Part III — Saturday Evening

The vibrator in my ass had been going for quite some time, and by the thrashing and moaning coming from the bed next to me, Gail was being brought to a frenzy as well. Suddenly the buzzing stopped, and I blinked rapidly, my eyes trying to adjust to the light, as my blindfold was removed. “Time to get ready, pet,” Mistress Kayla said, as she detached the ankle and wrist cuffs from the spreader bars, “Your guests will be here shortly.” She helped me up, and led me into the bathroom. She was already dressed, wearing a leather corset and thigh high black leather boots with 4-inch spike heels. Her naked breasts spilled over the top of the corset and she wore no panties.

“Get in the shower,” she ordered, “You’re all sweaty and your cock and balls are covered in precum. Wonder why?” she asked, smiling evilly.

The water was ice cold. I washed as quickly as possible, but the water had the desired effect, shriveling my cock for the time being. Mistress helped dry me off with a terry cloth towel.

“This party is for our friends,” she informed me. “There will be Masters and Mistresses attending. Some will be bringing their own submissives, some will be unaccompanied. You and Gail are the Party Sluts. You will serve anyone who asks, in any way they ask. You will obey them as you would me or Master John. During their use of you, they have complete control of you. They have all been made aware of your limits. Do you understand me?” As I was still gagged, I nodded my head. “Good.”

I was taken out of the bathroom, and led to the living room. Gail was already there, standing in the middle of the room, on a small platform, her arms restrained above her, and her ankles once again held apart by a spreader bar. Her nipples were rock hard, and from the wetness on her thighs, it was quite clear she was very aroused. I was restrained in a similar fashion about three feet away, and facing her, my again hard cock jutting straight out from my body, the head once again glistening with precum. A sign on a chain was placed over my head and hung around my neck. She had one as well, and they both said “PARTY SLUT FOR YOUR USE AND ENJOYMENT!”

“Oh, don’t forget this.” Mistress picked up a box from the coffee table and pressed the button on it. I stiffened as the vibrator started up again. She let it go for a few minutes, then shut it off again, leaving the box on the coffee table, as she walked out of the room.

The doorbell rang several times over the next half-an-hour or so, and people could be heard gathering. Finally, led by Mistress Kayla and Master John, a group of about 20 men and women, entered the room, and arrayed themselves around us. It was easy to determine who fit what role, as the dominants were still dressed — perhaps scantily, but dressed nonetheless — while the submissives were all naked, with collars around their necks. There were two dominants, one male and one female without anyone attending them. One master had two submissives standing next to him, while one mistress held the leashes of three subs — two men and a woman. The woman was the exception to the naked submissives. She wore a pair of black tap pants. Some had various implements and toys, or they or their subs were carrying bags.

“Kayla and I would like to welcome all of you to our home.” Master John announced. “This is the first time we’ve been able to host one of these parties, so please feel free to use anything — and anyone — you desire.”

Mistress Kayla moved in between Gail and me, and gestured toward us. “As you can all see, we have two party sluts for your enjoyment, David and Gail. Both are bi, and you have all been advised of their limits. We are sharing our toys with you, we only ask that you do not break them,” she giggled. “Feel free to use any of the rooms and any equipment you may see. Other than that, please enjoy yourselves.” With that, she stepped away and moved towards the unaccompanied mistress. Master John had moved toward the mistress with the three subs and began speaking. Others began drifting out of the room.

The master with the male and female subs moved towards us. He stood about 5′ 11″, was trim and looked to be in his mid-thirties, with dark, close-cropped hair and a thin mustache. He was dressed all in black. He introduced himself, “Hello, I am Master Alex, and these are Slave,” he indicated the male, “and Slut.”

Slave looked to be in his late-20′s, a bit shorter than his Master, with blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. His chest was hairless, and his cock stuck out proudly from his hairless crotch. Slut looked a maybe five years younger, with hair a shade darker, but the same blue eyes. She had an hourglass figure, with firm B-cup breasts. I noticed they were both wearing what looked like wedding bands on their left ring fingers. Master Alex ordered them to kneel — Slave before me and Slut before Gail.

Master Alex stood before us and smiled. “I need the two of you to help me with something. You see, my two little ones have never had a bi-sexual experience. So, Gail, Slut is going to eat you out, and David, Slave is going to suck you off. And I want them to get the full experience, so the two of you can feel free to cum.” He laid a hand on each of his submissives’ heads. “Now, I would suggest the first thing the two of you do is remove their plugs.” Both Gail and I moaned as the plugs were pulled out of our asses and her pussy. I felt empty, as it had been inside me now for 5 or 6 hours. I had a feeling I wouldn’t feel that way for long.

Slave delicately leaned forward, wrapped his hand around the shaft of my cock, and began to tentatively lick at the head. Meanwhile, I looked across and Slut had dived headfirst into Gail’s pussy, her head moving in circles as she lapped and slurped at her crotch.

Master Alex reached down and grabbed a handful of Slave’s hair and yanked back, so that he was looking up into his Master’s face. “I said suck his cock, slave”, Master Alex growled, “Look at how much slut is enjoying herself.

“Yes sir,” the sub meekly answered.

“Now, open your mouth.” Slave did as ordered, and Master Alex guided his mouth directly over my member, enveloping it in his mouth, and causing Slave to gag a little. “Much better. Now suck his cock the way you like yours sucked.”

As he started working my rod, I could hear Gail’s quickening gasps and screams muffled by her gag, indicating her rapidly approaching orgasm. It was no wonder that she was going to quickly explode. The plug in my ass had left me on the edge, but she’d had one in her ass and one in her pussy. Knowing Master John and Mistress Kayla they had no doubt made sure the vibrator in Gail’s pussy also stimulated her clit, leaving her teetering on the edge when Slut had started feasting on her. Gail stiffened and let out a high, keening wail as she crested the wave of the orgasm. Slut jerked back convulsively in surprise as her face was covered in the fluid spurting from her pussy.

Master Alex began laughing, “Oh, I’m so sorry Slut. I forgot to tell you that she was a squirter. Now you’ll just have to make her cum all over again, and this time, make sure you swallow all of it. Just like your slave hubby’s going to do.”

Slave was getting more into blowing me, licking and sucking my cock, as one hand moved rhythmically up and down my shaft, and the other cupped my balls. I could feel them tightening as I grew closer to an orgasm. Strangled moans were escaping from my mouth, as all the muscles in my body tensed. I grunted as my cock exploded, and I felt the contractions of each spurt of spunk, which Slave dutifully swallowed down. As I was coming down from this, I heard Gail scream out again.

My head hung down, my eyes closed as I tried to catch my breath, Slave licking and sucking at my cock, trying to get every drop from me. I was covered in a light sheen of sweat, and when I opened my eyes and looked over, I saw Gail was sweaty and looked spent as well. Hands grabbed my hair, and pulled my head back. Master Alex looked at me, “On behalf of my pets, thank you very much. Both of you.” He looked to them. “Now, slut…slave,..replace their plugs. Then we’ll find some privacy. Your anniversary was last week, and I never gave you a present. I think a nice His-and-Hers ass fuck would be perfect to complete your bi experience.” After sliding the plugs back into us, they began to walk away, when Master Alex turned around, “Oh, one last thing.” He reached over, grabbed the remotes, and turned on the vibrators, leaving Gail and I in delicious agony again.

It wasn’t long before the Mistress with 3 subs wandered back into the room. She had her two males kneel next to Gail, and approached me with the girl.

“He’s very cute, isn’t he Maria?” she asked as she smiled at me.

“Yes, Mistress Nina.”

“Would you like to use him for a while? I know you don’t often get to work out the dominant side of your little switchy personality.”

“I would love that, Mistress!” her eyes lit up, and a devious smile came across her face.

“Well, find a room. You can have him for an hour, while the boys and I play with his friend.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” Maria said to her back, as she turned towards Gail.

As she took off the spreader bar, and reached up to release my hands, I looked her over. She was about 5″ 2″ tall, with an olive complexion and straight, dark black hair that fell midway down her back. I judged her breasts to be a C-cup, with dime-sized pink nipples. She removed my cock gag, and reached over to turn off the vibrator, then hooked a finger into the D-ring on my collar, “Come along, my little toy.”

We made our way down in to the basement, and to the Milking Room. Inside was a medical exam table — complete with stirrups — and cuffs. “Up on the table, toy.” She said, and then began to expertly secure me. “You will address me as Miss Maria. I am not a Mistress, and I will not be addressed as such. I find it disrespectful to those who are, like my lovely Mistress Nina. Now, I hope you’re up for some cock and ball torture. You see, I’m a cum slut…I LOVE to cum. And in order to break me of my habit of sucking and fucking every cock I come across, Ms. Nina has had me in chastity for the past three months! I’ve been able to touch cocks, but no tasting, and nothing goes in my pussy. Have you ever been in chastity, toy?”

“A few days, Miss Maria. Never for as long as that.”

“Well, it is maddening. Imagine being teased every day. Not only by having your cock stroked,” and she gave my pole a long, languorous stroke, “but by seeing that which you desire every single day. You see Mistress Nina has her two little fag slaves walk around naked all the time. And while she teases my wanton pussy, I’m forced to watch them pleasure each other.” She sighed, “So, whenever I have the chance, I just have to torture them.” I hadn’t seen her grab the cock whip, but I let out a sharp scream when she brought it down on my unprotected balls, hanging over the edge of the exam table.

“Oh, was that too much,” she flicked it hard against my balls again. “Maybe we should warm you up a little.”

She began whipping slowly up my shaft, softer now, making me grunt instead of scream. When she got to the head, she flicked the small, thin strands all over it, then back down with a screaming THWACK! to my vulnerable balls. She just continued. Softly up the shaft, whipping the head, then back down to the balls. It seemed to go on forever.

“That cock and those balls are so red now, “she cooed as she began to slowly stroke, “maybe they need a bit of loving, hmm?” She continued to stroke, and listened to my moans and watched my reactions. As I started to buck my hips, just on the edge of cumming, she stopped. “Uhn Uhn” she said, shaking her head, giggling, “no cummies for you.” She moved back over to the cabinets, and I could hear her rummaging around. “What else can we find?”

She came back with a bag of clothespins and began to apply them all over my cock and balls, humming while she did. I grunted as each one snapped closed, and kept count in my head. When she was done, she sat back. “It looks like a deranged Christmas tree!”

She just sat back on a stool and watched for a few minutes, listening to my groans. After a while, the numbness took over, and I knew that coming off would be even more painful than going on.

Maria did not disappoint. She grabbed a crop, and began flicking off each one. I screamed as each one was snapped off, blood rushed back in and the burning consumed me. She picked them all up and went back to the cabinet.

When she came back, she held a TENS unit in her hand. “I was going to do some more teasing and edging, but I don’t know if that cock is ever going to work again. My, won’t Mistress Kayla be soooo disappointed in her toy?” She began wrapping two electrode straps around my cock, one just under the head, and the other at the base of my shaft. “We need to re-energize it!” I felt two electrode pads being attached to my scrotum. “Now, let’s see how high this thing goes.”

I began to feel a tingling in my balls, which quickly turned to a burning. She kept that on steady, while she set the cock straps on a pulsating mode. It was a delicious torture. Balls on fire, while the pulses in my dick went from the base to the head. It felt like she was indeed stroking me — while holding a candle on my ball sac. Pre-cum began flowing copiously from the tip, and I could feel an orgasm building. When she knew I was on edge, she stopped, waited about 15 seconds, then started again. Each edge was coming on quicker, until after the seventh, I had a continual feeling like I was about to erupt. She made me ride that edge for what seemed forever, before she shut everything down and packed it up.

She had grabbed a parachute ball stretcher from the cabinet, hooked it on, and began dangling weights off of it. I couldn’t see, but it felt like she’d attached a bowling ball. My balls were pulled down and hanging towards the floor, while she stroked and edged me again. It was driving me insane. And I had no illusions that the edging would end with a soul wrenching orgasm.

“Are your balls sore, toy?” she asked, while she squeezed and kneaded them after taking the parachute harness off. “Or are they just swollen with all that cum? I can feel them churning away.” Then she walked back over to the cabinet, “Oh, what do we have here?”

Just then the door opened and Mistress Nina stood there, “Come along, Maria. Time to finish up.”

“Oh, too bad, toy!” she said as she began to untie me, “I was just about to pull out the sounding rods. I was going to fuck your cock!”

She grabbed the D-ring on my collar, and I hobbled back upstairs after her. Gail was nowhere to be seen — I guess someone else had scooped her up after Mistress Nina had finished with her. Cock gag back in, I was secured again to the spreader bars. I stood there, trying to recover, the ache in my balls starting to subside, when the butt plug in my ass started to vibrate. Mistress Kayla began walking across the room, a wicked grin on her face, the remote in her hand.

“Are you having fun, my pet”, she whispered in my ear, nibbling on it and my neck.

I nodded and moaned a yes through my gag.

“Did Maria torture your balls, baby?” she asked as she fondled them, “Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be fine later. I think I’ll find that strumpet and give her some pussy torture payback. Would you like me to do that for you?” she laughed and walked away, leaving the butt plug vibrating in my ass.

I don’t know how long I was there for. At some point, I felt the vibrator mercifully turn off.

I hung there for a while, just listening. I could hear sounds from throughout the house. The echoes of a paddle, the snap of a whip. And of course moans and screams, of both pain and pleasure. Then I saw a pair of women walking toward me. One was a small petite Asian, very exotic looking, dressed all in red — corset, fishnets and high heels. She held a leash in her hand and was leading a very tall, leggy red head, naked except for her stiletto heels. The submissive’s pale skin was a marked contrast to her Domme’s Oriental hue.

The Domme began walking around me, her hands running over my skin as she inspected me. “Well, Kayla wasn’t lying, was she, Tiffany? That is quite a nice cock!”

“Yes, Mistress Kimiko.”

She was behind me now, and I could feel her hands running down the crack of my ass, pushing against the butt plug nestled deeply inside of me. I moaned a bit into my gag. “Does that feel good, bitch? To have your ass filled?” I nodded, and mumbled a “Yes, Mistress,” through my gag. I then felt her grab it and slowly pull it out of me, as she told Tiffany to remove the leg spreader and unshackle me. She came back around to the front, and removed my gag. Once I was free, she had Tiffany grab me by my raging hard on, and led us off to one of the bedrooms. As I followed behind, I noticed Tiffany’s ass was bright red, and crisscrossed with thin lines, which told me she had recently been caned.

Once there, she ordered me to kneel at the foot of the bed. I watched as she ran her hand over her slave’s abused ass. “You have been such a good girl, Tiff. I know that caning was difficult for you. I haven’t beat your ass like that in a long time, have I slut?”

“No, Mistress Kimiko.”

“Do you think you deserve a reward for being such a good little whore?”

“If you desire it, Mistress.”

“Lie on the end of the bed, legs over this slave’s shoulders, and I’ll make sure you’re rewarded.” As Tiffany arranged herself, Mistress Kimiko grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed my head toward her slave’s bare, wet pussy. “Lick her well. Start with just her pussy lips. Stay away from her clit. I’ll let you know when you can start on that.”

She didn’t have to force me, as I was more than willing to eat her out. Her pussy was slick, as I licked down one side, and back up the other. She tasted sweet, and her fragrance was intoxicating. Behind me, I heard Mistress Kimiko rummaging around. Tiffany began sighing contently, and wrapped her legs around my head, pulling me in tighter, moving her hand down to the top of my head.

