame that accompanied the fact that he enjoyed this.

“There you go. You are a little slut, aren’t you?” After pumping his ass a few times with two fingers, she removed them, in the process taking great pleasure in the whimper she heard upon their withdrawal. “Don’t worry. I’m not done with you.”

The next thing Justin felt was something thick pressed against his ass. Oh god, he thought. She’s going to fuck me with my own – At that moment, Justin’s mind exploded as he felt his 9-inch dildo slide into his ass. As the dildo moved in and out of his ass, fucking him relentlessly, Justin lost all abandon and moaned like a whore. The dildo repeatedly hitting his prostate was driving him wild; his cock throbbed almost painfully and his balls felt huge. Finally he could take it no longer. He reached down and gripped his huge member with a tight fist. He thought he heard the girl telling him to do just that, but he wasn’t sure anymore. He took one stroke on his aching tool and exploded as he felt the dildo shoved further than ever into his ass. Justin shot jets of cum, which landed on his face, on his shoulders, his chest, and finally his abs. It was the most intense pleasure of his life. He hadn’t realized how loudly he moaned when he came, but, laying back with his eyes closed, spent and defeated, realized that he had gotten his cum in his own mouth. He breathed heavily, his sweaty chest heaving. He gasped as he felt the dildo slide out of his ass.

The girl stood and took stock of her conquest. The young gay stud lay on his bed, completely spent. The same willful boy who objected to even being naked in front of her had just exploded over himself after she violated his ass. More importantly, she had taken his cock just like she said she would. Why do they ever think they can defy her? This one was cute, though. She liked the way his big, thick cock flopped and throbbed while his chest heaved and his abs rippled. She gave his fat cock one more squeeze (eliciting a gasp) before exiting the room. Her last thought before leaving the apartment was that she might have to pay this one another visit sometime.

Justin didn’t open his eyes until he heard the door to his apartment open and close. He couldn’t bear the site of the woman — a woman! — who had used, violated, raped, and totally defeated him. He lay on his bed feeling shame, fatigue, humiliation… but he couldn’t deny that even after an intense orgasm, he already felt a stirring in his cock. He stood and walked back to the living room, his big cock swinging. He knew the girl was gone, and stood, naked, in the middle of the room, knowing that she had completely owned him.

The end. For now.

It was a long, eventful day, and Carrie, Janet and Richard decided to go on their own way after dinner. All three of them eventually turned in early.

Carrie told Richard that she did have something important to discuss with him, but it would have to wait until tomorrow. All three were so worn out. Whatever this topic of conversation was, Carrie seemed that it warranted a full night’s rest in order to discuss.

It made Richard a little nervous.

The next morning, everyone was refreshed.

Richard felt the urge to tag along with Carrie and Janet for the day, as he became more and more addicted to the pleasure they had now both been giving him. But seeing as how they each attended to their own affairs, Richard was forced to spend the afternoon with his friends.

Janet had left to go visit some new neighborhood boy, and Carrie had abruptly gone to pick up some gardening tools. She described at great length what she needed for her flowers, but Richard found it difficult to pay attention. Flowers never really kept his interest.

He did, however, remember that he and his step mother would be having a serious talk before the day was done. He couldn’t help but ponder if this meeting – whether it be directly or in a roundabout way – had something to do with his dick. It amused him that that was all he could think about the last couple days, but Carrie and Janet did in fact do their part to make his penis a very celebrated figure in recent hours.

Richard had to temper his curiosity about this important meeting with Carrie, and go on with his day. He decided to have a few of his buddies over for swimming, and it would prove to be a fun afternoon of roughhousing, name calling and tall tales.

In-ground pools were the new trend, but although it was above ground and looked sort of outdated and worn, Richard’s pool was still the place to be on a hot day like this.

“Dude, I fucked Amber Hewitt last night,” said the loudmouth of the bunch, Barney Bussett.

“Yeah right,” said Richard’s other close friend, Craig Nichols, who always lived across the street since Richard was a youngster.

Amber Hewitt was an almost legendary figure at Temple High School the last couple years, a girl so gorgeous that she seemed to pop up in just about every local boy’s fantasies from time to time. She had long black hair, piercing green eyes, and of course the other physical attributes that many boys Richard’s age tend to dwell on. She had enormous breasts, and a cute bubble butt that could always be seen bouncing around campus. She was always somewhere, stealing the show, whether it be cheerleading practice, football games, the prom…

Richard still remembered fondly how he had a nice conversation with the girl earlier in the year. They both had detention that day, were sitting next to each other, and she dropped her pencil, and Richard was ever so polite in leaning over and picking it up for her.

She gave him such a sweet smile, and thanked him, and they made small talk about what each of them did to wind up in detention that otherwise gorgeous afternoon. Richard couldn’t help but fantasize about – well, as good ole’ Barney Bussett put it – her “huge melon tits.”

Just as he fondly thought of them, Richard’s daydream was abruptly ended, by the sudden feel of a boogie board smacking against his head.

“Yo, asshole, what are you doing?” Richard yelled at Craig, who was responsible for pushing the aforementioned pool toy in Richard’s direction as he waded in the water.

“I was trying to wake you up, man, sorry,” Craig laughed. Richard rubbed his head where the board had lightly struck it, and told Craig it was okay. Richard playfully jumped on his buddy’s back, and dunked him underneath the water.

When the two resurfaced, Barney was already starting another – even more provocative – conversation.

“I bet Richard was daydreaming about his hot step mom,” Barney laughed.

“Oh, no, here we go again,” Craig replied, then went underneath the water.

“Dude, enough about Carrie,” Richard chuckled. “I gotta hear this from you 24-7. Enough.”

Barney found it time to get up out of the water and relax on the deck, his legs wading in the pool. Not swimming anymore, he could now focus his attention on voicing his fantasies concerning Carrie.

Along with being the school mascot the last three years, which allowed Barney to dress up in a “Wildcat” costume and act like a goofball, he always tried to be the center of attention, whether in costume or not.

“I would just love to kiss her thighs,” he contemplated, looking up at the sky.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s always about the thighs,” Richard laughed, letting Barney have his fun.

“She does have some great fucking legs, dude,” Craig had to admit.

Richard himself could not resist thinking about Carrie’s delightful limbs, and her increasingly sexy behavior around him.

“Dude, great fucking tits too,” Barney added.

“They are melons,” Craig added, now swimming on his back as he fantasized about Richard’s gorgeous step mom.

“I have to admit, she is unbelievable,” Richard finally said. “But she is my step mom. It’s not like we’re related, but she’s still kind of like an authority figure to me.”

That aspect only drove the boys more wild.

“Oh my God, I would let her give me a spanking,” Barney said.

Richard now realized any attempt to get them to stop discussing Carrie was useless. But hearing the two boys talk about her so longingly, Richard gained a deeper appreciation for what he had with Carrie. She was the object of his friends’ fantasies, and he got to experience her on a daily basis, in real life.

She had seen him naked not once, but twice, had stroked his cock to an amazing orgasm, and then urged her daughter to do the same. He would have loved to share these experiences with Barney and Craig, but found that now was not the time yet. What he had going with Carrie and Janet was so special, and still in its early stages, that he did not want to do anything to jeopardize it from continuing.

That said, Barney was not the careful type like Richard. As talk about Carrie deepened, Barney’s behavior got all the more outlandish, as he now stood up on the deck, professing his love for the sexy brunette.

“Dude, if Carrie was here, I would be like…”

And just as he spoke, Barney yanked down his swim trunks to his knees, much to the chagrin – and then amusement – of the other two boys. Barney swung his hips so that his flaccid member frolicked in the afternoon breeze.

“Carrie would be like ‘oh my God, Barney, you’re so big,’” Barney said, describing his fantasy. Barney did in fact have a larger than average penis. Just as shy as Richard was about his enormous wang, Barney was all too proud to show his off. It wasn’t as large as Richard’s but large nonetheless, and the more he swung it about, its hearty slaps against his thighs rung out across the pool.

“Dude, put that thing away,” Craig laughed, swimming towards the other end of the pool. “Christ, I can see your balls too.”

“My dick and my balls have not spoken in years, isn’t that a shame?” Barney joked. “They’re bitter enemies.”

Richard and Craig looked at each other and laughed. They knew his friend had a very outrageous sense of humor. So lost in the moment though, none of the boys saw what – or who – was coming.

“Wow, I didn’t know there was a full moon,” said a woman’s voice.

It was Carrie, who was walking up onto the deck.

Barney, startled, turned ever so slightly around to see who it was, his large floppy member whipping around his leg just a bit. Carrie’s eyes saw the head of his dangly dick, and covered her eyes, blushing and giggling.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, Mrs. Parker,” Barney stammered, his demeanor much different from a moment ago.

He quickly pulled up his bathing suit to conceal his backside and privates, but his embarrassment could not be concealed.

“What on Earth were (laugh)…what on Earth were you doing, Barney Bussett?” Carrie laughed as she sat down on one of the benches on the deck, crossing her legs. Her brown hair blew gently in the breeze, a tight blue and white Cowboys T-shirt hugging her large breasts. She had on a pair of khaki shorts that hugged her big, beautiful butt just right.

“I had a problem with my bathing suit,” Barney said, trying to make up any excuse for his behavior.

“I can see you did,” Carrie smiled. “I guess you realized the problem was that bathing suits work a lot better when they’re pulled up.”

The teasing tone in Carrie’s voice only made Barney more embarrassed, much to the delight of Craig and Richard.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Parker, it won’t happen again,” he said.

“It’s okay,” she laughed, gently rubbing his knee as he stood before her. “Boys will be boys, right?”

Carrie’s smile and her charm made the boys feel at ease, especially Barney, whose nude shenanigans not only did not offend Carrie, but now she seemed to encourage them.

“Boys always skinny dipped when I was in high school,” she said, reminiscing. “There was a lake – now there’s houses there – right behind ‘Old Man’ Custard’s Ranch, and the boys would go swimming nude many an afternoon during the summer…”

Craig and Barney were spellbound by Carrie’s words. Just as she lured them in with her words, she crossed her legs, the thighs that Barney spoke of now fully on display.

“And (laugh), me and my friends would go and spy on them,” she went on.

Barney and Craig’s eyes widened, and so too did Richard’s.

“We saw all of our male classmates in a very different light, to say the least,” Carrie laughed. “I guess we were too shy to alert them of our presence. It probably would have been more fun to interact with them instead of crouching behind bushes, but we were shy…We just sat and watched, and compared…and contrasted…”

Her girlish giggle was intoxicating to the boys.

“You saw all of the boys naked, Mrs. Parker?” Barney said, now sitting down in order to hide a bulging erection.

The more questions they asked, Carrie seemed to be that much more open.

“Um-mmm,” she casually nodded. “I mean you have to understand our curiosity, and as little male nudity as there is in mainstream culture nowadays, well – lemme tell you – there was even less back then. To think we had to resort to crouching behind bushes and peaking out through trees to get a glimpse of…the male anatomy (giggle), it’s kind of sad in a way.”

Barney’s loveable bravado and gumption now kicked back in.

“Mrs. Parker, me and the guys are gonna skinny dip here from 4 to 6 p.m. every day the rest of the summer,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone. “You can sit right here, on one of the benches, you won’t have to hide or anything…”

Everyone erupted into laughter with Barney’s open invitation.

“You want me to see you naked, Barney Bussett, is that what you’re implying, young man?” she teased, crossing her legs.

“I’m very proud of what God has bestowed upon me,” he teased.

“Oh are you now,” she laughed.

The other boys could sense now was the time Barney was going to take this conversation to a whole other level, and maybe go too far.

“I have a nine-inch penis,” he muttered, then immediately went under water.

Richard and Craig both cringed with his somewhat lewd statement, but also laughed because it typified Barney’s personality.

“Did I hear him right?” Carrie asked with a smile, leaning closer to the water.

“Did he just say he has a…,” she questioned, more amused than anything.

Richard and Craig didn’t want to clarify his remark. They waited for Barney to re-emerge.

“Barney, please repeat that last statement,” Carrie said clearly to the young man.

He got a bit embarrassed, his bravado and libido tempered by his shyness around Carrie.

“I have a nine-inch penis,” he forced himself to say, enjoying the rush he got from talking about such things around Carrie.

“Really? Wow,” the young woman said teasingly. “That is amazing.”

Any other mom would have been offended to a great extent, but Carrie found infinite delight in the boys openly discussing their sexuality, in an atmosphere where Carrie’s authority could clearly be felt.

She sat up on the deck, with the three boys beneath her in the water. The deck put her up higher than the boys, as it appeared like she was perched up on a throne, with all three boys struggling for her attention.

“You do not have a nine-inch dick, dude,” Craig argued. “You’re so full of shit…Sorry, Mrs. Parker.”

“It’s okay, Craig,” she giggled.

Richard loved the way Carrie looked, and acted. The sun reflected so nicely off her pretty face, creating a certain glow. Her hand rested so gently on her knee, as she appeared totally at ease.

The boys, however, were so restless, wrestling around in the water as they argued back and forth, each of them trying to impress and amuse beautiful Carrie.

“Nine inches, you’re so full of it,” Craig repeated. “Mrs. Parker, this is like the time Barney said Roger Staubach came over his house for dinner.”

Richard and his step mom looked at each other and cracked up.

“Or like the time, Barney, you said your dad invented Astro turf,” Richard chimed in.

Carrie continued to giggle, and then was overcome with laughter as she remembered another one of Barney’s stories.

“I remember a certain Barney Bussett claiming that Frank Sinatra sang at his 10th birthday party,” Carrie said.

“Oh come on, that was so long ago,” Barney argued, now feeling overmatched by the other three.

Carrie again crossed her luscious limbs, her big thighs looking so good as a bronze tan made them even more appealing.

“Barney Bussett, you are one of a kind,” she laughed.

“I really am, Mrs. Parker, I swear,” he said, again referencing his supposed large organ.

“Dude, enough,” Craig told him, although he knew there was no use trying to quiet his buddy.

Carrie gave Barney a smirk, a look that he could feel across the pool. It was a look of doubt in reference to his claim, but also a look of appreciation for his boyish enthusiasm.

“No more lengthy stories about your anatomy,” Carrie said, then laughing at her own pun. “And I’m sure whatever God has bestowed upon you, in your words, is just fine enough.”

“But it’s a really special one, I swear,” Barney insisted, swimming closer to Carrie. He could smell her perfume in the air. There was a scent of strawberries.

“You’ll have to excuse him, mam, he thinks with his d-,” Craig said, but then stopping himself from using a crude word.

“He thinks with his dick? Is that what you were going to say?” Carrie laughed.

Hearing Carrie use the word “dick” was thrilling in itself for Barney and Craig. Her openness surprised them.

“Most boys do at that age,” Carrie added. “You know, think with their…(laugh). But I hope not all the time, Barney. And good Heavens, did you finally graduate yet?”

Barney, unlike the other two boys, had to attend summer school, but he was almost done.

“I just have one more exam, and a report on a historical figure,” he said.

“Oh, and what historical figure did you choose?” Carrie asked.

“Ulysses Parker,” Barney answered.

Richard looked over at his friend, giving him a funny look.

“Oh, Richard’s great, great, great, grandfather,” Carrie said. “One of the heroes of the Alamo.”

“Dude, if you’re thinking of just copying the report I did on him, that’s not gonna work,” Richard protested.

Barney was flustered.

“Why not?” he asked.

“Dude, that report is so old. I did that report in fourth grade,” he answered.

Again, everyone laughed, and Barney’s plan was dashed.

“You and your crazy schemes, Barney Bussett,” Carrie said.

She now rose up, as if she was readying herself to head in.

“Well I’m still gonna do the report on him,” Barney said. “Ulysses was a great man.”

Barney said that last part with a smirk, as if he was referring to something other than Ulysses’ military record.

“He was a really great man from the rumors I hear,” Carrie chimed in.

Barney perked up even more, happy to share this inside joke with Richard’s hot step mom.

“Maybe you could write about that part of his life story for extra credit,” she suggested, saying it sort of jokingly but with some seriousness in her voice.

“Yeah, that would be cool,” Barney said.

Carrie giggled.

Richard had no idea what the heck they were talking about. Before he could ask, the moment had passed.

“How old are you, Mrs. Parker, like 25?” Barney asked, all of his attention bestowed upon Carrie.

She gave him a cute smirk again.

“That’s very flattering, Barney, but your math skills need some work,” she said. “That would mean I would have had Janet when I was seven.”

Barney smiled.

“I’m 35,” she told him, waving off a bee. “Janet was born shortly after I finished high school.”

“Where did you grow up?” was his follow-up question, his interest in her relentless.

Carrie looked at Craig and Richard as if to say ‘can you believe this guy?’ But she didn’t mind the attention.

“I grew up in Dripping Springs, just outside Austin,” she said. “I moved about for some time because of nursing, but I finally settled in Temple, oh, in…1970 I believe. Yes.”

Barney now got out of the pool just so he could sit near Carrie. She was unfazed, but seemingly the closer he got to her, the more nervous he was. She could even see a bulge in his bathing suit, as he had to pull the article of clothing away from his body to give his growing erection more room. Carrie giggled to herself at the sight.

“You have such amazing legs, how do you stay in such great shape?” Barney gushed.

“Well, mostly from running around,” she laughed, “picking up Janet and Dick wherever they need a ride to.”

“Dude, when are you gonna get a car and make it easier for your step mom?” Barney griped, in Richard’s direction.

It cracked everybody up how Barney was coming to Carrie’s defense.

“Oh, Barney, I know Dick can’t afford his own car,” she said. “He hasn’t had time to get a part-time job, plus, I need him around here the next couple weeks for some…things…”

She glanced over at her stepson with a pleasant grin on her face, like she had something planned. This must be what she had to talk to him about later, and now the suspense was driving Richard wild.

“Wow, 35,” Barney said, his attention back on Carrie.

“Yep, the age a lot of women reach their sexual peak,” she added, knowing it would excite him.

She even winked at Richard and Craig as if to say ‘let’s see how Barney reacts to that statement.’

“Yeah, I heard that about women,” Barney said, shuffling in his seat on the bench nearest Carrie.

“And it’s weird, Barney, because the sexual peak for men is, well, 18,” she said to him.

“You’re 35, I’m 18,” he said, putting the numbers together, which wasn’t always easy for Barney Bussett to do. “It’s like we were meant to be together, Mrs. Parker.”

Craig and Richard, both getting out of the pool at this time, laughed like Barney just told a funny joke.

“I think Richard’s father would have something to say about that,” Carrie laughed, “but that is very sweet, Barney.”

As all three of the boys, and Carrie, now stood on the deck together, Carrie glanced around openly at all of their naked upper bodies, enjoying how their muscular, young physiques looked even more enticing with water dripping from them. She then glanced downward, and her eyes inevitably went to Richard’s bathing suit, and Carrie could see the outline of his tubular organ snaking down his right thigh. Richard did his best to hide it, but she smiled as she noticed its appearance.

And then she stared. There was plenty to look at in the Parkers’ backyard – the lush green grass, chirping Hummingbirds, fresh-cut Blue Bonnetts and butterfly bushes – but Carrie instead chose to stare at Richard’s penis, whether it was covered or not. And by coincidence or not, it wasn’t hard to predict what the next word out of her mouth would be, considering what her mind dwelled on.

“Dick,” she said clearly, “are you ready to go in?”

He nodded, and the three boys headed away from the pool and towards the patio, with Carrie walking alongside them.

“Is it cool if we go skinny dipping here from now on, Mrs. Parker?” Barney asked with utmost sincerity.

“Jesus, dude,” Craig laughed.

Carrie smiled at Barney’s enthusiasm.

“Just don’t make too much of a racket, that’s all,” she suggested. “The Fishers are away on vacation. No one should bother you as long as you act civilized.”

Barney was overjoyed.

“I may just stop by to check on you guys, making sure you’re behaving yourselves,” she said plainly.

With that, Carrie was basically saying she would be there to watch. Sure, she implied that it was for safety reasons, but Barney dwelled on the fact that Carrie would be watching them swim nude.

As his friends anticipated the next afternoon, Richard had something to look forward to that night.


Richard sat at the kitchen table, getting ready for dinner.

Carrie was out on the patio grilling steaks, and her stepson could see her big round butt hugged nice and snug by khaki shorts.

He enjoyed the view for a few moments until she came back into the kitchen, with a big smile.

“Sorry my friends were such idiots today, Carrie,” he apologized.

“Oh,” she said, waving her hand, “they’re harmless.”

Richard eyed the steaks Carrie was holding on a platter, and looked forward to the meal. Carrie went on chatting.

“I bet,” she began, then licking her fingers, “oh wow, this steak sauce is so good. I bet that uh…”

Her mind drifted as she set out plates and began laying out the food.

“I bet Barney is going to have a very tough adjustment next year in college, especially without you and Craig around,” she said, placing a good helping of mashed potatoes on Richard’s plate.

“Carrie, he’s only going to junior college, I’m sure he’ll be okay,” the stepson answered.

“Well that’s what I mean, Dick, you’ll be off at Baylor and Craig will be at Oklahoma – poor Barney’s gonna be lost,” she said as she finally sat down and began eating.

She had set a place for Janet, but kept her daughter’s food warm in the oven.

“Maybe you can watch after him,” Richard joked as he took a bite of steak. “Wow, this is really good…I’m sure he would enjoy your company.”

Carrie smiled.

“He has taken quite a shine to me, hasn’t he,” the step mom said with a glowing smile.

“He’s in LOVE with you,” Richard answered. It only made Carrie even more delighted.

“He’s adorable,” she said. “You guys pick on him too much. You know he’s always felt a void since his father left…”

“I know, I know,” Richard said.

“Well? That’s probably why he makes up all those stories, just to feel more important,” she said. “Is your steak cooked well enough, sweetie?”

Richard was almost half done eating his steak, so clearly he had no problem with it.

“Yeah, it’s great,” he said. “This is one of the best steaks I’ve had in a while.”

Carrie slowly put one bite in her mouth. Richard loved to watch her eat. Anything that brought more attention to her lips and mouth aroused him greatly.

“Do you think they’ll really do it?” Richard couldn’t help but ask.

“What’s that, hon?” Carrie replied.

“Go skinny dipping,” the young man specified. “What Barney was talking about.”

Carrie had a delightful grin on her face as she took a sip of iced tea.

“I don’t know, Richard, what do you think?” she asked.

Richard sensed the ambiguity to that question. In one sense, Carrie was simply asking him if he thought his friends would go through with it, but at the same time, it was like she was asking Richard if HE would go through with it.

“Um, I don’t know,” he answered. “It wasn’t my idea. I mean, they were talking about doing it, really just Barney was. I don’t know if I…”

She gave him this warm smile, as if she thought the more bashful he got, the more adorable he seemed. But at this point, Carrie was intent on stripping Richard of his bashfulness, among other things.

As the two enjoyed a nice moment, Janet came storming through the front door.

“God, cheerleading practice sucked,” she said. “The coach is such a bitch.”

“It was just your first day, sweetheart,” Carrie said as she got up and fixed her daughter a plate. “Give it time.”

“Yeah and besides,” Richard chimed in, “this is junior college cheerleading. The BIG show.”

He and Carrie smiled at each other, having a bit of fun with the young girl.

“Oh ha-ha,” Janet answered as she sat down. “Yeah so Temple College (laugh), isn’t exactly the big time…But you won’t be poking fun when I’m a Cowboys cheerleader someday. Then you’ll get to see these beauties on T.V. every Sunday.”

Again, she taunted him – and teased him and aroused him – with her great legs. The shorts she was wearing barely reached down below her thighs. Richard dreamed of planting kiss after kiss on her soft, supple tan beauties, and all the while he loved how their playful back-and-forth dialogue.

“At least I’m already doing college stuff,” Janet said as she had some steak – Carrie always gave her the smallest one, which Richard thought was cute.

It looked so tiny compared to the huge T-bone he had already woofed down.

“What did you do all day, hang out with Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dumb?,” Janet asked.

“If you mean Barney and Craig, yes, they were all hanging out in the pool all afternoon,” Carrie said as she sat back down.

“Oh God,” Janet answered. “Craig is nice…I used to think Barney was kind of cute until I found out what a screw-up he is.”

Just about everyone thought that, except for Richard, who had always been chums with the lad, and Carrie, who saw something special in young Barney.

Before they began a debate on the topic, Janet changed the subject.

“Hey, Mom, did you tell Richard the BIG news?” the young girl asked teasingly.

She even followed up her question with a wicked laugh.

Richard then glanced over at his step mom, who also was sporting a rather amused grin.

“I did not,” Carrie said with conviction. “After dinner, Richard and I will have a talk about it.”

“Ha!” Janet cried out. “Wait til you hear this, Ritchie boy.”

Richard could do nothing but sit and wait for Carrie and Janet to finish eating. A second ago, he felt full, content. Now, his stomach was in a tizzy, butterflies flapping about.

He was nervous, and somehow greatly aroused. He had a feeling Carrie had something planned for him.


“Okay,” Carrie began as she and Richard sat on his bed, with the door closed. Just as the step son readied himself for this supposed big news, Carrie sat quiet for a few moments and just gave Richard a beaming smile.

“What is it?” he asked with a laugh.

“Oh, Richard, I hope I haven’t put you in an awkward position,” she said.

Richard started to get the feeling that whatever this big news was, Carrie had already decided Richard’s fate on the matter.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well, lemme go ahead and explain,” Carrie answered him, crossing her legs.

She took another deep breath, and calmly glanced around at all of the posters that decorated Richard’s wall. One in particular stole her attention.

“Oh, is that a new one?” she asked him. “I haven’t seen that one before.”

She was trying to make Richard comfortable before delving into a more serious topic.

“Yeah, it’s Tony Dorsett,” Richard told her. “I just picked it up at the mall last week.”

“Very nice,” the step mom said. “I love the posters. I just wish you would clean in here…”

Richard glanced around at all the clothes and magazines and papers that cluttered the floor.

“Seriously, Dick, it’s like a twister blew through here,” Carrie laughed.

The young man shook his head, unsure of what to say.

“Anyway,” Carrie began, now moving her body a bit so she faced Richard more directly.

“As you know, I think you know anyway, I took up teaching again this past year?” she asked. “You know, just some part time stuff. My schedule at the hospital is kind of crazy but I do love teaching so I try to fit it in.”

“Oh yeah, I remember, doing some substitute jobs,” he said.

“Exactly,” she replied calmly. “And, well, the last class that I was supposed to teach was sex ed.”

“Oh. Okay,” Richard answered.

“But as you remember, we had the freak snow storm, and classes got cancelled for a week and everything got bumped back…” she went on, “and the class got postponed to the summer, which ultimately meant it got cancelled all together. Because you know as well as I do that the kids weren’t gonna want to come in during the summer just to take some one-week class.”

“Right,” Richard said.

“Until,” Carrie interjected, “I got a call from Miss Weathers over at Temple College and said they were still having the class, only it was now going to be offered for college credits. You know before it was just for high school kids, but now they’ve kind of expanded the curriculum where it’s, well, I think sex seminar would be a better term for it since it’s a much more expansive class. Sex ed, you just think of kids first learning how babies are made. Kind of basic stuff.”

“Right,” Richard interjected.

“It’s also,” Carrie went on, “sort of a social tool for the young women who decide to partake. Of course a lot of kids will join because they think it’s an easy one or two credits. Kind of the dangling carrot to lure them in. But they really all should take advantage of the class. It’s really going to be great.”

