My husbands little kink is outdoor sex, he loves taking me from behind outside, we like to take photos of me flashing outdoors before Cliff fucks me.

This fall we were on vacation in Provence. We went on a hike through the woods and forests of the Alpes Maritime. We were nearing the end of the hike and fairly close to where we’d left our rental car, Cliff produced our camera and suggested taking a few photos, with the obvious end result not needing to be mentioned.

It was a beautiful early evening in late September and I needed no encouragement, out came my breasts from underneath my light sundress, the bra having been removed earlier in the afternoon. After a few photos, I soon had my dress hitched up around my waist and panties off bracing myself against a tree whilst Cliff took me from behind.

We hadn’t realised but we were actually hiking on private property just before the start of the hunting season. The next thing we knew there were two gamekeepers with shotguns shouting at us. They seemed really agitated and were threatening us with the police.

I suggested I might try to persuade them otherwise so off went the dress and over I went to them wearing nothing but hiking boots and a foxy smile. This seemed to quieten them down somewhat and their hands were immediately everywhere, groping my breasts, pussy and ass. I feigned mild embarrassment and shock at such forward behaviour but I was enjoying the attention.

Before long they had their fingers in my cunt and asshole and both my nipples were being pinched, sucked, licked, and teased, they were very red and erect. The two gamekeepers were being pretty rough with me but it was kind of a turn on, without any prompting and with some difficulty I got both their cocks out and started playing with them.

They soon let it be known that they expected to fuck me but I wasn’t too happy with this so after a bit of negotiation they agreed to settle for a blowjob each.

Whilst I was bent over licking and sucking on the first one, the other guy, who was quite old, went behind me and started fingering my ass and cunt and playing very roughly with my clit.

The guy I was sucking seemed more than content to let me do all the work, and it has to be said I was certainly happy in my work, moaning and thrusting my ass and cunt back onto the old guys fingers whilst I ministered to the younger guys cock.

I enjoyed licking his large balls, taking them both into my mouth while I jerked his cock, before licking the full length of his shaft up to his head then engulfing his whole cock with my mouth and taking him right to the back of my throat.

After several minutes of concentrating on sucking and flicking his head with the tip of my tongue whilst I cupped his balls and rubbed his shaft, I felt him start to cum and immediately took him deeper, swallowing his entire load without spilling a drop. The older guy immediately took up his place. He was very well endowed and thought he was in a porn movie, holding my head with his gnarled, leathery hands, fucking my mouth rather than letting me work on him, he was definitely in charge and having it his way.

He made me lick and suck his balls and kept pushing his cock deep down my throat till I gagged. He kept this up for maybe half an hour, I had to change positions and kneel down after a few minutes of this, which allowed him to thrust his cock harder and further down my throat, making me gag frequently. Finally he made me open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He proceeded to jerk himself off, rubbing his cock-head over my lips and tongue and making me rub his balls.

He couldn’t have been getting regular sex because his balls were huge and the amount of spunk he produced was unreal, I’ve never seen so much produced, even in movies! He started off aiming it into my mouth and over my tongue and lips but after three or four spurts he aimed it over my face then my breasts, I was covered! He must have produced eight or nine HUGE spurts.

I did my best to scoop up what had landed on my face but a lot was plastered in my hair, they both insisted on me licking and eating what I’d gathered on my fingers, which I did before massaging the copious amounts that had covered my chest into my breasts, making them glisten and shine in the soft evening sunshine. He then made me bob my head down to his flaccid cock and once more take him in my mouth and suck off what had dribbled out while I’d attempted to clean myself up.

The young guy then indicated to Cliff that he should finish off what they’d interrupted whilst they watched. Cliff accepted his offer and made his way over. He got me up onto all fours and slid straight into me from behind. My cunt was absolutely soaking wet, I’ve never known it get so wet before or since. I reached around and began to play with my clit, the rough treatment from the old guy had certainly had its effect as it had come out from its hood and was very erect and stiff.

My ass-hole was still quite stretched from the old guys’ earlier attention and Cliff licked his fingers and started to play with my ass too but more gently than the old French guy, I was mildly surprised at how easily his fingers slid in.

It didn’t take long for me to start howling like a banshee as I came, my cunt clenching Cliffs cock and my ass-hole tightening and clamping on the two fingers that Cliff had slipped up my ass. I was bucking and writhing like I was possessed, shouting obscenities and demanding Cliff fill my cunt with spunk. My juices were almost gushing out of my pussy, coating Cliffs cock and both our thighs.

Cliff grabbed my hips and upped the tempo, enjoying the way my ass cheeks rippled as he slammed into me. He couldn’t hold back any longer, duly obliging my request; I held still, impaled on his rigid cock as he started to ejaculate deep inside me.

My cunt clenched tightly around him as his orgasm continued, doing all the work and milking what felt like a huge load, almost as big as I’d just taken from the old guy, out of his cock and balls, filling me up.

Unfortunately our little show had got the two French guys erect again, particularly the young one and they insisted on seconds. The older guy moved around to my head and I immediately accepted his proffered member, grabbing his ass with one arm for support whilst vigorously coaxing the semi erect organ back to life with my free hand.

I was less bothered this time when the young guy made his way to my rear and rammed his cock straight into my gaping, dripping and still pulsing cunt. The younger guy seemed intent on lasting longer this time taking long, deep, slow strokes in and out of my tight, hot and slippery cunt. Like Cliff, his attention was drawn to my pink ass while he fucked me.

Temporarily withdrawing his cock he kept dipping his fingers in to my pussy to allow him to coat them with my copious fluids, using it as a lube around and on my anus before replacing his cock in my cunt and thrusting a couple of his sticky fingers up my ass.

As the younger guy picked up his pace, I was finding it hard to concentrate on sucking the older guy, especially as his impressive cock swelled back to its full length and girth, but he didn’t seem to mind, content with the manual stimulation he was receiving as he started mauling my tits and pulling my nipples which by this time had hardened and extended to their full length. The young guy took his time but eventually I could tell he was adding his own contribution to the large volume of sperm in my cunt.

No sooner had the young guy withdrawn and moved away, than the old guy was up and around, rubbing his big bulbous head up and down over my sticky, dripping slit. He parted my lips and thrust it in deep without ceremony

Ignoring my yelp, he gave me a few hard thrusts then withdrew and like his younger buddy, slid all four fingers into my cunt. He held them deep inside me for a moment while he pressed his thumb against my anus. After a couple of moments, the pressure told and my ring expanded to let his thumb slide inside.

I started wiggling, bucking and grinding my ass and pussy on his hand, imploring him to fuck my cunt properly. After a minute or two of this, he removed his drenched fingers from my cunt and proceeded to work first one then two, three and finally all four fingers in my ass before finally resuming his pounding of my cunt whilst simultaneously working my ass-hole with by now most of his hand buried deep up my ass, gradually increasing his rhythm.

I was past caring about having unprotected sex with a pair of strangers. I screamed out that I was going to cum. The old guy removed his fingers from my ass, grabbed both my hips and proceeded to hammer his cock into my cunt as I started to wail and sob with the strength of my orgasm.

It’s the first time I’ve ever had an orgasm in this position without playing with my clit at the same time. I was still cumming when he slid his cock out and Cliff was briefly treated to the sight of my gaping cunt, contracting and then gaping again before he swiftly positioned his cock over my ass-hole and rammed it home. Despite his girth he seemed to slide in quite easily.

I was telling him to fuck my ass good and asking him if he wanted to cum in my ass and begging him to fill my ass with his cum, telling him how good his massive cock felt in my cunt and ass and begging him to push it in deeper, asking if it was in all the way. He proceeded to hammer faster and harder, encouraged by my dirty talk. After a couple of minutes of taking this pounding though, I wriggled away and motioned to him to lay on his back which he did.

Turning my back to him and facing in Cliff’s direction, I spread my legs and lowered my ass onto his impressive cock I thought I would have more control that way and told him I was going to fuck his cock with my ass.

Immediately his hands came around and started kneading my still sticky tits, which like my face and hair were still smeared and streaked with his spunk from earlier. I started grinding my ass onto his cock.

My legs were spread so wide the young guy and Cliff had a clear view of my gaping cunt which was glistening and oozing with spunk too, my engorged pink clit unhooded, erect and clearly visible. I started grinding my hips faster and faster and then started shouting out for someone to fuck my cunt, telling them I needed a cock in my cunt too and imploring Cliff to fill my cunt and ass with cocks and spunk.

Cliff came over and slid his cock into me. It was tight but my cunt was so well fucked and lubricated by now that it felt wonderful. I let out a guttural groan and screamed at them to fuck my cunt and fuck my ass. The young guy tried his luck by feeding me his cock. I took it in my mouth but it was too much so after a minute or so I pushed him away, telling him he’d get his turn in my cunt again when Cliff finished using it.

I started rubbing my engorged clit, I’d never seen it this big before, my breasts were bouncing and wobbling from the combined thrusting and my nipples were more erect than I’d ever seen them due to the earlier attentions of the older guy. I couldn’t resist reaching down to pinch, twist and tease them further.

After several minutes Cliff shot his second cum-load inside me and was quickly replaced by the young guy who started by rubbing the head of his cock up and down against my massive clit before burying it deep in my cunt and transferring his attention to my nipples which by this time were over an inch long! After several minutes of rutting deep inside me, he came for a third time!

The old guy then made me get back on all fours so he could resume his hard, fast ass-fuck. This time I complied and stuck my ass high up in the air, burying my tits and face into the grass. I then reached up and started ramming all four fingers of one hand in and out of my cunt while my cunt juice and the four loads of spunk I’d received oozed out, with my other hand I started pinching and rubbing my exposed and engorged clit.

The old guy spread my ass cheeks wider than I’ve had done ever, took aim at my gaping hole and complying with my instructions to fuck my ass and use my ass and fill me with his spunk he rammed his cock home. After a couple of minutes I brought myself to a juddering, howling climax and I guess the contractions of my asshole tipped the old guy over the edge. He came deep in my bowels for what seemed like ages while I unleashed a torrent of obscenities about how good it felt.

When the old guy finally withdrew, my asshole remained gaping wide open so much Cliff couldn’t resist going over and sliding his semi erect cock into my sticky pink hole and held it in there, feeling the delicious slickness and warmth, the not too tight sensation and the pulsing contractions of my asshole as my orgasm gradually subsided.

I was enquiring if he wanted to fuck and use my ass too and he seemed genuinely up for the idea as my asshole began to contract around his cockhead, he wasn’t fully erect so he kind of jerked himself off over, around and just inside my ass, adding his third load of the evening.

As he withdrew, spunk oozed up from my anus and down over my swollen glistening cunt lips, clit and thighs, I turned round, looked up at him with a happy and satisfied smile on my face, took his sticky, slippery cock in my mouth and proceeded to lick clean his cock and balls. While I was doing this the younger guy slid his cock into my gaping ass and within a few minutes unloaded inside me. I just knelt there compliantly, licking Cliffs cock whilst he used my ass.

Cliff helped me get to my feet, clean up and dress. The two gamekeepers stood and chatted and smoked whilst we did this and then escorted us back to our rental car. The five minute or so walk was rather awkward as nothing was said and there was no eye contact. We got in our car and drove off.

It was a bright, sunny day. Probably about 100 degrees, maybe more. 19 year old Harry Gordon waded through the tall weeds in the dense forest. The smell of nature filled his nostrils, and sweat formed all over his muscular body, which was under a pair of denim jeans and a thin T-shirt. He wiped his forehead with his hand, and swept the short strands of brown hair sticking to his head. He was supposed to be meeting a friend deep in the forest, just down part of a cliff and a closed-in area where they could jerk each other off. Harry smiled as the thought came to his head. He’d only been that far with anyone, and was still a virgin despite over a year of trying. He wasn’t necessarily scared of losing his virginity, he was just useless at hitting on other guys. However; just a few weeks before, Harry found out his friend was gay. After a few steamy make out sessions in the forest, they started to go below the belt.

Harry felt more sweat building up, and his shirt started sticking to his skin, as well as various vegetation to latch onto him. The forest was extremely large, and it was easy to get lost, which was exactly what happened to him. He began to panic slightly, everything started to look the same. Harry took out his phone, and dialled his friend’s number. As he put the phone to his ear, he slipped on a loose branch and fell down a steep hill. He hit the ground violently, his phone fell out of his hand and smashed onto the ground. Harry groaned in pain as he pushed himself off the ground. Dirt covered his face, arms and clothing, and a few cuts and grazes covered his body. He looked around him, everything still looked the same, except he could hear shuffling and a voice. It sounded like his friend! Harry followed the voice, quietly in order to scare him. The voice was getting louder, and Harry was becoming more hopeful. He turned the corner and found the voice. It wasn’t his friend. It was (what definitely appeared to be) a homeless person. Greasy hair under a woolly cap and an old, dirty face staring into a magazine. A black, tattered coat over a hoodie, which covered a grey vest and dirty, navy tracksuit bottoms. Harry suddenly noticed the trousers were pulled down to his knees, and a gloved hand was wrapped around his hard cock, being 9 inches long and 6.5 inches girth. The magazine he was holding had a picture on the front of a naked woman, and the homeless man was jerking himself off aggressively. Harry’s brown eyes widened in shock, and widened even further when the homeless man’s eyes met his.

“What the fuck you doin’ here?!?” The homeless man growled. Then looked down at his filthy dick. “You like watching cock, eh?”

The homeless man smirked, and threw down his magazine. He shook off his coat and hoodie, then pulled out a rusty knife from his pocket.

“I- I don’t want any trouble…” Harry stammered, and raised his hands.

“Too late for that, boy.” The homeless man said, and grabbed the frightened man. “You like what you see?” The homeless man forced Harry down to his knees, and slapped him in the face with his huge, dirty cock. The homeless man grabbed his shaft, and positioned his head between Harry’s lips. He grabbed onto Harry’s head and pushed his cock into his mouth. Harry gagged as the length brushed against his throat. His dick tasted like dried cum and dirt, and his hairy balls hit against Harry’s chin. The homeless man’s unkempt pubic hair scratched Harry’s face, and he thrust his hips in and out of Harry’s mouth.

“You know what you’re doin’!” The homeless man groaned in pleasure, as Harry began to respond by swirling his tongue around the large manhood inside his mouth. “Keep doin’ that! Good boy.”

Harry started to bob his head up and down on the homeless man’s cock, and massaged his balls.

“You like daddy’s cock, don’t ya? You wanna feel my spunk run down your throat. You wanna swallow my spunk all up.” The homeless man muttered, pushing his dick further down Harry’s throat. He suddenly pulled his dick out of Harry’s mouth. “Let me lay down!”

The man laid back down onto the grass, and pulled Harry’s head down onto his eager manhood. Harry pushed his mouth further down onto the large cock, until he felt the man’s pubic hair scratch his face. The homeless man pulled up his dirty vest, exposing his hairy torso. Harry looked up, and watched as the man teased his nipples ever so slowly.

“I’m gonna fuck you in the ass.” The homeless man stated, pushing Harry off of him. Harry shook his head violently, and the man glared at him.