Mistress Kimiko had gotten back behind me. “On your hands and knees, now, bitch boy,” she ordered, and I felt her fingers trail down the crack of my ass, and then first, one, then a second, and finally a third slide into my ass. “You like that ass filled, so, since you’re being so good to sweet Tiffany, let’s give you a bit of a reward as well.” She fucked my ass slowly with her fingers, while I continued to tongue fuck her sub. As Tiffany’s sighs turned to moans, she pulled her fingers out, and I felt the head of a strap-on nestle up against my hungry hole. Insistent pressure, as she invaded my ass, until I felt her leaning up against me. “Now, bitch boy, start giving some attention to her clit.” She said, as she began thrusting slowly in and out of me.

My moans were mixing with Tiffany’s. My face was slick with her juices, as I licked up from the opening of her pussy to her clit, circled around it, and licked back down. I did it in time to the thrusts of her Mistress — up, around the clit on the in stroke, down on the out. As Mistress Kimiko thrust faster and faster, I licked faster, driving Tiffany towards orgasm. Along with her moaning, she was now adding in “Oh God’s!” and the occasional “Fuck!”

“Is he a good pussy licker, Tiff?”

“Oh, fuck, Mistress, it’s sooo good! Oh, God, can I please cum?”

“Not yet…just a little while longer.”

“Oh, God! Please Mistress Kimiko? Please!? Oh, It’s so fucking good! Please? Please let me cum!”

“I’m going to count down, and then my pretty little slut can cum.” She started at 10, and slowly, ever so slowly, counted down to 1, Tiffany begging and pleading all the way, Mistress Kimiko thrusting faster and faster into my ass. Then, after what must have seemed forever at 1 for her tortured submissive, she barked out “CUM NOW SLUT!”

And did Tiffany ever cum! She squeezed her legs around my head, trying to pull me inside her pussy, as I sucked and licked her swollen engorged clit, letting out a wail of “I’M CUMMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGGG!” It seemed to go on forever as she spasmed and her thighs shook, ending with a soft crying. As her legs relaxed and she lay there, gasping, I felt the strap-on slipping from my ass, and Mistress Kimiko moved to the bed, next to her slave’s head.

She stroked her hair softly. “Oh, that was a great orgasm, wasn’t it? He played my slut very well, didn’t he?” Tiffany couldn’t answer. After a moment or two, Mistress Kimiko stood up. “Get yourself together slut. I want to try his pussy eating skills out for myself. And if he’s going to eat pussy, he needs that ass filled, so go slip into your strap-on and skewer him.”

Tiffany slowly rolled off the bed, and was replaced by her Mistress. Mistress Kimiko got up on the bed on her hands and knees, “First though, bitch boy, you’re going to start on my ass.” She reached behind herself, grabbed my hair, and shoved my face right into the crack of her ass. I immediately sought out her crinkled hole, and started to lick and tongue fuck it, as I had Tiffany’s pussy. This had the desired effect, as Mistress Kimiko started moaning “Oh, you seem to be quite accomplished at eating ass as well as pussy. Kayla’s trained you well.” I licked and kissed her rosebud until Tiffany had recovered enough to step into her strap-on harness. Mistress Kimiko then turned over, draped her legs over my shoulder and simply pointed at her pussy and commanded “Eat”.

Unlike her Mistress, Tiffany plunged deep into my ass with her fist thrust, and rammed me as hard and fast as she could from the get go. And unlike her slave, Mistress Kimiko didn’t hold off her orgasms. Fucking me, and watching her slave get off, along with the ass tonguing I’d given her had her on the edge, and she had her first orgasm within a minute of my tongue touching her engorged clit. She had 5 more within the next 5 minutes, and then pushed me away. “Keep…keep fucking him, whore… I’m not done with him yet,” she gasped out. She rested for a minute or two, getting her breath back, before she slid down to the floor, and kneeled next to me. She reached underneath me, and began stroking my diamond hard dick.

“Look at this puddle of pre-cum on the floor!” she exclaimed, as she gave my pole long, firm strokes from base to tip. “You really do enjoy eating out a woman while you’re being pegged, don’t you?”

I was so far gone by then, that I couldn’t speak, only moan and nod my head.

“Did he eat you really well, Tiffany? Did you cum really hard?”

“Oh yes, Mistress!”

“Well, he made me cum hard 6 times! I don’t know if I’ll need another orgasm again…well, at least for the next 20 minutes anyway!” she laughed. “Should we reward him?”

“Oh, I think we should, Mistress.”

“And what about you, bitch boy? Do you want to cum? Want to shoot that load all over the floor?”

“Oh…fuck…yes…please…Mistress Kimiko. Please let me cum.”

“Fuck him hard and fast, Tiffany.” I don’t know how she could, but she actually started thrusting into me faster and deeper, as I felt my orgasm building. “Ten strokes, bitch boy. You get ten more strokes, and if you don’t cum, too bad…”

It took 5 before I was screaming and the wave of climax broke over me denied as it had been earlier by Maria. Tiffany was deceptively strong, because I felt like collapsing on the floor as jet after jet of jizz shot across the floor, but she held me up, her hands around my hips, as she kept pounding me from behind. As the last dribbles of spunk dripped to the floor, she slowly, agonizingly pulled out of me, and finally let me collapse in a heap.

I was deep into subspace, and I could barely feel the two of them on either side of me, rubbing my shoulders and back. “That was fucking hot, ” I dimly heard Mistress Kimiko. “Kayla is very lucky to have you bitch boy. You eat pussy like a fucking champ! And you can take an ass pounding, too.” They just kept contact with me, bringing me back from the deep hole I was in. “If she ever decides she’s tired of you, just give me a ring. You are excellent sub.”

“Thank you, Mistress, ” I mumbled.

She smacked me on the ass. “Now, you left quite a mess, and I’m sure your Mistress has trained you to clean up after yourself. Hasn’t she?”

I nodded, and slowly began crawling around the floor, licking up the puddle of pre-cum and my seed. “Oh, what a good little cum whore. Don’t miss a drop.”

As I finished up, Mistress Kimiko strode behind me, and re-inserted the butt plug. When I was done, Tiffany was standing before me with the cock gag, “Open.” was the last thing she said to me, as it was put back into place. Then, as before, with Tiffany on her leash, and my dick held in her hand, they led me back out to the main room. Gail had been returned, and I looked at her, as I was placed back into bondage. Her eyes were shining, she had a slight smile on her gagged lips. Her breasts were red and crisscrossed with welts, her hair was bedraggled, and there was dried cum in it and on her face. From the glistening of her thighs, it was obvious she’d had many orgasms since we’d last been together. But she and I both knew the night wasn’t over yet.

Next, both of us were used by Master Robert and Mistress Simone. They were a married couple, and like Mistress Kayla and Master John, they had a submissive couple — Anita and Charlie — attending them. Master Robert was a tall, well-muscled man, very tan, with a shaved head and a cruel sneer of a smile. Mistress Simone’s coffee colored skin and long, lean legs showed her French Polynesian ancestry, but her piercing green eyes indicated some mixed race ancestry. Anita was a quite curvy brunette, with large breasts and pierced nipples and labia. Charlie was a slight young man, almost boyish, maybe 5′ 5″ tall. His uncut cock was maybe 5″ long, and thin as well. Unlike the other three, he was very pale. I wondered if his Dominants kept him inside, locked in a cage most of the time.

Gail and I were ordered to kneel in front of our platforms. Charlie stood before me, his tiny penis right at eye level with me. Anita lay down on Gail’s platform legs spread wide, her arms under her knees, pulling them back to her chest, her pussy completely exposed to Gail. We were ordered to begin orally servicing them. As we started, so did the vibrators inside of us.

Mistress Simone began to flog my ass and back as I tried to concentrate on giving Charlie a great blowjob. From the sounds next to me, Master Robert was laying into Gail as well. Charlie and Anita had both been told to hold out for as long as possible. The flogging, and the vibrations in my ass were making it hard to concentrate on the first uncircumcised dick I’d ever sucked, and I could only imagine what the added vibrations in Gail’s pussy were doing to her. Mix it in with the flogging, and I was wondering how long Charlie would hold out. I gave it the best I could. And with his small size, it was easy to deep throat him and bury my nose into his crotch. I started fondling his balls with my free hand.

I got a new appreciation for what Gail had been going through when Mistress Simone and Master Robert switched sides. His blows were much harder as they struck the tops of my thighs, went up my ass and onto my back, then back down again. She hadn’t made a sound while she was being flogged, and I was grunting with every blow. I kept at it though, sucking deeply on that uncut dick, until finally, I felt it begin to swell, and with a deep moan from Charlie, his spunk filled my mouth. I sucked even harder, and milked his balls, trying to get every last drop. As I was licking him clean, Anita screamed, and she was cumming too.

We were ordered to switch. As I got up and stood on the platform, I noticed we had attracted quite the crowd. It looked like everyone was watching us, and I saw Mistress Kayla smiling at me proudly.

“Now, you two want to hold out as well, ” Mistress Simone purred, “You want our slaves asses as red as yours, don’t you?”

As soon as Charlie latched on to my cock, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. He was an expert cocksucker, and that, in concert with the butt plug rattling away on my prostate meant it wasn’t going to be long. At least I held out longer than Gail. She was fountaining out an orgasm inside of a minute. Shortly after, I was yelling, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” and filling Charlie’s stomach with my third load of the night.

I hadn’t noticed, but as I was being sucked dry, two benches had been moved into the room. Gail was already on one, on her hands and knees. Mistress Kayla walked over, and took me from the platform and had me lay on the other one on my back.

“Now, folks, it’s time for the penultimate event of the night,” Kayla said to the crowd. “The gang bang!”

I noticed that the men began to surround the benches, while the ladies made their way to the couches and chairs. There were four men surrounding me, and five around Gail. One of the men with her, Master Alex, slid underneath, and began rubbing his cock along her glistening, red, swollen pussy. Another began to get behind her, while a third was standing at her head, and two others alongside her.

The arrangement was similar with me. Master John, his thick, hard cock pointing at my mouth, Master Robert, with his even larger member, in between my legs, and Mistress Nina’s two subs standing at either side of my chest. I had no illusion what was about to happen. I opened my mouth, and Master John’s cock popped in “Such a good little bitch” he sighed as he began fucking my mouth. I reached out either hand and began stroking the two fags. I moaned loudly around the dick filling my mouth as Master Robert’s pole entered my ass, spitroasting me.

The room filled with moans and sighs, and I could only imagine the ladies were engaged in their own gangbang. I just surrendered to the feeling of being completely filled, used like a total whore and slut, being used to provide pleasure to anyone who wanted it. And make no mistake, I was being used. Master Robert was making me his bitch with every powerful stroke, while Master John fucked my mouth. And Mistress Nina’s slaves? I had hold of their cocks as well, but I wasn’t stroking any more, as they moved their hips back and forth, fucking my hand. Like Gail, I was just a piece of fuckmeat.

It seemed to go on forever, and I was completely lost down the subspace rabbit hole. I heard Gail scream out several orgasms, and the comments from next to me of what a tight pussy she had, and how her ass was spasming. Master Robert chimed in that he thought my ass was probably tighter, and Master John let everyone know what a great cocksucker I was.

Then, I felt a soft, warm mouth encircling my cock, and Mistress Kayla was at my ear, whispering. “Such a slut. You are so fucking sexy right now. Filled with cock, making all these men feel so good. That’s Master Alex’s slut down on your cock, making it so hard. She licked me out so well, I thought it was only right that we see if she could suck cock. Be a very good slut for me, don’t come until everyone else has.” And with that, Mistress Nina’s slave on my right began cumming, shooting ribbon after ribbon of jism all over my chest. Then her other slave let go, adding his load.

I could hear the men cumming on and in Gail as well, as she screamed out another orgasm. Then, Mistress Kayla looked over at Master John, “C’mon baby, I want you and Robert to fill my bitch up from both ends.”

The cocks inside of me started speeding up, ramming me faster and harder. I think they were actually trying to meet somewhere in my stomach. I felt them swell, and as the first jets of cum filled my mouth and my ass, I half moaned, half screamed as my cock erupted into the most intense, longest orgasm I’d ever had. I screamed and my cock throbbed. I could feel my ass twitching around the cock buried deep inside me. And dimly, I could hear clapping.

After 5 or so minutes, just lying there, Mistress Kayla ordered Gail and me to kneel on the floor, facing each other. We were both covered in sweat and cum — and Gail in girl squirt. She ordered us to lick each other clean…and added we had one last performance for the night.

Gail and I ran our tongues all over each other’s naked bodies, ultimately falling to the floor, and lying next to each other. It took about 20 minutes to clean each other up. While I had only started with the deposits from Mistress Nina’s slaves, rolling around with her, I had picked up a lot of her deposits as well. I guess it was good that it took us awhile — or planned — because we needed to rest up for the final event.

Mistress Kayla was again in the center of the room, standing next to the one bench that remained, a plastic bucket in her hand. A high-backed bar stool had also been brought in, and was positioned at the front of the bench. “Well, I hope you all enjoyed the evening,” she began, “and our two party sluts.” There was a chorus of agreement, a “Fucking hot night!” and “Those sluts were fantastic!” and some clapping.

“But, now it is time for one of us to pay the piper. Since our party sluts have been so enthusiastic and willing to be used and abused, we reward them…by giving them the use of one of us.” She shook the pail. “I have the name of every dominant in here in this bucket.” She reached in, and swirled around a bit, then came back out with a slip of paper in her hand. “And…” she opened up the ticket and read off of it, “Mistress Nina! You get to be the party sluts’ toy!” She looked to Mistress Nina’s two slaves, “Boys, if you will assist your Mistress to her place of honor?”

The each took one of her arms. Several other dominants moved forward, and quickly stripped her down to her knee high black leather boots, as she protested. Her two slave bois picked her up and moved her to the bench, where she was placed on her hands and knees, and secured with leather ankle and wrist cuffs.

Master John had picked up Gail, and put her on the barstool, and spread her legs out so they snaked under Nina’s arms. Gail was protesting weakly that she just wasn’t able to cum anymore tonight, and Master John told her that she would, that this was her reward. He pushed Nina’s face into Gail swollen, red pussy, “Lick my cunt well, Nina, you slut!”

Meanwhile, Kayla was slowly stroking my cock, and it was responding, becoming hard again. “How many times have you cum tonight slut?”

“Four, Mistress.”

She began leading me to Nina’s exposed backside, “Well, I hope you can cum five times, or Nina’s ass is going to be ruined.”

At that, Nina’s head came up and she screamed, “No fucking way!”

John grabbed her hair and shoved her face back down into Gail’s twat, growling, “Eat that pussy, bitch. You know one of us has to pay, and you’re it tonight!”

Mistress Kayla simply chuckled. “Oh, honey, he is going to ream your ass but good. You let your denied slut Maria abuse his cock and balls just because you won’t let her cum?” She paused, and at that moment, Gail screamed out her first orgasm, spraying Nina’s face with girl cum, and Mistress Kayla giggled, “Make sure you swallow down all that squirt, bitch. There will be more, much more.”

Mistress Kayla guided my cock into Nina’s wet hot box. She may have been protesting, but this was obviously turning her on. “Get nice and lubed up, David, because it’s going into her ass next.” Nina let out a long whine, as I thrust in and out of her a few times, keeping her mouth firmly planted on Gail’s clit, rocketing her off to another orgasm. Mistress Kayla pulled me out of Nina’s snatch, and lined my cock up at her puckered rosebud, the tip just grazing it. “Are you ready, bitch? ” she asked my victim. Then she looked at me, smiled and simply said “Balls deep.”

I slammed all the way into her. There was no way Nina could stay attached to Gail’s pussy. Her head flew up as she screamed “SHIT! Oh, shit, he’s so fucking big, take it out, take it out!” So, with Mistress Kayla smiling and whispering in my ear, “She’s all yours, David, do whatever the fuck you want,” I pulled all the way out — and slammed balls deep into her again. This was met by another yell of “Shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” And then, Gail reached up, grabbed and handful of Nina’s hair and pulled her back to her pussy, “No one said to stop eating me you bitch!”