Richard nodded in approval.

“And wouldn’t you know it, about 15 or so girls went right ahead and signed up already,” Carrie said excitedly.

“Wow,” Richard said. “And the class is all girls, right?”

“All girls,” Carrie told him, as the step mom and stepson looked each other right in the eyes. “A lot of it deals with you know, female sexuality, and also social topics, like how to steer clear of trouble in a college setting – whether it be dating or parties…it covers a wide range of topics.”

Richard loved the way her eyes sparkled as the sun shined through the window. He was lost for a second, but Carrie quickly broke him out of his trance.

“But there is (giggle), a rather large part of the curriculum dealing with the male anatomy,” she said. “You know, the male sex organs. This part of the class is designed to give the women a better understanding of all those special parts of a young, healthy male.”

Richard’s penis twitched in his shorts. The discussion was getting a lot more interesting.

“And we were supposed to have a live male model come in for that part of the class,” Carrie explained.

“But, contract difficulties – basically he wanted more money – prompted us to find someone else,” she said.

“Gladys – you know, Miss Weathers, was going into panic mode until I told her I already had someone in mind,” Carrie said. “I said he’s young, handsome, real easy going, great with others, and I told her, quite honestly, he’d probably do it for free.”

“Who’d you get?” Richard asked, interested.

Carrie gave him a surprised smirk.

“Sweetie?!” she said, surprised he had to ask. “You. I told Gladys you would be glad to do it.”

“Me?” he asked surprised. “You told her I would do it?”

“Well of course,” Carrie said. “In fact she was overjoyed considering it was someone I knew well because, we are dealing with young women here…We want someone we feel comfortable with.”

The butterflies returned in Richard’s stomach, and his penis also began to rise.

“What would I have to do?” Richard asked.

Carrie crossed her legs, and calmly rested one of her delicate hands on her right knee.

“Do? You won’t have to do anything,” she reassured him, although Richard would in fact have to do plenty, but she didn’t want to overwhelm him.

“I just have to…what?” he pondered aloud

Carrie smiled.

“Well the biggest thing, obviously,” she began, “is you will have to be completely naked. For the entire class.”

“H-how long is the class?” he could barely get out.

“Uh, 90 minutes,” she told him hesitantly.

Richard’s penis now grew to a full erection as it stretched down the right leg of his shorts. But at the same time, he had a feeling of anxiety in his stomach. He loved the idea of being naked in front of Carrie and Janet, but 15 girls? Possibly more?

“We are going to cover a lot of ground,” she told him with a cute grin. “There’s appearance – you know, just getting a good idea of the physical appearance of the male genitals. We’ll talk about the penis, the testes – BALLS, if you will.”

She was trying to lighten the mood. Richard chuckled.

“And we’ll ever so delicately delve into erections, ejaculation…” she went on.

“Ejaculation?” Richard asked surprised.

“Um-mmm,” she calmly nodded. “I’m sure you’ll really enjoy putting on a show in that regard.”

“Oh wow,” he couldn’t help but say. Richard was excited on the inside, but he looked nervous.

“I just thought,” Carrie said soothingly, rubbing his knee, “that, given your um, very unique endowment (giggle)…this would be a lot of fun for the girls…And for you.”

Their eyes met again, with Carrie offering Richard a heart-warming smile.

“And plus,” she added, “girls sitting in the back row won’t have to squint to see what we’re talking about. Yours – you can see it from a great distance, let’s just put it that way.”

They both laughed as the mood lightened.

“But all kidding aside, sweetie,” Carrie said, “it is going to be rather intense. There is going to be a heck of a lot of emphasis on your cock.”

There were times when Carrie would mince words, or be delicate when regarding Richard’s anatomy. This was not one of those times. She felt this was not a time to be coy.

“A whole lot of eyes are going to be on you, on your cock,” she said with utmost sincerity. “Just to give you fair warning…but I think you would be really good for this.”

She then playfully pinched his cheek. His face was flushed so red with excitement, Carrie’s fingers created a white hue on the boy’s cheek for just a moment.

“I really think the girls will warm up to you,” Carrie went on. “You have a certain quality, Richard, and I’m not just talking about your mammoth cock.”

Her candidness got Richard’s attention.

“You have a certain sweetness about you,” she said.

“Thank – ” he began. He was trying to thank her but she went right on talking.

“Now I feel,” Carrie said, holding her hands over her chest. “The best way to get you ready for this…because, sweetie, I’m gonna tell you, it can be overwhelming. I can’t speak from experience – I’ve never been nude in a room full of men, but I’ve spoken to a few male models who have done this sort of thing and they tell me the first time it is pretty nerve-racking…”

“Well that’s not good,” Richard answered.

“But,” Carrie said. “We’re going to have you ahead of the game. I feel, the best way to get you ready for this is to get you, well, used to being naked in front of clothed women.”

Richard’s erection threatened to burst through his shorts. He loved Carrie’s line of reasoning.

“How can we do that?” he asked nicely.

“Well,” she answered calmly, letting out a sexy sigh. “I would suggest you go nude around the house. For a while. Maybe up until the class, which is, lemme see now, two weeks away.”

“Just go completely naked?” he asked, both excited and surprised.

“Completely naked,” she stressed.

“Because Richard,” she said, now rubbing his knee nice and gently, “when people say the best way to deal with the anxiety of being in front of a big group of people is to imagine everyone is naked…you’ve heard that right?”

“Yeah,” Richard said.

“Well that’s bullshit,” she told him. He chuckled.

“We’re not gonna try to play any mind games here, with you imagining all of the women are naked too. Because they’re not going to be naked, Richard, only you’re going to be naked, right?” she said, sympathizing with him.

“Right,” he answered.

“They’re gonna have their clothes on. You’re going to be the naked one,” she emphasized. “So instead of silly mind tricks, let’s simply get you used to the real thing, which is being naked in front of fully clothed women. Because you’re gonna be the one on display, not the other way around.”

“Yes, mam. I understand,” he said. “I understand what you’re saying.”

She slapped the inside of her big gorgeous thigh.

“Good, Richard, good,” she said, rising to her feet. “Because in a couple weeks you’ll be so used to displaying that big willy of yours, it won’t even faze you.”

This was getting better by the moment.

“You with me so far?” Carrie asked him with a sweet smile.

“Yes, mam,” he answered her obediently. She urged him to rise to his feet.

She drew him in close, and looked in his eyes.

“It is up to Janet and myself to prepare you,” Carrie explained. “I don’t want you running out of that classroom petrified with your dick between your legs.”


Usually, the expression was ‘tail between your legs,’ but Richard liked how she improvised.

“I want you bursting into that room full of women…large and in charge,” Carrie said.

Richard was in awe of her majesty, her way of taking charge in this situation, and her desire for him to follow her lead, which he did.

“Yes, mam,” he told her, his voice cracking out of nervousness, but his heart was racing and his erection throbbed in his shorts.

Carrie looked at her watch.

“Okay, good,” she said. “There’s still time tonight to sort of get you started. So why don’t we march right downstairs, hang out with Janet for a while, and you can begin your, well, your training.”

“You mean, I should start going naked, tonight?” he asked.

“Um-mmm,” she nodded with a big smile.

Richard gave a brave smile, but seemed nervous. Carrie felt the need to give the boy deeper insight to the reasoning behind her methods.

“You know, Dick, when I was a swimmer,” she began, crossing her legs, “I had this real hard ass for a coach.”

Richard couldn’t help but sneak a quick peak at her beautiful thighs, so toned and so luscious as a result of all those years in the water.

“Oh my God, the drills she would have us do,” Carrie remembered. “Laps and laps and laps…and more laps. And do you know the reason for this?”

“To torture you guys?,” he asked jokingly.

“So it would seem,” she laughed. “No, no. The reason, dear Richard, was to build up our stamina, our endurance, and quite frankly, by the time the races rolled around, it seemed like nothing compared to all the yardage we put in weeks back…do you know where I’m going with this?”

Richard was filled with so much excitement – and some jitters as well – that he couldn’t answer quick enough.

“Well,” she went on. “This seminar that I will be teaching, that you have so bravely volunteered for, I think by the time it rolls around, you will be so used to being naked around fully clothed females you won’t even realize you’re nude.”

“And why is that?” Richard asked, wanting Carrie to know she had his full attention.

“Because, Dick, over the next two weeks, I plan to keep you naked as much as possible,” she said plainly.

“Oh man,” he said, blown away by the whole concept.

Carrie, all the while, maintained total composure.

“Your full frontal nudity will seem perfectly natural. The norm, if you will,” she explained with the utmost ease.

Richard took a deep breath, and felt the urge to kid with Carrie to break some of the tension.

“So you and Janet will be naked too the next couple weeks, right?” he kidded.

Carrie rewarded his attempt at humor with an amused grin.

“No, silly, Janet and I will not be naked,” she laughed. “We’re not the ones preparing for a BIG unveiling.”

Although it was completely unfair in a sense that only he would be nude and exposed, Carrie’s logic was completely sound, and was not challenged by the young male.

“Now, let’s stop fooling around and get you started,” she urged him, patting him on the butt as he arose from the bed.

Richard began to get undressed, and Carrie stood there, waiting patiently for him to completely disrobe. He took off his shirt, his shorts, then his socks, and stood before Carrie in just his underwear. She gave him this look like ‘well come on, don’t stop there.’

He gently pulled down his underwear, and Carrie reacted with relative ease as his huge erection bounced around between his legs, now completely uncovered.

“Very good,” she encouraged him. “Now I know it is going to feel weird for a while, Richard, walking around the house with um…”

Richard looked her in the eyes, waiting for her to finish.

“Certain things right out in the open,” she continued, making a hand gesture towards his exposed genitals.

Again, they shared a laugh together.

“But after a while it will feel completely natural,” she urged him.

They started for the bedroom door, and already Richard felt intoxicated by the scene. He was walking completely naked, side by side with a fully clothed woman.

“I’m like Luke, and you’re kind of like my Obi-One,” Richard laughed, referencing characters from his favorite movie.

“If that’s the way you want to look at it,” Carrie giggled.

She eyed his massive pork sword as they approached the steps.

“And that’s sort of like your light saber, I guess,” she said to him, staring at his huge erection.

He was overjoyed that she could relate to him. And he gave her a look of astonishment.

“What? You and your father made Janet and I see that Star Wars movie twice with you guys. I’m bound to remember some of the terminology,” she explained.

As they both trotted down the steps, side by side, Carrie couldn’t help but glance down at Richard’s bouncing member.

“Ba-boing, ba-boing, ba-boing,” she laughed.

“I can’t help it,” he said back to her.

As they reached the bottom of the steps, each seemed to be fighting for position, both wanting to be the first to tell Janet the good news.

“Wow, you are really eager to tell her, huh,” Carrie remarked with joy.

Janet was chatting on the phone in the family room when Carrie and Richard casually walked in, and Janet immediately reacted with excitement upon seeing that Richard was completely naked.

“Ha! I gotta call you back, Amber,” she told her friend.

She slammed the phone down in excitement and jumped to her feet, and then put her arms around her step brother’s muscular shoulders to show encouragement.

“So I guess this means he said ‘yes,’” Janet exclaimed.

“Not that he had any choice in the matter,” Carrie teased. She then looked at her step son and gave him that warm smile of hers.

“So you’re cool with being our class pet for a day?” Janet teased her stepbrother.

Richard felt a little nervous again with the thought of being nude in front of so many women, but Carrie eased his worry.

“Now, Janet, don’t make him nervous,” she told her. “We are going to be very gentle with him during that class. He’s there to help us out.”

Janet eyed Richard’s naked body from head to toe.

“Yes, Richard. Your dick is going to be expanding the education of several young women,” she joked.

Carrie suppressed a giggle at her comment.

“He does possess quite a learning…tool,” Carrie added with a smile. “No pun intended.”

Janet sat back down on the chair nearest the T.V. while Carrie and Richard still stood side by side. Richard’s enormous erection, very noticeable and very much a point of focus for the two women, throbbed openly in the air as the mother and daughter continued to chat.

“We just have to do a good job of getting him used to being the center of attention,” Carrie told Janet. “You know how the first few minutes of that class, until the girls calm down, a naked guy standing there is going to create sort of the ‘elephant in the room’ dynamic.”

“More like a horse in the room,” Janet laughed.

“Or horse,” Carrie chuckled. “That analogy works pretty good too.”

Carrie now sat down on the sofa and casually thumbed through the T.V. guide. Richard still stood up, now drawing even more attention to his aching erection by folding his hands behind his back. He was practically begging the women to provide him some release. He was hoping they would start stroking his cock.

“Anything good on tonight?” Carrie asked her daughter.

“I don’t know, lemme see,” Janet answered as she clicked away on the remote.

Richard’s reluctance to sit down did not please Carrie.

“Dick, come sit down, we won’t bite,” the step mother told him.

The young man walked slowly over to the sofa and sat down next to Carrie. Richard’s erection now stood up lewdly between his legs as he sat down. Every now and then, it would bounce up and down, its unrelenting throbbing a sign of its need to be caressed and stroked.

Janet glanced over at Richard and found infinite delight in his full-frontal nudity.

“So this is the way it’s going to be for the next two weeks?” she asked her mom with a smile, referring to Richard’s lack of clothing.

“Yes, indeedy,” Carrie said, slapping her leg. “Everything will be as it was – we’ll do the same things around the house, watch the same shows on T.V., eat the same meals…only Richard will be naked.”

Janet let out a long, satisfied chuckle. She fiddled with her tank top a bit, making her boobs bounce a little as she did so.

“How do you feel, Dick?” Janet asked her stepbrother.

He wanted to tell her that he was dying to come, that his balls felt like they were going to explode, but he resisted the temptation for a moment.

“Kind of chilly,” he said.

The two women burst out laughing.

“I guess I do have to start taking your wardrobe into consideration when I adjust the air conditioner,” Carrie laughed. “I always crank it up pretty high because of the heat wave, but now that you’re going to be…very lightly dressed for the next two weeks (laugh)…I’ll try to keep it a little less cold.”

For the next 30 minutes, the three watched an episode of M*A*S*H, and Richard couldn’t stop thinking about his need to come. He would glance over at Janet’s huge tits, then over at Carrie’s gorgeous legs, and the fact that he was completely naked in front of these two foxes only made him even more aroused.

Every now and then, each of the two women would glance over at Richard, casually look at his humongous pecker, smile, and then go back to watching T.V.

Finally, seemingly out of mercy for him, Janet finally said something about his condition.

“Richard’s had a huge boner ever since you guys walked down here,” she laughed, now directly facing the other two.

“I know, I know,” Carrie said, eying his erection. “I thought that was out of the initial excitement of being naked in front of us, and it would eventually go down…but it seems to have gained strength instead of relenting.”

His penis throbbed in the air, even lightly tapping his belly as the women chuckled about his giant hard-on.

“I guess you need our help, dontcha Dick,” Carrie smiled.

“Oh God, yes,” he answered.

Both the mother and daughter looked at each other and cracked up.

“God, 30 minutes into your training and you already need us to jerk you off?” Janet laughed.

“I can’t help it,” Richard fired back, apologetic for his state.

“More like, it can’t help it,” Carrie sympathized, implying Richard’s penis was acting of its own will.

He looked down at his massive boner sort of embarrassed.

“Janet, don’t be upset with him, it’s only natural for Richard to become aroused,” Carrie told her daughter.

Richard twitched a bit in his seat, and his huge prick bounced against his stomach, its hardened state a source of amusement and interest for the two women.

“We are though (laugh), going to HAVE to build up your stamina, sweetie,” Carrie told her stepson. “This is going to be a long class, so you’re going to have to be able to uh, hold out for a bit until we allow you to ejaculate.”

Richard looked down at the floor with a sad look.

“But we’ll build up to that. For now, well, I don’t wanna see you suffer so Janet and I will assist you…” Carrie said.

“Should we give him a hand?” Janet asked enthusiastically, shaking her hand up and down, simulating a hand job.

“Um, why don’t we change it up a bit?” Carrie asked. “You know, break the monotony. How about…we use our feet?”

Carrie raised her feet in the air, parallel to the ground, and wriggled her toes. Richard became even more excited as she did so. Her feet were so tiny, and so cute. And they were so supple and soft, like she must rub them with lotions every night.

“A foot job! I love it,” Janet exclaimed, excited about the idea.

She jumped up and Richard’s attention immediately went to her feet, as they too were so dainty and lovely looking.

“Does that sound good to you, Richard? That we use our feet?” Carrie asked her stepson.

“Yes, mam,” he answered almost instantly.

“Because this is the way it’s going to be the next two weeks – it will be difficult at times for you, but then Janet and I will decide when you need release, okay?” Carrie asked nicely.

“Yes, mam,” he answered again.

Carrie crossed her legs, and her nipples were poking out against her Cowboys T-shirt very nicely as Richard glanced at her enormous covered breasts.

“It’s paramount, Dick, that you trust us,” Carrie went on, lecturing him. “We are going to get you through this class. And in the end, you’ll be able to look back at the whole experience and smile, and be so infinitely glad that you did it, that you shared your enormous gift.”

Even when she talked to him delicately, it aroused him so much.

“Yes, mam, I trust you, both of you,” he told her.

“Well that’s very good. Very, very good, Dick,” she said, running her hand through his hair and giving him an approving smile.

“I just, I really, really took it to heart what Janet said about there simply not a lot of…educational material out there for women when it comes to the male body,” Carrie said, holding her right hand up over her chest, and caressing Richard’s hair with her left. “I really believe this is a win-win situation. This is going to be a heck of an experience for the girls involved, and you, well, like your father, don’t mind being the center of attention in this regard.”

Richard suddenly thought of what his dad would think of this class, and the training it involved. Carrie reassured him.

“And I’ve already spoken to your father, sweetie, and he’s completely on board with everything,” Carrie told him. “And I do mean everything – the class, your preparation, our assistance in giving you release (smile). He completely understands.”

Richard was relieved, but before he could voice his response…

“Your father did a few nude modeling sessions when he was younger,” Carrie told the two kids. “Not a sex ed class, mind you, but a few classes at the college where there were several women, all painting pictures of your father in the nude. He loved it.”

“I hope they all had a really big canvas to paint on,” Janet joked.

Carrie smiled.

“I am sure they came prepared,” she laughed, understanding that Janet was referring to Neal’s large member.

A moment of silence followed, but Carrie didn’t let either of the kids rest for long. She held Richard’s hand, like she had something to tell him. There was some new territory the three were going to cross into.

“Richard, sweetie, why don’t you get on all fours and kiss our feet,” Carrie urged him very gently. “If you are in fact going to follow our lead the next two weeks, this would be a nice sign of gratitude, a sign that you understand our authority over you.”

As Richard looked down at Carrie’s feet, the mom winked at Janet, as the two were having some fun with him.

“Yes, mam,” Richard replied, and the two females had to hold in their laughter, as neither expected Richard to so quickly embrace the concept of them wielding their authority over him.

He seemed to like it.

Richard got down on his knees, and clumsily knelt down on the T.V. remote by accident.

“Ouch,” he said mildly.

“I’ll take that,” Carrie laughed, reaching out and taking the gizmo from him.

Janet sat down the sofa, sticking out her right foot and wriggling her toes in the air for Richard’s attention.

“Kiss ‘em,” she ordered him.

He quickly obliged, even showing his obedience in the verbal form as well.

“Yes, mam,” he answered his stepsister.

He held each of her beautiful feet in his hands, and planted kiss after kiss after kiss on every part of each one, paying special attention to all of her cute, little toes.

The way he went about it with so much gusto, the women were delighted.

“Uh, Richard, don’t forget about me,” Carrie said, now sitting next to Janet and dangling her lovely foot near Richard’s face.

“Sorry, mam,” Richard apologized.

“It’s okay,” she laughed.

Even more excited to worship Carrie’s lovely feet, because of the great impact she had had on him in recent days, Richard held both of his step mom’s feet up, side by side, and went from left to right, kissing each and every one of her toes, ever so slightly putting each one in his mouth as he did so.

“Oh, this is incredible,” she exclaimed. “Richard, you are a godsend.”

The young man didn’t even lift his head to accept the compliments, as he was too busy kissing – and practically worshipping – his step mother’s feet. His kisses were loud and very audible, a sign of his affection.

“Now do me, Ritchie boy,” Janet lovingly said to her stepbrother.

Richard laughed as the two women playfully fought for his attention.

Richard scooted over on the floor a bit to get to where his stepsis was, and instead of simply kissing her feet, he held up her right foot and slowly, and delicately, took her big toe into his mouth. He sucked on it for several seconds.

“Ooo, that feels nice, Ritchie boy, you like sucking on my toes?” Janet cooed.

Richard didn’t want to stop sucking in order to answer his stepsister, so he simply nodded. And she smiled.

Richard then went on to the next toe, and took that one in his mouth, and sucked away, enjoying its sweet taste.

“Hey, Ritchie boy,” the stepsis said to him.

Richard lifted his head obediently.

“Can you do me a favor?” she asked of him.

Again, he nodded.

“Do you think you could get all five of my toes in your mouth?” she asked him in a real sexy tone.

Both her and her mom started giggling, and so did Richard, who loved that Janet gave him a challenge.

“I can try,” he said.

Richard held her foot up, with great reverence, and eyed it adoringly. It was so nice and petite, her toenails looking so clear and natural and unpainted, and Janet then wriggled her toes to entice Richard even further.

“Do it,” she ordered him soothingly. “It’s what I like.”

She continued to giggle, as did the mom, who looked on with anticipation.

Richard opened his mouth wide, his heart racing, and he took all five of her cute, little toes in his mouth, sending the two women into hysterics.

“Oh I love it,” Janet squealed.

Richard couldn’t believe it. He had all five of Janet’s right toes in his mouth, and they tasted wonderful. He sucked them with delight, rolling his tongue around them blissfully while looking up to see the delighted smile on her face. In the early stages of Richard’s CFNM experiences with his stepsister, he kept a delicate balance between indulging in his submissive desires, yet he still had a somewhat reluctance to totally give into his stepsis’ commands. But at this time, he completely gave in, loving the feeling of not only being at her feet, but worshipping her feet in the process.

Richard also liked thinking how ridiculous he must look, kneeling on the floor, completely naked, with one of his step sister’s feet crammed into his mouth.

“You really like our feet, dontcha Ritchie boy?” Janet playfully asked him.

Richard tried to answer the young brunette, but with her toes in his mouth, his speech came out all garbled and inaudible, making the two women even more amused.

“You are in feet Heaven right now, aren’t you Richard,” Carrie said to him in between chuckles.

“Um-mmm,” he answered, sucking away on five of Janet’s toes.

“I see the way you stare at our legs, and our feet,” Janet teased him.

Richard was in no mood to argue, and why bother – his stepsister was right. It seemed as though Richard spent about half of each day ogling the lower half of Carrie and Janet’s bodies.

And he spent the other half of each day ogling their upper halves. He simply couldn’t help it.

“Well don’t spend all your time on the young one, Dick, I have toes that need attention to,” Carrie ordered him.

Richard scooted back over to Carrie’s half of the couch, and knelt obediently before her. He was about to take her right foot into his hands, but she had other ideas.

“No, both of them,” she told him.

“I want you to hold each one up, side by side like last time, and take all five of these in your mouth,” she said, wriggling her right toes, “and then when you’re done with those, take all five of these in your mouth,” she finished, wriggling her left toes.

Janet giggled like a little girl as her mom’s requests got more and more particular.

“Do as you’re told, Richard,” the step mom ordered him.

“This is not at all a chore, believe me,” he said, causing the two women to laugh.

“You could just suck on our toes all day, couldn’t you Ritchie?” Janet kidded him.

“I probably could,” he said.

Richard stuck out his tongue and licked all of Carrie’s right toes before lovingly taking them into his waiting mouth.

Carrie squirmed a bit in her seat, as the affection Richard was bestowing upon her made her tingle between her thighs.

“Oh, oh my goodness,” she cooed, as Richard sucked on her lovely toes. “You have a very, oh my, talented tongue, Richard.”

The young man relinquished her right foot, then took her left, and placed the same kind of attention on those toes, taking them in his mouth and sucking them with passion.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Carrie said as she gave into the moment, leaning back in the sofa with her eyes closed and her face pointed up at the ceiling.

“Mom?” Janet asked amused, sensing that her mother was enjoying this treatment to an even greater extreme than she did herself.

And then, Carrie casually, and without any objection from Janet or Richard, slid one of her hands into her shorts, underneath her panties, and began massaging her now wet pussy.

Janet looked away, about to crack up, but admired her mom’s openness, and ability to savor an experience to the fullest.

The daughter’s eyes now focused on Richard’s enormous penis, which had still – quite noticeably – remained in its fully hard state through all of this. It bounced around between his legs as Richard continued to suck on Carrie’s toes, and the step mom in turn continued to moan in contentment.

Richard could see her rubbing her pussy, and although she was covered up, he imagined those fingers of hers combing through her thick bush, and plunging in and out of her beautiful pussy as waves of arousal pulsed through her body.

“Oh that…that feels so nice,” she continued to say, her eyes still closed.

Richard loved watching Carrie wriggle back and forth on the sofa, as he could now feel her rhythm, the way she used her fingers as an imaginary penis, driving in and out of her wetness in such blissful motion.

Carrie squirmed in her seat on the couch, her lovely big bottom moving back and forth like she was riding a massive member. Richard liked to imagine she was riding him.

He continued to give her pleasure with his tongue, her toes the focus of his attention.

After several minutes, Richard could sense her about to give in to orgasm, as her hand moved more feverishly in her shorts, and her face was now completely flushed.

“Oh, Richard, oh, Richard,” she kept saying. “Oh, Dick, oh Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!”

Her voice carried all throughout the house as the moment overcame her, and Richard and Janet were left to sit back in awe. They then looked at each other and smiled, their mouths open in amazement.

“Wow,” Carrie said as she took her hand out of her now moist panties. “You’ll have to excuse me. The moment…overcame me.”

“It’s okay,” her daughter reassured her, with a giggle. “I was getting pretty excited too.”

Richard now looked forward to one day watching Janet masturbate, as the mom had taken the first step, and hopefully daughter would follow. Janet’s attention, though, was now squarely on Richard.

As the young man stood up, she stuck her foot out and began bouncing his huge erection up and down with it, toying with him a bit as he got even more excited.

“Ooo, pre-come, I can see pre-come coming out,” she said as she eyed his glistening cock head.

Carrie took a deep breath, as she was still lost in a daze.

“Oh my goodness,” she said heartily as she stared off into the distance.

She was still feeling the euphoria from her orgasm.

“That was amazing,” she said. “I mean, with your father being gone for a while and…”

“You got horny?” Richard asked with a wry smile.

She gave him a smirk.

“Well, yes, I guess so,” she said. “But I think it all started at the pool today. The way those boys just worshipped me, made me feel like a queen. It got me…so fucking excited.”

Janet and Richard looked at each other wide-eyed, with glowing smiles. They loved how enthused their authority figure was becoming. She created a buzz felt through the whole room.

Richard looked down at Carrie’s massive jugs, how they pushed that Cowboys T-shirt of hers out to the max. And then the boy looked at Janet’s tiny feet, as they continued to play footsie with his oversized penis.

“Start stroking his schlong, don’t bounce it,” Carrie laughed.

“I’m trying to. It’s so fucking big though,” the daughter answered back with a giggle.

Carrie, still seated next to Janet, used her big, beautiful butt to lightly nudge her daughter over a bit.