“Fuck you say? Get on your fuckin’ knees!” He demanded, grabbing Harry by the back of his sweaty neck and forcing him onto his hands and knees. Harry started to breathe heavily as the homeless man forced down his jeans, leaving his virgin hole only covered by his thin boxer shorts. The homeless man licked his lips in desire as he pulled the thin layer of clothing down, exposing Harry’s firm ass. He gripped his ass-cheeks admiring his beauty.

“Yes.” The man exhaled, pushing Harry’s ass-cheeks apart, giving a full view of his tight hole. The man spat into his hand, and wiped the spit onto his opening. He pushed his index finger in, Harry letting out a pained groan. The man smirked, and twisted the finger inside of Harry’s ass.

“I’m gonna tear you open with my monster-cock!” He jeered, pushing in another finger.

“Please… Don’t do this!” Harry begged, fearful of being penetrated by something so big. The homeless pulled his fingers out, and positioned the head of his dick in front of the opening, pushing in slightly.

“Too late, boy. It’ll only hurt a little.” The man reassured, and quickly pushed the head in. Harry moaned in pain and pleasure, digging his nails into the soft grass. The man pushed more in up to the shaft, then went balls deep. Slowly, he pulled out slightly, then back in. Soon he was pumping Harry’s ass, gripping his waist. Harry discovered the pain went, and the pleasure was intense. A strange feeling filled him, He felt his own dick start to spray cum all over the ground. The man trembled inside of him, and came. Harry felt the warm liquid shoot through him and some drip from his hole. As soon as the man pulled out his now-flaccid dick from his ass, Harry pulled up his jeans and ran away. It may have been a frightening ordeal, but it took away any fear of anal sex. Although it was quite a scary thing to endure, he enjoyed it. Harry rushed around the forest to find his friend, trying not to get lost again. But secretly hoping to…

My Husband

It really is amazing how many secrets married people can keep from one another. I’m not talking about small stuff either, huge life altering secrets can be kept from loved ones with relative ease. I can’t help but laugh at the countless husbands and wives who sternly insist that they know everything there is to know about their partner. Usually, those that are the most confident in the marriages are the ones who are slapped with the biggest jaw dropping revelations of them all.

My name is Sara and this is my little story.

My husband and I are both strong confident successful thirty year olds who pride ourselves on diligence and hard work. My husband Kevin was an aspiring fitness model when we met nearly ten years ago and over the last decade I’ve been right at his side as his career in the industry took off. After our wedding, Kevin and I decided to branch out and open a small fitness/tanning studio. With the help of Mike, Kevin’s best friend and business partner, our studio took off and eventually grew to a small chain of four studios.

We had the world in our hands. With all the money coming in, Kevin and I indulged in lavish vacations, expensive cars and a dream house we built from the ground up. With the business basically running itself, Kevin re devoted himself to his physique. After getting in the best shape of his life, his modeling career had a resurgence. Being gorgeous and very proud of his Adonis like physique he even managed to be featured in Playgirl magazines ‘Hung hometown hotties’ spread.

I was young, happy and madly in love. I was also oblivious to what should have been obvious, hence the story you are reading.

It was the night of our tenth anniversary and I had the perfect evening planned. Kevin usually worked till six o’clock so I spent all day cleaning the house and cooking a huge dinner of his favourites.

The bathroom was still steamy as I stepped out of the shower and admired my wet naked body in the mirror. My tummy was firm and flat thanks to a strict diet and Kevin’s advice in the gym helped my physique stay long lean and muscular. I cupped my breasts and gave my nipples a quick squeeze. Kevin had bought me breast implants as a birthday present years ago and the big round double D’s were a perfect complement to my strong tanned physique. Like my husband, I wasn’t shy or bashful about my body, I worked hard for my looks and I was very proud of the body that Kevin got to enjoy every night.

Six thirty had come and gone but Kevin had still not made it home. Growing anxious, I called his cell but got no answer. I called the front desk at our gym and even that went straight to the voicemail.

“Where could he be?” I muttered to myself, “Why would the gym be closed so early?”.

At nine o’clock my frustrations turned to worry. I had left several messages at both numbers but still had no reply. Dinner had long since gone cold and I was sick of sitting around worried. I threw on a pair of old jeans and a tank top and decided to get to the bottom of things myself.

Our gym is just a few miles away from our house so the drive over didn’t take more than ten minutes or so. Adding to my confusion, all the lights in the gym were off and the ‘closed’ sign was hung in the door. I saw Kevin’s car parked out front and my heart slowed down a little bit, he couldn’t be far from his car.

I tried the gym door but of course it was locked. I pressed my face into the glass and peeked inside. The lobby looked like it always did, except for two pairs of shoes on the otherwise empty rack near the desk. I immediatley recognized one of the pairs as Kevin’s sneakers. Rummaging through my purse I found the spare keys I had for those rare days the front desk girl called in sick and I had to open the studio myself. I unlocked the door, entered the alarm code and stepped into the suspicious darkness.

I flicked on the front desk lights and the lobby lit up. I called Kevin’s cell one last time and again I got no answer. I locked the front door behind me and started snooping.

The gym was kind of creepy with all the lights off. I’ve always been a little afraid of the dark so I was sure to hit the light switch of each room I entered. Slowly and silently I moved from floor to floor, all without any sign of my husband. After peeking into the women’s only area I moved downstairs towards the showers and changing rooms.

Standing in the hall between the men’s and women’s showers, I listened long and hard. At first I thought my ears were playing tricks on me, but I was almost certain I could hear water running in the men’s room. Having come so far already, I clutched my purse to my chest and entered the shower room.

The room was very steamy but not enough to obscure my vision. I moved past countless empty benches making my way towards the noise which had to be a running shower head.

I came around a corner and froze mid step. Just in front of me in the communal shower area were two naked bodies entwined on the floor. I instantly jumped back behind the corner, moving so fast I couldn’t even get a good look at the bodies. I must have moved really fast because neither person made any indication that I had been noticed.

I clutched my chest which felt like it was about to burst. I slowed my breathing and swallowed the lump of excitement in my throat. As quietly as I could I craned my neck and peeked around the corner. The image I saw next was the image that would change my marriage forever.

Kevin, my strong husband of nearly ten years was standing naked underneath a running shower with his side facing me. He was bent over slightly with his hands up on the tile wall and his head bent up to the ceiling. Mike, our family friend and business partner was standing behind Kevin massaging his ass cheeks and holding in his hand the biggest erection I had even seen in my life.

For a brief second I got angry, I thought that Mike was hurting Kevin or abusing him somehow, my thoughts changed however as Mike bent down and began slapping and kissing my husband’s bare ass cheeks. My eyes bulged as Kevin threw his head back and moaned, all the while stroking his big meaty cock with one hand.

I didn’t know how to react, I was speechless. Kevin and I had always had a very open and adventurous sex life, but NEVER before had we discussed anything like what I was seeing. Kevin was my husband, my strong, sexy, powerful husband, it was shocking and I have to say a little hurtfull to see him intimate with someone else even if it was another man. As shocked as I was the naughty little part of me wanted to see more.

Mike was a very handsome man but I was blown away at how great he looked naked. Like my husband he was about 6″2 with a very muscular and streamlined physique. He had a bronze tan and also like Kevin I couldn’t see an ounce of hair or fat on him. I could only see him from the side, but from what I could see I was very impressed.

“Hmmmmm fuck are you ready Kev?” Mike grunted.

He was rubbing his massive cock up and down my husband’s ass crack and Kevin only moaned in response.

Mike lined his cock up to my husband’s ass and gently pressed his hips forward. I could tell the exact moment he was inside my husband just by the look on Kevin’s face. In almost ten years together I had never once seen such an erotic expression on his face, he looked almost possessed with lust.

“Hmmm yes, fuck my tight ass” he groaned back at Mike.

Mike spanked his ass hard and slowly started to fuck my husband.

I was so taken back by the scene in front of me that I almost didn’t notice how much my nipples were sticking out threw my top. Whatever I was seeing it sure as hell was turning me on. I squeezed my right nipple hard and felt my heart quicken and my pussy throb. Still being as quiet as I could, I unzipped my jeans and stroked my bald pussy with my other hand.

Kevin must have loosened up a little bit, because he was rocking back now to meet Mikes cock with every thrust. He was constantly grunting and groaning and both men were clutching each other’s hard strong bodies. It was hard to take my eyes of my husband’s face and his expressions, but I found Mike hard to ignore as well. His fit muscular ass flexed and clenched with every thrust and his huge balls swung forward rhymically to smack lightly against Kevin’s.

My pussy was literally soaking my hand and my nipples felt like rocks as I slowly worked myself into a tizzy. The scene in front of me was by far hands down better than any porn I had ever watched. I felt the beginnings of my orgasm start to grow and I rubbed my clit harder and harder.

Kevin moved both hands to the shower wall and bent over farther at his waist. Mike reached around and took hold of my husband’s cock in his strong hand and began to slowly stroke it as he fucked. Kevin was in pure ecstasy and was moaning like a porn star slut with each and every thrust from Mike.

I yanked the neckline of my shirt down and pulled out one of my luscious tits. Still stroking my throbbing clit, I brought my tit to my face and sucked my nipple hard. Electricity waved through my body all the way from my head to my toes.

Mike slowed his thrust gradually and then finally pulled his rock hard cock out of my husband’s ass. Kevin let out a slutty little whimper as his ass was left empty.

“Time to switch it up” Mike grunted, both of the boys laughed at the statement.

My husband turned around and immediately him and Mike embraced and kissed. Their hands were all over each other’s cocks and balls as they made out like virgin high school kids. I couldn’t believe how erotic it was too see two masculine jocks kissing each other passionately. I bit my nipple gently and slowly inserted two fingers into my soaked pussy.

Kevin got down to the floor and lay down on his back. His very satisfying eight inch cock was hard as iron and pointed straight up at the ceiling. Mike positioned himself over top of Kevin and slowly lowered himself onto my husband’s throbbing fuck-stick.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yes” he groaned when he had slowly taken Kevin’s entire length into his ass,

“fuck me good Kev!”.

I inserted another finger into my pussy and pulled my other breast out of my shirt for some attention, my orgasm was fast approaching and I wanted it to be timed perfectly.

Mike was facing me, so I had an unobstructed view as he rode my husband reverse cow-girl (or cow-boy) style. His own enormous cock bobbed and swayed wildly as he moved up and down on Kevin’s member. Being the generous lover that I’ve always know him to be, my husband reached around and began tugging softly on Mikes ball sac. Both men were grunting and groaning loudly, completely caught up in each other and their own pleasure.

Mike was stroking his cock slowly and I could notice pre cum oozing steadily and dripping onto the boy’s legs. With his free hand he reached back and supported himself on Kevin’s chest. My husband immediately took the hand of his muscular pecs and brought it to his mouth so he could suck Mike’s fingers.

“Ahh, ahhh fuck im gonna come!” Mike declared between moans.

Kevin started thrusting like a madman, sending Mike into an abyss of pleasure. Mike’s cock suddenly erupted and shot a massive rope of cum onto the tile floor several feet away. Again and again and again his cum burst forth in an orgasm that lasted what seemed like minutes.

I could’ve came then, but I held off, I was very close but I wanted to wait and cum with my husband.

Mike slid off of Kevin and went to his hands and knees on the floor. My husband took the hint and mounted him like a porn stud mounting some blonde porn slut.

I was finger fucking my pussy with a vengeance and stroking my big tits like my life depended on it, I was sooooo close to climaxing but wanted to wait for my husband.

“Ohhhh fuck yes!” Mike moaned softly as Kevin fucked his ass from behind.

My strong sexy husband looked so beautiful as he fucked his best friend like a slut. Mike’s slightly deflated cock swung like a pendulum as my husband thrusted into his ass again and again.

“Ahh, ahh, ahhhhh” Kevin began to grunt and thrust faster.

“Ahhh fuck Im gonna cum!”.

Mike immediately jumped off Kevin and began jerking his cock with two hands. My husband lasted a few more seconds before he threw his head back and his muscular body began to twitch.

Just as I started to clamp down on my fingers and have my orgasm explode, Kevin began to shoot massive ropes of cum all over Mike’s face and hands. Over and over his dick creamed and over and over my body rippled with satisfaction.

In my lusty haze I had managed to move around the corner so I was standing right in the middle of the doorway to the shower. With my tits still hanging out and my hand still down my jeans, I jumped back behind the wall and collected myself. I could hear the guys laughing and talking as they turned another shower on and began to clean up. I couldn’t help but smirk wickedly as I heard the sound of an ass being spanked followed by deep kissing again.

The weight of the situation would soon hit me, but right then and there I was still caught up in the sexiness of it all.

I quickly covered myself up and ran for the stairs. I had to hurry, Kevin would be home soon and we would have a lot to talk about…….

Dominant Sister

At 22 years of age Katherine Jenson was happy with her body. She knew her best asset was her big 34 double E cup tits, being only five feet one inch tall 108 pounds & measuring a curvy 40-23-34 had the effect of making her breasts look even bigger. The only thing she would change about her appearance was that she wished she was prettier or maybe a touch taller, Kathy was not unattractive & you certainly wouldn’t call her ugly, she didn’t have any problem attracting bed partners. Her long slightly wavy red hair was always hanging down her back in a ponytail, Kathy had enjoyed a very full sex life, but she had never felt the need to have a permanent boyfriend as such. She was far to busy playing the field to be tied down to just one regular sexual partner. That was until their father died in Kathy’s final year of collage.

Her mother decided to sell up & move herself & her little brother Luke back to her home town & Katherine decided she’d move with her for a year or two until her Mother got settled in.. Money was no problem because her father had a 15 million dollar insurance policy that paid out to Kathy’s mother without questions. After enjoying the abundant nightlife Kathy didn’t really want to move to a small town but her Mother paid all her bills & wasn’t that bad to live with. Mother told her about the job offer from her friend Sally’s employer as a top level programer, what changed her mind though was the promised salary a healthy six figures with bonuses.

Kathy had made a conscious decision that she would turn over a new leaf in her new home town besides from what her mum had told them it was fairly small, the major employer was the computer company that Sally worked for. She had given up being a slut & she dearly missed all the football crowd fucking her, forcing her to suck them off, what she liked the most though was when her friend Jade was forced to service her while the boys gave it to her doggie style. The feeling of power sent shivers up Kathy’s spine every time. The football team had given them the nicknames of Big Tits & Fuck Slut, on her last night before her family moved from the big smoke her & Jade gave the team a lesbian show with her best friend Jade taking a vibrator in her ass while Kathy fucked her with a strap-on all the guys spunked all over Jade before Kathy stopped & told the foot-ballers.

“Jade’s sister Helen will be replacing me as the team whore.”

