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The sound of my phone made me wake up, letting me know I had a new text message made me wake up. The inside of my room was still pitch black so I was obliged to think it was either early Saturday morning or I had slept all the way through to Saturday evening. Blindly groping behind me, I found it and lifted it up to my face, the side of my mouth was numb and my teeth felt a little too big for my mouth as I sat up in bed. Replying to the text, I put it back on my bedside table and was about to go back to sleep when I saw that someone else was in my bed. And it wasn’t just anyone. Anna Kendrick, star of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Twilight, 50/50 and various other movies, was stark naked in my bed and had a soft smile on her face as she slept.

So, naturally the first thing I did was get an erection. I threw the covers back and slipped out of bed, ignoring the biting chill of the laminated floor in my bedroom. I pushed myself to my feet and moved over to the large windows that were open ever so slightly as the small lace curtain that was blowing gently in the wind. Shutting them, I turned around and found my boxer shorts hanging off the doorknob to my balcony. Lifting them off the knob, I looked at them and wondered how they had there. Looking down at the front of the window, I found a small bottle of hand gel that was turned upside down and leaking from the tip, just by it was a couple of crumpled up tissues that had been discarded as well. I picked up the bottle of gel and looked at it and then part of last night came back to me.

With Anna bent over at the waist, her hands digging into the sheets of my bed as I drizzled the hand gel over her ass crack and then squirted a puddle into the palm of my hand. Massaging the gel into my length, I took Anna’s ass in my hands and spread her cheeks apart, I then pressed my cock’s head against her puckered ring. Watching her shiver, I hesitated but was quickly encouraged by Anna who looked over her shoulder and nodded her head. Shrugging my shoulders, I held onto her hips and slowly pressed my cock into her ass hole.

Anna let out a long, extended groan for as long as my cock slid inside her. Her tone was low and her head was hanging forward as I entered her. My balls pressed against her still soaking wet cunt and Anna let out a soft giggle. She looked over her shoulder at me and nodded her head.

“Fuck my ass!”

I nodded my head and pulled out just a little bit, three quarters of my length were still buried inside her as I pushed myself back inside her. My hips pressed against her ass and soon I was pulling back and pushing myself forward again. Anna let out a long, low groan as I started to pull back and push forward, building up into a quick and steady penetration rate. Anna’s ass was taking more and more of my cock as I slipped in and out of her, the hand gel on both her ass hole and my cock greatly assisted me in sliding inside her.

Anna looked over her shoulder and reached for me and pulled me down into a passionate kiss. My lips collided with hers roughly the same time as my hips hit her cheeks, her mouth opened to moan and our tongues tangled together as I started to hammer in and out of her ass. Her left hand found itself planted firmly on the sheets as her right hand came up to grab and feel at the generous handful of breasts as she was rocked backwards and forwards with each plunge into her ass. My cock jerked suddenly and my orgasm was coming up, my lips fell from her mouth and she simply nodded her head. Pulling her ass off of my cock, she dropped to her knees in front of me and wrapped her hands around my cock. Her hands sliding up and down my cock, she tilted her head back and opened her mouth encouraging me to shoot my load over her face.

Grunting, I shot several ropes that exploded from my cock’s head, ripped through the air and splattered against her waiting face. Anna waited for a brief moment before she opened her eyes and let out a soft moan of pleasure before she stood up and looked around for something to wipe her face. Reaching over to the other side of the bed, on the table where my bedside clock and a small box of tissues lived, she grabbed the box and pulled out a couple of them to clean the sperm off of her face. Falling on her back, Anna idly tossed them aside and as they hit the large windows and fell to the floor, Anna fell asleep.

The bottle of gel fell from my hands and hit the floor with a soft thud, and I was somewhat taken aback. I had fucked a celebrity, and not only a celebrity but one of the hottest celebrities of the moment in the ass and she had been into it! I could barely believe it as I opened the door to my bedroom and walked into my front room. Looking around, it looked like someone had been through the place looking for something, but the throbbing piece of meat between my legs seemed to suggest it could have been mine and Anna’s handiwork.