“Here, let me have at him,” the mom joked.

Carrie raised both of her feet in the air, gently wrapped her toes around Richard’s hard member, and applied fluid strokes, up and down, giving her daughter a lesson in technique and giving Richard an incredible feeling of arousal.

“See, there’s nothing to it,” Carrie said as she stroked Richard’s huge penis up and down with her tiny feet. “How does that feel, Richard, good?”

“Very good,” he could barely get out as he closed his eyes, much like Carrie did when she was pleasuring herself moments earlier.

“Here, you try it,” Carrie said to her daughter.

Carrie took her feet away from Richard’s huge erection, and as her toes relinquished their grasp, Richard’s big prick bounced up and down, smacking his tummy. The sheer size of it intimidated Janet, but she knew she had conquered it before.

She would do the same again, only with her feet instead of her hands.

But she couldn’t help but prolong the moment a bit, now holding both of her feet up against his hard-on.

“His fucking cock is almost as big as both of my feet put together,” she laughed.

“Well you have tiny feet,” Richard fired back.

“And you have a huge cock!” the mother and daughter said in unison.

Everyone laughed, as it clearly became evident that Carrie and Janet now thought so much alike, and tried to imitate each other’s every movement.

Janet went back to rubbing his huge erection in between her feet, and now got more and more used to manipulating his organ in this fashion.

“Getting a nice rhythm going,” she said, proud of herself.

Her tiny feet worked up and down furiously now on his prick, moving up and down, up and down, persistent in carrying out their task.

“You like it when I rub your big cock with my feet, Ritchie boy?” she asked him in that sexy tone again.

“Um-mmm,” he moaned.

Janet leaned back in the sofa, and looked up at her busy feet, working their magic on Richard’s fully erect tool.

“Mmm, I love jerking off your big fucking horse cock,” the youngster said with passion, her feet now working at a slower but more sensual pace.

She wanted to savor the feel of his organ sliding in between her toes.

“You’re doing wonderful, Janet,” the mom encouraged her. “Although don’t forget about his balls.”

With that, Janet took her feet from Richard’s massive boner, causing it to fling up and smack his tummy. Richard moaned quite audibly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sweetie, were you about to come?” Carrie asked, half amused, half sympathetic.

“Uh, I was getting there,” Richard answered her.

Janet giggled a bit at his discomfort.

“We’ll let you come soon, sweetie, real soon,” Carrie said. “I want Janet to play with your nuts a little bit.”

Richard could hardly hold on, but he heeded his step mom’s wishes.

Janet started rolling Richard’s huge balls around in her right hand, feeling how heavy they were, and imagining how much they wanted to release their seed.

“These things weigh,” she began with a laugh, then refocused. “These things weigh like five pounds.”

It was an exaggeration, but she got her point across.

“How long have you gone Richard?” was Carrie’s question, and even though it was vague, he knew exactly what she was implying.

“Didn’t you jerk off this morning?” Janet asked, her question a bit more crude.

Carrie laughed.

“I love how you always just assume I have to jerk off to get release,” Richard scoffed. “How do you know I wasn’t with a girl, and she did it for me?”

The mom and daughter looked at each other, thinking it was kind of cute how Richard was offended by their questioning.

“Dick, sweetie, I didn’t see any girls around here the last few days,” Carrie said. “And besides, there’s nothing to be ashamed of with..taking matters into your own hands.”

“He spanks the monkey,” Janet teased.

Carrie laughed.

“I don’t think that’s a monkey,” the step mom said, eyeing his huge erection.

“More like an ape,” Janet laughed. “Or a gorilla…a King Kong.”

“King Schlong,” Carrie could barely get out.

They both fell back on the sofa, giggling their heads off.

“Okay, okay, come on, can you please finish what you started?” Richard begged impatiently.

“Don’t take that tone with us, young man,” Janet said in a mock serious tone.

“You’re doing fine, Richard,” Carrie encouraged him. “This is all so very good because it will get you used to being around a bunch of excited, and sometimes giddy, bunch of girls. You seem to be taking it all in stride.”

Janet’s feet were back on Richard’s dick, moving up and down with great purpose. The more she heard Richard moan, and the more she felt his thick cock pulse in between her toes, the more it motivated her to keep working his organ.

Her toes could barely encircle his thick stalk, and it was thrilling for her and for Richard to watch her toes dance along his shaft.

“Oh God I’m gonna come,” he announced, thrusting his hips and preparing for a huge eruption.

Janet eyed the head of his penis, waiting eagerly for it to unleash its seed.

The way she had his huge prick aimed, the first rope of ejaculate shot out and splashed against Janet’s lower left leg, all the way up to her knee.

“Oh dear, Lord,” Carrie laughed. “This is gonna be a gusher.”

The second come shot completely soaked Janet’s left foot, drenching her toes and now making her persistent strokes of his cock sound squishy, and lubricated.

As she stroked, Richard’s prick shot. A third rope of semen was unleashed, this one running all over Janet’s other foot, as they now were both coated with his milky seed.

“Oh, don’t stop, I’m not done yet,” Richard begged his stepsister.

Janet kept rubbing her feet up and down on his shaft, with come dripping everywhere. It was so slick and slippery, she could barely keep his dick in between her toes.

Richard came again, and again, as two more come shots further drenched Janet’s tiny feet, seemingly rewarding them for their actions.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” Richard moaned in a long and drawn out way, as a remarkable sixth rope of semen fired out, this one the biggest yet. It somehow eluded Janet’s feet, and splashed against her top, some of it going into her cleavage. When she went to peak down her shirt, in between her enormous breasts, she lost focus for a few moments, and when she raised her head back up, a huge come shot doused her forehead, making her jump.

“Jesus CHRIST, Richard,” she yelled with a laugh, come now running over her closed eyes.

Carrie had to laugh at the amusing sight, and as Janet finally took her feet away from Richard’s spurting tool, the mother quickly reached over and used her hands to finish Dick off.

His organ shot forth a few more smaller loads of semen, these ones falling to the carpet below.

“This is just great,” Janet said, breaking a smile. “I can’t even open my fucking eyes.”

“I’ll get you a towel, sweetie,” Carrie told her daughter.

Richard couldn’t help but laugh when he looked over at his stepsister, as she sat there on the couch, a creamy white mess from head to toe.

“I’m gonna get you for this,” she playfully teased him.

“I’m sorry,” he laughed. “I can’t control it.”

Carrie returned, washcloth in hand, and she helped Janet clean herself up, as the daughter’s face, feet and clothes were evidence of Richard’s latest eruption.

Janet wiped her beautiful face, now finally able to open her eyes.

“I’m gonna start calling that thing Old Faithful, Richard,” Carrie said, referring to his huge, spurting organ.

“Every time we do this, there’s more and more of it,” Janet said, now wiping her legs, enjoying the feel of Richard’s warm juice on her soft, supple flesh.

“I know, I know,” Carrie said, now plopping herself down on the couch, next to Janet. “I think he’s really excited about this class.”

Richard couldn’t argue. His extreme arousal did have a lot to do with the thought of being so naked, in front of so many young girls.

Carrie also liked the idea of seeing Richard perform in such an arena, unveiling his 11-inch wonder for all to see. Carrie stuck one of her feet out, and delicately started weighing Richard’s huge, flaccid tool with her right foot, enjoying the feel of his big, heavy prick.

“What’s the plan for tomorrow? Is that flower magazine person coming?” Janet asked her mom.

“Um, yes. As a matter of fact at 9 a.m., bright and early,” Carrie answered her daughter. “She wants to make sure she has plenty of sunlight to work with. It’s good because I have a lot to do in the afternoon.”

The more they chatted, the more Carrie bounced Richard’s prick up and down on her foot, like she was playing with a toy.

“Well what do you have to do in the afternoon?” Janet asked as she started flipping through the channels.

Carrie pondered the next day’s events.

“Well…I do have to pick up some dry cleaning, Neal asked me to mail a few things for him, and um…”

She trailed off.

“Well,” she laughed. “I may have to supervise Dick’s friends.”

Janet had a confused look on her face, like she needed an explanation.

“Do you wanna tell Janet what Barney and Craig were planning for tomorrow?” Carrie asked her stepson.

Richard was reluctant at first to say anything. He loved what he had going with Carrie and Janet, and didn’t want to take the chance of Barney and Craig getting involved and screwing it up.

“I’ll go ahead and tell her,” Carrie said, not waiting for Richard to answer. “We were out by the pool today, the boys were swimming, and we got to talking. Chatting about this and that, and Barney said, well, actually asked permission…”

She paused.

“Yeah, permission to do what?” Janet asked.

Carrie had a big smile on her face, eager to tell her daughter.

“He asked my permission if he and Craig could go skinny dipping in our pool. Do you believe that?” the mom asked with a laugh.

Janet’s jaw almost dropped to the floor. She couldn’t believe the boys’ brazenness.

“Holy shit,” she laughed. “And what did you say?”

Again, Carrie just gave her a smile instead of words. The smile told everything.

“What do you think I told him?” she laughed, as if to say ‘of course I would be up for some delightful, unabashed male nudity.’

“I told him it was fine with me as long as I could supervise,” Carrie went on. “I don’t want things getting too out of control.”

Janet, of course eager to join her mom, immediately volunteered her services.

“Sounds like a two-person job,” the daughter said with conviction. “I mean, there are two of them, and Dick, so you might need me to help you out…just in case anything happens.”

Richard could sense that Janet not only wanted to see Barney and Craig naked, but that the daughter also anticipated – and greatly hoped – that the boys would eventually need the same kind of assistance Richard needed, that Barney and Craig would need their hard-ons brought to climax.

“I could definitely use your help,” Carrie giggled, being purposely vague but still getting her point across.

She event went a step further.

“I only have two hands, you know,” the mom chuckled.

“And that’s barely enough just to handle Dick,” Janet added with gusto.

Carrie laughed, and looked up at Richard’s prick, still bouncing on her foot. Only now his monster penis had grown to its fully erect state once again.

“Well look at you, back at full mast again,” Carrie said, impressed and delighted.

“I’ll say,” Janet replied in awe.

His cock was a sight to behold. It had been only a matter of minutes since his latest eruption, but there it was, fully erect and in need of attention.

“You are amazing, Richard,” Carrie said with a smile. “You are going to make some lucky woman very happy some day…over and over and over again.”

Indeed, Richard’s ability to orgasm so many times in a short span would be very inviting to just about any woman in the bedroom, and his size definitely an attraction to those who enjoyed a large member.

Carrie and Janet clearly enjoyed playing with a large penis, and for the first time ever, would combine their efforts.

“Why don’t we both beat him off?” Carrie suggested with a sexy grin.

“Sure,” Janet answered.

Carrie moved over on the couch, and urged Richard to sit down in between the two woman.

They both went to grasp for his prick, eager to stroke it and hold it in between their fingers.

“Just grab his schlong right around the base,” Carrie instructed her daughter. “Move it up and down nice and slow. Let him enjoy it. I’ll stroke the shaft and rub the head a bit.”

The mother and daughter worked as a tandem, each stroking Richard’s longish tool, the big shaft still slick from his last ejaculation.

Carrie and Janet applied sensual – and loud – strokes to his erection, as their cute, delicate fingers squished back and forth on his come-soaked rod.

“This is some crankshaft,” Carrie laughed, thinking of more descriptive terms for Richard’s anatomy.

“This is almost like a workout,” Janet added, as she and her beautiful mother continued to jerk off the handsome, young male.

Carrie, quite expertly, went back and forth between quick, rapid strokes, and longer, more drawn-out ones. She paid more attention to the head than usual, running her fingers over it as she reached the end of his rod.

Janet, meanwhile, stroked the base of his shaft, at some points inadvertently using her fingers as a cock ring, grasping on tight to his erection, seemingly keeping it from releasing its seed.

She liked squeezing it, feeling how big around it was. When her mom took a quick break to switch hands, it allowed Janet to smack Richard’s dick around a bit, and she even pulled it all the way down against his thigh, and watched with wide eyes as it flung back up with great force.

She did the exercise repeatedly, and Carrie was glad to let her daughter have her fun.

“Look at that,” Janet gleefully noted. “It smacks his stomach when I do that.”

Richard moaned quite audibly as his huge, fat erection became Janet’s plaything.

“It’s like a catapult,” Carrie laughed, eyeing her stepson’s bouncing prick.

Janet flung his penis up and down time and time again, seemingly challenging herself to see if she could make it smack against his stomach louder each time.

Then, Richard moaned out loud, so loud and drawn out that it grabbed the women’s attention away from his penis – even if just for a moment.

“Sounded like a wearwolf there for a second,” Carrie laughed.

Janet bent over laughing, so amused at what her teasing had done.

“Please let me come,” Richard begged.

Carrie ran her hands through Richard’s hair, giving him comfort, and letting him know he would soon have release. She and her daughter resumed stroking his massive rod, and Richard was able to utter just a few more words before letting go another enormous amount of come.

“I love you guys,” he whispered affectionately.

The mother and daughter both giggled, and kept masturbating his huge tool.

“We love you too, Ritchie boy,” Janet laughed.

After just a few more combined strokes of his erection, Richard climaxed again, and a nice, warm dose of semen shot forth from his prick and landed on Carrie’s beautiful feet.

Janet then got a wicked idea in her head as she saw Richard ejaculating, and she held up his shaft, towards the ceiling, and burst into unbridled laughter as a huge come shot blasted Richard in the chin.

Before he could react, another one hit him in his right cheek, then his left cheek. He opened his mouth to voice his surprise, and a warm dose of his own semen shot into his mouth.

“Oh my God!” Carrie laughed, putting her head between her knees as she chuckled so hard her stomach began to hurt.

Richard just sat back, letting Janet aim his prick wherever she pleased. She marveled how much come he continued to shoot, as she now drenched his chest with his own copious seed.

“Another one, oh my God another, and another,” she laughed as she counted the come shots. “Jesus Fuck, oh my God another, and another…it’s still shooting!”

It was as if Richard was being milked by the two women, as not only the mere fact that he was naked before them aroused him a great deal, but then their teasing, their stroking, and their control over him sent him into a frenzy.

Janet, now reduced to girlish giggles, looked on as Richard’s penis shot forth a few more dribbles of come, these ones landing on his tummy. The stepsister finally relinquished control of his rod, and looked at Richard, his face drenched with his own semen.

“Well, Dick,” Carrie could barely get out in between gales of laughter. “It looks like you – quite literally – finally got a taste of your own medicine.”

He still had his own come in his mouth, afraid to swallow.

“How’s it taste?” Janet laughed.

“Salty,” he answered, only making the two women crack up even more.

Carrie and Janet were delaying their trip to the bathroom to get Richard a towel. They loved looking at the mess they had created.

“I didn’t get you guys this bad,” Richard argued, the gooey liquid on his face evidence of Carrie and Janet’s skills.

“Oh yes you did,” Carrie said.

She now gave Richard a closer look, amazed how much come dripped from his cheeks and chin.

“Well, maybe we did get you worse,” she laughed. “But it’s all in good fun.”

All three of them shared a laugh again, and would soon settle in bed.


Richard could feel the sun shining on his face as he awoke.

It was early the next morning. Real early.

He looked at the clock and it was shortly after nine. He never got up this early when he didn’t have to. Especially in the summer.

Maybe it was the fact he forgot to close the shades on the window, and the sun had woken him up.


He knew the real reason. He had so much sexual energy in him these days, energy that was spiked by the regiment Carrie had him sticking to.

That regiment, of course, was that he not wear clothes for the next two weeks. And eager to start the day completely nude, he jumped from his bed, his penis exposed, and walked out of his bedroom.

It felt so weird – and so naughty – that he was completely naked. But at the same time, it felt completely natural.

He moved briskly down the steps, and just when he was about to jump the last three, Carrie came whipping around the corner.

“Oh, whoops,” she said, nearly colliding with him.

She saw his big, bouncing penis as he trotted down the steps, and it made her giggle.

“Well look at you early bird,” she said happily. “What are you doing up so early?”

Richard could barely concentrate as he saw Carrie’s big boobs pressed against her white tank top.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, answering Carrie’s question. “I just…felt ready to get up.”

“Well there ya’ go,” she laughed. “That’s the spirit.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment, but Richard enjoyed it. Carrie stood there fully dressed, and he was completely nude. The open display of the male penis was usually taboo in mainstream culture, yet in this house it was becoming the norm.

He was about to ask Carrie how things went with the photographer and her flowers, but Carrie asked him a question first.

“How’s it feel, Dick? Starting your first fully day of your training?” she smiled. Carrie stood there, hands on her hips, looking authoritative and confident.

Richard couldn’t help but look down at his own penis.

“How’s it feel to be naked?” she asked again, curious to hear his answer.

“It feels good,” he said.

“Pretty exhilarating, huh?” she asked with gusto.

His heart started beating faster.

“Yeah,” he said nervously.

She looked at his body from head to toe, and when her eyes were moving back up, they stopped for a moment at his penis. She took a good, long look at it, then raised her eyes again.

“Isn’t it empowering?” she asked. “To just…break free from those shackles and restrictions brought on by clothing?”

She was playfully trying to be poetic. Richard was more blunt.

“I just feel, kind of a rush, you know?” he said.

She nodded, and looked him right in the eyes. She also wanted him to continue.

“It’s a rush,” he went on, “walking around, with everything…just right out in the open.”

She smiled.

“Your schlong is very much on display – that’s for sure,” she laughed, then chuckled a bit more as she could sense Richard’s lingering shyness.

“This is all very good, Richard,” she said. “This will be so good for you, to get you ready.”

“Yes, mam,” he answered.

She walked in closer to him, and lightly started tapping him on the nose.

“You are adorable. But we have to break through this modest nature of yours,” she said. “It’s cute, but we have to just get rid of it. I don’t want you to be so shy.”

“Yes, mam,” he answered, even more obediently.

“Well very good,” she told him.

Carrie now lightly tapped her hips in a rhythmic motion, pondering her next move.

“Oh, I have to tell you about the photographer,” she said.

“Oh yeah, how’d it go?” Richard asked curiously.

Carrie sat down on the steps for a moment, crossing her legs as she prepared to tell Richard the good news.

“Well the woman’s name was Clara, and she loved my garden. Just raved over it,” she told her stepson. “She took several shots, and even interviewed me. Can you imagine? Me being interviewed?”

Richard looked down at his lovely step mother, and gave her an honest answer.

“Well I think people would love your perspective – on a lot of things,” he told her.

She gave him a big smile, and the two continued to chat for a while until Richard’s stomach began to growl, signifying it was time for breakfast.

Carrie fixed him a few eggs, and the two enjoyed a quiet conversation at the kitchen table.

“We really have to get a new deck,” Carrie mentioned. “Just looking at it from here, I can see how old and worn it is. If any of that wood breaks, somebody could fall and get hurt.”

Richard got up and walked towards the back door, glancing out the window towards the deck.

“Oh yeah, I see what you mean,” he told her.

He now turned around slowly, and loved that Carrie’s eyes stared openly at his penis. The boy was really starting to enjoy this casual nudity in front of his step mother.

She looked him over, from head to toe.

“You’ve really gotten big, Richard,” she told him as he sat back down. “Have you been lifting weights?”

“A little bit,” he said.

She nodded, and took her last bite of toast.

“You look good,” she told him. “Just don’t overdo it. Work out in moderation.”

“Yes, mam,” he answered her, finishing his eggs.

“Don’t go out and try to be the Incredible Hulk or something,” she laughed.

“I know,” he laughed.

As things got quiet, Carrie – like she normally would – started to hum. Only it was a song Richard didn’t really like.

“No! Not Stayin’ Alive again, please,” he kidded her.

“It was on the radio and I just can’t get it out of my head,” she laughed.

Richard liked how Carrie made his nudity seem perfectly natural, and not always the focus of conversation. Sometimes the boy would forget he was even nude. The two sat and chatted about all different topics like they normally would.

Richard was getting used to being completely exposed, as Carrie’s strategy was already paying off.

“Oh, Dick, I almost forgot,” she told him, lightly slapping the table in excitement. “How would you like to go to a Cowboys game in September?”

Richard’s eyes widened, his face glowing.

“I’d love it,” he answered her without hesitation.

Carrie got up, clearing the dishes from the table.

“I spoke to Margaret – you know, Mrs. Pilbow, who taught you in the third grade?” she asked him.

“Yeah, yeah,” he fired back.

“Well she,” Carrie began, than she stopped in mid sentence as their loud garbage disposal began to roar as she hit the switch.

“God, everything needs to be replaced in this house,” she laughed. “Anyway, Marge told me that she and her family can’t use the tickets to one of the games – you know they have season tickets, but they have a wedding to go to in September. So she offered me the three.”

“Awesome,” he told her, jumping from his chair and walking over to Carrie.

“I said to her, ‘oh God, Neal and Dick would love to go,’” Carrie exclaimed. “And I think it’s safe to say I’ll take the third ticket – I think Janet would be glad to stay home and have the house to herself.”

“That’s cool,” Richard said.

It was a lovely moment. The Cowboys were Richard’s favorite sports team, and he was going to get to see them in person for the first time in three years.

But just as the euphoria set in, Richard heard some shouting coming from the back yard. Carrie went on chatting and was peeking in the refrigerator, so she didn’t notice the commotion.

Not yet at least.

Richard wandered over to the back door and saw that Barney and Craig had already arrived at the house, and took it upon themselves to jump right into the pool without even knocking on the front door.

“What are you looking at?” Carrie asked, quickly noticing something was up.

Richard felt it was pointless to hide his friends’ arrival.

“Barney and Craig are already here,” Richard said. “They’re in the pool.”

Instead of being upset, Carrie had a smile on her face as she approached the back door.

“I guess they were early risers today too,” she said happily. “Oh my goodness, Barney just did a cannonball, look at that.”

Barney and Craig were having a good old time in the pool, but they weren’t skinny dipping, at least not yet.

“Do you want to join them, Richard?” Carrie asked her stepson.

Richard’s mind started racing, looking ahead to the possibility of the two boys swimming nude like they said they would. And then they would urge him to do the same. Richard was shy, and didn’t like the idea of being nude in front of his friends, and having them see how he was a lot different from most guys. The dreaded word “freak” popped into his head.

“I-I don’t really feel like swimming,” he stammered.

Carrie gave him a surprised and agitated look.

“Don’t feel like swimming?” she asked skeptically.

“I don’t know,” he mumbled.

Just then, something took Carrie’s attention away from Richard.

“Oh my God,” she laughed.

Richard looked out, and saw Barney’s naked rear end as the boy prepared to jump in the pool. He was standing on the deck, naked as can be. His bathing suit had not stayed on for long.

“Barney is a very outgoing young man, isn’t he,” Carrie giggled.

Richard liked Carrie’s excitement, but he was still apprehensive about joining his friends.

“God, they’re really doing it,” Carrie said, then covered her mouth as she laughed whole heartedly. “I never thought they would go through with it. Janet’s gonna be home from cheerleading soon, wait til she – oh my word – “

Richard looked up again, and saw that Barney was now mooning Craig. With Barney standing that way, his front side was positioned perfectly towards the back door of the house, where Carrie and Richard were peering out from. Barney’s naked penis dangled freely in the morning sun.

“Oh my,” Carrie laughed.

She felt a little guilty at first, since she had known Barney since he was just a kid. But he was very much now an adult, a fully-developed one, Carrie noticed.

“Wow, not bad,” she had to say, her gaze never leaving the pool deck.

Over the next 10 minutes, Barney and Craig took turns doing one dive after another, and both were fully nude. Carrie even teased Richard by making noted comparisons between the two boys.

“Looks like Barney is longer but Craig is thicker,” she laughed. “I would have guessed it would be the other way around.”

“Not listening to you right now,” Richard joked, covering his eyes and shaking his head.

But he liked how Carrie talked openly about the boys’ exposed penises.

This playful conversation went on another 10 minutes or so, until Carrie felt the need to move things along.

“Well I should go out and tell them to be careful jumping around on that deck,” she said, already turning the knob on the back door. “The way Barney is carrying on, he’s gonna go right through that wood.”

Richard let his step mom go, and watched as her big, beautiful butt bounced around in her tight blue shorts as she headed towards the pool.

When she got there, both boys were in the water, and Richard watched as Carrie went up on the deck, and sat on one of the benches. Richard could see his step mom laughing and chatting, and in no hurry to leave the boys.

Richard waited, and waited, and waited. It got to the point that he felt left out, and ran upstairs, threw on a bathing suit, and walked outside to join the group.

As he approached, he could pick up on their conversation. Barney and Craig were at the edge of the pool, right underneath the deck, and Carrie was sitting on one of the benches, chatting with the young men.

It indeed was a hot day, perfect for swimming.

“Do you know what you’re gonna major in?” Carrie asked Craig.

“Well I want to go into advertising, like my dad,” he told her.

Carrie smiled. Craig’s father was a big-shot ad rep at one of the biggest companies in Central Texas.

“Well you have some big shoes to fill, Craiger,” she called him, in a friendly way.

“I know, he’s kind of a legend at that place,” he admitted.

“Well hell, shoot for the stars. That’s what it’s all about,” Carrie encouraged him.

Barney and Craig looked over at Richard, who was now standing behind his step mom. She turned to see he was present, and she looked somewhat annoyed to see he went out of his way to put a bathing suit on.

But she wasn’t going to press the issue with him just yet.

“You gonna join your friends?” Carrie asked her stepson, asking if he was going for a dip.

Before Richard could answer, Barney was more intent on getting Carrie in the pool.

“Please come swim with us, Mrs. Parker,” he begged. “The water’s really nice.”

She gave a look that suggested she really wanted to, even sticking her toe in to test the water. The two boys, although liking how the water felt on their naked bodies, were a bit reluctant to leave the edge of the pool, feeling nervous about being completely nude in front of Carrie.

Fantasizing about it is one thing, but actually breaking over that threshold for the first time and doing it for real takes some gumption.

“Why aren’t you boys diving anymore?” she asked. “Don’t let me spoil your fun.”

Barney and Craig looked at each other, and realized that diving would mean getting out of the pool totally exposed, with Carrie right there.

“Like I said though, no jumping on the deck – the wood is very worn and has to be replaced,” she told them.

“Yes, mam,” Barney said.

Richard sat down on the bench opposite Carrie. He felt the urge to join in on the fun, but was still apprehensive about displaying his massive equipment in front of his friends.

“I’ll do a dive,” Barney announced.

The young man started his ascent up the ladder, but as he got above water, he instinctively covered up his genitals. Somehow, it made him look even more silly.

Carrie laughed as Barney walked over to the diving board, cupping his privates. He walked slowly down the diving board, and then, as he flew through the air, he finally took his hands away, leaving his naked penis to flail openly in the breeze until he hit the water.

Carrie bent over laughing.

“What do you think Mrs. Parker, was that a perfect 10?” Barney asked as he quickly returned to the surface.

Carrie couldn’t let the opportunity pass to make a keen observation.

“Um, I would say a five, with the potential to grow into a six,” she giggled.

She winked at Craig, and he immediately knew what she was referencing.

“She’s talking about your dork, dude,” Craig laughed, then splashed his buddy.

Carrie and Richard both cracked up, and Barney, as well, joined in on the fun.

“Was it that noticeable?” he laughed.

“Oh you were flapping in the breeze,” Carrie remarked. “There was no else to look BUT there.”