The small town they’d moved to had a population of just under 35000 there wasn’t that many available men for her not that it stopped her anyway, there’s the women as well. She didn’t mind though because with her assets & the way she dressed she had just about every man in town watching her where ever she went & she loved it, after a month Kathy was going steady with the local post master’s son Gavin (only because he drove a nice car) he had tried & tried to get Kathy to have sex with him. Kathy had only consented to giving him a hand job & she let him play with her big boobs mostly she liked the way he would suck on her stiff nipples for what seemed like ages. Before she lost control & came to a thundering orgasm Kathy would push Gavin away saying no Gavin I’m not like that I want to be a virgin when I get married. Gavin’s shoulders would slump he’d give in grumble & drive her home, but little did he know, his girlfriend was getting it on with her neighbor Kathy’s pussy was always drenched when she rejected him the feeling of the control she had over poor Gavin thrilled her immensely Kathy would sit there with her legs crossed as Gavin drove her home hoping that he would not hit too many potholes on the way.

Tonight Gavin had broken it off with her saying that she didn’t put out & then dropped her off at the end of her street. As Kathy walked towards home she was mad as hell at Gavin how dare that fucking bastard say that, if he only new what Jenny & I use to get up to or just how big of a slut I was back in the city. Hell it would make his hair go white & fall out finding out that ice cold Kathy, as he had called her, was in fact the football team’s Cumslut whore. Thoughts of Jade came to her she was licking her sister’s pussy while taking a monster dildo up her ass, Kathy’s pussy started to get moist she quickened her pace wanting to get home so she could dig out her favorite vibrating dildo, she hoped Luke had gone out too so she could have some fun with the big black 9 inch dildo that Jade & Helen had given her as a going away present.

Walking in the front door Kathy could hear the unmistakable sound of someone enjoying a head-job you, know slerp, slerp, squelch, suck. Kathy’s heart sank her little Brother was home she’d have to be quite in her room. “I wonder what little whore’s sucking him off she thought, probably that little bitch Lisa from down the road. Just as long as it isn’t my Jenny.

Kathy wasn’t ready for what she saw, her 19 year old younger brother Luke was obviously drunk sitting on the floor wearing nothing but a T-shirt & his new friend John had his head buried in her little brother’s crotch Luke was moaning loudly as John sucked on his ridged pole. John was a couple of years older than Luke & she didn’t like her younger brother hanging around with him & now she finds Lukey baby in their mothers sitting room having his cock sucked. Kathy was furious but strangely turned on as well, she decided to stay hidden in the entry & see just how far her fag of a little Brother would go. She was well hidden in the dark but could clearly see all the juicy action in the sitting room. John had swung his legs around to allow Luke’s right hand to find his fly.

“Not the first time he’s done that I’ll bet,” Kathy whispered to herself.

Lukey deftly unzipped John’s jeans & tried to fish out his cock, but only managed to free about half of its length, John’s back was to her so Kathy couldn’t see his cock this wasn’t the first time she’d seen two guys go at it having one of them be her little Brother strangely seemed to turn her on even more, yum nice she thought as she absentmindedly started to toy with her rapidly hardening nipples through the flimsy halter-top. John’s tool was semi hard & as he gobbled his best friend’s thick tool, slowly Lukey ran his fist along John’s dick. Kathy felt her pussy start to moisten she wondered how it would feel to have Luke’s prick buried deep inside her wet twat while John fucked her tight anus. The thoughts of incest sent bolts of lightning form her taught nipple down to her equally hard clitoris.

John lifted his head from friend’s cock slowly pumped his fist along Lukey baby’s hard cock looking up he smiled.

“Tell me how you like my style Lukey baby.”

Before returning to his mates cock Luke started to encourage John.

“That’s it my lovely big cocksucker you know I adore the way you deepthroat me, I can’t wait to taste yours again big Johnny, now tickle my nuts you fucking horny cocksucker Lukey’s nearly ready to come for you.”

“Oh yes please Lukey baby cum in my mouth I want to taste your creamy jism slide down my throat, or do you want to do it on your Johnny cock suckers face so that Lukey baby Cumslut can lick it off?”

Kathy couldn’t believe her little Brother & his friend were talking like this if his Mother heard them they’d be in for it that’s for sure, she’d have a heart attract if she caught them at it. Did she hear him right, did Johnny say on his face & yours again? So this isn’t the first time it has happened then. This made Kathy’s cunt even hotter & when her brother said “here it comes cocksucker Johnny drink it you sissy little cum whore. John’s mouth clamped down on Luke’s shiny knob & milked his friends heavy nuts not spilling a single drop. Kathy came without even touching her pussy that hadn’t happened for such a long time her nipples stood out like twin erasers straining against her loose halter-top & she could feel her wetness seeping from the elastic leg of her G-string. Kathy absentmindedly reached under her skirt slid her fingers along her inner thigh scooping up her sticky nectar bringing them to her lips she greedily sucked & licked them clean.

Looking up at Luke, John smiled.

“Now it’s your turn Lukey baby my sexy cocksucker Bitch.”

They swapped positions Kathy’s eyes were glued to her younger brother’s friend’s crotch she was going to see his prick for the first time. Strangely she felt herself wanting John to show his cock when he pushed his jeans to his ankles Kathy almost gasped out loudly. John’s cock lay against his thigh & although now only half hard it was still over nine inches long. Her pussy got wetter as she thought about how she would love to have that huge fuckstick to play with.

“Now that’s nice she said to herself that could really scratch my itch.”

Kathy noticed that as her little brother started to suck on his mates cock he slowly stroked his own, smallish cock. Luke had the type of dick that when he was soft he measured under two inches & if it got cold then he shrank too under one inch, but when he was erect his circumcised tool was just short of seven inches & on the thin side. Luke slowly licked his way from John’s heavy nut sack all over & around the shaft until he reached the head that he greedily sucked into his mouth, which made both of them moan even louder. Kathy couldn’t help herself she slid her right palm over her G-string & pulled it to one side allowing her other hand to freely stroke her soaking gash. Kathy stabbed three fingers into her greedy pussy her nipples were throbbing with excitement as she continued to spy on her younger brother licking & sucking his friends 11 inch rod. It was obvious from Luke’s actions that this definitely wasn’t the first time that he’d sucked Johnny’s big tool. Lukey baby’s reddish blonde hair bounced as his head bobbed up & down. Kathy felt pride in her younger sibling as she saw his nose being tickled by John’s pubic hair.

“Hang on cocksucker I’m gonna fuck that throat of yours, so get into position over here Lukey baby you fucking Cumslut.”

Kathy was shocked at first but it soon turned to excitement, she thought that the little turd deserved everything that happened. Luke knew that their mother didn’t like him drinking, Luke hadn’t said a word he just swung his legs underneath himself stood up walked to the coffee table & settled onto the large wooden table. As John positioned himself so his knees were just about touching Luke’s shoulders, her little brother looked up at John as he guided his long cock towards Luke’s open mouth. Kathy was elated that they had changed positions & were now side on to her so she could clearly watch. Kathy smiled as she saw her brother grasp Johns hard cock one fist around the shaft other went straight to Johnny’s hairy balls.

Definitley done that before hasn’t he Kathy thought as she continued to watch. Lukey’s fingers just met as he grasped the fleshy base of John’s thick tool. Lukey started licking & what can only be described as slobbering over his friends dick. Once he was satisfied jhon’s cock was sufficiently coated with saliva Luke sucked several inches of John’s twitching prick in to his mouth. John knocked his hand away & grasped a handful of Luke’s hair & said.

“Okay my little Cocksucker I know you fucking want it. So come on & suck my fuckstick Lukey dick licker Cockpig Cumslut.”

He shoved his rock hard tool at Luke’s mouth roughly forcing his thick rod into Lukey baby’s throat, Kathy was just about to save her little brother but she saw that he was trying his hardest to get John’s cock into his willing gullet.

“The little cocksucking slut loves this, so my little brother Lukey is a kinky fucker just like his sister was at that age. I wonder if it’s the virus or just him?” she thought. Kathy bit down on her lower lip as another amazing orgasm washed over her she steadied herself against the wall stifling her moans & slowly formulated her plan while absentmindedly licking the fingers that had just bought her to a wonderful climax. She fished in her hand bag for her cell phone pulling it out she set it for video capture. For the next few minutes Kathy waited for just the right moment her phone could only save two minutes of video. As Kathy waited she scooped one of her big double E tits out of her halter top & twisted the nipple between her thumb & forefinger exciting her even more, she found herself wondering what John’s cock tasted like.

“Get ready Cocksucker your gonna that stuff you love so much Cumslut your gonna get Johnny’s jism, Lukey baby you fucking god damn Cockslut Whore.”

This was what Kathy was waiting for she switched the video on just as John pulled Luke’s nipples & forced his cock deeper into Luke’s throat.

“That’s it cocksucker deepthroat my fat prick you fucking Cockslut, Aggh, Oh fuck, Aggh fuck yessssss. Lukey Cumslut you’re the best cocksucking whore, now drink my come Lukey Cumslut.”

John withdrew his prick just enough so he could grip its base. Kathy knew that he was trying to stop himself from coming & pride swelled up in her again as she watched Luke’s cheeks sucking in as he hoovered John’s thick tool trying to suck his orgasm from him. What she couldn’t see was her Brother’s tongue as he flicked it across Johnny’s fat purple knob trying to force it’s way into the eye as Lukey greedily licked the pre-cum oozeing from his friends fat dick.

“Here it is Lukey baby.”

John pulled his fat cock from Luke’s sucking mouth with a loud schlepping sound then with a few quick strokes his cock erupted spurting the first thick white rope of come straight into Luke’s waiting mouth the second & third sticky strands splattered against Luke’s chin & across his nose. Luke’s tongue snaked out to lick John’s blood engorged helmet catching the next rope of white jism that he greedily lapped up the last sticky rope then splattered against his chest. Before John’s cock shot another sticky glob Luke swallowed.


Luke took John’s prick back into his mouth & started to suck again milking the last few drops from his cock.

Kathy was so transfixed that she hadn’t noticed when the video stopped she didn’t need the whole show just the first few seconds should be plenty to blackmail Luke just in case her special computer virus didn’t lead to his kinky behavior.

“Besides all I want to do is allow him to discover his erotic kinky side without the torment & hang ups I had to deal with. If my plan works then what took me five years to discover he’ll learn in under six months.”

She thought to herself happily. Kathy adjusted her clothing & quietly slipped out the front door, she walked up the driveway she thought that this is going to be easy. Kathy having decided on her course of action turned back towards the house & stomped up the steps trying to make as much noise as possible she rattled her keys making out that they were stuck in the door to give them a little more time. Pushing it open she called out “hi is anyone home”? Kathy heard rustling of clothes when Kathy walked into the sitting room both the boys were sitting watching TV a few empty beer bottles were on the coffee table. When Kathy saw the bottles she said.

“Mum’s not going to be happy with you if she finds out you’ve been drinking little brother.” “Fuck you bitch. What’s the matter Sis didn’t you get any cock tonight.”

Luke spat back.

“Don’t you talk to me like that mister or you’ll regret it little Brother.”

“Why what are you going to do about it bitch.”

Luke taunted his older sister. Kathy turned to John.

“I think that it’s time for you to go, or do you want me to ring your parents & tell them what you have been doing tonight?”

Yeah I’ll tell them you had oral sex with my brother & that he deep throated you until you shot your load all over him, you both loved it to Kathy thought to herself.

“I’ll catch you later dude” John said as he slinked towards the front door.

“How fucking dare you tell one of my friends to leave, you’re a fucking bitch.”

Luke yelled at his sister. Even though he was almost 20 years old Luke was small enough to be a jockey like his father & was only four foot eleven, 125 lb. He stood a touch shorter than his older sister & didn’t take shit from anyone so he wasn’t about to let his older Sister push him around since she’s only five foot one inches & 108 lb. he thought that she couldn’t make him do a thing.

“Did you enjoy sucking Johnny’s big dick Lukey baby.”

Her question nearly floored him, Luke felt his face blush crimson red he murmured.

“What did you say Kath?”

“You heard me Lukey.”

With a horrified look he started pleading with his sister asking her not to tell anyone telling her that it was the first & last time it would happen. Kathy hadn’t said anything she just looked down at Luke & thought. He caved in so easily as I suspected he’s just a little submissive slut just like I used to be it must run in the family this is going to be a whole lot easier than I first thought.

“Now that’s not what I asked is it? Lukey baby, I asked you if you liked sucking your mates thick cock?”

He didn’t want his Sister to see how embarrassed he was so looking at the floor Lukey baby whispered a reply.

“Yes Kathy.”

“Cocksucker I can’t hear you, Cumslut Lukey baby.”

Luke’s eyes shot up to his sisters smiling face when he heard John’s pet name for him. “That’s right Cumslut I saw everything earlier I even taped you drinking John’s come on my phone & before you think you can just erase it, I’ve sent it to my work e-mail so ha.”

“Now answer my question nice & loud so I can hear you.”

“Yes, Kathy I liked sucking on John’s thick cock.”

Luke replied quickly, was one of his fantasies going to come true he loved it when he & John got drunk cause John would dominate him & eventually forces Luke to perform oral sex then return the favor, but a woman dominatrix was a whole new thing & his gorgeous big tited Sister to boot, Luke had been jacking off to fantasies of his sister for the past two years & lately his Mother & Kath’s friend Jenny Kavanagh had started to work her way into his fantasy world as well. Wow how fucking lucky can I be he thought to him self Kathy looked down at her brother as he relaxed on the lounge wearing only a T-shirt & cutoff jeans she could see a sizable lump starting to grow in the groin area. Kathy’s stiff teats were clearly visible through the thin white cotton of her halter top, Luke’s eyes were glued to his Sister’s boobs swaying above him. Kathy was reveling in the feeling of power over her little brother she was experiencing the thrill of a new conquest & that caused her pussy to begin tingling & the throbbing of her clitty gave her the courage to go through with the next phase of her plan since Lukey baby was showing nearly all of the tell tale signs that he would enjoy being a submissive from the way he was ogling his older Sister’s heaving melons it was clear that he found her sexually attractive.

“Don’t lie to me Lukey cocksucker you don’t want to get me angry, I saw how much you were enjoying John’s thick rod tickling your tonsils earlier.

Luke simply nodded his head not looking at his sister he didn’t trust himself, he knew that he would smile when she asked him about cocks.

“Now tell me Lukey baby who else’s cock have you had in your cock sucking mouth you little Cockslut?”

“Only John’s, Sis we do it every Saturday night when you go out & Mum’s usually out with Sally.”

Kathy placed her hands on her hips causing her big tities to jut out as she looked down over her stiff nipples towards Luke’s crotch she noticed the now considerable bulge. Thus encouraged she went for it, it was now or never. If she was going to have her own live in slave who could be better than one’s own little brother, Kathy had spent her collage years in an all lesbian dorm & your freshman year was spent as a submissive. The seniors would have parties where their slaves would be ordered to out do one another or at least try to.

“Excuse me Lukey Cocksucker I didn’t hear you address me as you know you should.”

Luke had been looking at porn on the internet for years so he knew just what to say & Kathy was thrilled when her little brother whispered the answer she wanted to hear.

“Sorry Mistress Kathy.”

“That’s a better Cockslut, from now on whenever we are alone you’ll address me Mistress Katherine, unless I tell you otherwise clear Lukey baby Cockslut.”