As I began rhythmical thrusting in and out of her tight ass, and Gail continued to try to smother her with pussy and girl cum, randomly calling her bitch, slut and whore, commanding her to make her cum again, I heard Kayla telling the group how this was just fitting, that the two of us be allowed to take our reward from Mistress Nina. She recounted how Maria had tortured my cock and balls, and how the stripes on Gail’s breast and ass had come from a caning administered by Mistress Nina. The crowd was hooting and hollering, egging on both of us, as we took our reward.

Kayla sauntered back up to near Kayla’s head. “Bet you wish you’d let Maria have him for just a bit longer now, don’t you? Maybe she would have ruined that big hard cock that’s splitting you apart, huh?” Then she picked up a Hitachi Magic Wand, reached up between Nina’s legs, and placed it right on her clit. Nina screamed again, and her words just became unintelligible moans. Within a minute, I knew she was just like Gail, as a torrent of squirt erupted from her pussy.

I could feel the vibrations all the way into her back passage, as she came over and over and I picked up my speed, my orgasm fast approaching. As I fell over the cliff, I buried my spasming cock deep in her bowels. At the same time, Nina and Gail both erupted again.

John returned, carefully picked up Gail, and laid her down on one of the couches. Mistress Kayla led me away to kneel on the floor, as Nina’s two slave bois returned and began to release her.

“Well, ladies and gents, thank you all for coming…and cumming!” Master John boomed. “Kayla and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and we look forward to the next party. Your house, right Ann?”

An older woman, with a very young, buff stud next to her smiled “That’s right, although I don’t think Jake and I will be able to hold a candle to this one.” There was more laughter and some light conversation as people began to drift away adjourning to the other room to get dressed. As each one left, they would stop by Gail and me. Every one of them kissed Gail good bye. I received kisses from the women, and pats on the head or shoulder from the men. The last to approach were Mistress Nina and her entourage. She was wobbly on her feet, and her two slave bois were holding her up.

She leaned down to kiss me, her eyes glassy, “You know how to fuck,” she said, then whispered in my ear, “But so do I. I can’t wait to have you in my dungeon.”

Maria leaned down, and kissed me deep. She too whispered in my ear, “When Mistress Nina lets me out of chastity, I’m going to fuck you silly!”

As they left, I noticed Mistress Kayla and another Mistress, the one who was unaccompanied, speaking. Mistress Kayla seemed to have her head down as the other women talked to her, and she nodded tentatively, almost submissively.

I didn’t get much time to wonder about that. Master John helped Gail up, and then grabbed one of the D-rings on my collar. “Come along, sluts, time to get you to bed. You two must be exhausted. It’s almost 3 AM.”

He took us upstairs, and had us both quickly get in the shower together to rinse off. Then we were led to the bedroom. Mistress Kayla was waiting, sitting on the end of the bed, the vibrating plugs in hand. “Bend back over, bitches. You’re sleeping with these tonight.”

“Please, Mistress, no more! My pussy is so sensitive.” Gail whined.

Master John smacked her on the ass, “Listen to your, Mistress, cunt. Bend over. They’re going on. I promise though, we won’t turn them on.”

As we sit there admiring the fire the warmth of your body pressed up against mine is amazing. On top of the heat from the fire, plus I can’t help but admire your amazing body. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever expected to land a woman with a body like yours, especially an older woman. My mind begins to drift my cock begins to stir again. I can feel it slowly begin to grow as it presses up against your legs.

“Oh… what’s this I feel I guess someone is ready for me.”

“Yes Ma’am, I have been known to have quite an amazing sex drive and stamina at that.”

You slowly shift your body turning around and pulling my cock up so it lays flat against your pussy and is now sandwiched between us. You wrap your legs around my body pulling yourself closer as I now feel my cock slid between your pussy lips length wise.

You wrap your arms around my shoulders leaning in and pressing your lips to mine easy at first. Then we begin to make out lips opening as our tongues begin to dance around. I feel your hips begin to move slightly. I know you’re getting excited again, so I move my hands down and grab your ass. I now move you up and down against my cock as we continue to passionately make-out. My cock is as stiff as a board again and my mind wonders what you’re planning. As the moans escape your mouth you throw your head back.

“Oh… God I want you again. But this time I want you to take my anal cherry. Yes, that’s right I have never had it in the ass. I always said I was waiting for that perfect cock.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

The excitement in my voice could clearly be heard, but I knew there may be a catch and sure enough I was right.

“Oh, calm down there cowboy it isn’t going to be that easy. Like everything so far you have to work for it.”

“Sounds Good, what do I have to do to pass this test Ma’am?”

“Well, you have to let me do a few things to that cock of yours and then if you’re still hard after all of this then we go inside and Ill submit to you so you can take my ass.”

With that she stands up grabs my balls pulling me to my feet and pulling me toward the cabin. We stop of course just a few feet away where there is what looks like a section of fence. It is 5 feet wide and maybe 3 feet high. It reminds me of the old west where they had this setup in front of buildings so you can tie up your house. We stop right in front of it and she walked around to the other side.

“On your knees.”

I quickly drop to my knees as you then take my right wrist and tie it to the top right corner then do the same to my left. This pulls me closer to the railings and I can feel my cock and balls now resting on the lower rail. I watch as you move closer and lean down now tying a piece of thin rope around the head of my cock pulling it up and fastening it around the top rail. I see what you’re doing as my balls are full exposed now.

“Hmmm… Looks good now no screaming, you can moan and tell me how much you’re enjoying yourself but if you scream or beg me to stop it will only make me do it more. Understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Then you turn again and reach into this box and pull something out my adrenaline begins to rise in anticipation of what is to come. I then see it’s a blindfold which you place on my head. I get why you do it as it will add to the excitement if I can’t see what you’re about to do.

There was no warning either I suddenly felt your bare foot on my balls gently flicking them with your toes. Then pushing them from side to side on the rough surface of the rail before suddenly I feel the rail dip slightly as you step up onto it. You move your feet closer together squeezing my balls between them a soft moan escapes my mouth. If my cock wasn’t pulled so tightly upward I believe it would be growing harder now.

“Does that feel good?”

I moan and nod my head then I feel you place your foot square on my sack as you shift your weight to that foot. You put a good amount of pressure on my balls thankfully not your entire body weight. You leave your foot there as you step down grinding my sack into the railing. Before beginning to just slap your foot down on my balls I felt about 10 smacks before you stop. I then feel your hand pick them up massaging them.

“Hmmm… barely even red yet. Guess I’ll have to keep going now.”

Expecting to feel your foot I was shocking when I felt the slap of leather on my balls. It caused me to jump as best I could. It didn’t work out to well with my tightly secured cock I thought the head would pop off as I pulled hard on my restraints. Then you rubbed the leather on my balls I realized then it was a riding crop.

The smacks weren’t that hard though hard enough to make me feel it. There was a pause of about 30 seconds between each one followed by a soft giggle. After about 25 smacks I felt my cock being untied and to flopped down bouncing off my balls only to pop back up. My rock hard cock stood at attention and without warning the tip is hit with the crop. Hard enough that I felt it bob up and down against my balls only she doesn’t just hit it from the top. I hear her giggles and laughing get louder as it is like a game to her and my cock is a piñata. She begins to slap in from all angles top, bottom, sides, up and down the shaft and every so often another blow to my balls. Then it suddenly stops.

“Oh, you are so enjoying this! Look at all the precum leaking out of your cock it’s like a waterfall dripping down your shaft and onto your balls.”

I felt her wrap her hand around my cock and begin to stroke it massaging the fluid into my shaft. Her hand works its way up encircling the tip which is super sensitive and sends shivers down my spine. I seriously thought I would blow a load right there, though I managed to hold back. This slow torment of her hand sliding up and down my stiff cock continued for a few minutes, before stopping abruptly. Everything went silent all I could hear was the snapping and popping sounds of the fire. It did make me nervous of what you were doing, what could be coming, and well there had also been the rise in my adrenaline and tingle in my balls that just wanted to play more.

My cock continued to stand at attention and then I felt your hands again only this time they were on my head. The blindfold was being removed and it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust but I saw you standing before me naked as I scanned your body working my way down I see you’re covered in a light layer of sweat. As I worked my way further down focusing between your legs I could see your pussy not only glistening with your juices, but that it was running down your legs signaling to me how truly excited you were. Shortly after the blindfold was removed you untied my other bonds, I couldn’t hold back any longer lunging at you I scooped you up.

“Ahh…” A small gasp escaped your mouth followed by giggles.

I put you on the top of the fence with your legs draped over my shoulders without any hesitation performing this entire task in one motion. I could feel your hands on the back of my head holding on for support and to steady yourself as my mouth dove right in to your glistening and so inviting pussy. I began to suck on your lips basking in the sweet nectar of your juices like it was a new addiction. I couldn’t get enough going from one pussy lip to the other taking each one into my mouth and sucking on them slowly enjoying every inch.

“Ohhh… My… Goo..” The moans escaping your mouth only encouraged me to go longer. Not that I had even considered stopping.

I began to flick my tongue up and down your slit now nice and slow barely pushing my tongue between your folds knowing this would drive you crazy as the tip of my tongue would just slightly touch your clit. Your hands were trying effortlessly to pull my face into your pussy harder and tighter. I knew you wouldn’t last much longer. As I moved my mouth up I sucked your clit into my mouth and began to flick it with my tongue fast and hard.

“Holy… Cra..p.. I’mmm…Cummm..in..g” I felt your hands go limp on the back of my head and quickly raised my arms to your lower back to hold you on the fence. I didn’t stop licking and sucking your pussy I only continued to now lick and suck up the aftermath of your orgasm, which only turned you on more. I stopped briefly to remove you from the fence carrying you over to the bench and laying you down before standing over you to admire you.

“How did you enjoy that?”

You only looked at me and grinned, I knew you had enjoyed yourself. Then I watched as you slowly moved your tired and exhausted arm toward my cock. Just as you were about to wrap your hands around it I pulled away.

“Oh, not so fast if you want to continue this little adventure I think it’s time that the venue changes?”

You only look up at me and nod your head in agreement. I walk away for a moment you don’t even watch to see where I go or what I am doing as you’re still exhausted from the events to this point. I return just a few minutes later to see that you have passed out. I moved your hands down in front of you tying them together with the rope you had used to tie me up. You don’t even stir an inch, and you barely even notice when I pick you up.

I carry you the short distance to the cabin push the door open and inside we go. It is a rather nice place large open area downstairs and a loft where it appears you sleep. Though I notice there is another bed downstairs placed nicely in front of the fire. It has rafter ceilings which is perfect for what I have planned. I place you on the bed, I go outside to a shed I saw and gather more rope and a few other items. Once back inside I toss the rope over the rafter tying one end off to the bed frame. The other end I attached to the rope holding your wrists together and then slowly begin to pull you upward.

“What is going on? What are you doing?” This causes you to come to and I can see you begin to panic.

“Oh, well know it is my turn to have some fun with you.” With that I stand up placing the blindfold over your eyes so you can’t see what is to come.

Once you are at an ideal height above the bed I move over attaching rope around your knees and pulling your legs up, then tied rope around your ankles and attached the end to each upper thigh so your legs where bent and pulled up. I removed the blindfold so you can see your position, but more so because I wanted to look into your eyes while having my fun.

Next I lay down on the bed beneath you positioning my still hard rock right beneath your pussy. I untied the rope attached to the bed and began to lower you down slowly. I stopped just as the tip of my cock made contact with your pussy. I then tied the rope off again beginning to slowly rub the tip of my cock up and down between your pussy lips. Watching as you close your eyes I knew the sensation was starting to drive you crazy. Soft moans escaping your lips again.

I stopped the stroking and moving my way down between your legs begin to lick and suck your pussy again, admitting that I was a little shocked how wet you were.

“Oh… I think you are really enjoying this aren’t you? Thought you weren’t happy to be tied up?”

“I’m not happy about being restrained and dangling from the ceiling, but you are so freaking amazing with that damn tongue and mouth not to mention your cock it makes me forget all that, now please don’t stop.”

With that I continue my oral invasion on your pussy licking, sucking and caressing it with my tongue, I notice the shivers as your body begins to shake signaling your closeness to orgasm. I stop as I am not ready for you to cum again. Loud moans of disappointment escape your mouth as I slide out from underneath you and move myself around and behind you. Kneeling there cock pressed against you just under your ass.

I get off the bed now and lower you down lying you face down and now hog tie you with your arms and legs pulled back behind you and raise you back up. I again slide between your legs stopping with just the tip of my cock pressed against the outside of your pussy hole.

“Ohhh..Pleassse.. Push it in, I’ll do anything…!” I knew you were on the edge begging to be fucked now at the height of your sexual arousal.

“Anything…really, even this?” I ask moving my cock down and placing the tip against your asshole pushing slightly just enough to get your attention.

“Ohhh… Yes… fine even that I just want to feel it inside of me… Please… I love your cock.”

With that I push slightly just as the head pops in a soft moan escapes your mouth, I can tell by your tightness you have never done this before. I begin to push in ever so slowly allowing you a chance to adjust to my cock. I get about half way in and pull out, before you can say anything I quickly position my cock and go balls deep into your pussy. Fucking you fast and furious the moans begin to quicken and grow with intensity. I sense you are nearing an orgasm again with that I pull out again and drive my cock balls deep into your ass. You’re so tight and I begin to pick up the pace fucking you in the ass at a long steady pace.

For the next 45minutes I switch off between your ass and your pussy bringing you close then stopping. I was also getting close myself. I finally stopped lowered you and untied you picking you up I carried you over to the kitchen table laying you on your back I drove my cock inside of you and began to drive it in. I picked up to a steady pace as your legs wrapped around me tightly not allowing me to pull out completely and tease you, I leaned down and began to kiss you intensely the moans escaping your mouth as you grew close to your orgasm. Your legs grew tighter around me as you began to shake at the start of a massive orgasm, your body convulsing as it continued for what seemed like 5 minutes, before it started to subside.

I pulled my cock out knowing that I to was close and moved to the other end of the table pulling you forward so your head was hanging off the end. I slipped my cock into your mouth to was soaked and glistening with your juices. I began to slide it in and out at a nice steady pace your mouth sucked hard on my cock with what little energy you had left. It didn’t take me long to hit my breaking point I pulled out and stoked my cock coating your face and chest with the biggest load I had ever had.

I then picked you up and carried you over to the bed laying you down, and then laying down next to you still covered in my cum.

“That was amazing though not sure I have any energy left to continue tonight. Can you get me a towel to wipe this cum off please?”

“NO the cum stays. Now rest up as I do believe tomorrow is a new day.”

The End.

Call me Professor. Madeline does; everyone does. I’m retired now, so I’m not really a professor any more, but I’ve been called that for so many years that I don’t even think about correcting the youngsters when they use that salutation.

I was manning the desk as a volunteer for the free, walk-in tutoring clinic over at the student union when she first approached me. I watched her march towards me with her arms folded across an eight-hundred page text book pressed tightly onto her breasts about nipple high. My eyes drilled directly through all eight-hundred pages and stopped at what I was certain must be two hardened nipple-buds beneath her thin tank top.

“I need help with this trigonometry stuff,” she said, “but I can’t even begin to talk about it here.” She brushed a dangling lock of hair back away from her puffed-up eyes and stood with her clenched left fist folded back against her hip.

“And why is that,” I said. “I mean I understand why you might need help with trigonometry, but why can’t we talk about it here at the walk-in facility?”