A bit eager to get the same kind of attention that Barney got, Craig now got out of the pool, and he didn’t even bother covering his genitals. Carrie liked how his fat penis bobbed back and forth as he walked over to the board, then did a cannonball, in affect drenching Carrie and Richard.

“Okay, okay,” Carrie said as she rose from her seat. “I think it’s time to go put on my bathing suit. I’m getting soaked anyway. Richard, you come with me.”

As the sounds of Barney and Craig’s rough-housing in the pool faded in the distance, and Carrie and Richard approached the back door, the stepson was suddenly a bit nervous about what lie ahead.

Carrie went upstairs and returned wearing a gorgeous, white, one-piece bathing suit. Richard loved that the suit showed off so much thigh.

He, meanwhile, stood next to the kitchen table, still in his swim trunks.

“Don’t you think you’re a bit overdressed?” she kidded him. “Considering what Barney and Craig are wearing?”

Which, of course, was nothing at all.

“Everyone’s having so much fun, Richard. What’s keeping you from joining in?” she asked, pulling up a chair and urging him to do the same.

“It’s just, I don’t know…I feel weird…with,” he said, motioning towards his crotch.

“Well I’m sure they know about…” Carrie said, referring to his organ.

“No, they don’t,” the boy answered.

“They don’t know about your endowment?” Carrie asked, surprised. She also made sure to refer to his large penis as an endowment, a blessing. Not something to be embarrassed about, or ashamed of, which is the way Richard felt for most of his life until recent days.

“A lot of guys who saw it would just call me a freak and stuff,” Richard said.

Carrie let out a disgusted sigh, angry that there were people out there that would ridicule her stepson, and also disappointed that Richard would let those people get to him.

But she was going to change that.

“First of all, those guys are just jealous about what you have,” Carrie told him. “And second of all, Barney and Craig are your dearest friends, friends that will be with you through thick and thin.”

Richard raised his eyes to meet his step mom’s.

“Look at me, Richard,” she told him.

She lightly rubbed his knee.

“Your friends are not going to disown you because you have a huge dork,” she said, borrowing Craig’s word for it from moments ago.

It made Richard chuckle. And Carrie knew she had him.

“Come on, Ritchie boy,” she urged him. “Get those trunks off and let’s go swimming.”

Richard took a deep breath and rose to his feet. He yanked down his trunks and his huge member flopped right out.

“Wonderful,” Carrie laughed. “Now go. Go ahead and join your friends. I promise you’ll be the life of the party.”

Carrie urged Richard forward, watching as he went out the door and towards the pool. She walked out, but hung back, letting him go ahead.

Barney and Craig, not surprisingly, voiced their shock when they saw what was swinging between Richard’s legs as he approached the pool.

“Holy shit, dude,” Craig said as he saw his friend’s large organ, swaying back and forth with every step.

“What the fuck?!” Barney couldn’t help but say with a laugh.

Richard quickly got into the water, naked as can be, and, as if on cue, Carrie was right behind, walking gracefully up onto the deck in her sexy white bathing suit.

“You guys didn’t know Richard’s hung like a horse?” she asked with a cute laugh.

“No,” Craig and Barney both said in unison.

Richard was glad to get his big unveiling over with, and now he just relaxed in the pool, swimming back and forth. Craig and Barney were both in shock. They couldn’t help but make several comments about the size of Richard’s dick.

“Jesus, dude, my dad could rent out ad space on that thing,” Craig admired.

“Ha!” Carrie laughed. “I bet he probably could.”

“Dude, that thing’s like a little person’s leg,” Barney added.

His two buddies swam over to him and jokingly shook Richard’s hand, offering congratulations for sporting such a large wiener. As Carrie had told him, they reveled around him instead of mocking him.

“Richard is a very special boy,” Carrie said from the deck above.

Barney was even more jealous now of the relationship Richard had with his step mom, and yearned to know more about it.

“Your step mom has seen you naked before, dude?” he asked.

“Oh he has no secrets from me,” Carrie gloated, before Richard could even answer.

Barney wished he could move into the Parker household. The thought of being naked before Richard’s hot step mom on a daily basis was almost overwhelming. So it made him want to savor this day even more.

The Bussett boy again went back to urging Carrie to come swimming with them, and she satisfied his request. Even with all of the attention temporarily on Richard’s massive appendage, it did not take away from how good Carrie looked in a bathing suit.

As she slowly moved down the steps into the water, her butt stuck out in Barney’s direction, and the boy would have loved to just swim over to her and plant kiss after kiss on each luscious cheek.

“Ooo, the water is nice,” Carrie said, now walking around the shallow end of the pool, her large breasts bouncing a bit. As she went down into the water up to her neck, then came back up, Barney could make out her nipples, poking gently against the soft fabric of her suit.

She swam right over to the rest of the group, as if to say ‘just think of me as one of the guys.’

She enjoyed their company, and they in turn enjoyed her company even more.

Their conversation covered all different topics, but it inevitably came back to Richard’s enormous member.

Carrie felt it necessary to say something on the matter.

“Guys, Richard has always been very sensitive about the unusual size of his penis,” she said, tee-heeing a bit. “That was until I helped him feel special and very unique. Can you guys help us out? Making him feel good about what he has?”

“He doesn’t need our help,” Craig scoffed. “Shit, he needs an agent.”

Everyone, including Richard, laughed out loud. Carrie sent a sweet smile in her stepson’s direction.

“Dude, I would be doing porn right now if I had that,” Barney said. “How big is it?”

“Eleven and a half inches,” Carrie said, answering for Richard.

Her voice showed so much pleasure in knowing that special statistic.

“Jesus,” Craig laughed.

Richard could feel three sets of eyes on him, but he didn’t mind. He suddenly liked being the center of attention.

A mockingbird suddenly swooped down close to the surface of the water, seemingly just to delight the swimmers with its pretty song.

“Oh, well hello to you too,” Carrie laughed.

“I think it just wanted to be closer to you,” Barney told the gorgeous brunette. “Just like the song.”

Richard and Craig found infinite delight in watching Barney place some much adoration on young Carrie. Before they could tease him about it, he went a step further, and even started singing the aforementioned song.

“Why do birds suddenly appear…every time…you are near,” he sang to Carrie, his voice cracking when he tried to hit a high note.

Richard and Craig both groaned, but Carrie was delighted.

“That is very sweet, Barney,” she told him, walking over close to him and gently patting him on the head. “You are such a charming young man.”

“Thank you, mam,” he said.

“Your singing needs a little work, but that was delightful,” she said. “You made my day.”

As she talked to him, Barney nervously shuffled a bit in the water, and Carrie suddenly felt Barney’s erection brush against her thigh. She giggled a bit, and wanted to have a look at the affect she had on the young man.

“Barney, can you do me a favor, sweetie? Could you go get that beach ball over in the grass?” she asked him nicely. “Why don’t we have a catch.”

Barney, of course, immediately said he would help Carrie out, but he fully realized it would mean getting out of the pool with a very noticeable hard-on.

He seemed reluctant to get out of the water as he hovered at the ladder.

“Barney, it’s okay. I’ve seen you,” Carrie reassured him with a sweet smile.

“Not like this,” Barney said embarrassed, looking into the water and seeing his flagpole at full mast.

“He has a fucking hard-on,” Craig laughed.

Everyone then burst out laughing at Barney’s expense, but Carrie reassured him that they were laughing with him, not at him.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” she told him from across the pool. “I know those things have minds of their own.”

Barney slowly ascended up the steps, water rushing off his body as he got to the deck. His lengthy hard-on bounced with every step.

Some gasps and chuckles could be heard from the pool, and to escape their view, Barney started trotting off the deck towards the grass.

“No running, Barney Bussett!” Carrie pleaded with him. “I do not want to see you fall and get hurt.”

The rambunctious young man apologized, and walked briskly over to the oversized beach ball, his erection sticking straight up. Carrie had to comment on it.

“Did I do that?” she asked affectionately from the water.

Barney bit his lower lip, a bit bashful as he stood naked before the woman of his dreams.

“I kind of got excited,” he admitted, looking down at his own erection in awe.

“‘Kind of got excited?’ That’s a lot more than ‘kind of,’” she teased him, impressed how tall and sturdy his hard-on stood in the morning sun. “That is a full-fledged boner, young man.”

The boys loved Carrie for her candidness, and her ability to blend in with them, using the same kind of terminology and slang words that they would use, words and phrases that other adults might deem inappropriate. Carrie made the boys feel completely comfortable, with themselves and with their bodies.

Barney returned to the pool, tossing the ball to Carrie.

“Thank you, Barney,” she said.

She purposely paused a moment before sending him some more kind words.

“Nice prick by the way.”

Barney savored the compliment, and Carrie pinched him on the cheek. His erection swelled to even greater proportions underneath the water.

“I don’t mean to pry, Mrs. Parker, but how did you first find out about Richard’s massive salami?” Craig said, holding back laughter.

“It’s actually a funny story,” she began. “Dick, do you want to tell it, or should I?”

Richard, seemingly showing off to Carrie that he was not at all bashful anymore, sat up on the deck, his lengthy organ lying on his leg in view of everybody. He urged Carrie to tell the story.

She relayed to the boys in great detail how Richard managed to get a tick embedded in his thigh, in such close proximity to his very special appendage. Carrie delicately explained how she had to have Richard take off his underwear, and allow her – and Janet – to remove the tick.

“My daughter and I both got to know Richard a whole lot closer,” she kidded.

Carrie then went on to tell the boys about Richard’s new regiment, and how he was preparing to be a nude model for the sex education class that Carrie was teaching.

Both boys openly volunteered to help out with the class, which Carrie loved to hear. She still planned on just using Richard, but she loved the boys’ enthusiasm.

The four of them went on having a catch with the beach ball, and Carrie – quite noticeably – every now and then threw the ball out of the pool just so one of the boys would have to go and fetch it.

As Craig volunteered to go, Carrie was thrilled to see he also sported a very nice erection.

“Well I can see Barney’s not the only one thrilled to be here today,” she laughed as Craig walked out into the grass, commenting on his hard-on. “Oh my, look at you Craiger.”

The young Nichols boy strode out onto the grass with a certain swagger in his step, and Carrie loved how his muscular upper body glistened in the sun. Her focus though was soon fixed upon his erection, which demanded attention, and Carrie was glad to provide it.

“Both of you boys have such gorgeous pricks,” she said openly. “I already knew what my Richard has – I was planning on showing him off today just like I do my bluebonnets (laugh). But both of you, I must say, are…very nicely hung.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Parker,” Barney gushed.

“Don’t mention it,” she giggled.

Just when the boys thought things couldn’t get any better, they did. Very much so.

As Craig headed back over to the pool, he came face to face with Janet, who had quietly walked in on their little party.

Craig froze in his tracks, but the confidence that Carrie had given him allowed him to keep from covering up his privates.

“Hoooly shit,” she giggled, covering her mouth as she looked Craig over. “You are so fucking naked.”

Janet looked over at Barney, who gladly started swimming on his back, thrusting his erection above water so Janet could see it. She shrieked with delight.

“I can’t believe they’re fucking doing it,” Janet said of their nude swimming.

“They’ve been naked since they got here!” Carrie gushed, still thrilled and shocked at the boys’ brazenness.

Janet went back to scanning Craig’s young, taught 18-year-old body. She had known the boy since they were little, had once had a crush on him, and now she could see every inch of him, but it was about six inches or so in particular that stole her attention.

“Nice dick,” she said with a giggle, but with some sincerity to her statement.

“Thanks,” he laughed.

He playfully stumbled at making normal conversation.

“So how’s your summer going?” he asked the young brunette, who was dressed in tight black shorts and a white tank top, having just come from cheerleading practice.

“Good,” she giggled, still eyeing his penis. “Really good actually.”

They both went to talk at the same time, but Craig insisted Janet speak first.

“I was just going to ask if the water’s warm, but I guess that already answered my question,” she laughed, gesturing to his fully erect cock.

“Oh both of their thermometers are pointed way up,” Carrie laughed.

Richard was happy to remain seated on the deck, and let Barney and Craig have their fun. For once, Richard wasn’t the focus, but he didn’t mind. Plus, he knew it was only a matter of time before Carrie and Janet placed a lot of attention on his hefty organ.

As Craig returned to the pool and Janet came over to the edge of it to chat with he and Barney, Carrie went up onto the deck to speak to her stepson. Richard loved how the water ran off Carrie’s perfectly-tanned body as she ascended out of the pool.

He could see the tops of her enormous breasts, and her two huge globes bounced around in her suit a bit as she walked.

“Dick, I’m gonna go make us a pitcher of iced tea,” she told him as she dried her pretty brown hair with a towel, squeezing any extra drops of liquid out onto the deck. “Can you supervise things, make sure they all behave themselves?”

“Yeah, sure,” he answered her.

Carrie would often scan the backyard, looking for any imperfections that needed work. Just as she was about to go inside, her attention fell upon her bed of daisies, which looked like they needed some water.

Richard’s attention, however, fell upon Carrie’s special flower, as it was right at eye level for him, right in front of his face.

Richard’s eyes widened as he could clearly make out a huge, dark shadow where her crotch was, as the white bathing suit she wore did not do a good job of concealing – and rather showed off the fact that – Richard’s step mother had an extremely hairy pussy, a sight that aroused Richard to no end.

Suddenly, it was his penis that was beginning to harden, just like his friends’ did earlier.

“I really have to talk to Neal about us getting a new deck,” she went on, as her continued conversation allowed Richard to feast his eyes upon her beautiful lady garden.

It covered such a huge area, all the way up to her lower tummy, forming a huge triangular bush that seemed so thick and lustrous, yet groomed to fit just that special area between her legs, right in between two smooth, supple thighs.

Carrie was a smart woman in many areas, and knew every asset and flaw associated with any type of clothing, including bathing suits. Richard began to think that she knew her bush would show up quite well in this particular swimming outfit, and that she was showing it off, knowing it would arouse the boys.

She was showing it off, yet at the same time, revealing nothing.

‘Classic Carrie,’ Richard thought to himself.

Richard looked down as she wriggled her toes against the wood, and seeing her cute, little feet reminded him of the joy they brought him the night before. He was loving this quiet moment with his step mom, but as they often did, Barney and Craig came over to join.

Completely comfortable with their full-frontal nudity, the two boys leapt from the pool and began to chat with Carrie and Janet.

However, the two boys eventually got quiet, which sent a message to Richard that they were looking at the same thing he had been looking at – and drooling over – moments earlier.

“Come with me, Janet,” Carrie said. “You can help me with the iced tea. You boys want some pretzels and chips?”

“Y-yeah, Mrs. Parker, sure,” Barney answered her.

Carrie smiled, and she and her daughter headed to the kitchen.

As soon as they were out of sight, Barney had to say something.

“Dude, did you see what I saw?” he asked excitedly.

Richard reluctantly nodded.

“Your step mom has a huge ass bush, dude,” Craig chimed in.

“I know,” Richard had to say. “It’s fucking sexy.”

Barney and Craig would often be very vocal about their affection for Carrie, but Richard was joining in with them this time.

“God, I would love to plant my face in it,” Barney said of her noticeable bush. “Oh God, I love that woman.”

“I gotta go jerk off,” Craig laughed.

Richard knew he had to calm the boys down. After all, Carrie did ask him to keep things under control. Richard knew she had something planned.

“Guys, don’t worry about jerking off,” Richard told his friends. “They’re gonna do it for us.”

“What?!” Barney shouted, his voice echoing off the back of the house.

“Shhhh, calm down,” Richard told him. “If we play it cool, they will jerk us off.”

“Are you fucking serious?” Craig asked excitedly, his voice cracking like he was trying to hit high notes like Barney earlier.

Richard was persistent with his instructions.

“Just calm down, let them call the shots, don’t force the issue, and they will make us come,” Richard instructed them.

Barney and Craig looked at each other. Richard hadn’t seen his friends this excited since the Cowboys won the Super Bowl. But this was even more amazing.

“I promise,” Richard stressed. “They will make us shoot.”

Barney and Craig probed the issue, asking Richard if this was a regular phenomenon between he and his stepsis and step mom. Richard told them how it all started that night with the tick, and ever since, the mother and daughter were intent on keeping Richard naked.

And as a reward, they would provide him some release.

“Does your dad approve of this?” Barney asked.

“He encourages it!” Richard fired back. “He’s really into being naked around fully clothed women. And so am I. A great deal. I kind of think I get it from him, like it’s hereditary.”

As the boys pondered Richard’s last statement, Richard had to add something.

“I also get this from him I guess,” he said, rolling his hips so that his huge penis swung back and forth.

Barney and Craig cracked up, then looked at each other, as if to say ‘do you believe that shit?’

The boys waited with eager anticipation for the women to get back. The three young males were excited beyond words.

“Have you talked to your dad about all the stuff that’s been going on?” Barney asked his friend.

“No. Not yet,” Richard answered. “But Carrie has. And she insists he is on board. I get the feeling things are gonna get even crazier when my dad gets home.”

“Holy fucking shit, dude,” Craig said with excitement.

The two women poked their heads out of the kitchen door, telling the boys they would be out in just a minute. Carrie and Janet both giggled as they saw the three naked lads chatting casually on the deck.

“Will we get to see them naked?” Barney whispered, his hard-on sticking straight up.

“That…I can’t promise, dude,” Richard told his friend.

Barney looked a bit sad, let down. Richard felt he should level with him.

“Honestly, dude, I know for a fact we’re not gonna get to see them naked,” Richard told him. “BUT, they’re eventually gonna play with our cocks and let us shoot huge-ass loads. That’s something isn’t it?”

“To say the least, man,” Craig said.

“Shit, I’ll take it,” Barney added.

The two women, seemingly for affect, made the boys wait a long time. After a half hour or so, Carrie and Janet finally came back out of the kitchen.

Janet still had the same sexy outfit on, and now Carrie strode confidently across the grass in a sun dress. She seemed overdressed for an occasion like this, but nonetheless, she looked gorgeous.

“I’m meeting some friends for a late lunch this afternoon,” was her explanation for her formal attire. “I figured I might as well get changed now.”

It seemed plausible, but Richard couldn’t help but think that the real reason for her outfit was that Carrie derived a certain thrill from being dressed no nicely, while in the company of young men that were completely naked. It only further stressed her position of power over the boys, and it drove Richard wild, very noticeably.

“Who are you meeting?” Richard asked.

“Oh, a few doctors. Stan and Melanie just had a baby and they implored me I meet them for lunch and see little Iris,” Carrie said as she sat down on the deck, her legs crossed.

Her sun dress hung so well on her figure, the peach-colored ensamble looking so perfect on a warm, sunny day like this. Carrie knew how to dress, and the white sandals she had further complemented her attire.

Now, she bounced her one leg on the other, tapping her foot in the air, noticing that her lovely limbs stole Richard’s attention.

She also noticed he had a rapidly-growing erection.

“Uh-oh, I think I awoke a sleeping giant,” Carrie said with a big smile.

Everyone, even the boys, looked down to see Richard’s massive boner. Even with the other two boys being naked themselves, Richard’s enormous dick stuck out in the crowd – both literally and figuratively.

Janet peered in for a closer look as everyone stopped drinking their iced tea and looked in awe at Richard’s massive appendage.

Somebody even coughed to break the tension, as no one knew what to say. Leave it to Carry to lighten the mood.

“You boys didn’t know we have two diving boards?” she asked with mock seriousness, gesturing to Richard’s huge erection, which did indeed stick out like the aforementioned apparatus.

Everyone cracked up.

To add further humor to the situation, Richard gyrated his hips, making his huge penis bounce around with a life all its own.

The atmosphere was now loose and giddy, and the conversation soon flowed as all five of the pool-party goers enjoyed their iced tea and snacks.

Richard had to admire his friends. They were so brave and so eager to take part in this unique adventure. Craig, sometimes a bit up tight because of his strict father, had no problem bearing all to the women. And Barney, standing beside him, also enjoyed exposing everything he had to offer. The scar on the outside of Barney’s right leg was evidence of his many shenanigans growing up, as that particular mark was left when he tried to jump off his roof when he was a little kid, thinking that by holding an open umbrella, it would act as a parachute.

Instead, he went slamming into a bunch of garbage cans and had to get stitches in his leg. The scar he had often initiated a recanting of the story. But of all the noticeable traits having to do with Barney’s naked form, his penis was still the focus of Carrie and Janet. It was that special part of Barney they had never seen before this wonderful day.

“Did you see Jaws 2, Mrs. Parker?” Barney asked Carrie, who was now seductively running her hand through her hair in a sexy fashion, as she looked out across the yard.

“I have not, Barney,” she laughed. “Was it any good?”

“It was okay,” he answered, biting into a pretzel.

Some of the pretzel landed on his erection, and he tried to be nonchalant in brushing it off. It felt so weird – and wonderfully erotic – to be so naked in front of Janet and Carrie, who both giggled at the boy’s cute awkwardness.

“Well, the sequels are hardly ever as good as the originals,” Carrie said.

As time wore on, Carrie looked at her wrist watch, checking what hour it was. She knew she had a lunch date soon approaching.

“Is there…anything you’d like to see them do?” Carrie asked her daughter with a big smile.

Richard loved this. The mom was noting how unique an experience this was for Janet, and that she should take full advantage of it.

“I was watching them dive earlier – that was pretty amazing, to say the least,” Carrie said, letting out a hearty laugh.

Janet now sat down on the bench, and looked at the boys’ penises with a beaming smile. She was thinking what she would like to see, thinking real hard.

And then something came to her.

“Ooo, could you make them do jumping jacks so that their dicks flop up and down?” the girl asked with great enthusiasm.

Carrie burst out laughing, getting such a kick out of her daughter’s candidness.

“We can do that, Mrs. Parker!” Barney belted out, and Craig added that he had no problem with it either.

Richard just savored the moment.

“Okay. But down on the patio,” Carrie said with conviction. “If you jump up and down on this deck, you’ll fall right through.”

They immediately heeded the woman’s instructions, but then broke another one of her rules. Craig and Barney both took off running towards the patio, a big no-no.

“Boys!” Carrie yelled out, with a hint of amusement in her voice.

She walked over to them, with Janet and Richard following close behind.

“No running!” she stressed again. “As much as I love seeing you flail and flop,” she laughed, looking down at their penises, “if you run across this granite, eventually you’re gonna fall and get hurt.”

“Yes, mam,” they answered in unison.

“That granite gets real slippery and you could slip and go flying. Is that understood?” she asked.

“Yes, mam,” they answered again.

“Okay, very good,” she told them.

Barney and Craig now stood side by side on the patio, with Janet and Carrie across from them. Richard actually stood next to Carrie for a moment, thinking this exercise didn’t pertain to him.

“Get over there with them,” she said harshly, teasing him with a very serious tone. “You’re in on this to.”

“I have to do jumping jacks too?” he asked, loving how bossy Carrie was being with him.

“Absolutely,” she said. “No and’s, if’s, or but’s….Well, maybe a few butts.”

Barney and Craig took her cue and turned around, showing the two women their tight, muscular rear ends.

“Oh, very nice boys,” Janet said, clapping as a sign of her approval.

Richard walked over and stood next to his two buddies, awaiting further instruction.

“How many do you want them to do?” Carrie asked her daughter.

Again, Janet got that lovely look on her young face, like she loved pondering the boys’ fate.

“Umm, how about a hundred?” she asked.

The boys groaned in discomfort, and Carrie had to laugh.

“Oh, God, that’s way too many,” the mom chuckled. “How about 20 or 25. That should be enough for them to give us a good show.”

All three boys stood side by side, in a row, reminiscent of the way they would line up in gym class. But this was far different than gym class.

Craig and Barney began jumping, and it felt so weird for their penises to be frolicking about so freely in the afternoon sun. Their erect pricks bounced up and down without constraint, much to the delight of Carrie and Janet, who heaped further encouragement upon them.

“You need to open the legs, get into a rhythm,” Janet said, now doing her own jumping jacks along with them.

The young woman’s covered breasts bounced around so nicely in her tank top.

“A one, and a two, and a three, and a four,” Carrie giggled, laughing as she counted each jumping jack the boys did.

But, her counting was based upon how many times each of their penises bounced up and down, a sight that, at this point, had the women bent over in laughter.

Carrie and Janet loved this display because of the animated movements of the boys’ dicks, but they also loved it because it further stressed that the boys were naked, and the women were not.

Richard himself was amused by the show, and finally got going on his own exercises.

As he started to do jumping jacks as well, Craig offered some advice.

“Just be careful not to hit yourself in the face with it dude,” he joked, referring to Richard’s huge, dangling organ.

Richard, very gingerly at first because of his shyness, got going with his jumping, and then as he felt comfortable putting on such a show in front of the two women, he did it in a much more determined manner, and a consistent smacking noise could be heard all across the patio.

After a few moments, the other two boys just stopped to watch Richard. They couldn’t help it.

Richard’s penis bounced up and down in such an animated fashion, slapping his stomach each time. The sound that it created went back and forth between loud smacks and thumps.


Everyone, including Carrie and Janet especially, burst into laughter.

Once he realized he was the center of attention, Richard got out of rhythm and stopped. Everyone was cracking up.

“Richard, did you hurt your stomach?” Carrie chuckled, holding her own tummy, but in her case, it was because she now broke into unbridled laughter.

“It sounded like he was pounding a fucking drum,” Janet said, imitating the sound by smacking her own taught belly with her hands.

Loving that he amused the two females so much, Richard simply gyrated his hips up and down, making his penis slap his belly repeatedly once again.

“Oh, how sweet, he’s clapping for us,” Carrie said, standing with her hands on her hips, captivated by the boy’s bouncing organ.

Craig and Barney took Richard’s cue and did the same thing, adding to the festivities.

“Oh, lovely, now it’s a round of applause,” Carrie further commented.

“It’s like a standing ovation,” Janet laughed, loving the sight – and sound – of the young men’s frolicking members.

Once the women had their fun with that performance, it was time to move on to something else. The boys just stood there, seemingly waiting for further instruction.

Carrie was hoping Janet would take the lead, and give the boys a command. But after a few more moments, the mother didn’t want to waste any time. And she wanted to keep the party going.

“Can you go like this,” Carrie said, facing Barney, “move your hips around so that your dick swings around in a circle?”

Her requests were getting more frank in nature, and the boys loved it.

Barney, in a very hypnotic fashion, swung his semi-erect penis around just like Carrie suggested, evoking high-pitched shrieks of amusement from the two women, and laughter from his male counterparts.

“It looks like a pinwheel,” Janet giggled, clapping as Barney put on a show.

Carrie joined her daughter in cheering on the young man, who seemed to have a special talent for the aforementioned exercise. Carrie’s pretty brown eyes followed his dancing tool, round and round.

Both the females began to challenge young Barney, counting how many times he could swing his tool around. They were amused to no end when he actually did it 20 times in a row, a wonderful achievement.

“I think you’ve done this before, young man,” Carrie teased him. “You seem to be really good at this.”

“I have,” he said, “but it’s kind of cool to have an audience for once.”

Carrie and Janet both chuckled heartily as they continued to watch Barney gyrate his hips, and show off his special skill for their amusement.

“It looks like a fucking helicopter blade. Chew-chew-chew-chew-chew,” Janet said laughingly, imitating the sound that the flying apparatus is known for.

“Don’t fly away Barney Bussett!” Carrie teased him. “The party is just beginning.”

Richard looked down at his flaccid but huge dangly member, pondering whether or not to give the exercise a try. Carrie glanced over at him and sensed he was going to do just that.