Luke looked up into his sister’s eyes & replied in a strong voice.

“Oh yes Mistress Katherine it’s perfectly clear”

Noticing Luke’s erection Kathy knew that he was hers to do what ever or who ever she liked still she was amazed at how easy it had been to make her little brother Luke her slave.

“Stand & strip for your Mistress you little Cockslut.”

Since this was a dream come true for Lukey, he’d secretly lusted after his sister ever since he discovered the joy to be found in the basket in the bathroom he liked to wank off with one of his sisters G-strings around his dick he even looked in her lingerie drawer on more than a dozen occasions.

Luke quickly stripped his clothes discarded in a pile & he stood before his sister his state of arousal evident from the way his hard on tapped his belly every time he moved. Kathy sat on the edge of the lounge her legs slightly apart just enough so that Luke could clearly see the soaking wet blue vee of her G-string between her open thighs.

“Are you enjoying the view Cockslut?”

“Um yes Mistress Katherine I’m glad to see that from the wet patch on your G-string your enjoying this as much as I am.”

“How dare you talk to your Mistress in that tone? Get on your knee’s Cockslut I want to Watch while you wank that pitiful cock of yours.”

Luke sank down enjoying the fact that now he could see even more of Kathy’s G-string & her their wet patch his older Sister’s stiff nipples straining against the thin halter had given him the hard on in the first place.

“Lean back on the chair cocksucker cause your gonna stick your fingers in your butt for me aren’t you, Lukey baby Cumslut?”

A look of concern flashed across her Brothers face for a fraction of a second before he quickly replied.

“Yes, yes Mistress Katherine I’ll do what ever you want, so as long as you don’t show anyone that video on your phone.” Luke replied as he licked his index finger cause it was the longest & he wanted to show his Sister Mistress that he secretly liked playing with his anus. Then looking straight at his older sibling he eased his finger into his ass up to the third knuckle & wiggled it from side to side.

“Well my kinky little brother likes his finger in his asshole doesn’t he.”

Lukey smiled at his Sister & nodded his head slowly

“Cockslut tell your Mistress what else have you had in there my little Cockslut Lukey baby? Have you had Johnny’s big dick up your ass yet.”

“Oh no no, Mistress Katherine just my fingers & a big carrot Johnny’s tried to get me to give it a go & let him fuck me Greek style, but I’ve been too afraid to try. I have to admit I have fantasized about it though Mistress Katherine, & I like the feeling of my fingers.”

“Well, take it then slut Kathy” spat as she lashed out with a well-aimed kick that over balanced Luke causing him to fall backwards onto his hand impaling his arse with his index finger. Luke moaned, but he didn’t miss a beat as he tossed his fist along his tool. Kathy knew that she had her brother just where she wanted him standing up Kathy walked from the room saying don’t stop your wanking Cockslut I’ll be right back. Kathy wasn’t 100% sure that her phone had viedoed what she had threatened so she wanted to make certain. After watching it she was satisfied that both of their faces could be seen clearly, then an idea sprang into her mind, she’d enjoy this for sure. Kathy returned caring a camera Luke recognized it was the digital camera she got for Christmas last year. Kathy walked to where her brother was lying & stood between his open knees as Luke continued to slide his fist along his prick. Seeing his older sister was about to photograph him masturbating Luke began pleading.

“Sis please don’t.”

Pulling his finger from his anus Lukey baby tried to hide his face. His Sister noticed that he hadn’t stopped fucking his fist though. Reaching down Kathy grabbed Luke’s hanging ball sack & squeezed which caused Luke to jump with the pain. Luke’s eyes flew open he looked pleadingly at his sister, but she had a mischievous grin on her face.

“I’m your FUCKING Mistress you are my plaything you will do as I say or I will have videos made up & I will send 1 to every house in this town, IS THAT FUCKING CLEAR!?”

She squeezed harder.

“Well Cockslut?”

“I’m sorry Mistress Katherine I just thought that you have enough evidence already.”

“Never my little Cockslut I’m gonna make sure that your always mine, now shove that finger back in your slutty ass. I want photos of it all the way up your virgin ass then half way out Cockslut.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

Luke licked his finger & pushed it into his gripping shitter his fist pumped away at his hard prick. Looking at the floor Lukey baby jumped as the camera flash went off Kathy giggled. “Look at me Lukey Cumslut I want to see your face in the next photograph.”

Luke looked up to protest but as his face came into view Kathy took the photo, from her position she could clearly see his finger deep up his virgin ass.”

Two fingers now Cockslut” Kathy ordered.

Luke lifted one cheek & inserted another finger he knew that it would go in easy because he usually did his butt with three. Quite soon he was so close to coming he didn’t care that Kathy was busy taking photo after photo of him.

“Agh Mistress Katherine, I’m gonna cum, um I mean can I come please Mistress Katherine?” Cockslut you may come, but shoot it all over your belly for Mistress Katherine like the little whore that you are, take it my little Cumslut Brother”

Hearing his sister degrade him like this took Luke over the top. Sticky cum shot from his cock he was amazed that he was still able to produce such an amount since he had already shot two loads down John’s throat earlier that night. He shot several thick strands across his sparse red pubic hairs & up onto his stomach.

“Milk the rest out.”

Luke shook the last drops onto his belly as Kathy took what was about the twentieth photo.

“How was that Cockslut? Did you enjoy wanking off for your Mistress”?

“Oh thank you, yes very much so Mistress Katherine.”

“Good Cockslut, now clean your cum off & eat it, I know by the way you sucked John’s big cock that you adore the taste of sperm.”

Luke started to scoop his jism up & eagerly lapped it off his fingers. Kathy was surprised to see that he used both hands even the fingers that had up until a minute ago been deep in his ass. Luke cleaned up all his cum & looked up at his sister smiling. Kathy noticed that her brother’s cock had shriveled to a tiny one & a half inches then a thought struck her, “I’ll bet we will be able to hide that little thing no worries once I’ve trained it not to get hard without my permission.”

“Thank you, Mistress Katherine may I service you now?”

Kathy looked over at the clock on the kitchen wall, since it was nearly 11pm.

“Sadly my little Cockslut mother will be home soon so I will have to be satisfied with a good tongue fuck.” Kathy reached down pushing her G-string towards the floor, stepping out of the panties she hiked up her skirt showing Lukey baby the object of many of his fantasies. He’d never imagined that his older Sister shaved down there, her snatch was completely bald.

“Come here Cockslut & lick your Mistress’s smooth pussy for her.”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine, but I’ve never licked a pussy before.”

Reaching out Kathy slapped her brother hard across the face.

“It wasn’t a fucking question Cockslut it’s an order now get over here & suck my cunt.”

Luke crawled to his sister. Kathy stood with her feet about a yard apart hands on hips holding her skirt out of his way. When he was close enough Kathy grabbed a hand full of his hair soft reddish blonde locks & dragged his face to her shaved vulva.

“Now lick it you, Cockslut lick my fucking cunt slave.”

Turned on by his big Sister’s words & her strong musky aroma Luke moved closer his tongue snaked into the wet folds his sister’s pussy. She arched her back thrusting her hips at his probing tongue for the next ten minutes Kathy directed her sibling’s tongue, ordering him when or where to lick lightly bite or just suck hard. As her orgasm approached Kathy pushed Luke down onto his back & straddled his face, she rode her little Brother’s face grinding her clit against the bridge of his nose. Feeling the familiar warmth seeping out from her groin Kathy knew that she was about to come. ” Fuck me with your tongue Lukey baby Cockslut, tongue fuck your Mistress’s gash, Agh that’s it fuck me you slut fuck my wet cunt with your hot slippery tongue.”

Luke was busy sucking his sisters sweet pussy it was the first cunt that he had touched & only the second he had seen. When Kathy did come Luke sucked as hard as he was able to drinking down his older sisters juices, when she calmed down Kathy rubbed her sex all over Luke’s face standing she looked down at Luke.

“You better get dressed Mum should be home any time, but leave your Mistress’s cum on your face.

Grabbing his clothes Luke quickly dressed. Katy sat on the sofa & patted the cushion beside her. He sat next to her wondering what was next he didn’t have a long wait.

“Tell your Mistress, Lukey Cockslut how long have you liked the taste of cum?”

“Um well Mistress Katherine for almost two years now.”

“How did it start? Did John get you into it, You better tell Mistress Katherine all about it then Lukey baby Cockslut.”

Luke went on to tell his sister that he had been fishing in the dirty clothes hamper for her used G-strings for the last two years. Kathy smiled at her brother & held her soiled black G-string up.

“Here Lukey Baby ya can have this pair, it’ll save ya digging them out of the wash later.”

Luke blushed bright red he couldn’t bring himself to look at his sister but put his hand out for the panties.

“Kinky little fucker wanking with my undies around your cock eh? Continue Cockslut.”

It’s how I inadvertently found out that I liked the taste of come Mistress Katherine, not wanting to stain your undies & get caught so I started off by catching my seed in my cupped palm, but soon found that when I tried to wash it down the sink it stuck like glue & I had to push it all down the plug-hole but it took so long. Then I vowed to remember a hanky or tissues from then on but the very next day when I got home from school early & headed for the bathroom, it wasn’t until I was about come that I realized that some of my pre cum had dribbled down on to Mistress’s new green G-string. Without thinking I raised the cotton towards my lips & after sniffing the mixture of you & me I couldn’t help it out went my tongue & started lapping the wet spot of pre cum.”

Blushing bright red Luke continued.

“I then wound the G-string around my head covering my nose with the cotton gusset then started to pump my fist along my cock. As I came I practically exploded & I only just managed catch all of my come by using both hands & it seemed only natural that I try it after all I’d enjoyed the pre cum entree. I started off just dipping the tip of my tongue in it, liking the smell & the taste I started licking my fingers one at a time but by the end I was sucking each of my fingers wishing that they were cocks it was then that I knew that he must be bisexual because I still wanted to fuck Jade’s younger sister Helen. From that day I vowed that I’d find out all about sex by using the Internet. It only took a few nights of surfing the web before I’d stumbled onto a sex site. I had found Aladdin’s cave of pleasure & I just had to find out all he could about the wonderful world of sex. After a month or two I found a B&D/S&M site it seemed that I was drawn to the site more & more I just couldn’t stop myself Mistress Katherine.”

“How did you get John into your little Friday night sex sessions Lukey Cockslut?”

He was thrilled by his sisters use of John’s pet name for him & he started to tell his sister everything.

“It all began about a month after we moved here Mistress Katherine, one Friday night when you & mum went out on the town John came over with a couple of six packs. We were surfing the net when I asked him if he’d ever seen a sex site Mistress Katherine. I told him that I had been nearly unable to tear myself away from one. John laughed & said I’ll bet you’ve been wanking over it to, fuck yeah so would you I bet I told him. So we headed to my room I flicked on my computer, brought up a normal site we looked at heaps of photos everything from big tits which is John’s favorite Mistress Katherine to guys with enormous cocks fucking small chicks.”

Luke paused for breath & continued.

“I accidentally on purpose that is Mistress Katherine I clicked on the link for my favorite site. It opens with a sexy busty young girl chained to a bench sucking one cock while a second pumps her pussy. I said what’s this pop-up? Johnny said hey let’s have a look anyway, she looks like she is loving her double dose. Entering the site I new that the next screen had a photo of a man standing over a couple tied to the bench. When John saw it he laughed digging me in the ribs saying, I bet he’s gonna fuck em what do you reckon Luke? Yeah they look as though they want it to I replied laughing along with him. We continued to suss the site out while we drank several brews, I was in the bath room having a pee when in walked John saying stand aside Lukey I need to go to. He took out his cock I couldn’t help noticing it & said gee Johnny you were right you are almost as big as those guys on the net, laughing he said you should see it hard I’m even bigger then. I licked my lips & said I’ll bet you are Johnny I’ll bet you are. Sitting back down at the desk he took control of the mouse, I expected him to change sites but to my surprise he clicked on the galleries for single slaves with multiple dominants I felt my cock twitch as he scanned the lists the photo set he chose was called ,Having fun with red haired lad. It was of a couple dominating a younger male it began with a woman in her mid thirties whipping the slave boy’s lower back & the tops of his buttocks while an older man was using a vibrator on the slave’s arse we both laughed & John said he’s probably sucking him by the last photo Lukey.”

“Yep told you look he’s deepthroating it the Cockslut & the woman is fucking him with a strap-on dildo hahaha useless Cockslut look at him Lukey he’s their Cockslut whore.”

Hearing John talk this way excited me immensely my cock throbbed. The next photo set John clicked on showed the same guy being used by two Masters I expected him to leave it right away, but he slowly started to scan down the page stopping at a photo of the slave being skewered on their long cocks I could feel pre come leaking from my cock by now Mistress Katherine. Looking down at John’s crotch I saw a massive lump in his jeans, his left hand resting there occasionally rubbing.

“Look Lukey it’s that same Cockslut taking it from both ends at once fuck he’s such a fucking slut how could anyone do that Lukey?”

He said with his eyes still glued to the computer screen Mistress Katherine.

“Well, some people get off on it I suppose John it looks like he is getting off on it doesn’t he, just look at his face as he’s sucking on that fat cock he loves every minute of it don’t you reckon?”

This was an added bonus Katherine thought I didn’t expect to trap anyone other than Lukey baby, since Johnny is a kinky fucker at heart then he’s in for it to. When she’d planted the special virus that she’d borrowed from where she worked. It was an experimental program designed to stop hackers but there was undesirable side effects. When Katherine found out what the side effects were she laughed her head off nearly wetting herself.

“If this got out the world would be filled with nothing but my kind of people & lots of play things for us.”

Now she began to realize just how powerful the program could be. Her little Brothers voice brought her thoughts back to the present.

“It could be the dick up his tight ass too” replied Johnny.

It didn’t escape Katherine’s attention that every time Lukey baby refereed to his friend he called him Johnny instead of the usual John.

“I couldn’t believe it Mistress Katherine he was just as turned on as I was. Further down the same page both Masters were standing in front of their slave shooting their come all over his face, neck & chest.”

“John moaned saying fuck wow look at him your right Lukey he sure does love it doesn’t he Lukey that’s one true cumloving Cockslut.”

“Ah yeah I guess he does.”

“Sure he does Lukey just one look at the sluts come covered face says he’s in heaven the cum loving Cockslut, if he was here I’d spray a huge wad on that sluts face no worries.”

“What you’d let him suck you off John?”

“Why not if I closed my eyes it would feel like it’s a girl sucking me off besides I’m not gonna let him fuck me or anything but I’d sure fuck his ass off that’s for sure.”

I found out later about how his Brother would force him to suck his prick just about every night.

“You’d what?”

I was thrilled Mistress Katherine but feigned shock saying.

“You aren’t serious are you, John?”

“Why not Lukey anything that goes on, on the way in come off on the way out hahaha hahaha, besides you can’t tell me that you’re not horny from those photos I can see the lump in your jeans.”

“Yes, they do turn me on.”