“It’s my boyfriend, Professor. I gave him the brush off last week but he just isn’t getting the message. I told him, look, I’m at my peak right now and I’ve got to experience as much of life as possible before it passes me by. You know what I mean Professor?”

Did I know what she meant? She was an eighteen year old college coed on a campus full of horny men. She had the body of a pubescent pole dancer and the mouth of a blow-up fuck-me-doll and she was worried that life was going to pass her by.

“Yes, I understand completely,” I said, “what do you suggest?”

Her eyes focused on the toes of her left tennis-shoe as she ground it into the linoleum floor tile. “Well,” she said, “my aunt has a house just off campus and she lets me study there in the afternoons. She’s never around because she works the day shift at the hospital and it would be very private and quiet there.”

What could I say? I knew this was going to lead to trouble but hey, I was the guy whose life was passing him by – I had to go for it. I grabbed my wrist to check my pulse and felt my chest tighten. “OK,” was my suave, debonair response.

She grinned as she set down the folded note with her address on it. “One o’clock tomorrow afternoon,” she said.

My mouth gaped open as I watched her twirl and march briskly back out of the room. I couldn’t keep my leering eyes from following her haunches as they swayed hypnotically, left, right, left, right, and out the door. What had I gotten myself into I wondered.


It took only six sessions to get to the point we’re at now. I know, it sounds like a long time but really, in the total scheme of things, what are six little weeks.

“Are you ready, Professor?” Madeline asks.

Ready? Are you kidding. I’ve been ready all day. I’ve been ready since I almost tossed off a wet dream this morning when I woke up to find my cat licking my face. I’ve been ready since ten minutes after our last session ended a week ago. Am I ready? Of course I’m ready!

“No, I’m not quite ready, could I have a minute, please?”

“Of course, Professor, we don’t want to begin until we’ve established the proper framework, do we,” she says.

Framework? You come over here and bend over this table and flip up your pretty, pleated, school-girl skirt and show me those pink panties and that perfect, peach shaped butt and then we can talk about proper frameworks. How does that sound miss goody-two-shoes.

“Right, Miss Madeline,” I say. “Thank you for your patience – we both know how important it is to begin in the proper framework.”

“Absolutely, Professor. We’ve come a long way in just six short sessions. I’m so proud of us. But we really need to get started soon. My aunt will be home in less than three hours and you know how long it took us last time.”

“I know,” I say, “but that was because we took a break in the middle of our session and had a glass of wine on the back porch and then came back to finish.”

“That’s exactly right, Professor,” she says, “and I have every reason to believe that we will be needing a similar break again this week. I mean really Professor, the sessions are getting quite intense and you no longer possess the stamina of a younger man.”

“Thank you for pointing that out Miss Madeline. All right, I’m ready now!”

“Good for you, Professor, and such enthusiasm. My goodness! I’ll begin as soon as you ask for the first two.”

Ask? I hate having to ask. Why can’t she just give them to me? It’s so embarrassing, so humiliating to have to ask a young college coed to spank your ass.

“Please Miss Madeline, may I have two of your best.”

“Well, that’s a beginning Professor, but you know that’s not how we talked about it. Full verbalization, Professor, you know how important that is. Two nice swift ones, then please try again.”

She grins as she swings the leather slapper with full force: a forehand and a backhand. She wants me to try again, that’s what she says, but I know what she really wants. She wants me to embarrass myself; to humiliate myself by freely confessing my most shameful intimate behaviors.

“I’m a compulsive masturbator,” I say, “I should be spanked for lacking the self discipline to control my nasty urges.”

“That’s better Professor, but you know those aren’t the words you’ve been taught to use. Six more, then try again please.”

Three more forehand-backhand combinations. They’re starting to sting like the dickens.

“Alright, alright,” I say, “I’m a willie-wanker, a jerky-boy. I pound my pud, spank my monkey and polish my flute. I need you to supervise my disgusting jerk-off sessions and only give me permission to cum when I’ve earned the privilege. Is that enough of the vernacular for you?”

“Now don’t get testy, Professor. You know you need this. You want it, you deserve it and I’m going to give it to you. Eight very hard ones, Professor, all forehands, but I’ll space them out so that you’ll have time to relax and breathe between each one. You see, I’ve learned also over the last six weeks. I know how desperately you want to please me and take the best I can give, but you need time to compose yourself between each swat in order to make your best efforts. Isn’t that right, Professor?”

How has she gotten to know me so well is just six short weeks. I did want desperately to please her; to earn her approval and respect by demonstrating the depths of submission I was willing to stoop to just for a moment of her attention.

“I’m doing this for you, Professor, because I know it’s what you want – what you need.”

I breathe deeply between each stroke. With each inhale, I smell the perfumes of a ripe young female, waiting to be pleasured. They are the same smells that greet a man when he first walks through the doors at Victoria’s Secret. With each exhale I try to refocus my mind by thinking up story titles: “Zen and the art of discipline spankings;” “Behavior modifications for wussy -wankers.” Finally they’re over; both cheeks are filled with the heat of my submission.

“I think we’re up to sixteen now Professor. Your bottom is glowing a nice shade of pink. Do you think I can get it to match my panties before we get to twenty?”

Four more like that? I don’t think I can take it. I hate pain. I wonder if she knows that I hate pain?

“Yes, spank me please. Hurt me. Let my tears demonstrate the depths of my commitment.”

“I’ll try, Professor, but you know it’s not easy to make a man your age shed a tear. Eight more, then I want to try something new.”

“You are a princess, Madeline. In fact, the name Madeline is Gaelic for little princess.”

“Is that true, Professor, or did you just make it up?”

“Sixty-six percent of all statistics are made up on the fly, Miss Madeline. Making things up is a long honored tradition – it’s called politics.”

“Here they come now, Professor.” Left, right, left, right. “Go ahead and scream if you want to. Beg, cry, whatever. I won’t think any less of you. In fact, I will admire you all the more for it. To stand there bent over my aunt’s kitchen table and take a spanking so severe that it brings tears to your eyes and howls to your voice, that really is the ultimate expression of respect isn’t it? You must be very strong and brave – or is it just that you love the pain?”

Left, right, left, right.

Those last four were almost unbearable. I don’t think I could have endured them without the knowledge that they were delivered with such concern and compassion.

“You’ve gotten to know me so well that you spaced them out perfectly. Thank you for being so understanding.”

“You’re welcome, Professor. Now for a change of pace, I’m going to give you four more that will leave you nicely marked. I bought a new quirt that is thin and whippy. It will leave four beautiful criss-cross marks right at the center of your puffy cheeks.”

“Please Miss Madeline, you can’t mark me! You know I’m leaving next week for ten days in Mexico with the campus archaeology club. We fly to Cancun, then travel five hours by bus to the Mayan city of Coba where we’ll be helping with a dig.”

“And you’re concerned about what, Professor, that the marks will show when you go skinny dipping in the Golf of Mexico with all those hormone-heightened spring-break girls-gone-wild? In your dreams, Professor. The only surf you’re going to share with those girls is on one of those web tease-sites you waste your time on late at night.”

“Please Miss Madeline, I’m only thinking about the amount of time I’ll be sitting on the plane and then on the bus. Isn’t there some alternative that would be equally compelling. I do sincerely appreciate your efforts in modifying my compulsive behaviors.”

“There you go again with the ten dollar words. Alright, I’ll whip your dick and your balls instead of marking you, is that what you’d like?”

“My balls? Not too hard, right?”

“I’ll whip as hard as I feel like won’t I Professor? And you’ll have to beg me to do it. That’s the deal Professor, take it or leave it.”

“All right Miss Madeline, what ever you say. You’re in charge.”

“Yes I am, and just so you remember it, I’m going to give you some homework assignments to complete while you’re in Mexico.”

“Homework assignments? I haven’t had any homework assignments since I was a teenager.”

Ah, those were the days, peaking up from under the bleachers during the cheerleaders practices.

“Just something to maintain your arousal, as if all those coeds in their skimpy, fetishistic daisy-dukes won’t be enough. I doubt that you’ll be arrested, but you will no doubt find these assignments thoroughly humiliating.”

“Oh Miss Madeline, you understand me so well. Thank you for taking the time to train me to be a better man.”

“It’s only fair, Professor. After all, I’m now getting an ‘A’ in Trigonometry. I’ve put together just a few simple activities to remind you that the coed back home is the one who owns your orgasms and that you’re not allowed any nasty jisms no matter where you are without my express permission.”

“It’s a ten day trip Miss Madeline. I’ve never gone that long before. Even a man my age needs his relief.”

“Men, all they dream about are their orgasms. Ten minutes after they pop one off, they’re already thinking about where the next one is coming from. I’ll bet if I bent over that window sill and let you stick it to me from behind, you’d be staring out the window looking for your next conquest before your jizz even started dribbling down my thighs.”

Wrong on that one, sweetheart. I’d be down on my knees, licking it up before it dribbled down your thighs.

“I’m sure you’re right, Miss Madeline. Men are animals; they should be horsewhipped regularly just to keep them in line.”

“Of course they should, but you’re lucky you found me, rather than one of those man-hating bitches that just wants to get even for every abuse they’ve ever suffered from a man.”

“As I’ve said, Miss Madeline, you’re a princess.”

She pokes her finger into the center of her cheek and twists while smiling demurely, “Yes, I guess I am, aren’t I,” she says. “All right my dear, let’s move on to a little ‘corner time’ before we hit the books.”

Corner time! I love corner time; I hate corner time. It’s the most god-awful, wonderful, frustrating experience a man can endure.

“Go ahead Professor, start with one-hundred long slow ones. All the way out to the tip, then all the way back until your fist presses into your balls.”

I assume the standard corner-time posture without complaint. Each foot spread twenty inches out along the perpendicular axis projecting from the common vertex at the corner of the room and forming a perfect right triangle with a hypotenuse of just over twenty-eight inches. Forehead pressed into the corner and knees bent liberally until they press against their respective walls, leaving maximum exposure to my unprotected genitals.

As directed, I commence the long slow strokes of the first hundred with my right hand while pressing down and back on my balls with my left hand.

“It must be difficult for you, Professor, maintaining such an exposed posture when you know full well that I’m about to discipline your balls. How brave and courageous you must be.”

I grit my teeth and brace for the impact that I know is coming – but it never comes. Then, finally, the tip of the slapper slides gently under my balls and presses them up into my scrotum as if they’re being weighed.

“Are your balls full today, Professor? Have you avoided any nasty accidents during this past week?”

I focus on maintaining both pace and distance with my strokes while trying to answer her questions as honestly as possible.

“I’m sure my balls are quite full today, Miss Madeline. I almost had two separate accidents this week but I stopped myself both times. Only a few drops oozed out and I assure you there was no pleasure associated with those minor spills.”

“Good boy, Professor. As I’ve explained, taking yourself as close as possible to the edge, without going over, is the key to controlling your nasty perversions. And what did you do with the drops that leaked, Professor?”

“As you’ve instructed, Miss Madeline, I licked them off my fingers. I haven’t yet acquired a taste for semen but I trust you when you tell me that it will develop eventually.”

“I’m sure it will, Professor. I personally developed a taste for cum this summer in the back seat of my boyfriend’s car. Boy’s his age are so needy and demanding, if you know what I mean, Professor. Of course, that was before I realized I could keep him just as satisfied by encouraging him to use his own hand on himself. Then I started making him ask for permission for his cummies and by the end of the summer he was so pussy-whipped that it just wasn’t fun for me any more and I had to move on.”

I closed my eyes and visualized Madeline in the back seat of my car, her cheeks concaved and her perfect, round, red lips sucking on the head of my dick. Before I knew it, my pace had quickened and my strokes had shortened.

Whack! The slap up between my legs connected perfectly with my dangling testicles.

“Stay focused, Professor. I’m going to whip your balls now, then we’ll do the dick whippings. Go ahead when you’re ready, Professor.”

Go ahead she says, that’s all, but I know what she wants. She wants me to beg her to whip my balls. What kind of a lunatic must I be to be bent over in the corner about to beg an eighteen year old college freshman to whip my balls. Sure, she’s cute. She’s even more than cute. She’s hot. She’s a fox. She’s a babe. But is that any reason for a retired professor emeritus to be begging to have his balls whipped?

“Please, whip my balls. Make them sting so that I can remember when I have an orgasm that it flows from the hand of my goddess-masterbatrix and from the grace and goodness of her heart.”

The pain is excruciating, but I hunker my forehead down another inch on the wall, allowing me to bend further at the knees and push my balls back in further submission to my goddess.

“Good boy, Professor. Now give me fifty short fast ones, then another fifty long slow ones. Keep alternating like that till you get to the edge. You know what to do then, don’t you Professor?”

I knock out the first fifty short ones with practiced concentration, then start in again on the fifty long ones. Just as I hit my stride, I hear the door to the freezer open, then, a moment later, a tin pie plate clanks as it lands on the table top. I know immediately what it is and my dick moves another twenty degrees towards the ceiling in response.

A few more strokes and I’m finally there – that transcendental neither region that lies just before the point of no return. I knew what I have to do – I have to ask. I know what the answer will be, but I have to ask anyway.

“Please Miss Madeline, please may I have a nasty cummie. Please may I shoot my jism and then lick it up for your amusement?” I know what the answer will be and I tear my hand away from my dick before she can even open her mouth.

“No silly, you know it’s not time for any cummies yet. Turn around now and let’s do your dick whippings.”

One of the more intense periods of my life happened when I was searching for a new Mistress. I guess having been used as a slut for some time, and now being without a vicious Mistress I was missing the pain in parts of my body, especially my balls…but that was about to change.

Meeting Mistress G for the first time, I was pleased to see all her descriptions had been accurate, this being before the age of internet and email. Tall, quite athletic and whilst she was in her forties she looked rather yummy, to me anyway. But I’ve always had a thing for mature women.

Right from the get-go she was bossy, but in a calm manner, as though she felt no need to raise her voice to get compliance. I was naked and on my hands and knees a few minutes after walking in her door. As she ran her hands all over my quivering body, she laughed softly at my anticipation. The surprise of seeing her squatting at my head, and then feeling my nuts being kicked was surreal. I hadn’t heard Mistress’ muse enter the room, nor had Mistress G even told me she had an understudy, but feeling the kick left me in no doubt I had found something worthwhile….

The two women would torment me in whatever manner it pleased them, there were weeks where I would be required to lick them and finger them to countless orgasms, without being allowed to cum myself. The torture of eating pussy whilst being locked in a chastity device, then released and made to fuck both women for hours on end all without being allowed to cum was just beyond words. But hey, this is what I’d been looking for, I just didn’t expect Mistress G to be able to dish it out with such ease.

After three weeks in the cockcage without cumming I was released early one Saturday morning. My balls were roped to stretch them away from my body and a leash attached. By this leash I was led to the playroom where I was then tied to a device they called a rotisserie, kind of like a cross mounted on a spindle so I could be hung upside down or even suspended from it. Seeing I had no choice, I watched as Mistress G and her muse fastened the many straps as they both giggled and talked of what they were going to do to me….

The first hour consisted of little more than wanking me with their hands. My balls felt absolutely huge, partly from the weeks of pent-up desire and partly from the rope and wanking. Bit by bit more toys were added, nipple clamps, then the mini metal clothes pins came out, clamping tight on any part of the body they choose to apply them to. Armpits are sensitive at the best of times, but try adding a dozen or so clothes pins and you’ve got my attention!

The wanking continued, along with the constant reminders of not to cum until given permission. Taking turns, the women next began sucking me a little, making my cock nice and wet and licking it like a lollypop as they just held my balls tight. Each time I groaned I would be told not to cum, or I would be made to feel sorry for such a transgression.