“Oh God, Dick, don’t you try it,” she chuckled. “You’ll take someone’s head off!”

Everyone erupted into laughter again, as the party was gaining more and more momentum as the day wore on.

Craig then found it time to show his unique trick, and he thrust his hips forward, and began flexing his hard-on noticeably up and down. Most men can move their penis a bit, but most can’t do it to the degree Craig could. His penis bounced about as if there were strings tugging on the impressive organ.

The mother and daughter both focused their attention on Craig’s special brand of penis aerobics.

“Oh my Gawd,” Carrie gushed. “Craig, my dear boy, you can really move that thing can’t you.”

“Do it again, do it again,” Janet requested.

They shouted with glee as he gave into their request, making his erect prick thrust up and down once again.

Things were happening so fast. But Richard still had the presence of mind to scan the scene before him, and take it all in. He appreciated everything going on around him. It was a typically nice, peaceful afternoon in the Parker backyard, with the three boys and a young woman and her daughter having a good old time. Only the boys were completely naked. Their sex organs – usually hidden from sight – were fully on display. And the women, in sharp contrast, were fully clothed.

The scene – at first glance – seemed terribly unbalanced, since it was only the males that were exposed. Yet it was so incredibly apparent that everyone was having such a great time, and enjoyed their role. The boys liked being looked at, enjoyed having the two women gaze upon and comment on their naked bodies. The two women, in turn, couldn’t have been more relaxed, and greatly enjoyed the show.

Richard loved the way this felt. He honestly could live this way the rest of his life. He looked around and felt like he had stepped into some sort of utopia, and his step mom was so skilled at making everyone feel completely at ease.

“Richard, doesn’t it look like the Fishers’ house needs a paint job?” she casually asked her stepson while she took a sip of ice water.

Richard turned around and noticed the fading gray paint that time had worn thin.

“Yeah it really does,” he laughed.

“Good. Now I know I’m not the only one that notices it,” she laughed.

Carrie’s successful attempt at making normal conversation displayed how she wanted everyone to feel that this is the way it should be, that boys should have no problem with being completely naked in front of fully-clothed women. In fact, Carrie knew that not only did they not have a problem with it – she knew they were having the time of their life.

Barney and Craig, playfully battling for the two women’s attention, eventually – and almost inevitably – started comparing the sizes of their respective rods.

“I think you have me beat on length, but mine is thicker, dude,” Craig laughed, then smacked his hard-on against his open palm.

Even Carrie blushed a bit as she adoringly eyed Craig’s girthy prick.

“I do have to say, you are both very impressive,” she said with a big smile.

Barney thrust his hips forward, showing off a pretty lengthy hard-on.

“Nine inches, dude, I told you,” he bragged.

Carrie and Janet looked at each other with amused smirks.

“Honey,” Carrie said, speaking to Barney. “You do have a pretty long schlong. But nine inches? I don’t know about that…”

Everyone began to voice their opinion on the topic, creating an uproar. It was a debate that had to be settled.

Carrie walked over to the outside of the kitchen door, grabbed a folding chair that had been leaning up against the house, then brought it over to where Barney was standing, and reclined.

She sat in front of him, eyeing his erection with utmost scrutiny while casually bouncing her right foot just inches away from his cock.

“I say seven, MAYBE eight,” she said. “But nine? I think you’re telling lies again Barney Bussett.”

The young man thrust his erection out for her approval, and was intent on backing up his claim.

“It gets bigger,” he insisted.

A few giggles and skeptical comments could be heard coming from the others.

“Barney, sweetie, that thing is engorged to the max right now,” Carrie said, as she even noticed some pre come starting to accumulate on the head of Barney’s penis. “There is no it’s getting any bigger.”

Carrie continued to focus her attention on his huge hard-on, and thought it was nothing short of magnificent. But the young woman also couldn’t help but have a little fun with her stepson’s close friend.

“Well if you insist that it is a nine, we can…” Carrie began, then pondered something silently.

She then had an idea.

“Janet,” she said, calling to her daughter, who was busy watching Craig once again flex his hard-on up and down for the girl’s amusement.

“Janet,” Carrie called again, a bit louder.

The daughter finally turned her head towards her mom.

“Janet, I need you to do me a favor,” Carrie said.

The daughter’s eyes almost had to be pried away from Craig’s bouncing manhood. She seemed reluctant to give her mom her full attention.

“Janet, stay with me, sweetie,” the mom laughed. “I need you to do me a favor. I want you to run inside. Go into the basement. In the closet – “

“Which closet?” Janet interrupted.

“Janet, listen to me. Let me finish,” the mom insisted. “Go down to the basement. Go into the closet where Neil keeps his tools. On the third shelf, right near the door, there should be a tape measure. I want you to bring it to me.”

Janet, at first, gave her mom a puzzled look.

“What do you need a tape measure…” Janet began, then realized the answer to her own question.

“Holy shit, dude,” Craig laughed. “She’s gonna measure Barney’s dork.”

Janet burst out laughing, and so too did Richard and Craig. Barney blushed a bit, but enjoyed being the center of Carrie’s much-desired attention.

Janet went into the house and headed for the basement, as Carrie was left supervising all three boys.

She gave Barney this look like ‘okay, now we’re gonna see once and for all if you’re telling the truth.’

“Maybe he’s like Pinnochio,” Craig offered jokingly. “Only when Barney lies, his dork gets bigger, not his nose.”

Carrie chuckled.

“Seems plausible,” the woman laughed.

Barney’s hard-on continued to throb in the open air, just a few feet from Carrie’s face.

Suddenly, a slight breeze through the trees and onto the patio, knocking over a few cups that were sitting on the picnic table, and causing the bottom half of Carrie’s peach-colored sun dress to dance lazily in the wind. Her thighs were exposed a bit, and she very slowly, kind of reluctantly, put her dress back down, as she liked giving the boys a tantalizing view of her sexy legs.

“I think we can test Craig’s theory,” Carrie announced. “Barney, look at me. Did Roger Staubach have dinner at your house?”

“Yes, mam,” he answered, still not admitting his lie.

Carrie eyed his glistening prick, which still throbbed to its fullest potential.

“Did you…really (laugh) see a spaceship fly over Old Man Custard’s Ranch all those years ago?” Carrie could barely get out.

“I did!” Barney protested even louder. “Regular plains don’t fly that low!”

His argument only made everyone more amused.

“Barney Bussett, you are too much,” Carrie laughed.

She composed herself and gave Barney’s hardened tool another once-over. It stuck up straighter than ever, but was still the same size.

“And no, lying does not make his prick grow even longer,” she laughed, looking over at Craig, who jokingly suggested the theory.

As he heard the screen door open, Barney saw Janet come back out to the patio, holding something in her right hand.

“Did you find it?” Carrie asked from her chair.

“I looked all over the frickin basement but I couldn’t find it,” Janet scoffed.

Her mother immediately groaned.

“Janet, I told you where it was – “

“Mom, please, I looked. It wasn’t there,” Janet persisted, looking over at the three naked boys.

Reluctantly, Carrie let the issue pass.

“Well then what is that you have in your hand?” the mom asked her beautiful, young daughter.

Janet held up the item with a smirk.

“It’s a ruler I had in my room,” Janet said. “I don’t think I’ve used this since…God, who knows…”

“Well does it have inches marked on it?” Carrie asked.

“Um-mmm,” her daughter answered.

“Well that will do,” Carrie said as she reached out for the measuring instrument. “Tape measures are a little bit better to work with for this particular, um, project (laugh), but a ruler will do.”

Barney looked over at Carrie, and the boy was nervous. Seemingly just to tease him a bit more and have fun with him, Carrie repeatedly smacked the ruler against her open palm, and eyed his fully erect organ.

Barney had always fantasized about having a woman measure his penis, but he never really thought it would be Carrie. The thought of her actually putting a ruler up against his erection, and critiquing his organ with the utmost scrutiny drove him completely wild.

“Well, Barney Bussett, come to me. I’m not coming to you,” she said in a playfully bitchy tone.

Barney could hardly move. It felt like his feet were in wet cement. He was so overcome with arousal that he could barely maintain his calm.

He gingerly walked a few steps over to Carrie, his hardened prick standing up straighter than ever.

“Let’s just see what we have here,” Carrie said, crossing her legs and leaning up from her chair.

Barney looked down at Carrie’s delicate fingers as they very gently grasped his organ, making sure it was fully erect.

Pre-come dripped from the head of his cock, only making Carrie more amused.

“You are really excited, aren’t you Barney?” she asked rhetorically.

“Yes, mam,” he could barely get out.

Everyone leaned in to see as Carrie now held the wooden ruler up against Barney’s shaft, and she made sure to press the measuring tool up against his body, and run it all the way along his erection, all the way to the tip of the head.

His organ was impressive, but not as impressive as he claimed.

“Oh you are so not nine inches,” she laughed.

The announcement sent everybody into hysterics, as Barney Bussett had yet again told another tall tale. This whole exercise was meant not to simply embarrass Barney, but instead it was Carrie’s attempt at getting the boy to stop lying, and be proud of what he had.

She went on measuring his hard-on, even putting the ruler up against the top, the bottom, and both sides of his shaft to make sure she got the most accurate measurement.

“Just how big is it?” Janet said with a giggle.

“It’s actually…seven inches,” Carrie said as she finished up her hands-on research. “This little troublemaker…actually has a pretty big schlong.”

Barney was put at ease by her warm affection.

“Barney Bussett. Why do you feel the need to always embellish things?” she asked of him. “I wouldn’t care if your penis was one inch, two inches, whatever – 20 inches. The point is that everyone here cares for you a great deal. We are all having fun today. My goodness, just be glad with God has given you.”

“Yes, mam,” he answered her obediently.

As the rest of the group broke into their own private conversation, Carrie walked over to Richard, just to see how he was doing. She couldn’t help but look down at his enormous boner, and she playfully put the ruler down upon it, and saw that the measuring instrument could in fact rest right on top of his shaft, without anyone having to hold it in place. The massive head of his cock nearly reached the end of the 12-inch ruler.

The gorgeous brunette, and her stepson, looked at each other and started to crack up.

“I guess I’m kind of different,” he said with a big smile.

“Yes, you are, Dick,” she laughed. “Different indeed. But in a good way.”

‘Hey, Taffy, have you heard about the new M.O?’

‘Yes, it’s a Captain Edwards isn’t it? I read it in battalion orders.’

‘Yes, but did you see the first name?’

‘Nope, as far as you and me are concerned, Smudge, officers don’t have first names except “Sir.” But I seem to remember the initial is “J.” Probably John or James I suppose. Anyway, what of it?’

‘What if I told you it’s not John or James but Janice. Captain Janice Edwards.’

‘Friggin ‘ell. You don’t mean to tell me the new M.O. is a woman. Bugger me, it’ll be a bit of a laugh at the next drop ‘em an’ cough! Ha, ha.’

‘Yep and not only that but she’s brought her own medical orderly. Only a Corporal Pauline flippin’ Hardwick. So the whole freakin medical centre is run by women. Chuff me.’

‘Well Smudge, me old mate. I’m about to put it to the test. I’ve got a lousy night exercise coming up and I’m going to go sick. I shouldn’t have any trouble convincing a bird I’m at death’s door and too bad to take part in a night manoeuvre on a cold November night.’

So it was that Private Dai (Taffy) Jones reported on sick parade at the battalion medical centre.

‘Now, Private, why are you reporting sick?’ enquired Corporal Pauline Hardwick.

‘Well love, I….’

‘Stand to attention Private,’ snapped Corporal Hardwick. ‘Heels together, head up, chest out, back straight. It is not “Love,” you address me as “Corporal.” Understood?’

Private Taffy Jones looked down at this young slip of a girl. She was probably about 20 years old and at least five years his junior. She wore neatly pressed combat trousers, highly polished boots and a khaki shirt with her corporal’s chevrons on the right sleeve. She was about five feet tall and here she was ordering 6 feet tall Taffy Jones about as if he were a sprog. Despite his hurt feelings he snapped to attention.

‘That’s better. Ok stand at ease. Now tell me; why have you reported sick?’

Private Jones stood at ease and explained to the pretty medical orderly that he was having dizzy spells and a pain in his lower back. Both totally untrue, but Dai Jones thought the symptoms might be hard to disprove and serious enough to get him out of the night exercise.

Corporal Hardwick looked at the patient, thinking that he looked quite well to her, never the less he had reported sick and it was her duty to take initial routine tests and pass him on to Captain Edwards, the Medical Officer. She took his temperature and blood pressure and made a note on the referral sheet.

‘Right, Private Jones, go behind that screen, strip down to your underpants and then I will weigh you and measure your height.’

Private Jones was surprised at the thoroughness of the examination, but he was fairly confident that he would be able to pull the wool over the eyes of this new medic team. He undressed as ordered and when stripped to his underpants he looked down with satisfaction at the bulge in the front of his pants. He had a big cock and he knew it. He adjusted the position of his cock in his underpants ensuring the most impressive outline was on display.

You never know, he thought, there’s a good chance that this cute medical orderly might be so taken with the size of his dick that she would make sure he got his sick note and he might even get inside her knickers later on.

Private Jones swaggered out from behind the screen and stood in front of Corporal Hardwick. If she was impressed with the bulge in Dai Jones’ Calvin Klein pants, she did not show it as she weighed him and took a note of his height. Reaching up to top of the rule to note down his height she accidentally brushed her breast against Private Jones’ bare arm. Private Jones considered it a good sign. Continuing with her duties Corporal Hardwick noted down the figures on her sheet then said she would escort him to the M.O. She led him down a short corridor and tapped on a door which bore a sign saying ‘Captain J. Edwards Battalion Medical Officer.’

‘Come,’ called a female voice from behind the door. Corporal Hardwick opened the door and ordered Private Jones to enter. For the first time Taffy Jones saw Captain Edwards. She was a pretty, dark haired woman in her late twenties. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun. She wore a crisp white coat over her khaki uniform. She turned her brown eyes in the direction of Private Jones, whilst holding her hand out for Corporal Hardwick’s referral sheet. Captain Edwards read the notes carefully and then looked back at Private Jones.

‘So how long have you had this problem, Private?’ enquired the MO.

‘Oh it comes and goes ma’am,’ replied Private Jones vaguely.

‘Mmm, I think I had better give you a thorough examination.’

‘Major Spocket, the old MO, before you came ma’am, he just used to put me on light duties for a few days. That usually sorted it out.’

Captain Edwards and Corporal Hardwick exchanged glances.

‘Oh no,’ said the new MO. We can’t just leave it at that. It could be something serious. I would never forgive myself.’

Captain Edwards took her stethoscope and sounded Private Jones’ chest and back. She asked him to say ‘Aaagh,’ as she peered down his throat. She looked into his ears and carried out a whole range of tests on his upper body.

‘Any problems with the water works?’

‘No ma’m.’

Captain Edwards pulled on a pair of latex gloves then pulled the elastic of Private Jones’ Calvin Kleins’ forward and reached down inside his pants. Looking him straight in the eyes she said ‘I’m sorry Private, you will have to slip these off. I can’t examine you with these on, they are too tight.’

Slightly embarrassed, Private Jones slipped his underpants down and stepped out of them. Corporal Hardwick caught her breath as she saw his large, penis dangling over his big balls. Captain Edwards, the consummate professional, portrayed no reaction as she cupped her hand under his testicles. ‘Turn your head to the right and cough,’ she ordered. She shifted her hand a little. ‘Now to the left and cough.’ Private Jones duly coughed and then reached down to put his pants back on.

‘No, leave them private. I haven’t finished yet. Now I want you to stand feet together and hold your arms straight out in front. Look straight ahead. Tell me if you feel dizzy.’ Private Jones did as he requested, feeling a little self-conscious at being nude in front of these two confident women who did not appear even slightly abashed at his nudity.

Evidently satisfied with this part of the examination, Captain Edwards then asked him to stand on one leg and hold the position. Again Private Jones managed this without wavering too much.

‘Very good Private, now close your eyes tightly and see if you can hold the position.’ Once his eyes were closed Captain Edwards and Corporal Hardwick exchanged glances. ‘Malingerer?’ queried Corporal Hardwick, mouthing the word silently. Captain Hardwick nodded and smiled knowingly.

‘Hold the position Private,’ ordered Corporal Hardwick. Captain Edwards pointed at Private Jones prodigious penis and gave Corporal Hardwick a ‘thumbs-up’ sign. Corporal Hardwick responded by making a movement with her closed fist as if she were masturbating a large cock. Both women grinned at each other.

‘Now Private, open your eyes and look straight ahead. Get onto your toes and crouch right down into a squat position. Now spring up as quickly as you can.’ Private Jones sprang up and his penis flicked up and slapped down onto his heavy ball sac.

‘Very good Private,’ said Captain Edwards, hardly able to stop herself smiling. ‘Now repeat that three times. Corporal Hardwick, standing to one side where Private Jones could not see her, watched enthralled as Dai Jones’ cock slapped up and down, hitting his belly and then slapping down onto his big balls.

‘Well Private Jones, this is a most difficult case to diagnose. So far I have been unable to identify any problems. There is just one more test I need to carry out. I would like you to stand legs apart then bend over to touch your toes. This may feel a little strange at first, but I am going to carry out an internal examination.’

Private Jones took up the position as ordered.

‘Corporal Hardwick, you know what to do.’

‘Yes ma’am,’ replied the corporal and shone a bright light onto Private Jones’ out-thrust bottom as Captain Edwards pulled apart his buttocks exposing his pink anus. Captain Edwards coated her fingers in lubricant and began to insert two fingers into his anus, working them in past the tight sphincter, making Private Jones draw in his breath.

‘It may feel a little odd, but it won’t hurt, so just relax and it will be much easier.’ The two women looked at each other and smiled, as Captain Edwards’ fingers located Dai Jones prostate gland and began to massage it. Corporal Hardwick noticed that Dai Jones heavy cock began to stir and was soon semi erect.

Taffy Jones found it strange having his virgin bum invaded in this way, but quite erotic. He thought how good it would be to give this young officer a good shagging. Of course that would not be on. He knew an officer would not lower herself to fuck a mere private soldier. No matter how large a cock he might have. On the other hand, the corporal could be a different matter. He could well chat her up and get his leg over. He felt his cock begin to respond as he savoured the thought of slipping the young corporal a nice length of hard prick. Within a few minutes a drop of seminal fluid was dribbling out of his penis. Soon Captain Edwards nodded to Corporal Hardwick, who immediately took hold of Private Jones’ penis just behind the swollen head and eased his foreskin back. She squeezed the cock gently between finger and thumb as Captain Edwards massaged the prostate gland. She knew the right moment had arrived as Private Jones began to breathe more heavily, his penis hardening in Corporal Hardwick’s fingers. With one final movement of her finger-tips Captain Edwards withdrew her fingers from Dai’s virgin arse and at the same moment Corporal Hardwick removed her fingers from his cock.

Private Jones groaned as his semi-erect penis jerked and a stream of sperm dribbled out of his penis, making a pool on the tiled floor. He stood up embarrassed as his penis dribbled the contents of his testicles onto the floor. He had been made to cum, but without the pleasure of a proper orgasm. Captain Edwards and Corporal Hardwick and milked the young soldier of his sperm, while ruining his orgasm and denying him the pleasure of a proper cum.

‘I think you will live a bit longer yet.’ Said Captain Edwards. ‘You can dress now.’ She turned away in a detached way and disposed of the latex gloves in a waste bin.

Private Jones pulled on his underpants and moved to the door.

‘Wait one moment soldier,’ said Corporal Hardwick. Handing him a wad of tissues she said ‘You can clean your mess up,’ indicating the pool of sperm on the floor.

‘Do I get a sick note?’ asked Dai as he mopped up his sperm

‘No, but you can take two of these daily until you feel better,’ said Captain Edwards as she handed Private Jones a pack of vitamin capsules,

A dejected Private Dai (Taffy) Jones left the medical centre gloomily contemplating the upcoming night exercise. ‘Fuck, fuck fuck!’ he muttered.

Story 1 – Home Delivery

It could have been the board meeting of any company at any boardroom table. But it wasn’t. This was the weekly meeting of the executive of The Agency. The executive was made up of the seven departmental executive officers and Elizabeth Monaghan, founder and chief executive, who was seated in the plush leather chair at the end of the table. She turned to the prim, well dressed woman seated to her left. “Thank you Cat, I’m sure we all agree that those figures are very pleasing indeed”. Catriona Macdonald, chief financial officer, smiled in return and closed the file in front of her. She had just presented a briefing on the financial results of the first six months of business which had showed that The Agency had brought in more than three times the projected figure for turn over. They had known when setting up the business that demand was high for their ‘product’ amongst their exclusive clientele, bud had underestimated just how high. Soon, they spread from their London headquarters to open offices in cities worldwide.

Their business was simple… sperm. The Agency provided rich women with the ability to select the precise gene pool to which their offspring would belong. Nationality, intelligence, eye colour, physical build, The Agency left no stone unturned when it came to researching the ancestry of their donors. But what makes the agency different is their ability to provide services out with the bureaucratic legal framework. In today’s human rights obsessed culture, many countries insist there is a legal obligation on such organisations to maintain records of donors and clients, and to allow access to that information to the authorities upon request. For a substantial fee, however, The Agency could provide a totally anonymous service. No paper trail, no names, no comeback. The donors for these customers would usually be handpicked by The Agency’s team of researchers, though on occasion they would be named by the customer themself. For these custom ‘donations’, The Agency would usually assign one it’s team of beautiful seductresses. The donor would be put under surveillance for a period of time and would then be subject to the agent’s seductive methods, until the product was obtained.

“So, almost done….”, Elizabeth peered over her spectacles to Margaret Beckington, head of customer services, “Margaret, how are the current transactions? Any problems?” she asked.

Margaret Beckington, an attractive brunette in her mid thirties passed a sheet of paper up the table to Elizabeth, “All straight forward except one.” She paused to allow Elizabeth time to scan the details on the paper, before continuing “It’s a job that’s come in from the Los Angeles office, the client has a number of specific criteria including complete anonymity and ….a Scottish ancestry”.

Catriona raised her eyebrows, “Clearly a woman with taste.” she smiled, being from Glasgow herself.

“Indeed.” said Elisabeth placing the paper back down on the table. “That’s quite a specific request sheet the client has compiled here, ” she tapped the sheet with a perfectly manicured nail, “Have we located a target?” she aimed the question at Carol Lombard, head of the donor services department.

“Yes, we located a donor though it wasn’t easy.”, Carol replied. The short, slightly plump lady in her late fifties could have easily passed for a librarian. In actual fact, given the amount of research she and her team carried out, she virtually was! “We attempted to put a honey trap assignment in place but decided that it was very unlikey to be successful given the donor’s characteristics. He’s single, hardly surprising given the amount of time he spends working. Doesn’t visit pubs or clubs often, seems quite shy in female company. “. A ‘honey trap’ was the term that The Agency used to describe the seduction of a donor.

“I see.” Elisabeth took off her glasses and leant back in her chair, causing the leather to creak. After a few moments thought she turned back to Margaret, “What’s the fee on this job?”.

“Thirty five thousand dollars”. There was an approving murmur around the table. “Yes, Hollywood is proving to be a particularly fruitful area. Word is spreading of our ability.”

“Very well.” Elisabeth sat up and looked down the table to the woman sitting quietly at the far end. “Gerda, can your team pick this up?”.

Gerda Fleisch was a tall, well built woman. Now in her early fifties, she had been a colonel in the former East German ministry for state security or Stasi as it was better known. Her rise within that organisation had been brought to an abrupt end by the reunification of Germany in 1990. Since then she had worked as a security consultant for private German companies, but had felt out of place until she had been headhunted by Elisabeth to head up operations within the Non-Voluntary Acquisitions Department, or NVAD for short. On some occasions, where a seduction was impractical, The Agency would call on the services of it’s NVAD agents. The NVAD agents are highly trained operatives, mainly recruited from the security services of Eastern Europe. Given total responsibility for recruitment, training, and operations, Gerda was finally back in a role that she could totally immerse herself in.

Though her spoken English was good, albeit with a strong German accent, she would occasionally pause to pick the appropriate word. In her business, misunderstandings could prove costly. “Believing that this subject might require the…. attentions of my department, I have taken the liberty of already placing the target under surveillance. I have an agent on standby, ready to carry out the… operation as soon as you give the order.”

“Oh” said Carol. “I wasn’t even aware we had passed you the details of the donor’s identity.”

Gerda smiled, but it was not a warm smile. “You didn’t” she said simply.

“Well, your efficiency and ingenuity never cease to amaze us Gerda!” Elisabeth said, though from the awkward glances around the table it was clear that some members of the executive found Gerda’s unerring ability to know more about what they were up to than they did themselves somewhat unsettling. “You have my blessing Gerda, carry out a non-voluntary acquisition at the earliest opportunity please.” Immediately, Gerda stood up, nodded curtly in Elisabeth’s direction, and left the room.

For a moment there was silence, broken eventually by Carol who had picked up the sheet of details on the donor. The irony of the term ‘donor’ was not lost on her. Whatever plan Gerda’s agent had, it would not contain an opportunity to ‘donate’. “Poor man won’t know what’s hit him.” she said.

The text message simply read “NVAD Green light”. Tanya Nikorski flipped the phone shut and placed it back in the pocket of her black leather raincoat. She had been sitting in the car watching the target’s flat. His name was Paul Glenson, and he lived in the luxury first floor flat across the road from where Tanya was parked. Everything was in place, the target was at home alone and the surveillance team had reported that the downstairs neighbours had left the day before in an airport taxi weighed down with enough luggage to last a fortnight.

Tanya opened the door and climbed out. She was an attractive woman in her early forties. Though only five foot five inches tall, the heels on her black leather knee boots raised her another three inches. Her frame was neither thin nor overweight. She was voluptuous but several hours a day in the gym kept her body in excellent shape. Her blonde hair held back by a black velvet hair band.

It had been four months since Gerda Fleisch had contacted her in Moscow, where she was working for the Russian domestic state security agency, the FSB. Having been trained in her teens by the FSB’s predecessor, the KGB, she found the current bureaucracy and limitations stifling. In the old days, agents had the freedom to carry out their assignments as they saw fit. They held true power and were respected by the authorities, In comparison, she found the FSB to be impotent. Now the power was with the new breed of capitalist that held the purse strings in Russia. Not she had anything against capitalism, on the contrary. She was simply jealous of the power she felt that she should have. Gerda had selected Tanya from a shortlist of potential agents because of her training, discipline, ability to carry out field work, and of course her KGB training in using her sexuality as a weapon against vulnerable foreign male diplomats. When Gerda told her of the Agency and, in particular, the work carried out by the NVAD, Tanya had relished the opportunity.

The car boot lock clicked open, and Tanya pulled the black sports towards her out of the gloom. It was winter and the night’s drew in quickly, soon it would be dark. From the bag she took out a pair of the finest quality lack leather gloves and carefully pulled them on. They were very tight and she took time to make sure each finger was firmly in place. The gloves were long, and went almost to her elbows, so she pulled each cuff back tight before pulling the cuff of her red satin blouse and her leather coat back over the top. Finally, she took out a clipboard and pen from the bag, before zipping it up and placing the strap on her shoulder so that the bag swung round her back.

After locking the car, she strode confidently up to the main entrance to the flat, her heels clicking sharply on the pavement. Whilst appearing casual, all the time she was watching closely to make sure that her entrance was observed by as few people as possible.