I admitted to him Mistress Katherine.

“Wank off if you want to Lukey, my older brother & I use to watch each other wank when he still lived at home so I won’t bother me if you have a pull, cause I’ve gotta Lukey or my nuts will explode. As he unzipped his jeans as I selected the next set it came up showing yet again the same red haired guy this time he was on his back a guy in a ski mask was deep inside his ass a woman with a strap-on was fucking his face & two guys were receiving hand jobs. “Look the Cockslut is at again Lukey he’s gonna get three sticky loads this time, fuck that chick with the strap-on makes my dick hard Lukey.”

Looking over my jaw dropped when I saw his hard cock for the first time a gorgeous eleven inches of beautiful fuck meat.

“Fuck you’re big Johnny.”

Subconsciously I started to slide my fist along my own cock Mistress Katherine luckily, John’s attention had returned to the computer screen.

They had no choice but to look at the screen because it only took a couple of two minute sessions & the subject was willing putty for the programer. To Katherine there was only two downfalls firstly the program had to be tailored to the individual & therefore it was time consuming, secondly the subject wouldn’t want to do anything that they deep down didn’t want to do, but that didn’t mean that they wouldn’t do it. Katherine planned on working her butt off to rectify those little faults again Lukey’s voice floated through her thoughts.

“The photo on screen now had the woman fucking the slave while one guy came on his face the others still getting hand jobs.”

“There’s number one Lukey I hope I hold out till the Cockslut get all three.”

“My eyes were glued to his huge dick Mistress Katherine as he wanked it sitting beside me I found myself imagining he was talking directly to me as he described the action on screen. John moved on to the last photo in the set saying look “Lukey it’s all over his face in the sluts hair & dripping from his chin what a fucking cum loving Cockslut.” That did it Mistress Katherine I moaned & shot my load all over my fist still starring at John’s dick. I hadn’t noticed that he was looking at me instead of the computer.

Synopsis: Loren had no idea what he was getting into when his agent suggested he write transvestite fiction. Nor did he realize how eagerly his wife Stephanie would embrace the idea of feminizing her husband. How far would they go?

Chapter 7: Laura Buys Shoes. . . Lots of Shoes

Loren rolled out of bed the following morning. He yawned. Despite having sex with his wife three time the prior night, he felt like he could immediately go again. He still wore the pink teddy she’d made him wear and the stockings. He’d worn her pink heels too, but they fell off his feet somewhere during the night.

“I really can’t believe we did that last night,” he said.

“It was great,” she purred.

“I mean the party.”

“That was great too. We should do it again. I’m getting all kinds of ideas for things we could try next time.”

Loren shook his head. “No way, I’m out of the crossdresser business as of this morning.”

She chuckled. “I doubt it.”

“No, I’m serious.”

She sat up. “We’ve barely cracked the book!”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Oh yes it does, I say when this ends and until we finish the book, I’m not giving up my tape.”

Now Loren laughed. “Ha! I’ve been thinking about this and that tape doesn’t matter. I’ll just tell people I was doing an experiment for a new book about a crossdresser serial killer, like in Dressed to Kill.”

“You think so?”

“I know so,” he said sitting on the bed as he pulled his stockings off his legs.

“How are you going to explain the party?”

“What about it?”

She rose to her knees behind him and wrapped her arms around his back. “How are you going to explain wearing women’s underwear and women’s heels at a party where we invited two other married couples to join us? No one will buy that as research. They’ll see it for what it was, you getting a kick out of trying to pull this off beneath their noses.”

“Who’s going to tell them?”

“I would!”

“You wouldn’t?”

“Uh, hello?! I’m already blackmailing you with a video, why do you think I wouldn’t throw that in?” she said. Her tone was somewhat playful but with enough seriousness that Loren knew she meant to get her way.

“They won’t believe you.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure. I saw the way Jane and Kathleen looked at you. You yourself said Kathleen saw your heels. And we know she saw your nails and smelled your perfume. I think I saw both notice your bra straps—”

“Bra straps?! But the sweater—”

“. . . was too tight. I saw your bra straps whenever you bent forward.”

Loren’s jaw dropped and he covered his mouth with his hands.

“Of course, I could be wrong. But since I won’t be protecting you and trying to convince them they didn’t see what they think they saw and instead I’ll be the one pointing these things out, I suspect they’ll believe me.”

Loren stared at his red toenails for some time. “You rotten blackmailer.”

She smiled. Then she hugged him tighter. “Oh, come on. Don’t even try to tell me you didn’t love it?! And don’t tell me you don’t want to keep going? There is so much fun we can have with this.”

Loren looked down at the teddy he wore. He looked at his pounding erection. He felt his horny wife holding him tightly. Maybe, he thought, maybe just a little while longer. “All right, but this needs to end soon.”

She kissed his ear and slipped her hand down around his penis.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.


Stephanie pulled up outside the shoe store and turned off the engine. She had picked a store in an aging strip mall off the beaten path for Loren’s first trip outside the house in women’s clothes. That way they were unlikely to run into anyone they knew and the store wouldn’t be very busy, especially on a Monday morning. Fewer people was better to get Loren’s confidence up.

“I don’t know about this,” Loren said as he shifted uncomfortably in the passenger seat.

“You’ll do fine. No one will ever suspect.”

Loren looked himself up and down. He wasn’t so sure. He wore the same reddish-pink sweater he wore the night before, only Stephanie had padded his breasts to give him somewhere between an A and a B cup. His fingernails and toenails were now soft pink. He wore lipstick, blush, eye shadow and foundation, but all done very lightly. “Garish is a dead giveaway,” Stephanie had warned him. She had also further plucked his eyebrows and added more obvious curl to his frizzy hair. He also wore the black pants Stephanie had bought for him and nude pantyhose. When he asked why he wasn’t wearing a skirt, she replied, “For one thing, women don’t always run around in skirts, and no one is going to think a crossdresser would wear pants. For another, we can’t hide your constant erections in skirts. Also, we need to see how the shoes fit with the pants. Fitting skirts is easy, fitting heels to pants is a lot harder if you aren’t wearing the pants.” Finally, on his feet, he wore the same basic black pumps Stephanie slipped him under the table at the party.

“Why do I need to buy women’s shoes again?”

“Because I said so,” she said as she dug through her purse.

“I mean, why can’t I just wear yours?”

Stephanie could hear the nervousness in his voice. “Because your feet are just a bit too big for my shoes. It’s bad for your feet and it’s bad for my shoes.” She closed her purse. “Come on, sissy.” She exited the car.

Loren’s hand shook as he reach for the door handle. He didn’t want to leave the car, but she had given him no choice. He also knew that if he didn’t act calmly, he would be discovered. It was time to summon every ounce of courage he had. Laura was going public.

Stephanie moved ahead of Loren toward the store. Loren was slowed by the sensations. He felt naked in the thin clothing. He felt exposed in the sunlight and the outside air. He heard the unfamiliar sound of his own heels tapping against the asphalt. And he felt the now familiar combination of terror and excitement at the prospect of being discovered. He tried to blank out everything except Stephanie and he followed her though the door.

Loren looked around. He’d been in many shoe stores, but never quite like this. For the first time, he consciously contemplated being in a women’s shoe store with the intent of buying shoes. He saw rows of shoes and could smell the leather. He noticed purses and knickknacks and hats and other things he never noticed before in shoe stores. He also noticed no one had spotted him yet. Over his shoulder, two girls stood behind the counter chatting with each other. They barely noticed him. There were no other customers.

Stephanie marched Loren to the dress shoes and gave him the grand tour. She explained to him the difference between wedge heels, sandals, pumps, slingbacks, mules and slides and all their pros and cons. She kept choosing two shoes at random and asking him, “which do you like better?” and then quizzing him why he chose what he did. As they worked their way through the shelves, the blond girl from the counter came over to them. She wore a simple, red A-line dress and matching open-toed pumps with a three-inch wedge heel. She moved gracefully on the heels.

“Can I help you find something?” the girl asked.

“Yes, we’re looking for some heels,” said Stephanie. “I need a variety of four-inch hee—” She stopped mid-sentence, then she leaned in closer to the girl and whispered: “My new boss loves really high heels and I want to make a good impression, so I need something in the four and four-plus inch range. You know how men are?”

The girl nodded.

Stephanie continued. “And my sister here needs a whole closet of shoes! She just had a flood and lost everything.”

“I’ve got just the thing for your boss,” the girl said holding up a finger to tell Stephanie to wait a moment. She sauntered off to the back before returning with several boxes. The girl opened the first box. These contained basic black pumps with four-inch heels. The next were slingbacks with a wide open toe and then slingbacks with a peep toe. There were also basic black pumps with a five-inch heel. “I’ve got each of these in various colors too. Why don’t you try them on while I get your sister started.”

Loren breathed a sigh of relief. The girl didn’t seem to notice he was a man.

“Did you have anything in mind?” she asked Loren.

“Not really,” Loren said softly. Stephanie had warned him that trying to sound like a woman would come across as suspicious, so she told him just to speak softly.

“Flats? Pumps? Sandals? Sneakers?” the girl asked.

“Why don’t you look at some sandals for the party, Laura,” Stephanie said. “Maybe something in silver. Then a variety of pumps in black.”

The girl looked curiously at Stephanie and then at Loren and then shrugged her shoulders. She walked backwards to another section, indicating Loren should follow her. “What size?” she asked.

Loren shook his head. “It’s been a long time since I measured.”

The girl stopped to measure his foot. “Are you and your sister close?”

“Oh yes, we’ve always been close.”

“That’s nice. I have a sister, but we’re not close.” She set the measuring device aside and indicated Loren could slide his foot back into his shoe and follow her. He did, and she led him to a selection of sandals. “We have these in a variety of heel heights, but I take it your sister wants you wearing really high heels?”

Loren sensed a hint of haughtiness in the question, but it could have been his imagination. He nodded.

The girl picked up the first pair. “These have a straight five-inch heel. I also have these with a one-inch platform or some with a two-inch platform, which makes the heels six inches.”

Loren bit his lip. This wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought owing to the number of choices. “I’d like to avoid anything five inches. Do you have anything in the three to four-inch range?”

“Sure.” The girl stepped a few feet to the left. “Here are some similar shoes in the three to four-inch range. Some have platforms, some don’t. Why don’t you look around and I’ll go help your sister.”

Loren watched the girl walk over toward the counter, where he couldn’t help but notice she and the other girl started giggling and the blond girl held her wrist limp. Had she read him? Loren felt sick. It was one thing to be spotted, it would be quite another to be spotted by this girl, who seemed cruel.

As he pondered this, Stephanie came over wearing black slingbacks. “I like these! Who knew Candi could have good taste. What do you think, dear?” She turned her foot for him to see. They had a four-and-three-quarter-inch heel, but a half-inch of that was platform.

“I think the blond knows,” he said.

Stephanie looked over her shoulder at the giggling girl. “Doubt it.”

Loren shivered.

“But she will get suspicious if you don’t start trying on shoes.”

Loren looked at the rack. “What should I get?”

Stephanie looked at the shoes. “Try these,” she said picking up a pair of open-toed black pumps and a pair of black slingbacks. “Make sure they all have at least four-inch heels. You’re welcome to go higher, but I wouldn’t advise it. Also, get some neutral pumps, maybe some oxfords, and some pink and white wedges.”

“That’s a lot of shoes?”

“Yep, but a girl needs her shoes. Also, after you get all that, surprise me. Get something a little sexy or edgy.”

“Surprise you?!”

“Yeah, and make sure it’s a good surprise, or I’ll drag you back here to get something better. . . only, you’ll be dressed like Loren when we come,” she said with a wink.

“That’s not funny!”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Who’s joking?”

Again, Loren couldn’t tell if she was serious or not. This seemed to be her new way of threatening him without really threatening. “Four-inch heels on everything?”

“At least four-inch, that’s the deal.”

“And you don’t want to tell me what I should buy?”

Stephanie put one hand on her hip and waved the other around. “I think you’re a big girl now, Laura. It’s time to make your own decisions. Just make sure I like what you choose.” She walked back over to where she had been trying on the shoes. As she did, the blond girl returned.

“You like those?” she asked Loren.

“Uh. . . yeah.”

The girl smiled. “You should probably walk around in them.”

“What? Oh, yes.” Loren began walking toward a mirror so he could see the black open-toed pumps he wore. They fit, and the sight in the mirror of his painted toenails sticking out the front of the shoes made him hard. “These are nice.”

“Ok, keep looking,” said the girl and she went to Stephanie. As the girl drifted toward Stephanie, Loren added a pair of black slingbacks, a pair of white slingbacks, a pair of open-toed beige slingbacks, and a pair of pink and white sandals with a wedge heel made of cork. He tried on each pair and they all fit. He began looking for a pair of black loafers. By the time the girl returned, he had amassed a large collection of boxes.

“Finding anything?” she asked.

“Yes, I think I’ll take these.”

The girl flipped through the collection and smiled.

“I need one more thing,” Loren said. “I need something really special.”

“For what occasion?”

Loren tried to think of what a girl would consider a special occasion. “Uh. . . my husband is coming home from a long trip.” It sounded very awkward.

The girl smirked. “Uh huh.”

“No, really,” he said defensively.

The girl raised an eyebrow. Whatever she thought was really going on, Loren was now giving her more reason to suspect it. She smiled strangely. “Ok, I know what you need.” She walked him over to a different section where he saw what Stephanie called “hooker shoes.” She stopped and picked up a pair of cherry-red mules with a wide open toe and a five-inch heel with no platform. “These will work,” she said flatly.

His face turned red.

“You should try them on,” she said coldly.

“That’s ok.”

“No, try them on,” she said firmly and handed them to Loren.

Loren’s heart raced. Why was she suddenly so demanding? Did she know or was he being overly sensitive? He wasn’t sure, but she scared him and he didn’t want to cross her. He set the mules down and slid his feet out of the heels he already wore. He stepped into the mules. He immediately noticed they weren’t very comfortable and balancing was difficult. Indeed, he almost fell at first, but the girl grabbed his arm and steadied him.

“You should go one size smaller in these,” she said. “They’ll look better.” Loren wasn’t going to argue, but she didn’t wait for his approval in any event. She handed him the smaller size and he slid into them. “Now walk over to the mirror and back so I can see.”

Loren did as he was told. This was the first time he wore mules and it took some adjustment as the shoes didn’t move with his feet when he walked. Instead, he had to force them against his soles with his toes as he walked to make them leave the ground. But he was a quick learner and he was able to pass the blond girl’s inspection. He went to slide his foot out of the shoes, but the girl stopped him.

“No, you should wear them to get used to them.”

“That’s ok.”

The girl ignored him. “Go walk to the front of the store and then come back to me,” she said coldly.

Loren looked at her. This was clearly a demand, and there was something about the condescension in her eyes which spoke of cruelty, so he knew instinctively she was not someone he should cross. Indeed, he had begun to fear her, though he didn’t quite know why. He looked over the girl’s shoulder, hoping Stephanie would rescue him, but she was across the store. With no choice left, he did as she instructed and walked to the front of the store, right by the other girl behind the counter. She smiled at him. Then he turned and went back to the blond. She sat down on one of the benches just before he returned. She crossed her legs and let her shoe dangle.