Inside of my front room, there were a selection of things that were astray from their usual position. But, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that the kitchen table was out of position and one of the chairs had been knocked over. Walking over, I put my hand against the pine of the table and my feet brushed against something. Just under the table there was a pair of denim shorts, reaching down and picking them up, they certainly didn’t belong to me but the smell of perfume made me think they were Anna’s and almost instantly I was taken back to the night before.

Anna had kicked her shorts off of her feet and spread her legs, her wet panties joining them as she reached over and gripped at the far side of the table. She looked over her shoulder at me and cast a wink at me.

“You thought my pussy felt hot… Why don’t you come and get it?”

And with that, I had moved forward my hands had gripped the side of her waist and I was pushing my cock forward, slipping into her warm, hot love tunnel. Anna’s head fell back and her long brown hair was thrown back as she let out a long, low, unadulterated, throaty moan. My cock slid all the way inside her with relative ease, her pussy was still leaking her arousal and had greatly assisted me in entering her. I could see the side of her face and her eyes were screwed shut tightly and her mouth was hanging open, a soft smile on her face.

Her pretty pink lips parted and her soft voice filled my kitchen.

“Oh fuck yeah… Give me that cock.”

I nodded my head and started to slip in and out of her, her moans encouraging me as I picked up the pace. While every part of Anna was worth worshipping, one particular part that was so hot was her voice. She was very, very vocal when it came to sex and while I thought I was a pretty good lover, Anna only boosted my esteem.

“Fuck yes! Fuck that hot little cunt!” Anna almost screamed, her fingers curling around the ridge of the table. Thrusting harder and faster inside her, my nails dug into her skin and left some marks on her thighs as Anna let out another hot scream of pleasure. Her ass started to brush against my waist as she rocked herself back against my invading length.

A slap on her ass arrived from my left hand as she cried out in pleasure. Her ass slamming back against me, she looked over her shoulder at me with passion burning in her eyes.

“Smack that ass harder!” She almost screamed out as we both slammed in and out of each other, the table rocking with each drive inside her. I could hear the four legs of the table scraping against the tiled floor of my kitchen and I knew it would leave a mark but I didn’t care as Anna cried out for me.

“Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a real cock slut! I need your cock!” She cried out, and started to push herself harder, her hips rolling around as I entered her. Her back reached a curling point and she let out an ear shattering scream, her pussy leaking more of her cum over my cock. Gripping her shoulders, I started to hammer inside her faster and faster, driving straight through Anna’s orgasm to build up to my own.


“Ngh! God yes fuck me!”

“Anna!” I repeated, a little more urgent this time making the petite woman look over her right shoulder at me.

“Inside!” She moaned, as my balls slapped against her. The sound of my balls hitting her skin started to fill the room as both of our moaning started to join the hot mess happening on my kitchen table. As soon as my own orgasm exploded, the hot, sticky ropes of cum shooting from my length and splattering against her insides. The feel of my orgasm inside her seemed to do something to Anna who threw her head back, her back arching as if she was possessed by some sort of wicked demon of desire. Her body shook and another orgasm exploded from her, the table jolting forward and kicking one of the chairs over. The chair didn’t break as it hit the floor but I knew if I woke up with no memory of this, I would almost instantly assume it was because of a break-in.

Back in the room with what was a previously fuzzy memory coming back to me, I lifted the previously toppled chair and tucked it under the table as I adjusted the kitchen back to making it look normal. So, I actually had had sex with Anna Kendrick and she had really, REALLY had been into it. My still rock hard erection throbbed at the memories as I found myself searching for more clues as to what we had done last night.

Walking into the front room, I found my couch hadn’t been affected by our erotic adventures last night. However, just in front of the couch there was a discarded bra and a cushion simply lying on the floor. Strutting over to the cushion, I bent at the knees and looked at the cushion. I gripped the side of one of the cushions and as if by magic, I was taken back to the night before.