Paul Glenson put his cup of tea on the coffee table and collapsed onto the sofa. Picking up the newspaper he quickly turned to the television section, wondering if there was any live football on that evening. Just as he started to scan the listings… the door buzzer went. “Who the hell can that be?” he said out loud, groaning as he pulled himself to his feet. He picked up the door entry handset “Hello?”.

“I’m sorry to bother you sir, I’m from the health authority, can you let me into the stairwell please?” The voice was a woman’s with what seemed to be an eastern European accent. Paul knew that the nearby hospital employed a number of staff from eastern Europe, so that made sense, but what on earth did she want? He wasn’t in the mood for visitors. He rarely was.

Tanya waited impatiently at the front door. After what seemed like an age, she heard the buzz from the door mechanism and pushed the door open, making her way quickly up the flight of stairs.

“Maybe she’s dropping leaflets through the doors” thought Paul. Plenty of random people would press the door buzzers to get in and put Chinese restaurant menus, flyers advertising gyms, and other assorted junk through people’s letter boxes. He stepped over to the door and pressed his eye towards the peephole lens. A figure dressed in black appeared from the left coming up the stairs. The fish eye lens in the peep viewer obscured most features, but Paul could make out that she had blonde hair, which seemed to be held back by something on her head and she seemed to be holding a book, was it a book?… no, a clipboard, yes that was it, a clipboard. A black gloved hand reached up to the door bell button. “Oh bugger” he thought, as the door bell rang.

Tanya heard the lock click back and the door opened. “I’m so sorry to bother you Mr Glenson, my name is Olga Solokov, ” She briefly held up an ID card in her gloved hand, then returned it to the clipboard, “and I’m carrying out a survey…”

“A survey? Oh, I don’t really have time I’m afraid” interrupted Paul. Tanya tried to win him over with a disarming smile and a subtle flutter of her long eyelashes.

“… but Mr Glenson, it will only take a few minutes, and I would be so grateful…”

“I really don’t think so” squirmed Paul, pushing the door a couple of inches towards closing. Tanya knew that every second she was standing here she could be seen, it was imperative that she gained access to the property as quickly as possible. Her charms had not worked, no wonder the seduction agents had given up on that idea.

“I’m authorised to pay fifty pounds for a completed survey!” she said quickly as Paul started to close the door. Suddenly he stopped and smiled.

“Fifty pounds! Really? That seems generous. Ummm… ok, come on in.” He stood aside of the door, and Tanya quickly entered the hallway, as Paul closed the door behind her. He held out his hand to guide her into the living room, “Please…. take a seat.”

Tanya quickly scanned the room as she took off her coat, folded it, and laid it down on the arm of the seat. There was a large television as the focal point against the wall, a two seat sofa across from it with a coffee table in front, and another two seat sofa to the left of the table. The curtains were shut, and Tanya spotted a full cup of steaming tea on the table. “Perfect”, she thought.

Paul noticed that the woman who had introduced herself as Olga was looking at his cup of tea as she folded her leather coat in two and placed it on the arm of the seat next to the sports bag that she had brought with her. “Errrr… can I get you a drink of anything?”

“Coffee, black, no sugar” she said before smiling and adding “please”.

“Sure. Won’t be a second” he said as he wheeled round and left the room, heading for the kitchen. He headed over to the cupboard and whilst preparing her coffee he thought “Strange that she took off her coat and yet kept her gloves on. Not cold in here….hmmm, must be the fashion in the Czech republic or Lithuania, or wherever it is she’s from”.

As soon as Paul had left the room, Tanya reached into a side pocket of the bag and took out a small plastic bottle of clear liquid, gripping the top in her gloved fingers, she quickly unscrewed it. She paused and listened, she could hear Paul next door in the kitchen opening a cupboard. Leaning over the coffee table she carefully released five drops of the liquid into the tea.

Paul opened the door to the living room. “Here we go, hope it’s not too strong”. He passed the cup over, and as Tanya took hold of it, her gloved hand brushed his fingers.

“It will be perfect, I’m sure”, she almost purred in her Russian accent, nonchalantly placing the cup on the table without even taking a drink. She sat down, crossing her legs and picking up the clipboard.

“So, what’s this survey about then?” Paul sat down on the other sofa and picked up his cup of tea.

“We are just gathering a few pieces of information about lifestyle habits of local inhabitants. Nothing too complex.” As she explained, Paul sipped at his tea. “We’ll start with a few questions about diet and then move onto exercise habits”. She started to scribble things down on the clipboard and asked Paul a few questions about his eating habits. Did he eat a healthy breakfast every day? How many units of alcohol did he consume per week? After a few minutes, Paul was feeling uncomfortably warm. Perhaps he’d just drunk his hot tea too fast. He peered into the cup and, realising it was all gone, placed it back on the table which caused Tanya to look up from her clipboard, glance at the cup, then at Paul. Still looking directly at Paul, Tanya uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again the other way. Paul could have sworn he saw a glimpse of stocking top under her short black skirt. She smoothed her skirt down with her gloved hand. “Have you ever smoked?” asked Tanya, looking back down at her clipboard.

“Errrr… I err… sorry, what was the question?” Paul was trying to concentrate on what she was saying but there seemed to be so many distractions. Those beautiful leather boots, those wonderfully toned legs in that short black skirt. He realised that he was becoming aroused and crossed his legs quickly. It was all very odd, he didn’t normally react this way. My God, it was hot, how on earth was she able to keep those gloves on in this heat.

“Smoking. Have you ever smoked?” repeated Tanya.

“Ummm no, never” he replied and as Tanya scribbled it down, Paul rubbed his eyes.

“Are you feeling alright Mr Glenson? You seem…. distracted”, she asked without even looking up from her clipboard.

“Yes, sorry… I’m just feeling a little errr.. dizzy”. He tried to focus his vision on her, but his senses seemed to have a life of their own. Suddenly he found the smell of her perfume to be overpowering yet intoxicating, and once again he felt his groin stirring. What on earth was the matter with him? Tanya was looking at him. She had her mouth open and was tapping her pen between her teeth. A rhythmic tap.. tap.. tap.. tap.. His ears were full of the sound. Tap.. tap.. tap.. tap.. He couldn’t take his eyes away from that gloved hand playing with her pen. Tap.. tap.. tap.. tap.. He realised he was staring, but he just couldn’t help it. Those red lips…Tap.. tap.. tap..

“Mr. Glenson? Mr Glenson?” The tapping had stopped, and Tanya’s voice almost sounded as if she was singing his name. So quiet, so beautiful, so insistent, that accent was hypnotic. Finally Paul managed to tear his eyes away from her gloved hand. He put his head in his hands.

“I’m so sorry…. Don’t know what’s… the matter…. Feel dizzy” he just about managed to say.

“Perhaps you should take a nap, let me help you to your bed before I leave.” Tanya stood up and placed her clipboard on the coffee table next to her now cold and untouched coffee. “Come on, let’s get you up on your feet.”

Paul felt Tanya’s gloved hand take his left hand and place his arm around her shoulders, her other arm slipped around his waist and she helped to pull him up from the sofa. “That’s it. We’ll soon have you nice and comfy”. His arms and legs felt heavy, as if he’d had a long workout at the gym. He was also aware of his level of arousal. Every contact as they moved out of the living room into the hallway, the smell of her perfume, the buttery soft touch of her gloves on his skin. It was as if his senses were hyper tuned to every possible sexual signal, he couldn’t help it. He felt sure that she must have noticed the large bulge in his trousers, and he felt embarrassment. He was usually so shy.

After reaching the bedroom, Tanya helped Paul to sit on the bed. “That’s better, isn’t it? Lie down…. You’ll feel better”. Tanya was standing beside him with one knee up on the bed as she placed her gloved hands on his shoulders, gently but insistently pushing him back onto the bed.

“Yes, much better…. thankyou, I’m so sorry again, would you… errr see yourself out please?” he was lying on the bed with his feet still on the floor and his arms by his side. But she had already left the room. Paul heard her going into the sitting room to gather her things. After a few moments she returned. Paul turned his head and saw her coming towards the bed carrying her bag. “Is everything… ok?” he asked, curious as to why she had returned with the bag. But Tanya ignored him, placing the sports bag on the bed beside him and unzipping it.

Tanya knew that the sedative element of the drug cocktail that she had placed in Paul’s drink would not last much longer. The dose was not large, enough to reduce his strength and disorientate him but not so much as to interfere with the quality of the sperm sample. She had also mixed in a sexual arousal inducer that would last several more hours. This drug was used by the seduction agents, but Tanya found that it often made her job easier too.

Paul was beginning to panic now, even in his dazed state, he knew that something was wrong here. “Olga… ” Still with her hand in the bag searching for something, Tanya climbed up to kneel on the bed and sat astride Paul’s chest, his arms pinned to his side by her boots. “Olga!.. wha.. Mmmmpphhh” Tanya’s free hand clamped over Paul’s mouth. She straightened her arm so that her elbow locked, placing maximum force on his jaw. “mmmmmfffffff” was all he could manage beneath the gloved hand, his head sinking into the mattress such was the force that she was exerting. Paul tried to move his arms, but it was futile.

1.They had chatted, online and on the phone, for weeks before he drove upstate. He liked her wit, her intelligence, and her thoughtful ideas on her life as a naturally dominant woman. She liked their compatibility in other ways, and his willingness to explore new sides of himself. He had been driving for hours now, with a stop at the highway rest area, his mind racing with new ideas but no scene mapped out, just a first meeting, and his hopefulness.

They met as planned, at a country inn restaurant known for its new and adventurous chef and an interesting menu. As they talked about the menu, he mentioned his choice of chicken or beef, without green vegetables, and she ordered fish for both of them, reaching across to feed him Brussels sprouts which he took as she fed him. The food was delicious, and the late afternoon crowd had dwindled as the ordered coffee. He was surprised when after a wide ranging conversation she smiled slightly and reached into her purse, handing him a drugstore pill bottle with no label. He smiled back lightly, taking the amber plastic bottle with a questioning look.

“David, you have a lot of interests, and you talk a good game-but as a real submissive this is where it begins, if you want it- something real, not some online scene. Fill it now.” He looked back, his mind forming a question. “It should be obvious, take this container, fill it with your cum, for me, just because I asked. Go to the restroom, you have five minutes before I leave you here.” She was still smiling lightly, but with a hard edge visible in her gray eyes now.

He felt his face heat as he flushed, the small bottle in his hand, leaning across the lunch table. He started to speak, then caught himself, and awkwardly slid his chair back. He felt her gaze as he went across the room and down the hall. In the small men’s room, he was alone, feeling like a foolish teenager. Her request was ridiculous and humiliating too, but he found himself hardening as he thought about it. With a sharp breath, he slid his pants down and began, keeping a visual image as he pumped himself, trying to get past the feeling of strangeness, suddenly spurting into the small container as he imagined his new role.

When he returned to the table, the dining room had almost emptied, and he handed her the still-warm bottle he had carefully capped, a specimen of his real submission. He tried to meet her gaze as he sat; embarrassed that she now knew the depth of his feelings and his need. She had ordered coffee and the check while he was gone, and she reached across the table to uncap the bottle and pour the milky fluid into his coffee, where it swirled on the surface. “You need to finish the coffee now, David, so we can get going.” He looked, still with nothing to say, and took the cup, tasting the bitter musky flavor as he drank it and felt it coat his lips and tongue.

2.It was cold as they stepped outside, pulling their coats around them. She took the car key from his hand and led him to her car, a steel gray German sedan, and opened the door for him to slide in. “Your car will be alright here, leave it.” She stopped at the trunk as she came around the car, and as she got in handed him a small bag. “Here, put these on now.” He found a pair of well-worn leather cuffs in the bag, dark leather with rings and buckles, and awkwardly fitted them to his wrists as she started the car and adjusted the heat. She pointed to the headrest, and he realized his hands had to go up and behind it, where she linked the cuffs together. She smiled a little as she reached across his body to fasten his seat belt, then reached back to open his shirt and trace his nipple with her fingernails. As she drove the country roads in the darkening afternoon, from time to time she reached to touch him but said nothing. He thought about his new role, cuffed and restrained, just accepting it.

3.When they stopped, it was in the gravel drive of a large Victorian house set off by itself in a small crossroads town, well back from the road. It was white and gray, with tall Italianate windows and a porch, and a barn-like garage in the yard behind it. A small wooden plaque next to the door said “Whitehall”, which could have been a name or a place. It was late fall, with few leaves left on the trees and shrubs, and a dusting of snow on the ground. She opened the door and laughed “Stay here” as she got out and went to the house. He was left sitting, arms aching now behind him, feeling the car get colder as the engine ticked. She came back, to open his door, and unclip the cuffs, taking his arm as she helped him up out of the car. She led him to the rear porch, into a small vestibule with large windows and a cheerful collection of houseplants.

She was very matter-of-fact. “David, put your coat on the hook there, takes off everything else, and folds your things on the shelf by the door. Keep the cuffs on, and put on the things you will find in the drawer under the plant shelf. Then come into the kitchen.” She went off into the house, leaving him with the awkward feeling of undressing in someone else’s house, in this unromantic way. He still had not said anything, not even sure how she wanted him to address her now. He slipped off the coat, and then his shirt, shoes, pants, everything- standing in front of the large window, seeing himself reflected in it, naked and still cuffed. What he found in the drawer made him pause.

The plastic shell device he realized was a sort of penis cage, fitting around him and keeping his cock curved, clearly painful if he hardened. He felt it snap closed and latch, as he dressed in the other items, a pair of low cut nylon lace panties, dusty rose, and high heeled mules, in cheap sparkly plastic. When he stepped into the kitchen, she laughed and his face got hot. “Perfect, David, just what I need here, a house slave. The first thing you need to do here is clean up.”

He looked past her to see a kitchen sink piled with dishes and pans, apparently several days’ worth. He stepped to the sink, running hot water and finding the soap and brush. “Don’t get the cuffs wet, the leather will shrink and be tighter.” She patted him on the ass, then poured herself coffee and wandered away, leaving him to his new chores. He washed and dried, seeing himself in the dark kitchen window, working through the pile of heavily crusted dishes. When she returned, she paused to turn him around and squeezed open small metal paper clamps, which she used to pinch the skin around his nipples, smiling as she saw them harden, and seeing him wince as his hardening cock was trapped by the curved cage.

“Keep going, finish the dishes and we can move on to the training you need, you see now why that cage is called the Humbler; a hard cock is something I don’t need here. You have another purpose, Slut”

4.It was fully dark outside when he finished the kitchen, shuffling in the high heels, used now to the pain in his feet and the dull ache of the clamps on his skin and the shell around his cock. She came back to put down her coffee cup and look him over, almost naked in the harsh kitchen light. She pulled his wrists to cuff them behind his back, and then took his arm to walk him into the warmly furnished front room. “I think this is probably not the manly submission of your dreams, hmm David? No leather Domme with a whip, no dungeon full of toys, no hard cock cumming. What we have instead is my choice, not yours- a normal setting, and a woman who sees a panty slut with an asscunt to use, which is all you are. I can take what I want, I can make you cumm without touching that cock, and you will love me for it too.”

She roughly flipped the clamps off his skin, pinching his hard nipples as she bent him forward, slapping his ass and pushing him down onto a low table. His panties were pulled down to his knees as she cupped his ass and spread his knees, reaching under him to tug the cock cage. His cock hardened and was instantly painful in the hard curved tube. She pushed his legs wider as he knelt on the table, and slapped his ass hard. He felt her turn away, then suddenly cold gel applied to his small hole followed by a small hard rod, his first time there. The buzzing hum spread through him as she worked it in and out, exciting and humiliating at the same time.

“Prostate stimulation, they call this David, but you will think of it as orgasm without being able to cum. I get to use you, to take your body, and you get, well, nothing. Just the pleasure of giving your body to me.” Suddenly the vibrations were deep in his core, and he found himself surging and trembling, with juices dripping now from his soft cock in its cage. She used him again, slower and deeper, enjoying the curve of her body pressed against him as he bent low. When she pulled the vibrator out and rolled him to the side, she bent over his chest, and he found himself offering her his nipples, arching his back to lift them to her mouth, suddenly wanting and aching for her to take them.

When she did, the rake of her teeth brought new pain but caused him to lift and offer them more. He realized now how he felt, for the first time a feminine sort of pleasure in offering his body to her, a giving and the ache of wanting, not the usual focus on his hard penis and taking his pleasure. When he mouth left his skin, he felt the loss. She gave him a slap, and moved away as he slid off the table to stand, pulling the panties back up, over his aching cock in the holder, feeling the flush of orgasm fade. When he turned, she was in her comfortable chair by the fireplace, still dressed and composed, and it felt natural to go to sit on the floor at her feet.

She ruffled his hair, and he loved her now.

5.The first day was a Friday. By Sunday, they had fallen into a new routine. In the house, she kept him naked in panties, with sandals and sometimes a loose sweatshirt for warmth, as he learned to work in her kitchen and laundry. He slept on a padded mat on the floor next to her bed. Saturday morning, she added a chain belt around his waist, locked with one long end which she tucked into the panties, so that he felt cold metal and a cock cage all the time. From time to time, she used him when she chose, anywhere in the house, always the same way, with no cock relief and no contact from his mouth to her face or breasts. He learned to be available for the taking, and to take pleasure in being able to give himself to her when she wanted him.

In the evening, she dressed him normally, over the panties, chain, and cage, and took him in the car to local shops and a tavern, chatting about art and music and travel as they had before. As they ate, one part of his mind was always on his submission, and his availability to her. It seemed natural that she chose the food and wine for him, and fed him tastes of the food she enjoyed.

When they returned the snow was falling lightly in the glare of the headlights, and they laughed together as they rushed from the car to the back porch. She went ahead into the house, leaving him without a word in the cold vestibule as before, with a choice to make. With no instructions, he thought about his new situation, and what he had learned about himself, then once again removed his clothing in the hall and folded it on the shelf. When he walked into the warm living room, she had lit the fireplace and turned to regard him, the one out of place element in the domestic scene: a middle aged man, fair but not great condition, naked except for the panties and chain belt he wore, going to kneel beside her armchair.

“David, I see you know now what you need, and how we do fit together so well. I think this is the real essence of you, under all that professional exterior.” She reached down to touch his chest, and he tensed in anticipation, wanting her hand on him. He waited there as she went to the kitchen, and saw when she returned she had a bottle of wine, one wine glass, a shiny steel bowl, and a coiled collar and leash. He held still as she buckled the leather collar around his throat loosely, clipped on the chain leash, and poured his portion of wine into the bowl. There was really nothing to say.

He bent low to bring his face to the bowl, lapping the wine from it, as she sipped hers from the glass and watched him, appraising him now. “David, there is one other thing you need to learn to do well, as the slut you are now.” She surprised him by sliding lower in the chintz arm chair, in the warmly lit room in front of a fire, and using the leash to pull him between her legs. She slid her long wool tweed skirt up her thighs, pulling him to her. “Slowly, use your tongue only, be steady, but show me how much you need this, show me the love without words.”

He tried to ignore his hardening cock, painful and aching now in its cage, and focus on her scent, the vision of her glowing skin, the taste of her as his tongue slipped in and gently began to stroke her. She held the leash loosely, just a reminder of his role, not a lover, but a servant, not pulling back until she was satisfied. He learned the feel of her, the swollen lips, the hardening clitoris, the ridges and valleys and the musky taste. His face was against her skin, as his tongue found the rhythm and her thighs gripped his head more tightly. There was no sense of time, just his focus on her center, until he felt her tensing and pulsing as her back arched, and she moaned lightly.

When she pushed him away, she put her hand on his head as she stood, her skirt falling back. She smiled as she moved away, with a tug on the leash. “Good beginning David, I can see you need practice but I did feel your wanting, and that is the essential part.” She left him to sleep again on the mat, this time with the collar and the leash draped lightly over her bedpost,

6.Sunday morning she made breakfast for herself, feeding him in his bowl with table scraps, but with a loving smile. The day went as the last one had, with him mostly naked and used when she chose, as she chose, each time reminding him that his new role was all about. In the afternoon, she came to him as he worked in the kitchen, doing the last of the lunch dishes.

“David, I know it is time for you to go soon, you need to get back to the city. I hope you will remember what you learned about yourself here- I like your ability to give, and to get past your old shell of masculine authority or whatever. Your real nature here is for me to think of you as something to be filled and used, an asscunt for me, and a slut who needs this and always has it in his mind, with no part of this being about your hard cock. Here, you need these now; I want you thinking about what you are.” She handed him a small store bag, and when he opened it he saw pairs of simple nylon panties, obviously his size.

“You need to get dressed now, leave the cage on the shelf, and I want you wearing panties only instead of underwear, now, every day, not just when we chat and talk. Have a good drive back.” She left him in the back hall, as he removed the cage and chain he had worn and slid on the surprisingly soft and silky panties, which embraced his body in a new way. His trousers and clothing seemed to glide over them as he dressed, and he felt a sort of lightness and firmness with them under his normal clothing.

During the long drive back he kept thinking of the newness of the feeling, and what wearing them said about his image of himself. That vague self-image of a movie hero, masterful and sophisticated, was fading fast. When he stopped again at the rest area, as he stood in line at the convenience store, he watched the young woman at the cash register as she worked her way through the sales. She was average looking, in her twenties he guessed, wearing jeans and a store jacket with her hair pulled back. His thoughts shifted from the usual male assessment of every woman to a realization that under her jeans she wore panties, just as he did, the same kind of embracing feeling, a light sexiness he thought now, and the same sense of a body waiting to be filled and shared. He saw himself now as Ms. Snow had seen him, and it gave him a new sense of the corner he had turned.

He knew he would be back at Whitehall again.

I decided to try and write something a little different from what I usually write and because I find Roman history fascinating decided to write a first person femdom roman historical story.

I choose the mid 70 AD’s because it was a time of change but one where the empire was quite stable and also before Vesuvius erupted and the information we get from Pompeii. I also wanted to make it reasonably authentic and make my hero and the other characters Roman and not English circa 1980 living in Rome as much as I possibly could.

For instance while not overtly racist (but they were very anti-semitic particularly at this time as the first major war against the Jews had just finished) everything to do with about being a Roman was to do with status and class. Slaves were at the bottom even though a slave could be a lot richer than a poor freeman. Many slaves were freed and become freedman but still owed their former masters many duties and indeed as the top of society (the senators) were not meant to engage in businesses worked for their old masters. Above slaves and freedman were the free born citizens (plebs )(many of whom were descended from slaves because virtually uniquely in Rome all ex slaves and their children became citizens) who got the free grain but could be very poor as most work was done by slaves and freedmen. The free born were divided into different classes with the top two being the equites and then the senators at the very top.

Therefore my hero is proud to be a free born citizen and looks down on freedmen and slaves and sees himself as the equal to all free Roman’s even senators because in the 1st century the idea of all Romans being equal was still talked about as if it was true. Roman society was also completely sexist and women had no votes or voice but also did not pay taxes. A woman was under the control of her father for her whole life (not her husband) but by the 70′s many of the strict restrictions on women had disappeared and many women run their own businesses and if rich managed their own lands.

Roman attitudes to sex were that a man could do anything he wanted to an inferior but that a men did the penetrating and was on top (or from behind) however while women were meant to be chaste this was pre Christian and it was expected that a woman not getting regular sexual pleasure would become ill. What this meant we do not really know however we know that prostitution was extremely common and visiting a prostitute was considered a normal thing for a man to do. As for women we do not know but certainly they would have expected to have got regular sexual satisfaction.

Therefore it seems logical to assume that a group of men existed who gave women sexual satisfaction. These men would have not been slaves or freedmen as they would be to lower born but Rome would have been full of young poor men such as my hero able to fulfil such a role.

Other things such as the fact that girls married at thirteen and men at thirty meant large age differences in marriages and as all high class marriages were arranged by the parents no real love between partners. Therefore if a woman survived childbirth and many did not they faced a long unsatisfactory marriage particularly as by 75 political divorce was not as common as during the republic and this would surely have encouraged the development of men working to pleasure women.

Several other things will be confusing to modern readers such as the fact that Roman years were named after people (the consuls) and not by some logical system. Also most Roman males were named the same as their fathers making working out who is who from our limited sources very difficult and worse freedmen took their masters name so the son of a senator and the son of a slave could have the same name. This to a modern reader is very confusing but presumably the Romans knew who was who from the context. As for women well they usually only had one or two names and those were just the family name feminised (i.e. the Julian’s produced Julia’s) and the history of the imperial family has numerous Julia, Antonia, Dominita’s etc causing even more confusion and making identification of women even more problematic.

I have also used some Latin words giving the first time I use them their nearest English translation because these are words that do not have a direct English translation (i.e. moderatrix = woman in control).

Anyway I hope you enjoy my attempts and if you know your Roman history let me off any obvious errors I have let slip though. Chapter one has no sex in it but sets the scene so feel free to start at Chapter 2.

* * * * *

Chapter 1

Greetings I wish to record for history an account of my life and of my relationships with the powerful women of Rome. If I were to publish this account in my own life I would still be killed even though the events I record happened many years ago but still many of the families I served are still powerful therefore I have placed this account in the crypt under my church during the year of Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus III and P. Dasumius Rusticus (119 AD) where soon my body will lay while my soul meets my lord knowing that if the almightily God wishes people will read it and learn of the corruption of the women of Rome.

I will start my story not with my birth or even with my learning of the one true faith but when I was a young man of just eighteen and living in Rome during the year Titus Flavius Vespasianus VI and Titus Flavius Vespasianus IV (75 AD).

My name then was Gaius Fonteius Britannicus Flavus and that name tells you all you need to know. I was of British stock as both my parents were British but I myself was born in Rome. I was not born as a slave but as the child of freedman and as so was a full citizen of Rome.

My father also Gaius Fonteius Britannicus Flavus (Britannicus Flavus means blond British) had been a British fighter enslaved and brought to Rome and used by the Fonteius Capito family. My mother had also been caught by the roman troops and sold as a slave also to the Fonteius Capito family. My father had been trained and used as a house painter and my mother had been a maid. Then during the year of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus I and Lucius Antistius Vetus (55 AD) they had been freed and married with my mother taking the name Bella Britannica Flava Fonteia (Bella Britannica Flava means pretty British blonde).

My parents had lived in a Insula (flat) but on the second floor and my father had was reasonably well paid and I had been born during the year of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus II and Lucius Calpurnius Piso (57 AD) and after my birth my parents had had two daughters Bella who was eight when my story starts and Pulchra (also means pretty) who was then six.

All had been good or at least as good at it could be for a working freedman in Rome. Then a year before my story starts my father had been taken sick as many more were and died of the fever. I had been trained as a painter by my father but honesty means I have to say I did not have his talent with my murals looking wooden compared to his and while I had also leant to read and write in both Greek and Latin this work was usually done by slaves. So quickly money was tight as in Rome then with no church a poor woman was not seen as someone worthy of support but as someone to exploit.

However my mother turned to the Fonteius Capito family for help but got little as why should they really care about a freedwoman? Within twelve months we had no money and I had no work as my father’s friends did not have enough work to support a poor quality painter.

So once more my mother went to see the Fonteius Capito family to beg them to stop her and her daughters being put on the streets because now we could not afford our rent even though we were living now on the top floor. This time she was seen by the domina (mistress) of the family and she was much nicer and gave my mother money for the month’s rent and extra for food. She also asked about me and was told by my mother about how I was only a poor painter and how I would never survive the violence of the legions and the domina expressed support for her and then asked to see her and me in nine days.