“Ok,” he said, hoping to finish the sentence with, “that’s all I need.” But the girl interrupted him. She pointed toward two pair of Mary Janes.

“You need those too.”

Loren looked where she pointed. Both were Mary Janes with four-inch heels. One pair had the classic t-strap and the other just had a single strap across the arch. Both were a sort of dark burgundy-red, with the t-strap shoes being more red and the single-strap shoes being more brown. “I think—”

“Try them on,” she insisted.

Loren took a deep breath. He looked for help from Stephanie, but she was still across the store. It was just him versus this girl and she intimidated him. He sat down on the opposite bench and strapped on the first pair. As Loren modeled both pair for her, the girl grabbed two more pair of shoes and added those to the set of boxes without permission. Loren wasn’t even sure what was in them, but he wasn’t going to say anything.

At this point, Stephanie came over with three boxes. She saw the collection Loren had built up and laughed. “When I said surprise me, Laura, I didn’t think you’d buy the whole store!”

Loren looked helplessly at the two women as they laughed at him. The blond girl’s laugh seemed malicious.

Stephanie grabbed her own boxes and they made their way to the counter. Once there, Stephanie paid for the shoes with her credit card. It was expensive and she joked it would come out of Loren’s pay — she told the two girls “Laura” worked as a maid — but she never suggested returning anything. She even picked up a purse for Loren, a simple black leather purse about the size a phonebook with a short double strap.

As Stephanie paid, Loren found it hard to meet the blond girl’s gaze. He was sure she knew, though she never said anything specific. But he could hear it in her accusing tone and in the way her attitude changed from helpful to commanding. Also, as he slid into the passenger seat of the car, he could swear he saw the two girls double over with laughter inside the store.

He wanted to go home and cry. But they weren’t done shopping.

Chapter 8: The Uniform Shop

Loren moped as Stephanie drove them to another part of town. “The blond girl spotted me,” he said tersely.

“Good for her, I hope it made her day,” Stephanie responded indifferently.


“Oh, come on dear, you had your fun, let the girl have hers.”

“That was not fun!”

“Of course it was, and you enjoyed it.”

“I did not,” he insisted.

She reached over and squeezed his erection through his pants. “Apparently, you did.” She let go of his erection. “Let’s be honest, Loren. You got to do a little shopping and you got to flirt with a sexy young blond girl in the process. You loved it, and you’ve got the raging hard-on to prove it. And in exchange for your fun, she gets to go home and tell her boyfriend all about the sissy she served today. That’s a fair trade.”

“That’s not funny.”

Stephanie laughed. “Sure it is, you just have to step back a bit to see the humor in it. You might even have planted an idea in her head. . . opened her eyes.”

“What idea?”

“Think about it. When she goes home tonight, she may decide her boyfriend would look better in heels, just like you do.”


“Oh come on, dear! We’re both thinking it. You’re a sexier sissy than you were a man.”

Loren scowled. “I am most definitely not thinking that!”

“Well, you should,” she said and patted his erection condescendingly.

“You better be teasing,” he growled.

She changed the topic. “I can’t help but notice, by the way, that you went way overboard on shoes. I guess you’re a shoe-girl. Is that it? Have you got a thing for shoes?” she asked dryly.

Loren rolled his eyes. “She made me buy these because she knew I was a man. It was blackmail.”

Stephanie raised an eyebrow. “Was it really?”


“And what exactly did she threaten?”

“What do you mean?”

“Did she say, ‘hey sissy, I’m going to go tell your wife right over there that you’re wearing her clothes if you don’t buy more shoes?’ Was that it?”

Chapter 9: Laura’s Mall Odyssey

Loren was sweating bullets by the time Stephanie finally parked the car. He expected they would go home. They hadn’t. Instead, they were parked outside Raycine’s, a department store at one end of the Valleyview Mall. The mall was only five miles from their house and they shopped here occasionally.

“I can’t go in there.”

“You don’t have any choice,” she said with a smile.

“I won’t. I can’t go in there.”

“Laura, no one is going to spot you.”

“Why don’t you buy what we need and I’ll wait in the car?”

“Because I need you to try things on,” she said firmly, before adding with a mischievous smile, “Plus, how can I humiliate my sissy husband if she sits in the car?”

Loren glared at his wife.

She patted him on the thigh. “Come on sissy, you’re going in.” She got out of the car and started walking toward the door. Loren took several deep breaths and got out of the car as well. Despite having been in two stores now, this wasn’t getting any easier.

Loren had to jog a bit to catch up to Stephanie, which was a strange experience in the heels. Making this even more difficult, his pants kept falling down because they no longer fit because of the corset – the corset reduced his waist by at least three inches – so he needed to hold up his pants as he jogged to catch up to her.

When they reached the front door, Stephanie immediately turned right and made her way to the suits and dresses. Loren followed a few steps behind as she pulled dress after dress from the racks. Some she looked at and returned, a couple she held up to Loren and returned, and three or four she held up to Loren and then set aside.

“There are certain dresses every girl needs. You’ve never really fit into my stuff and with your new shape, you definitely won’t fit. So we need to get you some basics.”

Loren nodded. It wasn’t that he agreed, he just wanted to get this over with and get out of here before he was spotted. He didn’t want to attract the attention of any of the salesgirls, nor did he want to prolong this by arguing. Also, his feet were getting sore from spending the day in the higher heels and his penis was getting sore as the girdle uncomfortably squeezed his erection and his testicles very tightly against his body. He wanted to get home and take this off.

“Ok, let’s try ‘em on!” Stephanie said.

“What? Why?”

“You didn’t think we were just going to buy these without seeing if they fit, did you? You need to try them on before we leave the store.” Stephanie marched him over to the fitting rooms where a woman with short black curly hair was busy tagging clothes. She didn’t even look up as they approached. Stephanie handed all of the clothes to Loren. “Try them on one at a time and then come out here and let me see them.”

“Can’t you come in with me?”

“I can, sure, but I won’t. I want you to come out here.”


“Because it’s fun watching you risk getting caught,” she whispered.

Loren marched into the back and stripped down to his underwear. He hoped he wasn’t on video camera. The first dress was a simple housedress like the one he had been wearing around the house. This one was forest green with a floral pattern with dozens of colors. When he slid the dress on, it felt tight to him and he wasn’t sure it fit. Stephanie thought otherwise.

“No, it looks great.”

“But it’s tight on my hips and my chest.”

“That’s because the girdle is padded to give you bigger hips and I made your breast bigger today. I got sick of having a husband with small breasts.” She moved her fingers around his body, pulling the dress in various locations. “No, it fits well.”


“But you’re more conscious of it, I know. The dress you were wearing fit you like a sack, this hugs your curves, now that you have them. That’s how it’s supposed to fit and that’s how it’s going to be from now on. Now go try the next one.”

Loren removed the dress and grabbed the next one. This was more of a suit than a dress. It was a light-tan pencil skirt and short tan jacket. Stephanie had included a white blouse with the suit. He found it difficult to walk in the tight skirt, but again Stephanie said this fit correctly. Finally, came “the little black dress.” The dress had a square neck and three-quarter length sleeves. It zipped up the back. Its hem fell just below Loren’s knees and it had a kick pleat. The overall effect was elegant and sexy, especially with the heels and his new shape.

“Wow!” Stephanie said when he walked through the curtain. Even the woman at the computer looked up and smiled. Stephanie helped him zip up the dress.

“I hate it!” he whispered.

“You look great!”

“It’s tight across my chest and at my hips—”

“I told you, you’ll have to get use to that.”

“It’s so thin I feel like I’m practically naked.”

“That’s how guys like women to dress.”

“And it just makes me want to cry!” he said to both their surprises.

She patted him on the back. “That’s ok, dear, girls can cry. So if you want to cry, go ahead and do it. I won’t think any less of my sissy.”

At this comment, Loren felt his penis explode. Suddenly it was pumping semen into his panties and the girdle. Loren froze.

“What’s wrong?” Stephanie asked, noting the scared look on his face.

“I think we need to stop.”


“Something just happened and everything got wet.”

Stephanie raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t!” she laughed.

“Can we please leave?”

Stephanie put her hands on her hips and exhaled. “You better not be lying to me!” He shook his head. She stared at him for a few seconds. “Fine.” She walked over to the woman at the register. “My friend wants to wear this dress while we go for lunch, can she wear it out of the store if we buy it now?”

“No problem, I’ll just have to remove the tag first.”

The women used an electronic device to remove the tag as Stephanie placed more clothes on the counter. “He’ll take these too.”

Loren turned white as a sheet. Stephanie had referred to him as “he.” His eyes shot up at the black-haired woman. She didn’t seem to notice. He took a deep breath as the woman finished processing the purchase and placed everything in two bags, including the black-plaid pants and the pinkish-red sweater he wore into the store.

As they moved away from the counter, Stephanie whispered to Loren: “That slipped, I’m sorry. At least she didn’t notice, so no harm no foul.”

“Except the heart attack you gave me!”

“Don’t be so melodramatic.”

With both Loren and Stephanie carrying bags, Loren turned toward the door to leave, but Stephanie started in the other direction – toward the mall. Loren caught up to her and put his hand on her arm once they were out of hearing range of the clerk. “You said we were leaving after I tried them on!”

“I said we would ‘leave the store,’ I didn’t say we were going home.” She started toward the mall again, but he again grabbed her arm.

“I can’t do this,” he whisper-yelled at her.

“Of course you can.” She put her hands on her hips and spoke in a normal voice which made Loren fear others could hear her. “You’ve been in three stores now and no one spotted you unless you told them.”

“That girl in the shoe store knew!”

“Maybe she did. But nothing came of it?”

“She blackmailed me!”

Stephanie raised her voice. “No one blackmailed you. You bought all those extra shoes because you wanted them.”

Loren looked around nervously. “Keep your voice down!”

“Shoes, shoes, shoes! My husband bought high-heeled shoes because he loves them!” she said even louder.

His face twisted. “Please, stop!” he begged.

Stephanie exhaled loudly. “You need to be taught a lesson, Laura. You need to be taught that I’m in charge now, whether you like it or not, and I want to play this game to the end. Now, I know you do as well, even if you won’t admit it, so stop fighting me and let’s just have some fun with this.”

Loren looked around nervously. He wasn’t sure if people could hear them or not and it made him nervous that people might have overheard what Stephanie just said. He decided it was best to just let Stephanie have her way on this. He nodded his head.

“No, don’t just nod at me. You need to get this through your head. I’m in charge. Me boss, you not. You do anything I tell you. Understand.”

He nodded again.

“Say it.”

“Yes, dear, I learned my lesson.”

“No, say it. Tell me you understand our new relationship. Tell me you are ready to be my submissive little sissy or we can end this right now.”

“Fine, yes,” he said nervously, still looking around to see if people were listening.

She put her hands on her hips. “High heels! My husband loves high heels!” she said loudly.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry,” he said. “You’re the boss. You’re in charge. You make all the decisions.”


“And I will do anything you say.”

“Say it.”

He bit his tongue. “I’ll be your submissive little sissy.”

She squinted her eyes at him. “Prove it! Call me, ‘Miss Stephanie.’”


“You heard me.”

“I. . . uh—”

She pursed her lips. “This is only going to keep getting worse until you finally surrender to me. If you push me, I’ll take away your pantygirdle and make you walk up and down this mall, buying something from every single store while you try to hide your stiffy.”

Loren cringed. “I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever you ask, Miss Stephanie.”

Stephanie laughed. “Good girl.” She patted him on the rear. “Was that really so difficult?” she asked rhetorically. “Now come with me,” she said, leading him toward the mall again. “You realize that you’re making this all so much harder than it needs to be, right? We both know you want this and if you would just stop fighting it at every turn. . . kick back, enjoy it, then we could have so much more fun! Live a little. Don’t be so afraid. Enjoy the thrills.”

Loren didn’t speak. She was probably right, but she was also enjoying her power too much in Loren’s opinion. As he told himself earlier, he enjoyed this as a game, he didn’t want it to become a lifestyle, and he certainly didn’t want to be bossed around by Stephanie. . . or did he?

Stephanie marched Loren to the other end of the mall where the food court was. By the time they reached that part of the mall, Stephanie’s feet were a little sore as she didn’t often wear four-inch heels and she never wore them when she walked this much. Loren’s feet and calves, by comparison, were screaming in pain. High heels were new to him and wearing them for a ten minute walk through a mall was murder on his feet. He needed a lot more practice before he could do this regularly.

Stephanie intended that they would go to the food court and enjoy a small lunch. Then she wanted to take Loren shopping at a couple lingerie stores. But as they neared the food court she caught a glimpse of Loren in a mirror and saw a young store clerk give Loren a double-take. She suddenly realized that despite his new curves, Loren looked less passable in the black dress than he had in the pants. This was because, in the pants, he was less conspicuous. No one would question a slightly mannish woman in pants, a sweater and plain shoes. But in the black dress, he was very conspicuous, and his short albeit effeminate hair looked out of place. Moreover, the light makeup he wore, which fit the pants and sweater perfectly, seemed a little too understated for the dress and again called into question whether something was “off” with the image. Fortunately for Loren, the mall was relatively empty, being only eleven in the morning on a Monday. Nevertheless, Stephanie realized they needed to eat and run before the lunch crowd arrived. And if she did take him out in this dress again, he would need a wig. . . or his hair would need to grow out first.

Loren sat down in the small metal chair. He wasn’t hungry.

Stephanie sat across from him, watching her effeminate husband with his arms tightly folded beneath his chest and his legs crossed as she had taught him – even more so in fact because the girdle kept his penis out of the way – swinging his leg nervously. If his shoe had been dangling, she would have laughed at the image of femininity. He was close to passing, very close. But if she was truly going to be able to take him out in public, then he would need more, and some of it would be permanent. Could she do that to her husband?

She bit her lip. “All right dear, I’m putting you on the spot.”

Loren raised an eyebrow.

“You’ve been whining and complaining all morning, but I think you’re enjoying this. And I don’t like feeling like the bad guy having to push you along when I know you want to go there. So it’s time to make a decision. I want a one word answer right now.” She tapped the table with her red nail. “Do we continue on my terms or do I take all the girl stuff away and we pretend this never happened.”

Loren looked like he’d been slapped. Part of him desperately wanted to continue. He was thrilled at everything that had happened to him, as evidenced by his constant erections – in fact, he was already erect again despite ejaculating only a few minutes before. But he disliked the fear and he didn’t want something to happen which would ruin his reputation forever even after this game stopped, because the game had to stop at some point, right? Also, he told himself, he disliked the humiliation and feeling powerless. . . or did he? The moment he told himself that, he actually began to doubt that was true. In fact, if he was being honest with himself, everything about this was turning him on and he was really beginning to like the idea of being submissive to Stephanie. He just wasn’t sure he could admit that to himself yet.

He bit his lip and shrugged his shoulders. “It’s like this—”

Stephanie shook her head. “No, there’s no explaining. Either yes or no.”