It was when Mistress and muse started taking turns riding my cock that I started to have serious trouble holding back. Thank goodness Mistress G recognized this early enough and started smacking my balls as she rode me, there just something about having your cock ballsdeep in a juicy cunt whilst having your nuts slapped that is just sooooo yummy!

Time stands still in these circumstances, and whilst I was later told how long I’d been tied up, at the time I had little idea that I’d been tied up for almost twelve hours before being allowed to cum. During this time both women tok great delight not just in whacking my cock and balls around, tormenting my nipples to the point I could hardly feel them anymore, but what surprised me most was how turned on they got from pissing in my mouth. Having taken to playing without a safeword, they could do with me what they wanted, and letting their bladders drain into my mouth got them both rather excited.

Somewhere along the way a ball press came into play, so hanging upside down and having an evil woman clamp your nuts into a press and them turning the screws up tight so that I squeal and hearing her laugh at my pain….yum! The thing that cracked me up was how my cock would just be throbbing as my balls were hurt. Mistress G would just grab my cock and give it a few good strokes each time I groaned from the pain in my balls, and then tell me that it can’t be hurting that much for this cock is still enjoying it…

To tell the truth it got to the point where the pain being given to my balls was actually welcome, as it felt like a distraction from the pain that seemed to come from not having been able to cum for weeks. That was all to change soon though, for once Mistress announced I was to cum on her command, glass at the ready to catch my load….the pain changed to pure excited lust.

“Cum now!” she barked as the glass was held over my purple knob and within seconds spurt after spurt of thick gooey cum erupted from my frustrated balls. “Mmmmmm, very nice”, Mistress commented as she milked the last few drops from my cock, giving my balls a firm squeeze as the glass was handed off to her muse. “Round one complete, let’s see how long it will take you to cum again then huh,” Mistress said in a mocking voice, her hand already stroking me hard.

For the next six hours I was forced to cum again and again, to the point where I would orgasm and nothing at all would come out of my cock. After several dry orgasms Mistress G told me it was now time for me to drink my collected spunk. OK, fresh spunk is actually quite nice, but cold cum and such a big collection….mmmm…yuck! But there was no choice as muse held the glass to my lips as Mistress wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of my sack and squeezed rather hard. “Go on slut, you know you want to drink it for me,” she goaded me as she squeezed harder and harder. I swallowed the lot, as rancid as it tasted, better than continuing to feel that ache in my nuts….

The weirdest thing was how by now my cock would stay rockhard and the ache in my balls was worse than any kicking or beating I’d received…. Now the women took turns riding me again and just cumming on my cock and swapping positions. Over and over they’d cum, until my crying from absolute agony in my nuts made them relent and untie me from my shackles.

About eighteen hours had gone by from start to finish and whilst I was allowed to pee in a bucket from time to time and fed a few powershakes, I felt drained and tired, not to mention incredible sore. Not just in my balls either, the body being restrained and tormented for lengthy periods is much harder than I’d expected.

Mistress later admitted that I’d done very well, much better than any slave to date. As a reward I was allowed to make love to her freely for the next week, cumming in her and then eaiting it out, eating her pussy for hours and the best treat of all, 69ing with Mistress….I think she was starting to take a shine to my desire to take her pain….

After my long and dull meeting ended I was eager to get away from the clichéd business speak and settle into a quiet bar stool for a slow gin and tonic. Maybe chase it with a beer. I took a walk several blocks from the convention center in hopes of not bumping into anyone I’d know and found a quaint little establishment that seemed perfect for what I was looking for. The lights were down low, the music not deafeningly loud and a cute bartender to boot. Perfect.

I order up my gin and tonic and sip it slowly, feeling the cool drink slide down my throat, the alcohol easing my tired being. Soon I’m in my own little bubble, impervious to the outside world, for a short time at least. Until Amber arrived and introduced me to her own version of existence. Little did I know.

5’6″, dark hair, slightly over 110 lbs and fit as a marathon runner, she scooted up in the bar stool next to me. Initially I was so absorbed in my drink that I didn’t even notice her. If it hadn’t been for the gentle wafting of her lovely perfume I may never have. Normally I’m not even a perfume kind of guy, most of them give me a headache. But Amber smelled like pure sweet vanilla cream.

My nostrils flair and I look around to see where that lovely fragrance is coming from. Our eyes meet and we both instantly know. What a rare and wonderful coincidence. We smile approvingly but don’t speak. I sip again at my drink and moan softly at how it makes me feel, moments later she does the same. Like a lock and a key.

At ease in each other’s presence our verbal doesn’t begin for several minutes and when it does there is no talk of the weather, no talk of the stress of life, no mention of traffic or any of life’s other dull mundane details.

She speaks first. “You’re not wearing your ring, but you are married and not happily. You immerse yourself in work and then sip the occasional gin and tonic to make it go away. It’s not enough. The gin and tonic is not enough to suspend reality. You need more.”

Our eyes lock during her assessment, neither of us deflect, like two opposing trains on the same track. I say the only thing worth saying. “Yes, you are correct.” Takes one to know one, I surmise, instantly understanding that her existence is an anti-parallel universe. We are mirror images.

We empty our drinks, pay the tab and slip off of our bar stools. Extending her hand she says “follow me, let us suspend reality more effectively.”

I follow her out of the bar, my eyes darting uncontrollably up and down her lithe body. The gentle curve of her hips, narrowing to a waist tight enough for me to nearly wrap my hands around. Small, perky tits. White creamy skin gracing the lines of her long, slender neck. We walk arm in arm across the street to her hotel, take the elevator up without so much as a word.

We enter her spacious room and walk toward the bed when she starts to speak. “I knew instantly when I entered that bar today that we were made for each other. I’m a very sexually driven woman who needs much more than my husband can or will provide. I need to be sexually pleased, I need to fuck and suck and cum and I plan to use your wonderful body to meet my needs. You have a gorgeous body. I wonder if your wife even appreciates you. I think not. I think she takes you for granted. Well I won’t. I’m going to relish in using you and milking you dry.”

We embrace briefly, I run my hands up and down her curvaceous sides. She breaks our embrace and moves to the night stand and takes out a blindfold from the top drawer. “I’m going to slip into something more comfortable and while I’m doing that, take off your clothes, all of them, fold them neatly and place them in the dresser. Put on the blindfold and remain standing here until I return.” Our eyes lock, I know my pupils have dilated with excitement, so much so that the room is suddenly much brighter.

I do as requested, first unbuttoning and removing my shirt, my nipples already rock hard. Then my pants, my socks and finally my underwear. I fold them neatly, place them in the drawer before returning to the center of the room and donning the blindfold.

Several minutes pass before I again detect her presence. Again, its her lovely perfume that betrays her return. I can feel her gaze then hear her soft footfalls on the carpeting as she walks in slow circles around me. I feel so exposed and aroused being placed under her microscope.

“I can see you take good care of yourself” she says, running her hands up and down my firm abdominal muscles, circling around me. Her hands move lower to squeeze my ass. “Such a tight firm ass you have my darling.” Her hands move up and down my firm thighs as she moves back around in front of me. “Oh and this cock… this cock is gorgeous. I’m going to have so much fun fucking it, sucking it, teasing it. Your balls are big and heavy and full of cum. We’ll both surely enjoy that too. I promise you.”

“But before we get to what I want to do to your cock, your beautiful lips need to become acquainted with my pussy. Mmmm I can’t wait to cum all over your pretty mouth. Come now, let’s get you into position. I want you to lie on the bed on your back with your head hanging over the edge. I’m going to lower myself onto your face and grind my sweet pussy against you until I explode and bathe your face in my sweet girl cum.”

Amber guides me onto the bed, I roll over and slide to the edge. I can hear the soft rustle of of clothing as she removes her panties. Then feel as she teases the soft material over my nose. The wonderful fragrance of her perfume combined with the heady scent of her wet pussy fill my nostrils. I take it in, moaning softly. “Mmm, you smell wonderful, Amber. I can’t wait to please you with my mouth, my lips, my cock, my fingers… my entire body is yours to enjoy and do with what you like.”

“Oh, that’s a good slut. I’m glad to see you’re devoted to your cause. You’re just what I’ve been needing for a very long time.”

Slowly she eases up close to me, her wonderfully fragrant pussy hovering just inches over my face. She begins rubbing my chest, gently squeezing and pinching my nipples. They harden at her touch and she continues, gradually increasing the pressure until she’s pinching them hard. “Oh, I can see you like a bit of pain play, don’t you slut. Pinching your nipples has already made you harder… oh… and I think I see a bit of precum already forming. Well, we can’t let that go to waste, can we?”

She reaches down and takes my cock in her hand, gently squeezing at the tip, opening up my cum slit and scoops up a generous droplet of precum. “I need to know how you taste, but before I find out for myself I want you to tell me.” She brings her finger to my mouth and I open up obediently. I suck on her finger as if it were her clit and lick the precum from my lips. “That’s it slut boy, relish in the taste of your own juices for a moment, then describe their flavor for me.” I suck her finger a while longer before she removes her finger.

“My precum tastes thick and rich on my tongue. It’s both salty and sweet and very enjoyable to savor.”

“Very nice description” she replies. “Maybe I need to have a little taste for myself.” She leans down, holding the base of my cock in her soft hand she puts her mouth around the head of my cock, her tongue darting in and out of my cum slit. She presses firmly with the tip of her tongue, probing deep inside my cock. “Mmm” she moans, the vibrations reverberate against my hard cock. “I’m glad you also enjoy my precum, my Queen.” I open my legs wide to give her full access to my cock, balls and whatever else she might desire.

She runs her sharp nails up and down my inner thighs. “Oh, that’s a good little slut. I just love to see how horny you are. There’s nothing I like better than a horny man slut.”

“But enough about you, it’s time for my pleasure.” She stands back up, hovering over me and takes my face in her hands, slowly lowering her pussy onto my mouth. I open my mouth and firmly press my tongue against her clit while she grinds her sweet pussy against me. I moan softly against her horny pussy. “Mmm, you taste soo good my Queen. Just relax and let me please you, cum whenever you’re ready.” She continues grinding her pussy against me, my tongue pressing against her clit, running along her slit and probing her tight pussy hole with each stroke. I can feel her lips swelling, her clit hardening over time and I know it won’t be long before I get my prize. She leans forward and opens her legs wider, placing even more pressure on my face and begins grinding harder and faster. Soon her legs are bucking, intense moans escape her lips and her pussy begins to quiver.

“Oh my god… Oh my god… I’m cumming” she screams. Her pussy bucking and grinding faster and faster as it erupts on my mouth, coating my face with her sweet juices. I lap at her pussy, eagerly trying to milk her for all I can get. I take her clit in my mouth and suck it hard, running my tongue over the sensitive bud and moan against it. Her orgasm proceeds for several more seconds as she feeds me even more of her sweet girl cum.

She stays pressed against me but reaches back and removes the blindfold, finally allowing me a view of the beautiful pussy I just sucked to orgasm. She is clean shaved, the very tips of her outer lips a beautiful dark brown, the inside the most beautiful bright pink I have yet seen.

“Mmm your pussy is as beautiful as it is delicious, truly a pleasure to fuck with my mouth.”

“Glad you enjoyed it because there’ll be a lot more before I’m done with you” she says with a mischievous smile.

Amber stands up alongside the bed and with the blindfold gone, her naked body is a sight to behold. Long thin legs reveal the fruits of her exercise program, showing definition as she shifts her weight from side to side. My eyes glide up her creamy skin and settle on her perfect perky A-cup tits. Her nipples stand erect, red in the center slowly fading to a dark brown at the edges.

“I’m glad you like what you see” she says, knowingly. After several minutes of gazing at her, she sits on the floor facing me, her image inverted as I stare into her lovely face still lying upside down on the bed.

“I think it’s time to play a little game” she says, gently stroking my hair with the tips of her fingers. “Now that I’ve gotten to cum I feel much calmer and have the patience to play with you a bit more. Here’s the game we’ll play: I’m going to put the blind fold on you then I’m going to play with your cock, tease it, maybe even hurt it a little bit in various ways. It will be your job to tell me what it is that I’m doing to your cock. Am I stroking it with my hands? With my feet? Am I sucking it? Was that my teeth raking over your cock head or was it my fingernails. Was it my tongue slipping inside it’s pretty cum slit or was it a cock plug? The list goes on. There will be several rules. 1. You are not allowed to cum. If you are getting close and don’t think you can take any more you need to warn me and I’ll stop what I’m doing. 2. No peeking. If I catch you cheating you will be punished. Finally, you need to correctly guess what I’m doing 3 times before I take the blindfold off. When I take the blindfold off, you’ll be rewarded, I get you off using one of the methods you guessed correctly. Your choice. And of course for each time you incorrectly guess what I’m doing, you will receive a punishment.”

“Now, flip over and lie on your back, get your head up at the head of the bed. I’m going to tie you up spread eagle so I have full access to whatever I need.” She left the blindfold off while she tied first my arms, then my legs to the bed with soft silk scarves. Of course she did whatever she cold to tease me while doing so. She positioned herself so her tits were just inches from my face while tying my arms. Her nipples so beautiful and inviting that my mouth began watering. When it came time to tie up my legs, she crouched on the bed, bending over to give me the most marvelous view of her round ass, her cheeks gently parted to show off her pretty little shaved pussy. Finally, she squatted down over my chest to slip the blindfold on. By the time I was finally tied up and blindfolded a steady stream of precum was running from my cock.

“Well, my gorgeous slut, it’s time to begin. I’m really going to enjoy teasing and tormenting you. Your balls will be so sore you’ll just be begging me to make you cum by the time this little game is over. It’s going to be harder than you think, trust me.”

“Okay, here goes.” I could feel my cock being lifted gently away from my body as something was quickly wrapped around the length of my shaft. My cock head still seemed exposed since I could feel the coolness of the air there but not over the rest of my cock. Had she slipped me into some sort of chastity device? I waited patiently. My cock head swelled as my cock was gradually squeezed more and more firmly, then I felt a sudden sharp pain as something struck the engorged head of my penis.

I screamed out softly and jumped at the suddenness of whatever she had done. Did she flick my cock head with her finger? Did she strike it with a whip? A pencil? I waited patiently. She did it again, my legs jumping at the sensation. Directly beside me on the bed I heard her giggle at my reaction. “Oh, slut, you’re so cute when you jump like that. Did I hurt your pretty cock? Did I make it sting a little bit. Well, just remember any pain I inflict on your pretty cock is only to put into perspective the pleasure it’s about to receive.”

Again, I felt the sharp sting on the head of my cock. Knowing that she was standing beside I surmised it must be something long handled, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to reach. “Sex Queen, are you whipping my cock?” I asked, hoping I’d be correct.

“Very good slut. That one was easy, I revealed my position by talking to you from beside the bed. The next one will be more difficult. Tell me though, did you enjoy having your cock bound up tightly and then whipped. Did it make you horny?”

“Yes, my cock is so hard and sensitive. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so hard and horny. My cock must be gushing precum for you Queen.”

“Oh, you’re right indeed. The entire head of your cock is covered in your precum. You’ve got one correct answer but before we move on to the next stage I think you need to be tormented a bit more.” With that I felt the whip come down more sharply on my cock head, slapping it hard. My balls were next, she lightly tapped each of my balls, alternating between them and increasing the intensity with each slap. She started off very soft and gentle and continued until my legs kicked with each stroke of the whip. “Oh, you’re so cute when you jump and kick.” Finally she climbed up onto the bed and sat on my chest to remove the cock restraint. Before getting back up, she took a moment to rub her pussy against my face again.

“Thank you for that Queen. I love your pussy and it’s a privilege each time you let me taste it.”

With that, she cuddled up next to me and kissed my lips. “You’re a beautiful plaything and I’m so glad I found you.” Then, whispering in my ear “I’m especially glad you like the taste of my pussy, because I’ve got something very special in mind for you.”