I feel I should tell you about my patron and her family. Both she and her husband were from the top of society. Her husband was Gaius Fonteius Capito and he was the son of another Gaius Fonteius Capito who had been consul with Gaius Vipstanus Apronianus (59 AD) and his great grandfather had been consul and his uncle as well. However his father had been governor of Lower Germany under Nero and was famous for being corrupt and during the year of the four emperors (69 AD) was killed on the orders of Galba.

Gaius Fonteius Capito my domina’s husband who had been born during the year of Marcus Vinicius I and Lucius Cassius Longinus (30 AD) had reached the rank of Praetor under Nero and had been with his father in Lower Germany but avoided death during the rule of Galba and had supported then Vespasian. This should have meant that after the purification of Rome that he was soon given his turn as consul. However Vespasian considered him to be not corrupt but to be lazy and also over fat and so did not promote him but instead gave him membership of the Arval Brethren as a sop and while this did not honour him as his family should have been Gaius Fonteius Capito was happy with this.

My domina’s family was equalled prestigious her father Sextus Julius Rufus had died when serving as Praetor when she was five years old but her uncle Lucius Julius Rufus had reached the rank of consul.

Her name was Julia Rufa and she was born during the year of Marcus Vinicius II and Titus Statilius Taurus Corvinus (45 AD) and had been married to Gaius Fonteius Capito who was actually her half cousin during the year of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus IV and Cossus Cornelius Lentulus (60 AD).

Their marriage had produced three children a daughter aged when my story starts fourteen Fonteia major recently married to her cousin another Lucius Julius Rufus, a son another Gaius Fonteius Capito aged thirteen and a second daughter Fonteia minor aged twelve. This last birth had been very difficult for Julia Rufa and afterwards she was unable to have any more children.

This tells you all I knew and you so far need to know about my patrons apart from what you know of course that Capito means big headed and they were very arrogant and well named while of course Rufus means red head even though Julia Rufa was more dark than red headed.

Therefore I will start my story with myself and my mother waiting to meet Julia Rufa on a cold morning inside her family Domus (large town house) near the top of Caelian Hill the day after Regifugium (February 24) during the year of Titus Flavius Vespasianus VI and Titus Flavius Vespasianus IV (75 AD). My mother was still blonde and beautiful but the last year had started to age her and as for me I was blond, tall, thin and not muscular but I think attractive as I stood nervously wearing my cleaned tunic.

A slave called us in and we walked behind her though the public front area and to my surprise into the private and woman’s area where Julia Rufa was waiting for us. She was thirty and was of average height with dark hair and was plump with big womanly breasts and when we entered the room she was reclining on a couch wearing just a short bed time tunic. Her appearance surprised me because she had her hair down and no makeup on and was wearing a tunic that flowed free around her round body allowing me to see her thighs and her breasts. Of course I had seen hundreds of naked women indeed our current Insula had in its basement a whole collection of cheap naked slave whores from all parts of the empire and as they were cheaper than an apple to get relief from I had visited them many times in the last few months but I was amazed to see Julia Rufa looking unkempt. My mother was not surprised but then she was used having been a slave to seeing the rich and powerful as they really were.

More slaves produced two stools and we sat and waited for Julia Rufa to acknowledge us. After a minute giving us all time to remember who was boss she moved on the couch making her tunic rise and I was amazed to see a flash from between her legs of dark hair as she wiggled to face us. She smiled and said “welcome Bella Britannica” and I was surprised again at her using my mother’s slave name not that my mother minded but then she was used to this having of course been a slave but most people nowadays called her Fonteia.

Then Julia Rufa turned to me and said “and your handsome boy! Well I have considered how best we can help you Bella Britannica and I think I have a solution that will please us all. You do not want to live on the streets and see your daughters in the whore house and as for your boy well he would not survive the first fight with the German barbarians. For me Bella Britannica my children are older and do not need me so I feel I need a new project to keep me occupied and amused and your boy would seem to be what my project requires. Indeed from what my agents say he will be perfect and you deserve an easier life”

I was confused pleased that Julia Rufa was willing to help us but finding her tone worrying however my mother nodded and said “thank you domina we are under your patronage”

Julia Rufa smiled and said “my offer will be the best you will get. First for you and your lovely daughters! I will give you free to live in a flat in Ostia by the sea, I will pay for your daughters to be educated both in Greek and Latin and when they are fourteen I will find them educated well off men to marry and I will provide them with the dowry and they will be my clients” my mother nodded and we both knew this was very good. Of course their husbands would be freedman of Julia Rufa’s older but probably Greek and educated and in the nasty world of Rome a poor girl would do far worse.

Julia Rufus continued “as for yourself you will become my client and live in the flat rent and tax paid free for life. I will pay you 1200 sestertius a year until your daughters marry and then 900 until you die. As for work you do not work for me but occasionally I may want you to check on the movements of some of the ships in the harbour and report to me.” My mother nodded knowing that this was good money and indeed with the free citizens’ grain she would be well off richer than we had been when my father was alive. As for the work well it was simple commercial spying because one of the sources of wealth for the family was their ships and knowing about the other ships was sensible.

However there had to be a catch and as Julia Rufus smiled at me I knew it was me as she said “the price is your son! He will for twelve years serve me under the conditions of nexum and not the new conditions no the old republican condition of nexum!” I gasped at that as being in her debt bondage meant I was virtually her slave but without the stigma of being a slave worse while nowadays nexum (debt slave) did not mean you could be put in chains she wanted to be able to do that to me.

Julia Rufus smiled and said “After twelve years of service I will find him a nice rich woman to marry who will keep him for the rest of his life in pampered luxury! As for his service to me well it will not be hard work and certainly not labouring but something I suspect with some careful training he will show a real talent for. No as my nexum he will have a very soft life and will not be harmed ” and I gasped as she leant forward on the couch and deliberately let her tunic slip forward so that her large plump breasts were exposed to my view as I looked down the tunic top.

The way she spoke and moved told me that my service to her was going to be personal and sexual to her and I was going to be her puer (inferior boy) or indeed her pellex (male whore/ gigolo) while she was going to be not only my domina but also my moderatrix amatrix (women in charge sexual mistress). I was not adverse to the idea because while Julia Rufus was old for me she was better kept than most of the whores I could afford but with her I knew it was me who would be the whore and not her even though I had no real idea of what that meant. However I knew the offer would save my mother and sisters and for me well twelve years as her love slave was better than twenty in the legions so what choice did I have?

I looked at my mother and was amazed when she said “a very generous offer domina I am sure my son will desire to serve you” but as she spoke I remembered that she had never mentioned having to serve the men of the household when she was a slave even though her name made clear she had done so and therefore having served she obviously considered I would not mind either.

What could I say then but to agree with my mother that yes I would become Julia Rufus’s nexum. Julia Rufus smiled and said “I thought you would well Gaius and Bella Britannica here is the written agreements please sign and then Bella Britannica a couple of my stronger male slaves can go with you and help you pack and then take you by cart to Ostia. The sea air will do your daughters good! As for you Gaius well I am eager to start training you!”

An elderly female slave aged at least fifty and very fat handed my mother and I each two documents and a quick read confirmed what Julia Rufus had offered us and we signed them. The slave gave one copy of each to my mother and took the other one away and the deed was done and now my mother and sisters were set up while I now belonged to Julia Rufus.

Julia Rufus spoke and said “I will let you say goodbye to your son Bella Britannica but you can write to him and he will write to you and at least once a year you can see him. Thank you Bella Britannica I know I am doing the best for you”

My mother grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room and said “by Jupiter the arrogance of the woman but she is right it is a good offer and you will have to be brave! Now some advice darling as a slave your mistress is always right so just do as she orders! Now give me a kiss and be brave for being a sexual slave is not nice! Just how nasty it is I am afraid you are going to quickly find out!” and then she gave me a kiss and a hug and then promising to write regularly to me she left accompanied by two male slaves to start her new life in Ostia while I was left to my new life with Julia Rufus.

Chapter 2

After my mother had left the old female grabbed my arm and I saw she was not a slave but a freedwoman as she had on the cap of liberty. She said “come with me boy! My name is Dura Julia and boy you will find me as hard and tough as my name! Now our mistress wants some fun and that will be you! I hope boy you know how to serve a woman or well boy you will find out just how hard my arm can wield a whip! And just how good I am at hitting a boy in his most sensitive parts!”

This comment terrified me as the old woman pulled me back into the room where Julia Rufus waited for me. She was lying on the couch and smiled and said “good Dura now the mother has left and he is trapped it is time for him to discover what my project is! Okay boy get naked I have heard from my spies that you look sweet naked and have a lovely penis but now I own you! As for sex well my spies tell me you use whores but have never been one! The whores told my spies that you were sweet and gentle with them not a brute and that is what I want even though boy that does not stop me being a brute with you! Okay naked now and then hands on head and legs apart and get hard for me!”

I gasped because I had never imagined a lady could speak like this but pulled off my tunic and loin cloth not knowing then it was to be the last time I wore one and then stood naked my hands on my head under her appraising eyes. I was not hard but as I saw her looking at me and saw her big breasts swinging free under her tunic and knew soon we would be having sex I got excited and to my embarrassment but her pleasure and amusement I got hard.

Julia Rufus smiled and said “yes pretty and perfect the right mixture of weakness and strength! Not a gladiator but slim and handsome and yes his dick is nice! And the blond hair makes him suitably foreign and exotic! Perfect for my plan and also for me!”

Then I gasped as Dura slapped my naked bottom and said “he seems soft domina but not where it matters! Okay boy on your knees you have a woman to serve! Tell us boy have you ever gone down on a woman? No well boy I hope you are a fast learner because licking cunt is going to be something that perfection is expected in!”

Julia Rufa laughed letting her freewoman take liberties with me and showing that Dura was also my domina and said “do not be too nasty to the little boy! But boy knell and approach me and worship my cunt! Make your amatrix happy puer!” I was shocked and confused but naked I knelt and shuffled towards her and she sat on the couch and pulled her tunic up and opened her legs so I could see her pussy.

Her pussy was covered in thick black pubic hair and this surprised me as all the whores I had been with had waxed there and even the few free women I had seen naked had trimmed themselves. However as I was to discover among the richer free women they never waxed and only trimmed their pubic hair if their husbands were inclined to give them cunnilingus. As Gaius Fonteius Capito had like most rich men never given his wife this Julia Rufus did not even trim herself. This meant that performing cunnilingus was for the male a much smellier proposition as I was discovering as I approached her open legs.

Julia Rufus smiled down at me as I stopped embarrassed and confused between her legs and said “go on boy! Long licks of the tongue all over and up and down my cunt and then wiggle it inside me when I am excited and then on the clitoris! Simple and easy boy make me happy!” her crudeness embarrassed me as she was a lady but I moved forward and cautiously started to licked between her legs wetting her thick pubic hair. She grabbed me by the ears and pulled me closer to get me where she wanted and I licked her as ordered. She smelt fishy between her legs not as bad as many Roman women I was to be forced to serve but not nice and tasted of a sort of musky off milk flavour. She also started to get wet as I licked her to my surprise as the whores I had been with never seemed to get wet. As several minutes she started to moan and really rammed my head into her and I felt my tongue enter her so I licked her and she pushed me so my whole mouth covered her pussy and it was hard to breathe. Also she was leaking a lot and I had to swallow as her juices filled my mouth. I then found her clitoris with my tongue and started to lick that going gently as I did not want to hurt her and within a couple of minutes she started to moan and the sob and her flow of juices increased dramatically. Then her thighs grasped my head as she leant back moaning loudly and continuously and I knew she was coming and was amazed by her response as I had never really seen a woman come. Then suddenly she pushed me off her pussy making me worried that I had done something wrong.

However when she smiled down at me I knew I had not and she said “well Dura he is a fast learner that was very nice! As good as a woman! No do not wipe your face boy it looks good to have your domina’s juices on your face! I knew he would be perfect Dura and he is and we are going to have so much fun with him! Well boy you know my project involves you and now you know it involves making me happy but that is only part of it boy! I am going to train you to be the best pellex a woman could ever have!” I gasped as that because while licking Julia Rufa had excited me the thought of being sold as a man whore to woman after woman did not.

She smiled and said “scary? Well it will be because boy you are going to serve the elite women of Rome! And these are not easy women to please they are bored and tough and expect perfection and you are going to give them that! And boy if you think licking a woman off is daring well wait till you find out some of the ideas these women have! Now I think it is time to get you pretty while my sweet cunt recovers from your tongue! Do you have everything Dura? Well good get him ready!”

I gasped as Dura grabbed me and pulled me up and made me stand not letting me clean my face. Worse I saw she had in her hands a pot of wax and cloths and I knew this was to remove body hair. I was not a hairy person but knew having your legs and arm pits done would hurt but said nothing as she smeared the warm wax on and placed the pulling cloths over the wax. However I gasped when she applied wax to my own pubic hair because firstly I knew this would hurt and secondly no man I had ever seen had been waxed. However I was now a pellex and Julia Rufa’s nexum so I had to accept this and also it let all women know my status.

When the wax was on Julia Rufa approached me her breasts swinging freely in the tunic and pulled one cloth of my arm making me gasp and as she did this Dura knelt and ripped them painfully from my legs. Soon the only body hair I had left was on my groin and I moaned as Julia Rufa grabbed the two clothes and savagely ripped my pubic hair out the sensation making me sob and moan. She smiled and said “oh yes he is not tough! Good I do not want tough I want good! Do his balls Dura!” and then I screamed as my balls were savagely yanked by Dura making her laugh at my distress.

Julia Rufa said “there we are much nicer now without that nasty hair and it makes your dick seem longer! Well when it is hard it will let me help and have a nice feel! Remember boy a woman can play with you how she likes your dick and balls are her toys!” I gasped as her warm hand surrounded my dick and instantly I went hard. She started to rub me and quickly being young I was getting excited and knew I was going to come. Then just as I was she let me go and said “no boy you come when a woman wants not when your penis wants! You are the one serving now! However making you wiggle has excited so boy lie on the couch and await my pleasure!”

Groaning with frustration I did so worried as I knew as soon as Julia Rufa let me enter her I would come and knowing that would not be acceptable. However I was still thinking as a man not a pellex as Julia Rufa pulled off her tunic and approached me. Naked she was fat but not too fat and her big boobs flopped down onto her but she still looked sexy as she loomed over me and said “breast licking is important get me excited boy!” and lent forward and flopped a big fat breast into my face. I gasped and licked it licking all over its front and then taking her big plump nipple into my mouth and sucking and licking that. After a couple of minutes Julia Rufa moved and made me lick her other breast until both breasts had been equally stimulated.

I knew she was excited and so expected her to pull me off the couch and lie down so I could love her but then I discovered just how nasty my life was going to be. Dura handed her something and I could not work out what it was until Julia Rufa told me “this is for your dick boy. The silver stick goes in it so you get penetrated by the woman! It makes your come stay home as well and not spurt out! Then the silk shroud covers your shaft and collects any that does escape and better means you are not inside a woman properly as a man should be! Then finally this clever ring clicks on the bottom of the shroud and fixes it all in place and better stops you going soft even if you have come! Okay lie still and let me fit it!” I gasped as Julia Rufa took my dick and pushed into it a short silver stick that penetrated painfully half way down my shaft making me moan. Then she pulled the silk shroud so my dick was covered and then placed the open ring around the base of my shaft and then clicked it shut.

The device was painful and made me feel less of a man but worse Julia Rufa mounted the bed and me and then grabbed my dick and positioned it between her legs and then sunk down with a slight moan so she was on top of me. While I knew that women could ride a man I had never done it as only old men did this not young men. Also Julia Rufa was not young or light so I could not move as she wiggled on me and then started to rise and fall on me as she rode me as if I was a horse. It was humiliating to lie in the submissive female position however I was not a man but her slave and as I was to discover the wicked women of Rome when using a man virtually always went on top.

With the device on my penis and Julia Rufa on top and riding me and controlling me my excitement while high was not enough to come as I felt used and less than a man and worse knew I was and was now starting to see what I would be suffering for the next twelve years or indeed my life because I was now sure the woman I was married to would also be my amatrix. After sometime Julia Rufa started to moan and went red in the face and breasts and pinned me down with her hands and really hammered away on me and the urged me to come with her. I did not feel like it but suddenly and with no control because in those innocent days I had no real control either to stop coming or to come when ordered I was coming.

But it was a new sort of orgasm not what I was used to from my hand or a whores pussy or mouth. Instead as I came the silver stick meant my come could hardly get out and the backup made my whole dick spasm and ache quickly followed by a painful stabbing sensation to my balls that felt as if I had been savagely kicked in them. I moaned and sobbed bucking under her and then my dick went very sensitive but with the ring on stayed hard as Julia Rufa hammered away on me my pain exciting her more. I sobbed and tried to move but could not as she reached another powerful climax on me shaking with delight as submissively I had to let her have me.

Finally Julia Rufa stopped riding me and smiled down and said “that was very nice! The women will love you and your helpless moan as you came was wonderful! Thank you Dura!” and Julia Rufa sat on me as Dura wiped her sweaty body cool and clean but ignored me lying underneath her mistress. Worse my erection had not faded at all and I could feel my balls throbbing from the sperm that had not escaped. Then Julia Rufa said “well boy you have done well for your first service but the standard I and my friends will expect will not allow for slacking. Now I had better go boy I have to see my mother and while I know she will love using you I want to train you a little more before letting you serve outside!” and with that she pulled off me making me gasp as my dick sprung free from her pussy.

I lay there dazed and confused as Dura handed Julia Rufa a new clean tunic. She put it on and then smiled and turned and moved and lent down and kissed me hard on the lips. However as I expected it was her tongue in my mouth penetrating me and it was the kiss of an owner to a slave not the kiss of a woman to a man.

Then she broke off and said “as for you boy you stay here! Dura will look after you and continue your training! You will treat her as another domina and she will treat you as she wishes! As for the other women here you are polite to all but only serve them with my permission! They will be polite to you but well I know girls and you can expect some teasing! As for movements you stay where you are told! Later on I may allow you to move freely around the Domus but for now you will confined by me! As for leaving the Domus well until you finish your service to me you will only leave it to serve other women and always under the control of a woman! Yes boy from now on you will always be under the eyes of a moderatrix! Well I had better go and get dressed and see mother! Dura take him control him use him but mainly train him I will use him this afternoon.” And with that she left me used still with my dick trapped on the couch.

Chapter 3

After Julia Rufa had left the old freedwoman Dura turned to me and said “Now that looked nice you served my domina well but beware boy she can be very nasty if you fail her in anything! I know it hurt you to be ridden by her after coming but that was nothing compared to what you would have suffered if you had tried to stop her! However she is a fair woman so serve her fully and you will have the life of a pampered pet that you crave and are only fit for! Okay get up boy and follow me and I will show you our bedroom because boy you are sharing with me!”

I stood and roughly Dura grabbed my arm and pulled me to the back of the room I had served Julia Rufa in. I was able to see that it was her cubiculum (bedroom) but it was not the traditional small room but a large room with natural light because nowadays the rich of Rome prefer a larger cubiculum to recline and sleep in. At the back were some stone stairs and Dura pulled me up them into another large cubiculum with two couches in it obviously for her and I and connected to her domina’s room. I then knew that Dura had been with Julia Rufa for a long time and was later told by Dura it had been since Julia Rufa was five and that on Julia’s marriage she had been given her freedom but moved with Julia Rufa because the post of confidant to a rich woman was a good position for a woman particularly an ugly one.

Dura pointed to the couch in the corner and said “yours! Lie on it boy! You are going to give me pleasure now because watching my domina get off has excited me I love to see her getting pleasure!” I moaned at that as no way did I want Dura to have me but I was now a nexum and had no choice.

Worse the device buried in my shaft and the ring was keeping me hard so I lay there helpless to resist her. As I lay Dura pulled off her tunic making me shudder. If Julia Rufa had been old and plump for me well then Dura was ten times worse. She was much older fifty and much fatter. Her fat hung from her and her breasts while huge flopped down her front as she waddled towards me. I wanted to refuse her but could not as she mounted the couch and me and pushed my still hard dick up her pussy and I gasped as if entered her as I was still very sensitive. Dura leered down at me and said “lie still boy you have to get used to being used! Do not think like a man but as a woman! Sex is for the pleasure of the opposite sex and not for me my function is to give pleasure and not get it! Do that boy and your life will be easier because we are going to break you until you do!”

With that comment the old woman started to ride me like her mistress using me as a horse. I lay there unmoving watching disgustedly as her breasts and fat rippled and bounced as she rose and fell on me. As she rode me her pussy gripped my dick and that hurt me even inside my silk shroud but worse was being used as a woman or a slave by a large old ugly woman who was not even a full citizen. Not that Dura cared as soon sweat was pouring off her and onto me as she used me and soon she was also moaning and then coming on me.

After coming she slowed and said “nice boy now this time you can rub my boobs as I use you but no moving apart from boy a few wiggles as I come because I want you to come with me! Yes boy it gets worse unlike a man a woman sometimes likes a man to come and so boy you come when a woman wants and how a woman wants! And I want you to come with me this time! Do it boy or I will hurt your balls so much you will whimper like a baby!”

Therefore as she rode me again I had do try and do something I had never done before and get ready to come on demand. It was very difficult as the fat old woman rode me and pressed my hands onto her floppy breasts and made me rub her nipples as I could not block her out and imagine I was with a nice young whore as the reality of me being the nice young whore was obvious to me. I was lying as a woman being used my dick penetrated and covered by an old woman and nothing to stop that being true. However as the sweat flowed off her I knew I had to come and somehow I managed to ignore the pain from my dick and concentrate on some sort of small pleasure and then felt to my relief sexual excitement. Then as Dura hammered away getting excited I was able to let this grow even though it was not pleasure but disgust and humiliated pain I was feeling and when she moaned in orgasm I was able to come. If my last orgasm had been bad this one was terrible because my mind did not want it and worse physically it hurt. The spike in my penis stopped the come from leaving me and made my dick and balls ache as if pulled and kicked and I moaned and bucked underneath her increasing her pleasure as she saw my distressed orgasm.

Finally to my relief my orgasm was over and so was Dura’s. However she leered at me and said “that was nice and I can tell you did not enjoy coming! Shame now you belong to women you will not from now on your orgasms are not for your pleasure but for a woman’s amusement or to increase her pleasure! Now this will not be fun either lie totally still boy as I have you again! No moving or I will hurt you!” and I moaned as she started to ride me. Dura was right because as she moved up and down me even her large pussy made my penis ache and was glad that it was in a silk shroud but that offered me little if any real protection. However I lay as still as I could occasionally moaning in pain as the old woman used me until finally to my great relief she orgasmed once more on me.

My pleasure was increased when she pulled off my shaft but then I was horrified as she moved up me and said “lick me off boy! Yes lie there and give me your face child!” and she moved around my head and pushed her hairy dirty pussy into my face. I was amazed as I had never even considered the possibility of giving a woman cunnilingus from the female position. However I licked away as she sat herself on my mouth her juices filling it and making me swallow. She tasted even worse than Julia Rufa had and was much wetter as I licked her large gaping pussy and finally found her clitoris and settled to pleasure that until after sometime finally Dura came and got off me.

She smiled down and said “that was nice for me and good training for you! Yes boy I know you hated it but from now on boy sex is something you give to women and they get pleasure not you! And boy you will have sex a hundred times worse than that!” I shuddered not believing her but now I know that with the wicked perverted women of Rome I did indeed have sex a hundred times worse than that if not a thousand times worse.

Then she grabbed my dick making me yelp but to my relief she unclipped the ring and pulled the silver spike from my dick and said “soon boy you will be able to wear this for half a day but for now we will have to take it off a lot! Indeed I think it needs a wash! Do not worry boy your domina had me buy three of them so you can always have a nice clean one to wear! Now you are to lie here and rest boy I imagine the change from man to sex slave means you need a rest and time to adjust so rest boy and get used to being a sexual plaything for women!” and with that she left me dazed on the bed glad to have some time to put into some sort of context what had happened to me this morning.

I lay there knowing I was legally trapped as Julia Rufa’s nexum and so had no real rights. Worse my acceptance of her rule was needed to ensure that my mothers and sisters had a good life. Therefore as I had agreed for twelve years I belonged to Julia Rufa and had to accept whatever evil and perverse plans she had for me and allow any woman she wanted rich, free or slave old, fat or ugly to use me as that woman wanted. If that was true than I had to behave and allow her and her servants to train me as a play toy and the realisation of my fate made me want to cry but I knew in the evil godless city of Rome that was my fate and I had better get used to it.

My problem was that I had met Lynn at church. Sweet, soft spoken Lynn. Indeed, I had joined the church in order to meet more single women. Lynn was very pretty, and quite friendly. We went out a few times and, since I was looking for a new place to live, she had suggested I move into the house she shared with 3 other graduate students.

The women were all very conservative, Lynn was the most conservative. Her father was the minister, and every second word was, “Oh, my mother would not think that proper”. Oddly, the housemates were also feminists, very much into women’s rights. They were very proper in their dress around the house, never even a sight of a bra or a slip. Male visitors never slept overnight – bedroom doors always stayed open. Occasionally Lynn held my hand or let me give her a quick kiss.

Lynn’s mother must have been forty, but looked a very stylish 30. Lynn was very beautiful and had clearly inherited it from her Mother. Lynn’s father, or perhaps step-father, could not be over 30, even though he was the Minister.

I was so frustrated, that I was reduced to peeking through a crack when the bathroom door did not quite close. It was mid morning, and Mary had walked in to take her shower. I casually walked down the corridor and glanced through the 1 inch crack in the door.

“Peter! You are very bad!” Barbara barked at me.

I had thought everybody else had gone.

“How could you be so low. We should not have allowed a man to live here.”

“What?” I said, trying to look innocent.

“Come here!”

I sheepishly obeyed, and walked into her bedroom.

“You were peeking at Mary. Can you image how it feels to be spied upon when you are naked?”

The next statement was totally bizarre, so totally out of context that at first I thought I mis-heard her.

“Pull down you pants!”

I just looked puzzled.

“Pull down you pants so that you learn about privacy! Otherwise, I will get Mary and tell her what you were doing.”

I was so shell shocked, I just slid down my pants, revealing my blue underwear.


I could not believe that Barbara, my very conservative housemate was making this demand. I was very private about my body, I did not like to get naked even in a locker room or with a girlfriend. But I wanted her to stop yelling, before somebody else heard. I did not want Lynn to hear about this, or even worse, Lynn’s mother.

I slide down my bikini underwear, so that it dangled around my feet. I felt utterly humiliated, caught and revealed.

Barbara again totally blew my mind, she reached out both hands to cradle my balls and firmly hold my penis.

“See! You are getting hard, thinking about Mary’s body. That body belongs to her, not to any man.”

She squeezed my balls and pulled hard. It was painful but made me almost instantly hard.

Then she stepped back and I saw the flash of the digital camera. Capturing me with my cock hard and my underwear around my ankles, then she came in for a close up shot.

“OK Peter, this is enough for now. Remember the Goddess owns all the bodies in this house. You may get dressed.”

I walked back to my room in a daze, I could hardly believe that this had happened in this very conservative, god fearing household.

Nothing was said about my sin at dinner that night, I hoped it was all forgotten. But, the next day, I was there at lunch with Barbara and Mary.

Barbara looked straight at me, as if willing me to take her very seriously.