Anna was on her knees between my legs, her teeth catching the zipper and tugging it down, her grey eyes locking onto mine as she unzipped me. Her left and right hand came up and tugged my flies open, so she could reach in and feel my length as it hardened to her proximity. Her left hand dipped in and tugged my boxer shorts down, pulling my hard cock out. What had been a soft smile turned into an eager smirk as she looked over my length.

“WelI, can’t want to get this nice big cock into my mouth! I’ll suck on it all night if I have to before you fuck me all around your big apartment!” Anna cooed, her hand pumping up and down my shaft as she moved in closer, her breath was hot against my shaft as she opened her mouth ever so slightly and stuck her tongue out. The pink flesh stroking against my cock’s head eliciting a groan from me. My hands dug into the arms of the couch and almost turned white as my head fell back and my breathing became shallow.

Anna giggled and licked her tongue around my cock’s head as if it were a lolly pop and she was a child eager to get to the centre of the sweet treat. Her hand curled around the base of my shaft and held it steady as her mouth opened and she pushed the first couple of inches into her warm, willing and waiting mouth. Her soft lips closed around my cock and she started to slowly push her head down, her tongue pressing against the underside of my shaft as she sucked more of my cock.

Anna’s hand left the base and dipped into my shorts, fishing out my balls, her hand instantly found them to roll around in her hands as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. Her pretty brown hair bobbed with her as she closed her eyes and moaned around my cock. With her moaning, I did the same and looked down at her. Only this time, her grey eyes had locked on with mine and she shot me a sexy wink before her tongue started to bathe my cock in her spit.

She pulled her mouth off of my cock and leaned in, planting soft kisses along the side of my piece before landing at the tip and kissing the soft hole. Her hands continued to massage my balls as she opened her mouth and pushed out a small bead of her saliva that landed on my dick’s head and rolled down towards the base before she moved in to lick it up. Her lips came off from my cock and moved down to my balls, her mouth opening and then closing around my testicles. Sucking on them softly, her tongue pushed and licked against them as beads of pre-cum started to bubble out from my cock’s head.

“Oh fuck… Anna…” I groaned, my hands coming down to thread through her brown hair as she looked up at me. Her mouth came off and away from my groin before she cast a grin at me.

“You want to fuck me?” She then removed herself completely from my lap before she put her hands under her shirt and unclasped her bra, sliding it down her arms and tossing it aside and next to the cushion she had taken to kneeling on. “Why didn’t you say so?”

With that last question, I was brought back into the room and the sight of her bra on the floor made me recall lots more of the night before. Things were still jumbled up but I was remembering more and more. There was still a part of my mind that was fuzzy, was I missing a piece of what we did? I couldn’t be certain, I dropped the bra to the floor and looked around.

There was one of the few pieces of art that I had in my apartment hanging askew, I walked over to it and looked at it. My head turned around as I tried to see something that would jog my memory and set my eyes to look around when I spotted one of my favourite work shirts laying in a crumpled puddle on the ground. Picking it up, the feel of soft lips pressing against my neck flushed my senses. I dropped the shirt to the floor and touched the side of my neck where several love bites and lipstick remained smeared against my neck.

It was then that I was moved back into the night before, Anna’s shorts had been tugged down around her ankles and I was between her legs, caught between the denim of her shorts and her panties covered pussy. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my shoulders and she had tugged me into a passionate embrace as I slid forward and penetrated her lower lips.

My cock slid inside her with relative ease, I could feel how wet she was and while I wanted nothing more than to plough into her and fuck her through the walls. I took my time by slowly sliding into her and listening to her moaning for my interaction with her. Her head fell forward and her lips collided with my neck, kissing and sucking the bare skin as her hands found the front of my shirt and pulled at it frantically.