He gritted his teeth. How could he tell his wife he wanted to keep playing this game? What did that make him? What kind of man wants his wife to feminize him? What kind of man gets thrills by being humiliated? What kind of man was he really? He just didn’t know.

Stephanie tapped the table. “Yes or no, five seconds.”

He swallowed hard.

“Five. . . four. . . three. . . two—”


Stephanie smiled. “I thought so.” She felt a warm, tingly moment of triumph wash over her. She was enjoying this as much as Loren and, like him, was in a constant state of arousal. But he’d put up a lot of resistance earlier and she didn’t want to continue if he really did want to stop.

“But—” he started.

“No, no ‘but’. I told you my terms and that’s that. Now let’s go.”

“I thought we were getting something to eat?”

“No, we need to get Cinderella home before the lunch crowd shows up and recognizes she’s just a pumpkin.”

Loren looked confused.

“I’m saying, we need to leave before people start showing up and they spot you. You aren’t as convincing as before.”

The walk back through the mall was torture. Not only did Loren’s feet hurt and his calves burn, but his fear of discovery was through the roof. Up to now, Stephanie’s assurance that he could pass gave him comfort. He felt out of place and awkward and vulnerable, but she assured him no one could tell. And that seemed to be true as no one confronted him openly. Plus, despite wearing feminine clothes, he really hadn’t left his comfort zone because he basically wore pants and a sweater. Sure, the heels and the makeup stood out, but somehow he still felt “normal.” Not to mention that Stephanie had been right in that people just didn’t notice a woman with a butch haircut wearing pants and a basic sweater.

But the skimpy black dress was well outside his comfort zone and people were noticing. For one thing, this material barely covered parts of his body which were normally well hidden. Also, his padded breasts and hips jiggled with the shock of his heels striking the floor because the dress gave him no support. And of course, the heels were unusual for him too, especially wearing heels this high and being out in public. The heels also called to people. Click click click. And when they heard him approach they looked up. In fact, every head turned as he approached, and they didn’t just look up and move on, they drank in his image. The dress, the heels, they drew in the eyes. Each time it was the same, they started with his heels, and then their eyes drifted up to the gorgeous, tight, short dress. Then their eyes continued upward to the mannish shoulders, the short, bland hair, and the limited makeup. That’s when the puzzled looks started to appear. And Loren knew, because Stephanie had told him, that every one of those puzzled looks was recognition. He was gripped by fear. . . step by terrifying step.

Loren almost cried when he slid into the safety of the passenger seat of the car. Stephanie hugged him.

Chapter 10: Private Fashion Show

Stephanie pulled into the garage. She considered stopping in the driveway, but she wasn’t ready to answer the neighbors’ questions just yet. Once they were safely inside and all the bags brought to the living room, Stephanie insisted on a fashion show. Item by item, she made Loren put on everything they had bought and made him describe each item to her as he modeled them. She wanted him to get accustomed to speaking about feminine clothing as well as wearing it. She also used the opportunity to correct his masculine movements.

She insisted Loren begin with the first maid’s dress. This was a short black dress with puffy sleeves and a full skirt with white crinoline underneath. The dress itself barely reached the middle of his thighs. In addition to the black dress, a white lace choker went around his neck, a white lace cap on his head, and a short, white apron was tied over the skirt, ending in a bow just above his rear. Black stockings were held up by a black garter belt. On his feet, Loren wore the black open-toed pumps he wore in the mall.

Stephanie hooted and whistled. She also made him spin around slowly and then curtsey. He didn’t know how to curtsey at first, so she had to show him and then made him repeated it several times until she was satisfied.

Next came a beautiful checked pink and white gingham maid uniform with a satin Peter Pan collar, puffy short sleeves hemmed in satin, a mid-thigh skirt trimmed with lace, and again with crinoline. A short white pinafore apron went over the dress. This time Loren wore nude stockings and a pink garter belt which matched the dress. On his feet, he wore the pink and white wedge sandals Stephanie told him to buy. These had a beige stacked wedge heel a little over four inches high, with a half-inch platform. Loren found them surprisingly comfortable. Again, Stephanie required a curtsey.

The third dress was a less decorative red version of the first maid dress. Loren wore the tan stockings and the black slingbacks. Next came the forest green housedress, again with the black slingbacks.

“Whoa! Hold it!” Stephanie said when he stepped into the living room in the green dress. “You already wore those shoes. I want to see something new, girl. Think of all the shoes you bought today!” Then she pointed at his crotch. “Also, your little guy is ruining the effect of the dress. What happened to the pantygirdle?”

“It was really uncomfortable, so I took it off,” he said.

Stephanie shook her head. “Oh no you don’t! If you want to take that off, you ask permission.”

“Are you serious?!”

“Of course I’m serious. From now on, you wear exactly what I tell you and nothing else.”

“But it’s really uncomfortable.”

“Discomfort is the price of fashion.”

“But it’s crushing my balls.”

“That’s ok, you don’t need them anymore,” she said with a smirk.


“Don’t test me, sissy,” she said firmly, “or you’ll be mowing the lawn in the pink uniform tonight.”

Loren cringed.

“Now go change like I told you.”

Being a busy, single, professional I generally eat a number of dinners at a small burger joint near where I live. The food is pretty good, though I have no doubt that it will kill me someday. Thankfully I have a very physical job as an Electrician so I’m able to stay in shape. Over the past year or so that I’ve lived in the neighborhood I’ve gotten to know the owner of this little Diner near my house pretty well. Richard bought the place about ten years ago with his wife and together the pair run the place, mostly hiring local college students to take orders and bus tables.

Richard and his wife do a pretty good job. They pay their staff well, buy good quality food and in general have a pretty good business. However I know that because of all of that their profit margins are razor-thin; a fact not lost on anyone who has ever heard their order number illegibly crackled over their out-dated and broken PA system or walked through their mostly dark parking lot at night.

So I really wasn’t surprised when Richard told me one night that money was tight and while he knew the repairs needed to be made (the city had already cited him for the malfunctioning lights in his parking lot) he couldn’t afford to make them. Knowing what I do for a living he asked if I might be able to help him out. I grinned and told him that would be no problem.

We struck a deal which consisted of some cash and a lot of free meals. I was able to get most of the parts he needed through the company I work for at cost. I don’t mind the extra work; I like the food there and like to help folks out when I can. The diner closes early on Tuesday nights since that was the slowest night of the week which gave the staff a chance to deep-clean the kitchen and the dining room. That was the night we agreed I’d come-in and do the work.

The staff took turns working these cleaning shifts and I was excited when I saw Erin would be working the first night I was there. Erin was twenty and took classes at a local University. A quiet girl with most people she seemed to enjoy my company and we frequently talked while I ate and we enjoyed flirting with each other. Over the past couple of months that she’d worked there I’d learned a lot about her; she lived with a guy who had been her high school sweetheart but now they had grown apart and she told me she was saving to get her own place. Erin was a nice girl and nice looking too: Dirty blonde hair, slender build, tiny tits (maybe a B cup I estimated). She had a cute smile and frequently took her breaks when I was eating dinner so she could sit with me. A friendly girl, I often thought that if she weren’t ten years younger than me I might have pursued a relationship with her.

Midway through that first night I made my way to the back of the restaurant to check-out something in the electrical panel. I saw Erin working back there cleaning some shelves which were against the back wall. We made small talk as I checked some circuits. I was happy to see that since the restaurant was closed Richard had allowed the staff to dress more causally, so now Erin walked around in a white tank top which did a poor job of hiding the black bra she was wearing underneath. She was working on some of the lower shelves and I could clearly see the whale tale from a red thong poking it’s way out of the top of the tight jeans she was wearing. Just then Erin got called away to help a co-worker elsewhere in the restaurant and I returned to my work.

A little while later I was still in the back of the kitchen, trying to sort-out the rat’s nest which was the main electrical panel when Erin re-appeared. She gave me a smile as she walked by me then stepped into the walk-in freezer. A moment later she reappeared and asked if I could take a look at the light fixture in there. I stopped what I was doing and followed her into the freezer. As soon as the door closed behind us she pushed me up against some shelves and began kissing me. She was young and clumsy, it was obvious to me that she hadn’t done this much but I wasn’t complaining as I took the opportunity to cup my hands around the cheeks of her youthful, tiny ass.

Despite the fact that it was about 35 degrees in the freezer I was hard the moment Erin loosened my jeans and wrapped her hands around my cock for the first time. We broke our embrace as she slid her body down the front of mine until she was on her knees, her face lined-up with my crotch. Without hesitation she took my shaft in her mouth and began sucking.

Erin’s mouth felt like velvet on my cock, whatever skills she lacked in making-out she more than made-up for with her cock-sucking. She started-out fast, than slowed it down some when she felt me begin to tense-up. I worked her bra and top off and teased her stiff nipples as she continued to suck. I could tell I was getting close and the next thing I knew I began pumping my seed into her cute mouth. She took every drop like a pro, swallowing it all then when I was done she sat back on her knees and looked-up at me with a satisfied grin.

We both realized that we had been gone for longer than we should have so Erin quickly pulled her bra and top back-on, gave me a kiss than grabbed some empty trays and walked-out into the kitchen. I waited a minute or two than walked-out as well. The rest of the staff had just about completed their work for the night so I wrapped-up what I was doing and called it a night. As I was walking-outside to my truck Erin gave me a wink.

The Diner needed more work then I first thought so instead of just a couple of nights of work it had turned into a couple of weeks. During that time Erin and I had escalated our flirtations though other than another blow job (this time in the parking lot after everyone had left for the night) she hadn’t let things go any farther than that. I decided not to push the issue as I didn’t want to over-step any boundaries though I wondered if I’d ever get the chance to fuck her. On the hand I liked what I was getting and wasn’t about to complain.

Finally I could see the light at the end of the tunnel of this job. It had been a lot more work than I had originally anticipated and had reminded me why I don’t generally take-on side-work but one more evening of work and everything would be complete. Richard was ecstatic, he told me things were working better than they ever had and I felt a sense of pride at seeing what I had accomplished, plus the extra cash and some free food was nice as well. So I was in a better than normal mood on this evening as I worked around the closed Diner tying-up all the loose ends which I needed to do in order to finish the job.

I had been working for an hour so when Richard told me he was leaving for the night, he told me Erin and a couple of other employees would lock-up after I finished which wasn’t out of the ordinary. I said good night to Richard and returned to the roof where I was testing some lights I’d installed previously. When I returned to the parking lot a half an hour later I saw the only two cars left in it were Erin’s little Nissan car and my truck. I walked back-in to find Erin straightening-up the dinning room.

“Where’s everyone else?” I asked.

“They took-off” Erin replied. “Most of the work was done so I told them I’d stay and lock-up”.

I nodded but honestly had only been half-listening since from the angle I was standing-at it appeared that all Erin was wearing was an apron. I stood there for a moment with her facing me. Erin got a sly grin on her face, tossed her cleaning rag onto the floor then walked towards me.

The next thing I knew Erin pushed me up against a wall, our tongues engaged in a deep kiss. One of my hands found the light switch on the wall and shut all the dinning room lights off. Next my hands ran up and down Erin’s back which confirmed what I’d suspected, all she was wearing under her apron was pair of panties and a bra. I loved that she was that dirty, and I loved the feeling of her hands working their way into my pants. I was as hard as Chinese math when she released my stiff cock from my jeans and began sucking it. She may be young but the girl has skills. I thought to myself as I ran my hands through her hair with one hand and popped one of her tits out of her bra with my other hand.

I’ve been around enough to know that all this was some horny no-strings fucking and I was good with that so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled her mouth back up to mine, engaging her in another deep kiss as I allowed one of my hands to work it’s way past her panties and began running my fingers in and out of her wet cunt.

In the next instant I bent her over a table in a nearby booth, slid her panties down her legs. While she was still un-tangling her soaked undies from around her ankles I plunged my cock deep into her dripping pussy. As I expected she was pretty tight. She moaned her approval as I slid my cock in and out, I reached down and played with her clit which she must have never experienced while being fucked before because instantly she began moaning, arching her back and matching my thrusts with her own. A moment later I could feel the pressure building in my balls as my own orgasm began building. It felt like I came forever as I pumped my seed into her thirsty womb. When I was done I helped her up then tidied-up the booth we’d just fucked on while she tided herself up in the Diner’s restroom.

We had a lot of fun that summer she worked at the Diner. It made it even steamier when she told me that Richard was her Uncle! We still hooked-up either at my place or in the back of the restaurant whenever she worked a late closing shift. At the end of the summer she started classes at another University an hour away and I moved to a larger place in another city so we just sort of drifted apart but I still think about her whenever I catch a whiff of charbroiled meat being cooked in a road-side Diner.

I stood speechless looking at Mark standing in the doorway. Panic set in and I tried to run past him to get to my bed room. Mark is at least 4″ taller than me and much stockier. He blocked my path and asked me what my hurry was.

I was scared, Mark was ruthless when he found out anything he could use against anyone. If he could embarass you he would, I had seen him humiliate other guys with his sharp tongue and rapier wit. He was not someone that you wanted to be holding your deepest secret and here I stood before him dressed to the nines in women’s clothing and he had caught me red handed.

I stuttered some lame excuse to which he replied “yeah right, like I believe that bull shit, what are you gay?” I was horrified, he was accusing me of being gay, but the bad news was my dress was not helping matters. Mark demanded to know what I was doing, to which I replied that this was a way I had found to relax. Mark started to laugh and said to me “you are gay aren’t you?”. I swore I wasn’t gay and pleaded with him not to tell anyone what he had seen. He asked me what I would do to keep him silent and I told him anything he wanted.

Mark looked at me for a minute before saying, ” I don’t know, I want to have a little time to think about what it is I want to do”. He stepped to the side and allowed me to leave the bathroom and walk to the living room. As I led the way he followed behind me making lewd comments about the “tight little ass on the sexy little bitch he found in his apartment”. Mark was thourghoughly enjoying himself at my expense.

When I reached the living room Mark requested that I do a little spin and show myself off to him. Twirling in my skirt only brought on more abuse from Mark in his quest to humiliate me. I stared at the floor, beaten, humiliated, scared and on the verge of crying.

Now Mark began to question me, “why did I dress & where did I get my clothes?” Afraid that if I didn’t cooperate he would come down harder on me I told him I was not sure why but I had urges and I told him of my attraction to my sisters clothing when I was younger though I left out the part about the sexual fantasies.

He then wanted to know what I liked about it and how it made me feel? I answered honestly that the clothing made me feel femme and that the attraction was to the silky fabric’s .. Mark had other questions about the types of clothing and how long I had been dressing and where did I keep my wardrobe. I answered all his questions honestly.

His questions then took on a sexual nature with him asking me if dressing aroused me, I answered “yes it does”. He immediately wanted to know if I had ever sucked a cock to which I reddened with embarassment and stumbled out the answer “no”. Mark looked right into my eyes and asked me if I had ever wanted to? I reddened again, not wanting to be caught in a lie i hesitated and before I could answer Mark smiled and said that I had just answered his question. I was so embarrased I could feel the heat in my cheeks from blushing.