“Peter, I think you should be doing a little more housework around here. I would like you to clear up the kitchen and vacuum the rugs.”

I looked surprised, but did not want to cross her, so I got up to start work.

“It will be good entertainment for Mary if you do it naked,” Barbara said very quietly.

It was again, so utterly unexpected. There were two fully dressed women, we had just eaten together. How could I undress? Why should I undress? Then I realized that Barbara was daring me to object. The moment I objected, she would tell Mary of my peeping tom incident and back it up with the cock shot.

Thank god, Lynn was not there. I tried to act as if it was the most common request in the world. I looked across to the open window and street not far away. Barbara shook her head. I turned to walk to my room to undress.

“No, strip here,” she said in her quiet tone.

Mary, had just been staring at me and at Barbara, she did not move or say a word.

I faced the two young women, and took off my shirt. Then I dropped and stepped out of my pants. I folded them on the table, standing in my red underpants. Barbara’s look made it clear that this was not enough. Feeling utterly exposed, I slid down my underwear to reveal my full manhood.

I made several trips to the kitchen, clearing the table and bringing the ladies their coffee. I could not help starting to feel excited about the situation. As I went to pick up Barbara’s coffee cup, her hand again reached out and grabbed me.

“Starting to enjoy it. Good!” as she squeezed hard and then passed my member to Mary. Mary also squeezed, but more gently.

“Remember, you body belongs to all womankind. The Goddess made men for women.”

Thank goodness I was allowed to get dressed after I had vacuumed the entire house and before Lynn came home. Barbara took numerous photographs of the naked male housecleaning. She seemed to laugh at each image.

I had hardly seen Lynn in the past few days, I just hoped that Barbara would be too ashamed of her own behavior to tell Lynn.

The next evening, Lynn’s parents were expected for diner. I was sure this would prevent any more humiliation.

Lynn’s mother talked to me about my background but her husband sat quietly.

After dinner, I got up to clear the table, not wanting to wait to be asked.

But Lynn, my erstwhile sweet girlfriend, said “Oh Peter, I understand that you can be a most attractive houseboy. Why don’t you dress in your houseboy uniform?”

I just stared at her, what did she mean?

Barbara, the traitor, said “Peter, we were delighted by your performance at lunchtime yesterday. I am sure that Lynn and her Mother would love to see you at your best advantage.”

Lynn, the normally very sweet Lynn, turned to me and said: “Peter, do it now. Strip!”

I could not disobey, even with Lynn’s mother and the Minister in the room.

I repeated my strip of yesterday, but it was much worse. There were 5 full dressed women and one man watching my every move.

Once I was naked, Lynn did not waste a moment in seizing my penis and leading me to her Mother. Her Mother used two hands to hold my balls and my cock.

“Very nice dear. You have trained him very quickly. He seems to naturally have understood God’s purpose for men’s bodies. Does he do any tricks?”

“Well Mother, this is his first night, we will see how well he does.

First, I had to clear the table and bring in the coffee. Hands were always grabbing me from different directions.

By far the worst ordeal was to masturbate in front of these women. I lost all my dignity. Barbara photographed every step.

Lynn lead me to each girl in turn. “Take off her blouse. Carefully unclip that bra.

Slide down her panties. Kneel and eat her!”

The women stripped, each clothing item carefully removed by me at their direction. I had to service all the women with my tongue. The last was her Mother, but there was no hesitation, right in front of her husband and her daughter, I stripped her and brought her to climax.

Despite my own ordeal, I was puzzled by the Minister, how could he accept this? How could he accept his wife in this situation. He just sat. I only understood when Lynn’s mother turned to him after I was exhausted,.

“Frank, your turn. Strip!”

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I am sure that you have to be a little surprised that a man would knock on your door, completely nude, and ask to borrow a towel, or a t-shirt, or anything that you might consider lending me to cover myself, but there is a story to all of this. So, if you want to know why I have only my hands to cover my front, and my bare ass is bright pink, I’ll just go ahead and tell you.

I surf the net occasionally, and look at girlie pics and what not, as most people do. I can’t say that I ever felt the need to hide this either. When my friend Linda, who lives three doors down from me would come over to hang out and have a drink, sometimes I would even tell her or show her when I found a particularly hot pic.

One night, as we drank G&Ts, watched “Family Guy”, and surfed the web, I found a great video clip. A model on a runway had on a long loincloth type of bottom, and a bikini top. The top was fairly standard, but the bottom was a long strip that hung down from her waist, and another in the back. They were simply held on by a string around her waist, covering her buns and her crotch, but making it clear that she could not be wearing anything underneath.

The strips of fabric hung all the way from her waist down to the floor, and as she walked along the catwalk, she stepped on one of the two pieces of cloth, which caused the string to come untied, and she lost her bottom altogether. She ran, completely bottomless, to the backstage area. She covered her front with her hands, and her butt was completely bare.

Naturally, I thought that this was the best thing ever to happen in the history of the planet, and I told Linda so. She came over and watched it, and her jaw dropped. She told me that the woman had been totally humiliated, and that I should be sympathetic instead of cheering and aroused. I explained to her that it was not the end of the world, the woman should just “grin and bare it”. After all, she is not the first woman ever to be naked in public. Strippers do it all the time, and show even more. Nobody ever died because they were “totally humiliated”.

Linda started to get a little bit irritated with me and told me that I was being sexist, and that I would never be able to deal with it if it happened to me, so I should just shut up and stop playing the stupid video. I told her to take it easy, that it was no big deal, and we should just have another drink. “Yeah, I’ll take it easy,” she said, and we made more drinks, and went back to watching tv.

A couple of nights later, Linda stopped back by. We mixed up G&Ts, and let bygones be bygones. In fact, Linda was being totally playful that night. She told me to turn around and close my eyes. When I asked her why, she said she had a surprise gift for me. Never one to turn down a gift from a friend, I happily obliged. She took my hands in hers, and put them behind my back. Then, I heard a click, and I felt a bracelet lock around each wrist. Linda’s surprise present for me was handcuffs!

I tried to move my hands around a little bit to see if they were even real handcuffs, or just the novelty type that they sell in the toy store. They felt as real as can be. I just laughed a little bit, and asked her what was the occasion. She smiled, and said softly, “Birthday party. You do like parties, don’t you?”

I told her, “I do like a good party, but my birthday isn’t for a while now. You know that.”

She just gave a quiet laugh and said, “Who said anything about YOUR birthday?” I think that was the first time that I realized that she might have something further in store for me.

I think I was already blushing as I tried to laugh her off, be cool, and in a calm voice said, “Well, I do love to party with you, although I guess it is a fairly small party, just the two of us.”

Without even blinking, she replied, “Oh, this party isn’t just the two of us. Not even close.”

Still trying to play it cool, I said, “Well, unless you’ve got a mouse in your pocket, it may have to be.”

With a self-assured smile, she said, “No, no mouse. What fun would a mouse be, anyway? But since the other party-goers are all at my place, I think it is time to depart this bachelor’s paradise for the glamour and sociability of my own little slice of heaven.”

With this, she stood up and made a beckoning motion with her hand, motioning me to the door. I wasn’t really sure what to do, and then she clapped twice, and in an impatient voice said, “Come on – move it. People are waiting, and this birthday isn’t going to celebrate itself now.”

As I stood up, I smiled at her and said, “Um, Linda, your birthday isn’t for a month after mine. Isn’t this a little premature?”

Linda returned a bland smile and softly replied, “Who said anything about my birthday?”

“Well, I don’t know, I just figured and all,” was all I could come up with. With that, Linda gently took me by one of my handcuffed arms, locked my door, and gently led me down the steps. Playing along with her seemed like the way to go. She probably would have drinks or something for us at her house.

We walked down the sidewalk, and the air felt pretty nice. The weather was getting good, and I wasn’t too cold in just shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops (our little drinking sessions were pretty darn casual). As we walked up to Linda’s house, I could see that the lights were on, and somebody was inside. Now I was starting to get a little panicky. Wearing handcuffs at home, in front of your friend is one thing, but being handcuffed in front of strangers was not a real comfortable idea for me.

At this point, I just stopped in my tracks and asked Linda, “Ok, what’s going on with this? There’s other people in there.”

Sensing my nervousness, she gave me a big, sickly sweet smile, and said, “It’s a birthday party. I already told you that. You didn’t forget already, did you?”

“No, I didn’t forget already, but I didn’t think you were serious, or I wouldn’t have come over here like this,” was all I could muster.

“Well now, whose fault is that,” she politely responded, “Now, let’s get in. People are waiting.”

By now, I wasn’t very comfortable, but she had me by the arm, and I didn’t want to be seen by her guests being dragged in or anything. After all, with my hands cuffed behind my back, she could probably get the better of me and make me look pretty foolish if I tried anything. I tried to muster up a smile, and told her, “After you, my hostess.”

She gave me that sweet smile again, and simply cooed, “Well, aren’t you the sweetest.” Then she led me up her steps with exaggerated care, as a woman opened the door to let us in.

As soon as the door shut and we entered Linda’s living room, a group of six women with some kind of frozen drinks in their hand let out a cheer, “All right, Linda, finally!”

“We thought you had gotten lost!”

“You invite us to a party and then ditch us?”

“Ooh, now that’s what I want for my birthday present! A handcuffed man!”

As I looked around, I realized that I knew some of them, somewhat. Linda’s neighbors on either side of her were there. It was a peculiar time to realize that we had some pretty attractive women on our street. Also there was a cashier from the convenience store down the street. Half my age or not, she was amazingly hot, and I always hoped for a little cleavage shot when she leaned over to give me my change. It looked like the girl next to her was probably her girlfriend, as they were of the same age group and were exchanging glances and giggles constantly.

I looked further, and this is when things got a little odd for me. Sitting on Linda’s sofa, like they had been there all their lives, were the last two people that I ever would have expected to see. Comfortable lounging, drinks in hand, were my secretary, Elise, and my immediate supervisor from work, Tammy. I must have looked shocked because my boss coolly looked me in the eye, and simply asked, “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?”

“I’ve told you some of what Mr. Sensitive here has to say, haven’t I?” said Linda. “But now, shouldn’t we be celebrating Valeria’s birthday?” At this, everyone gave a cheer, and bustled about, refilling drinks, and assembling birthday presents. Although I was handcuffed, the next few minutes of the party were surprisingly normal. It turned out that Valeria was the cashier from the convenience store. The other women had gifts, which she opened, and everyone chatted and drank up.

After the presents were cleared, Linda brought out a cake, and Valeria blew out the candles. As Valeria cut slices of cake, Linda’s face became thoughtful, and she casually spoke, “Oop, one last birthday tradition, girls.”

Valeria inquired, “And what would that be, Miss Linda?”

“Why, birthday spanks of course, silly,” Linda replied, “One per year!”

Valeria blushed, and stammered, “I think we can skip that one, Linda”!

Linda waved her hand, and firmly informed her, “No, Valeria, tradition is tradition. There must be birthday spanks. But I think we just may have a substitute sit and take the spanks for you!” The girls all looked at me and cheered, and I knew what Linda had planned for me now.

I must have looked like I was about to try to run, and it’s true, I was thinking about it. At that point Linda reminded me that not only was I handcuffed, but she had the keys to my house. It would be pretty difficult for me to pull some kind of escape. I might just be stuck here.

“Now, let’s just see here,” said Linda, “I think that the birthday girl can sit on the couch, nice and comfy, and Spanky here will just have to go over her knee.”

My boss sat straight up and exclaimed, “Spanky – I think someone has a new nickname!”

At this point, my secretary asked sweetly, “do I have to call him Mr. Spanky?”

Linda just waved her hand, and motioned at me to climb onto Valeria’s knee. I hesitated, but she snapped, “Get on her knee now, Spanky! You are handcuffed and this could get much worse in a hurry!” All the women looked surprised but egged her on, and told me to get going. Valeria slapped her knee, and I climbed onto her lap, ass in the air, directly facing the two neighborhood women, trying to avoid eye contact. As I settled in, they all murmured in approval, but Linda snapped her fingers and shook her head. “There’s something wrong here”, she said. “Oh yes, that’s it. Now I remember, spankings have to be given bare bottom!” Before I could even say a word, she strode over with authority, and yanked my shorts and boxers down to my knees. All the women howled and cheered.

“Nice buns!” yelled Elise.

At this, Tammy chimed in, “I knew there was a reason we kept him around!”

I tried to grab my shorts to pull them back up, but I was bent over Valeria’s knee with my hands cuffed behind me, and there was not much I could do. As soon as I made the grab for the shorts, Linda pulled them all the way down to my ankles, which drew more cheers. She sternly addressed me, “I tried to be nice and let you keep your shorts, but you had to go and try to disobey me and ruin Valeria’s spanking by pulling them up. What do you have to say about that?”

I simply stuttered, “I don’t know. I mean, um, I’m sorry. Please put them back up where they were.”

Linda just laughed. She pulled the shorts and boxers completely off, and thoughtfully said, “We’ll just have to see how you behave, won’t we? Maybe if you are good, you can have them back later.”

I had no idea what to do. I just tried to keep pressed against Valeria’s leg, so that only my ass was on display, and nothing even more “personal”. “Don’t you want to thank us for being so nice, Spanky?” she inquired.

After I said, “Thank you all very much,” the girls all laughed again.

“I think he’s getting it now,” said Barbara, one of the two neighbors.

“Isn’t there something you want to ask us, Spanky?” asked Linda, “Don’t you want your spanking to begin? I’m starting to think you just want to lie on Valeria’s lap all night.”

I knew what I had to do, and trying to do so with dignity, I asked Valeria, “Would you please spank me now?”

The women absolutely howled with this. Valeria just smiled and said, “I think that I can do that.”

Everyone sat forward on her seat expectantly, and Valeria drew her hand back. I looked up to see Linda intently adjusting a large digital camera upon us. I looked in the other direction to see Elise with her video camera. She just shrugged and said, “fFor all the other secretaries that couldn’t make it her tonight,” and gave me a sweet smile. I must have had that panicked look again, because Linda flatly snapped, “If you want to go running down the street bareassed, hands cuffed behind your back, and no way to get inside, go ahead, but I’m not sure how good an idea that is.” I just lowered my head, and tried to avoid eye contact. Valeria readied herself, and the other women all gave her a countdown from ten. When they reached “one”, she gave me the first spank, a firm swat, right smack in the middle of my ass. This got the loudest cheer yet. She pulled back, and kept going, again and again. The women all were laughing and giving each other happy glances, egging on Valeria.

After ten swats, Valeria asked, “Do you even know why I am here? You always try to look down my shirt, you jerk. Linda was nice enough to help me even the score. How do you like me now?” The women whooped, and even gave each other a few high fives. Valeria started spanking again, but harder. Much harder. I tried to move my ass a little so that she would not hit the same sore spots, but she landed swat after swat anyway, and Linda shouted a warning to me about trying to avoid my spanking. Finally, after nineteen strokes, presumably for her nineteenth birthday, she stopped.

All of the other women clapped and congratulated her on a job well done. I just lie there as my ass burned. The women came over, one at a time, to check out her handiwork. My buns must have been pink, as everyone seemed to approve. Each of them felt free to comment on my ass, or give it a pinch as she walked by.

Linda, now the group leader, sat up and looked at her glass. “Spanky,” she said, “My glass is empty. Be a dear and get me a refill.” All action in the room froze. She still had not returned my shorts, and I was still across Valeria’s lap, trying to keep covered. “Did you not hear me?” she snapped, “Or is there some kind of a problem?”

“Well,” I said, “Could I have my shorts back first?”

Without hesitating, she replied, “No, you may not. I told you that would depend on your behavior. You repeatedly tried to avoid your spanking. You won’t be getting your shorts back soon. Now stand up immediately.” There was no way around it. She had me and she knew it. Fully bottomless, I stood up, hands behind my back, penis on display to all of the women.

I was maybe two feet away from my pretty, young secretary, but I was trying not to look at her. As I stood there, the women gave Linda a little round of applause for taking charge. She grew even more confident with this, and ordered me to stand before her. As I did so, she took a pair of scissors and cut away my t-shirt, so that I stood completely nude before the women. “That,” she said, “Was for taking so long to stand. When you get an order, you follow it, you don’t think about it. Now, I think the girls would like to take their picture with you.”

That seemed just fine with the women, each of whom came over, one at a time, and took her picture with me, posing with her hand on my pink ass, handling my penis, or whatever seemed to be a fun picture to her at the time.

The one who I thought would be the easiest on me, Elise, was far from that. She walked over, grabbed my testicles firmly and told me in a stern voice, “Bend over the chair. NOW!” Knowing better than to disobey again, I did so. As all the women watched closely with intrigue, and Linda readied her camera, Elise put one of her hands on each buttock, and spread them wide apart, displaying my anus to the room, and to Linda’s camera, which whirred away. As the other women’s jaws were dropping, Elise chirped, “Thanks, boss. It’s been real fun working with you. Be sure to hit on me again real soon.”

A visibly amused Linda strolled over. “Well,” she declared, “I think we can take the cuffs off now. Given our video and photo collection, and his lack of clothes, I think he’ll be most obedient, no matter what we tell him to do, cuffs or no cuffs.” She removed the cuffs from me, and I did not even think of trying to cover my penis with my hands or running, or anything of the like.

Donna and Barbara, the neighbors, were conferring. “Shouldn’t we test him then?” Donna asked.

Linda nodded, “Help yourself. Go ahead.”

Donna took a minute to contemplate, and then announced, “I’m sure that being inside is getting stifling to him. And since he likes to look at Barbara and I when we sunbathe, I’m sure he does that to all the women on the block. I think it’s time for him to take a nice jog around the block.”

The others seemed to approve, and Linda gave two quick claps and motioned to the door, “You were given an order. Not when you feel like it, go now!” As I ran out the door fully nude, I wondered what my limits were. As I got a few feet away, I realized I could try to escape, but I was stark naked with a pink ass, and no way to get inside. It was probably two in the morning, but you never know when someone will come outside to take out the trash. Also, they had the pictures and video of me. I had to return and I knew it.

When I got back, they had been thinking. Before I could end my exercise session and rejoin them inside, I had to do naked jumping jacks on the lawn, both facing front and facing back. These seemed to be a favorite with the women, who kept the video camera running and kept laughing and pointing as my penis flopped around.

A surprising side effect of my penis flopping and bouncing was that it was getting a little bit erect, a fact that was not lost on the women.

“Look at this, I think he likes it!”

“Maybe we are being too easy on him!”

“We are definitely going to have to show him off more.”

Linda deliberated over this for a while before asking, “Ok, girls, who’s ready for a little ride?” Since they all knew she had something planned, they all agreed that they were ready for a ride. We got in two cars, and Linda led us to the university part of town, three miles away. We stopped near a section that I knew to be the Sorority Row. Linda had everyone get out of the cars, and we stood underneath a tree on an average looking residential street.

Linda looked at me standing there naked, and motioned Valeria’s friend Gina to start the video camera. “All right,” she said, “If you want to get your clothes and go home, here’s the deal. You have to stand here and masturbate for everyone to see.”

“If someone walks up, they see it. That’s your problem.”

“You have five minutes to come. If you do so, we drive you home and give you your clothes and keys. If you don’t, we leave you here naked, three miles from home. You get to walk through Sorority Row and the university butt naked if you want to get back.”

I swallowed hard. The women all seemed a little startled, but nobody doubted that she would do it, and nobody wanted her to stop, and Donna readied her watch. “Ok,” she said, “The clock starts in thirty seconds.” After all that these women had seen, and made me do so far, I had no hesitation. In full view of my close friend, my two co-workers, my two neighbors, a teen cashier and her friend, and under the watchful eye of the video camera, I stood naked on the street and masturbated in front of all of them.

I got hard surprisingly quickly, considering the circumstances, and I stroked furiously, despite the audience. I think that some of the women wanted me to have to walk home naked, but others might have been rooting for me after all they had seen me do and endure. I tried to put good pressure on my erect penis. It wasn’t comfortable doing this standing up, but it was not like lying down on the pavement would have been more comfortable.

My new neighbour was very attractive and definitely interested. For the moment, you’ll just have to take my word for both – and my word that the combination made the ploy viable.

Opening the door, she was smiling faintly and the smile actually broadened slightly when I said: “I don’t imagine your key would open my place?”

“I sincerely hope not,” she replied, reaching behind her partially open door and producing a set of keys, “but here, have a try.” She even traded me for the light bag of groceries so I could free both hands.

Of course it didn’t. Handing the keys back, and taking back the bag, I said, “I expect that’s a good thing. But I just haven’t a clue what I did with mine.”

“Why don’t you come in for a minute? Give yourself the chance to look for them properly.”

“Sure.” I followed her inside, coaxed off my trainers then padded barefoot after her — following her shapely tush as she crossed to the kitchen island.

“Wine while you look?”

“Sure. Thanks.” I placed the bag on the island and began to take out the contents one item at a time. Okay, she worked from a stand-up desk by the window. That’s what I’d suspected. But it didn’t explain the sheer amount of time she spent watching when I was in the parking lot. “I expect we’d meet eventually one day. But I’d rather it wasn’t through my stupidity.”

“As you say, it was bound to happen. Cheers.” She maintained eye contact when we clinked glasses, hers twinkling faintly. The bag empty I turned it upside down and the only thing to drop out was the till receipt. Shrugging, she added,” They’ll turn up. I bet 10 bucks they’re not far away.”

“Don’t bet money, please.” I was checking the pockets of my hoody. “I was a dime short at the till as it was. I mean, I don’t normally go out like this so everything’s in my other slacks but it was just a few items so you know how it is.”

Turning out my pockets, with a frown, I peeled off the hoody and began to search it properly. Then laid the hoody beside the groceries and started on the pockets of my jogging pants.

She may’ve had a hint that I had come out commando (which I had, preparing deliberately and selecting my wardrobe carefully) because she wandered away to the desk and glanced out the window, sipping her wine. When she turned back, I could tell from her smile that she’d confirmed what she already knew. Oh hell, I’ll make it simple. I’d left my keys on the roof of my car “accidently” and she’d been watching when I did it. Now I knew she knew and she knew I knew she knew, so I was just going through the motions when I dropped to one knee and began to search around the elastic ‘in case the keys had dropped down that far’, of course.

When I rose back to full height, it was who was going to blink first. The silence stretched and it was obvious from the faint smile that it wasn’t going to be her. Why should she? l I hooked my thumbs in the thick elastic of the waistband. Then she lowered her glass an inch and said, “They might be caught in your tee, of course.”

That was true, so I peeled that off first…shook it out, shrugged wryly and added it to the hoody and the groceries on the island. Then I hooked my thumbs again, and, when she said nothing, simply peeled them down…

She couldn’t have kicked me harder in the balls if she’d actually applied the boot. “‘Police please.’”

I’d only just stepped out of the jogging pants, my head snapped up and I froze, horrified, still bent in a full stoop.

“‘Yes, I believe there’s a naked man in my condo…’”…she was speaking into her iPhone and made a sweeping gesture with her foot and I straightened up, both hands over my groin now…and when she made the gesture again, heart pounding, I kicked my pants toward her…”‘No, I don’t know who he is. I’ve only just come in and there are clothes all over my floor…”…she collected my jogging pants and tossed them outside on to the balcony, sliding the door closed and latching it, all the while making uh-huh noises, like she was agreeing with what was being said…then she faced me again and motioned for me to place both hands atop my head…

I did. Swallowing very very hard, believe me.

Only to have her turn the phone toward me and snap a photo. “Next time it’ll be a real 911 call. Get down on your knees, facing me…” she was manipulating the phone …sending the pic somewhere???! – shit!…”… keep those hands up on your head…”…there, just like that…” she snapped another photo…and she started working the phone again…she WAS sending the pic, somewhere…

The phone wasn’t the only thing she was manipulating.

My mind only re-synched with the present part way through her sentence. “…Thank you. I bet the girls I’d get a CFNM scene with you inside a month and you’ve just won me 100 bucks…” Bitch!-she’d played me right from the start! “…nice cock, by the way. “

“Thank you.” Damn. Her smile said, ‘guys are so easy’ – and of course I was, had been. I was even expressing gratitude now.

But she’d just gone on. “…now if you behave yourself and do what you’re told, the girls will blur the face when they post the pix…”


“Yes, we all belong to this CFNM site. It’s sort of CFNM – femdom…lie down on your back, head away from me…good…arch up so your balls are fully exposed..Higher…” I was on tiptoe at full stretch. That wrestling position where all your weight is on feet and neck. Looking under my arm I watched her drop to her haunches to snap off several pix. “Thank you. Relax.”

It was a relief to lay back on the carpet and catch my breath. I realized, of course, that what had been mutual in the moments after she looked out the window had become a “scene”, as she’d described it. A scene entirely under her control and direction. As though reading my mind, she smiled, looming over me now, slipping off her shoe and starting to roll my rock hard cock and taut balls with the ball of her bare foot…

I then realized it was the relentless pace that was the source of my unease. As a rule, the naked person in the room has control – or at least some control. Ask any stripper. Scoff if you like, in my experience it’s true. You retreat to this state-outside-yourself, sort of, and for much of the time everyone else allows you to initiate activity. Okay, for some of the time and it may vary from person to person how much exactly but some at least. Not on this day. Not with her. She was a half-step ahead in thought and action. It was her scene, to use the term again. Her world. Her control. Utterly.

“Rules of the game,” she was saying, then she dug her toes sharply into my balls – getting my immediate attention,” are you listening?”…I managed to nod through the haze of my watery eyes…”…Good. Because I’m not going to repeat these so pay attention. The people I send pix and vids to I trust. They will not pass them on elsewhere. Understood? Say you understand.”

“I understand.” She was back to rolling my cock and balls gently under her foot. It was a relief…to know the pix wouldn’t be floating about… well, also to have my throbbing cocks and balls being ministered to in such a pleasant manner…

“Any pix and vids that are posted will have the face blurred or otherwise unrecognizable. Unless you fail to take direction effectively. In that instance pix and vids with the face intact will be posted on a special private page within the website…the idea then being that any full female member will have the means to recognize you and exploit you for the purpose of continuing your training. Understood?”

She had to coax me once more with her toes but I did understand and told her so and she went on, ” Good. The actual rules are simple. I say, you do. Anything less and you’ll be punished and posted – posted on the site that is…anything more and you’ll be punished and posted.” Her ministrations were fantastic. Very talented foot obviously. “Understood?”

“Yes.” The sharp pain made me gasp, but subsided quickly.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I understand.” God, that felt good…when she did that little roll thing with her toes.

“Yes, I understand Ms Red.”

“Yes, I understand Ms Red.”

“Excellent. In a little while I’ll paint bits of you red, it’s a form of marking you as my property but for the most part if you do what I say, when I say, exactly what I say when I say we should get along famously. Now,” her foot moved up to my face,” there’s pre-cumm all over my foot – open up and lick it clean. Come along, hurry up, it’s not comfortable to stand on one foot. No no, leave your hands above your head, just open up, now – that’s better, now start licking…”

My mouth was completely full, distended. I felt like it was her entire foot in my mouth and I had to work out how to make my tongue function, then I did and I was licking and it was hard to breathe and I realized when my eyes focused that she was over me, had rolled me about a quarter on one side and was now also using her other foot to tease my cock and balls again. And she was smiling, holding out her iPhone…taking a vid!? – this lady was my dream domme… and at that moment , with that thought, I lost control completely and felt the already welling wave of the orgasm hit with massive, shuddering richter-scale jolt….