Then she stood up, walked around the bed and climbed up between my legs. Again, I felt my cock gently lifted up away from my stomach and something quickly slid down it’s full length. I couldn’t tell if it was her hands, clenched into tight fists, one over the other, if it was her pussy, or maybe even some other toy. The contrast between having my cock and balls whipped and then stroked tightly was incredible. She continued stroking the full length of my cock for a few more seconds before sliding quickly off and tugging firmly on my balls. I gasped at the sudden transition from intense pleasure to pain, my legs again bucking wildly.

“Oh, that’s very cute” she giggled. “I think you probably know that was my hand tugging on your heavy balls, but any idea what caused that wonderful feeling on your cock?”

“No, I don’t want to guess yet” I replied “I don’t want to be wrong.”

“Suit yourself then.” She returned to stroking my cock as she had previously, this time slightly slower, taking time to let the head of my cock completely emerge from whatever she was pumping it with. My cock stayed upright throughout so I guessed it was probably not her hands stroking me. Was it her pussy? Was it her feet? A toy? Her weight on the bed was too close to me for it to have been her feet, so that left either her pussy or some sort of toy. My thoughts were interrupted by another sharp tug on my balls.

Again I cried out and jerked at the sudden pain and again I heard her soft giggle from between my legs. The intensity of her voice suggested she might be facing away from me and without even thinking, I blurted out “I think you’re riding my cock this time fucking, me with your pussy.”

“Very good. I think you already know me too well. You know how randy my pussy is, you probably figured I’d need to be fucked soon, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I figured your little cunny was getting horny again, but it was your voice that gave it away again.”

I felt her rise, standing between my legs. “Well, slut, you’ve done very well so far. That’s two for two already. You’ve only got to get one more right answer before I let you cum. I think this game is moving along too fast. And I know that my pussy needs to fuck and cum again.”

She stood motionless for a short while, contemplating her next move. “I’m going to remove your blindfold temporarily, all the better to tease you my pet. I know how you love to gaze at me. And I need to ride that beautiful cock a while longer, I need to cum all over it.” She sat on my chest, facing me, legs spread wide and lifted the blindfold. The first thing my eyes settled on was her tight pussy nestled be between her creamy white thighs, then her firm stomach, her perky tits and finally her cute, naughty smile.

“Oh I need to ride your big hard cock for a while. but I can’t have it going off yet. My little friend here is going to make sure that gorgeous cock behaves.” From under the pillow she removed a long slender cock plug with a mean steel ball mounted on one end and a glans ring on the other. She slowly slid her body down mine until my cock head was pressed against her tight opening, then reached down between her legs to rub my cock head up and down the length of her slit. The sharp localized sensation on my cock head overstimulated me and my legs and torso bucked with each stroke.

She kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue pressed inside my mouth for a moment before she pulled away. “Here, give my mean little friend a kiss before I slip it inside you.” She held the plug up to my lips and I did as she asked, sucking on the ball of the plug and wetting the shaft with my saliva. Just as she was inserting the plug into my mouth she suddenly slid down onto my cock, taking me all the way into her wet slippery pussy.

I gasped as she lifted herself off of me as quickly as she had impaled herself. She knelt on the bed between my legs and took my cock in one hand and with the other began slowly inserting the plug into my cock. She slowly fucked my cock with the plug, inserting a bit more with each stroke until it was all the way in and held in place with the glans ring.

“Oh, I think you cock is fit for a Queen now slut. I just love the deep purple of your cock head. You’re so swollen and hard for me. With that plug in place you’ll never be able to cum.” She stroked my cock slowly with one hand, the other hand running slowly up and down my inner thigh. “Mmm, my pretty slut, I can’t wait to cum all over your beautiful cock!”

“Watch while I ride that beautiful cock now slut.” She stood up and turned around, facing away from me, squatted down and guided my cock into her pussy. Moving her hips around in a circular motion she began fucking my cock hard and deep, impaling herself on my cock. Long before she showed any signs of cumming, I began to feel my orgasm build. I cried out, my orgasm building and building. I warned her that I was getting close, feeling my balls tighten up. I was sure I was only seconds away from cumming but she kept riding me hard. If anything her pace quickened.

Suzie smiled brightly in anticipation. She always enjoyed donning a naughty nurse uniform and performing her version of cock and ball domination. This time the guy who was to receive her attentions was her new boyfriend, Bradley. Suzie was in the process of “taming” him, as she called it.

As soon as Bradley was in her apartment, she commanded him to strip. “Everything off! Hurry!” She looked at him with her hands on her hips, and delighted in the nervous way he stripped, the way his cock strained against its cage.

Suzi turned around and told him to follow her to the bedroom. They hugged, front to front, her bare leg touching his. After a few nuzzling kisses he was ready to do anything she wanted, in the hope that he would get relief from the sexual pressure that had built up over the past several days.

“Get on the bed now,” she whispered. He willingly spread his arms so she could bind his wrists. On her command, he spread his feet apart and she bound him ankle cuffs and binding straps.

Suzie removed the cock cage she had locked in place after their first date. She smiled when his naked cock sprang forth and danced under her gaze. Without saying a word, she lightly stroked and palpated his nuts and cock for a few moments.

Bound to her bed, Bradley panted and squirmed under the teasing of Suzie’s sweet hands. Then she reached for the oil and dripped some of it on his cock and balls.

“We’re going to play a little game,” Suzie stated, her dark penetrating eyes looking directly into his. She grasped his ball sac in one hand and positioned her fingers so that she could easily increase or release pressure on his sensitive nuts.

“I’m going to start by lightly squeezing, like this,” she said, and contracted her hand just enough to make his nuts ache a little. Then she very lightly wrapped her other hand around his shaft – so lightly that she barely touched it, and gave slow, up-and-down strokes.

“If you want me to go faster or make my hand tighter, just say ‘harder’ and I’ll do it – but I’ll also put more pressure on your balls. If that’s too much, say ‘softer’ and I’ll lighten the pressure – and the stroking.” She giggled.

Bradley realized the implications of what Suzie just told him. If he was going to ejaculate, it would be with her hand and fingers squeezing his nuts – hard. At the same time, he was intensely aroused, and desperately wanted relief.

Suzie saw desperate arousal in Bradley’s eyes. He saw the confidence of a natural domina in her eyes, along with a hint of tease and feminine arousal.

He groaned as her sweet hand very lightly and slowly stroked his oiled and aroused member. The ache caused by her other hand went inside him. She didn’t squeeze hard enough to make it painful, though the ache was a distraction.

Suzie got a rush of arousal from hearing Bradley’s labored breathing and seeing him twist and squirm. She knew that he really, really wanted to come to ejaculation.

“Suzie – Suzieee!” he whispered hoarsely.

She giggled sexily. “Do you want it tighter?”

“Yes – yes, Suzie!” he panted.

Her strokes became more firm at the same time that she increased the pressure on his balls.

“Aaaah!” he exclaimed when the aching shot up well inside him. After three days wearing the cock cage, he was astounded that he had not already spurted on her ceiling with the stimulation that she provided.

“Is that too hard?” she asked in a clinical voice.

“N – N – No – OH! Uhhhh! Yes! Softer – just for a minute!”

Suzie smiled sweetly and lightened her grip – and her stroking. Bradley gave a sigh of relief. His mind – and midsection – were crazed with desire, and he resolved to go through with whatever it took to ejaculate.

“Suzie – a little more… Aaaaaugh! OHH! UHHH!”

He endured the increased pressure of her squeezing hand for about a minute, and then implored, “Please – stop for a minute!”

“Okay, but if you ask me to stop once more, the cock cage goes back on, and no more play for a few days.”

While Bradley recovered, Suzie stripped completely. Then she playfully nuzzled him while rubbing her firm breasts on his chest. Then she stood over him on the bed, her legs spread so that he could see her pussy. He gazed at the dark thatch of hair surrounding her aroused pussy lips – lips that puckered like a mouth begging to be kissed. His eyes locked on to her pussy lips. He whimpered.

Suzie poked a finger inside her womanhood and said, “I’d like to have sex with you – but you have to finish our little game first. Then you can have me.” She withdrew her finger and put it in his mouth. He loved the taste of her juices and firmly sucked on her finger.

She giggled. Bradley loved Suzie’s giggle.

“Are you ready to continue?”

“Oh God, Suzie! Yes… Yes, let’s continue…”

She smiled, and poured more oil on his cock. Her other hand skillfully cradled his balls and she applied some pressure.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned.

Then she resumed stroking his cock – lightly and slowly.

More moans escaped him. He was truly in a quandary. He realized that every time he asked her to lighten the pressure, it would be more difficult to surpass the previous highest level that he endured. He wondered if he should ask her to ignore any pleading to go lighter. At the same time, he wondered if he could stand going to the finish line.

Then he thought of her puckered pussy lips, and her saying that she wanted to have sex with him. He had to go through with it. He had to have her.

“Uhhh! Harder” he whispered.

She immediately complied, and his reaction was just as immediate.

“AAAAH! UHH! MMMMMMNUH!” he panted and twisted.

He knew that the level of stroking had to be more firm to bring him off. That meant more pressure on his balls.


She pressed her lips together and squeezed harder as her hand more firmly grasped his member.


He wanted her to stop, but knew that she meant what she said about no more play for a few days. He heard her giggle again.


She backed down to the previous level, which did not provide much relief. Bradley concluded that if he were to experience the sweet release of ejaculation, he had to go through to the end without backing down even once more.

“Please,” he whimpered. Suzie read him correctly.

“Do you want me to go all the way to the end, no matter what? Do you want to enter me tonight?”

“Yes!” he squeaked. “All the way.”

“No matter what you say?” she sternly asked.

“No matter what, Suzie! Take me all the way! Uuunh!”

Suzie had done this game countless times under the expert guidance of a dominatrix friend. She knew that the intense ache Bradley felt throughout his midsection was almost overpowering; She knew exactly the balance between the cock stroking and the ball squeezing to give, and exactly when to give him enough stimulation to go across the line. She also appreciated that he wanted her to go to the finish line in spite of the certainty of still more pressure on his nuts.

Her insides tingled as she increased the pressure on his balls. She knew she was lubricating so profusely that her pussy was dripping.

He yelled. He bucked. He twisted. He also begged her to back down, to go easier, and she steadfastly increased the pressure along with the stimulation.

He endured what felt like hours of ball torture. Suzie began to count to herself: One… Two… Three… Here it comes.

The scream that she heard was one of pleasure and release. Bradley felt his cock erupt with an intensity he would never be able to describe. Suzie reveled in the virile spurts and streaks that shot from the cock in her hand. Only then did she release the pressure on his balls.

She allowed him a few moments to come out of his absorption with his ejaculation, and released his restraints. He felt relief, at the same time that his midsection still ached from the ball squeezing.

Suzie smiled at him, and lay on the bed with her legs apart. She pointed to her pussy and commanded, “First, your mouth!”

Bradley took the classic cunnilingus position between Suzie’s spread legs, and gazed for a moment at her beautiful womanhood. Clear viscous liquid oozed from her puckered pussy lips. He kissed her sensuous labia and lapped up her leakage. Then he fervently applied his mouth to the task, and brought her to climax quickly.

“More,” she commanded, and he renewed his efforts. His cock had regained its hardness. After her second climax, she panted, “Enter me.”

Since Bradley had experienced an intense release, he was in no danger of ejaculating quickly inside Suzie. Furthermore, as his arousal increased, so did the ache in his nuts from her previous ball squeezing, and that served to considerably delay ejaculation.

To Suzie’s delight, intercourse continued for some time before Bradley’s arousal became stronger than the ache in his groin. After a lengthy buildup, he finally exclaimed, then bucked and thrashed as he spurted into Suzie’s sweet pussy.

Each spurt wracked his body with a combination of intense pleasure and an aching, pulling sensation inside him. Suzie, of course, enjoyed the fervor of Bradley’s attention, and held him close until he fell asleep in her arms (and inside her).

She woke him up twice during the night and drained his balls with lengthy intercourse. Each time was an ordeal of combined pain and pleasure for Bradley, since the intensity of his ejaculations increased the residual ache inside him.

A few days hence, Suzie invited him over, and told him that he could have her as much as he wanted that night. The next morning she put the cock cage on him and said that she has been training a girlfriend of hers to administer ball squeezing and whipping.

“I’ve been training her for some time and I want her to work on you.”

Bradley agreed. The idea of one of Suzie’s friends handling his cock and balls in the presence of his new girlfriend made his insides flutter. He knew it would be grueling. However grueling it would be, he was irresistibly drawn to the eventual pleasure and rewards.

My wife and I were sleeping late one Saturday. When we finally decided to get out of bed it was around eleven am. I got out of bed first and as I started to get dressed my wife tells me

“Stop what you’re doing and stay naked.”

She has quickly transitioned into her mistress role and explains to me that I will be cleaning the house toady and will be doing it in the nude. My first task is to serve her breakfast in bed and she gives me her order then dismisses me. As I turn to leave she calls me back and says

“If you are going to be my maid you need to look the part. Go get out that skimpy maid outfit you bought me last year.”

Well after much wrestling I am able to get the costume on and while I think I look ridiculous, she loves it;

I really like how the ruffled boy shorts barely hold your cock in place.”

She has me spin around to model it for her as I turn around she remembers that the shorts are crotchless and slipping a finger inside the opening she tickles my anus and says

“Perfect, now get my breakfast.”

When I bring her food back to the bedroom I notice that she is lazily diddling her clit and has a glazed look on her face. She sits up in bed and offers her fingers to me which I gladly lick her juices from.

As she settles into her meal she berates, “These eggs too hard and you over cooked the toast.”

Pushing the tray aside, she tells me “You’ll pay for that later, but right now you need to please me.”

Scooting to the edge of the bed she pulls her legs up and tells me to lick her to orgasm. I put my face where she wants and begin to lick and tease her swollen lips and clit. Every so often I slide my tongue down across her asshole which elicits and moan. After several minutes I concentrate my efforts on her clit and begin to saw my tongue across her hard nub while simultaneously sucking it into my mouth.

Within seconds she begins to shudder and then explodes, spraying my face with her juices. After calming down a bit she pushes me away with her feet and tells me to get her bath ready.

As I begin to stand she informs me “slaves crawl, get down on your knees.”

As I am crawling away my mistress comes up behind me and grabs my erection and pulls it back between my legs causing me discomfort.

From seemingly out of nowhere, she produces a length of ribbon and proceeds to tie it around my cock and balls. After her bath water is ready I call her in and she proceeds to stand in front of the tub and explains that I am to undress her and to also take care of all her bathing needs.

Once I have her undressed, she climbs in the tub. I grab a wash cloth and soap it up preparing to wash her body.

At this point she looks over at me and says, “lose your erection or pay a price.”

She knows that this is next to impossible but repeats her demand anyway. Her attention to my erection only proves to make it harder so she reaches down and gives a swift tug on the ribbon tied to my groin. As she is pulling, it is painful, but as any guy will attest, even painful attention is attention to your private parts and erections just don’t go away that easily. She does enjoy making me flop around and continues to pull and tug on the ribbon frequently.

“Since you can’t seem to make yourself presentable to me we’ll have to figure out some other way to make this go away.” She says giving me a slap on the ass.

I get her washed up and go to get her towel while she is letting the water out of the tub. Remaining on my knees I do my best to dry her off, when she turns her back to me, her luscious ass is right in my face. Not being able to help myself I put my face in between her cheeks and extend my tongue to her nether hole. With a moan she bends forward allowing me greater access.

She allows me this pleasure for about 5 minutes then abruptly stands up saying “you have too much cleaning to do before I can allow you any pleasure, but you will definitely be putting that tongue to use later.”