Mark chuckled and pulled a smoke from his pocket. Lighting it he took a couple of drags and then offered the lit cigarette to me. My hand shook as I reached for it hoping the smoke would help settle my nerves. Cruelly, Mark grabbed my hand and pulled it to himself and placed it on top of his growing erection and held it there. I struggled trying to remove my hand, Mark reminded me that I had said I would do anything he wanted to keep him silent. Defeated I stopped struggling and Mark held my hand with the open palm placed against his pant covered growing erection.

Mark took my hand and began to rub it up and down the length of his considerable cock. I was very conscious of his hardon as he rubbed my hand over it but I did not want to give him any more ammunition to use against me. While I stood before Mark humiliated and at his service I couldn’t help but notice that my own cock was rock hard in my thong and I was very turned on by what was unfolding. I was willing to do what ever he wanted me to do but I had to let him think he was forcing me. I didn’t want him thinking I was too eager.

For another 5 to 10 minutes I allowed him to run my hand along and over the length of his engorged penis. He was getting noticeably more excited and his rubbing was more intense.

He looked down to catch me checking out his bulge and he said “why am I doing all the work?” Mark took his hand away and told me to keep rubbing his cock on my own. I began to rub my open palm over his cock while trying to seem uninterested. It was very difficult as I was hornier than I ever remembered. I knew I would do anything that Mark wanted as long as he told me to do it.

For several minutes I listened to his breathing becoming heavier and more laboured, the feel of his hard cock against my hand and my silky clothing against my skin were all becoming too much for me. In a moment of weakness I squeezed his hard cock and Mark opened his eyes and looked straight at me and said ” do you like that”? I blushed and looked down but the word “yes” fell from my lips.

“Get down on your knees and take it out of my jeans then if you like it so much” Mark said. Oh my god, I thought, I am going to hold someone else’s cock in my hands. Panic began to set in. I started to realize that he was probably going to make me give him a blow job. “Isn’t this what you always wanted?”, I thought to myself.

I was trembling from the anticipation as I knelt in front of him with my right hand lowering his zipper and my left hand still massaging his hardness. I undid his jeans button and pushed his jeans to his mid thigh. My left hand brushed his cock in his boxers through the fabric. No longer satisfied with rubbing my palm on his big cock I gave it a squeeze and noticed that I had moaned at the same time. Wow was I ever turned on I thought.

I reached for the waistband of his boxers and lowered them mid thigh as well. His hardened penis caught on the front waistband and as I lowered them popped back up hitting me in the chin and smearing precome on my face. He laughed and I smiled up at him as my right hand closed around his shaft and I started giving his now bare cock my first hand job. I was surprised how good another man’s cock feels when it is the object of your desire. He wanted me to play with his cock and we both knew where he was going with this.

With his cock exposed and my hand wrapped tightly around the shaft I gave him long steady strokes. I could feel the swelling in his penis from my efforts. I could hear Marks heavy breathing and grunting.

God, it was all I could do to keep from just engulfing him with my mouth but appearing to eager with Mark would confirm to him I was a cock hungry fag. I had to wait and let him call the shots. If I sucked his cock it would have to be because he wanted me to.

“Play with my balls” Mark commanded. My left hand cupped his balls while my right hand kept a steady stroke on his hard cock. I found I was leaning in towards his cock, sub consciously wanting to suck it. Mark didn’t notice as his head was back as I pleasured his hardness with my hands. Mark moaned and lowered his head to look at me. “Oh fuck, I need you to come with me” he said.

He took me by the elbow and led me down the hallway to his bedroom. I followed willingly still hoping for the chance to suck his cock. I knew, like myself, Mark was extremely horny and would probably want me to relieve him with my mouth. At least I was hoping he would.

As Mark sat on his bed he removed his shirt and stripped his jeans and boxers off his feet. He lay back naked on his bed with his glorious erection standing proud. He patted the bed beside him and told me to have a seat. Once I sat down he quickly steered my hands back to his stiff cock and I resumed playing with his balls and stroking his hard on.

He asked me again if I liked playing with his cock and again I said Yes. He then asked me if I wanted to suck his cock for him. I wanted to say yes but was afraid that he could still turn it all against me. When I didn’t reply he just said “fuck it I want you to suck my cock for me now…” and with that the decision was made. I was going to suck someones cock while dressed as Laura…

The ticking of the clock was like the steady beat of a heart, threatening to lull me to sleep.

The numbers were starting to blur in my vision. “Only 4am?” I thought to myself with a groan, leaning back in the office chair. My eyes swept around the small office, wondering how to kill another three hours. Working night shift at a hotel was great, and the pay was decent, but sometimes staying awake was a pain.

The whirr of my laptop drew my eyes back to it and I slid my finger along the warm touch-pad, tapping once to bring up the browser. The internet would be my salvation — surely there was something there I could waste a couple hours on.

I found myself navigating to my favorite adult site. I was all alone — the only employee in the hotel, so why not? The minutes ticked by a little faster then, as I chatted idly with strangers and flipped through stories. Before long I felt a faint tingle between my legs as I got wet.

This was a mistake, I realized. Since I was at work, there was no way I could get relief — unless someone took me to their room and had me there on the bed. I smiled — it sounded like a plot to a bad porno. My hand drifted down unconsciously until I was running my fingers up and down the inside of my thigh, taken away by my fantasy.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t even hear the sliding doors open. I didn’t hear the code being punched into the office door, and I didn’t hear the steps behind me until it was too late.

It was the woman who took care of the breakfast bar, but she was nearly an hour early!

“E-rot-ic chat?” she sounded out, confused. I snapped the laptop closed and spun around, brushing my short blonde hair out of my face. I crossed my legs, as if afraid she would be able to tell how wet I was.

Hazan was from Turkey, and was still struggling with the language here. I hoped I could get away with lying about it. “N-no,” I stuttered, “It’s — uh,” but she was smiling.

“Erotic, means sex -yes?”

I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a truck. I saw my job flashing before my eyes, but she was still smiling. She reached out and touched my hand.

“It’s okay,” she said, bringing a slender figure to her curved lips, “I wont tell.”

Relief washed over me, but then she was grabbing my hand, pulling me to my feet.

“I wont tell,” she repeated, “as long as you do something for me.”

It occurred to me suddenly that she was beautiful. I had never noticed it before, always preoccupied with her stuttering, awkward words. She had beautiful auburn hair, perfect almond shaped eyes, a smattering of freckles and a petite form. She was graceful, and her eyes were gleaming.

The handle of the supply closet creaked as she pushed the door open, pulling me in behind her. My heart thundered in my chest, and I could feel myself getting wetter as it dawned on me what she wanted. I was about to be blackmailed into giving sex in order to keep my job. The idea was horrifying and exciting all in the same moment.

The door clicked shut behind us and she pushed me up against the wall. She was gentle, but her touch was firm.

“What do you want?” I asked into the darkness.

“No words,” she admonished, “Only touch. You see.” She bent forward and brushed her full lips against my neck. My breath caught in my throat, a wave of warmth washing between my legs and a tingle creeping over my breasts.

She trailed small kisses up my neck and along my jaw before planting one firmly on my lips. Her hands had moved to my hips and I found my own hands following suit, feeling the curve of her body beneath her clothes.

“Is good?” she whispered against my mouth, but I could only nod in reply, words failing me utterly.

Confident now that she had me convinced, Hazan slid her fingers under the hem of my shirt, placing her hands on my bare skin. Her touch was electrifying, and I couldn’t stifle the gasp when she began to move upwards. In the next moment she was teasing the edge of my bra, pressing her hips to mine.

She captured my lips in hers again and a flurry of butterflies took off in my stomach as she pushed her silken tongue against mine. She slipped her fingers under the wire of my bra, pushing it up as her hands cupped my breasts. “So big!” she marveled, breaking the kiss. “So soft . . . two D’s?”

I nodded, breathless. “Yeah, double D’s — oh!” I broke off as she bent her head, pulling a nipple into her mouth without warning. She twirled her tongue in circles as she sucked, rolling the nipple of my other breast between her thumb and forefinger. I brought my hands up to run my fingers through her hair, moaning quietly into the darkness of the supply closet.

She moved her mouth my other breast, and her hands began to make their way slowly down my abdomen. Slowly, hesitantly, they slipped into the waistband of my pants. The button unclasped easily and my pants fell to the floor with a soft whoosh. Hazan giggled against me, and I smiled.

She released my nipple and began to trail kisses down my abdomen until she was on her knees with her lips brushing against the top of my panties. I was breathing hard in anticipation, quivering at the thought of what was to come.

She continued her kisses along the outside of the cotton shorts until her lips were squarely over my pussy, with only a thin piece of fabric between them. Her tongue darted out, quickly but firmly brushing over my swollen clitoris.

I moaned softly, my knees weak. “There is much wet here,” she giggled and I smiled too. She licked again and again, tracing the edge of my panties with one slender finger. Slowly, she slid her finger past the elastic, her fingernail grazing the quivering flesh of my bare, shaven pussy, tracing along the edge.

As she began to pull my panties down, my knees began to shake even more. Chuckling, she directed me to sit on one of the supply boxes. I obeyed swiftly and was soon sitting with my legs splayed before her.

Hazan began to tease me again, running her fingertips lightly along the insides of my thighs, just grazing my pussy before backing off again. Every time she got close my breath would catch, and a fresh wave of warmth would wash over me. She did this for several long minutes, until my wetness began to seep onto the box and I was driven mad with need.

Finally, I begged.

“Please.” I whispered into the darkness.

“Please what?” she responded, teasing with her words as surely as her hands.

“Please . . .” I paused, unsure what I even wanted. I had never slept with a girl — no matter how many times I have fantasized about it. “Please, lick me. Finger me. Just please.”

Satisfied with this answer, she bent her head and without hesitation ran her tongue over the entire length of my pussy. It was all I could do to keep from crying out loud enough to wake the hundred guests in the rooms above us. She did it again and again before focusing on my clit, licking rapidly as she traced the outside of my vagina with her finger. I moaned and she answered with one of her own, clearly delighting in pleasuring me.

“Fingers now?” she asked, her voice teasing.

“Yes, oh god yes,” I breathed, my hips thrusting upward.

Slowly, she slid one long finger into me and I shuddered at the feel of it, sending another quaking moan into the air. She withdrew it slowly and inserted it again, repeating the movement with gradually increasing speed. After a moment she added a second finger, and finally a third, thrusting quickly in and out of me as I moaned and squirmed on top of the box.

Her tongue began working faster as well, slapping over my clit as she fucked me with her fingers. It was, without a doubt, the most amazing thing I had ever felt. Each lick was a bolt of electricity shooting into my core, and each thrust of her fingers was a wave of warmth. I could feel my juices leaking out all over her hand and a little sprayed down my thighs with each thrust.

“Oh…… god……” I moaned, and I could feel her mouth smiling against me. She increased the speed one last time, her tongue going like a motorboat, her fingers like a jackhammer. The speed and pitch of my moans climbed as well, like the wave building within me. The pleasure inside me built higher and higher before finally it exploded, cresting into the most intense orgasm of my life. I moaned and shook as I came, wave after wave hitting me. Not once did Hazan stop, carrying me up and over each wave with her fingers and tongue.

“Oh . .. my. .. god,” I moaned finally when it had finished, panting heavily. She licked me clean before crawling up my body and planting a warm, wet, kiss on my lips.

“Not God. Hazan.” She corrected me, standing. She opened the door of the closet, light spilling over my bare body. “We do this tomorrow, yes? I will come at 4?”

“Okay,” I responded breathlessly. “Okay yeah.”

“But tomorrow -” she said, a mischievous grin on her lips, “you will do me.”

I enter the room, thinking to surprise you. Instead, I am the one surprised. I can’t see who she is, in the dim light I see only dusky skin and a fall of long black hair. Tiny, firm breasts thrust upward and then drop back as her hips arch towards you. Her body is a smooth wave, rising and falling against your mouth.

You haven’t seen me enter because you’re concentrating on the meeting of your tongue and her smooth pussy. I slide silently up behind you and watch as you thrust your tongue inside her when her hips arch towards you. When the wave falls, I see her clit swollen between her lips and you stroke it until the wave rises to meet you again.

She is on the cusp on her orgasm, her body trembling under your hands, her feet arched, her head thrown back and her eyes closed. When she comes it travels through her in the same wave she has been traveling while I have been watching and she is oddly silent, apparently struck silent by the force of her own orgasm. You are sucking on her clit and sliding your fingers inside her to bring her further and harder, and her body looks happy to respond.

Finally she collapses, exhausted and her eyes open. The first thing she sees is me. She tenses and her inhale cuts through the room. You rise and turn towards me and the look on your face makes me breathless with desire. There is nothing in your eyes but desire, and while it may not be for me, I have never been able to resist your hunger.

You reach for me and pull my mouth to your and I can taste this nameless woman on your lips. I suck her flavor from your tongue and your hands pull my into your groin and I can tell you must be in pain from the sheer size behind your zipper.

I unzip you without looking and free you from your bounds and stroke you lightly as you groan into my mouth. Pulling back, I turn to see your guest, who is trying to fumble for her clothes and leave quietly looking embarrassed and ashamed. I hold my hand to her silently, and for a moment she freezes. I smile at her while she stands for a moment undecided and then she drops her clothing back to the floor and comes to us. I find her mouth with mine as you watch and I feed her own taste back to her.

I whisper to her that I want to see her mouth on you, and we lead you to the bed. I press her onto her back and you slide yourself between her lips. I watch as I run my tongue over her nipples and I listen her whimper as I suck gently on them. I stroke my hands between her thighs, feeling the slickness of her moisture and your saliva as I gently coax her clit and her nipples back to hardened peaks of lust.

Her mouth opens wider to cry out, freeing you to slide deeper into her throat. She starts to pull away and you seize her hair, too drive by your own lust to allow her to protest. I whisper for her to relax, to open herself to you and she obeys, going limp under our hands.

You are thrusting hard now, and I can see your orgasm building in the line of your body and hear it in the gasp of your breath. I begin to stroke her more firmly, pulling her nipples more firmly into my mouth and her hips begin to rise against my hand.

I whisper to her about how you will feel inside of her, how thick and hard and how I will stroke her nipples while you fuck her. Her eyes are closed again, her head tilting back even as you drive yourself into her mouth. I recognize her next orgasm in the line of her neck.

When she comes, it is less intense then her first and she is able to cry out this time, even with you inside her mouth. Her cry locks her mouth around you, and that is all it takes to bring you between her lips. Your lust erupts into a horse bellow as your hips buck and you hold her head against you, forcing her to drink you in. You are leaning against the wall even before your orgasm finishes, coming long after your legs want to hold you up. She continues to lick your head while I stroke her nipples gently, still watching you.

Finally, you are both satiated, and your eyes turn towards me in unison. Slowly, she reaches out a hand towards me and smiles.

“Hi, my name is Natalie. You must be Susan. Nice to meet you.”

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