Buttons sailed across the room as she ripped the shirt open and started to push it down my body. Briefly taking one of my hands off of the wall to shrug one sleeve of the shirt off, I quickly replaced it and swapped with the other one. Me now as naked as Anna was, meant I was able to enter her as quickly as I wanted to. The head of my cock nudged against her pussy’s lips and she let out a soft cry as I slowly slipped inside her.

“Oh fuck yesssss…” Anna purred, her head falling forward and pressing against my shoulder as I slid inside of her. Her wetness greatly accelerated the process and her warm, wet walls accepted me inside of her. Her legs curled around my waist, her ankles crossing and resting together just above my ass crack as my hands firmly planted themselves on the wall. My palms went flat as Anna moaned against my neck while I started to push in and out of her.

Her nails dug into my back and left several scratch marks that dragged from the bottom of my back all the way up to my shoulders, I reached behind me and groped at my back blindly before finding the indentations from Anna’s nails. It truly was remarkable that I could remember all of this.

Looking up at the askew painting, the sound of Anna panting filled my ears as I started to stroke my cock at the thoughts of fucking Anna Kendrick in my own apartment.

My hands came off from the wall and gripped a hold of her by her thighs, pushing her back against the wall I watched Anna throw her head back, narrowly missing the wall, and let out a loud, horny moan as I bottomed out inside her. Thrusting deep inside her, I rocked up off of the base of my feet and slammed harder inside of her. Anna squealed out in pleasure as I started to build up a rapid rate of penetration.

The sound of Anna’s back slapping against the wall filled my psyche and the sound of her moaning only made it hotter. Her teeth pressed down against my neck and she lightly nipped at the skin, sucking on it as I slammed inside of her. Her mouth left my neck and kissed her way up to my face, her hands pressing against my cheeks and pulling me into a hot, passionate embrace. Her lips pressed against mine and her mouth opened, her tongue slipping into my mouth to find mine.

Both me and Anna moaned into the others mouth as we fucked hard and fast against the wall, her arms falling from around my neck and reaching up behind her to try and find something to stabilise her from being pounded in so hard. Her hands blindly groped up and found the top of the painting, her fingers curling around the top and almost shaking as she was fucked harder by me. The painting was shaking as I fucked Anna, and soon enough it had fallen from one of the hooks it was hanging from and swung down bumping against Anna’s back. When the painting fell down, I lifted Anna up off of the wall and briefly let go of her as the small brunette fell down and impaled herself completely . Her grey eyes flashed open and her head fell back as she let out a loud, piercing scream as her pussy swallowed absolutely all of my cock.

“Oh my fuck! Fucking fuck!” Anna screamed, her voice becoming more and more filthy as I bounced her up and down on my cock. My fingers dug into her round ass cheeks and assisted me in bouncing her as she took all of my cock.

“Fuck! Fuck yes! I’m going to cum!” Anna screamed, her breath getting more and more ragged as I hammered inside her. I gritted my teeth and nodded my head, watching Anna almost scream the house down as she exploded over my cock. Her pussy leaking all over my cock as I continued to fuck through her orgasm.

Back in the room, some beads of pre-cum formed at the tip of my cock as I started to stroke it harder and faster as how I remember Anna’s leaking pussy started to slip from my mind. I opened my eyes and cursed under my breath as it slipped from my memory. I was almost recalling every part of last night but something still escaped me. Why was my memory gone and how did I get home?

Walking back into the kitchen, I found a cab receipt and a post-it note reminding me of a dentists appointment. Then, the missing piece of last night’s events fell into place. I had a late night dentist’s appointment and must have booked a cab to take me home. Touching the receipt, I was transported back to last night.

=== Yesterday afternoon… ===

Tossing literally everything but my cell phone and my wallet onto my kitchen table, I heard a horn honk outside of my apartment. Walking to the front of the kitchen, I looked outside and down at the street to see the yellow taxi cab I had booked was here to take me to my dentists appointment. Stepping out of my apartment, I locked the front door and jogged down the few flight of stairs to reach the lobby.

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