“Follow me into the bedroom slave, I know a way to get rid of that unsightly appendage.”

“Lay on the floor and jerk off for my viewing pleasure.”

I have given her masturbation shows before and love to perform for her in this way. I lie on my back and pull my erection out of the panties and begin a slow stroking motion sliding my hand up and down the entire length. My mistress leans down and grabs the ribbon she had tied around my balls earlier and begins to repeatedly pull and tug on the leash, causing me both pleasure and pain as she does it.

As I get close to coming she will give an especially hard tug causing the sensation to quickly subside. She does this 4 or 5 times leaving me with a desperate need to come.

She must sense my urgency as she asks me “Oh, is my poor slave ready to cum for his mistress?”

“Mmore than ready mistress” I reply.

“Ok, here’ the deal, for ruining my breakfast you must do as I say if you want me to allow you to come.”

“Anything mistress, I just need to release my balls, they are painfully full from your teasing.”

“I’m glad to hear that, I’ll keep that little trick in mind for later.”

“Here’s the deal, if you want to come you must throw your legs over your head so your cock is pointing at your face, you will then continue to stroke your cock until you cum, and here’s the catch, you must open your mouth and catch your spunk as you shoot.”

Needing to come as bad as I did overruled any sensibilities that may have prevented me from following her orders. I threw my legs over my shoulders and with my hard cock pointing at my face I begin to stroke with renewed vigor. Standing over me my wife sees how close my cock is to my mouth (the head is only about 4 inches from my mouth) and tells me

“We’ll have to work on your flexibility so you suck your own cock, that way I’ll never have to do it again”

As I continue to stroke away she sees my balls tighten up, reaching down she pushes my hand away saying “I’ll take it from here, I want to make sure you get the whole load!”

She can feel the excitement pulsing through my shaft and tells me “Open my mouth bitch and get ready to catch it all.”

Just as I begin to feel the first spasm course through me I open my mouth and she points the head of my cock straight at my mouth. The first shot flies out with such force that most of it splatters across my face, correcting her aim she is able to get the next five blasts directly on my tongue.

Holding me in this bent over position, she reaches down and scrapes the come from my face into my mouth. Finally she allows me to straighten out, however she tells me

“Keep the come in your mouth and don’t swallow.”

When at last I am allowed to sit up she commands “Open your mouth and show me your come.”

I open my mouth and show her the load I am holding and after a few seconds she tells me

“Wow, that was a big load! Now be a good little slut and swallow it down.”

After I swallow several times she has me open my mouth back up so she can see that it is all gone. Once she is satisfied that I swallowed it all she asks me

“Well, what do you think of the taste.”

“It is not as bad as I thought it would be and I definitely don’t understand why so many women say it tastes bad.”

“Well if you like it so much you may just have to eat all of it from now on.” She chides.

“Enough fun and games, get started on cleaning the bathroom, I’ll be to inspect your work later!”

I finish with the bathroom and my efforts seem to have pleased her so she has me follow her into the kitchen to scrub the floors. We live in a nice neighborhood and all the neighbors know each other well and frequently pop in to chat and gossip, it is not unheard of for them to come in the house without knocking and on more than one occasion someone has been “caught each other in the act” with their respective spouses, this day would prove to be one of those days.

I was on my knees scrubbing the floor when a familiar sound caused my stomach to lurch. Our front door opened and I heard at least two female voices enter the house. They call out to my wife and she totally shocks me by replying

“I’m in the kitchen.”

Technically she was in the kitchen, but was actually at the far end of the room at our breakfast table. She could have easily kept me hidden from her girlfriends by calling them into the living room and allowed me to retreat to the bedroom. She obviously had other intentions.

As I am trying to figure out where to hide, two women walk around the corner, seeing me in my maid outfit, they begin to giggle and laugh.

“I didn’t know you hired a maid Desy?” Lisa comments.

“Who needs to hire one when I have a perfect maid in my own house” Desy responds.

My wife then orders me “Bill, stand up and show our guests your uniform for today”

Reluctantly I get to my feet and stand before them. Now this may seem weird to some folks but while it was very humiliating, it was also incredibly exciting to me, and the erection sticking out the front of the crotchless panties proved it to everyone looking. Debbie, the other girl who entered, notices the ribbon dangling from my shorts, reaches down and picks it up, pulling on it as she stands up. Her swift tug had the result of pulling my balls and cock completely out in the open. This caused a gasp and a squeal from both women. Debbie pulled on the ribbon a couple of more times causing my cock to bounce and bob up and down.

“How long have you guys been doing this?” asks Lisa.

“Just started this morning, but to be honest I wish I had thought of in earlier. I hate cleaning and I love to see Bill naked, so now I get the best of both worlds. Besides, wait till I tell you the new trick I discovered today that should keep me from ever swallowing come again.”

“Ooh, do tell”, this from Debbie.

“Bill, make us some tea and bring it into the living room.”

As I turn to start this latest chore, Debbie gives the ribbon one last tug, giggling at my predicament before dropping the ribbon it and following my wife and Lisa into the living room. After the tea is made I place everything on a tray and take it into the living room, where I serve the girls. I begin to leave when my wife tells me

“Bill, stand here beside me, but put your hands behind your back and spread your legs.”

This has the basic affect of leaving my erection visible to the women and increasing my level of embarrassment and excitment.

The girls talk for a while as if I am not there, occasionally glancing my way or having me refresh their drinks. During a lull in the conversation, Debbie pipes up and asks,

“So Desy what is this new trick you mentioned that will keep you from having to swallow come again?”

“Well, as you know, I love to have Bill jerk off for me (she once told me all three of them have a love of watching men jerk off and talk about it a lot) I am always trying to find more humiliating ways to have him do it when it came to me, why not have him swallow his own come”

“I wasn’t sure how to do it until last night, see Bill and I were watching the ball game and I saw the players do a stretching exercise where they flip their legs over their head to stretch their backs. It seemed perfect to me so I decided to give it a try. This morning after I got out of the tub I had Bill lay down on the floor and after I got him nice and worked up, meaning he was basically willing to do whatever I asked, just as long as I allowed him to come, I had him assume the position. With his knees next to his ears his cock was only a few inches from his mouth. Just as he was about to shoot I grabbed him and made sure every drop went in his mouth. I then had him sit up and swallow his load.”

“What did you think of the taste?” Lisa asked me.

“He loved it” my wife added before I could say anything.

“Did you really?” Lisa added.

“Go on and tell her what you said to me earlier Bill.” Desy tells me.

“I said that I didn’t think it was as bad as everyone has always said, and didn’t see why more women didn’t enjoy it.”

“Wow, you’d make a lot of guys happy with that outlook.” Lisa adds.

Debbie then says, “I can’t take it anymore, I have got to see this, Desy have him do it for us.”

My eyes must have gotten big as their tea cups at this statement, but Desy comes to my rescue by saying.

“I don’t think so, showing him off and embarrassing him like this is one thing, but that was a very personal moment for both of us.”

Both Debbie and Lisa continue to bug my wife until finally she relents.

“Sorry Bill, but you’ll have to give another performance. I can’t think of any reason why they shouldn’t get to watch the show you gave me earlier. Get on your back and start wanking.”

I lay down on the floor. But the panties seem to cover more than they should so I am instructed to take them off. After sliding the shorts off I open my legs wide and proceed to give them the show they are looking for. We have never talked about it, but I think my wife knows that it has always a fantasy of mine to be forced to masturbate in front of a group of people.

I slowly begin to pull and caress my shaft, but before I even get started I am told to throw my legs over my head and face them so they can “see it all”. I am now bared and open to their stares and there is nothing left to the imagination.

Looking at my wife, she just has a big grin and mouths “I love you” to me.

Debbie, always the bold one reaches out and caresses my balls causing me to shiver. She then slowly slides her hands along my ass cheeks and without warning slips a finger along my anus. This causes my cock to twitch and my hole to pucker closed.

Debbie asks my wife “have you ever stuck anything is his ass?”

“On occasion, but let him finish his show for us on his own. Maybe next time we’ll ad that to the show.”

“Next time” is all that stuck in my mind.

The thought of a next time and possible ass play took me from “close” to “almost there” in a flash. The girls all noticed this too as they must have seen my balls pull up tight.

“He’s gonna shoot” Lisa comments.

Then Desy orders me to “open your mouth and take the spunk Bill”.

I barely got my mouth open as the first shot flies out of the head of my cock. I had better aim than my wife and it flew right on my tongue. I continued to pump and received 4 more blasts before the last remnants dribbled out. I gave one last squeeze and a final drop fell into my mouth.

I sat there with a mouthful of spunk until Desy finally says “Ok swallow.”

It took three full attempts to get it all down but finally I was able to open my mouth and show them that it was all gone. Debbie and Lisa both burst into clapping and cheers, as I unfolded my self and lay on the carpet.

As I am recuperating I hear my wife say I think we can work out some agreement to let Bill clean your houses.

If those days will be like today I would gladly become the neighborhood maid.

I awoke the next morning in extreme discomfort. My cock was trying to get hard but of course to no avail. I got up and headed down to start coffee and breakfast. The whole time I was still unsure about the events of the night before. I still didn’t know exactly how I felt about eating another man’s creampie. No, I was turned on. I just wasn’t sure why. I really think it was the fact that I was being forced to do something I really didn’t want to do. I really didn’t want to eat another man’s come but I did like being dominated and controlled. With that thought I resigned myself to continue to follow the instructions of my wife. If that entailed following Ashley’s instructions too, then so be it. I felt better.

I carried my Lori some coffee. She was in the bathroom when I got to the bedroom. I set the cup on her bedside table and waited for her to emerge. When she did she climbed on the bed on all fours and spread her legs wide giving me access to her pussy. I quickly licked the droplets of urine from her. She then lay back, spread her legs, and told me to give her an orgasm. I quickly buried my tongue deep in her pussy. As I licked and sucked she started telling me that she really hoped Ashley followed through with another creampie today because she really wanted to see me eat it. I know I blushed but kept at my task. Very soon she erupted in orgasm and I licked her clean. She finished her coffee and got up to take a shower. I returned to the kitchen and prepared her breakfast and another cup of coffee.

The morning went as usual. Lori left to do some shopping and I cleaned the house and got lunch together. She returned about one and we ate then I cleaned up. Around three the phone rang and Lori answered. I only heard half the conversation but I knew it was Ashley and that she would be over around six or so with my special treat. I felt butterflies in my stomach start up again.

Lori told me that she had no intention of restraining me and that I had better do as I was told. The ball whipping I had received several months ago was still fresh on my mind and I had no doubt I would be punished at least that bad if not worse.

At 6:05 Ashley arrived. She came in, stripped off her sundress, sat down on the sofa and spread her legs. I could see fluid on the insides of her thighs, and when her pussy lips gaped open I could see a pool of off-white jism nestled in her pussy. She looked at me and said “come and get it”.

I have to admit, I hesitated and swallowed hard. My wife quickly stopped any thought of rebellion with a curt order to get busy. I was beaten. I dropped to my knees and positioned myself between Ashley’s outstretched legs. Slowly I lowered my face to the gooey mess that was her pussy. I began by licking the moisture from the inside of her thighs. Now that I knew what it was, I could detect the familiar taste of semen from my own experiences of eating my own. I continued to lick her thighs then moved to the lips and licked them clean. I could put it off no longer and plunged my tongue deep into her messy hole, scooping the creamy secretions out with my tongue and into my mouth. I continued this until I felt Ashley tense up and explode in orgasm squeezing the remainder of the semen mixed with her own sweet nectar into my mouth and down my throat. I licked her clean while she recovered.

When I looked around at Lori, she was sitting in a large chair with her legs draped over each arm. She had three fingers buried in her pussy which was literally dripping on the upholstery of the chair. I didn’t even ask, I move between her legs and began licking and sucking her pussy until she too exploded in orgasm. It was very hot scene to say the least.

I then got up and proceeded to fix dinner while the girls basked in the afterglow of their orgasms. While the three of us ate, the ladies kept exchanging looks at each other making me wonder what was up. Finally Ashley broke the silence by asking my wife if she wanted to tell me or should Ashley herself do it. Lori began by telling me that it had all been a ruse. She had collected some of my semen after each of my recent milkings. Ashley had stored it in the refrigerator and injected it into her pussy right before she came in the house. It was a creampie made with my sperm that I had eaten the last two days. Lori told me they did it just to mess with my head. Boy did it ever. Then the other shoe dropped. Ashley said that now that she knew I would do it, the next creampie would not be one of my own making.

I cleaned up from dinner and Ashley left. Lori went up to shower and I soon followed. After my shower Lori met me at the door and told me she wanted to play a little tonight so we headed off to the playroom. I was soon tightly strapped down and my Mistress removed my chastity tube. She began by stroking me very softly until I was panting with desire. That is when she introduced a new twist. While stroking me with her left hand, she lubed up her right and started probing my ass until I relaxed then inserted first one then two fingers working them in and out as she teased me. The pleasure was unbelievable. I couldn’t stop myself from thrusting into her hand which only caused her to laugh and remove it. After who knows how long she tired of the game and announced that I hadn’t drawn a marble today.

Lori retrieved the bag and asked if I would like for her to draw the marble for me. Since I was secured, I nodded and her hand plunged into the bag. She turned slightly away and I couldn’t really see her hand as she withdrew it but I heard her say “too bad, another white”. My heart sank as I watched her dump the blues that had already been drawn back in the bag. Fifty one days and counting. I was beginning to go insane with the desire to come.

My wife mounted my mouth and I began my task of pleasuring her when she pulled away and slid down my body to my cock. She slowly impaled herself on my very hard cock telling me she just wanted to feel me in her for a few minutes and to be sure I controlled myself. The pleasure of her hot, wet, pussy was indescribable. There was no way I could last very long like this but she just kept up a slow pace all the time telling me not to come.

I was getting closer and closer and began to tell her she needed to stop. She didn’t act like she heard me. I was really fighting to control my orgasm and was losing rapidly. I almost scream for her to stop. She leaned down and whispered in my ear that the marble had really been green as she impaled herself deeply on my twitching cock. I exploded. Wave after wave of pleasure emanated through my body. It seemed that time stopped as my balls contracted time after time against the ball stretcher. Even though I had been milked the night before, I produce quite a load filling my wife’s hot pussy with my semen.

I finally slumped in my bonds when the last contraction was done. Lori was sucking on my nipples which I realized now had intensified my orgasm even more. I then felt her moving up on my body and soon she had planted her come filled pussy on my mouth. I quickly started licking and sucking her clean scooping globs of my come from deep inside her hot hole. I then moved up and began tonguing her sensitive clit until she rewarded me with an orgasm of her own, her pussy muscles squeezing what was left of my come mixed with her juices into my awaiting mouth.

After I was locked and released, we made our way to the bedroom where after quick trips into the bathroom for nightly routines we crawled into bed. As she snuggled up to me she began to gently massage my balls. I told her how intense my orgasm had been. We both agreed that the longer I was denied, the more intense my orgasm was. I then told her that the orgasm games were fun and that I would like to play them from time to time but that we didn’t have to do it all the time. When Lori asked what I meant, I continued telling her that since I really didn’t know when I would orgasm again anyway that sometimes she could just tell me she would let me come when she thought I deserved it. Lori really liked that so we agreed that we would not have a game this cycle.

Just before she drifted off to sleep, I was informed that she wanted to test the theory about my orgasms being better the longer I went without. I realized then that I was probably looking at more than fifty or so days until my next one. I asked if that is what she meant and my fears were confirmed. I was told that she was thinking about somewhere in the hundred or so day range and with that she drifted off to sleep leaving me to contemplate my fate.

To be continued…

Jake was one of those guys who was really shy about everything he did. He couldn’t even look anyone in the eye. So naturally he had a horrible school life, and never had a girlfriend. He moved around with the idiots. He too had lost hope of ever finding a girl, soon he moved to college. It wasn’t really a good college for him with bullies all around, and hot girls who would always seem to hang around only with the best guys. He doesn’t have any hopes.

He entered his classroom and occupied the front row. Though he wasn’t one of those ‘Hot’ guys, he knew he was cute. Some girls at the back gave him a smile. Jake blushed and sat down. He didn’t know how to get over his shyness. He wasn’t really good at studies or anything at all. He felt like he sucked at everything. His college life was so sick. Just then Ms. Ashley walked in.

“Whoa,” Jake thought.

She was the only reason he actually came to college. She was just about 26 but was so mature. She knew how to keep everyone in line, but still be really sweet. The best part about her was her body. Jake had never seen anyone like her in all his life.

He wondered why she wasn’t a model. So perfect with that chocolate brown hair, those sparkling blue eyes, she always wore a coat that would project her full D breasts. She had that smooth tanned skin and those long sexy legs with black high heels. In her class Jake would be lost in a different world.

Usually everyone would think of plain sackbut Jake was a bit perverted from his child hood he had always dreamt of being controlled by a very strong confident woman, he was into femdom. He wasted his school life jacking off with the femdom porn on the internet, he wanted it in his real life as well, but he was too scared to tell anybody lest they would laugh at him.

Back in the classroom Jake was still looking at Ms. Ashley, he imagined her over him, dominating. He was suddenly interrupted from his dream when she began to hand out the papers for yesterday’s test. Jake reached out for his paper stealing a glimpse of her cleavage. As usual he had failed.

“Oh, shit I failed again! What am I gonna do? What will I tell my parents? I’ll be sent back to Utah” he thought.

The place was hell to him. After the bell rang Jake was surprised when Ms. Ashley told Jake to stay back. After everyone left she called Jake over to the table. Jake now got the shyness attack. He couldn’t look unto her face. He stood staring at the floor.

“Umm hmm.” Ms Ashley cleared her throat.”

Jake I am talking to you and I expect you to look at my face when I talk to you”. Jake shyly looked up, He was blushing.” Damn it!” he thought. “Jake this is the fifth time you are failing on the test; you know what this means don’t you? you fail for the final exam ,then you are going to go back home. You wont graduate from college…You know what that would lead to don’t you?” she said. “I have no hope of you passing unless you get a special coaching. We will have to go through all the portions again. I want you to meet me after school everyday at my house before 5:00 pm. I’ll take no excuses! Your failure shows my failure, so I will make sure that you pass at all costs…Whether you like it or not. Your classes start today.”

With that she got up, collected her books and walked away. That left me standing there sulking. “Extra classes? OMG this is going to be one of worst parts of my life” Jake thought.

At about 4:30 Jake reached Ms. Ashley’s house. It looked more like a castle in the middle of a vast garden. It had a long driveway along which Jake walked slowly dragging his bag along the floor. He rang the doorbell and waited for about a minute before Ms Ashley answered it. She was still in her teacher’s clothes. Just the coat was missing; this made her look even more enchanting.

“Oh! Come in” she said. And lead him to a small room in the back of her house. It had a single bench, with a small blackboard. Jake sat down heavily.

“Good so let us begin with our first lesson’s,” Ashley said sitting down in front of Jake. She opened out the book and riffled through the pages. She looked up at Jake “Jake, please go get the chalk box for me. It’s in the basement just below the stairs over there,” she said pointing to a long dark staircase going down into darkness.

Jake stood up and slowly walked to the stairwell. He climbed down the spiraling staircase down. He looked around for the switch and flicked it on. “Oh there it is,” he said to himself. He grabbed the box and was about to go back when he saw his surroundings.

He saw lot of stuff, mainly wooden frames, old furniture, and so many other things that looked vaguely familiar. He walked to take a closer look, and gasped.

“There’s no mistaking,” he said out loudly. The frames had straps on them, the walls on the side had whips, crops and paddles hanging, Jake immediately recognized it. She was into filmdom too. He walked to the wall and touched the whip.

“It’s real!” he was looking at all the stuff when suddenly he felt someone behind him. He whirled around. “Mmm, what have we got here…” said Ashley.

“I, umm, I nothing… uuh… just… simply… uh,” Jake stammered.

“It’s Okay, I understand, never thought this was all real did you?” she asked. “Miss I was actually…” Jake blurted. Ashley held her finger to her lips

“Shhh, I know, you have only seen it on the internet, Wanna try? Don’t worry; I will be really gentle with a beginner like you. Think about it. You want to right. I see it in your eyes.” she said.

“I, actually yes, but I am scared I guess it is better just to see porn” Jake shied away.” Oh come on sweetie, I told you I will be really gentle, don’t you trust me?” “Uh…” Jake said.

“Come on, now be a good boy and take your clothes off and drop it at that corner”.

Jake hesitantly pulled of his shirt and walked to the corner. “So what do you actually like in femdom Jake?” Ashley asked.

“Uh, actually any thing, I watch a lot of stuff. Oh, let me help you with that” said Ashley, helping him undo his jeans and tossing it to the corner. She turned him around and looked at him.

“Impressive” she said looking at his body and the 7 inch cock.

“Come here” she lead him to a table at the far end of the stone paneled basement. It looked more like a dungeon. Ashley took a leather collar which had metal studs from the table and slipped it around his neck.

“You’ll really like it!” she said giving him a warm smile. She attached a leash to the collar.

“Now, I want you and the floor on all fours” she commanded. Jake slowly lowered himself to the floor. He looked so vulnerable.

“Your mistress will be back, just wait here slave boy” Ashley said as his voice trialed away. Jake was left there waiting about half an hour before Ashley returned. Jakes jaw dropped wide

“Wow”, he said stunned by her beauty. She was wearing a tight fitting black corset which enhanced her D size boobs. She wore a short, tight black skirt, which looked more like a hose. Her legs looked smooth and long and had sexy looking pair of high heels. Her hair was tied in a special way; she looked like a true mistress.

“Come here slave, I don’t want you to make any mistakes. You will do exactly is I command you to without any hesitation, is that clear?”

“Yes, mistress” “good, she said holding his leash as she lead him to an old sofa. Jake crawled behind her, watching those sexy legs and the beautiful high heels thudding in front of him. He waited till she was seated. Ashley pulled on his leash.

“LICK” she commanded. He moved forward with his tongue. First he gently places a few kisses on her feet and toes. Then he began taking him feet in long strokes with his tongue. He felt a sharp whack on his ass with a crop.

“I expected better than this” she scolded. Jake began licking her feet faster. He licked wildly at the toes. He could feel her toes wriggling in her high heels. He licked harder all along her feet, around the back and to her heel. He could feel her beginning to relax.

He licked, more determined to please her. After a few minutes he was presented with the other foot. After he had licked clean every inch of her feet “That’s enough” she said. Jake couldn’t believe all this was happening. She walked over to a clearing among all the wooden furniture. It was close to the stone wall which looked exactly like a dungeon. Long steel chains hung fro the wall. The floor had two widely spaced bolts which had leg irons attached to them.

“Ooh baby, come on stand up! You have to be better than this to please your mistress” she said.

She held him in place and ordered. “Spread those legs as wide as you can for me.”

Jake spread his legs so wide that his ball sack was hanging in between his stretched legs. Ashley attached the leg irons and pulled his hands above his head and cuffed them to the chains from the ceiling.

Now she had him in an X position, and he was vulnerable from every direction. She walked to the panel on the wall and picked up a relatively thick crop and walked to him circling around him, her thundering footsteps echoing in jakes ears.” Mistress, please be gentle with me” Jake pleaded.

“I’ll see to it whether you are worthy of it, now open your mouth wide” she said and stuffed a big red ball gag into his mouth. She moved around him and attached the strap tightly. Jake bit into the soft rubber. Suddenly he felt something touch his balls. Ashley was now on the floor in front of him. She was beginning to take his balls in her hand and tightly tie a thin rope around it. Jake protested wildly. But the chains wouldn’t give way

“What is she doing, I can’t take this” he wanted to scream, the fearsome reality began to settle in. he was helpless and had to take whatever she had. He couldn’t complain and had to take it whether he liked it or not. She pulled at his sack and tightly secured the rope above his balls making his sack taut and his balls compact into one tight bun. Jake screamed at the top of his lungs when Ashley gave a test smack. His scream was muffled by the gag. No one was ever going to hear him.

He heard her footsteps behind him, and then heard a loud crack of the whip. The he felt it, the pain ripped through his body from his ache almost jumped from the impact.

“I’m not impressed slave” Ashley said. She took his balls and tied the rope to a bolt on the floor,

“Try to move now, and you’ll regret it”. Ashley again moved behind him.

‘CRACK,’ he felt the next blow land on him.

He yelped as the pain from his soft ass travelled throughout his body and his balls ached as the ropes tugged.

‘Crack, crack’ she landed quick blows onto to his tender ass.

Jake could feel the heat, and the pain he couldn’t take anymore. Ashley moved closer to Jake and gently rubbed her palm over the crimson red welt.

“Poor slave,” she cooed. Then almost like lightning she landed a blow on his balls. Jake tried to scream at the top of his voice, but all that came out was a muffled cough.

The pain knew no bounds. Ashley moved back and now began to whip his bare back. She very well knew how the back was more sensitive than his ass. She landed the whip on his back and patiently waited till the red welt rose, and then whipped the welt to double up the pain.

After she was finished with his back she moved to the wall and replaced the whip. She returned with a pair of nipple clamps. She let Jakes eyes follow the clamps as she slowly dangled it in front of his eyes just to see the stark terror in them. Slowly she attached the clamps to his nipples and tightened them. She watched the nipples bulge and pulsate. Jake squirmed about in pain.

Ashley was totally enjoying his pain; she attached weights to the clamps and listened to his muffled whining. Ashley picked up a flogger and beat his bulged nipples. Jake jumped in pain and tugged at the rope attached to his balls. Ashley landed a few more strikes. Jake couldn’t take it anymore. Tears welled up in his eyes. She aimed the flogger at his balls and saw his balls sway from every flogging. Finally after she was finished with him, he was hanging in his bonds, totally exhausted.

She moved behind him and untied his handcuffs; Jake fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. She quickly pulled his wrists behind his back and tied them up. Jake was almost unconscious, his sight was blurred. Then he heard silence. He anxiously waited for a few minutes until he heard a whisper in his ear.

“You are gonna love this,” Ashley gently pulled apart Jake’s ass cheeks, it was tender and pink, she slowly guided her 8 inch strap-on into the hole. She could hear him groan when she pushed the dildo completely into him. She quickly drew it out and gently pushed it in while massaging his bruised ass.

Jake felt a mixture of sensations, unbearable pain and extreme pleasure. He could feel his mistress picking up pace, his insides felt so good, a relief from all the pain. He pushed back at her strap on; he was really beginning to like it. his breath grew shorter and was panting.

“Like it slave boy?” Ashley questioned. She pushed it in faster and took her hand in front of his stretched body to his cock and began to stroke it.

“Good boy, good boy I want you to come for your mistress” she vigorously stroked his cock, Jake could feel the waves of pleasure building up.

He began to moan, “Come baby come, come for your mistress. Jake erupted like a volcano spewing his come all over, Ashley continued to fuck him till he lay flat, exhausted. She removed the bonds and leg irons. Let him lay flat on the ground. After she changed, bathed and returned, Jake had managed to pull himself up.

“Oh mistress, I couldn’t have had a better orgasm, Ah it was extremely painful but so gratifying”. Ashley replied “You’ll come back for more wont you? I want you to be my slave…”

And this vacation, back in Utah, Jake was so impatient when he looked outside his window. He badly wanted to be back there at his mistress’s feet.

She took ahold of my balls from behind me with a firm grip in her left hand. She had me on my hands and knees, my wrists tied together and legs spread a foot and a half apart, tied to either side of me so that I couldn’t close them. I couldn’t prevent her from accessing my cock, balls, ass, and even my backdoor from this vulnerable position. My limp penis was locked into a cb3000 chastity tube as well.

“We’re going to play a game,” she said flatly as she tugged a little harder. “I have your balls. You can’t get away. For each time you masturbated over the past two days while I was out of town, I’m going to spank your balls 5 times. That’s a fair amount, because I ordered you not to cum at all while I was gone. I trusted you outside of the chastity belt but I clearly shouldn’t have. Now, how many times did you come while I was away?”

I racked my brain trying to figure out how she knew. I thought I cleared all the evidence away, the lotion, tissues…I even drove the trash to the landfill a mile away. Confused, I tried to get away with as much as I could.

“Just once, mistress.”

“Liar!” she quickly interrupted. “Thanks to the hidden cameras I had installed in the house before I left, I know exactly how many times you came. You’ve been very busy with your plaything, masturbating no less than 9 times in the past 2 days!”

She was right. Since being limited to very few orgasms under mistress’ watchful eye, I had tried to take advantage of my perceived freedom. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that she had planned this whole setup knowing I couldn’t control myself and delighting in torturing my manhood as punishment.

“Now,” she continued, “that means I’m going to spank your useless balls 45 times. Don’t worry, there is hope for you still. You can stop me at any time if the pain becomes too much to bear. But for each spanking you are unable to take, you must go down on my pussy with your tongue and give me an orgasm orally.”

With that, she spanked my balls hard with her right hand. I squealed in pain. She came down hard again. My body tried to jerk away but couldn’t. “Only 43 more!” she laughed as I groaned loudly. “This will teach you not to disobey your mistress.”

“Oh, and until you pay in full my spankings and orgasms, I won’t unlock your little dick from that cock lock.”

This made me shudder. The longest I had gone without an orgasm while with mistress the past 2 months was 4 days, and that was hell. Thwack! Thump! Thwack! My body unsuccessfully tried to jerk away.

“It’s funny how you’re presenting your balls to me so unwillingly,” she laughed as she punched my ballsack with her fist twice in a row, hard. “My favorite punching bag!”

I was in tears at this point, and uttering a noise that might be best described as a combination of groaning and sobbing. I felt like yelling out for her to stop already but I knew that would mean I would have to give her 38 orgasms before she allowed me one, and I don’t think I could last that long. My balls were aching with pain.

Slap! Thunk! Slap! “Aaahh!” I yelled. But I knew by now that the neighbors couldn’t hear me from mistress’s basement dungeon. She had this room specially built, soundproofed and everything. It resembled something just like a Spanish Inquisition dungeon – stone walls, two cells with steel bars along one wall that were too short to stand up in. Right now I was tied to a circular pedestal-like device in the middle of the room with some cushion for my knees.

“Congratulations, you’re almost 25% of the way there!” she snickered as she came down on my poor testicles once more. When she put it like this, I realized I wouldn’t be able to last the whole 45. I had come to enjoy tonguing mistress’s pussy, making her wet, pleasing her. But only if I didn’t have to simultaneously endure the torture of owning a tight set of nuts about to burst with cum.

“Oh, blast. I forgot about my appointment! Don’t want to be late, now do I? I’ll need to find a babysitter while I’m gone. Um…” she looked around her dungeon. “This will do.” She grabbed a parachute ball stretcher and attached it to my balls. Then she added two 2 pound weights to it. “This parachute will babysit your balls while I’m gone. Now you finally have a real pair.”

“No! Please!” I sobbed as she walked away, her gorgeous butt wiggling in shiny black latex pants as she stepped, seeming to mock my predicament. The tap, tap, tap of her heels echoed in the dungeon as she scaled the staircase up, up, and away. And as my balls were slowly pulled towards the floor, I could do nothing but eagerly wait for my mistress.

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